7th May, 2012

Chen Unresolved?

As predicted in Double Whammy and other posts, the first half of May is proving to be a difficult time. Fears of a stalling economy and stubborn unemployment are pervasive due to the latest weak job numbers, with the recently plummeting Stock Market also reflecting this angst. Meanwhile, a nasty imbroglio over the fate of a Chinese dissident has threatened Chinese/American negotiations. For now, what seems to be an elegant solution has been found, but that is by no means a sure thing and will not be until Chen Guangcheng and his family are actually in New York.

The dark cloud over the economy is likely to be quite strong through May 15, easing some but with continued sluggishness through August 6. These stressful periods are due to the Saturn transit square to US Mercury (24Cancer12), the planet of employment, trade, negotiations, and communication, with these areas experiencing constriction and difficulty during this transit.

The more general stress and pessimism in the US of the past few years is likely to retreat further by mid-September 2012 and beyond. It is at that point that the long Saturn transit through Libra, adversely impacting six planets in the US chart since November 2009, will pass.

As for the fate of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, at the moment it seems the impasse over his fate has been resolved. It has been agreed that Chen (11/12/71) will soon come to the US with his family on a student visa to attend New York University. My concern is that there may be some significant strain before this happens, if it does. The current Saturn station is sesquiquadrate to Chen’s Venus (8Sagittarius54) and Mercury (8Sagittarius19) from May 3 to August 2, activating the emotional stress and potential for loss inherent in the natal opposition between Venus/Mercury and Saturn. In addition, transiting Neptune is presently sitting on Chen’s Mars (3Pisces01) from April through June, pointing to exalted expectations likely to be disappointed.

These configurations taken together suggest sorrow, loss (Saturn), and disillusionment (Neptune) from now through early August 2012. There are some Jupiter transits from July 15 through August 6 (opposite Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) that will return during November and December 2012, and that may mitigate some of the painful frustrations of the next three months and help to later resolve this situation. But the long Saturn station, which also is quincunx Hillary Clinton’s Moon (22Pisces50) from May 19 to July 5 (assuming her 8 AM birth time is correct) does point to some significant difficulties in the immediate future for the Chinese dissident.

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