The French Election

While America is transfixed by the reality-show buffoonery of its own presidential primary season, there is another election drama unfolding across the Atlantic. In France, center-Right President Nicolas Sarkozy is running for reelection and is currently trailing the moderate Socialist candidate Francois Hollande. The first contest, in which several candidates will compete, will take place on April 25. The second round of voting, which will be a run-off between the top two contenders of the first round – expected to be Sarkozy and Hollande – will take place on May 5.

Sarkozy stands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, another center-Right politician, in promoting tough austerity measures to save the euro. Hollande, on the other hand, has argued that such budget slashing weakens growth in an already-frail economic climate. He calls for substantially higher taxes on the very rich and favors a generally more expansionist government. Much of this Left-Right framing transcends national boundaries and is pervasive throughout Europe. It is also quite familiar to Americans, although the more bizarre edges of modern US politics seem to be missing. The French, after all, are not arguing about contraception.

From what I can surmise looking at the astrological data, it seems very likely that Sarkozy will win another term, despite the current polling. Hollande will have transiting Saturn crossing his natal Neptune from election day throughout May, a sign of disappointment and loss. Sarkozy, on the other hand, will be under numerous Venus and Jupiter transits during May, which, taken together, suggest an ebullient mood and a feeling of success and contentment. In his chart (1/28/55, at 10 PM, Paris) during and just after the election, we find transiting Jupiter quincunx Venus, semisquare the Moon, and sextile Jupiter, with a slow-moving, transiting Venus sesquiquadrate the Sun and opposite Venus. His wife, Carla Bruni (12/23/67, at 6:10 PM, Turin, Italy) will also be enjoying both Venus and Jupiter in aspect to her natal Moon/Pluto conjunction during the same period.


  1. starlight says:

    This is a quick post on a topic we don’t usually discuss. I found it interesting because many of the issues are so parallel those between Left and Right in the US. My sister-in-law is French, and I was speaking to several of her friends and relatives at the wedding this past weekend about this upcoming election in France. So I thought it worthwhile to expand our horizons here and post the results of my brief investigation on the subject.

  2. Jackson says:

    Wouldn’t Sarkozy have transiting Saturn on his natal Neptune around now? I mean, My birthday is 3/21/1955, and I had it in December, and right now in retrograde, and next September for the final pass.

  3. will says:

    I was born with a tight Neptune Saturn conjunct (in Libra) in my first house – and let me tell you – it is a very heavy, at times almost suffocating cloak of hindrance, delay, depression and confusion. Viva la France, Nancy – refreshing commentary indeed.

  4. Lorrie U says:

    Starllight – Perhaps this analysis might also project onto our elections with President Obama being more centrist and less austere than Romney.

    From Astrotabletalk re. Uranus-Pluto effect on eurozone:

  5. starlight says:

    Yes, exact on March 18, a few days back. but Hollande has it come into a one-degree-orb on election day and continue for a few weeks thereafter.
    Sarkozy has been down in the polls of late.

  6. Jackson says:

    Yeah. Mine’s exact on the 28th, and I’m kind of down in the polls as of late, too. Then again, I’m kinda used to crummy transits, and I’m not running for elective office.

  7. Lunagardener says:

    I think Sarkozy is trying to change that with the recent shooting…now he can postpone the campaign & be a hero, by attending funerals and such. These folks seem to get lucky with homegrown terrorists, when their polls are down at inappropriate moments.

  8. David says:

    I am enraged – Santorum is too horrible for words. Look at his sneering face – teeth bared – an animal.

  9. starlight says:

    I am not at all surprised. The Republicans are shameless and have never found a boundary of decency that they were not willing to breech.

  10. will says:


    The link won’t post as active – so I don’t know how else to modify the list of what looks like almost a hundred Republican politicians who have been convicted of sexual crimes. Maybe you know someone who can edit – they can post it under their name. My point isn’t to hang them in the market place but to show their outrageous level of cognitive dissonance.

  11. starlight says:

    Maybe just post a few sentences from the article and a summary that says over a hundred GOP have been convicted of sex crimes.

  12. Wennye' says:

    Jackson, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! May your new year bring more happiness and lots of hugs..Blessings friend, Wennye’

  13. David says:

    Regarding The Hunger Games – yes – please see the movie but also please visit:

    Thank you.

  14. starlight says:

    From the article:

    They have embraced bullying as a political strategy and an acceptable cultural norm, which has in turn coarsened our civil discourse to the point of democratic breakdown. Rush Limbaugh and his throng of hate-talking imitators have given their listeners wide-open social permission to say ugly things in public that would most assuredly get them fired if they said them at work (check your company handbook, which no doubt has firm guidance on this point), and would probably precipitate an immediate divorce if they said them at home. The tone alone says it all: this is not the way you talk to people you intend to have any kind of future with.

    Conservative lawyers and courts are actively carving out a First Amendment right to bully racial and religious minorities, immigrants, gays, and women who won’t stay in their place. Almost every family (including mine, unfortunately) and every workplace has a FOX-trained bully who makes it almost impossible to have simply collegial conversations. Democracy is literally not possible where such bullies exist, because the give-and-take and nuanced discussions that lead to good decision-making simply can’t happen. Instead, all the power goes to the person who’s willing and able to throw the biggest tantrum. That’s not democracy, in any sense of the word.

  15. Patty says:

    Thank you Starlight, You’re eloquent combination of Astrology and current events are appreciated more than words could say.
    This Aries New Moon must be knocking Rush Limbaugh down even more notches.

    Thomas Jefferson’s quote is apropos…

    “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

  16. Diane L says:

    Thank you for finding & sharing this article, Starlight. It makes all too much sense to me. Any indicators when the bullies will be shut out?

  17. andre says:

    Nancy, the latest poll out in France today has Sarkozy beginning to rise. There is still more than a month to go, and he is 8 points back, but the trend is in his favour. The killing of the Muslim terrorist in France by the police may get him more votes because the speech he gave at the memorial for the victims made him look more presidential. But he also has controversial ideas, like reducing the number of immigrants by half and censoring Internet sites that support terrorism. His Socialist opponent, François Hollande, said he would tax the wealthy at the rate of 75%, which got him a lot of early support, but now he seems to run out of steam. It should be close in the end. I have sympathy for Hollande,who would fight inequality, but he has never held high office and Sarkozy’s experience may give him the edge. The Uranus-Pluto square will hit European institutions hard, and experience may be needed in tough times.

  18. Jerry says:

    About Sarkozy; one of his campaign pledges raises some interesting, problematic issues about basic human rights. How far should a government go to prevent terrorism……

    Sarkozy: Jail Those Who Browse Terror Websites

    Associated Press
    March 22, 2012

    PARIS (AP) — France’s president proposed a sweeping new law Thursday that would see repeat visitors to extremist web sites put behind bars – one of several tough measures floated in the wake of a murderous shooting spree.

    The proposed rules, unveiled by Nicolas Sarkozy after the death of an Islamist fanatic wanted for a horrifying series of execution-style murders, have alarmed journalists and legal experts, who say they risk pulling the plug on free expression.


  19. Jerry says:

    Bring on Aquarius: The Link Between 1966 and 2012
    by Mark Borax

    In the Spring of 1966, Year of the Fire Horse, a powerful conjunction occurred between Uranus and Pluto, which formed the transformative core of the Sixties. Uranus rules Revolution. Pluto destroys antiquated social structures that block change. When these forces came together with explosive impact in Virgo – Sign of Renunciation — the electrifying message shot through mass consciousness that we had to renounce the past. “I refuse to recognize your authority,” became the rallying cry of the young, who stood up to the Old Guard, defying its edicts, and denouncing its folly, clearing the decks for something new.

    Though we didn’t know what exactly to replace it with, we knew, with unflinching gut instinct, that we had to leave the old behind. True to youth, most of us were more aware of what was wrong than right. Our burning need to cast down the Establishment and sever allegiance with the past precluded the gaining of substantial life wisdom, which must become the rallying cry of the current time.

    The main folly of our time is the twisted leadership of corrupt power, which must be replaced by new structures that reflect the visionary ideals of the sixties, while breaking free of that era’s excesses. Higher truths embedded in Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon’s visionary dreams must be shorn clear of Sixties hot-headed escapism, and leavened by a more seasoned wisdom to meet the exigencies of our time.

    June 24, 2012: Entering Aquarius

    The next stage in the long-term Evolutionary Dance between Uranus and Pluto occurs on June 24, 2012, during the first square between the Planets. Just like a New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon conjoin each month, launching a seed of consciousness that takes root seven days later on the Half Moon Waxing, seeds of a different sort are planted when any two planets come together, and take root when the planets orbit ninety degrees away from each other, during the square. The New Moon of world revolution was seeded when Uranus and Pluto met in 1966. Between 2012 and 2015, that seed reaches its deepest penetration of mass consciousness, during the three squares that occur in these years. This summer we enter the Half Moon Waxing of the 1960s. Seeds of change planted then steady to their deepest root. During the next three years, you’re being recruited to aim all your magical strength toward bringing a vision of love, peace, truth and well-being down from the clouds.


  20. Brenda says:

    I know that I should not be surprised, but just the same it does astound me that Pat Robertson would state publicly that it would serve the Broncos right for trading Tebow to the Jets if Manning got injured playing for the Broncos…a so called “man of God” wishing physical injury on someone just because one of his “christian” boys got treated “shabbily”…it seems to me that Pat has the “devil inside”.

  21. Jerry says:

    Hi Brenda,

    According to Pat Robertson, God speaks to him on a regular basis, so whatever he says must be true. For example, did you know Pat has the inside scoop on who the next president will be? Unfortunately for us, he’s keeping tight-lipped about it all. Darn!! In one of his CBN tv broadcasts, he reveals his predictions for the year 2012. He was told ‘your president holds a radical view of the direction of this country which is at odds with the majority. Expect chaos and paralysis”.

    And the big caveat….. “it will be a time of maximum stress and peril greater than at any time since the inception of “CBN” (CBN – an acronym for the Christian Broadcasting System that began in 1960).” It was further revealed that the US economy is going to collapse. Nothing surprising about all this. The difficulty however is that he’s closely aligned with the right wing Republican party and holds rather conservative views. I wonder if God told him to cut that out? Or if he was informed – maybe he’s a selective listener?

    Here’s the two minute video clip….

  22. Jerry says:

    My mistake. CBN/ Christian Broadcasting Network

  23. Jerry says:

    Speaking of predictions; this has got to be one of the most fascinating, unusual video clips I have seen to date.

    A film interview by the french tv program L’heure de Verité shot in California in 1980 centers around that of a young, charming, well-dressed frenchman, a clairvoyant sharing his thoughts about the future. During the entire length of the 6 minute interview he appears poised, relaxed, unassuming and quite articulate. Speaking in fluent french (video contains English subtitles) he identifies and correctly predicts by relatively close description; the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown in Russia; the fall of eastern communism by the end of the late ’80’s and the subsequent break-up of the Soviet Union; a ‘pearl harbor’ type terrorist event in a major US city (primarily New York) at the beginning of the new century, with a “war for oil” to follow (although not specifically mentioned one assumes he is referring to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan because he identifies it as a religious war – Al Qaeda?). He states that as a result of this war there will be a popular revolution in America and they will elect a black man as US president between the years 2005 and 2012. He specifically stated “….. The people will rally behind this man, like he was – maybe not the Messiah, but some kind of savior. The spirit of change for an America that will have suffered” In the beginning of the interview he shares with the viewer that when he was a child he often had images of men walking on the moon and felt that that would occur in the year 1969.

    There doesn’t seem to be any cause for suspicion that this is fabricated. It seems genuine. What he has to say about the year 2012 is quite extraordinary. Brace yourself………..

    Six minute video clip enclosed in this article. Click on the following URL link:

  24. will says:


    As much as I am drawn to clairvoyants and psychic phenomenon as the proverbial moth to a flame, my gut tells me that this guy is a hoax and that this video is very recent – the fidelity is much to clear for 1980. Just my hunch. The whole “I don’t see anything after 2012 is just a bit too “coincidental” and sensational.

  25. Michael from nyc says:

    The editing on the tape looks digital – note the cuts which have a slight flash of white – also his clothing and haircut look slightly off to me

  26. Azizi says:

    I’m wondering if there are any astrological connections between the February 26, 2012 tragic death of African American teen Trayvon Martin and the 1955 tragic murder of African American teen Emmitt Till on August 28, 1955. indicates that Emmitt Till was forcefully removed from his home (because of the accussation that he whistled at a White woman while he was shopping at a local store) in the early morning hours—between 2:00 and 3:30—on Sunday, August 28, 1955 in Web Mississippi (in the Mississippi Delta). That’s the closest to any time of death for Emmitt Till that I’ve found.

    Both of these cases violence leading to death that was directed toward a African American teenage male, in a small town. Furthermore, in both cases there’s the connection of the teen shopping at a small store. Also, it seems to me as an African American -judging from the photos made available of the two- Emmitt Till and Trayvon Martin both have what is called a baby face, and the two look quite similar.

    The murder of Emmitt Till turned out to be a pivotal point in the civil rights movement.

    But the USA still hasn’t resolved all of the issues of that movement (there is still lots of institutional racism in this nation, as exemplified by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, the application of that law regarding Black people, and the abysmal, unlawful, racists actions & inactions of the Sanford Florida police department.

    George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who admits to killing the unarmed Trayvon Martin is STILL as of this date not arrested, and he still retains the gun that was used in that shooting.

    Also, somewhat of an aside, I think it’s interesting if not significant as a sign of change in how the USA views race that an online article I read whose title, date, and link I didn’t document, indicated that Zimmerman was a “white hispanic”. Although I’m aware that in the USA “Hispanic/Latino” is an ethnicity and members of that category can be any race, I don’t think that I’ve ever read or heard a description in the news about a person being “white hispanic” (or “black hispanic”).

    Any astrological comparisons of the Emmitt Till tragedy and the Trayvon Martin tragedy would be appreciated.

  27. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    I checked it out. Someone found a 1980 photo of the fellow from an archival file and posted it in one of the comment sections. He appears to be the same age. It tends to validate the fact that it wasn’t recent. The style of clothing also matches the period. In any case, I find his character to be too unscripted for it to be ‘staged’. It’s good to be skeptical up to a point, but he really does appear legitimate to me.

  28. karen says:

    Azizi, I would bet there are several comparisons that may be confirmed by any astrologer on this board. Why, when there have been so many heinous crimes committed against people of color, women, gays, or the “wrong” religion, is Trayvon’s death FINALLY triggering what should have been addressed long ago?

    Rachel Maddow addressed part of it last night — during her rubber/glue presentation. That is, the Republicans are good twisting and hurling accusations back. For instance, now the Democrats are in a War Against Women. And, in the past when institutionalized racism has been addressed, it’s the Democrats who are racist for even suggesting that institionalized racism exists.

    Trayvon’s horrific death IS timely, and a more visceral/ visual example because of the timing. Those who wish to continue wink-n-nod gun policies are going to be hard pressed to prove they’ve some altruistic reason for the absurd laws on the books.

  29. karen says:

    Nancy, I loved this look at France’s political stage. Again, you example the impact of energies on a world stage, something we need to be reminded of.

  30. Azizi says:

    Yes, karen.

    I believe that it’s also significant that this horrific killing occurred in Florida, the state which will hold the Republican Presidential convention and the fact that Jeb Bush signed the Stand Your Ground law should also put paid to any movement to draft another Bush as president candidate in case there is a brokered Republican nomination.

  31. Francis says:

    Well I took the bait suspecting that if it is a psychic prediction it is probably doom and gloom and that if Jerry posted it, it would be negative likely with the world ending… and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m just irritated that I took the bait.

  32. Diane L says:

    Off topic, Starlight, but I’m wondering about the outcome of the healthcare law arguments before the Supreme Court starting 3-26 during the current Mercury Rx? Will they delay making a decision this year?


  33. starlight says:

    Diane – My best sense of what to read about that would be Obama’s chart around the time the justices announce their decision. Nothing is clear until then. Do we have an idea as to when that would be? maybe some time in June?

  34. Diane L says:

    From what I’m reading, it looks like they will rule in June or July. Here’s a link to 5 articles on TPM on this:

    Health Care Law before SCOTUS

  35. Jerry says:

    Hi Francis,

    The person in the interview clearly didn’t know how to interpret the experiences he was having in relation to 2012. Contact with ‘other beings’ and an inability to see beyond the year 2012….. I’m not sure how you can arrive at the conclusion that there are negative connotations to that. But of course if you would prefer to interpret the experience for him, I’m certainly not going to stand in your way.

  36. Noelle says:

    Jerry, thanks for posting that young man’s video. I think his vision is clear I just think his interpretation if off about who the losers are. He’s also a little off about when electric cars would replace gasoline-driven ones which makes me doubt that this is a recent conversaton.

    One things for sure, we will know soon whether he’s right or not. Anyone who reads Matthews Messages can probably relate to this.

  37. kiwi says:

    cmon jerry, use your head!!
    So if this guy was born in 1940 and moved to california 20 years before 1980, and was a really good, genuine psychic, why is everyone only hearing about him now? Also, if he’d lived in CA for 20 years why is he only speaking French? I’d want much much more validation than this utube supposed ‘interview.’ Especially if he continued to live in a state that is so very open to what my husband calls ‘guru sh*t.’

  38. Wennye' says:

    Have you noticed Nancy, how the conservatives as well as far rightwingers will get in your face as well over talk any point of view that may challenge their dialog and non facts..Blessings , Wennye’

  39. Wennye' says:

    Hey friend, lesson learned!! Don’t go down Jerry’s rabbit hole no matter how pretty it is made to look. His M.O. always seems the same, push forward with ‘stuff’ pull back for a while when confronted with pessimistic still is his ‘stuff’, Stay in your light, Wennye’

  40. Lorrie U says:

    Just for the record, here in Arizona there is definitely a lot of racial prejudice and intolerance between hispanic/latinos towards blacks as well as other latino cultures, i.e., islanders, mexicans, mexican-americans, etc. It’s similar to the muslim divide between the shias and shites. So I’m sure that Zimmerman had a certain disdain that colored his judgment, and I hope he gets nailed!

  41. starlight says:

    This all reminds me of the Hunger Games and how the people are pushed to fight each other rather than uniting against the real oppressors.

  42. starlight says:

    I think it will be OK around then. when we get a closer date, I can look at the president’s chart.

  43. Francis says:

    and when I think of it, how could any psychic making predictions in the 80s not see the AIDS epidemic, the deadliest plague of our times which BTW, coincided with Pluto’s entry into Scorpio?

  44. Francis says:

    thanks :)

  45. Francis says:

    does anyone have the link or the name of the astrology web site which has the birth info for many publicly known people? Thanks!

  46. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    My article on this enthusiastic Sagittarius and the possible head of the World Bank.

    Jim Young Kim
    December 8, 1959
    Seoul, South Korea

    So far…Mars conjunct Pluto, Pluto sextile Neptune , Neptune trine Venus (great for allure)
    Chiron opposition Pluto (Healing by healing the world)

    What I find interesting is the juxtoposition of Medicine and Finances. Given the enormous potential drag on developed world finances due to long-term health care for an aging population, combined with the drain on developing nations resources due to AIDS and other debilitating diseases, a doctor may be just what’s needed.

    My hope is that this will mean a growing emphasis on the kind of infrastructure that will allow nations to build sewers and ways of getting clean water, to emphasize food and health so that people can be freed to develop their nations in other ways.

    Natally, there Sagittarius Sun/Jupiter blend (optimist, probably pretty necessary when dealing with the hardship of the world. Combined with a just in orb Mars in Sagittarius, forcefully so.

    Venus in Scorpio forms a helpful sextile with Saturn in Capricorn for a love and concern that is both deep and concerned with foundations. It’s a useful one for getting outside funding and support because the funders know that the recipient is deeply committed to a project and will work hard and methodically to bring it about. Pluto in Virgo sextile Venus reinforces this quite well.

    Uranus in Leo/Mercury in Scorpio-independent thinker with a touch of ego at times due to the square, but firmly fixed once an idea is examined and found viable. Squares Chiron too, so some wounds from people not completely understanding his brilliance.

    So I think he will be a good head of the World Bank, with a unique viewpoint that will be healing, provided he has learned to hold his tongue on occasion and realize that other people can also be brilliant as well.

  47. Iris says:

    I heard about this video a couple of months ago. The rumor at the time was that this was put out by a university in Montreal for some sort of advertising or marketing competition.
    I’ve watched it and it seems off. I base that mostly on the guy’s appearance. I can’t think of anyone I knew in northern California who had that look in 1980. His clothes are wrong – he would have been wearing polyester pants with that jacket and tie. Or he would have been wearing a polyester shirt with the jeans. Also, he has no sideburns – in 1980!
    The other thing is I’ve never heard of a psychic who could tell what year their visions ended. Just not believable.
    The albums in the corner are a nice touch, but there is no stereo. Why are the interviewer’s questions edited out of the video? It’s pretty good for a fake, but I think it is a fake.

  48. lizzie says:


    English Jungian astrologer~author, Liz Greene ‘s website:

    has the asro-data repository site to which you are referring.
    Forget what it is titled exactly, but it is listed w/ other contents on Home page … on far left of page.

  49. rc says:

    Hi Jerry ,, Just a thought, Off T , but,
    what is your take on Moon Voids as
    They relate to astrology.

  50. Francis says:


  51. Azizi says:

    I happened upon a video of a POWERFUL poem about Trayvon Martin, Emmitt Till, and other Black males who were slain because of racial profiling. I transcribed that poem, and showcased it along with that video on my cultural blog. Here’s a link to that post:


  52. Lunagardener says:

    David, I cruised that website, but had to balk at buying a parachute….

  53. Lunagardener says:

    ….And the parallel in the Hunger Games Trilogy to reality TV in our current culture to distract and incite. Very Tribal. I am finding the conversation around the young man, killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer / vigilante?, .. to be an intriguing part of the current dialogue. It is interesting to watch who is trying to control the conversation. Somehow, I think the NRA will lose on this one.

  54. Lunagardener says:

    Carole, I just watched a Bill Moyer’s interview with this man from a few years ago when he became the President of Dartmouth.
    He is delightful. It will be interesting to see how the world responds. I couldn’t help but feel that this mans heart and mind was in the right place. Thank you for your article.

  55. Jerry says:


    Re: MO……. We are just simply sharing. The video was intended as a thought-provoking item of interest, nothing more. No need for the adverse commentary Wennye. Your advice was valid. We should all ‘stay in our light’.

  56. Lunagardener says:

    A Second Chance For America

    I am intrigued by this. Educating myself on this issue with full awareness that Neptune is extremely active, and scams abound at this time, but I like the language used and felt compelled to share this. Input welcome, negative or positive. Namaste…TWYH (Think with your heart)

  57. Jerry says:

    Hi RC,

    The internet is a great source for information. Have you tried Googling it? Anyway, I found a short, very well written explanation on it for you here……

    When the Moon is Void of Course

    A Void-of-Course transit of the moon is a period of time between the last aspect of the Moon while transiting in one sign and the point that the Moon enters the next sign (ingress). It takes approximately 27.5 days for the moon to loop all the way around the Earth. Many interactions (aspects) are made between the Moon and the various planets as it cycles around the Earth.


  58. Wennye' says:

    There you go Jerry, embrace the light…Wennye’

  59. Jerry says:

    There you go. Thank you. That’s the spirit :)

  60. fierywoman says:

    It’s called Astrodatabank, originally put together by Lois Rodden (data) and Mark McDonough (tech + financing). It was finally acquired by Astrodienst (= “astro work” in German) (they are “”) and they are generously offering it for free.)

  61. Lune Prière says:

    Fingers crossed. I’m counting on being able to get insurance on the exchange. And what does the Mittster have in mind for the 30 million people who will be left without insurance (without the Medicaid expansion) when he talks about getting rid of the dreadful “Obamacare”?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s a member of the F***You, I’ve Got Mine” coalition.

  62. Sharon says:

    Think with your heart! I love it! Very Neptunian in the positive sense.

  63. Sharon says:

    He will be arrested and he will be held accountable. The entire country is up in arms about this and, should Zimmerman get away with this, there will be riots.

  64. kiwi says:

    I did not find it very thought provoking at all Jerry – much more in the vein of ‘a sucker born every minute.’
    In this rapid fire internet age, information sharing needs to have a discerning reality and common sense filter – the video you chose to share, I feel, was more in the nonsense catagory and a time waster.

  65. kiwi says:

    this video is so cool – Obama’s nominee to become the next head of the world bank – singing ‘I had the time of my life’ with college kids.
    The video made me smile and feel such joy in contrast to all the tragic news lately – maybe this man can really do some good if chosen.

  66. Iris says:

    Thanks Azizi,

    That poem gave me chills – as all the best poetry does.

  67. Iris says:

    Hi Starlight:

    Thanks so much for this website. Your insights are thought-provoking and your commenters are great.

    Happy Spring!

  68. kiwi says:

    Here’s Marjorie Orr’s take on Trayvon Martin:
    Trayvon Martin – echoes of Stephen Lawrence From: Marjorie. (24 Mar 2012 10:37):
    ………… Trayvon Martin, born 5 Feb 1995, was a cheerful Sun Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. Like Stephen Lawrence, the black teenager killed in London in 1993 (see post Jan 4 2012 below) he had strong Mars Pluto aspects. In Martin’s case it was a Pluto square Mars and in Lawrence’s a Mars Pluto conjunction – this has a double-sided meaning of the victim who attracts violence or the perpetrator.
    There’s a minor muddle over George Zimmerman’s birthdate due to the American habit of writing dates differently – either 10th May 1983 or 5th October 1983. Wiki goes with the latter but official records indicate 10/5/1983.
    That Zimmerman May birth date gives an aggressive Sun Mars Mercury in Taurus; with an Aries Moon probably opposition Saturn Pluto and Venus opposition Neptune and trine Saturn Pluto – so emotionally bleak.
    Zimmerman’s Mars in Taurus is exactly square Martin’s Mars in Leo. And the relationship chart – between two people who had never met presumably before that evening – is horrific. There’s a composite Mars opposition Saturn Neptune Uranus square Sun opposition Venus. This carries the same marker of Mars Saturn as did the relationship chart between Stephen Lawrence and two of his convicted killers.
    On this data for Zimmerman when the shooting occurred his Solar Arc Pluto (conjunct Saturn) was in exact opposition to his natal Mars which would bring blind rage.

  69. Patty says:

    I too believe it may be a fake video.
    But, I love Jerry and this previous post of his is my favorite: ‘Bring On Aquarius’

    I’m an old Hippie…who remembers the spirit and magic of the 1960’s…how we were all going to change the vibration.

    June 24, 2012: Entering Aquarius

    The next stage in the long-term Evolutionary Dance between Uranus and Pluto occurs on June 24, 2012, during the first square between the Planets. Just like a New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon conjoin each month, launching a seed of consciousness that takes root seven days later on the Half Moon Waxing, seeds of a different sort are planted when any two planets come together, and take root when the planets orbit ninety degrees away from each other, during the square. The New Moon of world revolution was seeded when Uranus and Pluto met in 1966. Between 2012 and 2015, that seed reaches its deepest penetration of mass consciousness, during the three squares that occur in these years. This summer we enter the Half Moon Waxing of the 1960s. Seeds of change planted then steady to their deepest root. During the next three years, you’re being recruited to aim all your magical strength toward bringing a vision of love, peace, truth and well-being down from the clouds.

  70. Azizi says:

    Thanks Kiwi.

    In addition to the astrological placements for Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and their composite placements, I appreciate your providing information about Stephen Lawrence, who I wasn’t aware of until reading your comment.

    RIP to Trayvon Martin and Stephen Lawrence.

    Also, kiwi, regarding your comment about “American habit of writing dates differently”- as an American, I thought that everyone wrote dates like we do.

    Your comment made me smile. Thanks. I needed that.

  71. kiwi says:

    “Cheney gets heart transplant” – here’s hoping the soul of the donor has the ability to teach him some much needed loving heart lessons. His old heart was pretty lacking in that department.

  72. Jerry says:

    Hi Patty,

    Thanks for the kind words. I scanned all the comments on the blogs related to this video. The persons identity is shrouded in mystery. A number of people have come forth and have identified him as Jacques Nietzerman, a famous telekenetist convicted of murder, but that information has since been proven to be erroneous (mostly due to the age factor). Someone produced a 1980 photo of this person. His appearance is roughly the same age, an indication that the video is not recent. People have tried to debunk the video but up till now there is no hard evidence that suggests it is a forgery. The interviewer appears too unscripted for this to be staged. Some of his impressions such as gas driven cars will be completely replaced by electric cars in the first decade of the 21st century is clearly off target which as one poster pointed out lends more credibility to his narrative. Anyway, long story short; as I was mentioning to Wennye, the video was merely intended as a thought-provoking item of interest, nothing more. We needn’t make too much of it.

  73. glowlight says:

    Speculating about “blind rage”. Getting inside the head kinda thing regarding Zimmerman. This seems to me one of those things where the white father is racist and for all we know rejects the son. The son cannot hate his mother. By hating and targeting African-Americans he hopes to gain acceptance by his father and the white world he wants to be apart of.

  74. glowlight says:

    Kiwi You are so kind. I think it was a waste of a perfectly good heart.

  75. Jerry says:

    Hi Kiwi,

    You are certainly invited to voice your thoughts here. A free flowing exchange is always healthy. But in response to your suggestion that the post was a total “time waster”, I find that amusing. Republican bashing is considered a time honored sport in this forum. Some would consider that to be a total ‘time-waster’. Where do you draw the line?

    So my friend, for your benefit, I’ll re-phrase that comment for you. At the risk of sounding repetitive, as I mentioned to an earlier poster, the video was merely intended as an “item of interest”, nothing more. We needn’t make too much of it.

  76. kiwi says:

    HI Azizi, the date habit comment was by Marjorie Orr, not me. She is from the UK.
    Me, on the other hand, suffer from massive date confusion still – learned the english format growing up in NZ – learned the american format living in Hawaii 33 years – now back in NZ having to relearn again and hope I dont forget which is which and what part of the globe I’m writing to when Im in a hurry!! LOL

  77. kiwi says:

    that was my first thought too glowlight – but I’m trying real hard to keep the vibrations higher and please my better angel – LOL

  78. kiwi says:

    For those that are interested and have not already seen it, Astrotabletalk is doing a series on pluto-uranus at the moment.
    Lengthy but interesting.

    “I gave a talk on Uranus-Pluto, the big transit currently affecting the world, a few days ago at my local astrology group in Exeter. There was quite a lot of material, and the next few posts, or maybe 4 or 5 posts, will cover it. Hang on for the ride!”

  79. Dulcinea says:

    Starlight, what do you see for the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding the national health care law?

  80. starlight says:

    Dulcinea – It is part of what I have just written about in my new article. If anyone has a idea of when the decision will be announced, I could look at the president’s chart for that week or so and see how he is doing. He is very strong this week while it is being argued, with Jupiter square his Sun Monday through Wednesday, but some of that could be meetings in Korea.

  81. Me. says:

    They’re saying Alec has caved on voter ID. If so, that bodes well for us.