Today’s Radio Show

I was interviewed on the radio show Your Astrology Now today. Here is the link to the MP3 file:–1000—Your_Astrology_Now.mp3


  1. starlight says:

    This way, you have a new thread to play with!

  2. Lorrie U says:

    Alex Miller writes in The Mountain Astrologer: “Beginning in April 2012, the Moon will pass directly in front of Pluto, blocking its energy for no less than 19 consecutive months! Given the fact that this occultation hasn’t happened since 1935, it would appear to be a major event, with some cosmic intent or purpose for the world at large.” / “Each of these moments of occultation provides a sort of jolt or surge, a powerful opportunity to reset the current reality in ways that support Pluto’s drive to empower, reveal, and control. Having 19 of them in succession is like emptying a semi-automatic revolver’s clip into the collective unconscious and the body politic. It may be experienced as a repeated, rapid-fire assault on the status quo, resulting in change and transformation, the specifics of which we can only conjecture, with ramifications spreading out like ripples on a pond.”

  3. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – Listened to the show. You were excellent. The other one, not so much.

    Saw that a report exonerated Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious debacle. Haven’t heard anything on MSM, nor an apology from Issa and others, for their abhorrent treatment of him.

  4. Gypsi says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the show Starlight – excellent. You kept the focus on the individual charts where it needed to be, while she kept trying to look at moon or sun transits…

    Not a big surprise that while lots of noise was made to blame Holder, the apology hasn’t arrived.

  5. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I also enjoyed listening to the program. During the opening segment of the program you were discussing the US election. I had the impression you seem to feel the Mercury retrograde station may have a minimal impact in Pres Obama’s chances of being re-elected. The Merc. station as you know forms a t square to natal Chiron, Pluto and Moon. Some astrologers are viewing it as a potential setback. Any thoughts on that?

    If the election results prove to be inconclusive, what do you make of the November 11th Neptune station activating the May 20th eclipse (by square)? The 5/20/12 eclipse MC at 7 ’01 Virgo conjoins Obama’s natal Pluto with Mars in close proximity at 10 Virgo. Here’s the eclipse chart:

  6. starlight says:

    The Mercury station does not reach as far as an exact aspect to either Obama’s Pluto or Chiron. It does aspect his Moon. I am not concerned.

    As for the activation of the eclipse degree by both Neptune and Mercury, I would think this would be far more deleterious for Romney and Ryan who have that degree on the horizon line of both their charts. But in general, the extended Mercury/Neptune square, especially activating a solar eclipse, seems to imply confusion, expectation and disappointment, basically a mess for at least a few days (hopefully not for as long as until mid-December when Mercury gets back to 4 Sag where it turned).

  7. alex says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    I went back and looked at my email and blog comments for April 12th.

    Mundane: April 12th – There was a petition circulating to ask Senators to support ‘Pay Your Fair Share Act 2012″ aka The Buffett Rule.

    Personal April 12th : I was in a paper chase finishing a project

    There were 51 Senate votes to pass it; the bill was stopped by GOP filibuster requiring 60 votes to proceed to passage

    The Buffett Rule is a tax plan proposed by President Barack Obama in 2011. The tax plan would apply a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on individuals making more than a million dollars a year. According to a White House official, the new tax rate would impact 0.3 percent of taxpayers.

    Paying Fair Shar Act of 2012 Senate S.2059

    112th Congress, 2011–2012

    A bill to reduce the deficit by imposing a minimum effective tax rate for high-income taxpayers.

  8. starlight says:

    That is interesting. I assume she means a Moon parallel in declination to Pluto.

  9. alex says:

    Nov 11TH EDT Sunday

    Neptune stations direct 3:52 AM @00pi21

    su 18 sc
    mo 10-18 degrees libra
    node 26 sc
    me 2 sg rx
    ve 16 li
    mars 25 sg
    ju 14 ge rx
    sa 4 sc
    ur 5 ar
    ne 0 pi
    pl 7 cp

  10. Nina says:

    Issa, apologize? That would require some amount of self-awareness or conscience, which he’s proven he doesn’t have.

  11. alex says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Radio media/news clips links tend to mess with page loading that trigger a chain of mysterious glitches in ‘puter’ I know nothing about until call in computer-kids-rescue to fix such stuff… the old computer needs updated! Going to have to settle for reading comments about your radio appearance.

  12. Nina says:

    He was born in Cleveland Ohio on November 1, 1953. He has Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo. He has a Saturn return on the way soon (his Saturn is at 1 Scorpio) so he needs to get used to the taste of karma.

  13. Jerry says:

    Thanks for the reply. The Merc station (4 ’18 Sagittarius) is within one degree orb of t squaring both natal Moon (3 ’37 Gemini) and natal Chiron (5 ’19 Pisces). Might the Chiron station on November 14th (4 ’58 Pisces) reinforce those aspects? In the event of a stalemate would political activists take advantage of the confusion on the day of the Neptune station – November 11th? Apparently there are mass Occupy Congress protests scheduled for that day in Washington DC……

  14. Jill SH says:

    Nancy: What do things look like for each of the debates?

  15. Noelle says:

    Did anyone hear anything about Obama’s speech at the UN. The happenings at 42nd and the East River seem to be non-events. Curious.

  16. alex says:

    By the end of September, 30 states will have begun either in-person or absentee voting, and eventually all the states will join in.

  17. Bob says:

    Nov 28 Lunar Eclipse planets to Romney planets in RA

    Eclipse Mars at 279°36′ squares natal Neptune at 189°45′
    Eclipse Pluto at 278°41′ squares progressed Neptune at 188°15′
    Eclipse Saturn at 214°48′ squares natal Saturn at 124°49′

  18. Francis says:

    Nancy I listened to part of the show and thought you were really good. I had to move on when the host brought up individual charts. I felt annoyed and thought you were being used to provide freebees that took the focus off national import and shifted it to a me-me focus. You have so much to say about what is happening in the world, especially in our nation and I wished the entire time was devoted to that instead. Here’s hoping you get more live interviews but with better formats!

  19. starlight says:

    That will probably be my next article. :-)

  20. chrys says:

    looking forward !

  21. alex says:

    This is info from dailykos today:

    A month ago the main goal was President Obama’s reelection. A week ago maintaining control of the Senate became realistic. Today? Today the number experts suggest we can start working on the trifecta, the House can be won!

    Sam Wang says its looking likely and Nate Silver says it’s on the radar. Here’s a look at the numbers according to Princeton’s Sam Wang:

    Using all polls and median-based statistics to address issues of outlier data gives the median of D+4.0% that I gave. That translates to a narrow 16-seat Democratic majority in an election held today.

  22. kiwi says:

    HI Nancy, a belated congratulations on your live show and also for your most recent brilliant article!! You are such a treasure!

    Regarding the election, to me it seems so clear that Obama is the ONLY Sane choice. But I have this growing internal sense of dread that there will be major shennanigans surrounding the votes – these people will do anything to ‘win’ – they really do believe their ends justify their means.
    I can only hope that truth will win out in this age of ‘instant karma.’
    PS: My family made it here after their long TransPacific crossing, kids are loving school, and all are very happy to be here. Life on the family front is great!

  23. Virginia says:

    Maybe it would be of interest to cast a chart for the very beginning of the voting in the states, if that point in time could be determined.

  24. alex says:

    iowa sept 27th early vote first state

  25. Davis L says:

    I listened to much of the show, but found myself irritated by the manner of the host. Speaking as a former broadcaster, I have to say she does not know how to use her voice properly on air, nor how to structure the interview intelligently.

    The role of the interviewer on that kind of program is to bring out the best, show the talent and sparkle of the interviewee, and to engage and entertain the listeners. IMHO, she did a poor job of that. I suspect she did not do sufficient homework for the pre-interview, OR….. was there a pre-interview? Some programs require more homework, consultation & pre-interview than others. Astrology programs are in the category of more pre-broadcast homework, not less.

    I thought you handled the situation reasonably well. You were excellent, but your interviewer sounded too dippy,…….and considering the politically correct pseudo-scientific attitude of the scientific community, and their effect on the culture at large, (most scientists have never taken any philosophy courses and are abysmally ignorant of the philosophy of science), dippy is the worst possible tone for public consumption that can be taken in an astrology interview or program.

    I certainly would like to see you doing more and better interviews with better hosts, for your sake and for the public image of astrology. I suspect the main difficulty you will need to overcome is the fact most broadcasters haven’t a clue as to what the “right” questions are, and are subject to the many misconceptions of astrology most share. And of course, when the wrong questions are asked, it is far more difficult to supply the right answers.

  26. Davis L says:

    Scott Brown / Elizabeth Warren debate tonight.
    Earlier, Brown seemed to stall, raising the possibility he might miss the debate due to the Senate voting schedule. But he lost his excuse when told by the majority leader there would be no more votes today.

  27. Teresa Hill says:

    Saw that. Sounds like he might be lacking confidence, going up against Elizabeth Warren.

  28. Sharon says:

    Nice news about your family! I have a friend in New Zealand–should check out if you two live in the same area.

  29. Bob says:

    Harry Reid’s information about Rmoney not paying any taxes for the 10 years before 2010 may be correct. On August 16 liar in chief Rmoney is quoted in a Washington Post article as having said “I did go back and look at my taxes, and over the last 10 years, I’ve never paid less than 13 percent,”. If he paid no taxes in those years his statement would be true and, by omission, misleading.

    The very bottom line of the table in the article shows that 2.3% of those with incomes over $2,178,886 (0.1% of filers) paid no taxes. Rmoney is in that range of income, could he be one that found a way to pay no taxes?

  30. kiwi says:

    Thanks Sharon – I live in the Bay of Islands, Northland

  31. Jerry says:

    And we’re off to the races…….

    Four Reasons Romney Might Still Win
    By Robert Reich

    Robert Reich’s Blog
    20 September 12

    Can Romney possibly recover? A survey conducted between Sept. 12 and Sept. 16 by the Pew Research Center – before the “47 percent victim” video came to light – showed Obama ahead of Romney 51% to 43% among likely voters.

    That’s the biggest margin in the September survey prior to a presidential election since Bill Clinton led Bob Dole, 50% to 38% in 1996.

    And, remember, this recent poll was done before America watched Romney belittle almost half the nation.

    For the last several days I’ve been deluged with calls from my inside-the-beltway friends telling me “Romney’s dead.”

    Hold it. Rumors of Romney’s demise are premature for at least four reasons:


  32. cimbalok says:

    Excellent interview, Nancy. Thanks so much for posting the link. I agree with a couple other posters that you were easier to listen to than the other voice. However, I enjoyed both of you. Please continue to post links of your interviews!

  33. will says:


    I think it was a good article to post – it ain’t over till its over and this is the perfect scenario for the guy behind to win – to capitalize on the “we’ve got it in the bag” premature stance with Camp Obama. I think Reich is serving us well. We need to be fighting right up to the end.

  34. will says:


    I think your interview went quite well. Unfortunately, the interviewer sounded a bit like the Church Lady on Xanax – kind of whiny and irritating. You laid out your logic beautifully and in a way that could be easily grasped even by a neophyte. Especially rich was your description of all-things Neptunian.

  35. alex says:

    big reason he lost already: whitey/he used spray on tan for his interview with Univision Latino Television

  36. Teresa Hill says:

    That was one of his strangest moves yet.

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Posted on Twitter;

    “Just heard on Mark Thompson show Larry Flint has some kind of BOMBSHELL!!!! That he will be releasing. He didn’t say what it is.”

    Flint offerred to buy Romney’s stolen tax returns for one million dollars. Hmmmm….

  38. Lorrie U says:

    I thought the Church Lady sounded a little annoyed with Nancy, wanted to make the case for Romney and it wasn’t working.

  39. will says:

    Bull’s eye, Lorrie. It was just a little bit delicious.

  40. fierywoman says:

    It’s gotta be the tax returns!

  41. alex says:

    Monday he was white – Tuesday he was tan!

  42. tetramorph says:

    In my wildest election day fantasies, Mercury hits Diebold’s vote switching computer program so that every vote cast registers Romney. 1. That would get people mad and in the streets. 2. Oh how the GOP would squirm…

  43. Bob says:

    “Only three other states allow voters to cast ballots in person earlier than Iowa. In Idaho and South Dakota, early voting begins Sept. 21 and Vermont is Sept. 22. Wyoming also begins Sept. 27.”

    Sep 21 is today but when are the ballots counted?

  44. alex says:


    When Elizabeth Warren forced Scott Brown to come out with this gem, “I want to protect the job creators who are getting up in the middle of the night and creating jobs …” I began to think Mickey Ward’s trainer, Art Ramalho, got it right.

    I mean, who’s getting up in the middle of the night and creating jobs? The guy who makes the doughnuts? Those “kings and queens” Scott’s been on the phone with? The State Department honchos who allegedly showed Scott the bin Laden death photos?

    How many times did Scott Brown let us know that “I live in a house full of women.” Ah, too many times, as Warren calmly stood there and peppered Brown with his vote for the Blunt amendment and against equal pay for women.

  45. Bob says:

    Off Topic

    Ah. Sweet land of liberty. In Philadelphia, home of the Declaration of Independence.

  46. Azizi says:

    Thanks, Nancy for sharing that link to the astrology radio show.

    I agree with the other commenters that you were excellent on that show. It’s a shame that that hostess (an astrologer) didn’t appear to be well verses in the subject of political astrology. I got the sense that the hostess of that radio show favored Romney & was therefore disappointed in the information that you shared about the USA presidential campaign & election. Also, I got a clear sense that she favored Romney and thus wasn’t happy about the information that you shared about the 2012 USA presidential campaign and election results.

    I’m not sure how I found this blog, but I’m so glad I have. You have a way of presenting astrological information in clear terms that help those of us who aren’t astrologers understand the intricacies of astrology itself as it applies to political figures and political situations. And the comments from astrologers on this blog also help to inform me and I’m sure other blog readers.

    Thanks again, Nancy, for your posts!

  47. Ardy says:

    Good day in Australia … our Treasurer said ‘cranks & crazies’ in the Republican Party in the U.S. threaten the world’s stability


    our courts ruled Lehman Bros breached its ‘fiduciary duty’ & ripped off people & organisations & will order mucho damages (don’t know how it will be recovered though)

  48. Nina says:

    Flint has let it be known that he’s in the market for any sort of otherwise unpublishable sleaze, so it may be something that hits someone else. Whatever he’s got, odds are it’s got decent provenance and it’s fairly devastating.

  49. Noelle says:

    Both Obama and Romney will be interviewed on/for 60 Miutes Sunday night. Anything that the planets are saying?

  50. Diane L says:

    Neptune sq ASC-DES anyone? Explains why Repubs are having trouble believing their candidate isn’t doing better.

    Mitt Romney’s Imaginary Campaign

  51. starlight says:

    Diane – This is a great find re: Neptune in this election!! It is amazing how often we see Neptunian language to describe Romney: no core, untethered from reality, thought it was a sure thing and now isn’t, says what he thinks people want to hear, don’t know who he really is, etc.

  52. Nina says:

    Mercury is going to transit right over Romney’s Neptune on Sunday night. On the other hand, Venus will be sitting on top of Obama’s descendant this weekend. So there is glamour and warmth available to both candidates this weekend, although Obama’s may manifest in a more personal, partnership manner.

  53. Diane L says:

    Thanks, Nancy. :) One of the beauties of mundane astrology is how clearly the outer planet influences can be seen. You do a great job of pointing these out in your posts. Love it!

  54. starlight says:

    In addition, the sun will square Obama’s Venus on Sunday into early Monday morning. He would seem to get good reviews. Saturn sesquiquadrate to Romney’s Mercury not helping him this week and into next.

  55. starlight says:

    Church Lady on Xanox! :-)

    I think she may well be more of a Republican. I did my best to get past the less informed attitudes.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!! One of the people whose chart I read even emailed me to thank me. That was really nice! He was also not too thrilled with the interviewer.

  56. starlight says:

    I think he lost the election with his comments about her Indian heritage. It was so shallow and shameless. Ugh.

  57. karen says:

    Echoing comments regarding your radio interview, Nancy!

    The following blog for NPR science Friday, is just fun.

    I’ve thought of our planet whirling around the sun at an incredible rate of speed and the impact of the Moon’s daily/nightly influeces on our dreams, and emotional bodies. Our existence is miraculous because of the earth’s protection. Yet we are so careless about the earth. The shift in consciousness making itself available to us may mean that we are forced to become more more thoughtful, thankful.

  58. angellight says:

    Romney a Corporation Running for President, Ralph Nader!

    “The avarice of Romney and his buddies at the strip-mining, job-exporting, bankrupting private equity company called Bain Capital has no bounds. He thinks it’s perfectly fine for companies like Verizon, Boeing, Duke Energy, Navistar, Wells Fargo and Pepco to use all of our country’s government funded public infrastructures and services, and yet not only pay no income tax but actually rig the tax system so they can get billions back in “benefits”from the U.S. Treasury, as General Electric has done for years. At the same time, Romney never speaks out against 35,000 super-wealthy Americans who also do not pay any federal income tax. He rarely questions crony capitalism, wants to maintain an even bigger bloated military budget, and spearheads the many-sided supremacy of corporations over real people throughout our entire political economy. He is, essentially, a corporation running for president masquerading as an individual.”

  59. Davis L says:

    Your Treasurer is overly polite. Many of these “cranks & crazies” are very well armed. Many refer to them as the “American Taliban.” Some of them are overtly calling for violent rebellion if Obama is re-elected. It remains to be seen as to whether they’ve got as much guts as gusto!

  60. Davis L says:

    Diane – Great Article!
    Phantom Obama. Phantom economy. Phantom electorate.
    Neptune + Neptune + Neptune!

  61. Davis L says:

    Maybe I’m dense, but something is becoming clearer to me that I did not see before. Republicans were so into their own bs about Obama as “the worst president in Am.history,” they really & truly thought it was going to be easy to beat him. Presuming we win, and especially if we also retake the Senate, there may be no bounds as to the depth of their shock & disappointment. As that disappointment turns into anger, “Katie bar the door!”

  62. Lorrie U says:

    I love it! “a corporation running for pres. masquerading as an individual.”

  63. Lorrie U says:

    That’s probably why he thinks corporations are people!

  64. Nina says:

    Friday afternoon news dump, Romney ‘releases’ his tax returns (sort of, lots of redactions) and a doctor’s statement about his and Ryan’s general health.

    Some serious word soup in the press release; they’re trying to hide something.

  65. DPH says:

    Oops– the hits just keep coming for the Mittster. The Republican base is NOT going to be happy about this.

  66. alex says:

    that was my impression too; I’m especially glad he brought it up in the beginning and middle and end…. he looked desperate to find fault… she was very composed didn’t get rattled by his lies about his record, his charges at her and his made up characterization about the good he has done for MA; she stripped off his spin;

    Brown tried to equate himself with Ted Kennedy’s political policy/positions Elizabeth filleted him on that 2X; if it had been a wrestling match she had him pinned every question-answer-rebuttal; excellent first political public debate exceeded expectations IMO; her media ads are good she is getting the job done; I’m hoping she has a good ground team; I missed most of her opening statement; from what I’ve read so far opinion is he left no dings on her;

  67. Teresa Hill says:

    And a note from his accountant swearing everythings on the up-and-up.

    How cute. Kind of like a note to the teacher from your parents.

    (You think it took them all this long to come up with the note from the accountant thing?)

  68. alex says:

    the GOP are abusers, into hostage taking, emotional blackmail; subversively destroying the economic common good; if the public ever hopes to have a working government again they need to vote them out and keep them out;

  69. Patty says:

    Davis, You’re so right!
    The FOX&RADIO-FRIEND Republican’s have ‘marinated’ in pure hatred now for almost four years. All they’ve been fed regarding our President is HATE INFORMATION.
    Now we are seeing the results of all that vicious vitriolic damage they have done to themselves.

    Mark Twain once said:
    “Anger/Hatred is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”.

  70. Davis L says:

    Patty, Great Quote from Mr. Twain!

    Alex, Keep them out indeed! My hope, (perhaps a vain one)is to see the R Party go down like the Whigs and a new party emerge to the LEFT of the Democrats.

  71. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: I wonder in regards to “Mark Thompson show Larry Flint has some kind of BOMBSHELL!!!! That he will be releasing.
    Flint offerred to buy Romney’s stolen tax returns for one million”

    If this is why the 2011 tax returns & summaries were so hastily released?

  72. Teresa Hill says:

    Bay of Islands! I’ve been there! And to Aukland, 100 mile Beach and Cape Reinga, Rotorua!

    Best trip of my whole life.

    And the best joke was in Bay of Islands. We’re sailing past them, thinking how gorgeous they are and that as writers, we’re recluses anyway.

    And then my friend says, “Bet they have lousy internet access.” :) cracked me up. yes, give me my own island in this beautiful place, but… wait.. couldn’t do without internet.\

    This was back in 2003, before the days of satellite internet.

  73. Teresa Hill says:

    Whew! I’ve had a hideous week. Have a book coming out tomorrow, and my website locked up on me and then went down completely with a Malware warning.
    This site, through WordPress like Nancy’s blog, has worked beautifully for me for years. No problem. So easy.
    And this week, it does. I paid two different people to fix it, and even with that kind of help, it’s only up, limping along, today. Still not normal.

    Astrology: Pluto in my 1st house within a degree of my AC and Uranus in my 3rd. So, a fight, with communication, based on how the world sees me? Right there.

    So frustrated.

  74. kiwi says:

    Hi Teresa, yes, the telecom situation is still a far cry from the US level of service, but better than nothing. If anyone is travelling to this part of the world give me a shout. Would love to meet up!

  75. will says:

    Breathe and believe it will eventually all unfurl the way it is supposed to. I ain’t never felt transits like the ones I’m feelin’ now. Thank all that is good and holy, that wheel keeps on turnin.’

  76. will says:

    Doesn’t get better than this.

  77. will says:

    Oh, let it be so!

  78. Patty says:

    Interesting ‘strategy’ article from the Right…
    Republican’s contemplate losing:

    ‘Winning By Losing”

    “There really are times when a party is better off losing”….
    Snip: “Republicans have problems of their own. If they repeal Obamacare, we go back to a status quo ante with some pretty ugly features: Children hitting lifetime caps on insurance policies, adults denied care because of pre-existing conditions, ever-increasing costs, and increased numbers of uninsured.
    Make no mistake about it: If Republicans repeal Obamacare, the Democrats will make sure they own these things, and will “wave the bloody shirt” of Obamacare for the next several elections. It will be the hypothetical nirvana of Obamacare vs. an all-too-real status quo. Remember also that if the economy is sluggish, there will be even more people without health insurance than expected.

  79. Lune Prière says:

    Eddie Munster gets booed at AARP ….pass me a cup of the Schadenfreude Punch, please.

  80. No Tribe says:

    Jerry, I conclude from those a very difficult loss for Obama. It may be something like the scenario of whereby the election is not called the night of, or the next few days after. Romney, during the solar eclipse 14 days prior to this, will realize he is going to be victorious. Yet Obama, and his supporters, will fight the results and not concede defeat. It’s not going to go to the Supreme Court, but could go to Congress. However it ends, the inaugural chart, like these eclipses and the May 20th eclipse, point to Romney being the election ‘winner’ in 2012.

  81. fierywoman says:

    Ooooooooo! I love your mind! Maybe Anonymous can do it. A heavy-duty techie friend told me that the hack-ability of the voting machines would become evident when someone hacked in so that the votes came out for Godzilla or SUperman.

  82. Teresa Hill says:

    God. I feel like I’m a pretty well-aligned person and pretty zen most of the time. But the whole world feels so heavy, like it’s just pressing down on us all the time. It’s hard to move, hard to do anything.

  83. No Tribe says:

    I am referring to the two November eclipses with “during the solar eclipse 14 days prior to this”. I’ve looked into both of these eclipse’s, and the total solar eclipse a week or so after the election is very beneficiary for Romney, activating his 1st, 6th, 10th houses with natal Jupiter and Sun.

    Now, that may mean that the guy is lucky that he doesn’t have to be President during the coming US financial meltdown… never know.

  84. fierywoman says:

    Isn’t Merc/Neptune wild imagination and/or lies?

  85. fierywoman says:

    And Romney doesn’t drink or do drugs (typical Neptunian excesses) (can you imagine if he did ?!?!)

  86. fierywoman says:

    You’ve seen “The Chronicles of Mitt” at dailykos?

  87. fierywoman says:

    I second the motion!

  88. fierywoman says:

    More like $$$$.

  89. Lorrie U says:

    I think the key is the 2009 tax returns which could prove that Romney got amnesty for past returns. It would disqualify him to run for president, as well as possibly show he was ineligible to be governor as the dems tried to prove at the time. Shifty character!

  90. Lorrie U says:

    With all the criticism by the GOP of the Obama administration not improving the middle east situation, I hope the dems use this to show that the Libyan people are protesting against terrorism and standing with the U.S. If that’s not improvement, I don’t know what is!

    Protesting Libyans overrun militant compound in backlash against armed groups

    The demonstrators demanded that militias in the country hand over their weapons to the fledgling post-Gadhafi government, and declared their solidarity with the United States in condemning terrorism.

  91. Lorrie U says:

    Tea Party Vows Revenge On Pennsylvania Supreme Court

    A tea party group pledges to defeat the state Supreme Court justices when they come up for re-election if the state’s new voter identification law is not in effect for the Nov. 6 election.

  92. will says:

    Teresa, you have just spoken my heart and soul. I completely understand. Faith, Sister – we’ve got to have it and believe it. Things will get better.

  93. Francis says:

    This makes me recall the teaching of my old metaphysics teacher who said that negativity has the seeds to its own destruction.

  94. Francis says:

    That is some nasty poop! I so hope people get riled up and crush them on election day!

  95. Francis says:

    love this and if I may add, those bloody shirts would become flags of revolution!

  96. Davis L says:

    Hey Teresa
    I know exactly how you feel. Been there, but manifesting from different astrological sources.

    My prayers are with you. I can’t speak for others, but if there is anything I can do…..

  97. fierywoman says:

    The whole world feels heavy because it IS heavy! It’s not you, but how can you not be affected by it?

  98. Teresa Hill says:

    I wish I could do it again. Had such a great time. The place was so beautiful.
    We got lucky and saw a herd of wild horses running near the beachfront at 100 Mile Beach. Just stunning. And Rotorua was like being on another planet.

  99. Teresa Hill says:

    I wonder if he’s white again?

    (Feel like this could be a Dr. Seuss book.)

  100. Teresa Hill says:

    Oddly, we have a family story like hers. Always heard we had an Indian ancestor. Never questioned it. It was just part of our story. And my father has the copper skin and thick jet-black hair of an Indian. Oddly, his brothers and sister are all pale-skinned red-heads. I always thought he was illegitimate. Finally said something to mom as an adult and she just laughed and said he looked just like his grandfather, who apparently took after the Indian ancestor. What do you know? A cousin got seriously in genealogy a few years ago and found a photo of our ancestor. Really excited to have that.

  101. fierywoman says:

    PS Have you read Alan Oken’s Sept message? I found it quite consoling:

  102. Teresa Hill says:

    Thanks guys. At least, I know what it is and that really does help.

    And I’ve posted about my daughter here before. We had a blow up, but it was nothing major, not like we’ve had before with totaled cars and DUIs & one near OD. I’m truly grateful for that.

    I do wonder, does anyone else feel just… cut off? From God/Source energy/the universe? I just feel disconnected. Like someone unplugged me. And I’ve always felt really easily connected.
    I do Reiki and other healing work, and it’s always been very easy for me to plug into the universe for that and let the energy just stream through me.
    Not now.

    Very disconcerting.

  103. will says:


    I too consider myself as one fairly well traveled on the path of higher consciousness. I know this heaviness of which you speak. I believe there are several factors in play. The more spiritually-advanced and “zen” we get, the harder the lessons seem to come. I also believe that the more aware and sensitized one becomes to the planets and the moving zodiac, in the words of a 20th century Catholic contemplative monk, the more one becomes “zodiacalized.” It is like when one eventually starts to feel the melancholic pull of a near-full-moon without needing to look at the sky… or when one can sense the shadow of Mercury retrograde without consulting an ephemeris; it becomes part of us on an organic, experiential level. Once enlightenment occurs, it is virtually impossible to dummy-down about the world around us. The Light cannot be extinguished and will not be ignored. And so we are continuously challenged and provoked by the pricks and nudges of so many wake-up calls.

    These Uranus-Pluto squares are not-to-be marginalized. They are hardly light fare. With the push of the many oppressed against the very few of uber-powerful and their sizable legion of mislead supporters, we are feeling a tsunami of blow-back in the form of fear, dread, paranoia and a vicious level of resistance to a paradigm shift that is alas, being insisted upon by an evolving Universe. As we continue to grow in awareness, it is only natural that we are going to become more sensitized to the vast collective reservoir of fear and panic from the powers-that-be as they engage in a vicious battle to resist giving up any of their formidable power or resources. But the old paradigm is no longer sustainable against the backdrop of global awareness, the oppressed masses and limited resources.

    So, who wouldn’t feel some schpilkas these days?

  104. Francis says:

    Will, I get what you are saying. I’m not as sensitized to those cosmic energies, but I get what you are saying. And to that I suggest that only through community, through groups, actual and cyber like this one, can we move through this period of transformation as participants and healers for each other. I don’t know what people here think of what I am going to suggest which is that we do our thing each night or maybe each morning, or both if you are moved to, but that we take the time to connect more regularly with our higher power or source or just with silence and the night’s sky; and that we remember we are all in this together, and that we expand consciously to include all of each other on this site. Have a blessed Equinox, Mabon and Yom Kippur!

  105. Davis L says:

    We seem to have a pandemic of shallow and shameless in politics and business lately.

  106. Davis L says:

    I go through periods like that. Sometimes the energy flows easily and I feel the oneness. Sometimes I just don’t. For the last year I’ve progressively had more problems with deep, intense anger, PTSD +, and I can’t seem to get a therapist.

    But for the last few weeks it all seems to ameliorate, but I feel more “secular” than ever. I’m OK I think, but at some kind of spiritual impasse. I think the whole world has to adjust to these 7 Uranus/Pluto squares and we’ve not found our footing yet.

    The 1960’s, the Uranus/Pluto conjunction,such a formative & active period for me, my adolescence and involvement in the civil rights & anti-war movements. It seems so far away now, as if it were the 1860’s, but I will never forget the creativity that was so much in the air we breathed.

    Teresa, I pray you and all of us breathe in that essence again during these squares…..and find within ourselves the deeper joys of the soul, and serenity which passes all understanding despite whatever turmoil without.


  107. Davis L says:

    As we all know, the R’s are doing ALL in their power to restore Jim Crow, to suppress the vote in 33 states. I’m wondering if a class action suit can be filed under civil rights provisions & law against the R party as a whole…..say a few billion $ or however much it takes to break them TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY & FOREVER!?! And!… wouldn’t hurt if the planners, legislators, & various operatives of this new Jim Crow all went to jail for a very, very long time!

  108. No Tribe says:

    Nancy, your article mentioning Chiron return and Obama got me thinking. You said:

    ” From September 20 through October 20, Chiron will return to its first house natal position in the president’s chart (5Pisces19), an aspect that will be repeated from November 9 through December 9. The first of these two crossings could bring some kind of personal political attack that is extremely wounding to Obama, something so shameless and ugly that it manages to pierce his relatively thick emotional armor. ”

    Based on that article from Stein that I previously linked to, I got started on some research about the previous dates in ’11 and early ’12 when it hits. Chiron hits so often when it is slow like this. Anyway, based on a hunch that Stein said it was related to birth issues, I posted here that I thought the whole birther thing would arise a new, because when I looked at the dates of the return, they coincided with the huge Trump deal, and all of that, in 2011, that led to the release of the birth certificate. Anyway, so that seems to be the issue corresponding, so I was on the lookout for a return of it, and here we are:

    This is just so underworld. No wonder his Pluto becomes involved in opposition. One million voters in Ohio; 200,000 after a mid-summer conference, and a million after that. He said that 50,000 copies had been sent to voters in Nevada and 100,000 to voters in New Hampshire.

    And the contents are unbelievable. Basically portraying Obama’s white mother as a slut, and Obama being a illicit sex affair child, with a different father than portrayed. The topper is nude photos of his mother in sexual positons.

    Anyway, it’s ugly. But seems to line up with coming up at this point in the return, and something I am sure that Obama feels about it exactly as you describe above.

  109. Davis L says:

    No Tribe,
    If this can be released in such quantity before the election, I don’t want to think of what they might do were Mr. Obama re-elected.

  110. angellight says:

    fierywoman: Thanks for Oken newsletter, good insight.

    Lorrie U: 2009 tax returns, very interesting!

  111. angellight says:

    No Tribe: Very ugly re: mailing of Obama propaganda movie. Filth!

  112. Seeker says:

    I also think the Chiron/Pluto/moon Tsquare in OBama’s chart getting activated w the Chiron return is related to race, and his internalized feelings about being mix raced. I would not be surprised if there was some racially chgd and slimy/untrue accusations that stir up the hornets nest on this wound in him (and in us). Politics is dirty business….

  113. angellight says:

    Many believe “the key is the 2009 tax returns which could prove that Romney got amnesty for past returns. It would disqualify him to run for president, as well as possibly show he was ineligible to be governor as the dems tried to prove at the time.” Sen Harry Reid ~”When will the American people see the returns he filed before he was running for president?” See Mitt Smirk!

  114. starlight says:

    No Tribe – I think you may have nailed it!

    Basically portraying Obama’s white mother as a slut, and Obama being a illicit sex affair child, with a different father than portrayed. The topper is nude photos of his mother in sexual positons.

    That could certainly be the Moon/Pluto/Chiron activation. There is no doubt a history in his life of attacks about his mixed race and his mother being involved with a black man, etc., and this is so shameless it would be likely to wound even if it is so extreme it might have a backlash.

  115. Diane L says:

    Intrade now shows PBO with 70.7% to Romney 29.5%. Technicals seem to support Starlight’s astrology.

  116. alex says:

    Joel Gilbert

    wiki page deleted

    Joel Gilbert (from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, born on April 15, 1964) is an American film director, writer, and musician

  117. alex says:

    PA VOTER ID LAW: Remand to Commonwealth Court (sent back to lower court for review with instructions from higher court)

    Higher court wanted stricter definition of ‘harm’ to qualified voters who had to get voter ID card for 2012 election:

    Likely outcome: lessons learned re: Voter-ID and not implemented for 2012 (but could be wrong about that)

    Pennsylvania court has 10 days to re-decide in voter-ID case:

    Hearings begin Sept 25th – Review complete Oct 2nd

    Moon – Saturn aspects are often associated with decisions

    Oct 2nd: (177 – 171) opposition
    Moon@02TA transit @08TA – Saturn @29Libra

    (177 to 171) moon transit 02TA – 08TA

    Moon (inner state) – Saturn (external response)

    Saturn (authority, rules)

    Moon – Saturn

    Confrontation and Projection (perspective derived from interaction with others, who have something we either covert or detest or both, that feels outside of our power)


    Justice Debra Todd:

    Seven weeks before an election, the voters are entitled to know the rules.

    By remanding to the Commonwealth Court, at this late date, and at this most critical civic moment, in my view, this Court abdicates its duty to emphatically decide a legal controversy vitally important to the citizens of this Commonwealth. The eyes of the nation are upon us, and this Court has chosen to punt rather than to act. I will have no part of it.

  118. karen says:

    Teresa, I’m suggesting too that you are very compassionate, and because of it may be “picking up” on (as Will suggested) some of the dramatic energies of transformation in personal lives, the weight so many are feeling. Lack of food, resources, a place to sleep for the night, crippling health issues that have been left untreated because there are no funds to pay for necessary medications.

    The promise of this country was that we WOULD share with one another the challenges AND the prosperity. But this promise has been hijacted by morally represhensible spirits with twisted concepts of spirit.

  119. karen says:

    As I posted to Teresa above, acts such as these are morally bankrupt, reprehensible, and intended to wound. It’s remarkable that during the millions of years of human existence, we’ve achieved such technical advancements, but have not altered some of our most heinous behaviors.

  120. Kdez says:

    That’s one of my imagined scenarios for election disruption – it turns out Romney took the tax amnesty in 2009 and is therefore a (sort-of) felon and ineligible for the presidency. So the Republicand demand a do-over. Election remains undecided for a period, although Obama has clearly won the votes.


    My other thought is that vote-suppression via the new ID laws is so egregious that the vote count is considered invalid for a period.

  121. Prabhata says:

    You remind me of those who want to believe that Obama is not a U.S. citizen. I see no reason that the accountants, one of the best, will lie for Romney. I’m not interested in Romney’s tax returns. He’s rich and because his income comes from investments, which are taxed at 20% maximum will reflect a low income tax rate after all the deductions. I don’t doubt the accountants words that Romney gave to charity as much as 45% of his income. He’s basically choosing to give to charities instead of the government. If Americans think that’s not a good policy, to deduct charitable contributions, then let’s change the tax code.

  122. Prabhata says:

    I agree Nancy. That’s ugly.

  123. Wennye' says:

    Only if that would be possible Davis, I become so overwhelmed with the hate that I wish their tongues would roll up in their mouths and choke them. Not Spiritual but this is my primitive thinking when hurt or seeing someone hurt. Spirit grant us mercy..

  124. Wennye' says:

    Very well written, Will. Blessings

  125. Teresa Hill says:

    Thank you. I’ve was born in 63, so I missed a lot of the turmoil of the 60s. Passed right over my head. But I remember seeing the warnings from astrologers that we were heading into a period with energy that was similar to that of the 6os and thinking… Wow, must have been so interesting to live in those times and be old enough to be aware of what was going on. (God, what an idiot, I was, right?)

    I do know what you mean about it feeling so far away. Just seeing videos of the protests, the brutality, even a segregated world. It’s hard to believe that was my country, and it does seem so far away.

    My Reiki teacher and long-time practitioner is back in town this week, and I have two sessions scheduled with her and a class (are you feeling disconnected, she asked in explaining the class? LOL Yes.) If anyone can hook me back up, it’s her. Will take notes and share here about the class.

  126. Teresa Hill says:

    I’ve always felt like I was pretty good at shielding myself. My default setting from childhood traumas and abuse is to shut down emotionally and deal with things on pure logic alone. I’ll try hard to figure it out, but I don’t feel it. Except in my writing. Oddly, people tell me I’m great at writing an emotional book, which I’m flattered to hear but always chuckle inside because I find it safe to feel for my characters but not so much in real life.

    Anyway… I feel like the heaviness right now for me is the world, the universe, not so much people freaking out. Although, I suppose, what is the universe? If not all of us?
    Still, it feels like… I don’t know. Planets pulling at us, maybe?

  127. Teresa Hill says:

    Oops. That thing above was meant to go here.

  128. kiwi says:

    A thought just occurred to me – has anyone looked at the charts of whoever is the nominees for the third parties? I’m wondering if with Mitt’s apparent meltdown that the nominee for, lets say, the independent party will do very very well come election time?

  129. kiwi says:

    ooops, obviously ‘is’ should be ‘are’…

    Gary Johnson, Libertarian, Jan 1 1953, Minot N.Dakota
    Jill Stein, Green, May 14 1950, chicago
    Virgil Goode, Constitution, Oct 17 1946, Richmond Virginia

    Any thoughts on Gary Johnson anyone?

  130. Davis L says:

    Hey Wennye’
    I phoned & spoke briefly with an old pal of mine, a Texas atttorney who has done a great deal of work for the ACLU. Like me, he has been involved with progressive causes all his life. BUT….he feels it would be a waste of time to sue these people.

    I think he feels that were politicians to start suing one another, OR suing non-politicians for libel or slander it would just open up the system to even more abuse.

    Candidate “A” might sue candidate “B” for libel or slander just for political gain, even though “B” is telling the truth. He also feels it might put MORE attention on personal stuff (ad hominem arguments)and LESS on the issues.

    Maybe he’s right, but I feel this is a special case. I’m just very upset at this reincarnation of Jim Crow voter suppression, and I really feel prosecutions under Civil Rights provisions are appropriate. My friend feels they’ll be punished at the polls for this kind of thing, but I have doubts about that.

    And this slanderous DVD thing by Joel Gilbert, Dreams of My Real Father…..that is so beyond the pale, so unredeemably ugly that it is hard to imagine. I still feel that guy needs to go to jail and someone needs to lose the key.

  131. alex says:

    Hi Lorrie:

    I posted pdf with the court’s decision – it was not unanimous; and though the media reports that the higher court did not issue an injunction but instruction to tighten the standard of ‘harm’ that gives the anti-voter ID legal teams better footing for the next court finding, there is still a chance that the lower court will allow Voter ID for 2012.

    But the point of the article is about the “tea party lawsuit factory deciding that the right to eliminate voting for anyone who disagrees with them” attempting to use another way for these anarchists to disrupt/destroy the functions of democracy. Hopefully the case will be dismissed out of hand not tried in court.

  132. alex says:

    Paul Ryan’s challenger in WI – Video Link

  133. clymela says:

    I had not heard about the hateful film denigrating Obama’s mother and his lineage. Is this a film showing in theaters?
    I will say that I never thought that I would see my country fall so low-really. I am sickened by the hate and when I hear folk saying that we are the greatest country in the world I feel sick knowing what is going on right now.

  134. alex says:

    Gary Johnson:

    As far as I know end of week reports 9 battleground states among them CO-NV where Gary Johnson doing well; in some people’s opinion he ‘could’ tip the race in these two states;

    Poll released September 21 shows Libertarian Gary Johnson pulling 6% of the vote out of 1006 adults with a margin of error of 3.8%.

    Johnson is still polling far behind the major party candidates, with President Barack Obama taking 49 percent and Republican challenger Mitt Romney taking 40 percent in a three-way race, according to Reason-Rupe.

    A JZ Analytics/Washington Times poll from May had the Libertarian at only two percent. And a second JZ Analytics poll from July had Johnson at 5.3 percent.

    Another JZ Analytics poll from earlier this month, however, put Johnson at just 4.3 percent.

    CO – NV

  135. barbk says:

    I discovered (stumbled upon) something that might make those who are concerned about the Mercury retrograde on Election Day feel more positive about it. Mercury stations in the same degree that the north node was in at the time of the U.S.A.’s solar return last July. The north node that represents the direction to be followed for positive growth?

    That degree, 4+ Sagittarius, forms a quintile to the U.S. natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and quintiles are really cool. They belong to a family of aspects that relate to the use of spiritual will and which can transcend physical limitations. They are pretty magical. Pres. Obama has natal Mars at 22+ Virgo, therefore, it too forms a quintile to the stationing Mercury on Election Day and the north node in the U. S. solar return chart. I think the President has any number of hidden assets that protect and guide him and this is just one example. Action that he takes at this time is spiritually motivated and transcends the physial level of manifestation.

    This Wednesday, transiting Borasisi will conjunct Romney’s Mercury so be listening and watching for something he might say because the transiting Moon will be squaring her own nodes and make her very receptive to incoming energy from the universe. Those nodes are also squared by the U.S. natal Moon which represents the people, and the U.S. natal Pallas-Athene which symbolizes strategies and planning. The transiting Moon conjunct the U.S Moon + Pallas at the same time Borasisi conjuncts Romney’s Mercury could very well affect the peoples’ plans for voting.

  136. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    Does anyone have any idea what the incredibly brilliant thing in the night sky is tonight? It’s nearer to the western horizon than the Moon, and is brighter than any planet I’ve ever seen.

    I can clearly see a disk. Does anyone else see it wherever you are?

  137. alex says:

    moon – saturn key concepts;

    Amy Herring


  138. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa – Wow, long thread here and I can relate to everyone’s comments. I, too, have felt disconnected for quite some time, although I don’t feel the heaviness all the time.

    I’d like to share what I’ve discerned about what we’re experiencing. I used to experience the seeing, hearing, voice as something outside of myself as guides, teachers, etc. What has happened is that as our bodies have encompassed more light, the earth does feel denser, but we are becoming crystalline energy. We have been in the process of integrating all our multiple selves and are finding that we are now becoming one with our oversoul and soul groups. What we once experienced as outside of ourselves is now experienced as the “knowing” within ourselves. It’s just there when we need it without striving to achieve it. So we feel alone, like spirit has abandoned us, but in truth we have become spirit. We have volunteered to stay here during this time of immense shifting to anchor the light for the planet.

    What I find has helped me–aside from our blessed Nancy and this site–is keeping busy with my caring for the animals at the shelter as well as my own. The animals are feeling the shift and density as well, and those who are staying need help in making the transition to the higher energies as well. That is my role thanks to my Ceres placement, and where I find my joy. A few years ago, a dear friend gave me a reading and mentioned about feeling disconnected from spirit, but said I would be coming into a time where my energy would be like a laser, that wherever I focused it, healing would happen. That’s what happens at the shelter as I’m drawn to certain ones that connect with me. It’s amazing, so hang in there, know that you are most likely being an anchor for your family, while others may be anchoring for clients, coworkers, etc. And we are all here anchoring our President and country. It’s hard but know that we are doing what we agreed to come here to do.

    I hope that all makes sense, first time I’ve tried to express it.

  139. Lorrie U says:

    He’s been polling with about 6% of the vote.

  140. Davis L says:

    It is a DVD called “Dreams of My Real Father.” Over 1.5 million copies have been mailed out to prospective voters in 3 states. I know that Ohio and Nevada are 2 of them. Also, the Alabama Republican Party is involved. The DVD alleges Obama’s real father was an African-American Communist from Chicago and it shows photos (obviously gotta be fake) of O’s mother having sex with the Chicago fellow.

    The DVD is a separate and different film from that which is in many movie theatres, Obama 2016, which also is obvious anti-Obama propaganda.

    One irony: Were Obama a Republican, I’m sure the R’s would be on every radio & TV network, the net, & everywhere possible loudly & vehmently crying libel! Slander! Treason! and calling for the death penalty for Joel Gilbert & others.

  141. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa, et al – I posted this quite considerably above and most likely will get missed, so wanted to repost my comments because it may be helpful…

    I’d like to share what I’ve discerned about what we’re experiencing. I used to experience the seeing, hearing, voice as something outside of myself as guides, teachers, etc. What has happened is that as our bodies have encompassed more light, the earth does feel denser, but we are becoming crystalline energy. We have been in the process of integrating all our multiple selves and are finding that we are now becoming one with our oversoul and soul groups. What we once experienced as outside of ourselves is now experienced as the “knowing” within ourselves. It’s just there when we need it without striving to achieve it. So we feel alone, like spirit has abandoned us, but in truth we have become spirit. We have volunteered to stay here during this time of immense shifting to anchor the light for the planet.

    What I find has helped me–aside from our blessed Nancy and this site–is keeping busy with my caring for the animals at the shelter as well as my own. The animals are feeling the shift and density as well, and those who are staying need help in making the transition to the higher energies as well. That is my role thanks to my Ceres placement, and where I find my joy. A few years ago, a dear friend gave me a reading and mentioned about feeling disconnected from spirit, but said I would be coming into a time where my energy would be like a laser, that wherever I focused it, healing would happen. That’s what happens at the shelter as I’m drawn to certain ones that connect with me. It’s amazing, so hang in there, know that you are most likely being an anchor for your family, while others may be anchoring for clients, coworkers, etc. And we are all here anchoring our President and country. It’s hard but know that we are doing what we agreed to come here to do.

    I hope that all makes sense, first time I’ve tried to express it.

  142. Lorrie U says:

    Romney’s “Charity” to the Church is Just More Corporate Greed and Tax Evasion

    Relying heavily on church records in countries that require far more disclosure than the United States, Cragun and Reuters estimate that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints brings in some $7 billion annually in tithes and other donations.

    It owns about $35 billion worth of temples and meeting houses around the world, and controls farms, ranches, shopping malls and other commercial ventures worth many billions more.

    So Romney is giving huge sums of money to a church which runs commercial ventures and has no obligation to pay taxes on them. Sounds perfect.

  143. will says:

    Ahoy, Matey! Liking the anchoring imagery, Lorrie. Molto beni.

  144. Sharon says:

    Great stuff, Lorrie.

  145. will says:

    Its me, smiling and winking at you, Dutchess. Have a wonderful evening.

  146. alex says:

    public figure or not there has to be some kind of legal theory for the Obama family to sue that guy into oblivion; Obama’s children aren’t public figures…. maybe a case could be brought on their behalf for the slander/libel against their grandmother;

  147. Teresa Hill says:

    Well, that’s certainly a highly pleasant way of thinking of what’s happening.
    And I have to say, with my daughter… people keep saying she’s an addict and I need to get her into rehab, which she doesn’t want, doesn’t think she needs and I don’t think she needs.
    Maybe it’s my lack of understanding of what an addict is, because it’s one thing my family really hasn’t experienced. We’re all depressed and a lot of us kill ourselves, but we don’t drink or do drugs. :)
    But I feel a certainty that she’s not an addict. She does stupid, reckless things and wants to try everything like if she doesn’t do it now, she’ll never get to. But I don’t think the problem is that she’s addicted to alcohol or drugs.
    And it’s a huge and dangerous thing to be wrong about, if I’m wrong. But while I feel frustrated with her (2 totaled cars, a DUI, a possession of marijuana charge and a bad reaction to synthetic pot that looked for all the world like an OD within the last year) I feel like she’s protected by the universe and not an addict and not going to really hurt herself this way. I feel silly even saying that.
    But it’s how I feel deep inside, so I’ve been able to remain pretty calm other than the frustrations of just wanting her to get herself together.
    It feels like she wants to take herself, her life to a crappy point. I don’t know why. And like she’s trying to force us to give up on her. Don’t know why that is, either.
    But I feel it and I’m waiting it all out.

    So I like your explanation very much.

    Will try that feeling. Like what I used to think of as that connection is now inside of me. I am universe, all by myself. Hmm. That feels really good to say.

  148. Prabhata says:

    I agree. The tax code should be changed. Not all charities are created equal. It’s not just LDS that’s a problem.

  149. Prabhata says:

    Let me disclose that I have a large family, and one branch of my family belongs to LDS. i understand that the tithing is almost obligatory of all LDS members. So Romney is just being a good LDS church member. The problem is the hierarchy of the church, not the congregation.

  150. Prabhata says:

    TH, you might find this book by Chris Prentiss helpful
    He never gave up when his son was having issues too.

  151. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    Jude Cowell of the Stars Over Washington astrological website expressed concern that the Mercury retrograde station (opposite Pres. Obama’s Moon) could in fact signify some kind of ‘false flag’ attack. One striking example can be used as a reference point. As you may know, the infamous Gore/Bush 2000 presidential election coincided with Mercury going stationary direct. The candidates went through an excruciating 36-day legal battle before Gore finally conceded. Putting that in perspective, the current upcoming Mercury station will be going RETROGRADE. Could this indicate a disruption in the election process?

    In the interest of establishing a casus beli, Israel (the Mossad) is fully capable of engineering a terrorist type incident on US soil and make it appear as though it bears Iranian complicity. One interesting feature to the November 11th (0 Pisces) Neptune station (Re: deception) is that it forms a grand cross square to Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad’s natal Nodes (0 Gemini- Sagittarius) Saturn (1 Sag) and Pluto (0 Virgo). A strong strategic placement astrologically for Israel to launch its attack. Astrologer Leo Knighton Tallarico of the Perspectives From The Sky website has been pointing to the Nov. 13th solar eclipse for some time as the most likely peiod for an Israeli attack (the eclipse at 21 Scorpio conjoins Israels natal Chiron in opposition to natal Sun 23 Taurus). There are other aspects that come into play but I will leave that for another time.

  152. angellight says:

    Oooooops …. Paul Ryan To Chamber in 2010: the Cayman Islands “the place you hide your money”:

  153. alex says:

    Connecticut – Senate Race

    Democrats are pouring resources into a seemingly deadlocked United States Senate race in Connecticut — a race that began on almost no one’s list of elections that could decide control of the chamber.


    Linda McMahon – wiki

    Linda McMahon (October 4, 1948; New Bern, NC; time unknown) is an archetypal Pallas woman. Her Libra Sun conjoins Neptune, with both close trine Pallas in Gemini. Pallas, known as the goddess of creative intelligence, has a fondness for the spoken word when located in Gemini, and never shies away from a debate.

    Pallas types make strong women who yearn to make their mark as equals in a man’s world. ~ Neptune Cafe

  154. alex says:

    California’s 7th District House race. Dan Lungren (R) vs. Ami Bera (D).

    Connecticut Senate race. Chris Murphy (D) vs. Linda McMahon (R)

    Texas 23rd District House race. Francisco “Quico” Canseco (R) vs. Pete Gallego (D)

    New York 19th District House race. Chris Gibson (R) vs. Julian Schreibman (D)

    North Dakota Senate race. Heidi Heitkamp (D) vs. Rick Berg (R)

    Indiana Senate race. Richard Mourdock (R) vs. Joe Donnelly (D)

    Ohio 16th District House race: Betty Sutton (D) vs. Jim Renacci (R)

    Virginia Senate race. Tim Kaine (D) vs. George Allen (R)

  155. Blueraven says:

    Lorrie U
    Thank you for your description of your changing experience
    of becoming one with the soul. This has happened to me and I interpreted it is have realized the real purpose of meditation. I have tried to explain the experience to others as knowing the I Am and that I am an extension of the divine I AM. When I sit in this knowing a flood of light energy rushes in to nourish and strenthen me. I am very grateful for being drawn to this site to get to know the people here and feel supported in my experiences

  156. Dave says:

    McMahon in Connecticut has seemed lately to be taking the same self-destruction route as Romney. Last week there was even a story here about how she is trying to distance herself from Romney’s campaign. Latest polls show Murphy over McMahon 37 to 33 percent, however it’s a tight race. Best thing we can hope for is is high turnout which will tip in Murphys favor. It would be nice to see a comparison of their charts for the election returns.

  157. barbk says:

    That could be Jerry. To add to this possibility, Jupiter and Mercury are not only in mutual reception but are each others dispositors, and Jupiter would rule foreign countries. A chart set for the time Mercury stations in Washington DC has Mercury in the 7th house of open enemies as well as partners. Mercury is not only a trickster and dual in nature, but is quintile the U.S. Neptune in the 9th house of foreign countries. Most likely any attack would be illusional(false flag).

    As for the Scorpio solar eclipse, it will be trine Pallas-Athene at 22+ Pisces rx, which opposeses the U.S. Neptune and Pres. Obama’s Mars at 22+ Virgo. However Mars in the eclipse chart of 11/13 is conjunct the Galactic Center (27+ Sagittarius) which is sextile the U.S. natal Moon (27+ Aquarius). I’m inclined to think any attack(s) would be verbal in nature since Mercury (rx) at 0+ Sagittarius is square Neptune, now direct in Pisces. Mercury will be conjunct Paul Ryan’s Neptune and ascendant as well as Romney’s descendant, and opposite the last solar eclipse in May.

    The Sabian Symbol for Election Day Mercury is “An Old Owl Sits Alone On The Branch Of A Large Tree” and has a keynote of: A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.

    In that the Election Day aspect (septile) between natal Neptune (or Mars for the President) and transiting Mercury is occult, spiritual and subtle, I can’t see anything of a violent overt result coming from it. Uranus and Pluto are separating making less of a demand for agressive action, and Uranus is still retrograde on Election Day. At the time Mercury stations, the Moon (14+ Leo) will square the Sun (14+ Scorpio) but is sextile Jupiter rx(14+ Gemini). Opposite Jupiter is the Great Attractor in Sagittarius and this will trine the Leo Moon. It is my feeling that Universal energy is dictating the outcome of this election, as well as other worldly events, in a way that will maximize humanity’s evolution rather than it’s destruction. Something tells me it is well under control.

  158. barbk says:

    Lorrie U,

    Thanks for repeating . . I might have missed the 1st entry which I will read in its entirety now. I care for animals too, although they are wild not domestic. I’ve learned so much about nature from the possums and raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks, and the many birds in my part of the world. My natal Ceres is finally fulfilled also!

    You become more receptive to Nature through animals don’t you think? I’m glad to hear your beliefs and understanding of what is happening in this transition time and always enjoy your responses.

  159. pisca says:

    There seems to be no end to the possibilities of vote manipulation:
    With regard to third and fourth party candidates, I have seen an upsurge of people who are only now becoming aware of the choices. In my small world, the “don’t vote” ranters are turning toward Stein, but I have to wonder if they will really go to the polls. The Johnson enthusiasts– mostly Ron Paul and Tea Party types— seem more likely to vote and to support/cause disruption at the polls.
    We all need to be vigilant and outspoken in demanding fairness.

  160. Noelle says:

    Oh, Lorrie, I love that. I, too, was told that I was remaining here to anchor the light. I wish I could say I see the benefit to others as you do in the animal shelter but one thing I notice is that when we have extreme weather with high winds, I use the light as protection for me, my dog, car, house and neighbors on either side and all of the trees that could touch and bring harm to our homes. It is just amazing that there is never a twig or even leaves on the ground in the area I’ve covered with light while trees and branches are down as soon as I make the turn out of my street. The power of light is pretty amazing.

  161. clymela says:

    Thank you for the information that I needed. I have another question: why aren’t “we” on the air, in the print media? Why was this voter suppression movement allowed to develop as far as it has. Also why aren’t we discussing the shocking level of racial hatred that is showing and also, funding the right wingers?
    I am so hurt by what is going on that my dear one fears that I am giving up but I don’t think that I am “giving up” just expressing how shocked I am by the hatred and lies this president has to cope with. I see it in his face and in his body and incidentally I notice that the right wingers seem to grow rosier as this thing goes on.

  162. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbq,

    Here’s the Nov. 13th eclipse chart set for Wash. DC:

    Other astrological points of contact to the Israeli chart….. tr. Mars at 27 Sag conjunct Israel’s natal Jupiter (aggression) in sesqui-square to Israel’s natal Pluto (12 Leo). Tr. Uranus (4 ’58 Aries) in precise square to Netanyahu’s natal Uranus (4 ’58 Cancer) and quincunx to tr. Saturn (4 ’40 Scorpio). Tr. Saturn in turn will be squaring the Israeli Moon (the populace) at 4 ’43 Leo. Stationary Chiron (4 ’58 Pisces) will be forming an exact trine to Netanyahu’s Uranus.

    It should be interesting to read Leo Tallarico’s interpretation of those aspects closer to the time of the eclipse.

  163. Kdez says:

    Unlike your family, Romney IS the hierarchy – a Mormon Bishop. His “charity” is himself.

  164. clymela says:

    Lorrie U-thank you so much for your words and thoughts. I have always been opposed to any thing that could be “airy-fairy” and have refused to think of passing into different levels,etc except for growing more conscious in a CG Jung manner. this morning reading your offering I was so moved especially regarding animals. I have always been an “animal lover” but lately this has become such a deep part of my life especially with our four young cats but also with “wild animals” that I have encountered. Really thank you so much for sharing your knowledge-I didn’t realize how much I need to open up even more

  165. clymela says:

    Teresa-i love what you are saying about your daughter and your experience of your daughter. i am wondering about her Mars and her Ascendent-she sounds like a “cowgirl”,a explorer. i have Mars rising squaring Saturn and then Moon with Pluto squaring Venus and all of this together 1st to 4th. I survived and all the while I was out there I was also studying and growing (Vesta,NNode,Sun-all together in the 2nd) I have an intuition that your daughter is one of us but is still in her first Saturn cycle and probably doesn’t have the vehicle she needs for her gift. I would look at her chart if you would give us the details (ˆ think that you did before) She has a beautiful gift in her mother who loves her and wants to understand-I am only now in my third Saturn cycle able to forgive myself and accept my life path-I didn’t have that type of support.

  166. alex says:

    Hi barbk

    I/m not adding to SE 11/13 false flag or any of those issues but thinking about one of the many Neptune features: BETRAYAL

    (deception, double-crossing, double-dealing, duplicity, falseness, treachery, trickery, unfaithfulness. disloyal, treason)

    The GOP/NEOCON (Leo Straussian, Milton Friedman-ites, Fredrick Hayek nut jobs) like PAUL RYAN lie to the public about everything they believe as part of their ideology that it is necessary imperative to lie to the public because they are superior and the public is inferior and therefore must be excluded from the ‘Truth’

    that is BETRAYAL in my book… they lie to get elected and then betray the public; I’d go as far as calling it treason but not many would agree with me on that;

  167. alex says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Well after surveying the eclipse chart ( survey not analyze yet ) the Romney degree 27 Scorpio JU-MO on the DES jumps off the page; I would not put Romney and his Neocon cohorts past manipulating or engineering a false flag attack but that is a feeling not a conclusion;

    The next thing that stands out in the eclipse chart is the 19th degree of arc (Venus) as far as astrologer’s numerology, as I call it, the 19th degree is a leadership degree and I have found it in my practice to activate or trigger objective events; so I’ll be looking at the aspects of Venus within the chart and synastry elsewhere;

  168. angellight says:

    Republican Idea of a Grueling Work-Week In Congress is 2/1/2 Days!

    Congressman Chu: “Mr. Speaker, at the end of what Republicans consider to be a grueling work week consisting of 2 1/2 whole days, Republicans are heading home once again to take the next 2 months off. The Republican-led “Do-Nothing Congress” was in session for a grand total of 8 days this month, and it took 5 weeks off before that. During their time here in Washington, Republicans made sure to vote to end Medicare as we know it, increase costs for seniors, and give tax breaks to millionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas”, she said.

    But on addressing the ongoing jobs crisis in this country, they did nothing. On providing tax cuts for the middle class and small business, they did nothing. On working towards a bipartisan solution to the looming fiscal cliff, they left the American people hanging by continuing to do nothing”, she said. The hardworking men and women who call this country home deserve so much better. They certainly deserve better than nothing”,

  169. alex says:

    Hey pisca,

    There is one dark shadow that could exert that should have influence on the ‘potential election criminal GOP coherts’ and that is the life and death story of Michael Connell the software engineer (2004) who stole the election in Ohio ( and elsewhere ).

    The 2012 election fraudsters will have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives and that is the choice they will have to make if they are confederates of Karl Rove et al who are the menacing ‘criminals’ of election theft.

    That is something they should think about – their lifelong personal safety…. there is no honor among thieves; that could very well be their ‘cost’ for doing any election theft business 2012; what will be the price they pay down the road….

    Michael Louis Connell (November 30, 1963 – December 19, 2008) was a high-level Republican consultant who was subpoenaed in a case regarding alleged tampering with the 2004 U.S. Presidential election and a case involving thousands of missing emails pertaining to the political firing of U.S. Attorneys. Connell was killed when the plane he was flying crashed on December 19, 2008.

    read up on his story….

  170. Lorrie U says:

    Wow! You’ve got it, Noelle. Perfect example of what I was trying to say. Without knowing it, we affect so many things around us, even nature.

  171. alex says:

    Netanyahu has a reputation as a serial meddler in American politics and in Israel is known as the leaker-in-chief.

    Bibi Netanyahu video campaigns on Florida airwaves ( for Romney against Obama )

    video link

  172. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa – Has your daughter ever had her chemistry makeup tested? It sounds like she may have some sensibilities to food or environmental environments which could trigger some behavior. My mother was allergice to anything ending in “ol” including alcohol. She was definitely not an addict! A thimbleful of wine or beer could bring on a complete change in personality. Something to think about.

  173. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Bluehaven. It is true that when we finally realize it all is within instead of without we connect with the Divine and the I AM.

  174. Lorrie U says:

    barbk – Thanks. Yes, I don’t think I would make it through all this if it weren’t for nature and the animals! There’s a bumper sticker that says it all…”Who saved whom?”

  175. Lorrie U says:

    Clymela – I’ve recognized that you are a beautiful light, not only for the animals but also people. Oftentimes, we don’t see it ourselves because it feels so difficult. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  176. Baraka says:

    I would have to disagree – Mitt’s tax returns are critical. No other presidential candidate in modern times has refused to release at least 4 years of tax returns, and in recent years the common practice has been 8-10 years. Mitt wouldn’t approve Ryan’s selection as his VP without seeing 20 years of his tax returns. What is he hiding that he won’t even provide returns for the 5 years he’s been running for president?

    Did he get amnesty for his UBS holdings – which would disqualify him for the job he wants? Did he stiff his church of their full 10% – which could get him kicked out of the church? If he is running on his record as a successful businessman, why doesn’t he want us to see how he conducted his business career? Did he profit substantially from that company he owned that did business with abortion providers – which would turn a good portion of his “base” against him?

    If he has this much to hide, how could he be trusted as president? Yes, his returns are important, his position that he is too good to let us see the truth undermines all his shifting claims to deserve such an office, and frankly, his lies and flip-flopping on every subject are good reason to believe that he treats his tax obligations in the same flippant way he treats every other part of the social contract that a democratic republic is built upon.

    So let’s see those returns for at least the last 10 years – the electorate deserves to see this information on BOTH candidates, but only one of them is willing to provide it.

  177. Baraka says:

    I’ve been seeing some posts here and there on the inter tubes that a lot of the Paul supporters are moving into the Libertarian fold since Mittens has so little to offer them. It’s possible that Johnson could be the equivalent of Perot, siphoning off enough votes from Mittsy’s column to make the difference in the swing states.

    And while we keep seeing plenty of polling that shows a popular vote that remains within 5 points for the 2 candidates, the electoral college tallies continue to trend strongly for Obama. Nate Silver already has him at something like 282 EC votes, with 270 needed to win.

    Quite possibly Johnson and the other 3rd party candidates will be what puts Obama over the top in the popular vote – but the location of those 3rd party votes are what will determine the EC tally, which in the end is what counts – at least in the present time. Addressing the EC functionality isn’t something high on the agenda for any politicians, since they’ve learned how to game this system and don’t want to open it up.

  178. alex says:

    I recall reading article that referred to Romney when he was governor; MA state politicians from both sides said Romney was the most secretive politician they had ever dealt with..

  179. will says:

    Clinton: GOP money advantage could swing election
    By Noam Levey

    President Obama is winning, former President Bill Clinton said today, but Romney’s money advantage and efforts to put restrictions on voting still threaten an Obama victory.

  180. No Tribe says:

    It’s pot. On the ballot in CO, and Johnson has been there a lot. Now, those might be Obama voters, so hard to see which way it favors. I bet about even and a wash.

  181. No Tribe says:

    Gary Johnson has some really interesting transits with Jupiter, transiting and progressed. But hard to say, without house placement. I’ve not looked for the others. Wish we had birthtimes.

  182. Patty says:

    Oh, Alex how interesting!
    I put nothing past this current Republican Party.
    Another piece to a pernicious puzzle…along with JFK and (my favorite) Paul Wellstone.
    Wish we had some ‘coordination’ encouraging/enlightening America to send positive thoughts/energy for a Smooth, Fair & Just 2012 Presidential Election.

  183. alex says:

    The election fraud

    Spoonamore, a conservative Republican who works for big banks, international governments, and the Secret Service as an expert in the detection of computer fraud, found evidence that Karl Rove, with the help of Mike Connell and his company GovTech Solutions, electronically stole the Ohio 2004 election for Bush.

    Spoonamore testified that the “vote tabulation system [which Connell designed] allowed the introduction of an additional single computer between computer A and computer B.” This is called a “man in the middle” attack. According to Spoonamore, “This centralized collection of all incoming statewide tabulations would make it easy for a single operator, or a preprogrammed ‘force balancing computer’ to change the results in any way desired by the team controlling the Computer C.” Spoonamore further testified that the only purpose for such man in the middle architecture is to commit crime.

    Despite Connell’s efforts to quash his subpoena to testify, he was ordered to appear for a two-hour, closed-door deposition on November 3, 2008, just eighteen hours before the 2008 national election. Though Connell had expressed willingness to testify, he was reticent after receiving threats from Rove.

  184. Teresa Hill says:

    Thank you. I will. I’m blessed to have wonderful friends, some of whom have been through pure hell with their kids. Great resources to have.

  185. Teresa Hill says:

    She’s an Aries sun, Leo rising — very much the Leo, Mars in the 7th in Pisces opposite Jupiter in the 1st in Virgo. Her Pluto in Scorpio is practically right on her IC line — she can sure sting at home when she wants to. And at other times she’s delightful and highly creative. Most times, she is.
    Starlight was kind enough to look at our charts. Apparently we have strong Pluto/Uranus aspects between us, and how we’re living through the Pluto/Uranus series of squares. (God, help us.)
    She does something horrible, and I double down on trying to help her or being nicer to her. I am getting better at saying, “your life is going to suck until you fix it. I can’t. I would have done it already if I could.”
    Anyway, her data: 4/8/92, 3:28 p.m., Hilton Head Island, SC. Her name is Laura.
    Have been told before that she is highly gifted, but very much afraid to be who she’s supposed to be and that she has a lot of past-life issues.
    Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated.

  186. Teresa Hill says:

    She’s really ADD. Has absolutely none of the hyperactivity part of it. Things just seem so much harder for her than they should be.
    I had a hair analysis done and things weren’t that far out of whack. I was surprised. She says she’s not drinking now and really her problem was that once she started she just kept going. She’s a binge drinker.
    What kind of chemical testing would you have done?
    Oh, and you have to see her dog now. Day after the near-OD, I went and got a beautiful dog from the animal shelter, a collie. Was supposed to go to my mother, who lost hers two years ago. But the dog walked in, right up to my daughter and attached herself, clearly saying, “Hi, I’m your dog.”
    A gift from above, I’m sure.
    You can see them together here:!/teresahillbooks/media/slideshow?
    We call Shaka a snuggle bunny. Loving as can be.

  187. Teresa Hill says:

    Oh, that’s powerful. Wow.

  188. Teresa Hill says:

    Lorrie & all,
    I used what Lorrie said yesterday to try to do a little meditation last night at bedtime, and it did feel better. Not normal yet, but so much better. It’s the first thing that’s felt better spiritually in a while.
    She wrote:
    “What has happened is that as our bodies have encompassed more light, the earth does feel denser, but we are becoming crystalline energy. We have been in the process of integrating all our multiple selves and are finding that we are now becoming one with our oversoul and soul groups. What we once experienced as outside of ourselves is now experienced as the “knowing” within ourselves. It’s just there when we need it without striving to achieve it. So we feel alone, like spirit has abandoned us, but in truth we have become spirit.”

    I’ve heard that before, but I just didn’t get it, I guess. It took this and her. (So grateful, Lorrie.)

    Anyway, what I did was try to see the inside of my body as that spiritual power source I used to see outside my body. I don’t think I can explain it better than that.

    Then I started to see that thing inside of me, extending out of my body and the interspace stuff of string theory, the web, building outward from my body and putting me in touch with all the people I love and with all the world. That we’re all connected, as they say.

    And I felt like I could really see all the web and that there really was no space between us, all connections and all of us connected together. And I felt better. So, I’ll say it here, in case it helps anyone else.

  189. barbk says:

    yep, yep, yep even on the treason part.

    Thanks to Jerry for posting the eclipse chart set for DC, as the one I had (Mt. Astrologer magazine) uses 0 Aries asc. Thanks to you alex for noting the 27 Scorpio descendant. That makes it a whole new ballgame. It is also Pres. Obama’s natal MC (28+ Scorpio) as well as Romney’s Moon-Jupiter.

    On this Eclipse ascendant of 27 Taurus (a black hole I believe)set for Washington, DC is Romney’s evil Apophis squaring the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and trine the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. Romney & Co. could very well be that snake in the grass. However, it is also Pres. Obama’s nadir (IC) at 28+ Taurus signifying his roots.

    If memory serves me, the D.C eclipse chart’s midheaven is 6+ Aquarius and gives a clue as to how things “turn out”, as well as referring to the government and the president (when set in Washington, DC). That is also Romney’s midheaven degree. Pres. Obama happens to have natal Isis at 6+ Leo and I put a lot of stock in Isis. His Isis would fall on the eclipse chart nadir (IC), from which all stems, and is also Romney’s nadir (IC).

    If Isis puts all the pieces together, and if there IS skulduggery represented in this chart then it will become part of the U.S. history because 6+ Leo is the north node and 6+ Aquarius is the south node of the U.S. Sibly birth chart.

  190. barbk says:

    Hmmm…Israel’s natal Pluto is conjunct Pres. Obama’s natal Sun. I wasn’t aware of that although Nancy has probably noted it here before.

    Hope you will let us know Tallarico’s take on this eclipse Jerry.

  191. will says:

    Good stuff, Teresa, Lorrie, Fireywoman.

    Thank you!

  192. Gypsi says:

    yes, I forgot about this.

  193. Gypsi says:

    I’m still here. My bees continue to reproduce, and I am exhausted. But I am still here. I think the light and wild animal stuff is great, but it is much less work to talk about than to act on. Goodnight!

  194. Jerry says:

    I haven’t had time to re-locate the eclipse chart to Tehran just yet, but I would imagine Tallarico’s calculations on Iran may be connected to the April 1, ’79 Islamic Republic chart. Iran’s natal Uranus at 20 Scorpio is within one degree orb of the eclipse. That may well fittingly describe a lightening-like attack on its territory esp. with Israel’s natal Chiron conjunction on that eclipse degree.

    Bark…. good observation. Pres. Obama’s Sun conjunction to Israel’s Pluto (12 Leo). The November 13th eclipse Mars at 27 Sag in sesqui-square to that degree does indicate Pres. Obama’s involvement if there is any aggressive action taken on Iran.

  195. Jerry says:

    Sorry for the mis-pelling – I left out the b (Barbk)

  196. Davis L says:

    They certainly put Party, Ideology, their social class and their corporate friends before the interests of the USA. And they are most certainly guilty of economic treason, but that’s built into our current law. Long gone are the days in which Corporations had to periodically recharter. Most importantly, they had to prove they were continuing to act “in the public interest” in order to be granted each successive charter. Our Constitution does not touch this. It needs to.

  197. alex says:

    Hi DavisL

    It is the law (or acceptable) until we stop accepting it;

  198. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa Hill – In response to an above post, I loved the picture of your daughter and beautiful dog, which I’m sure was a gift from spirit.

    Re. chemical imbalances, here are a couple of websites to check out:

  199. Lorrie U says:

    That’s a wonderful experience and visual, Teresa! I think the reason we feel disconnected is because as we’ve become integrated, we are unfamiliar with our new beings much like a newborn baby taking it’s first steps on it’s own. We feel like we’re unsupported as we try to find our footing, but in reality, we are being supported by the influx of astrological energy and maintaining our lives while those in the denser bodies are becoming disoriented and more fearful. When we integrate with the Divine, we truly see that everything is connected. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  200. pam says:

    I have files and files on the theft of the election in 2004. That as a nation we chose to leave it as an elephant in the middle of the living room has always scared me and left me sure there will be a price for doing so …. as there always is for avoiding the obvious when it doesn’t match ones sense of self. The sense of self I’m referring to here is the nation’s (USA) refusal to admit that a theft of this sort on the scale it was done could and would actually be done.

  201. Davis L says:

    Hopefully, NOT accepting it will be one of the lessons we learn from recent & continuing economic events.

    Although the Constitution was written before he was born, Lord Acton’s famous pronouncement, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” was implicit in the concepts within our founding documents. The Am. Constitution was certainly concerned with the limitation of the powers of government, which is why we have that 3-fold separation of powers.

    That being said, no one imagined at the time corporations could ever be as powerful OR even MORE powerful than governments. To fix this, it will take some constitutional amendments which will be anathema to our our feudal overlords. Should we be so fortunate as to get those amendments, it could well drive them to outsource themselves and their wealth to countries more friendly to their criminal attitudes and practices.

    Again, economic treason. No loyalty to Am. ideals, values, the Am. people, or the nation that gave them what they needed to accomplish their great wealth.

    For some, I don’t think it is conscious. I had a girlfriend many years ago who’s father was a MD and a really great guy. He was proud of how he had worked so hard each summer to put himself through medical school, never realizing that about 94% of the true cost of med school was covered by the fed govt. and the state of Louisiana. He was a truly kind and good man, but too proud to see how Govt’ “socialism” helped make him the humanitarian success he was.

    Many are like that, but I think we have now a record number of plain old greedhead/addicts running our corporations and in govt. positions of power.

  202. Sharon says:

    Congratulations on your hard work, Gypsi, and on keeping the bees alive and healthy!

  203. will says:


    Killer You-Tube on Romney’s Week – should be seen by everyone.

  204. Prabhata says:

    Actually no. I understand that the family member is a bishop too. But Romney doesn’t work for the church, whereas the family member does.

    Whatever. The tithing is only 10%. Romney gives more to charity, like to the United Way, not just church.

  205. Prabhata says:

    @Alex, September 23, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    Bibi Netanyahu video campaigns on Florida airwaves ( for Romney against Obama )

    I don’t believe a foreigner should be allowed to meddle in our election. That should be illegal. I don’t care if Netanyahu, Chavez or Putin or any other foreigner.

  206. angellight says:

    Prabhata: Because of Citizens United, foreign countries can also contribute money to our election candidates!

    Teresa Hill: It is a process to stay centered, connected to the light, our Souls, our realselves in these dense, physical bodies, that we must transform with the light we touch during meditative processes.

  207. Stefanie says:

    With the 2nd exact activation of the Uranus/Pluto square and the Full Moon in Aries exactly conjunct Uranus next weekend, everyone I know is in a tailspin. Breakdowns, health issues, etc. I’m having similar palpitations to the ones I had last June and July, near the first exact hit of the square and the Mars activation when it went through Libra.

    This week is so pivotal politically — the UN General Assembly is gathering in NYC, and Yom Kippur is Friday. The Iran rhetoric seemed to be truly ratcheted up on cable news this weekend. I am nervous, but have never felt so strongly about breathing light and love into the collective — we seem to need it now more than ever.

    Lorrie U.-I loved what you said about animals upthread. I’ve always been a bit of a crazy animal lover, but lately I have loved my kitty so much that I actually said to her the other day “How is it possible that I can love you more everyday?” She’s my therapy.

    Just wanted to share some thoughts about what Jews say about this time of year. Between Rosh Ha Shana and Yom Kippur we’re in a period called the “Days of Awe” the time during which Jews must strive to get written into the Book of Life for the next year. It’s really one of the most powerful times of the year for meditation. We have more access to the divine now, according to the Jewish tradition. For what it’s worth, in this time of madness, fear, and deception and dislocation, I hope to use this time to make change in my life and in the world, at least energetically.

    Sending love to all my Starlight friends.

  208. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U youare good at explaining this. I think of the movie Avatar and how the light conected all.

  209. Bob says:

    Parent article in the New York Times on June 19, 2012 for the one in The Nation below.

    These eleven states account for fully 40.5 percent of 2011’s total job losses in the public sector. Texas alone … accounted for an additional 31 percent of the losses. In other words, a total of 71.5 percent of the losses come from 24 percent of the states, all of which are controlled by the GOP.

    What the residents of these states may not realize is that their governments are hoarding increased revenues … Below are the 11 states and where to find the money, according to the Report By The National Governors Association for Spring, 2012: NOTE: I HAVE ADDED TEXAS and listed the states by the total amount of funds they have on hand, referenced which party controls the state legislature and the governors office, and added the number of electoral votes for each state.

    State Governor Elec
    Legislature Votes

    Minnesota: R D 10 $1,289,000,000, general fund; $9,000,000, rainy day fund
    Indiana: R R 11 $1,124,000,000, general fund; $57,000,000, rainy day fund
    Texas: R R 38 $1,136,000,000, genaral fund: $5,012,000, rainy day fund
    Pennsylvania: R R 20 $1,073,000,000, general fund
    North Carolina: R D 15 $582,000,000, general fund; $296,000,000, rainy day fund
    Ohio: R R 18 $845,000,000, general fund
    Michigan: R R 16 $554,000,000, general fund; $2,000,000, rainy day fund
    Montana: R D 3 $340,000,000, general fund
    Wisconsin: R R 10 $86,000,000, general fund
    Alabama: R R 9 $51,000,000, general fund
    New Hampshire: R D 4 $27,000,000, general fund; $9,000,000, rainy day fund
    Maine: R R 4 $20,000,000, general fund; $7,000,000, rainy day fund

  210. clymela says:

    Stephanie-thanks for sharing your love for your kitty. That is exactly the experience of S and I with our four three year old kitties-all from the same litter. in May we lost our senior cat,Bebe, to cancer. We were so close to her that really it was as if we had language in common-she let us know everything and slept on the pillows between us. We miss her so and of course she never complained just asked that we take her out to her favorite sun spot-evidently the warmth of the sun helped her and she loved to watch the world go by on the street out front of our place. Oh my!! I just broke out in sobs.

  211. Bob says:

    Parent article in the New York Times on June 19, 2012 for the one in The Nation below.

    These eleven states account for fully 40.5 percent of 2011’s total job losses in the public sector. Texas alone … accounted for an additional 31 percent of the losses. In other words, a total of 71.5 percent of the losses come from 24 percent of the states, all of which are controlled by the GOP.

    What the residents of these states may not realize is that their governments are hoarding increased revenues … Below are the 11 states and where to find the money, according to the Report By The National Governors Association for Spring, 2012: NOTE: I HAVE ADDED TEXAS and listed the states by the total amount of funds they have on hand, referenced which party controls the state legislature and the governors office, and added the number of electoral votes for each state.
    Minnesota: R D 10
    Indiana: R R 11
    Texas: R R 38
    Pennsylvania: R R 20
    North Carolina: R D 15
    Ohio: R R 18
    Michigan: R R 16
    Montana: R D 3
    Wisconsin: R R 10
    Alabama: R R 9
    New Hampshire: R D 4
    Maine: R R 4

  212. Prabhata says:

    Like I said, it would be like Chavez or Putin influencing our election. I’m not saying that the ad is against our laws, but it should be. It’s not about money.

    Besides, Citizens United did not change the law about foreign money being used to influence our elections. That’s your take, but it’s not right.

  213. Prabhata says:

    It’s a bad astrological period. We’ve had bad days before. Maybe because I lived through the 60s, I don’t believe it’s going to be worse than that.

  214. Nina says:

    There was an electrical fire in the plane Ann Romney was riding on Friday; landed safely but apparently quite scary. Mitt Romney was stating that he was surprised that the plane windows don’t open so they could get more oxygen in there.

    Yes, he’s that dumb.

  215. alex says:

    please somebody make a video of that comment; we are in the CA ‘Meg Whitman’ territory/phase of the campaign; all gaffs all the time!

  216. catsandmusic says:

    Gods and Goddesses forgive me, but when I heard of the smoke in the cockpit, I had visions of one of those smoke/fog machines used in theater productions. I had a hard time believing that it was anything other than a ploy for some sympathy.

  217. Stefanie says:

    Oh, Clymela! I feel for you. I lost my 20-year-old girl two years ago, and whenever I think about her I still lose it. They are family. I adopted Dumpling, my new rescue baby six months after Caboodle passed — there was so much karma in the dates — New Moon in Virgo to New Moon in Pisces. Boodle also loved to be taken into my parent’s yard and sit in the sun as she was close to leaving her body. In fact, that’s one of my strongest memories from the very day she passed.

  218. Wennye' says:

    Stephanie, I wish you a Blessed New Year! Wennye’

  219. angellight says:

    Alex: Romney comment about airplanes & windows is rampant on Twitter.

  220. Prabhata says:

    Nina, I read what he said, and he didn’t say he was “surprised”. I don’t know who in the media is adding that. He said something like “the windows don’t open” I don’t know why. I think, like many believe that in case of emergency, there ought to be a way to open them. That is not a good idea. The pressure is too high to allow windows on a plane to open.

  221. Prabhata says:

    The quotation should have been after the “I don’t know why”.

  222. Prabhata says:

    Here is the exact quote from LAT:

    Romney’s wife, Ann, was in attendance, and the candidate spoke of the concern he had for her when her plane had to make an emergency landing Friday en route to Santa Monica because of an electrical malfunction.

    “I appreciate the fact that she is on the ground, safe and sound. And I don’t think she knows just how worried some of us were,” Romney said. “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.,0,2317962.story

  223. Prabhata says:

    “surprise” was nowhere.

  224. Patty says:

    This will make Republican’s furious!

    Andrew Sullivan…Newsweek Cover Story

    “President Obama: The Democrats’ Ronald Reagan”

    With his first term behind him, Obama is poised to be as significant a president as Reagan—tackling the deficit, spearheading immigration reform, and jolting the GOP back to sanity.

  225. Lorrie U says:

    So if the states controlled by the GOP had not layed off all of the public workers, the unemployment rate would be at least 1% lower. Hmmmmm, could it be…they did it on purpose to discredit the President and win the election??

  226. Prabhata says:

    I looked at Hillary’s and Panetta’s chart. I hope that the administration does a better job at protecting the embassies around the world this coming Friday than it did protecting U.S. assets in Libya and Egypt on September 11, 2012.

  227. Prabhata says:

    Sullivan is a Republican who supports Obama and sees Reagan as someone great. I guess the new Democratic Party will buy it.

  228. kiwi says:

    Prabhata, so often you come across as such a negative cynic.

  229. Sharon says:

    Ahmadinejad is at it again, war-mongering as much or more than Israel as he has been saying Israel should be wiped off the map for a few years now, at least publicly. I’m glad he speaks at the UN so the world can see what’s going on. Is Israel right to not want them to have a bomb? I think so. Should we all go to war? Well, people say that Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbor but allowed it to happen just so the U.S. would go to war since Japan was allied with Germany and to declare war on Japan was to declare ware on both. I don’t want war by any means but sometimes there is just very little choice.

  230. Sharon says:

    By “at least publicy,” I’m implying that it probably has been going on behind the scenes longer than that.

  231. Davis L says:

    That was an really excellent article, very well written. Sullivan usually does write exceptionally well. But I just don’t see it his way.

    Firstly, I have to agree with Tip O’Neil’s assessment of Reagan: Great King. Terrible Prime Minister.
    i.e. as a fairly decent actor with a very likable personality, Reagan handled the “kingly” head of state aspect of the presidency exceptionally well, but the “prime ministerial” head of government aspect very poorly.

    When guided by Joan Quigley’s astrology,(through most of the 8 years, early 1981-1988)President Reagan pretty consistently seemed to have “Lady Luck” on his side. But IMHO he led the nation in the wrong direction, particularly in the economic and environmental sphere.

    Also, I have a great deal less faith than Sullivan in the rationality of the current crowd that passes for Republicans. I’m not convinced a decisive Obama/Democrat win will chasten, awaken, or shake THIS R. Party into any kind of cooperation with Democrats or divert them in any way from their pathology.

    Seeing Obama as a potential if not probable transformational president is the part Sullivan is probaly most correct about. But comparing him to Reagan??? Sullivan could be right. I could be wrong. Time will tell & seeing is believing.

    We may or may not get what I personally believe this nation and the world needs. I would much rather see the R’s go down like the Whigs, permanently into the dustbin of history, while a new party on the LEFT of the Democrats coalesces into the viable challenger. But my wishful thinking changes nothing.

    Time to be as centered as we can through these difficult astrological aspects, seek wisdom, and within the limitations of our personal lives & karma work as actively as possible for what we believe in.

  232. Davis L says:

    I’m wondering if Ahmadinejad is intentionally trying to provoke Israel into a first strike & war. It would make Israel look like the “bad guy” to much of the world, and it fits with the extreme theology so many Shia believe in. The “Twelvers” are all about provoking their version of the “end times” to get the Mahdi and Issa (Jesus) to show up & fix everything.
    How else would we explain the rantings of someone threatening TOTAL EXTINCTION of a nation which (A) has Nukes and (B) whose people are understandably highly sensitized to such talk due to their own experience of “the final solution” and holocaust?

  233. Patty says:

    Prabhata, Pray tell…Who is the new Democratic Party?

  234. Nita says:

    Hope keeps us moving forward when no logical reason exists for it. I come to this site for solitude and reading Nancy’s blog gives me that plus I pray for her to get the information and pass it for all to read.

    Unless you believe that the future can be better with reelecting President Obama, and I don’t feel that you do, you should limit your negative comments, because you are raining on most of the readers on this blog wanting the President to get reelected, try writing something positive that readers will feel hopeful about this stuff that you are posting makes me feel that you are a secret republican and trying to spoil this blog with your negative energy that you are posting.

    I truly believe that some people like you enjoy putting out negative it easier for them to do this than to gather light and that a shame.
    This is not a negative blog, most everyone here are extremely positive and I do believe that giving out positive comments any and everything is possible for the good of President Obama positive prayers always work.
    Pra I would like to know why you are so negative. Do you believe the negative that you are putting on this blog? Just because your comments may be true in your eyes does not mean that is not spoiling it for most of us on this site. STOP IT you did not keep your word to go someplace else please STOP YOU NEGATIVE COMMENTS. This is too serious to have poisonous words going into our brains I really don’t like your comments and I am not the only one.
    Just so you know I am a born spiritualist, I can find out why you are putting these comments on this site that’s not a problem for me at all, I am asking you not to do that anymore flood this blog with such negative comments this is a very spiritual and informative blogging site that is full of positive light energy don’t flood it up with darkness it’s not right. I think everyone here is praying for President Obama and he really needs all the prayers in the coming days to get reelected for a second term and to lead us on the right path. Hope you listen


  235. pisca says:

    Interesting info, Bob. In regards to the rainy day funds cited above, many Texans are very much aware of the rainy day fund but there is much scuttlebutt as to the real possibility that the fund was stolen long ago [before ten years of Gov. Rick Perry, Texas endured GW Bush and the GOP legislature has to be one of the sleaziest]! Considering their priorities, it is doubtful that the rainy day fund would ever be used to help the people or the economy: more likely it would (may have already been) be poured into football, F1 car races or other forms of glitzy wasteful entertainment for the good ole rich bubbas.

  236. Elizabeth says:


    Have you looked at the charts for Obama and Romney for the debate, Oct 3rd?
    I would love to know how they are both looking for Wednesday..

    thank you:)

  237. pisca says:

    Bravo Nita, well said!!!

  238. Lorrie U says:

    Egyptian Leader Mohamed Morsi Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties

    On the eve of his first trip to the United States as Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state, if it hoped to overcome decades of pent-up anger.

  239. fierywoman says:

    Princeton Election Consortium has electoral votes as:
    Obama 347
    Robme 191

  240. Teresa Hill says:

    Still working with my meditation from the other night. Today I tried to imagine myself as less of a body and more of a spirit. That the important part is the spirit. The body is just a shell the spirit inhabits. That felt better.
    And then I tried to imagine the field, the connectedness, the web that connects us, and feel the web as pure light and energy around me all the time, everywhere in the world, and me moving through the light field, the energy field. All day, every day there’s light everywhere in the world. We’re all connected, moving in the light, like swimming in the ocean except it’s made of light/energy
    That felt better, too. It felt easier to move imagining things that way.

    So, try some light everyone.

  241. Sharon says:

    I agree with your hypothesis—the only think is that Israel may have nukes but Israel can be trusted. The heart of Judaism is to preserve life (I know there seems to be contradiction but that’s what it is–Love thy neighbor as thyself, the rest is commentary!). All it takes is for Iran to have one.

  242. Will says:

    I dont believe Israel wants so much to kill people but rather to take out the country’s nuclear enrichment facilities.

  243. Will says:

    Princeton stats are eye-popping. Mui fabuloso!

  244. Davis L says:

    I agree with you entirely on all 4 points you made. Israel can be trusted with nukes because they are rational, because as you said, the heart of Judaism is to preserve life, and because they possess a culture which has developed a great deal of ethical maturity.

    Conversely, the present leaders of Iran say and do bizarre things in the name of their religion, but don’t seem to understand even the basics of their own ethical tradition.

    I’m especially puzzled the Russians don’t understand a nuclear Iran might nuke them too, or use nuclear weapons to play crazy blackmail games like the N. Koreans.

  245. Lorrie U says:

    Take a Look at What Paul Ryan Did to His Own Congressional District, and Be Very Scared for Your Country

    Child abuse and suicide is skyrocketing, the number of battered women has tripled, foreclosures have tripled, wages plummeting, and more.

  246. Virginia says:


    My heart goes out to you – I understand your grief so well.
    When I lost my Merlin and Malenkia in the same year, the hurt was almost more than I could bear. I still love them and miss them SO much. What a reunion awaits us at Rainbow Bridge!

  247. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed that…

  248. Gypsi says:

    I feel strangely optimistic. I logically shouldn’t.
    My truck needs rePlaced, some customers slow to no-Pay,the drought is back. But I have this weird faith.
    I love my himalaya bed of nails mat. Quit smoking,
    Quit nicotene lozenges, quit lifesavers, balanced
    Diet, exercise, sleep. I feel great anyway.

  249. Sharon says:

    I agree.

  250. Virginia says:

    Any one who wanted to understand the effect of Uranus in Aries should have watched this evening’s Monday Night Football game!

  251. Lorrie U says:

    Perhaps another reason for reluctance to release 2009 tax return…

    Romney’s Investments In Iran And China Prove We Need More Of His Tax Returns

    It was revealed on The Rachel Maddow show tonight and is also being shown by that Mitt’s been investing for quite a while …years to be exact, in Iran, which has been an illegal practice for a while now.
    The investments were made by the trust in 2009

  252. Lorrie U says:

    BTW, Koch Bros. are also big investors in Iran!

  253. angellight says:

    Lorrie U: Great articles I will be posting on Twitter!

  254. angellight says:

    Mitt Romney Caught on Hidden Camera Talking About Investing in Chinese Factory which houses 12 Women and surrounded by Barbed Wire!

  255. starlight says:

    New post up:

    This will answer your questions about the debates. :-)