Blowing on the Embers

Mitt Romney’s whirlwind foreign-policy-pandering tour has brought Israel once again to the front pages. In a colossal suck-up to the conservatives in Israel and the right-wing fringe in the US,  the presidential wannabe proclaimed that his administration would never question Israel on any policy, that Jerusalem is indeed its capital, that the US embassy should eventually move there, and that Jews are culturally superior to Palestinians. We even heard what a shame it was that Muslims won in the democratically-held elections of the Arab Spring countries, and, had the US (read Obama) only tried harder, those dictators could have been brought around without all the dangers that this messy democratic process has led to. Quoting the Israeli newspaper Haaretz: “In (his) Jerusalem speech, it was Romney’s voice but Netanyahu’s words.”

It is now clear what the gazillions in donations from Sheldon Adelson have bought and what Romney’s neocon entourage has wrought. And it is not pretty. Given all the bluster, it is hard not to imagine that a Romney presidency would lead inevitably to an uncontainable Middle Eastern war. It is also easy to imagine that the world would never forgive us for electing him. Just sayin’.

Considering the gasoline that has just been poured onto the hot coals of Middle Eastern diplomacy, a look at Israel’s chart at this juncture seems like a good idea.  And what we find is very concerning. The general background mood is likely to be increasingly belligerent through around March 2013 due to solar arc Mars conjunct the Israeli Ascendant (00Scorpio17). This more assertive stance may be sparked briefly from August 29 through September 8 and then, for a longer and more intense period, during all of October, when transiting Jupiter makes a sesquiquadrate to the Israeli Ascendant. More aggressive action is possible during that period.

Another background configuration that signals building tensions and the potential for unexpected, dangerous, and transformative events is the progressed Ascendant opposition to natal Uranus (24Gemini21) which began around January 2012 but will continue to intensify through February 2013, somewhat paralleling the aggressive solar arc Mars progression to the Ascendant mentioned above. This aspect will be especially explosive from January 10 through mid-February 2013 when it is joined by the progressed Moon.

A more acute period of increased stress and agitation due to sudden and swiftly moving circumstances is  likely during the Uranus station square to Israel’s Venus (4Cancer49) from October 19, 2012, through early January 2013.

In addition, the end of September 2012 will bring with it several aspects which suggest some kind of violent, sudden, or disruptive events that may be the source of a very stressful and mournful week in Israel from September 29 through October 8, when transiting Saturn crosses the Israeli Ascendant. Transiting Mars will oppose the Israeli Sun and quincunx Israeli Uranus (9/26 to 9/29), while at the same time the transiting Sun will oppose transiting Uranus and square transiting Pluto (9/28 to 9/29). An increase in the tension between Iran and Israel is also likely during this time due to  transiting Uranus  square to the Moon (5Cancer43) in the Israeli/Iranian composite chart from September 24 through October 19, and triggered by the Sun on September 28 to 29.

Thus, if open hostilities of some kind are going to develop in the next few months, it would seem likely they will erupt during the final days of September, leading initially to sorrow in Israel (Saturn conjunct Ascendant) followed by an aggressive response (Jupiter station sesquiquadrate Ascendant/solar arc Mars) through October. However, it would seem that the potential for heightened hostilities continues through February 2013.

It should be mentioned that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, will be under the Uranus station as well during this same period, square to his natal Uranus (4Cancer58) from October 14 through January12, and pointing to the increased agitation in his own life that parallels the Uranus energies going on in Israel. Of greater concern, however, is the Neptune transit that has been in effect since mid-2011 that will make a tight station square to Netanyahu’s Ascendant (00Sagitarius27) and sesquiquadrate his Neptune (15Libra23)  from September through November 11, and which will also be triggering the May eclipse (00Gemini21) conjunct his Descendant. These configurations point to the very real danger of Netanyahu being blinded by ideology and self-deceptive and grandiose expectations leading to troubling results. Even if the birth time is off, Neptune will still be stationary in its minor hard aspect to Netanyahu’s natal Neptune, activating its strong role in his natal chart. It will be better for Israel when these aspects in their leader’s chart begin to dissipate in mid-November.


  1. Davis L says:


    “Thus, if open hostilities of some kind are going to develop, it would seem likely they will erupt during the final days of September,”

    An Israeli/Iranian conflict in late September might well explain the probabality of a close November election in the U.S.

  2. Jackson says:

    Wouldn’t those aspects in Netanyahu’s chart dissipating in mid-November be indicative of an Obama win? I’d imagine that if Romney were to win, Netanyahu’s bellicosity would be inflamed.

  3. will says:

    O come o come Emanuel
    And ransom captive Israel.

    Another reason not to play fast and cute with ‘I’m not going to vote for anyone this time’ elitism.

  4. Davis L says:

    O come, thou Wisdom from on high,
    and order all things far and nigh;
    to us the path of knowledge show
    and cause us in her ways to go.

  5. Jerry says:

    In politics, especially in an election year, everything is under intense scrutiny. It is also fair to say, in politics, a lot can happen in a month…..

    Will Romney Lose Nomination Due To Tax Evasion?

    The Examiner
    July 18, 2012

    An interesting rumor, based on legal fact, just started flying around about this year’s presidential race: Mitt Romney might have to give up his Republican Party nomination.

    After all, just like no one with a criminal record can be president, neither can anyone who received amnesty for a crime, either.

    And Romney’s consistent refusal to release his tax returns might indicate he received amnesty for tax evasion, some media are reporting.


    Can you guess what famous politician made the following statement? –

    “Any politician who will not show multiple year taxes may be hiding something.”

    Click on the following link for the answer…

    Republican Convention August 27-30 Tampa Bay, Fla.

    Mitt Romney will experience the following astrological transits on the day of the Republican convention:

    Tr. Mars (2 Scorpio) exact square to natal Saturn. Longer term transit: Neptune-Nodes t square (at 1 Pisces-Sag-Gemini) in t square to the natal ascendant-descendant degrees (1 Gemini-Sagittarius).

    Transit Mars Square Saturn

    This is likely to be a time of considerable frustration and discouragement for you. You are unusually sensitive to criticism of your efforts and to the limitations and restraints that your responsibilities entail. Fighting with authority figures or lashing out at others who restrict you in any way is a strong possibility. A sense of struggle or of being overwhelmed by obstacles and blockages is likely to characterize this period. Be patient and don’t demand too much of yourself at this time. Work quietly and steadily and rely only on your own resources.

    This Interpretation of Mars Square Saturn is from the Life Forecast astrology report by Gina Ronco

    The nodes conjunct the ascendant-descendant degrees in t square to tr. Neptune may denote indecisiveness and indecision.

  6. Francis says:

    Jackson, that is exactly what I thought… fingers crossed not only for the sake of our country but for the sake of of the Middle East.

  7. kdez says:

    OT question to Nancy and everyone- which chart do you use for India,Independence or creation of the Republic? I wanted to see if I could see indications of the collapse of their power grid and consequent blackout that is happening now.

    Independence: 15.08.1947 Midnight. New Delhi. AS 0.54 GE
    The Republic of India: 26.01.1950 10.15 Delhi AS 4.49 AR

  8. Stefanie says:

    I have to speak as a Jew and say how DISGUSTED and HORRIFIED I was to hear what Romney said about Palestinian “culture”. This was not a gaffe – it was indeed more of the same coded, racist language used to smear people of color on the domestic trail. He was throwing red meat to the extreme right-wing in Israel — the Leiberman/Netanyahu axis, the settlers, the true crazies who are similar to our Rick Santorum types.

    But just one (hopeful) thought, on another note — is it possible that all the upheaval in Israel could be connected to an upsurge in the Occupy Wall Street style protest movement that’s been growing there? MIllions have taken to the streets since right around the time that Arab Spring began, protesting against the oligarchical situation there — the high price of living, the low wages, the inflation, the lack of jobs. Two men self-immolated in the last month. This movement is very real and serious — and much more important to the Israel people than the “threat” of Iran. They mostly see that as less of a real threat than a distraction by Netanyahu, a way for him to stay in power. My friends there despise him the way we despised Bush. He has fewer and fewer supporters each day.

  9. TS says:

    Sorry! Netanyau Asc is 25.52 are wrong in your calculation his chart.I am astrologer from Israel. so you can rely on it.

  10. alex says:

    Quick Notation: Axis Netanyahu & Romney

    Netanyahu N/ASC@00Sagittarius, opposite, Romney N/ASC@01Gemini

    Aug 15th: Transiting S. Node

    Transiting S. Node @00Sagittarius
    Netanyahu N/ASC @00Sagittarius
    Romney N/DES @00Sagittarius

    GOP convention:
    Aug. 27-30th

    DNC convention:
    Sept 3-6th

    Transiting Dk Lilith Sept 13th
    arrives @00Gemini, cnj, Romney N/Asc, cnj Netanyahu N/Des

    they are dancing partners on the Neocon world stage

  11. alex says:

    wow: excerpt tremayne diary – daily kos

    Warren Buffett’s 1 billion dollar campaign contribution

    Warren Buffett has fired a proverbial shot that is sure to send GOP leaders shrieking to their favorite conservative media outlets. In a race already dominated by the spending of billionaires such as Charles and David Koch, Sheldon Adelson and others, Buffet just bigfooted them all. So far, the conservative Super PACs American Crossroads, Restore our Future and Americans for Prosperity have spent about $80 million dollars on the presidential election, far more than the official Romney campaign.

    Buffett’s answer: I see your $80 mil and raise you $920 million.* Yes, a cool one billion for the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA Action.

  12. alex says:

    opps it was a snark diary and I fell for it…rats!

  13. alex says:

    the snark tag was SUGGESTED down thread after comments had adding up and discussion had got going…. that’s doesn’t happen to me too often so I’ll blame it on ‘tired eyes’

  14. Patty says:

    Great new post, Nancy! Thank you.

    Since I was born nine days prior to the Israel Chart date…I always feel their aspects personally/deeply. Not to mention my Aries 8-Degree Moon…with Uranus nipping at my heels.

    Reading Republican comments around the web…most Pubs think Romney’s trip has secured the Jewish Vote now for sure. Are these people lacking empathy, delusional, brainwashed…or what?

  15. Fe says:

    Probably got the neocon Republican vote. Not all Jewish people vote alike.

  16. kiwi says:

    this just up on huffpost – harry reid says he was told mitt paid no taxes for 10 years which is probably why he won’t release his returns.

  17. Fe says:

    Clarification: I think they’re talking about AIPAC and their interests.

  18. starlight says:

    I wondered about that as well. What is interesting is that Romney’s Ascendant is 00+ Gemini and Netanyahu’s is 00+ Sag and they are both under the eclipse and the Neptune transit. Sort of a folie a deux. I can imagine Netanyahu having grand delusions about a President (sic)Romney joining him in his follies.

  19. starlight says:

    I have never really worked on India’s chart.

  20. starlight says:

    It is hard to say what all the turmoil is about. The most obvious thing would be conflict with Iran, but it could be some totally other thing as well. I think when Uranus was square Venus last time it was the Arab Spring that was the big surprise and the sudden change of the status quo. I don’t like the Uranus station on the solar return IC for such a long time. it comes in two parts but could be quite disruptive.

  21. starlight says:

    Is this true?

  22. starlight says:

    Too bad. :-(

  23. starlight says:

    An astrologer from Israel, TS, posted above that Netanyahu’s Ascendant is 25sag52. I just checked Astrodatabank and it gives the 00Sag Ascendant but says the time is unverified. So I am going to trust TS on this.

    TS – Many thanks for posting that information!! Would you please give us the time of birth?

  24. alex says:

    This is true!

    If you liked the War in Iraq, you’ll love the Bush foreign policy

    Americans United for Change has put up an excellent Web Video about the Bush/Romney foreign policy team. To view it, click:

  25. alex says:

    darkstar discusses birth time Netanyahu:

    We know Benjamin Netanyahu was born on 21 October 1949 in Tel Aviv but there are a number of different birth times floating around ranging from 9:30 amd to 11:45 am [Astro Databank].

    I have compared three times, the 9:30 am, 11:45 am and a rectified time of 10:15 am from Israeli astrologer Isaac Starkman.

    After checking these against six events including the killing of his brother in the Raid on Entebbe, and the last three Israeli elections, I like the 9:30 am time.

    Briefly, because when he first became PM in 1996 Pluto was conjunct his AC. When he lost the 1999 election Pluto was square his MC, and now as Barack Obama drops him in the kaakaa, Neptune is square his AC.

  26. clymela says:

    Speaking for myself I am too raw these days to appreciate your humor.
    For a moment I was enchanted with the idea of having ammunition (money) equal to that of the extreme right wing folk or rather the fascists. I felt kicked in the stomach when Nancy helped pull out that you were just kidding around.

  27. clymela says:

    Nancy thank you for this article that verifies what harsh changes we are dealing with. I feel such creepiness that I am pulling out disciplines that I have neglected in the passing years-meditation, prayer and solitude used regularly to guide my thoughts and to give me a grounded attitude.

  28. alex says:

    I wasn’t kidding around: I posted what I thought was a real political incident from the DK diary; then fairly quickly realized I had posted a snark diary and had been fooled by it myself; I realized the error and if you’ll look at the time-stamps I didn’t leave the wrong imprssion out there for very long;

    it is unfortunate that reading online content goes by quickly so that mistakes can be made;

  29. loyallurker says:

    hahahaha! Had to share Jimmy Kimmel’s “baby Boener”.

  30. alex says:

    it’s not my place to decide which is the correct natal chart but I wanted to support the chart I had used with some of the reasoning that brought me to that;

    way back in 2010 I was gathering articles about Romney’s Neocon staff re-cycled from the Bush administration; there was plenty of material out there comparing Bush/Romney’s neocon agendas but the timing of that information got swept away in the noise of information overload; and the public was not ready to focus on it… now seems to be the right time;

    in 1999-2000 Bush said of himself that he didn’t believe in ‘nation-building’ and he gave no indication that he was a war hawk with a PNAC neocon agenda …. the public didn’t know who neocons were and hadn’t heard of the PNAC doctrine (although the neocons had declared themselves to Bill Clinton in a letter, to the office of president, in 1998 stating what their world goals were) but media didn’t publicize it; the public domain didn’t know Neocons from inoleum.. some even accused Bush of likely being an ‘isolationist’ and criticized him as a throw back to a version of isolationism from early 20th century presidents;

    Romney has so far gotten away with being vague and misleading – he’s hoping nobody gets what his real deal is ….

    (the PNAC white paper was brought to the attention of the public by a radio show KGO host for the CA bay area and he spent night after night trying to break the information into mainstream media and the public domain…. his hours of broadcast were something like 1AM to 4AM he had a loyal audience but not a big audience but he was determined and eventually the secretive neocons got pushed into the spotlight – they still prefer to hide; Romney himself says that he doesn’t like to give information about what his policies/politics really are because nobody would vote for him… that was a quote from primary time Romney! ;

    BTW I have vision impairment so I apologize for typos and such they get by me from time to time…

  31. Prabhata says:

    My software, set for Tropical Placidus, gives me 25sag52 at 11:27:56 a.m. Tel Aviv, October 21 1949.
    It looks like a corrected time, unless my software ephemeris is off.

  32. NEOBuckeye says:

    Wolfowitz, Perle, et. al. There are many liberal Jews that would have nothing in common with them other than religion and ethnic origin.

  33. alex says:

    Joe Biden spoke to trial lawyers ( not a sentimental or necessarily sensitive group they are known for being hard nosed, harsh and blunt ) and told them that they should feel scared about potential for a Romney presidency – among Romney’s other ‘flaws’ is his priority and reliance and preference for GO-TO judicial counselor Robert Bork’s POV;

  34. Michael from nyc says:

    If you follow the financial news the word you’ll keep hearing again and again to describe the market is “volatile”. My thinking is that the only way to deal with that challenge is to be as centered as we can, which means meditation

  35. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    If Israel were to launch an attack against those Iranian nuclear installations, it would seem logical and more than likely to occur during the New Moon. An operation of that magnitude would require a distinct military advantage. And that would be provided if it were executed under the cover of darkness; at least that is the general consensus held by military experts.

    The September 16th Virgo New Moon is stunning from several vantage points. First, the new moon at 23 ’37 Virgo exactly conjoins the Israeli/Iran composite chart’s ascendant (the one you posted in this thread). Here’s the 9/16 New Moon chart set for Tel Aviv:

    The 9/16/12 Israeli secondary progressed descendant/ascendant axis at 23 ’23 Sagittarius-Gemini forms a grand cross square to the comp. asc/desc degrees with progr. Venus (security) at 24 Gemini conjunct the Israeli natal Uranus (sudden action) on the descendant (the area most associated with relationships – be it adversarial or otherwise). Refer to the following Israeli progr. chart:

    Other aspects to consider…. an exact tr. Mars-Jupiter quincunx with Mars conjoining the Iran-Israeli composite Neptune (15 Scorpio). Would that indicate a surprise attack? Tr. Jupiter (15 Gemini) square Iran-Israeli composite Pluto (15 Virgo – nuclear issues?). Jupiter will also activate Netanyahu’s natal Saturn (15 Virgo) and Ahmadinejad’s natal Mars (15 Pisces) by t square.

    I haven’t as yet looked into America’s involvement, however it is striking to note tr. Saturn at 27 Libra in square to US Pluto.

  36. Jerry says:

    Two other observations….

    Tr. Mars within one degree of squaring the Israeli Saturn (16 Leo). Tr. Saturn CONJUNCT Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s natal Sun.

  37. Noelle says:

    Oh, I so hope you are right, Stephanie and thanks for your input.

  38. starlight says:

    Jerry – I had completely missed the progressed angles in Israel’s chart. Many thanks for pointing them out. Wow! Progressed Ascendant opposite natal Uranus!! I don’t use New Moon charts much, but I assume that is the chart for the month and it sits right there in square to the Asc/Uranus combination. On September 25th and 26th Venus and Mars will trigger it and then on the 30th Mercury will. This then covers roughly the same last week of September so many other aspects do. It will certainly be a loaded week, but what exactly it portends remains to be seen.

    Another noteworthy period will be January to mid February 2013 when the progressed Moon crosses progressed Ascendant and opposes natal Uranus just as the opposition to natal Uranus becomes exact. I would think that will be a very dangerous period.

    I just realized that the solar return chart I have been using has been drawn for Washington and not Tel Aviv so there is no Uranus on the IC crossing. That is very, very good news. I need to correct my article.

  39. noel711 says:

    I am so impressed with both of you!
    Singing a pretty esoteric Advent hymn
    in the middle of this sweltering summer,
    and in the middle of this bellicose
    political swaggering..

    wish more had your faith…
    they just wanna rule the world,
    run the world,
    ruin the world..
    fiddle while rome burns.

    Rejoice, rejoice Immanuel,
    shall come come to you
    O Israel…

    NO matter when the fundies think:
    all their machinations ain’t gonna
    provoke Jesus to come again,
    and send all us lefties to hell.
    NOt gonna happen the way they think.

  40. starlight says:

    Article is now updated with corrections.

  41. Andre says:

    Scientists predict Obama will get 50.5 % of the popular vote but can’t pick a winner in the Electoral College.

  42. jeremy says:

    Obama can easily win the electoral college and lose the popular vote. If he gets over 50% of the vote I am sure he will get over 300 electoral votes.

  43. Jerry says:

    I think the September 16th new moon occurring as it does on the heels of the September 18-19 Uranus-Pluto square with its simultaneous powerful Pluto station conveys an impression that some sort of explosive energy is afoot.

    If we look at the midpoints, there are in fact points of related contact between Israel and Iran. The Uranus-Pluto square far midpoint at 21 ’57 Leo conjoins the Israeli pr. Saturn at 22 ’08 Leo and Iran’s progr. Moon/Lillith conj (21 ’35/ 21 ’52 Leo respectively). Israel’s progr. Saturn bearing down on Iran’s progressed Moon whilest in the middle of a contentious, war-like Uranus-Pluto square may not feel very comfortable for anyone involved.

    Here’s an analysis of a moon’s inherent qualities by Astrology:

    “In astrology, the Moon is the instinctual self, and because of that, some might not feel comfortable with its full expression. In times of great stress, these qualities could be exposed and make the person feel strangely out of control. If you’ve ever completely lost it, you’ll know what it’s like when the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon and you become a full-fledged “lunatic.

    But in daily life, the Moon is what you fall back on to restore your sense of emotional security. It’s the little private habits that are comforting. For some this means reaching out socially, but for others this could mean retreating to a solitary corner of the mind. It also speaks volumes about how you handle your intimate life. Some Moons have a detached air, while others cast a welcoming luminescent glow.”

    And a description of Saturn by the same website is as follows:

    The movements of Saturn, also known as the “Great Malefic,” used to be observed with fear and came with warnings passed from the astrologer to client about pending shortages, bad luck, great loss or punishing circumstances. There’s some balance to how we see Saturn now, since many of its hardest lessons and trials lead to the richest, most hard-won rewards.

    For example, a self-made man or woman may have many hard aspects with Saturn, and end up being widely admired for what they’ve overcome. This is the person that emerges out of deep poverty, takes advantage of every educational opportunity, and becomes a worldly success.

    Saturn’s gift is the pressure that keeps us focused on our own path. It’s seriousness, like the sign it rules, Capricorn, comes from knowing that some goals require us to plod through dread to generate more inner discipline. Jupiter balances this out faith, optimism and trust that all the hard work will pay off. Saturn doesn’t promise success, but by laying out the steps, and sticking to the path despite the distractions and doubts, you start to gain Saturn-approved mastery regardless of the outcome. It is the path to unshakable self-esteem.

    Saturn’s influence may seem heavy and limiting, but that is the nature of the physical realm. When you toss up your hands and claim to be overwhelmed, inert, depressed, someone else has to be the authority in your life. This authority can be given to a boss, father, spouse, teacher, friend, or even a punishing voice inside your head. Once you’ve been humbled-humiliated enough, you might decide to pull yourself up and be your own boss. The sign and house position of your Saturn shows where these life dramas will likely take place.

  44. Lorrie U says:

    The GOP mind never fails to dismay me…

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) Defends Dog Fighting (VIDEO)

  45. Lorrie U says:

    Is Israel fixing The intelligence to justify An attack On Iran?

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s strong pro-Israel statements over the weekend, including his endorsement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (a reversal of long-standing U.S. policy), increases the pressure on President Barack Obama to prove that he is an equally strong backer of Israel.

  46. Lorrie U says:

    Share this with your women friends who don’t understand Obamacare…

    Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, 47 million women will receive specific, in many cases live-saving benefits starting today, August 1, 2012.

    Insurance companies will now be required to cover eight preventative care services without “cost-sharing.” Translation: For these services, there are no longer co-pays or deductibles.

  47. Lorrie U says:

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) defends his dog fighting comments by claiming its legal to rape and kidnap a 13-year-old girl

  48. Nina says:

    OK, I have no direct angles to support this contention, but I think that it’s quite likely that Netanyahu will approve some sort of false flag mission to create an outrage as an excuse to initiate hostilities, and the Neptune energies will be the unraveling of the deception. Timing it for September/October will evoke the memories of the Yom Kippur War.

    This year Yom Kippur is September 25-26…

  49. Davis L says:

    Isn’t Rep. King the guy who described birth control pills as a “recreational drug”?

  50. Noelle says:

    OMG, Lorrie U, I couldn’t even look at that photo let alone read that some idiot who is a member of Congress thinks this is ok.

    That’s on top of hearing on NPR that a large porno ring was “busted” and that there were photos of a 9 month old baby being raped. Animals don’t do that. What kind of species are we?

  51. Virginia says:

    I have MY xmas shopping done!

  52. Fe says:


    Those must be serious drugs they’re pushing at the RNC Leadership meetings!

  53. Stefanie says:

    Jews voted 70 percent for Obama in 2008, and the vast majority are still with him. Jews are traditionally liberal – it is a very small percentage that are far to the right. We needn’t worry that Romney’s trip will move the Jewish vote. The truth is that a) most Jews vote on domestic policy and Israel is not a priorirty b) most Jews despite Netanyahu the way they despised Bush. I repeat: Jews are liberals, in the main, people who believe in social justice and vote more on social issues than anything. There hasn’t been a strong “I vote with Israel” thing since the 60s. Those members of the tribe are aging and frankly, dying out. My generation started J-Street, Jews for Economic Justice, and Jewish Voice for Peace.

  54. Gypsi says:

    We could always WISH for a rapture, so we could get on with the task of cleaning up their mess.

  55. Jerry says:


    There’s an interesting factor to this that I’ve been pondering lately….. might there be a correlation between the Jan 24th, 2012 Mars retrograde station (23 Virgo) and the September 16th New Moon of the same degree? Could that be a catalyst of some kind?

    Here’s an entry of mine posted in January that will explain……

    “The Mars retrograde station at 23 ’06 Virgo (January 23rd 7:51 pm EST) conjoins Iran President Ahmadinejad’s natal Jupiter (23 ’11 Virgo). This happens to coincide the day when the EU convenes in Brussels to implement in planned stages an Iranian oil embargo, an action that Iran considers to be an act of war. Boisterous rhetoric no doubt but an indication of increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf.

    The Mars station squares Israel’s natal Uranus (24 ’21 Gemini) and trines natal Sun (23 ’41 Taurus). One could deduce that this development will in fact have the opposite desired effect in that it will simply reinforce the Islamic mullahs hold on power with the approaching Iranian elections scheduled for early March.”

  56. Squallo says:

    I dont know how reliable this site is, but this has to be pure BS, because if not…

    The Russian Federation has fulfilled all terms of the agreement. And even more. I shut down not only the Cuban Lourdes but also Kamran in Vietnam. I shut them down because I gave my word of honor. I, like a man, has kept my word. What have the Americans done? The Americans are not responsible for their own words. It is no secret that in recent years, the U.S. created a buffer zone around Russia, involving in this process not only the countries of Central Europe, but also the Baltic states, Ukraine and the Caucasus. The only response to this could be an asymmetric expansion of the Russian military presence abroad, particularly in Cuba. In Cuba, there are convenient bays for our reconnaissance and warships, a network of the so-called “jump airfields.” With the full consent of the Cuban leadership, on May 11 of this year, our country has not only resumed work in the electronic center of Lourdes, but also placed the latest mobile strategic nuclear missiles “Oak” on the island. They did not want to do it the amicable way, now let them deal with this,” Putin said.

  57. Prabhata says:

    Pravda and Izvestia are two Russian newspapers that are as good as the WP and the NYT. But one must confirm the information with other sources and be good at sifting out propaganda, which is often interwoven with the news.

  58. CarolDuhart says:

    It’s been exciting for me as both patient and voter, watching the rollout of Obamacare. First of all, the emergency room visits where the people already had the list of my medications and a copy of my medical chart. No unnecessary tests, and a lot quicker. And my doctor also was able to find out about my emergency care. Saves time, saves money. Secondly, my drugs seem a little cheaper than before. Last, the free screenings that I’ve received over the past month. I got a mammogram that I had put off since 2010 due to the cost last month. They saw something in one breast, got me a second, still wanted to be sure, got a biopsy, found out it was normal. But now I’ll be able to get those regularly regardless of my current work situation and be on top of whatever happens because of Obamacare.

  59. Tetramorph says:

    Thanks, Nancy. It is going to be an interesting autumn…

  60. Squallo says:

    Putting Nukes in Cuba doesn’t seem like good propaganda, unless you want to open a nuclear theme park.

  61. Noelle says:

    Some may find this of interest and uplifting. I always do. ://

  62. Jackson says:

    Looks like things are getting jinky in a hurry over in Syria.

  63. clymela says:

    Carol-I am a Kaiser member here in CA and am finding the same level of organization in that medical provider. This is wonderful-in the past I often had to tell the Kaiser doctor my own history because it somehow wasn’t in the chart the doctor was using. I am thinking that as this rolls out and is integrated more widely not only will it cut down on supportive services (clerical)needed it will also cut down o medical mistakes. I know that people are going to love these changes just the way Medicare is loved but was thought to be Satan landing when it was created.

  64. CarolDuhart says:

    Clymela, I’m sure it already has. Walgreens (my pharmacist) is already participating in electronic records. Any doctor can ask me where I get my prescriptions and an electronic prescription is sent on the spot, and they have an automatic list of all my medications. When I go to my doctor, I have a list of all my appointments with any doctor that’s in the system.

    I just bought a usb where I can keep all my medical records to give to the life squad if necessary. The life squad can communicate electronically with the Emergency room-vitals, et al.

    No more lugging around paper files and wondering if they got lost somehow in the system. Once they really figure things out, I could go to any hospital in the nation (or maybe even the world) and the doctors could have access to at least my vitals and my prescriptions.

    Have you gotten a check from Obamacare yet? I won’t because my insurer was already compliant with the 80/20 rule on coverage. But if your insurer spent more than 20 percent on overhead, you can get a rebate of the premiums you paid.

  65. barbk says:

    kiwi and Davis L,

    The interview with Harry Reid you provided links to earlier on this thread might be about the whistle-blower I talked about on the previous thread regarding an expose’ of Mitt Romney. Or it might lead to one. In a nutshell I have reason to think/feel that on or around 7 PM on September 26th, Romney’s evasive, if not dishonest remarks, including information on the taxes he’s paid, will cause would-be voters for him to re-think their decisions. There is a path, bread-crumb-like, that weaves Romney’s birth chart, the U.S. Sibly birth chart and the Libra Equinox chart together in such a way as to tell a story about this man. It all started with a little transneptunian object called Borasisi. Borasisi is a symbol taken from a novel about a fictitious religion.

    Long story short on Sept. 26 at 7 PM transiting Borasisi will be exactly conjunct Romney’s Mercury. The Moon will conjunct the U.S. Moon and square Romney’s Jupiter-Moon conjunction. The north node on 9/26, newly arrived in Scorpio, will conjunct Romney’s Jupiter-Moon conjunction.

    On September 26 at 7 PM a Yod will be created when the sextile of Chiron in Pisces to Pluto in Capricorn both form quincunx’s (150 degrees) to the U.S. north node at 6 Leo. At that time transiting asteroid Askalaphus (a whistle-blower in myth) will be at 7 Leo. Romney’s midheaven is conjunct the U.S. south node of things released. I don’t believe I mentioned in my earlier remarks that Romney’s natal Vesta (investments) at 27 Aries is square the U.S. Pluto in the 2nd house of finances.

    Looking at the chart set for Washington DC at 7 PM on 9/26, Uranus is on the ascendant at 6 Aries, while Pluto at 6 Capricorn is on the midheaven. Uranus will be trine the U.S. north node. The ‘event’ chart’s north node (27 Scorpio) that conjuncts Romney’s Jupiter-Moon conjunction is in the 8th house of shared resources. The event chart’s Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd house of communication is conjunct TNO Chaos (16 Gemini) and trines Mercury in the 7th house at 16 Libra.

    There are many more little bread crumbs but I will just share these two. Transiting Saturn at 28 Libra (which opposes Romney’s Vesta and squares the U.S. Pluto) has as his traveling companion’s asteroids Pandora who opened a box of problems, and Klotho who symbolizes new beginnings. The Moon will be opposite Karma.

  66. pisca says:

    The ACA provides impetus for waking up a few anti-anything-Obama folks.
    The rebates from insurance companies have hit the mail and lots of people are pleasantly surprised, even if they don’t understand what it’s all about.
    Texas (once again) tops the list for the number of rebates insurance companies have the pay. Texas Blue Cross, one of the largest private insurers in the state, has to pay out more rebates than any other fraudster.
    I had some fun at the neighborhood hangout….
    It started with a derogatory grunt about Obama which led to a discussion of the rebates which were coming. One guy had already received one but had little knowledge about why he got it. I asked if he had Texas Blue Cross… yes he did… and several people got interested; another guy said he had TxBC too and the anti-Obama lady proudly admitted having coverage through TxBC. I proceeded to explain that rebates were coming but if they got TxBC though their employer {the regulars all know that the anti-Obama lady is a small business employer], that their employer would get the rebate. Time to see how greedy your employer is !!!!

  67. Prabhata says:

    Clicking the photo to see it better helps.

    In one of the most beautiful misnomers on the planet, “fire rainbows” are actually neither fire nor rainbows. Spotted in south Florida, these iridescent clouds contain water droplets of relatively uniform proportions, creating a rare event of colorful light diffraction.

  68. Wennye' says:

    Thanks for sharing Prabhata, truly is a beautiful phenomenon. Blessings, Wennye’

  69. Noelle says:

    Virginia, thank you. That was the first time I tried posting a link. Obviously, I need some more practice.

  70. Davis L says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I have no familiarity with Borasisi or with Askalaphus, but other indications from various investigative reporters are surfacing.

    Paul Abrams of Huffington Post,
    believes Romney received amnesty for his Swiss bank accounts.

    I recall others have suggested he lost money for several years (not good for the “I’m an extraordinarily successful businessman able to fix the economy” narrative) and of course the Harry Reid story of Romney paying zero taxes for several years.

    Any one or a combination of these might well be true. I’ll be watching, especially around the dates you’ve suggested.

  71. Prabhata says:

    When I took a political class in college, my professor made a comment once that I never forgot. Senator Joe McCarthy never made his communist accusation outside the senate building. He used the shield of the senate to make accusations that outside the senate floor or the senate steps could be challenged in court.

  72. NEOBuckeye says:

    I don’t know when San Bernardino was founded, but it seems likely that it is the tip of the iceberg in terms of municipal bankruptcies. Pluto will soon be transiting 9 Capricorn, which is where many cities and government entities have their natal Suns, since it typically coincides with January 1.

  73. Francis says:

    Off topic but broadly related to our conversations here, a F/B friend posted this link about spiritual principals for social activism. As they say, take what you like and leave the rest:

  74. kiwi says:

    Ive thought it strange that romney is using OPM (other peoples money) and not putting his own money into the campaign –
    and the follow up thought was that he either really likes using others to get money for himself, or more likely the largest chunk of his money is offshore and were he to bring it back to the states he would be subject to huge taxes/penanties.

  75. kiwi says:

    Beautiful Francis

  76. alex says:

    Excerpt Business Insider – article on Senate report:

    Al Rajhi bank is owned by the billionaire Al Rajhi family and holds $59 billion in assets. It is Saudi Arabia’s largest private bank.

    Al Rajhi’s links to terrorism were confirmed in 2002 when U.S. agents searched the offices of a Saudi non-profit and U.S. designated terrorist organization, Benevolence International Foundation (page 193). In that raid, agents uncovered a CD-ROM listing the names of financiers in Osama bin Ladin’s elite ‘Golden Chain.’ One of those names was Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, a founder of Al Rajhi bank.

    It doesn’t stop there: Al Rahji is also known for financial services to 9/11 hijacker Abdulaziz al Omari, who was on American Airlines flight 11 (page 201).

    One of the most damning parts of the report details HSBC’s relationship with Saudi based Al Rajhi Bank, a member of Osama bin Ladin’s ‘Golden Chain’ of important Al Qaeda financiers.

    The relationship has spanned decades, perhaps that is why even when HSBC’s own internal compliance offices asked that it be terminated in 2005, even when the US government discovered hard evidence of Al Rajhi’s relationship with terrorism, HSBC continued to business with the bank until 2010.

  77. Davis L says:

    Makes sense to me!
    In contrast to Ross Perot who used his own money.

  78. Davis L says:

    Romney has never “felt right” to me. Using so much of other people’s money to enrich himself at the expense of middle class workers whom Bain laid off (premanently), the evasion regarding his taxes, offshore tax havens, and of course the infamous incident earlier in his life with the dog on the roof of the stationwagon. Seems to me like a profound lack of empathy.

    I came across an astrologer a few days ago who asserted Romney had a grand air trine, indicative of sociopathy. I can’t do a search now, but later today I’ll try to find that link. Has anyone else come across the notion of grand air trine indicating sociopathy? Or is that hokum?

  79. shoalsister says:

    Wonderful. Thanks, Francis.

  80. will says:


    If you are correct, the Senate is the perfect spawning-ground for psychopathic endeavors of almost any kind. Scary!

  81. will says:


    Satyana absolutely rocks with clean and beautiful soul-enriching practices and attitudes.

    Merci beaucoup for this refreshing shift.

  82. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    You wrote in your Feb 11th Cupid Sleeps thread….

    “….As for the rabid Republican base, two further things are worth mentioning. Using the Sagittarius rising US chart, the progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Mars in August 2012, exact on September 1, at 18Libra28. If this chart is accurate (and no one really knows the birth time of the US), it suggests a great deal of anger and upset at the end of August among some sector of the US population (US Moon). One possible manifestation of this would be an eruption of dissent and turbulence at the GOP convention, which takes place from August 26 through August 30.”

    Do you have any sense that Romney will be stopped in his tracks at the GOP convention due to the tax evasion allegations?

    Mitt Romney appearing on the Sean Hannity show vehemently denies the claim, taking a swipe at Senator Reid with the response that he should “Put up or shut up” – a reference to the fact that Reid has so far not divulged his confidential sources.

    I suspect this issue will not go away. Unless Romney releases a full disclosure on the requested tax return documents going back perhaps ten years, the PR fall-out will become more problematic for Romney as we head into the Republ. convention.

    Here’s a 47 sec youtuble clip of Reid’s comments on the senate floor….

    What is more worrying, is the what if scenario…… what if the Republicans lash out and become more vicious and relentless on the Obama birth certificate issue (someone releasing certain documents that could prove to be embarrassing to Obama). I can see this developing into a kind of Wag The Dog scenario with Iran as the main source of concern (a false flag incident?). All conjecture of course.

  83. Virginia says:

    It all sounds great and I am glad for you.

    Wish I had the same options but I could only afford Medicare A (hospital coverage). I just have Social Security and a tiny pension – simply haven’t a cent to spare for Medicare B coverage. Guess I’ll be one of many who will still fall between the cracks :-)

    It forces me to take excellent care of myself. I use home remedies from Haven’t been to a dentist in ten years, so I take care polishing the old ivories.

    I refuse to be in fear, though. Damned if I will. The world is changing around us and the game isn’t over yet.

  84. Virginia says:

    Good ole Mercury!

  85. starlight says:

    I have begun to think that that eclipse is the gift that keeps on giving. Dana Bash of CNN has just corroborated Harry Reid’s claim that Romney did not pay any taxes for ten years. OMG!

  86. alex says:

    Romney on taxes:

    ‘You’re going to have to take my word for it’

    Rachel Maddow talks about Mitt Romney’s vague responses when asked about his taxes throughout the years and questions how much of his current proposed tax plan would only help himself.

    James Roosevelt, Jr., the top lawyer for the Massachusetts Democratic Party when tax returns were a problem for Romney while running for governor, joins the discussion to explain how Romney tried to “retroactively rewrite history” about his tax returns ten years ago.

  87. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you for posting, Francis. Very beautiful and timely!

  88. Prabhata says:

    This is a circular confirmation.
    From Democratic Underground:

    Bash: I did speak, have to tell you, I did speak to one source close to senator Reid that claims to also know who the Bain investor is that Sen. Reid spoke with, insists it is a credible person and this person if we knew the name we would understand they would have the authority and ability to know about Romney’s tax returns. Whether we’ll find it out ever, who knows.

  89. Lorrie U says:

    I find it hard to believe they will give Romney the nomination if things continue as they have been…

    Mitt Romney Replaces Sarah Palin as America’s Most Hated Politician

  90. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – There are no documents which could prove to be embarrassing to Pres. Obama, everything has been debunked over and over and only the demented fringe keep beating a dead horse.

  91. Davis L says:

    Yes and unfortunately it is a zombie living dead horse on steroids!

  92. Jerry says:

    Overheard in one of the comment columns of The Democratic Underground…..

    The claim about Romney not paying taxes starts to make sense
    when you consider that his main role at Bain was finding new investors. He has as much as acknowledged that one of his salient selling points was tax avoidance, for which he set up shell corporations in places like the Cayman Islands. It is easy to imagine him bragging to investors that “I haven’t paid taxes in 10 years.” Maybe it was true; maybe not.

    Reid is now saying that he heard this from a number of people. This is credible, since, as Mormons, Reid and Romney are likely to be acquainted with some of the same people – and there were a lot of Mormons involved with Bain. It is likely, therefore, that the tax claim may have been part of his standard sales pitch. If so, one of those investors is eventually going to come forward, probably at the worst possible time for Mitt.

    At this point, it doesn’t even matter if it is true. He either lied then or he is lying now.

  93. Davis L says:

    Makes you wonder….
    Investigative reporter Paul Abrams of Huffington Post July 18 predicted:
    (A) Romney would NOT be the Republican Nominee because of tax problems.
    (B) Whomever Romney picked for VP running mate would end up being the nominee.

  94. fierywoman says:

    What a wonderful writer you are! It reads like the ending of a thrilling mystery.

  95. fierywoman says:

    mwah! Francis, thank you.

  96. alex says:

    Hi Jerry,
    re: Using the Sagittarius rising US chart, the progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Mars in August 2012, exact on September 1, at 18Libra28. It suggests a great deal of anger and upset at the end of August among some sector of the US population (US Moon). One possible manifestation of this would be an eruption of dissent and turbulence at the GOP convention, which takes place from August 26 through August 30.

    Senator Rob Portman: N/Vesta @19 Libra
    DOB 12/19/1955
    Cincinnati OH

    Lawrence O’Donnell MSNBC – guest (didn’t catch his name, he’s a regular on the Final Word ) said Rob Portman will be the V.P. pick.

    The guest said Portman’s strength is his win of 82 of 88 Ohio counties in his 2010 election; and his weakness are his ties to the George W. Bush administration (Portman is addressing this on media will recent new spin – in,other,words positioning himself to stand up to the negative W-factor) )

    Portman served in the first Bush Administration as White House counsel and then as the president’s chief lobbyist.

    He returned to serve in two federal cabinet positions under President George W. Bush, from May 2005 to May 2006, as U.S. Trade Representative and from May 2006 to June 2007 as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

    Quick Notation: Portman voted for the Paul Ryan budget

    Portman’s Natal/Uranus @01Leo
    Romney’s Natal/Saturn @02Leo
    Obama’s Natal/Mercury @02Leo

    Portman’s Natal/Saturn @27Scorpio
    Romney’s Natal Jupiter-Moon @27Scorpio

    Portman’s Solar Arc Sun 2012 is 24 degrees Aquarius
    USA Moon 25 degrees Aquarius

  97. Davis L says:

    Was that meant for me?
    If so, Many Thanks!

  98. Jerry says:


    I respectfully realize this is an emotionally tinged divisive issue here. Rather than delving into a heated debate about it, suffice to say, the fact remains, the original birth certificate has never been released, only the short form. Some die-hard right-wingers would love to have make an issue of it – something – anything to gloat on. That’s not my position at all. I have no political leanings here. I’m only suggesting that if (and I have to re-emphasize that word – if) if things were suppressed for obvious political reasons, the current Uranus-Pluto square will bring it up to the surface for review.

  99. Jerry says:

    Typo: Read instead: “would love to make an issue of it”

  100. alex says:

    Re: Paul Abrams prediction

    No one who has received amnesty for a serious crime, such as tax evasion, can be president. One would think that someone for whom the clear implications are that he has received amnesty, but will not release exculpatory documents, also cannot be president.

    I predict, therefore, that the Republican nominee for president will be the person Romney selects as his VP.

    How ironic if that turned out to be T-Paw, who dropped out after losing to Michelle Bachmann in Iowa, (and whom Lawrence O’Donnell picked all along) becomes the 2012 Republican nominee for president


    I’ll have to look at T-Paw’s chart again!

    Portman – T-Paw?

  101. alex says:

    Quick Notes: Natal Tim Pawlenty
    DOB 11/27/1960 St Paul MN

    Natal/Saturn @15Capricorn
    USA P/Mars @18Libra Sept 1, 2012

    re: Using the Sagittarius rising US chart, the progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Mars in August 2012, exact on September 1, at 18 Libra 28.

    If this significant Pawlenty synastry T-square is combined with future transit of Uranus, when transiting Uranus reaches 15-18 Aries it would form a Cardinal Grand Cross, and Pawlenty could still be going strong whatever the outcome of the GOP slugfest convention 2012 and election.

  102. alex says:

    Destiny’s gate – Vertex
    9/26/2012 7pm Washington DC

    How significant is the vertex astrologically? Here lies the debate. Some well-versed astrologers will say the vertex means relatively nothing. Others will say it is a point of great significance. If it does have meaning, what is it?

    The vertex appears as a sensitive point linked to fateful encounters with others, seemingly sudden epiphanies, turning points in life and a destiny over which we have no control. Activated, it can synchronize with an experience of another whose effect registers as some degree of profound or extraordinary.

    Romney’s Natal Vertex @28 Libra (9:51 chart)


    Transiting Saturn @28 Libra
    Transiting Pandora @27 Libra
    Transiting Klotho @27 Libra


    Transiting Karma @28 Leo
    Transiting Moon @26 Aquarius


    Synastry – Fire Trine

    Transiting Karma @28 Leo
    Romney Natal Vesta @27 Aries
    Romney Natal Juno @28 Sagittarius

  103. Jerry says:

    The New American, an op-ed news organization writes a commentary on a recent DebkaFile report:

    Iranian Leader Says War May Happen Within Weeks
    by Raven Clabough
    August 2, 2012

    The Israeli news outlet DebkaFile reports that Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned the country’s top military chiefs during a recent war council meeting to expect “war within weeks.” According to DebkaFile,

    While retaliation had been exhaustively drilled in regular military exercises in the past year, Khamenei ordered the biggest fortification project in Iran’s history to save its nuclear program from even the mightiest of America’s super-weapons. Rocks are being gathered from afar, piled on key nuclear installations, covered with many tons of poured concrete and finally plated with steel.


    Bill Sheeran in his Radical Astrology blog writes “Nick Campion in The Book of World Horoscopes suggests the beginning of the current parliamentary regime can be used as a contextual starting point for the astrological study of modern Persia/Iran. The first meeting of the parliament, agreed to by the then Shah, happened on October 7th 1906.”

    It is striking to note that natal Pluto in the 1906 Iranian Parl. chart is located at 23 Gemini. It conjoins the Israeli progressed descendant and the Israeli natal Uranus. These natal aspects in their respective charts will be squared by the upcoming September 16th New Moon.

    Here’s the Iran Parl. chart for quick reference:

  104. pisca says:

    I suspect the convention in Tampa may be volatile. The GOP establishment is not pleased with either the tea party or the libertarian wings of their party. Both these factions tend to be “explosive.” It would not be a surprise to see that the old guard has a dark horse waiting for Romney’s demise.
    Another element to consider is the third party effect:
    “Polls Demonstrate Romney’s 3rd Party Problems”

  105. barbk says:

    Alex! Thank you for the additional “color” on 9/26 and Romney’s chart, as well as an understanding of (or at least a perspective on) the meaning of the Vertex.

    It appears to me that transiting Saturn (hard core reality) is challenging the natal grand fire trine (easy hard-to-stop flow of energy) that is Romney’s gift by opposing his natal Vesta. By also making a conjunction to his Vertex it seems destiny is stepping up to the plate. I would only add the Moon’s nodes squaring the transiting Moon and Karma at that moment, but also conjunct (NN) his natal Moon Jupiter conjunction and opposing (SN) it as well. Wouldn’t this make a great movie?

  106. catsandmusic says:

    So maybe it will be Portman/Pawlenty, or Portman/Rubio or Portman/Soprano(NJ)…

  107. Noelle says:

    Francis, thank you so very much for those beautiful principles. I wish I could tape them to the inside of my eyelids.

  108. Francis says:

    hard hitting documentary about the Vatican by Alex Gibney… coming soon to a theater near you:

    Can someone check out the upcoming transits for the Vatican or the Pope? Should be interesting.

  109. clymela says:

    I read somewhere prior to Obama becoming the national figure that he is now that the Hawaiian Office of Vital Stats burned down and had to be re-built. Was he born in Hawaii? Could this be part of what is going on

  110. Jackson says:

    Wow. It’s looking much more likely that Romney will get derailed before the convention. What do Portman’s aspects look like?

    What’s really interesting is that the person leading the charge against Romney (Senator Harry Reid) is a fellow Mormon. I’m guessing there has to be a significant number of high-ranking LDS who view a Romney presidency as being potentially disastrous for the church, for a number of reasons.

  111. will says:

    Jerry, remember the validity issues with Debka files. Just sayin.

  112. Prabhata says:

    recently read that 50% of the American people pay no taxes. In most cases, it was correct and legal.

    I have degree is in business with emphasis in accounting. I worked in accounting all my professional years and though I never worked as a tax accountant, I have enough background to say this: Paying no taxes implies no income. It’s that simple. How could a millionaire have not income? It’s simple too. The same way GE and other companies don’t pay taxes. I’ll break down the information as best I can.

    1. Gross income is not what taxes are paid on. For example, most people will deduct standard deduction or itemize and deduct from the the gross income.
    2. After deducting certain itemized expenses, there are other adjustments, such as carry forward losses. An example of that for individuals is losses from a fire or theft. Investors can have adjustments because their investments are seen as a positive for the economy and the government will simply give credit to reduce tax payments. An example of such credits would be farm credit for not growing certain crops or for oil search. You can agree with that or not, but don’t blame the people who benefit. Blame Washington.
    3. There are two types of revenue, active and passive. Losses from passive revenue, e.g. investments, offset revenue from passive revenue. This is probably one of the biggest reasons a person may not owe tax in one year. If an investor has a huge loss, such as many did in 2008, that loss can be carried over many years until the loss is brought to a zero. It makes sense that someone who makes $1 million in 2010, but lost $5 million in 2008 can offset the gain with the loss.

    Not paying taxes is not a crime. Just ask GE. Is it fair? Sometimes it is fair, but sometimes is not, imo. But if Romney has zero tax debt, believe me, the IRS will look at his tax return very carefully and would probably be audited. Most rich people are audited routinely because the computers would flag it. After someone looks at their return, if there are questions, the IRS will ask for support. If there’s evidence that the IRS is owed money, an audit is done.

    Explaining why Romney paid no taxes, if true, is not something that I would advise him, and probably his campaign people have advised him the same. Most people don’t understand the most basic tax laws and are bored with the subject. Even if legal and proper, like so many here have the idea that paying no taxes is unlawful. Not so.

    I would assume that someone with a complicated tax return would have not just accountants preparing the return, but tax lawyers going over every dollar reported and deducted. Romney is too rich not to use the people that can help him minimize his tax burden legally. I doubt there’s dirt there. I’m reminded of the 2008 primaries when Obama and his supporters went into a frenzy because Hillary did not make her returns public until the date she said she would. The tax returns were made public and the frenzy died down. There was nothing there. Rich people don’t need to cheat. The laws are written in their favor. The Republicans and the Democrats are responsible for our tax laws.

  113. Prabhata says:

    Everyone avoids paying taxes legally. Every year, starting in December, one can read how to minimize taxes before it’s too late. Americans will look under the bed to find a legal deduction.

  114. Prabhata says:

    Can anyone say that it was illegal? The IRS has a line for tips.

  115. Jackson says:

    I’m not buying your defense of Romney, Prabhata. Most of us know the deck is stacked in favor of the wealthy. So even if everything Romney has done is legal by current law, that only works for a private citizen. When you step up to offer yourself as a candidate for public office, what matters — at least as much as whether or not you complied legally, and probably more — is whether or not you complied morally.

    Most of us who are under the lash of April 15 every year don’t want a tax cheat as president. Even if he’s a legal tax cheat. “Do as I say, not as I do”? Up yours, Romney.

  116. Jerry says:

    Yes. I remember Will. If you read the entire New American article you’ll understand why I submitted that version rather than the original Debkafile report. There are counter-views that allow the reader to sort it out for themselves..

    The point being, is that we may be reaching an end game with all these Iranian evasive maneuvers. Diplomacy has all but run its course.

  117. Prabhata says:

    I’m not defending Romney. I’m explaining how the system works. Romney is not different than most Americans. If he paid no taxes it’s because none was due. I too pay only the taxes that are due.

  118. Prabhata says:

    It’s Washington that’s the problem. Romney did not write those tax codes. He only used them like everyone else. Yes, I’m angry, but at Washington and the two political parties.

  119. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    I think the allegation is more serious – NO taxes paid over a 10 year period. Tax evasion is quite different from seeking a tax reduction utilizing off-shore tax shelters. It is a flagrant violation and abuse of the system.

  120. Prabhata says:

    Even if he’s a legal tax cheat.

    Your statement is a contradiction. The word “cheat” implies illegality.

  121. Francis says:

    According to Wiki Robert Jones “Rob” Portman was born December 19, 1955 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Can’t find time of birth.

  122. Jackson says:

    Right. And what I’m saying that a private citizen can use the excuse that they’re complying with the letter of the law, but once you become a candidate for public office, especially the presidency, you’re going to be held to a different standard, and there will be a moral component added to the yardstick of whether or not you’re fit to hold office.

  123. Jackson says:

    No, it doesn’t. “Legal tax cheat” implies that Romney can take advantage of features of the tax code that aren’t available to the average taxpayer, and does. In fact, from what I’ve read, he takes any and all exemptions to avoid paying taxes. That may fly with a Gordon Gekko-type private citizen from Wall Street, but it won’t with a candidate for public office. Especially with a candidate for president.

  124. Prabhata says:

    I don’t hold Romney to a different standard than mine. I too do everything legal to avoid taxes. It would be dumb not to, and I’m not that dumb.

  125. Jackson says:

    Yes, you are. And no, you’re not “explaining how the system works.” Your obfuscating.

  126. pisca says:

    Thank you for that link. The Pope and Vatican are most definitely getting hard hits from the planets. Some charts and info in this two part article:

  127. alex says:

    yeah someone will make a movie out of this eventually: could call it ‘The Romney Dilemma’

    Elevation at the top of the chart:
    T/moon aquarius 10th house: the fixed grand cross (synastry) bearing down on point of interest 4th house T/karma charged point & axis compounded by grand fire trine sharing that 4th house T/karma contact in Leo;

    T/Nodes triggering his natal jupiter-moon in scorpio in natal 6th house – 12th house T/SN;

    T/SN semi-sextile ( difficult associations ) to the Aries tip of the fire trine;

    with some nice leverage to N/vesta 27 aries
    from T/Saturn @28Libra cnj N/vertex @28 Libra 6th house – 12 house axis;

    Aspects having complex interfacing:

    looking for direction, force and momentum from the point of view of T/Saturn as it closes out on the final degrees of Libra then eventually entering Natal 7th house;

    have to think on this more…..

    fascinating stuff

  128. Prabhata says:

    Do you really think the IRS would allow that for ten years? That agency loves to make example of rich people who break the law.
    1. Only silly people cheat on their taxes because with thoughtful planning tax can be avoided.
    2. It’s unusual for rich people to cheat. They don’t need to because the tax code is tailored to their needs.
    3. Avoiding taxes legally is what most Americans do.

  129. kdez says:

    I thought the scuttlebutt was that Romney’s tax returns would show that he took advantage of a 2009 amnesty program for people who hid money in off-shore accounts? That is, he WAS committing a felony (tax evasion) but came in under the amnesty program, so avoided prosecution?

  130. Prabhata says:

    Tax evasion is quite different from seeking a tax reduction utilizing off-shore tax shelters. It is a flagrant violation and abuse of the system.

    No. Off-shore tax shelters are not illegal. The tax code should be changed to make them illegal. I agree with that.

  131. starlight says:

    The issue is not whether or not he committed tax fraud. He wants to be be president, ostensibly the most patriotic position we have, the man or woman who stands for the country in the world. Taxes are something we all have to contribute to the collective. To avoid them for your own personal gain just smells bad and seems kind of unpatriotic in the sense that self vastly trumps loyalty to the collective. Yes, everyone pays as little as they can using various deductions, but to make millions and millions every year and pay nothing just smells really, really bad. Add to that all the people who struggle to get those taxes paid and feel the pinch of them every year, and then he manages to have more money than half the country put together and he pays nothing. Again it smells bad even if it is legal.

  132. clymela says:

    So much wonderful conversation which I will comment on later but right now I came over here because I was watching the dressage parts of the Olympics. I just wanted to say that the horses and the riders are marvelous-pure beauty in motion and I am sure that a millionaire is needed somewhere to buy and care for the horses and the riders too must be housed and provided for. Okay!! I will allow slack for this but that still does not make Mr and Mrs Romney nice people just very,very wealthy.
    I love the horses and their riders who are so wonderful that they make it look like we could all climb up on the horses and dance around with them.

  133. alex says:

    good site earthclinic:

    I use apple cider vinegar for home remedies – made new dinner recipe recently for slow cooker with apple cider and dash of maple syrup… rest of casserole stuff had forgotten how good warm apple cider is … I use to make farmer’s cheese (curds & whey) splitting milk with apple cider and the warm whey was wonderful;

  134. Noelle says:

    Thank you, Starlight. As always, the voice of reason and wisdom.

  135. Noelle says:

    You know the training of dressage horses is consiidered abusive by some. I can’t remember exactly what they do but when I heard it years ago I couldn’t believe anyone who loves animals would do such a thing and had second thoughts about my dog groomer who owned, trained and rode a dressage horse. Maybe things have changed. I hope so.

  136. Fe says:

    Clymela – Check this out:

    Ann Romney’s horse fails to win dressage but avoids offending British

    Rafalca, owned by Mrs Mitt Romney, was impeccably behaved and well received by Olympic equestrians in Greenwich

    Sam Jones, Thursday 2 August 2012 11.49 EDT

    Short of mocking Shetland ponies over their lack of stature or laying into zebras for their failure to make a significant contribution to the world of equine culture, Ann Romney’s horse Rafalca was always going to struggle to match the sheer incredulity that her husband managed to provoke on his recent overseas trip.

    And in the event – the event in question being the individual dressage – the 15-year-old bay Oldenburg mare acquitted herself rather well. True, she and her rider, Jan Ebeling, may have been left well behind by Britain’s Carl Hester, Germany’s Dorothee Schneider and Denmark’s Anna Kasprzak but, by Romney standards, her performance was a positive triumph.

    Never for a second during her seven-minute performance did a hoof stray dangerously mouthwards, nor did she do anything at all to offend or upset the host nation. From the moment she entered the Greenwich Park equestrian arena at 12.15 on Thursday afternoon, the most famous political horse since Caligula toyed with making a consul of Incitatus seemed in her element.


    more: (great read – dripping with sarcasm)

  137. Davis L says:

    Couldn’t avoiding taxes for ten years be concomitant with tax evasion using off-shore accounts? To me these are not mutually exclusive.

  138. Lorrie U says:

    “Never for a second during her seven-minute performance did a hoof stray dangerously mouthwards, nor did she do anything at all to offend or upset the host nation.”

    Love it!!

  139. Lorrie U says:

    Has anyone heard yet where Pres. Obama will be for his solar return? His website just says no public events scheduled.

  140. clymela says:

    Well!! I am relieved to know that the horse did not trample over any more British feelings.
    I know nothing regarding dressage and have learned here and from my dear one that the “art”/”sport” is considered very abusive to the horses. That of course ruins the delight of watching these beautiful animals as they go through their paces.Thanks for the link to the Guardian article-I especially like the first line about NOT mocking Shetland’s for their lack of stature–I am still smiling having chased many an imaginary villain on back a Shetland pony.

  141. Nina says:

    My suspicion? McCain.

  142. Nina says:

    Even folks too poor to pay income tax pay sales taxes and licensing fees.

  143. clymela says:

    You know, Noelle I have been startled over and over how many people involved with animals don’t pick up on the consciousness shared so willingly by the animals.I sometimes think that the humans block the connection in order to avoid “doing unto others…..” in regards to the way they treat animals.

  144. Jackson says:

    I can’t answer your post directly, Prabhata. Suffice it to say that I don’t hold Romney the private citizen to a higher standard than I would hold myself. But since I’m not running for president, and he is, I hold Romney to a higher standard as a candidate for president. Shouldn’t his life be an open book, or do you subscribe to the Dick Cheney standard?

  145. clymela says:

    well yes!! Romney didn’t make the laws but PLEASE! admit that he is part of the “movement” to “steal the common from the goose”and he obviously believes that wealth proves how pleased the Creator is with one. I just think that we don’t need to stand up for Romney and his playmates here-the entire commercial media of the US is doing that.

  146. Mayfly says:

    I think you mean to say “pay no INCOME taxes” rather than “pay no taxes.” I pay sales taxes but do not have enough (retirement) income to pay income taxes. I also pay gas taxes, and auto taxes.

  147. clymela says:

    To me “legal tax cheat”is the only way to really describe those who get income from investments. I mean why do those of us who use our bodies to get to work and stay at work,meet deadlines, etc pay higher taxes than those who only need to read their latest statements to see that they have the money they need. Why is “working” taxed so highly? Why is “receiving” via “passive” income taxed at a much lower rate than labor?

  148. Prabhata says:

    I like and use Apple products. The company has created thousand of jobs in the U.S., even after the Great Recession. Yet, it’s one of the many companies that has hoarded cash abroad, along with EBay, Microsoft, Pfizer, GE, Google, Cisco and more. Barrons recently estimated that the cash abroad is close to $1.24 trillion. Watch these hoarders push for a tax holiday to repatriate that cash, and unless the voters work to make sure that congress doesn’t go along, like it did with G.W.B., the U.S. will lose billions in tax revenue. It’s congress that needs to hold the line. I won’t hold my breath.
    From Thinkprogress:

    “It’s significant that Apple is using its domestic cash, rather than the much heftier stockpiles it holds overseas, because foreign cash would be subject to a sizable “repatriation tax” if brought back into the United States. Cook said the company didn’t want to pay that tax.”

    Apple is among the companies that make up WinAmerica, a coalition of corporations lobbying Congress for a repatriation holiday. The companies have argued that the holiday would boost economic growth and job creation by allowing them to bring money back either without paying taxes or at a lower rate than the current 35%.
    There’s little evidence, however, that the holiday would have that effect, even as it has gained favor with Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates. Congress approved a similar holiday in 2004, only to watch companies use it to pay dividends to shareholders before promptly cutting jobs. Kristen Forbes, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers when the 2004 holiday was approved, said it “didn’t accomplish the stated goals of bringing jobs and investment to the US,’’ and afterward, corporations stashed even more money overseas in anticipation of another future holiday.”

  149. Jackson says:

    My Apple MacBook isn’t running for president. Mitt Romney, however, is.

  150. Fe says:

    From Daily Kos today:

    Harry Reid Got it Right+*

    by CitizenKane

    I rarely disagree with John Stewart, but in this case I have to make an exception. In fact, I disagree with the whole meme that Harry Reids accusations are “below the belt” or somehow “not worthy of the political debate.” Why? I would ask. This isnt like the “I dont believe the state of Hawaii short form” stuff. Rmoney has repeatedly had problems with tax evasion – such as the Utah/Mass residency issue that somehow went away because “he doesn’t read what he signs.” As Reid pointed out today, the level of disclosure we have gotten from Rmoney has been insufficient to be confirmed into nearly any cabinet position – and this guy wants to be president!

    But there is more to it than just the fact that Rmoney has practically dared anyone to question his financial affairs. And, by the way, he has dared us. He is uber-rich, and that is enough. No one need know how that came to be or what kind of steward of those resources he has been. And, no matter what he says, the fact that he has been allowed to be a steward of tremendous wealth has been as much blessing as perseverance. Not everyone gets to “keep what they kill.” Rmoney is fortunate to have been the recipient of great power and money. With that comes some responsibility to realize your good fortune.

    But, according to Rmoney, no one is entitled to know anything about what he has thought of his role in American society before the election cycle. That is of course the very point of us needing to know. Any of us can sound like American loving, concerned citizens for a little while, but what did this person’s role as a citizen of this country look like while he wasnt trying. Apparently it wasnt too flattering. Pres. Obama worked as a community organizer, activist, etc. (yes worked – lets not disrespect those in public service by demeaning the hard work that goes into it) While many see this as “not holding down a real job” I think it says that he was concerned about the state and nature of our republic, and the way in which all Americans partake of our economy, our wealth, and our freedoms. Rmoney has done the opposite. Making himself Rich (er) – asking what his country can do for him, not what he could do for his country. And he has done this by sending jobs overseas, avoiding taxes that would have lowered this wealth by only a few percent but helped us grow as a nation, and by lying on those tax returns for political gain in his governor bid. SO yes, the metal of the man is best shown when he DOESN’T think anyone will catch him, or will even notice. Compare the two, I like who we have (but I digress). So point 1: we DO have the right and need to know these things.

    full diary here:

  151. Liz says:

    Lorrie U
    I read somewhere that he was going to Chicago to Campaign.

  152. kiwi says:

    His tax manipulation may not be technically illegal by the current convoluted and manipulated tax code, but the bigger question is, what does it say about the moral code and values of a person? Especially for someone so blatently embedded in the religious doctrine of so called christian morality!! Actions speak louder than words.

  153. kiwi says:

    An extremely wealthy american gentleman once said to me “I happily pay my taxes because it means I’m making more money than I could ever spend.” That’s the difference between a genuine social conscience versus greed and lust for power.

  154. Fe says:

    You are right, Jackson. The issue is the avoidance. Take a look at this video from CNN (courtesy of Kos)

    diary says:

    “What you did NOT hear McCain say is that he has seen Romney’s returns, 23 years of them, so he knows Reid is wrong. Instead of taking that chance to give the obvious answer, he chose to call Reid “erratic,” perhaps in retribution for Reid saying the same about McCain in 2008. If Reid is wrong, McCain’s first thought should have been to smack down the lie.”

  155. will says:

    Prabhata, you are smart…….but not as smart as you might think.

  156. Teresa Hill says:

    Just saw something about the birthday fund-raiser in Chicago, that it’s not until the 12th. Okay, found an AP story saying he’ll spend much of this weekend at Camp David.

  157. Teresa Hill says:

    That’s one of the popular scenarios. He doesn’t want to admit to taking advantage of the amnesty program.

  158. Teresa Hill says:

    Yes, I don’t see how he can expect to make tax policy for all Americans and be the person to decide how our tax dollars are spent, if he took advantage of tax loopholes not available to average Americans or especially if he took advantage of the amnesty program.

  159. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    Obama’s long form birth certificate HAS been released. It’s just that the diehards refuse to believe that it’s real.

  160. Teresa Hill says:

    I’m loving the Mitt taxes will-he-or-won’t-he thing, but I believe the bigger issue is how Mitt ever got this close to being the nominee without any big-shots in the Republican Party knowing what was in his tax returns — and if that would clearly disqualify him from ever being elected President, how no one in the Republican Party stopped Mitt sooner.
    I think it speaks to a level of disarray in the Republican Party that is unprecedented.
    There was clearly no real vetting of Romney. It was all gay marriage and birth control and abortion. And it’s coming back to bite Republicans in the ass right now.
    The other thing I find unbelievable is that Mitt knew what was in his own taxes and either, somehow, believed he could get away without releasing them or that no one who’s advising him made it clear to him that he’d have to release them.
    Think about that.
    Has anyone ever been elected without releasing multiple years of tax returns?
    Wouldn’t Mitt’s own people have done opposition research on him? Wouldn’t that have made clear the huge tax issue?
    Does Mitt just absolutely refuse to listen to anyone? Wouldn’t any top political operatives have found out about the tax problem and refused to be part of his campaign? Knowing it was doomed to fail? So does Mitt have no top political minds in his campaign? Does he have idiots working for him?
    The whole thing is just bizarre.

  161. pisca says:

    And the whopping payroll taxes. Social Security and Medicare are capped so the tax stops once one hits somewhere around $100,000 of earned income.

  162. clymela says:

    Teresa Hill-you are so correct in that this entire “Mittens” thing is so bizarre. And…all the veteran lawmakers retiring. What puzzles me is how can Mittens and Obama be running in a tie? Daily I wonder what is going on and does anyone have a real understanding.

  163. Ardy says:

    my ‘lol’ was with Jackson’s comment, Fe I also like yours

  164. Ardy says:

    yes, I would be happier if Prabhata would preface comments with ‘I’m still peed-off that Obama beat my Hillary’

  165. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    Getting back to that earlier discussion of ours regarding Romney’s apparent unethical involvement in some of those off-shore tax shelters….. I have to admit, it is all a little bewildering for many of us unfamiliar with the complicated tax codes. What constitutes tax evasion where any given individual can be prosecuted in violation of US law and that of tax avoidance (legal tax loopholes) is a very unclear, grey area. So; I submitted that question into the Google search engine. What I came up with was an intriguing interview with a well-known talk show host/Florida attorney-former prosecutor Mike Papantonio. The interview took place back in January. The question focuses in on the legalities of Romney’s financial dealings. What was pointed out and emphasized may be surprising in that the impropriety may not be directly related to taxes per se but more to do with the methods used (hiding behind shell companies to move money around), a method popular among many crime syndicates who exploit these shelters. Up till now, no thorough investigation has been done on Romney, but this particular prosecutor seems to think that Romney could in fact be held liable for tax evasion if a legal investigation was launched and it went to court. The youtube interview lasts for about ten minutes……..

    Papantonio: Is Romney Breaking The Law With Offshore Bank Accounts?

    Mike Papantonio talks with Ed Schultz about Mitt Romney’s offshore bank accounts, and he brings up the possibility that Mitt’s offshore tax havens could be a violation of U.S. laws.

  166. barbk says:

    Was just thinking to myself about Jupiter in Gemini making a huge discussion about little details. Then I thought about the centaur Pholus, for whom Eric Francis coined the phrase “small cause, big effect” meaning something that starts small ends up being blown out of proportion (based on the myth that he opened a bottle of wine which then started a huge battle killing many and wounding Chiron). Then it hit me that transiting Jupiter at 16 Gemini was opposite transiting Pholus at 16 Sagittarius on September 26th. Furthermore, Jupiter will be conjunct Chaos at 16 Gemini retrograde. Then I checked Rmoney’s (Thanks Fe!)chart and realized that his Uranus at 17 Gemini would be conjunct transiting Jupiter and Chaos (although I think I just forgot that temporarily). Then I checked out the ephemeris for the rest of the minor planets and found that asteroid Panacea was at 17 Pisces retrograde, completing a T-square with the opposition of Jupiter-Chaos-Rmoney’s Uranus in Gemini to Pholus in Sagittarius, and wondered what the hell that meant! Will it make somebody feel better you think?

  167. Prabhata says:

    Thanks Jerry. Unfortunately, Mr. Papatonio just starts asking questions that were leading, but without any knowledge.

    We know that Romney has money off-shore because he said so. He’s not hiding that from the IRS. Would a person holding bank accounts who is cheating the IRS let the IRS that that money about the off-shore accounts? I doubt it.

    The whole reason that Obama is pushing for this is political, to change the conversation. I can’t get behind those campaign tactics, not from a Republican or a Democrat. I’ve seen it too many times, and it really ticked me off when Obama did it to Hillary Clinton in 2008. It gets old.

  168. Prabhata says:

    That’s it.

  169. Sharon says:

    I appreciate Prabhata’s explanation.

  170. Jerry says:


    Sorry. You lost me on that one. Leading questions, but no knowledge? I wonder if you watched the video?

    This hasn’t gone through judicial process and/or a grand jury investigation as yet. These tax shelters have secrecy laws, inaccessible by ordinary means. Without a formal inquiry that can dig out the details how can you make a determination whether tax fraud has been committed? All that is being said here is that there’s a culture of obfuscation involved in this. There’s a suggestion of impropriety. As long as those questions remain unanswered his bid for the presidency will be shrouded in doubt.

  171. Prabhata says:

    Jerry, I see that the IRS has audited Romney, and the accounting firm that prepared his y taxes. If the IRS is happy, I’m done with that issue.

    “From time to time I’ve been audited as happens I think to other citizens as well and the accounting firm which prepares y taxes has done a very thorough and complete job pay taxes as legally due.”

  172. Francis says:

    Totally bizarre to me too! This whole episode of this campaign for the Presidency is totally bizarre. thank you Teresa Hill and Clymela for bringing this up. I also wonder what in the world is truly going on because so much seems way over the top, even in the realm of insanity. Even though I support Obama and am even considering sending money to help us the Dems keep the Senate, I know that there is something going on that includes the Dems, something that if I knew, I really wouldn’t like. I think I get why so many people won’t vote for Obama and I also am too pragmatic and know that too much is at stake right now to be idealistic.

  173. Jerry says:

    Audits? No. That’s not what Mr. Papantonio is discussing. He’s referring to a criminal investigation. Audits won’t ferret out the details in those off-shore holdings. Are you sure you watched the video? Your replies seem to indicate that you haven’t.

  174. Francis says:

    Barbk, it just sounds and feels to me like this is one of those cosmic signatures in which the wings of a butterfly flapping somewhere in the world affects the events of something seemingly unrelated half way around the world. kinda like that place in an old pattern that has been worn thin, that place that becomes the entry point for chaos to enter and bring change.

  175. Prabhata says:

    Papatonio asked Faux News like questions: “Off-shore is were criminals hide the loot. Who else’s money is that fund? Did those investors make money legally or illegally? I’m reminded of FN when it attacks Democrats. Hidden bank accounts are just that. The IRS doesn’t know who they are and how much money is involved.

    Here is a story that touches on that issue:

    Latest U.S.-Swiss Deal Makes Clear: No Hiding Cash In Big Swiss Banks

  176. Prabhata says:

    Papatonio is full of it. A criminal investigation can begin when there’s evidence of wrong doing. The IRS has audited Romney’s returns, and if the IRS was happy, it’s good enough for me.

  177. Jerry says:


    Our replies seem to be crossing each other in mid-stream. You probably didn’t have enough time to read the reply I sent in response to your Aug 4th 12:53 am post (located underneath these exchanges). Here it is:

    About the Democrat versus Republican ‘smear’ campaign you raised in the above 1:23 am entry of yours, if you were paying attention (please do pay attention Prabhatta, I sense you are much too eager to answer and therefore are not fully listening) you will have noticed at the very beginning of the video interview, what is being discussed is the Republican primaries trying to secure the GOP nomination. This isn’t a Democrat hurling insinuations at their Republican opponents. These are Republicans discussing the viability of the various Republican candidates.

  178. Jerry says:

    This is an emotional issue for you Prabhatta and consequently it doesn’t look likely we’ll be able to arrive at any meaningful understanding. At least I tried. I will simply end by re-iterating the words I wrote earlier………..

    There’s a suggestion of impropriety. As long as those questions remain unanswered his (Romney’s) bid for the presidency will be shrouded in doubt.

  179. shoalsister says:

    Gosh, you two. Amazing imagery. Amazing energy. Thanks.

  180. shoalsister says:

    Teresa Hill…I love how you think like a writer. Questions. How does this plot turn? Okay, how about this…the big dog Repubs knew this was going to come up(maybe brought it up?) and manipulated the timing (long enough after majority of the primaries), and knew that the only way they could get their man(puppet) into the White House was to make him the booby prize when Mitt gets busted. I say watch who the neocons are promoting for VP. Mr Romney may have been betrayed big time…or maybe he is in on it as long as he can keep his billions? Geez, who knows what goes on behind the green door…

  181. Prabhata says:

    Yes, Jerry. I’m sorry you got the impression I did not watch the video. I understood that the video was way back in the year during the primaries. Mr. Papatonio was doing his regular Republican attack to help Gingrich.

    Is that important? It wasn’t to me. Mr. Papatonio just asked aloud if there was malfeasance, but no facts. Republicans have been professionals at smearing for many years, and not credible.

  182. Prabhata says:

    Okay Jerry, but I’m not emotional about it. It surprises me that people assume criminality so easily. That all.

  183. Jerry says:

    Hi all,

    I think the following could apply to all of us in our wish to see a resolution to the worlds problems.

    There was a hugely popular, successful Bollywood film done a few years ago that broke all box office records here in India. Directed and starred by the well known bollywood film actor Aamir Khan, this comedy film entitled Three Idiots revolves around the simple theme that whenever a problem arises, by simply repeating the English phrase “All is well’ the difficulty immediately rectifies itself. It is silly bollywood at its best with an underlying spiritual theme attached to it (some dialogue is in English).

    Here’s a 2 minute theatrical trailer (without Eng subtitles):

    If you are interested in seeing the entire film, luckily I found it posted on youtube WITH English subtitles. Here it is:

    Three Idiots: Video 2 hours 44 min. (with English Subtitles)


  184. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    It’s much subtler than that and it goes beyond the tax issue. The question inevitably has to be asked, does he have the moral character, wisdom and integrity to lead a nation? Does he have the best interests of the nation at heart? A number of people would question it.

  185. alex says:

    don’t know if this info is a repeat of url already on this long thread – so excuse if a repeat:

    The Paul Ryan Plan To Ruin The Middle Class


    How Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P.

    by Ryan Lizza August 6, 2012

    To envisage what Republicans would do if they win in November, the person to understand is not necessarily Romney, who has been a policy cipher all his public life. The person to understand is Paul Ryan.


    Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker was interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air – NPR.

  186. alex says:

    Panaceia: was sister to Hygeia, Aegle, and Iaso; Like the other members of her family, she was a Goddess of Healing. Her name, in fact, was the All Healing.

    USA Constitution chart
    4PM Philadelphia

    US Constitution Venus @16 Virgo

    Synastry Mutable Grand Cross 9.26.12

    Panacea @17 Pisces (Romney Natal 11th House)
    US Constitution Venus @16 Virgo

    T/Jupiter cnj T/Chaos @16 Gemini (Romney Natal 1rst House)
    Romney N/Uranus @17 Gemini


    7TH HOUSE – T/Pholus @16 Sagittarius

    sorting things out;

  187. Jerry says:

    I should add a cautionary note here; the humor is slightly exaggerated (appealing to the Indian audience).

  188. alex says:

    Image Link:

    Paul Ryan’s Plan To Ruin The Middle Class

  189. alex says:


    August 1, 2012: Venus leaves its post-retrograde “shadow” at 24 degrees Gemini, completing issues brought up during the retrograde;

    Israel’s natal Uranus (24 ’21 Gemini)

  190. alex says:

    well ps: this year came across a description of Venus key concept I like – which is:

    Venus – potential for happiness
    from what we invest in, Time, Money, Love;

    Israel UR 24 GE > Venus 2012 post retro shadow 24 GE

    UR natal – VE activates/triggers
    review and determination for everything UR means to the nation of Israel ?

  191. Ardy says:

    thank you :)

  192. Apple says:

    Does anyone know where Obama is this morning, his birthday?

  193. alex says:

    President Barack Obama is playing a round of golf on his 51st birthday, kicking off a quiet birthday weekend away from re-election campaigning.

    Obama was playing golf at Andrews Air Force Base on Saturday before heading to Camp David, the private presidential retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin (kuh-TAHK’-tin) Mountains.

  194. Teresa Hill says:

    I just can’t help wanting to make sense of things, and often, things just don’t make sense. Mitt does not make sense.

  195. Teresa Hill says:

    I don’t believe the race is a tie at all. And even if the national vote is close, the electoral college projections aren’t.
    Obama is definitely in the lead, and people just don’t like Romney. Not enough to get him elected.

  196. Diane L says:

    Good! That puts his SR Sun in the 11th house instead of the 12th & Moon in Pisces in the 6th. Looking forward to seeing what Starlight has to say about this.

  197. Liz says:

    As we know now…President Obama will spend the weekend at Camp David. He will hold a birthday themed fundraiser at his family home in Chicago on August 12.

  198. DPH says:

    From the Huffington Post article, it appears that the President started his day in Washington D.C., which would then be the location for the solar return, which happened at 9:03 AM. According to Nancy, that’s very good news indeed for his election prospects! :-)

  199. Wennye' says:

    Clymela, I too just got a jaw dropping explanation on how they train these horses with electrical instruments. Wouldn’t that be the type of Sport for the Romneys. There could have been other ways horses could have helped with her medical disease. Dog to seeing how that mentality works with humans…too much, Blessings

  200. kiwi says:

    You assume that these are logical, honest, people LOL!
    I think it just comes down to, they really believe their own group think bs propaganda that has been building on itself for years. Now they don’t know how to backtrack.
    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

  201. Prabhata says:

    And excerpt from

    Israel’s Fading Democracy

    The modern combination between democracy and Judaism was supposed to give birth to a spectacular, pluralistic kaleidoscope. The state would be a great, robust democracy that would protect Jews against persecution and victimhood. Jewish culture, on the other hand, with its uncompromising moral standards, would guard against our becoming persecutors and victimizers of others.

    BUT something went wrong in the operating system of Jewish democracy. We never gave much thought to the Palestinian Israeli citizens within the Jewish-democratic equation. We also never tried to separate the synagogue and the state. If anything, we did the opposite. Moreover, we never predicted the evil effects of brutally controlling another people against their will. Today, all the things that we neglected have returned and are chasing us like evil spirits.

  202. Lorrie U says:

    Did President Obama Double Our National Debt?

    Who is the bigger fool….President Obama for doubling our national debt?…or the individual who believes such a canard? Like all political claims, the devil is in the details.

  203. Lorrie U says:

    Yay! That is good news!

  204. Lorrie U says:

    White House News ?@WhiteHouseNews
    Honolulu, 1961: Made in the U.S.A., 51 years ago today. Happy birthday, Mr. President. Get your mug

  205. Herald says:

    Seems like the President played golf at the Andrew AirForce base then heading to Camp David. I might be suffice to say he started his day at DC. But that is not clear. Any take on this?

  206. barbk says:

    This blows me away alex. . the Constitution! This is almost scary! Thanks my friend. And Francis, that bit about the pattern wearing thin and creating an entryway for chaos? Remarkable imagery, like shoalsister said. Takes my breath away.

    I wonder if Panacea might be a psychological ‘feel-good’ effect. If you add in (and I hate to do this to you alex) the transiting Hekate at 16 Leo who sextiles the transiting Mercury (16 Libra)on 9/26/12, you get a yod with Panacea at 17 Pisces in the point position. That in turn will set off the T-square of Panacea squaring the Jupiter Chaos in Gemini and Pholus in Sagittarius. Not to mention setting off an alarm in the Constitution chart!

    There is also something called a Cradle pattern in this chart; 4 planets connected by 3 sextiles, 2 trines and one opposition. The opposition (Gemini and Sagittariius) is the dominant energy and the other 2 planets (Hekate and Mercury) play supporting roles.

    Have I mentioned anywhere that Pandora (the asteroid) is at 27 Libra that day which makes her conjunct Saturn in the same chart and square Pluto in the U.S. natal chart and opposite Vesta in Rmoney’s chart? I was trying to keep it simple.

  207. starlight says:

    Andrews AFB is close to DC in PG County. That would mean he woke up at the White House and then went to Camp David. I had just finished doing the chart for Camp David, but being in DC is much better (both are good). Excellent news!! Thank you.

  208. starlight says:

    Totally awesome!! That gives him Jupiter on the MC of his solar return (13Gemini40)from November 6 through November 15. Perfect!

  209. starlight says:

    Thank you, everyone, for staying on top of this crucial solar return issue. I think that between the now- definite Obama solar return chart in DC and the progressed Chiron/progressed Saturn/tr Saturn aspect in Romney’s chart, we can relax. It is very hard, if not impossible, to see Mitt getting his wish fulfilled.


  210. Davis L says:

    Even were Romney’s tax problems to render him another Thomas Eagleton, (9-4-1929 – 3-4-2007); at this late date, I don’t think the Republicans can come up with a dark horse candidate, at the convention OR sometime after, who could possibly defeat Obama.
    Deep, deep down I’m not sure Romney really wants to actually become president. Yes, he’s got “the fire in the belly”, and has had it for quite some time, but I think maybe what he really wants is to outdo his father. Just intuition,…not from any assiduous analysis of his chart.

  211. Davis L says:

    at least not defeating him by any honest means. Cheating, dirty tricks, voter suppression…that’s a whole other issue.

  212. Davis L says:

    Point very well taken. Their “group-think-bs-propaganda” is an apocalyptic, ideological well of pathology into which they’ve fallen, and continue to fall ever deeper. It is one from which they cannot escape, unless of course they experience some kind of psycho-spiritual death/rebirth which brings them into some higher level of blind faith.

  213. alex says:

    I’m up for it barb :-)

    Patterns, trines square wedges cradles yods others

    the cradle is half hexagon: 9.26.12
    Fire/Air Elements = masculine > extroverted

    JU 16ge opp pholus 16sg > dominate energy
    hekate 16le
    mercury 16libra

    hekate (breakdown of self image MAH Mark Andrew Holmes)

    if sketch in a ‘handle’ on the cradle from
    USA constitution Venus 16 virgo (hekate 16le, usa constitution ve 16vi, mercury 16li)

    that goes to Natal Romney mercury 13 pisces cnj natal ceres 18 pisces;

    has me wondering more about the key concept, conditions and circumstances of transiting Pholus

  214. Lunagardener says:

    JM is back online with her take on the Romneys. Analysis of Mitt and Ann in two articles.

  215. alex says:

    Pholus – collective unconscious possibly under these circumstances or;

    at the url . . transit of Pholus influence;

  216. clymela says:

    Starlight-do think that someone who is close enough for personal conversation reads your site? We knew he needed to wake up in his own bed to have the best year and voila!!! we have what the astrologers wanted to see. Just sayin’ of course.
    Also I was thinking this morning how active we are on this site-talking and discussing and coming up with solutions-thank you everyone for hanging in there and being here for this grandma-thank you for all the astrology that helps me to keep on growing in my understanding.

  217. barbk says:

    Incredible work Alex; thanks so much. So far have only checked out the info on Pholus. Oddly, I didn’t do a full workup of Romney’s chart ‘cuz I just wasn’t interested in him. Now I’m obsessed!

    I really believe that this ‘event’ on or around 9/26 is related to the Venus cycle, particularly when she stationed retrograde at 23 Gemini (and almost exactly trine Saturn, but not quite) on May 15. At that time she opposed Quaoar (dances things into life) at 23 Sagittarius rx. PlanetWaves featured an article about this with a discovery chart for Quaoar. Several aspects, some in the Quaoar chart, some in the Venus retro chart and also some in the Venus occult Sun chart featured connections between Sedna and Ceres. As Quaoar opposed Venus that day in May, he also sextiled Saturn in Libra and they formed a yod with Jupiter who was conjunct Sedna in Taurus.

    When you mentioned Romney’s Ceres it reminded me of that. On 9/26 Ceres will be at the “Aries Point” of 0 Cancer (political is personal) and trine Neptune 0 Pisces. The Moon will be approaching 0 Pisces (after it conjuncts the U.S. Moon in Aquarius!) Without detailing ‘why’, I had the feeling then that some discovery, invention or hybrid technique could be in the works regarding food production. On Wednesday, 9/26/12 (Yom Kippur), Vesta (investments) will be at 23 Gemini, where Venus was when she stationed retrograde. It is also the degree she was in when, after turning direct, she perfected the delayed exact trine to Saturn in Libra.

    I’m on the borderline of being overwhelmed with information, but – call me crazy – I’m thinking something in all this astrology might be about food in some way – investment in food, cultivating new kinds of food – and it might be connected to Romney or his wife Ann.

    Of course, he may not even be the Republican nominee by late September and I will kick myself for wasting so much time on him!

  218. barbk says:

    I don’t think he wants to be president either Davis L

  219. barbk says:

    Thanks Nancy for the reassurance (not that I EVER doubted the man would get a 2nd term!)

  220. Liz says:

    There is some discussion on dem.underground groupASAH…re Mitt’s total lack of social ease…souless…petrified eyes that he is actually
    a ‘place holder’ for ole what’s his name… JEB!!!

  221. Prabhata says:

    Calculated Risk blog has a look at several measures of economic health, and the graphs that depict where we are in the recovery. It clearly shows why Americans don’t feel that the economy has recovered, and we’re still in a recession.

    “All of these [GDP, real personal income, industrial production, employment] indicators collapsed in 2008 and early 2009, and only real GDP is back to the pre-recession peak. At the current pace of improvement, industrial production will be back to the pre-recession peak in early 2013, personal income less transfer payments late in 2013, and employment in late 2014.”

  222. Stephanie W says:

    Has anyone compared Romney’s solar return and Obama’s solar return for 2012?

  223. Prabhata says:

    From this youtube, it appears that Romney slept in Mobile Alabama to
    campaign there.

  224. starlight says:

    His solar return was the day before his birthday. I am not sure where he was. I did a chart for Miami. Nothing positive in it.

  225. Prabhata says:

    I think he slept in Mobile, AL and then he flew to Miami.

  226. starlight says:

    clymela – I was able to pass word through someone to Donna Brazil who might have told someone with some power to do something. We may never know, but the results are very, very good.

    I will be leaving town tomorrow for a few days. David and I are taking my son Gordon to law school. I’ll be back at the end of the week.

  227. alex says:

    Hi Barb, there is no reply button on your 12:35 post – – this goes to that;

    well you’ve given me lots to think about;

    found the planetwaves url and have to read it before I consider your post; I agree the venus cycle has become important factor in the restructuring era of UR square PL;

    one thing: Romney will be putting in a ‘political’
    speech on 911 ( have to find my notes from last night Mars on 9/11 to make my point can’t remember the line of thinking at the moment, in any case;

    the time frame from 9/11 to 9-25,26 is a useful one to examine I’m beginning to do that in re: to Romney;

    the way I look at Panacea in the yod handle on cradle aspect is in the common way not the classic way… Panacea as a derogatory term… “they thought the Romney stonewalling and lame excuses would be a panacea for not only the complex problem of attacks on Romney’ tax issues but on the bigger picture of his credibility and fitness for office of the president, but his handlers were wrong”

    Panacea vehicle whatever it is, is a blunt tactic not a strategic one and it falls way short…. so criticism of Romney’s panacea as a derogatory criticism …. one that causes public blacklash;

    it is a theory of the 17pi emphasized location in ‘handle’ but I have to read your comment and the article; may take me awhile to reply life’s errands and such!

    Re-Creation Season — Venus Station Retrograde

  228. Davis L says:

    Romney seems like a blood sacrifice to me. None of the first string Republican players wanted to run this time; certainly not against a charismatic, first black president. Furthermore, it would be dangerous for ones career (especially for relatively rational, pragmatic conservatives who would rather govern than obstruct) to run while the Tea Party enjoys its continuing ascendancy.

    Unfortunately, the blood of Romney will not satiate the gods of blind, purist ideology. If he actually gets to election day as their nominee, and loses……the explanation for the loss will most likely be their candidate was not conservative enough, was not a “true” conservative.

    I hope I’m wrong. I really do. But I strongly suspect four years from now, (unless they splinter and perhaps even if they do) the R’s will be even batsh-t right wing crazier christo-fascist kooks than they are now. What then?!?!

  229. Davis L says:

    Thank Goodness you are in WA-DC!…where you can pass the word on to the right people, even if they cannot publically admit to any assent to astrology. You ARE A National Treasure!

    Please be safe in your trip.

  230. Azizi says:

    My condolences to the innocent lives lost and injured in the latest American mass killing in the Wisconsin Sikh temple.

    I’m not only saddened by all of these mass murders, but I’m also angred by them.

    These people are the newest victims of USA hatred towards those who are considered different and also the newest victims of the National Rifle Association’s stranglehold on not just the passage in the US Congress of reasonable gun laws but also even the discussion in the US Congress of reasonable gun laws.


    “At least seven people, including a gunman shot by a police officer, have been killed in an attack on worshippers at a Sikh temple in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, on Sunday … [August 5, 2012]

    The shooting occurred around 11 a.m. Sunday morning at a temple in Oak Creek, south of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan.”


    Would someone please post information about the astrology of this tragedy? Thank you in advance.

  231. Azizi says:

    Correction about the time of the shooting:

    “Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards indicates that the initial 9/11 call [about these shootings] came in around 10:30 AM.”

  232. Davis L says:

    As an American citizen, Thank You for your condolences.

    You are correct. The NRA does indeed have a stranglehold on the passage of reasonable gun laws and/or any reasonable discussion of same in our US Congress. But re: your phrase. “newest victims of USA hatred towards those who are considered different”, not ALL Americans feel the hatred you wrote of. Yes, we do have our crazies, and many of them are armed. When I was a younger man, I had to frequently disarm confused youths with their gun or knife pointed at me at point blank range. I can assure you, disarming our cultural/political or any other variety of crazies is far more difficult than anything I ever had to do in the peculiar line of social work in which I was formerly engaged.
    We are at least as equally frustrated by this problem as are you.

  233. Teresa Hill says:

    I would ask, who are the Republican first-stringers? Do they really have any?

    Who’s in office and doing well? So that people want to see that person become President?

    The thing is, Republican crazies can’t govern. They get elected and people hate their policies or things don’t get better or they can’t do enough to stop someone like Obama or change things enough to make their crazy base happy.

    So there’s no way for them to win. Not that I see.

    You put their policies in place, like in Wisconsin, and people wake up and say…. Wait a minute. That’s not what we want.

    Or they get elected and vote… what was it? 73 times to repeal Obamacare. Doesn’t change anything, except to show how powerless they are.

    And the base wants change. Big change now. It’s not coming, so the base is not happy.

  234. Azizi says:

    Davis L,

    I appreciate your comment.

    I’m also an American citizen (a UnitedStater) and I also used to be employed in the social work field although thankfully, I didn’t have any incidences in which physical violence was directed toward me, my colleagues, or our clients.

    And yes I know that not all people living in the United States are intolerant. Maybe most of us are tolerant of differences. That said, I’m aware of the very deepseated and pervasive roots of racial, ethnic, and religious intolerance in the USA. And I have had personal experiences with racism directed toward me.

    Although little information is known at this time about the Wisconsin shooter at the Sikh temple, I’ve read that it is being investigated as a case of domestic terrorism.

    I doubt that this tragedy would have been averted if any astrological information had been known beforehand. But I’m still interested in knowing about the astrology of this tragedy.

    My prayers go out to those who lost their lives or were injured in that shooting and I surround their families and friends with positive vibrations.

  235. Betsy says:

    I think Romney has a fire in the belly for putting himself into a position where he’s catered to the way presidents are treated (ie: the limo rides, the high security priority protocols)… but I don’t think he actually wants to do any of the work.

  236. Davis L says:

    I apologize. From your’e tone, I mistakenly presumed you to be speaking to Americans from a foreigner’s point of view. I have to admit, though I was born in and grew up in the southern United States, most of my life I’ve felt like a foreigner. I now live with my wife in the Pacific Northwest, the only part of the USA in which I am remotely comfortable, spiritually, politically, culturally and physically.

    I too doubt this tragedy could have been averted with astrological knowledge and agree the astrology of this tragedy may teach us something important.

    Like yours, my prayers also go out to those who lost their lives or were injured in this Wisconsin incident and it is certainly good to surround them with the positive vibrations of which you wrote.
    Again, sorry I misunderstood you.

  237. Davis L says:

    Teresa Hill,
    Admittedly, their “first stringers” are not what they used to be! Maybe we would list Jeb Bush or Chris Christie as “first stringers” but I suspect deep down they are as crazy as their less polished fire breathing brethren.

    Jon Huntsman is the only guy who ran this year who made any sense at all. But I would never vote for him as I am far, far, further to the left than any of the Democrats!

  238. barbk says:

    Davis L,

    What you say makes a lot of sense. Frankly, I can’t imagine why any sane person would want to subject themselves and their families to the brutal campaign period before elections which gets longer and longer in this country.

    I think that Neptune has been in disguise as a low-key player in the clash of the outer planets – Uranus and Pluto. In fact I would go so far as to say that Uranus and Pluto are running interference for him. In just a little over 4 years, from January 25, 2008, through February 3, 2012, all 3 of the major outer planets ingressed new signs. Each of them entered their new sign, retreated to the previous sign and then re-entered the new sign with new purpose and to stay for a long time. Neptune was the last and was not considered a major player in the Grand Cardinal Cross which has been shattering systems and lives already and is only getting started. Yet in some ways Neptune represents the most fearsome of events yet; the shattering of illusions. We can face the cardinal energies with viscious anger and hate but how do we face losing our minds?

    There are many Americans who get their courage by standing behind aggressive and cruel tactics employed by many politicians, as they are too fearful to face the reality of these times. They will gladly support a man who represents deceptive if not illegal means to gain power, rather than face that the world is abandoning their beliefs and values of a lifetime.

    When Neptune first entered Pisces on April 4, 2011, all the major planets but one were bunched within 110 degrees, all but Saturn in Libra who opposed the Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Aries. The status quo represented by Saturn was in a face-off against 6 major planets in Aries, representing fresh new beginnings. There was a conjunction of Moon and Mercury, a conjunction of Sun and Jupiter, a conjunction of Mars and Uranus, and each conjunction represented the start of a new cycle of combined energies, all in the sign of Aries. If you were part of the status quo it was shocking and unwelcome.

    This year, at the 2nd entry for Neptune in Pisces on February 3rd, the major planets were quite spread out but Jupiter was still in orb of opposition to Saturn although the status quo Saturn was no longer so overwhelmed. Now there was Venus in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo, in part representing the warring attitudes over health care, with the Moon representing “the people” squaring both Mars and Venus. The clashing Uranus and Pluto were both direct and getting closer in orb for their square but Neptune seemed benign in gentle Pisces.

    The reality is though, that neither Neptune nor Pisces is strictly gentle or benign. They are powerful but not in a cardinal way. They can represent the power of self-deception or the power of unity, they can manifest as madness or spirituality. However they play it out though it is an ending of some kind. In this case maybe its just the end of the Republican party as we have known it, but those who believe they will be saved from what they see as the end of the normal times will be left to find another savior or achieve a better way to deal with life as it evolves.

    If Romney is to be a blood sacrifice it’s because some in this country still believe in such rites. If he is to be “offered up” then who are we to question such rituals. Let the games begin.

  239. CarolDuhart says:

    It occurred to me..could it be Michelle? One time she was asked her sign during a tour, and she said she was a Capricorn. So I assume she’s a little open to it. Plus, she’s no doubt studied other First Ladies, and ran across how Nancy Reagan used astrology to time Reagan’s various meetings. As for Obama, he’s been to Indonesia and lived in Hawaii, both spiritually diverse and open places. He’s certainly no fundamentalist, but has a deep spirituality of his own,

  240. omphale says:

    Your bringing Neptune to the forefront is so lucid. Yes…. the dramatic system shatterings of Uranus with Pluto HAVE captured our immediate attention. It’s so interesting that Neptune has hidden in the background. Isn’t that just like Neptune to be subtle and in the back ground. Neptune in the form of Poseidon was called the “earth shaker”, and is correlated with earthquakes, and obviously tsunamis. After reading your post, I’m going to take more notice of the stories told in ingress charts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge…..

  241. Davis L says:

    You are brilliant!
    That Neptune business makes so much sense!
    Thanks ever so much!
    WOW! I learn SO MUCH from Nancy and You and all who post on this blogsite. I will definitely now have to explore the methods and meaning in ingress charts.

  242. Davis L says:

    Teresa Hill,
    “The thing is, Republican crazies can’t govern. They get elected and people hate their policies or things don’t get better or they can’t do enough to stop someone like Obama or change things enough to make their crazy base happy.”

    Absolutely Right! They are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Increasingly extreme rhetoric, an enflamed populist base which can’t stop itself from moving rightward and alienating everyone else. It seems they crash repeatedly into the wall of reality without ever learning the lesson. In the long run, I don’t see how they can win. (The demographic data certainly supports this.) But in the meantime they certainly can do a lot of damage.

  243. Davis L says:

    clarification: so far to the left of Democrats, I would never vote for ANY republican.

  244. Davis L says:

    Is Conservatism Like a Mutant Virus?
    As this has nothing to do with astrology, and is fairly long, I’ll post no part of it here. But this little essay by Ted Frier, former Republican speechwriter, is one of the best and most brilliant I’ve read in quite a long time. I highly recommend it to all here. I sincerely hope his thoughts contained therein will go “viral”.

  245. alex says:

    Really elegant Neptune observations!

    There are many Americans who get their courage by standing behind aggressive and cruel tactics employed by many politicians, as they are too fearful to face the reality of these times. They will gladly support a man who represents deceptive if not illegal means to gain power, rather than face that the world is abandoning their beliefs and values of a lifetime.

    unredeemed is anti-social, perverse pleasures, cruel, de-void of social conscience…

  246. Prabhata says:

    From FT via CNBC

    Wall Street Eyes Protection Against Euro Exit
    Wall Street banks are increasingly telling counterparties and borrowers to restructure contracts or find another bank as they prepare for the potential exit of a country from the eurozone.
    No bank has dramatically adjusted its exposure to the five countries, betting that gross positions, which range from $5.4 billion at Morgan Stanley to more than $20 billion at JPMorgan Chase, are manageable.
    more at link

  247. Teresa Hill says:

    1:32 a.m. Eastern time.

    We have landed a spacecraft on Mars!

  248. alex says:

    Curiosity Mars:

    cruise stage separation 10:15 PT

    Curiosity Mars Landing:

    atmospheric entry

    powered descent

    skycrane 10:32PM PT


    Touchdown confirmed 10:33 PM PT

  249. Teresa Hill says:

    Okay, a rover. We landed a rover. But it came from a Spacecraft of some sort, and it got the thing to Mars. Wheels down. Pictures being transmitted back to Earth.

  250. shoalsister says:

    So cool! and thanks for getting the data, Alex and Teresa. I was too excited to even think of it. Very exciting moments there at JPL.

  251. Sharon says:

    Article about Voter ID laws and their chance to sway the election. Maybe this is what will cause results to be disputed.

  252. alex says:

    Mars mission: Curiosity appears to have landed safely
    Los Angeles Times – ?17 minutes ago?

    Curiosity, the largest and most advanced spacecraft ever sent to another planet, appears to have landed on Mars to begin its pioneering, two-year hunt for the building blocks of life – signs that Earth’s creatures may not be alone in the universe.

  253. Prabhata says:

    It was so beautiful to see all those NASA people celebrating… (NASA TV)

  254. alex says:

    The landing process is complex enough. Curiosity, which is as long as an SUV and heavier than a Mini Cooper, will first ride to a mile above the surface suspended from a parachute, then jettison the parachute and ride the last mile down using retrorockets. For the last 60 feet, the rover will be lowered by cables from the landing craft to the surface while the rockets keep the landing craft hovering above.

  255. Davis L says:

    RE: our rover on Mars
    I haven’t been this excited or fascinated since the moon landing in 1969.

  256. shoalsister says:

    wow…mind boggling.

  257. shoalsister says:


  258. shoalsister says:

    ditto…maybe it’s going from there to here that is so thrilling. So jazzed and so proud of my fellow humans who have the courage and perseverance to create and manifest something that has never been done before. What a great time to witness!

  259. alex says:

    note : Quaoar discovery chart linked from;

    Re-Creation Season — Venus Station Retrograde


    MC/IC axis familiar to every political astrologer MC@13Scorpio – IC@13Taurus the noon time location of the modern presidential inauguration charts ASC@13TA – DES@13SC;

    Discovery Quaoar MC13SC
    Transiting Mars 9.11.12

    Romney (whatever his political destiny at the hands of his own/GOP/Neocon/Tea/Libertarian Party) is an archetypical POSER and we are in the age of posers, Neptune in Pisces; now we must collectively discover his true character, his intentions, his policies, his desire to be the most powerful political leader in the world to see if ‘we the people’ think he is fit for office – – the presidential elections offer us our ‘franchise’ in this democracy; we can put Romney on our collective radar and spot an incoming POSER and reject him or we can learn it the hard way as we all did with George W.;

    once in a lifetime with POSER presidency was bad enough (fool me once shame on you but twice (fool me twice, shame on me)

    still sorting out the synastry of the chart, Romney and Sept;

    Monday’go day’ – – Curiousity post touchdown Mars day two;

  260. catsandmusic says:

    the Olympic Gold, geek-style

  261. Noelle says:

    I believe these mass killings will continue until something gets done to control the use of guns meant for war not hunting. I wish the churches would take a stand and lobby for gun control.

    What really blows my mind is when Gov. Chris Christie and others take this ludicrous stand that the time to talk about gun control is not before the victims are buried. Oh? Then when?
    The rationale for such a stupid statement is that that is politicizing those deaths. Wow. It’s hard to believe that anyone relly thinks that way.

  262. starlight says:

    Shooter not a deranged psychotic but a neo-Nazi White supremacist former military (not that they are necessarily mutually exclusive):

    This is the kind of violence that is far more disconcerting and likely to increase, given the crazies on the Right and the propaganda used to keep them voting Republican.

    We are leaving for Durham in a few minutes. :-)

  263. starlight says:

    And one more thought: today is the exact Saturn square to US Mercury, so the country is grieving and worried. I am hoping the end of this transit will signify some rain in the Midwest and a break in the drought, at some point within a few days.

  264. Teresa Hill says:

    It was so much fun to see the geek celebration at NASA

  265. Mayfly says:

    Thank you so much, Davis L. Just read essay and it is great.

  266. alex says:

    Since the beginning of last year, OFA and the Democrats have spent millions of dollars to find and register voters: $50 million subsidizing Democratic state parties to hire workers, pay for cellphones and update voter lists and tens of millions of dollars on polling, online advertising and software development to turn President Obama’s volunteers corps into a grass-roots army.

    Description: building this campaign from the ground up – the Obama 2012 app has all the tools you need to join the fight to move the country forward:

  267. catsandmusic says:

    To our resident asteroid expert Barbk: I read your postings re Sept 26, and read them again. Can’t claim to have understood much, however a thought crossed my mind that I wanted to run by you (or anyone here). If RMoney is still the candidate at that late date, and if it is looking like he absolutely has to withdraw, do you think he could use a health crisis with Anne as a way to back out without looking as though he is doing it because of his shameful financial antics? Her health has been kind of a running backdrop to the campaign, in everything from the dressage horse to the never-worked a day-in-her-life flap. (some people had more sympathy for her thinking she was ill while raising young children, when actually it was at a much later point in her life).

  268. catsandmusic says:

    I based this hunch on all of your discussion involving health asteroids and female goddesses–Pandora(releasing ills into the world), Vesta(goddess of the hearth), Panacea–and Ceres and Chiron.

  269. alex says:

    Some of the big names who will be speaking at the Republican National Convention later this month, include South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Fmr. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee,
    Ohio Governor John Kasich, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Arizona Senator John McCain, Fmr. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Florida Governor Rick Scott.

    CNN media is speculating that Romney will announced V.P. next week Tues – Thur ?

  270. alex says:

    one way to look at GOP ticket /and or/ convention

    speakers at GOP convention Aug 27-30th Tampa Fl
    announcement V.P. possible MO 8/13 thru TH 8/18
    Monday 8/13 Transiting Mercury @02 Leo

    Haley DOB 1/20/1972 – 30 y/o – too young V.P. (Governor, ethnic diversity, but not needed to get GOTV S.C. it’s RED)

    Martinez DOB 7/14/1959 – 53 y/o switched DEM > GOP 1995
    (Governor, Latina, New Mexico – likely)

    Rice DOB 1954 11/14/1954 – 58 y/o former Sec. of State
    (ethic diversity, experienced, CA resident GOTV – likely)

    Men: GOTV
    OH Kashich – GOTV
    AR Huckabee – GOTV evangelicals
    FL Scott – GOTV
    AZ McCain – GOTV

    any thoughts?

  271. will says:

    Amen to that, Nancy. Amen to that.

  272. alex says:

    Shorthand: Romney is NeoCon he would be a war president

    Condelezza Rice
    CA resident (national nuclear labs & military installations CA)
    female,ethnic diversity, experienced likely V.P. pick or again in cabinet

    Susana Martinez
    New Mexico (national nuclear labs & military installations N.M.)
    Governor N.M. swing state, Latina, likely V.P.

  273. andre says:

    Thank you, Starlight. That is very reassuring. We can now consider that Mercury retrograde on Election Day will be about something else.

  274. barbk says:

    Very interesting theory cats&music, nothing would surprise me. There is this: the ruler of Ann’s chart is Saturn which is in her 7th house of marriage at 29 Leo rx. That would put the transiting Moon opposite her natal ruler as she (the Moon) transits late Aquarius the evening of 9/26.

    And this: Uranus is in her 6th house of health at 27 Gemini (where trans. Venus has been recently) and opposite her Uranus is her natal asteroid Vesta (dedication) at 25 Sagittarius 58. This Vesta of Ann’s is part of a grand fire trine between her Aries Sun-Venus-Mercury-north node conjunction (and we could include Mars in Aries too, only 6 degrees from the Sun) and lastly, her Saturn at Leo 29. Again, Saturn is her chart ruler, and in her 7th house. Saturn strives to keep one’s dignity intact.

    You may have cracked the code cats&music! This also might add to the likelihood of Ann giving him a way out. Mitt’s north node near his ascendant is 5 Gemini and Ann’s natal asteroid Juno (goddess of marriage) is also at 5 Gemini. The plot thickens.

  275. barbk says:

    Oh, and all those Aries planets in Ann’s chart are conjunct Mitt’s natal Vesta at 27 Aries. He is deeply invested in this lady.

  276. Prabhata says:

    From what I’ve read none of those people are part of the short list. I’ve read that Romney wants an experienced candidate. Jindal appears to meet the qualifications, and as I understand is in the list. He’s a Rhodes scholar, a minority, right wing anti-abortion, anti this and anti that, but with healthcare knowledge. He was brutal with his cost cutting of the LA healthcare, not a bad thing for the Republican right wing base, and even centrist voters.

    I still think Jindal is the strongest candidate for VP and would fire up the base, but if not Jindal, maybe Portman to bring more support from Midwest.

  277. Prabhata says:

    The Republican base is not that happy with Romney, so all those speakers are to fire up the base and maybe bring a few minority voters, especially women. Romney is not getting the support of women he needs to win.

  278. alex says:

    Romney et al are not counting on votes to win they are counting on suppressing voters to take the election; GOP convention = ‘political theater set dressing’ the men speakers certainly are for GOTV; the women are there to help create the illusion of female voter support none-the-less I think they will repeat 2008 ticket; Romney and V.P. female to rehabilitate GOP political ‘brand’ after the Sarah Palin downfall;

    firefox wouldn’t let me post most of the day until I gave it an update…. that browser is stubborn

  279. fierywoman says:

    What is her time of birth and where did you find it? I love reading your stuff.

  280. Cha says:

    Exactly, Nancy. It shows he has no interest in our country..only himself.

  281. Lorrie U says:

    The thinking is that if they’re speaking at the Convention, they’re not the VP. Romney will be campaigning with Rubio this weekend, and the Dems are attacking Portman. Maybe they know he’s the pick.

  282. Cha says:

    Excellent link, Fe..thank you!

  283. Cha says:

    Nancy! If you only knew how I was sweating this ever since I read what you wrote about his Solar Return being so good for him if he were in the White House on his birthday.

    When I got up Saturday, Hawai’i time, I saw he gave his Weekly Address on Sat. as usual(which I had forgotten about) from the WH so I thought..well, at least he wrote up in the White House!

    Bless his and your hearts!

  284. Cha says:

    This is late for PBO’s Birthday but not too late to gaze on the 51 Reasons to Vote for him!

    “51 Reasons To Vote For Barack Obama. A Birthday Photo Party.”

    h/t to The Obama Diary and Mahalos to BlackWaterDog~

    Thank you, Nancy, for “Blowing on the Embers”!

  285. barbk says:

    Thanks fierywoman, hope this link gets you to Ann Romney’s chart, but if not. . .
    Ann Romney, April 16, 1949, 1:40 AM EST
    Bloomfield Hills MI 42″N 35’01” – 083′ W 14’44”

  286. clymela says:

    Speaking of Neptune and the retrograde Mercury: the Chevron refinery close to us blew its top tonight and is still on fire. There is a monster black cloud and we are under alert to shelter in place. One of our cats is still outside the other three are in.
    Details: 8/6/2012; 6:15PM DST Richmond, CA

  287. Lune Prière says:

    Clymela, I hope cat number 4 makes his way back in the house very soon.

  288. Lune Prière says:

    I’ve just read through all the comments and have to say how much this site has evolved in the last year. I’ve loved learning from Nancy and all the great commenters.

    With Saturn exact on my moon and touching off my cardinal t-square, I haven’t had much time to join in lately. It’s just work, work and work. But it’s nice to come here and enjoy the lively and intelligent discussion.

  289. fierywoman says:

    Thanks for the link but — nertz! — it’s rectified by Wolfstar and he doesn’t give his reasoning for the time choice.

  290. Sharon says:

    Be safe and don’t forget that cats have 9 lives. He or she is probably hiding and I hope is home by now. I used to go outside with the jar of cat food, rattling it and calling my cat’s name every few hours—he’d come home!

  291. Sharon says:

    Jindal won’t be it (although I’d love to get him out of LA and vote in a more moderate candidate even if it has to be a Republican)—he just doesn’t have the polish and experience. He’s really very young. When he gave the Republican response to the State of the Union speech one year he sounded like Mr. Rogers talking to 5 year olds.

  292. alex says:

    that’s what Chris Mathews said too… if they are speaking on the schedule they aren’t the V.P. choice;


    well it’s a theory based on rehabilitation of 2008 crash and burn; I did short review of hart for Susana Martinez N.M. …. she matches up for 2012 election and she has ALL the ambition….but then


    Portman who the GOP insiders wanted as the presidential nominee before, during and after the GOP primaries;

    Rubio now or then he’ll have choice of timing his own political trajectory…. does being V.P. under a poser like Romney further his interests… not really;

    he might be convinced with $$$ or other?

    it’s only interesting to me to wonder about how they see themselves as an image for public;

    Portman does not make an image no matter how much the insiders like him;

    Republicans like their straw-man presidents;
    repeat of GOP history Romney strawman Portman real prez; like Reagan the image and George Bush Sr. the real president;

    conversely W was the image and CHENEY ya da ya da

  293. karen says:

    Just heard about this on NPR, Clymela, and thought of you. Sure enough, you posted. Please keep us updated. And, as Sharon indicated, cats are quite resilient. Hopefully your animal companion will be home with his humans by the time this is posted.

  294. clymela says:

    Thank you everyone for your good wishes. Yes! Van, the cat came in because my sweetheart Steve went out and got him. My granddaughter lives in a house much closer in (she lives hippie style in a house with several others her age and they have a garden,etc-I love it!!!)and she said that they got all their animals in immediately.
    The scary thing to me is a TV reporter saying”the sky is perfect this morning- everything is fine”. With our current discussions of Neptune I wondered where did all of that scary stuff go? Also yesterday a couple of hours before there was a helicopter hovering above our house and when I went out to look at that I saw a drone flying over as well-Steve got photos of that. Weird day all in all.
    Thanks again for the words and thoughts-I loved that when I opened the machine this morning.And..there is the forecast of higher gas prices.

  295. Jackson says:

    If it’s down to Portman and Rubio, then it’s Portman. Rubio converted to Roman Catholicism, but he was raised a Latter-day Saint. There’s no way two candidates with Mormon connections on the same ticket will fly.

    It’s Portman.

  296. karen says:

    WOW! and YEAH! for Van.

  297. alex says:

    it’s interesting that wiki is central to the ‘branding’ of their political images;

    another POV media…. Priority media is making great videos in support of OFA; I posted one at my website this morning;

    here is quote from Begala/Priority media ( he was part of Clinton’s first president campaign war room );

    Asked whether Romney will have to campaign on the Ryan budget reforms or whether he should stick to his current jobs and the economy script, Begala told HuffPost, “they will because we’re going to require them to.”

    “I promise you the Ryan-Romney budget is going to be central to this discussion,” Begala said. “This is not like some crackpot theory from some long dead Russian immigrant. It is now the official budget of the Republican party of the House of Representatives. This is not like just some kind of fringe deal.”

    Romney already is running on the Ryan budget.

    “Governor Romney has not only fully embraced the Ryan budget, but he has introduced a budget plan that is a carbon copy — it makes seniors pay thousands of dollars more each year for their health care and severe cuts to programs essential to the middle class in order to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires,” LaBolt said. “Mitt Romney is campaigning on the flawed assumption that we can just cut our way to prosperity.”

    here is quote from Begala ( he was part of Clinton’s first president campaign war room );

  298. alex says:

    Paul Ryan’s Natal Chart:

    Natal Romney Asc @01Gemini in Paul Ryan’s seventh house – political marriage

    Solar Arc Sun Paul Ryan 2012 – SA Sun @21 Pisces
    Romney’s Natal Sun @21 Pisces

  299. alex says:

    between the two Rubio/Portman – Portman makes sense;

  300. Jackson says:

    One sidenote, for Nancy: Whenever these threads get posts anywhere over the low 100s, they crash the browser on my phone, and so I have to wait until I have access to a PC (my MacBook burned through its third hard drive, and I don’t have money or credit to get a new computer), or wait until a new thread is posted. But, I really appreciate all your fine work, so thank you.

  301. Prabhata says:

    I use three browsers, all open at the same time, each dedicated for certain websites or surfing. I’m not loyal. :) I used to be loyal, until I had my Chiron return.

  302. Prabhata says:

    My iPhone does the same thing. I have a genius in the family. I’m going to ask if changing the Safari’s preference (more ram allocation?) would stop the crashing.

  303. Prabhata says:

    Could Romney Pick Petraeus?

    “President Obama “whispered to a top fundraiser this week that he believes GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney wants to name Gen. David Petraeus to the VP slot,” according to the Drudge Report.

    “A Petraeus drama has been quietly building behind the scenes. Romney is believed to have secretly met with the four-star general in New Hampshire.””

  304. Prabhata says:

    I think Eisenhower was a good president, but I’m not fond of the idea of a general being that close to the presidency.

  305. Nina says:

    Portman’s wikipedia page has gotten something like 40 edits in the last 24 hours, mostly trying to whitewash his involvement in NAFTA.

  306. Nina says:

    December 19th, 1955, time and place unknown.

  307. Nina says:

    A quick glance at their charts on top of one another makes me think they will not work well together at all. Saturn on top of Jupiter, Uranus on top of Saturn, composite chart full of oppositions and squares…

  308. Jackson says:

    Me neither. Then again, if puppet Romney gets in, it’ll be Dick Cheney and Grover Norquist who will be behind the scenes pulling all the levers.

  309. Bob says:

    A post I made on another forum.

    Romney’s chart and psyche possibility.

  310. Bob says:

    This one is interesting no matter what happens because it is so unusual.

    President Obama’s chart progressed to the time of the 2017 inauguration.

  311. angellight says:

    In Pennsylvania, it takes 16 weeks or 4 months to get one’s birth certificate by mail! Way too late to get one’s Voter I.D. It never used to take that long before, but it does now.

  312. Davis L says:

    Glad you rerieved your cat!
    I fully empathize and sympathize with your proximity to the Chevron refinery. I grew up in the shadow of the refineries of SE Texas. When your loved ones work there and you live not far away, the explosions, accidents, etc. are all very scary. In the north end of town they called us “refinery rats”. Really glad you are ok.

  313. fierywoman says:

    ” … Mr. Rogers talking to 5 year olds. …” — brilliant! I totally agree.

  314. barbk says:

    Thank you for this link Lorrie U; it is gratifying to know that others understand and can explain the role Neptune (and Chiron) in Pisces plays in these transitional times. The deeper one is involved in the structures of one’s society, the harder it will be make that transition.

  315. Davis L says:

    “But, even though, in my opinion, that would be a disaster for the middle class and outright frightening as regards the possible packing of the Supreme Court during the next 4 years, if some of what President Obama has established is rolled back and the middle class and those in poverty are abused by Republican policy, I think there would be an enormous backlash by an enraged citizenry in the 2014 mid-term elections that would replace many Republicans with Democrats in the Congress.”

    I think this a precarious assumption. Were these far-right kooks to gain power over all 3 branches of government, I’m not sure we would ever have another honest election again. They would surely rig the 2014 election in their favor. –Still……Interesting scenario you’ve posited.

  316. Teresa Hill says:

    I don’t think Mitt’s listening to anyone. If he was, he wouldn’t be running such a bad campaign. And someone would have seen his taxes already, someone in the Republican Party, and either leaked the taxes to get Mitt out of the race earlier, when someone else could have become the nominee. Or they would be telling Mitt how to handle the tax issue better.
    What we’re seeing now is either a candidate who doesn’t listen to anyone or a Republican Party in complete disarray.

    I think whatever’s in Mitt’s taxes is bad enough that there’s no way he’d be elected President.

    The fact that it didn’t come out in the Republican Primary, to me, says there was no inner power structure within the party to vet candidates and make sure they ended up with the strongest candidate.

  317. B.A. says:

    Just so you are clear on what you are advocating for:

    The talk and the actions are clearly different… on the banker rescues and non punishment of financial fraud also.

    And I am not advocating for Romney, who IMHO is no better.

    Obama fights ban on indefinite detention of Americans

    The White House has filed an appeal in hopes of reversing a federal judge’s ruling that bans the indefinite military detention of Americans because attorneys for the president say they are justified to imprison alleged terrorists without charge.

    Manhattan federal court Judge Katherine Forrest ruled in May that the indefinite detention provisions signed into law late last year by US President Barack Obama failed to “pass constitutional muster” and ordered a temporary injunction to keep the military from locking up any person, American or other, over allegations of terrorist ties. On Monday, however, federal prosecutors representing President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta filed a claim with the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in hopes of eliminating that ban.

    The plaintiffs “cannot point to a single example of the military’s detaining anyone for engaging in conduct even remotely similar to the type of expressive activities they allege could lead to detention,” Obama’s attorneys insist. With that, the White House is arguing that as long as the indefinite detention law hasn’t be enforced yet, there is no reason for a judge to invalidate it.
    Reuters reports this week that the government believes they are justified to have the authorization to lock alleged belligerents up indefinitely because cases involving militants directly aligned against the good of the US government warrants such punishment. Separate from Judge Forrest’s injunction, nine states have attempted to, at least in part, remove themselves from the indefinite detention provisions of included in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, or NDAA.
    In section 1021 of the NDAA, the president’s authority to hold a terrorism suspect “without trial, until the end of the hostilities” is reaffirmed by Congress. Despite an accompanying signing statement voicing his opposition to that provision, President Obama quietly inked his name to the NDAA on December 31, 2011. In May, however, a group of plaintiffs including notable journalists and civil liberty proponents challenged section 1021 in court, leading to Just Forrest to find it unconstitutional one month later.

    “There is a strong public interest in protecting rights guaranteed by the First Amendment,” Forrest wrote in her 68-page ruling. “There is also a strong public interest in ensuring that due process rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment are protected by ensuring that ordinary citizens are able to understand the scope of conduct that could subject them to indefinite military detention.”
    At the time Just Forrest made her injunction, attorney Carl Mayer told RT on behalf of the plaintiffs that, although he expected the White House to appeal, “It may not be in their best interest.”
    “[T]here are so many people from all sides of the political spectrum opposed to this law that they ought to just say, ‘We’re not going to appeal,’” Mayer said. “The NDAA cannot be used to pick up Americans in a proverbial black van or in any other way that the administration might decide to try to get people into the military justice system. It means that the government is foreclosed now from engaging in this type of action against the civil liberties of Americans.”

    The original plaintiffs, who include Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges, have asked Just Forrest to make her injunction permanent. Oral arguments in the case are expected to begin this week.

  318. B.A. says:

    Meanwhile, Jon Corzine is still un indicted.

  319. Jerry says:

    We’re essentially fighting a proxy war in Syria. The Russians supporting the Assad government and the US siding with the Syrian rebels. Which makes this development all the more incendiary……

    Tensions Rise Over Iranian Hostages

    Evidence Emerges Men Held by Syria Rebels Are Linked to Iran’s Revoltionary Guard, as Tehran Warns U.S. on Their Fate

    Wall Street Journal
    August 8, 2012

    That connection; denied by Iran, a staunch supporter of the Assad government suggests the hostages have strong ties to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps, as the rebels claim. Tehran, which says the hostages are religious pilgrims, warned it would hold the U.S. responsible for their fate due to its support of the opposition, and vowed to stand by the Syrian regime amid a growing civil war.


  320. Davis L says:

    Teresa Hill,
    I believe you are on target. I don’t think Mitt’s listening to anyone either…AND I don’t think he is aware of how badly his campaign is going. That’s how deep he is into the bubble. The far right tend to be greatly more insular than the rest of us…. true also for those in the financial top 1 percent. …And who’s going to tell him? All in his camp are as deep into the bubble as is he!

    Also, it’s really difficult for me to believe Romney is as good a businessman as he claims. He consistently resorts to silly ad hominem arguments like; “They are only jealous!” as if HIS was the only point of view and all other social, political and economic philosophies were entirely vacuous. Good business practice requires serious attention to facts, reason, logic and knowing what customers really need, think and feel. It doesn’t appear to me Romney has any of that at all! It’s clear he’s never sold anything to regular people! As I understand it, ALL of his clients have been like him, living in that top 1 percent far right wing perpetual bubble.

    “What we’re seeing now is either a candidate who doesn’t listen to anyone or a Republican Party in complete disarray.”
    Probably both, don’t you think?

    “….no inner power structure within the party to vet candidates and make sure they ended up with the strongest candidate.”

    I think this can be explained by
    (1) a lot Newbies, i.e. Tea Party types in the party. Many of them are pretty much running the show at the more local and/or state level.
    (2) The primary focus is on ideological purity, not on anything pragmatic. This has been a growing trend since 1980 or before.

    Convinced that if they just talk and act far right enough they’ll sweep the country, is further testament to their insularity and tendency to believe whatever they wish, despite facts and/or science.

  321. fierywoman says:

    Ooooooo! new Romney nickname: Rpb-me.

  322. fierywoman says:

    Whoops! Typo; should be ROB-me.
    ( I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Aries …)

  323. Prabhata says:

    I asked. I was told it’s a limitation because of the size of the gadget.

  324. barbk says:

    I understand fierywoman, I have Mars opposite Mercury and my fingers (on keyboard) compete with my mind most all the time!

    I just noticed that transiting Mars was conjunct the U.S. progressed Mars (in Libra) on Sunday when the shooting incident at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin happened.

    The U.S. progressed Mars (18 Libra retro) is quincunx (an aspect of irritation) the U.S. progressed Arachne (18 Taurus) which is 1 degree from the U.S. natal Vesta (19 Taurus). Arachne can suggest a web of intrigue as Noelle alluded to earlier. (Arachne was a spider in myth whose weaving challenged that of Pallas-Athene’s in beauty of pattern.)

    Vesta was the keeper of the sacred fire in mythology. In the book by Ariel Guttman & Kenneth Johnson, “Mythic Astrology”, they note that “Prometheus may have stolen that fire from the gods to give to mankind (see Uranus), but it was Vesta who kept it alive.” Speaking about fire in a religious sense, they say “Its purpose is to focus, strengthen, spiritualize, and divinize. Therefore we may associate Vesta with that inner motivation which gets our best, most focused attention.”

    That ‘most focused attention’ could also be used for the worst of reasons, as, I believe, in this case. The reference to Uranus in the above quote is tied to the popular concept that the planet Uranus’ attributes more closely resemble Prometheus’ myth. Transiting Uranus is square transiting Pluto. Also, progressed U.S. Sun (7 Pisces) is square U.S. natal (and progressed) Uranus at 7 Gemini. If nothing else, Uranus represents the unexpected.

    The authors also say this: “Examine the chart of any individual – or for that matter, of any nation – and the position of Vesta will most likely reveal the object of most singular focus.” The U.S. Vesta in Taurus is in the 5th house, near the 6th house cusp, so I’m thinking keywords ‘creativity and service’ and the sign Taurus connotes endurance, real estate, comfort and money. If that doesn’t conjure up a motive, think about the fact that the start of the cycle – the conjunction – of Saturn and Jupiter in 2000 was at 22 Taurus and that transiting (often jealous) Juno, who demands ‘equality’ was opposite this important degree at 22 Scorpio on Sunday. ( By the way, transiting Mars was 2 degrees from U.S. natal Juno at 20 Libra on Sunday and is now today conjunct her.) This cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is a societal marker and we are half-way through it, just past the opposition; a time of full exposure of our progress (or lack of).

    If hate groups need a motive for their crimes, the roots of it will often be found in their fear of ‘others’ taking what is rightfully theirs, ie. foreigners (anyone who ‘looks’ foreign) taking their land – property in an attempt to drive the hate groups (who see themselves as the proper owners of the land) out.

    I’m sure there are other astrological aspects that reveal and explain why this incident happened, but I’ve not seen a chart for the incident or for the shooter yet. I hope the above notation helps to shed light on the why. Fire can be a blessing when under control but a curse when not. With Mars and Vesta ‘rubbing each other the wrong way’ it’s likely that forest fires and firearms will get out of control.

  325. cimbalok says:

    Early a.m. on August 15 Mars and Saturn will be conjunct in the USA’s 10th house. I’m guessing this indicates the possibility of an unfortunate event or at least one that will bring the USA down to earth and be visible to the whole world. Maybe some problem with the Mars project? If we’re lucky, it will just be some Olympic stuff, maybe a disgrace regarding an athlete or team. Although it could be a lone wolf attack (Mars) that is delayed or stopped (Saturn) just in time for everyone to see (10th house).

  326. Noelle says:

    Lorrie U, thank you so much for that link. Confirms what Matthew has been saying. Great reason for hope.

  327. B.A. says:

    On August 2, 2012, RevolutionTruth hosted a live panel discussion with Carl Mayer, Bruce Afran, Daniel Ellsberg, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Tangerine Bolen (Host), David Segal, Kevin Gosztola, Michael Kelley, Laura Poitras, and Jacob Applebaum to discuss the current state of the ongoing Hedges v. Obama lawsuit against the US. Government regarding Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA and answered audience questions.

  328. Fe says:

    from today’s Daily Kos:

    Mormon Insider Reveals Insights on Romney

    by JLFinch

    “Mitt is a product not only of his wealth, but of an organization that gives men power when they are 12 years old,” she says. …

    As for what pundits say is Romney’s difficulty connecting with people, Emmett blames it largely on what she calls “the entitled Mormon male syndrome, where the leadership professes compassion and concern but leaves the manifestations of that to the drones.”

    Emmett says Romney was a bishop, “a position where everyone defers to you. What a bishop says goes. People come to them to receive blessings.” He then became a stake president, she says, which means he presided over several congregations, and at that point bishops deferred to him.

    “Mitt has had people defer to him and not challenge him his entire life,” says Emmett. “In the Mormon church if you challenge your priesthood leaders it’s a very bad thing to do, especially for women. As the world can now see, Mitt has a very hard time with being questioned and criticized; he’s had so little of this in his life.”

    Emmett says she doesn’t think Romney has the ability to separate what leaders of the church want from what the country needs.

    “Mitt has been groomed to become president from a very young age,” says Emmett.

    Emmett says she thinks Romney’s biggest fault is that he has a “serious problem telling the truth. There is flip-flopping, which he has done more than any politician in modern history, and then there is out and out lying,” she says. “This kind of thing has sadly been a part of the church from the very beginning. Some modern apostles actually taught that it is not always the best thing to tell the truth if it interferes with preaching gospel.”

    At a presentation on Lying for the Lord at the 2008 Exmormon Foundation conference, Ken Clark addressed the issue. Clark, who worked as a teacher for the LDS Church Education System (CES) for 27 years and also served as a bishop before leaving the church in 2003, tells The Daily Beast, “Lying has become an institutionalized method of administrative control with the church

    The quotes come from this article:

  329. clymela says:

    thank you, barbk for this piece. I look forward to more understanding when we through your understanding know more about the shooter. I have not yet read anything that gives his birth data and there is not enough regarding the building and the people who were shot.
    thank you so much for the info regarding Vesta-I have Vesta conjunct N node and Sun. what you have said explains so clearly why I have always loved learning. Enough of me but wanted you to know that the info you shared really lit a fire here. thank you again.

  330. clymela says:

    Yuck!! Is the feeling I got when I read about the not telling the truth in order to be more effective in preaching. Poor guy he is probably shocked at how much the President gets pummeled in the campaign and then while serving. Yep! we are scrappy and we tell “our President” what we think. this would be very awkward for someone raised as a prince.Thank for offering this piece.

  331. Connie says:

    Rob-me goes well with Rmoney

  332. Prabhata says:

    The AARP just released a poll and it’s consistent about how close the election is. The poll was put together by Hart Research and GS Strategy Group. The AARP website has great poll graphics

  333. alex says:
    WHOOA..people used the OFA new tax calculator to compare President Obama’s tax plan to Mitt Romney’s;

    And here’s the website, so you can check your own taxes:

    Pres. Obama announced this afternoon ( transcript at ) drought disaster relief;

  334. barbk says:

    Glad you got your kitty safely home clymela and will be anxious to learn more about the shooter himself as to how he fits into the Vesta picture. That Vesta, she’s a work-a-holic too, so don’t let her drain you dry.

    Not sure how well I’d react to seeing a drone overhead; that freaked me out!

  335. barbk says:

    Hopefully nothing quite so terrible cimbalok. It will square our Mercury in the 8th house so it could mean a communications breakdown of some kind. Around that same time transiting Venus will oppose transiting Pluto with a square to trans. Uranus the next day. She will also trine the U.S. progressed Sun in Pisces so that would minimize any damage, however, Saturn in the 10th can also be recognition of achievement. It could mean that something requiring martian strength was recognized – Olympics stuff or Curiosity stuff. Think positive!

  336. Lorrie U says:

    Great article, thanks for posting! The more I learn about Mormonism, the more frightening it is.

  337. barbk says:

    Wow! Thanks Fe, an old radio punch line (maybe from Amos and Andy, don’t remember) was “what a revoltin’ development this is” came to mind as to what Mitt might be thinking. I’ll say this for him; he’s still standing.

  338. Fe says:

    From Huffington Post (ht rem 123’s diary at Daily Kos)

    Romney’s Bain Capital Started with Money from Families Funding Death Squads

    When Romney struggled to raise funds from other traditional sources, he and his partners started thinking outside the box. Bain executive Harry Strachan suggested that Romney meet with a group of Central American oligarchs who were looking for new investment vehicles as turmoil engulfed their region.

    Romney was worried that the oligarchs might be tied to “illegal drug money, right-wing death squads, or left-wing terrorism,” Strachan later told a Boston Globe reporter, as quoted in the 2012 book “The Real Romney.” But, pressed for capital, Romney pushed his concerns aside and flew to Miami in mid-1984 to meet with the Salvadorans at a local bank.

    It was a lucrative trip. The Central Americans provided roughly $9 million — 40 percent — of Bain Capital’s initial outside funding, the Los Angeles Times reported recently. And they became valued clients.


    When Romney launched another venture that needed funding — his first presidential campaign — he returned to Miami.

    “I owe a great deal to Americans of Latin American descent,” he said at a dinner in Miami in 2007. “When I was starting my business, I came to Miami to find partners that would believe in me and that would finance my enterprise. My partners were Ricardo Poma, Miguel Dueñas, Pancho Soler, Frank Kardonski, and Diego Ribadeneira.”


    Romney could also have thanked investors from two other wealthy and powerful Central American clans — the de Sola and Salaverria families, who the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe have reported were founding investors in Bain Capital.

    While they were on the lookout for investments in the United States, members of some of these prominent families — including the Salaverria, Poma, de Sola and Dueñas clans — were also at the time financing, either directly or through political parties, death squads in El Salvador. The ruling classes were deploying the death squads to beat back left-wing guerrillas and reformers during El Salvador’s civil war.

    The death squads committed atrocities on such a mass scale for so small a country that their killing spree sparked international condemnation. From 1979 to 1992, some 75,000 people were killed in the Salvadoran civil war, according to the United Nations. In 1982, two years before Romney began raising money from the oligarchs, El Salvador’s independent Human Rights Commission reported that, of the 35,000 civilians killed, “most” died at the hands of death squads.


    Response from the team Romney?

    When The Huffington Post asked the Romney campaign about Bain Capital accepting funds from families tied to death squads, a spokeswoman forwarded a 1999 Salt Lake Tribune article to explain the campaign’s position on the matter. She declined to comment further.

    “Romney confirms Bain had investors in El Salvador. But, as was Bain’s policy with any big investor, they had the families checked out as diligently as possible,” the Tribune wrote. “They uncovered no unsavory links to drugs or other criminal activity.”

    full article here:

  339. barbk says:

    alex, glad to hear there will be drought disaster relief. Bet that’s thanks to Chiron’s square to Vesta (investment) and Jupiter in Gemini in the August 1 Full Moon chart. Vesta and Jupiter were conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus (unexpected) which in turn squares U.S. natal Ceres in Pisces (which transiting Chiron is conjunct, as is progressed U.S. Sun.)

    Chiron sextile Pluto also created a yod with the Sun in that Full Moon chart at 10 Leo. Like an arrow pointed at the Moon (needs) the Sun enlightens. The Sun was also trine Uranus and Pallas-Athene, the strategist in Aries.

    What a team ~ Neptune and Chiron. Thanks for the good news.

  340. kiwi says:

    Mitt is also the baby in his family – that position in the family often results in indulgence expectation patterns being set from a very early age. From what I read his mother said he was her “miracle baby.” In other words, how much of a spoiled brat was he?

  341. Prabhata says:

    The connection that the story makes is as credible as believing that Rezko’s crimes are somehow linked to Obama. There’s nothing to support such stories.

  342. Lorrie U says:

    In response to Prabhata’s poll info from AARP:

    Obama Lead Over Mitt Romney Grows Despite Voter Pessimism

    “…Obama’s lead over Romney among registered voters was 49 percent to 42 percent, up slightly from the 6-point advantage the president held a month earlier over the former Massachusetts governor.

    The Reuters/Ipsos survey, conducted over landline and cell phones, has a margin of error of 3 percent for all adults and 3.4 percent for registered voters. (For the full poll, please click on the following link:

  343. Fe says:

    LA Times:

    Bain Capital started with help of offshore investors
    Mitt Romney’s firm raised more than a third of its first investment fund from wealthy foreigners — who mostly used companies in Panama, then known for tax advantages and banking secrecy.

    July 19, 2012|By Joseph Tanfani, Melanie Mason and Matea Gold

    Mitt Romney in 1990 with Bain & Co. founder Bill Bain, who reportedly barred him from seeking company clients that would have to disclose investments.

    WASHINGTON — When Mitt Romney launched Bain Capital in 1984, he struggled at first to raise enough money for the untested venture. Old-money families like the Rothschilds turned down the young Boston consultant.

    So he and his partners tapped an eclectic roster of investors, raising more than a third of their first $37-million investment fund from wealthy foreigners.

    Most of the foreign investors’ money came through corporations registered in Panama, then known for tax advantages and unusual banking secrecy.

    Previously unreported details, documented in Massachusetts corporate filings and other public records, show that Bain Capital was enmeshed in the largely opaque world of international high finance from its very inception.

    The documents don’t indicate any wrongdoing, and experts say that such financial vehicles are common for wealthy foreign investors. But the new details come as President Obama has criticized Romney for profiting from Bain Capital’s own offshore investment entities, which are unavailable to most Americans.

    The Romney campaign declined to comment on the specifics of Bain’s early investors. Romney has argued that his offshore investments are entirely proper, and that he has paid all the U.S. taxes that he owes. The offshore funds do provide tax advantages for foreign investors, allowing Bain to attract billions of dollars.

    “The world of finance is not as simple as some would have you believe,” Romney said in an interview this week with National Review Online.

    The first outside investor in Bain was a leading London financier, Sir Jack Lyons, who made a $2.5-million investment through a Panama shell company set up by a Swiss money manager, further shielding his identity. Years later, Lyons was convicted in an unrelated stock fraud scandal.

  344. Fe says:

    This story has been researched before, not just by the Huffington Post, but the LA Times, and the Globe while Romney was running for office in Massachusetts.

    Here is what was snipped from the Huffpo piece:

    “Romney confirms Bain had investors in El Salvador. But, as was Bain’s policy with any big investor, they had the families checked out as diligently as possible,” the Tribune wrote. “They uncovered no unsavory links to drugs or other criminal activity.”

    Nobody with a basic understanding of the region’s history could believe that assertion. By 1984, the media had thoroughly exposed connections between the death squads and the Salvadoran oligarchy, including the families that invested with Romney. The sitting U.S. ambassador to El Salvador charged that several families, including at least one that invested with Bain, were living in Miami and directly funding death squads. Even by 1981, El Salvador’s elite, largely relocated to Miami, were so angered by the public perception that they were financing death squads that they reached out to the media to make their case. The two men put forward to represent the oligarchs were both from families that would invest in Bain three years later. The most cursory review of their backgrounds would have turned up the ties.

    The connection between the families involved with Bain’s founding and those who financed death squads was made by the Boston Globe in 1994 and the Salt Lake Tribune in 1999. This election cycle, Salon first raised the issue in January, and the Los Angeles Times filled out more of the record earlier this month.”

  345. Bob says:


    William Bendix, The Life of Riley, with his wife Peg and Digger O’Dell, The Friendly Undertaker.

  346. Bob says:

    I think the kids were Babs and Junior.

  347. Bob says:

    Saturn visits RRobmeRmoney

    square Sun/Moon in Long Aug 22, RA Aug 12-13

    square Sun/Jupiter in Long Aug 22, RA Aug 13

    opposite prog Venus in Long Sep 13, RA Aug 31-Sep 1

    opposite prog Mars in Long Sep 19, RA Sep 2

    opposite Mars/Uranus midpoint in Long Sep 20, RA Sep 25

    and Pluto does too

    Pluto square prog Neptune in Long Dec 2, RA Nov 14

    Pluto square natal Neptune in Long Jan 18, RA Dec 28

  348. Bob says:

    The Obama family is visited by Saturn soon also.

    President Obama – Saturn squared by Saturn Aug 21 in Long, Sep 23 RA

    Michelle – Sun (noon) Sun squared by Saturn Sep 13 in Long, Oct2, RA

    Malia – Prog Sun (noon) opposed by Saturn Aug 29 in Long, Sep 10 in RA

  349. Prabhata says:

    Fe, just about everyone knows that it was the U.S. that trained and financed the death squads. Though it is true that the oligarchy has money, they would have been bankrupt if they spent that kind of money to supply and maintain the squads. I come from Central America, so I think I know what I’m talking about. Rich people from those countries are wealthy by the country standards, but they are not that rich. If you want to smear Romney, just like the Republicans smear the Democrats, fine. But 2+2?10. From the wikipedia.

    “Because the death squads involved were found to have been soldiers of the Salvadoran military security forces, which were receiving U.S. arms, funding, training and advice during the Carter, Reagan and Bush administrations, these events prompted some outrage in the U.S. Human rights activists criticized U.S. administrations for denying Salvadoran government links to the death squads.
    In the 1984 expose entitled, “Behind the Death Squads: An exclusive report on the U.S. role in El Salvador’s official terror”, award winning investigative journalist, Allan Nairn reported that the CIA routinely supplied ANSESAL, the security forces (National Guard, National Police, Treasury Police), and the general staff with electronic, photographic, and personal surveillance of suspected dissidents and Salvadorans abroad who were later assassinated by death squads; and trained Salvadoran intelligence operatives in the use of investigative techniques which included, according to a former Treasury Police agent, “instruction in methods of physical and psychological torture.””

  350. Prabhata says:

    The question mark was the mathematical symbol of “does not equal”
    2 + 2 does not equal 10.

  351. alex says:

    Seven solar power and wind power projects, with a combined capacity of 5 GW, have been fast-tracked by the Obama administration as part of the We Can’t Wait initiative. The projects, located in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Wyoming are expected to produce electricity sufficient to power 1.5 million homes.

  352. alex says:

    Obama for America [OFA] organization is seeking a court order nullifying those parts of Ohio law that created staggered deadlines. [early voting]

    “The question before the court is whether, in the circumstances of this case, the state of Ohio may arbitrarily and without justification withdraw from all other Ohio eligible voters the same right they previously had to vote the weekend and Monday before Election Day,” the campaign said in its Aug. 3 filing.

    Economus has scheduled a hearing for Aug. 15.

    Rachel Maddow Aug 9th has segment on Ohio early voting rigged by GOP and SOS.

    (88 counties each has board of election with 2 Democrats & 2 Republicans;

    in Republican heavy counties the 2 democrats votes YES EXTEND EARLY VOTING HOURS/DAYS with the 2 Republicans voting YES as well;

    in Democrat heavy counties the 2 Republicans voted NO EXTEND EARLY VOTING HOURS/DAYS and 2 Democrats voted Yes;

    so the GOP Secretary of State broke the tie in each case/county where there was a tie in Democratic counties to NOT EXTEND EARLY VOTING HOURS/DAYS;

    therefore the GOP leaning counties throughout OHIO 2012 have extended early voting hours/days that include evenings and weekends but the DEM leaning counties throughout OHIO 2012 do not;

    the GOP SOS in Ohio (as in past OH presidential elections) rigged the election process for the Republicans;

    Legal Case Begins: Aug 15th
    Transit (mean) North Node 01 Sagittarius cnj Romney N/DES 01 SG
    Transit (true) North Node 0SG58

    August 17 New Moon @25 Leo
    August 24 First Quarter Moon @01 Sagittarius

  353. Fe says:

    I think the articles do not exclude the US and the CIA in the funding of death squads. I think they include the wealthy who had interests similar or parallel to US interests in the region.

  354. catsandmusic says:

    Bob, I don’t know your terminology. Does the “in Long” mean the transit is felt all the way until the later date?

  355. Bob says:

    Long is short for longitude.

  356. starlight says:

    Hi All, I am back in town with a million or more posts to sort through. :-)

    Sorry this thread has gotten so cumbersome, but hopefully I can get something up in a day or two.

  357. catsandmusic says:

    Thanks! So can I pester you again–what is RA?

  358. catsandmusic says:

    No, Bob, don’t even go there. I just googled the terms–should have done that first. Sorry. There are some good explanations, I hope, online. But way too wordy for this website! There is so much to learn!

    Merci, anyway.

  359. pisca says:

    Funny things are happening with voter registration in most states. It is important to verify that you are registered NOW, even if you have recently voted. A number of voters are being purged and may not even know it. Please spread the word. Here is a link to determine if you are considered a voter:

  360. will says:


    Did you ever consider that the president and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta might know something you don’t know about the so-called “Americans” who are being indefinietly detained? Do you actually k we are privy to everything that is in the president’s t’s and secretary’s agenda? Did they need your blessing and approval to take out Bin Lade

  361. Fe says:

    From kos:

    We Are Winning


    Bottom line. Their billions and their candidates aren’t getting it done. Democrats have improved their standing with voters the entire summer and are poised to hold firm in the Senate and comfortably keep the White House. Even the House is coming into play, and worst case scenario, we’ll chop that Republican majority down significantly.

    Democrats are campaigning with a swagger, having fun. They know they’ve got the advantage. Republicans are in genuine disarray (release the tax returns! Don’t release the tax returns!), trying to back a candidate they despise while keeping a lid on the Tea Party crazies.

    We need to go for the jugular, destroy Romney’s chances. Down-ballot Republicans will suffer without a strong candidate at the top—particularly one that reinforces every negative element of the Republican brand. Just look to 2008 for inspiration, except Romney doesn’t even have a compelling personal story or a shred of heroism. Romney is on the ropes, with just one more chance to bolster his standing—his convention. The same convention Donald Trump insists he’ll speak at. And Rick Santorum. And Ron Paul. And Sarah Palin. And Herman Cain. Good luck with that, Mittens.

    Our job: To run up the score. I know some of you like to talk about acting like we’re 10 points down. I guess that’s supposed to be motivational, but if we’re 10 points down, I’m like “screw it” and focus on more promising prospects. Did you work extra hard in 2010 when we were actually down 10 points? I didn’t think so. Instead, Republicans ran up their margins as depressed Dems conceded the cycle and sat out the election.

    We need to embrace reality and shove reality down the GOP’s throats. Because yeah, we are ahead, objectively so. We’re winning and we’ve got to own it. They can whine about biased polls and biased media and biased everything that doesn’t conform to their little Fox News bubble world, all the while we do the work necessary to seal the deal.

    When he has the lead, Peyton Manning doesn’t pretend he’s losing. He sets out to crush his opponent’s spirit by running up the score. Like this horse. The best defense is a good offense. We now protect our lead by going on the attack.

    full article here:

  362. Fe says:

    From Wonkette (excerpt)

    HuffPo brings it, in about a thousand paragraphs tying together previous reporting from the LA Times and the Boston Globe that show Romney went to Salvadorean founding families for the initial startup funds for his precious Bain. And those Salvadorean families had directly financed (or even pulled the goddamn triggers themselves) assassinations of leftwing activists in Guatemala, in just one tiny example from HuffPo’s smorgasbord of Bain-related Death and Terrorism.

    In 1990, Orlando de Sola, [Roberto] D’Aubuisson and founding Bain investor Francisco de Sola allegedly assassinated two left-wing activists then in Guatemala, according to a report by that country’s government, which cited its intelligence sources. The activists had just held a meeting with then-Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), who was attempting to broker a Salvadoran peace deal.

    Francisco de Sola later pleaded his and his cousin Orlando’s innocence to the U.S. ambassador. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights looked further into the killings and concluded that elements of the Salvadoran right were indeed the mostly likely assassins, but said that it couldn’t confirm the guilt of the de Solas or D’Aubuisson. It deemed the investigation incomplete and called for a deeper look. The three men were never charged.

    Francisco de Sola is now president of the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development. His assistant, Ada Chang, said that he was traveling and unavailable to comment, but she confirmed to HuffPost that he had been accused of murdering the two leftists in 1990.

    There’s ever so much more over at HuffPo. For further reading, if you’d like to find yourself in an Internet black hole, may we suggest googling such fun phrases as “Battalion 316,” “contras murder nuns,” “John Negroponte” and “Roberto D’Aubuisson.” We guarantee a good time will be had by all, or at least a weepathon and massive shame stroke.

    So, these are the people Mitt Romney tapped for the initial funds for his small-business startup. So what? Who cares? You can’t fight Communism or found Bain Capital without breaking a few eggs, all right? And by “eggs,” of course, we mean “human skulls.”

    full article here:

  363. Francis says:

    I was under the impression we would likely lose the Senate. Does it really look good that we will hold the Senate? And gain seats in the House? I feel myself holding back from actually taking in that news as true. I so hope so!!!

  364. Virginia says:

    Delicious – Thanks!

  365. Wennye' says:

    Thanks pisca, I have forwarded to friends in other states where it may be iffy..Blessings

  366. Wennye' says:


  367. Teresa Hill says:

    Thank a decided lack of enthusiasm for Romney.

  368. will says:

    Bless you, Gypsie! The “Hyperthyroid Harpie” just put me away for the day – it just doesn’t get better than shutting that blonde borderline biatch down and seeing Rush Limbaugh stammering in utter disbelief. What a wonderful thing truth is!

  369. Lorrie U says:

    Prabhata – I think you’re missing the point here! The man is running for President of the U.S., for God’s sake, and it does require some accountability not only to it’s citizens but the rest of the world! Do we really want someone with this type of background representing us??? Our country has done some rather underhanded things in the past, but it’s time to take on a better mantle in the eye’s of the world.

  370. cimbalok says:

    Duly noted. Thanks! That was helpful!

  371. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    I’m in NM, and Governor Martinez has said many times she has not interested in being VP.

    Too bad. It would be nice to get her out of the state, but I suppose if she were the VP nominee and lost, she’d return to being Governor so we’d gain nothing here.

  372. Francis says:

    I watched it and I guess I am such a liberal/ progressive that I really don’t get their freakout over Romneycare… I guess it does provide an opening for attack because they chose to attack the ACA… but a large part of me just doesn’t get it because people should see universal heath care as a good thing, regardless of political party. It’s stunning to me how wacked these folks are.

  373. loyallurker says:

    The government, in its infinite wisdom and protection of the real power brokers (banks and corporations), will not prosecute Goldman Sachs. Surprised. Of course not.

  374. barbk says:

    Don’t know where my 1st reply went, but thanks . .again Bob. I do remember that show now that you found it for me!

  375. Teresa Hill says:

    I have been feeling… just disconnected from my spirituality, from God, from whatever you want to call it lately.
    Just wondering — is anyone else feeling like this? It’s so odd. And I am stressed out about a lot, but I’ve been in worse situations. Things are actually getting better with the kids, and my work is going well. Other stuff has come up, but I just feel like I can’t connect to that source of peace and protection and solace.
    It’s really disconcerting. I take such comfort in that connection.

  376. fierywoman says:

    In case you haven’t yet discovered Princeton Polling Consortium:

  377. Prabhata says:

    Better luck next time, voters. Senator Levin was the one pressing the DOJ to investigate and bring criminal charges for lying to the senate and investors.–finance.html

    In 2010, Goldman agreed to pay $550 million to settle civil fraud charges by the SEC of misleading buyers of mortgage-related securities. The agreement applied to one of the four deals cited by the Senate subcommittee.

  378. B.A. says:

    A new report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) finds that President Barack Obama’s and Attorney General Eric Holder’s failure to criminally charge any top Wall Street bankers is likely a result of cronyism inside the Department of Justice and political donations made to Obama’s campaign.

    Despite Obama’s and Holder’s “heated rhetoric” against Wall Street (in 2009, Obama blamed the 2008 financial collapse on “reckless speculation of bankers” while Holder charged that “unscrupulous executives, Ponzi scheme operators and common criminals alike have targeted the pocketbooks and retirement accounts of middle class Americans”), they haven’t “filed a single criminal charge against any top executive of an elite financial institution,” GAI wrote in its report, exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.

    GAI argues that the Obama administration’s decision to not go after Big Finance is due to senior DOJ leadership — Holder, Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli, Associate Attorney General Tony West, Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, Deputy Attorney General James Cole and Deputy Associate Attorney General Karol Mason — who “all came to the DOJ from prestigious white-collar defense firms where they represented the very financial institutions the DOJ is supposed to investigate.”

    In the report, GAI details how the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations both actually took down financial criminals — unlike the Obama administration. Between 2002 and 2008, for instance, GAI points out how a Bush administration task force “obtained over 1,300 corporate fraud convictions, including those of over 130 corporate vice presidents and over 200 CEOs and corporate presidents.”

    “Clinton’s DOJ prosecuted over 1,800 S&L [savings and loans] executives, senior officials, and directors, and over 1,000 of them were sent to jail,” GAI adds.

    But, despite having “promised more of the same,” especially in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the Obama administration’s DOJ has not brought criminal charges against a single major Wall Street executive.

  379. Prabhata says:

    Like I said above, Rezko and Obama had connections before Obama became president, but I’ve never read anything that supports any illegality in that connection. Just because Rezko committed crimes, it doesn’t follow that all politicians who knew Rezko and received his campaign donations were tainted and unfit to serve. Not without some proof of wrong doing.

    I’ve not missed the point.

  380. virgo says:

    The Dailycaller has a very reliable Republican bias.

  381. Noelle says:

    Amen, Will. I so often think just that when I see the people on the sidelies judging and second guessing him Have a little faith. He seems to do just fine without our input.

  382. clymela says:

    Teresa, I am having almost the opposite experience but only after a long time of what you are describing. I am thinking that you are in the beginning of a transition into an even deeper, more conscious connection. Some mystics such as St John of the Cross called this “the Dark Night of the Soul”. I am sure that you know about this already I am repeating this here because I wanted to hug you and promise you that this is only you coming closer to your God. Have you looked at your chart? Of course you have! I don’t know your chart. IF you are willing to post it I will look at it too.

  383. Davis L says:

    Teresa Hill,
    Yes & No.
    One of my several roles is as a spiritual leader, but I find myself thinking/feeling thoughts indicative of serious disconnection with the divine and or spiritual principles. My idealism is not what it used to be for sure. These harsh times have exacerbated my complex ptsd. Financially, I’ve lost everything and have to start over. I know now, I’ll never be able to retire. I’m going to have to make a new living now on the basis of my performance and writing skills as opposed to the helping profession model.

    I’ve long lived by the philosophy of spiritualizing the physical and physicalizing the spiritual, making the two one. But lately, my experience seems to disconnect them.

    Yet….as Neptune has moved into Pisces, (my moon is 24-ish degrees Pisces in the 10th) I’m sporadically feeling those old 60’s/70’s mystical feelings again. Perhaps my existential angst will not overwhelm any mystical insight.

  384. clymela says:

    I meant your birth data of course. I had just awakened and with sleepy in my eyes and my brain still a little relaxed for detail work.

  385. Gypsi says:

    It seems to me that the laws were changed sometime when GWB was in office and while they all did incredibly greedy and stupid things, those things were no longer illegal.

    I could be wrong. Had a new granddaughter last night. Have to go to work today.

  386. Nina says:

    Also thank the Tea Party for giving us a truly, er, stellar batch of opponents.

  387. clymela says:

    Whoa!! David. Are you eligible for Medicare and some Social Security so that you will only need to supplement with your personal efforts? I have some friends who worked for themselves and were unable to take advantage of the Social Security program due to the expense of being both employer and employee and now that they are in the upper 60’s,early 70’s they must keep working. I am thinking that “existential angst”is not separate from our spiritual connection rather we are called to a deeper
    connection to our mystical source, one deeper than we ever imagined.
    I have a pension because I worked for county government as a welfare social worker- if the right wing gains ascendancy I could easily lose the pension even though I paid into the system every month and there should be enough in the system but…..

  388. Noelle says:

    Gypsi, congratulations. August seems to be the most popular date for births and birthdays.

    I’m sure your new granddaughter is adorable.

  389. Teresa Hill says:

    I guess I was hoping it might be something hitting everyone right now, temporarily, that might ease soon and not… God, a big, personal, tough hit.
    But I am happy to hear you’ve come through something like this and are better on the other side of it. That helps.
    It just feels so odd to me.
    My data: 5/10/1963, 11:08 p.m., Winchester, Ky.
    I’ve had Pluto on my AC, but that direct hits are gone now, I think. And I’d say this started… two or three months ago.
    Thank you for looking.

  390. Teresa Hill says:

    I’m so sorry for all that for you. We’re okay financially, but our kids have been putting us through hell lately. Especially our daughter. A DUI, totalled two cars and is lucky to be alive after each one. Drug use. Lying like crazy. It’s just crazy and scary as hell and frustrating.
    The good child quit college, three years into an engineering degree. Just doesn’t want to be an engineer. But I think he’s okay and starting a great job soon, if all goes well.
    My husband’s job is making him crazy, and my mother now has plaque in her carotid arteries that requires surgery. Which I’m told is not that serious, but she’s caretaker for my father, plus housing and caring for a 2 1/2 year old who lives with them and the baby’s irresponsible mother. Way too many people depend on her.

  391. Fe says:

    From the Business Insider today:

    To find out what dropping the case said about how the SEC would be handling cases going forward, we called Neil Barofsky former TARP Special Inspector, NYU Law Professor, and author of Bailout: An Insider Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street.

    We figured he might have something to say about the decision to abandon the case against Goldman. And he did:

    “On the sixth month anniversary of the announcement of the so-called financial crisis task force, the twin announcements yesterday that Goldman Sachs and its executives will not be charged by either the Sec or DOJ for conduct directly related to the toxic assets at the heart of the crisis is a stark reminder that no individual or institution has been held meaningfully accountable for their role in the financial crisis. And without such accountability, the unending parade of megabanks scandals will inevitably continue,” Barofsky told Business Insider.

    That said there are two things to keep in mind. First, according to the FT, the SEC can still press civil charges against Goldman and collect a few million here, a few million there as they’ve been doing.

    Also it’s important to note that the SEC may have dropped the case because the statute of limitations for MBS from 2007 is approaching.

    In fact, 2012 is the regulator’s last chance to bring charges for a lot of MBS created in 2006 and 2007 unless the statute of limitations is extended somehow.

    In some cases, that could actually happen, says the FT:

    People familiar with the matter say the SEC is asking companies and individuals to sign “tolling agreements” to extend the agency’s ability to bring a case after the five year statute of limitations expires. Lawyers involved in investigations expect to see more cases by the November election, given the president’s announcement of a residential mortgage-backed securities taskforce announced in January.

    For now, though, it’s status quo antebellum.

    Read more:

  392. alex says:


    The Senate will convene at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, September 10, 2012

  393. Lorrie U says:

    Is It Finally Time to Let the South Secede?

    These are two very different societies that have been economic and social frenemies from the day they were founded. The dysfunction has got to stop at some point.

  394. will says:


    Wrong again. President Obama succinctly addressed this issue on a 60-Minutes interview. Low, after exhaustively attempting to hold the Banksters involved in the Great Meltdown, , the president and his attorney general could find nothing in the statutes and regulations on the books that could incriminate them. Over the past several decades, the banking and financial services industry lobbyists had succeeded in enough massive influence-peddling in congress and on K-Street so as to enact legislation and regulations that were laughably loose and malleable. From Reagan to GWB, the laws and regulations that were once the cohesive stuff that conferred a certain level of reason and fairness were all but obliterated by sociopathic regulation haters. Obama expressed considerable frustration and regret about this.

    There is no cover-up on Obama’s or Holder’s parts. The legislation and regulations are a matter of public record. Hence, even our Supreme Court upheld “Citizen’s vs. United.” It is why we need very good eggs like Elizabeth Warren et al, to hold the line.

    B.A., its time for your unfounded, obsessive hatred for
    this president cease.

  395. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa Hill, et al – I, too, understand the feeling of disconnect from spirit recently. However, it is just NOW that things are spiritually beginning to appear and a quickening of spirit taking place. I think we have all felt so hopeless with these dense events and political climate that our spiritual side had difficulty coping. I’ve been in this place previously, and have emerged much more enlightened and spiritually awake every time. I was led to watch the History Channel (which I’ve not watched before) and by the time I was done watching Ancient Aliens, I felt back in my element and the present-day garbage was unimportant. This is the time of separation that we’ve known was coming. Just know that we are on the side of the Gods!

  396. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you, Will!!

  397. Lorrie U says:

    Davis L – I’ve been in your place. Just trust that you will be taken care of and that you will find a new direction. When an astrologer told me about five years ago that I was just coming to a time that I would be doing the work I came here to do, I thought he was crazy. I was beyond retirement age and very tired. Took about six months to recover from 40-plus years of struggling to make ends meet while employed, and live simply while volunteering at an animal shelter. I use my healing and intuitive gifts to help the animals heal and help find the right matching home for them. I’m sure you will also be led to the right place for your spiritual gifts!!!

  398. Prabhata says:–abc-news-tech.html

    In general, there are more shooting stars in the morning hours because that’s the side of the Earth that faces forward as we orbit the sun, so it’s less shielded. While the shower actually peaks early Sunday, Perseid meteors are often spotted several nights before and after.

  399. will says:

    and the reason Clinton even had people in the banking industry to prosecute is because GWB and his bevy of thugs hadn’t left their ugly mark in further dysregulation and congressional corruption.

  400. Prabhata says:

    B.A., just because GS was fined millions for fraud, or just because Angelo Mozilo of Country Wide was fined millions for fraud, and just because Levin said that GS lied to the senate, it doesn’t mean that there’s any truth to the charges that a crime was committed. There’s nothing to see. Move on.

    “Crime does pay” — Woody Allen, Take the Money and Run

  401. clymela says:

    Teresa-Pluto remains close enough to be impacting you-and Saturn your chart ruler is in the ninth house- am not talking about any one thing but I am thinking that you are having your “vision” adjusted right now and the usual avenues of spiritual support may feel like they are closed down right now. Also, this is the season of your Chiron return and that is no doubt setting off the life long issues between you and your mother and the sorrow in you regarding society/the world/culture. Well obviously I could go on and on but that would not be right here. If you want I give permission for Nancy to give you my email address.

  402. Teresa Hill says:

    Would love any insight you have. You can reach me at teresamhillATbellsouthDOTnet
    If I just knew this disconnect thing was going to end soon. It’s like not even wanting to plug into an electrical outlet because I know there’s no current there.

  403. Teresa Hill says:

    I definitely feel the heaviness. Was wondering if it was part of the 2012 thing. Just didn’t expect this. Like someone cut the phone line between me and my spiritual support.
    Would love to hear anything else you have to say on the subject.

  404. alex says:

    Banking History:

    Debtor Nation – Reagan Legacy

    Remarks on Signing the Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982

    October 15, 1982

    Thank you all very much, and thank you for joining us to sign this historic reform. This bill is the most important legislation for financial institutions in the last 50 years. It provides a long-term solution for troubled thrift institutions. It’s proconsumer, granting small savers greater access to loans, a higher return on their savings. And when combined with recent sharp declines in interest rates, it means help for housing, more jobs, and new growth for the economy. All in all, I think we hit the jackpot.

    Thank you all again. I’m very pleased to sign this Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982.

    Note: The President spoke at 11:03 a.m. at the signing ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House.

    As enacted, H.R. 6267 is Public Law 97 – 320, approved October 15.

    The Garn–St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 (Pub.L. 97-320, H.R. 6267, enacted October 15, 1982) is an Act of Congress that deregulated savings and loan associations and allowed banks to provide adjustable-rate mortgage loans. It is disputed whether the act was a mitigating or contributing factor in the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s.

    big difference between mitigating
    and contributing !!

  405. Prabhata says:

    B.A., apparently Senator Levin, a Republican Democrat is not happy either:

    Decision not to prosecute Goldman Sachs shows weakness: senator–sector.html

  406. Davis L says:

    Teresa Hill,
    Lorrie U,
    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.

    No, Clymela, I’m not quite there yet to be eligible for SS or Medicare, and I have no pension. Right now I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, this computer, and to be back in the Pacific Northwest. Believe me, I’m working the various difficulties as best I can. I can’t really go into much detail in this public forum. I’m sure you all understand.

    BTW Teresa, I’m really happy for your success as a writer. I pray your family circumstances improve soon and permanently.

    Lorrie, I strongly suspect I’ve arrived back in WA state to do exactly as you suggested, the work I came here to do. But getting there is easier said than done.

    Again, thanks to all of you for your concern and kind words.

  407. loyallurker says:

    The Corn Is Dying All Over America
    Since 75% of grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, expect food prices to skyrocket. Corn is also a staple in many fast foods. Corn is in ethanol and the main food source or chickens. In addition to this, maize is in many things that aren’t obvious like adhesives, aluminum, aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, dry cell batteries, envelopes, fiberglass insulation, gelatin capsules, ink, insecticides, paint, penicillin, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. That’s just for starters…


    I think one of the biggest game changers in our “American way of life” will be the failure of the corn crops due to drought, which will likely only get more severe over the short term and perhaps the long term. It will be the equivalent of the buffalo kill off for the American Indians (or worse) due to its importance as an ingredient in foods, manufacture and commodity trade. I’m not sure it’s registering in people’s minds just how significant this news is.

  408. clymela says:

    Loyallurker, I didn’t realize corn was so important in things besides food but I have realized all summer long how profound this drought is and that there will be consequences that no one seems to be talking about. I had not thought this out as you have but here is something that is going to hurt us. Although I know that we will do better without the corn syrup found in all processed foods for sale in the grocery stores.

  409. Teresa Hill says:

    Thanks. If there’s any writing stuff I can help you with, I’d be happy to. Been writing my whole life.

  410. loyallurker says:

    Well in the long term this will likely lead to some important and positive changes relative to GMO and monoculture farming, and set companies like Monsanto back on their heels. That’s the silver lining I foresee. It’s another harbinger of the dying off of the unsustainable and destructive elements of our status quo “American way of life”.
    So of course the short term consequences will make life very difficult at best not just for the US, but all the countries that have become equally dependent on this major US export.

  411. loyallurker says:

    P.S. – Wheat and soy will follow and in a short time the cumulative effects will be felt. Due to monoculture farming we have but all our crops in one bread basket, so to speak, rather than doing what nature does and diversifying as a means of survival.

  412. Fe says:

    I think we have Pluto to thank for this as well. What has been held on to and considered the norm (Capricorn) is about to be shaken from its roots. So goes the power of Dow and Monsanto. May their demise be swift! May the replacement be cleaner, healthier, local and sustainable!!

  413. loyallurker says:

    Speaking of putting the brakes on things….
    Transiting Mars and Saturn are about to meet up in a few days.

  414. barbk says:


    I too am a (closet) fan of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. As it gets harder and harder for me to participate in the nonsense that passes for “normal” life, it is comforting to find kindred souls. Thanks for sharing.

  415. kiwi says:

    Not taking a position, just saying the reality of life is that sometimes lawyers make a pragmatic decision not to prosecute because of difficulty in obtaining irrefutable proof that will result in the certainty of a guilty verdict. Perhaps in this case the fine can be taken as admission of guilt, versus a possible exoneration verdict by trial. Maybe they felt the evidence they had was not enough to justify the time, money and resources.

  416. barbk says:

    Aye Fe, it’s as if it was all part of a plan. . .

  417. Davis L says:

    Lorrie U,
    Very interesting article! I will see if this gentleman’s book is in the library.

    Having grown up in Texas, which I assure you is decidedly Southern in thought and practice, (though Texans claim to be Western,) I’ve heard talk of secession all of my life, from early childhood to present. It was particularly acute in the 60’s when I was a teenager, but has really neverly abated. Idiot Governor Perry, (and the majority of Texans DO think of him that way, he was elected by a slight plurality) and his talk of secession is nothing new. It’s just more widely broadcast.

    Astrologer, Eric Alan Meece of Berkeley, author of Horoscope For The New Millennium, believes secession or something akin to it will happen sometime in the 2020’s as we approach our Pluto return.

    The irony from the perspective of climate study is this: The general area of the Old Confederacy is doomed! It won’t take very much sea level rise for my home town to be innundated, and eventually entirely under water. Areas which are higher will eventually be so hot for most of the year as to be virtually uninhabitable. Neither homeowners or businesses will be able to afford the electric bill to keep cool.

    For over two decades the insurance companies have been gradually pulling out,(flood insurance) and raising their rates (higher percentage wise than the rest of the country) on all other varieties with the exception of auto ins. Business-wise they know what they are doing!

    IMHO, a 100 years from now, but perhaps sooner there is a reasonably good chance there will be no Texas, or Georgia, or Alabama, etc. They will exist as memories, as chapters in the history books.

    But those Southerners who sporadically talk secesion don’t believe in climate change. They believe all will be fine if they just get out from under the yoke of the federal govt. and do things “their” way.

  418. Davis L says:

    Really excellent point. I observe you are an exceptionally clear thinker, as you so often post simple, poignant,clarifying observations.

    Some years ago I investigated crimes for the office of the Public Defender in Seattle, so worked with a goodly number of lawyers, defense AND prosecution. Wasn’t unusual at all for the prosecuter’s office to decide NOT to pursue a case, not because they thought the defendants innocent, but because they had insufficient or tainted evidence, or because their resources could be better used elsewhere.

  419. Davis L says:

    Teresa Hill,
    “If there’s any writing stuff I can help you with, I’d be happy to. Been writing my whole life.”

    Perhaps so. Is there a way we might communicate more privately?

  420. Teresa Hill says:

    Sure. teresamhillATbellsouthDOTnet

  421. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa Hill – Something I serendipitously came across which began my recent spiritual recovery from earthly overload was the Principles of Spiritual Activism. I particularly like “#10: Do not insulate yourself from the pain of the world. Let your heart break open, and learn to move in the world with a broken heart. As Gibran says, ‘Your pain is the medicine by which the physician within heals thyself.’ When we open ourselves to the pain of the world, we become the medicine that heals the world…A broken heart becomes an open heart, and genuine transformation begins.”

  422. Prabhata says:

    It’s true that corn is used throughout many industries, but there’s a good reason: it’s cheap. And it’s cheap because taxpayers subsidize corn growers.

    Corn should not be used to fuel cars. If people ate more salads, and less prepared food from the shelves, less animal meat (once a week, 4oz is enough) we’d have a healthier population.

    I encourage people to watch the documentary, Food, Inc.
    Trailer link:
    The stomach of cattle is set up to eat grass, not corn. Corn makes the cattle sick, hence the need for antibiotics.

  423. Prabhata says:

    Let Monsanto’s income dry up like the corn fields. :)

  424. Prabhata says:

    I said 4oz of meat is enough because I understand those who eat meat feel it’s necessary, but I’m vegetarian.

  425. Teresa Hill says:

    Hmm. That’s interesting. Because I try very hard not to get caught up in the craziness of the world, that I’m doing good to not contribute to the craziness. To be calm and hopefully add calm to the world, not crazy energy.
    But I will certainly consider this.

  426. Sharon says:

    Good post!

  427. Sharon says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Gypsy, on your new granddaughter!

  428. Teresa Hill says:

    Drum Roll please…. Mitt to announce VP pick tomorrow. Speculation that it will be Paul Ryan, he of the austerity budget plan.

  429. Teresa Hill says:

    Paul Ryan, born January 29, 1970, in Janesville, Wisconsin, according to Wikipedia.

    Oh, this is perfect. I thought his Wikipedia account must have been hacked when I found he was voted “biggest brown-noser” by his high school class.

    But I followed the footnote and sure enough, here it is, from Minnesota Public Radio:

    “The ascent has been swift for Ryan, who was voted prom king and the “Biggest Brown-Noser” of his 1988 high school class before leaving for college in Ohio.”

    (I swear, I did not make this up. Maybe he can make Mitt look interesting.)

  430. starlight says:

    Paul Ryan (according to someone somewhere) was born at 2:37 AM, giving him 00Sag38 Ascendant with the recent eclipse on his Descendant. A perfect running mate for Romney. :-)

  431. Teresa Hill says:

    This blog says it’s seen a certified birth certificate.

  432. Gypsi says:

    I thought the laws had Been watered down.
    Thank you Will.

  433. Teresa Hill says:

    Hmm. A comment at that site is from someone who argues for a rectified time of 2:10 a.m.

    With the rectified time, that person says:

    “This gives us a power-hungry Ascendant around 25 Scorpio 25 with a sextile to Pluto giving him a certain savoir-faire but he is still a control freak, and definitely not a fun-loving freedom seeking Sagittarius Ascendant. Notice that this Ascendant is in the Virgo….

    “Neptune rising at 0 Sag. shows one who is religiously devoted and follows the dictates of the Church having at 0 degrees a propensity for purity and fundamentalism. Note that 0 degrees [the baby degree] in a fire sign is famous for his fiery zeal which he would never question as he is too immature in wisdom and just plain naïve like a tiny child. See his Ascendant ruler Pluto in strategic Virgo in the 10th house of celebrity – the Man with the Plan. Pluto in Virgo is cold and calculating and retrograde makes him very insincere about his true intentions. It is of course a vocational indicator being in the 10th and so he tried his hand at marketing before entering politics. So now he believes he can sell the people with almost anything. Hmm, modest too!”

  434. Davis L says:

    MSNBC has headline
    BREAKING NEWS: Campaign sources indicate Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP pick…

  435. Davis L says:

    If 2:37 AM is correct that gives him Neptune conjunct ascendant, but in the 12th.

  436. Davis L says:

    By NBC’s Domenico Montanaro and Mark Murray
    Mitt Romney will announce his vice-presidential selection tomorrow, according to the campaign.

    Though the campaign gave no indication of who it could be, the campaign said in a press release the former Massachusetts governor would announce his selection at 8:45 am ET in Norfolk, VA, the first stop on his swing-state bus tour.

    The campaign says the announcement will be in front of the U.S.S. Wisconsin — which just happens to be the home state of potential VP Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

    As First Read reported earlier this week, the VP finalists appear to be Ryan, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.

    There has been a lot of smoke surrounding Ryan in the past few days. Washington economic conservatives have pushed for his selection. Romney told NBC’s Chuck Todd he was looking for someone with “a vision for the country,” who “adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country.”

    Friday night, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and Stephen Hayes reported: “[T]he Romney campaign has begun to prepare a vigorous effort in support of Paul Ryan if he is selected as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick—something now likely to happen soon. For example, GOP officials tell The Weekly Standard that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is among a group of Republicans who has been asked to be ready, in terms of his schedule and other practical preparations, to make the case publicly for a Romney-Ryan ticket as early as Saturday.”

    National Review’s Robert Costa reported earlier: “Take note, veep watchers: Earlier today, a charter plane took of in Boston, stopped in Chicago, then flew to the tiny airport in Janesville, Wis. Janesville, of course, is the hometown of Representative Paul Ryan, a top vice-presidential contender. According to a source on the ground, the plane is still in Wisconsin.”…..

  437. Davis L says:

    If the scenario Paul Abrams of Huffington Post projected, i.e. that after the convention Romney would step down and NOT be the Republican Nominee because of tax problems,

    AND that whomever Romney picked for VP running mate would end up being the nominee….

    AND if it truly is Paul Ryan…..

    Just makes my head spin….

    Paul Ryan for President?!?!?!? What? Lord Voldemort turned them down?

  438. alex says:

    Minor Asteroids:
    by Mark Andrew Holmes

    Paul Ryan Natal Mars ’03 Aries
    Paul Ryan Natal Chiron ’03 Aries

    8/11/2012 Announce V.P., 9am, Norfolk Virginia

    Paul Ryan
    January 29, 1970
    Janesville, Wisconsin

    Mars @03 Aries 36

    Chiron @03 Aries 20
    Wurm @03 Aries 23
    Phaedra @05 Aries 16
    (depraved desires)

    Eris @11 Aries 31
    (need to challenge system or status quo, conflict and dischord)
    Bellerophon @11 Aries 08
    (put in one’s place)

    Saturn @02 Taurus 41

    Sedna @00 Taurus 49
    (cold-hearted, wounded)

    Pluto @27 Virgo 08

    Clemence @25 Virgo 28
    Grant @25 Virgo 45
    Balbastre @25 Virgo 54
    (busting ass)
    Pia @26 Virgo 05
    (piety of some sort)
    Industria @26 Virgo 29
    Zero @27 Virgo 37
    (wanting to wipe something out)
    Medusa @27 Virgo 40
    (enthralled by something)

    Uranus @08 Libra 40

    Nemesis @08 Virgo 57
    Bourgeois @09 Libra 41
    (philistine mentality)

    Jupiter @05 Scorpio 17

    Ixion @04 Scorpio 57
    (lust for something)
    Pavlov @05 Scorpio 52
    (predictable response)
    Arachne @05 Scorpio 53
    (entangled or entangling)

    Neptune @00 Sagittarius 36

    Mjolnir @28 Scorpio 44
    (loyal servant)
    Mr. Spock @29 Scorpio 44
    Yi Xing @29 Scorpio 45
    (fixing things, solving problems)
    Leviathan @01 Sagittarius 02
    (monsters surfacing)
    Mallory @01 Sagittarius 26
    (because it’s there)
    Hollar @01 Sagittarius 28
    (proclaimed far and wide)

    Mercury @15 Capricorn 23

    Fox @14 Capricorn 10
    (crafty; name asteroid—Fox News)
    Lala @15 Capricorn 23
    (“way out there”, reckless, crazy)
    Thersites @15 Capricorn 26
    (railing against)
    Demokritos @15 Capricorn 44
    (disaster, courting disaster)
    Teharonhiawako @16 Capricorn 15’16”
    Hektor @16 Capricorn 16
    (to push something aggressively)
    Oileus @16 Capricorn 26
    (oil, oily, to grease the skids)
    Blow @16 Capricorn 43
    (to blow off)

    Sun @09 Aquarius 26
    Venus @10 Aquarius 37

    Vinciguerra @07 Aquarius 48
    (in it to win; “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”)
    Pallas @08 Aquarius 15
    – conjunct –
    the Sun

    Meesters@0 9 Aquarius 21
    Heracles @09 Aquarius 22
    (lawless, brute force, clout)
    Sisyphus @10 Aquarius 41
    Lie @11 Aquarius 05
    – conjunct –
    Sun and Venus

    Sibelius @11 Aquarius 28
    (based on mythology)
    America @11 Aquarius 57
    Agricola @12 Aquarius 12
    (reaping a harvest)
    Anubis @12 Aquarius 24
    (one’s inner guide)


    Ryan Natal Sedna ’00 Taurus’


    Ryan Natal Quaoar ’01 Scorpio’


    Obama Natal Jupiter ’00 Aquarius’


    GOP All-Out Assault on Working Families

    If Paul Ryan gets his way your children and grandchildren can count on a very bleak future.


    Transiting Venus Early June 2011

    USA Pluto ’27 Capricorn’


    Transiting Venus ’27 Taurus’

    Tinker, ’25 Taurus 34′ (to tinker with)
    Amaravella, ’26 Taurus 12′ (visions of a brave new world)
    Atahualpa, ’27 Taurus 06′ (no surrender)
    Petronius, ‘ 27 Taurus 32′ (in vogue)
    Rhiannon, ’28 Taurus 53′ (prisons, accusations true or false)


    Natal Pluto ’27 Virgo’ ~ Paul Ryan


    Transits Uranus Early June 2011

    Transiting Uranus, ’04 Aries 08′


    Natal Mars ’03 Aries, Chiron ’03 Aries ~ Paul Ryan


    Natal Vesta’03 Aries’~ George. W. Bush

    Abstracta , ’03 Aries 04′ (in the abstract)
    Pygmalion, ’03 Aries 21′ (made in one’s own image or for one’s own purposes)
    Nolan, ’03 Aries 28′ (repudiating, debunking)
    Charybdis, ’04 Aries 4′ (sucked in)
    Humptydumpty, ’05 Aries 56′ (irretrievable change)


    Transiting Jupiter ’00 Taurus 32′ Early June 2011


    Natal Sedna ’00 Taurus’ ~ Paul Ryan

    Tweedledum, ’00 Taurus 18′ (same ideology as before, no real change)
    Altjira, ’00 Taurus 31′ (a dream or vision, ends justify the means)
    Vinifera, ’00 Taurus 38′ (intoxication; having to do with wine or wine making)
    Mohorovicic, ’01 Taurus 13′ (fire within, keeping a lid on something)
    118401 LINEAR, ’01 ta 57′ (in a straight line, on a glide path, following logic or method)

  439. Fe says:

    Wow-Romney and Ryan, the true corporatician ticket!

  440. alex says:

    Obama, Paul Ryan clash in White House meeting on debt
    June 01, 2011

    Synastry Fixed T – Square: Obama, Ryan

    Ryan Natal Sedna ’00 Taurus’


    Ryan Natal Quaoar ’01 Scorpio’


    Obama Natal Jupiter ’00 Aquarius’

  441. No Tribe says:

    Well, there you go, with Neptune conjunct the eclipse point on election day. And we just today saw the moon’s node move into conjunction orb of the eclipse point. It’s sorta ironic, given that we have so much astrological focus on the Uranus Pluto square, that Neptune is actually such a strong force around this election.

  442. No Tribe says:

    lol, that was a pretty funny comment. Some people use astrology for the wackiest notions.

  443. Davis L says:

    Picking Ryan could well make Houses races more favorable for the Democrats.

    …..Democrats argue that Ryan’s selection marks an opportunity to highlight Ryan’s desired changes to Medicare, which include giving future seniors a voucher or premium support to help pay for their health insurance. Under Ryan’s plan, future seniors would have the choice of using the voucher/premium support to purchase private insurance or through Medicare’s traditional fee-for-service model.

    “We’ve spent 18 months trying to make House races about their plan for Medicare and Mitt Romney just did it for us overnight,” said one Democratic operative.

  444. Prabhata says:

    It’s not gonna happen. Mitt Romney has the support of the Republican establishment. In the end that’s what matters. Romney doesn’t have the TP support, but with Ryan, I think he’ll get that support. In addition, he gets more Catholic support, and maybe a shot at the WI electoral votes. Maybe he thinks that Ryan can help with the agricultural states, like IA. I had guessed Jindal because of his chart and because he might want to appeal to more minorities, but Jindal would not help with the Midwest. It’s a very calculated decision, not surprising.

  445. No Tribe says:

    Though there is a lot of Neptunian energy around this election, I still do believe that the underlying square pattern of Uranus and Pluto is shaping the dynamic of the choice. This dynamic is much different than what occurred in 2008, with the Saturn – Uranus opposition.

    With an opposition, you have a stark contrast, and people will choose a side. And as we saw the nation rattled financially, it became a choice of who is the most stable, who is the most erratic. Saturn defeated Uranus. And ironically, the revolutionary upsetting figure to come out of the Democratic primary, Barack Obama, was able to become the calming choice, while McCain seemed loose cannon. Ironically, the way that Obama won the primary was through revolutionary tactics that used technology to organize and number crunch circles around a traditional candidate. It was a remarkable performance.

    I don’t see that on display this election. In a square between Pluto and Uranus, people are looking for a transformational path out of this mess that has been created in the US. Fiscally, environmentally, and physically. They want a radical straight-up cure. We know the impulses that came out of the conjunction in the ’60’s, and since this is a waxing square, its first things first– very material and basic changes.

    I don’t know who is going to win, but I believe it will be whomever gives voice to a transformational path, that presents itself as willing to make hard choices. Not an opposition, the square implies a half and half approach, rather than a drawing of a line down the middle.

    Majorities don’t have favorable opinions of either of these two candidates right now, and that might not change. It does seem likely that neither of the candidates will change the course this seems headed too– of a microscopic close election with Merc. Rx and the clouds of Neptune active on election day. I’m amazed that all of the astrologers see Obama winning easily. To date, I’ve not been convinced either way with what I have looked at or heard.

    I think the most powerful indication of the election is going to be the eclipse pattern. Eclipses are always the most important indicators of national and global patterns. I’m wondering if Nevada or New Mexico winds up being the center of the storm:

  446. No Tribe says:

    Don’t you think that Democrats display a remarkable lack of memory? I’m pretty sure you can go back to 2010, before the midterms, and find those exact same operatives making the same claims prior to getting clobbered.

  447. No Tribe says:

    Well, that describes both parties.

  448. No Tribe says:

    The partial eclipse would also extends into Colorado, and we know that that should be noted.

    What’s really strange about the Batman movie was that Bane was actually the one using Occupy language (which resulted in rioting Wall St and putting the police underground– hows that for Uranus in Aires treating Pluto in Capricorn), while Batman wanted to restore the natural order– which meant the powerful banks in control. But Batman in the end lost everything (Bane used Batman’s money in the market to lose on derivatives), but did defeat Bane. Actually, Catwoman did, with a gun, and got the man too. I’ll have to think about her a bit more, lol…

  449. Prabhata says:

    I don’t know who is going to win, but I believe it will be whomever gives voice to a transformational path, that presents itself as willing to make hard choices.

    Americans are ready to bite the bullet. They know that hope and change and a little pixie dust is not going to do it. The candidate that presents something that will improve the deficit and grow the economy will win. The election is more interesting with Ryan in the mix.

  450. alex says:

    May 26 2011 Former vice president Dick Cheney is a big fan of Rep. Paul Ryan and doesn’t want the Wisconsin Republican to even think about seeking the White House next.

    “I worship the ground that Paul Ryan walks on,” Cheney said at an energy event.

    Ryan Natal Sun @09 Aquarius, Natal Venus @10 Aquarius

    Cheney Natal Sun @10 Aquarius

    Bush Jr. Natal Ceres @10 Aquarius

  451. No Tribe says:

    Yea, I guessed Jindal too, but to be fair, I didn’t have the opportunity to see Ryan’s chart, and his seems obvious.

    I love astrology. You can see that at the exact moment that Romney decided, the Moon was conjunct Ryan’s descendent, at the critical 0 Gemini, conjunct the transiting nodes which are right now conjunct the May eclipse point.

    Ryan is going to get tremendously favorable press starting tomorrow. The moon will activate it as it conjuncts transiting Jupiter, which is setting up, at 11 Gemini, a grand trine with Ryan’s Uranus and Sun/Venus in the Air signs. The media and press, which to date have hated covering this vacuous campaign of lies on both sides, will focus like a wonk on the Ryan plan.

    At least in the short term, looks good for Ryan.

  452. Prabhata says:

    As for his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane is a force for evil and the destruction of the status quo. He’s far more akin to an Occupy Wall Street type if you’re looking to cast him politically. And if there ever was a Bruce Wayne running for the White House it would have to be Romney. — Chuck Dixon, creator of Bane

  453. No Tribe says:

    Yes, I thought that some of the Bane script was used to make it look Occupy-like, that article does point out the crossovers happening near the filming and actual occupation of the park.

    Yea, its a common mistake to view these sort of crossover’s as literal. Just as easy to point out that Obama, who is super focused on using Bain as a swiftboat tactic, more embodies the energy– you become to mirror of what you hate. In fact, it does seem like the Obama campaign is on a rampage of sorts with the bizzare ads. I actually broke out laughing at the end of that “Romney caused this woman’s cancer death” ad, it was just so ludicrous.

  454. No Tribe says:

    This will likely solve Obama’s fundraising problem I bet, as public employees everywhere give big time.

  455. No Tribe says:

    Obama’s Jupiter is trine all of the Ryan air action that is going on around the eclipse. If I had to guess, it’d be that Obama actually agrees with the Ryan plan, and will in fact sign it into law if he wins re-election, and Republicans take the Senate and keep the House (seems likely).

    I know there are many here that want to believe there’s something here at stake, but look at the Ryan plan folks for what it is, because its the only plan there, and that’s the direction that will be chosen, even with Obama being re-elected. The markets will force his hand, as they did last time.

  456. Prabhata says:

    Then you can laugh with The Onion News:
    “CHICAGO—With campaign rhetoric becoming increasingly heated and both presidential nominees releasing more attack ads, a new 30-second spot from the Obama campaign this week accuses his opponent Mitt Romney of committing the 1996 murder of 6-year-old beauty pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey.”,29114/

  457. Prabhata says:

    Jupiter represents wealth, and from October until the election when T Saturn squares Obama’s natal Jupiter. It may mean that Romney lots more resources than Obama.

  458. Prabhata says:

    Correction: Romney has lots more resources than Obama.

  459. alex says:

    This is not a hoax as far as I know: David Koch, the billionaire businessman and philanthropist, has confirmed that he will be a New York delegate at the upcoming GOP convention in Tampa.

    Synastry – Paul Ryan + USA

    Ryan Natal Midpoint Sedna/Quaoar @01 Libra
    USA Sibley MC @01 Libra

    I did a small study of the flip-side of Sedna/Quaoar midpoint, with data with news reports from the Ca. Bay area, of random violence when the reports had time of incident, searchable DOB for either the victim or the predator or both and found an emphasis of associations to Sedna/Quaoar.

    The flip side of midpoint Sedna/Quaoar (Quaoar pre-condition for chaos, Sedna, victimized);

    Ryan’s Budget Plan illustrates the negative quality of zodiac sign Aquarius: detached from others, cold heart, heartlessness embedded in utopian fanatic ideology; similar to and as was clearly demonstrated in the Neocon war policies of the BushCo administration.

    Ryan Natal Venus @10 Aquarius cnj Natal Sun @09 Aquarius
    George W. Bush Natal Ceres @10 Aquarius
    Dick Cheney Natal Sun @10 Aquarius

  460. Davis L says:

    in my posting above I was more than half jesting. Could you not tell by my reference to Lord Voldemort?

  461. Nina says:

    Ryan’s going to be getting Saturn opposing his natal Saturn all through this election cycle, sitting right on his Jupiter. He is not going to have a fun time of it.


  462. Nina says:

    What strikes me about Ryan’s chart is his empty quarter – the 7th, 8th and 9th houses have no major astral bodies. He also has Mars and Chiron directly conjunct, within a minute of one another. As the VP candidate he’ll be expected to attack, yet aggression is his karmic weakness. And his South Node, his karmic blind spot, is in the 9th house (philosophy) in Virgo. I’m inevitably drawn to thinking that his affection for Ayn Rand and that philosophy’s clashes with Catholic teachings will prove to be his downfall.

    Oh, yeah, Biden is Catholic, too. And he knows his theology.

    The VP debate just got a whole lot more potentially interesting.

  463. Fe says:

    Right. Especially when Ryan proposes his budget which slashes Medicare. That should relieve the Republicans of the last hold out in their voting bloc: the elderly.

    Good job, Mitt. Hope you’ve shredded your tax returns!

  464. alex says:

    Romney-Ryan: Millionaires Before the Middle Class


    The Romney-Ryan vision for America is tax hikes for the middle class to pay for even more shifting of wealth to millionaires and billionaires. The Romney-Ryan vision for American is an end to Medicare as we know it. The Romney-Ryan vision for America is bigger class sizes for kids and more outsourcing of manufacturing jobs overseas. And the Romney-Ryan vision for American is the next generations being virtual indentured servants to student loan debt. Mitt Romney must see he has a bigger problem with the Republican base than anyone thought to put the ideological spokesman of the Washington, DC tea party and his failed ideas on the ticket.”

  465. Fe says:

    here we go. And I didn’t even expect Ryan would be the pick when I wrote it on Thursday.

  466. Fe says:

    Specifically, with discussion from Eric:

    “In Eric’s article on Chiron excerpted above, he noted it shines a light on what needs fixing, and if it’s not fixed, it becomes the norm. Chiron was in Capricorn in 2001 with the Enron downfall and 9/11, followed by the second stolen election of 2004 and ultimately the runaway investment schemes that led to the crash of 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. Pluto-Capricorn ushered in the era of chickens coming home to roost, and because none of the problems in finance and politics — the very realm under which vulture capitalists like Mitt Romney thrived — was fixed during the Chiron-Capricorn years of Cheney-Bush, it is now the toxic norm that Pluto in Capricorn is working on.

    Pluto is its own special kind of energy signature, a dredging unit and a backhoe digging up the failing septic tank that is now American politics. This era of politics was abetted by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which raked in billions on war, football and pretty blondes making shit up as news every night for the political advantage of the Republican Party. As a perfect example of Chiron in Capricorn then and Pluto in Capricorn now, ask Rupert Murdoch what he thinks about all of the Romney news of the day as he is forced to step down from chairmanship of News Corp.”

  467. Fe says:


    CHICAGO – Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina released the following statement in response to Mitt Romney picking Congressman Paul Ryan to be his presumptive nominee for vice president:

    “In naming Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has chosen a leader of the House Republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors, will somehow deliver a stronger economy. The architect of the radical Republican House budget, Ryan, like Romney, proposed an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, and deep cuts in education from Head Start to college aid. His plan also would end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system, shifting thousands of dollars in health care costs to seniors. As a member of Congress, Ryan rubber-stamped the reckless Bush economic policies that exploded our deficit and crashed our economy. Now the Romney-Ryan ticket would take us back by repeating the same, catastrophic mistakes.”

  468. alex says:

    Paul Ryan is a Republican who currently represents Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district.

    The Democrat running to unseat Rep. Paul Ryan issued a statement in the wake of the announcement that Ryan is Mitt Romney’s running mate.

    “Now that Paul Ryan’s personal ambition has clearly trumped his interest in the First District, I have no doubt he’ll find himself out of a job come November,” according to Zerban’s statement. “Once Wisconsinites and voters across our country learn the truth about Ryan’s radical plot to end Medicare as we know it, de-fund women’s health care, and preserve tax breaks for millionaires, they’ll vote against him not just once, but twice.

    In the coming weeks, our campaign will work with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to continue getting the word out on Ryan’s indefensible record, and building momentum to ensure victory on Election Day.”

  469. Diane L says:

    Wow! With a Romney-Ryan ticket & Neptune squaring their ASC-DES axis from late Sept thru Dec, it will illusions & delusions galore. Bet it won’t be pretty when the fog lifts and reality sets in. *shiver*

  470. barbk says:

    Awwww……alex, wurm? ha ha, will have to study this whole thing when I get back. Thank you!

  471. alex says:

    Hi Fe,

    Romney – Ryan economic plan:

    cruelty,corruption,callousness, trifecta

  472. Gina says:

    Here’s a possible slogan for ya–Ryan: he was for spending before he was against it.

    Remember folks, this was the guy who voted for so many of those things that contributed to our debt when his party was in charge–the Bush tax cuts, the two wars, Medicare Part D, and TARP. He voted for all of those things.

    That doesn’t sound like transformational to me. But hey, Republicans are very good at spin.

    But hey–this catchy little slogan might be transformational–Romney-Ryan: we must destroy the social safety net in order to save it.

  473. Gina says:

    Well, we can only hope that the fog lifts before the election. From what I’m reading from all of you, that part doesn’t look too promising.

    Romney-Ryan: we must destroy the social safety net in order to save it.

  474. Stefanie says:

    Romney made the decision about Ryan on August 1st — perhaps we should add the decision chart to calculations of the announcement chart. That was the Full Moon in Aquarius, and Ryan’s gotta a lot of Aq. in his chart. God, he feels very much like a power-obsessed Scorpio rising to me!

  475. Stefanie says:

    Also interesting – Saturn has been exactly on Ryan’s Libra Moon during the last few weeks — you’d think he’d be depressed, not elated, about this decision. Maybe his wife/family are unhappy about it and giving him flack.

    Saturn has been exactly opposing my Sun at 24 Aries and I can tell you — it’s NOT fun.

  476. Bob says:

    When I had finished my chart work on Ryan at about 1:30 am, CDT, I went looking for this link. I found it and then spent hours watching NFL videos (84 and 85 Chicago Bears season and Super Bowl XX). Too tired to post the details now but will later on. But that I think the Repugs may as well adopt this song as their campaign song starting now is a clue as to what I see in those charts.

  477. Teresa Hill says:

    The person I quoted above about a rectified chart for Ryan thinks he has Scorpio Rising.

  478. alex says:

    many astrologers have practiced with/tested midpoint moon/mercury:

    Ryan Natal Midpoint moon/mercury
    (security-intelligence interests for mundane astrology & natal, strategic security interests i.e. financial, career so on so forth)

    Ryan natal midpoint moon/mercury @04 Sagittarius
    2012 Election Mercury @04 Sagittarius (SRX 6:45PM ET have to re-check memory of the time)

    Many astrologers agree that Mercury in an election chart symbolizes ‘the vote’

    Ryan must be counting on factors of voter suppression and election disputes to go in his favor to ‘win’ the election; especially home state of WI, must be wired by the GOP inside operatives;

  479. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa – I think one can feel the pain of the world, one can mourn for the lost, without contributing to the craziness. I think it means that by opening our heart to love for humanity, even while it suffers, helps heal us as wellas sending forth healing energy rather. By withdrawing our heart from the world, we close our heart.

  480. Prabhata says:

    Choosing Ryan will, hopefully, return the campaign to debate the solutions that will fix the economy which must include a decrease of the deficit. If the Democrats insist on talking fear about how bad the cuts will be under Romney, I don’t see it working. It’s time for the president to tackle and at least give the voters some sense of what he will do towards that end during the next four years. At this point the voters have two choices (borrowing from the movie The Dark Night Rises): death and death by exile. Another four years of the same, is death. Romney/Ryan is death by exile.

    I’m a believer in karma, and the future is already written. Vox populi, vox dei. I suspect the Romney/Ryan team has a very good chance of winning. There will be suffering, but we’ll have to hit bottom before we can see a true morning in America, not the phony Reagan morning. That was a sunset sold as morning.

  481. virgo says:

    Respectfully, I disagree. Look at how austerity is working in Europe. Budgets must also make investments for growth. Without growth, we continue to dig ourselves into a deeper hole with budget cuts alone.

  482. Fe says:

    Romney and Ryan are the Tea Party oligarchs. And anyone who supports such bilge is not a progressive. It is taking money away from the middle class and giving it to the rich. It’s not Romney and Ryan. It’s Numb and Number.

  483. Prabhata says:

    I can see the two initials, “RR” for Romney Ryan, as a subliminal message for Saint Ronald Reagan.

  484. Fe says:

    Hey Alex:

    Numb and Number!

  485. Prabhata says:

    I’m old enough to know this: When one is in debt, broke, without work and no prospect of getting a job, using the credit card to pay for groceries satisfies the hunger, but it does not fix the problem. FDR was great, but his solution was for Americans to work. On top of that, Americans suffered for their extensive borrowing during the 20s.

    “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” — Shakespeare (Hamlet)

  486. Gina says:

    In fairness to Prab, I’m not really sure that he is supporting these guys, so much as saying that they have a good chance of winning. Frankly, from looking at the aspects for their convention, and those during the debates, I would say that they do have a good chance. The Repubs seem to have all the aspects in their favor.

    Remember, one astrologer on the panel at the UAC Convention gave Obama a 70-30 chance of winning, but he cautioned that the 30 percent had a lot to do with the economy. The bad news for the Repubs is that the economy appears to be improving. The good news is for them is that we aren’t feeling improving fast enough. And there are those damned aspects.

    Astrology giveth, and astrology taketh away.

  487. Lorrie U says:

    Gaffe Machine Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as the Next President of the United States

  488. Prabhata says:

    The word “progressive” lost all its meaning when Democrats believed Obama was a progressive. He isn’t. And he isn’t a socialist. The funniest thing to me, is that he’s more like Romney than the Obama supporters will admit. There’s a difference, Romney, as a new candidate, has a record we can judge. Now Obama has a record, and our choice is death or death by exile.

  489. Gina says:

    Or should I say “…we aren’t feeling it improving fast enough…” The economy, that is.

  490. Prabhata says:

    It was funny. It’s the same gaffe that Obama made in 2008.

  491. Lorrie U says:

    I’m sorry, but this election is going to be much more than about the economy. The majority of people do not blame the current administration for the mess we are in.

    This election is about the repubs wanting to take the country back to the past re. women’s rights, individual rights, the neocons in control. I don’t think Uranus will stand for it! They lie, are trying to rig the election by stealing it and buying it. I don’t think Pluto will stand for it!

  492. Prabhata says:

    I don’t see being power hungry as a negative. All who run, especially for the presidency are power hungry. And Ryan is not as power hungry as Obama. Remember that Obama was always looking to move up, even if he had not done his current job. Ryan has been content to serve in the House for many years.

  493. Lorrie U says:

    Women Are Already Mobilizing Against Romney/Ryan

    Luckily women know how to mobilize (we, too, are proud community and family organizers — no Palin sneer intended) in reaction to freedom destroyers; we’ve had a lot of practice. The National Organization for Women (NOW) is joining Nuns on the Bus and just about every other sane human with a beating heart in condemning Ryan’s cold-hearted, death panel budget. NOW isn’t going to take the assault that is Romney/Ryan lying down, they’re going to be “dogging Romney-Ryan on the campaign trail, mobilizing to expose the disproportionate impact on women of their positions on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the social programs they would slash.”

    NOW President Terry O’Neill issued a statement this morning:

    “Republican Mitt Romney could not have picked a better running mate to telegraph the very essence of his campaign for president than Representative Paul Ryan. Together, these two candidates plan to lead the way in transferring even more wealth from the middle class, the working class and even the poor to the very rich in this country. Women should beware, because they are the targets or the disproportionate casualties in virtually every policy Romney and Ryan propose.”

  494. Gina says:

    One last comment about was Prab was saying about “death vs. death by exile:” this does not change that Ryan voted for so much of the debt that we now have before he was against it. That means that they are now promising that if we put them back in that “we’ll never never never never ever do that again.” That deficit spending thing, that is.

    And the people might fall for it. But it doesn’t change that it’s still the same old voodoo economics–budgeting by tax cuts, thinking that the money is come in because of tax cuts, supposedly to spur growth and jobs. At some point, this solution stops working, and still leaves us in debt, with not all much growth to show for it.

    On this, the Dems have a good argument. The question is whether they’ll make it that argument.

  495. Prabhata says:

    I went to bed really late and was not up (didn’t care either) for Romney’s introduction of Ryan as VP. Did anyone take the exact time it happened? Even if the decision was made Aug 1, it’s when the person says “I do” that matters. I think that moment was when Ryan said he was happy to be the running mate. I saw the video, but it doesn’t have the time.

  496. Lorrie U says:

    President Obama Issues New Executive Order To Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls Globally

    While GOP leadership in Washington DC has spent the last several months blocking the Violence Against Women Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act, while trying to reframe a women’s rights issue like fair and equal access to healthcare and insurance as a religious freedom issue, and playing games with gestation dates, transvaginal ultrasounds and how many times and in what tone a representative might say vagina, our President has actually been getting to work. Barack Obama has taken a step above and beyond the women of America and recognized that the human rights abuses that women suffer on a global scale, simply for being born female, must stop now.

  497. alex says:

    OFA: video ad
    Romney – Ryan, failed policies

  498. Prabhata says:

    Gina, I see the Reagan solution. Carter was flawed, but during his administration 10 million jobs were created. Saint Reagan fixed the economy, for the rich. November 6 will be here soon enough.

  499. Nina says:

    Are the astral signatures at all the same between this election and 2006? I’m remembering Obama’s run for the Illinois Senate seat.

    His opponent was an extremely rich man named Jack Ryan. Ryan easily won the Republican nomination and was expected to steamroller the lesser-known Obama. Then Ryan’s divorce papers came to light – he had been married to Jeri Ryan, who played 7 o 9 on Star Trek, and the divorce was bitter. Ryan withdrew his name from the nomination amidst rumors of more salacious information hidden in the court papers he refused to unseal. Ryan’s place was taken by Alan Keyes, a carpetbagging rightwing radio host.

    The echo in the last names will probably be remarked on sooner or later in the campaign.

    Jack Ryan was taken out of the campaign by documents showing that he had acted legally but not ethically. I’m wondering if that might echo as well, in the tax forms debate.

  500. starlight says:

    Hallelujah!! A new thread:

    Sorry for the delay. I have been moving my 94 year old mother and then my son. Things should be back to normal now.

  501. clymela says:

    Starlight-thank you for thinking of us even while your platter was full to overflowing. If only “we” could come over and offer our energy and skills to help out.

  502. Cha says:

    I agree, Lorrie, the Election is going to be about way more than the Economy that was blown by bush-cheney and kept at a halt by gops in Congress. It’s Fascism vs Democracy.

  503. Cha says:

    That was nothing compared to his stupid stint aboard last week.


  504. Davis L says:

    Fascism & Not so subtle woman hating against Democracy.

  505. kiwi says:

    “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” — Shakespeare (Hamlet)
    and that dear Prabhata will require a huge cultural change from the ‘norms’ of the brainwashed american society, rather than change any politician can effect in a single term.
    Consumerism greed, whether buyer or seller, developed especially since the end of WW2, is courtesy of slick marketing by corporate america for the buy now, pay later, mantra. The entire government and personal banking debts have developed on that basis for generations in order for the corporate sector to grow. Somehow I don’t see the modus operandi of the Romney camp addressing that in any way shape or form, except as a method of lining their own pockets.
    Ben Franklin’s “a penny saved is a penny earned” has long been out of favor in too many circles, especially self centered corporate vultures.

  506. Fe says:

    No, our choice is the way out or corporate fascism.

  507. fierywoman says:

    I can’t wait until the nuns on the bus come out with something.