The Do-Nothing Congress

Has a Congress ever been so locked down with partisan maneuvering that it has accomplished absolutely nothing except obstruction? Certainly not in my lifetime. The signature of this is the tight square between the Sun (15Capricorn00) and Saturn (16Libra51) in the 112th Congress’ birth chart (1/5/11 at noon). By secondary progression, this square becomes exact in November 2012: progressed Sun square natal Saturn on November 5 and progressed Sun square progressed Saturn on November 30. Transiting Mars in Capricorn will further intensify  this total paralysis and vicious bickering from December 5 through December 8. Clearly, the Lame Duck Congress will be totally lame through December 8, with only a crack in the door beginning to open thereafter.

Another point about this Congress is its hyper-partisanship which leads relentlessly to the no-holds-barred power struggle which has been endemic. Pluto in the 9th house in the Congress chart, when strongly aspected, points to these ideological battles, and can be found in all of the Congressional charts since 2004. It will not move to the 10th house until the chart for the 114th Congress, but, even then, there will be trouble brewing with the Congress Sun involved in the Uranus/Pluto square and the Nodes. But I digress.

From October 1, 2012, through the end of the year, transiting Uranus will be exactly square to natal Pluto in the Congress chart (5Capricorn29). When Mars crosses natal Pluto and squares transiting Uranus, November 22 through November 24, the last battle of the War of the 112th will begin. Maybe, maybe, towards the end of December, as the progressed Sun square to Saturn begins to wane and the many Mars aspects have expended their wrath, we might see some minimal accommodation to get us into 2013 in some semblance of sanity. We will see.


  1. starlight says:

    This is a quickie post to help with the log jam.

  2. Diane L says:

    Short & sweet & to the point! I like it! Please do another of these sometime on the 113th congress. :-)

    Off topic but I’m wondering if Leon Panetta’s chart looks like after the first of year. Born June 28, 1938, Monterey, CA, couldn’t find a time.

  3. karen says:

    Unfortunately there isn’t a magic wand to fix this.

    This fit wonderfully with your last. The scope of dystopia and dysfunction has been magnified. I keep trying to see through the miasma simply because of my children and theirs. All of it seems related to our consumer-based culture where human value has been usurped by commodity valuation. Humans have become the latter, each of us commodified by what we’re capable of purchasing. Thus special interests are keenly fixed on how much power can be bought at the highest levels. It is, afterall, in their best interests, not ours.

  4. alex says:

    House Speaker John Boehner says he’s not confident Congress can reach a budget deal and avoid a downgrading of the U.S. debt rating.

    Moody’s Investors Service said Tuesday that it would likely cut its “Aaa” rating on U.S. government debt, probably by one notch, if budget negotiations fail.

    Boehner was asked at a Capitol Hill news conference how confident he was that such a step could be avoided. He said he wasn’t confident at all.

    The Ohio Republican stressed that the House has passed legislation to avoid the automatic, across-the-board cuts of $1.2 trillion from defense and domestic programs that kick in Jan. 2. He said the Senate needs to act and President Barack Obama needs to show some leadership.

    Any real negotiations are not expected until after the November elections.

  5. alex says:

    “After the convention Governor Romney came here to Ohio and he said he’s going to be the coach that leads America to a winning season,” Obama said. “The problem is everybody’s already seen his economic playbook. We know what’s in it.”

    On “first down,” Obama said Romney would raise taxes on the average family by nearly $2,000.

    “Sounds like unnecessary roughness to me,” the president said.

    “On second down he calls an audible and undoes reforms that are there to prevent another financial crisis and bank bailout.”

    On third down, Romney calls for a “hail Mary, ending Medicare as we know it by giving seniors a voucher,” the president said.

    “There’s a flag on the play, loss of up to an additional $6,400 a year for the same benefits you get now,” he continued.

    “That’s their playbook. That’s their economic plan. And I’ve got one piece of advice for you about the Romney-Ryan game plan Ohio, punt it away. It won’t work. It won’t win the game. You don’t need that coach. That’s a losing season.”

  6. alex says:

    President Barack Obama has a warning these days for young voters: Mitt Romney and the Republicans want to keep you away from the polls.

    Nothing illegal. More like suppression by depression.

  7. angellight says:

    Starlight: From the article, which is excellent, I gather you think it will still stay in Repubulican hands?

  8. angellight says:

    What It Means to Be a Republican or Not! A Clip from HBO’s Newsroom, Excellent Must Watch!

  9. angellight says:

    Top 10 Superfood Picks & Why We Should Eat Them Regularly!

  10. Nina says:

    The father of CNBC loudmouth host Jim Cramer is being disenfranchised by the new PA voter ID law:

    he tweeted: I have a problem. My dad, a vet, won’t be allowed to vote in Pa. because he does not drive, he is elderly, and can’t prove his citizenship.

  11. starlight says:

    I think we keep the Senate and they keep the House, with a smaller majority on both sides. But the mini-article is about the Lame Duck session while the current crew is still there and still crazy.

  12. Patty says:

    Yes, Now we should be focusing on the Do-Nothing-Congress.
    Also, I’m curious of the Koch Twins Astrological reaction to another Obama win.
    They have invested big money to destroy Obama. It would be interesting to see their Astrology. I could only find two links to Koch’s-Astrology. Perhaps, someone here with knowledge/tools can look-up their planets post 11/6/12.
    Two links found:

  13. Patty says:

    Wow…Jim Cramer! Here’s a video wish had gone viral.
    Watch FDR talk about THE BIG LIE & Voter Suppression…from 1944:!

  14. Sharon says:

    Sounds like lots of lawsuits initiated after the election to me!

  15. Jackson says:

    The law of unexpected consequences strikes again.

  16. alex says:

    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi this afternoon jumped on House Speaker John Boehner’s comment this morning that he is “not confident at all” that a fiscal cliff deal will be reached, suggesting that the gridlock is due to Republican “intransigence and partisan obstructionism.”

    “With our nation inching closer to the ‘fiscal cliff,’ Speaker Boehner’s lack of determination to reach an agreement is due to his party’s intransigence and partisan obstructionism,” Pelosi said in a statement.

    “The ball is in Speaker Boehner’s court. Instead of going out for seven weeks, we call upon Speaker Boehner to work with Democrats across the aisle to restore fiscal responsibility with a balanced approach, create jobs, return fairness to our economy, and strengthen the middle class,” Pelosi said.

    There have been no serious negotiations and Moody’s warned Tuesday that should Congress not reach an agreement, it would downgrade the United States’ credit rating.

    For his part, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he was “disappointed [that] my friend John Boehner said that he has no confidence.”

    “I think we can avoid a cutoff and help 98 percent of Americans who deserve a middle class tax cut,” he said. “It’s much, much too early to give up. I’m not going to give up.”

  17. cimbalok says:

    Speaking of Pluto and Uranus squaring off, we have a teachers’ strike here in Chicago. People are choosing sides. I see Pluto as the management and mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the teachers and their supporters, of which I am one, as Uranus. We will probably see an escalation of tension through September 20. I bet the strike won’t be settled before that.

  18. Noelle says:

    Barbk, did you ever look at Sept. 18th when PBO is speaking at the UN?

    I think I heard that Obama will not be meeting with Netanyahu (sp>),at that time which makes sense because what else is there for him (Obama) to say?

  19. pisca says:

    Your have lots of support from everywhere. I have been watching the marches, huge crowds and high-fives from cops! Thank you and keep up the good work!
    I’m sorry you got stuck with Rahm wanna-be-Scott-Walker Emanuel. I’m glad Obama finally got rid of him… He needs to get rid of a few more after the election.

  20. Jerry says:

    Hi Noelle,

    The September 18th date proved to be inaccurate. According to the following article Pres. Obama is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly September 25th. And you are quite right, there is now considerable discord between these two leaders primarily over the two governments divergent policies towards Iran……

    In Unusual Snub, Obama To Avoid Meeting With Netanyahu

    September 11, 2012

    WASHINGTON/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – In a highly unusual rebuff to a close ally, the White House said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama would not meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a U.S. visit later this month, as tensions escalated over how to deal with Iran’s nuclear program.

    The apparent snub, coupled with Netanyahu’s sharpened demands for a tougher U.S. line against Iran, threatened to plunge U.S.-Israeli relations into crisis and add pressure on Obama in the final stretch of a tight presidential election campaign.

    An Israeli official, who declined to be identified, said the White House had refused Netanyahu’s request to meet Obama when the Israeli leader visits the United States to attend the U.N. General Assembly, telling the Israelis, “The president’s schedule will not permit that.”


  21. Jerry says:

    After the Nov. US election results are in and the dust settles, I think we’re going to see a lot more strident threats from Prime Minister Netanyahu. The December 13th New Moon (21 Sag) looks particularly troublesome from many angles, particularly the Uranus station that coincides on the very same day hitting many key aspects in the US, Israeli, Obama and Netanyahu natal charts.

  22. clymela says:

    I an shocked and sickened by Rahm Emanuel-I didn’t know abnout him and expected better from a Democrat.

  23. barbk says:

    Yes Noelle, I said that Venus would be conjunct his Sun that day. I believe CNN said “he didn’t have time” to meet with Netanyahu (sp?)

  24. alex says:

    Sept 11th

    Although the reliance of about 1/6 Americans on food stamps is not ideal, the slowed growth in number of Americans using food stamps should not be ignored. During Obama’s term, the increase in food stamp use lowered from 23 percent to 3 percent growth.

    This shows that, despite the increases due to social acceptability and higher rates of eligibility, the use of food stamps is not a trend based solely on ease of access and misuse of SNAP. In fact, the average person on food stamps leaves the program after about nine months.

    If you look back to before the recession, you will find that during Bush’s administration, food stamp usage began its rise with the 2002 farm bill.

    So, in effect, if you wish to cast responsibility of all economic changes in the last four years on Obama, as conservatives seem to nowadays, Obama is responsible for slowing down a trend that began six years before his presidency, not for aggravating one.

    Sept. 9th

    On July 11, 2012, the House Agriculture Committee passed its version of the new Farm Bill by a vote of 35-11, with $35 billion in cuts to domestic and foreign nutrition assistance programs and farm subsidies. The legislation cuts more than $16 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) alone, representing 45% of the Bill’s proposed spending cuts, and further guts foreign food aid programs by 95%.

    A conjunction of Jupiter, ruling politics, and Venus, representing values, in early Gemini, the decision-making process, says much—what do we value as a nation, where are our priorities? Asteroid Ceres joins Jupiter exactly at 6 Gemini, showing the arena for this round of deba

    These three sit at the apex of a Yod, also known as a Finger of Destiny (depicted with blue lines on the graphic), with inconjunct aspects to Pluto (Big Money, corporate interests) at 7 Capricorn (governmental structures, business) and asteroid Demeter (Greek goddess of agriculture) at 5 Scorpio (shared resources), implying some degree of fatedness or predetermination. This is a fight a long time in the making, with far-reaching ramifications for the poor and serious implications for the least empowered among us.

    The Jupiter/Venus/Ceres conjunction also forms a T-Square (depicted with green lines on the graphic), a major pattern indicating high levels of stress and conflict, with Neptune at 2 Pisces and asteroid House at 5 Virgo. Neptune here represents the poor and disadvantaged, those who will suffer the most from these spending cuts, as well as the deceptive tactics of the GOP, who have been rhetorically bashing SNAP beneficiaries throughout the primary season and into this summer’s legislative session. Asteroid House defines the venue for this vote as the US House of Representatives; a version of the Farm Bill also passed the Senate in June, and its cuts, though considerable, were not as draconian, with almost $5 billion removed from the SNAP program, less than a third of the House total.

    But Jupiter/Venus/Ceres doesn’t stop there—a semisextile to asteroid Midas at 5 Cancer, a symbol of greed gone out of control, finds that minor planetary body centered on the USA’s natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 3 and 5 Cancer. This reiterates their current union in the sky, and activates the country’s natural tendency to mix politics in unhealthy, outsized proportions with moneyed interests (both Jupiter and Venus also rule aspects of fiscal matters), often to the detriment of our shared values, ethics and morals.

    The triple conjunction is also in trine to a pairing of Mars (conflict, argument) and asteroid America (the US) at 6 and 4 Libra (finding the balance, making compromise), suggesting the national slugfest to come, as Congress scrambles to craft a bill that can pass both Houses and receive a presidential signature of approval, before the old Farm Bill expires September 30.

  25. barbk says:

    Did anyone see Mayor Castro on the Lawrence O’Donnell show tonight? (Mercury conjunct U.S. Neptune, Venus conjunct the U.S. north node and Vesta conjunct the U.S. Mars) Juno, Terpsichore and Black Moon Lilith all conjunct the north node. A lot of yin energy seems to be influencing the U.S. chart right now. Even Ceres is trine the Moon and Pallas!

  26. alex says:

    The Democrat-controlled Senate wants to eliminate almost all traditional farm subsidies and replace them with a system that compensates growers when revenue from a crop is more than 10 percent below average. Crop insurance would cover deep losses.

    There would be little immediate impact on farmers or commodity markets if the 2008 farm law expires. So long as Congress appears on road to passing a farm bill, the Obama administration could refuse to heed an underlying Depression-era law that limits plantings and sets sky-high support prices.

    “They’re only working eight days in September,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in a speech to an ethanol trade group. “How about working all the way to Sept 30 to get the job done?”

    If there is no agreement on a farm bill in coming weeks, Congress could extend the 2008 law briefly or for a long time. Some lawmakers say a one-year extension is likely.

  27. alex says:

    no didn’t see it will go look for the clip when it’s available;

    I saw him give brief interview at DNC – he gets fired up when he talks about the US economy;

  28. Lorrie U says:

    Wow, Angellight. That’s a fabulous clip, really says it all. Thanks for posting!

  29. alex says:

    watched it:

    he is quite circumspect for a politician when asked about 2016 – – throughout he is not promoting himself he is supporting Obama-Biden; he seems to have unusually happy nature maybe he doesn’t ‘see ‘ himself as inviting heaps of conflict that comes from running for high office; he has wide open potential to build good life for himself/family; he’s young anyway as Mayor he can’t ‘book’ alot of experience for a 2016 resume but then 2016 is far far away; he’ll get asked he’ll be courted and he’ll find the right place looks to me he has more than enough common sense to work it out;

  30. barbk says:


    Thanks for sharing this. The New Moon before this version of the Farm Bill passed was on June 19th, and the midpoint between Ceres and Jupiter was just a few arc minutes shy of 0 Gemini, where the solar eclipse was in May. Also, the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto was at 0 Gemini. Transiting Chiron was conjunct nasty Nessus and Ceres in the U.S. Sibly birth chart while transiting Mars was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Neptune (which squares the Sibly Mars in Gemini).

    On September 29th, the full Moon chart has Ceres (food!) on the Aries point of 0 Cancer (food!) so the personal is political regarding news about food. Saturn, although still barely out of sign, will complete a grand trine with Neptune in Pisces and Ceres. The Moon (food!) will be conjunct Uranus in a T-square with the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. I’m guessing we will get a decent Farm Bill passed just in time. Or else. . . . .

  31. Lorrie U says:

    The 2012 Conventions: Horoscope Comparison

    In short, the astrological charts set for when each candidate accepted their party’s nomination seem to contain a number of positive indications for Obama, and a number of negative indications for Romney.

  32. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t think he’s got enough experience to run for president, but I’m sure they have some big plans for him!

  33. alex says:

    2016 Jupiter in Virgo

    Julian Castro: su,mo,me,ve in VIRGO

    mars in libra

  34. Jerry says:

    Netanyahu ‘Lost His Temper,’ Reprimanded U.S. Envoy Over Iran, Says Congressman

    Haaretz News
    Sept. 12, 2012

    Confirming previously denied reports, U.S. House Intelligence Committee chairman Republican Mike Rogers said Netanyahu believes Iran is four to eight weeks away from first nuclear bomb.


  35. Jerry says:

    The above URL link is an abbreviated version of the article and requires a subscription to view the entire text. The following link below is the full article without subscription…..

  36. Jerry says:

    Senior U.S. Intelligence Official: Israel Won’t Strike Iran Before November

    September 4, 2012

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers: ‘No doubt in my mind’ that U.S. elections are influencing Israel’s calculations.

    There is a growing American assessment that Israel will not attack Iranian nuclear facilities before the U.S. presidential elections on November 6.

    U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, who visited Israel last week, told a breakfast panel at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday that he believes the Israeli government is likely to wait until after the elections.

    Rogers said that after his trip, during which he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he’d been left with “no doubt in my mind” that the U.S. election cycle was part of Israel’s calculations. Asked why he thought Israel would wait, Rogers said, “Because I think they believe that maybe after the election they can talk the United States into cooperating.”


  37. karen says:

    Adding my voice to all in support of your cause, Cimbalok. A friend of my is a Chicago teacher and I know she’s right in there with you. I’m wondering if this will bring Emanuel down a peg or two. He’s a political animal and would, if it served him, become a republican.

  38. angellight says:

    Southern Whites Troubled by Romeney’s Wealth & Religion!

  39. mitzi says:

    Among other things, Scorpio roles ” The establishment”, institutions, and the law. In the north node position its’ focus is on progressive transformation, social change, and purging. Death and Rebirth like,”The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.” Taurus’s desire is, “to have or to want”, but in the south node I don’t think its a box of chocalates Taurus is looking to posess, rather it would be more like banks, investment portfolios, moneys’ stached away for, “a rainy day!” In October, Mitt “Shapeshiffter” Romney, is due to release his taxes, so that should prove interesting, to say the least! Come November, I wonder if during elections, some branch of government, or some type of organization send a storm of attorneys’ with orders to block voting in some or all states suspected, or accused of voter tampering? – Least we forget, Mercury,”The Trickster”, who definitely plans to play a key role in the elections,and well you know Mercury, he always gets the last laugh!

  40. mitzi says:

    (sorry I meant) Scorpio rules

  41. Nina says:

    And here’s the law of celebrity – after this story appeared, the whole DMV moved heaven and earth to get his dad an ID.

    Great, now how about the 749,999 other disenfranchised Pennsylvanians who don’t have a kid with a national TV show?

  42. Diane L says:

    Love what these two young astrologers are doing. Smart, well thought out analysis.

  43. Nina says:

    Romney appears to have shoved his foot into his mouth up to the knee in the Libyan embassy violence affair. Very rash, putting out a statement condemning the president’s actions before you find out all the facts of the situation. I see Chiron retrograding over his natal Mars in Pisces, with Mars square to his natal Pluto – some rashness and aggressive folly.

  44. Stefanie says:

    Nancy — just want to say again how brilliant you are. I’m not sure in which blog you predicted a totally unexpected event that would rock our lives in the second week of September, but I remember it from earlier in the summer. And here we are, a week before the 2nd exact hit of the Uranus/Pluto square, with this video that’s unleashed riots in Libya and Egypt, and resulted in the murder of an American ambassador. This is very, very bad, but I hope that Clinton’s brilliant diplomacy can make it go away, and that it doesn’t affect the election. My theory is that the video is somehow connected to Sheldon Adelson.

  45. clymela says:

    I find Romney’s smirking and then sweet little choir boy smile to be abhorent-if I wasn’t against him now I would be after watching him come out prior to the President to make his “undignified”statement moving from cynical sneer to choir boy smile.
    What a selling job required to make this man appear to be a “good man”when his ambition rules.
    I will not be forgiving McCain for his “feckless” judgement either. these men are monsters and would have us in wars everywhere. Someone put up a remembrance of another 9/11-the coup d e’tat of Chile 9/11/1973. My hair was on fire regarding this, I was a student then, and none of my friends were interested-no one. Perhaps the government could not pull this off now but I wouldn’t put it past the Republicans to try.
    Yes ! this is unexpected and yes! it was discussed here earlier.
    I read somewhere that the old billionaire in LasVegas is somehow suspected of helping to get the video circulated where it could do the greatest damage. This is gossip at this point and I know he has enough money to buy an erasure of any footprints.

  46. Nina says:

    US Marines are being sent to Libya to beef up embassy security;

    This does have the potential to spiral out of control. Libya isn’t that far past their civil war, as these events attest, and the US is very tightly tied to the new regime.

  47. clymela says:

    Nancy thank you for the link to the TPM site. Josh Marshall summed up so well and intellectually what I got in the gut. I found Romney’s sweet boy smile particularly repulsive in this setting and I am hoping that someone in Obama’s team can find a way to use the image against Romney.

  48. angellight says:

    Clymela: Paul Ryan too has that sweet, choir boy smile, when inside they are devils. At least Cheney & Bush did not try to hide what they were, although Bush said he was a Christain, he did not have that deceitful smile.

  49. angellight says:

    Mitts Smirking Disaster — Take a look at the smirk on Mitt’s face!

  50. barbk says:

    The Pisces Full Moon on August 31 also speaks to the Libyan retaliation in several ways, in that the Moon at 8 Pisces 33 was conjunct transiting Chiron (wounder, wounded, healer, raising consciousness) as well as squaring the U.S. Sibly chart’s Uranus in Gemini and near the 7th house cusp of partners.

    The Moon was also conjunct the Ceres and Nessus conjunction in the 3rd house (communications) of the U.S. birth chart. As this all started with an internet “communication” and the cable news folk are talking of nothing else (3rd house stuff); it is a feeding frenzy of finger-pointing and rabble-rousing.

    You may remember that right about now the trans. asteroid Askalaphus (the tattle-tale) is conjunct the U.S. north node, as is transiting Venus. We could think of this as the Love of Gossip in a way. Also, in the 8/31 Full Moon chart centaur Pholus, known for starting something small that causes something huge, was opposite Vesta, he in Sagittarius, she in Gemini. There’s an old saying that Sadge can open mouth and insert foot (thanks for reminding me of that one Nina!), so if we think of Vesta working furiously to get-the-facts (Gemini),it fits the picture we are seeing.

    Another interesting thing about that Full Moon chart is that asteroid Karma was at 17 Leo 35 and trine Pholus at 16 Sagittarius 18. If we think of this as what goes ’round, comes ’round, in that it was some really stupid people in the U.S. that put the film on the internet, and it was some really stupid people in Libya that murdered Americans.

    I am hoping that Venus in the Solar Return chart for the U.S. this year who was exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus, and in both charts (natal and progressed) in the fix-it 6th house, near the 7th house cusp of partnerships, is personified in our Hillary. Venus was also joined by Jupiter, (nurture) and the south node (a release point). Along with transiting Venus conjunct the U.S. natal north node (new direction), it just might heal the wound, and release toxins (tr., FM, and SR Chiron conjunct U.S. Nessus) that have caused so much pain.

    On the other hand, my dad used to say that it was “some damn fool thing in the Balkans that started a world war.” I like to think we’ve gotten a little smarter since then. However, with Uranus so close to squaring Pluto again, we are all primed for revolution.

  51. barbk says:

    Forgive my error please. . . Uranus is near the cusp of the 7th house in the natal chart and the Solar return, rather than the progressed chart.

  52. Apple says:

    I will never forget the expression on Bush’s face at his second State of the Union speech regarding, I think, the story about Iraq obtaining uranium from Niger. He could not maintain a straight face. He could not contain his smirking smile and glittering eyes, and as we all know, the story was fake. How many have died as a result, I wonder.

  53. karen says:

    You know, Clymela, his expression always seems patronizing to me. Something to the effect of, “Now, now, little children. Papa understands. You’re stupid, but I’ll teach you what you need to know.” Finger wags in your face, “but if you don’t listen to me, i’ll send you to bed without any supper.”

    I’ve never ever been able to understand how you can make political hay using someone else’s unfortunate death.

  54. Prabhata says:

    “Libya isn’t that far past their civil war”

    Nina, Libya’s civil war did not end when the bombing into democracy stopped. It doesn’t make headlines anymore, but those who are news addict like me, know that Libyans continued their fighting, especially in the southern area and Benghazi.

  55. Virginia says:

    I LOVE the Newsroom! Wish it could be required viewing for the Tea-bagger Taliban, if only for the joy of watching their heads explode.

    And yes, I know the difference between ‘Tea-party’ and ‘Tea-bagger’. My all-time favorite Rachael Maddow show was the one where she first discussed the (self-named) Tea-Baggers – she couldn’t stop blushing and laughing. I like to imagine that it was the teenage offspring of one of them that slyly suggested the name.

  56. kiwi says:

    Maybe this is the problem with the brain dead mitt supporters ….

    The Headline is: Listening to Complainers Is Bad for Your Brain
    “Exposure to nonstop negativity actually impairs brain function.”

  57. David says:

    Kiwi – correct but that assumes there is a functioning brain there to begin with.

  58. David says:

    No Mitt – corporations are not people.

  59. David says:

    Congress has only one motive and that is to make President Barack Obama look bad. They’re failing that one too!

  60. Connie says:

    and as I saw on a bumper sticker:
    if corporations are people, Mitt is a serial killer

  61. Prabhata says:

    By law, corporations are “persons” since the late 1800s, when the Supreme Court gave individual rights to corporations.
    Mitt was simply stating a fact, even if he was vilified for that fact. It would require a constitutional amendment to strip away the personhood right given to corporations, and it won’t happen.

    As a matter of interpretation of the word “person” in the Fourteenth Amendment, U.S. courts have extended certain constitutional protections to corporations. Opponents of corporate personhood seek to amend the U.S. Constitution to limit these rights to those provided by state law and state constitutions.[3][4]

  62. Prabhata says:

    If not yet viewed, I strongly recommend the shareware movie at this website:

    I bought the DVD because I like to share its contents with friends whenever possible.

  63. Lorrie U says:

    In other words, if Romney wins…

  64. Teresa Hill says:

    After today, I’ll say once again, I can’t imagine what Mitt can do to have a worse time in October, as Starlight predicts. (Although I have faith in her that it will happen.) I mean… geez, how do you be more of a stupid ass than he was today?

  65. Fe says:


    It might have something to do with those tax returns secreted from Price Waterhouse which will be released around that time if their demands are not responded to.

  66. Lorrie U says:

    Ha! That’s a great one!

  67. Sharon says:

    He’ll only release what he wants us to see!

  68. Sharon says:

    In regard to the hacked tax returns, if released, it will be very easy to paint them as fabricated, although they might do some damage. Pass the popcorn.

  69. Prabhata says:

    One more thing. Mitt’s mistake was that he spoke truth when he said that corporations were persons too. What if, instead of vilifying Mitt, the voters had said: “Thank you Governor Romney. Corporations should not be persons. And how will you change that travesty, Governor Romney?

    And then ask the same to President Obama: “Will you make every effort to pass a constitutional amendment to strip away the personhood right from corporations?”

    Voters are angry at the messenger, instead of the law. It’s the same with Romney’s tax returns. Why aren’t voters angry at the law and demanding that they be changed?

    Never mind.

  70. Teresa Hill says:

    Then there’d have to be some truly hideous things in his taxes.

    After today, I’d think he’d have to start drowning extra-adorable, fluffy puppies to have a worse October.

  71. Will says:

    Doesn’t Netanyahu have Saturn conjunct his sun right now?

  72. starlight says:

    Yes, he does and Neptune is on his Descendant, which means he is not seeing things very clearly. Possible escalation of hostilities between September 26 and 29. Mars opposite Israel’s Sun and quincunx Uranus. Uranus will be square composite Israeli/Iran Moon, triggered by transit of the Sun.

  73. will says:

    I wish someone who knew astrology could reach him and teach him the errors of his way. He has morphed into something of a megalomaniac and his bromance with Mittsgivings is deepy disturbing – not to mention his alliance with Sheldon Adelson. Netanyahu seems to believe that he is running U.S. foreign policy. I think he is headed for a profound karmic comeuppance. Just my take.

  74. Teresa Hill says:

    Much of what went down in Libya came when I was in daughter-hell, and I just missed it. But I read the excellent Vanity Fair article on the President today to see what I’d missed and wrote a diary at DailyKos about it here, if anyone would like to see it:

  75. Charles [CJ] says:

    Dear Nancy – thank you for letting me post this:

    Your readers may find my just released eBook worthy of comment on your blog describing the evolution of the spirit world as a result of our changing views of the world we live in. The title:

    Man Creates/Destroys Gods with every change in Cosmology and it all changes again.

    I only use NASA and other equivalent info coupled with just common high school physics, to describe the Big Bang without math refuting 20th century’s scientific concept that the world was created from nothing. Most of your questions about our Universe are easily answered in my eBook

    The eBook is priced at $11.99, however Amazon has a very good free preview. Thank you again for letting me post this information on your blog.

    Just available today September 12, 2012 on Amazon at:

    A reader of your blog for years. Charles [CJ]

  76. kiwi says:

    The corporations are people thing is very convenient only when they want it to be.
    If corps are “people” then it is more than legitimate to tax them as upper ‘income earners’. But the Romney’s of the world also complain bitterly because they consider it double taxation when both the corporations and the people that run them are taxed. Typical doublespeak.

  77. Rc says:

    Hi Will
    Yes he is American policy.
    And yes he is Russian policy.

    Israel and global Jewish citizens may be very appreciative
    Of ben, should threats be carried through or not.
    Do not under estimate the anti semitic culture
    At this time in our astrology as well as our time
    In this period of history.
    Most importantly
    Never ever forget.

  78. Noelle says:

    I sure hope you are right about the karmic comeupance but I’m not sure karma works that quickly. Egocentric is the first word that comes to my mind when I hear his name then dilusional but I don’t think he’ll do anything beyond huffing and puffying and whining.

  79. Noelle says:

    Was that Michael Lewis’s article? Vanity Fair for October isn’t on the stands here as of today. Can’t wait to read that article. Terry Gross interviewed Michael Lewis on NPR this afternoon but I missed some of it while my car was being washed. I lovd what I did hear.

  80. Salemone says:

    I have come to Starlightnews to breathe deeply and recover some sanity after watching Faux News this evening. Gaaahhhh!! I watch them just to keep an eye on the insanity they call news. I am concerned, as most people should be, of Myth Romney making comments before facts are known. But now Faux news is saying our ambassador in Libya was dragged through the streets like our marines were in Africa? Total lies, total deceit and the rest of their report borders on sedition. I am appalled.

  81. Prabhata says:

    Then, at about 6:30 p.m., a small group of protesters — one official briefed on the events put it at about 20 — brought a ladder to the wall of the compound and quickly scaled it, gaining entrance to the ground. Embassy officials asked the Egyptian government to remove the infiltrators without using weapons or force, in order to avoid inflaming the situation, this official said.

  82. Prabhata says:

    And the Benghazi consulate, where the ambassador was visiting, was overrun in Libya according to Reuters, around 10pm local time

    However, this much is clear: a crowd gathered at dusk, about 7 p.m. (1700 GMT), chanting slogans against the film and angry at Washington’s failure to act against its promoters. At some point, shooting began, with some in the crowd thinking they were under fire from the consulate. Around 10 p.m., rioters surged into the compound, bullets and grenades flew, and fires started.
    Among the assailants, Libyans identified units of a heavily armed local Islamist group, Ansar al-Sharia, which sympathizes with al Qaeda and derides Libya’s U.S.-backed bid for democracy.

  83. Teresa Hill says:

    You can read it online. There’s a link in my dairy. Excellent article.

  84. Prabhata says:

    I think if one looks at the photo, it may give the wrong impression. I think the dragging was done while the ambassador was being rescued (photo at Corriere Della Sera.It — Italian website)
    After using Google Translate, it says:
    The final attempt to save the Ambassador Stevens
    The staff of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi trying to save the Ambassador Chris Stevens after the attack by demonstrators protesting against a film about Muhammad considered blasphemous (from Twitter)

  85. cimbalok says:

    Thanks for your support! I would love to see Rahm’s chart. I wouldn’t be surprised he has Pluto in the 10th, or conjunct the Asc. He is a scary dude.

    True story: his handshake feels like a limp fish. I can testify. It was gross.

  86. Prabhata says:

    The NYT article had the link to Corriere Della Sera (see my reply to Salemone above)

  87. pisca says:

    In the midst of war mongering hype, these pictures show that the PEOPLE of Libya support the people of America:

  88. Lorrie U says:

    The unabashed bold lies and character assassinations by the right against the Obama administration all the way down the line to state and local levels, as well as by Fox News, makes me wonder if it’s possible to bring lawsuits against them. One expects a certain amount of distortion in political races, but this campaign is so blatantly untruthful even after repeatedly being proven wrong. It’s the Rove method of repeating it often enough that it becomes believable. It is so wrong! I don’t want to live in a country where the only way someone can be elected is through lies, fraud and money. Where does it stop? I know I can’t just go around and spread lies about someone’s character without possible retaliation. Maybe it’s time for the candidates to try legal actions for defamation of character or something.

  89. starlight says:

    Very interesting Joe Klein video:

    About Netanyahu, Israel, Iran, etc.

  90. Teresa Hill says:

    Saw that on DK. A beautiful tribute. I hate them having to hear what stupid Mitt said.

  91. Teresa Hill says:

    He’s most decidedly a public figure. You say pretty much anything you want about a public figure.

  92. Teresa Hill says:

    Hit send too soon.

    Although the power of the media to shape the narrative is definitely diminished because we have the social media network. We can direct people straight to the source with no filter. A link to Obama’s speech that they can hear online, for instance. People using Twitter, Facebook, things like that to reach their friends with their message. It’s a very power change happening right now.

    Twitter has been gloriously effective in countering the message of the right in this election cycle.

  93. Lorrie U says:

    More on the smirking moron…

    Sociopathic Mitt Romney Smiles During and After Presser on Embassy Tragedies

    What in the Hell is Mitt Romney smiling about?

  94. Teresa Hill says:

    Reports had Libyans taking him to the hospital for treatment, but it was too late.

  95. Lorrie U says:

    The Men Behind ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ Revealed As Anti-Government Domestic Terrorists

    The spokesperson for the movie is Steve Klein, the CEO of Courageous Christians United. For those unfamiliar with this organization, it operates websites and hosts videos dedicated to attacking the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Islam, Judaism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, atheists, Bahá’í, The Unification Church, and even the United Pentecostal Church. The group is dedicated to restoring what, in Steve Klein’s own words is the “Christian Heritage of America.” When asked about the violence which resulted in the deaths in Libya, Mr. Klein said that he did not feel guilty and blamed the violence on the religion of Islam. However, when asked if he expected violence, he did admit that the violent response was as he expected.

  96. fierywoman says:

    I like the idea that’s been floating around that the tax returns would prove he’s better off than he was 4 years ago!

  97. fierywoman says:

    I was very touched by the article — read it a few days ago. There’s a very scathing VF article on Rmoney I think it was last month.

  98. Barbara Delaney says:

    This is the same group that has and, both sites attacking the Mormon faith and they’ve been around a fairly long time.

    Mitt Romney is so clueless. The same group that caused the horrific violence in Libya attacks his own faith and yet all he can find to do is smirk and blame the President. His behavior today demonstrated beyond any doubt that he has neither the patience, the intelligence, the restraint or the class to be president. President Obama phrased it perfectly, Mitt shoots then aims.

  99. Prabhata says:

    If you take a look at the photo, it could be misinterpreted. But I also read, but could not find the video, that a man carried on his shoulder the ambassador. There were about 37 staff members, including the ambassador, at the consulate that left that building for a secret safe house for rescue. And this is what indicates a terrorism because the attackers knew about the secret safe house and it was attacked with accuracy.

    Libya rescue squad ran into fierce, accurate ambush

  100. Davis L says:

    There’s no underestimating Stupid, especially when Stupid is feeling desperate.

  101. Bob says:

    Maybe a judge will say that they have set a precedent and cannot discriminate – what you have done for one, you must now do for all. Set your thoughts to this.

  102. Prabhata says:

    Neptune and Chiron don’t look like grace to me.

  103. Prabhata says:

    I mean that the combination of Chiron and Neptune are not harmonious.

  104. Bob says:

    Don’t know if anyone remembers my posting about Rmoney’s natal Mars opposite to his natal Saturn-Neptune midpoint but that combination was swept by the progressing angles of his progressed lunar return in Jacksonville on Wednesday. Not the sign of a positive emotional state.

    Later, in the evening in DC (a short drive from his next disaster in Fairfax, VA, at 11 am on Thursday), his natal and progressed Neptune-Pluto midpoints are swept by the progressing angles. He either realizes, or has been told, that he has just screwed up big time, in fact, may have just lost the election.

    Checking Netanyahu’s progressed lunars for the morning following the election (in Tel Aviv) and Jan 20 and 21, 2013, neither show me a happy man.

  105. Prabhata says:

    Saturn-Neptune conjunction is positive, imho. Saturn grounds Neptune.

  106. Bob says:

    There are 2 sides to every coin.

    This is not a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune but their midpoint which in his chart is aggravated by Mars.

    Read about the combination in Ebertin’s COSI. The timing of it becoming prominent at this time when he is being racked by prominent members of his own party so close to an election does not seem like a positive situation to me. He may have been grounded alright.

  107. Bob says:

    But Saturn and Neptune are!?

  108. alex says:

    Pennsylvania State Supreme Court justices will begin hearing arguments this morning in Philadelphia to determine whether the commonwealth’s new voter ID law is constitutional.

    Last month, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. upheld the law in a ruling that stunned many opponents who believe the measure is a thinly-veiled attempt to prevent minorities, who trend mostly Democratic, from voting.

    Simpson himself teed up what could be the a major point of contention facing the six Supreme Court justices when they hear that appeal today in their courtroom on the fourth floor of City Hall.

    The issue: What level of judicial scrutiny should be applied to the legislature setting new, more stringent rules for potential voters showing up at their polling places? A relatively flexible standard, deferring to the legislature’s authority to set the rules for running Pennsylvania elections? Or a strict standard, recognizing the right to vote as a fundamental civil right and putting a burden on the state to justify any new laws that might interfere with individuals trying to vote?

    In legal briefs filed with the Supreme Court in advance of today’s hearing, supporters and opponents of the voter ID law provide sharply different answers to that question.

    “Voting is a fundamental right,” argues the appeal brief filed by David P. Gersch of the Washington law firm Arnold & Porter L.L.P., representing opponents of the law along with the American Civil Liberties Union, the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, and the Advancement Project.

    “The challenged law imposes significant burdens on the exercise of that right,” Gersch’s brief continues.

    But the State Attorney General’s Office and the Philadelphia law firm Drinker Biddle & Reath L.L.P., representing the Corbett administration, defended the law in separate legal briefs, saying that Simpson properly interpreted the law as an appropriate exercise of the legislature’s authority over elections.

    Republican lawmakers and the Corbett administration pushed the voter ID bill through the State House and Senate in March, saying it would help ensure the integrity of state elections.

    However, the state conceded there have been no recent investigations or prosecutions in Pennsylvania against anyone for trying to impersonate a voter.

  109. Bob says:

    From old threads:

    June 7, 2012 at 8:12 am

    But with some of the charts I am looking at I am concerned that a negative turn of events may occur when Saturn squares the Sibly
    Pluto (September 13 in longitude or Oct 19 in right ascension) which could in some way reflect negatively on the President.

    August 8, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    The Obama family is visited by Saturn soon also.

    President Obama – Saturn squared by Saturn Aug 21 in Long, Sep 23 RA

    Michelle – Sun (noon) Sun squared by Saturn Sep 13 in Long, Oct2, RA

    Things may escalate this weekend when the New Moon triggers the Sibly charts Mars and Neptune and President Obama’s Mars. In addition, his demi-anlunar begins the same evening (about 1 1/2 hrs earlier) with return Saturn and his progressed Mars on the Desc squaring his progressed Saturn on the Zenith (all measured in right ascension). The main aggravation lasts through Sunday.

  110. Nina says:

    the one thing that would make the release of the tax returns personally painful to Romney is if they prove that he has been shortchanging the Church of its 10% these past years. Ensuring that he won’t just lose the election, he’ll lose the respect of the people who actually matter to him.

  111. Nina says:

    From what I’ve read, it’s all how you use the energy. If you’ve integrated the lessons of the planets they can lead to a productive time. If you’re willing to discipline yourself and cut away things that you don’t need anymore and if you’re willing to admit places where you’ve deceived yourself, Saturn and Neptune can be places where huge improvements in your future life can be made.

    It’s never comfortable. But it can be harmonious and productive, if you’re willing to work with the energies instead of against them.

    Neptune and Chiron together prompt us to feel our wounds most strongly and attempt to escape from them. But if you use that energy to look at your own spiritual wounds and seek spiritual knowledge from outside yourself, or to teach others what you’ve learned, then you can gain great power.

    The events of the past two days are very Neptune-Chiron and point to two different ways of dealing with the energy. Romney chose to dwell on the hurt and confusion, and increase the weight of the veil of lies. Obama chose to mourn the hurts, and ask for a recognition of universal spiritual truths. Romney ended up more hurt, Obama ended up elevated.

  112. alex says:

    Deliberate voter suppression, and a betrayal of democracy

    The thicket of new voting laws enacted over the past four years—mostly by Republicans, and most of them with the effect, if not the intent, of making it harder for voters who belong to Democratic-leaning blocs to cast their ballots—will likely provoke a flurry of court challenges if the election is as close as it looks as though it might be. Those challenges have already begun.

    Florida lost in its effort to restrict early voting, as did Ohio. A federal court ruled that Texas’s voter-ID law fell afoul of the Voting Rights Act for imposing “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor, and racial minorities in Texas are disproportionately likely to live in poverty.” Pennsylvania’s voter-ID law, on the other hand, was upheld (the state supreme court will hear appeals on Thursday).

    Before the fights after the vote, however, come the Election Day challenges. Demos and Common Cause, two left-leaning think tanks, released a report yesterday looking at the rights afforded voters in ten states (some swing, such as Florida, North Carolina and Virginia; others, such as Texas, are simply big) when their eligibility is challenged. For anyone who believes that democracy is at its best when as many citizens as possible participate, the report makes for depressing reading.

    The national elections coordinator of True the Vote, for instance, a Texas-based group that wants to train 1m observers to fan out around the country as a guard against voter fraud (an exceedingly rare phenomenon) has said that he wants to make voters feel that they are “driving and seeing the police follow” them. Its parent group, the King Street Patriots, was accused of intimidating voters in predominantly minority districts in Houston. The president of Judicial Watch, another conservative group raising alarms about voter fraud, says Barack Obama wants “to register the food-stamp army to vote for him.”

    Beyond this unpleasant rhetoric lie some real dangers for voting rights. In 2010 poll-watchers in Harris County, home of True the Vote, were accused of “hovering over” voters and “disrupting lines of voters who were waiting to cast their ballots”. Voters in Florida can have their eligibility challenged for any reason, and challenged voters must vote provisionally and then must present proof of eligibility to have her vote counted. Voters in Missouri can be challenged at any time. Anyone can challenge a Pennsyvlania voter’s eligibility, and while the challenger must provide a reason for the challenge, he does not have to provide evidence supporting that reason.

    Eligibility challenges are often based on residence—that is, a voter does not live at the address given on the voter rolls—and groups have often used “caging”, in which mass mailings are sent out and returned mail used to challenge a voter’s eligibility—to purge voter rolls. This is of particular concern in states such as Florida and Arizona, which have high rates of foreclosure.

  113. Baraka says:

    One possible reason Romney has refused to release his taxes is that he may have gotten amnesty for his swiss/cayman accounts from the govt. If that is the case, he wouldn’t be eligible to run because he’s run afoul of the law. There was a fairly well-reasoned bit about this on Daily Kos a few weeks ago, can’t recall the exact details (brain damage on my account) but it sounded pretty definitive.

  114. pisca says:

    Ascendant, Midheaven and Saturn at IC (5 Capricorn) are all hit with the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square. Plus look at the 2nd house Scorpio planets which are currently being transited by Mars and NNode. I would like to hear some professional astrologers’ take on this chart. Rahm’s chart:,_Rahm

  115. catsandmusic says:

    oh well, if he is going to say they are fabricated, then he can just show us the originals to prove it.

    I have heard that one of the corporations that he lists profits from is the maker of the vacuum canisters used in medical procedures including abortions. That would send the Tea Party into a tizzy at the thought of him adding to his millions by profiting from abortion.

  116. Aglo says:


    Thank you for posting “The Corporation” I have purchased the video and like you I am sharing it with my community, if there is one thing we lack in this country is “Accurate Information”.

  117. pisca says:

    Thank you, Lorrie. Neptune is too often described in a negative light but for those with strong Neptune placements, there can be the realization/release in knowing that we are never given what we cannot handle. How true it is that “if you re not in touch with the Neptune call to your spiritual home, you can become lured to that other side of the fence (illusion)” In my life, the “material” world is the illusion.
    This article reinforces what Barbara Hand Chow (Chiron: Rainbow Bridge…) has written about this aspect/transit:
    “Chiron square Neptune is exceedingly stressful…. In general, the more these natives can activate Chiron and Neptune into their lives and careers, the better off they are. No matter what they do… they can never be just ordinary, so why even try? If they can activate the potential of this aspect, their gifts to the race are great…. The body cannot handle the force of this energy unless it is channeled by means of higher consciousness serving.”

  118. JJ says:

    Stefanie, you’re so right. As soon as I heard about the attack the first thing that popped into my head was Nancy’s blog post earlier this summer. Incredible how connected we all are to something greater than ourselves.

  119. barbk says:


    Thanks for posting this. On Friday Jupiter will reach the exact degree where Venus occulted the Sun (15 Gemini 44) in June. In that chart Jupiter (law) was at 28 Taurus 41. On Friday the transiting south node (release) will be at 28 Taurus 33. Transiting Juno (equality, supportive of the disenfranchised) will be conjunct the north node in Scorpio (transform).

    In the Venus occult Sun chart the Moon at 7+ Capricorn (the masses, would-be “voters”) was conjunct Pluto at 8+ Cap retro (power of the establishment) and they were square Uranus at 7+ Aries (breakthrough for the individual).

    Now and for several days, including Friday, the U.S. natal Sibly chart’s Pluto (27+ Cap) will still be sextile transiting Juno in Scorpio. Transiting Ceres (something of value was stolen from her) will be in Gemini, forming a quincunx with trans. Juno and U.S. Pluto, forming a Yod with Ceres in the apex or release point of that patterns combined energy. After that Juno goes into Sagittarius and will be opposite the May solar eclipse degree (0 Gemini). It was also the midpoint between Pluto and Saturn (0 Sagittarius and 0 Gemini).

    Now through Monday morning transiting Uranus will still be in the 7+ degree of Aries retrograde. The next morning, Tuesday the 18th, Pluto stations direct and on Wednesday morning (19th) Uranus and Pluto will be exact in their square. The next day (20th) Mercury opposes Uranus and squares Pluto and Venus will sextile Jupiter. It looks good to me.

  120. will says:

    Very telling, on-the-square.

  121. Prabhata says:

    Saturn and Neptune in opposition or square is a negative, but if in a conjunction, the energies balance each other.

  122. alex says:

    Thank you barbk for that analysis: Pa is polling for Obama but the voter ID laws are grim ….. looking forward for more courts to support voter’s rights;

  123. pisca says:

    While awed when PBO actually signed the NDAA into law, I held out hope that he wasn’t really as anti-freedom as he often appears to be. Here is an enlightening account of his brilliance in ensuring that the law would be struck down — to stay down:

  124. Prabhata says:

    Well, Bernanke has done it again. He’ll be printing money and throwing it at the banks. The market reacted, as always, with a good uptick, but it will be the regular working man who will pay dearly with higher price for gasoline and other commodities. It’s unconscionable what he’s doing to those who live from a paycheck and to the responsible savers, especially the old.

  125. Lorrie U says:

    “The body cannot handle the force of this energy unless it is channeled by means of higher consciousness serving.”

    Thanks for posting that, Pisca. Makes a lot of sense. My Chiron is in Cancer, and home/family has always been my wound. When my son was 15, I was having my Chiron return and decided he needed to go and live with is dad for a variety of reasons, mostly financial. It was the right decision, and our relationship improved immensely. Neptune conj. my Venus/Sun in 10th makes me see the possibilities and I have been blessed with great rapport with the public in all my endeavors. I attribute Neptune for bringing me to my higher consciousness and Chiron helped me learn that I had to be my own home/family.

  126. Prabhata says:

    I’ve used 2:18 a.m. for Hillary, and the Libya and Egypt events give weight to that birth time. The Sun was at 19Virgo19 at 6:30 Cairo time on September 11. A chart for Hillary at 2:18 a.m. would put her natal Moon at 19Pisces19, the Sun opposing her natal Moon.

    Hillary will be under the pressure of Saturn into the election, which I think means she’ll have to deal with difficult issues.

  127. NEOBuckeye says:

    I think it’s still too early to say for sure whether Romney’s politicizing of September 11 will result in his defeat in November. But if he does lose, history may well look back at this point as the turning point when his campaign ran off the tracks. In other words, his official “jumping the shark moment.” Definitely lots of instant karma going around right now.

    Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect

  128. Virginia says:

    The pictures of their signs brought tears to my eyes.
    I think these messes made by politicians can only be solved PEOPLE to PEOPLE.

  129. NEOBuckeye says:

    Of course the Republicans would do this. When you are outnumbered and you cannot win on the merit of your ideas or your vision for the country, obfuscate the instruments of democracy and suppress the opposition at all cost, by any means possible.

    People need to call them out for what they are doing and why. Clearly they are desperate to hold onto power, but desire for power and control is no justification for seeking and holding political office in a democracy.

  130. NEOBuckeye says:

    Meant to post this with the link… The “instant karma” part of Juan Cole’s blog post:

    So the Butterfly Effect set off by a low-budget bad propaganda film gotten up by two-bit frauds and Christian supremacists, and then promoted by two-bit Egyptian and Libyan fundamentalists, has provoked some squalls and cost the lives of four good men.

    The storm provoked by this butterfly has revealed character on an international scale. The steely determination of an Obama to achieve justice, the embarrassing grandstanding of a Romney, the destructive hatred of a handful of extremists in Cairo and Benghazi, and the decency and warmth toward the US of the Libyan crowds, all were thrown into stark relief by the beating of the butterfly’s wings.

    In the end, the violence and extremism of the hardliners on both sides is a phantasm of the past, not a harbinger of the future. The wave of democratic politics sweeping the region has left the haters behind, reducing them to desperate and senseless acts of violence that will gain them no good will, no popularity, no political credibility.

  131. angellight says:

    Neobuckey: Good article.

  132. andre says:

    Pisca, I have Chiron conjunct Mercury widely conjunct Sun natally exactly square Neptune. Higher consciousness serving is an absolute necessity.

  133. fierywoman says:

    To quote Robert Hand, “Neptune is often described as illusion, while Saturn is said to represent truth. The relation is actually the reverse: Saturn is the illusion that there is a reality that is truth; Neptune is the truth that there isn’t.” From his book horoscope Symbols, i believe.

  134. fierywoman says:

    I LOVE COSI! I keep forgetting about it, thanks for the reminder.

  135. alex says:

    Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

    The Kentucky Republican has hired Jesse Benton, who steered the presidential campaign of Texas congressman Ron Paul, to head McConnell’s reelection campaign in 2014.

  136. Prabhata says:


  137. Prabhata says:

    Losing the case was never what the administration wanted. Being sad a disappointed is not helpful. You have a vote. Use it.

  138. andre says:

    Also, transiting Saturn will join natal Neptune at 28 Libra this week square natal Chiron at 28 Capricorn and natal Mercury at 0 Aquarius.

  139. alex says:

    Former Gov. N.M. Gary Johnson – Libertarian on ballot in 47 states

    DOB 1/1/1953, Minot N.D.

    The Libertarian Party reports that Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in at least 47 states, plus the District of Columbia.

    The party is involved in litigation to get him on the ballot in the three remaining states, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Michigan, where a judge ruled last week that Johnson could not appear on the ballot because he also ran as a Republican in the state’s February presidential primary.

    Johnson is already on the ballot in two more states than the 2008 Libertarian nominee Bob Barr. Barr, a former Georgia congressman, won just 0.4 percent of the national vote. But in Missouri and North Carolina, the two closest states in 2008, he won enough votes to flip the outcome.

    Johnson’s campaign is being closely watched for the same reason. With his base of support grounded in the Rocky Mountain West, Johnson has the potential to alter the outcome in swing states such as Colorado and Nevada.

  140. virgo says:

    Great, Alex. He should take most of his votes from Romney. I had no idea he got on as many ballots.

  141. Nina says:

    Especially considering how Ron Paul has been treated by the Republicans, we could see a good-sized Johnson vote.

    And the Democrats could probably swing a lot of those folks our way with just a little positive talk about legalizing and taxing marijuana. That’s the issue I’ve found most Libertarians are truly passionate about.

  142. alex says:

    agree he is on alot of state ballots

    Johnson Solar Arc Sun 2012 @10 Pisces


    Romney Natal midpoint Saturn/Neptune @10 Virgo
    Romney Natal midpoint Neptune/Pluto @10 Virgo

    ( too tired at moment to look through the threads but think it was Bob who pointed out Romney midpoints )

  143. Noelle says:

    Starlight, I haven’t been able to check in as much as I would like and couldn’t find the rough spot you predicted for PBO. Just how long do you think the problems with embassies are likely to last? That sounds like a ridiculous question but there must be some corrolation to what’s happenng astrologically. Thanks, Nancy

    FYI I still have Saturn in my first house and afer fracturing three bones in my left foot last May, I’ve now done something to the big muscles in my right thigh and butt. Saturn has been restricting my walking in a big way. I can’t say that I’m too anxious for it to move into my second house however.

  144. cimbalok says:

    Thank you! I was wrong about Pluto. It does look like the chart of someone who likes to go it alone, not a co-operator, despite a Libra Asc.

  145. Bob says:

    Here is a site I hadn’t seen before. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

    Some positive things during these terrible events in the Middle East.

    If anybody wants a booster shot of President Clinton’s tour de force at the convention here is a link where it can be watched or downloaded from. Many sites for this speech and for Jenny Granholm’s will not let you download them. I used DownloadHelper plugin for FireFox.

    Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s speech is good to watch to get fired up.

  146. fierywoman says:

    In the spirit of holding what you want in your thoughts: “Romney quits”:

  147. Lune Prière says:

    Granholm’s was superb!

  148. Prabhata says:

    I read the whole analysis, and at the end I get: :)

    From my synthesis with all the deliberations of analysis we will not know the exact results of the elections initially because there will be chaos, and many events are due to happen between Election Day and the Inauguration Day. Rahu and Ketu change signs between November and January. So the results will change, expect the unexpected. This will be a turning point in history!

  149. Betsy says:

    Forgive me for not reading the rest of the comments first if someone else has posted this, but, Congress is expecting to work one week and take off another eight (after having just took off five weeks before this week). –

  150. Lorrie U says:

    Seems to favor an Obama continuance of the presidency along with many difficulties and upsets to deal with. With what’s happening in the middle east right now, anything can happen.

  151. Lorrie U says:

    This truly is a do-nothing republican congress! Hope they all lose their jobs! People are mad and this kind of stuff just makes them angrier. Hope they take it out on them in the voting booth.

  152. will says:

    Color me Saturnine and serious – Saturn just left my Neptune/Saturn conjunct in the first house (Libra-ruled) and it is now headed with a direct opposition to my Mars/Venus conjunct in house 7 – a bit weary for wear. I’ll be out from under it mid-October.

    I just think we need to keep a full-court-press to get those undecided friends and family to turn out to the poles. Like basketball games in the NBA, oft-times its the last few minutes of the last quarter of the game when all of the slick moves are made and the score tips decidedly toward one team.

  153. will says:

    Polls, that is.

  154. will says:

    Hear, hear! Blog about it – allot and everywhere!

  155. Lorrie U says:

    US marines killed in Afghan attack on Camp Bastion

    At least two US marines have been killed in an attack on Camp Bastion, a major base for international forces in southern Afghanistan, US officials say.

    They say assailants used small arms, rockets and mortars to attack the perimeter of the camp in Helmand. The UK’s Prince Harry is currently based at Camp Bastion on his second Afghan tour of duty.

  156. Stefanie says:

    II know someone very involved with this case and they consider the striking down a real victory, despite the appeal.

  157. Stefanie says:

    Sending hugs, Will. The Uranus Pluto square is still within 5 degrees of my ascendant, so I feels ya! I, btw, will be canvassing in the closest swing state to my home: in my case that’s PA. I think all of us that still worry that Obama’s edge won’t override voter suppression should consider a trip to Ohio, Florida, Iowa-wherever every single vote will count.

  158. will says:

    Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy

    President Obama has taken away Mitt Romney’s longstanding advantage as the candidate voters say is most likely to restore the economy and create jobs, according to the latest poll by The New York Times and CBS News, which found a modest sense of optimism among Americans that White House policies are working.

    But while the climate for Mr. Obama has improved since midsummer, and Mr. Romney has failed to shift sentiment decisively in his favor, the poll found that the presidential race is narrowly divided.

    With their conventions behind them and the general election fully engaged, the Democratic Party is viewed more favorably than the Republican Party. The poll also found more likely voters give an edge to Mr. Obama on foreign policy, Medicare and addressing the challenges of the middle class. The only major issue on which Mr. Romney held an advantage was handling the federal budget deficit.

    Read More:

  159. fierywoman says:

    … and a Happy Saturn return to you, dear Will! I loved what you said to the people in your church about who you were voting for, ha-ha-ha!

  160. fierywoman says:

    Kinda like W’s presidency, hm?

  161. alex says:

    Hey barbk,

    court strikes down Scott Walker’s signature legislation that ended WI labor unions right to collective bargain;

    A Wisconsin judge on Friday struck down nearly all of the state law championed by Gov. Scott Walker that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most public workers.

    Walker’s administration immediately vowed to appeal, while unions, which have vigorously fought the law, declared victory. But what the ruling meant for existing public contracts was murky: Unions claimed the ruling meant they could negotiate again, but Walker could seek to keep the law in effect while the legal drama plays out.

    The law, a crowning achievement for Walker that made him a national conservative star, took away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most workers and has been in effect for more than a year.

  162. Prabhata says:

    Foreign Policy Magazine

    The State Department has gone into full-blown crisis mode, organizing a round-the-clock effort to coordinate the U.S. government’s response to the expanding attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East and North Africa.
    “The State Department has stood up a 24-hr monitoring team to insure appropriate coordination of information and our response. In addition, our consular team is working with missions around the world to protect American citizens and issue appropriate public warden information,” a senior State Department official told reporters Friday afternoon.

  163. Prabhata says:

    It’s not always the case that when Mercury is retrograde during an election that there’s a problem counting the votes as experienced in 2000. The only other election I found with Mercury retrograde that was difficult, was the 1960 election because of the accusations that Democratic Chicago had committed voter fraud. The 1980 election, with Mercury retrograde did not experience any problem and was decisive towards Reagan.

    I’m hoping that since Mercury begins its retrograde path at 7:04 PM EDT on November 6, that most of the voting will have taken place without a hitch. Even better, I hope the winner has a decisive win and any issue becomes irrelevant to his win.

  164. alex says:

    For the Middle Class – One Chance To Move Forward

    Extending Middle-Class Tax Cuts – It’s The Right Thing To Do

  165. cimbalok says:

    The quote by Sen. DeMint was especially revealing. How would he react to Americans exercising their free speech rights by demeaning Christianity?

    The Shadow knows.

  166. will says:

    Thank you, Stefanie – and I am very proud of you for being so deeply committed to having a better world for ourselves and those who follow us. Thank you for being turned on and tuned in.

  167. will says:

    Bonjourno Fierywoman! Yeah, it kind of gives the really up-tight right-wing-nut Catholics an instant, come-to-Jesus stroke, on-the-spot. If it doesn’t change their minds, it renders them speechless and gives them pause, if not even a little hemiplegia for a few sacred moments – and allot can happen in that blessed gap. Works for me.

    And yes, our persistent blogging did wonders to defeat the RNC in the last election.

  168. Lorrie U says:

    Misinformed USA: Why average Americans vote for Republicans

    Average Americans need to be more informed about what is going in the country, but also where to get their information. The argument isn’t about holding a liberal or conservative ideology, it’s about facts that are based on truth or information that is based on twisted logic. Americans need to learn to dig a little deeper to find honest reporting, not just believe something that falls in their lap at the expense of a billionaire funded think tank or news organization.

  169. Prabhata says:

    I very much disagree with the idea that one should restrict from where to get one’s information. That method is ripe for groupthink.

  170. Lorrie U says:

    Huh? Where did you get that out of the article???? Read it again…

    “Americans need to learn to dig a little deeper to find honest reporting, not just believe something that falls in their lap at the expense of a billionaire funded think tank or news organization.”

  171. Prabhata says:

    From this statement:
    Average Americans need to be more informed about what is going in the country, but also where to get their information.

  172. Prabhata says:

    American voters need to understand that misinformation comes from both sides, and must read both to figure out what is going on. Like a sandwich, the truth covers the misinformation. Often to get that little truth, one must read opposing sides.

  173. Patty says:

    Great article! thanks Lorrie.
    It’s true…Fox Viewers are the least informed of all Americans. Two studies have proven that fact. FOX&RADIO-FRIENDS have done the greatest disservice to our American Unity!
    It’s Official: Watching Fox Makes You Stupider:

  174. Patty says:

    Here’s a brilliant response to Right-Wing Hate propaganda that calls itself FOX (Fair and Balanced). This venom is being fed to millions of Americans looking for honest news information.

  175. Prabhata says:

    And higher gas prices should be expected. It’s easy to understand why. Oil producing nations are not fools. They understand what the Fed action means in terms of the value of the dollar, and will adjust the price of oil every time. In the end, the rich fat cats, as the president calls them, will benefit from oil and commodities, while the average American pays higher prices for everything, while his/her real wages remain stagnate. Neither candidate for the presidency will address the issue because it’s not in their best interest to inform the voters. I don’t care what the CPI from the government says. Every time I pump the gas and every time I go to the store I pay higher prices way above the low CPI. Krugman can talk and talk, but he obviously is not buying his groceries. If he did, he would be railing against what the Fed is doing.

    Oil prices topped $100 a barrel for the first time since May on Friday as traders reacted to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive plan to boost the U.S. economy.

    After crossing the threshold, crude slid back a bit, with benchmark oil closing up 69 cents to $99 per barrel in New York. Oil ended the week with a gain of 2.7 percent.

    More gains are expected, although it’s unclear whether it will translate into a spike in prices at the gas station. Another wild card: the unfolding unrest in the oil-rich Middle East.

    Analysts say the Fed’s plan to keep interest rates at extraordinarily low rates into 2015 gives investors the incentive to put their money into riskier assets like stocks and commodities. The expectation that the Fed’s moves will help the economy should also boost oil prices because demand for energy should pick up.

  176. Prabhata says:

    Btw, a higher price of oil means higher price at the pump. To say it’s “unclear” is misinformation.

  177. Prabhata says:

    Patty, outright “venom” is not as dangerous as when misinformation is hidden. Most of the time, good misinformation is undetected by the reader. That’s why reading from different factions is a good idea. It’s the only way to detect hidden lies.

  178. Aglo says:


    Well stated!!!

  179. Diane L says:

    Neptune is alive & well & attending the Value Voters confab. *shudder* Or why I vote for Dem platform only . . . these folks are scary.

  180. Jerry says:

    Mitchell Lewis’s September/October Starlight Newsletter ( isn’t available on then net just yet. I’m taking the liberty of posting the pertinent opening segment (extracted from a PDF file). I found it quite interesting. We were discussing the Sept. 29th full Moon activating the Uranus-Pluto square in a few earlier posts. Lewis touches on the possibilities….

    September-October 2012

    Uranus will square Pluto this month on September 19th. While that in itself is sufficient news to warrant some concern, this square will be set off by the Aries Full Moon on September 29th. We are already seeing the energy manifest – the attacks on American embassies in the Middle East, and bomb threats on 2 American campuses. This is only the beginning of the trouble. It is not a month to travel much, especially internationally. I suggest a close to home attitude. This energy will affect us locally, and nationally, so keep your eyes open. This stress is not going away any time soon. We can expect some more world events, including terrorist attacks and continued demonstrations escalating into that Full Moon.

    Remember, Uranus – square Pluto won’t complete until 2016. We are in a period of continued unrest and erratic behavior that will repeatedly flair up. This will affect us as individuals and as a collective. This instability will define this era politically, financially and personally.

    Pluto begins its direct motion this month on September 18th. While the change of direction of any planet holds a certain amount of power over the individual and the collective, because of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that we are dealing with, this turnaround of Pluto will have a greater effect than usual. Pluto rules all things held jointly. It’s the ruler of the nature 8th house, along with Mars. (Yes, I still give some authority to the ancient rulers.) Mars has much to do with Scorpio’s energy for the individual, while Pluto certainly has domain over its effects on the collective.

    Our culture is dealing with Pluto and its purposes in a very important and intense way. Ever since the deplanetization of Pluto the tug-of-war between the haves and the have-nots has, as we all know grown to extreme proportions. Now with the square from Uranus in exactitude this month as well, the collective recognizes this battle as Black & White (Scorpio’s favorite colors). The battle will become more open and obvious, and continue to escalate.

    Many partnerships and joint financial ventures that have been delayed will begin to move forward once again. The direct motion of Pluto will bring a lot of things out of the unconscious and force us to deal with many issues that have been pushed into the shadows. This isn’t a bad thing; in fact the reversal of the planets demands that we internalize the energy for a while, and then externalize the changes we have incorporated during that retrograde period. Just be prepared to hear things that you may have been just as glad to keep hidden. Don’t be afraid. Tis better to know the truth than fall upon it unexpectedly.

    The Sun and Mercury will each set off the Uranus-Pluto square this month. It will be most effective while these transits are in orb, but its energy will be felt all month. The Full Moon on the 29th will hit this square exactly. This is the most explosive Full Moon we have witnessed in quite some time. Its effects will be felt in a number of areas. There is a strong possibility of a major hurricane, or other explosive natural disaster around this time. There is also a strong possibility of a man-made disaster. Pluto rules vengeance and hidden agendas and it tends to greatly increase any emotional reaction when it is activated. Uranus rules sudden events, explosive situations, and erratic or unpredictable thoughts and behavior. This is an Aries Full Moon to begin with, which often carries a great deal more energy than many of the others. So this will be a few days when caution is certainly called for…..

    – To Be Continued –

  181. Davis L says:

    Diane L,
    Yep! They are pretty scary.
    They’re worshipping yesterday’s god, i.e. holding a god concept in their minds who will punish ALL OF US if we don’t display proper obeisiance and propitiation. Very much like the ancient YHWHists and many if not most modern day Muslims.(Modern Judaism has advanced way beyond this). Healthy religion and/or spiritual practice leads one beyond the god concept into the Divine, whatever we may call it.
    Actually, I think “scary” is quite an understatement. They are not just delusional, but delusional and deeply frightened people with guns.

  182. Prabhata says:

    Panetta June 28, 1938 Monterey, CA and Hillary may be impacted.

  183. alex says:

    With 50 days left until Massachusetts voters decide who will represent them in the U.S. Senate for the next six years, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren has pulled ahead of Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, according to a new poll.

    The survey of Bay State voters conducted Sept. 6-13 by the Western New England Polling Institute through a partnership with The Republican and, shows Warren leading over Brown, 50 to 44 percent, among likely voters.


  184. Diane L says:

    Actually, I think “scary” is quite an understatement. They are not just delusional, but delusional and deeply frightened people with guns.

    I agree. I can see this group responding to PBO’s re-election with violent outbursts.

  185. starlight says:


  186. Davis L says:

    Diane L,
    “I can see this group responding to PBO’s re-election with violent outbursts.”

    I hope/pray we’re wrong, that those violent outbursts do not occur, but the astrology certainly portends it as probable. I know so many progressives in several states who are arming themselves in anticipation of Tea Party violence, particularly in red states. Maybe fear is like a virus. But I think neither love or knowledge will assauge Tea party fears or fear OF the Tea Party. It seems to me only time will calm these broken hearts.

  187. barbk says:

    Inching forward. .

    I’m trying to keep the faith alex.