Blood in the Water

The spring and summer of a campaign year are about creating a narrative that will carry into the fall election. In particular, the goal is to develop a negative theme about one’s opponent that is cast in concrete by the time the election comes around.  During these tense months, the momentary candidate gaffe or shaky biographical detail can be transformed by an agile opponent into a gathering tsunami of destruction, possibly generating a crippling blow to a once-promising campaign.

Over the past several months, two themes have been developing about Mitt Romney that are beginning to gel in the public mind. The first is that he is essentially dishonest and will say anything that might support his personal objectives. The second is that he is a veritable poster boy for the most callous and self-serving habits of the super-rich.

The dishonesty meme began in earnest early in 2012, when it became apparent that the cypher Romney was abandoning many of his previously-held, more moderate positions, shamelessly replacing them with the extremist policies of the Right- wing primary voters. Even the basic structure of the Affordable Health Care Act, for which the original blueprint was Romney’s own signature health care legislation in Massachusetts, became anathema as a sop to the fringe.

This past week it was revealed that several SEC filings for Bain Capital described Romney as the CEO, president, and sole stock holder of the company through 2002, with him receiving a salary in excess of 100,000 dollars per year. This completely contradicts Romney’s ongoing insistence that he left the company in 1999, which, rather conveniently, would put his departure before much of the serious outsourcing of jobs and some notable business failures began. Whether or not this story has lasting resonance, in terms of the developing narrative, Romney’s seemingly dishonest description of his timeline at Bain is serving to reinforce the former Governor’s already-problematic image as a congenital liar who will say whatever is necessary to further his ambitions. Ironically, this blatant dishonesty and political expediency is paralleled by Senate and Congressional Republicans who brazenly abandon policies they recently supported or even authored as soon as President Obama pursues them.

The other theme that is rapidly coalescing around Romney concerns how he made his millions and what he has done with them since. People do not begrudge successful entrepreneurship when it contributes to the common good, but they do resent it if the public is harmed while the wealthy investors make out like bandits. It has become clear that many of the tens of millions Romney earned at Bain were financed by plant closings, company bankruptcies, workers laid off, jobs outsourced, and pensions cut.  In fact, Romney’s career is littered with the kind of financial maneuverings that have helped to fuel the dramatic growth in wealth inequality that is currently degrading the middle class and harming the country. Essentially, the financial elite have consistently known how to manipulate the system to maximize their wealth, while the rest of us have suffered the devastating consequences.

Despite his net-worth being at least a quarter of a billion dollars, Romney pays a very low tax rate, keeping most of his money in off-shore tax shelters and foreign bank accounts. In addition, according to a recent article by David Corn in Mother Jones, he has invested millions in foreign companies. It is no wonder that Romney hides his tax returns from the public, for their release would surely flesh out how egregious these common practices of the moneyed class are and how much wealth they self-servingly and persistently deny the public coffers, money which could go toward education, infrastructure, health care, and innovation for the good of all.

Interestingly, the GOP claim that tax cuts for the “job creators” are necessary to strengthen the economy is completely disproven by the reality of Romney’s finances. The money he saves by not paying significant taxes does not go into job creation. It goes to offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes and is invested globally not nationally, where the goal is to make money not create jobs, just like at Bain. Moreover, the entire GOP policy agenda parallels the machinations of Romney and Bain: pull money from programs that help the middle class and the poor in order to pay for tax cuts for the top one percent. How is this different from slashing jobs and bankrupting companies in order to enrich investors?

Astrologically, the planet that describes self-delusion and the tendency to try and delude others is Neptune. Neptune offers a gratifying illusion rather than a grounded reality, and those strongly under its influence can lose themselves and get carried away with the will of those around them. In Romney’s natal chart, he has three planets in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, which implies some difficulty staying anchored in core beliefs, as well as a tendency to mirror back to his audience what they wish from him. These tendencies are made more problematic by Romney’s Gemini Ascendant, another “mutable” sign, that renders him extremely changeable and makes it difficult for him to commit to one position for very long.

During early 2012, Neptune moved into a square with Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43). The first crossing was in February, and, although the influence remains all year, the next crossing will be a prolonged and much more potent transit running from late August through mid-December 2012. This is extremely problematic for Romney, especially as there are also numerous Saturn transits in his chart during this time. What it suggests is that the growing theme of his dishonesty and his lack of core beliefs and moral strength are likely to gain increasing traction and sour the electorate. There will be confusion, gaffes, shifting positions, and attempts at deception, as well as self-deception.

Possibly even more troubling for the former governor is the solar eclipse that fell exactly on his Ascendant (00Gemini43) on May 20, 2012. Historically, a solar eclipse is seen as heralding trouble, often bringing in very unfortunate circumstances somewhat outside the normal range of difficulties for up to a year after the actual event. But an eclipse is also somewhat of a wild card, so one should use caution in basing predictions upon it. This particular eclipse (00Gemini21) was square to Neptune (3Pisces05) when it occurred, and the Neptune transit in the fall will be coming back across the exact square of the eclipse from September 8 through November 11. It seems likely that the worst effects of the eclipse will occur during that time. It is not impossible to imagine some kind of serious revelation, perhaps from those tax returns, that causes an unraveling of Romney’s candidacy in that period.

During the past few days, when the story of Romney’s signed SEC filings contradicting his previous statements began to surface, I thought of this eclipse. I wondered if this situation would actually derail his candidacy in a way that was more significant than the usual political attacks that permeate a campaign. It seems more likely, however, that the damage from disclosures or missteps that emerge in October and early November (with Saturn moving into Scorpio and into a quincunx with Romney’s Ascendant, square his Saturn and progressed Saturn, and conjunct his progressed Chiron) will be the most potent and unavoidable.


  1. chrys says:

    Thanks Starlight
    One question- how do your think Romney’s scorpio moon fits into all of this.

  2. will says:

    “Over the past several months, two themes have been developing about Mitt Romney that are beginning to gel in the public mind. The first is that he is essentially dishonest and will say anything that might support his personal objectives. The second is that he is a veritable poster boy for the most callous and self-serving habits of the super-rich.”


  3. starlight says:

    I think it points to his very secretive and distrustful nature.

  4. starlight says:


  5. alex says:

    2012 Presidential Debate Schedule

    Ticketing for the 2012 general election debates is controlled by the Commission on Presidential Debates and tickets will be extremely limited.

    October 3, 2012 Air Time TBD
    Location: University of Denver in Denver, Colorado
    Sponsor: Commission on Presidential Debates
    Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

    October 11, 2012
    Vice Presidential Air Time TBD
    Location: Centre College in Danville, Kentucky
    Sponsor: Commission on Presidential Debates
    Participants: Vice President Biden and the GOP Vice Presidential nominee

    October 16, 2012 Air Time TBD
    Location: Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York
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    Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

    October 22, 2012 Air Time TBD
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    Sponsor: Commission on Presidential Debates
    Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

  6. angellight says:

    Excellent piece on the dark side of Romney!

  7. JJ says:

    I have been reading your blog over the past year and your insights are always on point. These insights make sense in reality but to see it powerfully and clearly supported in a sky narrative is astounding. Have you ever read Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas? Your site produces the same kind of “oh…wow” insights. Keep up the good work!! Do you do readings?

  8. starlight says:

    Yes, I do readings. Please contact me at if you are interested.

  9. Francis says:

    Thanks Nancy! Love the title, too and helps me imagine sharks within the Rep. party who already hate him who will be circling at the convention!!
    But your post brings up a basic astrology question for me: how is it that a transit, in this case the eclipse from May, can have any effect down the road? People also use the transits on the day of the spring equinox in a similar way of having post-dated effects. I could see how the birth of something which has its own horoscope interacts with future transits. But for transits to have their own horoscope, like the eclipse or spring equinox, is a leap for me that I don’t know much about and have difficulty grasping. Any help with this is very appreciated.

  10. starlight says:

    Stephanie Cutter continued the delicious attacks against Romney this morning on Face the nation (which is rapidly replacing Meet the Press as the show to watch on Sunday):

    One of the themes in my new article is that the current GOP policies and actions are very parallel to how Romney has conducted his business and how the super rich all conduct their business, to the great detriment of the rest of us. In that regard, I thought this comment was interesting:

    …or whether it’s investing in companies, loading them up with [debt] and pushing them into bankruptcy and yet you walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars but you’re leaving workers without jobs, pensions, health care and companies decimated.”

    This reminds me of the mortgage crisis: pushing people to buy houses they couldn’t afford, making millions on bundling the mortgages, and then the homeowners either go into bankruptcy or foreclosure and can’t even get the right documentation to help them.

  11. starlight says:

    Francis – Supposedly the detrimental impact of a solar eclipse lasts for around a year. There are some sources that suggest the affect will last as many years as the obscuration lasts in hours. Eclipses are most detrimental when they have difficult aspects to them (like the square to Neptune). I have not used them a lot but I did notice this one. The eclipse must be within a degree of orb to be truly potent.

    The big one I remember is the one that was on Gray Davis’ Sun at the end of 2000. His entire governorship was derailed in 2001 due to Enron’s energy manipulations, and Davis was recalled from the governorship of California and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    The Spring Equinox is the birthday for the year and hence its chart has value, like a solar return, for the entire year. Don’t think of them as transits; think of them as birth charts. I tend to think the most significant transits to these particular charts are those to the angles or to the sun, especially when they are reaffirming an aspect already in the chart or bringing something latent like a waxing aspect into fullness.

  12. starlight says:

    Add another document to the pile of evidence contradicting Mitt Romney’s continued insistence that he ended his active role with Bain Capital in early 1999, part of his long-running effort to avoid responsibility for the company’s activity, related to outsourcing and bankruptcies, during the years that followed.

    A corporate document filed with the state of Massachusetts in December 2002 — a month after Romney was elected governor — lists him as one of two managing members of Bain Capital Investors, LLC “authorized to execute, acknowledge, deliver and record any recordable instrument purporting to affect an interest in real property, whether to be recorded with a Registry of Deeds or with a District Office of the Land Court.”

    Read more:

  13. starlight says:

    Whether or not these charges stick in the public mind, it just adds to how murky and manipulative his dealings are and how nothing is ever straightforward or honest but always done with some kind of self-serving intent.

  14. M. says:

    Also on FTN, Ed Gillespie, on behalf of the campaign, said Romney retired from Bain retroactively.

  15. Lorrie U says:

    Governments Exist to Further the Interests of “Favored Groups”
    “We the People” are Never the Favored Group

    “But the nation? Oh, well, its seams are all coming apart. The nation doesn’t matter to factions; only the interests of the favored group does. And that is why American society does not work. It is a nation whose people do not live together; they merely live side by side, where neighbors who have lived side by side for years break into violent conflict over the most trivial of things: a barking dog, a crowing rooster, a loud party, a minor inconvenience as, for instance, a parked car, children playing in someone’s yard, a tree-limb extending over a property line, a sign or even an American flag on a pole, the color of a house, the height of a lawn and the kind of plants in it—just some of the recent neighborly conflicts I have observed.

    “America is a nation comprised of people who revel in conflict. Even the legal system is adversarial. Our cities, or at least parts of them, are war zones. More people are killed daily in America than in Afghanistan. Since Americans can’t get along with each other why would anyone expect them to get along with the rest of the world? What makes anyone believe Americans care if Sunni and Shi’as get along?

    “The human condition will never improve until governments everywhere begin governing for the people, all the people, and none but all the people. So long as governments govern for the benefit of special groups, antagonisms, dislikes, and hatred will prevail; the Earth will seethe with conflict.”

  16. barbk says:

    Thank you Nancy for this encore examination of Romney, especially regarding the solar eclipse conjunct his ascendant.

    A bit of supportive astrology to your article is that the midpoint(s) of Pluto and Saturn at the time of the eclipse were at 0 Gemini and Sagittarius. Not that a square from Neptune wasn’t enough to create problems for Romney, but it would appear that the powers-that-be (establishment, government, finance) are also zero-ing in on him for the duration of this election season.

    Another bit of support for your delineation regarding Neptune square the eclipse and Romney’s ascendant comes from the minor planet Borasisi, a transneptunian object. In the novel Cat’s Cradle, Borasisi was the name of the Sun in a fictitious religion which was made up to keep the island populace from rebelling. Presently, transiting Borasisi is in Pisces and moving away from it’s conjunction to Romney’s natal Mercury, but will return to that degree in retrograde (13 Pisces) by the new moon on October 15th, in time for the debate with Obama in Hempstead NY (thanks Alex). It will also trine the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer at that time. Transiting Chiron will also be within one degree of Romney’s natal Mars, and transiting Mars will be square it at 5 Sagittarius 56. I like to think the President will hammer away at Romney’s duplicity and deceptiveness in that debate. (well, of course he will!)

    I had looked up this info because the solar return chart for the U.S. this year has Saturn at 22 Libra 50, the degree it just left a few days ago (when the two themes about Romney were coming to “light”), and it is also the degree of the New Moon on 10/15/12. Just to add a little extra flavor, transiting Eris (discord) will still be at 22 Aries, as she is now, and opposite the New Moon.

  17. Teresa Hill says:

    I dug up some newspaper accounts of Mitt’s testimony in 2002 that got him on the ballot in Massachusetts (dems challenged his residency, since he’d been in Utah for the past three years) and found that mistakes are often made and they often benefit Mitt, and they are never his fault, and they don’t matter anyway. At least, not according to him.

  18. starlight says:

    Barb – You use Chiron much more than I do. What are your thoughts on the following?

    I discovered an aspect this AM as I was finishing up my Romney article, and it may be the missing piece of the puzzle. His progressed Saturn (3Leo36) is in a waxing square to his progressed Chiron (3Scorpio59 R). Transiting Saturn will square pr Saturn and conjunct pr Chiron between 10/28 and 11/8/12. Melanie Reinhard says the natal square that he has between these two has a lot to do with father issues including redeeming a negative inheritance (George lost the presidency), and extreme vulnerability and brittleness. This progressed and seemingly detrimental aspect is being triggered by Saturn right across the election finish line and for a few days beyond. Maybe this is what counteracts that Jupiter transit quincunx Romney’s Mercury at the same time.

  19. chrys says:

    I always wonder – why a rich person like Romney – who is so wealthy- would want to be president – he could do anything – and take the risk of people looking at how he got so much money ? what for- is this a daddy complex = trying to do what his father could now-
    And then why make so much money and be so greedy – why?
    So my question is – is there an aspect in a chart for greed and wealth?

  20. Anita says:

    Chrys, my exact thoughts this morning. His family has so much wealth they could live in comfort for the rest of their lives. Wealth they could donate and feel good about themselves. I don’t see him doing good for those struggling. I just don’t understand it. What is his mission (spiritual or otherwise) in life?

  21. barbk says:

    Melanie is one of the pre-eminant authorities on Chiron Nancy, and because Chiron squares the IC too, likely it is his whole ancestral line that is demanding this “sacrifice” from him (10th house Pisces Sun rules 4th house). Chiron is always pushing to make something conscious in his challenging aspects, and he repeats, and repeats until the entity that is experiencing it “gets it”. Chiron can show where we feel wounded, and by whom or what. After that the healing begins.

    He probably wouldn’t be conscious of it but I bet this is a signal that it is time to release any pre-determined expectations (from his parents, etc.) since the transiting south node is conjunct his natal north node, and his natal Mars is square his nodes in what is termed the “south bending”. Like the south node itself, it is a release point for any planet there, and represents something that needs to be “given away” rather than trying to express it outwardly. His Mars rules his 12th house. The more we learn, the more it seems this whole election is a sham process, but serves a purpose too complex to be explained in a couple of paragraphs. You will have to write a book!

    The emphasis on Saturn, Leo, Chiron and Scorpio by progression will double the effect of trans Saturn in Scorpio harshly aspecting them. Then there was the Eclipse on his ascendant and the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto also, so when trans Pluto stations direct in September and sextiles his Mars in Pisces, it might feel like a ‘get-out-of-jail’ card for him. Quite possibly he doesn’t want to be President of the U.S.

  22. karen says:

    Nancy and Barbk did an incredibly admirable job of exploring the psychology of Romney needing, in many ways, to fulfil –perhaps — what he felt lacking in “daddy.” Given his ability to bend the truth, I wonder how he’s been so wildly successful in the first place. But then, there are so many oily characters repeating ad naseum the mantra of “job creators” as the great “white” hope of the future.

  23. starlight says:

    chrys – I would say his very tight Jupiter/Moon conjunction gives him great benefits, luck and wealth in his life. It also helps that these are in a trine to his sun, though wide.

  24. clymela says:

    Thank you Nancy for this exploding article. Thank you Starlight News people for all your responses and insights. I feel so confirmed in my intuition regarding Romney. I have been walking around the house saying “but he was the owner and CEO and therefore he could have directed a different course at Bain at any point…..”.Now to read that Romney retired “retroactively”! Whoot! Whoot! Whoot.
    Now I have a question for any and all: why are the Democrats acting like such scaredy cats? Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Barrack Obama are not but some of the others are horrible. Why? Are they afraid of losing all their money?

  25. Noelle says:

    Chris and Anita, POWER. He has the money, now he wants power but I think he also has an issue with his father. He’ll do what his father didn’t and do it his way I would think this would have something to do with showing his mother, but nancy is the psychologist.

  26. Francis says:


  27. Francis says:

    OMG, this a an utterly fascinating facet to his narrative! Sounds like echos of GWB with his father… I don’t get the astrology in this–too complicated for me, but as a therapist, I so get the familial/ psychodynamic influences; so brava and congratulations to you brilliant astrologers for plumbing this!

  28. Francis says:

    I think it more complicated than greed. Looking at the above post from Nancy and Barbk, there is a dimension that is enmeshed with his father and likely a drive for the Presidency to try to satisfy that complex.

  29. Seeker says:

    A sister of mine had a eclipse fall exactly on her Asc/Desc and within weeks of it occurring, seemingly woke up and decided to leave a marriage that she’d been in for 20 yrs. For her, the eclipse at age 47 brought a huge shift of consciousness about her life and future and where the marriage fit. Her decision to leave created lots of secondary effects for her and her 3 children (aged 3 to 13 at the time).

  30. surchin says:

    Nancy, You’ve made my heart soar. I copied and pasted all before ‘Astrologically, the planet…’ To every email address I have. What you wrote needs to be read by ALL, even if they have no astrology interest. What you wrote is so incredibly on target. Your words so validate my heart/soul feeling about this sham/man…human…bot! Thank you

  31. alex says:

    if memory serves it is a statistical fact; the most talented and accomplished math college & graduate school students are recruited and join two organizations more than any other place for employment….. Wall Street and the NSA;

  32. fierywoman says:

    Isn”t there a Mormon narrative in this, something about a Mormon being prez of the US and end times?

  33. fierywoman says:

    Probably the Repugs have dirt on them. Or Mafia-type threats.

  34. fierywoman says:

    Thank you Nancy for such exquisite writing, such sage thinking, and for giving us all a place to congregate!

  35. alex says:

    nancy – barbk

    oh my, osh-bagosh!!! the celestial story unfolding

  36. kat says:


    No political writer or astrologer is more clear and incisive than You.

    If only these following paragraphs of yours could be read by every American voter:

    >snip> “the current GOP policies and actions are very parallel to how Romney has conducted his business and how the super rich all conduct their business, to the great detriment of the rest of us. In that regard, I thought this comment was interesting:

    “…or whether it’s investing in companies, loading them up with [debt] and pushing them into bankruptcy and yet you walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars but you’re leaving workers without jobs, pensions, health care and companies decimated.”

    “This reminds me of the mortgage crisis: pushing people to buy houses they couldn’t afford, making millions on bundling the mortgages, and then the homeowners either go into bankruptcy or foreclosure and can’t even get the right documentation to help them.”

    This describes the US Financial Tyranny and Gov’t Corporate complicity … creating the despair and impoverishment of the people to a T.

  37. will says:


    You nailed it – POWER – it is the one thing that often even very wealthy people don’t have – so they attempt to manipulate behind the scenes with influence-peddling. But its not the same as authentic, healthy power.

    GWB had an axe to grind when Newsweek Magazine put his dad’s picture on it as president and the caption, “Wimp?” underneath it, regarding his father’s handling of Saddam Hussein. To my mind, that was the flashpoint for GWB – a son who was deeply competitive with his father, resentful of a mother who really didn’t like him as a son, and who saw an opportunity to triumph over his father’s weakness publicly – on the world stage – and overcome the shame he had internalized about that “Wimp” legacy. GWB was going to show the world just what a wrangling, tough, horse-punching oaf of a cowboy he was – and prove to Mom once and for all, that he was the bigger man.

    My take on this.

  38. alex says:

    This column included a narrowly focused analysis on certain aspects – Mitt & Ann Romney


    Headlines: Budget For All

    Mitt/Rove Wrong – Get the Facts
    Romney Economics
    Natural Zodiac
    Vesta Analysis Mitt Romney & Ann Romney
    Mitt Romney Polaris Fixed Star – Semi-Sextile Kite


    Vesta (Unhealthy Narcissism) – Vesta (Enlightened Self Interest)


    Polaris Fixed Star * Semi-Sextile Kite

    Apex (nose of kite, lift)
    Minor Asteroid Swindle @27 Sagittarius


    Minor Asteroid Machiavelli @ 28 Capricorn


    Natal Jupiter @27 Scorpio, Natal Moon @27 Scorpio


    Fixed Star Polaris @28 Gemini 31

    Kite tail (drag)

    Diane Sawyer Interview: Ann Romney ” It’s Mitt’s Turn, It’s Our Time”

    ANN ROMNEY 2012 SOLAR ARC SUN 28 Gemini

    MOTTO SUN conjunct URANUS – It’s my turn

    The Flip Side of Jupiter

    The flip side of Jupiter descends into greed and all manner of excessive self-indulgence.

    Key Words & Phrases – Jupiter
    optimistic in the face of hardship

    giving unselfishly
    justice for all

    Jupiter (expansion, bigger, better, more, too much is never enough)

  39. Sharon says:

    Lots of new posters contributing lately! That’s really exciting, great!

  40. alex says:

    very insightful Will,

    there is similar father – son theme with George Romney – Mitt Romney (going to show the world) it seems to me (deeply competitive Mitt) resentful of FATHER & … mom stuff…. who saw an opportunity to triumph over his father’s weakness publicly on the world stage (Mitt’s internalized shame)

    I’ve thought the Romney’s family relationship patterns weights towards Mitt vs. father – – I have not read up enough on Mitt’s mother though what I have makes it more of a toss up between Mitt resenting his Mother or resenting his Father more…. well Mother is a son’s first love afterall that is a big factor;

  41. pisca says:

    Thanks again Nancy and readers for terrific insight.
    I notice Romney’s Saturn sitting at the bottom of his chart. I recall reading that this placement could signify “a difficult and insensitive father who will thwart the native’s ambitions.” That might reconfirm the “father issue” discussed above.

  42. alex says:

    pisca, quite a compelling take on father-son: if you recall can you point me to url or reference book for – father (saturn) bottom of chart – raised questions for me I would like to read saturn through the houses if that author has written it;

    Erin Sullivan wrote a great, poignant column on Bush Sr. – Bush Jr. in 1999; don’t have the url at my fingertips but probably google search will bring it up quickly… she is author of The Astrology of Family Dynamics; her website archives her many articles – understanding motivational forces behind actions, thoughts, or behavior;

    after I read your comment I did quick search – turned up this column… thought it might be useful reading father-son

    Many sons follow in their father’s footsteps both in personality and profession. In our horoscopes, both the sun and Saturn relate to the father. The sun is the conscious self and Saturn represents society’s structures and “success” in society.

    Saturn, and the sign it rules, Capricorn, are ultimately interested in respect.

    Saturn is also the planet of contraction and appears in our personality as an Achilles Heel that we want to overcome. When looking at a chart, I always take a glance at Saturn to see where an individual feels a bit of “lack” in themselves.

    The most recent fathers and sons of politics, in order of eldest father, are:

    1. George Romney – Mitt Romney
    2. Albert Gore Sr. – Albert Gore Jr.
    3. George H. W. Bush – George W. Bush
    4. Ron Paul – Rand Paul

  43. alex says:

    went thru immediate family charts looking for
    saturn square chiron – father issues…. applying MR key concept – quite useful archetype aspect to planets for relationship analysis – brings it ‘home’

  44. virgo says:

    Wonderful post.

  45. Pat Sharp says:

    Clymela said, [“Now I have a question for any and all: why are the Democrats acting like such scaredy cats? Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Barrack Obama are not but some of the others are horrible. Why? Are they afraid of losing all their money?”]
    My take on that …dysfunctional, uncritical thinking, complacency. Don’t forget, the majority of Americans vote for candidates on all the wrong criteria. rather than traits that would make them good at governance. ( REMEMBER SENATOR GRAHAM, with his pocket notebook, keeping track of everything? He was ridiculed for it. ) Same with Dennis Kucinich……………and others who are now gone from Congress. I am lobbying Congress now on a regular basis……I can’t afford to go to DC and buy theme fabulous meals or give gifts……………I am more like stern Aunt Hattie with the umbrella poking at their residual consciences, prying at their long dorment guilt response. If I am not swaying votes, at least I am reaching their young assistants and educating them in civics. The dialogue just comes through me. If nothing else it amuses me since SS has deprived me of anything remotely resembling an entertainment budget! My large overview assessment is that the august body is COMPLETELY dysfunctional. Nancy can you flesh this out with some chart readings?

  46. Noelle says:

    I agree, Will This is crude but “look, Mom, mine’s bigger than Daddy’s”

  47. Davis L says:

    I hate being redundant, (one of the reasons I only occasionally post here) but again you’ve hit another home run right out of the bloomin’ park. I am consistently amazed by the quality of your astro-psychological insight, your political perception, the quality of your prose, the intelligence of the questions, responses, and postings you present here as well as those who follow your thought here. IMHO yours is the very best English language astrology blog on the net. I only wish you were my therapist. I would surely be a better and happier person after you were done with me!

  48. Lorrie U says:

    Here’s a website that will help you find out how to get an ID in any state for anyone you know who will need one.

  49. starlight says:

    Thank you, everyone, for all the lovely comments. Much appreciated!!

  50. Jackson says:

    This may be my favorite post of yours, ever, Nancy. My gut tells me that Willard Romney is the worst presidential candidate in my lifetime. He’s the Patrick Bateman of American politics.

  51. alex says:

    South Bending:

    When any object is square to the axis that connects the lunar nodes, it’s more than just square with its internal tension. Such an object is said to be “at the bending” of the nodes. Just like there are a North and South Node, there is a North and South bending

    According to Mary Plumb, the South Bending is “a point of release

    South Bending – Mary Plumb

  52. Jerry says:

    It appears as though North Korea is in the midst of a major leadership shake-up. With the current Uranus-Pluto square hitting North Korea’s natal Mercury (8 Libra) all this shouldn’t come as a surprise…..

    North Korean Military Chief Is Removed In Possible Sign Of Power Struggle

    Official reason is illness but analysts suspect Ri Yong-ho, a key mentor of Kim Jong-un, was sidelined for political reasons

    What can be a source of concern however is that if this shake-up proves to be destabilizing, an erratic North Korea in the grip of an uncontrolled power struggle (what experts long feared) an uncertain NK could conceivably provoke an incident against its southern neighbor (as it did on November 23rd, 2010 when it fired dozens of artillery shells at a South Korean island)… a logical ploy to deflect attention away from its domestic problems. But this dangerous tact could backfire as South Korea has made it clear after the Nov 2010 shelling incident that it would not tolerate another N. Korean provocation. If any untoward events were to occur on the Korean peninsula, one key astrological factor can be seen here. It’s the chart of the June 25, 1950 No. Korean invasion of So. Korea. Robert Blaschke did a comprehensive study on this a few years ago: . Progressing the NK invasion chart to mid July, pr. Uranus stands at 8 ’23 Cancer. The moon will conjoin this charts pr. Uranus on July 17th forming a grand cross square to Mars, Uranus and Pluto.

  53. Michael from nyc says:

    It”s all about his father who also ran in the 60s

  54. Michael from nyc says:

    Add Cuomo in NY and Brown in CA to that list

  55. Jerry says:

    *Note: South Korea’s natal Venus often associated with physical security is located at 8 Cancer, the fourth quadrant and release point of the July 17th Grand Cross Square. Here is So. Korea’s chart…..

  56. Chokyi says:

    Thank you for the insightful article and comments.
    Since Obama also has a strong Neptune, I am interested in the differences astrologically that point to one person having more of the issues with honesty and core beliefs. Obama seems to be able to hold our projections in a powerful way that Romney cannot. Is this difference related to the rising sign or the aspects the chart makes to the US chart or do you think Chiron is the missing piece? (Probably a combo of all of these!?) If an astrologer didn’t know either person, their political history, etc. do you think they would be able to look at these two charts and see how Neptune gets played out in their lives, what kind of leaders they would be? I have seen a few charts where a strong Saturn aspect to the sun or moon grounding a strong Neptune aspect…I wish I could get a better handle on these subtleties. I feel like my astro knowledge is like my knowledge of Spanish – just enough to get the gist of the conversation, but not enough to know what was really said!

  57. angellight says:

    “The Republicans are defending an economy that has been distorted by financial games-playing over the past 30 years, in which the rich make deals, not products, and pay very little taxes on their curiously-gotten gains.”

    Read more:

  58. barbk says:


    Your question has been asked by millions, in hundreds of different ways, but the answers always seem to wind up being variations of “no”. The birth chart is a map or outline or story of possibilities and because there are positive and negative ways in which planets and aspects can manifest, the best an astrologer can do is make a judgment call.

    You know how poll questions can have different results depending on the people being polled? Or the way the question is worded can elicit different responses? You can say the majority feel this way at this given time, based on this small test group, but you can’t say for sure that the total group of people (polled or not polled) will validate the results of the poll.

    In the case of Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney, good astrologers depend on track records a lot. Past performances, especially under difficult circumstances can give clues as to the character of the individual, their maturity and what they value, but even that can’t guarantee the results of a specific aspect or group of aspects happening to an individual at the same time. There are “common” expectations based on previous results, but individuals (and groups, and governments) can always either rise to the expectations or fail to meet them.

    As you are aware, an active Neptune, like all symbols, has a range of expression, from the high manifestation of a spiritual experience or a beautiful painting, to the low of losing the grocery money at the race track, or being lied to, depending on the individual, the ambient mood, including other active aspects being experienced. In the case of the President, we know his Neptune tends to manifest as beautiful visions for his country, where as the Governor’s reputation seems to have a lot of deception swirling about it. Some challenges to Neptune are tougher than others also, maybe because of what’s symbolized by the other planet, or maybe because of where it’s placed in the chart, or even the timing. It’s always a judgment call, based on a mix of gut feelings and inspiration and experience.

  59. Noelle says:

    Thanks Barbk. That’s very helpful and makes a lot of sense re PBO,

  60. Stefanie says:

    Ever since the story about Mitt chasing, attacking and cutting the hair of the boy in his prep school class, I’ve suspected that he has major issues with his own “weakness”. Bullies often have father issues and have been told they were weak in early childhood. Becoming president would be the ultimate expression of showing his father how potent he is. Honestly, the more I look at him and tune in (behind his robotic affect and the lies that spew from his mouth) I feel pure evil there. There is something very, very broken and disturbed in that man.

  61. starlight says:

    Obama has a lot of planets in fixed signs and, in particular, Aquarius rising and Jupiter in Aquarius. This keeps him focused and committed (fixed)rather than fickle. Aquarius likes to tune into the larger picture, the inner truth in an issue, and Obama is very good at seeing the larger, truer picture, the long view, so to speak.

    Romney has a preponderance of mutable signs, which tends him toward changing his position and getting distracted. Pisces is also very emotional and reactive, whereas Aquarius is more detached.

    Obama’s Neptune seems to act in the way that people see what they want in him rather than the real him. In 2008, he seemed to be all things to all people, not so much because he promised all things, but because they saw what they wanted to. Nonetheless, he has been pretty consistent (fixed) about most of what he promised. On the right, they also see what they want rather than reality, so he has become to them a left-wing radical socialist who is trying to drown America in debt, etc. Because he is more evolved than Romney, he seems more capable of true vision and understanding (the better qualities of Neptune) and works to manifest those things. I think some of his greater hopes (Neptune) were dashed by the reality of today’s politics.

  62. Pam says:

    Thanks for turning me on to this woman. She’s amazing. I’ve printed this and am snailmailing it to my 78 year old astro guru in SA who doesn’t do computers.

  63. Diane L says:

    Excellent post with wonderful, informative comments especially on Neptune & eclipses.

    Neptune squaring the Gemini-Sag Nodal axis now seems to be creating piles of misinformation . . . lousy for anyone wanting to make informed decisions.

  64. starlight says:

    Mars/Uranus/Pluto begins today, through Wednesday. Watch tomorrow morning through mid-day for the Moon to trigger it. An increase in violence, accidents, and wild weather are possible.

  65. Noelle says:

    This thread is so good. I’m really learning about astrology and it’s all positive. Oh happy day!

  66. starlight says:

    As I read all about the Romney mess, the confused, opaque, deceptive Neptune quality of it is so overwhelming! Here are some quotes from DU posters:

    He told the SEC that he was sole shareholder, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of Bain during 1999-2002. He told the FEC that he relinquished all involvement with Bain when he retroactively retired in 1999.

    Obviously he cannot have been doing both. He either lied on the SEC forms, or lied on the FEC form. Either one is a felony.

    And yes, they were expedience.

    He needed to relinquish all involvement with Bain in order to run the Olympics, because Bain companies were suppliers to the Olympics. So he took a “leave of absence” in 1999 to rescue the scandal-ridden Olympics. So if he remained involved with Bain, he breached his contract with the Olympics.

    He needed to claim involvement with a Bain company that was based in Massachusetts to help establish residency so he could be governor there. So if he wasn’t involved with Bain, then he committed some kind of fraud against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts too. Not sure if that one was a felony or not.

    and another:

    At the time, he claimed to be a Utah resident, took all the tax breaks, etc. THEN, when he decided or was recruited to run, he had ‘his people’ file an amended return claiming that he was in Mass p/t for BUSINESS meetings and such. Thereby becoming a citizen of Mass. p/t.

    Of course, this opens yet another pandora’s box for him. Business meetings? Gosh.. what would those be if you weren’t working for Bain at the time? His web of lies and deceits are coming to light. This is how guys like that operate. Can you imagine any of us filing an amended return years later claiming we lived somewhere else, and not be afraid we’d get fined up the wazzooo?

    He makes this shit up as he goes along, and he NOW blames the error on Price Waterhouse for claiming he was a resident of Utah full time. Yeah… umm.. you have to sign your own damn return, so… we’re led to believe that he’s a shitting executive because he has no clue what’s in his tax return.

    Maybe this is the unraveling hinted at by the eclipse. And the refusal to release the tax returns is just more Neptune: everyone is wildly speculating about what could be hidden but no one knows.

  67. M. says:

    Two questions…if anyone is of a mind. First…how do the stars look for their convention (Aug. 27-30)> And second, I just read that one of the Huntsman girls wrote a piece that said Romney would drop out of the race before he’d release any more tax returns. Any possibility of this happening?

  68. Teresa Hill says:

    If it’s this bad for Romney now, I can’t wait to see what happens when you say it should get really bad. (Might need popcorn. Will watch gleefully.)
    I’m not sure if I ever said so here, but I’m a serious political junkie. Was a small-town newspaper reporter for 7 years, ages ago, and covered politics myself. This is serious fun to me. (Although, would be more if our poor country wasn’t so screwed up.)

  69. Teresa Hill says:

    I don’t know if anyone can force Mitt to drop out. Or if he could drop out now without crippling the final Republican candidate. It takes an incredibly big, complicated organization to run for president. It’s not something you can put together quickly. The election is less than four months away.
    Plus, I don’t think Mitt’s used to being questioned or held accountable or backed into a corner. So he’s not handling this well and I bet it gets worse as the challenges get harder.

  70. Noelle says:

    Nancy, I’m not sure what DU posters means but it sure would be nice if some of the media folks had that info.

  71. Brenda says:

    I just got an email from “Michelle” to contriibute to campaign and a chance to win an invite to the PBO’s birthday celebration “in Chicago” at the Obamas’ home…looks bad for him being in Washington DC for his solar return as Nancy had hoped he would be.

  72. Gina says:

    I second that–this is one of the best, and most instructive, astrology threads I’ve ever read. Thanks so much, Nancy.

  73. Gina says:

    What’s happening is that the media people are actually reading the documents that they have. Imagine that!

  74. Fe says:


    He could very well fly over to Chicago from DC on Air Force One at any time of the day.

  75. clymela says:

    Teresa Hill-this is serious fun for me as well although I have never done anything out in the world with my delight.
    I am cringing thinking that this is all so ugly already that I don’t know how I will get through this race without taking on serious,serious negative thinking. Do you have any ideas for keeping clear while remaining deeply committed?

  76. Squallo says:

    I don’t know why everybody keeps so focus on an election that’s already decided, when western leaders including Obama, Romney, Clinton, etc.., that are taking us towards a world conflagration that will end up with millions of dead voters with a flag on their hand.

    It doesn’t matter that Obama will win, if they keep pushing forward against the East, you will end up with a nuclear exchange in two or three years, after the ground war, in a conflict that America will win but with millions of us dead.

    Wake up, you’re being played in the game of the bad against the worst. This system is made to slave you.

    Syria conflict: West ‘blackmailing’ Russia on sanctions

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said Western attempts to get Moscow to discuss sanctions against Syria contain “elements of blackmail”.

    Mr Lavrov said the West had threatened to end a UN observer mission if Russia opposed its draft resolution.

  77. clymela says:

    So…how do we get the word to him and beg him to listen for the sake of the Free World?

  78. Nina says:

    yes, there is.

    The White Horse Prophecy, allegedly uttered by Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church.

    From the article above, “The Latter Day Saints, according to the prophecy, would “go to the Rocky Mountains and … be a great and mighty people”, identified figuratively with the White Horse described in the Revelation of John. The prophecy further predicts that the United States Constitution will one day “hang like a thread” and will be saved “by the efforts of the White Horse”.[1]

    Some have speculated, on the basis of the White Horse Prophecy, that Mormons expect the United States to eventually become a theocracy dominated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).”

  79. pisca says:

    alex, thanks for the new information.
    I can’t remember where I read the Saturn/Nadir information but I guess it is on my bookshelf and will turn up when I am not looking for it! I wrote it in notes many years ago. I have a particular interest because it is the charts of two family members; I have watched this aspect play out.
    Erin Sullivan’s book is great reference. I have charts for five generations of my family and her writing opened new doors for me. I will certainly check out her web site!

  80. Noelle says:

    And we were so positive up until now.

  81. Nina says:

    And that’s why Mitt has such a messianic feel to his candidacy – in part of his mind, he’s running as proxy for his prophet, he’s a latter day Jesus.

    The strong Pisces often makes a person a mystical or spiritual seeker in outlook. I’ve seen it with my father, he’s spent years searching through faiths and he’s arrived at a point where I believe he has a deep spiritual life.

    With Mitt, because he isn’t comfortable talking about his faith or spirituality outside of its secret confines he comes off as wooden or robotic. But it’s probably safer for him than the alternative – he thinks that if he actually said what he thought he’d seem like a complete looney toons.

    It’s a bit of Al Gore’s problem. The big media argument against Gore was that he was too wooden. And he was kinda wooden, because he was afraid of talking about his deep commitment to environmental issues and coming off as a kook. Once the election was over he could become an effective spokesman.

    It may be that the best thing that could happen to Mitt would be for him to lose the election badly but come to the courage to talk about his faith and beliefs in public.

  82. Nina says:

    I think it’s also a matter of accepting what the sign gives you. I said it above, the one person I know with a very strong Neptune and Pisces is my father. He’s a very happy, very spiritual person. But when he was younger, he was in international law. He did very well financially, but was constantly struggling with the moral issues that his colleagues seemed to ignore. He stepped away from it all to work on his own spiritual journey, put his energy into making the world better, and he’s living the good life and happy.

    I’ve never doubted that Romney had a deep religious strain, but because it’s different from the rest of America he feels the need to hide it away.

    Obama, I believe, has a deep spiritual strain as well. But instead of hiding it, he channels and expresses it. He works for the causes he believes in. He gives speeches that are all but sermons. He’s strongest when he stands on a foundation of faith.

  83. Lorrie U says:

    “I think some of his greater hopes (Neptune) were dashed by the reality of today’s politics.”

    I think this sums up very much not only President Obama’s disappointment, but reflects our own. I feel the repubs have dashed the hopes we all had in 2008 and disappointed a country.

  84. Nina says:

    Yes, that’s the weakness of the Plutocrat. He has never had a court jester, or a partner who would take an honest look at his ideas and tell him that he’s full of crap. Even his singing – that recording of him singing “America the Beautiful” was from a fundraiser last year, I think. He went on Fox afterwards and told the anchor that he thought he was a great singer. Nobody in his life would dare tell him different, like nobody in his life would ever dare to tell him his jokes aren’t funny.

  85. angellight says:

    “Did Romney Commit Perjury?

    When Mitt Romney signed a federal financial disclosure form for his current presidential bid, he stated under the penalty of perjury that he had not been involved “in any way” with Bain Capital after he left for Utah in February 1999.

    Mother Jones reports that during a 2002 hearing to determine if Mitt Romney met the residency requirement to run for governor Romney said that “after he departed Bain in February 1999 he went through a transition period regarding his work in Boston.”

  86. Wennye' says:

    ain’t it the truth..

  87. Jackson says:

    Sometimes, the solar return will happen on the day before the actual birthday. I know mine has in recent years.

  88. Chokyi says:

    I appreciate all the responses to my question! I learned a lot about what to look for in a chart…which is ultimately why I scour this site. Uber thanks…

  89. angellight says:

    “Is Mitt lying to cover up how he was Sole Shareholder of Brookside Captial Funds and it Purchase of Abortion Waste?

  90. M. says:

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I don’t think he can be forced out either but do think, if there’s damaging info in those returns, he may be cornered and be desperate enough to do so. As you say, he’s not used to being criticized and he certainly doesn’t have a sense of humor which would help him deflect the anger he must be feeling. I wonder if his ego is so great and the fear of being exposed as a big time liar regarding his returns will have him taking his ball and going home, especially as I see him as a rather a weak man. Inclined towards being a bully but weak. I also find it interesting that Huntsman’s daughter would enter this notion into the public discourse and reference people close to his campaign.

  91. Davis L says:

    Romney to pick his VP while Mercury is retrograde?

    From Associated Press
    Aide says Romney could announce VP pick this week

  92. M. says:

    Sorry for any confusion to you and Nina, but I mistakenly posted my response to you under Nina’s name.

  93. Teresa Hill says:

    Oh, that’s hard. The process, if you watch it up close — and I’m talking about covering hours and hours and hours of government meetings — is so painful. It’s so hard to get anything done. Stupid, stupid people get elected, and you end up having smart people with the best of intentions who have to fight through the crazy and the stupid to get anything done. And the littlest, stupidest things will end up catching people’s attention and come to the forefront, for reasons you will never understand, and then a whole governmental body will end up sending a ton of time on that stupid thing.
    I heard years ago that you can’t get smart people to run for office, because you have to pander to stupid people to get elected, and the smartest people refuse to do that.

  94. Teresa Hill says:

    I think he most certainly did. I just wish it would seem like a bigger deal — the actual crime — to normal Americans. Because I don’t think it will.

    I looked up reports of the testimony Romney gave before the Massachusetts election commission in 2002. He seems to think he can go back and change things or correct them, whenever he wants, whenever it benefits him, and that it’s okay to do that. That it makes everything okay.

    He wanted to take the Olympics job, but was supposed to not have contact with companies involved in the Olympics as sponsors. Mitt didn’t want to have to divest himself of those companies. With Olympic contacts, he could make a lot of money. So he said he retired from Bait in 1999 and went and did the Olympics, but didn’t really leave Bain and made lots of money.

    He took tax breaks on his mansion in Salt Lake City by saying it was his primary residence, because that saved him money.

    When he wanted to run for governor, he said he never really made Salt Lake City his residence, that the tax break and leaving Bain was a mistake, and he changed his tax returns he’d filed with Massachusetts as a non-resident to reflect his status (retroactively) as a resident, like that fixed the whole thing.

    Now that he wants to be president, he wants to say he was a brilliant businessman at Bain and the Olympics, but he can’t quite be both. Plus, Bain did some bad deals after 1999. So he’s back to leaving Bain in 1999, because that works for him now.

    This is how Mitt operates.

  95. Teresa Hill says:

    That and probably many other things Bain did in that time period. They sent a lot of jobs overseas.

    Although I have to say, making money on aborted fetuses would have to be one of the most disgusting things Republican hard-liners have heard.

  96. Todd Bennett says:

    Todd —

    Barack turns 51 next month, and there will be a little celebration at our house in Chicago.

    We’d like to give grassroots supporters an opportunity to join in the fun. You guys deserve it, and I know Barack would personally love to see you there.

    Donate $3 or whatever you can today, and you’ll be automatically entered to get your name added to the guest list.

    Barack’s birthday is one of the last opportunities he’ll get for a little downtime before the final weeks of the election.

    That won’t stop me from teasing him about all those new gray hairs he has — though I think it’s fair to say he’s earned every one.

    So if you’re standing with Barack for the final months of his final campaign, there’s no better way to show it than by making a donation to build this grassroots organization today.

    If you do, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to join him for his birthday celebration in Chicago. We’ll also fly you out and take care of all the travel arrangements.

    Enter today:

    Thank you,


    I think at some point he will be in DC on his BDay. But why would home not be just as good?

  97. Todd Bennett says:

    I just recopied the email for context, did not realize there was a live link, not trying to spam, sorry.

  98. Teresa Hill says:

    Check this out. Voter ID laws’ expected influence on the election, by statistics guru Nate Silver:
    He says the only swing state to enact an ID law is Pennsylvania, and he expects the laws to make little difference in the outcome of the election.
    He sees it more as a “stir up the Republican base” argument. Get to the polls, because those Democrats have tons of people voting illegally!

  99. Fe says:

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  100. Lorrie U says:

    More bad news for Romney…
    BREAKING FROM BLOOMBERG: “Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses”

  101. David says:

    Romney is a liar, corrupt and a thief. All these make him qualified to buy the election – not to be President- this is my fear.

  102. Francis says:

    our election has been decided? really? and we are going to have a ground war followed by a nuclear war in 3 years? Good to know and I’ll just keep that tidbit in mind.

  103. Sharon says:

    Maybe it only matters where you are when the day begins — 12 midnight the night before!?

  104. alex says:

    Find out about ID requirements where you plan to vote. Select your state from the drop down menu below on the url for details.

  105. No Tribe says:

    That seems to be a interesting proposition, about the May 20th eclipse being the trigger to the Bain attack on Romney. I wonder about dates backing this up. Perhaps the readers have better memories as to when the first ones from the Obama campaign surfaced? On or around that date.

    I believe the next dates, prior to the Neptune angle to the eclipse, are the nodal crossing of the eclipse point, due in August, for further triggering of events.

    I wouldn’t agree that there is blood in the water yet. There hasn’t been any poll movement at all, and the “fact-based” analysis isn’t on Obama’s side on the issue. But I wouldn’t discount Obama’s use of pivoting on the tax-wealth disclosure issues. Romney has a lot of Pisces and certainly its the place you want to attack him.

    I’m interested in Obama’s Chiron return, given its his 51st.

  106. Bob says:

    Transit Saturn is going to keep turning the screw on Rmoney as it completes an exact square to his natal Sun-Jupiter midpoint, his natal Sun-Moon midpoint and the opposition to his progressed Venus and Mars.

    Hurray! .. Hurray! .. Hurray! Get ‘em while they last!
    This may be the last time you will have to hear mittens sing!
    Don’t miss the last chance to hear what may be his swan song!
    Hurry! Hurry! At 10 cents they won’t last long! Yes! You heard me right! One thin dime! Only one tenth of a dollar gains you entrance to hear him sing is newest fave “That Old Black magic”.

    “That old black magic has me in its spell,
    that old black magic that you weave so well.

    And down and down I go,
    round and round I go, …”

    Enjoy the show now but be ever vigilant ’cause like Yogi said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” My charts show what I believe to be Rmoney’s nomination in Tampa on Aug 30.

    Transit Saturn will be visiting the the Obama family also. The President’s natal Saturn, his progressed Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Michelle’s natal Sun and progressed Venus and Malia’s progressed Sun.

  107. mooncookie0829 says:

    Yeah, this is what I was thinking. Which makes his quest for the presidency even more fascinating since he is running against an African American….someone who Romney’s religion just recently decided was a human being…before that, Obama was a member of a cursed race. Amazing that he is facing off with a black man. Let the games begin. Reminds me of face off with Cage and Travolta. Imma go rent that movie!

  108. barbk says:

    Pres. Obama’s Chiron is 5 Pisces 19 (r) and transiting Chiron will swing back to that degree in October, November and December this year. His first pass-over was in June-July, 2011, the 2nd pass-over started in February and was finished by the end of March this year. Hopefully, this last one will start the healing process of Chiron.

  109. Prabhata says:

    Obama’s solar return is August 4, 2012 at 3:03:15 am AHST (Honolulu Hi) or 8:03:15 CDT (Chicago), 9:03:15 White House if he’s in DC.

  110. Davis L says:

    Chicago Tribune reports Romney has narrowed his VP selection down to 3 candidates: Ohio Senator Rob Portman, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal,0,17835.story

  111. alex says:

    IMO it won’t be Jindal – LA how is that state electorial important to lock up … it’s GOP leaning already;
    Tim Pawlenty is co-chair of Romney’s campaign and on CNN Pier Morgan show he recently said to the question was he being considered for V.P. and if so would he accept it… Pawlenty said ‘there are other things in a Romney administration than V. P. to do;

    Portman … why not it’s OHIO that Romney needs!

  112. Lunagardener says:

    Well said David, And This post, and the comments are a welcome breath of fresh air on our current situation.

    The Neptune theme is a reminder, to me, that I need to be aware of my own Neptune happenings, and to stay grounded, in nature, in beauty, and in the highest and best good for all that is.

    This blog is a consistent reminder for me, that all is in perfect and divine order. Thanks to all for your interpretations, questions and comments about the galaxy we are surfing at the moment, inner and outer. I so appreciate the navigational guidance.

  113. Lune Prière says:

    Bain’s association with the company Stericycle is the beast Romney is running away from, IMO. That’s why he’s trying to disassociate from his own company for a certain time period. The Teahadists will tolerate a lot to get rid of the Kenyan Usurper, but not this.

  114. Gypsi says:

    Double yahtzee

  115. Squallo says:

    do you want to bet that Obama will win in Nobemver?

    or that America or Israel will bomb Iran or Siria within the next three years?, that, by the way, will draw in Russia and/or China.

    Are you really that blind?

    What do you thing uranus/pluto is going to be?, hippies in the streets chanting “lets make love” and smoking marijuana?.

  116. Squallo says:

    pardon my writing, I´m from Mexico and not very used to talk in English.

    BTW, why do you think that the republicans chose Romney?, do you realy think that they are that stupid, especially having better candidates like Jeb Bush?, no, they know that Romney, just like McCain, It´s just to keapt the show playing.

    Most Republicans and Democrats swallow the story, but the one that writes the script knows that to pass the ball is nessesary in order to give, both, republicans and democrats, the hope that sheep need to keapt believing.

  117. fierywoman says:

    Oh! This has made my week. Teresa: I’ll bring the butter for the popcorn!!! Today RMoney claimed that Kerry and McCain only released two years of taxes .. did no one else notice that neither Kerry nor McCain were elected?

  118. fierywoman says:

    Being a musician, i couldn’t help but notice (like, my teeth were falling out of my mouth) that he was singing SO OUT OF TUNE !!! Wonderful metaphor: Romney is out of tune with America (the beautiful.)

  119. fierywoman says:

    We could email the White House. For Solar returns (at least for me, old lady that I am), my solar return is technically the day before the day on the birth certificate… so maybe …

  120. fierywoman says:


  121. fierywoman says:

    Nate Silver’s words kept me sane through the 2008 cycle.

  122. fierywoman says:

    I heard somewhere on NPR yesterday, re the repugs having so much more money than us, that regardless of the money Ford spent on advertising, they still couldn’t sell the lousy car named Edsel.

  123. fierywoman says:

    Jindal as a speaker is even worse than Romney.

  124. Jerry says:

    Although it may be slightly premature to say anything definitive just yet, it looks as though we are passing through this astrological mine-field without incident. The next flashpoint in the Uranus-Pluto sq. series (Sept 19th) with Pluto going stationary direct within a 24 hour period of the exact square is quite a potent aspect. A chart drawn up for the early morning of the 17th (Tehran local time) contains a profound Moon-Uranus-Pluto t square: It coincides with the beginning of the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah the previous evening. The New Moon of September 15th at 23 Virgo will square Israel’s natal Uranus and tr. Mars at 16 Scorpio will square the Israeli natal Pluto.

    What is esp. significant is that extensive international mine-sweeping exercises are scheduled to begin from September 16th onwards. Possible sabotage of the Strait of Hormuz anticipated around this time? …….

    Pentagon Bulks Up Defenses in the Gulf

    Wall Street Journal
    July 17, 2012

    The Pentagon is building a missile-defense radar station at a secret site in Qatar and organizing its biggest-ever minesweeping exercises in the Persian Gulf, as preparations accelerate for a possible flare-up with Iran, according to U.S. officials.

    The radar site will complete the backbone of a system designed to defend U.S. interests and allies such as Israel and European nations against Iranian rockets, officials told The Wall Street Journal. The minesweeping exercises, in September, will be the first such multilateral drills in the region, and are expected to be announced by U.S. officials Tuesday.

    The Pentagon’s moves reflect concern that tensions with Iran could intensify as the full weight of sanctions targeting the country’s oil exports takes hold this summer. Though U.S. officials described both the radar site and the naval exercises as defensive in nature, the deployments likely will be seen by Iran as provocations.

    …..In the coming minesweeping exercises, the U.S. and its allies will practice detecting and destroying mines with ships, helicopters and robotic underwater drones in the Persian Gulf and other locations in the region, though not in the strait itself. U.S. officials said 20 nations would take part in the exercises, scheduled for Sept. 16 to 27, but didn’t say which ones.

  125. NEOBuckeye says:

    Portman is about as milquetoast as you can get for a senator. He’s perfect for Romney!

  126. Jerry says:

    Much has been written about the Chiron-Pluto opposition in Obama’s natal chart. Here are two articles from that I found especially interesting…..

    Chiron in Pisces: Do You Want to Live Forever?
    by Melody

    “….Barbara Hand Clow points out that “the level of consciousness raising potential with Chiron work is not possible without a corresponding level of work with Pluto.” While she was referring to the work of both planetary archetypes within the individual chart, I can’t help but feel that the outer manifestation of death reflecting the inner death and rebirth process of our collective unconscious.

    A Chiron cycle is about 50 years and will be in the sign of Pisces from 2010 – 2018/19. The last time Chiron moved into Pisces was in 1960 – 1968. At that time, Pluto was in the sign of Virgo and we experienced Chiron and Pluto in opposition through the 60’s. However, since Chiron was not discovered until 1977, the energy was not at all on a conscious level in the collective, even though the millions of people born during that time frame have that opposition in their chart, including President Barack Obama. Pluto opposite Chiron brings transformative awareness to the subconscious, and life is anything but superficial as this generation may be coming very aware of the individual and collective work that is being done. I believe it was Barbara Hand Clow who said that this is the group moving into power and many are reincarnated healers from times perhaps before the patriarchy.”

    by Lynn Hayes

  127. kiwi says:

    Running his solar return on astrodienst for DC gives a 9.03 AM time – saturday morning the 4th. So hopefully he will travel from DC to chicago sometime after that on saturday rather than on the friday night.

  128. Connie says:

    thanks for this grand comment of the money issue, it’ll be repeated.

    with deep gratitude for Nancy and this community, Namaste

  129. Tiggy says:

    Stewart and Colbert were on target last night. Stephen revealed $77,000 tax deduction for dressage on Mitt’s return.

  130. Prabhata says:

    My guess, after looking at Jindal’s chart, that Romney would choose Jindal. I’m sticking with that guess.

  131. andre says:

    I agree all the discussion on Bain Capital has had zero impact on the polls so far. It’s still a close race with less than 2% diffrence in average poll of polls. The NYT projects 281 electoral seats for PBO at this point, enough to win but still too close for comfort. PBO can campaign forcefully on Bain and his opponent’s tax returns all through the fall, that still doesn’t guarantee a win when Mercury will be retrograde on Election Day. Beware of GOP shenanigans and let not over-enthusiasm or wishful thinking cloud our judgment. GOP die-hards do not see what we see.

  132. Teresa Hill says:

    What a shocker! Logistics issues abound with London Olympics! (Just as Starlight said.)

    Two buses full of Olympic athletes lost for an hour in London. I guess the bus driver didn’t know where he was going. (Wow, wrote that as a little joke, but apparently they had hire a bunch of drivers from outside London, so they really don’t know their way around!)

    But even worse, the company in charge of hiring security guards fell way, way short and didn’t tell anyone until the last minute. The result, 3,500 British troops called in — some just home from Afghanistan — to fill in as security guards.

    “It’s a humiliating shambles for the country, isn’t it?” asked Labour lawmaker David Winnick. (So British, huh?)

    “Making things worse, a couple of buses carrying Olympic athletes from Heathrow took a wrong turn Monday — the big day when athletes started arriving for the games, a showcase moment if there ever was one. And the special “games lane” that they traveled on forced other London drivers into a miles-long traffic jam.

    The lost buses — one for Americans, another for Australians — touched a nerve. From the very start of the project, transport organizers have feared repeating the transport woes of the 1996 Atlanta Games, where one of the biggest problems was having bus drivers brought in from outside the city who didn’t know their way around.”

  133. Nina says:

    I think it has an impact on the campaign staff.

    There is a long time between now and November. And there is a lot of work ahead. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    But the Romney campaign staff has been forced to sprint for the past 10 days. Going on 5 networks at once, floating VP rumors, and they still can’t take control of what the news networks are saying. Still making stupid messaging errors, like the “retroactive retirement”…

    They’re being beat up, they know it, they’re being forced to change their plans. They probably have a huge GANTT chart on some wall with milestones and events all planned out. But they’ve been forced to move things around to react to events. They’re dancing to Obama’s tune, while he sails forwards with the wind at his back.

    Campaigns win or lose on the morale of their staffers. If they’re demoralized, that’s half the battle.

    Maybe they have the strength of character to regroup and go back on the offensive. But they’re always going to remember this, and there’s always going to be a reflexive twitch of fear.

    And if their candidate never releases his tax returns, they’re going to be avoiding answering those questions for a long, long time.

  134. Nina says:

    The political attack ads almost write themselves, don’t they?

    I’d love to see a debate between Biden and Jindal. Bobby’d be whimpering in a fetal position for weeks afterwards.

  135. Gina says:

    Interesting comments about how the Bain attacks are not moving the dial, and that someone said that the election was already decided. Yeah, right.

    It doesn’t surprise me that whatever revelations there are about Romney’s machinations won’t kick in now because Mercury is in retrograde, which, to me, means that it will take time for the people to digest why this is a big deal. Right now, people are just hearing about Romney’s dealings and saying, “Ahh, that’s just the way people do business.”

    I don’t know what it will take for people to get why Romney’s deceptions matter, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    As for the Republican Convention, the aspects seem good for them. Too good.

    I have no idea who Romney will pick for VP. If he’s going practical, I’m guessing it’ll be Portman. I thought it was going to be Rubio, for the same reason. Or he could just surprise us and pick Jindal, just to show that the Republicans really are OK with diversity. Really they are. (Once again–yeah, right.)

  136. barbk says:

    Thanks Jerry! Here it is now that trans. Chiron is sextile trans Pluto, after having made a conjunction in January 2000, when we all learned there was to be no Y2K. Now this combined energy is expressing in part through the President, via trans. Pluto sextile his natal Neptune as well as his natal Chiron and trining his natal Pluto in Virgo too. Remarkable.

  137. kiwi says:

    Strange.. coincidence..? Sheldon Adelson (1933), Mitt’s money man, shares Obama’s birthday – Aug 4th. I wonder what is in his chart that makes him hate obama so vehemently.

  138. Davis L says:

    I have Bobby Jindal’s birth date as June 10, 1971 in Baton Rouge, LA, but no birth time. If you please, what is his birth time?

  139. Noelle says:

    I’m so glad they are back. It was wonderful watching them last night

  140. Teresa Hill says:

    I think they are moving public opinion. Think about all the people who’ve lost their jobs. They understand completely that Romney made money by buying companies, dismantling them and firing workers.

  141. Fe says:

    And don’t forget, he was CEO of a company whose purpose was to dispose of aborted fetus remains. That should go over real big with his base.

  142. Fe says:

    Here’s someting from today’s ABC News:

    Here’s ABC News’ Matt Negrin:

    The one-minute spot, made by the super PAC supporting President Obama, Priorities USA Action, already has more than 1 million hits on YouTube, more than 10 times any other super PAC ad. More significant, a person at a Republican group that has tested Democratic attacks on Romney told ABC News the ad is potentially the most devastating yet.

    The ad stars a former plant worker in Indiana who tells the story: One day he was told to build a small stage and, shortly after, Romney’s Bain colleagues herded the workers in front of the stage to tell them they were fired. Romney, the worker says, made $100 million by shutting down the plant.

  143. Teresa Hill says:

    Saw that earlier. That is a great ad.

  144. alex says:

    they are solar twins sometimes twins will hate each other!

    according to Adelson has Sun 11 Leo 47
    his solar arc sun 2012 is 00 Scorpio
    square Obama’s natal jupiter 00 Aquarius

    well quick notes… with no comments about:

    Obama Moon@03 Gemini cnj Adelson Chiron@03 Gemini
    Obama Saturn@25 Capricorn opposite Adelson Pluto@23 Cancer

    does it have to do with the middle-east – I don’t follow the politics of Israel …. just guessin might have something to do with Israel policy;

    I’m being a bit snarky but don’t think it’s a big mystery Adelson has meg-money maybe Obama doesn’t work for Adelson-tip money when it comes to policies… I’d say it is about Adelson’s emotional drives not Obama he seems to have sufficient e·qua·nim·i·ty for differences in politics don’t think Obama is grinding on Adelson’s axe

    let’s face it – it must be fun for him to spend his gazillions conducting his personal war against a sitting president;

  145. kiwi says:

    Forbes magazine article just out – Mitt Romney: The Artful Dodger
    “He proved to be not just good at this crafty, heartless, socially-dubious business of vulture capital; he was absolutely outstanding at it. And he also trained scores of his fellow Bainies to be outstanding at it. Many of them are still swimming all around us, fat proud sharks in the blood-tinged sea.”

  146. Bob says:

    Adelson’s Saturn is opposite President Obama’s and his own Sun’s. His Neptune is conjunct the President’s Pluto, his Pluto opposite President Obama’s Saturn. In progressions, Adelson’s Saturn is square the President’s progressed Neptune in longitude, his Uranus opposite the President’s progressed Mars.

    In his own chart (no time, but positions should be within minutes of arc for Uranus and Pluto and therefore the dates should be good. Even for the Sun the dates should be correct within a few days) Adelson has transit Saturn making the following contacts. What bothers me is the main activity being in September coinciding with the Obama family’s contacts and the Saturn square to the Sibly chart Pluto. Not that anything happens to the President but something happens on a national level which reflects badly on him.

    Jul 25, square natal Pluto in longitude
    Aug 11, opposite prog Uranus in right ascension
    Aug 26, square prog Pluto in longitude
    Sep 1, opposite prog Uranus in longitude
    Sep 5 & 6 opposite natal Uranus, square natal Pluto in right ascension
    Sep 12, opposite natal uranus in longitude
    Sep 18, square prog Pluto in right ascension
    Sep 20 (approx) conjunct prog Sun in right ascension
    Sep 28 (approx) conjunct prog Sun in longitude

  147. Sharon says:

    Is Forbes Liberal leaning? I would have thought they would be more Republican/Conservative….then again, the Republicans are starting to tell the truth about what they see.

  148. Sharon says:

    Jindal is too sophmoric—he won’t get picked. If the aspects are good for the Repub. convention, all it may mean is that there is a lot of festivity and positivity—-it wouldn’t necessarily relate to the election, right?

  149. kiwi says:

    another thought I had about Romney .. what if his tax return issue has a lot to do with the unusually large amount he has in his tax free IRA? Perhaps his accountants are scrambling.
    If suspected ‘fraud’ is involved, might trigger an IRS audit.

  150. Bob says:

    From the article at the link:

    “But one way to avoid that tax is to set up a blocker corporation, an intermediary company that on paper own the companies. That allows income received from the investments to be counted as an investment dividend and thus avoids taxes.”

    Why is there such an allowance as that anyway? Another measure approved by our “leaders” in Washington to help some defeat the tax code.

  151. alex says:

    if memory is working: Forbes is Libertarian…

    Steve Forbes – flat tax etc etc etc
    small government

  152. Prabhata says:

    Here is the link with the photo of his birth certificate that he released to show he’s a U.S. born citizen

  153. Prabhata says:

    Davis L, the reason I think Jindal is a good candidate, besides the stars, is that he’s already been reelected as governor of LA for his next term because he received enough votes in the primary. So even if Romney lost, he would still have the LA governor position. He has lots going for him to get the Indian, Chinese, and maybe Arabs that are not as happy with Obama as they were in 2008. Jindal is a Oxford educated Rhodes Scholar, who may not be a great speaker, but has other qualities to satisfy and excite the right wing of the Republican Party.

  154. Nina says:

    Going on further about the White Horse prophecy, here is an excellent article from last January on Salon about how it informs Mitt’s run, which weaves in a bunch of details about his early life.

  155. Nina says:

    Steve Forbes tried to buy the Republican nomination years ago and failed. Mitt succeeded. So there may be something in that.

    Also, Malcolm Forbes, who made the name and fortune, was flambouyantly bi and socially liberal. Steve was called on to repudiate his father’s tolerance and just couldn’t do it.

  156. alex says:

    This is one ‘of’…. the corporate media has been under-reporting the counter offensive, DOJ, OFA, DNC;

    Obama camp, DNC sue Ohio to restore early voting

  157. Noelle says:

    Thanks for the article. I just realized that I once called in “Bains Consulting” to do a project for me. Their proposal made no sense and I used McKinsey.

  158. Prabhata says:

    The Fix has an article as to why Jindal makes sense:
    The case for Bobby Jindal to be vice president

  159. Betsy says:

    RE: Doing what Daddy could not:

    Is this why Mitt won’t release more than two years (currently one full year and one estimate of 2011) of tax returns?

    George Romney released 12 years of returns and he lost. Does Mitt think he can accomplish so much more by doing so much less? LOL

  160. Prabhata says:

    I think that if Romney picks Jindal, it will be a cold calculation, not because of a warm connection. Jupiter ($$$) helps the connection, but Jindal’s Saturn opposes Mitt’s natal Moon, making the association not very warm. But those kind of associations work in businesses and politics where everything is calculated to maximize the enterprise, be it the business or getting elected. The Fix has a good article as to why Jindal would be beneficial to the Mitt campaign. I didn’t think of it, but money is certainly a factor. The Indian community is comprised of professionals with lots of doctors, engineers, etc. They are highly educated and mostly well off.

  161. starlight says:

    Mars square Uranus today: Israeli tour bus exploded in Bulgaria

  162. ScorpioX3 says:

    CNN reports:

    “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed the finger at Iran Wednesday after a deadly explosion on a bus carrying tourists at an airport in Bulgaria.

    “‘All the signs (are) leading to Iran,’ he said, according to a statement from his office.

    “Netanyahu said his country ‘would respond with force to Iranian terror.'”


  163. angellight says:

    Romney’s 2010 Taxes Not Fully Disclosed! #p2

  164. Squallo says:

    BREAKING: information from within the inner circle that Bashar al Assad is infact wounded and has been transferred to ?#Lattakia?

  165. Squallo says:

    ISRAEL-EGYPT BORDER – The rebel bomb attack that killed Syrian defense officials today was aided by Israel, a top Syrian official claimed to WND.

    Israel gave satellite imagery to the rebels who carried out the attack, charged the official, who spoke with WND on condition of anonymity.

    The official said President Assad – whose brother-in-law was killed in the bombing along Syria’s defense minister – is debating whether to issue a press release blaming Israel for assisting in the attack.

  166. Squallo says:

    how convenient…

    Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, was forced to consider calling an early general election on Tuesday night after the largest party in the country’s parliament walked out of his ruling coalition.

  167. Squallo says:

    So many press sources are now saying Maher Assad sustained severe injuries this morning and might be dead..

    UNCONFIRMED===> Lebanese media is saying 4th Syrian army brigade is surrounding Al-Shami hospital where Maher Assad is

  168. Teresa Hill says:

    I wrote a little diary at DailyKos about Mitt’s Magical IRA. You can read it here:

    Somehow, he’s accumulated as much as $102 million in his IRA, despite federal contribution limits. How did he do it? Even experts are puzzled.

  169. Lorrie U says:

    Great post! Shared and tweeted…

  170. Teresa Hill says:

    Thanks, Lorrie. Sometimes I miss my reporting days.

  171. andre says:

    The NY Times says today Romney has taken the lead:

    For all of the Washington chatter that Mr. Romney’s campaign has seemed off-kilter amid attacks on his tenure at Bain Capital and his unwillingness to release more of his tax returns, the poll shows that the race remains essentially tied, with 45 percent saying they would vote for Mr. Romney if the election were held now and 43 percent saying they would vote for Mr. Obama.

    Including voters who lean toward a particular candidate, Mr. Romney has 47 percent to Mr. Obama’s 46 percent.

    Both results are within the poll’s margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. But it is the first time Mr. Romney has shown a numeric edge in the Times/CBS poll since he emerged from the primaries as the presumptive nominee. Mr. Obama had a three-point advantage in March. The two were each favored by 46 percent in April.

  172. Prabhata says:

    Jindal stumped for Romney in OH, sharpening his attacks against the president. After looking at his chart, if Jindal is the VP nominee, he will be the attack surrogate, and Sarah Palin will seem like sweet honey in comparison, but he won’t have her following.

  173. Prabhata says:

    My IRA grew exponentially, not because of my contributions, but because of investment growth and employer matching my contributions. Of course, I don’t know about why Romney’s IRA is so much more than what he can contribute, but my guess is that his situation is similar to mine, and probably much better since investing is his business. Moreover, most IRAs are controlled by independent financial institutions, such as Merrill Lynch, and those companies will invest the money. Additions and withdrawals are reported to the IRS. I doubt that those who want to find dirt (I’m not saying there isn’t any either), are unlikely to find it in the IRA. Just saying.

  174. virgo says:

    Thank you Squallo. I don’t like Netanyahu.

  175. Gypsi says:

    Great article, great comments. And on Chiron opposite Pluto, and the Chiron return, I don’t think I noticed mine. Probably because Pluto was busy sitting on my saturn or opposite my Venus or both.

    But seriously, the wounded healer stuff, if any great injury occurred it had to do with my children finally growing up, and that was a blessing of freedom….

  176. Prabhata says:

    Correction. I meant to say: I doubt that Those who want to find dirt (I’m not saying there isn’t any either), are unlikely to find it in the IRA. Just saying.

  177. Lune Prière says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m worried about Florida and especially Pennsylvania.

    On a positive note, the Presidents leads with Latino voters at 70% to Romney’s 22%!

  178. alex says:
    State by State checklist for voting requirements and online registering tool.

    it would be nice if only the popular vote decided presidential elections;

  179. andre says:

    A New York Times poll out today gives a slight lead to Romney, although within the margin of error so statistically a tie:

    The new poll shows that the race remains essentially tied, notwithstanding all of the Washington chatter suggesting that Mr. Romney’s campaign has seemed off-kilter amid attacks on his tenure at Bain Capital and his unwillingness to release more of his tax returns. Forty-five percent say they would vote for Mr. Romney if the election were held now and 43 percent say they would vote for Mr. Obama.

    When undecided voters who lean toward a particular candidate are included, Mr. Romney has 47 percent to Mr. Obama’s 46 percent.

    Both results are within the poll’s margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points. But it is the first time Mr. Romney has shown a numeric edge in the Times/CBS poll since he emerged from the primaries as the presumptive nominee. Mr. Obama had a three-point advantage in March. The two were each favored by 46 percent in April.

    The poll, conducted between July 11 and 16 and including 982 registered voters, is reflective of the national mood, not the views of voters in the handful of swing states most likely to decide the outcome — and where most of the campaign advertising war is being waged.

  180. Noelle says:

    You’re good, Nancy.

  181. Noelle says:

    Adelson contributed $14 mil. to Connie Mack IV in Florida who is running against Dem Bill Nelson (?). Why would Edelson do that? Nancy maybe you can help.

  182. will says:

    And the astrology in all of this, Andre?

    How about Mercury retrograde? Uranus retrograde?

  183. Teresa Hill says:

    That’s crap. If you want polling info., go to Nate Silver. He’s working for the New York Times now.
    A baseball stats guy who applied his stats expertise to polling, determining how accurate different pollsters were and then weighting their importance based on their accuracy. Then combining them all into one, super-accurage poll.
    He’s the only pollster to listen to.

    Plus, I bet that poll is on the popular vote, not electoral votes. Only one that matters is the electoral vote, and it’s gone for Obama for months.

  184. Teresa Hill says:

    Actually, the Wall St. Journal and Bloomberg talked to a number of financial experts who were astonished at the amount Romney’s accumulated and had a hard time figuring out it was possible for him to have that much legally, given federal contribution limits.

  185. Sharon says:

    Muy bueno!!!

  186. starlight says:

    As we come to the end of this Mars activation of Uranus/Pluto, we have seen a huge escalation of violence in Syria. The attack today killed 3 top government officials. I continue to think that Assad will only stop if he is killed. Otherwise, he will keep fighting. Today’s attack seemed to get very close to him.

    Interesting that Syria blamed Israel for today’s attack on a national security meeting in Damascus, and Israel blamed Iran for today’s attack on the Israeli tour bus. I don’t know if either is true.

  187. starlight says:

    According to Rachel a few days ago, Adelson is under Justice Department investigation for breaking the foreign corrupt practices act by bribing officials in Macau to protect his investments. She thinks he wants a GOP president and Congress that owe him big time and who will make this go away.

  188. Prabhata says:

    Without knowing the details it would be impossible to figure out how an IRA accumulates wealth. For example, I had an IRA back in the 80s. When I left that employer, that IRA was rolled into an IRA with a financial institution. I worked for another employer and started another IRA in the 90s. When I left that employer the two IRAs were rolled into one and it was very large after the bull market of the 90s. “Financial experts” may be surprised, but I’m not. People cannot add into IRAs and break the rules because the whole thing becomes taxable. I seriously doubt that Romney would do that because obviously he avoid paying more taxes than he has to. All that money he has in the Cayman Islands is to avoid paying U.S. taxes and he can’t bring that money to the U.S. and not pay taxes. I just read an article and the “experts” thought that Romney was avoiding answering about those accounts. Well duh, he would have to admit on T.V. that the whole reason for those accounts is to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

    investors and corporations like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc that have huge amounts of cash in foreign banks have been asking for a “tax holiday” to repatriate the cash. The excuse is that bringing back the money helps the economy. It’s b.s. Bush did it and there was no benefit to the economy, just the loss of tax revenue.

  189. fierywoman says:

    So does wearing magic underwear enable one to accumulate $102 million ?

  190. fierywoman says:

    And the swing states look good, too.

  191. Teresa Hill says:

    Yes, they do. Very good.

  192. Teresa Hill says:

    He turned $450 million (the federal limit on contributions during his time at Bain) into $20 to $102 million. The experts said maybe Warren Buffet could have done it.

    Speculate he must have put stock shares at artificially low values in companies Bain bought into his IRA, claiming it was only worth $30,000 a year, and then the stock mysteriously escalated like crazy in value.

  193. mooncookie0829 says:

    None of these rich tycoons are doing this for free. They want a return on their investment in the form of laws that favor their greed. Believe, me…if these people win, these rich guys will literally OWN them. That is why all Repubs and a handful of Dems can’t bring themselves to get rid of subsidies for these big oil companies. They have been bought…plain and simple.

  194. mooncookie0829 says:

    Yep, he is gonna be killed because Russia is now backing away from him because he is way more than they bargained for.

  195. Noelle says:

    Sad, isn’t it.

  196. luvnwitch says:

    Hey Nancy et al,
    You had previously commented on the potential for surprises at the convention. With more revelations coming and steam building behind them regarding Romney’s finances and the shell game he plays with off shore accounts, I see a lot of old guard Repub support slipping further away leaving potential for Romney to have to bow out (not perfectly likely with his Piscean delusions but possible) and a Pawlenty or Huntsman type (once they are handpicked {by whom?} to be Romney’s Veep can ascend to the nomination , shake up the course of the General election and be the surprise that can lead to a lot of confusion and a much tighter race come the Mercury retro election day that we may fear. Can you revisit “T Paws” chart and glimpse at the long odds of him stepping to the plate? Thanks as always for an incisive and clarifying read. be well- Tanor

  197. Prabhata says:

    I may be wrong, but I don’t believe that IRA accounts will accept shares of a company. What an IRA account will do is accept the money to buy shares of the company one works in. Obviously, Bain Capital increased in value while he was CEO. Who knows, but manipulating IRA accounts would need to be done by the financial company that holds it, and I don’t see that happening. Financial institutions are not that honest, but only with regards to their own investments, not the customers.

  198. Prabhata says:

    He turned $450 million (the federal limit on contributions during his time at Bain)

    Does that $450 million include the matching funds from the employer? My account was matched dollar for dollar with one employer, and I’m not sure that’s the limit of employer matching, not for CEOs. Upper management usually have sweet matching deals with their IRAs Do we know that the account is only from his work at Bain? IRAs have been around a long time.

  199. Prabhata says:

    The economy keeps slowing down


    Jobless claims jump 34,000

    Leading indicators decline 0.3%

    Philly factory activity stays weak

    Existing-home sales drop 5.4%

  200. Squallo says:

    What are you talking about?

    On which reality would that happen?

    Russia and China have vetoed a UN resolution that would have imposed sanctions against the Syrian regime. The situation in Syria has escalated following a deadly attack on key Syrian officials on Wednesday.,,16109689,00.html

  201. Francis says:

    following up on Andre’s posts re: the polling, it seems that Romney’s taxes are just an interesting distraction in the public’s mind, and that what matters more to most people is the economy. I think for most people, Obama’s future for another term is linked to the economy. If it turns around in a marked way he will get elected. If the economy continues to show poor performance or worse, it will be Romney even if there are some tax shenanigans. I think the polls Andre has cited show that the issue most folks are focused is our economy. If the economy was ok, the news about Romney’s taxes would be enough to sink him, and I’m suprised it hasn’t yet but am really feeling that folks are way more concerned about the economy than Romney’s taxes.

    I think that if our economy continues to show poor recovery and if it can be blamed on Europe’s economic woes, I think some people will give Obama the benefit of the doubt.

  202. Teresa Hill says:

    Check the link above. Diary includes quotes and links to a Wall Street Journal article and one from Bloomberg quoting financial experts as saying if he was Warren Buffett, maybe he could have gotten these kinds of huge returns, but it would take a Warren Buffett.

  203. Squallo says:

    ?#US? says ?#UN? Security Council “utterly failed” on ?#Syria? and that it will now work outside of the council to confront ?#Assad?

    hmmmm… that reminds me something… hmmm… oh, I remember

    “peace talks usless… destroy important documents…” from Pearl Harbor.

  204. Squallo says:

    The official Lebanese news agency reported that Israeli fighter jets have entered the countries airspace and are flying over Nabatieh and Marjayoun.

    Another news outlet said Syrian gun batteries were being deployed along the northern border with Lebanon. (Roi Kais),7340,L-4257959,00.html

  205. Prabhata says:

    Que será, será

  206. Squallo says:


    C’est la vie

  207. catsandmusic says:

    Francis, I hate to say it but you sound like one of the Rmoney ads! How in the world is President Obama supposed to do anything about “the economy” when his every initiative has been obstructed? We need to keep showing that it is the Bain Capitals of this world that have caused job losses. After all, paying some poor child (and it is often likely to be a child) slave wages overseas really improves the profit margin for these vultures. Let’s blame the right (no pun intended) people for the poor economy, not our President.

  208. Squallo says:


    Bulgarian media have named the suicide bomber who blew up the bus with Israeli tourists on Wednesday, killing seven. The terrorist is alleged to be Mehdi Ghezali, an Algerian-Swedish Islamist who spent two years in Guantanamo Bay.

  209. fierywoman says:

    Wonderful writing and wonderful humor!

  210. fierywoman says:

    And that the Republicans in Congress made a pact to not vote for anything that would look good for Obama in order to deny him a second term.

  211. No Tribe says:

    Agreed. Jindal.

  212. mooncookie0829 says:

    They did that because Putin believes that what is going on in Syria is an internal matter and that the US and other countries should not be inteferring with sanctions. But Putin is in a hard place right now because of all the mass killings that are being carried out. His concern is not Assad…it is in his strategic arms facility he has there. If Assad goes, it looks bad for him. But he doesn’t want to be seen as supporting a brutal dictator.

  213. mooncookie0829 says:

    And you could be more nicer with your comments. I am very respectful to all here and I expect to be treated the same way.

  214. Francis says:

    Ow, you cut me deeply. I thought for sure that Romney would be toast with all the news about Bain and his taxes. But the polls haven’t changed and they are showing Romney has a slight lead… so I’m thinking folks don’t care that much about Romney’s time with Bain or about his taxes and that the economy weighs more on their minds. how do you make sense of the polls?

  215. mooncookie0829 says:

    But here is one thing I’ve noticed about Obama. When things look to being going bad for him, he always seems to come out on top. Like when everybody thought the SCOTUS would knock down the ACA. They didn’t. I continue to believe that Obama just might win this election despite the unemployment rate.

  216. Francis says:

    I was one of those who believed ACA would go down… you are right in that Obama has some magic that helps him. I’m really hoping the stuff about Romney’s taxes and about Bain starts to seep into the public’s mind… romney’s wife just said they will not release anymore taxes because it will give people more things to attack them on…

  217. alex says:

    the infamous well documented Los Angeles meeting of energy companies (who had gouged CA 2000-2001 – the defendants who lost court battle and were given a $9 billion judgment against) them in case brought by Lt. Gov. C. Bustamonte for the benefit of citizens/utility consumers of CA) with Arnold Schwarzenegger to arrange terms of their support for Arnie to enter the CA 2003 governor recall election to be based on the ‘deal’ that if he won he would get ‘rid’ of the judgment – use the office of governor to supercede the high courts decision;

    and Arnie delivered …. the first thing he did in office was use executive authority to declare that he had made a settlement with the cabal of energy company defendants…… the people of CA got the great equilvalent and reduced amount of 2cents for each settlement dollar as a gift to them from the terminator; Arnie was bought/delivered by the energy corps for the governor’s office and the explicit purpose/null-void the $9billion finding against them ;

  218. Lorrie U says:

    Ann Romney’s “you people” comment isn’t going down too well with people.

  219. Lorrie U says:

    Unconfirmed Reports Of Assassination Attempt On Secretary Of State Clinton

  220. Teresa Hill says:

    This is interesting only because it so fits the astrology of the time: David Vs. Goliath.
    A group of authors I’m a part of filed a class action suit against one of the world’s biggest publishers this morning over royalties being paid to us on older books that are now being issues as e-books.
    Harlequin is claiming a 50/50 split in our contract for royalties actually means we’re entitled, somehow, to only 3%, and we’re fighting back.
    (And I say 50/50, I’m talking a seldom used clause thrown into everyone’s contract, the only way HQ could pay us because no e-rights royalties were specified. We don’t usually get 50%. We get 6%-8% of cover price, already a paltry amount. They tried to stiff us for even less on e-books, which cost them hardly anything. I hope in the end, their greed will be their downfall.)
    Wish we hadn’t filed under Mercury Retrograde, but we are going over old issues having to do with communication, and it is a new moon. Hopefully, it’s a new day. Wish us luck.

  221. Jackson says:

    Look at the polls in a week or two, which will reflect all the new information coming to light.

  222. Francis says:

    :)not at all!

  223. Francis says:

    according to this poll analyzer the recent NYT poll that has Romney leading Obama is an outlier, which would go along with Mercury retrograde. So that is wonderful info for me, who saw the poll and I guess I kinda freaked…

  224. Prabhata says:

    To complicate the reasons why Romney’s IRA may be very high, is that he might well have a SEP IRA which has much higher caps on employer contributions.

    I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but my comments about rollovers, and IRAs being held by institutions who make sure the IRA doesn’t run afoul of the rules is what makes in my opinion the Romney IRA controversy a Much Ado About Nothing.

  225. pisca says:

    In light of her “newsworthiness” this week, you might want to read “Bachmann On the Marquee” June 21, 2011. Nancy (again) saw the strong Saturn and Neptune transits happening during July through August 18 “that suggest unrealistic expectations or some kind of self-delusion.”

  226. Squallo says:

    Wrong, Putin knows that the rebels are organized, armed and supported by NATO, that when can´t topple a government, they are supported by air strikes just like in Libya, and if he let them take Syria then nobody will believe in Russia’s protection.

    And BTW I’m not being disrespectful, just being straight

  227. Chokyi says:

    Sharks in the Water….the birth certificate is back in the news! I think it will backfire big time…any astro thoughts on the timing of this and such. (If the link doesn’t make it, just google obama and certificate under the news section – it was posted 8 hours ago.)

  228. will says:

    Don’t you see through this? Its got “Mitts” and Mercury’s fingerprints all over it. It is mind-meltingly moronic attempt to resuscitate an exhaustively-investigated and decisively dis-proven far-right-wing paranoid hoax. Don’t give it another thought.

  229. Chokyi says:

    I know…ain’t it grand?
    Already commentators are writing articles saying what a gift this is to the Obama campaign. It’s theatre of the ridiculous and as such it fascinates me – but it doesn’t trouble me (except for what it says about our species…)

  230. Francis says:

    thanks Jackson!

  231. Noelle says:

    Amen. he always pulls arabbit out of the hat.

  232. Squallo says:

    I’m sorry that you feel that way, because I think people can have a profound conversation without the need to sweeten each comment, or talk nice, because it adds nothing to the positions or ideas, and in fact sometimes distorts the meaning.

    As for the useful part, well, I don´t say that from nobody because even if I don’t accept others people’s thoughts, that doesn’t mean that I can judge his contribution.

  233. Gypsi says:

    Excellent Fierywoman!

  234. Gypsi says:

    And the ability to pull rabbits out of hats, is a chiron thing. A Chiron return thing maybe. Because I just pulled a real lulu out of a hat. (12 years research paid off, I’m ready to write the book.)

  235. No Tribe says:

    Jindal’s birthdate is posted above, and I have looked at his chart. The reason why I see he is going to be someone soon is due to the progressed chart. He could be VP for Romney. Or, it might reflect that he is the VP, but also the favored for the next cycle, if Obama does win.
    In his progressed chart, he has a Sun and Moon progressed in the 10th, and progressed Venus there. On the inauguration, his progressed Moon and Sun are conjunct there in the 10th, and Venus is directly conjunct the midheaven.
    That’s a career advancement, promotion time.
    Jindal’s natal venus is conjunct his Saturn, which is conjunct Romney’s ascendent. Big square there. Not natural partners. They probably can’t get along that great. He’d be an attack dog. Well, something to consider.

    Who is going to win the election? Whichever one takes on Pluto in the Pluto-Uranus opposition that is dominant growing at this time. 2008 was all about the Saturn-Uranus opposition, and who was the steady one vs who was the erratic one. That one was a surprise at the roles each wound up taking. We’ll need to wait and see who plays what as this plays out.

  236. Prabhata says:

    No Tribe, great job. I’m less than a novice with astrology, therefore, I’m glad you took a look at Jindal’s chart and see what I saw, though not as clearly as you have.

    Sharon (lives in LA) commented (above July 17, 5:33PM) that she sees Jindal as sophomoric and doubted he’d be selected. That might be true, but I think his ability to be confrontational (bad cop) makes him attractive as V.P. to allow Romney to play the good cop. I also read that Jindal is very loyal, one of the qualifications that Romney looks for. We’ll see.

  237. No Tribe says:

    The Dark Knight

    Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.

    hey, i think we have our opposition there showing up in pop culture.

    And Bain it!

    opens Friday across the nation.

  238. Cha says:

    And, Mercury is RX now so information is confusing I have found. Romney’s trying to change the subject now with saying Tax Returns aren’t his priority. Porn is.

  239. Gypsi says:

    I have ordered, and received, the ultimate book on asteroids. But what I do know as I see it working in my own chart, and remember from my friend the asteroid genius from Canada, is that one of the things about Chiron, possibly related to the opposition from Pluto in my chart, is that where Chiron is, you can occasionally think outside the box and pull a rabbit out of the hat. I do NOT see a Chiron return as a bad thing for Obama. Waiting on that rabbit. Voting yes, talking politics with republicans, yes, but my money is definitely on Obama pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

  240. TeresaW says:

    Which asteroid book did you get?

  241. Lorrie U says:

    Ummmmm…the correct and respectful way to refer to our President is “President Obama” rather than “Mr….” Thank you.

  242. Lorrie U says:

    Great, Gypsi! Good luck with the book.

  243. Lorrie U says:

    Wishing you luck. Let us know what happens as I do ebooks as well.

  244. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t know, as paranoid about “foreigners” that the RWNJ’s are, I think the base would have a hard time accepting Jindal as VP…

  245. Prabhata says:

    From what I read, the far right, especially the religious right loves Jindal.

  246. Davis L says:

    Interesting coincidence. The character of Bane was created I believe in the 90’s. But people will see what they want to see.
    AND…..if the shoe fits!!

  247. alex says:

    Jidal’s has strong associations with Romney & Adelson
    Jidal’s chart ( don’t have energy to spare for this right now ) sticking with outline notes and the unfolding coherence of ‘crowd sourcing’ as time goes by:

    Fixed Grand Cross

    Alderson Solar Arc Sun 00Scorpio
    Jindal SA Sun 00Leo
    Jindal N/Pallas 02Taurus
    Obama N/Jupiter 00Aquarius


    Romney N/Moon 27Scorpio cnj Romney N/Jupiter 27Scoprio
    Jidal’s ‘galvanizing singleton water element’ N/Jupier @29Scorpio
    Jidal N/Neptune 01Sagittarius
    Romney’s N/Des 01Sagittarius


    Jidal’s N/Juno 23Cancer
    Adelson N/Pluto 23Cancer
    Obama N/Saturn 25 Capricorn


    looks like his role as media surrogate for Romney will grow

  248. angellight says:

    The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union!

    | Visio..

  249. Jerry says:

    Sometimes films can inspire, and sometimes, tragically, as you probably have heard by now it can bring out the worst……..

    14 Dead, 50 Injured In Aurora Shooting At Batman Movie

    KJCT News
    July 20, 2012

    AURORA, Colo. – A gunman opened fire early Friday at a movie theater in a Denver suburb, killing 14 people and leaving at least 50 other injured, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said.

    The shooting occurred during a showing of the latest Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises,” police said.

    The violence erupted about 12:30 a.m. MDT as the gunman stood at the front of one of the Century 16 theaters at the Aurora Mall.


    Listening to a BBC news account; an eyewitness describes the assault began to unfold just as a mass shooting scene in the film started. Was this a copycat act from a film scene out of “Inglorious Bastards”? Very sad.

  250. Noelle says:

    Starlight, when you’re right, you really are right. Unfortunately this time it means multiple incidents of violence, the latest of which isssssss the shootings in the Colorado theater.

    When should we see an end to this?

  251. Gypsi says:

    Maybe the wrong one – finally got to open it last night. I got Martha Lang-Wescott “Angles and Predictions”. I think that her “Mechanics of the Future” might have been a better place to start. Either way it will stretch my understanding. I have a friend who uses her books and her interpretations of asteroids in my chart and some comparisons have been spot-on!

  252. Gypsi says:

    Starlight, How much longer on the most volatile part of the Uranus/Pluto square for right now? I have a very hugely pregnant daughter whose baby is due July 31st. Interestingly she and her twin have the asteroid Zeus on their ascendant degree at 13 Libra right now, in addition to the large square dancing around the cardinal signs. I am trying not to worry. There is stuff but optimistic stuff mostly, but ay yi yi yi, they both had Neptune on their 28 Aq Moon’s for a few years, and that was quite frightening for me. And they made it.

  253. Stefanie says:

    Damn you Pluto, bringing everyone’s darkest emotions and fears to the ultimate boiling point. And Uranus in Aries lighting the match. I am trying to figure out how to transmute these energies in my own life and have found that sending love and light to everyone I pass on the street helps a lot. Also meditation. The world is in deep pain, it is screaming, it is struggling, so many in death throes. Someone I don’t know personally but who is close to those I’m close to shot and killed himself on Tuesday night. There was also that shooting in Canada earlier this week. When the shootings and suicides start, you know the darkness is rising. I find the metaphor of “Dark Knight Rising” so disturbingly apt.

  254. No Tribe says:


    I guess its getting to the point of alternative reality taking over some baked-out individuals sense of humanity. The movies.

  255. starlight says:

    Wow! An indirect connection between Romney and the LIBOR scandal. And of course, the question arises of what these donors can expect if he wins and they get investigated by the Justice Department. The potential for corruption here is massive. This reminds me of Sheldon Adelson clearly hoping his money will buy him immunity.

  256. starlight says:

    The current acute phase of Uranus/Pluto runs pretty much from June to mid-September, but it has been worse in the past week due to Mars and now Jupiter.

  257. Squallo says:


    This was a response to other comment but it disappeared.


  258. Prabhata says:

    Geithner is directly connected because he knew of the manipulation when he headed the NY Fed.

  259. Sharon says:

    Good post, Stephanie. I guess the metaphor tragically came to life for those viewing the movie in Aurora, CO last night. Sigh. Then, there was the bus bombing in Bulgaria. And—the drought. It is all painful.

  260. Prabhata says:

    The article that Pisca is linking to is about Romney going to London for a fundraiser with bankers, some of which are embroiled in the LIBOR scandal. I think every big bank, e.g. Citi, Goldman Sachs, etc., is under investigation. Every fundraiser for Romney or Obama by managers of financial institutions should highlight the close relationship between Wall Street and politicians.

  261. Sharon says:

    Good luck to your daughter—may she have a beautiful, healthy baby! All will be well. I try not to let astrology frighten me as there are so many possibilities for each aspect. My feeling is that most karma is good karma!

  262. Sharon says:

    And maybe all karma is good karma. Life is abundant and filled with blessings. May they be showered on you and your family.

  263. Sharon says:

    Speaking as someone who lives in Lousiana, Jindal is a fast-thinking, fast-talking (double-speak) hypocrite who is full of s**t. He should be perfect for the role.

  264. Sharon says:

    And, apparently, he’s vindictive because those in government who don’t vote with him are removed from their positions.

  265. karen says:

    Overwhelmingly agree with your post, Stefanie. And, if it means taking a deep breath, biting your tongue, then do it. What these configurations also bring to light is a seeming lack of emotional intelligence, or the absence of the ability to control I-want-what-I-want-and-I-want-it-now impulses. While the current energies are triggers (in many cases), it is also our inability to listen fully, and swim in the deeper ocean of empathy.

    I am so sorry for the passing of your acquaintance in such an abrupt manner.

  266. Gina says:

    If Romney wins, I predict that there’ll be no investigation. If he loses, well, maybe–or they’ll cut some kind of deal to put the kibosh on it.

  267. Prabhata says:

    There was no investigation of the financial fraud of 2008. Nobody went to jail, but instead the bankers were saved by the politicians and the Fed. If there was no investigation after the 2008 fraud, there won’t be any in 2013 regardless of who is elected. The connection between Wall Street and the politicians in Washington would never allow it.

  268. Prabhata says:

    U.C. Riverside is a public university, but like U.C. Berkeley, all U.C. universities are one system with very good education. It’s very sad.


    Tom Mai, a retired electrical engineer who lives next door to Holmes’ family, told The Associated Press that Holmes was a loner. Mai said he said hello to Holmes once in a while, but he seemed to be shy. The mother told Mai that Holmes couldn’t find a job after graduating from a public university in California.

    The University of California, Riverside, confirmed to CBS News that Holmes graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience.

  269. will says:


    My deepest condolences for your friend’s demise. And thank you for the reminder to generate that love from the center of our hearts out to the Universe, to everyone who is broken and beaten and on their last dollar or nerve. We truly all can be pedestrian bodhisattvas in response to this kind of random madness. People out of work, out-of-relationship, out-of-meds, out-of-resources, out-of-money, out-of-hope – we would all bring the assistance of our higher angels if we took just a few moments a day to visualize light and love and compassion to the whole globe. Imagine the horror stories now as citizens of Syria.

    Thank you for reminding us that we, each of us, can make a difference in every moment.

    Starlight, when will the Mars trigger begin to abate in all of this?

  270. Lorrie U says:

    If Pres. Obama gets re-elected, he might be a little more on the offensive since he doesn’t have to worry about alienating the financial backers. He will have a little more freedom to take actions he might not otherwise take when thinking about a second term.

  271. Chokyi says:

    I feel you.
    This transiting Tsquare is directly aspecting my moon…In three weeks eight different women I knew (separated by a few degrees) all died suddenly. Two were gruesome suicides.
    Listening to Stevie sing Love’s In Need of Love Today and exhaling that love is a powerful antidote to this collective pain. (Just as I was writing this lightening struck a tree across the street from me in one powerful blinding bolt! That got my attention…I guess it’s kind of like that.)
    I am in the middle of a ten year get-to-know-Pluto experience (transit to many personal planets) and it’s been super helpful to read all I can about the planet. My take-away lesson so far is that Pluto wants me/us to wake up and insists that the rot be cut out. With Pluto the rot is usually hiding in plain sight – as in the Wall St. rot. Pluto can feel so frigging ruthless, but I am beginning to feel the underlying wake up call as one of concern for my well being and I try to just surf that wave. An astrologer told me that Pluto transits bring uber powerful energy pouring through the system and therefore requires diligent self care, powerful love.
    “For Happiness Cherish Others”

  272. fierywoman says:

    Every time this stuff comes out I keep thinking, “OK it could be framed in a (pro-Obama) ad like this … and like this … and then THIS one …”

  273. starlight says:

    This is a really important article from Robert REich. He really gets to the heart of the issue.

    The American economy has moved way beyond outsourcing abroad or even “in-sourcing.” Most big companies headquartered in America don’t send jobs overseas and don’t bring jobs here from abroad. That’s because most are no longer really “American” companies. They’ve become global networks that design, make, buy, and sell things wherever around the world it’s most profitable for them to do so.

    The core problem isn’t outsourcing. It’s that the prosperity of America’s big businesses – which are really global networks that happen to be headquartered here – has become disconnected from the well-being of most Americans.

  274. fierywoman says:

    For a while now I’ve been enjoying meeting the eyes of people who don’t look like me and giving them a big warm smile. It especially startles the ladies with head scarves, but they get it, of course. I also enjoy saying thank you sir/ma’am to people I run across who don’t imagine anyone would ever address them that way. Try it! It’s gleefully fun.

  275. fierywoman says:

    “For Happiness Cherish Others”
    Love it.

  276. Lunagardener says:

    My response to life as well….XXOO, though I don’t often run into beautiful women in headscarves, I do run into a lot of mountain folk and bankers.

  277. will says:

    Chokyi, Fierywoman,


  278. Davis L says:

    I do the same thing as often as I can. You are right. It IS gleefully fun. Most do not realize that a simple smile can often save a life.

  279. alex says:

    Well Robert Reich is important progressive economic voice and scholar; but he has used a blunt sword to promote his messages since 2008 and criticized Obama often (I wonder why he doesn’t just pick up a phone I’m thinking that Pres. Obama would take his calls); R.R. personifies the saying
    ‘perfection is the enemy of the good’ when he ignores Obama’s excellent progressive policy work;

    in a timely way he has recently skipped over his own/Reich signature issue ( as far as I know R.R. quit the Clinton administration Labor Sec. under Clinton administration because of changes to the social safety net created by ‘welfare to work’ rules signed into law, politicized and heavily promoted into a mission by Pres. Bill Clinton )

    R.R. has not praised the Obama administration for allowing any state that wants waivers from the failed ‘welfare to work’ rules ( because they did not meet it’s desired and initial goals); so though I appreciate RR’s progressive economic voice I don’t like him for being seemingly and purposefully tone deaf to the negative de-moralizing effect he has on the progressive base;

    now I’ll go read the article posted at the url :-)

  280. Prabhata says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath and expect a different outcome after the elections regardless of who’s elected. In December 2008 Madoff’s fraud was public. Within three months, in March 2009 Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty. This was a G.W.B. investigation. Corzine evaporated, close to a billion dollar of clients’ cash accounts with his M.F. Global. M.F. Global went bankrupt October 2011, and Corzine continues to be a bundler for the Obama campaign.

    As much as I disliked G.W.B., I have to admit that he was better at going after fraudsters, like Enron and Madoff, than Democratic President Obama.

    Bottom line: Corruption has not party allegiance.

  281. andre says:

    Could be Mercury retrograde. We’ll soon see. One thing is certain. There will be another Mercury retrograde on Election Day. Last time that happened, in 2000, the will of the people was denied.

  282. andre says:

    Teresa, I think the race is tighter than you would like. The New York Times electoral map today has 217 electoral votes for Obama, 206 for Romney, 115 tossup, 270 needed to win. It can go either way whatever we might think of Romney’s tax returns. Uranus retrograde can bring nasty surprises.

  283. andre says:

    Lorrie, blame the New York Times. That is their writing, not mine.

  284. andre says:

    The NY Times today also has 4 swing states leaning Democratic, 5 leaning Republican and 9 tossup. Hardly comforting.

  285. alex says:

    its understandable when Gary Hart’s public stream of writings are an expression of frustration and regret;

    it’s not clear to me why Robert Reich’s public stream of writings expresses disappointment, and/or hyper criticism of the sitting democratic president; it was R.R.’s honorable choice/ showed integrity to quit Labor Sec. in opposition to ‘welfare to work’ policy;

    but when he quit what illusion did he have of becoming as influential as Labor Sec. in equivalent world role usless he made the role for himself ;

    he hasn’t made that role for himself…. he is a professor, has a blog, writes for this and that, is a media pundit;

    that doesn’t get near the prior influence of Labor Sec.; he made a choice, he’s a self made man that has flatlined he has not continued to make personal achievement as he did in his early life, though he will always be recognized for his economic scholarhip;

    he expresses frustration with the office of the president… maybe he wanted/wants to be a president…. he is now a professor at UCBerkeley that is comfortable place for a progressive thinker…. I think he should aspire to become the president of UCBerkley or really get into influenctial political nitty gritty and become the chair of board for the UC Regents;

    (I held out hope that he would really do something
    good when he joined common cause ( think it was last year ) an organization that is admirable but he hasn’t as far as I know done much there or hasn’t been willing to share it if he has … haven’t seen results from that association;

    he is very sagittarius – gets the big picture; but sagittarius learn through maturity that being right doesn’t persuade people or make them popular enough to move people in the direction they want them to go … R.R. seems to concentrate on being right … not getting things done;

  286. Prabhata says:

    it’s not clear to me why Robert Reich’s public stream of writings expresses disappointment, and/or hyper criticism of the sitting democratic president; it was R.R.’s honorable choice/ showed integrity to quit Labor Sec. in opposition to ‘welfare to work’ policy;

    Maybe Reich is using the avenue he has to express his views, just like Krugman who has also criticized on a few occasions the president. I agree with you that Reich is honorable man, and an honorable man is not honorable one day, and dishonorable the next, therefore I wouldn’t impugn his motive as being anything but honest and honorable.

  287. alex says:

    Reich criticizes Obama frequently at his blog & other published venues and at media appearances…..

    R.R. is not leader – he is divisive left wing wedge creator;

    I find his work, videos, his ‘reporting’ about economic concepts to be excellent but he has very little ‘situational awareness’ he doesn’t help Obama by being divisive in the way he presents his critical information that drives a wedge between the progressive base and the Obama administration…

    R.R. could be adding some momentum towards a 2012 win for Obama by criticizing Romney for the pioneering work ( policy-ideology) he has done implementing ‘economic sacrifice zones';

  288. alex says:

    R.R. is divisive left-wing wedge creator;

    when he presents economic concepts he is excellent but he presents his criticism of Obama administration so that it creates a wedge between the progressive base and Obama;

    he could instead be criticizing Romney for pioneering work ( policy-ideology ) that created ‘economic sacrifice zones';

    we need all the positive momentum we can get to win 2012;

  289. alex says:

    wee hours and I didn’t see where the post location formatted or see the first post at all…. oops

  290. Azizi says:

    FYI, I watched a video of President Obama’s speech regarding the Aurora Colorado tragedy and prepared a transcript of that speech & posted on my blog. The link to that blog post is

    That post also includes the video and my comments about that speech from a folkloric standpoint (I’m interested in not just what President Obama said but how he said it. And I’m interested in the audience responses in Black church going traditions that occurred during that speech.

    In addition to that speech, I included several links in that post to postings about Jennifer Ghawi who was one of the 12 persons who died in that massacre. Last month Jennifer almost was a victim of the Toronto, Canada shooting which killed several people. She wrotee that she had a feeling of unease and she left that food court right before that shooting. Her words about that experience are quite eloquent. I’m not sure what Jennifer Ghawi’s birth information is, but I wish someone would provide some astrological information about her.

    What I REALLY wish is that none of this had happened.

    My condolences to the family and friends of Jennifer and all those who lost their lives or were injured in this massacre.

  291. Gypsi says:

    Thank you Sharon. This will be a Lammas baby, karma has its moments. And she’s a girl, so her mama is in for it raising a beautiful daughter. (for me – I’ve been there done that, it is not easy.) Hopefully all will be well. Starlight, thank you for looking.

  292. Francis says:

    If I could chime in and say that I stopped reading Reich’s articles because his writings have a negative drone to them. He rarely seems to have anything positive to say… even in what seems like good news he will find the poop. I don’t doubt that he is an honorable man, but he has a negative outlook. That said, his articles have a brilliance to them, the man is smart, knows his stuff very well and offers an alternative to the Republican trickle down economics and starve the beast policies. It is just that for me, and I think for lots of folks, he is negative. There are many people on the left who are negative, who seems to judge harshly other liberals and progressives from an idealistic vision which always comes up short. As they say, it takes one to know one, and negativity is something I struggle with, too. Things are never good enough, we are running out of time… and there was a time when I was critical of President Obama and the Dems because I believed they squandered the opportunity they had. I wanted them to be like Bush was, ramming things through. I strive to believe in hope and change and I am also striving to be pragmatic about what is possible with what we have. For me, Reich’s writings seem to have too much Saturn, not enough Mars and not enough Neptunian inspiration.

  293. alex says:

    Register to Vote at 1-866-My-Vote

    Video Link

    voterprotection if you have problem getting Voter ID Attention, Mark Vinson


    Robert Reich is former Labor Sec.
    Krugman is successful journalist – his stock & trade is criticism

  294. Gypsi says:

    I did my 10 years of Pluto, am just coming out of it. Descent of the Goddess – a book based on a Sumerian story, the descent of Innanna, was very helpful to me.

  295. fierywoman says:

    Thank your for reminding me of Innana! (I’m a 7 aries 35 Sun person.)

  296. fierywoman says:

    Krugman also criticizes the right a lot, and offers (Nobel-Prize-winning) intelligent critiques of how to fix the economy.

  297. Prabhata says:

    Robert Reich has a degree in economics and a JD from Yale. That he was once labor secretary doesn’t take away that for the most part he’s an academic who currently teaches at U.C. Berkeley and has a blog. Krugman is worked with Martin Feldstein under the Reagan administration. Krugman is also an academic, currently teaches at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He too has a blog. Both Krugman and Reich have the recognition and standing to criticize a president, even if I don’t agree with everything they say.

    I supported Bill Clinton’s welfare reform. It was long overdue, imho.

  298. Davis L says:

    Sorry I missed your comment. The present structure of the blog tends to lead one to the bottom of the page and you sometime miss replies to comments further up.
    You Are Certainly Welcome! Considering all the astrologers I’ve personally and not so personally known since 1970 Nancy Sommers, i.e. Starlight is certainly top tier if not the very best!

  299. Fe says:

    Bill Clinton’s welfare reform led to the largest rise of female incarceration in the US history, mostly for crimes of poverty. I happen to know this because I worked in the prisons in the mid 1990s around the time welfare and sentencing reform put black women and their children on track to be penitentiary bound.