11th Sep, 2012

The Do-Nothing Congress

Has a Congress ever been so locked down with partisan maneuvering that it has accomplished absolutely nothing except obstruction? Certainly not in my lifetime. The signature of this is the tight square between the Sun (15Capricorn00) and Saturn (16Libra51) in the 112th Congress’ birth chart (1/5/11 at noon). By secondary progression, this square becomes exact in November 2012: progressed Sun square natal Saturn on November 5 and progressed Sun square progressed Saturn on November 30. Transiting Mars in Capricorn will further intensify  this total paralysis and vicious bickering from December 5 through December 8. Clearly, the Lame Duck Congress will be totally lame through December 8, with only a crack in the door beginning to open thereafter.

Another point about this Congress is its hyper-partisanship which leads relentlessly to the no-holds-barred power struggle which has been endemic. Pluto in the 9th house in the Congress chart, when strongly aspected, points to these ideological battles, and can be found in all of the Congressional charts since 2004. It will not move to the 10th house until the chart for the 114th Congress, but, even then, there will be trouble brewing with the Congress Sun involved in the Uranus/Pluto square and the Nodes. But I digress.

From October 1, 2012, through the end of the year, transiting Uranus will be exactly square to natal Pluto in the Congress chart (5Capricorn29). When Mars crosses natal Pluto and squares transiting Uranus, November 22 through November 24, the last battle of the War of the 112th will begin. Maybe, maybe, towards the end of December, as the progressed Sun square to Saturn begins to wane and the many Mars aspects have expended their wrath, we might see some minimal accommodation to get us into 2013 in some semblance of sanity. We will see.

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