Romney Wins the Playoffs

Now that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has all but sewn up the Republican nomination, the season of hyperventilated sports metaphors is upon us. “Game on!” was universally proclaimed by the congenitally excitable news media, obviously salivating for a brutal, knock-down, drag-out slug fest.

The heated skirmish of the moment is over a random pundit claim that Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life” which Republicans have morphed into charges that Democrats do not value women who stay home and care for their children. In actuality, Ann Romney has never worked outside the home, nor has she had the many economic and emotional stresses that most working women struggle with, including the painful juggling of child care with work demands.

More to the point, however, is that this whole conversation has been a concerted attempt to put Democrats on the defensive and move the narrative away from exposing the many-pronged Republican War on Women. In full alliance with Republican policies around the country, Romney wants to gut Planned Parenthood, vastly restrict abortion rights, shred the social safety net, and abolish the Affordable Care Act.  As for the newly-gained woman’s right to equal pay, he barely manages to promise not to abolish it. These positions have vastly eroded the former governor’s support among women, creating a flashing red light to his hopes for November. In response, Romney is struggling to convince the world how great his election would be for the ladies and what a big meanie Obama is. Maybe he should have stuck to the Olympics given how nimbly he twists himself into a pretzel.

Despite the current drama, Romney is about to enter a more promising period, probably the strongest in this election cycle, from May through August 2012. It is not impossible to imagine some stresses impacting our fragile recovery that the former governor opportunistically will use to justify his existence on the campaign trail. Largely benefiting him will be the Venus station in May which will square his Sun twice (21Pisces11) and sesquisquare his Venus (8 Aquarius33) for a prolonged period. This will be followed by transiting Jupiter opposite his Moon/Jupiter conjunction (27 Scorpio33/36) in late May and early June and conjunct his Ascendant (00Gemini43) in mid-June, as well as several days of transiting Venus trine natal Venus later in the month. July and August will bring another series of small but uplifting transits: Jupiter conjunct the Node, Jupiter square Mars, Jupiter trine Venus, and Jupiter square Mercury, taking us to late August. In addition, Romney’s converse progressed Sun is currently conjunct his converse progressed Mars, becoming exact in August at 15Capricorn04, and giving Romney the increased aggression we have been witnessing. This will become increasingly less impactful in the fall as this aspect separates.

The effectiveness of Romney’s presidential campaign is likely to begin to decrease in September when the long Neptune station square to his Ascendant (00Gemini43) from late August through mid-December 2012 will be joined by a series of Saturn transits (sesquiquadrate Mercury, quincunx Ascendant, square Saturn, square the MC, sesquiquadrate the Sun, and square Venus). This deleterious combination of Neptune and Saturn suggests that Romney’s expectations will be disappointed, his dishonesty will be revealed, his errors will be noticeable and costly, and his reputation for being an untrustworthy chameleon will solidify. These difficulties will be followed by a long station of Saturn square to Romney’s 4th House Pluto (11Leo22) from January through early March 2013, suggesting a profound inner struggle and possibly some depression.

The one anomalous period in all of this comes during and just after the election, from November 4 through November 12, when transiting Jupiter will be square to Romney’s Mercury (13Pisces55). This describes a few days of optimism and good feeling which seem not to match the difficult and waxing Saturn and Neptune combination that will unfold from November 12 onward. Perhaps the outcome of the election will be clear for a long time and Romney will be initially relieved when it is over. Perhaps, given the Mercury station on Election Day, the outcome will remain unclear, either at the presidential or the congressional level, until around November 12. But the overall astrological indicators, despite these few uplifting days, point to a time of difficulty, frustration, and loss that covers the final months of 2012 and the early months of 2013.



Here is a link to my interview on the internet radio show  Your Astrology Now.



  1. will says:

    Timothy Geithner appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulous today – he was rather emphatically supportive of the measures President Obama has made to heal the economy from the very outset and emphasized about three times just how devastating and deep the recession brought to us by the former administration was and the kind of difficulty and peril in which Obama found himself when he entered office. He also called this 90-something percent loss of women’s jobs under Obama as “ridiculous” and claimed that it is the budget cuts to things like education that have sent the economy into such a dismal recovery. He points to all of the teachers who have lost jobs as one example (majority being women). Overall however, he was very supportive of PBO and stated at least two or three times that the biggest contribution to the weak economic recovery was due to the obstruction and lack of cooperation President Obama (and the Nation) has had to endure from the Republican Party.

    Although I am not very happy about Romney’s relative lucky streak through the summer, I feel better knowing about it and its relatively short shelf-life and that it all but burns out by the election.

    Thank you very much for the detailed analysis and portrait, Nancy.

    We just have to keep sending the light to the White House.

  2. Lorrie U says:

    Nancy, thank you for the detailed overview of the coming months re. Romney’s campaign. I’m a little concerned about the positive bump just after the election and what that means, but trust your analytical ability to feel reassured!

  3. catsandmusic says:

    Starlight–loved the “twist into a pretzel” line

    Re another thing that has been twisted beyond reason by gleeful Rethugs this week–Rosen’s comment. Do you think it was the Mars station that made it get so crazily distorted? Mercury had gone direct by that point.

  4. catsandmusic says:

    I apologize if you have discussed this in the previous thread, I have some catching up to do with my reading–after I finish my taxes!

  5. starlight says:

    will – Don’t be too concerned about Romney having some Venus and Jupiter energy. The times when Obama has difficulty are few during the same time frame. Currently is the biggest one, mid-April to mid-May as I have discussed previously. Romney may try to turn the difficulties, especially economic, to his advantage. I thought it interesting that the US has Saturn square Mercury and pr Moon conjunct Saturn, through mid-May, just as Romney enjoys the Venus station. Can’t be a coincidence.

    I was going to include PBO in this article but will
    save it for the next. For some reason November 12 or thereabouts is more of a turning point than November 7. I think the Mercury station delays something significant.

  6. will says:

    “I thought it interesting that the US has Saturn square Mercury and pr Moon conjunct Saturn, through mid-May, just as Romney enjoys the Venus station. Can’t be a coincidence.”

    May very well not be a coincidence. This has got to be one of the strangest times in our nation’s history, without a doubt. What section of the bible reads, ‘The sun shines brightly upon good and evil alike,’ or something to that effect.

  7. Me. says:

    Nancy…this is a wonderful (I almost said marvelous) piece and oh how I hated to read it for it means months of an arrogant, crowing Rmoney. Of course, when he gets full of himself he makes mistakes and no amount of good aspects can save him from himself.

    Also, a few years back, someone told me there was a morning star aspect at the time of the 2008 election and that this meant the dems would hold the WH for the next 16 years, Is there validity to this in your opinion?

  8. will says:

    Chris Matthews guests were pretty-much unanimous that Hillary would run in 2016 – and I think if she did, she’d win, big time.

  9. starlight says:

    I hope we hold it and the Congress for 16 years so we can get something done. I think Romney will go back to making these ridiculous clueless gaffes in the fall when Neptune returns.

  10. starlight says:

    I have been meaning to take a look at that.

  11. starlight says:

    I can find nothing yet to indicate that she will be the nominee or the winner in November.
    I did not do the converse progressions and sometimes things are hidden there that indicate a win. She has very strong positive aspects in January 2016 for the early primaries.

  12. teresahill says:

    Would she step down at State if she was going to run in 2016? Seems like she’d keep that job and maybe resign 2 years into the new term to run. Would give her a much higher profile for the next two years.

  13. Lune Prière says:

    Great post Nancy. I’m glad to grant Romneybot a couple months of delusion if it means O wins in the end. Good to know ahead of time.

  14. Lorrie U says:

    Cuba issue deals blow to US stature at ‘Summit of the Americas’

    Unprecedented Latin American opposition to U.S. sanctions on communist Cuba left President Barack Obama isolated at the Summit of the Americas on Sunday and illustrated Washington’s waning influence in the region.

    In contrast to the rock-star status he enjoyed at the 2009 summit in Trinidad and Tobago shortly after taking office, Obama has had a bruising time at the two-day meeting in Colombia of some 30 heads of state from across the Americas.

  15. Gypsi says:

    Black Moon Lilith is running with Jupiter right now, and will oppose Romney’s Jupiter/Moon conjunction in August.

    (Noted because I have Jupiter at 28 Scorpio). Now I and BML are old friends, she conjuncts my Sun natally. but her transits leave one lone and friendless for a bit, not a good place for a politician. Added with the rest of his transits, I find this rather cheering.

  16. glowlight says:

    This Hillary Rosen issue about working mom’s vs. Ms. Romney, stay at home mom. For the most part I agreed with MS Rosen because many women are working two jobs, the one at home raising kids and the paid job. Low wage women get it even harder, especially,if they are single and have more than one kid. Even worse for some women, the so called easy life of TANF (short term welfare) is no less stressful with a boot on their necks and threat of losing the kids, if no job or daycare to go to the job, or a place to live comes together. Sometimes the alternative means a return trip to an abusive ex.. So… all I can conclude from this issue is that raising five boys on a multi-millionaires’ income with maid-service, nannies, the best food, medical insurance, spacious homes with elevators, the latest greatest gadgets, toys, and equipment, personalized private playgrounds,gyms,stables,swimming pools and clothes to go with every possible activity, travel to where ever, when ever you feel a little stressed— is the same as the TANF mom accept TANF mom’s job of raising her five kids isn’t worthy of being called work because she didn’t hook up with a multi-millionaire. For the TANF mom, the Romney’s and a whole lot of others think the kids really don’t need her as much as they need the low wage pay check she should earn from an outside job. I think I’m confused again. Apparently, mom’s aren’t really all that important unless they are married to a millionaire. Or….kids just aren’t all that important. Has anybody else figured this out? I hope PBO has a clue.

  17. Jerry says:

    The May 17th Jupiter-Saturn quincunx/ Jupiter-Pluto sequiquadrate with tr. Saturn exactly conjunct the Greek government’s natal Uranus (23 ’57 Libra – DOB July 24, ’74) could be a strong indicator that in the aftermath of the May 6th Greek elections, voters may not be favorable to present EU agreements. As a result, Greece could be forced to leave the Euro with uncertain financial consequences for the rest of Europe…….

    Inconclusive Greek Election Adds To Uncertainty

    The Wall Street Journal
    April 11, 2012

    Greece confirmed it will hold a snap election on May 6, but a clear result is highly unlikely, threatening the implementation of another bailout package.

    “Another chapter in the Greek drama is in the making if we don’t get an outright winner and chances are we won’t get one,” said a veteran Greek lawmaker. “The worst thing that can happen is lack of consensus to form a coalition government and repeated elections. But the voters are out to punish mainstream parties, so I fear the worst.”

    One result involves an electoral outcome where no single party or coalition has enough support in parliament to follow through with a series of austerity measures aimed at slashing the country’s mountain of debt.


    The knock-on effect to the US economy would of course be considerable given the interconnectedness of financial markets.

    Astrologically, the looming Uranus-Pluto square has the New York Stock Exchange natal Pluto (23 Aquarius) right at the midpoint. Astrologer Mark Lerner made a point of mentioning this pivotal degree several years before the onset of the September 2008 US economic debacle in a 2004 Earth Aquarius News blog……

    “……. 2008-2009 transiting Neptune at 23+ Aquarius makes a crossing of the NYSE Pluto (in the seventh house of the chart) – simultaneously squaring the NYSE Mercury at 23+ Taurus. Pluto connects with underworlds, death-rebirth, deep-seated transformation and all extremes – due to it being the most distant planet and having a wildly eccentric orbit around the Sun relative to the other planetary orbits. Mercury is the key to trading itself, communication channels, the information and news realms, and the business community in general. The years 2008-2009 may see the NYSE going through some tremendous upheavals.”

  18. Jerry says:

    A fairly exhaustive study done on the current European situation follows below:

    Europe Will Collapse in May-June

    Phoenix Capital Research
    April 11, 2012

    Starting back in August, I began suggesting that we were approaching a Systemic Crisis/ Crash scenario in the markets.

    The technical and fundamentals both supported this forecast, but I completely underestimated the degree to which the Central Banks and EU would attempt to prop up the market.

    At that time, I thought it likely we’d see a Crash, which would then be met with another round of stimulus, which would push the economy temporarily into the green. It seemed the most logical outcome given that we were heading into an election year with a President whose ratings were at record lows.

    Instead, the Federal Reserve, particularly those Fed Presidents from Financial Centers (Charles Evans of Chicago and Bill Dudley of New York) began a coordinated campaign of verbal intervention, hinting that more easing or QE was just around the corner.

    These verbal interventions coincided with coordinated monetary interventions between the Federal Reserve and other world Central Banks: first on September 15 2011 and again on November 30 2011.


  19. Jerry says:

    Bristol Astrology
    Nov 8, 2011

    Global Financial Turmoil

    The financial chaos in Greece is having international repercussions. It is like a domino effect where firstly the Euro is affected, then major economies abroad like China, USA and the UK and ultimately the whole world. Not that Greece should be expected to shoulder all the responsibility of the chaos. While it is true that the Greek financial situation is such that bankruptcy is a very likely outcome, the EU has to accept much blame since there has been inadequate fiscal control of EU member states by the European Central Bank. In Greece there is much inefficiency and the public sector emphasizes this by employing far too many people. Additionally, corruption is rife even amongst professional workers who notoriously avoid paying tax thereby further reducing the Greek government’s ability to handle its enormous indebtedness.

    Look at the horoscope of Greece. According to Nick Campion the modern state of Greece commenced its democracy on July 24th 1974 at 4 am (EET) for Athens. In the horoscope Pluto and Moon closely conjunct one another at Libra 4. Venus is in square at Cancer 3. Clearly transiting Pluto at 4 degr. of Capricorn in 2010 exposed the damaging debt crisis. At the beginning of Nov 2011, the damage is coming from transiting Saturn as it conjuncts the Greek Uranus at Libra 23 degrees and Uranus is afflicted by an opposition from (natal) Chiron. This aspect will be exact by the middle of November and already the tension, stress and unpredictability of the conjunction is apparent. It seems as though Greece is in a hopeless situation with its debt and while the conjunction on this occasion may not herald the demise of Greece from the euro zone, the future looks very bleak when Saturn later retrogrades and stations exactly on the Greek Uranus in June of 2012. At that time, if Greece is still in the euro zone, I would expect a final default and resulting exit from the euro zone.

  20. Angellight says:

    Starlight, thank you for sticking up for Rosen and what she really meant to say, which so many Dems ran away from — cowards!

    If Mitt is really so concerned about womens jobs, then why would he hide his enourmous wealth overseas, enriching other countries, when we need economic stimulation & job growth over here in the U.S.?

    Why won’t Mitt encourage GOP Speaker Boehner to pass the Jobs Bill & Transportation Bill already passed by the Democratic Senate which will produce and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for women and the American people? And why won’t he speak up against the gang of GOP Governors who have cut and slashed many women-oriented jobs, such as teachers, nurses, librarians, teacher-aides, all across the U.S., leaving them vulneralble and hopeless, in an already futile economic climate?

    And, yes, it was such a Hard choice and Decision for Billionaire Ann Romney to decide whether to stay at home or to work outside her many mansions, nannies and maids!

  21. andre says:

    On a personal note, Uranus is making the first of three passes over my IC at 5 Aries. Pluto has stationed 4 degrees from my North Node at 5 Capricorn, square my MC at 5 Libra. Saturn has just moved back over natal Neptune at 28 Libra, and squares natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer and Chiron at 28 Capricorn and my Sun at 20 Cap. Oy. It’s all very interesting, but unsettling and frankly a bit much.

  22. starlight says:

    The bottom line is that Mitt Romney has ZERO political courage or intellectual integrity. ZERO. There is little enough of those things in today’s political world, but he is surely on the far end of the continuum and totally lacking.

  23. starlight says:

    Lorrie – The failure of the Latin American meeting is all over the news, and is clearly a manifestation of the Sun opposite Saturn this weekend, triggering Saturn square to Obama’s Saturn/progressed Mars square. Venus is currently 135 degrees from tr Saturn and also triggering it through noon today, as we see from the negative press.

    This Sun/Saturn followed by Venus/Saturn was by far the biggest trigger during this three-week period of Saturn square Obama’s Saturn, but the transit of Saturn, and thus the difficulties, continue through April.

    As predicted: frustrated efforts, feeling blocked, bad press. There is one last, briefer pass of this Saturn transit in August, but the progressed Mars square will be much weaker by then. Currently, it is barely past exact (4/6).

  24. starlight says:

    Saturn will be done with these transits by the time of the Uranus station in the late fall/early winter on your IC and square your Node. Do you have any Jupiter aspects at that time to suggest the upsets or sudden events might have a positive spin?

  25. andre says:

    Uranus will station in December exactly trine natal Venus at 4 Sagittarius. Jupiter will station sextile to tr Uranus in January 2013 at 6 Gemini, opposite natal Venus and my Ascendant at 9 Sag, as well as trine my MC at 5 Libra.

  26. andre says:

    Cyberwarfare with China is ongoing and has reached alarming proportions:

    ”The remaining cold war superpower, the United States, is slowly squaring up to the emerging behemoth, China, in a sphere in which Beijing has a distinct advantage: cyberspace.

    Experts estimate China has as many “cyber jedis” as the US has engineers, and some of them, with backing from the state, have been systematically hacking into and stealing from governments and companies in the west, taking defence secrets, compromising computer systems, and scanning energy and water plants for potential vulnerabilities.

    The scale of what has been going on is only now being recognised, and with a discernible sense of panic, the US and the UK are trying to make up lost ground. (…)

    “We know that Russia and China have done the reconnaissance necessary to plan to attack US critical infrastructure,” said Jim Lewis, from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington thinktank.

    Lewis was commissioned by Bush in 2008 to write a cyber strategy for the government, which is still regarded as a benchmark.

    “You might think we should put protection of critical infrastructure at a slightly higher level. It is completely vulnerable. It is totally unprotected.

    “This isn’t made up. I have been doing this for a long time. We know that people have done the reconnaissance, we know that control systems can issue commands to destroy critical infrastructure. We know all this and we have done nothing to defend ourselves … We have been trying for about seven years to deter people and it doesn’t work.”

    Rosenzweig believes this mapping of critical infrastructure – such as energy or water plants – is seen within government as “preparation of the battlefield”. It is, he says, China’s way of saying: “Don’t send the 7th fleet to save Taiwan, or we will take out the electricity supply in Los Angeles”.

    The audaciousness of some of the attacks has been astounding. Earlier this month, Nasa’s inspector general, Paul Martin, revealed the space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory headquarters in Pasadena, California, had been compromised by an attack that appeared to come from China.

    The JPL manages 23 spacecraft, including missions to Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, and controls the International Space Station.

    In remarkable testimony to Congress, Martin said hackers had “gained full system access” to JPL, allowing them to modify, copy, or delete sensitive files, create new ones, and upload hacking tools to compromise other Nasa systems. In short, they were running the network.

    This was only one of 47 cyber-attacks on Nasa last year, 13 of which successfully compromised the agency’s firewalls.

  27. starlight says:

    If Venus is 4 degrees 36 minutes or more, Uranus will be felt. The others seem to have bigger orb than would suggest much impact. Except for Jupiter crossing the horizon line which should be excellent. Watch it in late July to get the flavor. It may be somewhat protective and slant things in a good direction.

  28. andre says:

    Thank you.

  29. Noelle says:

    Starlight, I couldn’t agree more. I was thinking yesterday that he has absoutely no integrity. What does he really believe in other than his faith?

  30. Wennye' says:

    Glowlight, I am the women/mother Ms Rosen, was trying to depict in her remark which was lost with the manure thrown over the message..taking it in a direction for the repugs. I too have five children ( girls and a boy) when overnight my husband died my life changed. Fortunately I was working as a choice at the time at my kids school as a sub. teacher. Then it became a survival job for us and I was getting a little from his SS death benefits. I was responsible for child care for the younger ones as well as household expenses. It was me myself and nannies, housekeepers, drivers, trust fund etc. Ms. Romney need to close her mouth and let go of the martydom as a true home working mom. Wishing Blessings to all, Wennye’

  31. loyalurker says:

    Wow! And this “cyber attack” issue certainly seems to potentially be one interpretation of energies of Plute sq. Uranus. In fact it seems very likely to be the future of warfare – hard to trace back to a source, cheaper than maintaining, arming and transporting whole armies, etc.

  32. andre says:

    I just wanted to relate a personally painful but astrologically significant experience. I broke my leg on February 5 when Saturn stationed on natal Neptune at 28 Libra square natal Chiron at 28 Cap and inconjunct natal Mars at 27 Pisces. Mars is the nearest planet to my IC and at the point of a yod with a Moon-Pluto conjunction at 26-28 Leo and Neptune. The Saturn station activated that yod. An astrologer told me 30 years ago I would be prone to foot or lower leg injuries, which certainly turned out to be true. I had three-hour surgery (Saturn-Chiron) with metal fixtures implanted in the leg. The cause was a food allergy perhaps caused by pesticides in my childhood in an industrial environment (Saturn-Neptune?) which caused me to lose consciousness on a concrete sidewalk. I am still on crutches but am slowly recovering during the transiting Mars-Chiron opposition.

  33. cimbalok says:

    Nancy, thank you for providing the link to your radio interview. I listened to the entire thing and it was very informative and enjoyable.

  34. ScorpioX3 says:

    Well said, Glowlight. Don’t get confused – it’s Romney that’s confused – and downright clueless. (What are his handlers thinking!) Trotting out his wife – nice woman that I’m sure she is – so as to deflect attention away from his obvious anti-women policies (as described in Starlight’s post – 3rd graph) is IMO, not only a distortion of reality, it is downright unconscionable. He is not someone I could trust – under any circumstances.

  35. Sharon says:

    It sounds like a big ordeal and painful. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. I know speedy is relative as it takes a lot of patience to get over an injury. I have been lucky (knock wood) in not breaking anything thus far in my life. Meanwhile, that was a very informative astrological analysis, Andre.

  36. Sharon says:

    I wanted to add thank you for sharing it with us.

  37. Sharon says:

    Very worrisome – it sounds like the basis of a futuristic science fiction movie, but it is science truth.

  38. Sharon says:

    I am in awe of what you have faced and what you are accomplishing, Wennye

  39. starlight says:

    Having lived through a Saturn station on my Neptune last year that was excruciating for totally different reasons, I send my sincerest well wishes for a complete recovery and a bright new day. I would think there will be a significant shift in a positive direction by October, when Saturn is done hitting so many points in your chart. But no doubt the period of the station, as always, was the worst.

  40. will says:


    Hang in there dude. Saturn conjunct Neptune is one of the most trying transits – I have the conjunction in my first house, natally. It has been and will be activated for a while with the current Saturn in Libra. Think fighting a deep depression every day – think feeling confused and disoriented and as if every wonderful vision you have gets buzz-killed by some troll (Saturn). You will get through this – but you probably aren’t going to enjoy it much. It is the hallmark of “the dark night of the soul. This too shall pass, Andre.

  41. Gypsi says:

    Not looking forward to Saturn conjuncting my theth house Neptune,but what will be will be. Condolences Andre. I’ve just
    Survived 6 years of pluto. My Neptune makes friendly aspcts,
    Perhaps I’ll get my Fish research committed to print and
    Published. That too is Saturn. All the best in these
    Interesting times.

  42. Tetramorph says:

    Thanks, Nancy. I just love the comment, “Perhaps the outcome of the election will be clear for a long time and Romney will be initially relieved when it is over.” I’m not looking forward to that Election Day Merc station, though…

    Thanks, too, for the reminder of the Pluto in Leo gen, who will be taking a trine from Uranus soon. What Hand says in “Planets in Transit” kind of gives me the giggles…

    “If you have ever felt psychotherapy would be helpful, now is the time to consider it…”

    On the heels of that collective transit/aspect will be the Pluto trine to the Pluto conj Uranus generation.

    I thought this was interesting, coming out a week post-Mars station —

    Thanks for the Rumi video, Jerry!

  43. Angellight says:

    Unfortunately, we don’t even really know if Mitt believes in his faith; I am not questioning his faith but I do question his policies which according to faith and love of ones fellowmen; that we are our brothers/sisters keepers which seem to me devoid of some of these basic principals found in relegious texts.

  44. Jerry says:

    Hi Tetramorph,

    So glad you enjoyed the video.

    The run-up to the March 2003 Iraqi War occurred within a few days of a Pluto station (19 Sag). Someone did an interesting study on why that particular degree in the US chart seems to provide a trigger for American wars. Here’s the article….

    America’s Pretexts For War

    A more recent encounter with this 19 degree of mutable signs phenomenon was the Mars-Moon opposition (19 Sag-Gemini) on Nov 23, 2010, coinciding as it did with the N Korean shelling of South Korean Yeonpyeong island. Although tensions rose dramatically on the Korean Peninsula for several weeks after as a result, luckily cooler heads prevailed. We will be facing a similar Mars-Moon opposition at this location (19 Virgo-Pisces) on June 11th, which leads me to believe something sinister or provocative may occur on this day; a casus belli if you will, possibly blamed on Iran? Much too difficult at this stage of the game to decipher just how that configuration plays out. Maybe nothing at all.

  45. Nina Katarina says:

    She would step down at State if she and Joe were considering a job swap. Joe Biden has always wanted to be Secretary of State, and I think he’d be great at it. He’s said he’s not running in 2016, so if there were a sweet deal they could offer him in order to make someone else the heir apparent, that would be it.

  46. Nina Katarina says:

    Have you looked at Ann Romney’s chart in November at all? We know she’s 4/16/1949, born somewhere in Michigan but I haven’t found the time. My inexpert look at her chart for election day shows Mars right on top of her Moon. She’s got a strong Sun/Venus at 26 Aries.

  47. Nina Katarina says:

    Looking at her elemental profile, she’s got almost nothing in earth and water, and she’s very weighted towards cardinal. Mitt is more elementally balanced, but he’s got almost nothing in cardinal. She is the one in the family who gets the ideas, he just acts on them.

  48. starlight says:

    Mitt is a lesson in what happens with too much mutability, especially with a lot of Pisces.He literally changes with the wind.

    Not having a birth time for Ann means we don’t have the degree of the Moon. If it is 14 or under in Sag, she gets a Jupiter transit in opposition post election. Really early in the day, puts the Jupiter Moon aspect near Christmas. Above 14, she begins to be hit with Saturn in semisquare late in October. If she is born late enough in the day, that Saturn semisquare to her Moon comes after the election. So the time in her case is critical, with very contradictory results depending on the time.

  49. starlight says:

    Nina – One thing is for sure, this business about the criticism about her never working being a “birthday gift” is all spin. In fact, she is under Saturn opposite her Sun/Venus/Node all month, and this whole thing has been very stressful and upsetting.

  50. Nina Katarina says:

    Just plugged in the known life events to her transit charts.

    Married on 3/21/1969 – oh, look, Saturn transiting her Sun/Venus/node.

    Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ‘just before Thanksgiving’ 1998 – oh, look, Saturn transiting her Sun/Venus/node.

  51. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Sharon for your supporting words! As you know being a women most of us don’t walk on the same path like Ann Romney and for her to equate her life to the 99 percent of mother’s with children to support is ludicrous. At home or as a working mom she is not a true representative. Blessings to you lady by Our Eternal Parent, Wennye’

  52. Wennye' says:

    Sending you healing energy Andre! Love yourself ‘big time’ now..Blessings

  53. will says:

    Stocks Gain Sharply in U.S. and Europe
    By VICTORIA SHANNON 16 minutes ago

    Markets surged on encouraging corporate profits, a well-received sale of government debt in Spain and a recovery in Apple stock.

  54. will says:

    “Mitt is a lesson in what happens with too much mutability, especially with a lot of Pisces.He literally changes with the wind.”

    Too funny!

    Starlight, we can only hope that G-D and all Lamaze breathing coaches get this tip so they can stop the labor process until a “cardinal” or “fixed” moves into place, huh? On another level, perhaps this kind of a chart comes with karmic inclusions that typify one who lacks spine or morality.

    I can hear the cry now…

    O, Fortuna!!! My child is too mutable!!!

  55. Nina Katarina says:

    It’s not always bad, if you can find a partner who shores up your weaknesses and who you can strengthen. Someone who is very mutable can balance out someone who is very fixed, and so long as one or the other has some cardinal virtues they’ll be an extremely effective force.

  56. Noelle says:

    Nina Katrina, I don’t know if you ever heard Romney say in an interview that “it wass Ann who told me I should run for president, that I could do a better job than what’s being done and so I thought after she kept puching well, why not.” I’m paraphrasing but I do remember him saying this.

    Little Shrub never thought abuot being president until the repubs decided he would be a good candidate. Remember?

  57. kiwi says:

    I seem to remember seeing somewhere a few months back that she said she would be stepping down as sos during Obama’s next term. There were speculations that she would run for potus in 2012 and she quashed that saying that it was because she needed some private time to do other things.

  58. kiwi says:

    Unfortunately I think David Axelrod, Obama’s key strategist, is to blame for the Dems lost opportunity to frame this on those terms from the beginning of this manufactured ‘controversy’. As a former divorced, unsupported, and struggling single working mother, these guys just don’t get it nor do they have a clue what it takes!!!

  59. andre says:

    Many thanks for all your kind and helpful comments.

  60. kiwi says:

    with the wind of change in the air over the next decade or so, I found today’s conversaton arising from the mayor’s conference very interesting. Got a rather excited feeling in my gut if it can be pulled together as a tangible way forward to a new era. The focus on education in particular ….

  61. Angellight says:

    “Fairness isn’t incompatible with growth. It’s necessary for it. Bill Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy in the 1990s, and the economy produced faster job growth and higher wages than it did after George W. Bush slashed taxes on the rich in his first term. You see, higher taxes on the wealthy can finance more investments in infrastructure, education, and health care – which are vital to a productive workforce and to the economic prospects of the middle class. Higher taxes on the wealthy also allow for lower taxes on the middle – potentially restoring enough middle-class purchasing power to keep the economy growing. As we’ve seen in recent years, when disposable income is concentrated at the top, the middle class doesn’t have enough money to boost the economy. Finally, concentrated wealth can lead to speculative bubbles as the rich in the same limited class of assets – whether gold, dotcoms, or real estate. And when these bubbles pop the entire economy suffers. What we should have learned over the last half century is that growth doesn’t trickle down from the top. It percolates upward from working people who are adequately educated, healthy, sufficiently rewarded, and who feel they have a fair chance to make it in America.”

  62. Lorrie U says:

    I don’t know, maybe I’m unconscious, but in the past few years, I’ve had Saturn cross my conj. 10th hs. Sun, Venus and Neptune and I didn’t find it too difficult. I retired from my govt. job (yay!), wrote a book about my spiritual journey (hard work but rewarding, not in a monetary way but very clarifying and solidifying). Saturn gave me the discipline to do the hard work to make it happen, so it can be used in a positive way. With your spirituality, Gypsi, I’m quite sure you’ll put it to good use!!

  63. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – Hope we can find Ann Romney’s time of birth since you seem to think it will make a big difference! Need all the reassurances we can get.

  64. Sharon says:

    That’s funny, Will — stop the labor process! It would work better with Cesarean births. Anyway, I have Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, NN & MC in Pisces and I had to learn to not be too mutable and it’s been a lot less fun ever since. It was wonderful being a free mutual spirit even if I am a sensitive Pisces. I also lean on my Aquarius Mercury opp Moon/Pluto in Leo aspect to add some stability to my chart, albeit stubborn and intense stability.

  65. Jerry says:

    Ground-softners and building the new from the ashes of the old…. this is not a laundry detergent ad campaign but a euphemism one astrologer uses to describe the awesome power of the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square. It’s an interesting perspective in that the writer depicts the closing “death” square of the 1930’s as a prelude to the opening “birth” square of the 2012-2015 period. Here are the pertinent references:

    “……We’re looking at 2012-2015 when Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn 7 times. That’s where the “new” will be built upon the ashes of the old. It’s coming and not even John Boehner or Sarah Palin can stop it. Like Zinn said, you can’t be neutral on a moving train.

    We’re either on the train to the future or in the ditch of denial. That’s a CDD-ism.

    You can see that the Oppositions started the 20th Century. The closing square in the 30?s was Nazi Germany and the axis powers. The conjunction was the ground of change in the mid-1960?s in Virgo opposed in part by Saturn of establishment powers in Pisces. Now we’re in the waxing square phase of 2012-2015. If the 1930?s closing square was the “death square” as named by Ebertin, then this opening/waxing square is the rebirth phase. Or as Ebertin said: rebuilding on the ashes of the old.

    In mundane astrology Saturn represents the forces of oppression by the powers that be and the restrictions of freedom and the burdens rulers place on the people. Uranus is THE most important political planet of all. It is, of course, about freedom, revolution, anarchy, chaos (creative and otherwise). It also represents how much freedom a society is granted by the rulers in charge. If Saturn (and pluto too) are overbearing, then Uranus seeks to redress the balance. Sooner or later, there will be an explosion.

    Uranus-Pluto cycles are real ground softeners. Pluto erodes while Uranus explodes. Saturn seeks to hold on at any cost. The Saturn-Pluto opposition of 9-11 and the subsequent Saturn opposition Neptune that occurred before election 2008, were also ground softeners.”

  66. Jerry says:

    The following article delves into the current thinking of Israeli military strategy and why a military strike on Iran’s nuclear installations in early summer is all but inevitable…..

    Europe Fears a Summer Attack on Iran
    Analysis by Julio Godoy

    MUNICH, Germany, Feb 7, 2012 (IPS) – The appeals to Israel by numerous European diplomats attending the Munich security conference last weekend have led to growing concern that Israeli plans to attack Iran are imminent.

    The very number of warnings to Israel, and the emphasis with which diplomats have expressed concern, suggest that Israeli plans to attack Iran are real and scheduled to be carried out this June or July, analysts say.

    Declarations by U.S. senator Joseph Lieberman about a consensus among Israeli allies that the sanctions recently imposed should make a visible impact on Iranian nuclear policies “before the end of next June” if military strikes are to be avoided, are also seen as pointers that the attacks could take place in the summer.

  67. will says:

    Terrific Reich piece, Angellight. Gratzi!

  68. will says:

    Not going to happen Jerry – even if you wish with all your heart. Not going to happen. Don’t worry though, they’ll be enough global sturm und drang to keep a smile on your face.

  69. kiwi says:

    if we are entering the astrological age where our task is to find a new way of doing things, that sort of negates the tried and true methods of traditional warmongers, yes?

  70. kiwi says:

    …”So consider this article as a reminder to take a larger view of the possibilities, where we can continue to focus on bringing forth the good rather than dreading the negatives. Hopefully, we can remember some crucial elements of how we can experience what’s coming, and get to “the other side of time” with a minimum of upset and confusion.” ….
    A New Look At Long Range Changes Happening Between 2007-2015
    is the latest from aquarius papers

  71. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    You’re up? Kinda late over there. I thought you would respond (based on your previous entry posted earlier today). Very cute.

    About what does or does not happen….. I don’t wish to upset your perception of me, but my expectations are fairly low. Ultimately, according to reliable spiritual sources, the affairs of the world are just a passing phenomenon. The only thing that truly matters and that should be of concern is to not to take ourselves too seriously. So, thank you for the levity and the much needed feedback (I mean that sincerely).

  72. Jerry says:

    Correction: On second thought, I should change that statement around a bit….. “Your perception is probably correct, I have to confess…

  73. will says:

    I love that pic and quote – is it really his? I just got in from a long walk on the beach.

  74. Jerry says:

    Yes. I believe it is. I deliberately withheld the f word after “and then do whatever the f you want” because I didn’t wish to offend anyone. Better to play it safe and not go too far off topic.

  75. Tetramorph says:

    Very interesting. If you were setting a chart for this date, would you use DC 6/11/12 noon, and the US natal?

    Are there any other “difficult” aspects that day?

    I also wonder if 19 mutable can be found in earthquake charts…

    I know Iran is a huge concern, not just through their actions, but also through ours or Israel’s, BUT with China in the WTO and Russia joining in 2012, if the rising tensions are a racketeering scam. I have a hard time believing they are going to act in a way that would remove them from trade organizations.

    The earth is doing some wacky tectonic stuff right now.

    Look at all the eruptions and warnings:

    324 earthquakes the past 7 days:

    The Ring of Fire is really acting up.

    Here’s a link to an hour long interview with a Mayan Ethnographer, done in 2000.

    What I find interesting is he talks about how the “last” 4 worlds have ended, and goes on to say the Mayans said this world will “end” in earthquakes, though he tries really hard not give in to sensationalism.

  76. Tetramorph says:

    should read “BUT with China in the WTO and Russia joining in 2012, I wonder if the rising tensions are a racketeering scam.”

  77. loyalurker says:

    “…the season of hyperventilated sports metaphors is upon us. “Game on!”

    LOLOL! Go team!

  78. loyalurker says:

    I don’t believe ANY of the polls that show Romney even close to Obama. Just don’t buy it at all. No contest. And I don’t that perception has any bias at all, just observation.

  79. will says:

    Uranus is a commin’!!!

    In a stinging rebuke, Citigroup shareholders rebuffed on Tuesday the bank’s $15 million pay package for its chief executive, Vikram S. Pandit, marking the first time that stock owners have united in opposition to outsized compensation at a financial giant.

    The shareholder vote, which comes amid a rising national debate over income inequality, suggests that anger over pay for chief executives has spread from Occupy Wall Street to wealthy institutional investors like pension fund and mutual fund managers. About 55 percent of the shareholders voting were against the plan, which laid out compensation for the bank’s five top executives, including Mr. Pandit.

    “C.E.O.’s deserve good pay but there’s good pay and there’s obscene pay,” said Brian Wenzinger, a principal at Aronson Johnson Ortiz, a Philadelphia money management company that voted against the pay package. Mr. Wenzinger’s firm owns more than 5 million shares of Citigroup.

  80. starlight says:

    Another hit from Obama’s Saturn transit:

    North Korea pulls out of the deal with the US

  81. pisca says:

    Saturn conjunct Neptune (Bil Tierney): “We simply have to sustain our faith in a loving God force and Universe while we pull ourselves through this sureal, dark gothic novel our life has become.”
    When Saturn first hit my natal Neptune, I was surrounded by people who were getting Uranus hits to their natal 0 degree cardinal signs so I didn’t have time to realize that, yes, that WAS a “dark gothic novel” feeling. As another hit approaches, I keep in mind that (again Tierney) “Saturn gives Neptune permission to be real about its secret hurts and wounds. Life says it’s okay to be holed up in our homes for an entire weekend just to cry and sleep if that’s what feels best, rather than attempt to dutifully attend to a demanding list of practical chores. Eventually, being overwrought with angst and anxiety will prove exhausting (wise Saturn will make sure of that) and we may try alternating between a little work and a little weeping.”

    Also, I have noticed that people often break bones (Saturn) during this transit. Looking forward to the gloomies!

  82. Jackson says:

    I just had my second (retrograde motion) pass of Saturn conjunct Neptune last month, and I’ve got the third and final (direct) pass coming in September. Not my fave, but after all the gnarly Pluto and Saturn transits I had a few years earlier to my 00 Aries Sun and 26 Virgo ascendant, it wasn’t horrible. Between now and September Saturn well station direct at 22 Libra, squaring my 23 Cancer Uranus twice. As with Saturn transits, it’s another “oh, well” …

  83. Diane L says:

    Always grateful for your excellent posts and this one is timely, Starlight. Who knows what to believe, if anything, the news media puts out there. We need your help badly . . .

    Between Obama’s elevated natal Neptune & Romney have tNeptune crossing his MC sq his ASC (exact in 2 months before the election), it will be very difficult to sort truth from fiction/myth for either man. *sigh*

  84. kdez says:

    Last year Saturn transited my Neptune/Mercury conjunction in Libra. It wasn’t too bad – some hassles, plus my siblings needed some help, but no disasters.

  85. andre says:

    Transiting Saturn is in my 10th house and will be exactly square my natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer tomorrow. Sure enough a major and surprising professional breakthrough has come through today. First meeting tomorrow morning. So it isn’t all bad. I’ll go on crutches. It is said there is no really bad Jupiter aspect. Jupiter-Uranus have often provided lucky breaks at the last minute for me. But Saturn-Neptune ain’t over either.

  86. lizzie says:

    How about taking your drooling, slathering war mongering and fear porn off site give us all some light that way…karma is a bitch.

  87. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    One final thought on that astro article I submitted above and one that can be easily overlooked especially with the all the attention being placed on the upcoming US presidential elections, and that is; Uranus’s pivotal role in this. Here’s the relevant passage…..

    “… Uranus is THE most important political planet of all. It is, of course, about freedom, revolution, anarchy, chaos (creative and otherwise). It also represents how much freedom a society is granted by the rulers in charge. If Saturn (and Pluto too) are overbearing, then Uranus seeks to redress the balance. Sooner or later, there will be an explosion.”

  88. Gypsi says:

    woohoo – some investors coming to their senses! That’s Uranus

  89. Gypsi says:

    Compared to Pluto I love Saturn transits, love Uranus transits. I don’t like Neptune transits much, but I think Saturn on my Neptune will be refreshing. Give me a chance to get my feet more solidly on terra firma. (my tenth house neptune has its moments….it needs application, it makes good aspects, but drifts off chasing butterflies.)

  90. Sharon says:

    I’ve had Neptune on my sun sign (1 Pisces) for a while. I think it’s finally moving away. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces but I enjoyed it. It has given me a more empathetic feeling towards other and it’s also been a little magical. On the other hand, I did manage to fool myself about something and it came back to slap me. I also like Saturn transits; they usually give me strength and purpose. Pluto going towards my descendant and I sure do feel like I’m dealing with push people a little more.

  91. Jerry says:

    Hi Tetramorph,

    Sorry. I didn’t notice your entry until just now. The exact Mars-Moon opposition set for New York City June 11th occurs early in the morning; 3:16 am to be exact. Here’s the chart:

    Saturn in the 6th house (military or health related issues) at 22 ’56 Libra t squares the midheaven/nadir of the chart at 23 ’12 Cancer/Capricorn very close to the US Mercury (24 ’12 Cancer) at the nadir (homeland).

    What makes it significant as I had mentioned in an earlier post is that Chiron is stationary on this day marking an almost exact 51 year Chiron stationary return of the JFK assassination chart of Nov 22, 1963. Mark Lerner had written an in-depth article on this particular Chiron aspect in the following article:

    JFK, Chiron and The Wound That Never Heals:
    America’s Turning Point of the 20th Century

  92. Bob says:

    Until this past week I had convinced myself that President Obama would be re-elected in a close election. Now I think Congress will select the President and that it will be Romney (GAG). Here is why I think that.

    His and the Congress’ actions may be what is behind the Grand Square in April 2014 affecting the Sibley Sun and Saturn. Massive public uprising, not an attack from outside.


  93. will says:

    And now, I shall run a warm bath and open my veins. But then I’d miss out on all of the massive uprising. Shucks, what a dilemma.

  94. Bob says:

    And what have I ever done to you Will? There are so many ways things could go at that time. I only offered one. Is it an impossibility? Perhaps with your superior intelligence you will be gracious enough to enlighten me as to what exactly will happen.


  95. Jerry says:

    François Hollande Builds Lead As Nicolas Sarkozy Allies Admit Writing Is On The Wall

    Poll saying socialist could win by 14 per cent leaves right wing in despair

    The Independent
    April 19, 2012

    Confronted with plunging polls and deserting allies, President Nicolas Sarkozy faces the prospect of a rout in the two-round French presidential election starting this weekend, with senior members of his government already said to be certain of defeat.


    French Election Stirs Fears of Euro-zone Turmoil

    PARIS (MarketWatch) — Nicolas Sarkozy’s fading hopes for re-election ahead of Sunday’s first-round presidential vote have investors fretting over the potential triumph of Socialist challenger François Hollande and the thought of further turmoil in the euro zone.

    Yet economists and strategists say France’s fiscal woes and the ongoing euro-zone debt crisis will leave the victor little room for maneuver.

    No doubt, the campaign has provided plenty of fodder for worry about relations between Germany, the euro zone’s largest economy, and France, the second largest. Hollande, who is vowing to protect his view of French sovereignty, says he will renegotiate the recently signed fiscal compact — a German-led initiative that moved to enshrine tougher budget rules across the euro zone.

    While Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel managed to paper over differences to present a united front amid a deepening crisis (earning the sobriquet “Merkozy”), Hollande and Merkel appear likely to get off to a rocky start.


  96. Angellight says:

    Obamacare is really RomneyCare, yet Romney continues to bash Obamacare as if he was not the Author and the Father? What hypocrisy!

    What I do know about the GOP Congress, is that it has delayed, stalled, refused to pass any Job creating bills, yet they (GOP) continue to profess that they are concered about job creation; and Media continues to let them get away with this lie!

  97. Lorrie U says:

    “Poll saying socialist could win by 14 per cent leaves right wing in despair”

    Well, if a socialist wins in France, we can see what happens as the right-wingers react from their dispair. It might be a clue as to what will happen here when PBO wins reelection!

  98. will says:

    Bob, please – so snarky, so snide, so snotty – so no-necessito. I’ll chalk your comment up to Saturn sitting directly on my natal Saturn and Neptune in my fist house at present. Really meant no “diss” to you at all – really.

    Of course you scenario is just as plausible as anyone’s guess right now – I was just waxing dramatic. Your interpretation would be one helluva manifestation – certainly would stir the national pot. We’ll have to see how this whole thing unfolds.

    Jerry, loved that last take you posted about the Uranus/Pluto square (by another astrologer).

    And so we wait….

  99. will says:

    Read it and puke:

    Retirements Dim Hopes of Democrats to Retake House

    Many Democrats have decided to retire rather than risk defeat in newly configured House districts, leaving the districts in play or solidly Republican.

  100. Jerry says:


    So we wait and we wonder. Uranus is the wild card. Possibly a radical departure from the usual, suffocating, boring routine and one that we needn’t fear. It can be uplifting and exciting if we have the daring to change our perception…..

    We Wait And We Wonder
    by Phil Collins

  101. Clymela says:

    Wennye-I am stunned after reading your words to realize that you kept your beautiful mind and powerful understanding even while pushed to the limits and as you said no one there to help, no trust funds and, certainly, no off- shore accounts to draw on. Bless you wonderful full-time mother. And thanks for sharing.
    I usually avoid judging people on looks,etc but…I was shocked by the cruelty I believe I saw on Mrs Romney’s countenance.I wonder if that doesn’t come from knowing her husband’s business philosophy and actions and agreeing with them.

  102. Clymela says:

    Andre add my prayer and thoughts of healing energy. Thank you for letting us know what is going on with you.

  103. Gypsi says:

    We live in interesting times. Dance on.

  104. NEOBuckeye says:

    Something has to happen soon to break the suffocating Republican-Conservative chokehold on this country. Rule by fear, intimidation, manipulation, and control never can last for very long. Those who bank on it working out long term are eventually overwhelmed and, if not careful, destroyed by the very same forces of change they had dearly hoped to suppress and eliminate.

  105. Lorrie U says:

    The Chiron-Pluto Generation by Michael Wolfstar

    Those born between April 1960 and April 1968 have Chiron in Pisces natally, and the older cohort is currently going through their Chiron Return. The most famous example of this generation is President Obama, who like everyone else born around this time, has Chiron opposite Pluto…The generation born with Chiron opposite Pluto carries an inner rage and powerful hostility. Chiron researcher Zane Stein* describes the source: “This hostility may come from being constantly thwarted by parents, or being the recipient of hostility from others in the environment.” Those who don’t directly express anger may channel this dynamic into an intense need to win and to overcome any and all obstacles.

  106. Jerry says:

    I’m glad someone brought this up as a topic of discussion. I think it’s quite significant that Pres. Obama’s progressed Chiron at 2’57 Pisces will be conjoined by stationary Neptune in early June (3 ’09 Pisces) AND it will be in square to his natal Moon (3 ’21 Gemini). More poignantly, a dynamic t square rapidly develops from there at the middle to end of June with a Jupiter/South Node conjunction precisely on Pres. Obama’s natal Moon in square to tr. Neptune and progressed Chiron. This begs the question and one that may become clearer closer to the time of unfolding of events, will the President begin to lose a grip on his authority? Jupiter (transition) South Node (karmic conditions from the past) conjunct Moon (representing our deepest personal needs, our basic habits, reactions, and our unconscious) in square to retrograde Neptune by hard aspect (perhaps indicating an erosion of authority or power) and Chiron (a psychological wound that requires attention). It should be interesting to see how all this plays out.

  107. Tetramorph says:

    As an individual with that same aspect (actually Uranus conj Pluto), I was once told by a college girl friend’s father I had a chip on my shoulder. This is true. I grew up watching a beautiful rural area getting destroyed by development along with all the other environmental destruction across the globe, which continues at a relentless pace. I hope that the coming Neptune transit manifests positively and not as lies and delusions. Seems to me we have the opportunity to begin moving towards a sustainable existence here on Earth — to heal the wounds we have inflicted on ourselves, on our home, or to ignore the pain and let infection rule.

  108. Tetramorph says:

    I had tried replying to Lorrie U’s post, but it bumped me to the bottom.

    Jerry, what houses does POB’s action take place?

  109. Jerry says:

    Moon in the 4th house – within 5 degrees of the nadir. Domestic issues I suppose.

  110. kiwi says:

    here is a more spirital interpretation of pisces chiron oppose pluto from the 60’s. I think Obama most definitely exhibits more of the spiritual tendencies than an ‘inner rage and powerful hostility’ as said by wolfstar.

  111. Tetramorph says:

    Jerry, I read the article you linked above JFK. One thing that sticks out to me is this:

    “Will we solve the enigma of his life, death and meaning for America? Can we discover a miracle cure for the “wound that never heals,” the psychic ailment that has thrown our country into a strange darkness of character and spirit since November 22, 1963?”

    This feels very Netunian to me, delusional. The wounded healer, the individual who has healed themselves, is the Shaman.

    The question to me, is, what are those things in human society/culture that prevent us from truly knowing ourselves, living an authentic and genuine life, a life of true Freedom? Not, what event has thrown us into this dark and downward spiral. That is to look outside, when we really need to look inside. I do feel that technology, our reliance on it, and faith in it, is a big part of the problem. We wait for others to heal our wounds (solve problems), instead of doing what we really need to do, which is taking responsibility and initiative for ourselves.

    I’m not trying to argue, as much as talk out the different possibilities. One of my favorite quotes from Eric Francis is “Interpretation is only as good as the information informing it,” or something along those lines. I look forward to your thoughts.

  112. Tetramorph says:

    Okay… I’m for sure a student, and am just now gaining confidence at chart interp.

    I see this action taking place below the horizon line, internally, as a form of conceptualization or an attempt at self-understanding.

    Perhaps an event happens that causes self-reflection, and, hopefully, an evolution within.

  113. Jerry says:

    Yes. That’s an excellent way of phrasing it. I would imagine Neptune going stationary retrograde is also a form of inward introspection. Not necessarily a negative, but it will probably require a lot of soul searching, esp. with progressed Chiron being right there.

  114. Jerry says:

    I think you just hit the nail on the head Tetramorph.

    You wrote:

    “We wait for others to heal our wounds (solve problems), instead of doing what we really need to do, which is taking responsibility and initiative for ourselves.”

    As I have been saying all along, politics definitely has its limitations.

  115. Francis says:

    its seems to me that Pluto is gathering all its strength together – corporate power, religious power and political power – in a grand effort to completely squash the opposition (the Dems, labor, women, gays, Latinos and African Americans) and rule. Uranus seems to be our hope for a real challenge and change. But it seems to me that Uranus will also need the gifts of Saturn if any change is going to be built upon and last. I just want to suggest that on a spiritual level we all, who feel aligned with Uranian energy also integrate the gifts of Saturn that will help ground the coming revolution in the practical realities and be guided by Saturn’s wisdom.

  116. Angellight says:

    Francis, that is a beautiful message & uplifting. I too sense that — the coming together — the Catholic Bishops and the others you named, a mighty force to bring back balance & fairness and good will to this planet.

  117. Angellight says:

    Jerry, I second that the writing by Tetramorph;

    Neobuckeye: I hope you are right.

    Those Dems who do not run for their seats out of fear, should go. We need Passionate Dems, unafraid, unfearful to take on these special interest groups. We need Heroes.

  118. will says:

    “Can we discover a miracle cure for the “wound that never heals,” the psychic ailment that has thrown our country into a strange darkness of character and spirit since November 22, 1963?

    I don’t find anything “delusional” about this paragraph at all. I would describe the rhetorical question as profound, if anything. JFK’s assassination did create a wound that has never healed – and although we can do a great deal to help heal ourselves – a scar on the skin or hole in the psyche never disappears. Never. If anything, scars get bigger with age. I always thought of Ted Kennedy’s mentoring of Barak Obama as an attempt at healing the horrible, fatal wounds both of his brothers and Dr. King sustained during the 60’s. In my mind, there is nothing delusional about a deep wound. Its there, even if covered with scar tissue.

  119. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    Now that you mention it, Senator Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee and his passing away a mere 7 months after Obama took office speaks volumes of the Kennedy mystique and the desire to bring the spirit and enthusiasm of the JFK legacy back into the Oval Office. A fascinating point!!

  120. Nina Katarina says:

    I’d actually been interested in Romney’s Chiron placement recently – he’s got it at 8 Scorpio, closely square to his Venus and also square to his midheaven and Pluto.

    The Sabian symbol for that degree is “the moon rises over a still lake”

    All of this points to a soul wound that can never be drowned in enought Plutonic energy. And the moon rising over the lake brought the Obama campaign symbol to my mind, honestly.

    People with this placement could potentially be incredible psychic healers, according to everything I’ve read. But if they deny or ignore the esoteric, the esoteric is their downfall.

  121. Gypsi says:

    The combination of the forces of nature (climate change) and the simple unsustainability of the corporate culture will sooner or later topple them republican-conservative plutocracy. But it may be quite messy when it falls.

  122. Gypsi says:

    I have chiron at 28 Aquarius opposite my 1 Virgo Pluto, and had Neptune sitting on my Chiron for the last 3 years. And I’ve moved my house and land toward sustainability at a much faster pace than prior, sign ever more environmental petitions, enlarged my gardens, cut my electric bill by 1/3 to 2/3 depending on the season and took up beekeeping. If everyone manifests this way, that the chip on the shoulder becomes the shoulder to the grindstone, we could have a lot nicer planet.

  123. Lorrie U says:

    Kiwi – I agree. A Chiron return can be a very healing aspect, an opportunity to heal others by healing one’s own wounds, which then becomes a strength. As pointed out by Wolfstar, an inner rage and powerful hostility was exemplified with Pres. Obama’s statement regarding Trayvon Martin: He expressed the inherent sense of injustice when this combination was activated on March 28, and he said “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

    As usual, some look only for the negative possibilities rather than the evolved person’s expressions of astrological energies. I believe President Obama has had a long time to come to grips with injustices and deals with them is a positive way.

  124. Gypsi says:

    Pluto transits make a LOT of whatever. The stuff of the sign becomes super-mega-monstrous-huge prominent. And then the whole mountain erodes from its foundation.

    When Pluto entered Sag religion became the big deal – and politics driven by religion even more so. And yes, the religious right is still around. But now they are worried about how to pay their bills, except for a couple of prominent republicans doing the crazy dance of alienating every woman and minority in the country.

    What pluto hits first grows like a blister, then explodes and runs all over before it even starts to heal.

  125. Lorrie U says:

    Angellight – I love that! Passionate Dems…

  126. Wennye' says:

    Hello Internet Sister Clymela, Thank you for your words the awesome thing is I am not an isolated women to have to pick up the reigns. I also wanted to add there was a Head Start for my youngest. These programs are necessary for working mothers, and my car was an old Nash Rambler not a caddie. Mrs. Romney, you should be embarrass to mirror yourself as a mother who is ready to pull out her hair because there is not enough money, husband, housekeeper, cook, driver etc. Find another talking point this does not fly. You lady did not work like mothers who are home with their kids or holding down an outside job. Blessings to you by our Eternal Parent

  127. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Kiwi, this site took me on a reset in my mind. My healing Center was named “Wounded Healer” and never checked to see where Chiron was in the Sky upon opening. It was leaving Virgo where my Natal Chiron is placed and entering Libra. The Universe really and truly has our guidance if we only follow the lead. Blessings dear one

  128. will says:

    You definitely know your Pluto, Gypsi.

  129. NEOBuckeye says:

    I see the end of Pluto’s transit of Capricorn as being quite a bit more severe for those entities born of Cap/Saturn energies than the end of Pluto’s transit of Sag was for the churches and other Sag/Jupiter entities. The end of Pluto in Sagittarius largely marked the end of unrestricted growth in the world and the seemingly limitless influence and fortunes of churches and ideology (e.g. neoconservatism)–things we associate with Sagittarius and Jupiter. Capricorn and Saturn deal with structures, restrictions, limitations, the aged and aging, and sudden “falls” from high places and positions of authority.

    By the end of Pluto’s transit of Capricorn, many corporations and government structures will not only have eroded, but will be literally tumbling down, having had their foundations exposed as throughly corrupt, rotten and totally lacking in integrity. There is certainly reason to hope that monstrous corporate giants like Monsanto, as well as extremely wealthy and powerful individuals like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Bros, and even the Republican Party, will be falling down during the 2020s from their near complete dominance of US society, economics, power structures, media and culture. Of course, many churches like the Catholic Church are also deeply rooted in structure and ritual, so they too will be deeply affected by Pluto in Cap.

    So corporate/right-wing conservative dominance will eventually be toppled. The big question for liberals, progressives, and people in general who care about the future of humanity and life on Earth is, what do we replace the ancien regime with? Pluto in Aquarius from 2024-2044 would seem to present us with a huge opportunity to transform our society and our world through a far more humanistic and democratic approach.

  130. starlight says:

    Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012

    In memoriam: After years of health problems, Facts has finally died.,0,809470.story

  131. Tetramorph says:

    Hi Will, I certainly see what you’re saying about Kennedy, up to a point. I wasn’t born when JFK was killed, it’s an important piece of history, but what is more important to me is the back story, and whether or not elements of it are still influential today.

    I was reflecting on this article today, esp. the part about when he says we may have some insight in 2000, due to complimentary factors (I don’t have the article up). When I think about what happened in 2000, and since (esp. in 2008), in relation to “the psychic ailment,” I started thinking about who or what was behind the assassination of JFK, and if those forces are still at work on/in our government. Without googling, wasn’t there something about Kennedy wanting to end the Federal Reserve or create a new currency that side stepped the reserve? So much of what we are going through seems to be tied to a toxic banking/investment system, with the back drop of the NWO, so eloquently expressed by Bush Sr., 9/11/91. Is the wound our dysfunctional relationship with $$$? With the banking system? Is this the thread from the present that ties us back to November 22, 1963?

    Could we say that OWS is perhaps a crack, a beginning toward which “we discover a miracle cure?”

  132. will says:

    This totally Wow-ed me. So pithy, so timely. So going viral.

  133. clymela says:

    NEOBuckeye- with the coming to light of ALEC I believe that we are seeing the outline of a deeply hidden drive to fascism within this country. Perhaps this was being organized at the time of JFK’s assassination.The name alone-the ” American Legislative Exchange Council” is fascist and how they have functioned- in the dark with lobbyists bringing the desired legislation to certain,cleared/vetted lawmakers is just the absolute expression of a fascist takeover. (I just thought of Chile and what some of these folks pulled in Chile in the early 70’s while we were all in shock from the murder of Kennedy and King and the war of Vietnam.) The movers here are corporations and businesses. The outrageous “Stand Your Ground” laws, at least 24 states are involved, come from this organization. I believe that many of the concealed weapons laws and the immigration laws in places where citizens are all stirred up also comes from this organization. I am not relieved at all when corporations such as WalMart,McDonalds,etc say publicly that they will no longer participate-why were they involved ever at any time? I suppose the plans to take over through right wing churches and schools will go on under cover as it has been all along.
    I don’t have all my intuition clarified through careful thought and there is much more reading and research needed to help me understand what I “see” going on. I have always read that Kennedy was killed because he wasn’t playing along with the military and lawmakers and their big plans which were much more than just the war in SE Asia.
    I have gone on much too long for this forum and I don’t have my thoughts as together as I like before speaking out publicly but I do believe we are seeing the outline of something truly dark and hateful. As an astrologer I expect we will see much,much more but that ultimately this “best laid plans of mice and men…..”will be stopped and will crumble.

  134. will says:

    If a**holes could fly, Rep. Allen West (R-FL)would have his own airport

  135. Jerry says:

    India and China, long regarded as staunch arch rivals share a very lengthy 3,380 km geographical border with each other. They also share something else in common that could prove to be extremely dangerous in the months ahead. Embedded in India’s Aug. 15, 1947 birth chart she has natal Neptune at 8 degrees Libra and this sits right on China’s natal Sun. With the approaching Uranus-Pluto profoundly and squarely hitting this degree (exact in June), we can expect some kind of explosive altercation on the Sino-Indian border. The question is, could a conflict be contained as in previous military exchanges or could the situation quickly spiral out of control? The aspects indicate that tensions can definitely explode into a full blown conflict if India doesn’t mobilize its forces quickly enough (India’s n, Neptune – unprepared and confused?). Taking proper precautions would be in India’s best interests, especially in light of current expectations of a possible June-July conflict by some military experts (see article below). It’s important to remember, both countries possess nuclear weapons…..

    Attack On India by June/July 2012

    Former Indian Army Officer Col. Dr. Anil Athale Warns: Expect a Chinese Attack Against India by ‘June/July 2012′

    In a recent article, former Indian Army officer Dr. Anil Athale warned that China is carefully orchestrating security-related incidents against India. Such incidents include Chinese military incursions into Indian territory in the Western and North-Eastern border regions of India, recent mistreatment of Indian diplomats and businessmen in China, recurring disputes on the issuance of visas, and diplomatic rows involving Chinese attempts to question Indian sovereignty in Jammu & Kashmir. Colonel (retired) Anil Athale, who is an author of the official history of the 1962 India-China conflict and now coordinator of the Indian Initiative for Peace, Arms Control & Disarmament (a think tank based in the city of Pune), warned that the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is failing to prepare the country’s armed forces to fight a likely war against China, which he warns could come as early as June/July 2012.

    He said that such a war could be like Pakistan’s Kargil war, the 1999 conflict which originated after Pakistani troops and jihadists marched into Kashmir. “It is time India woke up. Luckily, we do have some time. At the moment the Himalayan passes are frozen and no military operations are possible. The likely threat will only emerge in June/July 2012. It must be made clear that one is not talking of an all-out war. What we must accept is a short, sharp, attack by the Chinese, more in the nature of a slap!” he wrote in a recent article. The article, titled “Expect a Chinese attack by June/July”, was published by, a leading Indian news and community portal.


  136. B.A. says:

    This is a piece from Democracy Now this afternoon… quite important IMHO. Skip the newscast and start about 13 minutes in:

    This is worth a listen IMHO. Skip the news cast that begins the piece, start about 13 minutes in:

  137. Sharon says:

    As they say on Facebook—“like”!!!

  138. will says:

    B.A. – Chilling and from my experience as a political activist for most of my adult life, very credible. So,so,so. What do you advise any who listen to this to do to effect a change in these policies? Do you have specific people in politics you would be contacting, etc., etc?

  139. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    In listening in on the interviews, especially hearing that startling characterization of the NSA director as the most powerful person in the world over and above the US president (because he controls all the information) one comes away with the feeling that in this post 9/11 world we live in, none of this is at all surprising.

    Are there legal avenues one can take to ensure reasonable privacy and freedom of expression as afforded to us under the constitution and the law? According to these journalists and former NSA officer the problem is so pervasive and so integrally woven into the legal system (the patriot act) that to dismember the entire bureaucratic edifice is daunting if not futile. Solution? Take a deep breath and watch a short Monty Python 3 minute scene about the awful injustices imposed on the poor, ordinary proletariat (such as you and I)…..

  140. Tetramorph says:

    I’m going to put this down here so it doesn’t get lost in all the comments, a discussion of Banking’s role in Lincoln’s and JKF’s assassinations:

    In fairness, here is a lengthy refutation:

    Judith Gayle has a good one on Pagetwo —

  141. andre says:

    Ed Tamplin, in this week’s blog,says François Hollande will be a transformative President of France because of his chart’s links to the French Republic’s foundation chart in 1792.

  142. Wennye' says:

    Thanks Nancy for sharing this article sadly it is true though humorous. Blessings

  143. starlight says:

    I continue to think that Sarkozy might turn this around. For now, Hollande is under Jupiter. As of May, he will have a long Saturn transit on his Neptune.

  144. will says:

    Just for a little levity:

    Bubba returns to the White House…

  145. Jerry says:

    Regarding the Lewinsky affair; from a historical perspective, I found the following quite interesting….

    Steve Jobs Advised Bill Clinton On Sex Scandal: Book

    Steve Jobs had suggested Bill Clinton to “tell the country” about Monica Lewinsky when the former US President sought the late Apple co-founder’s advice on tackling the sex scandal 13 years back, says a new book.

    According to the biography of the late Apple co-founder, Jobs had a late-night conversation with President Clinton in 1998 on how to handle the sex scandal involving the former White House intern.

    “I don’t know if you did it… but if so, you’ve got to tell the country,” ‘The Daily Telegraph’ online quoted Jobs as telling the then US President.

    However, it is unclear whether the advice to go public was welcome, for there was a long silence on the other end of the phone after he gave his response, according to Jobs’s biographer Walter Isaacson.

    President Clinton was famous for placing calls from the Oval Office as he worked late, but it’s raising eyebrows that he sought the counsel of the Silicon Valley innovator on such a sensitive political and personal controversy.

    The former President, now 66, consistently attempted to evade questions about his affair with Lewinsky, now 38, when she was an intern at the White House.

    The biography also reveals intimidate details of Jobs’s relationships and conversations with famous names ranging from fellow technology pioneers to showbusiness stars and political leaders in the US.

    Jobs, the man behind the first personal computer, the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other innovations, died earlier this month, aged 56, after a five-year battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

  146. Jerry says:

    On May 6th there are two pivotal presidential elections occurring in Europe at the same time. France (second and final run-off) and Greece. Remarkably it coincides on the day of the Scorpio Full Moon (16 ’01 Scorpio ). A tidal wave of dis-satisfaction is being voiced in these elections and the Euro currency may be the first casualty. Most notable is the exact Mercury-Saturn opposition on this day (24 Aries-Libra – conjoining Greece’s natal Uranus at 23 ’52 Libra) indicating perhaps a drastic decision to change direction. The elections are based on a grass-roots movement to oust the incumbents; a desire to establish a change in monetary policy. These elections could decide the fate of the Euro currency. Will Greece leave the Euro? It is the number one concern weighing heavily on world financial markets. See related articles…..

    Papademos Says May 6 Vote Crucial for Greek Euro Future

    France May be the Domino that Causes the Euro to Collapse

    …..French Elections Hold the Key to the Euro

    Whether or not France brings down the euro hinges on the outcome of its upcoming presidential election, set for two rounds April 22 and May 6.

  147. catsandmusic says:

    clymela, I too have this deep foreboding that we are going to be overtaken by fascism. I wish I remembered more from a social science course I took in college that described the conditions and institutions that enabled the Nazis to come to power in Germany.

    Some of the parallels are economic insecurity, dehumanizing of certain ethnic and religious groups, and lately the attempt to deprive women of their independence. When jobs are scarce, if you can keep a large chunk of the population out of the workforce that makes it look like there is less unemployment. We already have an astounding unemployment rate among Black men–I think for young Black men it is over 50%. With all the outsourcing of jobs, that apparently isn’t enough.

    If I can locate some of the great stuff I read years ago I will send it to you. I hope you get to read this reply–not sure if I should post here or at the end of the column, as you wrote this a couple of days ago.

  148. kiwi says:

    loved the photo jerry! first thing that came to mind when the ss scandal broke was, this has been an acceptable mode behind the scenes for a very, very, long time – including right through dubya’s watch. More of pluto’s exposing hidden scum within institutions perhaps?

  149. kiwi says:

    I meant will!!!

  150. NoTribe says:

    Putting aside the sometimes fanatical tribalism that engulfs our modern political outlook…. I will just look at the chart. Romney actually has a fantastic chart for a US President, especially as compared to Obama’s.

    Romney’s strong presence of 6th and 10th houses, means leadership on the job, and attention to detail. If I were running a business, I would not have a problem with him in charge. Given the mutable presence of water trine with those aspects, its understandable why the attacks on him as not having a core or changing his mind, really don’t reflect a negative on him, but actually part of his core. His framing of it as being flexible or able to change with the times… its just an ineffective attack. Going after him as ultra-conservative works better, but its really too late to start that now. For Romney, his claim as a turn-around guy is going to be potent, that’s the Chiron to Mars water 6th to 10th trine.

    And pisces in particular have about a strong a presence as any sign in history. Washington, Madison, Jackson, Cleveland. Compare that with Leo’s Harrison, Hoover, Clinton. And pisces is the historical foundation of the Republica party, based on the research I’ve done with the different charts (Ripon one especially).

    I don’t know about the progressions or transits, but will look into them later. I will comment that Romney’s chart being quiet post-election is also probably his “getting down to business” outlook, and that it is reflective of Republicans’ having a trifecta and re-shaping the country easily, with little opposition.

    Just one interpretation…