Turmoil in China

As the US becomes increasingly consumed by the vicissitudes of the 2012 election cycle, there is an equally compelling drama unfolding half a world away in China.  In what has been described as the biggest corruption scandal in the Chinese government in a generation, an elite government official has been ousted, exposing a normally opaque system of patronage, bribery, and graft. Bo Xilai has been accused, among other things, of wiretapping high-level officials and involvement in the death of a British businessman. The rapidly-evolving scandal threatens to destabilize the Party establishment in a culture generally known for its top-down control and secrecy.

Adding another layer to the Chinese government’s agitation is the recent escape of a well-known blind dissident lawyer. Chen Guangcheng had been on house arrest for protesting China’s restrictive political climate and the corruption of party officials. Apparently, he has gone to the US Embassy for protection, a prickly complication for US/Chinese relations at a delicate time of needed economic and security cooperation.

The larger frame for both of these situations is whether an evolving China can become truly anchored in the rule of law.  With the ousting of Bo, Chinese officials want to show how, even at the top, corruption can be expunged. The second circumstance, however, is far more challenging. The events surrounding Chen highlight China’s unlawful use of home detention and the brutal, extrajudicial methods used to silence critics. Chen has appealed directly to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, a self-styled populist reformer who purportedly favors the rule of law. Chen’s goal is not to destabilize the government but to end the out-of-control brutality, abuse, and corruption of officials.

At the moment, The Chinese Sun (7Libra46) is under a square from transiting Pluto that runs from December 2011 through November 2012. This transit describes significant power struggles (Pluto) within the Chinese government that can affect the goals and trajectory of the nation (the Sun). The powerful Pluto transit will soon be joined by transiting Uranus opposite the Sun beginning in early May 2012 and continuing through mid-March 2013.  Thus, China will be one of the first countries in the world to get the full brunt of the convulsively transformative Uranus/Pluto square, quite potently in this case, on the nation’s Sun. The addition of Uranus into the mix suggests sudden and powerful events that can potentially destabilize situations, possibly derived by a strong push to greater equality or reform.

Essentially, the struggle will be between the forces of repression and control (Pluto) and the forces of potentially dramatic reform (Uranus). The involvement of the Chinese Sun in this configuration implies upheaval at the highest levels of government and potentially some significant shift in the country’s agenda. What is clear is that this conflict is still building in strength and will become increasingly dramatic in the coming months, most especially from May through August when both planets will be quite active. The third week in July may also be of particular significance with transiting mars and transiting Jupiter both triggering the Uranus/Pluto square.

It should also be noted that transiting Uranus will be making a station square to natal Chinese Uranus (4Cancer59) from mid-October 2012 through early February 2013 before the final crossing of Uranus opposite China’s Sun (7Libra46) in late February and March 2013. Both of these transits underline the revolutionary fervor possible at this time. The Chinese natal chart has a Sun/Uranus square, as well as Aquarius rising (1Aquarius52) with the Moon in Aquarius (3Aquarius04) on the Ascendant.  This strong Uranian/Aquarian natal element points to the egalitarian, idealistic, and communal nature in the founding of the People’s Republic, and the coming transits may well shake things up in a way that reconnects to that original intention.

The history of this period is, of course, yet to be written. But it will surely be a significant one for China, as these compelling forces align to push this powerful Asian nation into its next phase. It may also be a cautionary tale for the US, a sort of preview as to what kind of upheaval may be coming to American shores when the Uranus/Pluto square finds its way to dramatically impact the US Sun (13Cancer19) in 2014 and early 2015. It may be useful to sit on the sidelines and take notes, for now.


  1. Sharon says:

    Useful for us astrologers and astrology aficionados, Nancy, but for everyone else, they will be in the midst of the drama without understanding the dynamics well (except maybe intuitives and political historians). Thank you for the heads up with this fine article. I’m not usually the first to comment and it’s a privilege.

  2. kdez says:

    There is a lot of nostalgia in China for “the lost communist ideal of economic equality” — it would be nice to think those ideals could prevail at last– but I don’t dare to hope. Our own system is nowhere near as harsh , and I’m doubtful for our own ideals of equal justice and opportunity.

  3. will says:


    “The history of this period is, of course, yet to be written. But it will surely be a significant one for China, as these compelling forces align to push this powerful Asian nation into its next phase. It may also be a cautionary tale for the US, a sort of preview as to what kind of upheaval may be coming to American shores when the Uranus/Pluto square finds its way to dramatically impact the US Sun (13Cancer19) in 2014 and early 2015. It may be useful to sit on the sidelines and take notes, for now.”

    This is a wonderful piece of advice and actually gives the old U.S.A a bit of prep-time, doesn’t it?

    So glad you finally wrote this piece on China.

  4. starlight says:

    One thing I left out but that is important to remember about china is the Mars/Pluto conjunction at 14 and 17 Leo square to Venus (19Scorpio) in the Chinese chart. This is the source of the paranoid, hyper-controlling, brutality of the regime. It is unlikely to ever go away, but the strong Uranus energy over the next year could still try to reconnect with the equality and communal issues of the original revolution.

    It will be interesting to see how the turmoil unfolds. At the moment, the US has become embroiled in it because Chen has appealed to the US for protection. Remember pr US Moon is conjunct natal Saturn right now, so we could have some difficulties in the next couple of weeks. And also remember Hillary and some of the other diplomacy/foreign policy people are under the Saturn station at 22 Libra, so diplomacy issues will be very stressful and difficult for the next couple of months. This could be one of them. Hillary is about to go to China.

  5. starlight says:

    Hillary (if birth time is around 8 AM) has the Moon at 22Pisces50.

    Tom Donilan has the Sun at 23 Taurus and Neptune at 26 Libra, Jupiter at 24 Cancer, Uranus at 24 Cancer, and Venus at 24 Aries.

    James Clapper has the Sun at 23 Pisces and Uranus at 22Taurus57.

    John Brennan has Neptune at 26Libra and Mercury at 24Libra51 (at noon)

    US has Mercury at 24Cancer12.

    Saturn today is at 25Libra02. It will station at 22Libra45 on June 25.

    Pakistan is angry about a recent drone strike. China could get pissy about our harboring Chen. Karzai is always pissy. I am sure there is more, but those are on the top of the list.

  6. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Nancy–Excellent post as always!

    A friend sent me the following, which pretty much sums things up as you have predicted, although I think you see Romney having difficulty starting in Sept., but it adds weight to your analysis!

    Summary of Our Prediction for the Election
    To summarize, it looks like both candidates will come out of their respective conventions over the summer in very good shape, with each entering into very strong periods astrologically in both of their respective charts.

    However, Romney switches into a difficult period starting in mid-October, and this seems to reflect that his campaign will encounter some problems at that time. This difficult period for Romney lasts all the way until early December, and so it appears to reflect that he will lose the election, since Obama encounters nothing comparably difficult during the same time frame.

    We have some concerns that the Mercury retrograde on election day could reflect some problems or controversy with the election itself, as it did in 2000, but ultimately based on the considerations outlined above, as well as some that we did not include in this writeup, it is our opinion that Obama will be elected to a second term.

  7. Lorrie U says:

    Francois Hollande, France’s Next President by Michael Wolfstar

    Hollande became the presidential candidate from the Socialist Party when he won a runoff election on October 16, 2011…The Midheaven’s favorable conditions brought this victory: transiting Jupiter was squaring his Aquarius Midheaven, and transiting Uranus (the ruler of his Midheaven), was conjunct his progressed Midheaven.

    Similar favorable conditions are aligning for the May 6 runoff against Sarkozy. Transiting Uranus is sextile Hollande’s Midheaven, and his progressed Moon in the 10th house is perfectly sextile natal Mars. Even more auspicious is that his progressed Ascendant is closing in on a progressed Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, promising not only victory, but celebrity status and an exciting, action-packed first year. A Hollande win could very well lead to economic turmoil, since he’s promised more regulation of the financial markets and a tax increase on the wealthy.

  8. starlight says:

    Lorrie – I am going to recalculate with the birth time that Wolfstar has found.

  9. starlight says:

    I know virtually everyone is saying that Hollande is going to win. I have looked at the transits and the secondary progressions, not the converse progressions and not the tertiary. But from what I have seen, I still have significant doubts about this. Does anyone know if the polls are tightening at all? I continue to lean toward a Sarkozy win, minority of one that I may be.

  10. andre says:

    Starlight, the last poll that came out today does indicate the French election is getting tighter, but it still has Hollande winning by a margin of 53-47%. Voting day is next Sunday.

  11. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    According to the latest polls, Hollande appears to be widening his lead….

    France Elections 2012: François Hollande Gets Poll Boost As Candidates Prepare For Final Push

    April 30, 2012

    François Hollande is on course for victory in Sunday’s final round of presidential elections, a fresh poll showed on Monday, with his sizeable lead freeing him from pressure from the far-Left.



    If we are to use Liz Greene’s astrological chart of choice for modern day France (October 6, 1958: http://www.astro.com/nat/natfr_e.htm ) Neptune will be stationing retrograde opposite France’s natal Pluto (3 Virgo) in early June which leads me to believe that there may be a redefining of the French political structure possibly more to the left (Neptune in the 12th house – denoting perhaps irrational feelings and fears?).

  12. loyalurker says:

    A very good point. I wonder how a western system which is so much about individualism, competition, etc. will go over in a country and culture that has such a different mind set and values? I’ve never been to China so my impressions of how a more Western system ‘fits’ them may be off.

    A wonderful piece Starlight. “Take notes” indeed. It does seem to be a certainty that we’re not in Kansas anymore and never will be again. I’m just not sure how we will even define ‘home’ in the future.

    By the way, the second Super Moon in a row is coming up on May 7, according to Richard Nolle. And we’ve already discussed the third one in June, not to mention the first Uranus/Pluto meeting.

  13. Jerry says:

    After the results of the May 6th French and Greek elections are in, more than likely all eyes are going to start focusing on Greece when its newly elected govt. convenes for its first session of parliament on May 17th. Will the Greek parliament vote for a renegotiation of previous EU agreements? May 17th could be a critical turning point for the EU……….

    Warning: Euro Crisis No Longer Financial – Now It’s Political, As Well

    Seeking Alpha
    April 29, 2012

    Conventional wisdom is always right… right up to the moment it is proven wrong. The prevailing conventional wisdom of policy makers and the business media has been that the debt crisis in Europe is very serious but is manageable and can be contained.

    The logic underlying this belief is that by enacting steep austerity measures and raising imposing “Firewall Funds” that enough time will be bought until eurozone nations work through their individual recessions and return to a growth mode. Once that happens, the smart set says, the crises will be defused, economic stability will return and all that new debt will be repaid.

    Good luck with that.

    See, up until a week ago the euro crisis had pretty much stayed a financial one. But now, it is a full blown political one. Within the space of a few weeks everything has changed and that should make you and everyone who is paying attention very nervous.



  14. glowlight says:

    Thinking about the Uranus/Pluto square…The Marxist notion of socialism and it’s implementation through revolution in China and other countries this last century, seems to be the reflection of Uranus. Marx’s vision and those who adopted it, were reacting to the new industrial age,the Catholic Church influence on politics of the time, and ruthless capitalism born out of feudel and colonialist exploitation. Pluto reflecting old established institutions.

    China, before and after WW11, was first exploited by European capitalist/colonist and later by the Japanese, another old well established power. Throughout East Asia Japan was in competition with the west for colonial exploitation of labor and resources.
    China was especially brutalized and humiliated. After WW11,the west having defeated Japan, was not going to allow China,(a prize of war), anything more than a puppet government. The Chinese people revolted and attempted to implement a socialist society. After the revolution, fear of the return of colonial exploitation(Pluto), China shut the door to the outside world. Like Russia, China adapted Marxist philosophy to suit the perceived threats from the capitalist/colonialist. The irony is while maintaining the fear of exploitation they have transformed Marx’s socialism into a communist problem they are unable to reconcile with their new capitalist ambitions.

    In contrast, Sweden and Norway also adopted a socialist economy after WW11, but did not suffer the continued threats of exploitation experienced by former colony states and so adopted Marx’s socialism without Lenin’s influence of continuous vigilance.

    Perhaps now that they have succeeded in becoming a world economic power the people are seeing no need for fear and are ready to realize the Uranian vision of their revolution.

    Thank you Nancy for this very stimulating topic.

  15. Tetramorph says:

    Thanks, Nancy. Glad we’ll get something of a preview of the coming attractions…

    Looking at an ephemeris, Chiron turns retrograde on July 1, 2012 @ 9 pisces, and stations direct @ 4 pisces on Nov. 15, 2012. The station will be almost an exact trine to China’s natal Uranus.

    Chiron will be opposed China’s natal Saturn in May 2013.

    Both Saturn and Uranus rule the ascendant.

    Any thoughts on the Chiron Saturn opposition? 1st house to 7th?

    Might we see some resolution to the Chen situation at the Chiron station? Clearly, human rights abuse is a wound on China’s internal relationships.

    In May 1989, right in the middle of the protests, Chiron was conjunct China’s natal Uranus, with Saturn retrograding over natal Saturn.

  16. Angellight says:

    “Essentially, the struggle will be between the forces of repression and control (Pluto) and the forces of potentially dramatic reform (Uranus). And, we see this Playing out — this battle — in all countries here and abroad — as the higher spiritual energies pour in hearalding the Age of Brotherhood and Aquarius which is a very real and potent happening.

  17. Jerry says:

    Hi Tetramorph,

    I believe Chiron goes stationary retrograde on June 11th. Here’s one aspectarian for 2012 that you can look at…..


    But in any case, it should be interesting to see what happens in late June, with that Uranus-Pluto square in t square to China’s Sun. This occurs within a day of a simultaneous Saturn station precisely squaring it’s natal Jupiter. I suspect there could be a major aggressive move (Saturn-Jupiter square) at that point in time. Hard to say if there will be an actual war, but those are pretty major, heavy hitting planets in a war-like formation.

  18. Tetramorph says:

    You are correct about the June 11 Chiron station. I mis-read the ephemeris…

    Interesting what Hand says about transiting Sat. sq Jupiter, “This transit can be quite unfavorable financially, esp. if you have not been very careful in recent years.”

    It is hard to say what events will transpire, but I’m feeling like June is going to have some sort of a economic global tsunami as the major event, perhaps precipitated by war, or rumors of war, in the Middle East.

  19. Tetramorph says:

    Happy Cross-Quarter Day, everyone!

  20. Nina Katarina says:

    Lots of food for thought.

    One of the things that helps keep dissent underground in China is the Great Firewall. With Uranus governing technological innovation, I’m wondering whether the Uranian influence might not also cover a serious breakdown in the firewall, leading to technological revolution and renewal? The Chinese have a culture that reveres education, and that could spark serious technological advancement, but it’s been held back by bureaucracy and rigidity.

  21. chrys says:


    Just wondering how one sees the general aspects for the vote in both France and Greece on the 6th.

  22. Francis says:

    Thank you Angelight for posting this. A beautifully inspiring read on the Beltane morning!

  23. andre says:

    Another astrologer’s look at the French election:

    ”Frustratingly for an astrologer seeking evidence of a win for Monsieur Hollande, there is little to go on as far as the current transits and progressions are concerned. His progressed Ascendant is conjunct the progressed Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, but it is separating. This combination would correlate to a sudden rise to prominence, and unexpected good fortune. The one relevant transit is that of Saturn to his natal Neptune, which forms the apex of a Cardinal T-square involving the moon, Jupiter and Uranus. Here Saturn’s powers of consolidation enable a Neptunian dream to be realized.
    Of course, I am writing ahead of the election so it would be just as easy to see this Saturn transit to Neptune as the loss of a dream.
    LOOKING AT NICOLAS SARKOZY’S CHART AND THE HOROSCOPE of France, there are clear indications of a change of leadership.
    The usual suspects are gathered on key points of France’s chart: most significant of all is Pluto, which is conjunct the Mid-heaven. Death and transformation are the business of Pluto, and the most logical expression of this process would be the end of one administration and the beginning of another. Gone is the centre-right party of Sarkozy and in comes the Hollande-led Socialist regime.
    Uranus in Aries is squaring the Mid-heaven and opposing the Sun-Venus mid-point, reinforcing the theme of radical change. Saturn is close to the descendant, which is not only suggestive of a relationship in trouble – and we can see this as the relationship of the state to its people and the country’s relationship with the rest of the world – but also the burden the extreme austerity measures are exacting.
    In fact, all these major transits to the French chart are reflective of the hardship, dissatisfaction and disillusion currently being experienced by the nation, which in turn is generating a powerful impulse for change.”

    Astrolutely.com E-Scope

  24. andre says:

    Two polls out today give Hollande a 54%-46% lead over Sarkozy. They are going to face off in a nationally televised debate on French television tomorrow, but it is unlikely that will change the final result.

  25. starlight says:

    andre – That astrological post makes sense. I think if Hollande does win, the Saturn crossing of his Neptune through May and the Saturn station sesquiquadrate to his Ascendant into July suggest not much celebration and more buyer’s remorse. When the “dream” comes down to earth, he will realize what he has taken on. The other interpretation, despite the numbers, is grandiose expectation coming down to reality and loss. It seems I am wrong, but I will wait for next Monday to be sure.

  26. David says:

    Here at home (forgetting the French for awhile) I thought I would let all Starlight’s followers know my list of most hated people:

    Bob McWomenHaterDonnell
    Paul No MercyRyan
    Michael Snowman Bloomberg
    Marco MCRibio Sandwich
    Rick Insaneotorum
    Newt DelusionRich
    Sarah Moose Killer Palin
    Mitt RumDrinkerNey

    Amazing and I just began but have to work.

  27. Jackson says:

    “Some of my best friends are feudal overlords.” — Willard Mittens Romney.

  28. David says:

    Nancy cautioned me against using the word “hate” so freely. She is right in that hatred poisons the hater more so than the hatee. I know this but got carried away earlier. So, in my post above please change the over used word “hate” to “dislike”,”despise”, “detest” or “execrate”.

  29. Sharon says:

    Well done!

  30. Sharon says:

    You must keep Nancy in stitches – you’re pretty funny!

  31. Sharon says:

    The grass is always greener!

  32. Sharon says:

    I have mars at about 23-24 pisces and venus at about 25-26- maybe the Saturn station is why I feel like I’m going into a “mood” (not without cause :-). My husband has his sun @ 8 Aries – should be quite a summer for him!

  33. Sharon says:

    And we mustn’t forget our other humorists onboard: Will, Jackson, I forget who else — but I appreciate good wit

  34. arbo says:

    My Moon is at 22Pisces41. I remember 2008, so I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for me…

  35. Ardy says:

    Heya Nancy :) I’m hoping everyone has heard the news from London that the parliamentary committee found Rupert Murdoch is ‘not a fit & proper person to head an international company’. At last some justice … even if it only means this stain on his reputation will for ever be on the records. I’d love to see an analyis from you about him & his stinking News Corp & Fox generally.

  36. will says:


    Thank you very much for the Money, Power and WallStreet link; by pure chance, I tuned it in on TV tonight and found the programme compelling, highly informative and terrifying.

  37. glowlight says:

    I have Venus@7 Pisces with tr.Neptune and Chiron conjuncting it in the tenth house opposite N.Mars. And like Romin Romney, O’Gemini Ascending. Any ideas about these configurations? I just feel like I’m lost in a dream, or a fog, at the same time colors, patterns, shapes of flowers and all that make up the natural environment are incredibly vivid and profoundly beautiful. This is where I escape to each day.

  38. glowlight says:

    Gee, maybe that is Ramin Romney’s problem. He’s all in a fog at the worst times and having to grasp at his old bain capital brain tapes to get through his speeches. Now that I think of it Roman Romney (think patrition)is an opt name. Darn, spelling is annoying. Grammar is too.

  39. Angellight says:

    “End This Depression (not Recession) Now!” By Paul Krugman


    Now is the time for the government to spend more, not less, until the private sector is ready to carry the economy forward again,” he writes, seeking to light a bonfire under policymakers.

  40. Noelle says:

    Unfortunately, Angellight, the people who need to hear Krugman’s message won’t read his book. We can still hope.

  41. Nina Katarina says:

    I try not to hate.

    I try to think that the people who I see inflicting damage on the world have too small a soul to see what damage they are doing. I try to pray that their souls will grow great enough to see that damage, and that they’ll try to work to undo it in this lifetime.

    That’s how I try to live. I don’t always succeed.

  42. Sharon says:

    Sounds like you’re a natural artist, teacher, healer, spiritual pilgrim. What’s your sun sign and rest of your chart like? What’s your birth path number? Neptune is headed towards that configuration in a few years — get ready for all those beautiful vibes to intensify. Neptune has been sticking around my 1 Pisces sun and will be back, I think in the future. It’s been a nice experience and I have felt extra sympathetic, kind, loving however, I did fool myself by being over-optimistic about something that looked like a shoe-in.

  43. arbo says:

    “Hate” is a shortcut word, very popular with the right. Leave it to them.

    Having grown up the only Democrat — ever, except for a sister-in-law who never mentioned what her political leanings were until she was widowed — in a family of Republicans, I learned early to try to understand why they think like they do so as not to hate them. It makes for a lot of frustration. I figured out early on that they’re hard-wired to think the way they do, and that having someone unquestionably “in charge” seemed to have a lot to do with it.

    As for why I knew even as a child in Orange County, CA — I’m a leading Boomer, circa 1948 — that I wasn’t a conservative, I remember being frightened by both Nixon as VP and Joe McCarthy, et al. That and having to hear again and again that Eleanor Roosevelt was “an ugly woman,” when I thought she looked like the nicest grandmother ever. So I never felt the least bit ashamed of being the black sheep among the wool-clad wolves.

  44. loyalurker says:

    Speaking of ‘love’ – I think if someone published my college love letters I’d shoot myself. Oh the drama, oh the bad poetry and silly romantic prose…in short….young love.

    Unfortunately for Obama, that is probably not an option.


  45. loyalurker says:

    According to the news, college students are cooling off to Obama. I seriously doubt that means they are warming up Mitty.
    I think it means more willing to show up for Occupy and similar movements.

  46. andre says:

    Just watched parts of the French debate between Hollande and Sarkozy. IMHO, Hollande was the clear winner, much more confident and calm. Sarkozy looks like he knows it’s over. Hollande will clearly be different. He said he’s pulling out all French troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and he has warned Germany that it doesn’t rule Europe. He says he wants to protect the average person and not the privileged, but he could make things worse by raising tensions with France’s allies. I wonder how the markets will react if he is elected on Sunday.

  47. Patty says:

    Dear Starlight, Thank you for a most interesting China update. I’ve heard blurbs of a woman politician who is about to come to China’s forefront.
    Liu Yandong. I’m unable to find her
    birthdate…yet, filled with hope that she will bring a positive/feminine energy.


  48. clymela says:

    Arbo-you have made my day. I am a 1947 Boomer and I grew up a natural Progressive in the wheat fields of Kansas surrounded by Republicans. I was just was “born that way” and even began studying astrology on my own there identifying everyone I knew by Sun sign before I was twelve. Had to get back to California though before I could really study astrology-I have never gone back to Kansas although I may visit there later this year.

  49. glowlight says:

    Sharon thanks for your comments. My sun 2’Aquarius, mercury 15’Aquarius, Uranus 22’Gemini, Moon 28’Gemini, Pluto 14’Leo, Saturn 20’Leo, Neptune 12’Libra, Chiron 22’Scorpio, Jupiter 19’Sag. A 1948 boomer. Your assessment is very close. I’ve been a teacher, a single mom to four kids, worked as a caregiver and I have a strong interest in the fine arts. I also obtained an advanced degree in juvenile justice with the objective of healing wounded kids. My spiritual journey is undefined as it exits as dream in my real world.

    However, most of my ambitions have been restrained or blocked in one way or another. I think Pluto conj.Saturn opposite Mercury has something to do with it. And these two never let me wander too far away from the glowlight dancing in my dreams guiding me somewhere I know not.

    The major aspects include a grand trine, cosmic rectangle, a grand cross and a t-square. Sorry, I don’t know about birth path numbers. I really appreciate whatever insight you have to offer. Since Chiron and Neptune moved into Pisces, I began helping a friend care for her adorable 92yr old mother. She cannot understand why I would want to care for her, while I feel it is a great honor to be in her life at this time. I am learning much from her accumulated wisdom.

  50. Jerry says:

    A major shift is underway with the upcoming May 6th Scorpio Full Moon. It happens to coincide with the highly provocative Greek/French elections. A lot is at stake. The future of the Euro may be riding on this.

    For Greece (7/24/74), transiting north node closely conjoins Greece’s natal Neptune (within a half degree) with a simultaneous exact tr. Mars t square which provides the necessary energy to prompt things into action. However, there are pitfalls in this configuration as one astro website observes…..

    Neptune Conjunct North Node: You’re attuned to what is socially popular and acceptable. You’re intuitively at the right place at the right time. However, you tend to get swept along in fads and often go along with the crowd because it’s the easy way out and this can lead to disaster. You must learn to exercise discrimination. – End of Quote –

    The Greek Election Could Be The Start Of A European Spring

    The Guardian
    May 1, 2012

    A François Hollande win in France would challenge the EU’s austerity agenda – but if the Greek left does well it could set Europe on an entirely new path


  51. Jerry says:

    Elections In France, Greece Likely To Rock Europe Again

    Globe And Mail
    May 2, 2012

    Europe on the ropes

    Crippling levels of unemployment and massive austerity cuts promise to shake up European politics and rock the euro zone anew.

    Speculation is mounting that French and Greek elections will lead to a backlash that would threaten fiscal agreements already made, sparking more turmoil in global markets.

    Greece votes May 6, and the French hold their second round the same day.

    In France, Socialist hopeful François Hollande may well topple Nicolas Sarkozy, who, with Germany’s Angela Merkel, has led the austerity drive in the 17-nation euro zone.

    In Greece, the latest betting points to an election that leaves no clear majority winner, suggesting a coalition.

    “The most likely outcome is a parliament in which no single party has a majority, which means tough negotiations will ensue among the parties to form a governing coalition,” said Pierre Fournier and Angelo Katsoras of National Bank of Canada.

    “Once, and if, this hurdle is overcome, the even more difficult challenge will be to pass further austerity measures in the face of very hostile opposition coming from both the newly empowered anti-austerity parties and the recession-weary public.”

    If Mr. Hollande were to take the second round of the presidential elections, they added, that could mean a “one-two geopolitcal punch” for markets.



  52. glowlight says:

    “End the Depression Now”, Paul Krugman.
    Finally, someone is calling the economic disaster for what it is. The whole notion of Great Recession just didn’t cut it. That term minimized what actually happened and now the Repugs expect us to forget they created the mess with their policies. Thank you Paul Krugman! Saw him on Rachel Maddow last night.

  53. Angellight says:

    Writing from Duane Carpenter

    and for me why I see the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United as supremely dangerous & yet Hope due to the power of Internet and worldwide web.

    “There are a number of small and powerful groups of financiers, religious reactionaries, and political demagogues who use the internet and operate on the dark side of the first, third, sixth, and seventh rays; they will attempt to control this idea of a new world civilization and a new world religion for their own selfish and material interests. In time their selfish hold over the distribution of wealth, natural resources, and information will give way to an enlightened public opinion that will demand transparency and accountability from its many different elected officials and public servants as well as private investors. Public service is a word that has largely lost much of its original meaning and inner spiritual inspiration.

    We are currently in the intermediate stages of what in the future will be known as the great media wars of the 21st Century. Those who control the distribution of information via the popular media to a large extent control what people think, hence the need for disciples everywhere to make their voices heard and their spiritual principles and ideals clear. In spite of man’s selfish and material propensities, the integration of mass communications, could we but see downstream or comprehend the big picture, is the result of our Planetary Logos attempting to be in touch with all of His constituent parts. ”


  54. Angellight says:

    Glowlight, yes, there are three books out now all laying the blame at the feet of the GOP, and basically hatched by Newt Gingrich and now being carried forward by standard bearers: Paul Ryan, Scott Walker. I beleive who are both from Wisconsin! Books: Ask Not What Good We Do; It is Worst Than you Think, and Krugman’s book.

  55. clymela says:

    Angellight-Thank you so much for your offering. the info you shared just went so deeply into my consciousness because I have witnessed the effects of the communication that those of the extreme right wing are using. I have spent time with relatives and old friends who literally seem to be shaking with their fear and hatred of Obama believing him to be the anti-Christ. When I have questioned them about their beliefs attempting to find where they have been led astray, to a person they shut up and will not have a conversation with me. Reading your offering this morning I think that I now understand what is going on, and although I may ever know the words used, I do now understand the power in the minds of those I have loved for years and I will use prayer and meditation, the better, that the truth will shine. Thank you again. I know that I have a greater grasp of the truth myself this morning.

  56. Francis says:

    That is so perfect and says so much about our culture. For the girl’s sake, at least he didn’t name her Glock.

  57. starlight says:

    White Supremacist, Nazi, former GOP official is shooter in Arizona


    This horrible story is not at all surprising. It describes the natural outcome of the hate-spewed paranoia of the Right.

    An Arizona man who on Wednesday reportedly killed four people, including a 47-year-old grandmother and a 15-month-old infant, and then took his own life was also a former Republican Party official, a former white supremacist neo-Nazi and the founder of a border patrol vigilante group that advocated using violence on immigrants.

  58. starlight says:

    Tomorrow morning (tr Moon conjunct tr Saturn) and this weekend (tr Mercury opposite tr Saturn) are likely to be difficult ones for the US and this imbroglio over Chen. Likely lots of stress and difficult negotiations. They need an astrologer in the WH. The Latin America conference came on a Sun/Saturn opposition and the Chinese negotiations with Hillary are coming with a Mercury/ Saturn opposition, activating tr Saturn square US Mercury. Tr Saturn square US Mercury through May 12.

  59. arbo says:

    Thank you, Clymela. Whatever Dorothy Gale said, what you’re looking for isn’t always in your own back yard, is it?

    I didn’t know much about astrology until I was grown, but Grant Lewi has been helpful in making me understand the psychology. I do wish that I’d known about Mars conj Neptune earlier, so I’d have known why my mother thought what I saw as her self-centered selfishness was a virture. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with Republicans…

  60. arbo says:

    I will never understand why they can’t see how Reagan benefitted from astrology, although I suppose there’s a placement that explains it.

  61. Jackson says:

    Wow. A Nazi Republican — literally.

  62. David says:

    I want a $1000 t-shirt – what an ignoramus.

  63. barbk says:

    Boy, not at all surprising is right. Still, it does get our attention. This is probably an example of how Grand Trines aren’t always such a good thing, what with all that easy energy circulating and little to break the flow. I’m thinking of the earth (reality) grand trine in the still active U.S. Solar Return chart between Pluto, Moon and Jupiter. The Moon (populace) in Virgo wants to “fix” something that Pluto (death) in Capricorn has exposed, and Jupiter (belief system) in Taurus provides the sense of righteousness and entitlement. It doesn’t get more “real” than this.

    Fortunately, I guess, there is no Grand Trine in the upcoming U.S. Solar Return, and nobody is trining (making it easy) Pluto at all. Enough is enough. However, Pluto has also been participating in 2 yods during the time since the U.S. birthday last year, both with Mercury in demonstrative Leo. In one case, Mercury is the point of action in the pattern with Pluto sextile Chiron (wounding). In the other yod, Pluto is the point of action fueled by the sextile of Mercury to Mars (anger) in Gemini. I believe all this violence has a purpose, as unpleasant as it is.

    It’s Chiron’s job to make us aware, and Mercury (in the U.S. SR 2011 chart) is conjunct the U.S. NATAL Moon’s North Node, almost forcing we-the-people to move toward our destiny. In that SR chart, Saturn was “rising” and trine Mars in the 9th, implying a religious or other belief system (no doubt fanatical) was driving the thoughts (Mars in Gemini) to “contain” or end (Saturn) the rebellion of others (Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn, square Pluto). This is the Mars that was participating in the yod by sextile to Mercury and both quincunx Pluto the release point.

    But what is it with Arizona and all the shooters?

  64. Patty says:

    Clymela…Beautifully stated, I felt the same.
    Angellight…Love this site, very inspiring. Thank you.

    I wish Obama would make a political commercial along these lines:

    Some Americas have been filled with anger, fear and hatred toward one political party or the other. Mark Twain once said:

    “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”

    “If we could ‘still’ the negativity existing in our nation and work together. We could accomplish important, positive and lasting things for America…if we were all pulling in the same direction”

    Corny…I know. Just a dream/wish.

  65. barbk says:

    I could not agree more Nancy, the WH needs an astrologer and I know you have done your best to inform those in power operating from there. Like I said above, the U.S. SR chart for this past birthday is still in effect, but only for two more months. There is another yod in that chart that makes me think that Compassion will be the trump card; the sextile between Saturn (government) in Libra to Mercury in Leo (dramatic talk) find their release point through Chiron (healer) conjunct Neptune in Pisces (Compassion). I think Hillary is probably the perfect choice to negotiate with the Chinese for the U.S. (partly ‘cuz I remember seeing her tear up during the 2008 primary campaign when asked how she juggled it all. She can emote when necessary!)

    I’ve been studing the chart for the upcoming Solar Return for the U.S. and it has some interesting and hopeful signs. There are at least 2 yods I’ve found so far among the major planets. One is a repeat of the Pluto sextile Chiron that energizes Mercury in Leo. The other is a sextile between Mercury and Venus (+ Jupiter + Ceres + south node) energizing Pluto.

    To be clear, a yod aspect consists of 3 planets, 2 of which are in a cooperative sextile aspect, and a 3rd planet that forms a quincunx (150 degrees) aspect to both of them. The irritating nature of the double quincunx has a stimulating effect on the 3rd planet, causing it to release it’s symbolic energy with extra force. If we picture a bow & arrow with the arrow pulled against a taut string, you will get the picture. The 2 ends of the string are represented by the 2 planets in sextile and the end of the arrow against the string is represented by the 3rd planet in the yod. Sometimes there will be a 4th planet opposite the 3rd and it will provide a target for the arrow. In both yods in the new birthday chart for the U.S. the arrow has a target.

    The 1st arrow’s target is the Moon in Capricorn. Although wide, it is considered within orb of the aspect due to her wide degree allowance (15 degrees on each side). From the Mercury arrow’s point of view he has to point to the Right. it just so happens the SR Moon is conjunct the U.S. Natal Pluto. Like getting the People as well as the Power in one shot.

    The 2nd arrow’s target is the Sun. This time the arrow (Pluto) has to aim to the Left. (As an aside, the Sun will be conjunct asteroid Memoria, both at 13 Cancer 19!)

    So in it’s own way, the U.S. Solar Return chart for 2012 has managed to balance the energy between divisions represented symbolically between Yin (Moon) and Yang (Sun) as it also happens a day after a full moon. It also finds a way to balance the Left with the Right (gotta see that to believe that). It also has managed to balance the Personal (Mercury, Venus) and the Universal (Pluto, Chiron) through the energies of these 2 yods… pretty amazing I think.

  66. Angellight says:

    Clymela: That was beautiful and from the heart. I can tell you care deeply for this country and the people in it. Love conquers all, even when we think its obsolete, it will win out in the end. Kindness, compassion, sharing, beauty, a sense of true values and those blessed things of the spirit will stand because they build and do not tear down. Christ ask us to let our light shine and that we must do also. And, that reminds me that blessed are the Peacemakers.

  67. Virginia says:

    You can be sure her friends will have all sorts of optional names for her, all referencing guns: ‘Quick-Draw’, etc.

  68. Virginia says:

    How do you-all plan to celebrate the Full Moon / Cinco de Mayo? I’m a double-Taurus and I expect to spend it chained in the basement :-)

  69. starlight says:

    Job numbers out tomorrow: expect them to be bad, bad, bad and the Market to go down. Moon/Saturn conjunction through around 2 PM EDT. Lots of whining about it all weekend with Mercury opp Saturn.

  70. starlight says:

    Not very hard to imagine. :)

  71. mima says:

    Starlight, the only way I keep abreast on the news is by reading your blog, lol! Probably one of the few places to find sobering information. I can’t get enough of you and your blog followers writers.
    Now, Wisconsin’s primary for the candidates that are going against Scott Walker will be next Tuesday, May 8th-do you see Kathleen Falk DOB 6/26/51 Vs Tom Barret 12/08/53. THe polls show Barrett and Walker in a dead heat. I wonder if Falk comes up winning it could be a real win for her. I also wonder if many republicans will vote for her to upset Barrett’s chances. This will be a nail biter here in this state.

  72. mima says:

    Sheez I could use some editing, lol. I meant your blog followers’ insights. And if Falk wins the primary she will be able to win the governor’s seat.

  73. clymela says:

    This is so funny the uproar over this t-shirt. When I saw her I said to my dear one “oh! they need to get someone to explain what works on TV.” I really thought she chose to wear that shirt out of ignorance of how it would look on the screen. Now I have learned that it cost almost $1000 and I am staggered. What a weird choice for someone who really gets where “we”, the common folk,are coming from.

  74. fierywoman says:

    Your dream-wish is NOT corny but an exquisite idea.

  75. fierywoman says:

    And with an astrologer in the White House, a cultural mythologist!

  76. starlight says:

    mima – What I posted a while back was that I thought Falk looked stronger than Barrett for the primary election, but that Walker was happy with the outcome of the primary (which I suppose he might be if Falk won it). He also looks quite strong through May from the Uranus/Pluto aspecting his Mars. I also think Falk has a better chance in June than does Barrett. But all of this is based on no birth time information, so it is pretty shaky. (and it seems I am not doing so well in the likely Hollande victory over Sarkozy battle either, having picked Sarkozy.)

  77. starlight says:

    Walker is the “he” who looks strong, aggressive, and larded with cash in May with Uranus/Pluto in hard aspect to his Mars.

  78. starlight says:

    Remember when I told you that Ron Paul was the one who would continue to be strong and appealing through much of the campaign, long after Gingrich and Santorum and the rest? He is not done.


  79. will says:

    “A cultural mythologist.” Beautiful, Fierywoman!

  80. Angellight says:

    You are welcome, Francis!

  81. Angellight says:

    Patty, I too wish Obama would make a commercial and may be they will. Beautiful “anger do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored”, and true! It is telling to me how negative GOP Party is, starting with Gingrich (wasn’t there some kind of cartoon the Grinch who stole Christmas) and carried forward by their spokesperson, Rush Limbaugh, There was a time in America where we had real Heros and where rudeness was not emulated but speaking kindly of someone was and we did not hurt people’s feelings, because those are the real Christain values! Rush has been a potent force in the coarsening of American values and this is one of the Leaders of the GOP party…,

    Yesterday Romney spoke and said he wants to Build military planes & Navy Ships. But what about bridges, Roads, schools & highspeed-Rails which we desperately need & which will put people back to work.

  82. Angellight says:

    Starlight, “he” has the cash, but will he have the People?

  83. barbk says:

    I agree fierywoman, someone who can see the story in old symbols, and translate it for a new audience. Many thanks for that!

  84. Noelle says:

    Actually, I thought she looked great in it and what does it say about us that we are even talking about it?

    I’m far from being a Romney fan and am much more concerned about his criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the delicate situation in China right now. He never says how he would do something. He only criticizes. Who is he?

    Barbk, thanks for the info on the yods. Anything positive is welcome news. I seem to recall that yods have a spiritual significance….something aboot the “finger of God’ pointing to the release.

  85. Roderick says:

    Does that mean that Paul will run as a third party candidate?

    Certainly Romney won’t pick him as his VP.

  86. starlight says:

    Not sure what it means except that he won’t go quietly but will remain active in some fairly aggressive way through the summer.

  87. starlight says:

    Here is where I predicted it in early January:


  88. Sharon says:

    Happy Solar Return today to our beloved Pat S! I don’t know what moniker she goes by lately but she used to be known as the Queen of Pentacles. She is a phenomenal artist who sells the most beautiful paintings and calendars each year. Much health, happiness & success to Pat!

  89. loyalurker says:

    Hi Starlight,
    Right on the money as you predicted.

    Do have any thoughts about this month’s Super Moon coming this weekend? It even made the news, and though they jokingly said not to worry about facial hair growth (werewolf) , they did mention the effects on the tides and storms when the Moon was so close to the earth. I think that’s a first.

  90. Diane L says:

    Good call! Price of crude is under $100/barrel as a result. Maybe gas prices will drop too . . . always good press for PBO not to mention all our pocketbooks.

  91. Wennye' says:

    Clymela, you better believe that that is probably one of the cheaper items in her closet. She didn’t think to run down to Old Navy before her photo shoot..lol, Blessings to you, Wennye’

  92. kdez says:

    Well, they’ve got all the guns…

  93. clymela says:

    Oh Sharon!! thank you for spelling out that is is Pat S’s(QOP) birthday. I saw her in Facebook and she was referring to b/d but I thought she was referring to b/d’s in general. Sometimes I am a little slow. Love her and yes I get her calendar’s every year and managed to afford a print of one of her big pieces. She does the most wonderful sea/water images although I chose her piece on the county fair-she captured perfectly the excitement of fair to small town folk. I could taste the cotton candy and feel the warm night air.And…she is a good astrologer as well.
    I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo by staying home-too much going on right now for me to feel like going out with the “people”. Here’s the best of good wishes for everyone this weekend.

  94. Pat says:

    Thank you Sharon…………..I think I have traveled from QOP, through Q of Wands to Q of Cups at this point. I feel much loved today…this week……this month……….
    A shout to Loyal lurker
    “they did mention the effects on the tides and storms when the Moon was so close to the earth. I think that’s a first.” A first for MSM do you mean? (I pulled the plug on the TV 3 years ago & even at the kids house the TV is set on game boy, no-one watches it anymore.)
    But the perigee “supermoon”………I can see the effects out of my kitchen window. 25’from the back of my house, there is a 50′ incline ( steep) & at the bottom a tidal stream that swells twice a day. At perigee, the entire little salt marsh ( about the size of 1/2 a football field) is covered to the tree line. Has been happening for the 21 years I have been here. ( although with NOTICEABLE CHANGES) This morning several weeks after the human smelters have been down there with their nets and flashlights and the smelts are in the cold case at the market..the gulls had their feast. ( happens on the May full moon) I have just figured out
    that the gulls are going for the eggs, not the adult fish! They swoop down, below tree level, glide along the stream and scoop up their catch, & I am viewing from above………..feels like I am flying too, looking down on their backs. ( There’s a painting waiting to happen) I am trying to share my peace, in person & through my work, with as many as I come into contact with..as I believe this is the key to change. This is working.I have learned to be relaxed and patient………………just when things seem impossible, my needs are met. The past is history, the future hasn’t happened yet and…………..the present is a PRESENT!
    Pat S QOC!

  95. kiwi says:

    may I add my best wishes for a great birthday and year Pat!!

  96. loyalurker says:

    Happy Birth Day Pat.

    And thank you for painting such a lovely image of your beautiful natural surroundings! Who needs paint! How lovely to be so connected to the rhythms and pulsing of the earth and sea! When we are in that peaceful loving place we ARE like the full moon, emanating the great mother energy. A warm glowing light that attracts others to us to bask in the light. There’s no ‘trying’ involved – you simply are the energy. And I agree that this is the key and what keeps us on the path.

    Yes, I was referring to the MSM news anchors who seem to have to make a joke about the power of the Moon’s “beastly” affect on both our inner and outer lives. Her impact on vast oceans, the tidal shifts and the lifting up of the earth’s crust is indeed powerful stuff! Women have always been connected to the monthly ‘flow’…lol!

  97. stardust says:

    Pat, could you please post your website. Thanx!

  98. Jerry says:

    If we consider Michael Wolfstar’s rationale for embracing the widely recognized March 25, ’57 Treaty of Rome as the astrological birthchart of choice for the EU, we have a monumental transit coming up that could unravel the entire EU to the core. The upcoming June 4th lunar eclipse (14 ’13 Sagittarius) precisely conjoins the EU Saturn (14 ’18 Sagittarius). Saturn rules all types of structures. Whether a lunar eclipse acts as an ending or a climax to a problematic feature in a chart remains to be seen. But one thing is clear, the uncertainty involving the Euro currency as it stands today may be a compelling factor as we approach this particular astrological milestone. Here is Wolfstar’s analysis on the EU Treaty of Rome….

    The European Union’s Identity Crisis
    March 8, 2010

    Since NewsScope’s article on Greece three weeks ago, several readers have asked about the horoscope for the European Union. The chart I’ve found most useful is the one set for the Treaty of Rome on March 25, 1957 (6:30 pm CET; Rome). Major transits and progressions to this chart correspond to the gradual political, economic, and geographic evolution of the European nation-state.

    The EU Sun is in pioneering Aries, but with Libra Rising, the EU relies on cooperation to get anything done. The progressed Sun’s aspects are especially significant to the EU’s shifting self-identity. For example, the original six members (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany) officially joined the EU on January 1, 1958 when the progressed Sun was entering the seventh house of partners.

    On January 1, 1973 Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom entered the EU when the progressed Sun was quincunx the fateful North Node. Most relevant to current events, Greece joined on January 1, 1981 when the progressed Sun was trine Pluto and transiting Uranus was squaring Pluto (orbs: 0º12′ and 0º03′). This identifies Greece with the EU’s Pluto, indicating its small, but metamorphic power – for better or worse.

    Greece’s shaky economy was revealed last September when the EU’s progressed Ceres (from the eighth house of credit) and progressed Pluto were precisely squaring each other (orb 0º01′). The progressed Sun will square natal Pluto over the next two years, suggesting an unfolding identity crisis, a deeply transformative process that will completely re-shape the European Union. This political-economic death and rebirth is underscored by all the outer planets forming hard aspects to the EU Sun in the same interval.

    (EU March 25, 1957 natal chart enclosed in the URL link)


  99. Pat says:

    I must confess to either watching the local fauna or painting….before I update my blog spot.But here it is…………I welcome followers.
    I tend to post first on facebook, if anyone wants to friend me, it’s Pat Sharp, if you can find me instead of that hunky Pat Sharp, Canadian rockstar! LOL!
    Thanks Kiwi, & loyalurker for the bday wishes.

  100. barbk says:

    Did anyone watch the President kick off his campaign at Ohio State in Columbus? Fantastic he was indeed. With the Moon sooo big now in Scorpio, it was sextile Pluto who rules the sign she’s in. She was still conjunct his natal Neptune in his 9th house (of Universities), and Venus was exactly square his Mars and the U.S. Neptune, and still conjunct the U.S. Mars. Mars was conjunct his natal Pluto too. Off to a good start and maybe he DOES have an astrologer in the WH!

  101. Wennye' says:

    Pat, I hope your day was as special as you are! Blessings dear one, Wennye’

  102. Wennye' says:

    Hey Clymela, To celebrate Cinco de Mayo I made sandwishes with granola bars, tiny oranges and bottle water to pass out to those who tend not to be included in street festivities because they are homeless. It is a GOOD day. Blessings to you, Wennye’

  103. kiwi says:

    I see libertarian candidate for Pres has just been announced. Any thoughts anyone on how he might affect the obama/romney contest?
    Gary Johnson – born Jan 1, 1953 – will have pluto on his sun beginning of next year, yes?

  104. starlight says:

    David and I watched the Ohio speech. He and Michelle were both awesome! So inspiring. We were really energized watching him.

  105. starlight says:

    Joe Conason on Romney:


    The article made me think of the solar eclipse that was right on Romney’s Ascendant. I begin to wonder if this will be the flavor of the whole campaign: a real wipeout that would reflect that eclipse.

    From the article:

    But Romney’s error (his comments about the Chinese situation) was worse than a misguided political tactic. It showed a woeful ignorance of diplomacy and a callow opportunism that don’t befit the next occupant of the Oval Office. To endanger Chen’s safety and the prestige of the United States in those difficult hours was an act of weak character as well as stupidity.

  106. fierywoman says:

    You’ve made my week by putting up this link to the Conason article — a big “mwah!!!” to you.

  107. teresahill says:

    My mother is incredibly fearful, which makes her perfect for falling for the Republican fear-mongering.
    But she’s a dog-lover, and the worst, most offensive thing she’s heard about Romney — which makes her disgusted with him — is about him taking his dog on a 12-hour drive in the cage on top of the car.
    She said he’s certainly rich enough to keep the dog in a kennel or make better travel arrangements.

  108. loyalurker says:

    Is anyone here familiar with British astrologer Jonathan Cainer?
    I only recently discovered him and signed up for membership which provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly audio and video readings. My bar is set pretty high on these kinds of things, and I rarely listen to or read anything that seems like commercial and shallow/unsophisticated astrology. But I am so impressed with this guy. He is not at all superficial and gets right to the heart of things. And I love the way he expresses himself…so engaging. Anyway, with membership one can also view and read various talks he’s given. This is one titled, The 2012 Survival Guide (which I hope ‘nonmembers’ will be able to access):

  109. Angellight says:

    Starlight: There was a Fox News reporter who also critizied Romney for his remarks on the Chen incident and possibly other Republicans! I think you might be right regards his campaign being a wash; this man is just not policaly savvy — dogs on the car; are these cookies from 7-11? and other absurb remarks which makes me really think that someone was able to make a Humanoid, not quite human. If it is an experiment to see if they could get It to become President, it has gone woefully wrong. I know, I sound crazy, but yet when I see him; this is what I see. The worship of money and no Soul!

  110. Angellight says:

    Happy Bierthyday, Pat, many more happy ones!

  111. kdez says:

    Cainer is obviously a competent astrologer, but he’s made several mistaken predictions in the political realm – our very own Starlight has a much better track record.

    On a personal level, I find him too relentlessly upbeat — all that “when one door closes another opens” stuff. I prefer a difficult truth to a pretty lie.

  112. loyalurker says:

    Hi kdez,
    Thanks for your response. How are you familiar with his work? Are you a Brit or do you follow him via a web page, or does he have a column with some news source?

    I didn’t realize Cainer made political predictions. Where does he write about that? As far as being upbeat, I guess I tend to agree with his feelings about fear and how we create our own reality based on how we see, interpret and respond to the world. So I’m not sure I would consider this a lie vs. truth issue so much as a choice of perspective. Kind of the ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’ approach.
    Anyway, I found him refreshing and was in agreement on much of what he had to say in this 2012 piece.

  113. starlight says:

    Speaking of my predictions, way back when Syria erupted and everyone thought another dictator would fall, I predicted Assad would be there and very nasty and aggressive for quite a while (likely at least into 2013 or 1014). They are now saying that they doubt he will be pushed out. (Sometimes I wish I was not right about things. :( )

  114. andre says:

    Pat, you write excellent French on your site. I wonder where you picked that up. Maine is next door to Quebec. ”Just when things seem impossible, my needs are met.” Ditto.

  115. will says:

    Yes Nancy, it was one of the predictions about which I was privately hoping you were maybe “off.” I was also hopeful that Assad’s training as a physician might have had a softening effect on him and that he might hear and answer the cries of his oppressed people with more compassion. What is it with these middle eastern people and their rulers?

    I am wondering if the addiction to enormous power and resources (Pluto)is not the most pernicious and malignant. In our own “democratic” U.S.A, we see this kind of vicious “fight-to-the-death” for greed and dominion by the upper 1% play out in all of its awfulness via their outrageously-false claims against pretty much the entire Demotic Party. Their narcissism, greed and insistence upon control seems to be their form of heroin.

  116. starlight says:

    Now here is a prediction I am happy to be wrong about. It looks like Hollande has won, but it is not yet official. He will pursue much saner policies than Sarkozy for reviving the French economy, and hopefully others will follow suit.


  117. teresahill says:

    I know we don’t do this on this site, and I’m sorry in advance. But I just have no idea what to do with my daughter anymore. We’ve been through her flunking every class she took last spring semester, the last she spent at school. A totaled car, which she miraculously walked away from, a DUI, a possession of marijuana charge, stealing prescription drugs from me, stealing money from us, all sorts of lying and broken promises. We left her in jail for 48 hours the last time, and even that didn’t seem to help.
    If anyone can offer any kind of insights — maybe just a clue about an occupation or when this awful spell will be over — I would greatly appreciate it.
    Birth information: 4/8/1992, 3:28 p.m., Hilton Head Island, SC
    Thank you so much

  118. andre says:

    The result in the French election was tight: Hollande 51.5%-Sarkozy 48.5%. As his first measure, Hollande has announced he is blocking any rise in gas prices for the next 3 months. What happens afterwards? In his acceptance speech, he said he would ask himself at the end of his term what he has done for equality for all.

    His election has an impact on the independence movement in Quebec. Sarkozy was the first French president to oppose the separation of Quebec from Canada. Hollande’s party has promised to renew the traditional French position, which is usually implicit and moral support, but nonetheless significant.

    Also, Quebec students have been on strike for 3 months against a rise in tuition fees, which are the lowest in North America. They are seeking free tuition, as in France, Scandinavia and some South American countries. This is an offshoot of the Occupy movement. The British newspaper The Guardian writes this is the strongest stand taken in North America against rising inequality (see the link below). The students have made some gains. The Quebec government has made its third so-called final offer after round-the-clock negotiations yesterday. It remains to be seen whether it will be accepted by student general assemblies. My own daughter, who is studying for a master’s degree in philosophy, is deeply involved in this historic moment for Quebec, on the eve of general elections which may see the return to power of the separatist Parti Quebecois. A new generation of courageous and articulate young people has come of age and brought what has been called the Quebec spring. The independence movement appeared during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the sixties. It may come to fruition during the Uranus-Pluto square, at a time when Canada’s chart is severely afflicted.

  119. Wennye' says:

    Hold on dearest Teresa, not looking at her chart as I am more concern about you. You have an Aries daughter as I who must knock down boundaries whether theirs, yours or societies. However there can be and should be hope that they turn it around. Mine did finish and received her masters but is a stranger to me. She wanted what she wanted when she wanted it come hell or high waters. Could not maintain any of her super jobs which she has had. Raised her the same as the other kids, so take a breath don’t beat yourself up as this is part of learning life. Pray for strength and let Spirit guide his entity. As parents we will always shed tears for them but we can not live their path. Sending you love and prayers, Wennye’

  120. teresahill says:

    Oh, Wennye, that made me cry.
    She’s double-fire. Aries Sun, Leo Rising, and God, she can roar and just burn things up, like opportunities and friendships and with boyfriends. Very creative, although has no idea what to do with it.

  121. Sharon says:

    Here’s her chart from astro.com. For whatever it’s worth, Uranus went over her 1 degree Aries Venus last year (I think) and Pluto went over her 3 degree north node recently (maybe still affecting it). If that’s your purpose for this life and gifts, talents, etc., Pluto may be stripping her down so she can build back up. Other than that, I am NO expert whatsoever but firm limits seem to work and allowing the individual to be as responsible for their life decisions as possible. If they make bad ones, they feel the consequences. If she doesn’t agree to some basic rules, she has to find another place to live. I’m not sure if that works with everyone. It depends on the maturity level. I don’t know your daughter’s age. My parents were too easy with me and I really wanted firm limits. When my mother finally got firmer, I respected it. But not firmer in an ugly way, just in a definite way. I always knew how much she loved me. Anyway, hope I haven’t intruded as it’s always easy to give your 2 cents – you are the one right in the middle of the situation. We just went through something like that with my husband’s son but he wants to create a good future for himself and he did not lose sight of that and we are all bldg on his positiveness and encouraging it but not saying yes to anything we feel would take away his responsibility for own actions, etc.

    Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Aries 19°12’38 in house 9 direct
    Moon Gemini 28°22’04 in house 11 direct
    Mercury Pisces 28°44’44 in house 8 stationary (D)
    Venus Aries 1°51’38 in house 8 direct
    Mars Pisces 9°05’22 in house 7 direct
    Jupiter Virgo 5°22’15 in house 1 retrograde
    Saturn Aquarius 16°32’32 in house 6 direct
    Uranus Capricorn 17°56’35 in house 5 direct
    Neptune Capricorn 18°55’13 in house 5 direct
    Pluto Scorpio 22°26’01 in house 4 retrograde
    True Node Capricorn 3°34’11 in house 5 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Leo 24°48’05
    2nd House Virgo 19°27’27
    3rd House Libra 18°27’19
    Imum Coeli Scorpio 20°59’09
    5th House Sagittarius 24°18’52
    6th House Capricorn 25°52’55
    Descendant Aquarius 24°48’05
    8th House Pisces 19°27’27
    9th House Aries 18°27’19
    Medium Coeli Taurus 20°59’09
    11th House Gemini 24°18’52
    12th House Cancer 25°52’55

  122. will says:

    Dear teresahill,

    I am very sorry for your anguish. This is not astrological, but it appears from what you are sharing that your daughter is acting out with some of the classical hallmarks of a drug addict/abuser or alcohol abuser/alcoholic. The 48 hours in jail was probably relatively easy as she was still “loaded.”

    I am wondering if your daughter has ever been diagnosed with depression or bipolar-1 disorder? Some of the features – the highly risky behavior, the need to alter her mood dramatically, the irritability and stealing – kind of sounds like a substantial mood disorder. I’d certainly look at those before looking at a personality disorder. Sounds like she is self-medicating and in great pain. What is she angry/not happy about? I would recommend having her undergo some tesing – like the MMPI.

    Just my take based upon what you have shared.

    God bless you and her and protect you both.

  123. barbk says:


    Many thanks for sharing this link to J. Cainer’s views of 2012. I too admire his style and general optimism. I lost my link to his website when my computer crashed a couple of years ago and he sort of dropped off my radar. I found this read a very refreshing overview and especially liked his bit on the Venus occult the Sun possibilities.

  124. teresahill says:

    I should have added, yes, definitely depressed. Working on that with medication, although I’m not sure it’s right yet. I got her to the best psychiatrist I know (Mine.) Lots of experience with addicts, although that’s not my issue, and in-patient treatment programs. He didn’t diagnose anything else except some anxiety/panic issues, didn’t seem overly concerned. And I’m not saying he doesn’t care. Not at all. Just that he seems plain, old depression and more being stupid with alcohol than addiction, yet. But there seems to be a self-destructiveness I do not understand, although I will say there’s a nasty history of depression and suicide in my family. Which makes this even scarier for me.
    Although right now, I’m more frustrated than frightened. And just lost as to what to do.

  125. teresahill says:

    No, not overstepping at all. She certainly seems to be stripped down right now by life.
    I go back and forth between, Be her mother. Be tough, and what mine (and her) psychiatrist says. Stop being her mother. She just turned 20. Can’t make her do anything. Not really. Can set limits on what she can and can’t do if she’s living here. But then we have to be willing to kick her out, and while we’ve come close, we haven’t yet. And my husband really isn’t there yet.
    She seems to know this and her pattern, when she’s really screwed up and been caught, has been to leave for several days, I guess to give us time to forgive her and start to worry, and then she comes back home. Although that really sucks, too, for us.
    She just got back after being gone for 5 days. I can be good and pissed for a few days. I get scared by 5 days. Which, yeah, she probably knows all too well.

  126. teresahill says:

    Forgot — her life has been golden. We’re not rich, but she’s always had a nice home and the best schools. (She’s still mad at us for 9 years of Catholic school.) Only big trauma — starting when she was in 2nd grade, our carpool partner’s cancer came back. She had a daughter a year younger than mine, a son a year younger than mine.
    One horrible year when my daughter was beginning 6th grade, the carpool mom literally dropped dead in her front yard, complications from long-term chemo. Heart stopped. I was bringing the girls home from soccer practice, got there right as ambulance left.
    And a week later, a girl on their soccer team died. Bicycle accident. Didn’t know her well, but it was quite a double-whammy. I don’t think I handled it well with my own kids. Was really concerned about the carpool kids and we stayed close, kept carpooling for years with the dad.

  127. Sharon says:

    What’s her name, Teresa….so we can pray for her.

  128. pisca says:

    Hang in there Teresahil. Watching that generation is anguishing. Natal Uranus conjunct Neptune (exact in 1992!) was recently hit by a Saturn square and is looking forward to Pluto conjunct these natal planets in a couple of years . Your daughter’s sun squaring natal Uranus/Neptune certainly magnifies her generation’s outer planet hits. I have to keep reminding myself that they will evolve (somehow) and that we aren’t given more than we can handle. Pamper yourself, Mom. This too will pass.

  129. will says:


    First and foremost, I would have her assessed for suicidality – a good clinician will know how to assess this. What concerns me is that this is a pattern you have seen in your family tree – and we know that there is often a genetic component. Once you get her to sign a no-suicide contract, you can move forward a bit.

    I am wondering if what she is doing (albeit awkwardly) is trying to separate and individuate. With all of that fire, she’s almost certainly going to do it with a pronounced level of drama.

    If she is being medicated, it would be a good thing to track how long she has been on this particular antidepressant. If its been several weeks and she has not had any relief of her symptoms, it might be time to re-assess for a different medication. As you know, its hit and miss with medications; sometimes we need to be patient and try a few before something clicks.

    It is certainly possible that she is just being careless and reckless due to immaturity and not knowing better – but if this has been going on for a while, chances are that there is something happening at a deeper level and she is “using” to self-medicate. Has she had therapy for a significant length of time? Is there a therapist she has connected to? Often psychiatrists are too busy writing prescriptions and not paying tracking behavior. The state of the art for the treatment of depression (severe) is medication concurrent with psychotherapy.

    Forgive me for running on. I have several nieces around this age who have been acting out in similar patterns, so this is fresh in my mind.

    If you can manage to do so, it would be a good idea to get her to agree that no matter what conflict she might be having with you and your husband, “running away” cannot be tolerated – because it is unproductive and highly manipulative.

    I realize the jam you are in because in most states, once a child reaches the age of 18, they are considered “adults.” (What a horrible miscalculation! The brain doesn’t even stop growing until around the age of 25)!

    I hope I am being helpful. And as Wenneye so kindly reminded you, don’t blame your self for this. Even though you are inextricably involved in this, your beloved daughter has her own path to tread.

    May you and your daughter attract just the right people to help you and protect you.

  130. chrys says:


    Yes – Canada is in the midst of change while the Conservative Government of Harper continue to vote
    in bills with devastating consequences for the environment
    and so many people. I am from Toronto and everyone is very
    worried – Canada’s chart is very afflicted with it sun/ uranus conjunction opposed by Pluto and squared by Uranus
    I wonder if the people in other regions of canada will rise up/

  131. teresahill says:

    I’ve been very open with her about the family history and when I ended up as psychiatric daycare for a while (you know hardly anyone is an inpatient anymore). Despondent. I know the feeling.
    And the doctor knows all of this, specifically to be aware of the family history of suicide. He’s not a write-the-prescription and move-on guy. I’ve had one of those and know the kind well.
    She saw a therapist for a while at 15, when the drinking, pot-smoking started and she was cutting, although it only lasted about 3 months. Seemed to like that therapist and it seemed to help. Also finally diagnosed with ADD. No hyper part at all, just ADD. Took meds until about a year ago and now refuses them. I don’t think she used them well. Did too much, didn’t sleep like she should and then would pop the meds to keep going. Then crash and sleep for a long time. Then do it all over again.
    Tried and tried to talk her into talk therapy now. She refuses.
    I feel so strongly that something is wrong, but we just don’t know what.
    Meds … she’s on her second AD and maybe 6 weeks ago now, had the level upped. Seems better, but not where she should be yet. Has an appt. to go back to the Dr.
    Thanks for listening.

  132. teresahill says:

    Thank you. Her name is Laura.

  133. teresahill says:

    I see all that Pluto, and on her 5th house planets, so… transforming her creativity? Maybe that’s why she’s so lost?
    She made something last week, first time she’d done anything creative in so long, and I’m a creative person, too. I know when we’re not creating, we’re a mess. So I saw her creating as a very happy sign.

  134. teresahill says:

    Her generation — feel like they are so lost. We raised them to believe that if they worked hard and got an education, they could have a good life. And now, it seems like that’s not going to work for their generation at all. Or for so many of them.
    So, what do they do? What do we even advise them to do?
    The world seems so crazy now.

  135. Jerry says:

    The Greek parliamentary election results are in. Political gridlock is what some newspapers are calling it. No clear majority. There will be an attempt to put together a coalition government by May 17th (according to the article posted below). However at this stage that appears to be a fruitless exercise given the sizable amount of votes gained by the anti-austerity parties. More than likely, come May 17th, parliament will be dissolved once again and a fresh round of elections will be called perhaps for late May or early June throwing into doubt the ability of the Greek govt. to agree to the new belt-tightening measures required for a new tranche bail-out scheduled for late June. It’s interesting to note, Spain has a bond auction on May 17th, which leads me to believe uncertainty in the Eurozone could be decisively negative for financial markets starting on this day. May 17th could be a turning point in investor sentiment. The astrological indicators for May 17th have a Saturn-Jupiter quincunx conjunct Greece’s natal Uranus and an exact Mars-Chiron opposition in t square to the Euro (1/1/99) natal Pluto. The aftermath of these French and Greek elections may eventually lead to a Euro break-up as early as mid June with that looming June 4th lunar eclipse. As mentioned earlier, the lunar eclipse conjoins the EU natal Saturn.

    Backgrounder: What If No party Wins Absolute Majority In Greek Elections


  136. Bob says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I have added my prayers for Laura and you to the others that have been said.

    The potential for each of the behaviors you have listed for Laura are found in her birth chart and she will continue to address times of stress as she has until she learns another way. Astrologically these indicators will be present for her lifetime so a change in her ways of expression is a definite need.

    Of most immediate concern (for disappointment/depression) is transit Saturn opposite her progressed Sun/Mercury and progressed Venus. In the coming months aspects which may be connected to anger and depression (components of bipolar behavior) and possibly destructive behavior will mature. During this time Laura may see “tough love” as rejection which could trigger negative acting out of her feelings.

    Have you, or can you, have a sit-down conversation where you flat out tell Laura of your worries for her and your absolute love for her? And also let her know that her behavior will not destroy the family but may destroy her. (I feel like I did not express that last line in the best way but hope you can puzzle through my inadequacy).

    Perhaps Nancy will give you my email address and we could have an off list continuation if you would care to.

  137. starlight says:

    teresa – Would she be willing to try acupuncture? If you can find someone who works with substance abuse and depression, I have seen it work to calm down this kind of wild agitation that leads to substance abuse, etc. Ask around.

    My calculations give her early Virgo rising, around 3 and a half, and the Mars station has been conjunct her Ascendant for several weeks, now coming to oppose her Jupiter/Mars opposition. Lot of energy and anger and restlessness with all that Mars.

    Also of concern regarding the substance abuse is the Neptune transit to her Descendant, semisquare the Uranus/Neptune, and semisquare the Sun, triggering the square between Sun and Uranus/Neptune. Tr Neptune is also square the MC. It is difficult to pull it together under all that Neptune. She needs other outlets for that energy than drugs: artistic or music creativity and spirituality. AA would be good if she would go.

  138. teresahill says:

    Sadly, I have done all of that. Do you see what you’re doing to me? To your father? Do you not want something better for yourself? That only you can fix you. If I could fix you, I would have already done it.
    I’ve been seeing a Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, meditation teacher, massage therapist, counselor — wonderful all-in-one woman for 18 years. Laura’s seen her many times. Highly intuitive, and she couldn’t figure out what was going on. Wisest, kindest woman I know. I work on my daughter myself at times (do Reiki and massage).
    Will try harder to stay in love and acceptance instead of anger. That helps to know.
    I don’t understand progressions that well. I mean, I know what they are, but I’m not good at working with them.
    Would love any additional help you have to offer. My e-mail address is teresamhillATbellsouthDOTnet

  139. teresahill says:

    Do you calculate rising signs differently? I’ve always gotten Leo for her. 4/8/92, 3:28 p.m., Hilton Head Island, SC. Unless I typed something wrong. Her real low point was the car being totaled/DUI, Aug. 13, 2011, if that helps pinpoint anything.
    She is doing AA now, court-ordered, just started. In her 2nd round of court-ordered substance abuse counseling, although I’m told it’s pretty bland, with the group there because it’s ordered to be there.
    Very interesting about acupuncture. She mentioned maybe going to acupuncture school in December. We went together to a student clinic, and for the first time, I felt like I got a lot out of acupuncture. So I’ve been seeing someone regularly. Will definitely ask her about working substance abuse and anger issues that way.

    Sorry about hijacking the blog. I’m at the point where I’m reaching out in every direction I can, begging for help. :(

  140. pam says:

    Can you get her into a rehab? AA has turned millions of lives with stories much like your daughters around (including mine – it took me till I was 32 – yesterday was 25 years clean and sober– I totally broke my parents hearts for years – to day I help care for my aging mother).
    There are clear connections between alcohol and substance abuse and depression. But its hard (if not nearly impossible) to get to the depression issues when there’s still substance abuse. Be firm and do whatever you can that might help her get into 12 step treatment for substance abuse. Nothing is as effective as AA and its sister programs (NA etc). And don’t give up, she sounds about where I was at 20 years of age – no – better – at least she’s in counseling and AA even if court ordered. At 20 I didn’t have a clue that there was any reason or any way to change at all.
    Oh and my birth chart is still what I was born with– it still has the placements of someone with lots of potential for alcohol and addiction problems.
    Good Luck
    Keep us posted

  141. starlight says:

    Teresa – I calculated for 4/4 rather than 4/8. Sorry about that. It would also be useful to look at your chart. Surely this is showing up there.

    Looking at the correct chart now, I would say one of her big issues is rebelling against feeling she is being controlled. Life is a constant power struggle. This is being exacerbated now with tr Pluto sesquiquadrate the Ascendant and semisquare to Pluto. Uranus will soon be a trigger too when it reaches 7Aries25 (135 degrees to Pluto) and later at 9Aries24 aspecting the Ascendant. But she is in the midst of a death and rebirth drama now and next year just with these aspects.

    It will be hard for you but useful to try and not get pulled into these power struggles. Try to communicate to her that it is up to her to choose to do things, since it is her life. If you make suggestions, do so without infusing your will into them. Try to be neutral. It would leave her free to choose rather than feel she has to push against what you want. She has to become master of her own destiny instead of wasting all that Pluto energy pushing against others she feels want to control her.

  142. teresahill says:

    This may sound crazy, but sometimes I think we haven’t given her enough to struggle against. That she needs to feel oppressed in some way or like there is some great struggle to her life. Nothing but intuition to go on with that, but I feel it sometimes.
    And I will definitely try to not suggest anything. I mean, I suggest, because it’s like she’s standing there deer-in-the-headlights, terrified of making a decision. The therapist she saw at 15 said to her personality type making decisions is hard because she’s not picking a path, she’s rejecting all the others, and she hates to do that.
    My birth info, if there’s something that helps you see how we interact: 5/10/1963, 11:08 p.m., Winchester, Ky. I’m Earth Sun & Rising. She’s Fire & Fire. We bond over our creativity, often delighted with each other, and then at times, there’s just so much anger.
    I understand what you’re saying about power and control, but honestly it often seems to me she’s afraid of her own power, afraid to be in control of her own life, much as she also wants to be.

  143. teresahill says:

    She’s got… 12 weeks or so of the mandated counseling and AA meetings, and drug-testing is part of it. She just got off the same for alcohol, with drug-testing as a part of it. But I guess there are ways to beat the tests.
    After that, I will certainly encourage her to continue. I think she might do that, but bet she doesn’t believe she’s in bad enough shape for rehab. As if driving drunk and totaling a car wasn’t reason enough. (Sigh)

  144. Jerry says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I have found Byron Katie and what she calls ‘The Work’ to be immensely invaluable in this area. The following is a 12 minute video clip from youtube on parenting that may be helpful. Although the subject matter discussed in this video may not specifically apply to your situation per se, the wider implications have to do with distinguishing between what is real and what are our unconscious projections.

    Here’s the video….

    Byron Katie Video: “My Daughter Engages in Risky Sexual Behavior” – The Work of Byron Katie


    A woman is asked to question her terrifying thoughts about her daughter in this clip from the Parenting Workshop. Byron Katie and daughter Roxanne help guide her through an exercise to open to a kinder, clearer, more peaceful world.


  145. Jerry says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I have found Byron Katie and what she calls ‘The Work’ to be immensely invaluable in this area. The following is a 12 minute video clip from youtube on parenting that may be helpful. Although the subject matter discussed in this video may not specifically apply to your situation per se, the wider implications have to do with distinguishing between what is real and what are our unconscious projections.

    Here’s the video….

    Byron Katie Video: “My Daughter Engages in Risky Sexual Behavior” – The Work of Byron Katie


    A woman is asked to question her terrifying thoughts about her daughter in this clip from the Parenting Workshop. Byron Katie and daughter Roxanne help guide her through an exercise to open to a kinder, clearer, more peaceful world.


  146. Angellight says:

    Parents are not to blame for the emotional and mental turmoil are children are. They have been raised up on radio and TV personalties who said and did everything rude, mean and made this the new “normal”, when it the good old days, it was unacceptable! You know the Rush types, etc. TV & Music has not helped, constant gloryfying of sex, violence, rude behavior, no civility. Young children 2, 3 watch these shows, listen to this music and so get Programmed. Then when they Act out, they get tried as adults because in a real sense they are little adults without the emotional and mental growth accompanying it. Then you are not supposed to Chatise them and a little chastasion is good! We all see the moral decay here in America. In India TV & Movies, the actors are not allowed to kiss! There has been moral decay in our churces, our politicians & now the Supreme Court in Citizens United is a real threat to Democracy! So you see our Children are a product of this chaotic, moraless environment. If you have a good one, this child is probably an Old Soul. We have much work to do to bring back sanity and morality if not for ourselves, then certainly for our children.

  147. Tetramorph says:

    You know, I’m kind of warming up to Pluto in Capricorn. Another conservative think tank (I know, Limbaugh doesn’t think, he’s just a tank) is about TO BITE THE DUST!!!


    The beginning of the end for the Heartland Institute:


    Sign the petition here (and distribute widely):


  148. Jerry says:

    Hi Angellight,

    Hope you don’t mind if I share some personal thoughts on that. As you correctly pointed out, the problem stems from our social conditioning and environment. To feel restrained, alienated or disconnected would certainly drive a young person to act out and rebel if not understood. However, if we as a parent pass judgment on behavior we disapprove of and/or make a decision to emotionally remove ourselves from the situation (not our responsibility) it will merely create more resentment and reinforce the feeling of alienation (on both sides). We are all inwardly connected to each other and until we understand that basic premise we will never arrive at resolution.

    Dr Hew Len a proponent of the Ho’oponopono method had made remarkable strides in curing patients with acute mental disorders, simply by recognizing one essential fact, that first we need to clear ourselves of our own disorders before we can find that delicate balance of harmony in our interactions with others. Healing comes from within. He did this by utilizing the ancient Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono by simply inwardly repeating four phrases. The four phrases are as follows: “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

    Here is one variation, a five minute video that only uses two of those phrases “I love you and Thank you”. The first two and a half minutes are of Shakesperean quotes interspersed with key words – words of emotion and the mind that depicts blockages. The underlying theme “I love you – thank you” is what clears the blockages out. By the end of the video one can begin to easily grasp what it’s all about. It’s about clearing…….

    Ho’oponopono/ Cleansing Memories From Within


  149. Gypsi says:

    Superb idea.

  150. Gypsi says:

    not at all hard to imagine.

  151. starlight says:

    A shortish new post is up:


    I will be going out of town on Thursday so there may not be another post until mid-next week or so.

  152. Noelle says:

    Nancy, I’m so glad you mentioned looking at Teresa’s chart. That was the first thing I thought of. Especially looking at her 5th house.

    This entire discussion while very sad has been fascinating for me. Learning that parents can only point the arrow in the bow and then release it has to be very difficult when the arrow is fragile.

    Teresa, I pray that God will give you strength and serenity.

  153. loyalurker says:

    Thanks barbk
    So glad to hear from a fellow Cainer fan. Yes, I really liked the part about Venus too. Glad you and Cainer are ‘linked up’ again.

  154. Nina Katarina says:

    Considering the brewing debate over austerity vs. prosperity, part of Hollande is probably wishing this morning that he had lost.

  155. angellight says:

    An excellent article to read:

    What Kind of Society Do Americans Want?