18th Jun, 2012

Many Threads

A huge sigh of relief was heard throughout Europe and the United States yesterday when Greece voted to continue using the Euro and accept some amount of mandated austerity in exchange for monetary aid.  The multitude of dire predictions of “what would happen if” evaporated in a blissful moment. The European economy is not out of the woods yet, but, at least for now, it has backed away from the proverbial cliff.

Astrologically, the Saturn transits in the Greek chart point to the need for significant belt-tightening and a commitment to discipline as a path out of the current mess. From late May through June 2012, we have seen the Saturn station essentially sit in a square to the Greek Sun (22Capricron45). By late June, a slow-moving Saturn will move into a sesquiquadrate with natal Venus (8Pisces56) and a semisquare with Mars (9Virgo39) through mid-August, essentially continuing the slow slog towards progress, although strongly tinged with a general sense of deprivation.

Within this more difficult framework, however, there are also indications of national pride and cautious optimism. The Venus station at 7Gemini45 is in an exact sesquiquadrate with Greece’s Sun (22Capricorn45), in effect from June 18 through July 1. Thus, despite the difficulties of the moment, there is a patriotic satisfaction that the country has done the right thing in this election. In addition, the Jupiter transit square to natal Venus and Mars from July 20 through July 28 is likely to bring some uplifting news.

By mid to late August 2012, many of the charts impacted by the current Saturn transit through late Libra will begin to feel relief, and it may be that at least some of the current economic contraction and anxiety will be moving toward resolution.  Certainly for Antonis Samaras (5/23/51), the man likely to become the Prime Minister of Greece, September and October will go exceptionally well, probably in some way also indicative of the situation in Greece. Samaras’ North Node (15Pisces43) will benefit from a square by the long Jupiter station in September and October, while his natal Jupiter (6Aries35) will be crossed by Uranus throughout September. It would surely seem there is light at the end of the tunnel come autumn for this struggling country.

Also much in the news these days is Syria, a nation hurtling toward a civil war with the potential of sparking a regional or even a global clash. While the Western allies talk of arming and subsidizing the rebels, there have been reports of Russia sending weapons and troops to the Assad government. Iran is also highly invested in the success of the current Syrian government which is Iran’s chief Shiite ally in the region. In fact, the pervasive and fratricidal sibling rivalry of Sunni/Shiite tension that shadows everything in the Middle East and South Asia, underlie the truly explosive and highly dangerous possibilities inherent in this conflict.

It is of great concern that the escalation of the Syrian clash is paralleling the building three-year Uranus/Pluto square, the first highly volatile phase of which covers from June through September 2012. This configuration pits those who want freedom from the restrictions and abuse of concentrated power (financial, political, and/or military) against those who want unrestrained and firmer use of that power. The precipitous grab for power by the Egyptian military in the wake of recent Egyptian elections – an attempt to weaken the democratically-elected president in favor of the military – is another manifestation of this destabilizing energy. In addition, the recent demonstrations against Vladimir Putin in Russia and Russia’s  developing, aggressive posture on several issues, including Syria, is also indicative of the Uranus/Pluto square, currently activating the bombastic and unilateral Uranus (8Capricorn) square to Mars (8Aries) in Russia’s natal chart during 2012 and 2013.

Uranus’ square to Pluto is an incendiary mix, with the potential for enormous upheaval on the path to ultimate transformation. At present, the Venus station (7 to 8 Gemini) is triggering Uranus (8Aries) and Pluto (8Capricorn) from June 18 through July 4. In addition, from July 13 to July 22, transiting Jupiter (7-8 Gemini) and then transiting Mars (7-8 Libra) will very strongly intensify this configuration. Thus, many of the deep-seated power struggles in the world today, although already in high gear, are likely to continue to escalate from now through late July. In particular, the many interrelated threads that make up the evolving Syrian tapestry, including the increasingly violent situation on the ground there, will also be vulnerable to these building tensions through much of July.

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