1st Apr, 2012

Health Care Reform

The long, drawn out war over health care that we were subjected to before the passage of the Affordable Care Act has been resurrected. One might think we were having a collective relapse of the flu: our fever has spiked, our irritability has increased, and misery abounds. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this pre-existing condition.

Early last week, the Supreme Court spent three days tackling the constitutionality of the new Health Care law. Or at least that is what we were told. In reality, it was yet another proxy war in the right-wing’s attempt to discredit and ultimately unseat our first African American president, as well as retrieve their vision of a White Christian nation imbued with a screechingly triumphal self-absorption.  Once again, a policy that was created by and largely supported by Republicans for years – in this case the individual mandate – morphed into a dire, almost treasonous threat to the future of America when espoused by Barrack Obama. With characteristic shamelessness, the Republicans tossed integrity to the wind and twisted both fact and rationality to align with a power-hungry political agenda.

The pundits, of course, are like rabid, hungry wolves circling this story. With gleeful abandon, they discuss how President Obama’s most significant legislative victory will be declared unconstitutional and torn asunder, rendering him weak and vulnerable in the fall campaign. They examine every utterance of the justices to add fuel to their hyperbolic bonfire.

The astrological indicators on this issue, however, tell a different tale. At the end of March, the president was just coming out of a progression of his Moon quincunx natal Pluto, activating his natal Moon/Pluto square, and bringing him the subjective experience of an intense struggle against potent and intractable foes. In addition, the last six days of March brought a Uranus/Mars quincunx which added to the general level of agitation and anger, thus contributing to the irritable national mood around the resurrected health care debate.

If we look at the chart for the Affordable Care Act, things become even more interesting. This legislation was signed into law on March 23, 2010, at 11:55 AM. In it, we find a grand cross that also falls on the horizon line of the chart. This describes legislation that was profoundly transformative (Pluto) but, at the same time, conscientiously kept within the tight the restrictive bounds (Saturn) of what was possible, as well as struggling to maintain the delicate balance of including the people’s needs (the Moon) and the president’s objectives (the Sun).

In progressing the chart, we find that the progressed health Care Sun (5Aries) has moved to an exact square with natal Pluto (5Capricorn21) from September 2011 through most of September 2012. This indicates the pitched battle for survival that this law is now undergoing.  Moreover, the huge power struggle described by the Sun/Pluto square has been activated by transiting Uranus (5Aries) conjunct progressed Sun and square natal Pluto from March 21 through April 8, and was further triggered by transiting Mars (5Virgo) trine natal Pluto during the days of the Supreme Court hearings. Furthermore, the progressed health care Moon (5Leo) will be quincunx natal Pluto from April 7 through May 4, suggesting that the shrill intensity of the debate will continue for the next month.

A look at the planets during the end of June suggests that the majority Supreme Court opinion that will emerge from this beleaguered process is likely to be largely in the president’s favor. Certainly, the period from June 20 through early June 26, during which transiting Jupiter will be conjunct Obama’s Moon (3Gemini21), looks extremely uplifting and successful for him. Friday, June 22, should the decision come on that day, is particularly positive with the transiting Sun conjunct the president’s Venus (1Cancer47), just as his progressed Sun culminates in its square to that point. If the opinion comes in the final few days of the month, there is still nothing in President Obama’s chart to point to an upset.

Rather significantly, the progressed Health Care Sun (5Aries) will continue to be square Health Care Pluto (5Capricorn21) through September 2012, and transiting Uranus will return to square Health Care Pluto and conjunct progressed Health Care Sun during all of October and again from mid-December 2012 through January 2013. This prolongation of the power struggle inherent in the health care law suggests two things. The first is that the assault on this legislation will continue to be fiercely waged during the 2012 election campaign. The second is that the Supreme Court, in a game of political hot potato, may throw the law back to Congress for further refinement on at least a few points. The Uranus station on Health Care Pluto in December 2012 and January 2013 indicates that the health care battle may continue to be waged in the post-election Congress. Given the planetary lineup in December (to be discussed fully at a later date), this could develop into a huge confrontation.

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