15th Apr, 2012

Romney Wins the Playoffs

Now that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has all but sewn up the Republican nomination, the season of hyperventilated sports metaphors is upon us. “Game on!” was universally proclaimed by the congenitally excitable news media, obviously salivating for a brutal, knock-down, drag-out slug fest.

The heated skirmish of the moment is over a random pundit claim that Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life” which Republicans have morphed into charges that Democrats do not value women who stay home and care for their children. In actuality, Ann Romney has never worked outside the home, nor has she had the many economic and emotional stresses that most working women struggle with, including the painful juggling of child care with work demands.

More to the point, however, is that this whole conversation has been a concerted attempt to put Democrats on the defensive and move the narrative away from exposing the many-pronged Republican War on Women. In full alliance with Republican policies around the country, Romney wants to gut Planned Parenthood, vastly restrict abortion rights, shred the social safety net, and abolish the Affordable Care Act.  As for the newly-gained woman’s right to equal pay, he barely manages to promise not to abolish it. These positions have vastly eroded the former governor’s support among women, creating a flashing red light to his hopes for November. In response, Romney is struggling to convince the world how great his election would be for the ladies and what a big meanie Obama is. Maybe he should have stuck to the Olympics given how nimbly he twists himself into a pretzel.

Despite the current drama, Romney is about to enter a more promising period, probably the strongest in this election cycle, from May through August 2012. It is not impossible to imagine some stresses impacting our fragile recovery that the former governor opportunistically will use to justify his existence on the campaign trail. Largely benefiting him will be the Venus station in May which will square his Sun twice (21Pisces11) and sesquisquare his Venus (8 Aquarius33) for a prolonged period. This will be followed by transiting Jupiter opposite his Moon/Jupiter conjunction (27 Scorpio33/36) in late May and early June and conjunct his Ascendant (00Gemini43) in mid-June, as well as several days of transiting Venus trine natal Venus later in the month. July and August will bring another series of small but uplifting transits: Jupiter conjunct the Node, Jupiter square Mars, Jupiter trine Venus, and Jupiter square Mercury, taking us to late August. In addition, Romney’s converse progressed Sun is currently conjunct his converse progressed Mars, becoming exact in August at 15Capricorn04, and giving Romney the increased aggression we have been witnessing. This will become increasingly less impactful in the fall as this aspect separates.

The effectiveness of Romney’s presidential campaign is likely to begin to decrease in September when the long Neptune station square to his Ascendant (00Gemini43) from late August through mid-December 2012 will be joined by a series of Saturn transits (sesquiquadrate Mercury, quincunx Ascendant, square Saturn, square the MC, sesquiquadrate the Sun, and square Venus). This deleterious combination of Neptune and Saturn suggests that Romney’s expectations will be disappointed, his dishonesty will be revealed, his errors will be noticeable and costly, and his reputation for being an untrustworthy chameleon will solidify. These difficulties will be followed by a long station of Saturn square to Romney’s 4th House Pluto (11Leo22) from January through early March 2013, suggesting a profound inner struggle and possibly some depression.

The one anomalous period in all of this comes during and just after the election, from November 4 through November 12, when transiting Jupiter will be square to Romney’s Mercury (13Pisces55). This describes a few days of optimism and good feeling which seem not to match the difficult and waxing Saturn and Neptune combination that will unfold from November 12 onward. Perhaps the outcome of the election will be clear for a long time and Romney will be initially relieved when it is over. Perhaps, given the Mercury station on Election Day, the outcome will remain unclear, either at the presidential or the congressional level, until around November 12. But the overall astrological indicators, despite these few uplifting days, point to a time of difficulty, frustration, and loss that covers the final months of 2012 and the early months of 2013.



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