The Bain Game

With more than usual clarity, Mitt Romney’s appearance on 60 Minutes during the evening of September 23 offered a bracing glimpse of what he is trying to sell to America. This was the salesman from Bain, promising to trim the waste, cut the costs, and lower taxes in order to create a smooth-running and successful company that could feast on the fruits of capitalism.

What was omitted from the seductive sales pitch, however, were the likely casualties of Romney’s proposals for the country. To understand, we need only consider the many stories of grief and hardship that followed in the wake of Bain’s scrupulous housekeeping. Corporate expenses were indeed cut – by firing workers, cutting pensions, and shipping jobs overseas. Bain’s well-crafted financial wizardry did indeed lower taxes, but enormous new debt was also created, used in part to pay Bain’s huge fees and keep its wealthy investors happy. A few years down the road, this same debt was frequently enough to plunge the struggling over-burdened company into bankruptcy, leading to yet more layoffs and more despair, otherwise known as collateral damage to the pillaging plutocrats from Bain.

The parallels between Romney’s business history and his plans for America are striking, as well as ominously predictive. “Cutting expenses” will translate to cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and numerous other programs that provide assistance in times of need. The dislocation and increase in poverty from slashing such funding would likely be devastating to a wide swath of people. In addition, Romney’s multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthy, a way to pay off his latest “investors” – otherwise known as campaign donors – could easily load the nation with such a crushing burden of debt that its finances would collapse under the weight, just like what happened to many of Bain’s former companies. Once again, the investors would make off like bandits, while those left behind would pay the catastrophic price.

It is the current thinking among the pundit class that the upcoming debates are Romney’s final opportunity to convince the nation that he is up to the job of president. During his recent interview, he portrayed an idyllic vision of a free-market America, where everything hums nicely along, unencumbered by complicated taxes and paralyzing regulation, and we all live happily ever after. The filth sure to be created by the reality of his plans was blithely swept under the carpet of this Potemkin Showroom. Perhaps the biggest question of the debates is whether or not Romney can persuade America that his snake oil is real.

For Romney, the most descriptive planetary configuration of the entire election cycle is the Neptune square to his Ascendant, made worse by the shadow of the May eclipse on his Ascendant degree (00Gemini43). As I have written numerous times, it is the narrative of Neptune that is the Romney narrative of the campaign. He is vague, incoherent, dissembling, attacking a fantasy Obama, snidely dismissing a fantasy 47 percent of the population, offering an economic plan with magical, fantasy math, and inhabiting a fantasy self, more likely to reflect the image of the audience in front of him than any core values of his own.

The first debate will take place on October 3 in Denver. Probably, the most significant aspect in Romney’s chart at that time will be the quincunx of transiting Saturn to his Ascendant, running from October 3 through October 12. This will activate the longer-lasting transiting Neptune square to the Ascendant in a rather stressful way. The combination of these planets suggests that the harsh truth of reality (Saturn) will confront the hyperbolic hot air of Neptune. Romney’s dissembling and exaggerations will have to face the real Obama, not the GOP-created straw-man monster. Romney will be debating a real president who can provide facts and figures of what has, in fact, actually transpired, and who also understands the impact of Romney’s likely policies, perhaps far better than even the Republican candidate does himself. Saturn’s impact on a Neptune transit tends to bring potent disappointment after high expectation, bursting the floating bubbles of fantasy against the hard rocks of Earth.  This seems likely to be the story of the first debate.

For President Obama, it is not always easy to tease out the difference between pressing matters that emanate from his role as president and difficulties in the campaign. My sense is that the Jupiter transit stationary sesquiquadrate Obama’s natal Jupiter (00Aquarius52) and square to his solar return Ascendant (15Virgo43) that essentially covers from September 4 through October 24, has brought with it the surge of popularity and success that began with the convention and has continued since. This uplifting Jupiter transit will be strongly in effect for all three debates. Furthermore, it is my opinion that the Jupiter crossing of Obama’s solar return Midheaven (13Gemini40) from November 6 through November 15 points to success in the election as well.

The second debate falls on the night of October 16, while the third debate will be on the night of October 22. For both Romney and Obama, both of these debates will be under a very strong and stressful Saturn transit. For Obama, this will be somewhat offset by the Jupiter transits mentioned above; for Romney, it will not. Saturn will be square to Obama’s Mercury (2Leo20) from October 16 through October 24, while it will be square to Romney’s Saturn (2Leo25) from October 17 through October 25. This suggests some kind of significant stress weighing down both candidates.

It seems likely that, for Romney, this Saturn transit may bring considerable frustrations and generally bad timing, as well as an appearance of rigidity in attitude and stiffness in persona. For the president, it is possible we will be seeing some kind of dramatic, though brief, upheaval that is set off by the Mars transit on October 17 through October 19 in opposition to US Uranus (8Gemini55) and square to US progressed Sun (8Pisces). This Mars transit is likely to ignite the very inflammatory progressed Sun/Uranus square in the US chart and bring about some kind of unexpected and upsetting event, perhaps an “October Surprise”.  Saturn will also be conjunct Hillary Clinton’s Sun (2Scorpio15) during the same time period, possibly pointing to a difficult foreign policy crisis. Due to the fact that the president’s Chiron return will become exact on October 20, it seems likely that there will be painful circumstances that will affect him deeply.

In summary, the first debate is likely to be much stronger for Obama, while Romney may be severely challenged on some of his less-than-factual assumptions.  The second and third debates also seem to favor Obama, although they come during a stressful period for him that runs from October 16 through November 2 (Saturn square Obama’s Mercury followed by Saturn quincunx Obama’s Moon). This may stem from some kind of international crisis that deeply upsets the president. It is also possible the polls may tighten between October 25 and November 2. Nonetheless, I fully anticipate a win for the president, but things may be murky in some way until around November 13, and then favor Obama.




I will be speaking about  the election on October 2, the night before the first debate, at La Madeleine restaurant in Bethesda, MD, at 7:30 PM.

I will also be speaking about the election in New York City, on October 18, at Quest Bookstore, at 7 PM.

All Starlighters are invited! I would love to see you. Please let me know if you think you can make either talk. I can be reached at


  1. Noelle says:

    Starlight, The Quest Bookstore is whee I first found my interest in astrology. I love that litle store. I no longer live in NY but I would think you’d get a good crowd. You’ll knock their socks off.

  2. Diane L says:

    Great post! Appreciate your ability to clearly explain what’s going on. Wish I didn’t live on the West Coast & could attend one of your speaking engagements! :)

    BTW, Intrade Odds currently gives PBO 72.5% to Romney’s 27.2% & even Gallup is showing PBO leading 48% to 46%. As Saturn ends its stay in Libra, there are fewer & fewer undecideds. It seems people have gradually shuffled to one side or the other.

  3. Francis says:

    Nancy, So wish you were also speaking in San Francisco! In your new post, you mention that Saturn will conjunct Hillary’s Sun at 25 Scorpio and I believe that is an error. I look forward to Romney’s fantasies being exposed as such for all to see!!!

  4. Diane L says:

    That’s 2 Scorpio 15, Francis. Easy to see why you saw 25 though.

  5. Betsy says:

    The Bain candidate is in pain, what he touted as success is failing (Staples to close 60 stores to recover $250m):

  6. starlight says:

    While I gritted my teeth and watched Romney on 60 Minutes, I was really struck by how he was just envisioning doing his Bain schtick once again. All the collateral damage of that phase has left him unfazed.

    Anyone see the Obama speech at the UN today? I thought he was amazing.

  7. karen says:

    I’m always excited to see a new post up, and never disappointed. Your post triggered a feeling that will be better framed by sharing this morning’s experience as it relates to the Uranus/Mars/Pluto squabble, with Saturn stepping in to break things up during this October 17 – 19 transit.

    We have a very reliable rural internet/cable provider. During the past three weeks they’ve sustained repeated cyber attacks. The latest, this morning, took out services for 2 1/2 hours or more.

    The degree of the coming bruhaha at 8 degrees triggered this feeling that we could very well be primed for a massive cyber attack crippling power and other utility functions, not to mention critical communications, our rural provider being only a test run.

    Re: 60 Minutes. Romney is careless. He doesn’t give full attention to any question, rather he uses key words to obfuscate.

  8. angellight says:

    Good article Nancy on Bain and the debates.

    What kind of person invests in a business in China which Imprisons women behind a barbed wire fence? Mitt Romeny!

    Anything for Profit!

  9. alex says:

    The Pillaging Plutocrat Romney:

    Sociopaths do not see their victims as individuals with rights of their own. Instead they see others as tools to be used in order to get what they want.

    A sociopath is usually arrogant and narcissistic in the extreme. They see themselves as being perfect, and feel that they know it all. A sociopath believes that he or she is entitled to do anything they want, and have whatever they desire. They think that they are superior to everybody else. They have an unrealistic view of themselves.

    A sociopath will have no problem lying to another person with confidence and ease. They will show no physical sign of discomfort while telling a lie. What’s more, a sociopath is capable of creating a complex web of deceit. They can convince themselves that their falsehoods are truths, so that they actually believe their own lies. Hence a sociopath might pass a lie detector test, even though what they are saying could not be further from the truth.

    Sociopaths are excellent at controlling other people in order to achieve their own goals.

    A sociopath can do hideously cruel and immoral things to other people without feeling any guilt. To a sociopath, other people are not human beings with feelings and rights of their own. What’s more, sociopaths do not have real friends. Instead people are either co-conspirators, casualties, or both. A sociopath will see you not as a person, but as a prospect to help them achieve their ultimate objective. Nobody and nothing can obstruct the will of a sociopath.

  10. Baraka says:

    I do love your posts, Nancy – but I think you may have meant “unfazed” rather than “unphased.” It’s a very common error, but one that sets off my proofreader radar something fierce. With all respect – thank you for letting me note this.

    Fazed is defined as “to cause to be disturbed or disconcerted; daunt: The worst insults cannot faze him.”

    “Phased” is defined as

    1. any of the major appearances or aspects in which a thing of varying modes or conditions manifests itself to the eye or mind.
    2. a stage in a process of change or development: Each phase of life brings its own joys.
    3. a side, aspect, or point of view: This is only one phase of the question.
    4. a state of synchronous operation: to put two mechanisms in phase.
    5. Astronomy .
    a. the particular appearance presented by the moon or a planet at a given time.
    b. one of the recurring appearances or states of the moon or a planet in respect to the form, or the absence, of its illuminated disk: the phases of the moon.

  11. starlight says:

    Can you tell me what paragraph? I can’t find it. thanks for pointing it out.

  12. Jackson says:

    Last word, first paragraph of your comment above (not in the main text).

  13. Francis says:

    aging eyes :) Thanks!

  14. M. says:

    Thank you for the article Nancy. The pundits have indeed been building up this debate as a meeting at the OK Corral. In addition, in the last several days, they’ve been saying what a good debater Romney is and that Obama isn’t. A speech Romney gave today was offered as proof of his abilities. What I’m wondering is…does Romney’s Saturn on the 3rd kick in before the debates start or after? And does it even matter?

  15. kdez says:

    Romney is not a sociopath – he has none of their trademark charm and ease. Rather he is uncomfortable when forced to engage with persons not like himself. His pathology relates to the limitations of his class — he is the American version of Monty Python’s “upper-class twit of the year.” I’m guessing his personal psyche is merely stunted and lacking in empathy.

  16. clymela says:

    Nancy-thank you so much for this analysis of times and the Presidential race. I hope that Hillary is safe during the times of upset-the Saturn transit. I have heard Romney say out loud that he will need two terms to bring about the change is hoping to create.i wonder why the Democrats have not picked up on this to counter the Republican theme of “He has had 31/2 years…..” Also wonder why we don’t use Romney’s history in MA-reducing taxes and increasing fees which hit the low income the worst. Sometimes Obama looks ill-he must be under strain that we never hear about.

  17. angellight says:

    Starlight, goodluck on your upcoming bookstore presentations.

    Romney Invested in Iran Producing Oil Companies, which fund the Iranian Gov’t! No wonder he advised Iran on how to bomb America!;_ylu=X3oDMTEzOGhhNWkzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMTgEY29sbwNhYzIEdnRpZANERlI1Xzc4/SIG=128a70mul/EXP=1348602493/**http%3a//

  18. Virginia says:

    Sounds like my ex, but he wasn’t a sociopath, he was worse – and actor!

  19. Davis L says:

    I’m not convinced he’s a sociopath. I worked a number of years in counseling both in the mental health system & in the criminal justice system where I encountered a goodly number of genuine diagnosed sociopaths. To me, Romney doesn’t read like a sociopath. Someone lacking in empathy and insight into self & others, OH YEAH! And…He’s certainly afflicted with heavy denial. I’m not certain what he is, or if any diagnosis is appropriate at all.

    I DO think the R. Party as a whole displays a number of sociopathic features, and this certainly gets mirrored by members; but were a member to separate from same for a while would they “return to normal?” I’m not sure.

  20. Davis L says:

    The same kind of person so lacking in empathy and insight they feel comfortable strapping a dog in a crate to the roof of the car and driving off on a long trip.

    He’s the kind of person who is unwilling to look at or admit facts which contradict his worldview. His beliefs are his god. And his god handsomely & consistently rewards him with feelings of justification for his privileged position.

  21. Davis L says:

    Great article!
    Wish I could be there for your presentation at the NYC Quest bookstore, but I’m much closer to the other TS sponsored Quest bookstore in Seattle. Maybe we could arrange a presentation in Seattle at some point? As a lifelong TS member (now in Olympia) I know the Seattle Quest people very well and would be happy to assist when the time comes.

    I believe you would be quite welcome for presentations with the astrology community in Raleigh, NC as well.

    As for your presentations, Oct 2, & 18 I’m sure you will do well, but speaking from another part of my life,… Break a leg!

  22. will says:


    As a fellow in mental health, I think it is certainly correct to say that Romney has some sociopathic traits. To wit, the single greatest motivating reward for a sociopath is money.

    Secondly, in the pursuit of his high-financial fix, he sees no problem with violating the rights and privileges of other people. And then there was the dog on the roof of the car and tackling that boy in high school and cutting his hair against his will.

    Another feature of the sociopath is that they are interpersonally-exploitative, like the narcissist.

    He’s not Saddam Hussein, but he ain’t no Mr. Cleaver either.

    Just sayin.

  23. alex says:

    if I might add: violent felon sociopath would qualify as ‘malignant’ sociopaths; Romney a sociopath who lets his cruel policies and business models inflict injury/harm/death to others;

  24. alex says:

    Psychologically speaking, conscience is a sense of obligation ultimately based in an emotional attachment to another living creature (often but not always a human being), or to a group of human beings, or even in some cases to humanity as a whole. Conscience does not exist without an emotional bond to someone or something, and in this way conscience is closely allied with the spectrum of emotions we call “love.” This alliance is what gives true conscience its resilience and its astonishing authority over those who have it, and probably also its confusing and frustrating quality.

    Martha Stout, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in private practice, served on the faculty in psychology in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School for twenty-five years. She is also the author of “The Myth of Sanity.”

    Martha Stout (The Myth of Sanity) explains, a sociopath is defined as someone who displays at least three of seven distinguishing characteristics, such as deceitfulness, impulsiveness and a lack of remorse. Such people often have a superficial charm, which they exercise ruthlessly in order to get what they want.


    ‘The Sociopath Next Door’ by Martha Stout

  25. alex says:

    Hi Davis L

    FYI: psychology and the legal definition of depravity (the depravity scale project)

  26. Noelle says:

    There’s a new Mathew’s Message ou for those who are interested.

  27. alex says:

    Hussein and others like him don’t need to have further breakdown of their soulless psyches they are just evil leave it at that;

    I left you a post about forensic psychology subject called – the depravity scale – it is a forensic survey of ‘evil'; the examination of evil to refine the ‘scale’ of depravity for use in the criminal court system;

  28. Nancy says:

    Just wanted to say that I am so grateful for your brilliant mind and abilities.

  29. Davis L says:

    Hey Alex!
    I really appreciate the link. Many Thanks!

    Although I was very proficient in the field, my late geminii asc. and pisces midheaven w/pisces moon and aries jupiter in the 10th rendered me way too sensitive to continue. It all sort of drove me crazy. It really broke me into a million pieces. I left the mental health field several years ago. So, I tend to defer to the reasoning of those still active in the field.

    Without some in person interaction and testing I don’t know whether Romney is, or is not a sociopath, but I certainly agree he has some obvious sociopathic traits. And the characteristics, behaviors and events you mentioned are definite red flags.

    I see Romney as possessing a paradoxical sort of personality. On the one hand, like a sociopath, he is flexibly willing to say or do whatever is necessary to get what he wants, (thus the wide variety of contradictory political positions depending on timing, circumstance and audience), but conversely he seems to have internalized a certain emotional/mental rigidity, perhaps derived from his Mormon training.

    Odd fellow for sure. Even if I were in basic agreement with his politics, I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher, and I’ll bet were we to ask Seamus (his dog) he wouldn’t either!

  30. Davis L says:


    That was meant for both Will and Alex.
    Apologies Will.

  31. W Prizgar says:

    Great post. I thoroughly enjoy reading your postings. Can you please clarify the following. You stated:
    “I fully anticipate a win for the president, but things may be murky in some way until around November 13, and then favor Obama.”

    Does this mean a replay of 2000 and we won’t know who won the election until the 13th. Or, Obama wins on the 6th and the murkiness of which you speak concerns control of the house and senate?

  32. starlight says:

    I don’t know the answer to that. I wish I did. But the Mercury station square to Neptune spells confusion and recounts and probably provisional ballots that may be determinative once they are counted. Romney has a few days during which he seems upbeat. It could be relief the whole thing is over, could be hope for a few days (Neptune) he may win after further counting? I don’t know. But I think things shift for the president around the 13th or so. Could be the Senate.

  33. starlight says:

    I would love to come to Seattle! Maybe we can talk about it after the New Year. Thanks for the idea!

  34. starlight says:

    At the GOP convention, the pundits were saying it was one of Romney’s best speeches. It didn’t matter. The after image of the whole thing was negative for Romney. So if the Saturn square to his Saturn starts the next day, it spells trouble in the important after-debate period.

    The president will have tr Venus (15Virgo) activating that lovely Jupiter station sesquiquadrate his Jupiter and square his solar return Ascendant on 10/16 and early 10/17. Venus will be conjunct solar return Ascendant. He does also have Saturn square his Mercury, but I think that has more to do with some other issue. As I said, it is not always easy to tease out what is the presidency and what is the campaign. but since Romney doesn’t seem to benefit from it, it would seem to be another issue, probably triggered by that Mars transit.

  35. starlight says:

    Thank you! I kept searching but couldn’t find it in the text.

  36. starlight says:

    By the way, I will be out of town this weekend from Friday through Sunday. This will be during the rather volatile Sun opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto. The Moon joins in (Full Moon!) Saturday night. Remember that all those demonstrations in the Muslim world, many violent, took place during the days of the exact Uranus/Pluto square through the 19th of September. This upcoming configuration could trigger some very wild energy and extreme volatility. Weather conditions may also get crazy in some places.

    Great time for me to be on the road! Not.

  37. M. says:

    My suspicion is it will have something to do with the senate. The Cons looked to be a sure shot to get it back at the beginning of the year and that is now in doubt. I’m wondering if it comes down to 49/50 with one seat in question. At 50/50 the dems would maintain control. I do so hope the presidency isn’t in question as that would truly hamper Obama as well as further divide the country.

  38. alex says:

    In a 1994 science-fiction novel called Interface, a presidential candidate has an electronic chip in his brain that links his mind to real-time polling data. His words, deeds, even his thoughts are immediately responsive to the public mood. Mitt Romney seems a lot like that – except that Romney’s chip is connected to money.

    That money’s Romney’s own, along with that of his contributors and his entire financial class. His economic arguments may be incomprehensible but his motives are easily understood. In the words of Snoop Dogg, “he’s got his mind on his money and his money on his mind.”

    To know the man you must know his money. That means a new report listing his chief campaign contributors can also give us insight into Romney’s mind, and those of his powerful backers.

    Meet the Radicals – – How radical are they?

    Romney and his party are already pursuing their radical policies: A dismantling of most government programs, including a self-funded program like Social Security and vitally needed ones like Medicaid, Federal disaster relief, education … even law enforcement and storm warning systems to reduce deaths and property damage.

    The country they seek is radically different from the one we all grew up in, or even the troubled one we live in today. It’s a nation without a social safety net, with hungry and ill people in the streets, without free and fair elections, without basic legal protections for consumers or the environment – a United States unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.

    The executives I used to know would have laughed off Obama’s populist rhetoric as long as the cash kept pouring in. But the new crowd doesn’t just want an unfair and ill-gotten share of the nation’s wealth. They want it paid as tribute.

    In the old days demagogues would work a mob into a frenzy until it was ready to burn down Parliament. Nowadays you can work a billionaire or two into a frenzy and buy Parliament instead. That’s much more efficient – and a lot less messy.

  39. Carmen C. Izquierdo says:

    Thank you for publishing the truth about the Republican candidate for the Presidency; let us hope that those of us in the 47% that he dismisses chooses to vote in such a manner as to avert disaster for the USA.

  40. Lune Prière says:

    I saw the speech and agree it was fantastic. He continues to inspire me with his caring for the lost and forgotten souls out there.

    Also, many thanks for the new post!!

  41. Lune Prière says:

    We’ll all wrap you and yours in white light for some extra protection, starlight.

  42. M. says:

    Larry O’Donnell has just reported a story in Politico by Roger Simon. The story is appalling and one wonders if a VP candidate can be dropped. Below is the relevant paragraph,

    “Though Ryan had already decided to distance himself from the floundering Romney campaign, he now feels totally uninhibited. Reportedly, he has been marching around his campaign bus, saying things like, “If Stench calls, take a message” and “Tell Stench I’m having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later.”

    Read more:

  43. Stefanie says:

    Nancy — so excited that you’ll be speaking in NYC — I’ll do my very best to be there!

  44. Todd Bennett says:

    This much I feel in my heart, there will be no recounts for the White House. The President will win handily, the recounts may determine the House.

  45. Todd Bennett says:

    The polls will tighten as bases consolidate. Say from 14-16 after the debates to more like 8-10. This thing has been baked for a while now.

  46. Teresa Hill says:

    I think Romney would be relieved if it was happy right this minute.

  47. pisca says:

    Voter fraud could play into the confusion. Rmoney would be upbeat if he felt assured that Karl Rove, Inc. could pull off another rigged election. And this could explain why the GOP insists that Rmoney is winning, even though nobody likes him and polls show he’s losing… badly.

  48. Gypsi says:

    Jom Stewart tonight is awesome.
    Neptune is really fuzzying Romney’s brain.

  49. Teresa Hill says:

    Awk! Susan Miller is calling this a monster moon, and I’ve seldom seen her describe anything in those terms and she’s warning many to stay close to home and be ready for issues to pop up.
    So please be careful

  50. Teresa Hill says:

    Had my class tonight on dealing with the changes of 2012. Will type a longer note tomorrow, but basically my teacher said our spirits are evolving very quickly and our bodies are freaking out and exhausted. That it’s a much harder transition for our bodies and time to really be gentle with our bodies and pamper them. If you’re exhausted and need to rest, then rest.

  51. Lorrie U says:

    I think part of the Neptune effect on Romney is that he really buys into the Mormon prophecy of a Mormon president and that he’s the one to fulfill it. He truly believes he can’t lose…

  52. Lune Prière says:

    Amazing report. I don’t like Mitt Romney, but I despise Ryan. If this story is true, he should be ashamed. He willingly took on his role as VP candidate, and I think it’s despicable that he isn’t at least pretending to support the guy who put him on the ticket. Romney is craven, but Ryan is even worse.

    I hope this campaign serves to put them both out of the public view forever. Yuck.

  53. starlight says:

    That would be wonderful!! Be sure to say hello and let me know it is you!

  54. starlight says:

    This is extraordinary. If this story gets around, it is truly the end of Romney and maybe Ryan as well. Remember Ryan has that same eclipse but on his Descendant (partner).

    One of the things I like best about Obama is his inherent decency. These guys just don’t have a clue what that even means.

  55. Lune Prière says:

    I agree with that, Todd. But we really need to run up the vote count so the dirty tricks can’t work! I want a landslide!

  56. M. says:

    Roger Simon has a strong background for reporting credible stories so I am prepared to believe it. It is just so wrong on so many levels. Ryan has effectively stabbed Romney in the back and once this story gains traction, which it will, I don’t see how they can appear on a stage together. This story was posted just today so we’ll see.

  57. Lune Prière says:

    Ha ha!

  58. M. says:

    It’s blowing me away, especially as Romney stood on a stage today with Ryan chanting Romney/Ryan in an effort to remind those gathered that he was the head of the ticket not Ryan. I do hope this piece grabs attention as it tells the true story about this race. Ryan has gone rogue as the article says.

    As you say, you’d never, ever see Obama and Biden treating each other so disrespectfully.

  59. Lune Prière says:

    That’s just what I was thinking. How can they campaign together now? Ryan did himself and Romney a real disservice if this is true. Like you, I’m inclined to believe it is.

  60. Lorrie U says:

    Stench is trending all over Twitter!!

  61. virgo says:
    The Romney Campaign refers to Ryan as, “Gilligan.”

  62. alex says:

    “Paul Ryan is a phony and a disaster,” says John Dohner, president of Local 95 of the United Auto Workers in Janesville, Ryan’s hometown. “The people I know aren’t fooled by his smile or surprised by his votes. They see him as a slickster, not a friend.”

    But a huge majority of voters in Ryan’s district seem to be fooled, or at least fail to see any credible alternative. They keep sending him back to Washington.

    Last fall, Ryan’s opponents were frustrated yet again as he skated to victory with 68 percent of the vote over barely funded—and thus barely visible—Democrat John Heckenlively.

    Ryan pulled this off even though on Election Day, cities in his district had jobless rates between 10.3 percent and 13.4 percent.

    “Paul Ryan’s failed leadership in his own district speaks volumes as to the kind of Vice President he’d be, putting profits and the wealthy before the working people of his own district.”

  63. alex says:

    Zerbans vs Ryan

    “The people of the First District can see where that budget impacts their lives. Their bridges start to crumble. We’ve got 16 bridges on federal highways alone in the district that have been declared structurally deficientm and that doesn’t include county and local municipal bridges.

    He’s been neglecting his district and raising his national profile. We’ve had massive job losses in the district. A GM plant closed in Janesville. A brassworks plant closed in Kenosha. He’s been supporting trade policies that allowed jobs to go overseas, and these are not policies you pursue if you’re from this district.”

    In an odd way, Rob Zerban is turning the Mitt Romney playbook against Paul Ryan, a career politician who’s never had to meet a payroll.

    “He has a lot to answer for,” Zerban tells me. “He has to defend the indefensible. I don’t know where he gets his credibility on budget matters. I mean, he had a minor in economics. What experience does he have to say that he’s the great budget oracle? None that I can see.

    As nearly as I can tell, he graduated and he went right to work in Washington, for a couple of senators and then to a think-tank and then he ran for Congress. He’s the kind of ‘budget guy’ who doesn’t have any real world experience. I had to write responsible budgets when I was running a small business.

  64. angellight says:

    Teresa Hill: That makes a lot of sense – that our body needs adjusting to the higher incoming energies.

    Alex: great info on Ryan to Tweet..,

    M. Moring Joe did a segment on Romney/Ryan Chant; said it was awful. Also good story on the Stench isssue; I saw them together and I said to my husband, Ryan is openly making fun of Romney; he had a sly smirk on his face of disdain. It was very clear for me to see. I am sure others seen also!

  65. angellight says:

    Noelle: I love Matthews Messages, thanks.

  66. W Prizgar says:

    Thank you for your response.
    I think it has to be the House or the Senate, most probably the House because the Senate has already slipped away from the Republicans.

    The Republicans are doing everything in their power to suppress the minority vote and other shenanigans, but at the same time if you go here: you will see that Obama enjoys a very comfortable electoral vote margin. Every reputable poll agrees and this is the way it has been for the past 6 to 8 months. Romney has never led in the electoral college. Not once. Moreover, in every swing state Obama presently enjoys very comfortable leads, and since the Democratic convention these leads are increasing daily. So it appears that very little can go wrong here to engender the murkiness in the Presidential race. The debates will come and go and the EC numbers will move very little just as they haven’t over the past several months.

    Unless . . . if I may — what’s in Bibi Netanyahu’s chart during the period 10/17- 19?

    Is he the one responsible for the foreign policy event/turmoil you spoke of during that period?

  67. starlight says:

    The Republicans in the last few years have become increasingly shameless in how they act. The traditional boundaries of what is appropriate and respectful have fallen away, as they treat our president and other Democratic leaders with such overt disdain and disrespect. It seems that this habit is now coming back to haunt them, as Paul Ryan is acting like this toward Romney, in a way that no VP candidate has ever done and with seemingly no awareness how out of bounds it truly is.

  68. clymela says:

    Teresa-i have had a house full of family and not much time/space for chart reading but off the top I thought about your daughter-a healer but with such a souped up vehicle that getting control and management will take up most of her first Saturn cycle. More later.

  69. starlight says:

    I want to remind people of the trend I have been predicting for several months, and again specifically a few posts ago. I think the biggest economic stress is past for now with Saturn leaving Libra, and we will be dealing more and more with a renewal of terrorism and foreign policy issues. This was inaugurated in mid-September with the embassy attacks. We may see more this weekend with the Full Moon activating the Uranus square to Pluto.

  70. ScorpioX3 says:

    Thanks so much for another eye-opening, informative post, Starlight. I’m so grateful for the astrological wisdom I find here, Between your offerings and the input from your wise community of commenters, I couldn’t have found a better place to advance my understanding of the patterns in our world and in our lives.

    Re “the Mercury station square to Neptune spells confusion and recounts…” – Take a look at this AP report released this morning:

    “The presidential election is Nov. 6, but it could take days to figure out the winner if the vote is close. New voting laws are likely to increase the number of people who have to cast provisional ballots in key states.

    “Tight races for Congress, governor and local offices also could be stuck in limbo while election officials scrutinize ballots, a scenario that would surely attract legions of campaign lawyers from both parties…”

    Full story at

  71. starlight says:

    Exactly what I think will happen. People will think one side wins only for it to shift and the other side. Neptune – what you think you see is not what you see.

  72. starlight says:

    Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to share a country with these people. They simply twist reality to fit their preconceived paranoid assumptions.

  73. Diane L says:

    I agree. The whole “values voters” thing is deeply disturbing & when the repubs embraced the christian conservatives, we all lost. Fanaticism . . . *shudder*

  74. No Tribe says:

    The election will be settled by the eclipse trigger on Nov 14th.

  75. M. says:

    Voter ID Laws Could Delay Outcome Of Close Election

    “WASHINGTON — The presidential election is Nov. 6, but it could take days to figure out the winner if the vote is close. New voting laws are likely to increase the number of people who have to cast provisional ballots in key states.

    Tight races for Congress, governor and local offices also could be stuck in limbo while election officials scrutinize ballots, a scenario that would surely attract legions of campaign lawyers from both parties.”

  76. Teresa Hill says:

    Oh, that’s her. A healer. She’s been involved in that sort of thing from the time she was young, going with me to see my Reiki/Jin Shin Jyutsu person. Me working on her, teaching her some meditation techniques and helping me work on people.
    She’s highly intuitive, too.

  77. Francis says:

    I have faith that most people reading or hearing these kinds of things will disregard it as bitter and fanatical. They are seething and out of control and will likely destroy any shred of credibility that religious moderates gave them.

  78. Teresa Hill says:

    Ryan has a real mean streak. I’m not surprised it’s coming out. He will not be silenced easily.

  79. James says:


    How do you think the Matheson (D) vs Love (R) race will turn out?

    3/21/1960 for Matheson
    12/6/1975 for Love

  80. Azizi says:

    A dailykos diary led me to this video: Ann Romney responds to campaign criticism: You People Leave Mitt Alone!


    Here’s the description of that video from that dailykos diary:
    “After Mrs. Romney demanded that her husband’s critics “stop it!” on Iowa radio, this was inevitable. And now it’s arrived, the obligatory Chris Cocker take off, appropriately and wonderfully performed by drag impresario Mimi Imfurst.

    Enjoy! I did.”

  81. Gypsi says:

    I noticed that. And I am not entirely surprised by Ryan’s attitude. Romney is sort of a bumbling shill, something that becomes increasingly apparent.

  82. starlight says:

    I think Mia Love will win. Jupiter will oppose her Sun and Venus will be sextile her Sun. Is this for Congress or Senate?

  83. Baraka says:

    Sorry not to get back to you – I was in the depths of trying to deal with gifting a property to my son so I can qualify for help with Medicaid required insurance and after 4 hours on the phone, I couldn’t take any more data and just read a nice quiet book for the rest of the day – glad someone was able to find it for you!

  84. James says:


    but I admit its hard to predict elections without birth times.

    It may also be good to look at the transits in early January.

  85. alex says:

    Rachel Maddow showed the Florida ballot; IT IS TEN PAGES LONG;

    as she noted they cut back on voting hours; FLORIDA knows where they had long lines before and they created this monster ballot to slow things down even further; the voter has to fill it out and then scan in each page one at a time to the ballot scanner themselves;

    Florida is full of devilish GOP; how is it they control the local political offices….. aren’t any Dems running for local control offices?

  86. Wennye' says:

    Teresa, I am getting a taste of this energy out on the streets when passing out the food packs. Many are showing anxious energy, I had a young man on drugs approach me while I was doing my job, getting real close to me and calling me baby. We sometimes forget we are touched by the Moon’s energy as well. So I had to take control of the situation by telling him directly to back down and be respectful. Today out on the streets I plan on calling loudly to my Guardian Angel to be alert lol..Blessings All

  87. alex says:

    the Democrats are attacking Christmas; ___ so and so__
    won’t allow us to have a statue of Moses tablet in front of the mayor’s office; the president’s Christmas card was racist; Nancy Pelosi is a Christian soul-sucking vampire! liberal progressives are zombie pod people;

  88. alex says:

    Video Link: Challenger to Darrell Issa CA-49

    Jerry Telalman vs Darrell Issa

  89. alex says:

    opponent to Michele Bachmann MN 6th district

    Jim Graves vs. Michele Bachmann

    Graves is certainly not a shoe-in, because redistricting shored up Bachmann’s suburban base and moved much of the more liberal, urban St. Cloud out. But any way you slice it, Graves is giving Bachmann a very real challenge. Witness the fact that the Bachmann campaign hasn’t responded to Graves’ release of internal polling showing the incumbent with just a two-point advantage, 48-46.

    “The primary exposed [Bachmann’s] DNA,” Graves said. “She doesn’t grasp the big picture and, in deference to her, she’s never been in business. She goes after the bank bailouts, but is against Dodd-Frank and any new regulations.”

    Graves DOB 9/27/1953, St. Cloud MN

    Bachmann DOB 4/6/1956, Waterloo IA

  90. barbk says:


    Maybe it could be the House. Election Day asteroid “House” is at 22 Libra (50-50) and is conjunct TNO “Radamanthus” (judge, karmic penalties, justice) and the two of them sextile trans. Mars at 22 Sagittarius, along with TNO “Quaoar” (god-like creative force who “dances” something into existence). All 4 of them form a Yod with trans. asteroid Sphinx (secrets, riddles) by way of their quincunx aspects to it. That puts Sphinx, at 22 Taurus, in the cat-bird seat wielding and acting on all the energy of the Yod. Since Sphinx at 22 Taurus is trine the U.S. Neptune and Pres. Obama’s Mars (both at 22 Virgo) we should expect this harmonious relationship to yield a positive outcome for the President.

    On the other hand, Election-Day Mars (and Quaoar), in addition to his participation in the yod also squares the U.S. Neptune (and Obama’s Mars) as well as opposing the U.S. natal Mars at 21 Gemini. This T-square aspect could manifest as anger and confusion and/or deception for the President.

    In the U.S. Solar Return chart this year, Black Moon Lilith is at 22 Taurus also. This could represent “independent women” in the voting. She is opposite Juno, the “perfect wife” and the Principle of Relatedness and she’s in the sign of Scorpio. I get the feeling that maybe those women voters who are torn between their loyalties to their “husbands” (or the Republican Party line) and their “independent” feelings and persuasions, will skew the expected outcome results. Both Taurus and Scorpio have easy relationships to the sign that the U.S. Neptune and Obama’s Mars are in, Virgo.

    The U.S. Solar Return also features the Moon in Capricorn conjunct the U.S. NATAL Pluto and I’m wondering if this could mean more women are elected to powerful positions once held by men only.

    A fun fact is that the U.S. progressed Sphinx is at 7+ Pisces, therefore conjunct the U.S. progressed Sun and square the U.S. progressed Uranus!

  91. karen says:

    They really don’t want to share “their” country with us either. Truly, they want a theocracy, headed by a white verifiably christian man. Women will be required to wear long dresses, not cut their hair, and most of all — obey all the wise decisions men formulate after long deliberations over a sanctified table. UGHHHHHHHHHH!

  92. luluforever says:

    I’m an avid lurker here, but just had to de-lurk to post this from Daily Kos Called Romney Pulling a Bain on the GOP

    Lots of $$$ going into Romney’s pockets, just like in his Bain days. Could this be why he’s happy right after the election? Just a though. Love this site!

  93. alex says:

    Hi barbk,

    As you know the 22degree Taurus is the Midheaven degree & sign of radix US federal government chart:

    George Washington’s inauguration chart is considered by many astrologers to be the beginning of US federal government:

    Natal Mercury @21 Taurus, Mitch McConnell
    Natal Mars @22 Taurus, Mitch McConnell

    Natal Mercury @23 Taurus, Eric Cantor

  94. clymela says:

    Wennye-love and Light to you dear worker. I stopped breathing for a second when I read your entry and then I relaxed and imaged you embraced in Light and sent that off to you. I have always had a hard time moving outside in humble circumstances. I know that you are giving more than you realize.

  95. clymela says:

    Alex-I think of these “radicals” as the New Century fascists. These people are terrifying to me and they are liars. We should stand and yell with Obama that these people did not do anything without the society around them-no one owns anything pure and we are each others keepers. The idea that one deserves to have as much as one can get hold of is literally sinful and against Life.

  96. Davis L says:

    My sentiments as well.
    I’ve studied comparative religion & sociology of religion for over 45 years, and even did some graduate work on the religious right. And you know what?…..I still don’t get these people! And just when I think I do, I don’t!

  97. Davis L says:

    RE: Romney’s upbeat mood for a few days after the election:
    He strikes me as a person who has difficulty knowing what his true feelings are. I’ve had the impression for quite some time that he really does NOT want to be president, but is running for other reasons. The intensity of his “apparent” desire to run may be wide but not so deep. Perhaps he’s doing this to please his wife, or possibly to fulfill an obligation to his father or some other significant person in his life.

    Conversely, particularly if all hell breaks loose in the area of foreign affairs (the realm he is the least comfortable with) maybe he’s pleased he doesn’t have to deal with it. He might even be perversely pleased, holding the belief the crisis at hand will destroy Obama.

    Seeing the numbers at this point, (and presuming present trends continue) I think it more probable the Mercury retrograde reflects confusion & recounts having to do with local & congressional races & very little to do with the presidential race. I also suspect we may see numerous lawsuits or other activity having to do with voter suppression after the election.

  98. barbk says:

    After I posted my Reply to M’s comment made on 9/25, 7:38 PM, regarding an astrological setup on Election Day, I realized that I should have noticed that the solar Eclipse on 11/13 at 21 Scorpio 56 will conjunct Juno in the U.S. Solar Return chart at 21 Scorpio 46 rx. . . .

    Juno (the perfect wife) was opposite Black Moon Lilith (the independent woman) at 22 Taurus in the U.S. SR chart. I thought this important to note since on Election Day, Sphinx (riddles, unsolved mysteries) is at 22 Taurus and forms a yod with Mars and Quaoar (dances something into reality) in their sextile to “House” (House of Reps) and “Radamanthus” (judging, justice). All these symbols make some aspect to the U.S. natal Neptune and Pres. Obama’s Mars, both at 22 Virgo. More detail in earlier reply.

    My impression was that women would make a difference in the election results and one of the “reasons” was the Juno-Black Moon Lilith opposition in the U.S. solar return, suggesting that some “married women” might break with their husbands (or the GOP) doctrine and follow their independent leanings. Now I realize this could really be so, due to the eclipse (same degree as Juno in SR chart) one week after the Election and Mercury stationing retro. The U.S Solar Return Moon is conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto too. The Eclipse hides something, Mercury needs to re-examine, and Sphinx holds a secret.

    In the Solar Eclipse of 11/13 this is further confirmed by the square between the goddess asteroids Pallas-Athene and Vesta, both of whom make aspects to the eclipsed Sun/Moon. Even more so now, I believe that it is the American women who will be deciding who runs our government because of the grand water trine between Ceres in Cancer, Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio in the eclipse chart. The Eclipse chart Mars is conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius (universal powers exerting their wisdom and understanding) and sextile the U.S. Moon (women, mothers, families) as the human race works toward ending polarization. this eclipse has world-wide effects but is especially potent for the U.S. Eclipse Pallas-Athene at 22 Pisces rx will put more pressure on the already sensitive U.S. natal square between Neptune and Mars as she opposses Virgo Neptune and squares Gemini Mars.

  99. Patty says:

    Perhaps…It is the House & Senate Pubs are working to Steal.
    This will bring you all a smile:

    Thank you, Nancy!

  100. Mayfly says:

    Thanks, barbk. Lately I’ve been quoting this statement by James Wolcott, an editor at Vanity Fair:

    “It is difficult to imagine what else the Republicans can do to drive away women in 2012, unless they decide to bring back witch hanging. And I wouldn’t put it past them.”

  101. M. says:

    Wow barbk that’s quite a piece, I would be so thrilled if we could reclaim the house! It won’t be long now before we know the outcome and our speculation ends.

  102. Patty says:

    Wow, ‘Woman will make a difference in the election results’…I love it!

  103. Fe says:


    Jude sent me a pic of the Dalai Lama with his quote:

    “The World will be saved by the western woman.”

    I think the millennium of Regulus entering Virgo has begun.

  104. Patty says:

    Do Astrologer’s here see any important correlations between the coming Full Moon – 9/29/12
    And the Democratic Party Chart –
    Anything pertaining to ‘Women’?

    (Wonder what Wolfstar thinks of the political developments…he predicted Romney)

  105. barbk says:

    Bless his heart – thanks Fe and thanks to Jude too. Nancy Pelosi was on Ratchel’s show tonight and one can sense some excitement in the air regarding the House and Senate potentials now.

    As for Borasisi conjunct Romney’s Mercury today (as the Moon squared her nodes and made a conjunction to the U.S. Moon), I think that was when Romney said in Ohio something to the effect that he and the President both cared about people but the difference was that he knew how to help them and the prez didn’t. Pants on Fire moment for sure. New commercial starting today where he earnestly said the same thing. Venus squares Mars in a couple of hours and I am looking forward to the Morning Joe conversation tomorrow! (snicker)

    alex – no way to reply to your comment re: Mitch McConnell’s astrology but it should make for an interesting solar eclipse after the election. What do you make of Sedna’s being at 23 Taurus? (I can’t forget MM’s vow to keep Obama to a one term presidency, and I’m a Kentuckian so would love to see egg on his face!)

  106. Virginia says:

    The Dali Lama’s comment reminded me of a quote from Lobsang Rampa: ‘Woman is the hope of the world’.

    Also: “If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” – Matthew Arnold

  107. Lorrie U says:

    Hedge Fund Hype, Wall Street Horoscopes, And Drop-Top Jets: The Magical Minds of the “Radical Rich”

    Strange stories from the newswires: Thousands of Wall Street traders subscribe to “financial astrology” newsletters. A series of wealthy Americans erupt into rage-filled public outbursts. Mitt Romney wonders why you can’t open a jet’s windows in mid-flight.

  108. Sharon says:

    I think it’s supposed to be satire from what I heard, not completely sure though!

  109. pam says:

    The story was satire, the give away the idea that microsoft would invent a cattle prode

  110. alex says:

    Hey barbk,

    I don’t know Mitch McConnell that well I wiki-ed him; first of all McConnell is the leader of a political machine which as a resident of the state you know more about than I would;

    he votes with big banks
    he votes with big oil
    he votes with big coal
    he works trades to China,
    he votes with the KY military bases and beyond
    the only thing I haven’t look up yet is pharma … but feel sure they are in his personal roledex;

    what do I think of him – in a word HUBRIS:
    really set in when he married 1993 to Elaine Chao

    ixion – mark andrew holmes
    bellerophon – mark andrew holmes

    hubris : 2/1/2012 @28 Aquarius – 1/31/2013 @00Gemini43

    Elaine Chao (1993–present)

  111. alex says:

    Solar Eclipse 11/13/2012

    #430 hybris (hubris) @06 Gemini

  112. alex says:

    barbk – blurry fog fever so sedna another time……

  113. Todd Bennett says:

    To be clear, Starlight, your opinion does lean more towards down ballot races being confused? Or do you see a last second collapse at polls for O because of terrorism, because usually there is a rally effect. Just not sensing this race getting close again is all.

  114. angellight says:

    Michael Tomasky on the GOP’s Self-Delusion Syndrome

    With Obama’s lead in several swing states becoming insurmountable, the right has begun to panic—by denying reality altogether.

  115. angellight says:

    Virginia: Great quotes, pregnant with truth!

    luluforever: Great link! Thanks.

  116. Nina says:

    The one thing that worries me from your analysis is that square between Pallas-Athene and Vesta. Pallas-Athene is the archetype of the feminist – the genius warrior. Vesta is the archetype of the stay-at-home mother, keeper of hearth and home. There has always been an unnecessary tension between the two, and that square would seem to bring it into open conflict.

  117. Stefanie says:

    My apologies is someone else has posted this, but it seems to describe exactly what Nancy has predicted post-election: a right-wing uprising, if Obama wins. (I should say “when” because he’s definitely going to win.) They are being fed a line by their “media” if we can call it that, that Romney is winning, and could see an Obama win as an election stealing! They’re also hearing over and over about voter fraud, which those of us that live in the reality-based universe know isn’t a real thing. This is actually pretty scary.

  118. Todd Bennett says:

    Not in the mood for these people, if they bring me a fight, they will regret it. The President will be re-elected, handily, honorably, and without question. They threaten my President, they threaten me. They don’t want to do that. My job is not to worry about those people, because I will never convince them to take responsibility for their personal sanity. Listen to what I am saying, 2000 was a one off deal, they are not doing it again.

  119. starlight says:

    This is most definitely one possibility of what could happen. These people are already prone to conspiracy thinking and have been fed incendiary lies for years now.

  120. starlight says:

    Jupiter dims in Obama’s chart between 10/25 and 11/6. Saturn will be strong at the same time until 11/2. I think he could have some difficulties then, among which might be a narrowing of the polls. I can only speculate as to the cause, but Hillary’s Saturn transit would suggest some foreign policy issue and the mars transit opposite US Uranus could spark it.

    My biggest question is why Romney would have Jupiter square his Mercury 11/4 to 11/12. I am counting on Saturn conjunct his progressed Chiron and square his progressed Saturn from 10/28 to 11/8 to be enough to offset it. In that case, Jupiter just means he is relieved to get back to his life and happy the long nightmare campaign is over, despite the pain (Saturn/Chiron) of loss.

    In other words, down ballot makes the most sense, with perhaps the Senate hanging in the balance.

  121. Diane L says:

    This story from the AP was on the front page of the local paper & ties in the Mercury Rx on election as others have mentioned.

    Voter ID Laws Could Delay Outcome Of Close Election

  122. David says:

    More on the Bain Game and he who plays it at the country’s expense:

  123. Teresa Hill says:

    This is long. I hope it’s all right to post and that you find it helpful. Hi,
    From my friend’s class… She basically said things are changing rapidly, both spiritually and in the physical world and people are freaking out. Change scares us, so we’re really scared. People around us are scared. There’s a lot of freak-out energy in the world right now.
    Scared people spew scared energy into the world. They also try to hang onto people who seem to have it more together than they do. So you probably have a lot of people trying to hang into you. It’s like having a toddler who’s grabbed your leg and won’t let go, as you try to walk. He wants you to drag him along.
    You don’t want to be dragging a lot of people along emotionally. It’s exhausting.
    She does think things will get better in 2013, so we’ve got that going for us, if we can make it that long. :)

    Now, to clean out your space. This is easy. Close your eyes and breathe, nice and slow in and out. Breathing is the most important part. Put your feet flat on the floor or the ground. Bare feet are better. Feel that connection to the earth, our nurturing mother. Put down roots deep into the earth. We feel good when we’re anchored to mother earth. We feel safe.
    Imagine you have the roots of a tree, big, thick, strong roots, growing out of the bottom of your spine or your feet, anchoring you to the earth. Reach down deep inside to the center of the earth and wrap those roots around the very core of the earth.
    You are connected and safe now.
    This is a good time to cut strings or ties. People try to hang onto you, to anchor to you, to suck you dry of your good energy. You can not carry them. It’s just not possible. They’re like energy vampires.
    Cut those strings. Go all around your body and use your magical sword or scissors, anything you want and cut those strings. Watch them fall away. Don’t you feel better?
    Like the roots of a tree, we get nourishment from our connection to the earth. Open up the pipeline inside the roots, open up the chakra on the bottom of your feet in the arches (I like to picture chakras as pinwheels, spinning happily when energy moves through them.)
    Open them up and let them spin as nurturing energy from Mother Earth moves into your body, up your feet, your leg, into your pelvic area and the first chakra there, easily moving anything stuck or painful along with it and then coming together in the first chakra and heading back down into the earth, so it’s making a big, upside-down U.
    See the energy flowing. You might give it a color. Any color you want. See what feels best to you. See it moving from the earth up your legs and back down another channel to the earth. It moves freely and easily.
    When you have that energy stream running, turn your attention to the crown chakra, at the top of your head. Open it up and let God/Universal/Spiritual energy come in. One energy grounds us. One opens up the heavens to us. Gail pictures this as a golden sun. This kind of help is available freely anytime we need it. All we have to do is ask.
    Open the crown chakra and let spiritual energy flow all the way down to your toes and start to fill your body up. Anything that’s stuck or painful moves easily out of the way and is carried out of your body as the energy rises and eventually the excess spills out the top of your head. You can let the extra fill your aura, too, about 18 inches away from your body in every direction. The aura protects you. It’s your space.
    See your body all clean and sparkly. You have energy and it’s moving freely. There’s no gunk gunking things up anywhere.
    When you’re done, lean your head over to let any excess energy spill out. Close down your crown chakra until you want to fill up again. You can leave the earth energy running a bit, 2-5 percent, if you want.
    If you want an extra kick of safety and protection, use a rose, any rose you like or a whole hedge of roses. Picture the rose in front of you, between you and the world, or all around you, whatever you need. It’s like a lightning rod, deflecting bad energy.
    There. You’re brand new for the day.
    Do this every morning, first thing.
    You’ll feel better.

  124. Suzy says:

    Fe and barbk
    Found this article from Michael Lutin about Regulus entering Virgo:

    Regulus Enters Virgo: The Pope Faints! Michael Lutin

    It’s impossible to see two thousand years into the future without a wildly active imagination. Who could have ever foreseen that? At this time in our history, right now, Regulus moves once again into toward Virgo, the sign of the Woman, the Goddess, the Virgin, Mother Earth. Here She comes folks, so better start using recycled toilet paper if you know what’s good for you. Start strewing non-genetically engineered kernels of corn in her path.

    But what will happen to the Plutocratic elite cabal of banksters who are now secretly running the world from their gated mansions, deposing democratically elected officials and replacing them with their bankster puppets?

    Don’t worry. Think big. Think ahead. There will be a war between the individual and the System. That’s already happening. Pluto in Capricorn will take care of the bankster elite. Once they have gained all the power possible and captured control of all the money, which they intend to do, they will all be knocked off when the goddesses storm the castle.

    Don’t hold your breath however. It’s not going to be tomorrow. These things don’t happen overnight.

    These things have to be done delicately.

    But where did it all start? And where does the fixed star Regulus fit in to the story?

    It is my personal belief that Regulus, as the only fixed star on the Ecliptic, is the Celestial Guide of our Solar System, and ultimately the cycles of human social evolution Regulus brings Galactic energy, juice and messages to the peoples of the Earth from some Higher Source, influencing the direction of our consciousness and growth. Every time the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, Nodes and all other bodies pass beneath Regulus, I think they get a jolt, some kind of cosmic energetic message that seeps into the mass consciousness, no matter how long it takes.

  125. angellight says:

    “MotherJones does it again! NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would “Harvest” Companies for Profits!”


  126. angellight says:

    MotherJones does it again! NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would “Harvest” Companies for Profits –

  127. alex says:

    Hi Nina, the key concept for square is ‘inner tension’ the dynamic/kinetic is about solving the puzzle how to ‘turn the corner’

    if you google search term: square aspect + inner tension you will see a page of url’s that describe square aspect in this way;

    the square it is not head butting, arm wrestling, fist jabbing energy;

    inner tension needing adaptive ways to rebalance these energies…. and it raises the question – ‘how to turn the corner’ a favorite key concept of mine;

    one thing all the archetypes pallas, virgo, women, feminine vesta have is common is talent for organization;

    from different facets – take what is in common and turn the corner;

    Nancy Pelosi quote yesterday:

    “Don’t Agonize – Organize” this is a cultural, political, collective initiating key for the diverse universe of women;

  128. Virginia says:

    Thank you! It is good to shift focus to this sort of response.

  129. alex says:

    Video Link

    Take Down The Tea Party Ten – and Michele Bachmann Too!

  130. Todd Bennett says:

    If Mercury goes retrograde on election day, being square his Jupiter could be the height of his self delusion

  131. alex says:

    T/Sedna: as been parked in Taurus around 23TA for long time;

    We have fixed T-square with Sedna’s Nodes:

    T/Sedna @23 Taurus

    Geocentric North Sedna Node in 23’53 Leo
    Geocentric South Sedna Node in 23’54 Aquarius

    Positive – a forgiving disposition, discernment, clarity of perception, recognition of free will and choice, responsible, conscious of consequence, far thinking, dharma-oriented, does the homework of life

    Negative – victimization, abuse, being deceived, history of betrayal, bitterness, “gold digging” attitude in relationship, transfers blame to others, numbs out, goes unconscious

  132. M. says:

    I just read that elsewhere and confess I bought it hook, line and sinker. Though it is true that the term stench has been applied to Romney by some members of the GOP..

  133. Wennye' says:

    :) Thank you Clymela I truly appreciate your encouragement..Blessings

  134. Jackson says:

    Re: the latest video with the “harvesting” comment:


  135. KIM says:

    Starlight. Alex or anyone else who can tell me. Our congressional race here in Central New York consists of Dan Maffei(D)–7/4/68, Ann Marie Buerkle(Tea-Party R) 5/8/51 and Ursula Rozum(Green Party)(cannot find a birthdate). Dan Maffei lost his seat to Buerkle in 2010 by less than 600 votes. Through reading our letters to the editor, it would seem that people are not happy with Ann Marie. Dan is running again. Only this time, Ursula has decided to run, even though she can’t win. She will take away votes from Maffei for sure. Can you get a read on who will likely win this race. We had a Republican for over 20 years before Maffei won in 2008, only to lose it to this crazy witch.

  136. Francine says:

    Update from Marjorie Orr:
    US Election – polls about to shift  From: Marjorie. (27 Sep 2012 17:43): 
    September was always going to be an upbeat month for Barack Obama as he streaks ahead in the polls. Tr Pluto is sextile his lucky, confident Sun/Jupiter midpoint until October 1st. But as he loses that upbeat influence he also runs into a deflating tr Saturn square Jupiter from 6th to 14th October.
    Expect to see a swing to Mitt Romney in October as on his chart tr Pluto starts to trine his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint from 2nd October till late November – suggesting a lucky break is coming his way. With another equally helpful influence as tr Uranus opposes his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint from Nov 13th till early January.

    Barack Obama will be struggling through October and most of November with tr Pluto opposing his Sun/Moon midpoint and square his Neptune/Pluto – suggesting a fair amount of anguish and inner turmoil. He has tr Saturn square his Mercury in the final days of October which looks very downbeat especially since it affects that central Mercury opposition Jupiter square Neptune Fixed T Square of his.

    This may not all be election woes of course. He’s still president and the Eurozone crisis getting worse by the day will have serious knock on effects to the US economy plus the Middle East is even more tinderboxy than usual with Netanyahu beating the war drums over Iran and Syria heading further into the heart of darkness. Plus whatever unexpected other crises may blow up.

  137. KIM says:

    Also though 2 weeks prior polls had them tied.

  138. Nita says:

    I don’t trust what Marjorie Orr is stating,

    I trust Nancy’s and others on President Obama, Orr is a little to gloom and doom for my taste, see the others what she is saying is to different from to many other.

    Chicago astrologist, Nina Gryphon, it was her study of the Aries ingress – the exact time when the Sun enters the sign of Aries – that clinched the decision. “It’s obvious,” she said. “Obama stays where he is without a change in status.”

    Astrologer Henry Murkin, of Locust Valley, New York said that he looked at Mercury, Venus and the rings of Saturn and matched them with the birthplaces of Romney and Obama. ”Romney is headed back to his home in New Hampshire in January and Obama will become the greatest President that ever lived. That’s what the stars say

    Denver astrologer Curt Beeman said his chart focused on the public profiles of the two presidential candidates, both of whom “are entering into peak periods of eminence in the next few months.” But he said there was a key difference: “Obama’s peak period keeps peaking and goes off the charts. His aura is literally mind-blowing. He’s almost as bright a star as the sun itself. ” he said.

    Most of the astrologers placed a 99.9% certainty on their forecasts, but a few pointed to potential difficulties Obama may face after his re-election.

    astrologer Sally Tindel disagreed, “I see his face on Mount Rushmore. It’s in his chart. Definitely

    Charts don’t lie. Obama will win

  139. virgo says:


  140. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    What an amazing meditation or whatever you want to call it. I am a hypnotherapist, and may I use this particular set of imagery?

  141. Rc says:

    Hey lunagardener
    Do feel the ground a twang
    Colder than usual ?
    I believe the coming winter
    We be like the one of our late teens,, cold
    With Obama luck so far of catching climate disasters,
    Look for the north city winterto be one of memory.,
    Just what he does not need.

  142. Teresa Hill says:

    Well, it’s not mine. Mostly not mine. And I deliberately simplified it a bit. But I will never complain about you using it.
    My friend and teacher attended the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and I’m pretty sure she got it there.
    Her website is: and the class I attended was taped. If she gets it uploaded to her website, I’ll post about it here. And if you’d like her to walk you through the real sequence, she works with people by phone.

  143. Francine says:

    Has anyone tried Obama’s Mars return? I found this idea on an astrology forum. The person who posted stated:

    “Another way to look at Obama’s loss or win is the look at his Mars Return for the date of the election.  I’ve used Mar’s returns successfully for predicting job loss, and in this case, it would certainly be a job loss for Obama.
    Losses are always easier to see than wins.”

  144. Teresa Hill says:

    Romney has done so much damage to himself. I honestly don’t see how he overcomes this. Obama will soon come out with an ad showing different clips of Romney talking about health care, and Romney will contradict himself a dozen times.
    There will be ads with people asking for details of Romney plans, and him saying to ask him after the election.
    And the clips of the 47% will play through election day. Plus, his finances are drying up.
    Remember, more and more people use early voting. People are voting right now. The days of the October surprise are over.

  145. Davis L says:

    Yep! I think you are on target! It fits the pattern. Some pundits have said Obama does not so much win, as his opponents tend to freak out & self-destruct. I just don’t see Mr Romney winning without serious cheating.

    Even if something truly and exceptionally extraordinary occured, (examples: alien contact from another planet, a meteor strike, Iran sets off a nuke, Israel attacks Iran, the European economy implodes) at this point I just don’t see how or why Mr. Obama would get blamed, nor do I see the Am. public accepting Romney to deal with whatever crisis came along. If anything, I think the Am. public would rally in support of our present commander-in-chief.

    No, I see Romney greatly relieved he doesn’t have to deal with whatever mess comes up, probable domestic terrorism due to the Obama win, and Obama triumphant in the annals of Am. history.

  146. Teresa Hill says:

    Oh, yeah. I think if we have some huge crisis, Obama wins by an even bigger margin.

  147. pisca says:

    If you have read and comprehended any of Nancy’s articles and the thousands of comments over the past years, you might have learned something. There are sites that would agree with your doom, gloom and ignorance….. this is not one of them.

  148. Lune Prière says:

    Investigative journalism lives. That’s a good thing!

  149. Jerry says:


    Election day has Mars at 22 Sag precisely square Pres. Obama’s natal Mars (22 Virgo) and by default, the US Neptune. Not very encouraging. Obama’s chances of being re-elected may very well hinge on the economy, and Greece is at the epicenter…….

    President Obama’s Ticking Greek Time Bomb
    By Desmond Lachman

    The American
    August 15, 2012

    Developments in Athens suggest matters are spiraling out of control.

    The last thing that President Obama needs before the November election is a Greek exit from the euro. Such an event would surely cause contagion to the rest of southern Europe, which would in turn roil global financial markets. Yet the evidence coming out of Athens suggests that such a Greek event could very well occur over the next few months, with all of its adverse consequences for the U.S. and global economies.

    Among the least favorable signs coming out of Athens is the pause in International Monetary Fund-European Union (IMF-EU) negotiations with Greece over the next loan disbursement. These negotiations have now been suspended until early September in order to give the Greek coalition government more time to iron out its differences on the budget measures to be taken. In the meantime, the Greek government is literally running out of money. Without any further disbursements from the IMF-EU program, Greece will almost certainly default on its official loan obligations by October.


    Astrologically, the Nov 11th Neptune station (0 Pisces) will be exactly quincunxing Greece’s natal Sun (0 Leo), so one would imagine major adjustments and perhaps even a Euro exit can not be ruled out at that time. Other highlighted astro aspects can be gleaned from the following article……

    The Near Future of Greece In Astrology
    by Astroblog

    February 15, 2012

    In a nutshell, Greece is headed into well over a year of upheaval in which it is very possible they will default. The default could happen in March or later this year. The current Government will fall. The Government could be seized by EU technocrats or by an autocratic faction in Greece, possibly by the military, and that will lead to further violence and upheaval later in the year. It is probable that Greece is headed into a revolution.

    …..The democracy of Greece was established on July 24, 1974 at 4:00 AM in Athens. At that time Venus, Mercury, and Saturn were at 3, 10, and 11 degrees Cancer, respectively. The Ascendent was at 13 degrees Cancer. And Pluto and Moon were at 4 degrees Libra. Uranus was at 23 degrees Libra, and the Sun was at 00 degrees Leo. All of these planets along with the Ascendent are involved in significant aspects from transiting Uranus and Saturn. In light of these transits to the natal chart of Greece, we can say the following.

    ……. The opposition of Uranus to Greece’s Moon-Pluto conjunction is in effect during the spring equinox. This means that the entire spring quarter, and the entire year following, is going to be a time of severe upheaval for Greece. No matter how you look at it, Greece is in for a severely tumultuous year. Greece is very probably going to have a revolution.

    Saturn comes to square Greece’s Sun between October 6th and 13th pointing at the serious economic depression, and the unpopularity of whatever Government is in power this coming fall. Uranus turns retrograde in July and goes back to opposition the Moon-Pluto conjunction between November 13th and January 11th, 2013. Uranus then turns from retrograde to direct on December 14th. If the default hadn’t happened earlier, it may happen in December. If it happened earlier, December will still be a time of crisis and upheaval for Greece.”


  150. Lune Prière says:

    “Mitt Romney’s not going to be president”.
    Trust [both] Nancys.

  151. Lune Prière says:

    I’m hearing swing state residents saying they’re seeing a lot more Obama ads than Romney’s. Where is all that corporate cash going? Are they waiting to fling the poo till its too late to dispute it? Or is it lining so may pockets along the way, there’s not much left over?

  152. Todd Bennett says:

    Marjorie is a Republican and a not very good astrologer. The best is right here. And Larry Schwimmer says the exact opposite, that October is actually worse for Romney. Short of a building falling on the guy, the thought should terrify him. But, entertain us.

  153. alex says:

    Hi Kim, it’s your area and the seat is not leveraging either national or political party politics you can see the fire element (enthusiasm) in your region yourself and check in with the local Dem. party to find the earth element (what is happening on the ground) astrology analysis would have been helpful in 2010 in close election and then after for disputed results but looks like not this year 2012; I read both wikis and their websites and Ursulas google search articles mentioning her;

    1) Ann is a popular incumbent
    2) green party got +3% apx in 2008 when Dan won the seat but green party didn’t run in 2010 ( Ursula is exercising political legs she is getting experience 2012…. Green party is not going to draw very much from Dan… Ann Marie the GOP candidate, party line incumbent; seems like independent or democratic women would vote against her unless for some reason they are pro-life and think the ‘GOP war on women is a good thing …. …. Ursula et al will draw from Ann is my guess;

    but having said that Ann looks like a popular strong incumbent… I wouldn’t doubt the most recent poll you posted … Dan may tighten the race but it looks like it’s Ann’s seat to keep… my guess is she will even get some Democratic women voters on election day as well…. she is a strong candidate;

    after doing a quick survey… I wouldn’t/need to chart it if I lived in Central NY – I’d phone bank, knock on doors for Dan instead;

    if you were going to do chart:

    Ann-Marie’s natal use as base chart;

    Dan’s natal, and progress, and solar arc whatever you like to work with synastry to Ann’s chart….

    and there is no birth data at all Ursula..

    the race is Ann & Dan’s anyway;

    good luck here’s hoping Dan gets fresh momentum;

  154. Sharon says:

    VERY nice!

  155. virgo says:

    Thank goodness for both Nancy’s

  156. GaryB says:


    Well, you are “0 for” that means you are batting ZERO over the last six months. Time to move on! You continue to post astrological articles but none of them have come to fruition. Sure Greece is failing and will fail. Sure Israel will do something. However, you do a great disservice when you continue to paste long diatribes that have not come true. Yes, they may in time but will they oust Obama. Highly unlikely.

  157. Andy says:

    I’ll be honest. I’m quite a bit concerned about the GOP’s vote suppression operations. Hundreds of thousands of voters, mainly Democrats, poorer voters and minorities, are being purged from the rolls by GOP functionaries and big money organizations under the rubric of voter fraud, which practically does not exist in this country.

    Given the Mercury Retrograde Station and Neptune aspects around the time of the elections, I’m worried that we will have another stolen election on our hands. Pray that I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look too good.

  158. starlight says:

    Hi All,

    We are leaving early in the morning for upstate New York to visit my younger son. We will be back late Sunday. Chances are I won’t post much, if at all. (Maybe a word or two from my cell phone.) If your post ends up on moderation, check to see if you are using the same email the system is familiar with and that you don’t have more than one link in the post.

    “See” you probably Monday. Happy weekend1 Be careful with the full Moon hitting Uranus/Pluto!!


  159. barbk says:


    I think alex explains it well. I see Vesta square Pallas-Athene as two conflicting ways of looking at something at this time; within individuals and within countries. They both represent suppressed feminine archetypes, therefore they are not totally conscious in everyone; certainly not in every country.

    For the Solar Eclipse chart, Pallas Athene in Pisces would be in the 11th house so perhaps groups and organizations would have one point of view, while Vesta in Gemini would be in the 2nd house of values and resources, resulting in an entirely different view. This is why I think some women will lean in a different direction than their husband, church or friends when they vote. Afterall, they don’t have to tell anyone and nobody would know if they voted the way they “were supposed to”.

    Part of becoming conscious is learning who you really are and that may not be the way you were brought up or what others expect from you. It ties into the Uranus square Pluto challenge.

  160. barbk says:

    Thank you Mayfly, that would really be regressing!

  161. barbk says:


    Thanks for sharing this. Timing is everything so Regulus changing signs after 2000 years has to be another wake-up call. I believe Boots Hart also had a nice article about this event.

  162. fierywoman says:

    THank you so-o-o-o much for this — a big MWAH !!!

  163. fierywoman says:

    Yup. Burnt toast!

  164. fierywoman says:

    The Repugs can’t cheat unless the poll numbers are close, within the “margin of error.” Once they’re beyond about 5 points, that game can’t work.

  165. fierywoman says:

    Marjorie doesn’t seem to use very sophisticated astrology — from what I can see, transits (no secondaries) and midpoints (Who uses midpoints in predictions?!?)

  166. fierywoman says:

    Have a safe journey.

  167. alex says:

    Good News: NY24th (from dailykos 9/26)

    Democratic candidate Dan Maffei leads 46-38 over incumbent Ann Marie Beurkle in a new poll out by Grove Insight.

    The poll was sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    The last publicly available poll by Siena had the race tied at 43-43.

    Both polls have Green party candidate Ursula Rozum at 7%. The poll’s margin of error is +/- 4.9 percentage points.

  168. Bob says:

    Nothing astrological. I will trade this bit of trivia for some information I would like to have.

    Election days as set by Congress have a pattern to them. They will never be before Nov 2 nor later than Nov 8 and they have a repeating sequence that goes November 2, 4, 6, 8, 3, 5, 7, and then starts over. How have you gotten by without knowing that? Now you can amaze others by knowing what the date of the month was or will be for any election. OH boy!

    Seeing as how the sequence runs through in 7 elections (28 years) Presidents Reagan and Obama were both elected on Nov 4’s (1980 +28 = 2008).

    What I would like in return. What methods do others use to find the latest posts. Do you just scroll down from the top and scan each post? Is there an RSS feed that I can’t find which lists them in the order in which they are posted? Do you check them off on your screen with a grease pencil?

  169. Teresa Hill says:

    You’re very welcome. I started learning her techniques more than 10 years ago and they’ve been so helpful.

  170. Nita says:

    IMF head Christime Lagarde told Andrea Mitchell that Greece will be fine. She does not think that Greece with exit from the Euro.

    IMF hints at more time for Greece to implement hardline austerity

    NBC’s Andrea Mitchell spoke with Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, … Lagarde says IMF stands by Greece, urges euro zone action … Lagarde waves as she departs following remarks in Washington …

  171. Sharon says:

    I start at the bottom & read up-thread until I recognize where I left off :-)

  172. fierywoman says:

    I scroll down and look for the break between yesterday’s date and today’s date.

  173. Jerry says:

    Hi Gary,

    If one were to look at the current “trends” exclusively through the prism of the political process hoping for an Obama re-election and all the progressive, forward thinking appeal that that holds; than I would certainly have to agree with you. Fortunately or unfortunately life doesn’t stay stagnant for too long. The current economic downturn is becoming increasingly untenable for many. Just in the past few days Greece and Spain have been embroiled in one of its worst violent civil unrest demonstrations ever seen. Citizens are taking their protests out into the streets. The values of corporate greed and mismanagement are being questioned on many levels. You may agree or choose not to agree, but the way I see it, there is a deeper process at work that goes beyond the political domain. It seems obvious to me that what had occurred during the Uranus-Pluto square of the depression era early 1930’s and the Uranus-Pluto conj of the counter-culture revolution of the mid ’60’s is once again being revisited. We may be on the verge of an entirely different way of life, one that encompasses a spiritual transformation of consciousness. That can only happen when the old order of doing business comes to a decisive end. Only then can the new find its way to the surface. That’s what Uranus and Pluto is all about. Refusal to acknowledge this, one runs the risk getting stuck in a quagmire, and feeling desperately lost if and when things start to unravel. So my friend…. “Time to move on” (as you rightly pointed out), is a logical and appropriate response to the times we live in.

  174. CarolDuhart says:

    I suspect grift. I read somewhere that because of Federal finance laws, Obama pays only $125 per minute for his ads, while the Super Pacs have to pay $900 for theirs. In addition, Obama has probably spent a fair amount locking up desirable ad time months in advance. Buying ad time for September in say, February probably makes it cheaper still.

    For the Republican grifters working the SuperPacs pole, they are probably fleecing their donors. Few of the donors have any idea what makes for a quality ad, let alone a quality political ad. As long as it says what the donors want to hear, that’s good enough for most. And since the ads aren’t connected to any campaign, there’s no real metric for determining success-like improved polling or more early votes or improved donations. Lots of room for skimming off money from the Superpacs by charging outrageous fees for work poorly done.

    And Romney has lied about the amount of money he’s raised by pulling in the SuperPac money. But Superpac money is money he can’t control. I remember reading in the “Audacity To Win”, that Axelrod and Plouffe headed the DNC ad effort in 2004. Plenty of money, but because they couldn’t coordinate with the Kerry campaign, they had to use guesses as to where they could be most effective with the ads. Divorced from the candidate’s strategy, a lot of ad money got wasted. And that was with a reasonably good candidate and ad people who truly wanted to help.

    In addition, Romney now has to get some sort of ground game going, and when you ramp up something late and with a deadline, you usually have to pay more for the same work. I remember reading the last time around that McCain had to hire temps for his ground game due to lack of base enthusiasm and lack of planning. Temps don’t come cheap, even when the economy has crashed and people are looking for anything. Now in 2012 with an improved economy and better options, it costs even more.

    So Romney is hurting for money when he needs money most, and he’s tapped out most of his big donors, and unlike Obama with his 3 million donor base, has no plan B unless he taps his personal fortune. So Neptune is draining his money away at the time he needs it most.

  175. shoalsister says:

    If I am keeping up daily I start the day with the Find option for “whatever day it is”, then update through the day via the comments section on the right column. Tricky, but I’ve found a rhythm. When I’m unwired for a bit it’s really tricky to catch up. I’m so glad you asked, I’ve wondered how others keep up.

  176. Davis L says:

    I love little factoids like that! Thanks!

    As to how we negotiate this site…er, for me that’s a problem. I liked it better when all new posts aggregated at the bottom. That way I could go to the last one I read and just scroll down for the new postings. I really don’t like the newer method, as it is more difficult to keep track. A few times I’ve missed replies to something I wrote, or to others due to the location far above the last several postings.

    I’ve reverted to clicking back & forth between the recent comments, but the system only lists the last 8. If there are 20 or 30 new comments since I last viewed I go down the main list from where I left off last, but that means I end up re-reading several posts and may well miss an interesting reply someone wrote late to an early comment.

    I love this site & the people here, and will certainly continue with it, but for me switching back & forth is a real hassle.

  177. mitzi says:

    Even if they try, the 2000 election rip off will not repeat itself! Too many people are awake, and too many have read the memo! Nancy P. could not have said it any better,”Don’t agonize, organize!”- By the by, here’s a cool link regarding the impending full moon, “Aries Full Moon~Luck,Chance,&Destiny”:

  178. mitzi says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention if you go to this link, click on,”All are One Channel,” and scroll down to,”Aries Full Moon…”

  179. angellight says:

    Davis L: For my computer, all the newer messages are at the bottom.

  180. angellight says:

    “Senate Republican Blocks a Cost of Living Increase for Disabled Veterans!

    A Republican Senator is using an anonymous hold to block the traditionally bipartisan cost of living adjustment that is given to America’s deceased and disabled veterans and their survivors.”

  181. alex says:

    oy vey: on closer read about polls…. the ones giving Dan a healthy lead are being described as ‘outlier’ polls; given that and the strength, ambition of Ann-Marie – if you can get Dan’s base out there to vote as a volunteer for him so you don’t have any regrets on Nov 7th; ( it’s up to him to persuade non-democrats to vote for him with his campaign work and media (air) operations )

    I’m not really feeling top notch/well so I can’t follow this for you; but as far as the green candidate goes…. 2008 green got +3 the most generous polls 2012 give green +7 if you can’t find birth data on Ursula find a radix chart for your local green party and chart that in synastry to Ann-Marie incumbent;

    you need to confirm this but my survey yesterday from articles posted online and the (water element, mood) of voters collectively, nationally is that the electorate is awake to the GOP history and their real intentions and the voters are choosingthe Democratic vision for their futures;

    apparently ( crunch the numbers from a reliable source ) Pres. Obama is up in your district so there will be some coat-tail effect that favors Dan ; and the confused ladies of the GOP can’t possible be as willing to throw away their futures/potential/opportunity/personal growth and security for the sake of conservative ideology as they have in the past especially the younger ones have seen what’s out there for them they must be rejecting the GOP;

    whatever the national drop of for GOP is happening apply it to your district and then add what you know about the 24th from your own experiences;

  182. alex says:,0,1860433.story

    Romney’s plan would tax Social Security benefits

    Obama’s campaign is asking younger voters to send “eCards” warning their older family members about what Romney’s plan could mean for Social Security.

  183. Lunagardener says:

    RC, This week has been dominated by the early leaf drop around here. We have been 2 -3 weeks early all year according to the bloom times of flowers. It does feel like the gardens want to go to bed early. I’m prepared for whatever! Stay well….

  184. alex says:

    Ohio – Libertarian Gary Johnson:

    PS other polls give Obama much greater OH lead than this poll

    When only President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are included [in OHIO poll] , Obama leads by 45.2% to 44.3%, with 10.4% either undecided or supporting a third party candidate.

    When Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is also included, Obama leads Romney by 44.5% to 37.8%, with Johnson winning 10.6% of the vote. 7.1% are either undecided or supporting another third party candidate.

    This is the first poll in Ohio to show Johnson reaching double-digit support, and his presence appears to affect Romney far more than it affects Obama.

  185. Gypsi says:

    Not a time to be complacent about this election. Getting voters registered in Texas might be a good place for me to volunteer. George Soros has entered the money fight.

  186. Francis says:

    Todd, I always thought Marjorie was a Brit which would make it impossible for her to be a Republican? Am I wrong about this? But aside from this point, she posted months ago that Romney would win the election and she is one of the outliers in the astrology world, along with Wolfstar on the election.

  187. GaryB says:


    Now that is the brilliant thinking and writing you are capable of. I concur with this take on the Uranus/Pluto square but I am not a hopeless Obama romantic. Perhaps as this process unfolds through 2015 you can look at it in context of a series of longer term sharp transitional events much like 30’s and 60’s and a vision of a revitalized society, rather than “Katie bar the Door” events. I look forward to more. Thanks

  188. alex says:

    Inside the new Democratic training regime
    Sep 28 2012 Operatives are working to build a nationwide network

    “Raise Your Voice.” Organized by Democratic GAIN and the Atlas Project, the trainings are part of a new coordinated effort by liberal groups to bolster the left’s pool of available campaign talent and to train them well. The goal is to build a more national network of qualified young organizers that campaigns and liberal organizations can draw on.

  189. Francine says:

    Well, that wasn’t very nice, especially the ignorance part. I didn’t write what was above, copied it from another astrologer. Just trying to learn if anyone has tried that technique.

  190. Francine says:

    Are you kidding me? Midpoints are a very effective tool in predictive work, especially using what astrologers consider the most significant midpoint, the sun/moon. As far as Marjorie, I have never seen an astrologer use the soft aspects to midpoints like she does. And considering all the talk of the Pluto/Uranus square, this is highly significant for Obama as they both square his Sun/Moon midpoint of 7 Cancer at election time.

    And no, she is not a Republican since she is not an American citizen. She has had plenty of negative things to say about Geo. Bush and those on the other side.

  191. Jerry says:

    Hi Gary,

    “Katie bar the door”. I’ve never heard that expression before. Looked it up in Wikepedia. Based on a 15th century Scottish folk-lore; it is a warning of approaching trouble ahead. A very quaint and charming expression.

    About the expected changes…. I’m more inclined to think that those ‘events’ may happen sooner rather than later, but yes, we do live in exciting times. Much to look forward to.

  192. Diane L says:

    Astrology aside, the numbers favor PBO being re-elected:

    Intrade Odds are currently PBO 79.1% to Romney 21.0%

  193. pisca says:

    I am watching “Ron Paul” signs being converted to “Gary Johnson” and relish the thought of him taking votes from Romney.

  194. pisca says:

    Thank you, Gypsi. Lawd knows Texas needs all the help it can get! I’ve found some Pluto-In-Scorpio voters who keep me posted of their facebook friends…. and they recognize that the FEW who support Rmoney are white pickup-driving males! Also they are more informed about Ted Cruz (yuck) than many older folks. They are ready and eager to vote!
    Of course, my view from Austin is rosier than the rest of the state. But I get recharged from hearing of support in other areas.
    In red red Williamson County (with huge influx of new people), a neighborhood was plagued with an Obama yard sign thief. So one guy hid in the bushes and caught the thief while calling 911. The thief got a $50 fine. That news (actually reported on local msm) following the “chair lynching” in We$$$t Austin last week is waking up a few people.
    The race for Ron Paul’s seat is very tight but the Dem is well known and popular in the gerrymandered district. And watch the TX 23 district (which runs from San Antonio all the way to El Paso): Pete Gallego could very well unseat the Tea Party/GOP ‘s Canesco who was elected in 2010.
    The potential for voter FRAUD is very real in Texas. We can’t afford to be complacent.

  195. Virginia says:

    Too bad we can’t use a color system, current day’s comments in green, previous day’s in blue – something like that.

  196. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Pisca, for keeping us inform about your home state! Blessings

  197. No Tribe says:

    Neptune is a real trickster. It’s called the ‘veil of ignorance’ quite bluntly, and is a sub-conscious reality. And so, to attempt to try and point out how it is at work in another person, really sort of misses the whole point of what Neptune means individually. Because it only works in mass, especially through the media nowadays, and increasingly through the internet–with Uranus moving out of Pisces, and Neptune into it. Maybe the internet is an aquarian-pisces phenomenon.

  198. Wennye' says:

    Teresa, I had forgotten that technique that the BPI uses..especially the rose cleansing/protection. I will need to use it this morning, just had a strong disagreement with my Scorpio son. Need roses and sage to ground my Scorpio anger. lol

  199. Patty says:

    Speaking of Voter Fraud…Check out this sweet Mormon Girl coming out of Colorado:
    Plus, my favorite Parody…Ann Romney ‘The Rich Mormon Lady’

  200. Teresa Hill says:

    Mean Moon coming tomorrow supposedly. Some irritating people around me, too, right now.

  201. Sharon says:

    Yes, thanks for the report! May Texas come to its senses–it’s a great state! I loved seeing Ann Richard’s daughter at the convention, Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood. Both great women!!! I also miss Mollie Ivins…she was the absolute best!

  202. Lorrie U says:

    For what it’s worth, Dan is in a #7 year with the #8 influence coming in after the new year. Ann Marie is in a #9 (ending) with a #1 influence coming in after the new year. Based on this, I give Dan the edge.

  203. Lorrie U says:

    I posted this above in case you might have missed it…

    For what it’s worth, Dan is in a #7 year with the #8 influence coming in after the new year. Ann Marie is in a #9 (ending) with a #1 influence coming in after the new year. Based on this, I give Dan the edge.

  204. Lorrie U says:

    Man, they are really trying to take everything they can away from those who need it the most. Cannot believe anyone could vote for this man without a conscience.

  205. Lorrie U says:

    Marjorie Orr also said Hilary Clinton would be the nominee in 2008…

  206. alex says:

    Thanks Lorrie : too much brain fog for me to get closer look at this district: the wiki shows GOP held the seat from 1971 to January 2009 when Dem-Dan first won; I agree he has a shot but I would not underestimate Ann-Marie GOP; he needs his district supporters to do the ground work with him;

  207. KIM says:

    I hope so….I know it’s still early and anything can happen. Even though this is NY state. CNY is mostly R-leaning with the exception of the City of Syraucse ,
    Thank you everyone for you time and input :)

  208. KIM says:

    Alex and Lorrie U, In case you missed my reply above…..I appreciated your time and answers. Thank you so much :)

  209. Rc says:

    Hi Lunagardener
    Thank you for a confirm on our land
    Status of warmth.
    This seasons growth of green was tremendously bountifully
    Excellent. Trees grew strong , tomatoes grown fat and
    Peppers most pleasant .
    I also found insectici and other ground friends robust as well.
    I find this a good sign in our land , soon to become cold, that lies under feet.
    You also stay well and enjoy your soon to appear solar return
    Rc out

  210. pisca says:

    for your “just can’t make this stuff up” file:
    Ann Romney’s biggest fear is her husband’s ability to maintain his “mental well-being”

  211. alex says:

    ‘The Greed Agenda of the Radical Rich’ worked it’s mental twist on Mitt and his circle of friends already

  212. Sharon says:

    Watched an amazing interview on C-SPAN of Elena Kagan, Supreme Court Justice, previous dean of Harvard Law School and part of Clinton’s administration — what a lady! I am now watching the Bob Kerry, Deborah Fischer debate for a Nebraska Senate seat. Kerry has tons of experience; Fischer is a long time state legislator—she’s a pretty good speaker, actually, lots of poise, seems smart, and probably, likable to many. She’s making sense but, of course, she sides with the Republican views and is making them sound good. I’m a little worried about her. Any thoughts? Any astrological opinions? I’m going to look up their birth dates.

  213. Sharon says:

    Kerry’s is 8-27-43 and Fischer was born on 3-1-51.

  214. Davis L says:

    ThankYou AngelLight but not all of the newer messages are at the bottom. Many are attached to specific comments far above the downward growing list. They are easy to miss, especially if they are late replies to an early comment.

  215. Patty says:

    I know this Man was ill…yet, I believe the powerhouse-propaganda-machine FOX&RADIO-FRIENDS have whipped these poor T-Bagger’s and Fox devotees into a frenzy! I worry what their reaction will be to an Obama win. Fox has been the greatest disservice to our ‘American Unity’ we have ever seen in history.

  216. loyalurker says:

    WOW! Bill Moyers just blew ALEC out of the water! I’m stunned at their reach. Corporations do indeed own our government and write the bills. Check out Moyers show on PBS tonight.

  217. loyalurker says:

    BTW – the vast majority of ALEC members are Republicans. Not that Dems have clean hands.

  218. Roderick says:

    Is this the Obama’s Chiron return issue?

    With ‘Dreams From My Real Father,’ Have Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom?

    It’s tempting to ignore Dreams From My Real Father because it’s so preposterous. The movie claims that Obama’s actual father was the poet and left-wing activist Frank Marshall Davis, who Dunham met through her father, who was a CIA agent merely posing as a furniture salesman. “My election was not a sudden political phenomenon,” says the narrator, speaking as if he were Obama reading his autobiography. “It was the culmination of an American socialist movement that my real father, Frank Marshall Davis, nurtured in Chicago and Hawaii, and has been quietly infiltrating the U.S. economy, universities, and media for decades.”


    What matters here is not that a lone crank made a vulgar conspiracy video, one that outdoes even birther propaganda in its lunacy and bad taste. It’s that the video is finding an audience on the right. Gilbert claims that more than a million copies of Dreams From My Real Father have been mailed to voters in Ohio, as well between 80,000 and 100,000 to voters in Nevada and 100,000 to voters in New Hampshire. “We’re putting plans in place, as of next week, to send out another 2 [million] or 3 million, just state by state,” he told me.

  219. barbk says:

    Yeah, I can believe all of that alex. . thanks for the followup. I also think, from the women’s rights perspective, that she is supportive of legal measures against abusive relationships, especially regarding marriage, where the male (husband, father, etc.) wields physical power or other domineering behavior over the female. I can even see it in play in political situations.

    She also shows up in cases of abuse of the sea, oceans, lakes and their inhabitants.

  220. Betsy says:

    I’m glad to see you covered this so I don’t have to. Another link (Huffington Post, great comments on the thread) –

  221. Marc says: Just alerted. 50% chance of strong geomagnetic storm this weekend.

  222. Jerry says:

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Scorpio Eclipse Casts A Shadow

    The most powerful eclipse of 2012 appears to be casting a shadow long before it occurs. The Nov. 13 total solar eclipse @ 22 Scorpio is exactly rising in southeast Asia where the hotly disputed Senkaku Islands are located. Transiting Mars will conjunct the eclipse degree on Sept. 25 (eclipse chart enclosed):

    The 21 ’57 Scorpio Nov 13th eclipse is located right at the midpoint (semi-square) to the Pluto (7 ’45 Capr.) China natal Sun square (7 ’46 Libra). A powerful catalyst. Other points of contact in the eclipse chart….. tr. Jupiter at 13 ’47 Gemini square to China’s natal Saturn (13 ’08 Virgo) and tr. Uranus (4 ’58 Aries) square to China’s natal Uranus (4 ’58 Cancer).

    So what happened on September 25th when Mars conjoined the eclipse degree?

    Japan, Taiwan Fire Water Cannon Near Dispute Islands

    Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012

    AFP/ TOKYO – Coastguard vessels from Japan and Taiwan duelled with water cannon Tuesday after dozens of Taiwanese boats escorted by patrol ships sailed into waters around Tokyo-controlled islands.

    Japanese coastguard ships sprayed water at the fishing vessels, footage on national broadcaster NHK showed, with the Taiwanese patrol boats directing their own high-pressure hoses at the Japanese ships.

    The large-scale breach of what Japan considers sovereign territory – one of the biggest since WWII – is the latest escalation in a row over ownership of the islands that pits Tokyo against Beijing and Taipei.

    The intrusion complicates an already volatile territorial dispute with China, which is also locked in a separate row over the strategic South China Sea against claims by several nations including the Philippines.

    Adding to the tensions, China’s first aircraft carrier entered service Tuesday (Sept 25th), marking an expansion of its blue-water fleet that will bolster its military and diplomatic clout.

    Beijing says the carrier will mainly be used for training and development purposes, but military commentators say China is developing strike aircraft and support vessels which would help it become fully operational.

    In Tuesday’s dramatic incident, a dozen Taiwanese coastguard and 40 fishing boats spent several hours in Japanese waters, the Japan Coast Guard said.

    Taiwan has said that officers aboard some of the patrol ships sent to the area were fully-armed elite coastguard personnel.

    “We’ll do everything to protect our fishermen. We do not rule out using force to fight back if Japan were to do so,” Wang Chin-wang, head of the Coast Guard Administration, said in parliament.


    So; how serious should we regard these escalating tensions? Can the dispute be resolved through diplomatic channels? Politics and a history of recrimination and resentment are a major factor that can not be easily dispelled. Can we expect an eruption of hostilities around the Nov 13th eclipse? The following article may help to explain the various intransigent positions……….

  223. Jerry says:

    China-Japan Spat May Ignite, Expert Warns

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    September 29, 2012

    BEIJING: A military conflict between China and Japan is looming, with neither willing to back down over a chain of islands, one of China’s leading foreign policy experts has warned.

    The spat over the Diaoyu (China), or Senkaku (Japan), Islands has escalated dramatically in the past month, with violent protests in China.

    But with a national election approaching in Japan, and a change of leadership in China, politicians on both sides have refused to step back from the brink, afraid of appearing weak. ”There is a danger of China and Japan having a military conflict,” said Yan Xuetong, one of China’s most influential foreign policy strategists, and a noted hawk. “I do not see either side making concessions.”

    He warned that unless one side backed down, there could be a repeat of the Falklands conflict in Asia. He said that China was tolerant with smaller powers. “But the case of Japan is different,” he said. ”There is history between us. Japan is a big power. So China can very naturally regard Japan as an equal. And if we are equal, you cannot poke us. You cannot make a mistake.”


  224. clymela says:

    I feared that this would prove to be the case at ;east as far as distribution goes. This is what I have been fearing since I first began to learn about ALEC! There is already a fascist background preparing to scare citizens into giving up their own lives in order to hunt down the “enemy”, whoever the enemy may turn out to be. This is proof of how destructive huge money is in politics although this could happen outside of the race for the Presidency.
    This goes hand and hand with the Globalist intentions to make the world over in order to better serve the fortunes of the global 1%.
    I have heard stories from my very few connections into the extreme right wing but since these are people who love me they just say “oh! you wouldn’t believe what I know about Obama.”. I actually love the theme of this story-whoot-whoot-whoot the plan to take over the world-the anti-Christ!! The writer in me gets the point immediately.

  225. clymela says:

    On the theme of this dangerous lunation and therefore the weekend: for a couple of days last week I entered into very uncharacteristic clashes with people I encountered in my “business” life. I was troubled that I would end up complaining about “serviec and attitude outloud in public. I was embarrassed for myself I am sorry to have to report. Then after two incidents I thought “this is what my friends in astrology are warning of” and I immediately sat down to pray and envision white light cleaning out any dust,etc in me and then I sent this out to the world especially to the two strangers I scolded. Well since doing this and taking the trouble to stay full of Light and the willingness to share I have encountered only those people who are so loving and kind, so interested in what I am saying. So this is by way of sharing the reminder for all of us who are clued in to keep up the work and let nature be free to clean and order Life as necessary.

  226. clymela says:

    Sharon-how I wish that your words could appear on a grander scale-well the words on Kagen. She is such a marvelous woman someone to point out to all our young ones. when she was appointed I remember that most of the talk was about the fact that she is a woman and not all white (you know what I mean)-there was little discussion of how learned and accomplished she is.

  227. Bob says:

    Thank you all for your reply’s. I use Firefox and in the “Tools”, “Options”, “Colors” box under “Link Colors” I have set invisited links to the color Blue and visited links to the color Red. When I read a posting I click on the date link (which is Blue) and it is changed to Red. Then I start at the top and do page downs until I see a Blue date link. I click it, read the post, then go back to doing page downs. Could use auto scrolling at a slow pace instead (just have to use the mouse instead of the keyboard). Not too trying but …

  228. Bob says:

    “invisited was meant to be “unvisited”. I think my keyboard has traveling keys.

  229. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, now we can say that Fox News and the Tea Party are literally scaring people to death!

  230. alex says:

    because I know nothing nada about computers you’ll probably have a good laugh at this but :


    but there is no ‘Link Colors’ or ‘Colors’ box on my computer ….my computer is not a late model:

    I use pen and paper: to remember/refer to a thread comment that I want to reply to later I note the date and time stamp and name;

    and or I copy paste the comment … so I can print it out and sketch up the aspects or quick chart notes to think/work-out the information;

  231. Lorrie U says:

    Based on numerology, Kerry is in a #22/4 year, Fischer #9, would say it favors Kerry.

  232. Fe says:

    Wow. Racist, misogynist, and psychotic! What a terrible trifecta!

  233. alex says:

    most of broadcast teevee programs do that IMO already
    criminal minds

    everything with an autopsy in it!
    and raving mad killers;

  234. Lorrie U says:

    Why Right-Wingers Need ‘Skewed Polls’ Conspiracy Theory for Romney to Win — And Even More If He Loses

    It’s an all-bases-covered false narrative, one that could explain away either voter suppression or a devastating loss.

  235. alex says:

    7% Gary Johnson inherits Ron Paul’s Libertarian flock:

    RON PAUL: ‘Cuddly’ Libertarian has some very dark politics. He’s anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-senior-citizen, anti-equality and anti-education, and that’s just the start.

    [This article is about Ron Paul Libertarian but I include the anti-everything agenda to all Libertarians….]

    But Ron Paul is much, much more than that. He’s the anti-Civil-Rights-Act Republican. He’s an anti-reproductive-rights Republican. He’s a gay-demonizing Republican. He’s an anti-public education Republican and an anti-Social Security Republican. He’s the John Birch Society’s favorite congressman.


    At a “Pastor’s Forum” at Baldwin’s Baptist church in Pensacola, Florida, Paul was asked by a congregant about his lack of support for Israel, which many right-wing Christians support because of the role Israel plays in what is known as premillennialist end-times theology. “Premillennialist” refers to the belief that after Jesus returns, according to conditions on the ground in Israel, the righteous will rule. But Christian Reconstructionists have a different view, believing the righteous must first rule for 1,000 years before Jesus will return.

    They also believe, according to Clarkson, “that ‘the Christians’ are the ‘new chosen people of God,’ commanded to do what ‘Adam in Eden and Israel in Canaan failed to do … create the society that God requires.’ Further, Jews, once the ‘chosen people,’ failed to live up to God’s covenant and therefore are no longer God’s chosen. Christians, of the correct sort, now are.”

    Responding to Baldwin’s congregant, Paul explained, “I may see it slightly differently than others because I think of the Israeli government as different than what I read about in the Bible. I mean, the Israeli government doesn’t happen to be reflecting God’s views. Some of them are atheist, and their form of government is not what I would support … And there are some people who interpret the chosen people as not being so narrowly defined as only the Jews – that maybe there’s a broader definition of that.”

  236. alex says:

    Because multiple url’s to great resource sites (Pallas et al) three comment boxes for the all the links to avoid moderation-wait:

    This study shows, using nearly 400 astrological charts of political personalities, correlations between astrological patterns and political ideologies.

    The primary indicator of political ideology is the asteroid Pallas, followed by Venus and the Moon.

  237. Bob says:

    Nothing to laugh at alex. This is just something you are not familiar with. I have made an image which I hope will show where to click in the Firefox browser to make the settings I posted about. This link will take you to it.

  238. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Lorrie,hope so. I know that in numerology, 9 equates to endings but then comes number 1, beginnings, so it could indicate a change to a more important job for Fischer. #22 is the visionary. Hearing him debate, it is apparent that he is, but it may be going over the head of the average simplistic voter. My husband noticed that he wants to reform senate practices that block progress, like the philibuster, etc.

  239. Sharon says:

    Looked up her chart based on her birthday in Wikipedia: 4/28/60. If memory serves me, and loosely, she’s Taurus, moon in Gemini (like Obama & very articulate), Mars in Pisces. I knew she was a Taurus just by looking at her. Taurians (or Taurus rising) are usually pretty easy for me to recognize.

  240. Bob says:

    For a happy boost. When the link I posted takes you to my image you will see “Today’s best images” to the right of it. There is an image of a little boy in an Ice Cream truck. Click on it and read the comments beneath it.

  241. alex says:

    Thank you Bob that was very helpful

  242. loyalurker says:

    There are TWO great comets coming next year. How do astrologers teat phenomenon like this? These will be very bright and visible in our northern hemisphere, so what does that mean about 2013?
    I remember Hale Bopp. We would have a glass of wine in the evening and sit outside to watch it. Other worldly and magical.

  243. loyalurker says:

    Saw Bill Moyers on PBS last night and he blew the lid off of ALEC, their representatives in our Congress and how they write OUR bills and simply pass them out to legislators. The majority of ALEC members are Republicans but there are other groups like ALEC and Dems don’t have clean hands either. The bottom line is that corporations do indeed, without question, own our government. The show emphasized that at the very least ALEC needs to be registered as a lobby group with restrictions on the flow of money to legislators, etc.

    Highly recommend watching it online.

  244. Francine says:

    And Nancy said Pelosi would remain in control as Speaker:

    This is not said to be mean but only to show astrology can be misinterpreted and no one will know for sure until it is over. I would think on an astrology blog that the discussion could be more open than it seems to be here. Why not discuss the reasons Marjorie is wrong? Why not discuss pros and cons of a Mars return? For some reason I have been told I am negative and ignorant and nothing I have posted here has been with that intention.

  245. alex says:

    well Bob the color text links works on other pages now but not on wordpress here; I’m fine with time/stamp/date thanks for the computer tip;

  246. Patty says:

    I had read somewhere…A passing Comet portends a change, almost akin to a ‘comma’ in a sentence. Hale Bopp passed in 1997…Clinton was disgraced and Dubya & Cheney proceeded to destroy America.

  247. Francine says:

    Just an update, Marjorie Orr did not predict a win for McCain:

    US Election  From: Marjorie. (22 Oct 2008 10:19): 
    There’s a cautionary piece in today’s Guardian about not taking polls too seriously. I still think with Obama’s Uranus trine Jupiter/Pluto and Pluto conjunct Jupiter/MC will do it for him if his birth time is absolutely spot on. It isn’t helpful that McCain has three different birth times. But even the latest birth certificate doesn’t help him much on winning transits.

    And a few days previous:

    Obama December and Inauguration  From: Marjorie. (21 Oct 2008 19:41): 
    I was just thinking today that Barack Obama’s Pluto square Moon/Saturn from late October through November which looked kind of depressed for a win might well be his grandmother going or at least causing great concern. Pluto Moon/Saturn is mourning, separation from wife or mother and especially being Saturn could point to the elderly. She seems to have been the most important person in his upbringing – perhaps that 8th house Mars relates to her.
    Just goes to show you should never join too many dots together and assume that all transits point to the same situation. He’s also got upbeat successful ones at the same time.
    Certainly both he and Michelle have horrible midpoint transits across the Inauguration – from January 18th he’s got Neptune square Mars/Saturn which is low energy, panicky, maybe also given his potential position a military disaster or at least a catastrophe of some variety which costs lives. Michelle from the same dates has Neptune square Mars/Pluto which is also disaster prone.
    John McCain is awash with undermining Neptunian transits and transits to Neptune midpoints from late October right through. Though nothing as tricky as Mr and Mrs O.
    I wonder what December is going to bring since it’s a very tough month astrologically? The Sun and Mars in Sagittarius bouncing grittily off Saturn which is generally accident prone, argumentative and can be militarily connected. Then a Sun Pluto conjunction on the Capricorn Ingress with a Mars Pluto on the 28th which is fairly ruthless and high risk.
    The Capricorn Ingress for Washington has Mars on the Ascendant square a 9th house Saturn with Mars also conjunct Sun, Pluto in the 1st – so I imagine it would be foreign stresses and strains. There is anxiety one gathers from media reports of a terrorist attack in the gap between Election and Inauguration.
    Also transitting Saturn is square the USA Mars from December 2nd to January 29th which looks very edgy, impatient with setbacks etc at the very least. Tr Saturn gets to within a degree of being conjunct Obama’s Mars then but doesn’t quite make the exact aspect before retrograding.
    On the Election transits assuming the birth times are spot on I’d reckon Obama will win. But I was never sure what all those Inauguration transits were about apart from the panic of finding they had just stepped into the worst job in the world with risks not only from outside the USA but also from racist elements within the borders.

  248. Lunagardener says:

    This is a long article, but well worth reading.

    Obama’s Way
    To understand how air-force navigator Tyler Stark ended up in a thornbush in the Libyan desert in March 2011, one must understand what it’s like to be president of the United States—and this president in particular. Hanging around Barack Obama for six months, in the White House, aboard Air Force One, and on the basketball court, Michael Lewis learns the reality of the Nobel Peace Prize winner who sent Stark into combat.

    By Michael Lewis

  249. Wennye' says:

    Clymela, we don’t realize we have walked out of lights path until we are in these we.. you recognized you must have stepped off the path and righted yourself. That is what Spirit wants of us.. many get too far away from the light and cannot find their way back becoming ungly. Blessings Internet Sister

  250. karen says:

    And this too….Sarah Silverman at her funniest….

  251. clymela says:

    loyallurker thank you for mentioning this phenomenon ALEC. This drives me up the wall and there has been such organized silence. Bless Moyers for his progressive instinct.
    Moyers was made fun of when he worked for LB Johnson-he was known as Rev Bill Moyers but I always loved him and then in maturity he has been solidly on my side and I love him and I so honor him for doing this program. I have it linked but haven’t watched it yet since I have had a house full of family and we are all coming down with colds!

  252. Francis says:

    Although I knew of some of these cases coming for the Supreme Court re: marriage equality, I didn’t realize that there were so many AND that how ever the justices decide on whether or not to hear them coincides with this current full Moon conjunct Uranus opposition Sun and square Pluto. I believe in patterns and patterns often repeat. However, chaos is the opportunity for a pattern to be broken or altered. Overriding the Uranus-Pluto wild energy is the trajectory of evolution of which chaos seems to serve. That all said, it seems to me that we have an opportunity here to witness an evolutionary leap in the civil rights of LGBT people… fingers crossed!

  253. barbk says:

    Very interesting alex; thank you! Can’t wait to get to all three but am on the fly right now. We should discuss this further! (would you believe my Pallas is conjunt the Prez’ Moon?)

  254. alex says:

    @03 gemini!

    the inclination of Pallas orbital path is steep!

  255. Bob says:

    There is an add-on for Firefox named NoSquint which does work on WordPress for setting colors. You can also zoom by an increment you set by clicking on either a Plus or Minus symbol which are placed on your navigation bar. After reading something you have zoomed in on you can return to the site setting by clicking on the Minus symbol.

  256. Jill SH says:

    I hate to be a devil’s advocate in this discussion, but if the election is close, and there are many provisional ballots in limbo, or many people turned away at the polls for lack of ID, I think Romney could come out as an apparent winner. The legal battles would ensue, a la Bush-Gore, and disenfranchised voters will fill the streets to protest a stolen election.

  257. angellight says:

    If you haven’t seen Jim Webb’s speech about Romney’s disrespect for veterans, watch/share this MUST-SEE 4 min. video!

  258. angellight says:

    pisca: That statement of Ann Romney’s is very damaging. I wonder if will get more attention?

    Lorrie U: Is that for real about the Virginia man killing his family? Or a Fox hoax?

  259. angellight says:

    “Libra & Mars in Scorpio: 10-day Window of Danger for Israel

    Mars in Scorpio has unleashed powerful forces of hatred and aggression, not only in the Muslim world but also quite shockingly between China and Japan – over a tiny disputed island territory; and no doubt, in the personal lives of many!

    Scorpio is a sign that draws out the toxins, with the potential to lead to healing and wholeness. Yet it can also hold onto those poisons because it so easily identifies with conflict – a familiar ‘comfort zone’ (I feel like rubbish, but at least this is what I know!), leading to a contamination of the whole system. To use an old-fashioned expression for Scorpio, things can get ‘stuck in the craw’. Hence, Scorpio is the exorcist but also the possessing entity that must be exorcised.

    The leader of Israel has been chafing at the bit to attack Iran for a long time, and we are drawing close to the date that is regarded by military experts as a ‘sweet spot’ to make an attack – late September to early October – during the full moon period of Libra – whilst transiting Mars is still in Scorpio.

    “Military experts have long agreed that the ‘sweet spot’ for an Israeli attack on Iran will be this coming September or October precisely because of the timing of the US presidential election cycle.”[6]

  260. Barbara Backus says:

    Many of our unbred dairy goats came in screaming heat and strange stuff in the cheese department: the curd vat had major cracks and the small rounds in the ripening room were covered with natural geotricum (unusual). None of this is negative – just wierd. Fabulous Moon to enjoy in the country.

  261. alex says:

    Thank you Bob

  262. Fe says:


    Check out this link re: the possible aftermath of an Obama victory-a lame duck Congress attempting to foil the government like they tried with the debt ceiling August 2011.

  263. alex says:

    ‘We the People’ – NEED A LOBBYIST ON K STREET – – wonder if we the people could put that together…

  264. Betsy says:

    I just saw a post from a Facebook friend of a friend who stated the possibility of the “Unskewed Polls” site actually going so far as to project “Unskewed Results” and that may qualify for what the confusion is for the week after the election. I thought it was interesting speculation and so decided I’d put it out here as a possibility. The idea does have some merit. After buying into “Unskewed” polling, they will have a hard time backing down when they realize they were working with faulty numbers.

  265. Sharon says:

    Saw this on Facebook tonight: an absolutely GREAT satire! You will love it!

  266. Fe says:

    Great piece by Rebecca Solnit- especially the section on voter despair by the left:

  267. alex says:

    Pallas has inclination of it’s orbital plane like a ’tilt-a-wheel’ I wonder what the difference in velocity is between the ‘Whoaa’ spot and the ‘Ahhh’ spot in its ecliptic? Haven’t found Pallas nodes in longitude yet – been googling and googling…. it will turn up eventually;

  268. angellight says:

    An Ohio Republican Speaks for the Nation: ‘I’ve Never Seen Such Hate as in the GOP’

    A 70-year-old retired store owner told the Columbus Dispatch ‘All you have to do is look at the Republican platform. I’ve never seen such HATE this year in the Republican Party, national or state.’

  269. alex says:

    Sidebar Musical Moment: brief summary synastry

    Natal Synastry Paul & Art

    Midheaven Paul @02Gemini
    Moon, Art @06Gemini
    Nadir Paul @02Sagittarius cnj Venus, Paul @02Sagittarius

    Art Garfunkel
    Natal Chart Fire, Singleton Element Water, Sun@13 Scorpio
    Paul Mercury @11Scorpio


    Paul Simon – Natal Horoscope

    Birthday: October 13, 1941
    Time of birth: 02:33
    Place of birth: Newark, New Jersey, United States


    Art Garfunkel

    Birthday: November 5, 1941
    Time of birth: 23:00
    Place of birth: New York City, New York, United States

  270. Noelle says:

    Lunagardener, I loved that article, especially the very end.

  271. angellight says:

    Will Romney steal our votes? Vote counting company tied to Romney – Democratic Underground

  272. alex says:


    Heliocentric and geocentric motion of the bright planets

    The magical geometry that exists between the cycles of the planets has been a source of fascination and mystery for centuries. Lately, the adoption of the heliocentric viewpoint has caused many of these marvels to pass by the interest of astronomers. The pattern of Venus around the Earth portrays a 5-petalled rose when viewed from the geocentric position. Every 8 years, when the Earth and Venus ‘kiss’ to form another petal, Venus presents the same face to the Earth. The dance of the planets: their retrograde motions, synodic periods, distance and orbits present us with patterns that resonate to their essence. Kepler understood such patterns as a mathematician aware of the mystical qualities of the universe. The patterns of Venus are extremely beautiful – the heart and the rose. They reveal the essence of Venus in her role of celestial guardian of love and beauty to those of us here on Earth.

  273. James says:

    Do you think its possible to tell a persons politics by their chart?

    08/09/1988 9:17 AM St Louis, MO

    from my chart can you tell if I am liberal or conservative?

  274. Lorrie U says:

    OMG, Michael Lutin was extremely insightful (as posted above)…

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s UN Speech Catches Warhawks Flat Footed

    The president of Iran calls for world harmony and cooperation, and lacked the attacks which the pundits were prepared for…The Iranian president’s term ends in 9 months, and during his tenure in office, he has seen Iran falling in world status as well as falling on hard times economically due to his actions. It is likely that he is trying to salvage what has otherwise been a poor Presidency for the Iranian people with a bold vision.

  275. Lorrie U says:

    Strange Surge In California Points To More GOP Voter Fraud

  276. Lorrie U says:

    Okay, guys, debunk Wolfstar’s insistance of a Romney win. You’re better than he is…

    Romney’s Black Moon Lilith

  277. starlight says:

    I guess I got back just in time! I know different astrologers use different markers to point to a win. Let me just say that I would never, ever, predict a win for the presidency on any of the aspects he points to. I guess we will see who ends up closer to the truth.

    I am giving my first talk tomorrow night on the election. It will be close to the same talk I am giving in two weeks in NYC.

    Any Starlighters who can come to either talk, please come!

  278. Bob says:

    I may have posted this link before but today I added the last 2 charts. They are two of the most basic charts you could do for the President at the time of the 2013 inauguration. The first shows the transits to his natal chart for the location of the inauguration in Washington. The second is of the transits to his progressed chart at his birth place for the equivalent time of noon in Washington on January 20th.

  279. Patty says:

    Lorrie, I’m not an Astrologer…
    Yet, I suspect old Wolfstar has many
    Big-Wheel-Wealthy clients. He’s been in print for years. And you know what they say:
    “Millionaires don’t follow Astrology…Billionaires do”
    Perhaps, he figures it’s better being wrong than to offend the hopes/dreams/goals of his most lucrative clientèle.

  280. Bob says:

    I may have spied a possible October surprise which could give the President some trouble but to quote a knowledgeable lady “That’s all you people are going to get.” I don’t want to give the opposition any ammunition in case they read here so my lips are sealed until after the last debate.

    I wonder if any Koch reps read here with checkbook open and pen in hand?

  281. Bob says:

    Poll following Elizabeth Warren – Scott Brown debate tonight’

    Who gave the stronger debate performance tonight?

    Senator Scott Brown
    1,823 votes

    Challenger Elizabeth Warren
    2,654 votes

    They both performed about the same
    241 votes

    4,718 Total Vote

  282. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Starlight. I’m just a novice astrologer, but I wouldn’t have interpreted the aspects as a win either.

  283. Lorrie U says:

    Mitt Romney’s Wealthy Donors May Be Fleeing Campaign: Report

  284. Lorrie U says:


  285. Lune Prière says:

    Nancy, are you recording your talk? Would love to order it from you…maybe you could do a .wav file?

  286. Lune Prière says:

    Seems like he’s reading the polls :)

  287. Lune Prière says:

    The ascendant-Moon-Jupiter looks good in the natal relocated chart. What do you think the importance of Pluto square to that would be?

  288. alex says:

    Analysis: Bain’s offshore strategies enhanced Romneys’ wealth

    In 2006, Bain and another private equity firm, Blackstone Group, bought Michael’s Stores, an Irving-based arts and crafts chain, for $6 billion, most of it borrowed. The company struggled, however, losing money as its debt skyrocketed with the deal and its sales stagnated.

    In early 2009, apparently recognizing an investment opportunity, <strong<Bain and Blackstone set out to purchase at a steep discount some of the stores’ debt. They spent $28.6 million to acquire about $193.6 million in debt owed by Michael’s Stores, going through what was essentially a shell corporation set up in Luxembourg, Ursa Funding, according to financial statements filed in that country and a Bain investor report published recently by the website Gawker.

    Two Bain funds, in one of which Ann Romney’s trust held up to a $1 million stake, invested about $13.5 million into Ursa, through a Caymans entity. In late 2009 and early 2010, Ursa sold the Michael’s Stores notes for nearly $200 million, giving Bain a hefty profit.


    Vote counting company tied to Romney

    Bain alumni, now raising big money as Romney bundlers, are also in the electronic voting machine business. This appears to be a repeat of the the infamous former CEO of Diebold Wally O’Dell, who raised money for Bush while his company supplied voting machines and election management software in the 2004 election.

    In all 234 counties of Texas, the entire states of Hawaii and Oklahoma, half of Washington and Colorado, and certain counties in swing state Ohio, votes will be cast on eSlate and ePollbook machines made by Hart Intercivic. Hart Intercivic machines have famously failed in Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), adding 10,000 non-existent votes. The EVEREST study, commissioned by the Ohio secretary of state in 2007, found serious security flaws with Hart Intercivic products.

    Looking beyond the well-documented Google choking laundry list of apparent fraud, failure and seeming corruption that is associated with Hart Intercivic, an ongoing Free Press investigation turned its attention to the key question of who owns the voting machine companies.

    The majority of the directors of Hart come from the private equity firm H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. has been heavily invested in Hart Intercivic since July 2011, just in time for the current presidential election cycle. But who is H.I.G Capital?


    H.I.G. Capital

    The firm was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices in Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco in the U.S., and since fall 2007 London, Madrid, Paris, and Hamburg in Europe. Today the firm operates in several related sectors in private equity and alternative investments:

    H.I.G. was founded in 1993 by Anthony (Tony) Tamer, previously a partner at Bain & Company and Sami Mnaymneh, formerly a managing director at The Blackstone Group.

    In 1993, the first HIG fund was originally launched with a $73 million hybrid leveraged buyout / venture capital fund, drawing on the backgrounds of its two founding partners.


    Tony Tamer H.I.G. ( Fromer Bain )

    Sami Mnaymneh

    View profile for Sami Mnaymneh Sami Mnaymneh is associated with several companies, including Bayside Capital, Inc., Easy Gardener Products, Inc. and Emlab P&K, LLC. Sami Mnaymneh has 21 known relationships including Tony Tamer, Steve Scheinkman and Ted Alpert and is located in Miami, FL.

    California Secretary of State last refreshed 6/23/2012
    Florida Department of State last refreshed 6/23/2012
    Texas Secretary of State last refreshed 6/23/2012

  289. angellight says:

    Alex: Very good reporting.

  290. alex says:

    Bain and Blackstone men are going to control the votes: the DOJ justice department should be on this – there should be hell to pay:

  291. cimbalok says:

    What I have observed is that *in general* people with their Moon in water or earth tend to be more conservative, and those with their Moon in fire or air tend to be more liberal. Of course there are many other factors, such as aspects, house placements, etc. Your Moon and Venus are both in Cancer in the 10th house. Your Moon is also square Mars so I would guess that you might have inner conflicts regarding your desire for personal freedom vs how you would like society to act. With Pluto in Scorpio in the 2nd house I’d assume you are intensely possessive of your assets. North Node in Pisces in the 6th house would point to your spiritual evolution stemming from service to the disenfranchised or otherwise “undesirable” segment (maybe working in a jail?)of society, but it’s more comfortable for you to be a bean counter behind the scenes.


  292. Bob says:

    Pluto is popularly associated with the masses and final endings but as Kenneth Irving put it in The Psychology of Astrocartography, (perhaps the best book on astrology, particularly planetary associations, I have ever read) based on Jim Lewis’ work, this transit of Jupiter to natal Pluto can denote success in ” … long, hitherto unappreciated effort …” in a professional setting.

    But as I measure planetary positions where the true body of the planet actually is (that is in right ascension) his natal Pluto is at 163°38′, almost 99° from transit Jupiter, while his progressed Venus at 154°47′ is only 2 arc minutes from an exact square from transit Jupiter at 64°45′, I see this as the stronger of the two aspects. Among many possible manifestations of this combination Irving says “Rewards accrue, resulting in a sense of security and success … “.

    As Obama is still the President, not just the President elect, he can still issue directives, make deals, and work with a newly sworn Congress at any time before the formal inauguration takes place. Looking at the days preceding January 20th it may be that he is very busy doing those things. But why can’t they wait?

  293. catsandmusic says:

    Alex: this is stunning. No wonder RMoney seems so cocky.

  294. Francis says:

    I suspect it has to do with the “fiscal cliff.”

  295. angellight says:

    President Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau works. AmEx to refund $85M to customers for deceptive practices.

  296. alex says:

    Bain – T. Tamer
    Blackstone – S. Mnaymneh

    they are the

    shell company for URSA

    Ann Romney (via Cayman Island entity) invests in URSA

    Hart Intercivic directors are H.I.G.

    H.I.G. is T. Tamer & S. Mnaymneh

    and Romney wins the election – exit polls show Obama won in a landslide ….

    Bushmen run Romney’s campaign therefore 2000 – 2004 all over again! another neocon coup

  297. alex says:

    the original article was posted by Lorrie:

  298. alex says:

    The ED Show –

    Rep. Eric Cantor vs Democratic challenger Wayne Powell

  299. HERALD says:

    HI Starlight,
    new post soon?

  300. No Tribe says:

    Even Obama expects it: He also sounded like he was worried about some kind of October surprise surfacing during this month.

    “There are going to be a number of other things we can’t expect over the next couple of weeks,” he said. He didn’t elaborate, but he delivered a decidedly optimistic refrain.”

  301. No Tribe says:

    I’d suggest you read Merriman this week. No reason to cling to what one person is saying. Things are about to radically shift:

    “. On October 3, Venus will enter Virgo, where it will remain through October 28. Mercury and Saturn then enter Scorpio on October 5. Saturn will stay in Scorpio for most of the next three years, whereas Mercury will remain there through October 29. And finally, Mars will switch from Scorpio to Sagittarius on October 7. That means four planets will change signs this week, which implies a major shift in attention by the collective,”

  302. No Tribe says:

    Francine, there are people here who think they are liberal minded, but really are about as closed-minded and ignorant as they could possibly be while purporting to believe in astrological significance. Carry on.

  303. No Tribe says:

    Yes, I covered this in the last post. It’s exactly the Chiron return issue.

  304. No Tribe says:

    “From a longer-term viewpoint, this coming week is important because of several planetary ingresses. A planetary ingress denotes the time when a planet changes from one sign to the next. On October 3, Venus will enter Virgo, where it will remain through October 28. Mercury and Saturn then enter Scorpio on October 5. Saturn will stay in Scorpio for most of the next three years, whereas Mercury will remain there through October 29. And finally, Mars will switch from Scorpio to Sagittarius on October 7. That means four planets will change signs this week, which implies a major shift in attention by the collective, and especially for the investment community. What could cause such a powerful shift? I am not sure. But as a result, many markets will be vulnerable to reversing their long-term trends now.”

    Something is about to shift. Financial crisis? Some sort of Chiron and birth crisis?

  305. Lorrie U says:

    Moon in Virgo, liberal.

  306. Lorrie U says:

    Pretty reassuring, except for Biden-Ryan

    The Astrology of the Presidential Debates
    Posted by Chris Brennan and Patrick Watson

  307. Lorrie U says:

    Well, this scares the crap out of me!

  308. Lorrie U says:

    Krugman: Obama In Danger Of A ‘Betrayal To The Electorate’

  309. Lorrie U says:

    Romney Plans Attack On President Obama – Calls It ‘Jimmy Carter Strategy’

    The source described the Republicans as chortling with glee that the Obama administration “definitely had intel” about the attack before it happened. “Intelligence can be graded in different ways,” he added, “and sometimes A and B don’t get connected. But [the Romney campaign] will try to paint it to look like Obama had advance knowledge of the attack and is weak on terrorism.”

    He said they were jubilant about their new strategy and said they intended to portray Obama as a helpless, Jimmy Carter-like president and to equate the tragedy in Libya with President Carter’s failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran in 1980. “They are so excited about it,” he said. “Over and over again they talked about how it would be just like Jimmy Carter’s failed raid. They feel it is going to give them a last-minute landslide in the election.”

  310. Lune Prière says:

    Moon in Cap, super-lib ;)

  311. Lune Prière says:

    Thanks Bob, good point about the closeness of the aspect making it the predominant energy.

  312. Lune Prière says:

    Wayne Powell was very impressive. Has anyone seen polls for that race? I’d love to see Obstructionist Cantor lose that seat.

  313. Jackson says:

    There’s a difference: Reagan had an air of folksy “likability” about him. Romney does not have that going for him. He’s more like the bloodless plutocrat who just swindled your struggling hometown company, fired all the workers, closed the factory and made off with all the pensions. Mitt Romney is that mustachio’d villain who used to tie damsels in distress to the railroad tracks in old cowboy movies.

  314. starlight says:

    Hopefully a brief one in the morning. I was away for several days and am giving a talk tonight (very nervous). I wanted to write a brief review of the First Debate and get it done today, but didn’t get done in time. Sorry for the delay.

  315. starlight says:

    Let’s hope this will come under the Neptunian unrealistic expectations category. Venus is there triggering it today.

  316. barbk says:

    No Tribe,

    I believe it is tied into the Jupiter station retrograde in Gemini. Because Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is entering Scorpio with Saturn, it creates a link between the two societal planets (Jupiter and Saturn). There is also a minor sesquiquadrate aspect between Jupiter and Saturn (+ Mercury)which can bring on dramatic occurrences that demand immediate attention. It is an aspect associated with irritation and frustration in actions or plans.

    When looking at the ingress chart for Saturn into Scorpio there is another tight conjunction in addition to Mercury-Saturn, and that is Jupiter, newly retrograde, and the Moon. The Moon symbolizes the “people”.

    Jupiter is also conjunct the Trans Neptunian Object (TNO) Chaos right now, which is a symbol for a creative mix of undifferentiated energies. With Saturn forming an aspect to Jupiter that is part of the Square family (albeit a minor aspect), it would relate to societies. In this ingress chart(Oct. 4) both planets are tightly conjunct personal planets, Mercury and the Moon so that “irritation and frustration” could have something to do with finances (Scorpio Saturn-Mercury)and news (Gemini Jupiter – Moon) that relates to the individual (Moon-Mercury).

    As you say, Venus will be in Virgo most of October and Venus rules Values. Jupiter going retro in Gemini and conjunct TNO Chaos at the same time that Venus is opposite Neptune could represent a lot of information to sort through. Confusing information. This could be about the series of presidential debates in the United States.

    Looking again at the Saturn ingress Scorpio chart, all the major planets connect in a chain-like fashion. Sun opposes Uranus who squares Pluto who trines Venus who squares Mars who squares Neptune who trines Mercury and Saturn who is sesquiquadrate Jupiter and the Moon. The Saturn ingress chart is effective for the next 3 years.

    I don’t know who you are quoting but I believe the shift is evolutionary in nature and we are all in it together.

  317. alex says:

    Hi Jackson,
    Consider updating you visual logo of evil bastards from villain doing violence to damsels; to well…. Romney-Ryan-Cantor-McConnell et al they are the archetypes of villains; they betrayed the entire nation putting 1 billion dollars of new interest on the national debt from the down rating of US credit status with their obstructionism last year; that’s doing economic violence to many many many damsels their children and their families; ( blocking the jobs act, blocking help to veterans, on and on and on )

    they plan for more obstructionism in remainder of 112th new and fresh obstructionism for the 113th yet to come;

  318. Jackson says:

    Updated. Sorry. I just threw that one out there; I guess a real villain would tie the whole family to the tracks.

  319. Barb says:

    I won’t say “don’t be nervous”, because that’s how most of us would feel before giving a talk, but I will say –you REALLY come across well in the interviews I’ve listened to. You’re like Elizabeth Warren — naturally smart, articulate, and genuine. So don’t worry.

    (I generally read and don’t comment, but had to speak out this time!)

  320. Davis L says:

    I concur with angellight. Excellent reporting! I admire people who do their “homework.” If we were all as meticulous as you’ve been, the world would be a far better place.

  321. Ardy says:

    Thanks Lorrie U. Crazy stuff isn’t it; they must be deluded to think that can work against the Pres who got O B Laden & heaps of other Al Qaeda leaders … not to mention the pirates …

  322. Diane L says:

    Reagan had this huge advantage . . . he was a trained actor and had an excellent sense of timing. Of course, he was good in front of the camera and could project the appropriate persona.

  323. Davis L says:

    Wonderful imagery. Alex is correct re: update but your imagery is still really good!

  324. alex says:

    Hey Jackson, If you haven’t been introduced to Gerry Spense you’ve missed something special he is warrior:

    Gerry Spence: Gerry Spence was born and educated in the small towns of Wyoming where he has practiced law for nearly fifty years. He has spent his lifetime representing the poor, the injured, the forgotten and the damned against what he calls “the new slave master,” mammoth corporation and mammoth government.

  325. NEOBuckeye says:

    Ditto here.

  326. alex says:

    I looked up thread – you posted the original article from DU;

  327. pisca says:

    water moon and left of liberal

  328. starlight says:

    Thanks, Barb. It went quite well. I haven’t given a talk in quite a while, so I broke the ice tonight. Now I feel better about the next two!

  329. pam says:

    And it could just bring up Bush and the many reports of his advance knowledge of an eminent terrorist threat just prior to 9/11 which could serve to remind people how much less threatened by terrorism they are (or at least feel they are as no one is constantly making them afraid and more afraid) now and of how Bush bungled the capture of osama ben laden and Obama got him. And in the end how much safer from fear they’ve been these last four years. That is if you don’t count the fear spoon feed to fox viewers by that net work. But those guys are never gonna vote for Obama anyway

  330. Davis L says:

    Hi Pam! Excellent points!

    You appear to be very much in harmony with the analysis & opinions of Peter Beinart in the September 10, 2012 Daily Beast, The Ghost of George W. Bush. It’s a good read.

    “Romney has tried to handle the Bush legacy the same way McCain did: by ignoring it.”

    Yet, it would not surprise me were Romney to make a mistake like that, making a flatly ridiculous claim for Obama of foreknowledge and incompetence re: the event, but typically failing to connect the dots, and therefore unintentionally alluding to the Bush errors you delineated.

    I’m hoping George’s ghost continues to haunt the Republicans until such day as they totally & completely are out of business, have gone the way of the Whigs.

    Incidentally, I strongly suspect GW Bush did not “bungle” the capture of Osama bin Laden, but really never intended on getting him in the first place.

    Why, as the September 15, 2003 Time Magazine reported, was a Boeing 747 allowed to fly to Houston & several other cities within the United States, pick up Bin Laden family members in the days right after 9-11, and fly them to Saudia Arabia, i.e. before the FBI could question them?

    Why, when our troops had Bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora, did the order come down from on high to stand down and let him go?

    Had it anything to do with the fact that the Carlisle Group (Bush Family) had done an intense amount of business with the Bin Laden family for almost two generations?…..Was there a desire to NOT mess up a good business relationship?

  331. Bob says:

    Just read a piece on HuffPo that says we may have to wait longer to see the leaves change colors this year. Took a long walk several days ago and it seemed that here in northern Illinois the colors were changing earlier than usual and the reds were bright, bright red. How about where you all live? And I want the astrology of what and why from Lady Nancy. I wonder if she ever has time to think about anything other than politics.

  332. Bob says:

    Little Nell Fenwick = Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi

    Snidely Whiplash = Todd Akin, Bob McDonnell, any Republican member of the US House of Reps

    Dudley Do-Right = President Obama

    Jackson, have you solved your problem to read all of the posts above a certain number? What if you copied and changed or just changed the last number of the comment in the address bar if there is one on your phone?

  333. starlight says:

    Lovely! I hope the White House reads this. It is the perfect zinger.

  334. Jackson says:

    The browser crashes after the post count goes above 125 or so.

  335. alex says:

    a depraved sociopath villain will steal the election by owning the vote counting machines through a shell company in the Cayman Islands; then sell off the government by bits and pieces for profit to friends and partners hiding his stash in another shell company in the cayman islands; millions and millions will be HURT!

  336. clymela says:

    Even here in mild California the colors are intense this year and summer seems to be shouting as it leaves.

  337. sorah says:

    What happened last night? Why did Mitt win?

  338. cimbalok says:

    So glad I covered my fanny with the word *tend* and the comment about “other factors”! For the record I have an air Moon and I’m a bleeding heart liberal. My sister has a fire Moon, she likes Rush Limbaugh, my mom has a water Moon and she’d go to bed with Rush too, but she’s too old for him. It’s also generational. Pluto in Cancer folks tend to be more conservative and the Pluto in Leo generation (probably most of the older readers of this blog) tend to be more liberal. Again, there’s that word. Tend.