24th May, 2012

Some Good News

Pretty-Boy Paul Ryan, the latest darling of the Republican Party, is the author of the notorious Ryan budget plan which creates ever more tax cuts for the wealthy and slashes a wide swath of social programs for the struggling. Adopting Ryan’s financial scheme as his own, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called it “marvelous” while studiously ignoring its potential for shredding the safety net and ballooning the deficit.  On the Right, as has been frequently demonstrated, nothing ever interrupts ideology, certainly not reality.

Whether or not Ryan is put on the ticket in the vice-presidential slot, he has become one of Romney’s most important surrogates. He and Romney have been seen together repeatedly on the campaign trail, emanating a kind of Batman and Robin chemistry, although uber-capitalist Romney seems more like Gordon Gekko than Bruce Wayne. Given Paul Ryan’s large role in the Romney campaign and in Republican politics in general, it would seem that indications in his astrological chart at the end of the year and into January 2013 would reflect, at least to some degree, Republican success or failure during that time.

What we find in Ryan’s chart is that the fixed T-square that includes Saturn (2Taurus40), Jupiter (5Scorpio16), and the Sun (9Aquarius25)/Venus (10Aquarius36) conjunction will be impacted by a prolonged Saturn transit from late October 2012 through early August 2013. Late December 2012 through March 2013 is particularly striking since the Saturn station will be quite close to a square of the Ryan Sun/Venus conjunction during that time. This larger framework of long-term pressure from Saturn suggests a diminishment in Ryan’s power during these months and therefore the likelihood that neither his budget nor the Republicans gain much traction during this determinative time. This configuration may well point to a loss for Mitt Romney, as well as the GOP losing at least one house of Congress.

It is also notable that Ryan has the station of Neptune square to his natal Neptune (00Sagittarius35) from September through mid-December 2012 just as Mitt Romney has the same station square to his Ascendant (00Gemini43). This suggests a kind of folie a deux or shared delusion, quite possibly around financial ideology, as well as pointing to a thwarted expectation that Romney will win the election.  The strength of Saturn in November, particularly from November 9 through November 19 when it will be conjunct Ryan’s Jupiter, suggests disappointment following anticipation.

On the other hand, the Jupiter transit square to Ryan’s Node (12Pisces14) and trine his Sun/Venus during the first half of December, suggests some optimism and hope for Ryan that will recede beginning around December 18 and beyond as Saturn moves in to the square with Sun/Venus. This period is analogous to a difficult one in President Obama’s chart, when Saturn will be semisquare Obama’s Mars and then conjunct his Neptune covering from December 1 through December 20. These upbeat configurations in Ryan’s chart and the stressful planetary configurations in the president’s chart will come during the vicious political wrangling expected during the debate over taxes and spending cuts scheduled for the Lame Duck Congress in December. It looks like the extortionist Republicans will be quite formidable through roughly December 20. If the Democrats can hold out until after this date, they will have far more success.

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