Some Good News

Pretty-Boy Paul Ryan, the latest darling of the Republican Party, is the author of the notorious Ryan budget plan which creates ever more tax cuts for the wealthy and slashes a wide swath of social programs for the struggling. Adopting Ryan’s financial scheme as his own, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called it “marvelous” while studiously ignoring its potential for shredding the safety net and ballooning the deficit.  On the Right, as has been frequently demonstrated, nothing ever interrupts ideology, certainly not reality.

Whether or not Ryan is put on the ticket in the vice-presidential slot, he has become one of Romney’s most important surrogates. He and Romney have been seen together repeatedly on the campaign trail, emanating a kind of Batman and Robin chemistry, although uber-capitalist Romney seems more like Gordon Gekko than Bruce Wayne. Given Paul Ryan’s large role in the Romney campaign and in Republican politics in general, it would seem that indications in his astrological chart at the end of the year and into January 2013 would reflect, at least to some degree, Republican success or failure during that time.

What we find in Ryan’s chart is that the fixed T-square that includes Saturn (2Taurus40), Jupiter (5Scorpio16), and the Sun (9Aquarius25)/Venus (10Aquarius36) conjunction will be impacted by a prolonged Saturn transit from late October 2012 through early August 2013. Late December 2012 through March 2013 is particularly striking since the Saturn station will be quite close to a square of the Ryan Sun/Venus conjunction during that time. This larger framework of long-term pressure from Saturn suggests a diminishment in Ryan’s power during these months and therefore the likelihood that neither his budget nor the Republicans gain much traction during this determinative time. This configuration may well point to a loss for Mitt Romney, as well as the GOP losing at least one house of Congress.

It is also notable that Ryan has the station of Neptune square to his natal Neptune (00Sagittarius35) from September through mid-December 2012 just as Mitt Romney has the same station square to his Ascendant (00Gemini43). This suggests a kind of folie a deux or shared delusion, quite possibly around financial ideology, as well as pointing to a thwarted expectation that Romney will win the election.  The strength of Saturn in November, particularly from November 9 through November 19 when it will be conjunct Ryan’s Jupiter, suggests disappointment following anticipation.

On the other hand, the Jupiter transit square to Ryan’s Node (12Pisces14) and trine his Sun/Venus during the first half of December, suggests some optimism and hope for Ryan that will recede beginning around December 18 and beyond as Saturn moves in to the square with Sun/Venus. This period is analogous to a difficult one in President Obama’s chart, when Saturn will be semisquare Obama’s Mars and then conjunct his Neptune covering from December 1 through December 20. These upbeat configurations in Ryan’s chart and the stressful planetary configurations in the president’s chart will come during the vicious political wrangling expected during the debate over taxes and spending cuts scheduled for the Lame Duck Congress in December. It looks like the extortionist Republicans will be quite formidable through roughly December 20. If the Democrats can hold out until after this date, they will have far more success.


  1. starlight says:

    In the category of good news, there is also the fact that Sarah Palin will have transiting Saturn square her Moon from November 6 through November 15 and progressed Moon square Saturn from December 12 through January 12 (exact and thereafter waning but active for a few more days). This suggests that we get to keep our president and some notable Tea Party favorites lose. She also has progressed Moon square Mars through November 18 which makes me wonder about post-election political wrangling over some recounts or election fraud complaints.

  2. Diane L says:

    Thanks for some good news, Starlight. Every time I catch a glimpse of Romney on the news, I wince. He has a smugness about him that reminds of George W at his worst. *shudder*

    Seeing more on this topic in the MSM. Thankfully. Spending under repug presidents waaaaay greater than under dems.

  3. starlight says:

    And here is Rachel on how Romney is basically going to be bush 3, especially around foreign policy. He is allying himself with Dick Cheney! I think there should be a campaign commercial asking if people want yet another round of Bush 2’s neocon delusions.

  4. alex says:

    OOPS – Mitt’s wonderful timing!

    Meg Whitman Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive and former Republican 2010 candidate for CA governor, who lost to Jerry Brown after spending more money on her campaign in the history of American politics and certainly in the history of the state, announced May 23rd that HP will layoff at least 30,000 jobs in California.

    Mitt Romney, her fan and mutual fundraising buddy, praised Meg in an interview with the National Review published May 24th.

    “If Whitman had defeated Democrat Jerry Brown, California’s finances wouldn’t be in such dire shape now and a tax hike wouldn’t be on the table.” – Mitt Romney

    Whitman plans on slashing jobs at HP next week through layoffs and early retirement, while sparing its cheaper work force in China.

  5. will says:


    Wheeeeeeeeeew! I needed this lift. Love how you worked Folie a’ deux into the piece – great diagnosis. I’m not against Schadenfreude as a good thing when it comes to the Dark Side’s failures and setbacks.

    I also love the word, “determinative.” Juicy!

  6. Nina Katarina says:

    Paul Ryan’s Democratic opponent is Rob Zerban.

    His 43rd birthday was June 27, 2011.

    Here’s Zerban’s ActBlue page if you feel motivated to throw a little cash towards making Paul Ryan unhappy.

  7. Sharon says:

    Just my 2 cents

    I notice that Zerbans has more happening right now in terms of pluto affecting his cancer stellum, that the venus retrograde may have triggered some challenge to his venus area (temporary, to be worked out and released when it passes it again going forward?), and that Zerbans also seems to have more connection to the U.S. chart, although Ryan does have that sun/venus conjunct with the U.S. moon (which is listed differently in the ephemeris at 13 degrees, not the approx. 27 degrees AQ I have seen it at: Lastly, with his NN @ 14 Aries, he will have uranus moving over that within a few years, triggering his life purpose.

    Rob Zerbans
    6/27 05CN24 17CN23 23GE39 07CN12 03CN53 01VI43 24AR08 25VI21
    (moon position incorrect because birth time unknown)

    24SC09 20VI22 14AR34

    Paul Ryan
    6/29 08AQ40 19LI40 14CP59 09AQ40 03AR02 05SC14 02TA38 08LI41

    00SG35 27VI09 13PI48

    7/4/1776 12°CN26’31 13AQ49 24°CN36 1°CN58 20°GE45 5°CN43

    14°LI47 8°GE52 22°VI24 27°CP34

  8. angellight says:

    Starlight: “This suggests a kind of folie a deux or shared delusion” == this made me laugh when I think of Romney’s new Fantasy Ad, Day 1 and Day 2 in the Whitehouse, very delusional! I hope Pres’ Team comes out with what six months would look like with a Pres. Romney & implemented Ryan plan, something like “doomsday”! We shall see…,

  9. angellight says:

    Mark Halpern of Times interviewed Mitt Romney Wednesday and when Halpern asked him about Bain, Mitt actually broke out in a cold sweat (so he’s not humanoid) but there is something there, that has not come out as of yet, all these years, but something that Mitt is very afraid to be disclosed. So he is not as cool as he pretends, at least not when it comes to Bain!

  10. Michael from NYC says:

    i’ve just an amazing breakthrough in terms of figuring out exactly what pluto in capricorn means to this era (it took me a few years):

    the biggest global political issue will be the rise of the kleptocratic power in large nations: russia, china and america

    the arab spring was about this — they didn’t mind dictators, what they did mind was not being able to eat because of corruption. the power struggles in russia are really about money rather than ideology. it’s the same thing for china — socialism or capitalism don’t mean anything: it’s all about getting wealthy. also if you look at citizens united that’s a signal that it’s about the rule of money. and my guess is that if you look at the drilling for gas you’ll see that nobody cares about republican ideology (although that’s the noise) but it’s really all about getting wealth at the cost to others.

    this will be the global battle until 2023. this is why occupy wall street took off. this also occurs in a new world where nation states don’t mean as much as they did in the 20th or 19th century. this is also going to happen as resources start to dwindle — water, food, oil, etc.

  11. emma says:

    I am grateful to all of you for your curiousity and your research. As vulnerable person, the ramifications of this election are terrifying to me. I read this blog for some Hope.

  12. shoalsister says:

    Surely a mighty beast…but not unbeatable as there are more of us than there are of them and we have the ‘good fight’ going. Thanks for including the kleptocracy link to Wiki…I actually had to look it up. That’s how far I’ve been from conclusion about Pl in Cap. Now I’m searching the picture for antidote(s) to the toxin. It’s gotta be there. You make a good point about OWS, also about the diminishing focus on nation states. Great breakthrough, Michael…the ripples are spreading.

  13. Lune Prière says:

    Thanks for another wonderful article Nancy. Paul Ryan is a very creepy guy, I do not want him or his cruel budget anywhere near the levers of power.

  14. Lune Prière says:

    Speaking of shared delusion, David Letterman’s take on Romney’s “Day One” ad:

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, thank you so much for “some good news”! I am weary of politics already and it’s not even June yet.. ugh

  16. Jerry says:

    An intriguing look at the man, the myth and the woman he married. Ernest Hemingway was one of the most prolific, legendary writers of the 20th century.

    A review of the HBO film Hemingway & Gellhorn scheduled to be aired Monday evening May 28th

    Hemingway & Gellhorn

    Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman spar as the titular writers in this HBO melodrama.

    Martha Gellhorn was one of the most ambitious and influential American journalists of the 20th century. The war correspondent spent six decades in the field, writing vividly about the beaches of Normandy, the jungles of Vietnam and practically every other battle-ravaged region on the planet. Perhaps one day she’ll get the solo biopic treatment she deserves.

    Until then, we have Hemingway & Gellhorn. Philip Kaufman’s sweeping new HBO melodrama argues that the most interesting years of the woman’s life were the five she spent married to Ernest Hemingway. Though told from the trailblazing reporter’s perspective, the film attributes her inspiration to association. It was Hemingway, apparently, who helped this insecure “war tourist” find her voice.

    Kaufman’s movie offers a familiar mythic-macho take on its male subject: Hemingway as lover and fighter, genius and drunkard. He’s played, in a shrewd casting choice, by Clive Owen, whose own brand of brainy masculinity has never seemed far removed from the brio and bluster we associate with the great author. Whether confronting a literary critic who’s questioned his manhood or challenging a lecherous Soviet general to Russian roulette, Owen rips into the role with scenery-chewing conviction.

    He’s well-matched by Nicole Kidman, who sheds most of her movie-star glamour to portray the young Gellhorn. It’s a mannered performance. Kidman inflates the smallest gestures, such as drags on a cigarette, into showy displays of idiosyncratic character. Then again, when acting against Owen’s outsize celebrity wordsmith, going big is pretty much your only option.


    Here’s a 4 minute theatrical trailer to Hemingway & Gelhorn

  17. Stefanie says:

    My dear friends,

    Thank you so, so, so very much from the deepest part of my soul for you loving and supportive messages about my father in the last thread. It all means so much to me — you have no idea how much.

    My father had a quintuple bypass on Tuesday. The surgery went very well, and he got all the tubes out early today. He is exhausted, in very bad pain — but so grateful to be alive and that he’s been surrounded by his family. The experience was both literally and figuratively heart-opening for him. Yesterday, still in ICU and hooked up to various machines, tubes and catheters, he told my mother brother and me that he was so sorry for how he terribly he treated his own body for the last fifty years — because by doing this to himself, he did it to us. My father is not a man of many words, and certainly not tender ones, so this was a major moment for all of us.

    Again, I want to thank you all and send you huge hugs thorugh the ether, as I’m incredibly grateful for this community, and the beautiful space that Nancy creates for us here.

    Much love,


  18. Gypsi says:

    Great article Nancy!

  19. Lune Prière says:

    So glad to hear the good news Stefanie. Very moving.

  20. Azizi says:

    Since his disastrous appearance on Meet The Press, Newark New Jersey Mayor & once upon a time surrogate for President Obama Cory Booker remains in the news. One commenter on a Huffington Post thread about Cory Booker said that as a result of Booker’s off-script statements on Meet The Press, the public has become even more aware of vulture capitalism and Romney’s Bain Capital. [I’m paraphrasing that comment]. And that’s a good thing, though I believe focusing the public’s attention to Bain that Corey Booker statements comes with a heavy and quite unexpected price for that African American Rhodes Scholar and Yale University-educated lawyer who is a two term mayor of the 67th largest city in the United States [and who probably still has state & national aspirations].

    I found astrological information for Corey Booker on this 2008 article:

    Here are some excerpts from that article:

    Corey Booker
    “Born 27 April 1969 in Washington DC. No time of birth available. 12 noon chart below, so ascendant and exact Moon position not accurately shown.

    Moon will be somewhere in Virgo, with Jupiter and Pluto, Uranus had just moved to 00 Libra, here again two planets conjoin from different signs, this conjunction with Jupiter draws in the social reform and rebellious nature of Uranus to somewhat shake up Virgo’s tendency to nitpick…

    Mercury on the degree of Fixed Star Algol.
    I wrote in a recent post, (here), that Algol’s very bad reputation doesn’t always manifest in a life. Sometimes it’s negligible or non-existent. Sometimes though in the lives of those with this traditionally malefic star prominent in their natal chart, some kind of disaster occurs. It’s a potential, no more.”


    While I’m very interested in astrology, I’m not an astrologer. I’m hoping folks here can shed some light on what in the world was going on with Corey Booker on May 20, 2012, the day of his now infamous Meet The Press appearance.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Fe says:

    Philip Kaufman, Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman filmed for a week at my office building, which has on the premises an antiquated theater which was once a school auditorium. Since the building was designed originally as a baroque Spanish style mission, the place they filmed was used as their stage set for an early 20th century Havana nightclub.

  22. Trudy says:

    Re: Andre – previous article

    “the civil disobedience movement in Canada is strictly limited to the French-speaking province of Quebec. There is little support for it in the other provinces, who are much more conservative generally speaking”

    Andre – I live in British Columbia-West Coast of Canada. No french conections.
    I am completely behind the students in Quebec.- My belief system follows aboriginal thinking. Because I am a human being, I have a right to BASIC shelter, food, ESPECIALLY EDUCATION as well as basic health care. This also includes giving as I am able!! (Is that socialist enough for you guys?)

    Capitalism as it is practiced has proven itself to be a failure.


    Oh for the French attitudes! With the French–the government is afaid of the people (heads tend to roll)–the Anglo attitude–the people are afaid of the government.

  23. Jerry says:

    The calm before the storm.

    As Ray Merriman in his May 7th Market Week report stated, he expects the June 4th lunar eclipse and rare June 5-6 Venus occultation (square Mars) to have negative, adverse effects on the economy.

    Noted Hedge fund manager John Taylor appears to be echoing these same sentiments but from a business point of view. He elucidates on why June 4th could see the beginning of a major Euro sell-off in anticipation of the June 17th Greek elections….

    Bank Run Starting in Spain, Portugal and Italy

    May 24, 2012

    John Taylor, founder of the world’s largest currency hedge fund FX Concepts, spoke with Bloomberg Television’s Sara Eisen and Erik Schatzker this morning and said that the euro is poised to rebound ahead of Greek elections next month before resuming its decline against the dollar.

    Taylor said, “We are way oversold in the euro…the euro will come up until the first of June or maybe the fourth. Then the reality of the Greek election will set in and we’ll start going down again. I don’t expect to see the euro get hammered in the next five or six days.”


  24. Jerry says:

    Hi Fe,

    An office building with an enclosed ‘antiquated’ theater/ auditorium. Interesting. Just out of curiosity, what sort of venues do they hold there?

  25. starlight says:

    I am wondering if he has Cancer rising with the Moon now in a long, exact semisquare with stationary Saturn. I am sure he is pretty upset (Saturn)about what is going on and the stress is continuing, although perhaps not as strong as on Sunday and Monday. If this guess is correct, there may even be an Ascendant at 8 Cancer now being hit by both Uranus and Pluto which would explain the sudden (Uranus)uncomfortable prominence that he is marshaling his efforts to counter(Pluto).

    I have always been a big fan of Booker’s and have made a point of watching when he is interviewed. I was pretty angry over this incident, wondering if he was putting his own personal ambition over the team spirit and the president’s (and the country’s)future. It was a really dumb thing to do, especially for such a smart guy.

    I think the ads against Bain are very relevant, showing the consequences of capitalism run amok. They are not anti-capitalism or character assassinations at all. But they do show where things can go wrong and who suffers. To me, Booker has been tarnished by this, and I do not fully trust him now. So again, I wonder if he is being hit by the two big planetary configurations of the moment: the Saturn station and the Uranus/Pluto square.

  26. starlight says:

    Wonderful news!! I think you will all be surprised at how much better he soon feels.

  27. Jerry says:

    Hi Trudy,

    Hope you don’t mind if I add my thoughts to what you are saying. I don’t think courage (being true to ones inner conscience) is the exclusive expression of any one particular national or ethnic group. As Lao Tzu once beautifully said:

    “When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people’s hearts.”

    Here is a vivid image that illustrates the point……

  28. Bob says:

    There is a chance David (Barrett) will slay Goliath (Walker).

    I am using a speculative time of 1:20 pm, CST, for Barrett. It gives a MC of 8°35′ Cap. On the evening of June 5 transit Moon will join transit Pluto there. I think Pluto there has focused the nations spotlight on him. If the time is about 4 minutes later last years July 1 eclipse would have been on his IC. Unfortunately it was squared by Saturn – hopefully just a sign of the massive funding difference he is dealing with.

    If you do a triwheel (use any time of birth) of natal, progressed, and transits for June 5 at 8 pm, CDT, Milwaukee, you can see that his progressed Jupiter is opposite his natal Sun and transit Sun and Venus are conjunct progressed Jupiter and opposite natal Sun and trine his progressed Sun and Venus which are trine his progressed Jupiter. If any of those points are on a chart angle (dependent on time of birth) they will all aspect that angle and could signal a victory for Barrett. A slim chance but it does exist.

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of Jan 3, 2011, indicates Walker was sworn in at 12:40 pm on Jan 3.

  29. Noelle says:

    I think Booker showed his true colors. He is very beholden to Wall Street bankers and the world of finance. That’s where his contributors are. He is their darling but I’ve heard not that well liked by his constituents.

    He appears to pride himself on being unique or independent. Well he sure was and I, like you Starlight, liked him a lot before but no longer trust him. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he received a call from the pres. or his campaign mangers.

  30. Bob says:

    The positions in the Swiss Ephemeris for 1776 are for 0 hours UT. The equivalent UT for the Sibly chart was 10:10:39 pm, LMT, Greenwich (22:10:39).

    Dividing that by 24 then multiplying the Moon’s total movement for the day by the answer and adding the result to the starting position yields the Sibly position of 27°10′ AQ for the Moon.

  31. professor marc bertonasco says:

    dear nancy, a vedic astrologer tells me that Obama’s chart looks much stronger in june–especially the last ten days. please comment. Incidentally, the eclipses occur on romney’s ascendant.

  32. Azizi says:

    Thanks for your comment starlight and noelle.

    I’m particularly curious about in the astrology of that date and Booker’s natal & progressed chart (such as the what you suggested starlight. There’s no Cancer placements in Booker’s natal chart (unless his ascendant is Cancer as you mentioned it might be). Yet he used the emotional term “nauseated” to describe his “feelings” about the Bain commercials, and he later indicated that he was “upset” [another emotional term] with the Republicans using his words in their ads to attack President Obama.

    Booker’s Virgo natal placements (22 Pluto, 25 Mercury, and 27 Jupiter) were trine 21 Mercury & 24 Jupiter on May 20, 2012. Also, his 29 Taurus Sun was exactly conjunct the 29 Taurus Sun and closely opposite the 27 Scorpio Neptune on that day. And his 00 Libra Uranus was square 7 Aries Uranus on May 20, 2012.

    Also, starlight and/or someone else, would you comment about what the astrologer I quoted noted about the problematic nature of Cory Booker’s Mercury on the degree of Fixed Star Algol?

    I’m just wondering if any of those placements or any others reflect or point to what may have happened- whatever it was – that resulted in Cory doing something so unlikely (or at least it was unlike anything that Progressive Democrats would have thought Cory would do.)

    The main emotion I’m feeling about Cory Booker now is sadness that someone so promising has done something that he may not recover from politically. That said, this could be a personal opportunity for him to learn and grow. And, as was mentioned in my first comment here on this subject, Cory Booker going off-script like he did on Meet The Press may have given more [much needed] attention to the subject of Bain capital/vulture capitalism. And that’s a good thing.

  33. will says:


    So happy your father was able to get the right treatment on time. Also touched by his attempt to connect with you and the whole family on a deeper level.

    You may very well witness him slipping into some level of depression following this event; it is commonplace for a person who has cardiac surgery to go through a significant feeling of loss and melancholy. All part of the healing process.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend and be grateful for your family miracle.

  34. Patty says:

    Starlight, Thank you so much for this study on Paul Ryan. I’ve been intrigued by the strange-shiftiness of Ryan and seeing his chart makes it all the more clear.
    I’ve read the GOP has great hopes that Ryan will becoming another “Reagan”…he actually takes acting lessons! Sun/Moon together…isn’t this a common aspect among Actors?

  35. pisca says:

    Well noted,Trudy! I have found support for Quebec among Canadians from Vancouver, Edminton, Regina, Winnepeg and London, Ontario. This is not merely a one issue for students movement. Canada is awake and miles ahead of America. Peaceful People Power!

  36. Patty says:

    Thanks Michael…and Shoalsister.

    The Antidote to this Toxin is…Consciousness.
    Deepak Chopra wrote on Kleptocracy recently:

    Chopra wrote:
    “There must be a shift in collective consciousness. Reform isn’t revolution. It arises through acts of conscience that turn wrongs into rights. It depends upon an informed electorate that arouses itself from passivity and cynical indifference. We aren’t there yet. But the air is filled with discontent and anger, which is a start. The Occupy movement has stung our conscience. The various types of social injustice and income inequality have been publicized over and over. Set against this, however, one must confront thirty years of right-wing indoctrination, public apathy, and the discouragement of the current economic downturn. The contest has been engaged. Now it’s your turn, and mine, to speak the truth and act on behalf of justice. There is no other way to create the shift in consciousness that we need”.

  37. will says:


    Okay – you’ve been posting rather incessantly about the probable fall of Greece and the Euro – now could we just wait until it happens? It just doesn’t seem to be very enlightened or helpful to be obsessing about something that everyone (pretty much the whole financial world) and most people who read the papers already know is going to happen. Maybe focus your impressive astrological skills on other events, huh? Just a suggestion. Its just that I almost don’t read your posts after a while because its the same/same/same. No bad intentions here.

  38. Lorrie U says:

    18 Reasons Why The People Of Wisconsin Should Vote Against Scott Walker In The Recall Election

    “Scott Walker’s stands against everything that the American people support, jobs, education, health care, the environment, clean energy, women’s rights, civil rights, our veterans, etc… This election is going to help decide whether or not America still has a soul.”

  39. starlight says:

    Obama’s does look good in late June. Progressed Sun will reach the exact square to his Venus and transiting Jupiter will be conjunct his Moon.

    He has also gotten much more confrontational since April as I predicted a while ago. We have moved from progressed Mars square to natal Saturn (inhibiting) to solar arc Mars square the Sun. Transiting Mars will be semisquare the Sun in late June as well, so he will be quite strong and combative. Romney is also under a lot of mars so we are seeing a lot of aggression from him too.

  40. starlight says:

    I agree. A slim chance due to the progressed Jupiter/Sun being lit up.

  41. Trudy says:

    Thank you Pisca!
    I have always been grateful for having the French culture as a part of Canada–but for them we would have been swallowed up long ago!

    Must say though-sometimes I get miffed by them not appreciating the fact that others appreciate them!


  42. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    Delighted that you noticed. I’m being rather incessant aren’t I? I know. I agree. I appreciate your thoughts on this. So let’s discuss it shall we? Mind you, we’re just calmly, amiably hanging out and chatting. No need to rush on this. I could be way off base, and if I am, so what? The great thing about these discussion forums is that there are sincere people here – sharing, trying to grasp the underlying issues.

    Ok. So…… about Obama being re-elected in November. Should we be concerned out of our wits that the GOP might sway the public and vote Romney into office? And if that is a possibility; between now and election time, should we be spending precious time commiserating on how awful the Republicans are (a rather dubious exercise which presumes one is superior to the other)? Which leads me to the next question – are we grasping the entire picture of what’s happening in global affairs; or just a fraction of it? More importantly, are we adventurous enough to venture out of the political mind-set to find out if there is indeed something more going on behind the scenes rather than just random, happenstance events? Final question, and MOST, most importantly… Are you curious or even care?

    Personally, I don’t see the elections happening….. The economy deteriorates rapidly over the next few weeks and more than likely we will find ourselves; perhaps unwillingly embroiled in a war with Iran (courtesy of Israel’s altruistic intentions to keep the middle east nuclear free) that will spread to other regions (war usually happens when there’s a breakdown in the economic system – it’s an historical given). As you mentioned, we have discussed this from many angles including the astrological one. So the question really should be; is there a part of you (you personally) that prefers to see this with rose colored glasses; hoping against hope that the proverbial Titanic doesn’t sink; or are you willing to delve into a whole different area? I would be more than willing to have an open discussion about this in our next exchange. Looking forward to it in fact, because I feel you are an inquisitive sort and are interested in substantive dialogue.

  43. will says:

    Jerry, you had me until you blew it by bringing up the very other event you have been harping on ad nauseum – your vision of Iran at war with Israel. Here I thought you were really going to come up with something refreshing – a real paradigm shift. Veys mir, you gave me the older and moldier obsession. Jeeesh! What would Meher Baba do?

  44. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    No problem. It’s ok. We can stay on this as long as you’d like. Understanding another point of view doesn’t have to happen all at once.

    What I am saying apparently doesn’t agree with your ideas and so we have a barrier there. You seem to be under the impression that things as they stand are tenable into the far forseeable future. I’m looking at the trends and I see something entirely different (the following article conveys something of what I’m talking about: ).

    Unless we are able to view this with the same intention and openness of mind we’ll probably run around in circles.

    In my view, to all intents and purposes, we have painted ourselves in a corner. There is no way out. We are looking for solutions that have consistently run into dead ends and now it appears we have arrived at the end of our tether. What would Meher Baba say? He has eloquently explained it in various ways. One particular discourse comes to mind that helps to clarify the direction we may be embarking on (written during world war two)……

    Travail of the New World Order

    The world storm, which has been gathering momentum, is now having its greatest outburst; and in reaching its climax, it will work universal disaster. In the struggle for material well-being, all grievances have assumed fantastic proportions. And the diverse differences of human interest have been so accentuated that they have precipitated distinctive conflict. Humanity has failed to solve its individual and social problems, and the evidence for this failure is but too plain. The incapacity of men to deal with their problems constructively and creatively reveals a tragic deficiency in the right understanding of the basic nature of man and the true purpose of life. The world is witnessing an acute conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. On the one hand there are selfish persons who seek their happiness blindly through lust for power, unbridled greed and unrelieved hatred. Ignorant of the real purpose of life, they have sunk down to the lowest level of culture. And they bury their higher selves in the wreckage of crumbling forms which linger on from the dead past. Bound by material interests and limited conceptions, they are forgetful of their divine destiny. They have lost their way, and their hearts are torn by the ravages of hate and rancor.

    On the other hand there are persons who unveil their inherent higher self through the endurance of pain and deprivation, and through the noble acts of bravery and self-sacrifice. The present war is teaching man to be brave, to be able to suffer, to understand and to sacrifice.

    The disease of selfishness in mankind will need a cure, which is not only universal in its application, but is drastic in its nature. It is so deep-rooted that that it can be uprooted only if it is knocked from all sides. Real peace and happiness will dawn spontaneously when there is the purging of selfishness. The peace and happiness which come from self-giving love are permanent. Even the worst sinners can become great saints if they have the courage and sincerity to invite a drastic and complete change of heart.

    The present chaos and destruction will engulf the whole world. But this will be followed by a very long period in which there shall be no war. The passing sufferings and miseries of our times would be worth enduring for the sake of the long period of happiness which is to follow.


  45. andre says:

    Trudy, thank you. Of course, B.C. has many progressive people. I work with Amerindians as well and they inspire me profoundly. I’m only saying that Canada elected a right-wing federal governement which had almost no votes in Quebec, and until the last few days there was little support in Canadian media for Quebec students. That now appears to be changing. The crisis has entered a new phase with families, including children, walking around their neighborhoods every night banging on their pots and kettles. This form of protest began in Chile under Pinochet. We feel the love for our community as never before. There’s even a bracing whiff of revolution in the air.

  46. andre says:

    Jerry, that quote from Meher Baba is from 1944.

  47. angellight says:

    Lorrie U, Wow! Beautifully said…,

  48. Jerry says:

    Hi Andre,

    Yes. I clearly indicated the time frame in my preface; that it was written during world war two. Actually to be more precise, I believe the correct year was either 1940 or 1941. To borrow a brief explanation from the forward of an updated edition of what is commonly referred to as ‘The Discourses':

    Meher Baba Journal/ A monthly magazine initiated by Meher Baba and published in India under His supervision between November 1938 and October 1942, each issue of the Journal premiered an original discourse. Fifty-one discourses appeared over this four-year period.

    Personally, I feel and many people would agree with me that the content of these discourses are timeless and are equally applicable to today’s global environment and circumstances.

  49. Jerry says:


    Ok. I see where you got the date (the date printed at the very bottom of the webpage I provided). The discourse was later published in a separate body of work called: Messages of Meher Baba, East and West (ed. Adi K. Irani), pp. 22-25.

  50. Trudy says:

    Hey Andre
    I love that whiff!! Peaceful of course!!

    Re: that Right Wing govt. The last election was the first time that “FRAUD” in our elections surfaced immediately after for me. I and several friends even discussed it. Now lo and behold, we have one riding overturned because of it and of course-the entire “robo-call” scandal being investigated by Elections Canada.

    Canada’s astrology is showing that we are in the middle of a surfacing of some of our shadow side.

  51. andre says:

    Trudy, here in Quebec the smell of government corruption is pretty widespread. It is said it is easier for the Mafia to meet government ministers that it is for our students. Now the provincial government has put itself in a no-win situation. Montreal’s Formula 1 Grand Prix is coming to Montreal in two weeks, the biggest tourist attraction every year. Hotel owners and restaurant owners are screaming, because they know the students can tie up the city during that event, sa they have repeatedly over the past three months. What goes around, comes around. What else can you expect with the first Uranus-Pluto square featuring Pluto directly opposite and Uranus tightly square Canada’s natal Sun-Uranus conjunction at 8 Cancer sitting on its IC? This country will soon realize this is one of the most momentous and fateful years in its history.

  52. will says:

    Bon chance, Andre! Bon chance!

  53. will says:

    What an abysmal record! This needs to be known all across the land.

    Thank you, Lorrie.

  54. DPH says:

    Saw a link to this article on Daily Kos:

    Apparently, informed sources expect Scott Walker and 5 of his cohorts to be charged as a result of the John Doe investigation AFTER the June 5th election. Is it possible that he avoids recall, but still loses his office due to illegal shenanigans? I remember Nancy talking in a post last year about how angry he looked in the time after the election- or in January of next year? I can’t remember now, but perhaps his transits over the next few months are showing more than just the outcome of this election.

  55. Trudy says:


    I echo Will’s salutation!
    I’m proud of you and all Quebec!

    “Quebec Labor Unions Join Students in Historic Fight Against ‘Bill 78′”

    In the meantime, I will be breathing balance and easy, simple solutions in your direction!
    ‘Biggest constitutional challenge in Quebec history” say students, labor

  56. Jerry says:

    It appears increasingly likely that western military forces may be willing to intervene in Syria, especially in light of the most recent dramatic development wherein the UN is urging international action on Syria after reports “of a horrific massacre by regime forces that left 92 people dead, more than a third of them children in the town of Houla”

    Astrologer Ed Tamplin back in December 2011 referred to the period of May/June 2012 as the most dangerous and decisive time for Syrian President Al Assad and Syria as a whole……


    (excerpted from Ed Tamplin’ WORLD PREDICTIONS 2012)

    Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, was born on September 11 1965 in Damascus. His systematic Virgo Sun is closely joined to willful Uranus and deadly Pluto via conjunction. Assad’s combative Mars is in a testing sesquisquare (135 degrees) to righteous Jupiter. And like many of those born with a close Sun Uranus connection, life has delivered many surprising turns.

    In Bashar’s case this happened when heir to the Presidency, brother Basil, was suddenly killed in a car crash in 1994. Bashar was rapidly prepared for the leadership, which he eventually assumed on June 10 2000, when the royal planet Jupiter met the tribal elder Saturn in Taurus…….. (snip)

    ……..Uprisings within Syria will surely threaten the iron like grip of Bashar. Now his progressed Mars – the war god – is squaring his whole volatile Sun/Uranus/Pluto placement. I have written before that this can hardly pass without Bashar facing his own ‘High Noon’ showdown. The May June period may be one to watch for Syria.” – END OF QUOTE –

    It’s interesting to note that early to mid June will witness Assad’s progressed Moon conjunct progressed Mars at 17 Sagittarius in square to his progressed Pluto/ progressed Uranus/ natal Sun conjunction at 17/18 Virgo degrees just as transiting Mars activates the December 10, 2011 lunar eclipse and this Assad stellium beginning from June 8th to the 11th. Here’s one reference from Maya Del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal…

    “….Bashar al-Assad’s natal horoscope is similarly afflicted. Born 11 September 1965, his 18 Virgo Sun was exactly squared by the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse at 18 Gemini, focusing both the opposition and his government’s reactionary response. Assad’s Sun is exactly squared a Black Hole at 18 Sagittarius, on the solar end of that eclipse, so a natural tendency for his fortunes to turn on a dime (Black Hole) was accentuated by the lunar eclipse, which also conjoined Syria’s natal Saturn (chief executive, repressive, authoritarian regime) at 21 Gemini. Natally, the Sun conjoins Pluto at 16 Virgo and Uranus at 15 Virgo, all points opposed by Saturn at 13 Pisces, and all points activated by the current Mars retrograde period, encouraging violence and bloodshed.

    …The Assad regime’s Mars/Uranus conjunction enfolding Syria’s Ascendant put a face of injustice, extremism and violence on the nation. Born in revolution, the regime may well die in revolution. As for Bashar al-Assad himself, prospects for his personal survival should his government fall do not look good. The June 4 Lunar Eclipse at 14 Sagittarius/Gemini forms a Grand Cross with Assad’s natal Uranus/Saturn opposition, threatening rebellion to his authority. That natal Saturn is conjoined the country’s Moon and has been a reliable indicator so far of his successful oppression of the people, but flip that energy in the crucible of the Black Hole, and such a contact can easily spell his own death at the hands of those same people.”

    Another reference point comes from….

    “…..The Arab Spring (2011)

    The previous solar eclipse occurred in close conjunction with the late Moammar al-Gaddafi’s natal Sun. Colonel Gaddafi was the former president of Libya and as forecast he was defeated (and killed) before the end of 2011. Such is the power of the solar eclipse…… (snip)

    Unfolding In Syria

    To cut what is becoming a long story short, the Arab Spring is now unfolding in Syria, although Bashar al-Assad is of the view that he will not fall (partly because he is anti-US and anti-Israel and partly because he controls the military and security forces). And (also like Saddam in Iraq) his regime, although brutal at times, has greatly raised the living standards of ordinary Syrians of all shades and creeds. Other Arab countries have condemned the crackdown in Syria (partly no doubt because they don’t like seeing Alawis in power), but Iran, which although Muslim is not an Arab state, still supports Syria. The US and Europe have also condemned Syria and have been sabre-rattling in the area.Born in the turbulent mid-60’s, Bashar is a Virgo (the sign of analysis, intellect, healing—and the military), with his natal Sun exactly opposed to his natal Moon in sensitive, imaginative Pisces. Mars (conflict; warfare) is traveling now through Virgo, and in coming weeks will oppose his natal Saturn (sorrow; karma; restriction) and conjoin his natal Uranus (disaster; catastrophe) and Pluto (destruction; transformation), then turn retrograde in conjunction with his natal Sun and in opposition to his natal Moon. Not a good look for the leader of a military regime.

    The solar eclipse (November 25, 2011) falls in conjunction with Bashar al-Assad’s Dragon’s Tail (Moon’s south node—loss; past-life commitment). Mars in the figure is conjunct his natal Mercury in Virgo and square his Dragon’s Head and Tail (the Moon’s nodal axis of fate and karmic retribution). On top of that he is experiencing his counter-nodal return, when the transiting north node forms a conjunction with his natal south node and vice versa (as the nodes are an axis and are always opposed to each other). This must be a very difficult situation for him, given that he was once a doctor, dedicated to saving lives, rather than oppressing and taking them.

    In 2000, Bashar married a glamorous British-born investment banker, Asma Fawaz al-Akhras, the daughter of a London cardiologist (her father Fawaz Akhras) and a retired diplomat and philanthropist (her mother Sahar Otri al-Akhras). She is a Sunni of Syrian stock and has pronounced views favouring the modernisation and indeed liberation of the Syrian people. They have three children: Hafez, Zein and Karim. The centre of the ongoing Syrian rebellion is in Sunni areas, notably Homs (where his wife’s family originated). Saturn in the figure is conjunct his natal Venus, restricting his finances (his funds have been frozen in the West) and his emotional relationships (his children have been taken by their mother to London for protection, though she is back in Syria). The eclipse falls in his house of children, conjunct his south node, suggesting separation from or even loss of his children.

    What is worse for Bashar is that the impending Lunar Eclipse on December 10 falls exactly square to his natal Sun/Moon opposition. This will mark great problems for him, possibly even overthrowing his regime, but at least creating turmoil in Syria, even more than there is now. As I write, Al-Qaeda insurgents have already crossed into Syria in an effort to bring down the government, and Sunnis are up in arms in many parts of the country. Reports indicate that most Syrians do not want another Iraq, or even an Egypt, but the cosmic pressure will not make it easy for them, any more than it has for anyone else in the fire zone. Let’s hope that Barack Obama is sensible enough to keep the US out of the conflict—not that they can afford another war, as they have already found in Libya. The US has too many problems of its own, and, frankly, Syria does not have enough oil to be worth fighting over.”

    After all is said and done, should we take Bashad Al Assad’s threats from the past as just empty bluster, or is there reason to be concerned?

    Assad: Challenge Syria At Your Peril

    Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, Has Warned That Western Action Against His Country Would Cause An “Earthquake” That Would “Burn The Whole Region”.

    Daily Telegraph
    October 30, 2011

    In his first interview with a Western journalist since Syria’s seven-month uprising began, President Assad told The Sunday Telegraph that intervention against his regime could cause “another Afghanistan”.

    Western countries “are going to ratchet up the pressure, definitely,” he said. “But Syria is different in every respect from Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen. The history is different. The politics is different.

    “Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake … Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans?

    “Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region. If the plan is to divide Syria, that is to divide the whole region.”


  57. vera says:

    Jerry give up, it is a waste of your time to continue writing on this platform. Either they have finally “got it” or the will find out the hard way. The outcome is inevitable and a very long time in the planning.

  58. Jerry says:

    Hi Vera,

    Nancy’s blog has been around for a long time, well over twelve years I believe. She allows us to participate in this forum, preferably with astrology as the main focal point. No hidden agenda as far as I can tell. Calling it a waste of time may be a personal perception. I don’t see it that way.

  59. Jerry says:

    A 5 minute video excerpt from a 2009 CNN Interview with British born Asma al-Assad, the wife of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad discussing the inhumane conditions in Gaza. She seems intelligent and articulate. It is a rather baffling, odd disconnect when one considers the events currently happening in Syria……

  60. andre says:

    Over 500 lawyers have offered their services for free for the constitutional challenge to Quebec’s anti-demonstration law. Meanwhile, the pots and pans keep on banging every night. It was a neighborhood party in many parts of the city again yesterday on a beautiful evening. I’m actually using my Tibetan bowl, which sounds beautifully.

  61. karen says:


  62. alex says:

    Recall Election June 5th – to Reclaim Wisconsin for freedom from Walker’s abusive political power:

    Hi Bob, It looks like GOTV factor (get out the vote), leading up to the head-to-head dynamic for what appears to be a close election, will determine the outcome. ‘Wisconsin First’, state democratic party, DNC, public employee unions, student organizations and others have dedicated themselves to increasing voter participation. Some sources are saying the amount of interested state voters may rise to the level of 2008 presidential election turnout.

    The analysis of both natal charts and the recall election can’t be reduced to any single element but for brief summary I’ll mention a very narrow focus on saturn in the recall synastry narrative:

    Walker – voters in favor of dictatorial governor, committed to authoritarian corporate rule where wealthy 1% wage war against the 99%

    Barrett – voters committed to Wisconsin having economic and civil justice for everybody

    Barrett – natal : approaching second saturn return (August) where gains / or rewards come from taking on the responsibilities of life ( natal SA@25li, recall SA@23li )

    Walker – recall : ( UR@07ar, natal SA@06ar ) election’s transiting uranus conjuncts natal saturn brings force to bear to break/disrupt the inhibiting / confines of Walker’s authoritarianism

    Mitt Romney called Governor Scott Walker his hero!

    Kirsten Gillibrand: Romney’s ‘Hero’ Scott Walker Just Got Rid of Equal Pay for Women – April 15, 2012

    Mitt’s plans are to raise taxes on poor families: on average households making less than $20,000 would see their taxes increase by more than 60 percent. People making more than $1 million would get tax cuts averaging 15 percent.


    How Romney Would Tax US

  63. karen says:

    Beautiful short essay by Jessica Murray. And Will? Is that you posting? The christian comments following the piece were instructive. The comment by “Will” was enlightening. The vatican has kept hidden valuable information that may see light under the these transformative energies. Speculation on my part only, but I’m suggesting the vatican has extensive literature on astrology, reincarnation, and use of our human energy potential (something sublimated for centuries).

  64. Gypsi says:

    In an interesting tidbit I did NOT see on the news. Residential Capital, LLC, which owns GMAC mortgage, is restructuring under Chapter 11. I only know this because they service my mortgage. Guess they didn’t want to make headlines?

    Jerry, I found the Maher Baba piece interesting – I hadn’t seen it before. This time, of the Uranus/Pluto square, Neptune entering Pisces, and in my case, Saturn stationing on my MC, has a lot of potential. It is a time to sort out one’s values. What is important. I find that I am ready for the change that an injury from my November accident AND the economy are forcing in one aspect of my business. I feel I am in freefall. And I have a choice, I can panic, or I can do what I can, prepay and save what I can, and prepare for what comes. Because whether it is the kind of change that cancels the November elections or not (and did we not fear this with Bush?), Certainly change is coming. Thankfully the Pluto/Uranus square is only squaring my nodal axis. Only? I can choose to live by my values, and have faith that in the end, all will be well. I’ve got “no long term plans” down to a science.

  65. Sharon says:

    Yes, very well-written and filled with intelligence, including the comments. We shall see what is to pass.

  66. Sharon says:

    I’ve read this information with a lot of interest, Jerry. It sounds like Assad has been postponing the inevitable. His horrible killing in the name of law and authority is no more horrible than the “collateral damage” NATO drones have inflicted in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It sounds like Assad’s end is in the cards. It makes sense that his actions are fueling more hatred and ire among his people. I don’t want to see the U.S. get involved though.

  67. Sharon says:

    I greatly admire your independence and resourcefulness, Gypsi. We have seen you weather many changes in your life and come through them admirably, always building towards a more secure and independent way of life. I hope you injury continues to heal and that new doors continue to open for you. I pray for your well being.

  68. Jerry says:

    Hi Gypsi,

    Thank you for the lovely feedback. It’s very much appreciated.

    As Sharon expressed it in her entry above, I also hope that the healing process will deepen your life and open new doors for you. Personally, I feel the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square (and Neptune ingress in Pisces) will be full of exciting new possibilities. How often do we find ourselves unintentionally getting stuck in a rut. Challenges can sometimes provide the incentive and impetus to go within and find that vibrant, spontaneous inner joy.

  69. starlight says:

    Alex and others – If you keep your posts to including only one link at a time, and shorter, they will not have to go through moderation.

    I think the Wisconsin recall hinges on that Sun/Venus conjunction square to Mars. It does light up Barrett’s chart (but the lack of a birth time makes it unclear exactly when). It is however, hopeful. The question is if it is enough to supercede the Saturn aspect to his Mars and the Uranus/Pluto strength connected to Walker’s Mars. We can see the megapower of money and aggressive tactics in the Uranus/Pluto/Mars going on in Walker’s chart. Unfortunately, this will continue to be one of the themes during this three-year Uranus/Pluto square: big power of money by the Plutocrats versus populist rebellion.

  70. starlight says:

    Jerry – Shorter posts with only salient quotes and link, please!!

  71. Jerry says:

    Ok. Sorry about that.

  72. alex says:

    Hi Nancy,

    The strengths you’ve mentioned are a significant barrier for Barrett and the people of WI to overcome. There is Solar Arc Walker SA/SUN @14 Sagittarius that is tied to the Lunar Eclipse @14SG June 4th ( evening prior to recall election ) that gives weight of change to Walker’s daily routines and habits thereafter. Best Wishes to every citizen voter in WI who carry the force of democracy on June 5th.

    During mid 90’s an article by Michael O’Reilly published at Dell Magazine discussed the Scorpio Rising Independence chart that O’Reilly built his mundance practice on; after I did some practice charts over time I rely on the rectified O’Reilly 2:21PM (Penfield) Chart with an Ascendant @08 Scorpio to analyze election fraud. I found in 1999 it was emphasized for the then-upcoming 2000 election.

    My experience with that chart suggested to me that it helps define covert tactics brought into the election process; something we all became familar with from Florida’s swindle – SCOTUS election appropriation.

    RECALL water trine ( fear of loss attached to elements of trine)

    Walker Natal Sun @09SC
    USA Chart Asc@ 08SC


    USA Jupiter @05CA
    Election Kronos @06CA


    Election Chiron @09Pi
    Election Neptune @03Pi

  73. Lorrie U says:

    DPH – I’ve been wondering the same thing, especially since the DNC didn’t seem that interested in supporting the recall. Maybe they knew the FBI investigation would lead to his removal.

  74. starlight says:

    The solar arc Saturn/Sun for Walker is not a good aspect for him. One can hope!!

    I am not a fan of that Scorpio rising US chart. I have a hard time reconciling a Scorpio persona with the American psyche. The Sag rising chart has a Pluto/ Ascendant semisquare, so you get some of the Pluto quality, but you also get the really mutable, ever- changing quality of Americans: we forget things after a few days; we love sports and gambling on sports; we are not secretive and yak endlessly about everything; etc.

  75. alex says:

    RE: Nancy – Scorpio Rising Chart – – I use that chart for covert influence… and the Sibley chart for everything else. Best Wishes

  76. Gypsi says:

    I am excited by the possibility of change. The work I am letting go I had been doing for the last 15 years, and I do it well, but it is time. While other areas I’ve added in the last couple of years take up more time. It just feels “ripe”. In the fullness of time I shall see what I see, but I feel zesty and impatient now, and that is a feeling I had missed for awhile.

  77. Patty says:

    Did anyone else see one of ‘Post Secret’ subjects today?
    “We stole the election…soon we steal the recall”

  78. Jerry says:


    A hot topic a while back in Starlightnews is the upcoming June 4 lunar eclipse and June 5/6 Venus occultation. Do you have any planets in mid mutable degrees – 14/15 Gemini/Sagittarius/Pisces/Virgo?

    Here are some highlights from an article written by Rose Marcus entitled:

    A Rare Look at Venus, June 5/6, 2012
    Creative Transformation: The Rebirth of Solar Feminine and the New Age Dawn

    “….. If you don’t witness a pivotal circumstance occur in your private life on the actual Venus event date, please note that the potency of these transits are already operative and that they will continue to extend over a period of time. In fact, you have been working on this key calling-forth destiny chapter for some time now. Rarely does one realize the full importance of the experience as it is happening. Hindsight reflection will attest to the fact that this is no ordinary moment in time. Venus travels in retrograde motion from May 15 to June 27. All planetary retrograde cycles are intensification chapters. As the planet of net worth and self worth, retrograde Venus prompts a review and reassessment of our essential needs, wants, and resources. The cycle animates the unfinished business of relationships, from this or past lives. It also calls forth fruition karma, in other words, the destiny that is ripe and waiting for its next chapter to begin.

    Think back to June of 2004. Did a relationship, a consciousness, or life chapter begin or end? Think of its relevancy to where you are now and to what you have created since then. Can you see the last Venus transit as a staging platform or springboard?”

    ……Noting that Venus correlates to money and that Gemini correlates to currency and trading, it is to be expected that this will prove to be a time of acceleration for Eurozone matters. Is the future of the EU already on the chopping block? Doubles or multiples fall under Gemini’s jurisdiction. Can a re-election create the necessary correction for Greece? The stars are building toward a make-it or break-it moment for that which is precariously perched. We have already seen the domino effect reverberating through the world’s economies.”

  79. andre says:

    We all know the last time there was a Uranus-Pluto square was during the Depression in the 30s. What is not so well known is that at the time of the preceding Uranus-Pluto square there was the Long Depression, which began with the panic of 1873 and lasted until 1879 in the US, longer in Europe and elsewhere. The square became exact in 1876.

  80. alex says:

    Correction: in prior post noted second saturn return for Barrett – that is incorrect ( tired eyes )

    I’ll weigh the charts again focusing on the June 4th Lunar Eclipse @14 Sagittarius cnj. Walker’s Solar Arc Sun 2012 @14 Sagittarius

    & Barrett’s
    Natal Sun @16 Sagittarius opposite Barrett Progress Jupiter @16 Gemini cnj Transit Venus occulting Sun@15 Gemini

    Gemini – Sagittarius Axis Emphasized – issues of honesty in focus

    Gov. Scott Walker has some questions to answer for Wisconsin veterans this weekend.

    And they have to do with the John Doe investigation into criminal wrongdoing by the governor’s closest aides and appointees.

    A new radio ad chronicles how the ongoing criminal probe into former aides and associates of Walker began with a scheme to rip off veterans.

  81. Wennye' says:

    To our Service people “Thank you dearly for your love of America by putting self in harms way to protect her.. and her people! Blessings to the families who have had to say goodbye to their fallen family members. I salute all of you! Wennye’

  82. Teresa Hill says:

    Long, interesting piece on Obama’s campaign manager’s feelings about the coming months:

  83. Lorrie U says:

    An insightful read by astrologer Judith Goldberg which appears on

    Transit of Venus & Retrograde by Judith Goldberg

  84. Lorrie U says:

    Scott Walker: Unfit for Office in College, Unfit for Office Today

  85. Teresa Hill says:

    Read that the other day. Reminded me of the George Bush school of mediocrity and just plain meanness.

  86. Lorrie U says:

    For some reason, Walker seems even worse to me than Bush. Bush was a dry drunk, but this guy just seems mean to the core. I believe he’s got a lot of Scorpio…

  87. Teresa Hill says:

    I thought Bush was pretty mean, too. Remember him looking under his desk for Weapons of Mass Destruction?

  88. Gypsi says:

    I have nothing between 2 of a mutable sign (Virgo) and 25 of a mutable sign.(Gemini) And I include about a dozen asteroids and still have nothing there. The Venus retrograde station at 23 was 2 degrees shy of my Gemini Moon, so I expected (and had) a couple of situations symptomatic of it. During the station I lost some fairly pricey tools in the course of doing the work (Service – 6th house) that feeds me (Moon). but they were minor inconveniences, easily replaced, and a couple of years old, natural lifespan given heavy use.

    Short of an exact contact I haven’t seen that many personal impacts from eclipses. Which is good, my hands are a bit full.

  89. Sharon says:

    Well said

  90. DPH says:

    I’ve been thinking about the Wisconsin recall election, and which charts might offer some illumination. It occurred to me that Ed Schultz has devoted major portions of his broadcasts to Wisconsin ever since the people of the state began to push back against Scott Walker’s agenda. I don’t have a birth time for him, but his birth data is Norfolk, VA, 1-27-54.

    I’d love to know what others think. We don’t know about the angles, but transiting Venus and the Sun are both conjunct his natal Jupiter on June 5th; transiting Uranus is also sextile his natal Sun/Venus conjunction. I’m not really seeing any negative Saturn contacts. (I haven’t looked at progressions.) Seems positive, though… or is it my wishful thinking at work? :-)

  91. Sharon says:

    Excited to report that, partially thanks to Stephanie’s encouragement (who couldn’t be there because she was with her father who she tells me came home and is doing really well), I finally made it to the United Astrology Conference today and will be there again tomorrow, with the final event being a panel on the upcoming presidential election as seen by Western and vedic astrology! I got back from a few days away at the beach on Friday night, rested Saturday from the drive and yesterday thought I’d keep my husband company since it was a holiday weekend. This morning I missed the first session and half of the second one because I assumed it would be at the convention center when it was actually at a hotel. But I did catch Nick Dagan Best talking about recurrence transits which are transits that mirror ones in your natal chart. Apparently, very key life experiences happen at those times and examples were given from the charts of many celebrities. At lunchtime, I attended a talk about the charts of hoarders, and this afternoon attended 2 talks by therapist astrologers (like Nancy & Will), Drs. Glenn Perry and another mental health prof whose name escapes me. Both were very good. Glenn Perry spoke about oppositions and gave many case studies – he’s extremely knowledgeable. As fate would have it, I was given a ticket to tonight’s banquet and got to meet more interesting and lovely people from all over the world this evening (I kid you not: Norway, S. Africa, Wales. France, everywhere in the U.S., etc.), eat a delicious fish dinner and watch Robert Hand give the Regulus lifetime achievement award to Ray Merriman. Michael Lutin also rec’d one. Only missing was our Nancy who should also be getting awards :-) I’m very impressed with the caliber of the people I’ve encountered – highly educated and trained in astrology, intelligent, sensitive, humorous, highly professional, many with graduate degrees. I’ll come back tomorrow and report some more.

  92. Jerry says:

    The main story unfolding in the world of finance over the past several days is the troublesome state of Spanish banks particularly its 4th largest Spanish bank. Bankia has just formally requested the government another infusion of funds; an unprecedented 19 billion Euro bail-out. Spanish 10-year borrowing costs as a result is nearing the precipitous 7 percent danger level. Although I don’t see a collapse in the Spanish banking sector this coming week as this one editorial correspondent does:

    the situation is dire and could very well unravel rapidly when Mars hits the crucial 18/19 degree virgo mark in semi-square to Spain’s natal Uranus (Nov 22, 1975) on or about June 11th.

    Here’s one astrological analysis from Moggy’s World of Astrology using the November 22, ’75 chart as a reference point (natal and progressed charts enclosed):

    Spain/ May 23, 2012

    Pluto in the 8th house of debt has progressed to square natal Moon, equaling domestic upheaval with a powerful need to heal the country’s financial dilemma. Spanish banks’ bad loans have hit their highest level since 1994 at 147.968 billion euros.

    Sixteen Spanish banks had their ratings downgraded last week, with a three-notch downgrade for the three major Spanish lenders: Santander, CaixaBank and BBVA. With this in mind and the 8th house active (it also rules the banking industry), the sextile of Pluto to 10th house natal Neptune suggests the method of healing to be the sacrifice of banks with high levels of toxic assets on their books.

    Venus, co-ruler of the 8th house has progressed to conjoin Mercury, co-ruler of the 8th house in the 10th house of honor. An announcement will be forthcoming in connection with the country’s debt and with its currency. The New Moon Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012, fell into the 4th house, highlighting crisis at home base…within 45* of natal 2nd house (wealth of the nation) Jupiter, planet of default.

    Spain is more than likely to follow the playbook of Iceland and do what is necessary to survive.

  93. shoalsister says:

    It’s in his eyes.

  94. angellight says:

    $55 million for conservative campaigns — but where did it come from?

  95. angellight says:

    $55 Million for conservative Campaignes – but where did it come from?

    Must read story unraveling intricate web of secretly-funded groups behind anti-Obama media, all leading to same source.

  96. angellight says:

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012 @ 4 AM (London–June 6); 11 PM (New York); 8 PM (L.A.)

  97. B0b says:

    6 astrologers at UAC to predict 2012 US Presidential election.

    Live feed:

  98. B0b says:

    Should have added that the live video feed begins at 2:30 pm, Central time. They do not say if standard time or daylight savings so check at standard time just in case.

    If it is Daylight Saving Time that would be 12:30 pm, PDT, 1:30 pm, MDT (except for Arizona which would be 12:30 pm), and 3:30 pm, EDT.

  99. Gypsi says:

    Someone mentioned “returns” – when an aspect from the natal chart comes back as a transit. I was born with BMLilith in tight conjunction to my natal Sun. That transit is returning. And funny thing is, I discovered yesterday I have the same issue! (53 years later my mother still denies my existence) Difference is, I don’t care. It’s like a cosmic joke. I moved on. Don’t think my cousin has, the whole family is busy pretending that I don’t exist because my mother is coming for the funeral. She has her own special copy of the family tree. Now that is funny.

  100. starlight says:

    The spelling of your name (differing of capital) caused the glitch.

  101. Jackson says:

    I’d be really interested in reading an update on Syria, considering what just has happened with so many countries expelling Syrian envoys in response to the latest massacre. This situation really seems to be heating up pretty quickly. It cannot end well.

  102. Fe says:

    They haven’t held shows there for a long time. Not since the Jefferson Airplane concerts in the late 60s. The place, also known as Nourse Auditorium went into storage for more than 20 years until Phil Kaufman found it.

  103. fierywoman says:

    Thank you for the link — utterly beautiful.
    The Kepler/Project Hindsight people said the Vatican had the largest treasure of astrological books/info in the world — including truly ancient stuff that no one has access to anywhere else.

  104. fierywoman says:

    I tried to hook in to the live stream of the presidential debate, but I guess I don’t have enough juice — could you please post the result?? Mille grazie!

  105. Lorrie U says:

    Politics 101 For The Far Left: The Right Doesn’t Win, We Lose!

    One of the keys to our overall strategy of turning the United States into a progressive nation has to do with our understanding that we are being dominated by a group that represents a significant minority of the American population. The far right in this country represents about 25% of its inhabitants, at most. Yet, for 32 years — an entire generation — they’ve been running the government, and we’ve been increasingly locked out of the government altogether. We even have the most progressive president in the modern era and the single best pure politician in the last 50 years lashing out at “the professional left.”

    And before you professional lefties start laughing at me, consider this; Barack Obama got a black man elected president of the United States, and you think the surest way to a progressive majority is by replacing “Blue Dogs” with teabaggers. We’ve been in the wilderness for 40 years; how much longer do we shoot ourselves in the foot before we figure out to aim the gun elsewhere?

  106. Peggy says:

    It is interesting to see Nancy and others thoughts on the WI recall election. I live in WI and am also in the field of education, and would very much like to see Walker recalled. What is clear, unfortunately, is that I believe the election will be very close. An interesting development that may oddly enough be what swings the election….Walker is wanting to privatize deer hunting in WI.

    Deer hunting in WI is close to sacred for many residents…so this may be the thing that helps Barrett win.

    Anyway, there is one week until the election, and hopefully the planets align for a positive Barrett outcome. I truly would like to see the sniveling Walker slink off the stage once and for all.

  107. andre says:

    According to Ed Tamplin, the Uranus-Pluto square has historically coincided with political upheaval in Spain:
    ”A studied analysis of the Uranus and Pluto planetary phenomenon corresponds with repeated financial crisis. Such was the case back in 1819 when the USA experienced its first ever money melt down following the Napoleonic Wars. Uranus, then in Sagittarius was forming an approaching and closing square to Pluto in Pisces.

    US exporters had greatly benefited from the decimated European farmlands of the war. Coincident with this business boom, banks were lending more capital and taking greater risks. The financial meltdown of 1819 was the bust to this boom. Europe recovered and US trade slowed as its debt ballooned. Meanwhile in Spain a political upheaval was taking place.


    The Liberal Triennium (1820–1823) was a Spanish Revolution led by General Rafael Riego. Essentially the military uprising wanted to create a republic. However King Ferdinand VII agreed to the revolutionary’s liberal demands. But the revolt was put down by the military intervention of the crowned heads of Europe, Britain, France, Netherlands and Austria on January 22 1823.

    At the next Uranus Pluto closing square of 1876, monarchists and republicans were at it again with the Third Calista War, which closely followed the Restoration period. The closing square of 1932-34 witnessed the beginnings of Spain’s political division of the 1930’s, with the election of a right wing government and leftist uprisings.

    The Asturia’s miners strike led to full-scale revolution from the evening of October 4 1934. The government’s armed response saw three thousand miners killed, with ten times that amount taken prisoner. The uprising was eventually quashed but this sparked further hostilities leading Spain down the road of civil war.

    SPAIN 2012

    As a result of the global economic crisis Spain now has an unemployment rate of twenty three per cent. Spain is now ruled by a conservative government under the People’s Party leader Mariano Rajoy Brey.

    Spain’s new Prime Minister was born March 27 1955 in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. This gives him a Sun position at six degrees of Aries and configured in a challenging relationship with both conservative Saturn and aggressive Mars.

    Mariano Rajoy Brey assumed office on December 21 last year, as powerbroker Pluto squared his Sun. It’s no surprise that he would virtually spend his birthday watching riots across the major cities of his home country as Uranus the planet of rebellion and insurrection now crosses his Sun.

    It’s also no surprise that the Uranus Pluto square, historically linked with political revolution in Spain, and now reaching exactness should signal the increasing social unrest.” (April 1 archive).

  108. Jerry says:

    Burmese human rights activist and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be traveling to Oslo, Norway to “formally accept the Nobel Peace Prize she won 21 years ago”.

    Aung San Suu Kyi Makes First Trip Out of Burma In 24 Years

    The Star
    May 29, 2012

    BANGKOK/ For 24 years, Aung San Suu Kyi was either under house arrest or too fearful that if she left Burma, the government would never let her return. Now, in a sign of how much life there has changed, she’s back to being a world traveller.

    Bangkok’s towering skyscrapers and sprawling urban lights will be the opposition leader’s first glimpse of the outside world when she lands Tuesday night to kick off a tour of two continents. It’s a stark contrast to the sleepy city of Yangon, where the former military regime kept her a prisoner in her own home for a total of 15 years.

    Suu Kyi was to spend several days in Thailand, where she’ll speak Friday at the World Economic Forum on East Asia. She’ll return to Burma briefly and head to Europe in mid-June, with stops including Geneva and Oslo — to formally accept the Nobel Peace Prize she won 21 years ago.


    Aung San Suu Kyi is an inspiration to millions around the world. A beacon of light and hope to the downtrodden and oppressed. She evokes admiration and affection even from her Burmese military captors who have had her under house arrest for 15 years.

    The following is a touching 25 minute documentary; an inside glimpse of this remarkable lady entitled: The Lady on the Lake – Burma

  109. Sharon says:

    An amazing human being…thanks for posting.

  110. Sharon says:

    Here’s a USA Today article on the presidential election prediction panel at the UAC conference today, which I attended (in case you didn’t get to watch the live stream Bob posted above). All 5 predicted Obama again; 3 gave a 90% probability while one said 70%. All used different methods: one used the swearing in chart as compared to the candidates’ charts, another used the Aries Ingress chart relocated to D.C., another used Vedic astrology, another used a Uranian chart with trans-neptunian points, and an astrologer from Switzerland used more conventional means like solar return charts, transits, secondary progressions, etc. (he’s the one who gave a 70% probability that Obama would win). They discussed the fact that Obama announced his candidacy on a void of course moon and that unless he accepted on the Tuesday night of the convention, his acceptance on Wed. or Thurs. would also be on a similarly void of course moon. However two astrologers, a panelist named Chris, and an audience member, Jim Shawvan (who Ray Merriman, the moderator, said was very accurate) said that he didn’t think this was that big of a deal. All panelists were said to be accurate in previous predictions. Another thing that the Vedic astrologer and Ray Merriman agreed upon (he was a great moderator: in charge but pretty humorous, repeatedly joking about his heavy Capricorn signature which caused him to exercise strict time management, but he meant it) was that the economy was not going to be really stable until 2020. The Vedic astrologer felt that the candidates in 2016 (or maybe it was 2020) were going to be very strong for both parties and echoed Nancy’s prediction that whomever is president for this next term would have a rough 4 yrs, especially the first two. The 2 sessions I saw this morning involved how to identify karma in the chart, given by an evolutionary astrologer, Patricia Walsh (for her, the most important indicators are the node axis and pluto; she is a past-life regressionist and very fun and dynamic), and how to identify career purpose using the 4th & 10th houses, their rulers, any planets in the 10th and the houses occupied by their rulers. Apparently, we have to overcome the insecurities of our 4th house and strike out into the calling that our 10th house holds for us. I feel very fortunate to have attended even the small part of the conference that I got to attend yesterday, last night, and today and now want to learn much more than I now know!

  111. Sharon says:

    This is an interview with Chris from the panel given to Fox News :-) It reminded me that he used the same method with Obama and Romney – he analyzed the transits and other astrological influences on all prior successful and non-successful life and career events to see what repeated and this is how he predicted Obama’s win.

  112. DPH says:

    Great report, Sharon! What a terrific experience to be a part of.

    Chris Brennan is a Hellenistic astrologer here in Denver. He has some very interesting methods based on ancient texts about determining the “Time Lords” during different periods in our lives, and how they affect our experience of those periods. I’m trying to learn more about it– he’s made some very accurate predictions, but the process seems pretty complicated. It’s neat that you got to hear him as part of the panel.

  113. fierywoman says:

    Thank you so much for the update. UAC is amazing (I was treated to it by a friend in 1996 — wow!)

  114. fierywoman says:

    Check out the Project Hindsight material. And Demetra George writes very eloquently (and most importantly, CLEARLY !) on the subject.

  115. Jerry says:

    Greek Firebrand Risks Drachmageddon
    by Matthew Campbell

    The Sunday Times
    May 28, 2012

    HE looks too boyishly innocent to be a “Greek Che Guevara”, let alone the country’s next leader, but when he opens his mouth it becomes clear why Alexis Tsipras has attained the status of European bogeyman. He in effect threatened to destroy the European Union last week unless it agreed to let bankrupt Greece stay in the eurozone without applying the austerity program agreed by the previous government in exchange for €240 billion ($308 billion) of bailouts.

    “If you sink us we’ll take you down with us,” said Mr Tsipras, 37, comparing the 17-member eurozone to a chain with 17 links. “If one snaps, they all fall apart.”

    His brinkmanship, in an interview with The Sunday Times, will unnerve the financial markets as much as the EU’s masters in Berlin and Brussels. Victory by the radical leftist and frontrunner in the polls in an election next month could result in “drachmageddon” – Greece being forced to leave the eurozone and return to the drachma.

    Mr Tsipras, who insists that he wants Greece to keep the euro, is playing a high-stakes poker game with the EU. “Whoever blinks first loses,” he said.

    Despite recent signs that it may have begun to prepare for a “Grexit” – a Greek exit from the eurozone – Mr Tsipras argues that the EU will go to any lengths to keep Greece within the single currency because the alternative could put at risk not only Europe’s financial stability, but also that of the entire global financial system.

    More worrying than the poker metaphor is his evocation of nuclear warfare.”We have our nuclear weapon and they [the EU] have theirs,” he said, referring to the EU’s threat to “cut off our money” if Greece tears up the austerity agreement in accordance with Mr Tsipras’s plans. “The cold war finished without implementing any of the threats because they all knew that from such a catastrophe nobody would be a winner.”

    His gamble seems to be paying off in the opinion polls, his promises of relief from austerity offering hope to a population afflicted by rising joblessness, poverty and despair.


  116. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes. She is. I haven’t seen the 2011 film The Lady (the epic film based on her life) just yet but the reviews have been extremely favorable……

    The Lady/ movie review

    The inspirational story of Aung San Suu Kyi comes to the big screen in the unlikely hands of Luc Besson, better known for mindless action like Taken and The Transporter. This is an emotionally involving film, with terrific central performances.

    As daughter of Aung San, founder of independent Burma, Suu (Yeoh) has a place in her nation’s heart. She lives in Britain with her Oxford-professor husband Michael (Thewlis) and their sons (Raggett and Woodhouse), and when she returns home to care for her ailing mother, she gets involved in the pro-democracy movement. This terrifies the military junta that rules with an iron fist, so they put her under house arrest just before the 1990 election that her party won in a landslide. Then the military refuses to cede power.


    And here’s a 3 minute theatrical trailer…..

  117. Bob says:

    Corrected the spelling the spelling of my name by changing the capital O to lowercase.

    Going back those 32 years, if popular vote had decided the election results instead of the electoral college the only election to have been changed (but possibly followed by others being changed also) would have been the election of 2000 when Al Gore would have won instead of the Supreme Court giving it to the “Decider”. Gore’s advantage would have been more than 1/2 million votes.

  118. Bob says:

    You are right about deer hunting season being almost sacred in Wisconsin Peggy. I grew up in Wisconsin and can remember the inner excitement that grew as opening day approached. And that excitement was pervasive in tens or more likely hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites (and thousands of ‘flatlanders’ from Illinois too). Was it really for the hunt or the chance to escape from the “to do” list of the Mrs that men embrace this annual ritual? If they don’t want to be stuck checking off that list instead of commiserating with their fellow escapees they better vote for Barrett.

    Although I stopped hunting Bambi after I got out of the army (even though I still really like venison sausage and had found the perfect deer stand the year before joining up) I understand the mindset of the hunters and indeed their votes could swing this election.

  119. Jerry says:

    The Lady

    Video: 2 hours 12 minutes

    A youtube version of the film is available online but without the benefit of English subtitles for the occasional Burmese dialogue. If it’s any consolation; approx. 3/4 of the film is in English.

    Here’s the URL Link:

  120. clymela says:

    I don’t have anything to add but I wanted to say how much I enjoy the reporting from the conference. I haven’t read the new additions since it is early morning here on the Left coast but I skimmed and just wanted to say “Thank you for sharing”.

  121. Gina says:

    I was also at the UAC presidential panel, and found the discussion of President Obama and the void-of-course moon at the convention to be very reassuring. One audience member also noted that President Obama announced his candidacy, in 2007, on a void-of-course moon. I’m glad somebody brought it up. ;-)

    It was great to see and meet some of the astrologers whose writings I’ve been reading for years. I’m so glad they came to my town!

  122. Sharon says:

    Gina, are you the musician in town named Gina (with long dark hair)? Just trying to identify you because I remember someone asking a question near the end of the panel that reminded me of that Gina. I met a few locals there. One was Maria Shaw who lives in the Quarter and does the Nat’l Enquirer column. She told me she just purchased the magazine “Alternatives” and is bringing it back. I’m sorry we didn’t cross paths.

  123. Sharon says:

    Oh, I just realized that you are! That’s how I met you – on Nancy’s Blog. I think you came late to Jan Spinner’s workshop and asked me what you missed and I turned around and said “a lot.” I’ll bet you didn’t know it was me either… Anyway, I’ll stop spending bandwidth space on this private chatter!

  124. Teresa Hill says:

    Excited to read about next week’s Transit of Venus. Looks so very cool in the photos I’ve seen. Here’s an NYT piece on it:

    It hits on the first degree of my 6th house and opposite my natal Moon in the 12th. I’m hoping for a new love of my daily routine and health routines. That’s possible, right? Although opposition to my natal moon? That part doesn’t sound good.

    Still, the symbolism — Venus passing between the Earth and the Sun — that seems like… love taking center stage? Love and good things coming to all? All of us looking prettier, because Venus crosses the face of the Sun? :) More love on earth in general? How about that?

  125. Stefanie says:

    So glad you made it to the conference, Sharon!!! :>)

  126. mima says:


    How is the Vatican looking astrologically speaking? For what I have been reading lately, they are going after the American Nuns for being “going rogue” and being “subversive”. They are accusing them of spending too much time working on social justice and not enough time working on issues against abortion and same sex marriage. I think these men forgot who their main Boss is. His main priority was social justice. I wonder what the future of the Vatican holds.

  127. andre says:

    I saw an Occupy Denver poster today. It asked: Why do Quebec students pay the lowest tuition fees in North America? Answer: Because they fight!

  128. pisca says:

    The link below shows the pope’s natal chart and suggests that the pope will get away with blaming others (his butler, for instance) for a couple of years but a harsh awakening is coming. Natal moon, ruler of 5th house of children (14 libra ), pluto (13 cancer) and sun (25 aries) are due for hits soon.

  129. Jerry says:

    by Ema Kurent

    There has been much talk among astrologers lately, concerning the Greek debt and the Euro crisis. Let’s do some research and see how the planets reflect this situation, and how they could influence future developments!

    The Euro Contract Chart (1:51 pm CET December 31, 1998 Brussels)

    Below is the chart of the official signing of the Euro contract among the nations. The data was provided by Pat Geisler of USA who recorded the exact time of the signing of the document. As another financial astrologer, Elizabeth Gregory, suggested, this chart could be used as an “Euro incorporation chart”, to distinguish it from various other charts, related to the start of circulation and trading of the currency.

    The chart seems very appropriate. The Moon is exactly conjunct he 2nd house cusp (of finance), and since it is in its “choleric” phase (in its second quarter and very close the full Moon) and in a very exact trine with Mars (only 1 minute orb!), it shows quick and dynamic developments related to the currency which was incorporated at this time. Venus, ascendant ruler, is spot on MC at 24 Cap, west of the Sun, just getting out of the Sun’s beams, and quick in motion, which makes her very strong by accidental dignity, and it is also in its own triplicity, therefore she also has some strength in essential dignity. Interestingly, Venus is also in a very tight (only 1 minute orb again) parallel of declination with Mercury, the Moon’s dispozitor. She is, unfortunately, in a square with her dispozitor Saturn which seems pretty malevolent due to its placement in Aries (fall) and in the unfortunate 12th house (of “hidden enemies”).


    I thought the above chart captures the current Euro debt situation quite succinctly which brings natal Pluto at 9 ’37 Capr. in much closer orb to the approaching Uranus-Pluto square.

    The weekend of June 9-10th, followed by the opening of financial markets Monday morning June 11th and into Tuesday I feel is a crucial moment with stationary Chiron square natal Pluto and tr. Mercury t squaring the very close Uranus – Pluto square.

    And Spain could be the tipping point…..

    Spain Faces ‘Total Emergency’ As Fear Grips Markets

    The Telegraph
    May 30, 2012

    Spain is facing the gravest danger since the end of the Franco dictatorship as the country is frozen out of global capital markets and slides towards an epic showdown with Europe.

    We’re in a situation of total emergency, the worst crisis we have ever lived through” said ex-premier Felipe Gonzalez, the country’s elder statesman.

    The warning came as the yields on Spanish 10-year bonds spiked to 6.7pc, pushing the “risk premium” over German Bunds to a post-euro high of 540 basis points. The IBEX index of stocks in Madrid fell 2.6pc, the lowest since the dotcom bust in 2003.

    Chaos over the €23.5bn rescue of crippled lender Bankia has led to the abrupt resignation of central bank governor Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, who testified to the senate that he had been muzzled to avoid enflaming events as confidence in the country drains away.


  130. Jerry says:

    CORRECTION/ Read instead: “natal Sun at 9 ’37 Capr.”

  131. starlight says:

    Sharon – Did you get a real birth time for Hillary? Please post it.

  132. Francis says:

    Interesting astro-blog article on the election that also includes consideration of the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception that begins in October. The comments are also informative.

  133. Sharon says:

    Lorrie, I posted that above -

  134. Sharon says:

    I had to think about what you were asking, Nancy. The link I posted was to an interview with Chris Brenner. Now sure what info he works with BUT he was a very nice guy and DHP said he’s located in Denver so maybe he can be contacted (DHP?)

  135. Patty says:

    Dear Starlight, The graciousness of this Blog is astounding.
    Thought provoking posts and the sharing of extraordinary links…makes it a pleasure to come here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And a smile on all of you…for your time and effort to share/inform with such kindness and consideration.
    There is magic here!

  136. chrys says:

    I am quite interested in how ireland will vote today

    does anyone have the chart

  137. Lorrie U says:

    Enjoyed the post! Thanks.

  138. Teresa Hill says:

    Interesting. Especially this: “In the Sunday NY Times (February 26) Maureen Dowd wrote that, Ed Rollins, a Republican strategist, told the Ripon Forum: “If we are only the party of Wall Street and country clubbers, we will quickly become irrelevant.” And, they stand to lose as Wall Street decidedly sides with the Democratic candidate.”

    Why would Wall Street side with Dems? Dems want to regulate them, and even if they need it, I didn’t think Wall Street wanted that. Unless they truly fear Republicans more than ever.

    Anyone get this?

  139. DPH says:

    Hi, Sharon and Nancy– Chris Brennan’s website is:

    His email, as listed on the site is:

  140. mima says:

    Thanks, Pisca, that is an excellent article. There are so many secrets in the Vatican. I hope one day a lot of it will be revealed. There is a book that is selling like hot cakes in Rome that is exposing a lot of the corruption in the Vatican.I just wonder what the nuns are going to do in light of the accusations coming from the Vatican.

  141. Gypsi says:

    Perhaps Wall Street fears that their own greed may really sink them without some regulation?

  142. Jerry says:

    Hi Chrys,

    It appears the Irish referendum to stay in the Euro will pass….

    Record Low Turnout Predicted In Irish Treaty Vote

    Pro-Europeans predict narrow victory in vote on EU fiscal treaty despite fears the low turnout could have favoured rivals

    Here’s the chart for the Republic of Ireland….

  143. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa, I noticed that, too, and that was my reaction as well. I thought they were behind the GOP/Romney.

  144. Teresa Hill says:

    Wow. That would be great, if they could understand that.

  145. Teresa Hill says:

    Maybe the GOP gets crazier and crazier the closer we get to the election — even crazy enough to scare Wall St.

  146. Jerry says:

    It had been reported that Spain’s central bank governor is to step down on June 10th, one month earlier than planned (equivalent to Timothy Geithner vacating his position as US Treasury Secretary), this in advance of the IMF report scheduled for release on June 11th that is expected to reveal the true extent of Spain’s toxic assets. Zero Hedge seems to think these two events are conveniently linked together in anticipation of difficult, negative developments. The IMF continues to vehemently deny that it will help bail out Spain, and one supposes for good reason – the fear of inducing panic and a systemically uncontrolled bank run.

    See related article:

    Europe’s Biggest Fear: A Run They Cannot Stop

    The Economist
    May 25, 2012

    IT’S been a week since shares in Bankia plummeted on reports, later denied, that customers were pulling deposits out of the Spanish lender. Fears of a full-scale bank run in Greece have not yet materialised. But the possibility of a deposit run in Europe’s peripheral states is still very much alive. It is also the thing that policymakers are least prepared for.

    As with most aspects to the euro crisis, the usual answers are not much help. One tactic is to show customers the money. Old hands of emerging-market bank runs talk of how they used to pile cash up in full view of panicking customers so that they could see how well stocked the banks were with money. The equivalent now is to let the central bank provide enough liquidity that the ATMs always spit out cash. But if the idea is to get your hands on euros today in case of a currency re-denomination tomorrow, then you will still want it out of the bank and under the mattress.


    We may be in a holding pattern for now. Markets somewhat drifting downwards next week, but the above date of June 11th seems pivotal. It may not be the obvious possibility of a Greek transition over to its old currency the Drachma (as I previously thought), but more perhaps due to the massive huge bail out Spanish banks will require. All this leads me to believe bank runs in Spain and Greece could start in earnest beginning the week of June 11th. The financial environment is susceptible to a perfect storm (the June 11th Mercury-Pluto-Uranus t square).

  147. angellight says:

    Student – “When I was at University of Massachusets, my fees increased 63% between 2003 and 2007 due to Romney’s budget cuts.” and

  148. angellight says:

    Teresa: Definitely, I think, more love energy flowing in from our more wiser Sister, Venus!

  149. Diane L says:

    Here’s a good tactic for PBO to take on the latest jobs data. Hold the obstructionist repubs in congress responsible.

  150. pisca says:

    Mima (re: above) the nuns story will be interesting to watch, along with the butler’s and centuries-old money corruption scandals in the Vatican. I have known women who happen to be nuns (!) as persons throughout my life; they are on a mission of humanity and do what they need to accomplish those goals. The Vatican “complained that the nuns have focused most of their attention on social issues, such as poverty, and have not spent enough time promoting the Church’s views on divisive political questions…” Who is the Christ-like party in this issue? And why is the Vatican making an issue of this now?
    Here’s some recent background to the saga: “US Nuns Fight Back”

  151. pisca says:

    Venus/sun will conjunct my natal Jupiter… Here’s to hope that more love on earth will hit in a big way!

  152. Herald says:

    What do you think about the job report that came out today?

  153. Francis says:

    I feel a sense of foreboding. I hope I’m just being negative, but with so many astrologers and many politically astute people, like Bill Clinton saying that Obama will get re-elected I’m feeling like we are under a strong Neptunian illusion. I recall Nancy saying that there will be a surprise with Uranus in the mix come November and that has me wary. I want to get on board with the positive thinking on this but my intuition is preparing me for a Romney presidency. I’m moving to a stronger place in myself, a place that is not afraid of political battle and social upheaval if that is what it comes to. My intuition is preparing me to be emotionally ready to hunker down and fight back as if Romney will win and as I look around me I see people on the left being apathetic by choosing to not vote, or they are believing Obama will get re-elected. It all feels unreal to me. Then again, I’m approaching the last pass of Saturn over my Neptune and maybe that is what I’m resonating with.

  154. Francis says:

    Jeb Bush just backed “his friend” Rubio for the VP slot. Does anyone have an astro sense of Rubio as Romney’s VP and what his transits look like in November?

  155. will says:


    Although it may appear that there is an over-all apathy at present, wait until the first pass of the 7 Cardinal Squares takes place later this month, and all of the other transits come along – as well as summer vacations. The fall will bring people to their senses and the apathy will lift. Keep the faith.

  156. Francis says:

    Thanks Will.

  157. will says:


    So true. The teachings of Christ are the very foundation and substantia of the Catholic faith. The Vatican has become largely irrelevant and is, more now than ever, a relic of the times when the Roman Empire was sacked and the Dark Ages emerged; this left the Church as one of the only vestiges of a unifying principles around which people of faith could galvanize. It is during these terrible times when the Church was, possibly even ineluctably, forced to assume a much more worldly, political stance. It is during this time that the vast riches of the Vatican were amassed through the occupation of bankers and emperors and the like. But the Renaissance, the Reformation, The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution all greatly eroded and for a while, even entirely stripped the Vatican of power.

    Although I agree that nuns and many orders of priests and brothers served themselves a serious blow by shedding their habits and becoming much too pedestrian, many of them are, in their daily practices and vocations, much, much closer to following the teaching of Christ. And that is a good thing.

  158. Jackson says:

    Rubio’s a non-starter. He was raised Mormon, even though he converted to Roman Catholicism. The RNC knows it’s going to have enough trouble selling one Mormon on the ticket; two Mormons will be anathema to the GOP’s evangelical Christian base.

  159. Jackson says:

    I don’t. There are a lot of right-wing Christians who won’t be able to vote for a Mormon, and they will stay home. Plus, Romney’s role as a vulture capitalist won’t fly with a lot of people, even Republicans.

  160. I saw some traffic coming in to my site from this link, and just wanted to make a comment about the previous question.

    I think Nancy asked earlier if Hillary’s time had been confirmed. Unfortunately the answer is negative. There are still conflicting times for her, as I mentioned in the Fox News interview.

    Patrick and I wrote a followup piece on the Political Astrology Blog where we explained that we were using the Scorpio rising chart, and we talked a little bit about why:

  161. will says:


    “Vulture Capitalist”- terrific branding!

  162. Jackson says:

    It’s not my branding. Actually, I think we can thank either Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry, describing Mitt Romney, for that one. It’s choice!

  163. starlight says:

    I think we are all suffering from this long Saturn station that is going on into July. I think the Market plunge today reflects that since it is so close to a stationary square to US Mercury, not exact, but close enough to feel.

    Francis – Saturn hitting your Neptune is a major anxiety producer. That being said, this tsunami of GOP lies and manipulations is really disturbing and hard to barricade oneself against.

  164. starlight says:

    Chris – Thanks for clarifying the issue of Hillary’s time. I also use the Scorpio rising chart, but wondered if new information had surfaced. Congrats on the ABC article and the FOX interview!

  165. pisca says:

    Here’s my vote for the a.m. chart, but perhaps not exactly 8 a.m.:
    The long debate about Hillary’s birth time is quite Scorpionoc, reflecting her super-stellium! I reference The Mountain Astrologer June/July 2005 article by Donna Cunningham to see both the am and pm charts. This morning chart is interesting to me because a family member was born around 8 am the day after Hillary and a couple of hundred miles away and I have watched similar life events play out. Both married at the same time; both first-born children are Pisces (5th house of relative, a little off from the Hillary am chart); when Hillary was moving to DC, relative was super-promoted to position of power; and both had explosive marital problems at the same time (as natal Saturn, Pluto, Mars on Midheaven received strong hits). Also, that 12th house Scorpio sun and Scorpio Ascendant reflect a hidden/secretive true self… right down to the mysterious birth time!

  166. Sharon says:

    I forgot about the Saturn station as well as the Venus retro which squares my approx. 23/25 Pisces Mars & Venus. I sure have been feeling “unhappy” and wondering why!

  167. Sharon says:

    I don’t get why people wouldn’t vote! It’s so important!

  168. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Regarding the US economy…. stepping back slightly and taking in the larger view, I think we can find extraordinary significance to the approaching Uranus-Pluto square on June 24th with its precise semisquare (at the midpoint) to the New York Stock Exchange natal Pluto (23 Aquarius).

    Also being impacted by the Uranus-Pluto square at harsh angles is the May 28, 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (22 ’43 Taurus). Here are two articles that explore the ramifications of this 20 year Jupiter Saturn cycle as it relates to todays trends…..

    The Jupiter–Saturn Cycle: 2010–2011 Opposition and Global Changes
    by Robert Blaschke

    Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the heavens and mark the beginning of a new cultural, political, and economic era. These alignments have historically been described as “Grand Conjunctions” or “Royal Conjunctions.” World leaders elected as presidents or prime ministers during this cycle often have exact conjunctions between their nativities and the degrees of the planets or angles found in these once-every-two-decades mundane horoscopes. The Grand Conjunction of May 2000, the origin horoscope of our present cycle, is shown here cast for the United States:

    The rising degree of the last Grand Conjunction conjoined President Barack Obama’s North Node, exact to 03? of arc. The Midheaven ruler, Venus, is exactly conjunct Mr. Obama’s natal Moon, and the South Node is in the degree of his natal Saturn. A dignified Mercury is a sole and final classical dispositor.

    The present economic era ushered in at the last Grand Conjunction started with the bursting of the technology bubble when the NASDAQ stock market crashed in the spring of 2000. That was followed by unsustainable real estate speculation that ultimately peaked at the progressed retrograde station of the U.S. Mars, ruler of the Sibly IC, in July 2006. Since then, a global economic crisis has brought about the Great Recession, commencing with the Jupiter–Pluto conjunction of December 2007.

    At the opposition aspect within this 20-year cycle, world events reach their climax, and global change occurs on a large scale. The Grand Conjunction cycle begun in May 2000 reaches its three oppositions between May 2010 and March 2011. This period will mark the turning point of the current global economic crisis, and will also produce breakthroughs in international political stalemates. The first opposition occurs with Jupiter dignified and in the degree of Venus’s exaltation, 27° Pisces.


    Historical Trends and Planetary Synchronicity: The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction of May 28, 2000 12.07 pm EDT Washington, DC

    For centuries, astrologers east and west have looked to the chart of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn – the Great Conjunction – for clues about world events for the forthcoming era. The chart is a symbolic synthesis of the dominant postive and negative energies around us as seen by Jupiter, the Great Benefic and Saturn, the Great Malefic. This astronomical configuration takes place every twenty years and can be seen as a marker for coming major events and as a long-term indicator for global trends. For example, some stargazers believe the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BC was the Star of Magi that accompanied the coming of Jesus Christ. The Great Conjunction of 1345 was part of a very afflicted chart and can be interpreted as a warning for the Black Death that wiped out a third of Europe’s population from 1347 to 1350. The conjunction of 1901 can be seen as containing the seed of World War 1 and the unleashing of the destructive power of the twentieth century as the warrior planet Mars was conjoined with Jupiter and Saturn while the Great conjunction itself was exactly aspected by malefic Ketu (South Node).

    Our current times therefore similarly reflect the heavenly circumstances of the most recent meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky in 2000. The September 11 th attacks on the USA and the subsequent “War on Terror” have left an indelible stamp on our era. Certainly, the horoscope of this conjunction does show the uncertain and turbulent times of our post 9/11 world. Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in sidereal Aries, a fire sign known for its aggressive nature.


  169. Wennye' says:

    Dear Friend, I too was feeling hopeless for a hot minute today. Hearing the news about the jobs and the wishy washy of Bill Clinton’s comments about ‘his’ friend Trump and Bain Capital as well as Booker last week or so. I remembered Saturn is opposing my political beliefs so I had to walk among the people who are without food and shelter. Taking them food was so uplifting as well as talking to them..Fight on Francis make them listen who deem it not neccesary to vote. It is up to us to help them see. Blessings All, Wennye’

  170. alex says:

    Barrett vs. Walker debate excerpt – Video Link

    “I have a police department that arrests felons, he has a practice of hiring them”

  171. Lune Prière says:

    From Starlight News October 24, 2011:

    “For about 5 days after the election, there will be a tiny break during which some of the results may be in doubt, but essentially there is little to indicate great celebration indicating a win for Romney.  Instead, complications and distress for Romney are signaled by the march of Saturn through early Scorpio which relentlessly impacts his chart, especially difficult from November 12 through December 2012: quincunx the Ascendant (00Gemini43), square Saturn (2Leo24), quincunx the Node (5Gemini29), sesquiquadrate the Sun (21Pisces11), square the MC (6Aquarius28), square Venus (8Aquarius33), and stationary square Pluto (11Leo22). In my opinion, there is little to suggest, should Romney be the GOP nominee for president, that he will win the election.”

    I knew you could cheer me up, Nancy.

  172. starlight says:

    Lune P – I hope I am right about that. There is that few days just after the election that is the question. Why would Romney have some Jupiter at that time? Otherwise, he seems quite strained. Normally, if you win an election, especially for the first time, everyone is kissing your *** and saluting you, and you feel empowered and beloved at least through Inauguration. Could be it takes a week to decide the election? The one thing I know for sure is that we don’t win all three and neither do they. No one on either side is that happy with the results.

  173. andre says:

    Quebec’s student protesters give UK activists a lesson

    In the face of a systematic assault on education, the Classe group has hit on a strategy that has the power to succeed


    Peter Hallward, Friday 1 June 2012 12.23 BST
    Comments (130)

    From The Guardian in the UK:

    The extraordinary student mobilisation in Quebec has already sustained the longest and largest student strike in the history of North America, and it has already organised the single biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. It is now rapidly growing into one of the most powerful and inventive anti-austerity campaigns anywhere in the world.

  174. Lorrie U says:

    Obama’s 4 Billion Dollar Crackdown on Health Care Fraud

    President Obama’s crackdown on health care fraud recovered $4 billion last year alone. The Obama Administration extended the life of the Medicare Trust Fund by, among other measures, cutting waste and subsidies in addition to recovering more than $4 billion dollars from health care scams last year alone.

  175. andre says:

    The transit of Venus is next Tuesday. The invocation in this video is beautiful.

  176. Teresa Hill says:

    I’m wondering if the turmoil you see right after election day has to do with all the voter registration purges going on in various states to keep people from voting?
    That could delay race results and bring on some real fights — if tons of people try to vote but are told they can’t because of what’s been done to the registration lists.

  177. Squallo says:

    I don´t know if this has been posted, bu here it goes.

    Astrologers Say Celestial Charts Favor Obama Over Mitt Romney

    Each of the five astrologers on the presidential panel explained how they came to their assessments, with most relying on studies of celestial charts pertinent to both Obama and presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney for the date of either the election itself or the next presidential inauguration…

  178. Jerry says:

    The Hot Zone: Summer Solstice 2012
    by Jessica Murray

    Has there ever been a Summer Solstice this intense? With the first exactitude of the Uranus-Pluto square at the midpoint of the year flanked by a host of extraordinary supporting transits, we have entered the hot zone.

    This is a cosmic heat wave that’s been rising since 1966, when Uranus and Pluto conjoined in the sky. We’re now at the first quarter of the cycle that began way back then. With this historic transit as the backdrop, on June 4 the dream-weaving planet, Neptune, stations retrograde under a Full Moon… which happens to be an Eclipse. The next day is a rare occultation of Venus (there won’t be another until 2117) (2). Through June 8 the Sun-Venus conjunction will square volatile Mars.

    Then, on June 24, five days after the New Moon and four days after the Sun crosses the Cancer threshold, Uranus and Pluto click into the first of their seven exact 90-degree angles: the first such spike in a long crescendo. At the same time, Jupiter, fresh from its ingress into Gemini, squares Neptune in Pisces. Four days after that, on June 29, the Sun reaches the degree of the Uranus-Pluto square (3), closing out the month with a bang.

    Why do astrologers pay special attention to scenarios like these? In general, when transits come all stacked up this way they reinforce each other, creating a force field that squeezes events into being. But as sky watchers know, this is not just any old stack of pancakes. This is the longest arm of the Cardinal Cross, the series of world-altering formations that puts 2012 on the astrological map.


  179. Jerry says:

    Henry Seltzer in his astrological forecast for June touches on the June 26th Sun-Moon-Uranus-Pluto grand cross square which I have seen mentioned elsewhere. Although it is brief, he provides an interesting analysis……..

    June Horoscopes by Henry Seltzer

    The Astrology of June features Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and as well Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This is another extremely intense month, with Uranus square to Pluto, exact for the first time, and with Neptune strong in Pisces, being squared by last month’s New Moon eclipse. Venus, newly retrograde, has its helical rise on June 12th, when it becomes the Morning Star. The Mayans thought of the time of Venus’ transition from the Evening Star as a symbolic journey through the under-world, a time of lawlessness and disintegration in earthly af-fairs.


  180. orangetriangle says:

    I wonder if anyone else…besides me….has experienced the negative effects of a Jupiter transit. I am a Sag rising…with a Jupiter/Mars conjunction trine Uranus….so my natal Jupiter is in pretty good shape. But twice I have had Jupiter transits which I had been looking forward to as respite from trying times….but instead of a break…I felt that Jupiter just magnified the difficulties I was going through.
    I can only hope that Romney will have the same experience!

  181. Jerry says:

    More on that June 12th Heliacal Rising of Venus (which until now I was totally oblivious):

    Venus – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

    Psychic Cosmos
    May 20, 2012

    On the night of June 5th into the morning of the 6th, Venus-Goddess of Love, will transit across the face of the Sun. This event last happened in 1882 and will not happen again until 2117. These events come in pairs roughly eight years apart. The first part of the current pair occurred in 2004. With all of the interest in the Mayan Calendar and its relationship to 2012, this astral occurrence is of particular importance both for the rarity of it and the potential impact that it may have on the months ahead.

    The Maya focused much of their attention of the movement of Venus and, in fact, charted the entire 584 day cycle of the planet as it made its way across the heavens. Known as both the Morning Star and the Evening Star, Venus was viewed as triumphing over both the Sun and Moon because of the planet’s continued visibility in the transitions of day to night and vice versa. The Mayan culture viewed the planet we associate with love and romance in an entirely different light; that being violence, war and human sacrifice.

    Perhaps the most feared time in Mayan astrological forecasts was the Heliacal Rising of Venus: the time when Venus is on our side of the sun (known as the Inferior Conjunction) and transits between Old Sol and Earth and which is also the start of its next cycle of movement. To those ancients of Mesoamerica, this was a highly evil portent and denoted the onset of wars and conflicts.

    Even in western traditions, Venus was not just a gentle entity embodying love and romance………


  182. Lorrie U says:

    Excellent article…

    The Black And White Numbers – Democrats Are Better Than Republicans

  183. angellight says:

    “Venus Occults the Sun
    On Tuesday a rare celestial event occurs. Venus retrograde occults (crosses in front of) the Gemini Sun. Venus is the “Soul” or elder sister of the Earth. Venus crossing over the Sun is the “woman clothed in the Sun.” Squaring Mars, Venus (highlighted) is informing the prevailing controlling system of the “good old boys” that their time has also come to an end.”

  184. angellight says:

    Dear Friends,

    Here again is the Venus-Transit Link.

    Today’s discussion will start around 9:00 am EEDT (Finnish Daylight Time) which is 6:00 am GMT.

    We will continue our discussion of the spiritual potentials of Venus.

    Light, Love and Power,
    Tuija and Michael, Seven Ray Institute

  185. alex says:

    Closing in on Scott Walker June 3rd:

    With the recall election less than two days away, federal prosecutors are closing in on Governor Scott Walker, according to veteran political reporter David Shuster, former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, and former district attorney Bob Jambois.

  186. ScorpioX3 says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting.