The First Wave

From June 2nd to September 19th, the two planetary behemoths, Uranus and Pluto, will be moving into their first and second of seven exact squares. This means that the clash we have recently seen building between the powerful forces of hidden power and wealth that want to exercise total control (Pluto), on the one hand, and, the forces that want to overthrow the restrictions to freedom and equality and move to the next paradigm (Uranus), on the other, will greatly intensify. The current battlefield for this fight in the US is the 2012 election campaign, with the first big skirmish taking place in Wisconsin. In that state, millions of dollars are flooding into the recall election, mostly from mega-wealthy Republican donors who want to keep their favored lackey ~ union-busting, regulation-smashing, and tax-cutting Governor Scott Walker ~ in power. Some estimates suggest that Mayor Tom Barrett, Walker’s opponent, is being outspent 25 to 1.

In national electoral politics, the historical Uranus/Pluto clash is manifesting in the confrontation between the GOP nominee Mitt Romney and the Democratic President Barack Obama, as well as in the multitude of Congressional elections. Just like in Wisconsin, tens of millions of dollars from the wealthy corporate elite are beginning to pour into slanderous media blitzes focused on sabotaging Democrats wherever possible.

Romney, of course, is the poster boy for the aptly-named “plutocratic” class. His enormous wealth comes mostly from a predatory type of capitalism sometimes known as “vulture capitalism”, where investors make multiple millions of dollars on the backs of fired workers, defunded pensions, and the forced bankruptcies of American companies. There is no question that the current Republican Party agenda of lower taxes and draconian spending cuts would have a similar effect on the country at large: benefit the top 1% investor class with huge tax cuts while sucking resources from the rest of the population.

Thanks to the egregious 2010 Supreme Court decision Citizens United, the unregulated money from the billionaire class is now inundating the national dialogue with venomous propaganda aimed at destroying Democrats and cementing the power of the financial elite over the nation’s government. Citizen’s United has ripped away the last barrier to the total corruption of our democratic process. Now, even just the threat of millions of dollars going to a political opponent can guarantee a favorable vote in the legislature. Essentially, this Court decision has launched us into a savage and intensifying open war between the agenda of the global, moneyed corporatists and those who want a more balanced, equitable society. This is the underlying theme of the 2012 election campaign and will be one of the more significant manifestations of the Uranus/Pluto square over the next three years.

From May through mid-August 2012, as the first acute phase of this major planetary configuration takes hold, we also are feeling the pressure of a very stressful Saturn transit during which the planet of burden and contraction is making its final passage between 22 and 25 degrees of Libra. This transit, which includes a long Saturn station, is feeding into people’s discontent and frustration and making resolution of national and world financial problems far more difficult. Saturn is stationing very near a square to US Mercury, a conjunction to Ben Bernanke’s Mars/Neptune conjunction, a square to Bernanke’s Node, a square to both President Obama and Tim Geithner’s Saturn, a square to Greece’s Sun, and a square to Angela Merkel’s Sun, to name some of the major actors adversely impacted by this difficult planet during the current financial drama. In light of this, it is possible we may see some resolution of the issues that are currently strangling the global economy by the end of August. But with the Uranus/Pluto square continuing through early 2015, and remembering that the last Uranus/Pluto square took place from 1932 to early 1934, we can expect further draconian changes and dramatic turmoil and disruption before this chapter is behind us.

During the 2012 election cycle, President Obama and Mitt Romney are both attempting to frame the most effective narrative that will win the day, with each essentially acting as the tip of the spear in the larger Uranus/Pluto confrontation described above. Obama’s increasing combativeness can be seen in his solar arc Mars progression square to his natal Sun (12Leo33), which began in April 2012 and will be quite strong through April 2013. This aspect will be joined by converse progressed Sun square natal Mars (22Virgo35) as of late November 2012 through November 2013. Together these suggest that Obama will continue to be an increasingly muscular president during these contentious times into the next term.

Mitt Romney’s current aggressiveness is described by his converse progressed Sun conjunction to converse progressed Mars (15Capricorn) which will peak in August 2012 and then begin to slowly dissipate. Romney has also benefitted from the long Mars transit in Virgo which has opposed his Sun (21Pisces11), Mercury (13Pisces55), and Mars (6Pisces14) and rendered him a formidable opponent from January through June 2012.  By the fall of 2012, however, this pugilistic attitude will become far less effective, replaced by the long Neptune station square Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) leading to more of an aura of weakness, indecisiveness, and dishonesty. There is nothing in Romney’s chart to suggest that 2013 will bring the bold strength one would expect to find in a first-term president.

As for the extremely volatile zone we are now in from June through mid-September 2012, with the Uranus/ Pluto clash resounding throughout the world, there are some dates to watch when this aspect is most likely to be triggered. The first is from June 17 through July 5, when the Venus station (7Gemini29) will sextile Uranus (8Aries) and quincunx Pluto (8Capricorn). This configuration will be further activated by the Sun on June 29 (8Cancer). In addition, the Venus station will be sesquiquadrate the Saturn station during this period, further stressing an already agitated mix. This 18-day period will include the announcement of several Supreme Court decisions, among them the decision on the controversial Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which is likely to engender a great deal of drama no matter how it plays out.

A second highly-charged 10 days is likely to be from July 13 through July 22 when both Jupiter (8Gemini) and Mars (8Libra) will aspect the Uranus/Pluto square. It is noteworthy that this will be preceded by a Mercury station from July 9 to July 16 signifying some kind of inhibited or stuck transportation, negotiation, communication, or mercantile activity. This Mercury station will be at 12Leo32, almost exactly conjunct President Obama’s Sun (12Leo33) and activating the solar arc Mars square to that point. Thus, a very formidable Obama will be in the midst of whatever situation arises at that time, a situation likely reflecting the ongoing power struggle and historical themes of the Uranus/Pluto square.


  1. starlight says:

    It is worth noting that the night of the Wisconsin recall election will have the Moon conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, triggering this underlying theme. Also noteworthy, Walker’s Mars is 7Capricorn54 (noon time). I am still not willing to predict this election.

  2. Lune Prière says:

    Excellent post Nancy! What would we do without Starlight News? Thank you.

  3. Francis says:

    June 30 is the huge Pride celebration in San Francisco. It will be interesting to see how that and other Pride celebrations around the nation will be influenced by the square. Recently there was the North Carolina rejection of marriage equality with much hatred pouring out of that state from evangelical pastors: imprisoning gays in camps, killing gays as per Bible, and beating the gay out of children. In CA there is legislation that would outlaw conversion therapy for children and maybe outlaw it altogether. We shall see! Thanks for the post Nancy!

  4. loyalurker says:

    Interesting post Starlight. Thank you. I guess I’m way beyond thinking that any REAL and significant changes can happen through government so long as it’s run and fed by the moneyed corporatist class who are carrying out their own agendas at any expense to the people or the planet as a whole. Difficult to know where and how to resist, but I for one no longer believe that working within the existing system is the answer. That Biblical story of David and Goliath comes to mind. You don’t have to have great strength and might so long as you know where to aim your rock to get the desired result. I just don’t think we know yet where to aim because the giant is so pervasive. But voting is not the rock that will deliver us. Ought to be an interesting few months…

  5. starlight says:

    Expect MSNBC and hopefully other media to run with this story for the next 48 hours:

    Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

    Yesterday, the University of Minnesota’s Dr. Bernadette Gillick was best known as a nationally recognized scientist for her research into how the brain recovers from injuries.

    After today, she will likely be forever known for coming forward and telling the world that Scott Walker fathered a child and refused to take responsibility for it while at Marquette:

  6. starlight says:

    Looks like it may not be true. Oh well. It could have shaved off a few points on Tuesday.

  7. will says:


    Great piece; game on! This will be a late spring and a long, hot summer to remember. At least we will have some dynamic action as opposed to the stultifying malaise we have had to endure for so long now.

    I checked out and Snopes on the paternity story re: Walker but neither show any results.

  8. starlight says:

    I hope it is true. It is a story that would crystallize his callous disregard for others and his preening ambition.

  9. starlight says:

    And there is always this to fall back on, but it doesn’t pack quite as much punch.

  10. Sharon says:

    Great article, Nancy, as usual.

    I finally rented “Inside Job” and it explains the economic situation so well. The question I have to wonder about is why Obama did keep sleazy executives from brokerage houses like Goldman Sachs & Lehman Brothers in the administration cabinet.

  11. will says:


    I know you didn’t ask the question of me, but I’d like to offer this as an explanation:

    Over the last 30 years or so, the banking, financial and wall-street crowd managed, to essentially buy the federal government through lobbyists and industry insiders; that is to say that the lobbyists heavily influenced the legislation and “regulatory agents” of the banking/financial/traders industry. So, when Obama and Holder sought to prosecute the wrong-doers legally, they found themselves with defendants who had actually done nothing “illegal” and were therefore immune from prosecution. So. So what? So, my sense is that Obama followed one of the oldest pieces of advice a politician could; “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” That is why I believe you see the infamous “insiders” as part of the presidents circle of advisers. Who else to know where the proverbial bodies are buried?

    just my take.

  12. kiwi says:

    HI all – been very busy lately, but have continued to read your wonderful articles Nancy, and great comments everyone.
    My take on your question too Sharon …… I think the whole financial structure that’s been developed over the past 30-40 years is so complex, it needed some ‘insiders’ to even begin to decipher how it has been put together and to begin to make some sense out of what actually happened, relating to .. as Will said .. “to know where the proverbial bodies are buried.”
    I have felt for a long time that organized crime went ‘white collar’ sometime in the 70’s and perhaps that is also a large part of the finances and politics today too – it certainly would explain why some are too timid not to stand up for honesty and integrity against nefarious shennanigans.

  13. Sharon says:

    This could be, Will, and it also could be a lack of know-how or courage on his part. I still believe in him and think him a much better choice than anyone else I can think of, but also wish we could have had someone bolder & with more experience at a time when the Democrats controlled both houses. Thanks for your explanation – it is also plausible.

  14. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Kiwi. I do have a sense that Obama needed those who understand the system but after viewing “Inside Job,” it is hard to respect these people.

  15. pam says:

    Thank Nancy
    Great article.
    I am so upset over the Wisconsin recall. Why hasn’t the democratic party been out there backing Barrett with all guns blazing. I feel like there is so much at stake.
    I am so afraid of how the corporate right wing zealots will frame this if Walker wins and what they’ll take away about how to buy an election. Growing up (1960s-70s) an American Political system this corrupt seemed impossible. Was I just very naive or has my country that drastically changed?

  16. herald778 says:

    This is a very extensive analysis posted on the Political astrology blog posted which shows exactly what Nancy has said repeatedly…

  17. angellight says:

    Thoughts by Author David Tresemer (2012 Venus Transit)
    There are ways to meet the opportunities of this event, methods that are valuable all the time, but especially now. I have written about this in my “Venus Eclipse of the Sun” book, but here I give a summary.

    1. All of our pictures of the world are powered by energy. Giordano Bruno termed these “erotic phantasms.” Eros – passion, desire, love/hate, Venus! – motivates and energizes phantasms – pictures of this-is-just-the-way-it-is, dreams, visualizations, ideas, world-view…. Rudolf Steiner described the same dynamic, though with less colourful terms. “Erotic phantasms” are not to be banished – as in “do away with all desire” – but more importantly to be recognized and worked with actively.

    2. Eros/Venus will be stimulated and made turbulent by the eclipse on June 5/6 (the exact time mid-morning on the 6th is less important as we are in this rare celestial event – by anticipation – right now, and will be for some months.) That restless eros will seek images to empower.

    3. Marketers, especially of technological gadgets, have used and will use this undirected eros. Going-with-the-flow on your part accepts that the world will be imagined by corporate marketers.

    4. You too can direct that energy of eros – can meet it – by creating pictures of the ideal for yourself and for the world – not vague woo-woo pictures but rather very specific and detailed pictures of anything that arouses your interest.

    5. For example, with the situation at Fukushima still teetering on the edge of its largest explosion, you could imagine that the explosion does not happen, that heroic scientists work out how to remove the fuels to a safe place, and that all species develop a capacity to learn from and transform radioactivity. In terms of the mythic images in the Venus Eclipse book, this means envisioning the taming of the magical fire-bird to subdue its expressions on the earth.

    6. If you cannot formulate new pictures – if the world as you perceive it holds you in its thrall, then you can focus on the picture of how-things-are-right-now-as-you-perceive-them each night before sleeping. Look closely at the details, best without judgment, and hold the picture in your mind, for just a minute. Spiritual beings will take it up through the night and in the morning (or in a few days) you will have an insight about how to penetrate even the most difficult problems.

    7. In any case, take this opportunity to cultivate your relationship to ideals that engage eros behind them. Those imaginations will focus your desire – the restless eros of this time – in ways that will be healthy for you and for everyone else.

    Thoughts by Author Adam Gainsburg

    Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future
    Excerpt from Adam’s article: “The Synodic and Astrophysical Transit

  18. angellight says:

    Starlight: This is a very powerful Post; and much information here. I will go out on a limb though and say in Wisconsin Walker will be defeated, especially since so close to Venus Transit & Gemini/Christ Full Moon period!

  19. Noelle says:

    What do you mean it looks like it might not be true, Starlight?

  20. Noelle says:

    But a ver good take, Will. It makes a lot of sense. I’m glad,however, that Larry Summers is gone.

    What is absolutely astounding to me is that Jamie Dimond is on the NY Fed Board. I do’t ever recall a big banking head being on the board.

  21. Noelle says:

    Sorry about the typos

  22. Nina Katarina says:

    sources are saying that this was a different man, also named Scott Walker.

    Then again, sources are also saying that Walker the governor was expelled from Marquette because he was caught cheating, thus sparking a lifelong hatred of teachers.

  23. Nina Katarina says:

    All the polls have showed Walker with a lead, but the margin has narrowed from 5-7 points a couple weeks ago to 1-3 points this past weekend. So at this point it’s all down to get-out-the-vote.

  24. barbk says:

    Thank you Nancy for once again summarizing the astrology as it translates to the U.S. political climate in a profound and easily assimilated way. Without it we would be hard-pressed to see the big picture.

    Sometimes I get little clues from the transiting asteroids as they aspect charts and one another and today’s Lunar Eclipse chart might give further clarification on the ambient mood of Wisconsin’s recall election. Such as, transiting Askalaphus is still conjunct the U.S. Sibly Sun and square the U.S. Sibly Saturn.

    In myth, Askalaphus “ratted out” Persephone’s eating the pomegranite seeds while in Hades which led to her being forced to stay half of each year with Pluto. Thus your article on the lack of recognizing the child he (may have) fathered has credence because of Askalaphus’ reputation for being a tattle-tale.

    At the same time transiting Nessus whose story includes deceipt, rape and poison, is conjunct Asclepius, the asteroid whose own story symbolizes healing and they are conjunct the U.S. Sibly Pallas-Athene (Protectress of the State) who is one degree away from the U.S. Sibly Moon (representing the people, ie. voters) at 27 Aquarius 10. The above mentioned released story about Walker could be Pallas-Athene’s way to protect and advise the people of the nefarious (Nessus) governor’s track record and heal (Asclepius) the wounds he created after being elected.

    Many other nuggets of info can be gleaned from this eclipse chart which I won’t go into, except to say that the eclipsed Sagittarius Moon (covered up) sextiles transiting Atlantis (advanced technology brings it down) which forms a Yod with the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer. The Sun represents consciousness and the leader of a country (in this case perhaps a State). The sextiled planets put simultaneous pressure on the U.S. Sun to “perform” via the uncomfortable quincunx aspects from both transiting Moon and Atlantis.

    At the same time, the eclipsed Moon sextiles the U.S. Saturn (structure, government, tradition) so I’m hoping that means that by voting (Saturn) the People will express their unhappiness with the present governor’s stance, morally as well as politically. Remember the Sun is NOT eclipsed this time and is trine the U.S. Saturn.

  25. starlight says:

    herald – Thanks for posting this. It is always good to have confirmation from entirely different techniques.

  26. Teresa Hill says:

    Yes, from that site, questions as Starlight has mentioned about something going on after the election:

    “One additional point that is interesting about Romney’s L3 Virgo-L4 Pisces period on election day is that this is actually a foreshadowing period for a Loosing of the Bond that will take place later in the month, from November 26-29, 2012. There is something about what happens on election night that is connected to a change or a transition in Romney’s career and life direction that won’t fully materialize until a few weeks after the election. It is not clear if this pertains to Romney simply making a final personal decision about what he wants to do with his life a few weeks after losing the election, or if there is something about the election itself that isn’t resolved or finished until that time.”

    But they do see Obama as the winner.

  27. W Prizgar says:

    The question is: How specifically does Romney’s status change AFTER the 26th? Are we CERTAIN/POSITIVE he’s not the President Elect?

  28. andre says:

    Michael Wolfstar takes the contrarian view and predicts a Romney win:

    Have a look at each candidate’s chart on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2013. Transiting Jupiter will be perfectly trine Romney’s Midheaven, which adequately describes an honor bestowed. Transiting Uranus, the ruler of his Aquarian Midheaven, is favorably sextile his MC. His progressed Midheaven, describing his evolving status, is tremendously empowered by a perfect trine to natal Pluto. His progressed Part of Fortune is exactly conjunct natal Uranus, suggesting an exciting and fortunate elevation of status. These are all indications of victory.

  29. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – I was just about to post the same Wolfstar comments as Andre did above re. why he predicts a Romney win.

    I would like your thoughts on his reasoning since he’s basing it on the inaugural chart for Jan. 20, 2012.

  30. kiwi says:

    Sharon, I think some of these people, individually, are not, by themselves, “bad” but like frogs coming to a slow boil, they did not recognize the dangers of the whole setup until too late. They, and many like them, got sucked into ‘groupthink.’ A malady that is unfortunately way to prevalent still today.

  31. Sharon says:

    What’s Wolfstar’s record of accurate predictions? I do remember he predicted Bush over Kerry (if my memory is accurate). It does seem possible that all of these positive aspects reflect the attention he will have gotten. The other thing about the 2 Uranus transits mentioned above is that Uranus causes shocks, surprises, and change, not necessarily in a way that seems positive for the person.

  32. Anita says:

    Why Inaugural chart for January 20, 2012? The Inaugural date should be January 2013. Aren’t they (inaugurations) always Tuesday dates?

  33. pisca says:

    Hopefully, the “support” comes from massive get-out-the vote efforts. I’m hearing that Barrett ppl knocked on more doors than the number of ppl who voted in 2010. It seems that Walker won that election because a whole lot of 2008 voters stayed home in 2010.
    Reports of voter fraud are appearing in WI. The photo id requirement is NOT in effect for this election but some locals are trying it anyway.
    Also the news that Walker is under fed investigation is not being carried by the press. That reminds me of 1972… so many of us knew Nixon was a crook but the Watergate issue was shushed until after the election.

  34. Anita says:

    Please disregard my comment. I did my homework – should’ve done it before commenting.

  35. pisca says:

    Inaugurations on January 20; elections on Tuesday (1st in Nov).
    I see the Wolfstar predictionas an indication the Romney may rise in the business rather than the political world. His wealthy buddies could honor him with money and prestige, much more than he could get in the political sphere.

  36. Patty says:

    Yes…most Astrologer’s are predicting Obama to win 2012.
    Yet, that Sabian Symbol for Al Gore always haunts me: “Symbol for the Sun in Al Gore’s chart: “The Ruler of a Nation.”
    Perhaps, one day…future generations will honor Gore and his thwarted efforts to stem the tide of Climate Change.

    Here’s an interesting re-read from 1999-StarIQ-Astrologier’s Predictions on the 2000/Presidential Election:

    If the greedy old party interferes with our Nov. election…we should be be prepared for the streets of our own city.

    Have your ‘Casseroles’ just like Montreal:

  37. will says:

    I’ll bring up the unmentionable: “a change a few weeks after the election” might be the inauguration.

  38. rc says:

    Hi Starlight,
    Do you remember your take on Judd Gregg,,
    Is Now Not the time for him to re-arise as a possible VP candidate.

  39. Lorrie U says:

    A type, Anita–meant 2013. Sorry…

  40. Lorrie U says:

    Smart move!

    Wisconsin Recall: U.S. Department Of Justice To Monitor Elections

  41. Lorrie U says:


    Recall Bombshell: Closest Aide Turns on Walker and Cooperates With John Doe Investigation

  42. starlight says:

    Those are some fairly positive aspects for Romney. I tend to think the long string of Saturn transits and the strong Neptune in his chart are stronger. But it is not as much a sure thing as I would like. I also think it is very hard to read because what ever result there is for president will be compromised by the rest of the results (Congress and the states).

  43. Teresa Hill says:

    Just came to add this myself, so I’ll post a quote instead:
    “In essence, he (Russell — the witness who turned on Walker) took money that was meant to take the children of the war dead to the zoo and took himself to the Caribbean and to Hawaii. If convicted, Russell is looking at 10 years in prison and $50,000 worth of fines. Courthouse sources say that the prosecutors are using these charges — on which Russell appears to be in serious danger of being convicted — to leverage testimony from him about what he knows regarding Walker and the John Doe investigation, which concerns Walker’s alleged use of his job as county executive for campaign and other political purposes.”

    What a slimeball! Stealing from dead soldier’s children. You gotta believe a man who’d do that will squeal like crazy to save himself.

    Remembering someone here with idea that perhaps Walker will win and then immediately be arrested. Works for me.

  44. Cha says:

    Thanks, Nancy! When I read that about Wolfstar’s prediction earlier I kept coming back here to see if you had responded to it yet.

    Has Wolfstar ever been wrong? If Romney should slither in then that’s the end of our country for at least 4 years. No more progress..just backsliding into the oblivion that bush-cheney was hell bent on achieving.

  45. Stephanie W says:

    Wolfstar is usually right so I was very scared when I read that article. However, when I reflected upon what he said about voters electing a conservative everytime Saturn transits Scorpio, I started thinking—if Romney actually runs the country the way he says he wants to, then he is no conservative. His policies would be very radical. For example,
    he wants to repeal Obamacare (which was modeled after Romney’s Massachusets healthcare plan), turn Medicare and our public schools in voucher plans, reform social security, deregulate everything, and decrease taxes for the rich while increasing them for everybody else. To me, Obama represents the status quo and has been far to friendly toward big business than I would like. So who is the real conservative candidate?

  46. shoalsister says:

    barbk, thanks for the richness! Boy, I love those asteroids more and more, and appreciate your introductions plus. I’ll be pulling this up again and again as I watch this scene play out. I hope you will check in with a follow up…learning here. As always your generosity is inspiring.

  47. pam says:

    Or deciding to leave politics and the public spot light …. which could be an even bigger change

  48. angellight says:


    Here is the link to Tuija’s beautiful Pre-Full Moon Gemini Meditation

  49. starlight says:

    Uranus square Pluto went into its one-degree waxing orb as of June 3. Tonight is the first big trigger with the Moon conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, roughly between 8 and midnight Eastern time. I would think we can expect “fireworks” as the election results come in. Emotions will be running very high, and the situation could be quite volatile.

    Much depends on Barrett’s birth time. If his progressed Jupiter is still waxing toward or very close to its opposition with natal Sun, it will be triggered tonight and tomorrow by the transiting Sun, which suggests at least the possibility of a win. This Sun/Jupiter aspect has been triggered for the past few days by Venus and Mars.

    Walker will continue to be very angry and very aggressive (Pluto conjunct Mars and Uranus square). Should he lose, we can probably expect an aggressive campaign to discredit the election results. Should he win, expect a massive and nasty crackdown on protesters. There is also a Sun/Mars square tonight and through Thursday. I think, as I look at this, the aftermath could get quite nasty tonight and maybe tomorrow. Even if Barrett wins, Walker could send out the police to shut up the celebration, but should he win and there are demonstrations, it could get bad. Tell your friends in Wisconsin to be careful.

  50. Francis says:

    the Senate votes on equal pay for women today AND Venus occults the Sun… It’s and interesting “coincidence.”

  51. Francis says:

    I believe he was wrong about Hilary becoming President. He was sure she would win over Obama due to some of her asteroid placements. He also uses a Scorpio ASC chart for the USA.

  52. Helen says:

    With the voting machines intentionally rigged (look at all the mischief that went on during the GOP primary!), couldn’t this lend some confusion between the REAL winner and the fake winner?

  53. Nina Katarina says:

    Inauguration is always in January. The law is part of the 20th amendment – the new president must be inaugurated at noon on the 20th of January following the election.

    The change could be in setting up his cabinet or some such thing, or it could be a spiritual change

  54. Nina Katarina says:

    Which leads to the question of where Romney and Obama will be astrologically on inauguration day. One of them will have to watch the other one be sworn in. Their mood and psychology on that day may be a truer gauge of success or failure in November.

  55. Roderick says:

    Sharon, Wolfstar using the Scorpio rising chart for the U.S. so I guess that is why his predictions aren’t accurate.

  56. ScorpioX3 says:

    Starlight ~ another view on today’s recall election from Elizabeth Grace:

    “The chart for 7AM today in Madison, Wisconsin shows Moon void of course — which could suggest an event of no consequence — or present an opportunity for an unexpected twist. Pluto and Mars are on the angles of the chart, suggesting a major battle for power. Other patterns in the chart suggest an upset and consolidation of power, especially when the polls close at 8PM.

    “Great forces are active in Walker’s horoscope. He has Sun and Moon in Scorpio — and thus driven by a need for power and control. A militant square between Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries is directly impacted by the Mother of All Planetary Patterns — the Uranus-Pluto square. This suggests total destruction or empowerment.

    “Barrett is a Sagittarius with Moon in Capricorn. He is driven to make things happen. His Sun is exactly opposed by today’s rare transit of Venus, suggesting an increase in popularity. His Capricorn Moon might be directly impacted by Uranus and Pluto, if he was born in the early morning. His Mercury (mindset) is square Pluto, suggesting he can be an effective strategist — perhaps as ruthless as Walker. This would suggest empowerment and/or a disruption of status. I am encouraged by two strong measurements between Jupiter and Mars…and Jupiter and Uranus…which suggest success and windfall opportunities. On the other hand, I must acknowledge two other measurements involving “wet blanket” Saturn that may limit the influence of Barrett’s natural charisma. Pass the popcorn, as I sit on the edge of my seat…”

    I comment little here, but learn much. Here I keep my head in the stars, but my feet are kept firmly on the ground. With many thanks to you (and your terrific online community here), I will continue to be a loyal lurker (apologies to loyalurker).

  57. catsandmusic says:

    scorpio x3: I too have been on the edge of my seat all day. I am so praying that the recall will happen. If it does, it will really help restore that sense of the “power of the people” that I remember from the 60’s.

  58. barbk says:

    Thanks for that note Francis. Between that and the Queen’s world coverage of her Jubilee and today’s “balcony scene” I think the Venus principle is well noted. As for Prince Philip’s hospitalization, Queen Elizabeth’s Midheaven (25 Scorpio) and Saturn (24 Scorpio)was joined by transiting Juno (marriage partner) at 25 Scorpio and square Nessus (poison)at 26 Aquarius, and opposite Jupiter (too much) at 28 Taurus and Sedna (deep sea) 23 Taurus and Ceres (food) 22 Taurus. I thought it would mean he ate too much (bad) shrimp but I believe they said it was a bladder infection. Bummer. Still, Pallas Athene (defender of the State) was conjunct her Mercury (quick thinking) at 4 Aries so he should be okay. The Queen’s natal Neptune (22 Leo) completes a grand fixed cross and could mean “the show must go on” or hopefully, “the health problem will dissolve itself away”.

  59. barbk says:

    Thanks shoalsister, I’ll be watching too with fingers crossed.

  60. clymela says:

    I have been disappointed with Obama from time to time and then I recall the absolutely miserable Congress with which he connected. The idea of vouchers for schooling and medicine is so frightening-only the well off who don’t need the assistance will fare well under such ideas. What has happened that this huge country with so much is unable to educate the young ones or figure out a way to prove that medical care is really a human right? This is no doubt part of the monster big Uranus/Pluto square we are beginning to experience.

  61. clymela says:

    Well, Teresa,I am so grateful that I haven’t had the temptation of stealing money that is meant for bereaved children -that could make prison a very dangerous place-that is a story that even gangsters would be against.

  62. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, the thought of this man being described as Walker’s “aide and good friend” speaks volumes about Walker himself. Birds of a feather…

  63. Teresa Hill says:

    Yeah, and I thought my Awful Uncle was bad. Merely taking his son’s life insurance money and leaving the son’s grandmother, who raised him, to pay off the dead son’s bills.

    But I’ll admit, this guy must be worse.

  64. Teresa Hill says:

    DailyKos reporting turnout through the roof in Wisconsin. Maybe 80% or more before the day is done!

  65. Cha says:

    Thank you for that report, Teresa!!

  66. Teresa Hill says:

    I came out as an author here several months ago, and today, I’m in the midst of my first free book promo at
    You can download a free copy of my Christmas book here:
    Oddly, people seem to buy Christmas books year round, and it’s the start of a series for me. So please, help yourself.

    Been meaning to write here about how interesting it is to read about the trend of the times, people power, the 99%, how the Romneys of this world work and make money — and at the same time see it in my own little world as an author.

    Been published for 20 years this month, and there’s never been a time when authors had more power to get their own work in front of a real audience, and it’s all because of e-books and what Amazon started with its program to allow authors to sell directly to readers with no middle man except Amazon.

    We absolutely could not do this just a couple of years ago. You could do a vanity press thing, where you paid to have your book printed in small quantities because printing is expensive and then tried to sell the books yourself. But no one really reached an audience that way. (Self-published authors, a handful, have made the NYT list this year, for the first time ever.)

    So you did vanity publishing or traditional publishing and those 1%-ers, the publishers, paid you 6%, 8%, maybe 10-12% of cover price if you were in hardcover, and they had all the power.

    Amazon will pay you 70% and you’re in charge of everything. You write what you want. You have it edited and do the revisions you want. You choose the cover art and design it or have someone design it. You pick the title and how the book is marketed. It’s amazing to have all this power. I love it. And I truly never imagined a world like this, where authors had this kind of power.

    It’s also creating a lot of new jobs and small companies. Companies to do the coding and conversion process, the covers, the marketing, help you with your online presence, etc.

    And the publishers are reacting about as skillfully and intelligently as Mitt Romney. :) They still want to treat writers the way they always have and still can’t believe they don’t have all the power.

  67. alex says:

    from WTDY in Madison:

    BREAKING: Madison City Clerk predicting turnout in Madison of over 100 percent (meaning large numbers of people are voting and registering at the polls).

  68. Teresa Hill says:

    Now a spokesperson in Madison said they’re looking at 119% turnout! They have same-day registration in Wisconsin.

  69. starlight says:

    I am pretty wound up about tonight. It may be too close to call right at 8 PM.

  70. Patty says:

    Teresa, I’m very proud of your accomplishments! So few people find their real passion and are successful at it.
    Do you interject Astrology into your writing?

  71. Teresa Hill says:

    I’m pretty new to astrology. Only been dabbling in learning for the past… maybe 3 years? No, four. I know I was here during the Obama/Hillary primary battles.

    So I haven’t done much with astrology in books yet. I’m a romance writer.

  72. Elizabeth says:

    Me too, Nancy! I am very concerned about what it will mean for the future of politics nationally if the GOP and top 1% come away with the idea that they can buy elections; which is exactly what they will believe if they get this win for Walker.

  73. Herald says:

    I read this article which was posted yesterday about the 2012 November election based on Vedic Astrology . Predicts a Obama win. Quite an extensive observation.

  74. Teresa Hill says:

    More from the front page at :

    “To recap, turnout is huge everywhere. But there are more Democrats than Republicans in Wisconsin, so if we get our people to turn out, we win.

    On that front, things look promising. Madison expects turnout at 119 percent — possible because of same-day voter registration. Milwaukee, which slept through the 2010 election, appears awake. Multiple reports peg turnout at the state’s largest city approaching 2008 presidential levels.

    To be sure, Republicans are experiencing massive turnout as well. Wisconsin is proof today that polarized politics motivates people to get engaged, contrary to what the know-nothings in the national punditry (and No Labels/Third Way/Unity 08/Americans Elect) love to claim. It’s true democracy! People feel like they have a real choice, and they’re getting engaged!”

  75. Wennye' says:

    YES INDEEDY..I feel so pumped now!

  76. Teresa Hill says:

    Geez. CNN Exit poll: 50-50 Walker-Barrett. Long lines, may well have people still at the polls for a while. Rule in Wisconsin is if you’re at the polls at closing time, you get to vote.
    Polling places running out of ballots and same-day registration forms, too.

  77. Lorrie U says:

    Herald – Thanks for posting. Although he seems to lean toward an Obama win, it sure sounds somewhat cloudy and iffy.

  78. ScorpioX3 says:

    With less than 1% of polls reporting, Scott Walker has taken and early lead over Tom Barrett, 57% to 42%, not that that tells us much. If you’re not watching Rachel@MSNBC, you can follow the results live online at I’m not sure I can stand this: it’s like a national election.

    Off topic: I was so disappointed that the infusion of feminine energy into the masculine didn’t help us on The Hill with the Paycheck Protection Act: what part of fair does the GOP not understand? Am I too hopeful that something good will happen – like, soon?

    Anyway, pass the popcorn – it’s gonna be a long night.

  79. Teresa Hill says:

    Maybe not something good today, but that vote may come back to haunt the GOP come election day. That’s my best hope. It helps us in November.

  80. NEOBuckeye says:

    NBC is already projecting a victory for Walker. I’m not surprised if this turns out to be the case, but I really wanted to see the smirk wiped off his face.

    At any rate, this fight is far from over. Uranus-Pluto here we come.

  81. mima says:

    Yeah, they are reporting he Scott Walker is winning

  82. NEOBuckeye says:

    Just what exactly is it going to take to get people so riled up that they will finally strike back at the very root of the corporate corruption and remove big money from our politics once and for all?

    Fasten your seat belts, folks. We are about to find out.

  83. Virginia says:

    I’ve written a few short stories and considered doing more, but was always discouraged by the limited possibility of getting them published and the nightmare of dealing with a publishing house. How did you get your work edited? What kind of deal did you make with Amazon? This transit of Venus seems to be pushing me to get back in to writing.

    Thanks for any information.

  84. Virginia says:

    I am just as interested in the fate of the Lieutant Governor position because of the possibility of the a federal indictment of Walker. If Walker wins tonight and then gets frog-marched out of office by the feds, a Democratic Lieutant Governor could take over and that would be another way of defeating the little rat-bag.

    “The first shoe dropped last week when it was reported that, contrary to Walker’s assertions, the secret investigation was commenced only after a two-year period of alleged stonewalling of the District Attorney’s efforts by then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s office.

    This information emerged in a document filed in a related court proceeding revealing that on May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney, Bruce Landgraf, filed a petition with the court seeking permission to commence the secret investigation into a suspected embezzlement of money by one of County Executive Walker’s top aides.”

  85. Teresa Hill says:

    It’s amazingly easy. There are ebooks and tons of blogs devoted to the subject, but basically, anyone can publish their work now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Sony, I can’t even remember the others, and the terms are great. Amazon’s is 70% of cover price to the author for anything $2.99 or more.
    You have to get the computer file coded for upload, which many authors do themselves. You can hire someone to edit you, do your cover, etc. You can hire someone to market your stuff, if you want.
    It’s a real market. People who already have a web presence with an audience have an even easier time.
    This is short and to the point on how to do it: I know this author, and she’s been out there in the forefront of figuring out how to work in this market. Lots of other books will pop up on the links below of other books customers bought on the subject.

  86. alex says:

    Money Won in WI
    25 to 1

  87. ScorpioX3 says:

    Looks like Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch keeps her post too. She and Walker kept their office thanks to a 7-1 money margin.

    People have become so damn complacent – it just boggles my mind. So many folks have bought into the message of the million-dollar 30’sound-bites, convincing themselves there’s no need to find out anything more about their favorite candidate beyond what their favorite news channel will tell them. Then off they go to cast their vote which is most likely against their own best interest.

    Somehow I feel Uranus and Pluto will show us what shock and awe really is. I have a front row seat: Uranus squares and Pluto opposes my natal Uranus. (Pluto is my ruler. Um well, you probably figured that, huh.)

    But back to Wisconsin: The recall results could be good for Obama: exit polls indicate that Obama would win there by a significant margin. So why Walker?!@#! Are people really so confused? Neptune?

  88. pam says:

    Wisconsin had Senator Joe McCarthy too

  89. Sharon says:

    My husband is 8 degrees Aries and is being hit by the square right now—but he’s doing ok…the stress seemed to have come in April & I helped him deal with the problems. He’s kind of more independent than usual though (for an Aries with Mars, Pluto, Saturn in first house Leo).

  90. Sharon says:

    They are afraid of us Godless, latte-drinking, Volvo-driving, immoral Commie Democrats and the corrupt unions that have so much power. Advertising is so pervasive — it’s hard to fight it. And people are so easy to fool.

  91. alex says:

    Elements of Wisconsin Recall Election

    Money is Speech
    Divide & Conquer
    Resent Your Neighbor

    These are not good messages for the people of America; and these are the ‘After Citizen United’ tactics that drive the GOP national agenda for Austerity & Corporate Rule.

    I’ve been working awhile on the key concepts for the ROLE CONFUSION VOTER – These are some draft notes:

    ROLE CONFUSION VOTER (voting against ones own self interests )



    Letting it all go: because voters don’t have a better idea how to deal with cultural realignment of power CONSOLIDATED 1% wealthy vs. 99%

    ERIS IN ARIES – collective identity crisis

    Our era of self obssessed mental chaos, no concept who we are / National Identity Crisis


    ERIS IN ARIES = confusion identity voter

    (We no longer understand each other as people and/or how together to live a good life, “The inability to conceive of oneself as a productive member of one’s own society”; this inability to conceive of oneself as a productive member is a great danger to democracy)

    Role Confusion: From earliest times, much has been spoken and written about how to live a good life and to understand one another as people and having practiced ways of understanding themselves and living together. – author Barbara Engler, Personalitiy Theories

  92. Lorrie U says:

    As I understand it, even a lot of dems voted for Walker, the reasoning being that he was duly elected and should be allowed to finish his term. And, unions are not really very popular. They interviewed a teacher who had lived in Russia and she made the statement that if Walker was recalled, then we would be like Russia and the unions would dictate their lives. Huh? Must be in the water…

  93. NEOBuckeye says:

    What you said, ScorpioX3. Americans are extremely complacent and narcissistic. A fair number of them also feel that unions, the unemployed, and those that are suffering without health care deserve the worst. Nasty men like Scott Walker who sock it to the downtrodden are the “heroes and good guys” in this perverse view because they supposedly keep those who aren’t downtrodden from having to face what they might sooner or later become themselves. It’s the whole Tea Party “cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face” mentality. Stupid is what stupid does.

  94. NEOBuckeye says:

    I must say, Walker is UGLY like nothing I have ever seen during my lifetime, and I thought the Bushes were bad. At the time, I thought nothing was more painful than watching Bush II steal a second presidential term in 2004 with Karl Rove and Cheney, two other nasty men, gloating all the way. How much the world has changed since then and how much I have grown. I mostly expect this stuff now, so Walker’s victory was hardly a surprise, fairly won or not.

    He’s full of hate and vindictiveness, and now he will go for the jugular vein of all those who opposed him, including the fools in denial like the ones you describe, Lorrie. He is a Scorpio after all. The people who voted for him are the ones who think they are immune to his savagery. And they who deny what they are dealing with are like the frog who doesn’t realize that the water is slowly being turned up on him until he is cooked.

    He will certainly overreach now, feeling that he is unstoppable. And… he is right. Or will be, until he finally reaches too far, wherever or whatever that is, if there is such a thing in the United States circa 2012.

    When that point is crossed, it may finally be the cause of his undoing and what brings him down smack hard on his face at last. But I don’t know where that point is anymore. I once thought I knew. But each of these elections show me that people still don’t get it, that they are still in denial of what is happening, that they still don’t have to care or feel compelled at all to do anything about any of it.

  95. Jackson says:

    Well, I guess this means Mitt Romney is a shoo-in in November, right?

  96. Lorrie U says:

    Sadly, NEOBuckeye, you’ve said it quite eloquently and I agree that this man is evil! I know that we should have faith and stay above the fray, but to see the ignorance of those who vote against their own best interests makes one want to scream.

    I’m wondering who will win Gabrielle Giffords seat here in AZ next week–the Tea Party horror show backed by the Koch Bros. or her former aide who was also shot that day. Wish us luck, but with all the morons living in this “birther” state, I don’t have a lot of faith.

  97. mima says:

    NEOBuckeye-He is still under a John Doe investigation for campaign violations on both Federal and State so will see where this leads. Though we have a Lt gov who makes Sarah Palin look good.

  98. Roderick says:

    Doesn’t anything done during a Venus retrograde usually bring a case of buyer’s remorse?

  99. Todd Bennett says:

    Hi guys astrologically speaking, I can’t say, but politically and demographically speaking there is no way Obama should not win a massive landslide. I predict 54-45 with even more electoral votes. At a 70-30 white to minority split, Romney would have to hold Barack to about 37 percent of the white vote to even reach 50. Obama will likely win roughly 80 percent of the minority vote, and if he hits 43 with whites, his mark in 08, he will hit 54 overall. Now that said, either Romney somehow wins over a much larger percentage of minorities or they don’t come out to vote. There is no objective polling that suggests they don’t want to come out to vote. Also, even with Walker’s win the same electorate votes for Barack by 12. There is little to suggest the country is ready to make a change, and the demographics make it a near certainty for him to win. I have extensive professional political experience, and have accurately predicted every election since 1992.

  100. Jerry says:

    How Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election (the results are in – it’s official): a very easy explanation can be gleaned from it…….. it may be time to let go of the old preconceptions and paradigm………….

    Lunar Eclipse Full Moon and Venus Passage and Astrology Forecast June 3-9

    by Leo Knighton Tallarico
    Perspectives From The Sky

    We are in a most important and powerful time period.

    A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius is this Monday June 4 at 7:12 AM EDT. This Eclipse makes an intense T-square with Mars in Virgo, and on the same day Neptune changes directions- going from Direct to Retrograde. A rare Venus Passage is on June 5. While Venus is Retrograde it passes between Earth and the Sun.

    Things are shaking up now. It is wise to let go of any rigid agendas. The Full Moon Eclipse, Neptune, and a prominent Venus all suggest giving up the controls of left brain order and logic. The less rational side of life is more powerful now. The chaotic creative aspect is more powerful.

    This does not mean you need to worry about what is going to happen. It does mean it is important to trust the process, trust the flow of Universal cycles to bring you and all of us to just where we need to be now.

    In the process there may be glitches to what we have planned, disruptions to our “normal” habits and ways of being.

    In the bigger picture we are moving out of of of an old Paradigm and programmed way of thinking and living our lives. This changing of the picture of how to live life has been happening for awhile. Yet each time there is a big planetary shift as there is now, the shifting tides get stronger and our old programs get weaker.


  101. CarolDuhart says:

    The same thing is happening with music. There’s Bandcamp that features new artists who want to do things themselves. These days you can rent studio time and network with people who will press your CD, mix your music and even help you distribute it. I’ve seen bands tour that simply don’t have a radio presence-so they’re getting paid somehow, and that somehow could be the net.

    I’ve already seen the same de-massifying effect in radio. An example: I happen to actually like smooth jazz, and listened to the smooth jazz stations here when during a blip in the late 90’s, they actually had a radio presence. When a favorite regular jazz station finally closed its doors 11/31/1999, I was so unhappy at it’s passing.

    But these days, I’m listening to music coming out of a server hundreds of miles away. So what if the local radio station cartel won’t play the music I want? I can click on a station across the country, a music service, or download podcasts.

  102. loyalurker says:

    It seems that Neptune has asserted itself at last in our psyche as we bow to its erosive effects on our coastlines. People seem to at last be acknowleding that it’s best to cooperate than fight the oceans and mother nature. This story is also acknowledgement that the seas are indeed rising and reclaiming our coastlines all over the world right now, not in some distant future (an excerpt):

    Up and down the California coast, some communities are deciding it’s not worth trying to wall off the encroaching ocean. Until recently, the thought of bowing to nature was almost unheard of.

    But after futile attempts to curb coastal erosion – a problem expected to grow worse with rising seas fueled by global warming – there is growing acknowledgment that the sea is relentless and any line drawn in the sand is likely to eventually wash over.

    “I like to think of it as getting out of the way gracefully,” said David Revell, a senior coastal scientist at ESA PWA, a San Francisco-based environmental consulting firm involved in Goleta and other planned retreat projects.

  103. loyalurker says:

    It’s strange to me that no one any longer discusses the blatant insecurity, corruptability and fallibility of electronic voting anymore. Has it been accepted?

  104. virgo says:

    A spark of hope. As of this morning, the Democratic state senator from Kenosha, WI has narrowly won his recall election over the Republican, giving the Dems a majority in the state senate. Of course there will undoubtedly be a recount with possible dirty tricks, but maybe there is still hope. Last time, there was a recall the Demos also picked up seats.

  105. mima says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It gives me hope:)

  106. virgo says:

    I forgot to give a citation. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online frontpage Democrats Appear to take over Senate With Lehman Win.

  107. barbk says:

    Lorrie U,

    Back in the mid 60’s and through the 70’s when I firt began to earn my own paychecks, there was often resentment from employees who were not in unions against those who were. The union employees (Ford, GE, etc), mostly laborers, had much better paychecks, better health insurance, longer paid vacations, and better retirement packages. Many of the union employees were also rather arrogant and smug about their advantages, as if they were superior somehow, and as if their advantages would last forever. Those non-union workers are dead and gone now, most of them, but their children and grandchildren who grew up hearing and experiencing the disparity between union and non-union compensation probably still carry a lot of the old resentment and couldn’t give a fig about saving the unions, even if their children’s teachers suffer from the loss. Those people could very well vote for a democratic president and yet vote for a republican governor just because they feel he would level the playing field between employed people and, especially, those looking for jobs. People can be very shortsighted, especially when resentment and jealousy is alive and well and living among them. It is also unlikely they would admit to that when asked by a pollster. Just sayin’.

  108. Diane L says:

    Noticed this myself, barbk, and was thinking along similar lines when processing Walker’s win.

  109. starlight says:

    That is a huge win and will help to keep Walker in check. At lease one piece of good news!!

  110. starlight says:

    barb – You make some very important points here. And the Right is also good at exploiting jealousy, anger, and fear.

  111. starlight says:

    I was struck by an article on today’s WP that broke down the percentages of the vote. They were practically identical to Walker’s win in 2010. Basically, those who voted for him weren’t ready to give up on him. Those who voted for Barrett, voted for him again. Looked at that way, it becomes less about big money versus populism and more about [people not changing their minds in mid-stream. I think Barb’s comments about attitudes to unions are also right on the mark, and easily exploitable by the Right.

  112. andre says:

    From this morning’s Toronto Globe and Mail:

    Panic has become all too rational

    It is often forgotten that the failure of Austria’s Creditanstalt in 1931 led to a wave of bank failures across the continent. That turned out to be the beginning of the end of the gold standard and caused a second downward leg of the Great Depression itself. The fear must now be that a wave of banking and sovereign failures might cause a similar meltdown inside the euro zone, the closest thing the world now has to the old gold standard. The failure of the euro zone would, in turn, generate further massive disruption in the European and even global financial systems, possibly even knocking over the walls now containing the depression.

    How realistic is this fear? Quite realistic. One reason for this is that so many fear it. In a panic, fear has its own power. To assuage it one needs a lender of last resort willing and able to act on an unlimited scale. It is unclear whether the euro zone has such a lender. The agreed funds that might support countries in difficulty are limited in a number of ways. The European Central Bank, though able to act on an unlimited scale in theory, might be unable to do so in practice, if the runs it had to deal with were large enough. What, people must wonder, is the limit on the credit that the Bundesbank would be willing (or allowed) to offer other central banks in a massive run? In a severe crisis, could even the ECB, let alone the governments, act effectively?

    Furthermore, people know that both banks and sovereigns are under severe stress in important countries that seem to lack any prospect of an early return to growth and so suffer the costs of high and rising unemployment. No better indication of this can be imagined than Spain’s final cry for help with its banks. Political systems are under stress: in Greece, a fragile democracy has imploded. Meanwhile, the German government seems to have reiterated opposition to more support.

    How much pain can the countries under stress endure? Nobody knows. What would happen if a country left the euro zone? Nobody knows. Might even Germany consider exit? Nobody knows. What is the long-run strategy for exit from the crises? Nobody knows. Given such uncertainty, panic is, alas, rational. A fiat currency backed by heterogeneous sovereigns is irremediably fragile.

    Before now, I had never really understood how the 1930s could happen. Now I do. All one needs are fragile economies, a rigid monetary regime, intense debate over what must be done, widespread belief that suffering is good, myopic politicians, an inability to co-operate and failure to stay ahead of events. Perhaps the panic will vanish. But investors who are buying bonds at current rates are indicating a deep aversion to the downside risks. Policy makers must eliminate this panic, not stoke it.

    In the euro zone, they are failing to do so. If those with good credit refuse to support those under pressure, when the latter cannot save themselves, the system will surely perish. Nobody knows what damage this would do to the world economy. But who wants to find out?

  113. barbk says:


    Thanks for sharing your work on Eris. . nicely done. I assume you know that transiting Eris (22 Aries) is opposing transiting Saturn (23 Libra). Are you aware that transiting Hera (Greek version of Juno, jealous wife of Jupiter) is in Cancer and forming a T-square with them? She is also conjunct the TNO Varuna. This is the Hindu God who dispensed ultimate justice and kept the cosmic order. He can also represent extreme conservatism and fundamentalism in religion and in politics; someone like Dick Cheney or George Bush for example.

  114. Virginia says:

    Are your numbers before or after the Repugs mess with the returns?
    This win in Lose-consin will certainly encourage them to steal it again as they did both times with BushII.

  115. Teresa Hill says:

    Seen this through my daughter’s friends. So wonderfully easy for young musicians to record and distribute their music these days. It’s wonderful for all of them and us.

  116. Diane L says:

    There is a bright spot in all this . . . Starlight DID correctly predict Walker’s win. :)

  117. Teresa Hill says:

    Yes, there’s a lot of good data on Dailykos today from the exist polls. Here’s the problem:

    “60 percent of voters thought that recall elections were only appropriate for official misconduct, while 27 percent said “any reason.” Another 10 percent said “never”—and those voted for Walker 94-5. It’s hard going into any election with 10 percent immediately off the board, and for those who said “only official misconduct,” Walker won 68-31. Turns out people just didn’t like the idea of a recall—something worth filing away as an important lesson learned.”

    The good news is that exits had Obama at 51%, Romney 44%. So Wisconsin should go firmly for Obama. Poor Wisconsin just has to suffer through more of Walker.

  118. Teresa Hill says:


    I’m going to repeat some info. from the exit polls I posted above, because I think this is really what happened.

    People in Wisconsin had strong feelings about when it was appropriate to recall a politician and a big majority felt it was only appropriate when the politician had committed official misconduct.”

    This from
    “60 percent of voters thought that recall elections were only appropriate for official misconduct, while 27 percent said “any reason.” Another 10 percent said “never”—and those voted for Walker 94-5. It’s hard going into any election with 10 percent immediately off the board, and for those who said “only official misconduct,” Walker won 68-31. Turns out people just didn’t like the idea of a recall—something worth filing away as an important lesson learned.”

    I don’t know how Barrett could have overcome those numbers. It’s a basic sense of fairness those people felt. We elected him, and we’re stuck with him. Or we don’t overturn an election’s results unless the guy does something illegal in office.

    The exits did have voters preferring Obama over Romney 51%-44%

  119. barbk says:


    I don’t think it has been accepted, maybe not so much reported on though. Astrologically, Hermes was conjunct Jupiter (social goals) in the 5/20 Solar Eclipse of the Sun. He was conjunct Sun and Venus in the Lunar Eclipse on June 4 and the Venus occult Sun on June 5 as well as the Moon occult Pluto charts too. From the authors A Guttman and K Johnson’s book Mythic Astrology, they say “. . Hermes was a thief almost from the moment of his birth in a cave atop Mt. Cyllene in Arcadia. As the precocious infant emerged into the light [Sun], the first thing he beheld was a tortoise. From the shell of this creature he fashioned the lyre, a musical instrument. Continuing on his way, he stole the cattle of Apollo [sun god], and, when found out, was hauled up to Olympus to be judged by Zeus [Jupiter]. In the final analysis, Zeus and Apollo were both impressed with this infant’s ferocious cleverness. Hermes returned the stolen cattle to the sun god and gave him the lyre as well.” Later they say this about Mercury (Hermes). “He is a thief and was later called the god of thieves. Why should the god of the mind, and of all literary activity, be a god of thieves? Because the human intellect, in and of itself, is amoral. Its function, which is rational thought, is not necessarily connected to any ethical code. The same mental process which leads one individual to write a book on home repair may be used by a different individual to break locks or defuse a burglar alarm – or swindle millions of dollars from an unsuspecting public through the sale of junk bonds.”

    Couple this with the Eris T-square noted earlier, and the fact that eclipses (and occultations) imply that something is hidden and will be revealed later, there is every possibility that questions about the voting yesterday will come up.

    I would also add that Borasisi (worship of something false)at 15 Pisces was opposite Mars (16 Virgo) and square the Sun/Venus conjunction at 15 Gemini and the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius (revealing the truth) on voting day.

    Moreover, the fact that transiting Nessus, with his penchant for lying and cheating, was conjunct the U.S. natal Sibly Moon (the public), and transiting Atlantis (technology) was sextile the eclipsed (in the dark) Moon the day before, and together they formed a Yod, by their quincunx aspects, to the U.S. natal Sun (awareness).

    From all this I imagine the possibility of corruptability and the fallibility of electronic voting will find it’s way into the repeated political discussions on cable “news” and blogs and newspaper editorials. Give it some time.

  120. Me. says:

    A friend said, last night after Walker was declared, that the beginning and end of something usually look the same. It may be, when all is said and done, when we look back, in two or three years time after Pluto enters Capricorn (?), that we have a different perspective on what happened last night.

  121. angellight says:

    Virgo: That is good news! Starlight was dead on, and I was optimistically naive and very disappointed in this result. Of course, there could have been voter fraud somewhere. There were a lot of Dems out and one Senator thought we had one due to the turnout. It seems in this case, Money trumped the people!

  122. Nina Katarina says:

    The Dems got control of the state Senate last night, so there will be some check on his power.

    Walker is a big conservative hero now. I’ve seen the rightward sites talking up his chances at the VP nod. I get the feeling that that would be a disaster for the Republican side, but it’s just the sort of overreach this type of transit invites.

  123. alex says:

    yep well

    the USA Declare Independence Axis of:

    Mercury @24Cancer opposite Pluto @27Capricorn

    is symbol of the declaration independence document itself – mercury the contract, the collective voice – -and pluto the power to form own soverign government

    Grand Cross – significant aspect June Recall WI
    strengthened the extreme conservative corporate authoritarian GOP Walker base

    T/Eris @2Aries opp T/Saturn @23Libra
    USA Mercury @24Cancer opp USA Pluto@27Capricorn

    T/Hera cnj T/Varuna cnj USA Mercury

    jealous, resentful, extreme conservative voter

    Walker got more votes yesterday then in 2010 when we was voted into governorship

    Walker in 2010 campaign message divided and conquered the public employee and those public union divided voters (according to exit polls) stayed that way for recall election

    divide and conquer, fear mongering politics always builds on ‘resent your neighbor’, anger, frustrated, and hate

    the Role Confusion voter the ones who vote against their own self-interests for authoritarian public figures are disempowered citizens who hope to go along with powerful forces that are overwhelming them hoping to get along….. it is self defeating … short term vote

    WI is in the grip of KOCH/WALKER big wall street, big oil, big money fear paralysis I also call it fear fascination…..

  124. alex says:


    fear fascination = fear FIXATION

  125. alex says:

    He has been supporting Romney since the primaries – – IMO Wolfstar is GOP/Libertarian leaning ( my experience from reading him for many years )

  126. will says:


    We had a recall out here in California in 2003 – and it had nothing to do with official misconduct on the part of then Governor, Gray Davis. It was largely an assault and power-grab by Republican political operatives who pretty much made it happen. Yes the public was very unhappy our electricity prices spiking wildly; but even that was a function of GWB and his boys at Enron and other energy companies going after California Democrats for not supporting him in the presidential bid. So, there was no “10% against the recall for any reason” there to help Davis retain his office; he was outspent and out-foxed by the Grand Obstructionist Repulsives.

  127. will says:

    Welll, now that the Unions and the Union organizers have been demonized and essentially disemboweled, maybe it time to turn the tables and talk about the obscenely-over-funded retirement packages and “golden parachutes” for the executives of “private industry” – which is actually also paid for by stockholders (“the other public”) and money from public retirement funds. How about we pare-down and restrain those earnings? It seems as if its okay to have a liveable retirement when you have worked in an executive capacity but not if you have actually been one of the company workers. Such blatant, unvarnished hypocrisy and such a glaring double-standard. And then of course, we still have the outrageous health insurance policies and retirement packages for our Senators and Reps. Hmmmmm.

  128. Virginia says:


    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this information!
    Venus bless you ;-)

  129. David says:

    I humbly submit that although money and insane, disgusting spending was part of the Wisconsin result please know that many people wanted and still want to see certain unions dis-empowered. Walker is their hero because he did this. Other heroes for some people include Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Assad, etc.

  130. Stefanie says:

    When Democrats lose elections, it’s often because the GOP has managed to suppress voters by lies, trickery, and subterfuge. Even if that doesn’t tell the whole story in Wisconsin, it’s what we’re up against this fall. We MUST figure out how to make sure that poor people and people of color are able to vote, that they’re not forced off voter rolls, that they’re not misled by robocalls, etc. The power of elites to use these tactics cannot be underestimated. We must use all our grassroots resources to make sure that people are registered to vote and that they are indeed able to vote in November. What’s going on in Florida is outrageous, and these kinds of overtly racists actions will be attempted by other GOP officials throughout the country.

  131. barbk says:


    Yes, it does seem hopeless for them. . those voters (Wisconson and everywhere) who vote their fears, and there are so many of them they take us all down. In the Venus Occult Sun chart yesterday there is a grand air trine which I don’t think has been mentioned yet, between Mercury (see Hermes remarks earlier today about being amoral) at 27 Gemini and centaur Nessus (poison, lying, raping) at 26 Aquarius and conjunct the U.S. Moon (citizens), and Saturn (government rules) at 23 Libra retrograde. It is hard to break the flow of this is “easy” energy, however, Mercury is opposite the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius and also the transiting Narcissus at 26 Sagittarius. Could it be possible that by connecting with a higher consciousness and wisdom, our obsession with ourselves could be on the threshold of expanding to include our neighbors and co-workers? (Merc in Gemini rules neighbors) After all, it WAS a Venus (Love) Transit of the Sun (Consciousness), which itself was opposed by the Great Attractor and squared by Virgo Mars. Phil Sedgwick says the GA has such powerful gravity that it bends light so as to see what’s “behind” it, like seeing a truck coming round the mountain road the opposite way. Of course, this would not just apply to Americans, but the whole darn world.
    You can read what he says here. .

  132. Duchess of Gadsden says:

    More importantly, those “golden parachutes” and rich retirement packages of the CEOs and other upper management are funded by the lower level employees who are badly paid, get little in the way of raises, have had their benefits and retirements slashed in recent years. Those are the real funders of the obscene wealth of the upper 1%

  133. CarolDuhart says:

    And nowadays, there’s immense diversity that hasn’t been there before. If I wanted to hear music the local stations weren’t playing, or the local shops weren’t selling, I needed a short wave radio at least. Later, we had a community radio station (still exists, by the way) that would dedicate a few hours each week to different music. But these days I can listen to German Jazz or Indian music anytime I want with no restrictions of any kind.

    And it’s liberating musicians in so many other ways. Today I was listening to NPR, and George Clinton of Parliment-Funkadelic was suing his former label for the copyrights to his music. He was able to raise money for his lawsuit thanks to the internet, and because of the internet he can distribute and control the distribution of his newer stuff.

    For young artists, this means that they may have more leverage than the indentured servitude to the recording industry. They can record and sell their own music, and once someone figures out a way to do the proper publicity, someone could have a totally independent career instead.

  134. loyalurker says:

    Thanks for sharing that information!
    I had never heard that piece of the Mercury myth…the rational mind as amoral and a thief is probably the primary source of problems associated with the Western mindset and narrow interpretation of reality. Mind, without connection to heart, becomes a tool of the ego exclusively.

    Hope you’re interpretation of the various transits is accurate and does lead to the eventual exposure of e-voting’s continuing corruptability and erosion of trust and faith in the voting.

  135. loyalurker says:

    It’s being spun by one t.v. pundit (George Stepanopolous) as a signal that the white male working class is un happy with Obama. Interesting that someone who was the communications director for the White House, a master of spin, is now interpreting the news for us.

  136. Gypsi says:

    Just pasted that info into a word file. I’m published, non-fiction how-to, but need to write one new one, and update my first book, and I am not going through the whole try to find a publisher stuff again. I also have a children’s book I didn’t even try to find a publisher for. Woohoo!

  137. Lune Prière says:

    Very solid comment, Todd. Demographic trends definitely favor Pres. Obama. My only concern is that after the huge amount of sewage, I mean, “information” the PACs will be spewing, turnout could be depressed. I’m also concerned about the voter suppression laws popping up in key states. Looks like the DOJ is on that though, especially in Florida.

    Something else in Obama’s favor is RMoney himself. To know him is to despise him. Voters will get to see this soulless automaton on display for the next five months, to the benefit of the left.

  138. will says:

    Hear, hear!!!

  139. ScorpioX3 says:

    Well, I’m here to tell ya (but I’m sure you know) that not all of us Scorpios are evil – or vindictive – though the capacity for both is within us for sure. Me, I’m throwing my lot in with the Phoenix.

    That said, Walker will be hamstrung by the new Dem Senate majority for now: if he calls a special session with the intent to pass more stinky Repug-like legislation, he’ll be blocked, so his right-wing, anti-worker agenda will be on hold for now.

  140. ScorpioX3 says:

    And another hear! hear!

    As a long-time union member and now employed by one of the largest in the nation, I know how hard Repugnits are working to convince the (other) Americans that our wages and benefits are breaking state (and corporate) budgets. Let’s not forget though, that unions are not third-party entities ruled by long-dead thugs and crooks, though one does have to wonder about the “union” that is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today. The national conversation needs to change because the people who built this country cannot be blamed for the sorry state of its economic troubles. Just as union members’ negotiated wages and benefits raised the standard of living for all, as our wages and benefits are slashed, so will non-union employees’ earnings too. That’s they way it goes. Which is exactly why unions are the Repugnit target: U.S. labor organizations are the only thing standing in the way of total and absolute control and dominion over the nation’s workforce. Think slave labor.

    (AH! Mercury is opposing my Mars…)

  141. Gypsi says:

    Oh, he’d make a dandy VP candidate, and if that investigation should lead to an indictment right around november…. (not a lot of straw in these bricks, but here’s hoping.)

  142. Gypsi says:

    Hermes full tale is in a book by Liz Greene and Sharman-Burke called “The Mythic Journey”. As the mother of a Gemini – darling girl though she is, I found it quite enlightening. (I used to clean out her closet when she was a toddler. Quite the charming successful little thief she was…)

  143. Gypsi says:

    I found a new cable network tonight while finding where Dish hid my one movie channel. The free speech network. And the title of the program that caught my eye: “Waiting for Armageddon”. If you want to understand a part of how the GOP gets out the vote, you cannot forget the evangelical Christians waiting for the Rapture. There is no long term plan. They simply don’t plan to be here for much longer. They vote the Bible, to be sure they get to leave before the Tribulations, which they plan to watch from heaven. As long as the GOP successfully manipulates this, we have environmental destruction (which fulfills prophecy and hurries the Rapture), we have the war on women’s health, voted for by good Christian women, and we have the GOP.

    I will vote for Obama, and I do hope he can win. And in 100 years, the current fearful and prayerful lot of waiting for the Rapture people will be gone. Their kids want to get married and have children and live long lives first. Thank Goodness. For good or ill, I think most of these kids are home-schooled.

  144. loyalurker says:

    Thanks for the book reference. Love what I’ve read by Liz.

  145. loyalurker says:

    Gypsi and BarbK,
    Have you seen the documentary called, I AM.
    This discussion reminds me of it. A hollywood director has an accident and goes through major life changes and questions, ‘what it wrong with the world’? And he speaks with all kinds of religious, scientific and artistic types in an effort to understand it. It is not hokey it’s really really good. And it kind of comes down to our Western notion of separation, competition, valueing of stuff/wealth, etc. and our need for community, cooperation, compassion, etc. Highly recommend it.

  146. angellight says:

    “There is absolutely no reason American taxpayers should be lining the pockets of private insurance companies.”

  147. Bob says:

    This reads very good for President Obama and I hope President Obama wins Ohio and 1 other of the toss-up states or better yet Florida by itself if everything else holds. But with some of the charts I am looking at I am concerned that a negative turn of events may occur when Saturn squares the Sibly Pluto (September 13 in longitude or Oct 19 in right ascension) which could in some way reflect negatively on the President.

  148. karen says:

    Nancy, just logged in to read this incredible piece. (Will read the other posts shortly for I know they’re all poignant especially given the as*hole Walker win.) The First Wave is one of the finest overviews you’ve done, at least in my view and sent quivers up my spine. Too, upon our return from vacation, we learned that there’s plenty of local intrique in our community. This drama exemplifies the forces in play on a larger stage. Thus, the energies are — most likely — manifesting in each of the Starlight readers’ lives as well?

  149. Gypsi says:

    The manifestation in my life is pretty moderate, with the square JUST past my 6 Cap 35 Saturn, no intrigue. Simply a truck transmission out, As BM Lilith approaches exact conjunction with my 5th house Sun, (when BML conjuncted my Mercury exactly, and Uranus exactly squared my old Saturn, my reliable truck was totaled.)

    I am hoping broken truck syndrome is all I’ll get. I have 3 daughters and a 5th house Sun. My oldest is 8 months pregnant with her first child.

  150. Philip says:

    You do good work, but I think that if you think that Romney somehow represents the plutocrats and Obama the common person, then you are living in a fairy tale and haven’t been paying attention. They are both bought and paid for, as is the Congress. Please don’t try to make this election into another hero on a white horse against the forces of evil. They all suck and we have lost our way.

  151. Philip says:

    And if the outcome of the election can be predicted from the stars, why do we bother at all? If you can tell who wins by looking at who has the most positive transits on the day of, or day after, the election, or inauguration day, then that says it’s a done deal, doesn’t it?

  152. Lorrie U says:

    Home schooling by these people is for ill in my opinion. These children are “brain washed” with info skewed by their parents’ outlook without the benefit of being exposed to other ideas and cultures. They live in a bubble and will grow up to be just like their parents, for the most part.

  153. Philip says:

    Amen to that. Are not people aware that many wealthy people and corporations simply contribute to both candidates? They are not paying to support only the candidates whom they agree with, but pay for both so as to have an “in” no matter who wins.

  154. DPH says:

    Philip– I’m a bit confused about why you’re complaining about astrological prediction on a political astrology site. Perhaps you have an astrological insight (non predictive) to share with us that buttresses your political perspective?

  155. Azizi says:

    Please don’t try to make this election into another hero on a white horse against the forces of evil. They all suck and we have lost our way.

    Philip, nowadays, heroes and heroines can be any color and can ride any color horse they want to.

    With that aside, you may have lost your way, but I haven’t.

    Since this isn’t a perfect world, no political party and no politician is perfect. However, there are some political parties and some politicians are far worse than others.

    Given the positions that the Republican party has taken on woman’s rights, immigration, voters rights, higher education funding, fiscal matters, and a host of other issues, my vote this November will be straight Democratic.

  156. fierywoman says:

    Thank you, DPH.

  157. Sharon says:

    At least Gov. Scott of FL is showing his true colors. I hope he loses the Hispanic vote and they turn around and support Obama again as they did in ’08.

  158. Sharon says:

    No one, including Starlight, says that astrology can perfectly predict events. She is very careful to say what the trends are, and what she thinks is likely but not definitely or etched in concrete. The Universe is too fluid for that, the actions of one or many alter events, life is, in the end, unpredictable. And there is even a planet that indicates unpredictability and that is Uranus. It sounds like you are a little confused, Philip, about the role of astrology. It gives insight and understanding and for those of us who worry what will happen to this country in Republican hands, it can bolster our courage.

  159. Sharon says:

    But it gives more than insight or understanding. It most definitely describes tendencies and possible or probably causes, effects and outcomes.

  160. pam says:

    And then there’s the Supreme Court. Is there any better argument for taking the plunge and voting for Obama – unless you really want to see more of Scalia & Roberts friends as the sole interpreters of our constitutional rights.

  161. herald778 says:

    I think people leaving comments should have confidence in Nancy’s blog and not doubt in her forecast. Have faith, trust that whatever the end result will be Nancy is doing her best with the blogs.

  162. angellight says:

    pam: That is so true, even if you do not like Pres. Obama, the Supreme Court is now a weapon for something other than Democracy! I guess we should have been on notice when they elected Bush, II, but I intended to have faith in the Ideal, but have become realist that they are no longer representive of the people, but of the Republican Party & wealth, for that reason alone, we need President Obama.

  163. angellight says:

    Recall Election Fraud in Wisconsin? You Betcha!

    When I heard the election had been called for Walker, I posted on my fb page, “something’s hinky here.” I felt that way then and I know it for sure now. The early exit polls predicted the race between Walker and Barrett to be a virtual tie.

  164. Philip says:

    Everything doesn’t have to be astrological. I have my eyes to see and the willingness to honestly face the pitiful corruption that has virtually destroyed our system. I see mostly a bunch of scared people here desperately wanting nancy to be right so they can avoid having to face the reality that we are in trouble and neither Obama nor nancy nor astrology is going to fix it. A bottle of tequila can bolster your courage too Sharon. I’ve been an astrologer for 40 years and I’m not sure I am the confused one here. If it makes you feel better to believe this is giving you answers then this is your religion. I’m not sure nancy is trying to be a priestess but apparently a lot of people here are looking for one.

  165. Jerry says:

    You’re suggesting vote manipulation and fraud. Do they actually do that? No need to answer – I’m just being cute. It’s what the Republican’s are good at. The fact that they can get away with it (in spite of our apparent sophisticated political process) to me is quite amusing.

    I rather like the poster that characterized the 2004 presidential elections…..

  166. Teresa Hill says:

    It was a very early call, and it made me wonder if they wanted to get people who were still in line waiting to vote to just leave.

  167. andre says:

    It’s come to this. Germany is angry at Canada because Canada won’t contribute to a European bail-out. Germany says if Europe sinks, so does Canada. I suppose that would include the US as well.

  168. andre says:

    I just read Gore Vidal’s novel about Abraham Lincoln. The Supreme Court was no different then. In fact, its wrongful decisions greatly contributed to the Civil War.

  169. DPH says:

    Philip, It was I, not Sharon, who said I was confused about why you were expressing irritation with astrological prediction on a political astrology site.

    It’s obvious from the anger in your posts that you are disgusted with political leaders on both sides of the aisle and the corruption in both parties, and equally disgusted with those of us who post on Nancy’s blog and hope for outcomes that favor more progressive policies. You accuse us of being blind, fearful people coming to Nancy’s site, delusional adherents to a distorted version of reality and seeking affirmation here. That’s certainly your prerogative. I’m not quite sure why you continue to read the blog, however. Your overt bitterness and disdain for the views expressed here would seem to indicate that it will continue to be an unpleasant experience for you.

    You have 40 years experience as an astrologer. I’m sorry you don’t choose to share your knowledge, but prefer to vent at those of us who remain hopeful in the face of adversity. I guess that makes me a terrified know-nothing waiting for the high priestess of my pseudo religion to give me the latest fix.

  170. shoalsister says:


  171. Philip says:

    Thank you. I am aware of who said what. Sharon had said that the political astrology “bolsters her courage”. I am asking what else are some people using the astrology presented here to bolster. If you read your response next to my comments you may see from the way you have exaggerated, distorted and judged my words that mine is not the only anger here. Mine is at the political system. What is yours really about? Your message is loud and clear: if I don’t agree with the group-think then I am not welcome here.

  172. Philip says:

    And since you asked, I read this blog because I think (as I said in my very first post) Nancy does good work. It’s just not as interesting reading the comments like yours.

  173. DPH says:

    Philip, I’m glad you think Nancy’s work is good. In that, we agree. I rarely post here, and even more rarely confront other posters. So, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to read my uninteresting comments again.

  174. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, a very good point!!! Imperative to vote dem!

  175. Lorrie U says:

    Excellent reasons to vote straight dem. There is no alternative unless you want to walk to the gas chamber.

  176. Lorrie U says:

    Why Nancy with a “little n”? Only one you referred to as such. Having a little problem?

  177. Lorrie U says:

    Philip – It’s true, I come here to read Nancy’s blog because it gives me hope! Nancy called the 2008 nomination process and election without fault. At the same time, I realize that we have free will and need to be motivated to make things happen. Just because astrologers tend to see a trend one way or another doesn’t mean we just sit back and do nothing. However, most of us are of an ideology which embraces inclusiveness and humanity, which is why we trend to the dems. We support each other in our hopes for a better world and given the daily headlines, yes, we find some solace here. Why should that bother you?

  178. Gypsi says:

    Philip, your name isn’t really Ed is it? (I knew an Ed who was an astrologer once.)

  179. will says:


    You claim to have been “an astrologer” for 40 years. I’m wondering if you care to share your astrological assessment of the coming Presidential Election. Also,do you have insights about what transits in your own chart which might be giving rise to your doubts and disdain aside from the horrid political climate. What I “hear” in your posts is that you also are in need of encouragement and support – perhaps as much as the posters who you are calling out.

    Do you have some significant placements of Virgo or Gemini or a strong Mercurial transit at present?

  180. Gypsi says:

    The Uranus Pluto square is heating things up. Lots of anger, even here on the blog. Lots of deaths. Lots of news of both. From members of our armed forces suiciding at a rate of one per day, to this little gem:

    Given the combo in my chart, I’m glad my truck is int he shop, and I’m staying home.

  181. Gypsi says:

    And the new HFCS study (not political, but good reading)

  182. Wennye' says:

    Phillip, it takes many parts to create the whole. We are given the path BUT we have free will which can make us turn away from the correct path. The information may be there in the symbols and Nancy has said at times she is not sure exactly what the turn can indicate. We here compare what we deem the symbols may mean and each try to do their part (voting) to give rise to the possibilities we see. Blessings All

  183. fierywoman says:

    “Astrology is not a belief system, it is a phenomenon.” –Nick Campion

  184. fierywoman says:

    ooooooooh —- good one! (Yech.)

  185. Teresa Hill says:

    Feeling that Uranus/Pluto square here. My daughter totaled her 2nd car last night. She’s fine, miraculously. And she won’t have anything to drive for a long time, which I think is a good thing. She’s obviously not capable of doing it responsibly.
    Says she wasn’t drunk, but admits to taking an Ativan. So she had at least that in her system, and I know not to believe what she says anymore, so… Anyway, we’re feeling it, too.
    Starlight says my Pluto and the daughter’s Uranus (or vice-versa) trigger each others or something like that.
    I do really appreciate all the kindness and feedback I got from you all a few threads back when I brought it up.
    She obviously has a tremendous number of angels looking out for her, because I don’t see how she survived, and she did not just that, but walked away. The trooper said when he saw the car, he expected a dead body inside.
    I am drowning my sorrow in chocolate. New deli/bakery just opened in our little town, so I’ve got that going for me.

  186. DPH says:

    You make a great point, Gypsi. My progressed Mercury is at 7+ Aries, in the thick of things. Somewhat of a novel experience for me, since I’m not a “fiery woman” by birth! ;-)

  187. DPH says:

    Holding you and your daughter close in thought and prayers.

  188. arbo says:

    Does the square bring out trolls? Go look up “fillip,” which can be spelled with one l or two — as well as with a ph. They do love their little in jokes…

  189. arbo says:

    And yours, too, Filip. Yours most of all.

  190. arbo says:

    Philip’s been there, too, hasn’t he?

  191. NEOBuckeye says:

    The Pluto in Uranus-Pluto is definitely heating up:

    This Quote from Sen. Bernie Sanders Re: Scott Walker:

    “There is,” the senator says, “an aggressiveness out there among the ruling class of this country, among the billionaires who are saying: ‘You know what? Ya, we got a whole lot now, but we want even more. And we don’t give a damn about the middle class. We don’t care about working families. We want it all. And now we can buy it.’?”

    Could this be any more Pluto in Capricorn?

  192. NEOBuckeye says:

    Whether people actually want to see this is another matter, but nonetheless it should be crystal clear to everyone now.

    Corporations and the rich working through the Republican Party are out to DOMINATE and CONTROL ALL.

    I really wanted to write something more hopeful here, and I will, but I cannot deny that this is a dark period of time. Uranus-Pluto can bring breakthroughs in technology and public/social movements, but also can propel brutal and violent extremists into power. Hitler and his Nazi Party in Germany rose during the last Uranus-Pluto Square. Germany, like much of the US now, was all too happy to embrace and support right wing corporatist/fascist extremism as a counterweight to threats perceived or imposed against national and racial/ethnic identity.

    The US is certainly a troubled state with massive debt and a white, emotionally manipulated (by corporate media) majority that feels threatened economically and demographically by forces beyond its control, but that are in many ways of its own making. There are some strong though not exact parallels to Germany at play here. Fortunately, at the moment we seem to be missing our own charismatic version of Hitler. Romney, the candidate of the corporations, is not only uncharismatic but a pathetic wet noodle by comparison. This doesn’t mean now that he can’t get into office and do a lot of damage, but he won’t be speaking before rallies of thousands with firey speeches, wild hand gyrations and goose-stepping soldiers. The real power this time rests with the corporate elites–the Koch bros., oil men, banksters, and others who hold the money and are able to buy and control the tools of government at this time.

    Unfortunately, as Wisconsin indicates, the opposition is disorganized and seems no match for the ruling elites. With no clear, coherent alternative to grab onto, we are now sliding down a very dangerous and potentially destructive path. Unless…

    Unless Occupy or some other movement regroups and finds another way to creatively and radically challenge–and eviscerate–corporate money and power. With Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn, it can very well happen and it will be a surprise as to how it happens. In that sense, Tuesday’s win for Walker and his monied elitist backers was just one battle, not the war itself. They can still be brought down and the way it happens will be the one way that they could not anticipate, that they cannot see or defend themselves against. Pluto is indeed powerful, but never, ever count out or underestimate Uranus.

  193. Lune Prière says:

    Sarah at Balloon Juice says it so much better than I did:

    “The more the electorate sees Willard, the more they will dislike him (particularly that part of the electorate which is brown or gay or has a vagina and/or something functioning above the level of their brainstem). The debates are going to be more of a disaster for the Republicans than that time when Uncle Cranky McCain wandered around the stage looking for his doggy mid-debate.”

    Hahahahaha! Love the line about McCain. Ah, takes me back….

  194. Lune Prière says:

    A bit more from Miss Sarah Proud and Tall:

    “My money’s on the smart black guy that most of the country likes, rather than the dull, awkward, unpleasant, unprincipled trull who thinks that cops, firefighters and teachers are parasites holding back the American economy.”

    “Bring it on.”

  195. Lorrie U says:

    Wow! The man was psychic…

    Abraham Lincoln’s Most Shocking Prediction Is Something You’ll Never Guess

  196. Jerry says:

    Hi Philip,

    I understand the point you are making. There is a culture here, not intentional mind you, but it is there nevertheless. This forum is a place where one can seek refuge, to find solace in numbers. Lorie is fairly up-front about it in her June 8, 2012/ 12:01 pm entry (posted immediately below). In my opinion however, there is an inherent risk of losing valuable perspective when one adopts this politically diminutive “us against them” mentality. Your statement regarding those who “desperately want nancy to be right so they can avoid having to face the reality that we are in trouble and neither Obama nor nancy nor astrology is going to fix it” rings true. Though in fairness, I think this may apply to some, certainly not all who participate in this forum.

    I personally have run into personality/ communication difficulties here, having had the unique distinction of being banned for a time partially due to this apparent intolerance (presenting material that dared to question the US government’s account of having assassinated Osama Bin Ladin – didn’t he die in December 2001 of kidney failure some would ask?).

    No matter. There are creative avenues one can take that doesn’t ruffle feathers. Taking the gentle, non-accusatory approach is one of them. I like the colorful exchanges and having the advantage of Nancy’s excellent astrological expertise. A lot can be learned if one stays calm and emotionally detached.

  197. angellight says:

    Gypsi: That is really sad about the teacher getting shot over noise! & that Stand your Ground Law that has taken us back to the “wild, wild, west.” We are not helpless, though! There is a Prayer or Invocation that is said daily by thounsands of people around the world that brings more light & love to this Planet. The Christ & Masters which many, many more would join in on this Invocation to increase the Light over these dark energies. The Prayer is called the Great Invocation. May be you have heared of it. One can Google it. Use it daily if you feel so inclined to do so, as Energy follows thought. When you feel helpless pray this prayer to do something positive for the planet.

  198. Roderick says:

    Neo, I believe you’re either being willfully naive or blindly partisan if you believe that the Republicans is the only party that is bought and paid for by Wall Street and the ultra wealthy.

    That passionate ‘mistatement’ by Cory Booker followed by Clinton’s complimenting Bain on ‘doing good work’ are just two examples of how much trouble this country and its citizentry are in.

    It’s obvious that change will come it will originate from grassroot organizations like the Occupy movement not from either of parties who are beholden to the plutocracy.

  199. angellight says:

    Lorrie U, Abe Lincoln was a wise man & psychic; I still do sometimes believe Obama is an incarnation of Lincoln; there are so many similarities.

  200. Lana says:

    OMG angellight! That is one of those insights which when you hear it you think “Of course! Why had I not noticed that?” They are of the same calibre I feel. As a regression therapist, I don’t automatically lap up every such suggestion, but this one rings true. And the Astrology seems to bear it out: The shared Aquarian Ascendants, one with Chiron exactly upon it, and the other with Chiron in the first house, and the shared Uranus/North Node karmic missions, suggest that the first life was interrupted and the karmic threads have been taken up again. I would so like to see him live out his potential in this lifetime.

  201. clymela says:

    Oh my!! Angellight and Lana-I never thought of this and truthfully I don’t even know exactly what “past lives and reincarnation” means but this thought gave me shivers.
    Another correlation is the loneliness implied in the stories of both men in early young lives-Lincoln studying by the light of the fireplace, Obama rising at 4AM to do his studies with his mother. Whatever the ultimate truth may be this image sent chills down my spine as I said.

  202. starlight says:

    Andrew Sullivan on Romney:

    Romney will run against a fictional Obama, and Fox will provide the cover, and unless Obama is able to change the frame of this debate, the relentless propaganda will be potent. Yes, the level of deception is so great it’s breath-taking. But Romney, I’m increasingly inclined to believe, is a businessman all the way down. His ethics are about getting, as he put it, 50.1 percent of the vote in any state. He does not believe there are any ethical or principled reasons not to try and get to that 50.1 percent however he can. A businessman can compartmentalize core moral and political questions into marketing. The goal is 50.1 percent saturation.


    There is something increasingly chilling about this shape-shifter, isnt there? He views himself as a product to be marketed to different audiences at different times. And the actual content of that product is completely malleable. It can change as swiftly as Mormon doctrine, when market share is at stake. To predict Romney, in other words, you simply have to merely examine the market he’s selling to.

    As I noted once before, he doesn’t just believe that corporations are people; he is a walking corporation masquerading as a person.

    Just to be clear, I have never said that Uranus square Pluto will mean the end of global corporate dominance. I don’t think the full transition to whatever the next paradigm is will come until Pluto gets to Aquarius and after our US Pluto return. Pluto tends to take things to such an extreme that they implode from within. I do think the next few years of this battle will be intense due to Uranus/Pluto and that first Wisconsin and now the general 2012 election are big battles in this war. I also think the Dems and Obama are far more on our side than the GOP which is truly the handmaiden of the global corporate interests. Given the reality of campaign finance, no onei s clean, but some are more willing to do the right thing at least some of the time. And that would be, generally speaking, the Dems. The GOP can’t even see reality any more.

  203. karen says:

    The willful manipulation of natural resources, and the world’s populations (for the “domination” theme is being played out worldwide) is the very thing that will implode on those who view themselves outside of the very forces they’re attempting to control.

    While I know your frustration, Neo — boy, do I — I know equally that the energetic passes between Uranus and Pluto will show the above to be a false narrative. Scientists throughout the world are calling for action before we reach the point of no return, something we’re closing in on quickly given exploding populations and the demand on resources.

    Those who are intimate and knowledgeable of our reliance on the planet (not money) will be the “meek (that) shall inherit the earth.” It’s coming soon.

    By the way, love your comments.

  204. Diane L says:

    Pluto tends to take things to such an extreme that they implode from within.

    Excellent point, starlight, and certainly fits with my experiences & observations especially on the collective level. As individuals we can often do a better job of finding the necessary detachment in order to unclench our fingers from one obsession or another.

  205. Francis says:

    I believe in something different than reincarnation, but really, who knows! If what you say is true it does make a kind of sense that he would incarnate and be our first black President! And, it also makes sense to me of the need for everyone to surround him in protective energy!!

  206. Teresa Hill says:

    Thank you. We’re very lucky. Many people are doing that for us.

  207. Francis says:

    It looks like Romney is a Neptunian creature and I suggest that the transits of Neptune which could be disempowering to many may in fact aid him in the election. And, there is also the matter of Saturn and Pluto moving into mutual reception and even becoming sextile which may empower each other in the square against Uranus. In the 60s both Uranus and Pluto were conjunct against Saturn. It is different now with Saturn moving into an empowering relationship with Pluto against Uranus.
    I’ve been trying to strip illusion from my vision of things and trying to see things starkly ehich comes with Saturn transiting my Neptune. I am not afraid of Romney win. I’ve lived through the AIDS epidemic and Regan and I’ve lived through 8 years of GWB. I would HATE a Romney Presidency and he and the GOP would transform our nation even more so into a corporate nation and he would cement the GOP corporate influence on the Supreme Court. All of this is a horror. On the other side of that horror will be us, and millions of us using all of our creativity, intelligence and passion to sustain communities both actual and virtual which will become the centers of influence that will birth the new paradigm and spread real change as we hobble together, supporting each other toward real transformation. Even if Obama is re-elected, I do not believe we will be in a situation in which we can witness real change, yet. I’m coming to realize the Square is a critical period of awakening and community building in the face of a plutocracy that is empowered by the fear of the masses as they consider change. We will be on the otherside of that fear offering alternatives by the example of living those changes and professing the tenants of an evolving new paradigm.

  208. angellight says:

    Did Republicans Deliberately Crash the US Economy?

  209. angellight says:

    Lana: That is so revealing! Do tell us more if you think of it.

    Clymela: Now! That is something I did not think about, and I think you are right — the corelation is startling and it does give one goosebumps or shivers!

    And, yes, Francis, I do think he is Abe Lincoln or the same Soul incarnated! Too many similarities, its uncanny. It’s like the Union & Confederate all over again.

  210. Sharon says:

    These are good ideas. The wave of more progressive community and self-sufficient and -sustainable economy will grow on a smaller scale the the corporate level. The fear is that the Republicans in power will lock things in in a way that causes more social problems. I am eager to see what the Supremes do with Obamacare & Citizens United.

  211. Lorrie U says:

    Jerry – ” In my opinion however, there is an inherent risk of losing valuable perspective when one adopts this politically diminutive “us against them” mentality. Your statement regarding those who “desperately want nancy to be right so they can avoid having to face the reality that we are in trouble and neither Obama nor nancy nor astrology is going to fix it” rings true.”

    Thank you for noticing my comments. Believe me, I have not lost valuable perspective, etc. I daily face the reality of the trouble we are in. One reads, one weighs the options, and one decides in favor of the energy with which they resonate. Simple as that. Do I think Pres. Obama can fix everything? Certainly not! Do I think he is the best and only candidate that has empathy, sensitivity and caring for the human condition? Absolutely! I say that knowing that he is a human who is flawed like all of us, that he is a politician who has to play the DC game in order to survive. The difference is that with the right support and cooperation from his country and congress, he could do much to bring about needed reforms.

    The GOP has shown their true colors by putting party before country time and again. Why would I want to support them with their divisive and hate-filled rhetoric? So we choose an ideology that resonates more with our being, and that does create an “us vs. them” mentality, but the extreme right has made it impossible to have a dialogue. Those who have been friends in the past that have that mindset are no longer an active part of my life because I no longer resonate with them, although I love them with all my heart.

    I reject that which is negative and hopeless and fear-mongering, which is why I often gloss over your comments. You have made an effort to appear to be more reasonable in order to be accepted, but underneath it all is a very pessimistic darkness that gets a thrill out of sounding the alarm. We already know the sky is falling, and are trying to gather together here with those with some hope and positive input who post informative information and links that keep the truth of matters rather than some possible scenario. We already know the possibilities and are trying to find solutions, not further mass hysteria.

  212. angellight says:

    Starlight: Wow! Andrew Sullivan on Romeny is like clear cold truth. A shape shifter; There is something about Romney.

  213. Wennye' says:


  214. kiwi says:

    Did anyone see Jon Stewart interview the Bain Capital guy? These people really do think in an alternate universe, where money is the only motivator for new innovation, and smart gambling with money makes lots more for some, and too bad for those who lose. Unbelievable.

  215. will says:

    Terrific article, Lorrie. Thanks for posting it.

  216. will says:

    Great insights – you too see the wolf in lamb’s wool, don’t you? Aside from the overt Chicken-Little The Sky is Falling proclamations, there are also the subtleties of innuendo, the passive aggressive shadings and manipulations, all designed to strike fear and foster panic by being the eternal town crier. Can’t figure it other than it is promulgated out of a deep-seated need for control, power or attention through shock value – and all wrapped up in an enfeebled attempt to come off as some enlightened master, floating on an elitist cloud which hovers far-above the pathetically pedestrian fray of dualistic humanity.

  217. Teresa Hill says:

    I so wish Jerry would go back through a couple of month’s worth of warnings he’s posted here to see if anything he’s ever told us to be terrified of has come true.

    (I am not afraid.)

  218. Teresa Hill says:

    I did. Smug bastard.

  219. Sharon says:

    Yeah, he’s a Pisces (I can say that; I am very Piscean).

  220. Jerry says:

    My dear Lorrie,

    The excerpt you quoted was taken out of context. I made an effort to keep it balanced with the words that immediately followed…… I wrote: “Though in fairness, I think this may apply to some, certainly not all who participate in this forum.”

    Hi Will (good to know that you are still alive and alert). I took your advice and gave it a rest for a while.

    As you were suggesting, if the sequence of events I had enumerated are valid, we should probably start seeing a pronounced downward trend in the markets beginning Monday morning June 11th (the Spanish bail-out thing) and escalate towards the weekend with Greece’s potential exit from the Euro (the 17th-18th). If those two events unfold as I would expect, all hell is going to break loose and it really won’t matter what I have to say. The trends will speak for themselves.

    The other issue you raised…… passive-aggressive? Philip was expressing something that had an element of truth to it but he voiced it in a manner that was abrasive and reactionary. Certainly not a conducive way of opening up a meaningful dialogue or winning friends. Hence what was said, and understandably so, was immediately discounted. So what was he seeing? I’ll re-define it in my own words….. There is a definite pronounced environment here that seeks support and validation. That my friend is ok up to a point. The problem arises when it leaves little room for other points of view. Call it intolerance or being elitist if you’d like, it is at times quite noticeable and one that is not being addressed here. Does it personally upset me? If it did, I would probably not feel inclined to participate. I would rather regard this forum as an opportunity to share, a sharing of ideas that are substantive and meaningful.

  221. fierywoman says:

    Something connected between what Philip wrote on the 7th and then something Steve Judd just wrote in his blog yesterday (

    “My belief is that as being representative of eternal life, we chose to be born on planet at this time because it became clear that the Earth is dysfunctional and in need of a detox in order to regain balance.  This can be done by the raising of consciousness to a level where the hundredth monkey effect kicks in, and potentially overnight the planet could go through the consciousness revolution instigated by those people who have remembered why they volunteered to come down here in the first place.”

    I think we hang together on this blog because on some subtle level we know we could easily be part of the 100 monkeys. And keeping the light shining is so very important to all of us, even if “intellectually” (and there is a formidable amount of intelligence on this blog) it makes “no sense.”

  222. lizzie says:

    Teresa Hill,

    Jerry spews gloom, doom and blackest of hope denying scenarios on a beautiful website filled w/ the brightest, most radiant, open hearted of
    He not thinking that any of his most fearful of warnings will ever come true, they certainly never have over many years and many hundreds (possibly thousands) of fear drenched warnings on this site alone; but Jerry, as one of the dark hats’ (read illuminati) thousands of paid trolls… to specifically darken our worldwide needed Light and to spread as much frequency lowering, horrifying FEAR=false evidence appearing real, as reptoidily possible!!!

    Activating Fear to keep us enslaved is his and the Illuminati’s clear agenda.
    We stand against your fear activating tactics, So Called ‘Scary Jerry’.
    As you spew evil saturated negativity, so shall negativity be activated and boomarang around You and yours!! Law of Attraction.
    STOP IT!!! Cease and Desist…everyone is ‘on’ to your work.

  223. Jerry says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Regarding the “couple of months worth of warnings” you mentioned……. I’ve been fairly consistent since early Feb. The potential for war in the mid east involving Israel, Iran and the US is there and could be triggered during the June 19-20 new moon period. What do I base this on you may ask? It came to my notice back in January from what I would regard as a fairly reliable source; an intuitive that has been known to have a very good track record, that ‘dramatic changes’ would occur in June. Could this person be wrong? Perhaps. The astrological factors seem to support that possibility. Does it ultimately matter? No. Not really. The only thing that matters really speaking is to go within and be anchored in what can be termed the “heart”. If one can do that then everything else will take care of itself. In the mean-time, we are just chatting and sharing, hopefully a little wiser as the time approaches. It’s my gut feeling the gathering financial storm will be the catalyst for all these things to happen.

  224. Jerry says:

    Hi Lizzie,

    Marvelous. I’m the center of attention again. Ok. No problem. I was merely addressing Philips concerns, and as a result a few posters decided to contribute their thoughts (re: the negativity) which I think is a digression to the real point and that is….. if there is a genuine, sincere desire to have an open dialogue it may require a concerted effort to stay on topic and keep an open mind. Exploratory dialogue isn’t about taking a stance and then defending it. There’s a tendency here to be one-dimensional, thinking along political lines which curtails or even in some cases eliminates genuine dialogue. As far as your comment about being unduly negative please read my June 9th 8:31 pm response to Teresa that I just posted. This link will take you there….

  225. Lorrie U says:

    fierywoman – Now that totally resonates with me! I believe that is exactly why we stay on this planet. We must keep trusting in the process intellectually even when it makes no sense. Thanks for posting!!

  226. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t think Jerry is malevolent in his intent. Some tend to see the world through different lenses, most often because of the energies contained within their chart. I don’t want to seem that I’m attacking Jerry, I’m not. I think he does post with the intent of pointing out info which he thinks pertinent, and it is. My only fault with it is that he finds things to post which reflect his mind bent, which is different than mine. I believe that thoughts have energy and create outcomes, and like attracts like, so I tend to resonate with those whose outlooks are similar. We just see things differently, but Jerry has difficulty with accepting that and has a tendency to respond with subtle put-downs which put others off. So please keep posting, Jerry, but please don’t get so offensive when others don’t share your views.

  227. Teresa Hill says:

    We’ve been reading for years and years. It’s all alarmist gloom and doom stuff. If I got a hangnail, I think you’d say I might well die.
    And you always have such a good explanation and obviously think you’re perfectly reasonable in what you do.
    Not buying it.

  228. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorrie,

    Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt. Your suggestion that I might appear to be subtly patronizing is a valid one. The interesting challenge is how to respond to personal comments and yet stay on topic at the same time. I don’t know the answer to that. All that I can do is to be open and honest in my interactions. I’m not saying other viewpoints are invalid, what I am saying is that it may be in our best interest to consider all views and explore with an adventurous spirit. To devolve this into a personal exchange and/or malignment because we may be in disagreement doesn’t serve any useful purpose and I wholeheartedly agree.

    Just to re-iterate, I do make an effort to steer clear of the personal and keep it on what I would consider to be of utmost importance. I can be wrong and that’s ok, but I do feel the astrological factors discussed in the past may deserve some attention…. that we may be entering a very dangerous phase in the next couple of weeks. These discussions may help to make sense of what is unfolding. If we keep it on that level then it may not be necessary to get into personal didactics. After all, the personal stuff can get awfully tiresome after a while as I’m sure you would agree. Anyway, as the old adage goes; we can agree to disagree. Thanks for your input.

  229. Jerry says:

    Hi Teresa,

    The only difference of opinion that lies between us is that you have a certain pre-disposition or hope that things will continue indefinitely as they are without any required major, dramatic adjustments. I don’t share that view. We have discussed this from many angles and further elaboration seems unnecessary.

  230. shoalsister says:

    Thank you, Francis. I completely understand what you are saying. And thank you again. For the clarity. Much appreciated.

  231. NEOBuckeye says:

    Roderick–Hardly either/or, and I’m not sure where I ever said that the Dems were not complicit in the festering corruption. I think you are reading and replying to another post, certainly not one by my hand.

    I do primarily take issue with the GOP because that entity embodies the absolute worst characteristics of the American psyche, magnified x10 by a corporate machine bent on emotional manipulation and domination of the masses. The Democratic Party these days is merely a GOP-lite shell of its former, if less than ideal self. Both are a bad deal for the US, but the source of the stink is coming from the Republican Party, perpetuated by corporate money.

  232. angellight says:

    fireywoman: I think you are so right that we must continue to let our light shine even in the worst of times and finally as you say, the light will intensify and save Earth from those more lower energies which are in process of transmutation and transformation.

  233. angellight says:

    Mitt Romney: We don’t need more cops, firefighters or teachers

    A real Scary Message & Threat from the GOP!

  234. Teresa Hill says:

    I would say the same to you. You have been discussing your gloom and doom theories with us for years and further elaboration seems unnecessary.

  235. Diane L says:

    Axelrod is right in IMO. The gulf between the GOP & DEM message is growing ever wider under the waxing T-Square (Mercury in Cancer & Uranus/Pluto). Those of us who prefer compromise & finding some middle ground are SOL . . .

  236. Jerry says:


    If that was all that I expressed in this forum then I would have to agree with you, but I do make an attempt to keep a certain balance by sharing the underlying spiritual factors involved. Referencing spiritual authors such as Eckhart Tolle, J Krishnamurti, the Persian mystic poets Rumi and Hafez, Meher Baba, Byron Katie to name a few, I feel helps to bring things into proper perspective.

    Hope you don’t mind me saying so, but it may be disingenuous for one to repeatedly say that another person is negative when ones own comments can be seen laden with anger. I’m referring to the comment you just posted a short time ago (june 9th 6 pm). Click on the following link….

    We all have our moments to be sure. But let’s get real. We all have our defects. These discussions can be valuable if you choose it to be. Why waste it on personal grievances?

  237. Jerry says:

    PS I forgot to include in the above list all the uplifting astrological articles shared here that shed light on the deeper spiritual significance of the various planetary alignments.

  238. Patty says:

    Very interesting link…thank you, Diane.

    And Angelight, I believe that Romney ‘quote’ is a great opportunity for voters to actually realize where Obama is coming from.

    Obama needs to tell people: All of America is hurting…whatever ‘level’…people are still feeling the brunt of the horrendous 2007-Crash!
    “We’ve lost 250,000 teachers in the last couple of years, every community in the country is feeling it,” Axelrod said on ABC.
    The RightWing has ‘tricked’ vast numbers of people into believing that fully half of America are free-loaders! That powerful GOP Propaganda Machine has made many voter’s envision half of our population sitting-pretty receiving Welfare! We saw it in Wisconsin. People are in Fear!
    “The flip side of Fear…is Understanding”.

  239. Teresa Hill says:

    When so many people here tell you the same thing, you might consider that the majority of us are right and perhaps you aren’t coming across the way you believe you are.
    And that fact that continue on and on to tell all of us that we are wrong and you are not what we think… Why don’t you just stop?
    A number of us have said repeatedly that we don’t care for your comments here. We don’t share your point of view. Yet you seem to feel entitled to force it upon us.
    Why is that?
    Why not go somewhere that people share your views and want to hear them?
    Start your own blog. People who want your message will come there to hear it.

  240. Jerry says:


    I just fully explained my position, but I gather you are not in a listening mood. So we may have to leave it at that.

    A while ago, perhaps three months back Nancy addressed that issue to some of the others. She made a point of being supportive of my participation here. She also made it clear that she would like the interactions to be civil and free of personal attacks. You are taking it upon yourself to be a self-appointed moderator which doesn’t speak well of your desire to keep this forum free of personal ramblings. Are you aware of how angry you come across? Is that how you want to be thought of? I think it would be wiser to just speak to the issues – the astrological themes I have presented rather than resorting to personal remarks. All that I can make out is that you’re feeling the need to vent your anger. But you must be aware that this forum is not designed for that.