31st Jul, 2012

Blowing on the Embers

Mitt Romney’s whirlwind foreign-policy-pandering tour has brought Israel once again to the front pages. In a colossal suck-up to the conservatives in Israel and the right-wing fringe in the US,  the presidential wannabe proclaimed that his administration would never question Israel on any policy, that Jerusalem is indeed its capital, that the US embassy should eventually move there, and that Jews are culturally superior to Palestinians. We even heard what a shame it was that Muslims won in the democratically-held elections of the Arab Spring countries, and, had the US (read Obama) only tried harder, those dictators could have been brought around without all the dangers that this messy democratic process has led to. Quoting the Israeli newspaper Haaretz: “In (his) Jerusalem speech, it was Romney’s voice but Netanyahu’s words.”

It is now clear what the gazillions in donations from Sheldon Adelson have bought and what Romney’s neocon entourage has wrought. And it is not pretty. Given all the bluster, it is hard not to imagine that a Romney presidency would lead inevitably to an uncontainable Middle Eastern war. It is also easy to imagine that the world would never forgive us for electing him. Just sayin’.

Considering the gasoline that has just been poured onto the hot coals of Middle Eastern diplomacy, a look at Israel’s chart at this juncture seems like a good idea.  And what we find is very concerning. The general background mood is likely to be increasingly belligerent through around March 2013 due to solar arc Mars conjunct the Israeli Ascendant (00Scorpio17). This more assertive stance may be sparked briefly from August 29 through September 8 and then, for a longer and more intense period, during all of October, when transiting Jupiter makes a sesquiquadrate to the Israeli Ascendant. More aggressive action is possible during that period.

Another background configuration that signals building tensions and the potential for unexpected, dangerous, and transformative events is the progressed Ascendant opposition to natal Uranus (24Gemini21) which began around January 2012 but will continue to intensify through February 2013, somewhat paralleling the aggressive solar arc Mars progression to the Ascendant mentioned above. This aspect will be especially explosive from January 10 through mid-February 2013 when it is joined by the progressed Moon.

A more acute period of increased stress and agitation due to sudden and swiftly moving circumstances is  likely during the Uranus station square to Israel’s Venus (4Cancer49) from October 19, 2012, through early January 2013.

In addition, the end of September 2012 will bring with it several aspects which suggest some kind of violent, sudden, or disruptive events that may be the source of a very stressful and mournful week in Israel from September 29 through October 8, when transiting Saturn crosses the Israeli Ascendant. Transiting Mars will oppose the Israeli Sun and quincunx Israeli Uranus (9/26 to 9/29), while at the same time the transiting Sun will oppose transiting Uranus and square transiting Pluto (9/28 to 9/29). An increase in the tension between Iran and Israel is also likely during this time due to  transiting Uranus  square to the Moon (5Cancer43) in the Israeli/Iranian composite chart from September 24 through October 19, and triggered by the Sun on September 28 to 29.

Thus, if open hostilities of some kind are going to develop in the next few months, it would seem likely they will erupt during the final days of September, leading initially to sorrow in Israel (Saturn conjunct Ascendant) followed by an aggressive response (Jupiter station sesquiquadrate Ascendant/solar arc Mars) through October. However, it would seem that the potential for heightened hostilities continues through February 2013.

It should be mentioned that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, will be under the Uranus station as well during this same period, square to his natal Uranus (4Cancer58) from October 14 through January12, and pointing to the increased agitation in his own life that parallels the Uranus energies going on in Israel. Of greater concern, however, is the Neptune transit that has been in effect since mid-2011 that will make a tight station square to Netanyahu’s Ascendant (00Sagitarius27) and sesquiquadrate his Neptune (15Libra23)  from September through November 11, and which will also be triggering the May eclipse (00Gemini21) conjunct his Descendant. These configurations point to the very real danger of Netanyahu being blinded by ideology and self-deceptive and grandiose expectations leading to troubling results. Even if the birth time is off, Neptune will still be stationary in its minor hard aspect to Netanyahu’s natal Neptune, activating its strong role in his natal chart. It will be better for Israel when these aspects in their leader’s chart begin to dissipate in mid-November.

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