Post-Election Blues

Policy makers and pundits have begun to seriously dread the next installment of political brinksmanship scheduled for the end of the year. A confluence of crucial deadlines will coalesce in the post-election Lame Duck Congress that will allow this notoriously partisan, gridlocked legislature to exercise its last gasp of power before 2013. At the turning of the year, the national debt ceiling will once again need to be raised; the Bush tax cuts will expire if not amended or extended; and the draconian cuts in spending agreed upon in the last debt ceiling debacle will go into effect.

Using the filibuster in the Senate and their uncompromising and radical right-wing majority in the House, Republicans are likely to once again attempt to extort significant concessions from Democrats at this critical time. Most economists agree, however, that across-the-board tax hikes (total repeal of the Bush tax cuts) or huge spending cuts to lower the national debt would cripple our weak recovery. Either policy would suck far too much money out of our fragile economy, possibly pushing us over a fiscal cliff into a recession. Unfortunately, a well-crafted bipartisan plan to address these issues and move constructively past the impending deadlines is hard to imagine in today’s dysfunctional Congress. Hence, the flashing red light.

As predicted repeatedly on this site, late November through December 2012 is likely to be a highly dramatic and contentious period.  The progressed US Sun will be moving into a square with natal Uranus (8Gemini55) as of September 2012, waxing for a year, and strongly triggered by Pluto (8Capricorn55), Jupiter (8Gemini55), and Saturn (8Scorpio55) during what promises to be a very volatile five weeks. There may be a strong mood of push back and rebellion (Uranus) in the country and probably a great deal of grass roots agitation. It is probable that much of this will center on the crucial economic issues being debated before Congress, but it is also quite possible that there may be a fierce confrontation over some of the election results or that some other totally unforeseen issue may erupt during that time.

Within this framework, the most difficult period for President Obama will be from December 11 through December 20, when transiting Saturn will cross his natal Neptune (8Scorpio36), suggesting compromises that he does not wish to make but is forced to consider due to the political reality (Saturn) of the situation. On a more positive note, the first 11 days of January 2013 look extremely strong and positive for the president, suggesting to me that the Democrats may continue to hold the Senate and could alter the filibuster rule at that time.


In other news, there is increasing fear that Greece will default on its loans and refuse the latest bailout agreement and the demands for austerity that are included in it. Concern is rampant that this could set off new troubles in Portugal and Ireland which are also highly indebted and rely on foreign loans.

The chart for Greece suggests that the most difficult period will be from early May through the first few days of August 2012. The Saturn station is square to Greece’s Sun (22Capricorn45) and sesquiquadrate Greece’s Venus (8Pisces56) during this time frame. The same Saturn station will adversely impact the chart for Papoulias’ presidency (3/12/05): Node 22Aries59 and Mars 23Capricorn59. Saturn transits always are best handled when discipline, caution, and the capacity to delay gratification are employed. Any kind of recklessness, rashness, or impatience will be counterproductive and lead to great upset and loss. Although these planets suggest an extremely stressful time for Greece and the European Union in late spring and early summer, it seems likely the worst will be over by mid-August.


  1. angellight says:

    The GOP in my opinion are beginning to look like “modern day gangsters” as they continue to threaten our economy if they can’t have their way and get to keep their Bush tax cuts & susidies/entitlements for big Oil.

    I love your posts Starlight, but all I see is battle, battle, battle! Of course, that is not your fault, but the fault of the war above.

  2. will says:

    Thank you for the post-election redux, Starlight. We can certainly do our part to fight-the-good-fight and support the progressive agenda. With the approaching square to Neptune, Venus retrograde, Solstice and Uranus in Aries directly squaring Pluto in Capricorn in late June, along with all of the other transits you have elucidated, it would appear we are going to have a long, hot summer.

  3. Diane L says:

    Thanks for another great update, Starlight! Here’s a curious state of affairs from Gallup that shows most Americans believe PBO will win re-election even though he’s currently polling about even with Romney.

  4. Jerry says:

    I would expect the situation as described in the article below to intensify as we approach the June 4th lunar eclipse and June 5th Venus occultation (14/15 Sag-Gemini) because of its conjunction/opposition to the EU 3/25/57 natal Saturn (14 Sag).

    Potential Bank Runs in Greece Spark EU Contagion Panic

    New American
    May 16, 2012

    As the prospect of Greece leaving the eurozone dominates headlines around the world, Greeks are reportedly lining up at ATMs and financial institutions to withdraw their funds in what some analysts have already described as the start of a run on the banks. More than a billion euros have been withdrawn just in the last few days. And experts say the panic could soon spread to other fragile countries such as Italy and Spain.

    Even Greek officials acknowledged that the nation’s banks were teetering on the verge of a catastrophe as panicky depositors rush to salvage what they can of their savings. According to minutes of meetings cited in news reports, President Karolos Papoulias told political leaders that Greece’s central bank chief knew “there was great fear that could develop into a panic.” He also warned that the banking system might run out of money, posing a “threat to our national existence.”

    While those fears may not have become a full-blown bank-run crisis just yet, that moment could be fast approaching. “Withdrawals and outflows by 4:00 pm when I called him exceeded 600 million euros and reached 700 million euros,” Papoulias was quoted as saying, citing central bank boss George Provopoulos. “He expects total outflows of about 800 million euros, including conversions in German Bunds and other such things.”


  5. Teresa Hill says:

    And cue John Boeher, talking about holding us hostage again with the debt ceiling. So predictable.
    Do they not understand how unpopular they are? And connect that in any way to their actions?

  6. Jerry says:

    Regarding that June 5th Venus occultation and the current debt crisis, Ray Merriman in his May 7th Market Week report tries to put it in perspective……

    “……Since Venus rules money, and occultations (or eclipses) oftentimes signal a dramatic change of the status quo, the Venus occultation period of 2004-2012 may be a direct correlation to the world’s debt, which has simply been exploding since 2004 (when this pair of Venus occultation to the Sun began). And this leads us right into the current and sudden shift of political and economic strategies in Europe, dovetailing with the swoon in equity prices last week.

    European austerity measures as part of the solution to its debt crisis are on the verge of being given up already. Recent economic data shows a large number of European countries – including the United Kingdom – are in or near a recession. Over the past several months, many of these nations have increased taxes on top of their already very high taxes and have recently begun to cut back spending in order to meet strict budget projections. This is what austerity is all about. It’s about making sacrifices. It’s about a long-term commitment to rid the waste in spending. It’s about Pluto in Capricorn.”

    Global Credit Crunch: The Point Of No Return?

    Publication date: 16 May 2012
    Author: Simon Smith, FxPro

    Nearly five years into the global credit crunch, you get a feeling for when something has reached the point of no return, when no amount of reassurance, promises or policies will fight the tide of markets. But to be sure, this is not to define markets as pure ‘speculators’, rather rational individuals and entities that are removing deposits from Greek banks, reducing their exposures to all types of market risk and doing their best not to be crushed by a moving train.

    The moving train is, of course, Greece. As well as reports of large scale withdrawals from Greek banks, we’ve had (unconfirmed, then denied) reports that the ECB is also refusing liquidity requests from Greek banks, pushing them to the Greek central bank because of the lack of recapitalisation undertaken. We’ve seen sharp increases in forward Libor-OIS spreads, the measure of interbank liquidity risk that was so watched during the early days of the crisis. From being taboo in official circles, a Greek exit is now more openly being discussed, rather than dismissed outright.

    At the same time, after two years of fire-fighting the Greek and wider sovereign crises, there is no policy response that can credibly stem the tide. We’ve had two large scale EU/IMF rescue packages, a tortuous ‘voluntary’ private sector-restructuring and vast lending form the ECB (with ever lower collateral standards applied). The more credible response now from the authorities would be measures to stem contagion elsewhere, particularly with respect to bank deposits in other eurozone countries now that permitted cross-border lending between deposit-guarantee schemes will not be workable.

    Contagion remains the biggest single risk, given that a Greek exit will mean that what was previously presented as irreversible and unthinkable will have become reality. This is where efforts now need to be focused, otherwise the single currency will be left horribly exposed by a Greek exit. Furthermore, all efforts to ‘save’ Greece from here on in will have been wasted and at the cost of failing to deal with the contagion issue. Policy-makers face a critical choice this week. Let’s hope they choose the right one.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    Teresa – What perplexes me is that no matter how bad Romney is portrayed, he still polls tied with Pres. Obama. So I guess unpopular actions are in the eyes of the beholder, since obviously many approve of them. We really are a country divided…

  8. starlight says:

    My guess is that a lot of people aren’t paying attention to the election. They don’t watch the news and are busy with their lives. Unfortunately, this pervasive ignorance and inattention is a very big problem. If people don’t educate themselves and then vote intelligently, the country will go downhill.

  9. fierywoman says:

    It’s interesting to read the daily kos on that subject … (there’s something about it every day or two or three…)

  10. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    In the aftermath of 9/11, a number of astrological studies were done focusing in on the US Sibly chart in an effort to understand the underlying causes. What was it in the US chart that would attract such animosity from the Muslim world? The challenge America appeared to be facing is that it is a relatively self-sufficient society with very little interest or knowledge of the world outside its borders and as a result can appear to be insensitive to other cultures. Among the articles, I found Dutch astrologer Joyce Hoen’s in-depth analysis on the American persona quite perceptive and illuminating. I should mention here that she paints a very favorable view of the US, but there are some blind-spots. Here then are several factors that I think may help to explain this occasional lack of discernment…..

    “….. Pluto in the 2nd house opposite Mercury

    Mercury opposite Pluto is a fitting signature for the power of communication, and it is interesting that Martin Luther King’s Sun was in conjunction with this Pluto. Pluto is in the 2nd house, so the power is about economical issues too. So much so, that we have collectively come to believe in today’s Western world that money equals power. In fact, Pluto in the 2nd house of this chart, ruling the 12th, is a very fitting signature for the basic urge of Americans to survive, as deep down there is the fear of losing everything. After all, this is what in the past (12th house), the collective forefathers (12th house) of the present day Americans did: they gave up everything, and this unconscious past is the motor for trying to control one’s own life, especially economically (Pluto in the 2nd).

    Jupiter conjunct Venus

    When they first enter America, many Europeans feel the openness of the country, the friendliness (Sagittarius/Aquarius) and people in general make you feel at home (Ascendant ruler being Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th conjunct Venus). But after a while, the Cancer signature (being ruled again by the Aquarius Moon) changes into alienation. People want to be left alone, and do not particularly want to commit to promises, after the first emotional (Cancer) yet open (Jupiter) impulse (Cancer). In fact, the North Node in the 8th house suggests that commitment is difficult and going one’s own way easier.

    Mars square Neptune

    Competing (Mars) is primarily on a verbal level (speeches, marches too), with Mars in Gemini in the 7th. With Mars square Neptune competition is not only verbal, it is also a nice indication of illusive advertising. (With Neptune in the 9th, collective dream pictures are painted assertively). Pisces on the 3rd house could be the reason why the Americans are so quick to believe anything and everything which is written in the daily press or on television (television is being ruled by Neptune/Pisces). When a story hits the news everybody seems to uncritically take it all in, and feel a part of it (Pisces). Communication and thinking may be uncritical, and open, but it is also of a very ‘positive’ nature (Sagittarius rising again).”

    For a complete version of this article, click on the following link….

  11. angellight says:

    Starlight, exactly! That is why GOP don’t want to put money into a good public education and why most GOP governors are laying teachers off. They want an uneducated electorate.

  12. angellight says:

    Harry Reid, “The Majority Leader argued that Democrats have fulfilled their budget duty by passing the Budget Control Act, the bipartisan deal reached l…ast summer that raised the debt ceiling and deemed discretionary spending levels for fiscal 2013 — the primary function of a budget resolution, which allows the appropriations process to take place.

    That measure passed the Senate 74-26, with 28 Republicans voting for it.

    “But since August those Republicans have developed a case of amnesia. Why else would they walk around Washington claiming we don’t have a budget?” Reid said.” From Roll Call

  13. Jerry says:

    Hi Angellight,

    Hope you don’t mind my stirring things up a bit here Angel; but the demographics you’re speaking of; the Democrats versus the Republicans; to exclusively think in those terms, well…… I wonder if that is a rather simplistic view of things. I am posing that to you, not out of criticism but out of genuine inquiry. If all the Republicans “came to their senses” would that solve anything? Would it usher in a wonderful and beautiful world? Is it really only about politics? That’s a rhetorical question of course and I sincerely hope this doesn’t put you on the defensive. Just throwing this question out to you because obviously there is a deep divide there. You as a Democrat and the other as a Republican. The two political parties are consistently in tension and at odds with each other. The question is simply this; does embracing the “democratic party” line of thinking, would that actually help bridge the gap and facilitate understanding on deeper levels? Is it all exclusively about politics?

  14. karen says:

    It’s difficult to look at the ongoing conflicts dispassionately. So, I’m thankful for these updates, Nancy. They give perspective. Yet, I remain conflicted. I’ve a personal story to illustrate. A neighbor shot a parent goose (two goslings). The reason given was that the goose was nuisance, pooping in the lawn, etc. (This murder is against federal law.) There was no remorse for this act. I’m still grieving. But this story applies to the lack of remorse being codified in the halls of power. It’s perfectly alright to kill programs that benefit the greater good, and for this I grieve. I grieve for the killing of the constitution, the loss of equal rights, the loss of income to those who purport to know how best to spend it — enriching themselves. Selfish, self-involved motives all.

  15. Teresa Hill says:

    The polls can be as biased as the news. Don’t believe them. Plus, they all underpoll cellphone users, and we know young people are much more likely to vote for Obama.

  16. Wennye' says:

    Starlight, this crazy thinking I found even in my own family when I reminded them to vote June 5th. I was told “I will TRY”..what!! you will TRY..”I have so much on my plate now getting ready for confirmation, graduation and dealing with my illness” was the explanation. If they ever want to celebrate these events again with sound mind they better take that time out and vote! Blessings All

  17. Lorrie U says:

    I fear you’re right, Starlight. We stay informed, and that’s why we’re blown away when others seem totally uncomprehensive when you talk with them. That’s one of the reasons I take much of the pertinent fact-based info posted here and on other sites and email them, since I know others don’t have the time. I only do it with very vital information so as not to make them just hit the delete button.

  18. Lorrie U says:

    Karen – I think your statement actually answers Jerry’s reflective question above: “If all the Republicans “came to their senses” would that solve anything? Would it usher in a wonderful and beautiful world? Is it really only about politics?”

  19. karen says:

    I hope so, Lorrie. It’s all politics, even our negotiations even with one another. As such, it is always wise to listen for self-involved motives (from ourselves too). When one is blatantly self involved, there’s no negotiation, no mutual agreement. In some ways it is beyond party line, afterall there is no litmus test for acting as a Human Being.

  20. Nina Katarina says:

    I dunno. Thailand, Russia, South Korea, all of them had combinations of defaults and currency devaluations, and all of them started eras of explosive and positive growth within surprisingly short time afterwards. Leaving the eurozone may be Greece’s smartest move.

  21. Patty says:

    Thank you Starlight. It’s always a treat to read a new posting from your well of deep knowledge and wisdom.

    Jerry, Thanks for this thought provoking link and short version.
    Abstractly, I think of the two political parties…as two wings of an airplane. When they work in tandem…with give and take ‘coordination’…they can reach extraordinary souring heights! Therefore, we should want both sides to be informed and clear-thinking.
    I found this video exceptionally interesting. Some voters are ‘visual’ and have little time to read political articles. Robert Reich is brilliant!

    Check this one as well:

  22. Jerry says:

    Hi Patty,

    Loved that analogy of the two political parties: “as two wings to an airplane working in tandem with each other.” I assume you meant “to reach soaring heights’ and not as you inadvertently wrote “souring” heights. Yes I agree. The political structure as it stands is a necessary one and requires mutual coordination.

    I liked the Robert Reich video on Public vs Private Morality. Thank you. About the second Robert R. video; you probably missed it, but it was already submitted in the previous thread; complete with personal running commentary. I think you’ll find it interesting. You’ll find it here:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

  23. Jerry says:

    The Euro Crisis/ The Greek Run

    It is not a good idea for Greece to leave the euro. But it is time to prepare for its departure

    The Economist
    May 19, 2012

    “GREXIT” is an ugly term for what may soon become an even uglier reality: Greece’s departure from the euro zone. As fury in Athens runs up against frustration with Greek recalcitrance in the rest of the European Union, the EU’s most troubled economy could be heading out of the single currency within weeks. If Greek banks suffer a mass run, as depositors withdraw euros for fear they will be forcibly converted into new drachmas, Greece’s fate could be settled even sooner.

    Greece’s ascendant politicians, particularly Alexis Tsipras, leader of the radical left Syriza party, want to repudiate Greece’s rescue deal with its European and IMF creditors. The creditors, particularly Germany, are standing firm, rightly making clear that they will not be blackmailed into repeatedly rewriting bail-outs. If in fresh elections on June 17th the objectors have a majority, as the polls suggest, and if they renege on Greece’s bail-out deal, then the world will cut off the supply of rescue funds. It is hard to see Greece then staying in the euro.


  24. Patty says:

    Thank you…Yes, soaring heights!
    Wish Obama would express that concept/analogy.

    Thanks for the link!

  25. Jerry says:

    Hi Nina,

    I agree in one sense. A Greek default in and by itself would be the preferred and desired route, but because it is inextricably woven into the fabric of the Euro currency (a devaluation can’t be implemented under the current system) there is a systemic risk of the entire Euro unraveling with severe dislocations. Bank and sovereign loan defaults on a massive scale beyond Greeks borders are inevitable because these countries are all tightly woven together. By all accounts it is not a normal situation. The EU has no provisions for any of its members to leave. A disorderly, uncontrolled default is unavoidable.

  26. Jerry says:

    Greece Election 2012
    May 17, 2012

    By Jamie/DarkStar Astrology

    An election will be held in Greece on June 17 2012 because the election last month led to no clear majority. The stumbling block was whether Greece should continue to stay with the Euro and all the austerity and pain that entails. The far left leader Alexis Tsipras, who wants out of the Euro, has gained in popularity since the May election which has sent world financial markets in a spin this last week. The fate of the Euro Zone and in fact the global economy depends on the result of the June 17 Greek elections. We will have a look at the Greek horoscope and that of Alexis Tsipras.

    Greece Horoscope

    When the financial meltdown in Greece began in April 2010, there was a solar eclipse at 25 Capricorn, and a new Moon at 24 Aries. This critically aspected Chiron opposite Uranus in the Greek horoscope. For the June 2012 election, Saturn at 23 Libra is on the Greek Uranus, it’s reaping time for what was sown in 2010. Chiron opposite Uranus is a generational aspect, it lasted 40 years from 1950 to 1990. In the case of Greece, Uranus is conjunct the forward thinking, path leader star Arcturus. Chiron is conjunct the fixed star Kurda, the ancient past. In a way, Greece, the founder of democracy, represents this Chiron opposite Uranus generation, at a critical turning point, rebelling at the painful conditions brought about by our past, searching for a way out, a new way forward.

    This is not just about the state of democracy in the world, now run by the Chiron opposite Uranus generation, it is about money. World leaders, especially in the Euro zone are shitting their pants at the prospect of Greece going it alone. Reverting back to their own currency has benefits for Greece, a devalued drachma will increase exports and tourism, creating jobs and giving some hope for Greek citizens. It would also spell the end of German hopes for an economically strong Europa.


  27. Noelle says:

    Jerry, just go back to the analogy of the two wings of an airplane, If they are in tandem they will soar and meet the goals of what is best for all. If they continue as they are right now, they can’t even get off the ground. Which do you pefer?

  28. Jerry says:

    Hi Noelle,

    Your question implies that the current trends are manageable and with a little coaxing we can “get this plane off the ground and soar”. The current world economic system as I see it has stalled and is approaching a dangerous precipice because of the massive, unsustainable debt burden we have incurred over the years. The phenomenon in Europe is just the tip of the iceberg. The US is in a similar vulnerable position. It can’t rescue Europe nor itself in the next financial crisis as it has done in the past. The fed has exhausted all its capital and funding. We have reached the bottom of the barrel of resources to fund any sizable additional bail-outs. The only recourse as far as I can see is to find the inner strength from within. Those are the wings that will take us to our destination.

  29. graedek says:

    I miss when you used to do more world-based mundane updates..
    I used to check your page every day to see how planetary alignments were playing out on the world stage
    I know you put alot of awesome effort into your posts, but american politics is so…boring :P

  30. Peter Novak says:

    Jerry, you are right. The July 4 1776 Sibly chart does not reflect this animosity from the Muslim world. But then, it also does not reflect the 100+ years of slavery and lynchings this nation went through, nor the genocide of the native American population, nor the bizarre fact that America is home to 90% of the world’s tornadoes, nor the fact that we yield more mass murderers than any other nation, nor the fact that we keep a far higher percentage of our population in prison than any other 1st world nation.

    Why? Perhaps because this nation was actually born on July 2nd, not July 4th, 1776. The July 2nd chart has Moon conjunct Pluto, which correctly reflects all the above issues.

  31. will says:


    Do you have a link for that chart?

  32. Sharon says:

    I have moon c. pluto and I’m a pretty nice person, very strong willed sometimes but basically Pisces, Cancer-rising nice. But seriously, 90% of the world’s tornadoes? There must be an interesting explanation for that!

  33. Sharon says:

    That may be, but as American goes…

  34. Peter Novak says:

    Sharon, the early Americans who wiped out the Indians and enslaved the Africans still thought of themselves as good Christian people.

    Israel also has Moon conjunct Pluto.

  35. Peter Novak says:

    I find a Moon-Pluto conjunction combined with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction very nicely accounts for America’s eventual status as the world’s only existing Superpower. It is a recipe for greatness if ever there was one.

  36. will says:

    A very brief but terrific TED clip by a multi-millionaire about the inherent lie in the Republican narrative of not taxing the “job creators.”

    There is a link to an appearance this guy made on FAUX News’s Caputo show – you can just see the greed seeping through. You just know this guy is right on the mark.

  37. Sharon says:

    I’ve read that Israel and Palestine have virtually the same chart—I guess that depends on where you put the inception of the Palestinian nation. I agree with what you are implying–that there are higher and lower expressions of each aspect and until we apply the golden rule to all, the higher aspect will not be expressed fully. I think of myself as a caring, good and nice person but there is a awful lot of bad stuff going on in the world that I do nothing about.

  38. Jerry says:

    Hi Peter,

    Regarding the July 4th Sibly chart (I have to admit I am partial to this particular chart), I found it interesting that Joyce Hoen in the introduction to that article of hers made the following comments two years before the 9/11 terror attacks….

    “In the case of a 7 or 13 degree Gemini or Sagittarius Ascendant, Pluto crossed over the Ascendant either in 1999 or will do so in 2001. I don’t think I will know until that time (2001/2002) which Ascendant may be really correct. America is being referred to more and more as the one and only world power, yet it may be that it will be even more obvious in 2002. So I am waiting.”

    A number of subsequent post 9/11 articles have appeared since then. The general consensus is that the 9/11 events with its accompanying Saturn-Pluto opp. straddling the US Sibly ascendant/ descendant axis seems to corroborate the July 4th Sibly version of the US birthchart.

    So Peter, the argument in favor of the July 2nd chart is that the Declaration of Independence was passed by Congress on that day; and the potentially misconceived date of July 4th was simply when the document was signed (or the majority of the signatures were collected in any case) which can be technically thought of as a mere formality.

    I don’t know Peter, there is a precedent and long history in British and American law that a document isn’t recognized as legal and binding until a document is signed, although admittedly I haven’t thoroughly researched this. Can you enlighten me on this?

    About the Moon-Pluto conjunction in the July 2nd chart; based on what you shared I take it the time arrived at is your own personal revision. The Moon moves one degree every two hours. Hypothetically, the calculations you have posted could be off by as much 9 degrees (12:01 am – 6:31 pm) if we are to use a traditional measurement.

    Anyway, I don’t wish to dismiss your theory outright; we’re just discussing it amiably. In defense of the Sibly chart, a case could be made that the Neptune-Mars square could in fact reflect the inhumane practice of slavery and the decimation of indigenous natives as you had mentioned. Here’s one definition I found on Cafe that characterizes an entity with this particular aspect…

    Natal Mars-Neptune Square

    “……One of the interesting things about this position is that if you are involved in immoral activities, guilt has a way of cropping up in unusual ways, and could lead you on a self-destructive path – and you might even know that you’re heading that way, yet you compulsively follow that path. Part of you might want to get caught! You might, for example, know in your mind that doing something is risky, yet you compulsively do it anyhow, perhaps even finding the challenge invigorating.

    Your attempts to assert yourself often result in turmoil for you and/or for others. You tend to swing from one extreme to the other – asserting your needs powerfully at times and at others slipping into a state of total apathy. Passive-aggressiveness can be a problem in your life. Ordinary life often seems drab and uninteresting to you and you must have something that stirs your imagination, some vision or ideal or dream to motivate you. You have a strong urge to act out your fantasies or to live your dream, and you will DO things that others only talk about or dream about.”

    I like Dane Rudhyar’s timeless piece on this issue, written some 40 odd years ago. It’s well worth reading when you have the chance…..

    The Riddle of The USA Horoscope

    A seemingly endless controversy has been going on for years concerning what should be considered the United States birth-chart. Every year or so some authority comes up with a new chart and claims that historical events fit this chart and its transits and progressions more accurately than any other. Unfortunately few astrologers try to understand what the problem actually is and what the chart they introduce could possibly refer to. The idea that nations are collective persons who are born at a particular time is quite ambiguous; and we find a similar kind of ambiguity prevailing when the “birth-chart” of a social institution or a business organization is being discussed.

    Ambiguity is never entirely absent from the astrological field. There is a great deal of uncertainty about most of even the basic tools used in astrology — for instance the zodiac, the houses, progressions, degree symbols — and some astrologers in natal astrology prefer to use charts for the presumed time of conception instead of the time birth. Even what constitutes the exact moment of birth has been discussed; is it when the baby emerges from the mother’s body, or when he takes his first breath? In some cases this may involve a difference of several minutes. Likewise, what constitutes the “birth-time” of a corporation? It is usually believed that it should be when the State formally accepts the papers of incorporation; but it is generally difficult to find out the exact moment when this has taken place.

    When we deal with the “birth” of a nation the ambiguity is even greater, except perhaps in cases when, in recent times, a new nation has been scheduled officially to begin at, usually, midnight of a particular day. But even this is open to question, for in a sense this is the same situation as when an Obstetrician decides to make a Caesarean operation on an expectant mother, or deliberately induces birth by drugs. I personally believe that in such cases the surgeon’s decision is an integral part of the environmental influences which have led to the child’s birth and that what matters is the baby’s first breath, however separation from the mother was induced. The first breath relates the new organism to an open environment in which he henceforth can act more or less as an individual person. On the other hand, the mother’s womb is a closed environment; the child kicks against its walls, but he is inevitably bound by them and by the source of his nourishment.


  39. Jerry says:

    Things are definitely heating up……

    A War of Words Over Euro Crisis
    By Melissa Eddy

    New York Times
    May 18, 2012

    BERLIN — A telephone conversation on Friday between Germany’s chancellor and Greece’s president became the latest flashpoint in the war of words between Berlin and Athens in the unfolding crisis over Greece’s membership in the euro.


    Germany’s role in the events leading up to the two world wars of the last century are well documented. They were the aggressors. The current draconian austerity measures being imposed on indebted nations in the Eurozone is a policy driven primarily by Germany’s Chancelor Angela Merkel’s government. The discipline required to get high profligate spending under control is a tedious and painful process. The problem is, this trend is currently proving to be self-defeating because it is not inducing growth. With less and less tax revenue coming into the coffers because of the ever diminishing loss in the job market, it’s only a matter of time before the situation implodes. Greece is at the epicenter of this dilemma. It’s hard to escape the symbolism of Germany’s role in all this. Even more profoundly; when you look at Germany’s chart, one begins to understand the intricacies of this contentious relationship with other fellow EU members. The establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany occurred on May 23, 1949 at about 17:00 Local time in Bonn, Germany (refer to the following chart: ). It is the chart that is most widely used to analyze the trends for Germany in mundane and political astrology. Germany’s south node at 23 54 Libra is precisely where transiting Saturn and Greece’s natal Uranus are presently located. Germany’s past (south node) is catching up with itself again. It is a haunting reminder of the horrific events that have previously catapulted the region (Saturn) into utter chaos (Uranus) and is once again coming into sharp focus. Is history about to repeat itself? The following is written by a well known and respected New York Times editorial columnist………..

    Apocalypse Fairly Soon

    New York Times
    May 17, 2012

    Suddenly, it has become easy to see how the euro – that grand, flawed experiment in monetary union without political union – could come apart at the seams. We’re not talking about a distant prospect, either. Things could fall apart with stunning speed, in a matter of months, not years. And the costs – both economic and, arguably even more important, political – could be huge.

    This doesn’t have to happen; the euro (or at least most of it) could still be saved. But this will require that European leaders, especially in Germany and at the European Central Bank, start acting very differently from the way they’ve acted these past few years. They need to stop moralizing and deal with reality; they need to stop temporizing and, for once, get ahead of the curve.


  40. clymela says:

    Okay friends I am turning in but will return tomorrow. Today my beautiful cat, the oldest of the five, Bebe, has turned on to the heavens-I thought that she had an abscess that would not heal but yesterday I sort of realized that the abscess was a tumor and I called and made a doctor’s appt. Her temperature was very low and she could no longer walk. I was right and I decided or rather Steve and I decided to take the scientific way and allowed the vet to give her death medicine-the doctor said that she was in great pain. All the other cats are very quiet and seem to be saying that they are shocked by her absence and that they know. Steve and I are shell-shocked.
    Love to all of you and I will be back tomorrow-God willing. Keep an eye out for us and for each other.

  41. Lorrie U says:

    God bless, Clymela. I’m sorry for the loss of your Bebe, but I’m sure you did the best thing for her if she was suffering and she loves you for releasing her.

  42. Lorrie U says:

    Only the morons in AZ are this stupid!

    Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary Of State, Fans Birther Flames, Threatens To Keep Obama Off Ballot

    Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett made moves to appease birthers in his state this week, petitioning the state of Hawaii to confirm the existence of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, which the White House released last year.

  43. Lorrie U says:

    Your analysis always make good sense. Sounds reasonable. Thanks…

  44. Peter Novak says:

    Jerry, the Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4th. It was signed later. The resolution occurred earlier and the signing ocurred later; the only thing that occurred on the 4th was the publication.

    BTW, the July 2nd chart has Sag 15 degree 4 minutews rising, and the July 4th chart has Sag 13 degrees rising. Pluto was effectively conjunct the ASC in both charts.

    On July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was approved. The text of the Declaration on this day’s entry of the published Journal, as well as the list of signatures, was copied from the engrossed version of the Declaration, which was created and signed at a later date. The idea that the Declaration had been signed on July 4 is a popular myth. see

  45. will says:

    I am so very sorry about your beloved Bebe, Clymela.

  46. Jerry says:

    Hi Peter,

    You wrote:

    “……the Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4th.”

    Interesting point. That statement is not entirely factually correct however, though I have to concede the impression that the majority of signers to the Declaration manifesto were recorded on July 4th; that indeed is a misnomer (hence my cautionary note: “date of July 4th when the document was signed (or the majority of the signatures were collected in any case)”

    According to internet sources there was in fact two signatures recorded on July 4th, 1776…… that of the President of the Congress, John Hancock, and the Congress’ secretary Charles Thomson. I gather John Hancock in his position as President of Congress would be recognized much in the same way that our current elected president when signing into law various bills or decrees. All of this is quite fascinating actually (here’s the Wikepedia bio on Hancock: . Thank you for raising my awareness on this particular historical milestone.

    Here’s what I found on the net on the signing (it’s important to read the entire text to get the over-all context)……

    John Hancock was the only delegate to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

    In fact, most of the signatures weren’t added to the Declaration until August 2nd! This doesn’t mean that July 4, 1776 wasn’t a special day or that the Continental Congress was didn’t support the Declaration. Even the famous Committee of Five that drafted the Declaration (which included John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin) didn’t sign on July 4th. While it’s true that the iconic image of all the Congressmen signing the Declaration on the Fourth of July never happened, the day is still significant for being the day that Congress adopted the Declaration and ordered it to be printed. In fact, according to this timeline of the Declaration’s history Congress hadn’t even decided that everyone had to sign it until July 19.

    Interestingly enough, John Hancock’s signature (along with his secretary’s) was the only delegate’s name that appeared on the Declaration for 6 months! The first printing that the Congress ordered on July 4 were the Dunlap broadsides. This print didn’t have any signatures except for the President of the Congress, Hancock, and the Congress’ secretary Charles Thomson. A second print of the Declaration with the remaining signatures, the Goddard broadsides, wasn’t issued until January 1777.

  47. Peter Nova says:

    The Sibly chart also does not reflect our Civil War, when our nation almost destroyed itself over property rights. But the 7/2 chart does reflect this, with Moon conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house.

    The Sibly chart, with its Sun conjunct Jupiter square the Midheaven, actually reflects a nation run by a rich aristocracy. But the 7/2 chart, where the Moon is conjunct Pluto, accurately reflects the fact that America was the first modern democracy, run by an empowered populace.

    The 7/2 chart is very controversial as far as the astrological community is concerned. Not only does a July 2nd Independence Day mean that they’ve been working with the wrong chart all along, it suggests that some of their most fundamental presumptions about America’s basic character have been grossly mistaken.

    No one likes being wrong, but it goes deeper than that. They just don’t like the Moon-Pluto conjunction that occurred on July 2nd . It just looks too offensive to them. It suggests dark and disturbing things about our homeland, indecent things that their more genteel and civilized July 4th chart wouldn’t dream of mentioning. Their Fourth of July charts all have Moon in Aquarius, which would indicate that Americans are an idealistic, civilized, humanitarian people filled with brotherly love. Sounds pretty nice, right? Moon in Aquarius gives high intelligence with a stable, calm, emotionally detached nature. Still sound like America?

    I don’t think so. The America I know has always had a little outlaw blood in its veins, a little more Jesse James than Albert Einstein. Moon in Aquarius doesn’t have much in common with the nation I know, the nation that spent its first hundred years massacring Indians from one end of the continent to the other. Nor does it sound like the nation that almost ripped itself apart over slavery. Nor does it sound much like the nation that stood nose to nose against monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, Mao, Saddam Hussein, and Bin Laden, and never flinched once.

    America, to be blunt, has balls. Moon in Aquarius doesn’t.

    The July 2nd chart, on the other hand, has huge balls. But they come at a terrible cost. Moon conjunct Pluto would mean that part of the destiny of the America people is to confront evil in the world head-on, standing up to it both domestically and abroad, both our own evil and that of others. It would mean that we might not always be the nicest guys on the block, but we’re no one’s whipping boy either. We would spend our entire existence, according to this chart, staring directly into the heart of darkness, and we would either overcome it or be destroyed by it.

  48. Peter Novak says:

    When Britain’s King George III rejected the American colonies’ Olive Branch Petition in 1775, the colonists were finally forced to admit to themselves that there were only two choices left, and both were terrible : to either unconditionally submit to brutal domination by Britain, or to risk everything they had to fight for their independence and freedom. On the afternoon of July 2, 1776, the American people finally determined which of these two paths they would take when the Continental Congress voted for independence by passing the Lee Resolution. The colonists’ decision to sever all ties with their British motherland is perfectly reflected in the Moon-Pluto conjunction in the skies that afternoon. Moon conjunct Pluto can either point to a mother who symbolically or literally “kills” her children, or to a child who “kills” its parent, but the underlying theme is the same – the total destruction of the child’s tie to home and mother. Psychologically, this act is very powerful. If a human being killed his mother, that act would obviously have repercussions that haunted him for the rest of his life. One likely effect, however, would be the empowering conclusion “If I can do this terrible thing, I can probably do anything else as well. Nothing is beyond me now.” And just like people, nations also have their own psychology, and in 1776, this decision to break free of Britain’s bonds must have been a tremendously frightening and awesome move that made a permanent impression on the nation’s psyche, one which still shapes our behavior and attitudes today. What was that impression? “I am powerful and dangerous! Do not mess with me! I would even kill my own mother if necessary!” The nation’s first flags carried the same message – “Don’t Tread On Me” – along with a very Plutonian symbol – a coiled rattlesnake. Later, we would switch our national symbol to yet another Plutonian character – the eagle (Pluto rules the sign Scorpio, and the three classical symbols for Scorpio are a scorpion, an eagle, and a serpent).

  49. Peter Novak says:

    While congress finalized the wording of the announcement (the declaration) on the 4th, they actually voted for independence (adopted the resolution) two days earlier.

    Both the Pennsylvania Evening Post and the Pennsylvania Gazette reported the Lee Resolution as the colonies’ definitive declaration of independence from Great Britain. So the well-known Declaration wasn’t even the first publication or public announcement of the vote for independence.

    Basically, the baby was born on the 2nd, but wasn’t baptized until the 4th.

  50. Peter Novak says:

    Of course, the real proof is in the pudding. The way to judge a chart is not by arguing when the subject was born, but comparing the chart to the subject’s actual history. And in that regard also, I still find the Sibly chart greatly wanting.

    For example, during the War of 1812, our nation’s first major conflict since Independence, the Sibly chart has none of the strong progressed aspects between Mars (war) and Sun, Moon, ASC that one would expect, not even one. Instead, it has, of all things, a strong progressed conjunction between Sun and Venus (peace) smack dab right in the middle of the war, an aspect that traditionally is a sign of peace and prosperity, not war and conflict.

  51. Diane L says:

    My jaw dropped when I read this too . . . New Moon sq Neptune at work. **shakes head in disbelief**

  52. Francis says:

    Peter, I’m thinking the Sibley chart has already been vetted by many astrologers? Wouldn’t they have noticed the flaws you see in the Sibley chart? Michael Wolfstar believes in a Scorpio ASC instead of the Sibley chart. From my perspective as a novice and dabbler, it seems that folks who use the Sibley chart seem to be right on target with much of their predictions.

    That all said, I’m fascinated by the idea of the Moon-Pluto conjunction which seems to speak loudly to our nation’s early relationship to the British Crown.

    Personally I am not attached to any horoscope because at my level I can’t really comment and rely on those with greater experience to figure these things out. As a suggestion, you may also want to check out Noel Tyl’s discussion forum, I remember a few years ago there was a healthy discussion about the Sibley chart.

    Also, is the chart you are looking at posted somewhere so I can take a gander at it? Thanks.

  53. Jerry says:

    Hi Peter,

    Some very strong opinions there my friend. It appears you have already made up on your mind on the subject and anything added here would probably be dismissed out of hand, so I’ll have to leave it there.

    If I may suggest it, and if you have the time, do read the Dane Rudhyar article I posted earlier. He is one of the most well respected veteran astrologers of our time. I would suggest reading it with an open mind. He explores all of the nuances including his thoughts on the events of July 2nd. It’s the most impartial and brilliant analysis’s I have ever read on the subject.

  54. Jerry says:

    Typo/ Please read instead: “already made up your mind on the subject”.

  55. Sharon says:

    Having lost a cat about 18 months ago, I can only say that I feel your pain and am sorry for your loss. Sending you love and light to your family, including the cat family.

  56. Wennye' says:

    Dearest Clymela, Wishing you the greatest comfort for your broken heart. Letting go of a loved living being for the better dosen’t make it less painful. Sending you a loving hug sweetie, Wennye’

  57. Lorrie U says:

    Chen Guangcheng, Blind Chinese Activist, En Route To United States

  58. Lorrie U says:

    Scrutiny of Mitt Romney’s Character Reveals Psychopathic Tendencies

  59. will says:

    WASHINGTON — American negotiators, heading into a crucial round of talks with Iran over its nuclear program next week in Baghdad, are allowing themselves a rare emotion after more than a decade of fruitless haggling with Tehran: hope.

  60. will says:

    WASHINGTON — American negotiators, heading into a crucial round of talks with Iran over its nuclear program next week in Baghdad, are allowing themselves a rare emotion after more than a decade of fruitless haggling with Tehran: hope.

  61. loyalurker says:

    I wonder if the decisions in Greece had any impact on J.P. Morgan? I thought the timing of JPM’s crisis occurred at about the same time as Greece’s situation made a definitive turn. And I recall reading that they were somehow connected Greece as a lender. In other words, were those billions that JPM ‘lost’ related to Greece’s situation? Just thinking out loud.

  62. loyalurker says:

    Well I googled Greece/JPMorgan and apparently I’m not the only one pondering this Greece/JPM connection. I don’t know who this site’s author is or how accurate his information, but it sounds about right:

  63. loyalurker says:

    From a post in Oct. 2011

    JP Morgan Chase has a $15.1 billion net exposure to Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Ireland, with 85% of that tied to Italy and Spain, the company said in its third-quarter earnings presentation Thursday.

    That includes some $3.3 billion of securities guaranteed by those governments and $5.7 billion in trading exposure to sovereign debt. Of the bank’s $5.2 billion in portfolio hedges against its gross $20.3 billion exposure to those five countries, using mainly counterparty banks outside those countries, 80% represents hedging of sovereign risks.

    The bank’s loans within those countries are 75% to corporations, J.P. Morgan said. CEO Jamie Dimon said much of J.P. Morgan’s exposure to European banks is to solid ones.

    He said J.P. Morgan has done business in Europe for 100 years, and will continue to lend to businesses there. “We think it’s the right thing to do,” Dimon said.

  64. Bob says:

    Sibly has done well when checked against natable dates in America’s history.

  65. loyalurker says:

    The moral of the story – never plan your IPO offering during a Venus retrograde?

    Facebook’s IPO Sputters:

  66. will says:

    Well, well, well -one of the wicked witches of the West, former California gubernatorial candidate, Meg[Schmeg]Whitman, seems not to be the almighty job creator she had so zealously promised to be in her $100M-plus campaign against Democrat Jerry Brown.

    Hewlett-Packard to Cut 30,000 Jobs
    Published: May 17, 2012
    SAN FRANCISCO — Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive, Meg Whitman, plans to cut 30,000 or more jobs next week, according to officials familiar with the plan. Her goal, they said Thursday, is to spend the money she saves on increasing the efficiency of the company’s sales force and on creating new products.

    Tony Avelar/Bloomberg News

    Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive since September, is said to be focused on efficiency and new products.
    The executives, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak for the company, said that H.P. would seek layoffs and voluntary retirements from across the company. The total could be as much as 10 percent of H.P.’s 324,000-person work force. China, which is one of H.P.’s highest growth areas, will probably be spared, as will its research and development efforts.

  67. Stefanie says:

    Hi all,

    Just want to let you know that although corporate media is totally ignoring it, Occupy protests are heating up quite powerfully in Chicago right now, on the even of the eclipse. A few thousand are marching and just broke through a police line.

  68. Jerry says:

    Hi Loyallurker,

    I remembered when this ‘secret loan to Greece scandal’ made the headlines last year but I was under the impression it was Goldman Sachs not JPMorgan. Reading the auxiliary article enclosed in the article you submitted – it was indeed Goldman Sachs. Any idea, what JPMorgan’s role (if any) was in all this?

    In any case it brings to mind echoes of the Oliver Stone film Wall Street, where the principle character (Michael Douglas) gives a passionate speech about the glories of private enterprise and that catch-phrase still ringing in our ears: ‘Greed Is Good’.

  69. Jerry says:

    Ok. Here’s a 20 minute interview on the Charlie Rose show that may help to shed some light on that 2 billion dollar loss….

    Gillian Tett of the Financial Times & Steve Rattner, former Counselor to the Treasury Secretary on the controversy surrounding recent trading losses at JP Morgan

  70. will says:


    Go to and you can see the many photos of what was actually quite a conflagration. It was a NATO protest and there were evidently three who were arrested for attempted acts of terrorism against Obama’s re-election campaign headquarters as well as Rahm Emanuel’s home.

  71. loyalurker says:

    Hi Jerry,

    That’s right. It was Goldman.
    However, it does seem that JPM has a significant exposure in Europe.

  72. Davis L says:

    Peter & Jerry
    Very interesting and informative debate between you re: the actual Independence/Birthday of the USA. Thanks!
    I lean toward the July 2 date but I am but an astrological novice. I’ve read astrology books (and other esoteric material) for the last 42 years but do not consider myself an astrologer. David Ovason, british astrologer, Freemason and author also holds to the july 2 date.

    From what source do you have the 6:31:30 PM time, or was that from your own rectification?

  73. Tetramorph says:

    Yes, good conversation on the Sibly Chart…

    I’m not sure how this would play in, has the feel of the Pluto opp. Mercury, but the radical terrorist Muslims were trained and armed by the US during the Soviet conflict in Afghanistan. Osama was *our* guy back then. “Charlie Wilson’s War” outlines this very nicely (the book), including the US funded terrorist school in Eygpt.

    Feels kind of Mars sq. Neptune, too.

  74. Tetramorph says:

    Osama Bin Laden, that is.

  75. angellight says:

    Buddhist, Dalai Lama, leader believes Chinese agents have trained fake female followers to kill him when seeking blessings


    Dalai Lama fears Chinese poison plot

  76. karen says:

    Much love coming your way, Clymela. I’m sad indeed for your loss.

  77. Jerry says:

    The birth data for the chart of Italy (courtesy of astrologer Liz Greene) is June 10, 1946 at 4 pm Rome:

    Todays earthquake in Northern Italy at 4:03 am local time saw tr. Jupiter at 24 ’43 Taurus squaring Italy’s natal Mars at 24 ’34 Leo in close sesquiquadrate to tr. Pluto (9 ’11 Capricorn).

    Powerful Quake Kills At Least 4 In Northern Italy

    Fox News
    May 20, 2012

    SANT’AGOSTINO DI FERRARA, Italy – One of the worst quakes to hit northeast Italy in hundreds of years rattled the region around Bologna early Sunday, killing at least four people, collapsing factories and sending residents running out into the streets, emergency services said.

    The magnitude-6.0 temblor struck at 4:04 a.m., with its epicenter about 35 kilometers (22 miles) north of Bologna at a relatively shallow depth of 5 kilometers (3.2 miles), the U.S. Geological Survey said.

    Civil defense agency official Adriano Gumina said the quake was the worst in the region since the 1300s. It left bell towers cracked, chunks of church facades lying in the streets, and roofs caved in.

  78. Azizi says:

    Well, my moon is in Aquarius and I have balls. Or at least I would if I were male.

    Which brings me to the question: Why use a masculine biological term to mean “being strong & couragous”?

    Females also can be strong & couragous, sometimes moreso than males.

    Okay. Rant over.

  79. Noelle says:

    Starlight, do you think that difficult period for Obama in December that you mentioned could have something to do with the debt ceiling?

  80. starlight says:

    Absolutely! I think the first two weeks of December will look bad for the Dems regarding debt, compromise, tax cuts, etc., and then things shift somewhere between the 18th and the 20th or so. I just hope the Dems hold on.

  81. loyalurker says:

    AND ‘Zuck’ got married too! What is the significance of launching your IPO and getting married, both during Venus retrograde?

  82. B.A. says:

    Commentary here more interesting than the post.

    Some of the commentary:

    Roman Berry says:
    May 20, 2012 at 5:02 am

    He’s a recovering that and I’m a recovering Democrat. (I remain a liberal, but the Democrats aren’t and don’t want to be and don’t really want people like me who are.)

    Here’s what Cohen is missing I think…

    Throughout our nation’s political/electoral history, it’s only been when there were credible threats from movements and political parties outside of the established party structure that real fundamental change has taken place. No one has done much of anything worth spit in terms of fundamental change by working within those established structures.

    FDR got his New Deal at least partially because there were credible Socialist (even Communist) movements pushing him from the left. Johnson got Civil Rights passed because leaders like MLK Jr (and others who were more militant) were pushing from the outside. Hell, the Republican Party was founded as a third party by anti-slavery activists who were former members of the Whig Party. That Republican Party managed to give us Abraham Lincoln.

    The Democrats and the Republicans have become two wings of one party. That’s The Money Party, and it exists to serve corporations and oligarchs, not the people.

    Bottom line? For me, a fight within (and for) the Democratic Party of FDR is a fight within (and for) a Democratic Party that no longer exists. Advising such a thing is akin to advising moderate Republicans to stay and fight within (and for) the Republican Party that also perhaps once existed but which exists no more. May as well advise Don Quixote to go tilt at windmills.

    The only way to reform either wing of The Money Party is to attack it from outside, and that means supporting and voting for something other than the status quo which The Money Party represents. Cohen has reached the wrong conclusion.

  83. starlight says:

    Yes. I have been worried about this. That is why I wanted the other candidate to win the primary. The Saturn station is hitting Barrett’s Mars though this whole period.

  84. starlight says:

    This was great! Saw it Friday night. Thanks for posting.

  85. Lorrie U says:

    I thought I recalled you saying that if the election were held in June it didn’t look as good for Walker then.

  86. Michael from nyc says:

    i just had an interesting dream: i was driving an automobile which even though it functioned somewhat like a car (i.e. a large vehicle that drove from point a to b.) it wasn’t using the same technology under the surface that we use today (it wasn’t electric because i’ve been in a hybrid). it was sort of an unnerving experience in the dream too (there may have been some learning curve in using it) — but I think the lesson is that you shouldn’t assume a technology you’ve known your whole life is set in stone.

    i’m now trying to figure out if the dream is prophetic or symbolic, or maybe just both. as i look at the world around me it isn’t that much different than the world I knew as a child in the 70s (except for small things like computers and mobile phones). but to me this world doesn’t look like what i expected the 21st century to look like when i was a child. so there might be huge real leaps in technology in the next few years, or maybe i’m just disappointed that we seem to be in a technology decline on the big things (example: the shuttle was just retired). on a symbolic level maybe it just means that major changes under the surface are afoot…

  87. Michael from nyc says:

    The idea that “once upon a time that money had nothing to do with american politics” is a false notion — that’s always been the case, and may always be the case. In fact as an example FDR came from a very wealthy well connected family. But I think your notion that both parties “are the same” isn’t frankly what i’m seeing on the ground, or in places like the supreme court.

    If you look at recent history you can’t tell me that a Dem leaning court would have passed Citizens United (or even question health care reform). You can’t honestly say that McCain would have left Iraq while cutting even more taxes for the wealthy. You can’t say that Gore would have gone into Iraq. I’ll grant you that I’ve seen Dems drawn to the middle of road, but I think that because the Republicans have gone so far to the right.

    But on a larger level to say that it’s “all money”, and that both parties “are the same” becomes a way of disempowering ourselves. And having been in the trenches I can tell you that this what folks with money want you think. But it’s a lie.

    Maybe you can’t fund the candidate of your dreams for millions of dollars. However you can find a candidate who is progressive, give them money early in a cycle and win a race. And maybe that isn’t a Presidential race but a congressional seat that’s up for play. If you get a friend who was going to sit at home to vote progressive you’ve just doubled both of your votes for the cost of a car ride. And maybe you won’t change the world, but at least you know that you did all that you could do.

  88. margriet says:

    Hello, sorry to have missed your comments on the French election on the days it happened. Writing here from cold and grey South of France, I just want to say this: although you, Nancy, were wrong in predicting who would be the next French president, I think you were right in the reasons, your comments, you based this prediction on. You said Sarkozy and his wife looked very happy in the weeks after the election, and Hollande was facing a stark, serious confrontation with Saturn (or something like that). Anyway, those reasons sound right: the situation is so difficult at the moment, with eurocrisis, economic crisis etc. that I’d not be surprised Sarko is happy to be out of it and so is his wife, she’s happy to retreat with him.
    And for Hollande: well now the hard time has come, now he has to deliver. It’s nearly impossible he can do all he promised.
    Thanks for your predictions anyway, as always!

  89. Noelle says:

    Well said, Michael from nyc.

  90. Noelle says:

    Michael, I believe that major technological changes are on the way fairly soon.

    I remember reading about cars riding above a magnetic grid. I think this was supposed to have been the case in Atlantis or Mu. Was that what you saw in your dream?

  91. starlight says:

    Thanks, Margriet. I know the feelings I saw were right. It is what they mean that is always the question.

  92. starlight says:

    May looks very strong and very aggressive (lots of money)for Walker. June is not as strong, but not really bad. The whole period is difficult for Barrett. Knowing his birth time would help since there are some good progressions, but it is not clear when they peak. Could be they peak right at the election, which suggests the highlight is the campaign and then nothing. I thought Kathleen Falk looked stronger for a possible win.

  93. Wennye' says:

    Peter, as well as a Dove which is the highest of Spirit for Scorpio’s to evolve. Blessings

  94. Lorrie U says:

    A great blog…

    The Bruce Resch Daily

  95. will says:

    I just told Moe Howard about your dream. He said, “Hey wake up and go to sleep, would ya!”

    Smile – I have had some wild, wild dreams over the past several days – incredibly realistic with people (some dead, some alive)who I actually touched, physically.

    I hope all good things come from your dream regarding advanced vehicular technology.

    There was a car created in India that runs on compressed air – if I find the You-Tube on it, I’ll post it here.


  96. Roderick says:

    Is it possible that Barrett is a plant since he entered the race at the last minute, and why did Democrats pick the same person to represent them in the recall who had already lost to Walker in 2010?


  97. kiwi says:

    My sympathies on the loss of your beloved friend Clymela.

  98. Herald says:

    obama had a tough day today!! Hopefully June will be a better month

  99. angellight says:

    We see the power of money in Exxon/Mobil which makes a profit of $450 Billion a year and gives campaign contributions exclusively to the Republican Party (90 percent), so we can understand why the (GOP) in turn will not take away the Oil Lords Subsidies in the amount of $4 Billion a Year! But they will cut programs for the poor and middle class! Now is this Fair? And, is this right? And do we really live in a Democracy?

    Steven Coll: ‘Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power’

  100. rc says:

    Herald, How do you mean ,Is he not now in Joplin missouri addressing
    a high school graduation. creepy i feel.

  101. Lorrie U says:

    Hear, hear! Great post!

  102. Lorrie U says:

    This is disheartening…

    Scott Walker’s Recall

    The June 5 date is astrologically extraordinary because of a rare Venus occultation of the Sun at 15º Gemini. This astro-event is considered unfavorable for any politician with key planets in this degree area. Tom Barrett (December 8, 1953) has his Sun at 16º Sagittarius, and his progressed Jupiter at 16º Gemini. With Walker’s sizeable financial advantage and Barrett’s Sun-Jupiter being eclipsed by Venus, it seems most likely that Walker will win.

  103. will says:

    How about posting a little hope and optimism now and again, Starlighters? Just a little, huh? This whole thread is like a funeral dirge.

  104. starlight says:

    Not sure I agree with Wolfstar’s reasoning. I would think the Sun and Venus both activating the progressed Jupiter/Sun would be quite strong. My only issue is that I don’t have Barrett’s birth time, and much of that energy could come down before the final results are in. But the prolonged Saturn station conjunct Barrett’s Mars is trouble, making it difficult for him push forward successfully.

  105. Jerry says:

    Hi Margriet

    Jamie over at Darkstar Astrology posted a rather interesting piece on Francoise Hollande the day after the election. Here it is…

    Tomorrow’s meeting at the EU summit between Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel should prove to be contentious. The French President is wanting to win over the German Chancellor’s approval towards introducing the Euro Bond, which could conceivably ease the immediate threat of a Greece default and subsequent ejection out of the Euro. Up til now, Merkel has been adamantly opposed to the idea for fear it would draw Germany deeper into the economic malaise (placing Germany in the unenviable position of serving as the major bank-roller to the struggling southern EU economies).

    One look at Angela Merkel’s birthchart and you can immediately see the problem she’s facing. It’s astonishing….. with transiting Saturn conjoining her natal Neptune (unrealistic, tenaciously held goals being questioned?) at 23 Libra square her Sun-Uranus conjunction at 23/24 Cancer (a willful independent streak). It is evident she is becoming increasing isolated as the situation wears on and the situation can only become worse with the approaching Saturn Station at 22 Libra in late June.

    Here’s Angela Merkel’s chart…..

  106. ScorpioX3 says:

    Excellent perspective, Michael. You’re on to something – I hope there’s more out there who think like you.

  107. fierywoman says:

    Well, Will, I’m at the library right now, and when I walked through the parking lot, someone (parked in a librarian’s reserved parking place) had made a sign that was in the back window of the car:


  108. pam says:

    that makes me so sad and a bit afraid of what it says about politics in this country

  109. pam says:

    Perfect …. lovely

  110. will says:


    “Encourage your hopes, not your fears.”

    Mille gratzi! Right on!

  111. loyalurker says:

    On Charlie Rose tonight they replayed a segment on Google and the impact of future technology. One guest was very excited about a car that drove itself. They showed how it operated for a man who was blind, helping him get around. I don’t think the car was radically different (it was a Prius). It utilized a number of sensors to navigate itself to various places. Under any strong Uranian influence inventions and break throughs are a sure thing. I hope we eventually break free from oil/gas and electricity.

    But I think your dream is also symbolic, for both you personally and in the context of the planet in general, of unexpected change that you/we didn’t anticipate and so we are operating a bit in the dark, though apparently managing to muddle through with some success. Truly new situations have a way of bringing up all our insecurities and we just have to trust in ourselves and in spirit.

  112. Stefanie says:

    Hello my dear Starlight friends.
    At 3:30 am on the morning of the eclipse, my father had a heart attack. He is getting (at least) triple bypass surgery tomorrow. It’s been an intense, awful, frightening few days for me and my family. I was expecting a lighter, more friendly eclipse and this has totally rocked me. If anyone has the time or the inclination, I’d be so grateful if you’d look at my dad’s chart. He’s 1/23/1944, Brooklyn, NY — no birth time however. Saturn is exactly opposing my sun and I have a bunch of other heavy transits right now, but I’m totally unable to read for myself or my father because I’m in such a state. (I am 4/14/1971 at 4:41 pm, New Hyde Park, NY). I just want to get a sense of what his recovery will look like and if he’ll be okay. I’m so sorry for posting this here if it feels inappropriate — I typically don’t post this kind of thing but it’s an emergency, so I do hope it’s okay that I’m reaching out.

    With love and thanks,


  113. Sharon says:

    Stephanie, I think everyone here will agree that this is one of the most appropriate places for you to reach out to. I can’t help you with the charts but I know that others here will. May your dad sails through this with flying colors. I know that bypass surgery is pretty advanced now and the heart is often stronger after it heals. Sending your dad, you, your family and the surgeons all the light and love needed for everything to be successful in all realms.

  114. Gypsi says:

    Stefanie, all my best to you and your father. I am not ‘clear’
    Enough to read his chart right now. Live. A moment at a time.

  115. Jerry says:

    Hi there Will,

    First; the good news (especially pertinent is the last paragraph)…..

    And now, possibly the best news (if you can grasp it)……

  116. will says:


    You and your Dad are in my meditations tonight. Very fortunate that he is in hospital. As you know, these bypasses have become a perfection in technology. He’ll probably be in much better health after his surgery – he’ll be up, walking the same day.

    Divine protection and blessings.

  117. Jerry says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Your father is in our thoughts. Hopefully this will pass and everything will be alright.

  118. Stefanie says:

    Thank you my dear friends, you have no idea how much your sweet and loving words and thoughts mean to me. He is in a very good hospital with an excellent surgeon so that gives me much confidence. The good news is that he’s finally going to quit smoking, which is something I’ve been working on since I was seven years old.

    Was supposed to be leaving for UAC tomorrow, quite sad to be missing the brilliant array of astrologers — and meeting you in person, Sharon! :>(

    Much love,


  119. starlight says:

    I would like to remind you of my prediction that the first half of May would be stressful with increasing fears about the economy. You will recall how the Market dropped for several days and everyone was panicking about the slowing economy. This was due to Saturn square US Mercury and the US pr Moon conjunct natal Saturn (anxiety). Saturn will be back to the square of US Mercury in early August for the final crossing. So things are improved now with more optimism, but we are not out of the woods. I think there is more improvement by late August and September. But we are already feeling a shift from grimness of the first half of May.–finance.html

  120. vera says:

    Hi Peter, it is always a pleasure to read your sane comments. In an historical account about Freemasons and their lodges, unfortunately I erased the bookmarks, your theory was confirmed, with original documentations. These historical facts can be found if one looks in the correct place. A Professor of History made me aware of it.

  121. starlight says:

    Stefanie – I took a quick look at all the charts. I think your dad will be fine. In fact, he will probably feel a whole lot better after the bypass surgery. Most people do. They don’t realize how their recent low energy and generally feeling crappy had to do with decreased blood flow in the heart. I have to wonder if his Moon is 7-8 Capricorn and in the 6th house, with Uranus now square to it with Pluto opposing.

  122. will says:

    Hilarious and very much appreciated, Jerry. Thank you!

  123. Noelle says:

    According to an article Jerry sent out earlier from the real astrologer on the Venus Occulation, this is a window for great opening of the heart.

  124. Francis says:

    If people are concerned about the recall of Walker in WI they may consider making a contribution to Barrett to help counter the gazillions being pumped into Walker from his Wall Street buddies.

  125. margriet says:

    That’s an interesting article, Jerry.
    The funny thing is I never thought of Hollande as having Sun conjunct Pluto. I’ve lived here for 10 years now and always perceived him as a bit of a helpless, powerless kind of guy. It was his wife who was running the previous time, not him. He was in the shadow. People made fun of him.
    Wow. Well, we’ll see what happens and how much he can destroy for the better (Pluto), and hopefully rebuild, too.

  126. Nina Katarina says:

    Venus retrograde is karma, isn’t it? It’s when past failures and successes reap their rewards or punishments. Especially since Venus is squaring Chiron.

  127. Nina Katarina says:

    Even if he does win he’s got a Republican House and Senate to deal with, a fiscal crisis caused by that Republican House and Senate, possible recount worries… attacks by the Fauxes…

    I’d be surprised if he DIDN’T have any Saturn coming up. The question is whether he has the resiliance to use that Saturn to pare away anything that doesn’t support his main life goals.

  128. pisca says:

    Eclipse activity; “shift from grimness of the first of May”; “occupy protests heating up powerfully”…. Good news (if you don’t believe msm): May 19-20 massive protests not only in Chicago but in Mexico City, Montreal, Frankfurt, Moscow, Madrid, Barcelona, etc. Peaceful people across the world are are in the streets and they are not going away!

  129. Wennye' says:

    Here you go dear Will :-)

  130. Jerry says:

    As the proverbial saying goes, stock markets and financial institutions loathe uncertainty. Economists from various quarters are beginning to express concern that the specter of contagion and full blown bank runs across the Eurozone looks increasingly likely within the next few weeks, even BEFORE the results of the June 17th Greek elections are in. A break-up of the Euro as a viable currency if that were to happen, will no doubt have wide, far-reaching consequences beyond its European borders.

    Timely enough, BBC is releasing another special documentary on the subject this coming Sunday May 27th. The Youtube version of this documentary is reproduced below. It is separated into five segments. It isn’t of the same high resolution quality as the first documentary submitted last week and to complicate matters the opening first few minutes appear to be omitted, but it is a well presented, substantive documentary well worth watching.

    First, here’s a review……

    Great Euro Crash with Robert Peston

    May 21, 2012

    If you’re already depressed about the crisis unfolding in Europe and what it could mean for the UK, then stay well away from the BBC’s second programme on the continental nightmare.

    Presented by Robert Peston, the BBC’s patron saint of financial crises, The Great Euro Crash was a world away from the measured scepticism on show in Michael Portillo’s programme on the same topic the previous week. In that episode, Portillo spoke to lots of people who were conscious of Europe and the euro’s defects but who wanted to keep it.

    Viewers were left with the over-riding impression that, while things were bad, hopefully the peoples of Europe would pull together and muddle through to come up with a solution – and hopefully not just another final solution.

    There’s no such positive message with Peston’s programme. It begins with news footage of burnt out cars and riots in Greece, over which Peston, with his customary nasal drone, ramps up the tension as he explains that for the past two years, Europe’s major economies have been on the edge of a financial precipice.

    But beneath Peston’s customary style of over-dramatising economic misery, The Great Euro Crash has substance in spades. It provides a simple account of the roots of Europe and the euro after the Second World War and the motivation behind Europe’s leaders in setting it up.


    The Great Euro Crash
    w/ Robert Peston Part 1

    The Great Euro Crash Part 2

    The Great Euro Crash Part 3

    The Great Euro Crash Part 4

    The Great Euro Crash Part 5

  131. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – I would hate to see Walker win, that means the Koch Bros. win. Ed Schultz was ranting about the DNC not giving $$ to help, don’t know why they’re not giving more support. I imagine it’s hard to interpret a Saturn station; in today’s world, winning may be like losing and the loser might be happy. I’m also thinking some of the downward trend in Walker’s chart in June might have something to do with the FBI investigation.

  132. Jerry says:

    My apologies. I found the first segment to the above documentary (it was hiding in a rather obscure place). Here it is…….

    The Great Euro Crash w/ Robert Peston/ Opening scene

    first 11 minutes

  133. Lorrie U says:

    Stefanie – Sending love and prayers for your dad’s safe surgery and fast recovery. I always look at a physical crisis as a healing opportunity.

    I felt an enormous shift to lighter energy at the eclipse, which is totally incongruous with the headlines. I imagine the upcoming energies will be positive for those who embrace love and difficult for those living in fear.

  134. pisca says:

    Stefanie: I am nowhere near a “professional” astrologer but when I saw that Saturn was opposing your sun, I looked into where I was when that happened to me. And my library provides some appropriate words from the pros. Sure enough, my last Saturn tr sun found me swamped with taking care of family (three generations at once)! I was so busy I couldn’t have found the time to think about it, except to confirm that (yep) I was getting a hit from Saturn.
    Rodden describes Saturn opposing sun as “a cold, poor or worrisome period that’s a hard test to your character….. You are likely to find yourself frustrated and blocked by those in authority, especially by your employers or by the government….. By keeping your nose to the grindstone you can maintain a safe harbor….. Stay with your own sense of duty and obligation.” Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Your strength will get you through this.

  135. Lorrie U says:

    Getting Enthusiastic About Tom Barrett; Stopping The Koch-Walker Juggernaut In Wisconsin

  136. Lorrie U says:

    THE Flying Car made in The Netherlands – Get in line for production in 2014 !!

  137. Stephanie W says:

    What impact will the Lunar Eclipse have on the recall. Isn’t it going to happen on June 5th?

  138. will says:


    This flying car ROCKS! I want the red model!

  139. Herald says:

    This Vedic astrologer predicts Obama to win the 2012 Election

  140. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Herald! Love it…

  141. Jerry says:

    The most likely scenario in the intense stand-off between the prevailing Greek electorate majority that have emerged from the recent May 6th elections and EU official policy-makers would be contingency plans that the EU summit this past weekend have strategized in an effort to minimize the potential damaging effects of an inevitable Greek exit…… My best educated guess is that Greece with EU cooperation will try to coordinate an orderly default and revert back to the Drachma (the former Greek currency) over the June 9th weekend. The risks of waiting until after the June 17th elections of which the results won’t be known until Monday morning June 18th are much too great. And here’s why. A very short window of 46 hours over any given weekend would be an absolute requirement to make the transition….

    War-Gaming Greek Euro Exit Highlights Hazards in 46-Hour Weekend

    San Francisco Chronicle
    May 22, 2012

    While Greek officials negotiate in Brussels, lawmakers in Athens may announce on the Saturday that they plan to issue a new currency, likely to be called drachma. Like its predecessor it would float freely in the market. Banks, meanwhile, would be instructed to redenominate all assets and liabilities, including bank accounts, wages and outstanding debt, according to the exchange rate chosen.

    “A country leaving the euro zone should introduce its new currency at parity with the euro,” Capital Economics economists led by Roger Bootle wrote in a paper submitted for the 2012 Wolfson Economics Prize. “This would not only avoid the temptation for retailers to round up but also make clear to consumers that this had not been the case, and promote acceptance and understanding throughout the economy.”

    Cash Needs

    At that time, the government could also commission a new set of banknotes and coins.

    De La Rue Plc, a U.K. company that prints notes for more than 150 countries, is already preparing for a reintroduction of the drachma, the London-based Times newspaper said on May 18. The company has asked production staff to choose potential security threads for use in new banknotes and has retrieved covers from an old collection of copper molds, used for watermarks, the newspaper said, citing people it didn’t name.

    De La Rue declined to comment on the newspaper report.

    Until the new notes and coins are delivered, euros might still be used for small purchases, while the share of electronic payments, such as bank transfers, and credit or debit card transactions, would increase as people try to save their euros, according to Lombard Street’s Stein.


    From an astrological point of view, the Chiron station during the early morning hours of June 11th in exact square to the EU Pluto (9 Sag), tr. Mars at 18 Virgo squaring the crucial December 10th, 2011 lunar eclipse and forming a grand cross square to Greece’s Nodes-Jupiter degrees (17 Pisces-Gemini-Sag) could be the deciding factor (see related article entitled: How Lunar Eclipse Affects EU-Summit )

  142. pam says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I just gave $25. Wish I could afford more – but that was a streach

  143. Patty says:

    “I imagine the upcoming energies will be positive for those who embrace love and difficult for those living in fear”.

    I want that mantra…beautiful, Lorrie!

    Stefanie, Your Dad is a Monkey…Monkey’s always land on their feet! Tell him that, he’ll get it and be encouraged. I lost my father when I was 17. Savor every minute you have with your Dad…I believe a daughter receives ‘great strength’ from their Father.

  144. Bob says:

    I hope your dad’s surgery came out alright and that he will be up and around soon. My best wishes for you both.

    When you can find time would you post where your dad was when the attack came? I used New Hyde Park as I use locality charts.

    No matter what time he was born there is a combination of Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in paran square (all of them on angles at the same time) in his birth chart. As you might expect this combo could produce times of high energy or high tension. Maybe you can get him interested in learning meditation to do on a daily basis and later a light exercise group like the Y has for senior citizens (Silver Slippers or Silver Sneakers?).

    The chart I have coming up for him looks like he may be grumbly but getting lots of TLC.

    Tell him I said hi from Illinois. I’m January 25, 1941.

  145. angellight says:

    Me too!

  146. angellight says:

    Stephanie: MY prayers are with you and especially your father. God Bless.

  147. Jerry says:

    I thought you would appreciate it.

  148. loyalurker says:

    My own financial issues are very present and don’t seem to be going anywhere. There are so many things in suspension or contention right now around money, transactions, etc. I don’t know if that’s Venus retrograde or not. But I am not seeing all that many signs of optimism in the business news either. And the European issue doesn’t seem to have any miracle fixes in its bag of tricks either. So I wonder if any optimism is based on reality. I guess you could argue that wealth/poverty is a state of mind that can become a reality.

  149. Sharon says:

    Stephanie, pls let us know how your dad is doing when you can.

  150. will says:

    O Canada! Go, Canada! They are an inspiration – love that they are also rebelling against the anti-protest laws – may it come our way, post haste!

  151. Lune Prière says:

    So true Patty.

  152. chrys says:


    Would be great to see an article on Canada – so many issues are on boil right now there
    Liz Greene on Canada -

    (Data used: 1 July 1867, 00.00 am LMT, Ottawa)

  153. Jerry says:

    I rather like some of the comments Leo Tallarico makes in his “Perspectives From The Sky” blog entry for this week as it crystalizes in simple terms what we are currently witnessing in Europe. Transiting Saturn is imbuing shape and form to the grassroots movement that has exploded on to the political landscape of Greece since early May. The popular charismatic leader of the far left political group Syriza – Mr. Alexis Tsipras and Greece share an identical natal Uranus at the 23 Libra degree and transiting Saturn hovering directly over that point will have the lots of time and opportunity to air their protests well into July (Saturn goes stationary direct in late June – Libra being the sign of balance, fairness and equality). Saturn is providing a platform, a voice to the people who are seeking redress, the need to be heard. It’s very similar in nature to the qualities of the Aquarian age as Tallarico explains…..

    “….The Aquarian Age, like the sign Aquarius, signifies equality, individuality, liberation, and community. It is Diversity in Unity. It is about individual entities being self determining, not controlled by outside forces of authority.

    Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, was discovered in 1781, a time when two powerful revolutions were being born, the French and American revolutions. The USA, which has its natal Moon from July 4, 1776 in Aquarius, broke away from the tyranny of Britain and its King.

    Aquarius is about power to the people of the world, not royalty, or privilege, or mega corporations or dictators or governments or empires or military/industrial complexes. These empowered and individualized peoples become stewards of the Earth and form a decentralized, yet unified world community.

    We are far from this reality now, though the internet is kind of a model of the networked community that is possible for this Aquarian Age.

    Since we are so far away from this reality, there will be many powerful events that shake up our current reality and power structure. The global economy and world military structure must break down and transform dramatically to allow doors to open that will bring in a new paradigm and way of living on this Earth.

    So when powerful planetary events, like this eclipse spring/summer season with two eclipses, Venus Retrograde, and Uranus square Pluto, we can expect events that skake up the old ways and bring in new light for a New Age.

    Expect shakeups to our economy and the institutions and people that run this world. Troubles in Europe are threatening the stability of the global economic system, troubles with Iran are shaking up the military and economic system that controls our world.”

  154. Gypsi says:

    Will the.real republican candidate come forward?

  155. andre says:

    Will, the civil disobedience movement in Canada is strictly limited to the French-speaking province of Quebec. There is little support for it in the other provinces, who are much more conservative generally speaking. Canada’s leading newspap
    aer, the Globe and Mail out of Toronto, has called the Quebec students the Greeks of Canada and criticized their so-called entitlement demands, while Quebec students see themselves as among those who are on the leading edge of the worldwide fight agains rising inequality. Quebec’s own national holiday is June 24, the exact date of the first pass of the Uranus-Pluto square. People traditionally take to the streets on that day for a variety of reasons. If the student crisis isn’t resolved by then, there will be more international headlines. The provincial government just doesn’t have a clue. Even Vladimir Putin has criticized its shabby treatment of human rights in the repressive law adopted last week and now widely ignored.

  156. Jerry says:

    Hi Gypsi,

    President Reagan was an actor before becoming Governor. He had no prior executive experience before running what is one of the largest economies in the world. The same is true of former actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also served as Governor of California. Which brings us to the following breaking news story involving a well known Hollywood celebrity throwing their hat into the ring……

    Betty White announces her candidacy for president on the Craig Ferguson Show (introduction and interview begins 30 seconds into the video clip):

  157. glowlight says:

    Recently I learned I had a silent heart attack. I think it may have happened earlier this year. June 12, I am scheduled for a stress test to find out exactly the condition of my heart. There is considerable concern another heart attack is likely. My birthday is 01/23/1948. I have not felt well for sometime now. I think this condition explains my foggy thinking. Also have O’Gemini ASC. Well wishes for your father. Your strength and love will carry him through.

  158. angellight says:

    Obama spending binge never happened Rex Nutting

    Of all the falsehoods told about President Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree. In fact, government spending is rising at the slowest pace in nearly 60 years.

  159. angellight says:

    glowlight: Best wishes and may your Heart get healthy again.

  160. angellight says:

    Watch your Credit Cards Unauthorized Donations going to Scott Walker!

    Donations to Scott Walker Flagged as Potential Fraud – ProPublica via @propublica

  161. karen says:

    Sending you healing vibes, Glowlight and Stephanie (your father). I believe Starlight commented about today’s treatments, and she was correct. I know several who have benefitted — for years — from corrective heart methods.

  162. karen says:

    Stunning! I wonder how widely practised this is? Scott Walker seems capable of anything, a take-no-prisoners kind of energy expression that feeds the underbelly of Pluto.

  163. Sharon says:

    Like! Thanks, Jerry