24th Jun, 2012

There is Only One President…

During the early days of the Obama administration, many Democrats felt their president was being too accommodating to the partisans on the Right.  Despite the president’s good-faith efforts at compromise, however, the rabid right-wing political hacks relentlessly attempted to block him on every conceivable issue, twisting their own positions into illogical nonsense so as to shamelessly denounce his as unacceptable. This tactic became especially problematic and effective after the 2010 election, when the Republicans gained control of the House.

Astrologically, the president’s strong penchant for negotiation and compromise can be seen in his well-populated 7th house, which holds three planets including the chart ruler, Uranus, and the North Node. This combination describes someone with a forceful inner drive to bring people who represent diverse positions together into a working whole, a dominant theme throughout Obama’s political career. From January 2011 through April 2012, however, the president’s progressed Mars, the planet of direct and goal-oriented action, moved into a square with his natal Saturn (25Capricorn20), the planet of frustration, loss, and difficulty. This manifested in the magnitude of obstacles used to thwart him from moving forward with his agenda, including the unrelenting and effective opposition by Republicans in Congress to essentially everything Obama supported.

This restrictive and sabotaging configuration in the president’s chart is now rapidly dissipating and has been replaced by the much more dynamic and aggressive solar arc progressed Mars square to the Sun (12Leo33), which will be building in strength as the campaign progresses. This much more assertive stance can be seen in Obama’s very astute one-line smack-downs of Romney during presidential events, including such memorable lines as “There is only one president at a time,” and “We don’t need a ‘pioneer of outsourcing’ in the White House”, to mention just the most recent. We have also seen some very effective political attack ads against Romney focusing on his days at Bain and as Governor of Massachusetts, as well as an increased willingness by the president to bypass the obstruction tactics of Congress through recess appointments and executive orders, including the recent one halting the deportation of young, American-educated immigrants.

Joining the very strengthening solar arc Mars square to Obama’s Sun, from April 2012 through April 2013, will be the converse progressed Sun square to natal Mars (22Virgo35) beginning in November 2012 through November 2013. This combination of Mars progressions in the president’s chart points to Obama having a very assertive and invigorated attitude that will focus not only on domestic policy and partisan combat, but also on foreign affairs and possibly military issues. It is noteworthy that this forceful Mars energy continues unabated through most of 2013, which would seem unlikely for a one-term president.

In contrast, Mitt Romney’s multi-year converse Sun conjunction to converse Mars will soon culminate as of August 2012, thereafter weakening. It has been this aspect, in addition to the now-passing and protracted Mars passage through Virgo opposite Romney’s Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces, that has rendered him so effectively aggressive in the past few months. The dissipation of the bold and domineering Mars energy is likely to be a problem for Romney in the fall, especially as Neptune, the planet of weakness, self-delusion, and dishonesty, returns to make a four-month square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) from September through most of December 2012.

At present, there are two very dangerous situations going on the world, each with the capacity to spiral rapidly out of control while drawing in several nations with potentially catastrophic results. The first is the debt crisis in Europe which threatens to plunge Europe into an ever-deeper financial disaster, as well as pull the US back into recession, if it is not somehow resolved. From what I can surmise, this economic turmoil is indicated astrologically by the crossing of Saturn through the last part of Libra where it adversely impacts numerous charts of both leaders and nations involved in this financially stressful period. It has, moreover, taken a turn for the worse during the current Saturn station in June, itself made even tenser with the Venus station (7Gemini29) in sesquiquadrate to Saturn (22Libra45) from June 20 through July 1. Venus represents financial matters and comfortable wealth and is being pressured by the heaviness and burden of Saturn for a protracted period, adding increased anxiety and caution to an already difficult situation. It seems likely that there will be a greater sense of optimism and some measure of resolution by September as Saturn begins to separate from the affected charts.

The second dangerous situation is the escalating civil war in Syria which is beginning to draw in numerous other nations, including the US, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, threatening an ever-wider arc of destruction if not handled very carefully by all. As mentioned in previous articles, this deepening imbroglio is intensifying during the first two crossings of the Uranus/Pluto square which merge together from June through September 2012. This extremely volatile Uranus/Pluto aspect (8Aries/Capricorn) has also been triggered by aspects from the Venus station (7-8 Gemini) from June 17 through July 4, and will be more strongly activated by Mars (8Libra) from July 14 through July 18, followed by Jupiter (8Gemini) from July 17 to July 23. This suggests the potential for greatly increased tensions and possible escalation in the Syrian conflict both in late June and during mid to late July.

It is always useful to consider President Obama’s chart when other issues are boiling over to further assess the impact on him and on the US. As mentioned above, Obama’s solar arc progressed Mars is currently square to his natal Sun (12Leo33). This aspect is being strengthened by a semisquare from transiting Mars from June 25 through June 28, suggesting greater assertiveness during that time. Another strong trigger to Obama’s very muscular Sun/Mars aspect will be the Mercury station from July 9 through July 15, when it seems likely the president will be pushing very hard and being very forceful in a situation that may seem otherwise stuck (Mercury station).

Also of interest is the prolonged Neptune trine to Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47) from July 11 through August 24, triggering the waning progressed Sun square to Venus and the waxing tertiary Jupiter square to Venus that will continue through October. These aspects point to a period when Obama’s personal magnetism and likeability remain potent despite the difficult situations he is dealing with. Although Saturn will return to square the US Mercury (24Cancer12) and then Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20) during late July and the first three weeks of August, the personal popularity of a strengthened Venus would seem to be enough to protect his general level of support despite the last squeeze of the financial crisis likely at that time.

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