There is Only One President…

During the early days of the Obama administration, many Democrats felt their president was being too accommodating to the partisans on the Right.  Despite the president’s good-faith efforts at compromise, however, the rabid right-wing political hacks relentlessly attempted to block him on every conceivable issue, twisting their own positions into illogical nonsense so as to shamelessly denounce his as unacceptable. This tactic became especially problematic and effective after the 2010 election, when the Republicans gained control of the House.

Astrologically, the president’s strong penchant for negotiation and compromise can be seen in his well-populated 7th house, which holds three planets including the chart ruler, Uranus, and the North Node. This combination describes someone with a forceful inner drive to bring people who represent diverse positions together into a working whole, a dominant theme throughout Obama’s political career. From January 2011 through April 2012, however, the president’s progressed Mars, the planet of direct and goal-oriented action, moved into a square with his natal Saturn (25Capricorn20), the planet of frustration, loss, and difficulty. This manifested in the magnitude of obstacles used to thwart him from moving forward with his agenda, including the unrelenting and effective opposition by Republicans in Congress to essentially everything Obama supported.

This restrictive and sabotaging configuration in the president’s chart is now rapidly dissipating and has been replaced by the much more dynamic and aggressive solar arc progressed Mars square to the Sun (12Leo33), which will be building in strength as the campaign progresses. This much more assertive stance can be seen in Obama’s very astute one-line smack-downs of Romney during presidential events, including such memorable lines as “There is only one president at a time,” and “We don’t need a ‘pioneer of outsourcing’ in the White House”, to mention just the most recent. We have also seen some very effective political attack ads against Romney focusing on his days at Bain and as Governor of Massachusetts, as well as an increased willingness by the president to bypass the obstruction tactics of Congress through recess appointments and executive orders, including the recent one halting the deportation of young, American-educated immigrants.

Joining the very strengthening solar arc Mars square to Obama’s Sun, from April 2012 through April 2013, will be the converse progressed Sun square to natal Mars (22Virgo35) beginning in November 2012 through November 2013. This combination of Mars progressions in the president’s chart points to Obama having a very assertive and invigorated attitude that will focus not only on domestic policy and partisan combat, but also on foreign affairs and possibly military issues. It is noteworthy that this forceful Mars energy continues unabated through most of 2013, which would seem unlikely for a one-term president.

In contrast, Mitt Romney’s multi-year converse Sun conjunction to converse Mars will soon culminate as of August 2012, thereafter weakening. It has been this aspect, in addition to the now-passing and protracted Mars passage through Virgo opposite Romney’s Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces, that has rendered him so effectively aggressive in the past few months. The dissipation of the bold and domineering Mars energy is likely to be a problem for Romney in the fall, especially as Neptune, the planet of weakness, self-delusion, and dishonesty, returns to make a four-month square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) from September through most of December 2012.

At present, there are two very dangerous situations going on the world, each with the capacity to spiral rapidly out of control while drawing in several nations with potentially catastrophic results. The first is the debt crisis in Europe which threatens to plunge Europe into an ever-deeper financial disaster, as well as pull the US back into recession, if it is not somehow resolved. From what I can surmise, this economic turmoil is indicated astrologically by the crossing of Saturn through the last part of Libra where it adversely impacts numerous charts of both leaders and nations involved in this financially stressful period. It has, moreover, taken a turn for the worse during the current Saturn station in June, itself made even tenser with the Venus station (7Gemini29) in sesquiquadrate to Saturn (22Libra45) from June 20 through July 1. Venus represents financial matters and comfortable wealth and is being pressured by the heaviness and burden of Saturn for a protracted period, adding increased anxiety and caution to an already difficult situation. It seems likely that there will be a greater sense of optimism and some measure of resolution by September as Saturn begins to separate from the affected charts.

The second dangerous situation is the escalating civil war in Syria which is beginning to draw in numerous other nations, including the US, Turkey, Lebanon, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, threatening an ever-wider arc of destruction if not handled very carefully by all. As mentioned in previous articles, this deepening imbroglio is intensifying during the first two crossings of the Uranus/Pluto square which merge together from June through September 2012. This extremely volatile Uranus/Pluto aspect (8Aries/Capricorn) has also been triggered by aspects from the Venus station (7-8 Gemini) from June 17 through July 4, and will be more strongly activated by Mars (8Libra) from July 14 through July 18, followed by Jupiter (8Gemini) from July 17 to July 23. This suggests the potential for greatly increased tensions and possible escalation in the Syrian conflict both in late June and during mid to late July.

It is always useful to consider President Obama’s chart when other issues are boiling over to further assess the impact on him and on the US. As mentioned above, Obama’s solar arc progressed Mars is currently square to his natal Sun (12Leo33). This aspect is being strengthened by a semisquare from transiting Mars from June 25 through June 28, suggesting greater assertiveness during that time. Another strong trigger to Obama’s very muscular Sun/Mars aspect will be the Mercury station from July 9 through July 15, when it seems likely the president will be pushing very hard and being very forceful in a situation that may seem otherwise stuck (Mercury station).

Also of interest is the prolonged Neptune trine to Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47) from July 11 through August 24, triggering the waning progressed Sun square to Venus and the waxing tertiary Jupiter square to Venus that will continue through October. These aspects point to a period when Obama’s personal magnetism and likeability remain potent despite the difficult situations he is dealing with. Although Saturn will return to square the US Mercury (24Cancer12) and then Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20) during late July and the first three weeks of August, the personal popularity of a strengthened Venus would seem to be enough to protect his general level of support despite the last squeeze of the financial crisis likely at that time.


  1. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you for a reassuring post, Starlight! I’m wondering, though, if it should come to pass that Romney does not get the nomination due to Ron Paul’s antics at their convention, then his aspects would not be indicative for the election.

    Have you had an opportunity to look at Eric Holder’s chart to see if this contempt charge might have a lasting impact on his office?

  2. andre says:

    I watched Tahrir Square in Cairo erupt with joy this morning as the first elected president in Egypt’s very long history was announced. The military are working in the wings to limit his power. Democracy in Egypt is a major world event. Uranus square Pluto indeed. And I was watching this on Al Jazeera, an international Arab-owned network which is surpassing the BBC in the quality of its international reporting. Maybe we are entering a new golden age of Arab culture.

    The president elect is from the Muslim Brotherhood, but his spokesman said his government would not be religious and would include women and minorities. We shall see. I have long respected the leaders in Turkey, a moderate Muslim government whose president and prime minister over the last ten years are among the world’s wisest and most competent. The latest sign of this is their restraint after the Turkish jet was shot down by Syria. They are consulting NATO for a collective response. Smart move.

    Here in Quebec, the liberation of Arab peoples is a source of inspiration. The student movement derived from the Occupy movement is mutating into a powerfully rejuvenated form of the independence movement. Today is Quebec’s national holiday. One sign says: ”We don’t want a rise in tuition fees. We want a country!” Provincial elections will likely be held in September. I expect a victory of the separatist Parti Quebecois.

  3. Lorrie U says:

    I heard that Morsi’s two daughters either reside or are citizens in the U.S. and that he plans on resigning from the Muslim Brotherhood. I imagine the right wing will feel threatened by a Muslim nation anyway.

  4. starlight says:

    I can’t find anything that stands out in Eric Holder’s chart. Of course, as usual, I don’t have a birth time, so much could remain hidden. OTOH, his swearing-in chart has the Saturn station quincunx the Moon basically through July. That could be some of what we are seeing.

  5. starlight says:

    I am still hoping that the SC will announce about Obamacare tomorrow. The sun will be activating the pr Sun square to Pluto in the HCR chart. Also Jupiter is on Obama’s Moon through early Tuesday. It would be the best possible outcome to be under that aspect.

  6. Noelle says:

    Thanks, Starlight, for the unexpected Sunday gift.

  7. Teresa Hill says:

    An article last week said the court tends to announce decisions on Mondays and sometimes, particularly at the end of a term when lots of decisions are coming down, on Thursdays.
    It would have to be one or the other, it seems. End of term is here.

  8. frs says:

    Here is a sobering article about how the SCOTUS has undertaken to systematically destroy decades of case law, not to mention the will of the people. How the Roberts Court will go down as the most activist courts in our nation’s history.

  9. will says:

    Terrific, gripping, wild roller-coaster-ride of a piece, Starlight – and yes, it was a nice Sunday surprise (thank you, Noelle).

    I happened to see a clip of Obama announcing his policiy re: the Dream Act. It would appear he is getting his mojo back to a palpable degree. If he can keep this momentum and spirited rhetoric up through the elections, I would wager he has an excellent change of a second term.

  10. will says:

    no, that wasn’t a Freudian Slip – I meant to type “chance of a second term.” Bad coffee for brunch. Help needed in frontal lobe.

  11. starlight says:

    Enjoying Jupiter on his Moon, Obama’s poll numbers are up for today at least (and likely tomorrow).

  12. Patty says:

    Thank you Nancy, for sharing your brilliant insight and wisdom with us. You are a jewel!

  13. connimac says:

    Starlight, let me join in the chorus and say “thank you” for some light in what has become the dark world of politics, courtesy of the latest rendition of the republican party. Cheers to you and your fine work!

  14. andre says:

    The global economy is experiencing a “vicious cycle” in which the efforts of governments, households, businesses and the financial sector to reduce their debts are worsening each others’ prospects, the Bank for International Settlements has warned.

    Stephen Cecchetti, chief economist of the BIS – often referred to as the bank for central banks – said that five years after the financial crisis engulfed the global economy the world appears no closer to finding a sustainable economic model.

    Not until regulators get to grips with the global banking system’s woes by forcing banks to recognise their losses, take write-offs and raise new capital can the path to sustainable growth begin, he said.

  15. starlight says:

    Thank you, everyone. :-)

    Do others here also get the feeling of a not so subtle smackdown when Obama comments on Romney? In that press conference, when he said, “There is only one president at a time…” and the rest of it, I really felt like Romney got a deserved slap. I was surprised that the Ed Show didn’t mention it in the after discussion. But then, of course, Rachel led with it, and I felt that slap down reverberate once again. It is very comforting to see Romney put in his place after all the nonsense he has spouted.

  16. Jerry says:

    Key dates to watch in the rising tensions with Syria and the mid east region in general. June 29th (see related article below). The July 3rd Mars Libra ingress/and Full Moon at 12 Capr. conjoining the US Sun (will NATO take decisive steps at this juncture?). The July 17-18 Moon-Mars-Uranus-Pluto cardinal grand cross square.

    A State of Ongoing Cardinal T-Square and Some Mars in Libra Foreshadowing/ Riding the Cardinal T-Square Waves

    by Willow’s Web Astrology

    The Sun in Cancer moves into exact t-square position with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn on June 29, and we’re in a state of ongoing cardinal t-square throughout the summer.

    Mars pushed its way out of the retrograde shadow force field June 19, moving into new degrees of Virgo for the last bit of its almost eight-month transit in the sign of the virgin. It enters Libra, the sign of its detriment, July 3, forming yet another cardinal t-square with Uranus and Pluto July 17/18.


  17. Jackson says:

    Romney thinks he’s already president, since Jehovak or Elohim or whatever the name of the Mormon god for planet Earth is has appointed him king of this realm to fulfill the prophecy of Joseph Smith, and Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are orchestrating a bunch of billionaires to buy the election. So, yes, nice slapdown from PBO.

    I suspect Team Obama has a pretty good map of how they’re going to checkmate this brittle prick. I mean, it shouldn’t be difficult. Romney is that soccer dad on the other team, the one who’s out on the field complaining and working the refs for every advantage. I witnessed an entitled jerk do that at my daughter’s soccer game when she was around seven or eight; his ref-bullying shenanigans started working, which pissed off the working-class dads on my kid’s team. One of them started yelling at the jerk, he responded with a peevish “F%€£ you” and a one-finger Rockefeller salute, and it was game on. Dude got flattened with one punch, the other team’s dads jumped in but, being entitled pantywaists, were no match for our team’s dads. Of course we forfeited the game, but it was worth it to see that mouthy prick get his clock cleaned.

    I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to see something similar happen to Romney. I dislike the man that much.

  18. Teresa Hill says:

    I get the idea that Romney figures if he wants to be President and he has all the big money guys in his party behind him, he can’t imagine he’d ever lose. Like it’s his already. He’s just going through the motions now.

  19. will says:


    That’s exactly how Romney thinks and functions; once a spoiled, privileged, entitled assclown, always a ” ” ” assclown.

  20. fierywoman says:

    You saw the thing a couple of weeks ago about the guy who had gone to school with both Rmoney and Obama, who said Rmoney is going to get slaughtered by Obama in the debates?

  21. Teresa Hill says:

    Could be very good for all of us if he keeps thinking exactly that way.

  22. Teresa Hill says:

    I saw it. Can’t remember where it was, but I read it.

  23. Lorrie U says:

    I second that!

  24. Lorrie U says:

    Darrell Issa Contradicts John Boehner On Fast And Furious, Admits No Knowledge Of Obama Involvement (VIDEO)

  25. Lune Prière says:

    Me too Starlight. My heart has felt heavy all day. I don’t want to experience another coup by SCOTUS. Bush v. Gore and Citizens United have almost stripped away the last vestiges of my belief in the Supreme Court’s ability to be…just. Let’s hope it’s tomorrow.

  26. fierywoman says:

    ahhhh … seeing Rmoney getting his clock cleaned by the 99% … I like it, I like it …

  27. fierywoman says:

    or: visualization for the next 4+ months: “Democratic party landslide in all races… Democratic party landslide in all races…”

  28. Prabhata says:

    Two facts are clear:
    1. The Turkish government has admitted that the plane went into Syrian territory
    2. The wreckage is in Syrian waters.
    But I see that the story is being massaged, conveniently skipping one of those facts.

    Reuters via Yahoo News

    ANKARA (Reuters) – Search teams have located the wreckage of a Turkish fighter jet shot down bySyria on Friday in Syrian waters at a depth of 1,300 meters, Turkish news channels reported on Sunday, without citing a source.

    TIME conveniently skips that the wreckage is in Syrian waters

    Turkish state media reported Sunday that the RF-4E reconnaissance plane’s wreckage was found in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 4,265 feet (1,300 meters), but officials did not confirm the report. The two pilots remained missing.

  29. Helen says:

    How can this not be a concern? Are Republicans uniquely responsible for this, too? How can liberals not be disillusioned?

  30. Jerry says:

    The June 29th Sun-Uranus-Pluto t square can equally apply to the upcoming EU summit in Brussels (June 28-29)…..

    Germany’s Resistance May Prove ‘Fatal’ to Europe: George Soros

    June 25, 2012

    Germany’s resistance to a banking union and stimulus measures is in the way of a solution to Europe’s debt crisis, and could turn this week’s meeting of the region’s leaders into a “fiasco”, according to billionaire investor George Soros.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has so far rebuffed all proposals to help relieve Spain and Italy from the jump in their borrowing costs and has resisted allowing the European Central Bank (ECB) [cnbc explains] to step up buying of peripheral sovereign debt. That poses a threat to the region’s stability, Soros said in an editorial in the Financial Times on Monday.

    “This threatens to turn the June (28) summit into a fiasco which may well prove fatal because it will leave the rest of the euro zone without a strong enough firewall to protect it against the possibility of a Greek exit,” Soros wrote.

    “Even if a fatal accident can be avoided, the division between creditor and debtor countries will be reinforced and the “periphery” countries will have no chance to regain competitiveness because the playing field is tilted against them.”


  31. kiwi says:

    on another note – today’s planet lineup must have been too much for Lonesome George, the famous 100yr old Galapagos Tortoise, who died today.

  32. angellight says:

    Good, hopeful analysis regarding star trends…,

    Bush Lied About 9/11, and Now We Have the Documents to Prove It

  33. alex says:

    At DailyKos – investigative diary by ‘War on Error’ June 24th; a long long list (with illustration of each flight plan) for private jets landing in small UT town, CEO’s who went to Romney’s Utah strategy enclave absolutely amazing research work; no secret now the corporate players wanting a hostile take-over of the government!

  34. alex says:


    google search: war on error + daily kos + june 24th

  35. Stephanie W says:

    Huffingtonpost reports that SCOTUS will announce Health Care decision Thursday @ 10 am. Nancy, how do the stars look?

  36. starlight says:

    The Sun will be moving into an opposition with Pluto and a square with Uranus on Thursday morning. Thus, it will be activating, over the 30 ish hours following the announcement, the quintessential battle of our time, represented by the Uranus/Pluto square. I am talking about the need for freedom and equality and addressing the needs of the people (Uranus) versus the concentrated power and money of the elites (Pluto). Pluto is stronger in the first hours but Uranus gains in strength later and into early Friday. Lots of drama!

    The Moon is separating from its square to Obama’s Saturn at the time of the announcement, so perhaps it isn’t as bad as he feared.

    Mars is semisquare to Obama’s Sun for several hours after the announcement, activating the solar arc Mars square to his Sun. He will come out aggressively to try and frame the narrative around the ruling and counteract its worst effects.

    Given this major triggering of Uranus and Pluto by the Sun, I expect other dramatic stories over the course of the day to compete with this story in the news. Probably some very wild Market fluctuations as well.

  37. starlight says:

    From what I can tell, the ruling on the immigration law was at least a partial victory for the administration and against Arizona. I am sure Rachel will be covering this tonight. I am very unhappy about the Montana ruling, however, as that would have been at least a small window for local and state elections to be safeguarded from Citizens United. Now Karl Rove and sheldon Adelson and their ilk can determine your local dogcatcher if they want with their massive infusions of Money into the process. Disgusting!!

  38. alex says:

    10AM chart 6/28 aspect notation:

    Saturn 22 Libra cnj Moon 26 Libra (decision, court finding)

    Bilien aspect to Pluto vertex of Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square;

    Saturn – 76 degrees – Pluto 08 Capricorn

    The Bilien (75 degrees) is a little used aspect which Kepler described as causing malice, treachery, passion or grief. Its a multiple of 15 degrees and the bilien is five times 15, a very powerful harmonic.

  39. pisca says:

    The so-called “Super Pac suit” contends “the U.S. Court system has not invalidated the Federal Campaign Law”. Prosecutions continue with named defendants (lol):

  40. Wennye' says:

    Hey there Fireywomen, I say my intent every morning. ” My intent is to celebrate President Obama’s second term in 2012″ it works for me..Blessings

  41. pisca says:

    Obama has “come out aggressively and frame the narrative around the ruling and counteract its worst effects” regarding the AZ ruling.

  42. alex says:

    President Barack Obama came out on top of Republican rival Mitt Romney in a new poll of Granite State voters.

    The president received 51% support from those registered to vote in New Hampshire to Romney’s 43%, according to an American Research Group poll released Monday.


    In MA former Governor Romney is down in double digits in polling there!

  43. clymela says:

    Lune Preire-I feel that the coup is complete with the Citizens United decision. Our only hope is to have enough people to form a majority and to have the opportunity to impeach those who voted in the Citizens United decision.

  44. clymela says:

    I salute you and the father’s-I am a daughter of the working class.
    Wouldn’t it be inspiring to see Romney and all his Citizen United supporters get creamed? Then we can begin on impeaching those boys on the SC.

  45. Lorrie U says:

    How Obama and the Democrats Got Played by the Insurance Industry on the Mandate via @HuffPostPol

  46. Cha says:

    You are so not alone in that, Jackson! Who would like a demon barber, bully from hell..except those of the same persuasion?

  47. barbk says:

    Thanks Alex, that’s a new one for me!

  48. Diane L says:

    Very helpful post as always, Starlight. A sane reminder during a very odd time zone.

    The SCOTUS has a blog with excellent, clear informative posts on the issues & judgments. It also affirmed 10 AM Thursday as the day the opinions on the healthcare law will be issued. Good stuff!

  49. Jerry says:

    The Newsroom

    This looks interesting. Apparently it premiered on HBO Sunday night and is expected to take to the air as a tv drama series soon with an all-star cast of Jeff Daniels (in the leading role), Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston. From the makers of West Wing, here’s the official website….. .

    Is it my imagination or does Jeff Daniels strongly resemble Tom Brokaw? I wonder if that was intentional.

    Youtube Clip: Invitation To The Set

    The theatrical trailer…..

  50. starlight says:

    I saw it. I thought it was really good!

  51. starlight says:

    Now that the SC rulings of today have been digested, it seems the immigration decision is being seen as a huge win for Obama (tr Jupiter conjunct his Moon).

    As for the Sun/Uranus/Pluto T-square on Thursday, as I mentioned above, it will not only be about health care that day. I just learned that the House will vote on the contempt motion on Eric Holder Thursday. And there will no doubt be other drama as well.

  52. fierywoman says:

    LOVE IT !!!

  53. fierywoman says:

    corporate global governance, aka fascism.

  54. loyalurker says:

    I’m reading this but it is truly hard to imagine – Sea rising fastest on the east coast:

    …Since then, sea levels have gone up globally about 2 inches. But in Norfolk, Va., where officials are scrambling to fight more frequent flooding, sea level has jumped a total of 4.8 inches, the research showed. For Philadelphia, levels went up 3.7 inches, and in New York City, it was 2.8 inches.

    Climate change pushes up sea levels by melting ice sheets in Greenland and west Antarctica, and because warmer water expands.

    Computer models long have projected higher levels along parts of the East Coast because of changes in ocean currents from global warming, but this is the first study to show that’s already happened.

    By 2100, scientists and computer models estimate that sea levels globally could rise as much as 3.3 feet. The accelerated rate along the East Coast could add about 8 inches to 11 inches more, Sallenger said.

    “Where that kind of thing becomes important is during a storm,” Sallenger said. That’s when it can damage buildings and erode coastlines.

    On the West Coast, a National Research Council report released Friday projects an average 3-foot rise in sea level in California by the year 2100, and 2 feet in Oregon and Washington. The land mass north of the San Andreas Fault is expected to rise, offsetting the rising sea level in those two states.

  55. Lune Prière says:

    It’s very discouraging to see the deck stacked against democracy. Trying to visualize a brighter future than it looks right now.

  56. Prabhata says:

    Hi Nancy
    We don’t know his birth time, but If Holder was born at 12 a.m., the natal moon would be 7cancer59, and transiting Pluto and Uranus would pressure on the natal moon.

  57. Prabhata says:

    I read this story in 2001, hence I’m not surprised of what is happening today. The power of Wall Street to corrupt the political system is the way it’s always been.

    The story of J. P. Morgan, the first treasurer of Panama, is a story of Wall Street and Washington corruption. The link is below:

    Published on Saturday, October 27, 2001
    How Wall Street Created a Nation
    by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

  58. angellight says:

    The one of the most successful Agencies and one that we can Count on and the GOP “Congress is killing the postal service” read here”

    : #vof99 #occupydc

  59. angellight says:

    The U.S. Post Office; one of our most successful Agencies, and one that we can Count on, and the GOP “Congress is trying to kill it! read here”


  60. Jerry says:

    Re: Syria

    Below is a Debkafiles news report. It states that the information is unconfirmed so one has to take all of this into consideration. But if there is any element of truth to these rapidly unfolding developments; it would mark a dramatic escalation to the situation…..

    British Forces In Syria, Assad Presidential Compound Said Under Attack

    June 26, 2012

    Unconfirmed first reports from British, French and Turkish sources say British special operations forces crossed from Turkey into northern Syria Tuesday, May 26, and advanced up to 10 kilometers inside the country. The same sources report heavy fighting around the Presidential Guards compound on the outskirts of Damascus.

    Debkafile’s military sources note that this compound exists to defend Bashar Assad’s presidential palace on Mount Qaisoun overlooking Damascus.


  61. Stefanie says:

    Debka is one of the most unreliable, scam-filled propaganda-factories on the web. Do not trust it as far as you can throw it.

  62. Stefanie says:

    Brilliant. Vintage Sorkin. I felt like I was communing with the spirits of The West Wing and I loved it!

  63. Pat Sharp says:

    The link for Probhata’s story; How Wall Street Created a Nation.

  64. Jerry says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    You may be right. So far I haven’t seen any follow-up news on the story from other sources. If it is total fabrication that would be very strange indeed. I have heard of clandestine operations in hostile territory such as Iran before, so that would not be at all surprising. But the Presidential Palace on the outskirts of Damascus being infiltrated and under siege I would imagine would be big news.

  65. clymela says:

    Dear Starlight Friends-Just wanted to say that I check in here a least a couple of times a day and I am always uplifted by the thinking and theowrds I find here. THANK YOU!!!

  66. clymela says:

    OOPS!! Meant to type “the words”above.

  67. karen says:

    This another powerhouse piece, Nancy. I felt this momentary rush of fresh, cool air after reading (and since it’s going to top 111 here on Friday, that’s saying alot).

    A great deal of info on yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling yesterday, but what I find interesting (besides a few whacks at Scalia) is how yesterday’s decisions reflect the supreme’s ideological stances and the looming decision on the Affordable Care Act.

    “This is your Supreme Court, folks. Sure, there is collegiality on some levels. These people are stuck with one another, after all, so they have to get along to a certain extent. But there is no center of gravity. There are, instead, two bitterly divided sides, with Justice Kennedy alternating from one to the other depending upon his own jurisprudence in any given case. This dynamic has occurred before since the Court was formed. And it will likely occur again.

    In the meantime, get ready for Thursday and the Affordable Care Act. Get ready for hundreds of pages of opinions and dissents and very pointed disagreements about fundamental concepts in American law. If Monday’s cases are any indication, Thursday is shaping up to be one of the ugliest days an ugly day in the long history of the fabled institution.”

  68. Lorrie U says:

    “Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. Elections in November”

    Netanyahu’s major backer, Sheldon Adelson, is now firmly behind Mitt Romney, and they are known to believe that an Israeli attack on Iran in September or October will displace Obama and many dovish Democrats in Congress and establish a hawkish regime in Washington.

  69. Lorrie U says:

    Sign our emergency letter to Justice Thomas today: Recuse yourself from ruling on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

  70. Jerry says:

    Second report by RT seems to confirm the story.

    Clashes at Republican Guards HQ near Damascus, reports of British forces in Syria

  71. Jerry says:

    Clashes at Republican Guards HQ near Damascus, reports of British forces in Syria

    RT (Russia Today)
    June 26, 2012

    Syrian government forces and the armed opposition are fighting in two Damascus suburbs, while there were also reports of overnight shelling in the capital.

    The clashes have been happening in the suburbs of Qudsaya and Hammah, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports.

    AP also says that fighting raged near the housing compounds and bases of the Republican Guard.

    “Artillery fire can be heard regularly in the capital, but it’s the first time that there’s been the sound of such heavy shelling. There was no sound of aircraft however,” says RT’s Maria Finoshina, who is currently in Damascus.

    She added that the shelling also appears to be coming from one of the presidential compounds of Bashar al-Assad, and that many ambulances have been rushing injured people to hospital.


  72. alex says:

    somewhere in computer files ( too busy to look right now for them) I have several articles listing all the Bush NEOCONS Romney has on his campaign staff and as advisors…. Romney is itching to go to war with Iran he is a Neocon through and through… paraphrase Mighty Mitt… if I said what my policies are the public would not vote for me;

  73. Stefanie says:

    My friends, just want to say that in these insane, volatile, Uranus/Pluto times, it’s probably a good idea for us not to stoke collective fears by relying on sources that are unreliable, infested with propaganda, known for allowing wackjobs to post, etc. I’m not suggesting that we only rely on mainstream media, but we should try to stick with vetted sources that have real journalists doing research. A few sites I’ve seen people link to that are known conspiracy sites:, global research, and even I know that when we’re worked up and googling it can seem like the first hits we get are the right ones, but there are plenty of excellent, alternative media sources on top of important stories — we don’t have to rely on the Alex Jones of the world for our information. I don’t mean this as critical or insulting to any of you here, rather, I’m saying that it would benefit all of us, personally and as a group, to be more careful about the willy-nilly posting.

    Love to all.

  74. loyalurker says:

    Yeah the post office is the only thing holding the price of mail down. And I think Congress has created legislation that has made it hard for the post office to survive. But I’m not sure it’s strictly a GOP movement. At least I haven’t seen much resistance from the Dems. The mail is one of things that should never go completely into private hands or we’ll all have our communications and transactions held hostage. A thriving online commerce will fold. This issue needs to get put on ballots for a public vote.

  75. loyalurker says:

    I googled the article and its a big feature at the Wash. Times and Free Republic. Would we need legions of attorneys if the Dems had applied any effort toward dismantling the GOP owned and operated voting machines, and other issues surrounding the reliability of e-voting:

    Obama prepping thousands of lawyers for election

    OLYMPIA, Wash.—President Barack Obama’s campaign has recruited a legion of lawyers to be on standby for this year’s election as legal disputes surrounding the voting process escalate.
    Thousands of attorneys and support staffers have agreed to aid in the effort, providing a mass of legal support that appears to be unrivaled by Republicans or precedent. Obama’s campaign says it is particularly concerned about the implementation of new voter ID laws across the country, the possibility of anti-fraud activists challenging legitimate voters and the handling of voter registrations in the most competitive states.

    Republicans are building their own legal teams for the election. They say they’re focused on preventing fraud—making sure people don’t vote unless they’re eligible—rather than turning away qualified voters

    Read more at:

  76. Lorrie U says:

    Yet, many truths are derided as “conspiracy theories.” You can’t always rely on the mainstream media for the “truth.”

  77. Fe says:


    Would have to agree. Lots of places need three or four verifications from other, more reliable sites to verify. Again, TPM is great, as well as Pro Publica. Those are my go to, especially when the information comes in too fast to verify. Those two sites are good at reporting and have high journo standards.

  78. Lorrie U says:

    If you’re referring to my post by Global Research, if you don’t think Sheldon Adelson’s support for Romney with his millions of dollars is because he wants Israel to go to war with Iran, which Romney echoes, then you’re in denial. It doesn’t mean they will succeed, but that’s their dream agenda and a lot of hawks on the right would love to see it happen. That’s not a conspiracy theory.

  79. Stefanie says:

    Totally agree, Fe, those are my go to sites as well. Also love Truthdig for more in-depth info. And I find the Guardian, although a mainstream news source in the UK, to be far more reliable than US media. And left-leaning, which we all like here.

    Lorrie — I wasn’t referring to your post, I hadn’t read it. I was just listing a few of the usual suspects (and there are many more) that tend to be conspiratorial and dangerous. Jerry had posted something from Debka earlier, and I’d responded to that directly, but felt that it was important to post something generally about this issue because it comes up regularly. I’ve talked about it a lot here, just not in a while.

  80. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    Ummm, it’s much too late for that now. He would have needed to recuse himself way back at the beginning.

    Not to mention that whatever they’re ruling, it’s all decided and set in stone already, even though we won’t learn of the actual decision until Thursday. Possibly some of the opinions are still being written, but all minds have been made up, and Thomas did not recuse himself when he should have.

  81. will says:

    Good reminder about the veracity of sources, Stefanie and Fe – especially important now. You both beat me to the draw.

  82. Jerry says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    I found the story to be important and so I DID in fact preface that article by alerting the reader to consider the source, that it was Debkafile and that in the article it states very clearly that the reports were unconfirmed. I was being very specific about that. When you pointed out the source in response, I in turn agreed, re-establishing the fact that the info could be unverifiable.

    And so my dear, the “lecture” that followed afterwards seems slightly puzzling and out of place, especially if one can’t prove in fact that the information is incorrect. After providing a cautious reminder, I think the discerning reader is fully capable of making their own decision.

    I subsequently posted the RT (Russia Today) article that seems to back up the Debkafile story. AND conventional news sources are indicating a heightened level of conflict in the outskirts of Damascus. It could be a prelude to NATO intervention, or then maybe not – regardless, SOMETHING poignant and dramatic is unfolding and it appears to be coinciding with the heavy outer planet aspects, the Uranus-Pluto square……

    Assad: Syria at ‘War’ as Damascus Suburbs See Heaviest Fighting

    June 26th, 2012

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has acknowledged that his country is in a “state of war” as activists reported the heaviest fighting between government and rebels forces near the capital since the start of a 15-month opposition uprising.

    Syria’s state news agency SANA says Mr. Assad made the comment Tuesday as he addressed his new cabinet. It says he told the ministers that all government policies and resources must be used to secure victory in the war.


    Press TV provides a little more background to that Debkafile report as well as other sources. It may help to shed some light on the forces that are gathering pace for possible western intervention

    British Special Forces Inside Syria

  83. alex says:

    FYI Robin Hood Tax

    Nurses Campaign to Heal America

    It’s a simple idea: add a tiny sales tax on Wall Street trades that will generate $350 billion a year. The tax – 50 cents on every $100 of trades – can help fund social services and rebuild our communities.

    Taxpayers bailed out Wall Street. It’s time they paid us back.

  84. Noelle says:

    Stefanie, I agree with you. When the info is intended to ignite fear in the reader I always question it’s veracity.

  85. Stefanie says:

    Jerry, it wasn’t a lecture. I think people — not just you — post items that are from this sort of propaganda site often. And I think again, that in the heat of the Uranus/Pluto moment, it’s always a good thing for us to be reminded of which sites tend to falter on the side of loony tunes. If Debka has the story right this time, well, if you throw something at a wall enough times, eventually it sticks. And as for RT, they are a wing of the Kremlin, basically. Sure, sometimes they publish items that are valid, but when millions were in the street protesting Putin, they ignored it. And RT certainly has something to gain propaganda-wise from pushing an anti-NATO perspective, that we’re going in to start a war. Just saying’…

  86. Jerry says:

    With the June 22nd downing of a Turkish military plane; the question that is increasingly being asked is will NATO directly intervene in the Syrian civil war.

    The Aug. 24th, 1949 NATO chart has a number of aspects being activated, the most striking is stationary Saturn in square to NATO’s natal Jupiter (23 Capr.). One particular transit coming up in mid July may be decisive. It’s the Jupiter transit (action oriented) at 7-8 Gemini squaring NATO’s natal Moon-Saturn conjunction (7 ’52/ 8 ’28 Virgo). Tr. Uranus is currently quincunxing this natal Moon/Saturn degree.

    Here’s the chart:

    Aug. 24, 1949
    11.42.00 AM EDT (+04)
    Washington, D.C.
    77W01’00”; 38N53’00”
    Asc: 02Sc59; Mc: 08Le38
    Source: Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes, p. 483

  87. Teresa Hill says:

    Wildfire in Colorado now within the city limits of Colorado Springs. Noticed stuff on Twitter and then read further. Even in the midst of houses burning down, there are people bad-mouthing Obama for not doing enough and even one guy claiming the President heard Michelle Malkin lived there and refused to act to help.
    The last, really, astonishes me. That while the city is starting to burn, people are taking to twitter with crap like this.
    And then, there’s the irony of the smaller government crowd hitting a disaster, and what’s their first criticism? Where is our government to help us?
    Even in disaster, there’s such nastiness.

  88. Jerry says:

    Hi Stefanie,

    Yes I understand. The point that I was making is that this concern of yours WAS taken into account and in fact expressed when presenting the material. To dismiss everything outright because it originates from what you would consider unreliable, suspect sources may need a little more than a subtle rebuke. Sharing evidence to the contrary would be helpful. I’m always open to listening. From my point of view, clandestine activity (British forces entering Syria) is not a new tactic from a military perspective. It is a common strategic method foreign governments use to shape events on the ground.

  89. DPH says:

    Teresa– Unfortunately, Colorado Springs is “Wingnut Central” here in Colorado. Home of Focus on the Family, numbers of other evangelical organizations, lots of active and retired military personnel, etc., etc. It’s in one of the loveliest settings in the state, and the fires are devastating, awful, and heartbreaking. It’s somewhat ironic, though, that the residents who can’t cut government fast enough, and never have a good thing to say about government services, are now badmouthing the President for not acting swiftly enough. Your Tea Party in action.

  90. Jerry says:


    On reviewing your 7:52 pm post a second time around, I can now see your objection may have more to do with the RT article – regarded by some as a biased news agency (courtesy of the Russian govt). Ok. Fair enough. This warrants a personal confession of mine….. I find some of the major US media and networks to be slightly slanted. Designed to appeal to American public taste perhaps? Finer details at times are omitted. Does that reflect government opinion and policy or a matter of American naivetee (the quick sound-byte) is hard to say. Often one has to go to alternative news sources to get the full scope of what’s going on. One wouldn’t necessarily notice this unless if you are living abroad. Hence, I make an attempt to remain open to other perspectives even if it runs contrary to US mainstream public opinion. I find BBC news journalism a bit more objective and interesting.

  91. Bob says:

    Looking at a noon chart for Senator Jon Tester (Aug 21, 1956) I think he will be re-elected. Opponent: Dennis Rehberg, Oct 5, 1955.

    I wonder, hopefully, if the SC’s striking down of Montana’s law regarding campaign funding for state elections could serve up a backlash of voters, not only in Tester’s race, but against the Republican party.

    President Obama only lost Montana by 11, 723 votes in 2008. If only 2 1/2 % of those who voted for McCain had changed their vote President Obama would have won the state’s 3 electoral votes. Only 3 electoral votes are at stake but every vote is valuable.

    Less likely to happen is a coalition in Arizona comprised of women, Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and the LGBT community, and unions (teachers, first responders, state and federal employees, etc.), aligning to win the state for President Obama but the SC’s decision on SB 1070 along with Romney’s stances on health care, civil unions/gay marriage, and immigration give reason to have hope there as well.

  92. angellight says:

    Alex: Thats an excelent idea nurses are advocating. I love the fact that nuns and nurses are taking up a more active fight for justice.

  93. kiwi says:

    my inlaws live in CS and have been keeping me posted with updates and photos. Military is helping the fire dept with c130’s, but the heat and wind are making containment difficult.

  94. angellight says:

    Link for June 20, Summer Solstice Webinar: Visualization, Talk on the meaning & origin of Solstice & Meditation for linking up with the Energies.

  95. Teresa Hill says:

    Yes, I know. Still astonishes me to take that moment as the fires are burning, houses being destroyed and people evacuating to be spreading blatant lies like Obama refusing to help because Michelle Malkin lives there.

  96. angellight says:

    “State GOP lawmaker: Kindergarten programs lead to higher crime rates.”

    There are a lot of “crazies” in the GOP Party.

  97. Prabhata says:

    Everything is possible, but NATO (U.S. excepted) was very subdued with its condemnation of the downing of the Turkish plane. Ynews (Jewish news outlet) is confirming what Syria said all along, that the plane was downed with a movable anti-aircraft gun with limited range, hence the plane was within Syria’s territory, not as Turkey claims that the plane was on international waters. And it makes sense that the plane could not be warned of the illegal border incursion.

    According to the Arabic newspaper, the Syrian expert said Damascus purchased an Iranian-made anti-aircraft gun two years ago. He said the gun can be mounted on armored vehicles.

    The expert said the downed Turkish jet flew at a low altitude so as not to be detected by the Syrian radar. However, the expert said, the Turkish crew was not aware that the Syrian air force was in possession of a weapon capable of intercepting planes flying at such a low altitude.

    ‘Syrian system is much more dense’
    Meanwhile, the Seattle Times quoted American security officials as saying that Syria’s downing of the Turkish jet showed its military is capable of mounting a sophisticated defense against potential enemies, thus “complicating a Libyan-style intervention.”,7340,L-4248375,00.html

  98. alex says:

    Wish nuns had a union like most nurses do!

  99. Prabhata says:

    I should have said that Turkey claims the plane was in international airspace.

  100. Lorrie U says:

    The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal

    A Fortune investigation reveals that the ATF never intentionally allowed guns to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. How the world came to believe just the opposite is a tale of rivalry, murder, and political bloodlust.

  101. alex says:


    1. The impact of striking down the whole law will be much bigger and more immediate than you think.

    What has been missing is that some impacts will be immediate and life-threatening, especially here in California, which has taken an aggressive role in taking advantage of the early benefits of the law.

    If the entire law is stuck down, over 11,000 Californians in the state-run, federally-funded Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program would be dumped from coverage, uninsured and uninsurable–and many in the middle of treatment.

    Another under-reported story are the over 400,000 Californians in 47 counties (and growing) in county-run, federally-matched Low-Income Health Programs. California is only one of seven states, and by far the biggest, that expanded Medicaid-like coverage early under the ACA.

    If you include those getting coverage with the help of the small business tax break and other provisions, more than one half-million Californians could lose their coverage on Thursday.

    More Californians Die Every Year Because They Lack Health Insurance Than From Traffic Accidents or Homicide

  102. virgo says:

    I am very interested in astrology, but I am definitely not very well versed in astrology. With that limitation, let me say that what I have learned is that a moon void of course day means that nothing much happens or nothing bad happens. That interpretation has always worked in my life, anyway. Thursday, the day of the Supreme Court decision on Healthcare, is a Moon Void Of Course day, from approximately 4am to 4pm.

  103. Stefanie says:


    That is precisely why I read the Guardian, etc. — trusted and respected journalistic enterprises that are left-leaning and deepen the perspective of those of us exposed mainly to US media sources. RT is not even remotely within this frame of reference. You can clearly see from what I’ve posted in recent days and what I’ve always said on this site: never rely on corporate, US media. You seem to suggest that’s what I’m doing, and by no means is that accurate. I love Al Jazeera, in fact — a far more trusted news source than RT or Debka.

  104. Teresa Hill says:

    If the court makes a political decision, they won’t strike down the whole law, because opinion polls have shown clearly that if you poll on Obamacare in total, it’s about a 50-50 split.
    But if you poll on individual aspects of Obamacare, people are in favor of the main components of Obamacare. And doing away with people’s newly won health care benefits in an election year… I just don’t see that happening. If the court makes a political decision.
    People like conservatism until they need something and it’s not there. Like the people in Colorado who cry about big government and spending too much, who now have government firefighters putting their lives on the line to save their homes and their city.
    So I expect the court to make some noise about how bad Obamacare is, but to strike down only some portion of it that’s not integral to the law.

  105. arbo says:

    And then the moon goes into Scorpio, where it stays until Saturday afternoon. Scorpio brings out strong passions and strong desires. People will be aggressive, critical, impatient and moody, and will be really, really sensitive about personal offenses and insults — and will tend to strike back.

    This is something that we who have a lot of Scorpio in our natal charts are used to, but when it comes around with the moon, I’m not sure if people are attuned to the influence, so tomorrow will be an interesting day.

  106. Prabhata says:

    If SCOTUS gets rid of only the mandate, it will be the worst case scenario for the administration.

  107. Jerry says:

    Are we looking at a major political breakthrough in the simmering Syrian crisis?

    Russia Said to Endorse Replacing Assad in Turn From Ally

    Jun 28, 2012

    Russia has endorsed a detailed United Nations road map for a political transition in Syria, a sign that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has lost the support of a key ally, according to three United Nations diplomats.

    Persuading Assad to step aside and forming a transitional government to pave the way for elections will be at the core of a June 30 conference of top diplomats organized by Kofi Annan, the UN’s special envoy on Syria, the officials said. All three asked not to be identified because the talks are private.

    The foreign ministers of the five permanent UN Security Council members — China, France, Russia, the U.K., and the U.S. — as well as Turkey, Qatar and Iraq will attend the meeting in Geneva.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday called the conference a potential “turning point” in the conflict that already has claimed more than 10,000 lives.


  108. Lunagardener says:

    Inspire your Day…Love to all on this site…Starlight..I read every beautiful word you write.

    Working out the body kinks with this one…XXOO

  109. Jerry says:

    The Syrian situation is rapidly deteriorating with every passing day. It’s just matter of time before NATO intervenes. I’m looking at the July 13th Uranus station that coincides with the Jupiter transit as mentioned in my previous entry. This will be triggering NATO’s Saturn-Moon degree by quincunx and square. Tr. Jupiter at 8 Gemini also conjoins Syrian President Assad’s natal North Node; his destiny point. That could indicate some kind of transition.

  110. Prabhata says:

    From the administration ACA appeal brief (I put the bold) to the Supreme Court:

    In particular, without minimum coverage provision [the mandate], the guaranteed-issue [the ban on preexisting conditions restrictions] and community rating provisions would drive up costs and reduce coverage, the opposite of Congress’s goals. They are therefore inseverable from the minim coverage provision and must be invalidated if the Court finds it unconstitutional

    The justices questioned whether they should be picking and choosing in the 2700 pages of ACA as to what is severable and what is not. The justices seemed to signal that if the mandate is found unconstitutional, the choice was limited to throwing the whole thing out or letting ACA minus the mandate remain, allowing congress sort it out. The latter would be a big headache for the administration and the Democrats in congress.

  111. Teresa Hill says:

    It would kill the ban on pre-existing conditions, which is a vital part of it.
    Although I have some hope that if the court actually struck down the law, we’d see a new push by Democrats to offer Medicare for all.
    No one’s going to try to call Medicare Obamacare, because too many people depend on it for health care already and know it works. You can’t demonize it.

  112. Jerry says:


    I understand what you are saying and I agree up to a point. But equally valid as I mentioned earlier, you may need to weigh all this in its proper context. To say certain sources are off limits simply based on your definition of what is acceptable can be dicey. This is only a discussion group after all. I think as long as the reader is made aware of and cautioned about the source, I personally feel this is adequate enough (reminder: this is ONLY a discussion group). Reuters briefly followed up on the Debkafile report today, so you can’t rule these things out based on your own personal criteria. I would suggest reading the Reuters article in its entirety, not just the excerpt that I am enclosing below in order to get a fuller understanding of the context……

    Analysis: Syria’s Assad Faces Growing Rebel, Foreign Threat

    The pertinent excerpt reads as follows:


    Despite such longer-term worries, however, there are growing signs that the West and Arab states have decided that helping push the FSA towards victory may be the only option.

    “I still don’t think that Western powers will intervene,” says Christopher Steinitz, Middle East analyst at the Centre for Naval Analysis outside Washington, part of the U.S. government-funded think tank CNA.

    “No one will go it alone. Frankly, I think all parties at this point continue to see vague, covert support for the opposition as a winning strategy. There is no need for direct intervention.”

    Although official confirmation is inevitably absent, there has been growing talk of foreign special forces – particularly British, but perhaps also US, Qatari, French and others – operating in Turkey’s border Hatay province.

    On Tuesday, Israeli-based website Debkha suggested British special forces had actually entered Syrian territory proper, presumably alongside rebel forces. For now, most experts remain sceptical – but the prospect may well be growing.” – END OF Quote –

    Why is this story so important? Because the introduction of foreign forces into the field is an almost exact replay of the Libyan model. It may be a prelude to NATO intervention.

  113. Lorrie U says:

    Even Howard Dean is behind getting rid of the mandate, which PBO didn’t want in the first place, and they would push for single payer. I’m not sure I agree it would be a worse case scenario.

  114. will says:

    Forgive me, just had to post the whole thing – its too good!

    Time to occupy Judge Meatball. I am embarrassed to share Italian heritage with this little blob of grease.

    Occupy Scalia!

    A Dissent by Scalia Is Criticized as Political
    Published: June 27, 2012

    When Justice Antonin Scalia read aloud from his dissent in the Arizona immigration case on Monday, including an attack on President Obama’s recent decision not to deport many illegal immigrants who arrived here as children, it raised some eyebrows. Mr. Obama’s policy was announced two months after the case had been heard.
    Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

    Justice Antonin Scalia
    The Health Care Ruling

    The Supreme Court is expected to rule on President Obama’s health care law at 10 a.m. Thursday. Find live updates, analysis, reaction, video and interactive features on
    National Twitter Logo.
    Connect With Us on Twitter

    Follow @NYTNational for breaking news and headlines.

    Twitter List: Reporters and Editors

    But Monday was a busy day at the Supreme Court, and Justice Scalia’s contention that the administration was refusing to enforce the nation’s immigration laws was only briefly noted as analysts pored over the meaning of his colleagues’ striking down of key elements of the Arizona law and their ruling on juvenile sentencing.

    In the days since, however, the discussion has mushroomed. Commentators from across the political spectrum have been saying that Justice Scalia, who is the most senior as well as, hands down, the funniest, most acerbic and most politically incorrect of the justices, went too far.

    “Illegal immigration is a campaign issue. It wouldn’t surprise me if Justice Scalia’s opinion were quoted in campaign ads,” Judge Richard A. Posner, a prominent federal appeals court judge, wrote Wednesday in the online journal Slate. Judge Posner, who sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in Chicago, is a famously conservative but also contrarian jurist who has criticized Justice Scalia’s focus on pure constitutional originalism as naïve and unrealistic.

    Still, his critique this time was noteworthy for its political specificity, and it was only part of a much larger discussion of Justice Scalia’s in-your-face style as the term comes to a dramatic conclusion on Thursday with a decision on Mr. Obama’s health care law, a ruling with at least as many political implications as the immigration decision.

    The Washington Post assailed Justice Scalia in an editorial that appeared online on Wednesday, saying he was endangering his legacy and the court’s legitimacy. E. J. Dionne, a Post columnist, called for his resignation.

    Others weighed in.

    “With all due respect, the man has a tin ear,” said Paul Horwitz, a professor of law at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. “When he loses on a hot-button issue, he sometimes blows his opportunity to be as persuasive as he could be.”

    Justice Scalia in his dissent asked, “Must Arizona’s ability to protect its borders yield to the reality that Congress has provided inadequate funding for federal enforcement — or, even worse, to the Executive’s unwise targeting of that funding?”

    He then complained about the Obama administration’s plan to exempt about 1.4 million illegal immigrants not over 30 and asserted that the court’s statement that Arizona contradicted federal law by enforcing applications of the Immigration Act “that the president declines to enforce boggles the mind.”

    In addition, he cited immigration laws from the days of slavery, something else that shocked commentators.

    “He jumped the shark here,” said Gabriel J. Chin, a law professor at the University of California, Davis. “Harkening back to the ‘good old days’ of the law of slavery impeaches his position. He practically cited Dred Scott. The whole thing was intemperate, a screed.”

    Jeffrey Toobin, who writes about the Supreme Court for The New Yorker, noted in a blog post on Tuesday that the last days of the court’s session “rarely show off the justices to great advantage. Like other mortals, they have put off doing their hardest work, so only the most controversial cases remain.”

    He said the Arizona decision was sufficiently split that both sides were able to claim victory, meaning perhaps that a reasonable compromise had been reached. He then added: “That was not how Scalia saw it. After 25 years on the court, Scalia has earned a reputation for engaging in splenetic hyperbole — but he outdid himself this time.”

  115. Prabhata says:

    But the administration specifically asked the Supreme Court that “the guaranteed-issue [the ban on preexisting conditions restrictions]” should go down with the mandate if the mandate is found unconstitutional.

  116. Gina says:

    As I recall, the Bush tax cuts were signed on a void-of-course moon. In Aquarius, I believe. And sure as Aquarius is a fixed sign, those tax cuts are still hanging around like an albatross over our heads.

    Meanwhile, the Supreme Court gives the OK to unlimited spending on campaigns (In the money arms race between the rich and the rest of us, it’s not hard to see who has the best chance of winning), and the powerful insurance companies and their surrogates continue to put the brakes on universal health coverage. We can’t even seem to get a tepid health care reform bill put into force in any way that would benefit us.

    In mundane astrology, what planet symbolizes money? Or money as a weapon, against the people? Does the 2nd-8th house axis symbolize money in mundane astrology like it does in personal astrology?

    The “good” news, insofar as it can be called good, is that this unbelievably conservative Supreme Court is not without precedent in our history. The very first attempt at a civil rights law, passed in 1875, was repealed by the Supreme Court eight years later. And, of course, later on, there was Plessy.

    If we’re lucky, like these decisions, Citizens United will be reversed. And if they undo health care reform this time, that will be reversed, too. It may take a few years, however.

    And, of course, we won’t get any help from the Republicans. When they thought up the individual mandate, back in the 90s, they had no intention of ever passing it. I don’t think they have any intention of ever taking on the insurance companies, even to stop insurance companies from canceling people’s coverage when they get sick, or even to deal with all those of us with “pre-existing” conditions (when you get down to it, there are not many of us that don’t have them). If they get to “repeal and replace” health care reform, you can bet it will be replaced with nothing, except more privatization–I’m including Medicare here–and more of insurance companies running roughshod over our lives.

    A void-of-course moon doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing will happen; only that nothing will be resolved. The conservatives on the court may try to make it the end of the fight for universal health care. It’s probably not going to be the end, but only the beginning.

    And maybe that’s our best hope.

  117. Prabhata says:

    I posted below the argument why it’s the worst case scenario for the administration and Democrats in congress . Simply put, if the mandate is found unconstitutional and “the guaranteed-issue [the ban on preexisting conditions restrictions]” remain without the mandate, there is a high probability that the administration will ask congress to throw out that portion or maybe the whole ACA legislation. That puts the Democrats in congress voting against their own legislation that so many people support.

  118. arbo says:

    According to Jim Maynard, actions under a v/c moon produce unexpected results. Contracts or new laws bring difficulties. Purchases prove unsatisfactory or don’t fulfill their intentions. Things that don’t require decisions will usually go well, but often require corrections later on. Delays and frustrations are common.

    Thomas Dewey, Nixon in 1960, Barry Goldwater and George McGovern were all nominated under a v/c moon. Every candidate from the two major parties nominated for the presidency from 1900 through 1972 during a v/c moon was defeated.

    Nixon’s reelection occurred during a v/c moon. Gerald Ford was sworn in under a v/c moon. Jimmy Carter’s second nomination was during a v/c moon. Last but not least, Al Gore was nominated during a v/c moon.

    No, nothing much happens during a v/c moon…

  119. Cha says:

    It’s like “WMD found in Iraq”…the republicons lie about it and our gopropaganda US corporatemedia machine..catapults it into the low information America psyche.

  120. Cha says:

    I’d like to know of one gop who isn’t? I’m sure they’re out there..just haven’t heard from them lately.

    Most of them throw out stupid lies to see what sticke.

  121. Cha says:

    I’m sure the brainwashed teabags want to cut funding for Firemen, too. And, their health benefits..but, they stand whining with their hands out when they’re in deep fried shyte.

  122. alex says:

    Antisicion – something to consider;


    If we allow ourselves the freedom to use the void of course moon- then we should also feel free to use other horary techniques, such as Inauguration Moon in Scorpio

    By antisicion the Moon in Scorpio falls almost exactly on the inauguration Sun. The Sun symbolises the new leader – the man himself: Barack Obama. This is akin to a covenant between Barack Obama and the American people. Miracles can happen, just not overnight.

    The antiscion between Sun and Moon however, is a good indication that slowly, slowly, the problems will be tackled head on with intelligence and with true and honest concern for the welfare of the people.

  123. angellight says:

    Bernie Sanders: Thanks to Citizens United, the Top 1% Can “Buy the Government”

  124. karen says:

    Lorrie, do you have the feeling that the NRA is using this as a way to cover their egregious behavior regarding gun laws?

  125. karen says:

    The Atlantic, The Guardian, et al had equally scathing critiques — as they well should! Scalia needs a good scrub to clean up that nasty butt, er…I mean mouth. :)

  126. Stefanie says:


    I never “ruled it out” or said anything was “off limits”, I was just cautioning those who are unaware of the dangers, conspiracy-laden theories, and the likelihood of propaganda within some of the sources that are often linked to. Being discerning with media is extremely important when there is so much important news, and many people trust one source as much as the next. I am not the moderator of this site, Nancy is, and what she says goes — yes, this is a discussion group. I’m not trying to push the conversation in one way or the other. But media discernment is rare, and because I care about this group, I want everyone, especially those who may not know that Debka & RT are propaganda houses, Global Research is a conspiracy site (often given to rabid anti-semitism, etc.) to know what they’re reading. It is not “news” in the way that we understand news — it’s something entirely different that seems to come in the same package, so it can be mistaken for news.

    Again, if the Debka story hit on some grain of truth, once in a while even the worst, most conspiratorial sites devoid of real journalists hit on something true. I still think we have much better sources to choose from, ones that are quite alternative in nature and are not towing any mainstream lines.

    That’s the last I’ll say about this…

  127. starlight says:

    From Scotusblog:

    The bottom line: the entire ACA is upheld, with the exception that the federal government’s power to terminate states’ Medicaid funds is narrowly read.


  128. Diane L says:

    Damn! You called it!! Way to go, Starlight!! :)

  129. Ardy says:

    So happy! Go Barack! Huffpost ‘Obamacare lives’

  130. Prabhata says:

    Update: With the mandate in place, “the guaranteed-issue [the ban on preexisting conditions restrictions]” also remains.

  131. Sharon says:

    According to Jim Maynard, actions under a v/c moon produce unexpected results. Unexpected indeed! Joyful, too!!! Could have knocked me over with a feather—Chief Justice Roberts was the swing vote! What a guy! I always heard he was independent, the Tea Partyers & Conservatives are not going to like him from now on….(but my favorite Republican has to be John McCain—-he is not afraid to take an unpopular stand!) Well, they have scored with Citizens United and we have scored with this one. Let’s now see if the moneyed interests can overturn it one day.

  132. virgo says:

    Healthcare went almost exactly the way I thought it would. I thought Roberts would be the deciding vote, not Kennedy. Roberts was diagnosed with seizure disorder a few years ago. If he were not a supreme court justice, he would be affected by pre-existing conditions clauses. Now I am thinking the health insurance companies, along with the Republicans, will finance a negative PR campaign because they see the opportunity to get out of regulation through the narrow medicaid provision and/or Romney’s assent. Remember their commercials against health care during the Clinton years? But this time I think there will be fight back.

  133. starlight says:

    Although the GOP is saying they will keep talking about repealing Obamacare and make it a big issue, I think, for the most part, Americans will tire of this discussion very quickly. It is over now for most people. The SC has ruled; it is settled law; can we please talk about other issues. Just my opinion.

  134. arbo says:

    Within the v/c condition on election day there is much more planetary activity, which Nancy is far better at explaining than I could ever hope to even try. But apparently conditions were more negative for McCain than for Obama, fortunately. And there goes Scorpio again, obliterating everything. Yay!

  135. Teresa Hill says:

    Someone on DailyKos just said the Tea Party will demanding to see Roberts’ birth certificate now. :)

  136. starlight says:

    As for the astrology, the one striking thing in Obama’s chart is that Venus, Uranus, and Pluto were aspecting his Neptune! I did not read that as celebratory but I guess that the addition of Venus is what did it.

    I did note there was nothing negative in his chart to signify a loss, which I would have expected if health care had gone down. That would have been a big loss for him, not just politically but because this issue is so important to him.

  137. starlight says:

    Not sure I called it actually. I knew it wouldn’t be much of a loss because Obama had nothing to indicate loss. But I thought the big win would be if it were decided Monday. I wasn’t as clear about today except that the country would go wild. There is more to come by the way, in other areas, since the Sun will be square Uranus through part of tomorrow.

  138. arbo says:

    One thing I keep wondering about. It’s only the announcement of their decision that came out today. Do you have any idea when the decision was actually made?

    And I think the right wing crazies will take what they want from this, fortunately under the v/c moon, probably confusing the issue for them for some time.

    Another thing about v/c moon is that what one writes can go kablooy, so that’s all for now before I descend into a lizard state. :)

  139. arbo says:

    Remember the effect his natal Neptune has on everything…

  140. starlight says:

    I just found the winning aspect! In the Inaugural chart: progressed Sun is conjunct progressed Jupiter through mid-July, exact at 4Aquarius20. Tr Jupiter is currently in a trine to that aspect!!! Tr Moon will square it through this evening, tr Mercury opposite it from this evening through tomorrow. Had I noticed this, I would have predicted a victory through the end of this week! :-)

  141. starlight says:

    Essentially, people see what they want to see: angel or demon.

  142. arbo says:

    CNN got it wrong at first, although anymore I’m not sure that’s unexpected.

  143. Diane L says:

    Here is a core bit on how the individual mandate will work from the SCOTUS blog. Considering how Medicare Part B are dropping (less for this year than last), the larger the pool the lower the cost. Sooo glad both Venus & Saturn were direct this AM.

    Those subject to the individual mandate may lawfully forgo health insurance and pay higher taxes, or buy health insurance and pay lower taxes. The only thing that they may not lawfully do is not buy health insurance and not pay the resulting tax.

  144. arbo says:

    You see the angel, like I do. Maybe you’re fighting against a tendency to want see too much that’s positive for him. What you do is more art than science, after all. And I mean that in a good way. :)

  145. Fe says:

    Hey starlight:

    All I can say is three words: Hee Hee Hee.

  146. Teresa Hill says:

    They’ve now turned to crying about how it’s actually a tax increase, and Obama lied and said it wasn’t. How hideous! We get the service of health care, and we have to pay for that service? (The magical health care fairy won’t pay, so we won’t have to?)

  147. Todd Bennett says:

    My guess is that opinion will swing in favor of the law, as many of the provisions for the first time are getting explained and its constitutionality has been upheld, which hung over the law like a cloud. It is law, and the President has been affirmed. The hard right will yell, but of the 40 percent or so who strongly oppose it, about 30 percent of them were opposing on the grounds of the law not being liberal enough. 60 percent of the country has always either supported it or wanted it to go further. Starlight, do you now agree with me that this is air out of the balloon for Romney and a march towards a solid victory for the President?

  148. arbo says:

    If I may insert a comment, Pelosi said long ago that once the Act was passed and people knew what was in it, they’d like it. Maybe all the fuss has been like a two-by-four upside the head of the American public, whose attention is now on the matter. Once they see how the right has lied to them, the more reasonable independents will stop carping about the “overreach.”

  149. Nina says:

    The House has schedule a vote to try to pretend to repeal the healthcare law, on July 11.

    Which will, of course, give the Democrats another chance to keep this in the headlines for another week.

    What a lovely present. Do we have a deep-cover double-agent in the Republican leadership?

  150. Nina says:

    A sweet thought–Now-Teddy-Can-Rest

    Nancy Pelosi called Vicki Kennedy (Teddy’s widow). The quote is, “Now Teddy can rest”.

    And in November, maybe this can help Elizabeth Warren take back Teddy’s Senate seat. So poetic.

  151. Francis says:

    didn’t read the article, can’t go there; but is the “chip” another “death panel?”

  152. arbo says:

    I think he may have the wrong bill.

  153. Lorrie U says:

    Someone on MSNBC this morning made a very good point which Dems need to stress about the health care reform, which Romney used as a talking point in passing Romneycare. The right wing can embrace the fact that “everyone should be self-accountable for their own health care instead of passing it on to others through emergency room care.” Once they understand that this is what the ACA does, they can’t argue that fact, so we need to keep reinforcing that fact.

  154. arbo says:

    I’m sorry, but I hit the post button by accident when I went to another tab. %#&@ you, v/c moon! It would help if Squallo would tell us what title this section comes under, as well as what number bill he’s quoting. The blog is more than a year old, BTW.

  155. arbo says:

    More than two years old…

  156. Francis says:

    Fascinating post on Andrew Sullivan speculating about what may have been behind the scenes in the SCOTUS decision:

    “There’s something quite odd in my view about the Scalia opinion in the back. It’s not a Scalia rant by and large; in fact it reads at the outset rather majestically, like he’s delivering the opinion of the court. Even more strangely, it refers repeatedly to the “Ginsburg dissent,” but Ginsburg is in the majority on most issues. What’s all this about? Were the tables turned midway? Did Roberts first sign on to Scalia’s opinion and then bail on him? Is that what Ginsburg was ribbing Scalia over in her ACS remarks? I suspect there is an amazing an untold backroom story behind this decision. It may be a while before we learn it. But the sense I have is that Scalia had the votes to take a sledgehammer to ACA, and then lost Roberts. Was it Scalia’s overreaching and his overheated rhetoric that did him in? This may make an excellent Supreme Court mystery. But it points in the end to the complicated and rather ornery personality of Nino Scalia as a real burden for the court’s conservatives.”

  157. arbo says:

    With all due respect, the full text of the ACA (not the “HCB”), dated June 9, 2010 — available on line — consists of 955 pages and ends with section 2303. Sodahead’s March 29, 2010 blog cites pages 1001-1008 of Section 2521 of HR 3200.

    Can you please point me to something official — like the Affordable Healthcare Act itself — that mentions these other pages and sections or maybe even the chip requirement itself?

    Thank you.

  158. arbo says:

    Maybe Scalia is finally losing it, with a little help from the others. Maybe we’ll have a new Justice soon. Read that any way you want to…

  159. barbk says:

    Speaking of John Roberts birth certificate, did you know that transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Mars? No kidding. That of course means that it is squared by transiting Pluto.

    Also, transiting TNO Varuna is one degree from conjunct his natal Jupiter in Cancer, which is conjunct his natal Uranus. Varuna is the old Hindu God of the Waters and once ruled as king of all the gods. A positive expression of this energy is regulating without force.

    Justice Roberts’ natal Neptune in Libra squares his Jupiter and Uranus, and transiting Saturn will be conjunct it in September. I hope he doesn’t have to pay a heavy price for what he has done for the health care law and for Americans.

  160. Fe says:


    Roberts is trying to pay back for what he did for ruling in favor of Citizen’s United.

  161. angellight says:

    A former skeptic on Obamacare: “The very thing I criticized is going to save my life.”

  162. angellight says:

    I’m sensing Venus had a lot to do with the ruling.

    Co-pays for a lot of insureds are going to be done away with. Learned this from MSNBC reporter, Krstal Ball. She is very knowlegeable about all the good stuff that people will really want from this bill.

  163. Teresa Hill says:

    A friend’s son will be clerking for Scalia during the coming term of the court.
    Should be the experience of a lifetime.

  164. will says:


    LOL!!! That’s a keeper!

  165. will says:

    Praise all that is for the highest good of all concerned – the good fight was won.

    I watched Bitch Mitch Romney’s screed after the wonderful news re: AHA – for the first time I really felt his evil come through the screen. His resentment and anger over this huge win for President Obama came through as pure vitriolic, narcissistic rage – in show-biz terms, he “shit all over himself.” I don’t think he has a chance of a win in November. Today his hateful rant catapulted him far beyond the realm of a the square-jawed, moderately Republican “to the manor-born” White hope, and soundly into Assholedom. And Nancy, I agree – any GOP/TeaParty blow-back is going to come off as counter-productive and boring.

  166. virgo says:

    Copays for routine physicals and screening tests will go away. This include mammograms, colonoscopies, bone density, etc. Here’s to health and the law.

  167. Sharon says:

    Vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt has passed in the House, with the Democrats walking out in protest…on a voc moon—so it will fizzle?

  168. Cha says:

    Ain’t Astrology Facinating, Nancy! Thanks for all your knowledge and your site to help us understand the Celestial Map we’re navigating!

  169. Squallo says:

    I hope this is also BS, but I post this things as I find them…

    UNCONFIRMED: Russia downs NATO Recon Aircraft over Kaliningrad… Developing…

  170. pisca says:

    Squallo has done this before.

  171. Teresa Hill says:

    How do you mean, exactly? That he fears the court looks too partisan and is trying to pull back?
    Someone I read suggested that. That it was a kind of insulation against future rulings like Citizens United, so it will be harder to criticize the court as partisan because of the health care ruling.
    I don’t really buy that. Health care was too big a thing to give it away to Democrats to try not to look partisan.
    I think the big-money guys ruling the Republican Party know they’d lose in the long-run by repealing health care because the individual parts of the law are so popular with Americans.
    Plus, health care as we know is not a self-sustaining thing. Prices keep going up. More and more people were being excluded from coverage. There was no way this could go on. Whole system would have exploded eventually.
    I think even health care companies see that things had to change, and they can afford to make less money if it keeps them in business longer.

  172. Francis says:

    Teresa Hill, please be a spy for us :)

  173. Francis says:

    fingers crossed! But seriously, I think most Americans regard this nasty political theater from the Republicans during a Presidential campaign.

  174. Fe says:


    You will love this, from MSNBC, which describes moment by moment what happened today in the White House when Fox and CNN broadcast the wrong news, then MSNBC and NBC got it right:

    By NBC’s Chuck Todd, Shawna Thomas, and Domenico Montanaro

    It must have been a long 40 seconds.

    Minutes after 10 o’clock this morning, as news of the health-care ruling was coming out, President Obama — who does not get any forewarning from the Supreme Court on its decisions — was, like much of the rest of the country, relegated to watching television.

    He stood in front of a television, with a split screen of four different channels, when banners flashed on two cable networks showing that the law’s central tenet — the mandate requiring all Americans to buy health insurance — had been struck down, according to White House aides who briefed reporters today.
    For about 40 seconds, the president believed that his landmark, legacy-defining legislative accomplishment, had been gutted.

    That was until White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler came into the room and gave the president two thumbs up — the law had actually been upheld. She quickly explained to a confused president what had happened.

  175. Bob says:

    Nancy Pelosi press conference. I liked it.

    We do not know when the final vote was taken by the Supreme Court but the result was not known to the public until about 10:00 am or perhaps a few minutes later. That should be the chart used regarding this event – Jun 28, 2012, 10:00 am, EDT, Washington, DC.

    Using that time to progress President Obama’s inaugural chart to, the Asc is at 186°14′. It trines progressed inaugural Sun conjunct progressed inaugural Jupiter at 306°36′ and 306°47′ respectively. The MC of the progressed inaugural chart is 98°25′, conjunct the midpoint of the Sibly chart Sun-Venus midpoint.

    Looking ahead to the chart for the beginning of polling place voting in America (Dixville Notch, NH, 0 hrs, Nov 6, 2012).

    Looking at that chart in synastry with the announcement of the SC’s decision, the Zenith of the voting chart is at 61°25′ – Jupiter in the announcement chart is at 61°53′.

    Relocating the announcement chart to Dixville Notch it’s Zenith is at 65°54′ with announcement Venus at 66°23′ in conjunction.

    Looking at charts separately, for their own locations, they have the same MC and Asc within 1/2 degree.

    Whatever the positive aspects may be in Romney’s charts for election night and Jan 20 & 21 of 2013, I am happy to say that the melding of the 2 charts has swung my biased opinion back to favor President Obama being re-elected, but with some hang-up regarding voting irregularities.

  176. Jerry says:

    In all frankness Stephanie, it did appear as though you were ‘pushing’ the conversation toward wanting it to conform to your view. Glad you acknowledged in that last entry of yours the fact that this is a discussion group (a forum for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and information) and as such need not be constrained to one personal opinion (as you aptly pointed out that is up to the moderators discretion).

  177. arbo says:

    Then do you concede on sodahead’s blog information, or are you just moving on to a new hit? :D

  178. Rc says:

    Hi Starlite
    Not dampen today’s court ruling
    But, the moon went void 4:30 am today.
    Lasting almost a full 12 hours.
    How do you read this?

  179. Prabhata says:

    Thomson Reuters News & Insight
    Alison Frankel’s On The Case

    SCOTUS: What Congress can’t regulate, it can tax,_it_can_tax/

  180. andre says:

    To a Canadian, the news today from the US Supreme Court is a bit odd. We’ve had more extensive health care with the public option for decades, and our Supreme Court was never asked to rule on it. I suppose that’s because we have different Constitutions. Health care is certainly one area where Canada does not envy the US.

  181. Fe says:


    Even the Philippines, one of the poorer countries in Asia, has a health care program that provides medical care and affordable prescriptive drugs to those who need them. The US has been craven in making the medical field a profit-making venture. So even though the ACA does not seem like a very big deal, it is a first step in acknowledging this country needs a single-payer, wide-ranging health care system, to make health care a right, and an affordable one.

    One day soon, I hope to see the same thing happen for public education, but that is, at least for now, a paradigm shift that will take a lot more energy to turn people’s heads around, or in some cases, put them back on people’s necks.

  182. Davis L says:

    You are so, so, so right!
    Now is the time to follow the lead of Vermont, to state by state use provisions in the ACA to implement single-payer. Vermont did it. I believe we can eventually do likewise in certain blue states.
    As for education, ……….I think that may be harder. The right wing has most of us convinced our public schools are failing (usually by comparing ALL of our students to the top third in other countries)
    AND the politics of university education is colored so heavily by class-ism. I don’t think we can get edu reform done without significant progressive majorities in both houses of Congress. There will likely be less compromise on the issue and the corporations have been pushing for privitization for a long while now.

  183. NEOBuckeye says:

    LOL. Good one. And probably likely.

  184. NEOBuckeye says:

    VOC Moon = End of Matters. It’s a done deal. No worries. Nothing more will come of it. Things will move forward from here, and even the Republicans, Tea Partiers, Corporatists (and Mitt Romney) will be forced to concede this particular aspect of health care, and move on to something else.

  185. NEOBuckeye says:

    andre, as an American, I envy your parliamentary system of government. I know it’s not perfect, and Harper is bad news, but the United States could still certainly learn a thing or two from Canada.

  186. NEOBuckeye says:

    RIght-wingers are fools. With a proper and well-funded education system, we could decimate their power and numbers with a focus on critical thinking alone, and move humanity and the world forward in tremendous and unprecedented strides. At least then the conservatives that did emerge would likely be more reasoned and intellectual like William Buckley or Barry Goldwater, rather than knee-jerk emotionally manipulative reactionaries like Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly.

  187. Jerry says:

    The forcefulness of the mid July aspects are noteworthy in view of the increasing tensions in the Syrian and Eurozone crisis. I thought vedic astrologer Joni Patry’s description of mid July to be perceptive. She describes it as an awakening, with the July 13th Uranus station as being pivotal. This resonates with my own personal thoughts. Possibly some major event at that time?…..

    News from the Stars July 2012
    by Joni Patry

    These predictions use the sidereal placements of planets used in Vedic astrology, western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. The aspects will be the same in both systems only the signs and degrees differ by 23-24 degrees.

    The planets have an effect on world events, and the hard aspects of July will result in big events that will shift the world.

    ……Neptune is forming a square to Jupiter and Ketu causing confusion and denial. Around the New Moon (July 19th) Pluto and Uranus are forming a square and the trigger, Mars, will align simultaneously to oppose Uranus and square Pluto.

    Furthermore, Uranus and Mercury are stationing and both turn retrograde at the same time. Computer glitches, technological problems, and mechanicals will cause delays and major setbacks. Back up your computer before this time. The major reversals will cause confusion and upsets that change the course and direction of global affairs. Expect the unexpected!

    This is a very turbulent time. Avoid travel if possible around the days of the Mercury and Uranus station retrograde, July 13th-14th. This is not a good time to begin new projects or sign contracts.

    I want to share a personal omen I had last year during the time I was writing my book Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond. I was traveling on a fairly empty flight while writing the predictions for the month of July. I realized all the astrological events that came together all at once in this month. As I contemplated all these occurrences, I asked myself what could this all mean? What is going to happen then? As I asked this question, I gazed out the window of the airplane and saw the clouds in the formation of an enormous mushroom. It looked just like an atom bomb had just exploded into a mushroom cloud. Could this literally be some sort of global destruction or does it represent an upheaval in our consciousness? I believe it is a little of both. To say the least, it will be a very interesting month.

    Here is the excerpt from my book Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond for the month of July I wrote while traveling on the airplane:

    “An explosive event will occur this month. Earthquakes and attacks will cause fear and instability worldwide. This event will change the world. It is a blessing for this will end the illusion and, after this stressful period, it will transform the world for the better. The event will affect the United States, for there will be a T-square with Mars in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces both squaring Pluto in Sagittarius. This T square will aspect natal Jupiter of the United States chart (14 degrees Gemini). On July 13-14, Uranus and Mercury will turn retrograde, adding massive confusion to the mix of sudden catastrophes. This will involve mass communications affecting the worldwide web. People will pull together and the outcome will involve the charity of those who help heal the ailing world problems. Very difficult events will bring people together in a healing event that exemplifies the awakening of true spirituality. This event will bring unity and spirituality like never before. This will be an awakening!”

    In reality there are no bad events for they always wake us up to the truth, blessings in disguise. The aspects of the planets will awaken our planet globally and individually.

  188. shoalsister says:

    Funny, Will. I kept noticing his mouth as he spoke. Something so weird about his mouth. I think you nailed it…rage. Wow.

  189. will says:

    NeoBuckeye – so very true!

  190. kiwi says:

    I may be wrong, but I seem to recall Nancy saying around the time Roberts was sworn in, something to the effect that he might just greatly suprise the conservatives with some of his rulings.
    You are so awesome Nancy!

  191. kiwi says:

    For years now I have been trying to drip-feed my colorado inlaws about the differences between the US and NZ health system. But they are so indoctrinated with right wing ‘awful obamacare’ madness, particularly because my sister-in-law works in the private medical “big bucks” health system, they just cannot, or will not, understand.
    I suspect many of those in the republican echo chamber are in the same boat: either wanting to maintain their profits, or too dumb to resist indoctrination.

  192. Todd Bennett says:

    Oh Jerry stop with the atom bomb stuff, we are nowhere near the kind of breakdown in diplomacy to precipitate that kind of event. The world is not going to war over Syria.

  193. Hi all,
    I get a monthly newsletter from Joni Patry who does vedic astrology and whose forecasts I find a bit “fear-y and alarming” – any thoughts about this paragraph? I’d love to hear what you all think because it scared me and I don’t like to be down in that energy. (

    “An explosive event will occur this month. Earthquakes and attacks will cause fear and instability worldwide. This event will change the world. It is a blessing for this will end the illusion and, after this stressful period, it will transform the world for the better. The event will affect the United States, for there will be a T-square with Mars in Virgo opposed Uranus in Pisces both squaring Pluto in Sagittarius. This T square will aspect natal Jupiter of the United States chart (14 degrees Gemini). On July 13-14, Uranus and Mercury will turn retrograde, adding massive confusion to the mix of sudden catastrophes. This will involve mass communications affecting the worldwide web. People will pull together and the outcome will involve the charity of those who help heal the ailing world problems. Very difficult events will bring people together in a healing event that exemplifies the awakening of true spirituality. This event will bring unity and spirituality like never before. This will be an awakening!”

  194. I see Jerry gets the same NL (just read above) sorry for the duplication. Still love your thoughts.

  195. Jerry says:


    Atom bomb? It might be helpful to re-read what I said. I personally never mentioned it. The article that I shared on the other hand, written by a well known, respected astrologer gives her impressions of what might be in store and she does mention it as a possibility, BUT my friend you are missing the main import of the article in any case. It has to do with the spiritual awakening which the author feels is relevant to the times re: the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square.

    I haven’t seen your name before and I’m not sure how familiar you are with astrology, or if there is even an interest, but this has been an ongoing topic of discussion here in this forum for quite sometime.

  196. Jerry says:

    Syrian Tanks ‘Amass On Border’ As Assad Threatens Opposition

    Syrian government forces have massed 170 tanks north of the city of Aleppo, close to the Turkish border, according to the rebel Free Syrian Army.

    The Telegraph
    June 29, 2012

    The claim by Gen Mustafa al-Sheikh, head of the FSA’s military council, could not be independently confirmed, but it suggested that the Syrian army was responding to a Turkish military build-up on the border.

    It could represent a significant escalation in tensions between Damascus its former friendly neighbour. The Syrian army has been involved in operations against rebels in the area.


  197. angellight says:

    “Mr. President, it is not the power of money, that will triumph in this particular chapter of the Struggle. It is the power of Humanities unquenchable striving for Liberty, Justice, and Freedom for all. It is the power of Love that will, as it always has, triumph. In this kind of power we can outspend the Retrogressors by billions to one since they are literally incapable of using this kind of energy. In addition we have on our side, the resurrected feminine principle of Goodwill, science, and actually, cosmic physics. The only survivable systems in Cosmos are those that support the Common Good and the General Welfare of whatever whole of which they happen to be a part.”

  198. loyalurker says:

    Marjorie Orr:

    What is certainly true is that the USA’s chart with its Cancer Sun square Saturn in Libra will be under major challenges from this volcanic combination of freedom-loving Uranus and repressive Pluto battling it out for supremacy. The strongest effects will be in 2014/15/16 when Uranus and Pluto are in exact aspect to the USA Sun Saturn. But everything from now onwards will be pointing in the direction of forced change with a good many jolts, jangles and hardship along the way.
    Already the USA is heading for what economists are calling a “fiscal cliff” at the end of this year. Massive government spending cuts will kick in simultaneously with a jump in tax rates. Unless that changes it will slam on the economic brakes pushing the US economy back into recession.
    The USA chart itself has the highly confused, panicky meltdown Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune exact as the new Presidential Term gets under way in January 2013. Transiting Neptune is also conjunct the Solar Arc Jupiter in 2012/13 which is a sign of wild overconfidence getting punctured. There’s also a continuation from this year of the panicky-failure Neptune transits to a significant Mars midpoint and the scary, frustratedly-trapped Pluto transit to another Mars midpoint. There’ll be a few lucky breaks but also a good deal of angst and irritation.
    The Federal Reserve Bank chart has a messy combination of Neptune and Saturn transits through 2012 and 2013. Saturn depresses and Neptune bursts financial bubbles, brings high hopes low and leads to confusion and bad decisions. Like the USA chart it limps on through 2014/15/16 in not exactly dynamic form. So it is going to be a long haul.

  199. alex says:

    pics – Romney demeanor

    Romney is such an accomplished poser and master at insincerity ( lets not for the moment examine psychological motives! ) it takes some effort to see behind the ‘mask'; IMHO he is a study in classic megalomania.

  200. alex says:

    Then there are psychological motives/drive

    White Horse Prophecy” — a belief ingrained in Mormon culture and passed down through generations by church leaders that the day would come when the U.S. Constitution would “hang like a thread as fine as a silk fiber” and the Mormon priesthood would save it.

    Romney is the product of this culture.

  201. Francis says:

    Hi Mystical Chick. One of the down sides of astrologers is a penchant for hand wringing. Many of us seem to scan for catastrophe and then worry. When I flirted with medical astrology I realized I was making myself a neurotic mess with my own personal dire predictions. I dropped it and the medical issues I so feared never came to pass. If you look at the predictions of astrologers who make dire predictions you will find that these things do not come to pass. How many predictions have we had about war starting up between Iran and Israel which was supposed to draw in the USA and other countries for WW3? How many dire predictions about major earthquakes and devastations which do not come to pass AND how interesting that for the disasters we do have, these Cassandras can’t predict them. I find astrology is really great for wide sweeps and suggestions about what could be. But as soon as astrologers predict with an absolutism about something, especially grand disasters, I suggest you try an experiment. That is to note when the disaster will occur and then wait as calmly as you can and see for yourself. If the astrologer is wrong and doesn’t try explain him or herself then you may take that as a reflection of that particular astrologer’s credibility. Then it is up to you to whether or not to stop reading that person’s dire predictions. A therapist taught me that worry is the negative expression of vision. Peace to you.

  202. Diane L says:

    Good point, Francis. One of the reasons I rarely check my personal transits. LOL

  203. will says:


    Your reflections on the town-criers of this site are refreshingly healthy and grounding. I’ve always looked to astrology to gain a cosmic and larger view of why and when and how. And although I admittedly love to see some action in the political and social arenas, I am not a fan of perpetrating fear and dread and their cousins, sturm und drang – for no apparent reason other than to gain attention.

    I like your advice, Francis.

    Thank you!

  204. Gina says:

    Wow–wait a day or so to comment on the victory on ACA, and you forward-thinking folks are already looking at something else.

    Last night, my sweetie commented on all the vitriol the far righties were posting on Facebook yesterday. I said that the Chief Justice gave something to both the right and the left.

    Justice Roberts said that ACA is constitutional through Congress’ power to tax. Knowing how the Republicans hate taxes (on the rich, anyway), you can bet the nuttiest among them will be screaming about how the feds are coming after you, etc.; in the meantime, you can look for Republicans in power to try to undermine this law through, you guessed it, tax policy.

    I don’t think Roberts wanted to be the heavy. He didn’t want to do the dirty work of undoing the law that will indeed benefit so many of us if it’s fully implemented. I think he just passed it onto Congress and the President to do what they will with the law.

    Which is why this election matters.

    I’m still not completely assured about the placement of the planets at the two parties’ conventions, the v/c moon on much of the Democratic Convention, in particular. I’m still hoping for Obama to get nominated by acclamation on the Tuesday night of the convention. Does anybody on this thread know any delegates?

  205. Squallo says:

    The Syrian crisis was Friday, June 29, on a knife edge between a Western-Arab-Turkish military offensive in the next 48 hours and a big power accord to ward it off.

    debkafile’s military sources report heavy Saudi troop movements toward the Jordanian and Iraqi borders Thursday overnight and up until Friday morning, June 29, after King Abdullah put the Saudi military on high alert for joining an anti-Assad offensive in Syria. The Saudi units are poised with tanks, missiles, special forces and anti-air batteries to enter Jordan in two heads:
    One will safeguard Jordan’s King Abdullah against potential Syrian or Iranian reprisals from Syria or Iraq.

    The second will cut north through Jordan to enter southeastern Syria, where a security zone will be established around the towns of Deraa, Deir al-Zour and Abu Kemal – all centers of the anti-Assad rebellion.

    Clinton and Lavrov are therefore expected to go at the Syrian issue hammer and tongs. The outcome of their meeting will not only determine the course of the Action Group’s discussions but, more importantly, whether the Western-Arab-Turkish alliance goes forward with its military operation against Syria.

    US-Russian concurrence on a plan for Assad’s removal could avert the operation. The failure of their talks would spell a worsening of the Syrian crisis and precipitate Western-Arab military intervention, which according to military sources in the Gulf is scheduled for launch Saturday, June 30.

  206. Thank you, Francis, for that perspective. I really tend to notice “fear-y” predictions and avoid them because for the most part, those things don’t often come to pass in the way they said it would.

    That’s one of the many things I like about how Nancy does her astrological work. She seems to remain neutral, reporting on what the forecasts show as possibilities but never definitively says “The Sky is Falling!” and Joni Patry often (OFTEN!) does. I think this is my nudge to unsub from her emails – they add nothing to my perspectives and understanding of events.

    So appreciate your points!

  207. alex says:

    I’m fond of Scorpios have bunch in family;

    Isabel Hickey fabulous astrologer broke it down this way – realms/phases for interpretation:

    collective 5
    spiritual 4
    mental 3
    emotional 2
    physical 1

    Collective: I apply realms to geopolitical with a priority to realms operating as (cultural) mass consciousness, (cultural) collective conscience, and/or (cultural) collective unconscious; giving various weight to the five realms for practical analysis; but the basics IMHO for political are emotional and collective – after that the other realms…

    Key Words
    political axis
    Taurus – Scorpio
    money – power

  208. Fe says:


    A great link from Alternet, and reminds me how, with this current Uranus-Pluto aspect, what we’re going through is another echo of what happened during the Uranus-Pluto aspects years leading up to the Civil War in the mid-19th century.

    We need to be incredibly strong these next few years leading into Pluto in Aquarius. The pushback, even from yesterday’s ACA Court ruling will be intense. We need to keep pushing the pushback back. No way else to go but forward, and Uranus Pluto is there to help.

  209. Wennye' says:

    Angellight, truth truth and more truth, we are being ask to hold on stay focus as we witness the clearing of the debris. If these cosmic interventions don’t occur we would never know of the sewage and stinch we are living with and had accepted. We get these sign posts letting us know ( if I may say miracles)that the new direction is being charted. Hold on tightly so we don’t get shaken from our Soul and Spirit truths. Blessings All

  210. Cha says:

    Great thought to have available in one’s mental treasure chest , Francis..

    “..worry is the negative expression of vision. Peace to you.”

    Thank you!

  211. Wennye' says:

    Dearest Mystical Chick, if all of this DID occur what in the world could you do to change it. When I get these “alerts” from everyday folk, I tell them “they better get busy doing some right stuff before they are called home”. Stop worrying love, it is so much we can do to change someone’s life everyday. My old business partner and I have taken up to making lunch for people of the street. Each day we prepare 5-7 simple sandwich packs with water, nothing much but it is something for those with so little. I too am learning from them take for instance drinking water each day is mindless to me but not for them. Don’t live frightened you I’m sure have positiveness to share with someone who has been put in your circle of life. Blessings

  212. clymela says:

    Francis-thank you. Long ago I learned that Saturn transits are mostly wonderful jumps in maturity and balance not the time of murder and mayhem and medical depression. During these days I remind myself that where Pluto travels there is at first a big expansion of that energy symbolized by the sign and then there is a big noticeable deflation and the hidden truth is revealed. This keeps me from jumping off the bridge on the days when it seems that the Red Meanies are going to win for eternity. Yes!! we all need to avoid promises of disaster-there will be enough but not necessarily on our time.

  213. Wennye' says:

    Jerry, curious to why many of us misunderstand your posts or intentions? Why do you think this might be.. I would truly like to know where is the misstep?

  214. Elizabeth says:

    I just wanted to share some really great news with all of you..

    Rush Limbaugh has been taken off the air in my Philadelphia market! After 20 steady years of hate wing radio.. he’s gone!

    Hannity and Beck both got tossed from the station a while back and now the third one is out!!

    The boycott is apparently working!

  215. Teresa Hill says:

    Lots of reports about Roberts initially being with Scalia and the Conservatives, that there were indications the decision was going the other way.
    Then speculation that Roberts changed his mind at the last minute because Scalia brought the crazy, pushed it so far, he scared Roberts and Roberts just couldn’t go along with it.
    No idea if that’s true.
    But it did make me think — so many times we’ve tried to talk to people on the opposite political side, and it’s just not worked.
    However, what we see now, more and more often, is conservatives themselves seeing the party going too far, too crazy, and conservatives saying, Wait. No. This is wrong. The party turning on itself.
    I wonder if that may be the thing that finally changes politics in this country, just as Scalia might have been too crazy for Roberts.

  216. Wennye' says:

    Alrighty now! Thank you for the weekend gift, Elizabeth!!

  217. Jerry says:

    Hi Wennye,

    Yes. It’s a valid question. Actually, there’s a very simple answer to that, and one that doesn’t require too much thought…… Nancy has devoted this site using her excellent astrological skills towards exploring the issues that are of interest to all of us (mundane events). She’s a good writer, providing astrological insights and commentary along the way. But she also has some very strong political leanings and this tends to attract like-minded readers. I think the pronounced interest in politics here tends to put us at odds. I don’t think you’ll find this dynamic in any other astrological discussion group. Noel Tyl for example, to his credit, tries to discourage political discussion in his group, making an effort to keep it exclusively within an astrological framework. I find his thoughts and approach interesting but very linear and academic. Rather dull I should say. I don’t mind the occasional disagreements here as long as there is honest inquiry.

  218. Jerry says:

    Hi Mystical Chick,

    I wouldn’t discount the Patry article solely on the basis you described. There’s an unspoken premise sometimes that whatever is comforting, whatever pacifies us is regarded as acceptable and ‘good’ and that which is unsettling to our comfort zone is immediately registered as negative and bad. That notion is generally taken for granted and is hardly ever questioned. Being lulled into complacency and not wishing to look any further than this leaves one very empty and shallow. If the answer you are looking for is to reinforce that “unquestioned belief”, then I’m afraid you might be missing the primary message in Jony Patry’s article which can be summed up in the following last paragraph of hers….

    “In reality there are no bad events for they always wake us up to the truth, blessings in disguise. The aspects of the planets will awaken our planet globally and individually.”

    If life was devoid of struggle we would never make the effort to find the deeper meanings implicit in our everyday lives. To put it in concrete terms; regarding political and mundane affairs…… Without the agonizing moral self-introspection we as a country were forced to face with our involvement in Vietnam, there would have never been the ’60’s cultural revolution which continues to mold our views of today. Without those eight awful years of George W Bush in the White House, we would never arrived at that exhilarating moment when Obama took the oath of office. The list can go on, but I’m sure you get the drift.

  219. Todd Bennett says:

    Starlight Gina is right, the moon is voc, can he overcome that?

  220. Sharon says:

    I don’t know if it the links will come out but I have tried to post Robert’s, then Scalia’s chart. The conjunctions and similar placements of Mars and the NN are interesting. It tells me they are similar in certain ways.

  221. Todd Bennett says:

    If you cross reference this,
    and this, You will find that President Clinton was nominated, on you guessed it, a VOC. It is not always a bad sign, it largely depends on the person’s overall chart.

  222. Todd Bennett says:

    Whoops, misread the arrow, Clinton was not VOC.

  223. fierywoman says:

    I am SO with you on this !!! xoxo

  224. fierywoman says:

    Remember too that Joni Patry is doing a Vedic reading. Somewhere –1996 UAC when “the three Roberts” (Schmidt, Hand and Szollar) were talking about Project Hindsight??? — Robert Hand spoke of the need to translate the ancient astrological metaphor to the current cultural situation, to be very clear about the situation of the person you were reading for: a gang member in LA? a middle class comfortable person? an oligarch? (etc.)
    I do agree — there’s a bit too much Sturm und Drang, doom and gloom in her newsletters.

  225. fierywoman says:

    I LOVE “Worry is the negative expression of vision.” Thank you for putting it out there!

  226. fierywoman says:

    IN LA I used to have a bumper sticker that said, ” If not for love, than why?” I need to find another!
    Also: anyone else into the idea of wearing purple shoes until the Nov election (Nancy Pelosi’s “good luck” shoes)?

  227. fierywoman says:

    YAY !!!

  228. Gina says:

    Hey–however they come to their Road to Damascus moment is fine with me.

  229. shoalsister says:

    me me!! I just found some great purple Merrells and stopped myself when 24 yr old nephew said he thought they were pretty much too out there. Hah. I’m buying them tonight! Thanks Fierywoman!

  230. Jerry says:

    Hi Fierywoman,

    Vedic reading? Differences in astrological interpretation? A very convenient argument. That’s not my impression at all. The only noticeable difference as far as I can tell is that she uses sidereal calculations and in the vedic tradition refers to the north and south nodes as rahu and ketu. Her approach and usage of language is very easy to understand and western oriented (I believe she is American by birth). Here’s how Joni characterizes it in her opening introduction to that article…..

    “These predictions use the sidereal placements of planets used in Vedic astrology, western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. The aspects will be the same in both systems only the signs and degrees differ by 23-24 degrees.”

    Gloom and doom oriented? I wonder if we are discussing the same person? I have read a number of her articles over the years. That hasn’t been my impression. In reviewing her blog just now, her presentations appear to emphasize a healthy intregative approach to life:

  231. Jerry, thank you for your comments. I’m particularly attuned to low vibrations so when i get a whiff of that, it puts me off. Not that I have my head in the sand by any means, but I prefer to hang out in a different space, energetically.

    Patry’s forecasts *always* have that energy and this is not the first time I’ve thought about unsubbing because it just feels icky to me. She may be right on but I just don’t care for that energy.

    And yes, I do know that with chaos comes opportunity but I thank you for reminding me of that! :)

  232. Prabhata says:

    This coming August 20 and October 23 seem ominous (negative) for the stock market. Those two dates are very significant for the euro, the Fed, and certain big U.S. banks, China and as well as a few European nations. Until we’re done with October, I suggest caution with your investments. What I see is a market shake up in August, then things sort get better in September, and more deterioration in October. Right now the market is exuberant with the agreement the European leaders came up with this week, but maybe it’s not be a lasting solution.

  233. angellight says:

    Potential Romney VP pick slips up, calls it “Obamney” care!

  234. angellight says:

    There is evidence in the pages of the ruling from the Judges that Roberts was initially with them and supposedly they left the pages in the ruling in error, but then Roberts at the last minute changed his mind! May be he has a conscience after all that is not dimmed by the haters!

  235. Prabhata says:

    Those of us with 401K’s may not be aware how that money is invested, maybe it’s a good time to look at the portfolio to determine if we are happy how the nest egg is invested.

  236. Prabhata says:

    Edit correction, last sentence of 3:41 a.m. post. It should be: “but maybe it’s not to be a lasting solution.”

  237. Sharon says:

    Isn’t October traditionally a bad month for the stock market?

  238. will says:


    Yes, October is predictably bad – lots of superstition amongst gambling types.

  239. will says:

    Great story, Jackson. Tx.

  240. Jerry says:

    Hi Mystical Chick,

    Yes. I thoroughly understand your reaction. Apart from that, I was hoping that my remarks would not be viewed as personal criticism. Much to my relief your acknowledgement reassured me that it wasn’t. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  241. clymela says:

    This stunned me and I wanted to post it on my Facebook page but then I feared that relatives and friends who remain with the “Retrogressors” would just flip-this is what has happened very recently.
    I want this all over the place for people to think/feel on.

  242. Prabhata says:

    There’s a saying: “Sell in May and go away.” October is not the worst month, though because of the 1929, and Black Monday, October has a bad reputation. The Lehman Bros. 2008 crash was a September event, and the dot com Nasdaq crash was a March – April event.

  243. will says:

    September and October are usually soft.

  244. Noelle says:

    Well said, Wennye.

  245. Noelle says:

    Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Makes you wonder why they don’t all have lights going on right now because they really are getting whacky.

  246. Noelle says:

    Elizabeth, I too live in the Philadelphia are and I thank you for this wonderful news.

    Do you happen to know what’s happened to Michael Smerconish? Two new guys are in his time slot and I like Smerconish.

  247. Noelle says:

    Sorry “Philadelphia area”

  248. Noelle says:

    OK, sorry,sorry. I was so excited that Rush would be silenced that I didn’t click onto the website before thanking Elizabeth. I now know Smerconish is replacing Limbaugh in the earlier time slot.

  249. kiwi says:

    On that note – I came across an expression the other day that I think is great …
    “No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side of things”

  250. Prabhata says:

    WSJ (subscriber feed)

    U.S. intelligence indicates that a Turkish warplane shot down by Syrian forces was most likely hit by shore-based antiaircraft guns while it was inside Syrian airspace, American officials said, a finding in tune with Syria’s account and at odds with Turkey.

  251. karen says:

    Nancy, hope you’re with power for like the south temps are unprecedented. Almost 105, but feeling closer to 109. Records being broken throughout TN, GA, et al. Being without air conditioning or a place to cool down would be quite dangerous.

  252. Lorrie U says:

    Economic Austerity or Debt Default: Choose Your Poison

    The US, if it wants to get its economy back on track, will have to reject both default and austerity. The first step it could take is by making the bankers pay for the economic crisis that they created rather than forcing the burden upon the populace.

  253. Elizabeth says:


    He is now in Rush’s old spot 12-3pm.

  254. pisca says:

    This weekend the sun opposed Pluto and squared Uranus. We saw sudden storms, raging wildfires and internet snafu …. [I’m sure you can add to that] …. all predicted in Starlight News!
    Millions of people in the streets across the world fit into this T-square too.
    Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting the restart of nuclear power plants in Japan. Of, course, msm is not reporting this.I have an online friend who lives in Tokyo and he could find no msm coverage of theses protests in Tokyo. Fortunately he could tune into occupy sites to get the truth and watch live coverage of the protests.
    Same story in Mexico City, where msm has already declared the winner of the presidential election before the polls even opened. Again, hundreds of thousands protesting for weeks and only alternative media coverage.
    And in Hong Kong, 400,000 are protesting inequalities as their new leader assumes power.
    [I have links to thses and many other protests but my linky skills limit me to one link per post]
    The people are not going away and they are not going to be quiet! LOL
    I hope all of you who have had to make sudden, unexpected changes in your life are coping with the hardship and finding solace in the stars.

  255. Elizabeth says:

    No worries, Noelle.. I didn’t see your follow up post before I answered your question.

    I really like Micheal smerconsih too. Ironically that is what got me searching for what happened.. I turned it on at 3pm and it wasn’t him. So happy that 1210am has rid itself of the last right wing fear monger!


    Wennye’.. my pleaure! I hope you had a great weekend~

  256. Sharon says:

    In reading the Paltry article above, it did not seem as negative to me as to Mystical Chick and others. For example, explosions, attacks and earthquakes do occur on almost a daily basis. As far as an explosive event, it doesn’t have to be literally explosive—just a big event that causes challenges. The part about people pulling together in unity as never before sounds wonderful and I have always felt that we needed a large event, i.e. e.t.s landing to cause countries to get their mind onto something larger than their squabbles, cover-ups and intrigues….people, too. Of course, I don’t want the event to be anything whatsoever that causes suffering to anyone. As a matter of fact, due to the weather intensity in the summer, there almost always are crises in July and, especially, August. We CAN get through it! I am so sorry for the fire victims, for the flood victims, for the people of Syria, and for those suffering this awful heat without power. Here in NOLA, it’s a cool 95, but we have power and it’s bearable. As a matter of fact, we have not heard from Nancy since Friday—maybe she does have a power outage????

  257. Lorrie U says:

    Well, I would say Uranus/Pluto has gotten a lot of people’s attention! It’s sad to say, but people don’t wake up until it hits them in the face. All of a sudden, people are saying Climate Change/Global Warming, Health Care Reform, Citizens United, Super PAC’s, Voter ID’s, etc. A year ago, these were the last things on people’s minds.

  258. Patty says:

    So true, Lorrie,
    We’re seeing/hearing ‘Climate Change’ mentioned in Denver and now Virginia…even from many young people!

    On ObamaCare, I have a vision….

    Imagine: ‘A Healthcare Renaissance Revolution for America’.

    With cutting edge science technology, innovative/techniques/breakthroughs. What better place to put our focus than on our health!

    The last Renaissance was a bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern era. We certainly need a ‘bridge’ now.

    Sometimes…I think we actually can create the future, if enough of us were on the same wave-length, we could imagine/create it.

    I wonder, what Sign would cover Healthcare? Virgo? With this recent ruling…Obama could make much needed healthy ‘Lemon-aid’.

  259. starlight says:

    Hi ALL – I still have no power at home, haven’t had any since Friday night. My office got power back last night so I am posting from there. I haven’t been able to follow much of anything other than the number of downed trees and wires in our neighborhood (lots!). I not sure when things will get back to normal. Even our iphones have had a hard time connecting to the internet and email. I guess Uranus/Pluto hit the DC area!!

  260. starlight says:

    A point I heard about the Colorado fires:

    The Colorado winters have been warmer due to Climate Change, and therefore the pine bark beetle has not been killed off with the freezing temperatures, as is usual. Their population has exploded, causing millions of acres of dead, dry trees. This has created kindling for the fires!

  261. Teresa Hill says:

    Poor you. Worst we ever did was 9 days without power after an ice storm. Miserable existence, I know.

    People are pointing out that after billions spent on “homeland security,” Washington, DC, is not safe from a thunderstorm, paralyzed by it.

  262. Virginia says:


    So glad to know you are alright!
    I tend to view wildfires as a sort of cleansing and renewal for the environment, but it’s easy to see it that way when you are not peering through a haze of smoke. Wish I could send you some Seattle rain – we have lots to spare :-)

    Sending you Love&Light! (and electric power)

  263. will says:


    Terribly sorry about your massive inconvenience there. It is at times like this that we come face-to-face just what kinds of technological back-ups we don’t have and need and how incredibly vulnerable we really are when it comes to the uber-power of nature, climate change and civic/governmental inefficiency. There have been odd disruptions in Internet and satellite television reception out here in California as well.

    May you be restored in everything post haste.


  264. angellight says:

    Patty: Your healthcare “vision” is beautiful.

  265. starlight says:

    That is a good point!!

  266. starlight says:

    It just occurred to me that what we are seeing besides Uranus/Pluto is this long sesquiquadrate between Venus and Saturn. Venus is about a comfortable home and material life. It is being inhibited for several days in many parts of the country by Saturn: the wildfires in Colorado; the heat wave across the Mid West and East Coast; the wild wind storm that caused extensive tree damage and power outages in the DC metro area and some other states;and the flooding in Florida. All of this during the Venus/Saturn prolonged aspect(~6/20 to 7/2).

  267. Bob says:

    Glad that you were not injured by the storm Nancy. That is more important than the loss of power and all of the problems that is causing for you.

    I had done your progressed lunar this morning but did not save the results. Remember that I expected some good experience for you today but don’t remember if it was around 10 am or 2 pm. What time did you lose power on Friday? Do you have any clean-up to do on your property or did your home sustain any damage?

    I just redid the charts. The progressed demi-anlunar had your progressed Saturn on the Desc between 6 and 7 pm.

    You have a new anlunar beginning tonight about 8:51 your time. It looks like Sunday may be when you get power back at home.

    Again, glad to know you are alright.

  268. arbo says:

    Yes, but Michael Chertoff got rich off selling x-ray machines to airports, and that’s what’s really important, isn’t it? :)

  269. arbo says:

    Hi, Will. I had a thought right before reading your post, so maybe I’m supposed to share it with you.

    I’m besieged by liberal/progressive/DCCC/DNC-oriented sites with pleas for donations. I’m not always happy with what the DNC does with money, and I hesitate to throw what little discretionary funds I have down a rat hole, so to speak.

    What do you suppose could happen if the liberal wing of the “Astrological Community,” as PR might present it, formed its own PAC with an eye toward getting the attention of office-holders or would-be office holders and basically asking them if they hadn’t noticed how Reagan benefitted from having his chart done and his aspects tracked. With the advantage of knowing when circumstances are favorable for organizing, maybe astrologers have an advantage here.

    There must be someone at this site who’s among the bright and hip people who know — or know someone knows — how to get these things done. I’ve often wondered if the very organized right wing has been doing this all along, very quietly, having noticed about Reagan and his incredible luck.

    Nancy’s best talent, IMNSHO, isn’t just interpretation — awesome as that is — but also her ability to write about mundane astrology without its being too esoteric. You can follow everything even if you don’t know what the planets, aspects and houses mean, and that makes it easier to apply it to current events, even for newcomers or even the uninitiated. There must be a way to sell this fact to people who need to hear it.

    But it probably has to get started before Mercury goes retro, and maybe it would have to originate on the West Coast… :)

  270. arbo says:

    Be careful and be safe, Nancy. Your country needs you. :)

    HAS anyone given any thought to an AstroPAC?

  271. Davis L. says:

    Perhaps you are like me with Uranus in the first house?….i.e. the sort of person which many astrological texts oversimplistically describe as ahead of their time?
    Wonderful idea, but Nancy Reagan’s use of astrology was a true rarity in politics; quite the exception. Politicians on both sides of the aisle rely on academics for advice, generally a group which is extremely hostile to astrology. Because of my association with them I MUST OF NECESSITY use an alternate name when I do anything astrological and/or theosophical. About 60 or 65 miles north of me at Kepler College in Seattle the state issued accreditation for 2 or 3 years but had to withdraw it due to pressure from the U. of Washington. Kepler can no longer award students a B.S. or M.S. in astrology; now only a certificate like the AFA or NCGR. Too bad…..and I don’t forsee it changing anytime soon. I don’t think the academic world will accept basic astrological concepts until such time as a scientifically demonstrable causal relationship can be established….and that would likely be something stumbled upon by accident. Were academia to begin to accept astrology in such a case it would be grudingly. They maintain and cultivate a number of false ideas as to what astrologers believe and why. In the meantime, any politician who uses astrology is open to very severe ridicule. In the case or Reagan, the spin was the President did not believe in astrology, but after all we all have to get along with our spouses.

  272. Teresa Hill says:

    Starlight & anyone interested in the DC storms:

    Here’s an explanation of what happened from Weatherdude, a kid who blogs about weather and is great about explaining stuff:

    And you won’t believe this after reading his stuff, but he is really a kid. A college student.

  273. kiwi says:

    Thinking of you Nancy. I read somewhere this morning (cant find it now) that alleged that DC area power companies in recent years spent way more money on lobbying for federal anti regulation than they did in maintenance and infrastructure improvements for customers – most going to repubs, but some dems too.

  274. Jerry says:

    Astrology Report for July
    By Dorene Carrel

    July is highlighted by intense planetary activity, followed by a calmer period that extends from late July into August. Both Uranus and Mercury turn retrograde in fire signs within two days of each other. This is followed by active Mars transits setting off the Uranus/Pluto square that occurred in June. Both the new and full moons also strengthen these aspects, which could bring unexpected and volatile changes during these periods.

    The Full Moon occurs on July 3 at 12 Capricorn. This lunation is aligned with both Pluto and Uranus, which sets up an intense period of dynamic changes during the next few weeks. Pluto rules death and rebirth, while Capricorn represents the old guard, authority figures and those resistant to change. Entrenched, unsustainable structures and outworn personal patterns will likely change form at this time. This can set up an intense struggle for power and control, as breakdowns and endings occur both around us and within us. However, cultivating a calm, optimistic perspective helps facilitate a more harmonious rebirth.


  275. angellight says:

    FYI….There’s an amazing article in Rolling Stone about Rachel Maddow. A MUST READ: “Rachel Maddow’s Quiet War”

  276. Jerry says:

    International sanctions on Iranian oil supplies took effect July 1st. With half of Iran’s import earnings severed, Iran is becoming increasingly beligerent and threatening. The talks in Istanbul to begin today appear to be faltering even before it starts.

    On the astrological front, a breakdown in diplomatic relations could come as early as mid July with the Mercury retrograde station at 12 Leo forms a square to Iran’s 4/1/79 progressed Sun (13 Taurus). Tr. Jupiter at 7 Gemini is approaching its square to Iran’s natal Saturn (8 Virgo) accompanied by an equally powerful Uranus station at 8 Aries in sextile to Iran’s natal Saturn……..

    Iran Nuclear Talks Restart As Tensions Rise In Gulf

    Negotiations in Istanbul as the US sends more ships to Gulf and Iran’s parliament calls for action in the Strait of Hormuz

    The Guardian
    July 3, 2012

    Talks have begun in Istanbul between Iranian scientists and their counterparts from six major powers in an attempt to resolve an impasse over Iran’s nuclear aspirations, as both Tehran and Washington raised the military stakes in a perilous stand-off in the Gulf.

    On Tuesday, the US was reported to have significantly increased its military presence in the region, doubling the number of its minesweepers while bringing in stealth warplanes in part as a deterrent to any Iranian attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf through which a fifth of the world’s oil supply flows each day.

    As part of extensive war-games Iran test-fired medium-range missiles, capable of hitting US bases in the region or Israel. The parliament in Tehran meanwhile called an urgent debate on a bill to block at least some oil tankers in the Gulf, and there were reports that the leadership might be considering announcing a new, higher, level of uranium enrichment.


  277. Jerry says:

    Typo/ Read instead: “with the Mercury retrograde station at 12 Leo FORMING a square to Iran’s 4/1/79 progressed Sun”

  278. Francis says:

    This is pure Neptunian sappiness for all of my kindred saps :) Enjoy:

  279. barbk says:

    Something I find interesting regarding Mars’ entry into Libra this morning could possibly make a difference when he actually squares Uranus and Pluto. While we awaited the SCOTUS decision on the health care law on June 28, a group of four asteroids gathered at 0 Libra (an Aries Point). They were Pandora, Minerva, Klotho and Astraea.

    As symbols, these asteroids take their meanings in part from their myths, and when we think of Pandora we remember the box she opened that contained all manner of ills which escaped, all but hope. Minerva (aka Pallas-Athene) was able to figure things as well as people out; a strategist, in her myths. Klotho symbolized beginnings in all her stories, and Astraea was famous for sticking it out to the bitter end. As Mars enters Libra today he will begin to conjunct each one of these asteroids, one by one, as they are moving at different speeds. Just before completing all four of these conjunctions on July 15, the last with Astraea, Uranus (and Mercury) will have just stationed retrograde.

    On July 17 Mars will trine Jupiter (law) in the morning and square Pluto in the afternoon. The next evening on the 18th he will oppose Uranus an hour and 1/2 before the New Moon in Cancer. Mars being direct is operating outwardly and in a sign that is action-oriented (Cardinal Libra). Jupiter was also direct when he trined Mars, but both Pluto and Uranus were retrograde, although Uranus for just over 5 days, when Mars aspected them. Mars opposing Uranus will be almost simultaneous with the New Moon in Cancer.

    Earlier I commented that transiting Uranus was conjunct Chief Justice Roberts’ natal Mars and I feel that this opposition aspect could mark a point where anger over his decision regarding the legality of the health care act could come to a head.

    If we think of Mars conjunct Klotho as a “beginning” and his contact with Pandora as exposing (opening) the bitter feelings about this legislation, then Minerva’s ability to deal with situations and people in a level headed way (and also being in Libra), and finally Astraea’s promise that she will never leave, it could mean that Justice Roberts will find a balance of thought with those of his collegues who find fault with his decision, through logic and some negotiating. Just in time for the New Moon.

    With Mercury having just turned retrograde, it will pass over the U.S. Sibly north node (opportunities; the path to progress) at the same time the Sun (consciousness) does, on July 28. After Mercury stations direct in August he will pass over the U.S. NN again, just 3 days after Venus (financing?) has done so, and just after Mars conjuncts Saturn. That Mars-Saturn conjunction just happens to trine the Pallas-Athene-conjunct-Moon of the U.S. Sibly chart, and, as well, forms a T-square with the U.S. natal Mercury – Pluto opposition. I’ll let you figure that part out!

  280. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbq,

    The August 2011 Pluto-Uranus-Mars t square (with Uranus and Pluto a degree apart) witnessed the Republican party taking the US economy almost to the brink of default. Britain at the time was engulfed in the worst riots ever experienced, fanning across a number of large cities across the country.

    2012: Uranus and Pluto just applied to an exact square last week. And as it slowly wanes; Mars approaches the t square just at the time when Uranus makes its station (a most powerful dynamic). In addition, this t square will be activating the July 1, 2011 solar eclipse (9 ’13 Cancer) – a highly charged eclipse with its challenging grand cross square to Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. Here’s the eclipse chart:

    Will the Uranus-Pluto-Mars t square in mid July be as benign as you seem to suggest? Related to health care reform perhaps? Maybe. We shall see.

  281. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for the uplifting post! I am a kindred sap with a Sun/Venus/Neptune conj. so love this kind of stuff.

  282. No Tribe says:

    NEOBuckeye has an innovative, practically opposite the meaning, reading of VOC moon. What it has traditionally meant is that decisions or purchases or things settled during a VOC moon are, in fact, undone at a latter time.
    This means that the ruling is likely a resting point, before either it becomes more entrenched a law, meaning government run healthcare, or gets overturned completely.

  283. Gypsi says:


    That fits to a T with my chart. Oddly enough, my home is quite comfortable. But Venus is sitting at the cusp of my 6th house, Saturn on my MC. I have creatures dying. A weasel found its way into my greenhouse, and when I moved the remaining chickens out of it, it found the main pen, then the pen on the lot. My Homeland Security Force is now on duty except for a couple of hours a day when I turn the birds loose in the backyard. Weasels don’t fly well, they prefer penned prey, LOL. This is my 3rd round with predators this year, I’ve also had a blue heron eat 50 baby koi and a 5 foot rat snake in the nest box for the first time since moving here.

  284. No Tribe says:

    I like that reading alot. The Full Moon today has an awful lot going on–

    FULL MOON in Capricorn (Earth) is exact at 2:52 pm. Moon conjunct Pluto; Moon square Uranus; Moon sextile Chiron; Mars enters Libra (Air) at 8:32 am; Venus quincunx Pluto.

    And tomorrow:

    Moon in Capricorn (Earth) goes VOC at 8:25 am and ends at 8:26 pm. Moon enters Aquarius (Air). Mercury quincunx Pluto; Mercury sextile Venus; Mercury trine Uranus; Venus sextile Uranus.

  285. Gypsi says:

    Glad everyone is ok. Great article Starlight!

  286. No Tribe says:

    I love Alternet, best website on the net.

  287. No Tribe says:

    Wow, great read. This Derecho has all sorts of interesting readings, hitting DC and its MD and NoVA regions head on. I have to read it as a strong revolt coming out of the Midwest against the political beltway. That it comes right after the healthcare ruling from SCOTUS is interesting. Shutting down the power.

  288. will says:


    No doubt things will heat up in the middle of the month with all of that cardinal activity. Not at all to diminish your musings, I kind of think the anger toward Roberts is a moot issue. The decision was made, the political-activism of the court on the conservative side was shamefully exposed in Kennedy’s raging decent and Scalia’s various screeds about the press. I see the whole conservative side of the court and the whole Repug party with toxic egg on its collective face. If anything, I would think there would be a back-lash against the insane diatribes being shouted out be the most vociferous of the Party of Poor Losers.

    I’m thinking we’re going to see more tectonic buckling deep within the bowels of the banking world – it seems like the Barclay’s resignations might be just the tip of the proverbial ice-berg. Just the kind of corporate ass-kicking to put some real spice and fireworks in the summer.

    On a freaky note, I can’t help but to think we should probably update our earthquake preparedness routines and kits with the massive levels of Cardinal activity amongst those behemoth planets.

  289. Francis says:

    Barclay Bank is being investigated for interest rate fixing. There are likely other banks involved from other countries says the news caster on NPR… other countries, hello… I say we all hail Pluto’s transit through Capricorn and Pluto’s square with Uranus.

  290. starlight says:

    Still no power and it getting hotter and more humid. I am exhausted by the whole thing. Not sure when i will get to posting another article. Sorry for the very long thread here.

  291. will says:

    Dear Baby Jesus,

    This is will – please tell your Father and Mother to send energy and relief and coolness and drying breezes to Starlight and the whole Atlantic Coast. Please hurry. I gave lots of my allowance money toward baptizing pagan babies in Africa when I was in grammar school; I think I have some credit on that tab.


    PS – its hot as Hades and like a steam bath in Los Angeles today – you can see all of these women whose hair is usually quite tame from their $500.00 Brazilian blow-outs giving it up to mops of wiggle-curls.

  292. Lunagardener says:

    Will, I am so delighted to know that other beloved souls pray just like I do……

  293. andre says:

    I have worked with Native Canadians for many years. The Algonquins are an ancient people from which many other Indian nations in North America are derived. They have a prophetic tradition. They have been telling me for some time about wind storms and poisonous seas. They say mankind will soon learn money cannot be eaten. Like the Mayans, they do not foresee the end of the world but a time of great trials and chaos from which we will emerge with a higher collective consciousness. The Mayans compare the present era to the pains of childbirth. Two of their Guardians of Time from Guatemala are close friends of mine.

    A native grandmother has invited me to join their community in Quebec to live off the land. Their project is to grow ginseng and sell, or trade, it at the nearest city market. We have wild ginseng here. It’s hard work, but quite healthy. I am seriously considering it.

  294. Lunagardener says:

    Starlight, I have no AC on purpose. You are so forgiven for being in slow mo survival mode….We’re all good from all your posts of the last decade. I don’t post much these days, but you & your family are in my heart…sending cool breezes, and swift electrical healing… in your general direction…this too, soon, Shall Pass….Hydrate and borrow anyone’s shower that you can.

  295. Teresa Hill says:

    If you to Great Clips or another of those cheapie haircut places, they will wash your hair for about $5. And everything feels better with clean hair.
    (We did this when without power for 9 days from an ice storm. What a luxury, having clean hair.)

  296. Lunagardener says:

    Good work Barbk….A lot of food for thought. A thousand thanks!

  297. Virginia says:


    Thanks for the link. I’ll read the rest of it later -right now I have to go watch Rachel’s show!

  298. clymela says:

    thank you ,Andre, for sharing. I imagine the biggest consideration would be the winter in Quebec unless you already live in hard winter areas.
    I loved what you shared abut the Algonquins. Another reminder of what we are doing here.

  299. clymela says:

    starlight- I join in with the others in wishing you and yours cooling breezes and electrical healing-sooner rather than later.

  300. Sharon says:

    Starlight, Hope you get electricity back soon. Myron has a system for back-up power using auto and marine batteries. We’ve used it during outages for up to a week. (And, of course, there is also the old fashioned gasoline run generator.) You can at least keep the fridge going and fans, maybe occasional TV, radio, etc. If you & David want to know about the marine battery system, email me your phone numbers and Myron will call. Please don’t worry about the thread length.

  301. Gypsi says:

    Andre, That sounds like a good idea. For myself, I am raising more of my own food than I ever thought possible. And preserving by drying as much as I can this year. I can’t sell it to a city market, but I can eat it.

  302. ScorpioX3 says:

    “With a proper and well-funded education system, we could decimate their power and numbers with a focus on critical thinking alone, and move humanity and the world forward in tremendous and unprecedented strides.”

    The Plutocratic class can’t tolerate an educated citizenry.

  303. barbk says:


    Thanks for your response. I must say that I erred when I said that in August Venus would conjunct the U.S. north node 3 days before Mercury would do the same. In fact, trans. Venus will be in Cancer, not Leo, and will be squaring trans. Uranus and opposing trans. Pluto at the time. That eliminates a good bit of the benign quality right off the bat, although trans Mars will be conj trans Saturn and they will trine and sextile the New Moon on August 17.

    However, on July 28th when trans. Mercury rx. and Sun conjunct on the U.S. Sibly north node (6 Leo), transiting Mars will conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn at 14 Libra at almost the same time. I’m hoping the conjunction between them will neutralize their inclinations toward aggression and resistance and allow the north node to lead the country forward. Too optimistic?

    Last year when Uranus Pluto and Mars formed the T-square in August, trans Saturn was a degree away from being conjunct U.S. natal Saturn; the dreaded Saturn return. This year in mid July when Uranus, Pluto and Mars re-create their t-square, trans. Venus will be trine the U.S. Saturn. (Hopefully this will make up for her not providing a conjunction to the U.S. North Node until September!)I’m thinking this should lessen the liklihood of another financial crisis.

    Not only that but when Mars forms a T-square with Pluto and Uranus, he will also be trine trans. Jupiter in Gemini. Adding in the 4 asteroid goddesses who have infused their feminine wisdom, through their conjunctions with Mars in the preceding days, there is a glimmer of hope that this T-square will not have the disasterous outcome like the last one. I do believe that we are going through a dismantling of the patriarchy, bit by bit, and the feminine symbols, disregarded for so long, will prove that balance can be achieved.

    Along a different line, there is a decile aspect between Uranus and Neptune that will be exact the last week of July. This is a subtle aspect of 36 degrees, equating to 1/10th of a circle and has a subtle influence on outcomes. Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker in ther book “The Minor Aspects”, say: “The decile aspect relates to the will or purpose of man’s higher spiritual nature and indicates the possibility of the individual being a vehicle for the expression of divine will in some way, as indicated by the planets, signs and houses involved. This is one of the reasons why this aspect is said to have an occult significance.” I believe this aspect played a part in the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision in the health care law challenge.

    Last but hardly least, on July 31 trans. Sun will trine trans Uranus, and trans Venus will finally complete her trine with trans Saturn which was almost exact at the time she went retrograde in May. Venus will be in the same degree she was in when she went retrograde, as will be Saturn. Things that were put on hold then will finally get a green light.

    I am looking on the positive side of somewhat less major aspects than the big-daddy Uranus-Pluto square to de-fang its power and reputation. The world needs for humanity to grow up and this would be a great opportunity to prove we are capable of that. No harm in trying.

  304. barbk says:

    Will, thanks for replying. I agree about the banking buckling; do you read

    As for earthquake preparedness, Anne predicted an earthquake for either Tokyo or San Francisco for the last week in June, based on the track of the May 20th Solar Eclipse. This was predicted about 3 or 4 weeks before that. Still, it would be wise to be prepared, I agree.

  305. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    Quite right. There’s every reason to be optimistic. Personally, I think it’s all very exciting. We generally have a preconception that things must go well, according to plan in order for there to be progress. But I don’t think real life is like that. In fact often just the opposite is true. We can not move forward unless we are willing to let go of our moorings; certain unrealistic expectations. More often than not it takes a real crisis to extricate ourselves from precisely what we most fear; stubborn resistance to change. Uranus has to do with new beginnings, reinforced by its transit in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the area that signifies new initiatives. Pluto aids us in that process, eliminating all that is unnecessary, that which holds us back. Pluto in Capricorn, the way I understand it relates to the dismantling of old worn-out structures that no longer serve us well (dead weight). People dread drastic, life altering changes, but unconsciously I think the general public on some level are ready for it. After all, that was the primary catch-word that brought Obama into office…. “Change we can believe in”.

  306. Michael from NYC says:

    starlight i hope you get your power back soon!

  307. barbk says:


    There was no “Reply” on your comment below so I home you see this. First let me apologize for the confusing remark in the 1st paragraph above where it says Mars and Saturn would trine and sextile the New Moon. Guess I was thinking of a Full Moon (or just not thinking at all!)

    I think you said it quite well below, that a real crisis is needed to get us (as a whole) moving forward. Also you say the public is ready for the changes coming on the unconscious level. I know some folks will be traumatized, but hopefully they will get the help they need to get through the next step in our evolution. Happy holiday!

  308. Stefanie says:

    I remember the first time I saw the OWS quote: “This is the beginning of the beginning.” It was when I was marching over the Brooklyn bridge with 30 thousand people last fall. Well, with the Barclay’s/Libor scandal happening now directly in line with Uranus/Pluto, I’d say that we’re getting our second act. Fireworks, indeed, my friends, it’s time to rise up and end the madness of capitalism gone wild.

    First CEO claimed:

    Nancy, sending you thoughts of iced tea and cool breezes! I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you!

  309. Prabhata says:

    The fixing of the LIBOR rate is the business news front page. What is LIBOR? the link below gives you the basic, but a portion of the article follows:

    Libor rates are set each business day through a process overseen by the British Bankers’ Association.
    Between seven and 18 large banks are asked what interest rate they would have to pay to borrow money for a certain period of time and in a certain currency. The responses are collected by Thomson Reuters, which removes a certain percentage of the highest and lowest figures before calculating the averages and creating the Libor quotes.
    How does it affect consumers? Libor is the world’s most important benchmark for interest rates. Roughly $10 trillion in loans — including credit card rates, car loans, student loans and adjustable-rate mortgages — as well as some $350 trillion in derivatives are tied to Libor.
    If Libor goes up, your monthly interest rate payments may go up with it. If it goes down, some borrowers will enjoy lower interest rates, but mutual funds and pensions with investments in Libor-based securities will earn less in interest.

    London is the big banks’ casino. Thatcher removed all financial regulations. The City is where JPM recently experienced (we don’t know the exact figure) maybe as much as $9 billion, and is where the bad bets that brought down Lehman Bros., AIG and Corzine’s M.F. Global. London is the center of shadow banking. London made Glass-Steagall irrelevant before that legislation was repealed.

  310. Prabhata says:

    JPM recently experienced (we don’t know the exact figure) maybe as much as $9 billion loss.

  311. connimac says:

    Thinking of you today, Starlight, and of all those who are without power, or without homes due to wildfires. May help come to your community soon.

  312. starlight says:

    I posted a new thread since this one is getting rather long. But I have not been able to write anything and probably won’t for a few more days.

    Thanks, everyone, for all the good wishes. This should be over soon.

  313. Wennye' says:

    Wishing All a true INDEPENDENCE DAY! By all means have a safe celebration. Blessings All

  314. Jerry says:

    Hi Barbk,

    Nancy started a new thread, but I did note your reply. Thank you. And happy 4th of July to you as well.

  315. kiwi says:

    LIBOR = London Inter Bank Offered Rate

  316. andre says:

    Our winters are getting milder every year. Wild turkeys have moved up to Quebec from New England on the side of country roads. The Algonquins say that global warming isn’t all bad. A taxi driver here in Montreal told me ten years ago that we should expect 8 major snowstorms in this city every year. Now we hardly have any. Some winters, NYC has more than Montreal!