Chen Unresolved?

As predicted in Double Whammy and other posts, the first half of May is proving to be a difficult time. Fears of a stalling economy and stubborn unemployment are pervasive due to the latest weak job numbers, with the recently plummeting Stock Market also reflecting this angst. Meanwhile, a nasty imbroglio over the fate of a Chinese dissident has threatened Chinese/American negotiations. For now, what seems to be an elegant solution has been found, but that is by no means a sure thing and will not be until Chen Guangcheng and his family are actually in New York.

The dark cloud over the economy is likely to be quite strong through May 15, easing some but with continued sluggishness through August 6. These stressful periods are due to the Saturn transit square to US Mercury (24Cancer12), the planet of employment, trade, negotiations, and communication, with these areas experiencing constriction and difficulty during this transit.

The more general stress and pessimism in the US of the past few years is likely to retreat further by mid-September 2012 and beyond. It is at that point that the long Saturn transit through Libra, adversely impacting six planets in the US chart since November 2009, will pass.

As for the fate of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, at the moment it seems the impasse over his fate has been resolved. It has been agreed that Chen (11/12/71) will soon come to the US with his family on a student visa to attend New York University. My concern is that there may be some significant strain before this happens, if it does. The current Saturn station is sesquiquadrate to Chen’s Venus (8Sagittarius54) and Mercury (8Sagittarius19) from May 3 to August 2, activating the emotional stress and potential for loss inherent in the natal opposition between Venus/Mercury and Saturn. In addition, transiting Neptune is presently sitting on Chen’s Mars (3Pisces01) from April through June, pointing to exalted expectations likely to be disappointed.

These configurations taken together suggest sorrow, loss (Saturn), and disillusionment (Neptune) from now through early August 2012. There are some Jupiter transits from July 15 through August 6 (opposite Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) that will return during November and December 2012, and that may mitigate some of the painful frustrations of the next three months and help to later resolve this situation. But the long Saturn station, which also is quincunx Hillary Clinton’s Moon (22Pisces50) from May 19 to July 5 (assuming her 8 AM birth time is correct) does point to some significant difficulties in the immediate future for the Chinese dissident.


  1. Nina Katarina says:

    I read that about Chen, and I thought that exile is always a loss for a patriot. New York will be strange and different and not home, and he will probably feel like he has been defeated by being forced out of his home country.

  2. starlight says:

    Here is an update on chen from WP:

    He is confined to the hospital, ill, and not allowed to see supporters, family, or Americans. Sounds like Saturn. There is some hope after the Saturn station but not a lot before it is done with him.

  3. Angellight says:

    Very dark & ominous for the U.S. & it looks like that for most countries, except for France, which seems to be a glimmer of hope now that they elected a Socialist! I sometimes wonder if there are battles going on in the inner planes of space, as in the Forces of Light vs. The Forces of Darkness that spill down here, as above so below!

  4. Angellight says:

    Social Security is Not Going Broke!

    “The people who want to kill Social Security have for years worked hard to persuade the young that the Social Security taxes they pay to support today’s gray hairs will do nothing for them when their own hair turns gray.”

  5. kiwi says:

    latest news on chen is that cancer is suspected – I wonder if thats the real story or the cover story – (how cynical I’ve become about the reported news!)
    And a nod to teresahill – you and your family are both in my prayers also.

  6. Sharon says:

    I agree, Kiwi….I would not trust the Chinese government. But, it might be true. Hopefully he will overcome his illness and end up in NY, if that’s what he wants. As far as France, a socialist president is no guarantee of anything. Let’s see what happens — hopefully, many good things.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    teresahill – I’ve just caught up with comments on last post re. your daughter. This may seem obvious, but since it wasn’t mentioned, have you gone into the astrological challenges she is dealing with so that she can understand them as well as the strengths she can use to overcome them? I found that when one understands that this is the path chosen, it takes away some of the anger against life and more of an acceptance to the reasons for life’s difficulties. It might not makes things easier, but at least it helps to know that one is feeling the influences to learn from them and help understand the reason for them. Sending many blessings to you both as well as your family!

  8. Jerry says:

    Turmoil in the Eurozone/ What can we anticipate in the near future with the May 6th French/Greek elections behind us…

    As I see it, based on all the data coming in, starting on May 17th and reaching a climax in mid June we are in for a gathering financial storm that will equally affect US markets.

    About Greece…… due to political gridlock more than likely fresh elections will be called for – to occur within the next month or so (the date for re-newed elections will likely be decided when the Greek parliament convenes on May 17th). According to one news source I’ve come across (article below), June 10th looks to be the most probable date for those elections. The June 10-11th period as mentioned a few weeks ago is when transiting Mars will be squaring the December 10th, 2011 lunar eclipse. That Dec. 10th eclipse (18 Gemini) occurred during a rather aggravated volatile period in world financial markets coinciding with the EU summit (see related astro article: .

    If indeed another round of Greek elections are called; to take place on or around June 10th, the continued political paralysis will probably throw Greece into a disorderly default on its financial obligations come Monday morning June 11th (mid June is when another 30 billion euro loan installment is scheduled to be paid to Greece and the IMF could decide to withhold those funds). A severe contraction in the markets due to an uncontrolled default will send the Euro plummeting and I would expect Greece to exit the Euro at this time (Greece’s natal Jupiter-Nodes t square at 17 Sag-Gemini-Virgo are being highly impacted during this period). June 11th looks like D day for the Euro currency…….

    The Euro Crisis/ The Greek Elections

    Wall Street Journal
    May 7, 2012

    With the Greek elections Sunday producing no clear winner, and the prospects of a multiparty coalition government looking dim, Greece seems likely to go to fresh polls within a matter of weeks.

    How soon? June 10 is being floated as one possible date.

    As of late Monday, Greece’s top vote-getting party — the conservative New Democracy party — was in talks with others to form a coalition. It has three days to do so. After that, the two next biggest parties — the Coalition of the Radical Left, or Syriza, and the Socialist, or Pasok, party — each have three-day mandates to form coalitions. If they fail, new elections will be called.

    It’s hard to see any combination of parties working out, riven, as they are, by a host of conflicting politics, ideologies, personalities and history. Therefore, by next Wednesday at the latest, those mandates expire and Greece’s president will likely call new polls. The minimum election period in Greece is 21 days. Elections are held on Sundays. Add all that together and June 10 seems like a logical date for fresh elections.


  9. teresahill says:

    I talked to a couple of people from this blog today who made me feel a lot better and had some suggestions. Felt like my instincts about what she needs from me and her father are on the right track, which helps a lot. Hard to even trust my own instincts right now.
    Thanks to all of you for listening and for the ideas and your support.

  10. Angellight says:

    Priceless! Video Rant of Radio Host who now says Romney to Weak to be President since he Pressured Him into fireing gay spokesperon!

  11. Tetramorph says:

    State Farm pulls funding from Heartland Institute:
    UPDATE: At 6:30PM CT on May 7, State Farm announced on their facebook site that they were severing all ties with the Heartland Institute. “State Farm is ending its association with the Heartland Institute,” the insurance company stated. “This is because of a recent billboard campaign launched by the Institute.” Count that as a win for mainstream science and reason.

    Like State Farm’s FB status!

  12. karen says:

    As stated before on this board, I hope someone in the administration is reading your analysis, Nancy. Like the one before, this is astute. In addition to the other aspects, Chen’s situation seems to be under a Neptunian fog. All details are suspect. And, now the latest cancer diagnosis (thanks, Kiwi) further confuses. My other thought was that a possible announcement might be something like, “Chen commits suicide. Depression blamed.”

    Tetra, isn’t State Farm still on board with ALEC?

    Teresa, my heart goes to you. Hopefully, in another year your daughter’s struggles (and your family’s) will seem a distant memory.

  13. Gypsi says:

    Teresa – Alanon is a good place for you to visit, if you are still looking for help.

    I have faith that all will be well. My twins that I was sure wouldn’t survive teenagerhood turned 29 on the 8th of April. One graduated college, which she paid for herself, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting back in December. When they went over the wall, I cut off funds and said, ok, do it yourself. It worked for me.

  14. clymela says:

    Angellight-this effort to convince young people that Social Security will not be there for them has really frightened me. I get up on my soap box whenever I hear this from young ones in an effort to balance the poison coming from the greedy,selfish ones who would take everything for themselves and their tiny 1% and hopefully have us enslaved working constantly to care for our families and then we would die young. The inferior educations that most of our young people are receiving is causing them to be vulnerable to propaganda such as this canard.

  15. Lorrie U says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for posting…

  16. Bob says:

    The 21st Century

    Fox News Contributor Says Letting Women Vote “One of America’s Greatest Mistakes”
    By Brett Wilkins | Yahoo! Contributor Network

    A controversial clergyman and Fox News contributor has raised eyebrows and ire by delivering a recorded sermon in which he posited that women’s suffrage was “one of the greatest mistakes” in American history and that women were “crazy.”

    And …

    “They go nuts. They get mad. They get upset,” he rambled. “They have no patience because it’s not their nature.”

  17. Bob says:

    I have used 2:18 am, CST for years for Hillary.

    From old ADB files:

    In the last sentence I think the poster made a mistake as the time gives a 14° Virgo Asc, not 4°.

    “Post Cassandra 2/4/2005
    Dawn: ADB does not have the correct birth time for her – so your analysis is incorrect. She has 14 Virgo rising based upon information from a contact in Illinois public records department.

    Cassandra 2/5/2005
    Dawn W., I commented to you because of your post being the most recent and you had made statements based upon information that I knew was wrong and which would make your estimations incorrect as well. The stomach upset could be a result of transiting Neptune into her 6th house. Since no one really determined how or why she collapsed that explanation is just as plausible as any other.

    Also, there had been a post by Zayin to the same effect as mine just prior to yours and I wanted to support his information with what I had.

    Paula Gassman, I doubt I will be able to secure any more certifiable documentation – that my contact agreed to provide any information at all was pushing it – I’ve been working on this for a very long time and the time of 2:18AM was all I could get.

    Whether you feel comfortable using the data or not is up to you and I can understand ADB’s unwillingness to make adjustments based on the information that I have provided – I would likely act in the same manner under similar circumstances.

    My post was simply to provide what information I had available to me that others might find useful since there has been a lot of debate about Mrs. Clinton’s birth time.

    Cynthia Novak, your delineation is very supportive of what I have found in my own observations of her chart. The moon in the 7th appears to me to be particularly telling.

    Leela Maria, I do not use the equal house method for my charts so, for me, her Neptune falls in the 2nd house, which would explain the nefarious nature of many of the financial dealings that she has been associated with. Even using Equal House – Neptune is close enough to the cusp to be read as 2nd house. I would also read it as someone idealistic (since the 2nd house is related to values as well as money) and perhaps not as financially savvy as she might be. It’s rulership of her 7th house also tells me of someone who has been and can be deceived by her partners.

    Cassandra 2/5/2005
    No, Wayne Penner, Cassandra is Cassandra. I have relatives in Chicago and one of them has a contact in Vital Records who I asked to pull the information for me. I did not feel that what was reflected here was correct. For obvious reasons, the person prefers to remain anonymous, but the information is correct.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that someone else came up with the same data that I did.

    Cassandra 5/9/2005
    A time of 2:18AM was given to ADB by me and another poster that could not be confirmed with hard data (my source is very reputable) but I cannot get the document that ADB needs to consider it (understandable). That chart gives her 4 Virgo rising. If compared with several of the events I posted some time ago on this page – one can see how strong the 4 Virgo is in her chart.”

  18. pam says:

    I second Gypsi. Alanon would give you great support and understanding of what’s going on.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    8% reporting in WI Democratic primary for the recall election has Tom Barrett is leading with 53% over Kathleen falk at 38%

  20. Dave says:

    Looks like Barrett may win this one. Any info on his chart or chances in June? Looking good hopefully?

    Results online here:

  21. starlight says:

    Barrett’s chart shows some difficulties. Saturn station on his Mars 5/17 to 7/7. But he does have pr Jupiter opposite the natal Sun and some strong transits to that over the election. A birth time would really help to see if the Sun/pr Jupiter will still be active after the election. I think it will be, which gives me hope, but I can’t say for sure without a birth time.

    There is an exact Sun/Venus conjunction the night of the election. I would think people will be deliriously happy if he wins and Walker is ousted. And there is a Moon/Pluto conjunction square Uranus just as the election returns come in, so this is a big Uranus/Pluto event!

    Walker will be hugely muscled up with Uranus and Pluto aspecting his Mars over the next 4 weeks. That is the gazillions in right-wing attack ads that will be going on.

  22. kiwi says:

    Marjorie Orr posted this:
    Barack Obama kicks off campaign in grandiose style From: Marjorie. (07 May 2012 18:51):
    Barack Obama kicked off his presidential campaign in Columbus Ohio with a rally beginning at 1.20pm on Saturday 5th May.
    If that chart holds water then it looks successful with the Sun Jupiter conjunction conjunct the Midheaven in the 10th. Though there’s that ruthless Mars trine Pluto trine Sun – so a less charming campaign than the last and much more going for Romney’s jugular. But launched just before that rather awkward Full Moon on Saturday/Sunday with a strongly aspected Neptune in the 7th – so ambivalent and confused at times. Saturn in 3rd opposition Mercury perhaps suggesting difficulties getting the message across warmly enough.
    Interested to hear if anyone has predicted Elections off a Campaign start chart?

  23. Gypsi says:

    I think I’m going to have a good year this year. Haven’t seen that much blue in my solar return chart in a while…

  24. Jerry says:

    One anecdotal that can be easily overlooked when weighing the Obama administration’s performance over the past four years, and that is – Hillary Clinton’s role as Secretary of State.

    The news here in India has been dominated by Hillary’s visit to Calcutta and Delhi, but behind all the high profile political meetings and drama not many are aware that she has been a quiet inspiration to many around the world for her courage and unwavering determination to stand up for woman’s rights. I thought the following video clip would be an interesting item to share with the group…….

    Women in the World 2012: Meryl Streep’s Tribute to Hillary Clinton

  25. Jerry says:

    I should mention in passing, that before arriving in India Hillary Clinton visited Burma (Myanmar) where she had meetings with pro democracy political activist and Nobel Peace loreate Aung San Suu Kyi. Hillary is a staunch supporter and personal admirer of Aung Sung Suu Kyi and her aspirations to re-establish democracy in Burma. Here is a brief 3 minute interview about their first meeting last December….

    And here is a powerful, compelling 3 min. scene from the film Beyond Rangoon where Aung Sung suu Kyi courageously and non-violently faces down a large army blockade during a political rally demonstration.

  26. Angellight says:

    Bob, Wilkins comment ridiculous and self destructive. That is how I see Mitt Romney these days — self destructing right before our lying eyes!

    Pres. Obama kicked off his Campaign on the very Spiritual High-tide of the year called the Wesak Festival, wherein Christ & Buddha come together to pour out blessings for the world. This is a yearly event. I thought that was interesting.

  27. Tetramorph says:

    Hi Karen,
    you are correct, but there seems to be a vigorous campaign against that support:

    We’ve got a few more years of good energy to work on this.

  28. Jerry says:

    Hi Angellight,

    Obama is a skilled politician and on the right side of history (he was against the Iraqi war – so was Ted Kennedy), but one has to be careful not to assign him messianic status.

    About Romney… you have to admire him for trying even though his timing and sense of humor is slightly out of sync…….

    The Colbert Report/ Mitt Romney Tells A Funny Story–2012—pt–3

  29. Angellight says:

    Explosive: The Banksters take out their Lugar! Because he Voted Against them on Wall St. Reform!

  30. Angellight says:

    Jerry, Pres. Obama Has disappointed me on some issues. I do not think he is some kind of Messiah! But, I’m just saying, he did kick off his campaign during a very high spiritual time for our planet, and that is because I believe, he is a messenger of light & hope, a disciple or what one could say an individual in what is called “The New Group of World Servers”, a very real group and becoming ever so more potent to usher in the Aquarian Age of Brotherhood and the right principals of sharing.

    No, I do not admire Romney or those who want to oppress and obscure the truth by lies for their own personal gain and who serve the few over the many!

  31. Noelle says:

    Amen, Angellight. Well said.

  32. Noelle says:

    Jerry, do you remember when you posted the info on the Venus Occulation in early June? I thought that I made a copy of it and can’t find. I’d love to reread. Thanks

  33. Jerry says:

    Hi Angellight,

    You wrote:

    “No, I do not admire Romney or those who want to oppress and obscure the truth by lies for their own personal gain and who serve the few over the many!”

    Welcome to the world of politics. Granted. Romney does appear to be an extreme opportunist, but one would assume that IS mostly what politics is all about. There are a few exceptions of course, those who can truly be called “public servants”; who have only the best interests of their constituency at heart. But those individuals are very rare.

    For all his excellent leadership qualities, and I do feel Barack Obama is sincere, he has his personal limitations.

    I recall back in 2008 listening with riveted attention to a special BBC documentary report called ‘The Presidential Candidates’. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the personal life of Obama. Among those interviewed, ethical questions were raised by some of his former colleagues, who during Obama’s tenure as congressman in the Illinois State legislature, there was a general impression that Obama was a little too aggressive and ambitious. He didn’t play according to the established rules (not a ‘team player’ I believe is what term was used). I can’t recall who the congresswoman was but there was a specific situation where he unfairly undermined a congresswoman’s position in order to further advance his career. The 23 minute BBC documentary is still available for listening if you’re interested – here….

    Anyway, the point being, as the saying goes in these kind of situations: “All is fair in love and war”. It’s the world of politics and nothing in this should come as a surprise. I do admire Obama for all that he stands for, but one has to keep these things in perspective. No ones character is unblemished. We all have our foibles.

  34. Jerry says:

    Hi Noelle,

    There were quite a number of them. Perhaps you were referring to this one?………..

    Venus 2012: The Apocalypse and the Power of Love

    You can always google the words “Venus Occultation June 2012 Astrology”

  35. Wennye' says:

    I second that “Amen” Angellight! Thanks Noelle for the first Amen..

  36. Wennye' says:

    Jerry wrote, “About Romney… you have to admire him for trying even though his timing and sense of humor is slightly out of sync…….”

    Admire?? no I don’t regard him with approval, respect or satisfaction for his trying to make a funny..whew..Wennye’

  37. Noelle says:

    That was it. Thanks, Jerry.

  38. Lorrie U says:

    Greene County, Virginia GOP Group’s Newsletter Calls For ‘Armed Revolution’ If Obama Is Reelected

  39. Azizi says:

    “President Obama on Wednesday became the first sitting president to announce his support for same-sex marriage.” !!!

    And on the same day Romney indicates that President Obama’s policies are old and outdated.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  40. Angellight says:

    Starlight, I quess this is what I picked up in your current article, because you know, since Pres. Obama has now come out and said he is for gay marriage, The Battle Is On!, big time! What are your thoughts! I know it just makes this battle much harder. I am not against gay marriage as I believe gay people are born that way, but the political implications are enormous.

  41. kiwi says:

    the current gop crop truly do tap in to dark side energies don’t you think.

  42. Azizi says:

    I want to be clear that I applaud President Obama’s* backing of same sex marriage.

    *I still love writing & saying “President Obama” and I will enjoy writing it & saying it for four more years.

  43. starlight says:

    I think this is a concern. Armed rebellion would be justified if any of the stuff they believe about our president were actually true. But it is all nonsense created to stir up fear and hatred, which it has done to a dangerous degree.

  44. starlight says:

    My understanding is that Obama’s position has not really changed that much. Pro gay marriage but let the states have jurisdiction. Romney is even against civil unions.

  45. loyalurker says:

    I think they could be outflanked by those who are focused on the corporate overlords. It doesn’t reduce danger as it only takes one violent person to do harm, but I just don’t think the numbers are there in this element of the gop constiuency for an armed insurrection/rebellion. That same ‘element’ are probably not big Romney fans either.

  46. loyalurker says:

    BTW – those who are focused on the corporatization on our government are a growing group in the ‘occupy’ camp who don’t count on politics or politicians for solutions because the whole system is corrupt and broken. They aren’t anti-government but don’t see our current government as viable, effective or truly representative. And they don’t any longer identify with or believe in any party.

  47. Stefanie says:

    Even though it’s not going to change much legislatively/politically, this feels like an extremely historic, remarkable moment. I immediately thought of the Transit of Venus coming next month — a transformation of the way humanity understands the concept of love. This embracing, although measured, is going to create the space for millions of people to celebrate the people that they love in ways they weren’t free to before. It may take many years for it to move through all the states, for it to truly be legal, but it’s pretty huge. Doncha think?

  48. starlight says:


  49. starlight says:

    This is Mars conjunct Obama’s Pluto, ruler of his MC, with a quincunx from Uranus (sudden and fast moving change that shifts everything).

  50. Francis says:

    I love that you’ve connected this to Venus! Beautiful.

  51. Francis says:

    It sounds like the decision was a stressful one and was quickly made. I’m sure he would have rather not made the statement until after the election but the aspects you mentioned indicate he felt pressured to go ahead and say what everyone knew already. I’m glad he did!!!

  52. kiwi says:

    I wish more people on the right could understand that love is more about whats truly in the heart and head, rather than whats between legs.

  53. Angellight says:

    “Saturday’s sky has a Grand Earth Trine with the three planets that rule Scorpio, sign of Discipleship. Forming a triangle in the sky are Mercury (in Taurus), Mars (in Virgo) and Pluto (in Capricorn) at eight & nine degrees – eight is reorientation (Scorpio) and nine is Initiation (Capricorn). Earth and her kingdoms, but especially humanity, are in a state of reorientation, revolution and Initiation.

    Everything is taking place in the etheric, that area of life where events first occur before they enter into (and change) events on Earth. Every planet revolving around the Sun is, at this time, also in a state of change as is our Earth. The changes we are experiencing on Earth reflects the shift from the Piscean Age (age of belief) to the Aquarian Age (Age of Science, cooperation, humanity) plus two more major cyclic shifts. Earth is attempting, along with humanity, to become a sacred planet.”

  54. Gypsi says:

    I think I’m part of that group. I will vote democratic, but for the most part, the corruption is thick and murky as a virginia swamp.

  55. Gypsi says:

    And yesterday around 6:30 pm was my solar return. Strange chart here, very strange. My natal Saturn is at 6 Capricorn. My SR Moon is at 12 Capricorn conjunct Pluto. Sorry for being self-centered, but I honestly am not sure where I’m going this year…

  56. starlight says:

    Hi All – I am on my way out the door to Atlantic City for a few days (Christie territory which I hope one day to be Corey Booker’s). Be back online Monday.

    One thought to leave you with: current Saturn station (two months plus) is square to Greece’s Sun and sesquiquadrate Greece’s Venus. Check this out and related articles posted on the page:

  57. andre says:


    many people are struggling to keep their balance these days. I think we must go deeper within. To be centered is not to be self-centered, because at some deeper level you go beyond the self.

  58. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I gather you prefer the 1821 chart. I would imagine it has merit. Nicholas Campion (author of The World Book of Horoscopes) and noted British astrologer Claire Chandler both refer to the overthrow of the Greek military junta in Athens on July 24, 1974 as the defining moment for modern day Greece. Paul Saunders of Solaris Astrology makes a compelling analysis on the 1974 chart…..

    Greece – Financial Woe, Public Unrest, A Country In Transformation

    In any case, both charts are heavily impacted by the Saturn station (natal Uranus is located at 23 ’57 Libra in the July ’74 chart).

    However the Greek political drama plays out, it does look like its heading for certain default and will exit the Euro in one form or another. The foundation of the European Union came into being on March 25, 1957. Its natal Saturn at 14 Sag will be buffeted both by June 4th lunar eclipse and the Venus occultation the following day. Ray Merriman in his latest Market Week entry stresses that the Venus occultation (monetary values) could have deep financial implications. From my vantage point, mid June looks decisive for a possible break-up of the Euro.

  59. barbk says:

    The news of Obama’s support for gay marriage came at 3 PM yesterday, May 9. The Moon had just made her occultation of Pluto, and Mercury had moved into Taurus to quincunx Juno in Sagittarius while he also sextiled Hades (something we avoid thinking about) in Cancer, forming a yod or Finger of God.

    Then a mutable grand square was formed when Juno joined the opposition between Neptune in Pisces to Orcus and Hebe (servent, enabler) in Virgo by squaring them and opposing the President’s Moon in Gemini. Juno was conjunct Terpsichore and I believe they are still dancing!

    Perhaps Karma conjunct Venus further explains the timing, and I’m sot sure but what the Sun’s conjunction to Tantulus might not be a player in this scene also. However, I am sure that Jupiter’s conjunction to Sedna in the same degree as the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of May 2000 (22+ Taurus)was a player as the 20 year cycle symbolizes societal evolution.

    Interestingly, and speaking of dancing, Quaoar in Sagittarius, the the creative spirit of the Tongva people that dances and sings entities into being, was opposite Venus in Gemini. So yes Stefanie, it IS huge and I believe you are correct, this is about the Venus occult Sun aspect.

    When Venus occults the Sun next month, the Moon will occult Pluto (and exactly square Uranus) as it will each month for about a year and 1/2. It being a Capricorn Moon I feel the long series of occultations to Pluto serve to contain the death of society’s structures into small bite size pieces, making it easier to swallow for the masses (Moon). It is also a form of alchemy I believe, by absorbing the bits of dross at it’s conjunction to Pluto, it then releases it through a slow, unconscious process of distribution to the other planets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It makes me think of a vacination given through our feelings, preparing us slowly rather than in one huge reveal, for the expected shocks symbolized by Uranus square Pluto.

  60. Wennye' says:

    Gypsi, you are entitled to be self center on your day! Stay in your light this coming year and see your path…Blessings dear one, Wennye’

  61. Wennye' says:

    Francis, it was so nice seeing you yesterday :) Will look for you now when in the area..Blessings, Wennye’

  62. Wennye' says:

    Ain’t that the truth, Azizi…Blessings

  63. Francis says:

    barbk, what you wrote is fascinating to me. I don’t understand and have never really considered asteroids but what is really fascinating to me is the energies exchange you describe, especially in your last paragraph. What is that branch of astrology called so I can look it up and find out more?

  64. Lorrie U says:

    Asteroids rock! Really rounds out the picture of a chart.

    All was doom and gloom at the park while walking the dogs, everyone seems to feel that Pres. Obama threw away the election, even democrats.

  65. Diane L says:

    This will help him, Lorrie.
    US posts first budget surplus since 2008

    Besides, most who are against legalizing gay marriage weren’t going to vote of PBO anyway. I have a feeling this issue will be a wash in the end.

  66. Herald says:

    I believe that Paul Ryan could be the Veep for Mitt Romney.. Would be Interesting!!

  67. clymela says:

    Lorrie U-was this because he spoke up for marriage equality? those who are against this civil right would never have voted for Obama. At least this is how I see it.

  68. will says:

    Encouraging, Diane – thank you!

  69. Jackson says:

    Interesting, in the way that a train wreck or a plane crash is interesting.

  70. barbk says:


    It IS fascinating to me too; the asteroids, centaurs, TNO’s, Uranian Points and other astral bodies; specifically their mythologies. They allow for a much greater descriptive, although they can also cause confusion what with so many storylines to follow. I started my ‘education’ with Chiron and moved through the first 3 centaurs, then to the 4 main asteroids. Then came Sedna, and after that I was all over the place reading about the named (and sometimes not named) asteroids, etc. PlanetWaves’ Eric Francis wrote extensively about them circa 2004 or so, but there are scads of articles you can read for free now by just Googling their names, or just “asteroids, mythology” or something like that. If you do that, after a while you get a feel for their purpose in a chart and will come up with your own scenarios, as I did above. In the meantime there are professional astrologers who have laid the groundwork for you. Martha Lang-Wescott at treehousemountain dot com has a list of many of the most popular asteroids with brief descriptions of their meanings. Philip Sedgwick has a ton of info on centaurs and outer bodies like Eris and Sedna to get you started too.

    As for a branch of astrology about the exchange of energies, I don’t know that there is a specific one, as that is what studying aspects between symbols which have myths is all about. There are other methods for adding to your understanding of how to interpret the new bodies meanings like their own discovery charts. For example, what sign their own nodes are place in. Until the asteroids and centaurs have been used long enough in chart study to define them it will require a bit of imagination along with the “facts” and their myths. I hope you will pursue this interest further.

  71. Stefanie says:

    Thank you for this, especially for your line about alchemy and Pluto. Yes, a vaccination into the collective unconscious — what a beautiful metaphor! I’ve been fearing the Transit of Venus in a way, assuming that it would have to be some great darkness coming to earth to awaken a massive love-fused consciousness-raising. I’m feeling more confdent that it won’t be a bomb or a new war or something devastating now. It will of course create major blowback, ugliness, fear and hatred from the right. But in the end having an American president, especially someone with as much historical frisson as Obama, stand up and do this will set many free to express their true selve, their identities. I know it will be many years before we get there, but I do see this as a cultural pivot point that will direct us to ever more tolerance and more civil rights victories. And beause our POTUS is not just ours, but a global leader and a man admired on the world stage, I thiink it may have impact globally.

  72. Sharon says:

    Like (and agree)

  73. Sharon says:

    I don’t think that at all, Lorrie. It will bring back Progressives and Liberals who felt he hasn’t stood up for his conviction (and don’t think his team didn’t calculate the effects of that remark beforehand).

  74. Sharon says:

    Now that is interesting!

  75. Sharon says:

    Gypsi, sounds like a transformative time for you and, besides, you said the other day, it was the first time you ever saw so much blue in your solar return chart (and I wondered what that meant)! It sounds like it could be a very beautiful time for you as you transform into that butterfly! People talk about Pluto tearing things down to rebuild. I believe things happen as they are meant to and are usually very doable. I love the poetic way Barbk described the venus and pluto occultations: “bite-size pieces” a “vaccination…preparing us slowly,”
    the absorption of the dross.” and I also very much like Stephanie’s response. Lastly, I really appreciate what Angelight posted: that “Earth is attempting, along with humanity, to become a sacred planet.” That hit me in the heart and soul. As we say in our family: “from your mouth(s) to God’s ears.”

  76. Jerry says:

    Hi Angellight,

    Regarding our brief conversation about Romney and what drives him to seek office. I don’t think he’s dark or evil as you were suggesting, just that he’s probably confused about his sexuality. People who are homophobic often try to compensate their inadequacy by feeling a need to prove their manhood (the US presidency is quite a potent brew in making a person feel invincible). So here’s the latest details that just came out in the media – Mitt Romney apologizes for being homophobic (as amusing as this story is – this is big news in light of Pres. Obama’s recent endorsement of same sex marriage)……..

    Romney Apologizes After Report Of Bullying As A Teen

    Los Angeles Times
    May 10, 2012

    Mitt Romney apologizes after the Washington Post reports that while in prep school he bullied a classmate because of the student’s ‘nonconformity and presumed homosexuality.’

    Mitt Romney apologized Thursday after a newspaper story described bullying behavior on his part when he was an 18-year-old senior at an elite, all-boys prep school in Michigan.

    The Washington Post detailed a 1965 incident at Cranbrook School in which a buttoned-down Romney apparently was incensed by the dyed blond locks of a junior known for his “nonconformity and presumed homosexuality.”

    He led a “posse” of students in a charge against the boy, the Post reported. “He can’t look like that,” Romney reportedly told a close friend at the time. “That’s wrong. Just look at him!”

    Romney “tackled him and pinned him to the ground,” the Post reported, then hacked off his hair with scissors as the crying boy screamed for help. The Post said it interviewed five witnesses, four of whom spoke on the record and recalled the incident in vivid detail. One man said he had wondered whether Romney would get in trouble at the school, known for its discipline, but that no one was punished.


  77. Jerry says:

    PS It just dawned on me …… could one presume the Obama staff were more than likely aware that the above Romney story was going to be leaked to the press; hence the boldness in taking such a strong public stand on the same sex marriage issue? I could be off-target on that, but the timing of the two stories is uncanny.

  78. Sharon says:

    Yes. Anything is possible. Did ydou ever see “Wag the Dog?”

  79. Noelle says:

    Kiwi, you made me laugh but well said

  80. Noelle says:


  81. Eric says:

    Starlight, thanks for this site, your thought provoking political insights, and the excellent posts contributed by your readers.

    Here on my first post to this site is a link you may enjoy to a piece from IEEE Spectrum on “Transit of Venus: The Other Half of the Longitude Story”.


    Oh…. and GoBama!

  82. Teresa Hill says:

    Today’s my birthday, and I told my daughter the best present I could get would be for her to find a job. She’s been looking for a while and not finding anything, especially hard right now with a DUI.
    Anyway, it hadn’t been an hour after I said that when she got a callback for another interview this afternoon. Got the job! :)
    Now, hopefully, she can keep it.
    She’s at an AA meeting tonight.

    Thanks to all for all the encouragement and understanding.

  83. Roderick says:

    From one Taurus(5/8) to another Happy Birthday.

  84. Jerry says:

    As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said….

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

  85. Lune Prière says:

    Thanks Diane. I’ve only read that one other place and it seems like it should be a bigger story.

  86. Lune Prière says:

    Teresa, I can “testify” about AA. I went to AA as a very messed up 22-year old and by the grace of a higher power celebrated 32 years of sobriety last January. Just getting to a meeting is an act of courage. And as some others said, Alanon Family Groups are the best way to learn to detach with love. Wishing healing for her and all.

  87. Lune Prière says:

    Meant to say happy birthday to Teresa and belated happy solar return greeting to gypsi!

  88. will says:


    “Interesting, in the way that a train wreck or a plane crash is interesting.”

    You read my thought.

  89. Jerry says:

    Hi Wennye,

    There’s a tendency in this forum to occasionally be overly critical in our remarks and take ourselves a little too seriously. The quote you cited was intended merely as a rhetorical comment in the lead-up to the Colbert Report segment which I thought was very funny. If you haven’t already watched it, I would strongly suggest that you view the video clip. I think Colbert got it right – you have to see the humor and absurdity of these things. Here it is once again:

    The Colbert Report/ Mitt Romney Tells A Funny Story–2012—pt–3

  90. Jerry says:

    Hi Wennye,

    Regarding your May 9, 2012 / 11:07 am entry

    This is what you wrote:

    Jerry wrote, “About Romney… you have to admire him for trying even though his timing and sense of humor is slightly out of sync…….”

    Admire?? no I don’t regard him with approval, respect or satisfaction for his trying to make a funny..whew..Wennye’


    The words you cited are taken out of context. It was in direct response to Angellight. There’s a tendency in this forum to occasionally be overly critical in our remarks and take ourselves a little too seriously. It was intended merely as a rhetorical comment in the lead-up to the Colbert Report segment which I thought was very funny. If you haven’t already watched the video clip, I would strongly suggest that you do. I think Colbert got it right – you have to see the humor and absurdity of these things. Here it is once again:

    The Colbert Report/ Mitt Romney Tells A Funny Story–2012—pt–3

  91. Jerry says:

    On second thought – read instead: “About Romney… you have to Give Him Credit for trying even though his timing and sense of humor is slightly out of sync…….”

  92. kiwi says:


  93. kiwi says:

    Here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday Teresa!! May it be just the beginning of a wonderful new energy direction for you and yours.

  94. kiwi says:

    Happy Birthday Gypsi! Go with the flow and be open to possibilites of the moment.

  95. Gypsi says:

    Poetic and revealing. Thank You Barbk

  96. angellight says:

    Gypsi & Teresa: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many Happy More!

    Stephanie: Beautiful thoughts on Venus Transit!

    Sharon: Glad you liked the post and thank you.

    Andre: I second that; we must find our center, our Soul light and let that shine through this dense peronallity of ours; most esotericists do know that the Earth Humanity is preparing for just such an Initiation. We are in for some exciting times ahead.

  97. karen says:

    Wonderful, insightful posts! Thank YOU! And Teresa, Gypsi, someone once shared that the days before a birthday one is more prone to sudden upsets (no reference) and that the day of your solar return, the energy shifts. Obviously so! at least in your case, Teresa. Gypsi? Feeling lighter?

  98. karen says:

    And I’m sure by now you’ve all read this.

    It’s going to be a rocky day on wall street.

  99. catsandmusic says:

    I work in a level one Trauma Center and I have noticed that a large # of patients are injured in the weeks immediately before their solar returns, and not so many in the month after. The exception is people brought to us in the wee hours of the day after they turn 21–the result of alcohol-fueled car wrecks.

  100. Stefanie says:

    On a totally different note, are any of you going to be in NOLA for UAC in late May? I’ll be there and would love to meet you in person! Sharon — New Orleans is your home town, right? You’re going to have hundreds of astrologers in your backyard! (You may already know this, however.)

  101. Diane L says:

    I doubt understand why it’s not getting more attention either. Odd . . .

  102. Francis says:

    Thank you barbk, for pointing out this new “door” for me.

  103. Francis says:

    Clearly Romney was a disturbed child. This story has echoes of GWB and the bullying he did on campus in the name of his fraternity and hazing new pledges. I also concur with you that the most sexually insecure are the most virulent homophobes and that this could be part of Romney’s dynamic.

  104. Lorrie U says:

    I agree, but in the mind of some, they felt it would cause a negative reaction in many people who might have been on the fence. I think it’s just what his base wanted and needed!

  105. Lorrie U says:

    As mentioned by barbk above, Philip Sedgwick is brilliant in his work with asteroids! You can get his “Centaur and Black Hole Personal Report” for $13.99 on his website. It is well worth it, and I have ordered it for family and friends as birthday gifts! They love it; even though they don’t understand the aspects, they understand the explanations. Go to “Store” at the following:

  106. Sharon says:

    Stephanie, I’m just coming back from a few days at the beach on the 25th and I have the schedule so just have to decide which days to go. I decided I’d attend one or two days — maybe Friday and Saturday? Not sure. YES, Let’s definitely get together!!!!! Email me at and we’ll trade cell phones plus come up with some tentative times to get together. Is anyone else going? I know that Starlight might!!!

  107. kiwi says:

    Karen, re the rogue tradeer – the term ‘instant karma’ comes to mind. How much longer is it going to take before they learn.

  108. virgo says:


  109. Davis L says:

    For almost two decades I worked in the mental health system in three states, mostly in psychiatric hospitals and frequently with patients who were sociopaths. Before I quit that kind of work I was employed for another couple of years in the criminal justice system where again I dealt with quite a number of sociopaths.
    I’m very much getting the feeling Mitt Romney is a sociopath.
    Two Questions:
    (1) Are any of you getting the same feeling about Mitt as am I?
    (2) Are there any established astrological markers for sociopathy?

  110. NEOBuckeye says:

    Nothing surprises me about that guy. Wisconsinites need to keep the sunlight focused on him (nothing a Scorpio hates more than having their secrets exposed). Then, after he’s finally out of office, create a better world in which Walker and others like him simply cannot thrive while acting in darkness. I’ve said the same thing for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush Sr., Rove, et. al. We all need to work together to create a world in which corrupt men like these guys simply cannot thrive.

  111. Lune Prière says:

    When I see photos and video of him, I look at his eyes. They are very watchful, and very empty. He gives me the pips.

  112. Casey says:

    Teresa, I can speak to the advantages of Alanon for family members of alcoholics – including parents. It’s been a life saver for me.

    And to every one else, I love this site. I don’t know much about astrology but I learn every time I read this blog. Keep up the great work and the outstanding conversations. Even those of use who don’t know much appreciate the insight.

  113. loyalurker says:

    Scott Walker Describes ‘Divide And Conquer’ Strategy Against Public Unions In New Documentary

  114. Teresa Hill says:

    Susan Miller says the best days of the year will be May 12 and 13th, the 12th in the US/Canada/Mexico and the 13th in Europe. So if there’s anything you want, now’s the time to ask for it/try it/launch it into the world.
    I made my wish and got it — the job for my daughter, who’s been looking for a while. :)

  115. Gypsi says:

    Instant karma indeed!

  116. Teresa Hill says:

    He reminds me of a relative that I’ve always thought was simply narcissistic. Kind of clueless to everyone else around him and their needs/wants. Only sees what he wants and needs.

    I guess I see Romney as kind of clueless and bumbling, but not intentionally evil. Of course, I don’t have your experience with psych patients.

  117. Lorrie U says:

    Davis – I’m writing a blog about bullying and my research indicates he is a classic bully. I’ll post when completed.

  118. Davis L says:

    Many Thanks!
    I’m very interested in what you’ve discovered.
    When Nancy returns I hope she has a take on this issue as well.
    Again, I’m hoping someone may have identified the astrological markers for a propensity to sociopathy. Romney appears to meet much of the DSM criteria for same.

  119. Shoalsister says:

    Yes! He’s too controlled and obviously doesnt feel comfortable in his skin. He’s hiding something. I always figured it was something dark. Now this story is just beyond creepy.

  120. Lorrie U says:

    The 12 Best Reasons Why The U.S. Is Not Now, And Never Should Be, A Christian Nation

  121. DPH says:

    So happy for you and your daughter, Teresa! What great news!

  122. Jerry says:

    In order to understand what’s going on in Europe, one only has to take a quick glance at Greece’s unemployment figures (21.8 per cent according to last February’s statistics – comparable to the peak levels of the US depression in the early 1930’s) and you will begin to understand how desperate the situation has become. Spain is even higher at nearly 25 per cent. I found this newly released one hour BBC documentary fascinating. It is available for viewing on Youtube (URL link located immediately below the review)……..

    This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis, BBC Two/ Review

    The Telegraph
    May 10, 2012

    Iain Hollingshead reviews BBC Two’s timely documentary This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis, in which the former Tory defense secretary attempted to find out how the euro meltdown has affected attitudes toward fiscal unity.

    It would be difficult to find a more timely documentary than This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis (BBC Two) – although at the rate this crisis is going, there may not be any euros left by the time you read this.

    The bullet-proof Portillo will no doubt still be around though, fronting his excellent programmes on everything from Wagner to wildlife. Here the former cabinet minister returned to more familiar ground, travelling to Greece and Germany to see if recent events had persuaded people to convert to Euroscepticism.

    This World, Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis 2012/

    Video Documentary: One Hour

  123. will says:


    I am in the field of mental health as well. I have not seen/heard enough of Mitt Romney to gain a gestalt on him. What I do see so far is a man who was born into privilege, has probably not been denied too much of anything, who is entitled and narcissistic and who is used to getting his way. I believe he is intrinsically exploitative – but in a capitalistic way rather than criminal manner. I also believe he is greedy and endlessly ambitious – to the point that he could easily go against morality or principles to get what he wanted. His alleged bullying as a youngster certainly hints at the possibility of sociopathic behavior as an adult. But I don’t see him as an outright thug. I also find him to be a fierce competitor and someone who will use his resources in psychologically-brutal ways to defeat his opponent. I actually believe he would have skill in identifying and eliminating areas of wasteful spending. But I also believe he has a real sense of class division and that he cares very little about people who are not privileged and/or do not have considerable wealth. I believe he is a slick, CEO-type who would not think twice of cutting a job or a position or a benefit to an employee if it will profit the executives and stockholders.

    I believe he is high-strung, anxious and is willing to negotiate and compromise at the drop of a hat.

    I’ll be the first to let you know when I see overt criminal tendencies.

  124. Gypsi says:

    Hank you for the birthday wishes. By blue I meant trines and
    Sextiles in my SR chart.The first without pluto conjunct or
    Opposite major Natal points. I keep waiting for disaster to strike
    But not since last November. Teresa, glad about your daughter, and happy bday to you.t

  125. angellight says:

    Interesting information on GOP ethics from a commenter on

    Speaking of Republican Priorities. Romney was asked in Colorado if he supported Wind Tax Credits, since “Oil and Gas” get tax subsidies. Romney said “no” because Wind has lost 10,000 jobs while Oil and Gas has created 75,000. That’s great. We only give tax help to industries that are successful? Government investing is not like businessman investing; Government doesn’t invest in businesses because they are successful! Interview here: … view full comment

  126. clymela says:

    teresa-I didn’t respond earlier although I read the responses from everyone and was so touched that folks here were so willing to respond to your crsis. I just want to say that my life was a total wreck and all over the horizon when I was 19-23 but everything turned around for me when I had my first pr new Moon around 24. As my chart indicates (b/d 5/25/1947;2:59 AM Long Beach,CA)I have never had a smooth sailing but the spiritual power as I have matured is something I am deeply grateful for. This is by way of saying that I imagine Alanon will help you love your daughter and release her to her own Higher Power and therefore gain the spiritual rest you need right now.

  127. Sharon says:

    He is like many people immersed in wealth and successful at business – not very spiritually evolved. I do think, though, that because they are good at what they do and work hard at it, they do feel they deserve it and that those who are not as good at making money, don’t. Being a bully shows a character weakness but its one encouraged by our society and among children and it is just now that we are starting to correct it as a culture. In some ways, it’s an extension of the macho, simplistic evolution theory: only the strong survive. There is truth to that, but the spiritual way of thinking is that we all can survive together with every offering their own special “gifts,” and working towards an ethic based on essential religious and spiritual values that emphasis love not material success.

  128. Sharon says:

    Sorry for the writing errors; my mind is resting today.

  129. Jerry says:

    Alexis Tsipras; the Greek left wing politician, head of the SYRIZA parliamentary group who is demanding an abrogation of all current EU agreements, according to Wikepedia was born on July 28, 1974; just within a few days of the Greek birthchart (July 24, 1974). The remarkable synchronicity of all this is that both Tsipiras and the Greek government share an identical natal Uranus that will be conjoined by Saturn and quincunxed by Jupiter on May 17th the day the Greek parliament is scheduled to convene and most likely the day that new elections will be formally announced. Mr. Tsipras has already taken a significant lead in the polls and is calculated to be the front-runner in the new upcoming elections slated for either June 10th or June 17th.

    Either way you look at it, financial markets can be expected to take a sizable hit on May 17th, since the outcome and end result of the June elections is fairly predictable, a disorderly Greek default and an inevitable Greek departure from the Eurozone with its inherent dangers of contagion, the irreversible fracturing if not demise of the Euro currency and any semblance of normality in world business and commerce.

  130. Lorrie U says:

    I tend to think that the situation in Greece is exactly the first step in what is needed to correct and transform the global financial structure as predicted by astrology. Maybe it’s time to bring back the Drachma, and let the corrections begin. All these trillions of dollars are just figures on paper anyway.

    Banks prepare for the return of the drachma

  131. Teresa Hill says:

    Finally went and read the Washington Post story on Romney and bullying. Guiding a blind person into a wall and laughing about it? In addition to cutting the poor kid’s hair and still not getting it, even at the age he is today, that it was wrong?
    That’s really weird and unsettling.

  132. Teresa Hill says:

    Been meaning to say for a few days, as Starlight and I were talking about my daughter, we ended up on politics for a few moments, and one of the things she mentioned is the victim/persecutor/rescuer triad, and how she thinks this is the basis of Republican voters’ thoughts. They’re always moving among one state to the other, but mainly feel victimized by politics.
    Which made me think of Romney and that he is a really lousy victim. Filthy rich, every advantage in the world, trust fund living all around, closing plants and laughing, car elevators, my friends own Nascar teams, etc.
    If that’s the basis of appealing to the Republican base… he’s the worst person they could have as a nominee.
    He’s not great as a rescuer, either. His religion is weird to a lot of Republicans, and he’s never seemed passionate about anything, including rescuing babies from abortions, which is the key belief on which a lot of Republicans vote.
    We see that he can be a persecutor, and some Republicans might like him better for bullying one gay kid as a teenager, and I can see the Fox News today trying to make Romney the victim in this.
    Still… Romney as victim? It just doesn’t work. If Republicans really want a victim, he’ll never do.

  133. Patty says:

    Thank you, Nancy. For your keen Astrological insight and for this very special Forum. It is respite away from all the mean-spirited strife we have coming at us from so many directions.
    The interesting comments and kind people here are always a pleasure reading.
    I wonder…Does a ‘Bully Type Character’ show up in the Birth Chart?

  134. Jerry says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I think the short answer to that is. . . the Repub’s are probably more comfortable with image over substance (lack of foresight and vision). But that can have its drawbacks.

    A case in point; the following article shows how the Romney advisors might have overlooked an unintended racial slur in one of their campaign promotions. The reason why it got past their censors? It is speculated in the article that the main problem is Mitt Romney has insulated himself too tightly; not enough ethnic diversity in his following to give him sufficient valuable, solid feedback. That can be a pitfall if you have aligned yourself too closely to the far right. Here’s the article…..

    Mitt Romney’s ‘Obama Isn’t Working’ Banner Evokes Racial Stereotypes

    Media/ Columnist
    April 13, 2012

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rolled out a new accessory at a speech in Ohio today, delivering his remarks in front of a black banner that said “Obama Isn’t Working,” which is also the name of a website his campaign set up several months ago (in case you didn’t get the message from the banner, it was also on the front of Romney’s podium).

    The slogan is a multiple entendre, but one of those entendres, intentionally or not, is evocative of a nasty racial stereotype about black men.

    When I first saw the banner this afternoon, the multiple meanings were clear: President Obama‘s policies aren’t working, the Obama presidency isn’t working, President Obama… isn’t working, as in, doing any work. That’s not a nice thing to say about any president, but like it or not, it becomes a more loaded accusation when leveled at our first black president.

    Just to be sure it wasn’t just me, though, I asked several friends about the banner, and four out of four pointed out, unprompted, the stereotype of the “lazy,” “shiftless” black man. One of the people I called was cable news fixture Goldie Taylor, who, upon hearing my description of the banner, said “Are you kidding me? You have got to be kidding me.”


  135. Davis L says:

    Thanks for yor reply! I appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts. Though my feeling about the candidate is strong, Intuition is simply not enough for a diagnosis…….And I’m sure Mr. Romney will not submit to an eval. Perhaps time will give us a clearer picture as the November election approaches. I look forward to your insights as we continue to observe.

  136. Bob says:

    My umpteenth try.

    First the pleasantries. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Teresa and Gypsi and congratulations to Laura on getting her job. And a happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on the blog.

    Now I put on my Freud hat.

    First look at Romney’s chart might have one thinking that he has a trade balance of one positive aspect (Moon conjunct Jupiter on the Desc) and one negative (Saturn and Pluto straddling the IC) but the Moon-Jupiter conjunction has no supporting cast while the Saturn-Pluto has a large supporting cast – all of the negative variety.

    To start, the Saturn-Pluto midpoint is opposite Venus, possibly dulling his capacity for empathy. That midpoint also pulls in Mars, Neptune, and Uranus. I usually see Uranus as positive rather than negative but in this case, because of it’s sextile to Pluto and by proxy connections to Mars, Saturn, and Neptune, I believe the negative traits associated with it are to the fore.

    First link is Neptune’s sextile to the Saturn-Pluto midpoint and the IC. Mars is then drawn in because it is opposite to the Saturn-Neptune midpoint. Thus, he has Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus tied to his natal Venus while the Moon-Jupiter stands alone.

    It seems to me that the two major aspects to the angles would create a “push me, pull me” slice in his psyche and could possibly be indicative of mild bi-polar tendencies. As they are so opposite in nature, and recipient of transits at different times, or not being aspected by transits at all, just their basic opposite nature might lean toward an explanation of his frequent “flip flops”.

    Has anyone tracked parallels between Willard Romney’s life and GW Bush aside from them being born into families of wealth, having fathers who were involved in politics as well as business, both having been Governors, and both seeking to be President? Bush also has a conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter angular in his chart. I recall that Bush could never admit that he had made a mistake in his life despite admitting to having had a drinking problem but have not read that Romney has been described as having either trait.

    A last thought (I am not to blame, the stars are making me do this, my exact, to the minute, square between Saturn and Pluto is acting up).

    The only other Willard that comes to my mind, from Wikipedia … “Willard is a meek social misfit with a strange affinity for rats. He lives in a large mansion, …”

  137. Jerry says:

    Hi Bob,

    Hope you don’t mind if I dovetail on that. Here’s my umpteenth try……

    He’s not a very difficult guy to figure out. Romney’s agenda is quite transparent – money and power.

    Forgive me for saying so but if the American public is that out of touch to actually vote him into office then we probably deserve him. Personally I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. There are more pressing issues that we may be facing in the near to immediate future.

  138. Michael from nyc says:

    If mitt wanted money he would have stayed on the biz side of things — and if he just wanted power my bet is that you wouldn’t want to be a politician – my sense is that this is about his father who could have been President. If you want to understand mitt read up on his father.

  139. Jerry says:

    Hi Michael,

    I may be dramatizing a bit to make a point. The way I see it; money equals power and vice-versa – power equals money. They are synonymous; two sides to the same coin. I realize its an over-simplification, but I think he’s in it for his own self-aggrandizement. Chances are he thoroughly enjoys the attention and prestige that comes with the office. It’s one of the strange by-products and psychological traps that comes with being in high political office. It’s an attention getter. A validation on some level that one is ok. As most celebrities will secretly admit, they love the adulation. I hope I’m not being too cynical on this.

  140. Pat says:

    Off topic.and a response to your post, NEObuckeye of May 11th.

    Kuala Lumpur — It’s official; George W Bush is a war criminal.

    In what is the first ever conviction of its kind anywhere in the world, the former US President and seven key members of his administration were yesterday (Fri) found guilty of war crimes.

    Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo were tried in absentia in Malaysia.

    The trial held in Kuala Lumpur heard harrowing witness accounts from victims of torture who suffered at the hands of US soldiers and contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    They included testimony from British man Moazzam Begg, an ex-Guantanamo detainee and Iraqi woman Jameelah Abbas Hameedi who was tortured in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison………….more
    Pat S

  141. Tetramorph says:

    Pat, thanks for that link. Wow.

    Here’s a link to BBC Science story about Vesta with some excellent photos:

  142. Nina Katarina says:

    I subscribe to the belief that astrology isn’t destiny, but it does show the forces that you have to work with. My father’s chart is very close to Mitt Romney’s, but my father is the most empathetic, giving person in the world. Like that Moon-Jupiter in Scorpio, trine to the Sun in Pisces. You can take that energy and use it for manipulating others’ emotions, or you can take that energy and use it to enhance your spiritual life.

  143. Nina Katarina says:

    As I see it, he believes he won the money game now he’s going to try to win the power game.

  144. clymela says:

    Michael of NYC-thank you for sharing. I had not thought of this and yet Mitt’s love for his father is all over the family photos we have access to. Thanks again for bringing a very human touch to these things.
    And…long time no “see”. Good to see your name again.

  145. clymela says:

    I have Vesta ,the Moon’s N Node and Sun within two+ degrees. I have interpreted this as referring to my tendency to hide away and study on my own.

  146. starlight says:

    Hi All! Just got back from the beach. I am still catching up on all your wonderful posts, but I wanted to give you this link to an article on Romney (sorry if it is a repeat) that nicely connects the dots between his bullying and his and the GOP’s current policies. Rather than seeing the incident at Cranbrook as just one anecdote, I think it should be hammered into the collective narrative that this was just one chapter in a more comprehensive story:

    The story about Romney’s merciless cruelty, which he says he doesn’t even remember and writes off as a harmless, boys-will-be-boys prank, is not an aberration; it is part of his whole life story. He went from being the big bully in his high school, to being the cavalier dad who made the family dog ride on top of the car even when it was making him sick, to being the “vulture capitalist” at Bain Capital, loading up companies with debt for short term profit and doing mass layoffs before selling off the companies. Now he is the presidential candidate advocating for the Ryan budget, the single cruelest policy document I have ever seen in 30+ years of politics.

  147. Wennye' says:

    Wishing ALL ladies a Happy Mother’s Day! You have nutured someone in your lives whether your own, students, nieces, nephews, husbands, mothers, fathers even pets..Happy Mother’s Day!

  148. Wennye' says:

    forgot sisters..Blessings

  149. Noelle says:

    You know even his comment about the “cookies not looking homemade but like something from the local 7- 11″ indicate a lack of sensitivity to others feelings. There’s something missing with this man.

  150. will says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to Starlight and to all of the wonderful biological and/or cosmic, enlightened mothers who share herein. May you all be guided by your Higher Power.

  151. kiwi says:

    Michael, that thought crossed my mind too some time back when I read somewhere that mitt was ‘devastated’ by the father’s political loss way back. His childhood issues being revisted?
    I also think that his wife’s backbone is considerably stronger than his. Could it be that it is she pushing this run for pres? I’d sure like to know how she fits in with this whole scenario.

  152. kiwi says:

    Happy mothers day everyone, and that includes a nod to the feminine side in all you guys!

    On another note, talk upthread included asteroids – found this interesting article on Lilith I thought some of you might like to look at.

  153. pisca says:

  154. Sharon says:

    Thanks for such a good analysis!

  155. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the very unique Mother’s Day wishes stated by all. I, too, salute the healing, nurturing, loving, feminine side and divine goddess energy in the world and evident in the posters here (male or female). There was an interesting but frightening article in today’s online NY Times magazine that I was going to post but decided against. It was about the tests that identify sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies in children who have no ability to feel for others. At this point, there is no real treatment and it is a very real and identifiable condition (using a standardized test). I mention it in regard to the discussion on the astrological markers brought up recently. It’s just a sad situation, especially for the parents.

  156. Bob says:

    Knowing how unanimously and universally (in this country) this special day has been observed for many decades I do not understand how men (fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, grandchildren, nephews, and whomever I am leaving out) have allowed the unequal treatment of women, by whatever means (especially law and/or religious dogma) and in whatever form, to continue to this day. I don’t think the observation is just for show but is it “compartmentalized”.

    So very glad to see this article on HuffPo. It has garnered 40 pages of comments in 1 1/2 days and the intense fervor in the comments is palpable. I wish equal representation (in numbers of members) in all levels of government in this country would become a reality in my lifetime.

  157. angellight says:

    Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Women readers of Starlight!

  158. Tetramorph says:

    That’s an interesting conjunction, clymela. What’s your Saturn doing? I have a retro Saturn, and enjoy quite a bit of solitude. I have Vesta conj. Neptune in the 9th (Scorpio). I like what Eric Francis has to say about Vesta.

  159. angellight says:

    Starlight: Good read, Huffington Post link and I will be certain to share.

    Kiwi: I do not think Mitt’s wife has a stronger back bone or that she is pushing him to be President. My belief is that she does everything He tells her to do and she supports it wholeheartedly; surely her telling Mitt not to put the dog on top of the car had no impact! And, he has a singlemindedness of purpose. He may not always execute it diplomatically, that he lacks, insensitive, yes, but singleminded in gaining power, most certainly, for his own ego and noone elses. One more trophy to accomplish! That is my opinion.

  160. Bob says:

    Hi angellight,

    Article at your link states how things changed when the 80s came in and Reagan took office. The following link will bring up an image showing how the Sibly chart noted Reagan’s inauguration.

  161. starlight says:

    Excellent new Obama campaign video about Bain Capital:

  162. Jerry says:

    Don’t mind my brief rant here (if Will can do it with much aplomb, I can certainly try my hand at it). Just my personal feeling mind you, but watching the news today amidst the clamor and increasing alarm over the prospects of a Greek default and its inevitable exit from the Euro one has to wonder where it is all heading. This has become the primary focus of discussion among European leaders and world financial institutions today, and if I’m interpreting the tiny little tea leaves correctly, Mitt Romney may be just an inconsequential blip on the screen if current events in the Eurozone unravel as appears likely with the expected new Greek elections to occur sometime in mid June. The concern and fear in the corridors of power is contagion. Spain, Italy and France are all beyond the means of an ECB and IMF rescue bail-out. The knock-on effect world-wide could be dramatic and irreversible. Some are characterizing it as potentially catastrophic.

    The real question should be, not who is Mitt Romney and what does he stand for, but who is Alexis Tsipras the leader of the Greek radical left group who is creating this firestorm of protest on behalf of the Greek electorate. The following is a three minute CNBC video that helps to shed some light……

    Greek Election Fallout: Who is Alexis Tsipras?

    Ok. Rant is over. Am feeling much better now thank you. You can go back to your regular discussions.

  163. starlight says:

    Another big page in the lack of compassion and empathy department.

  164. Wennye' says:

    “One more trophy to accomplish! That is my opinion.”

    I feel the same, the last biggy to go after. He seems to want to be the front man for that party, letting them dictate what they want..Blessings

  165. kdez says:

    I like this guy – I like his proposals about the unions/wages/pensions/ banks, scary though they may be.
    Also he looks a little like Antonio Banderas which doesn’t hurt.

  166. Lorrie U says:

    Putin, Euro Zone Crisis, the Prophecy of Edgar Cayce

    Uranian urges for growth will collide with Pluto in Capricorn’s saturnine austerity. There will come a collective rebellion directing amassed Uranian ire to pour into the streets of Athens, Rome, Madrid, and rush to the polls to push back Plutonian Capricorn’s status quo leadership in power who hand over that power to a directorship of European affairs by unelected technocrats. The people most austerely and economically hobbled, the countries known as the PIIGGS, the southern, Mediterranean members of the euro monetary union, will chose growth over sackcloth and ashes of economic austerity. Already 11 European heads of state promoting austerity measures have gone down since the Great Recession began in 2008. More are coming. British Prime Minister David Cameron and German President Angela Merkel will be next, next year.

    Will this improve Europe’s situation? Not if Europeans continue following blindly the collective mind’s habit to do things in extreme. Appointing a new Mitterrand stuffier than the last will only frustrate the French once again with Socialism. Thus they will recoil once again from socialist left to run back to the right, perhaps the extreme right, this time, and in five years you will see Marine Le Pen’s National Front take over the Elysee and the Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament).

  167. angellight says:

    From Current TV, Cenk Yugar (Young Turks) per Affordable Care Act/Obama Care, most people will be getting Rebate Checks from their Insurance Companies very soon. Check will say as Mandated From the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies are mandated to pay what they don’t spend back to the consumer. Did not understand all the concept, but many people to receive checks in the main soon, that is if Supreme Court does not say Act is unconstitutional. I don’t know why this is not getting more attention by media!

  168. angellight says:

    Bob: Thanks.

  169. Teresa Hill says:

    It’s because Obamacare requires insurers to spend… I’m not sure, maybe 80 percent… of the premiums we pay on our health care. It limits profits and administrative costs.

    So a lot of us will get money back.

  170. angellight says:

    Weynne: He will do whatever takes!

  171. will says:


    Isn’t this Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh’s cult kind of reconfigured? I personally know quite a few very nice middle-class, smart kids who were emotionally, economically and spiritually mangled by this guy and his group – the guy who had fleets of Rolls Royces as a result of the many monetary pledges of gifts and riches this man was able to manipulate out of his “followers.”

    Is Hogue affiliated with these people? Curious as to what the connection is .

  172. Jerry says:

    Hi Lorie,

    Leaving aside for the moment Romney’s Mormon credentials that brings into question his viability as a presidential candidate; the reference to Romney’s “vulture” capitalistic practices in that article you submitted was interesting but sparse on detail. I came across a brief video presentation given by Robert Reich the other day explaining what exactly Romney did to accumulate all his wealth. Mitt was a Private Equity business consultant and it bears an uncanny resemblance to Richard Gere’s character portrayal in the Hollywood blockbuster film ‘Pretty Woman’ (taking over a company; downsizing and then selling it for a profit). In the end, as in most popular Hollywood films, Richard Gere undergoes a transformation of heart and sees the light (he falls in love). In the Hollywood version, Gere abruptly dissolves his partnership in the business and goes on to bigger and better things – like marrying Julia Roberts. And that’s where our story diverges. Mitt Romney went on to become governor and is now the current Republican presidential nominee. Here then is Robert Reich with an informative, revealing disclosure…….

    How Exactly Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich (and it wasn’t by doing good things). Robert Reich Explains The Magic of Private Equity In 8 Easy Steps:

  173. Gypsi says:

    Happy late mothers day to all. My gardens and bees kept me offline
    Great readng to catch up on. Thanks for being here.
    Michael from Nyc, gpood to ‘read’ you.

  174. karen says:

    Happy mother’s day to you, as well Gypsi. Speaking of bees. Two of our hives split. In both cases we captured the swarm, the latest just last night. Luckily we had boxes and frames for them. At this point our bees seem especially healthy (hoping this continues) but one thing we do NOT do is feed them sugar water. Instead, we leave them enough honey to survive the winter. Biologically, we wonder if because of this their immune systems have not been compromised. Sugar is no better for bees than it is for humans. What you finding?

  175. angellight says:

    Bob: I was focussing on this from the article, this Argument as to why we need Government:

    GOP & Tea Party, believe “That the government must leave people alone and that includes not “over taxing” them and not regulating any of their business affairs. This philosophy has caused untold misery since its inception. For the first century of the industrial revolution when the government of Great Britain (the original industrializing nation) was controlled by people who wanted minimal taxation and no business regulation, working class people lived in dire poverty, environmental pollution was rampant, industrial safety was non-existent, and health care for the poor was the concern of private charity only. Why? Because for the government to address any of these concerns would cost money and that would mean raising the taxes of the folks who had money.

    It took over one hundred years of labor organizing, strikes, riots, outbreaks of preventable diseases, and the incessant pestering of elected officials by that small minority of the population who thought all this was a scandal (mostly women and religious folks), to force politicians (kicking and screaming) to address social needs and enforce health and safety related regulations. The Great Depression beginning in 1929 forced the issue with a vengeance and led to larger government and the “welfare state.” In other words, it led to a sense of social responsibility on the part of Western governments–most reluctantly the U.S. government. In America, that lasted through the 1970s and then the situation reversed.

    One would think that memory would serve us for more than a mere forty odd years. That after suffering all the misery brought on by 19th and early 20th century capitalism we would have learned that to achieve social peace and a modicum of general prosperity, the government must perform important community functions including supplying all its citizens with decent and affordable health care.”

  176. Lorrie U says:

    Conservatives: Giant Bullies That Abuse the Weak

    Mitt Romney is a perfect candidate for a political party of bullies, a collective both refined and gross. The policies offered by the Republican Party are a one-against-all mix of Ayn Rand’s love of personal selfishness and unbridled corporate greed. Here, the government should be drowned in the bathtub and the social safety destroyed in order to transfer more resources to the rich.

    Radical libertarianism, deregulation and a free market unmoored by any restrictions of common sense, humanity or reason will separate the weak from the strong. The rest of society be damned in this Mad Max view of Americans’ obligations to one another and the social compact. We are all just individual agents, lacking any rights of citizenship which cannot be secured and protected by radical free-market capitalism, the bankers, financiers, and plutocrats.

    This America, the one of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party’s dreams, is a bully’s paradise.

    More at link…

  177. Francis says:

    a new poll out since the President expressed support out marriage equality shows Romney leading among women. I am now locking up all sharp objects in my house so I don’t hurt myself.

    “Since April, women have gone from strongly backing Obama to endorsing Romney. In April, Obama held a 49 percent to 43 percent lead among women. That has now flipped to 46 percent backing Romney with 44 percent for Obama, an 8-point switch.”

  178. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Jerry. Good video by Robert Reich – shared and posted.

  179. Jackson says:

    Washington Examiner is owned by right-wing billionaire Philip Anschutz, who also owns the AEG entertainment group, along with a bunch of sports teams and stadia. He is a major funding source for right-wing causes.

    Consider the source. It’s like believing what you hear on Fox News Channel.

  180. Lorrie U says:

    I see no connection. Why do you think there is?

    Here’s an interesting piece I came across written by Hogue:
    The Critical Mass of Enlightenment

  181. Francis says:

    but they did not do the poll… if they did, I would happily discard the poll. I don’t know who did the poll but if anyone can check it out, given the right wing propensity to cheat, it would be very helpful to know the background on this.

  182. Francis says:

    it is a poll by CBS-NY Times… not a right wing polling outfit.

  183. Francis says:

    The CBS NY Times poll used a “callback” technology… I don’t know anything about methodology. But a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows the gender gap continuing. In the nationwide poll, women prefer Obama by 8 percentage points. Men prefer Romney by 3 points.

    The USA TODAY/Gallup survey of 1,012 adults was taken Thursday through Sunday. It has an error margin of +/-4 points.

  184. Lorrie U says:

    Watch Elizabeth Warren’s Incredible 52 Second Destruction of Romney’s Alternate Reality

  185. Theresa says:

    Gee, wouldn’t it be awful if the
    Persians scrapped this for us, just before the election?

  186. fierywoman says:

    A conversation with a former Mormon after a pipe circle we had just both attended said the exact same thing.

  187. Anita says:

    Lune I agree about the eyes. Scott Walker, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry all have VERY strange (demonic) eyes.

  188. Jerry says:

    The fall-out from yesterday’s breakdown in talks in Athens is already quietly under way. With new elections expected in mid June, and no stable government in place there’s a growing risk that current bank runs in Greece could accelerate and spread to other countries in the Euro (that dreaded word – contagion)….

    Could a Greek Bank Run Go Global?

    Huffington Post
    May 14, 2012

    The biggest worry from Greece’s potential departure from the euro is a global bank run. In recent years, Greece has experienced a major bank run. Indeed, in February, the Economist reported that Greek banks have lost 27 percent of their deposits since 2009.

    But there are still, apparently, 150 billion euro in bank deposits held by the Greek banks and, no doubt, substantial other relatively short-term liabilities.

    As the Greek government starts running out of money (the PM warns this will happen very soon) and continues to not play German ball, the Greek public will start running to get their euros, while the getting is still good. This is precisely the Argentine 2002 bank run scenario when that country could no longer maintain its peso peg.

    The Greek government does not sit on 150 billion euros to insure Greek private bank euro deposits. And the Germans, under the scenario I’m considering, won’t permit the ECB to continue pumping money into Greek banks just to see that money be spent on Greek government bonds.

    So how will the specter of tens, then hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of Greeks lining up in front of Greek banks look on every media outlet across the globe? And what will that picture tell Spanish and Italian and Portuguese and Irish depositors to do? It will tell them to run as well because they could be next. A decision, which would be inevitable, by Greek banks to freeze the public’s deposits will make those in the other countries be even more concerned about the safety of their euros.


    Has The Greek Bank Run Started?

    May 15, 2012

    While the long-term decline in bank deposits over the past 3 years has been well documented both on Zero Hedge and elsewhere, it is the most recent, acute post-election phase that has not gotten much coverage. Minutes ago Bloomberg sent out a notice that things in Greece may be on the verge of the final collapse. From Bloomberg: “Anxious Greeks have withdrawn as much as 700 million euros ($893 million) from the nation’s banks since the inconclusive May 6 election, President Karolos Papoulias told party leaders yesterday, according to a transcript of the meeting posted on the presidency’s website today. Papoulias said he got the information from the head of the Bank of Greece, the central bank, George Provopoulos, according to the transcript.” While this was likely a negotiation talking point to facilitate the formation of the government, the reality as we now know is that there has been NO government formed, which now means that the bank run will only get worse. Needless to say, a Greek banking system which is now virtually shut out of any extrenal funding except for the ELA, where it has a few billions euros in access left, will be unable to deal with hundreds of millions in deposit outflows.

    This may be the beginning of the end for Greece, just as Buiter and later JPM warned over the weekend.

  189. will says:


    When you click on the original link you posted, it depicts a blue graphic pair of mesmerizing eyes with “Noah’s Ark of Consciousness – and when you click on that graphic, it takes you to a picture of Bhagwhan with a long article below.

  190. Sharon says:


  191. Pat says:

    The General arrived in Baghdad just hours before to take charge of the newly occupied nation. The message from Rumsfeld was not a heartwarming welcome. Rummy told Garner, Don’t unpack, Jack — you’re fired.

    What had Garner done? The many-starred general had been sent by the President himself to take charge of a deeply dangerous mission. Iraq was tense but relatively peaceful. Garner’s job was to keep the peace and, to use the President’s words, “Open Iraq’s arms to democracy.”

    Unfortunately for the general, he took the President at his word. But the general was wrong. “Peace” and “Democracy” were the slogans.

  192. Gypsi says:

    My only hive was robbed out in early October last year
    So I have only fed sugar water during our drought
    and I have never taken a hive through winter.
    I will see if we have rain. A bit of nectar but no honey
    So far. May not be any. My nucs came after our flow.

  193. Lune Prière says:

    Anita, I love Esquire blogger Charles Pierce’s description of Scott Walker as “the goggle-eyed homunculus”. Ha!

    You’re so right about Rick Perry too. I would also include Florida governor Rick Scott in the spooky winger category. Lights are on but no one is home.

  194. Lune Prière says:

    Right wing daddy issues, A la George Bush the Lesser, to devastating effect.

  195. Lune Prière says:

    I found that comment by Romney absolutely astounding. He really has no clue.

  196. Lune Prière says:

    Put the sharp objects away! Starlight saw Romney’s best period of the campaign beginning in May. It’s temporary. 😉

    “This deleterious combination of Neptune and Saturn suggests that Romney’s expectations will be disappointed, his dishonesty will be revealed, his errors will be noticeable and costly, and his reputation for being an untrustworthy chameleon will solidify. These difficulties will be followed by a long station of Saturn square to Romney’s 4th House Pluto (11Leo22) from January through early March 2013, suggesting a profound inner struggle and possibly some depression.”

  197. Tetramorph says:

    There are whispers that the Germans will give in a bit, easing austerity, and find a compromise.

    Heard this the other day on NPR, about how to spot a news article that’s more hype than fact. It was really good and well worth the listen:

  198. angellight says:

    Excellent! Will Twitter!

  199. Jerry says:

    Hi Tetramorph,

    I’ve heard the whispers. If you read the fine print of what Germany is considering however, it has more to do with an extension of the deadline for those debts to be paid, not a re-negotiation of the terms. Unfortunately, Germany is politically tightly bound to the EU agreements; for any perceived relaxation of policy it is feared will encourage other Euro countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal to seek similar redress and special consideration.

    It’s quite interesting to view the old paradigm of world war two prejudices re-emerging. Germany being the aggressor and dictating the terms. It is deeply resented among a few of the other EU members. I think there’s defintely an unconscious psychological pattern there that will eventually need to be sorted out.

    About the NPR article. Yes. I quite agree. Sensationalistic headlines sells newspapers.

  200. Francis says:

    much thanks for the reminder!!!

  201. Noelle says:

    Will, I read Hogue’s book, I think it was called Nostrdamus the Complete Predictions. I don’t believe any of what he wrote came to be.

    Bhagwhan’s artticle is filled with predictions that would give us cause for great fear. Whether he is correct or not, I don’t know. But I’d prefer not to believe that we have all of that ahead of us.

  202. pisca says:

    I heard that the rebate checks for employer-sponsored insurance plans will go to the employers. Any details on that? If true, the big corps will make a bundle on healthy employees.

  203. will says:


    I so concur, Noelle. So many of these charlatans play on people’s fears. Its so easy to do – kind of like the manin-stream media’s motto: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

    The only Hogue prophecy I care to hear about is his take on the election – pro-Democratic.

  204. pisca says:

    1+ hr vid ” ‘I Am A Fishhead’ -Are Corporate Leaders Egotistical Psychopaths?”

  205. Wennye' says:

    When I lived in the metro area Francis, this ‘rag’ was known to be totally conservative republican. Not Unlike the free ‘rag’ named the Examiner that is distributed in my area. Now I have to go and pull the plug on my facebook page..thinking of how to draft the most powerful statement about the owners who do not want to pay their fare share of Capital gains taxes..Blessings to all

  206. clymela says:

    Sorry for the delay regarding the Saturn question. My Saturn is sad-in Leo (fall)in the fourth square Mars in Taurus, rising-ouch!Actually there is a complex there for anyone to “read” 29Aries Asc,Mars in Taurus,Venus in Taurus right there (4 and 7square Saturn,Moon,Pluto 5-11 Leo in the 4th. Whooo! I am at peace now at age 65-took almost all my life-don’t know what brought this about but I have met this consciously-not when I was young, of course, but as soon as I could. Had to start by observing the “wreckage of my life”when I was around 18!! OMG! I feel like I just stripped down to my skin to respond to your question. This will result in my turning back to my cave for a bit.

  207. I read in one of the comment about the markets being a mess from May17 till mid June. You can bet it’s something to do with the facebook IPO. I am glad to know now Chen is safe in NY although this is the beginning of a new strange life here in the US away from everything he knows.