Lightning Strikes

The action of the planet Uranus is often compared to a lightning strike: sudden, transformative, potentially very destructive, and offering a brief moment of bracing illumination. At the moment, the US is being besieged by the impact of this very disconcerting, shattering energy. One of the recent events set off by this planetary force is the shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio, where the deaths of three students and the sense of horror and tragedy in that community have ripped the heart of the entire nation.

In addition, in the past week we have seen the fatal mid-air collision of Marine helicopters at the Arizona and California border, a Coast Guard chopper crash in Alabama, and fierce tornadoes slash through the Midwest and the South, with more violent weather being predicted for today. Uranus has also been visible in the sudden revelation of draconian abortion-suppression and “personhood” laws concocted by patronizing, misogynistic, and womb-obsessed Republicans, as well as in the furious reaction of newly-awakened American women who are rising up in rebellion.  Meanwhile, as the US tries to unwind its never-ending war in Afghanistan, the inadvertent burning of several copies of the Koran has engulfed that country in an unanticipated surge of enraged riots, assassinations, and bombings.

All of these events have been unexpected and fierce, unalterably transforming the lives of the many people who were touched by them. Some, such as the stirring rebellion against right-wing overreach at home and the building Afghani vitriol against Americans abroad, may have huge ramifications over the next several months or even years. Although we have passed the peak energy of the Uranus square to US Venus (3Cancer06) as of February 29, the Uranus opposition to the Ascendant of the US solar return (3Libra26) and the square to President Obama’s solar return (3Cancer23) will continue to wax through March 5. These transits will extend the potential for agitating and unexpected events impacting some segment of the country over the next few days. The transiting Moon square to Uranus (3Aries17), on the afternoon of March 2, and the transit of Mercury conjunct Uranus, from March 3 through the morning of March 5th, are likely to act as triggers to this unpredictable and volatile force. Extreme weather, random accidents, or sudden violence are all possible.

For President Obama, the pressure has begun to build on some critical front – perhaps regarding Afghanistan’s deteriorating situation, perhaps regarding aid to Syrian rebels, perhaps regarding Israel’s restiveness in the face of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, perhaps exacerbating a chronic conflict with Republican leaders – due to the progression of his Moon now in quincunx to natal Pluto (6Virgo59) through March 25. We can expect this tension to erupt into some kind of more aggressive confrontation during the second half of March as transiting Mars (7 Virgo) and transiting Node (7 Sagittarius) square in aspect to Obama’s Pluto, followed by transiting Mars quincunx transiting Uranus during the final 5 days of March. A crucial situation will significantly escalate, albeit briefly, during that time. The transiting Jupiter square to Obama’s Sun (12Leo35) at the end of March suggests initial success in his handling of the situation.




In a total departure, I want to briefly discuss a series of books I recently read, the first of which is soon to come out in movie form. Because the underlying themes of this story so profoundly address many of the most salient issues of our time, I think it is worthy of a mention here. The book is The Hunger Games, the first of a trilogy. The series describes how those with centralized power can suck all the wealth and strength from everyone else, while maneuvering to have different groups of the downtrodden compete with each other for scarce resources, or even life itself, rather than confront the real source of their oppression. There is also the theme of how easily we lose the awareness of our common humanity and shared goals and how it is ultimately only this awareness that can save us. It is a brilliantly written and compelling story even if you don’t dwell on the deeper themes. But I think that the growing popularity of the book The Hunger Games and the likely megahit that the coming movie will be are signs that this story has hit a deep nerve in the general population. Ultimately, it is only a well-crafted story, but I think it reaches into and grips the collective psyche with unusual force.


  1. will says:

    Terrific take on the very unsettling, volatile vibrations that seem to be engulfing the nation. I for one have been in a markedly agitated and hyper-vigilant state for the past 5 days or so – hard to shake it but meditation and prayer has helped a great deal. The power of Uranus does indeed seem to be the order of the week thus far.

    I have received a plethora of maniacally-paranoid nonsense from several of my Fox News nitwits. Jesus, the Obama-smearing and lashing of all things progressive or liberal is off-the-charts. I think the only thing we can do is to remain centered and still and let all of this karmic krap just blow-by.

    The book series you recommended sound like a must-read. My God, when do you have time to read??? You must be a voracious reader.


  2. Bob says:

    Points in the Sibly chart in play – Tropical longitudes.

    Venus 3°06′ Cancer
    Saturn-Neptune midpoint 3°37 Libra
    Uranus-Pluto midpoint 3°14′ Aries

    They only differ from the right ascension positions by minutes of arc.

  3. Bob says:

    I put this in a separate post to avoid mixing the right ascension positions with the longitudes.

    The above positions in right ascension are as follows.

    Venus 93°23′
    Saturn-Neptune midpoint 183°32′
    Uranus-Pluto midpoint 003°14′

    They were set up for the Uranus transit by the following midpoints (in right ascension) in the Dec 10, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse (Lunar – was it one for the ladies?).

    Moon-Venus 003°10′
    Sun-Venus 273°09′ (showing support from men?)

  4. Virginia says:

    Things are certainly getting freakier. Does anyone else suspect the burning of the Koran in Afghanistan was ordered by our own Pentagon to keep that conflict going?

    I keep reminding myself that Uranus can bring good effects, too, like waking a new generation of women to the need to be ever vigilant about the rights we *thought* were secure, and exposing just how dangerously extreme some of the right-wingnuts are.

    Matthew’s latest message is up:

  5. Sienna says:

    As my daughter anxiously awaits the premier of The Hunger Games, she asked me to read the first book of three in the series. I was taken aback by the correlation to the current political atmosphere. I wonder how many parents/adults know the content of these books? It will be interesting as parents and kids flock to the theaters on March 23rd. It may add to the awakening.

  6. kiwi says:

    thanks for another great political piece, and also for the book recommendation.
    On that note, Charlie Rose has 3 interesting interviews today, drama, film, and the importance of old fashioned gardening as it relates to eating.

  7. Brenda says:

    I think Rush Limbaugh has stirred a hornet’s nest that might end up feeling like a lightening strike to his butt as well. Not that devil incarnate himself wouldn’t relish it…amazing to me that he could declare that the Democrats are “demonizing poor Rush” for his slanderous, beyond the pale attacks against the colleg co-ed. Rush is insane and all words out of his mouth are vitriolic spews of the worst that a human could manage…he has been such from the beginning. I don’t much believe in the Devil, but I do know that Rush Limbaugh is one of the most pure forms of manifestation of the “Idea of the Devil” that springs from the darkest bowels of human conciousness. There is no reason, no hope…only pure hatred within that guy. I have already written companies (legal depts/marketing depts) that advertise on his website/radio programs that I will no longer buy their products or use their services as a result of the advertising support they provide RL…I will continue to do so as I find more companies…hope it helps in some way to shrivel RL.

  8. Nita says:

    Brenda please put the list on this site so we can all help with getting this most hateful racist man off of the airwave it’s time for us to stop this posionous man with all that hate that is coming from him, anything that I can do to get the m___ off the air I will.


  9. clymela says:

    I have felt the lightening strike this week although personally things have been quiet although my dreams are all lit up.
    Thank you so much for this article.
    I had not heard about these books but I will find them now. They sound quite close to some ideas that have come unbidden into my mind-that is how truly shaken up the past couple of years of political activities have left me.
    Has anyone seen an organized list of those who sponsor Limbaugh? I haven’t but if I come by one I will send a link.

  10. Nita says:

    President Obama called Ms. Flunt to offer her support and her parents should be so proud of her. I just love this President.

  11. Brenda says:

    Well, I must say that I am getting quick response at least from one company…see email response below that I received from David Friend, CEO of Carbonite regarding my discontinued use of Carbonite software products (I took it off my laptop) related to the company’s advertising with Limbaugh:

    Over the past two days we have received a tremendous amount of feedback on Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments. I too am offended and very concerned about his comments. Limbaugh’s remarks have us rethinking our future use of talk radio.
    We use more than 40 talk show hosts to help get the Carbonite message out to the public. The nature of talk radio is that from time to time listeners are offended by a host and ask that we pull our advertising. This goes for conservatives like Limbaugh and progressives like Stephanie Miller and Ed Shultz. We even get customers who demand that we pull the plug on NPR. As an advertiser, we do not have control over a show’s editorial content or what they say on air. Carbonite does not endorse the opinions of the shows or their hosts.
    However, the outcry over Limbaugh is the worst we’ve ever seen. I have scheduled a face-to-face meeting next week with Limbaugh during which I will impress upon him that his comments were offensive to many of our customers and employees alike.
    Please know your voice has been heard and that we are taking this matter very seriously.
    I replied as follows:

    “Mr. Friend,
    There is a reason why the outcry over Limbaugh is the worst your company has ever seen. I can appreciate that Carbonite is just trying to advertise its products and you can never please everyone when you use talk radio as a vehicle to do so. However, Limbaugh has gone beyond the pale even for Limbaugh. I have never before discontinued use of products/services and/or contacted the respective companies based on where they place their advertisements, but this time it is different and I have to act. I appreciate that you will meet face-to-face with Limbaugh next week to discuss the fall out that your company has experienced as a result of its advertising with Limbaugh. But I must reiterate that I will not use Carbonite products again unless you pull your advertising from Limbaugh. There is a line of merest human decency that anyone of any creed, race, political affiliation, religious affiliation can agree on…Limbaugh has crossed that line.
    Thank you for taking my objections and concerns seriously.”

  12. fierywoman says:

    Here’s a thing to sign directed to Limbaugh’s advertisers:

  13. Brenda says:

    Nita, please see fierywoman’s post below with link to list and petition…it shows the advertisers that I have tracked down so far. Will everyone know if I find others not on this link list.

  14. Brenda says:

    Oops, I should have said fierywoman’s post ABOVE.

  15. Brenda says:

    Quicken Loans is another advertiser that I wrote that is not included on the link list. Apparently they have also decided to pull their advertising based on Daily Kos reporting.

  16. chrys says:

    Canada is having it’s own moment – robocalls scandal in the last election –

  17. Azizi says:

    With regard to The Hunger Games movie, folks here may be interested in reading this post about that movie:
    “Yes, There Are Black People in Your Hunger Games: The Strange Case of Rue & Cinna”

    Basically, this post (and its 156 comments, which is unusual for that blog) focus on the missed opportunity to cast a non-White actress in a character that was clearly written as non-White, and relates how a number of bloggers on majority White forums are surprised and dismayed (and some are overtly racist in their response to the fact) that some characters in the movie are portrayed by a Black actress and Black actor (Rue, who clearly is described as Black in the book, and Cinna, was written without any reference to race).

    Given the sorry state of Hollywood with regard to actors and actresses of Color, I suppose its kind of Uranian (revolutionary) that the producer admits that the lead character in the book was described as non-Black in the book (although the casting call for that role specified White actresses and a blond haired blue eyed woman was selected), but [at least] that movie does include two main characters who are Black. And maybe it will be a revolutionary act for those people who are surprised and concerned about a Black actor and actress playing Rue and Cinna to come face to face with their racism online if no where else.

    I doubt that the commenters on this blog have those concerns but they may know some folks who do, and thus that racialicious post might be a good resource to share.

  18. Lune Prière says:

    “amazing to me that he could declare that the Democrats are “demonizing poor Rush” for his slanderous, beyond the pale attacks against the colleg co-ed.”
    The first tenet of today’s conservatives: always be a victim.

  19. Lune Prière says:

    And a positive side effect to his call to Ms. Fluke is to bring further national attention to Limbaugh’s remarks. The president rightly wants the country to connect the crude and obnoxious Limbaugh with the Republican Party. As James Carville said on Bill Maher’s show tonight, the GOP IS Rush Limbaugh.

  20. Lune Prière says:

    Signed, sealed and delivered. Thanks.

  21. NEOBuckeye says:

    Limbaugh is another sad human being like Breitbart whose entire life potential seems to be wasted on perpetuating mass unconsciousness among the ever fragile-egoed white male American conservatives. Beneath the veneer of smugness and bravado he exudes in the media, however, is almost certainly a small, hyper-sensitive and cowardly individual haunted by a myriad of his own personal inadequacies and shortcomings that he projects outward onto others–women, gays, liberals, and other races. Such is often the case for people who seek to build themselves up at the expense of others.

    His birthday is January 12, 1951, so he’s a third decan Capricorn Sun. He won’t experience the direct impact of the Uranus-Pluto Square, and Pluto isn’t due to transit his Sun for awhile. When it does happen, should he live until then, he may be forced to change course, particularly if the American Conservative establishment upon which his livelihood depends, collapses.

  22. Lune Prière says:

    Well written Brenda.

  23. Lune Prière says:

    Commenter Eman at Daily Kos provided this list of Limbaugh advertisers. Sorry for the length.
    Quicken Loans – confirmed sponsor
    1050 Woodward Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48226
    Client Relations – (800) 863-4332
    and: (800) 251-9080
    also: you can chat online

    Century 21 Real Estate LLC – confirmed sponsor
    International Headquarters
    1 Campus Drive
    Parsippany, NJ 07054
    Web contact form

    Web contact form
    Sales or Service: 1-800-580-2913
    Phone: 800.580.2913

    300 N. Lake Ave., Suite 1111
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    Web contact form
    FAX 626.585.4040

    177 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
    Direct Dial Office: 617-587-1100 EXT:1115

    Sleep Number Bed
    Select Comfort Corporation – confirmed and long-time advertiser
    6105 Trenton Lane N
    Minneapolis, MN 55442
    Phone: 763-551-7000
    Fax: 763-551-7826

    Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaners
    Oreck Corporation
    100 Plantation Road
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70123
    Online contact form

    Mid-West Life Insurance Company of Tennessee
    9151 Grapevine Hwy.
    North Richland Hills, TX 76180
    Phone (800) 733-1110
    (web banner ads on

    AutoZone Inc.
    901-495-7185; Fax: 901-495-8374
    P.O. Box 2198, Memphis, TN 38101 – confirmed and long-time advertiser
    800-773-0888; Fax: 323-962-8300
    Site has a Web Form

    Citrix Online (GoToMyPC)
    6500 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA 93117
    Phone: 805-690-6400; Fax: 805-690-6471

    American Forces Network
    Contact Us:

    Mission Pharmacal Company
    10999 IH-10 West Suite 1000
    P.O. Box 786099
    San Antonio, TX 78278-6099
    Telephone: (800) 531-3333
    Bennett Kennedy – Citracal Product Manager

    Life Quotes, Inc.
    32045 Castle Court
    Evergreen, CO 80439

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty Rick Santorum said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

    by Eman on Fri Mar 02, 2012 at 03:12:19 PM PST

    [ Parent ]

  24. fierywoman says:

    … and let’s not forget another tenet of being a Rethug: lie through your teeth in a highly self-righteous way.

  25. fierywoman says:


  26. will says:

    Occupy Limbaugh! Relentlessly. Once and for all, its time to shut this diabolical bag of ass-wind up. The women of this nation have an exceptional opportunity to do this – remember Imus? Close him down and it would be like sanctions against an evil tyrant. Starve the Beast. Time to take down this relentlessly flapping farthole.

    Carpe diem, Sisters. Hasta la causa! Carpe diem

  27. fierywoman says:

    I followed this link from lizzie (mar 2, 2012 9:28 am) and read it:
    102 top bankster resignations list … and growing…arrests-prosecutions coming.
    and then I (… cue Twilight Zone music…) read the latest Message from Matthew, which said:
    “Now then, through meticulous arrangements to assure that all is in accordance with your laws, the top echelon of Illuminati in the banking and lending industry have been removed from their positions and will face legal prosecution. “Feeling the heat,” others are leaving voluntarily, and retrieval of the Illuminati’s stolen fortunes is underway…”

  28. Azizi says:


    I suppose its kind of Uranian (revolutionary) that the producer admits that the lead character in the book was described as non-White in the book (although the casting call for that role specified White actresses and a blond haired blue eyed woman was selected)…

  29. Lunagardener says:

    I have been feeling loaded with energy that seems to have no where to go…gardening helps a lot! Much of this energy is coming from the realization that the news and information systems are all an illusion. (Neptune) And that we are all being led down a rosy road that does not exist, unless we as a collective wake up quickly, as to who is running the mass illusion and give them the boot.

    Fierywoman, I get the feeling that some of these channels are coming out of the basement of some white hat agencies.
    One of the first, and most instructive channels I worked with 30 years ago, was married to a CIA employee. I am thinking, that there are many people out there globally, quietly working, underground, to right the system, and these channeled materials are meant to inform us, prepare us to be peaceful during these times, and have been doing so for decades. Of course, there are an abundance of channeled materials coming from the shadow side as well. In the swirling energies of the season, The confusion wars are in high gear!

    I have spent some time reading some of the Stratfor emails, and more than a few are quite disturbing regarding the ‘landed elites’ who think they are the government, and that the indigenous,don’t matter, it is accepted that the elected officials have no power. (See Guatamala massacre message) It is astounding insight into the minds of intel, and the worldly shenanigans of our self elected leaders. Nut’s minding the nutters…..…012-03-01.html

  30. karen says:

    Wow! Off line yesterday. Storms through here were an illustration of the energy you described, Nancy. It was a high-alert day, and viscerally symbolic of the times.

    Would love to see Constance Johnson’s (Oklahoma State Senator) bill take wings in other states — “Life Begins at Ejaculation.”

  31. Brenda says:

    Thanks Lune…there are additional advertisers that I need to contact based on your list…really appreciate the detail that allows for many types of contact.

  32. starlight says:

    Several companies dumping Limbaugh:

    Azizi – I think Katniss’ connection to Rue during the games is at the center of what Katniss stands for and the source of the ultimate defeat of the “dark side” (don’t want to be a spoiler). Not only is a member of District 12 saluting, caring for, and embracing a member of District 8, but the theme is underlined by the racial difference. Much of the meaning of the story shines out from that episode in the book.

  33. Azizi says:

    starlight, the point that I was trying to make is that in the book BOTH Rue and Katniss are women of Color.

    From that Racialicious post whose link I gave in my first post to this thread:

    “Entertainment Weekly: In the books, Katniss is described as being olive-skinned, dark-haired, possibly biracial”.

    Rue and Thresh are described in the book as having dark skin and brown hair.


    I’m not sure how it relates to astrology (I mentioned Uranus but maybe Pluto or other planetary aspects are more pertinent) but my hope is that this movie and book can act as a catalyst to help bring to the forefront not only issues of wealth and power but also issues about race, racism, and bigotry, all of which have had and continue to have such negative consequences in the USA and throughout the world.

  34. Lune Prière says:

    It’s maddening when a book calls for a person of a certain age, ethnicity, or even sex, and then Hollywood plugs in someone completely different – I guess they think most Americans are pretty shallow. (not sure I can disagree.). It used to be even worse – a VERY white actor playing Chinese, African, Native American etc roles. It’s along the same lines of when they have to sex up the female lead and she’s usually much younger than the male. One thing I’ve noticed is that European filmakers don’t seem to miscast as often as they do here.

  35. starlight says:

    Azizi – My understanding is that the author of the books, Suzanne Collins, was very involved in the movie production. I also don’t think race was a significant part of the story at all. It was more about the haves and the have nots, and included in the latter was the wide variety of people in the world. Surely, if it had been an important detail, the author would have pushed for different actors.

  36. Lorrie U says:

    Too bad he has to wait for the direct impact. But, he is in a #9 year of endings–maybe he’ll lose his show?

  37. Lorrie U says:

    As stated above, Limbaugh is in a #9 yr of endings–maybe he loses his show?

  38. Lorrie U says:

    I too made that correlation!

  39. Lorrie U says:

    Limbaugh, now Bill O’Reilly, and recently a conservative friend of mine have stated that they don’t want to pay for people to have sex. They feel that “Obamacare” to using taxpayer dollars to pay for everyone’s contraceptives.

    I was under the impression that either the employer-provided insurance co., or the insurance co. directly where a religious organization is concerned, was paying for the contraceptives, and the individual pays into the insurance co. If that’s the case, how would taxpayer dollars be paying for it?

    Am I wrong? Can someone help me understand why they think that? Or are they right?

  40. Lune Prière says:

    Hi LorrieU! No, of course you’re not wrong. Employee’s health insurance is part of their pay package. Do they want employers to be able to dictate what people can spend their paychecks on? Its the same thing. As usual the wingnuts are having hissy fits over fallacies. Anyway in a civilized society, we all share the cost for a lot of things. I morally objected to the Iraq War but still had to pay federal income taxes.

    “And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing.”

  41. starlight says:

    When did facts or rationality ever get in the way of vicious complaints and accusations from the right wing? They are masters of twisting things beyond any resemblance to the original reality and then screaming about the fantasy they have concocted.

  42. Lune Prière says:

    “Screaming about the fantasy…”. Exactly.

  43. Lune Prière says:

    Or his fourth marriage? :-)

  44. Lorrie U says:

    What I don’t understand is why their statements aren’t refuted with facts. I doubt that Ms. Fluke said anything about wanting contraceptives to have more sex, but no one’s saying that she didn’t say that.

  45. Lune Prière says:

    They live in the Fox and right wing radio bubble. When presented with facts, they put their fingers in their ears and shriek “LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!”

  46. clymela says:

    WOW! thank you. I will be busy this weekend.

  47. Sharon says:

    Just looked up “The Hunger Games” book + film and found the movie will premiere on March 23 when the sun, moon, mercury and uranus and very close together in Aries. Don’t know the plot but realize it’s all about survival, fighting, hunting, action, idealism and young people – sound like Aries characteristics to me.

  48. Azizi says:

    Sunlight, I agree with you that the central theme of The Hunger Games is “the have and have nots”. With regard to your second point about an author’s influence on what happens to her or his book in a movie script, I guess we’ll have to disagree on how much power an author has.

    Also, I’m more concerned about the reactions of a number of bloggers to the movie’s casting of Rue and Cinna as Black (as shown in the sample comments in that Racialicious post I linked to]. In my opinion, that shows how much work still needs to be done with regard to cultural competency and race.

    [This will be my final comment here about this topic which I recognize as being tangental to this blog. Thanks for allowing these comments, and exchanging comments with me]

  49. Azizi says:

    Oops! I apologize for my mistake regarding your name.

  50. Lune Prière says:

    ….while accusing the other side of doing what they themselves are doing! Also known as projection!

  51. starlight says:

    Also, I’m more concerned about the reactions of a number of bloggers to the movie’s casting of Rue and Cinna as Black (as shown in the sample comments in that Racialicious post I linked to]. In my opinion, that shows how much work still needs to be done with regard to cultural competency and race.

    Azizi – Let me just say that on this point I totally agree with you. The racism we have seen of late from so many quarters, but especially from the Right, has really been shocking. I don’t know which is worse, the overt racism or the casual, clueless, oblivious statements, such as those from the GOP candidates or even the online posters you mentioned, that are appallingly offensive.

  52. fierywoman says:

    Yeah, I agree. I like to read a little of everything (–just–in–case–) (and I heartfully thank everyone on this site for turning me on to so many points of view and different sources of info) and the more I learn, the more it seems that the fear based stuff is bogus and I find the law of attraction to be very interesting (if only because I am a musician and I know from long experience that if I go into a music experience entertaining the possibility that I will fall on my face, odds are I will. But if I entertain the possibility that I’m going to have a blast. It’s been like this for many decades now.) Caroline Casey says, “Believe nothing, entertain possibilities.,” which is lots of fun!

  53. fierywoman says:

    Bless Dowd and Krugman! Has anyone raised the question of why all the wives of the men against contraception aren’t currently pregnant?

  54. fierywoman says:

    curiouser and curiouser …: from the WaPo:

    3/2/2012 3:21 PM PST
    And you want to know who owns Clear Channel, the syndicator of Limbaugh’s Beck’s and Hannity’s (and others’) shows? None other than ………


    Romney is still getting money off Bain, as part of his parachute deal. Have we heard a peep outta him about this? I didn’t think so

  55. Stefanie says:

    Back in 2008, when Pluto first moved into Capricorn, we talked a lot here about the history of the US and how Pluto in Capricorn would reveal the dark shadow material of our culture as it approached its USA chart return in the 2020s. I felt then, with the attacks on Obama, that it was beginning to bubble up. This fear that ignorant white people have — that they are losing their power — drove the Tea Party. Their signs said, “Let’s take our country back.” We knew what they really meant even though they talked about “liberty”. They are terrified that our culture is evolving — we are a country of black, brown, gay, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Asian people. They can’t handle it, they just can’t. Now the racism and sexism is getting more than overt — the verbal attacks have a violent quality.

    Weeks ago when Breitbart was screaming at OWS activists: “STOP RAPING PEOPLE” over and over with his eyeballs practically popping out of his head, it felt like some kind of creepy tipping point for the conservative moment. Then this week, Breitbart literally died, Rush viciously attacked a college student for three days, that judge from Montana got his come-uppance, and all the while, the completely insane drive against a women’s right to rule her own body raged. It seems like the right is imploding — and my take is that this shadow material is driving it. They are collectively losing their minds. As we move closer to the Uranus-Pluto square, it’s as if we’re watching a face-off between what was born in the 60s — the sexual revolution, civil rights, women’s rights, etc. and white, patriarchal power. My only fear is that the more that the shadow is threatened, the more frightening, violent, and dangerous they will become. In psychoanalysis one is supposed to slowly and carefully reveal shadow material in a safe space so that it can be processed and contained. I’m afraid that having it loosed all at once, as is happening now, will mean that it will never be healed.

    Any thoughts on ways that we can address it, help to heal it, and prevent further destruction and violence from the right?

  56. Lunagardener says:

    I read a little of everything as well fierywoman. Many of the readings are just an indicator of the mass mind, and has a purpose, just as we look to information from astrologers such as Starlight. Information is awareness, but intention is everything. I know, that through this information awareness age we are in, discernment is everything. I would like to state that starlight’s interpretations of the energy and thrust of our global governments are invaluable, and are an aid to grounding and reality….just sayin…A Thousand Thanks Starlight for your navigational guidance, for so many years.

  57. Lunagardener says:

    It is the backlash….for every step forward, there is a backlash….thinking of the 1020s…my grandmother and her mother, were free thinkers…they paid a price….we are now experiencing the full on backlash of the 1960’s culture of freedom…just sayin…

  58. Jerry says:


    You asked “Any thoughts on ways that we can address it, help to heal it, and prevent further destruction and violence from the right?”

    If you view growth; the evolving and maturing process that perpetually goes on, whether it be with the individual or that of a nation, I don’t think there’s any way to avoid the ‘growing pains’. There has to be a purging. All these so-called negative traits are lying just underneath the surface and have to be brought into the arena of consciousness, for it to be examined, integrated and finally resolved. At least that is my understanding of things.

    I like Meher Baba’s insightful commentary on this theme, extracted from one of his discourses….

    “When the goal of life is attained, one achieves the reparation of all wrongs, the healing of all wounds, the righting of all failures, the sweetening of all
    sufferings, the relaxation of all strivings, the harmonizing of all strife, the unraveling of all enigmas, and the real and full meaning of all life; past, present and future.

  59. will says:


    I completely concur with your thoughts about the paternalistic, invasive hateful Right ‘losing its collective mind.’ What I don’t believe in is that we are not going to be able to handle it – and they have had plenty of time to get used to the fact that big changes are afoot. We (us, the un-upper 1%, have been more than patient as we have watched this wantonly greedy, vicious Pinnacle of the Pig Pyramid grunt and flop in their own over-indulged pay-pen(sic). I believe we are seeing the last desperate grasps from this foul and fetid Plutonic pustule which will be lanced imminently. We’re going to have to try to do our best to just love them through this – you know, like we do with a loved one who has to go through an intervention.

    Its going to be messy at times, but we’ll get through it.

  60. Jerry says:

    TYPO/ Read instead: “With growth; the evolving and maturing process that perpetually goes on, whether it be with the individual or that of a nation, I don’t think there’s any way to avoid the ‘growing pains’.

  61. Elizabeth says:


    I found it really interesting that Carbonite used the phrase, “beyond the bounds of decency” in reference to Limbaugh’s comments in their statement;
    Almost the same sentiment you used in your letter… hmmm?

  62. starlight says:

    Stephanie – You summed it all up beautifully. I think as Uranus hits that square to Pluto over the next few years and triggers the US progressed Sun square natal Uranus, then makes minor hard aspects to the US Moon, and finally hard aspects to the US Sun, this process will continue and at times be quite explosive.

    This fear that ignorant white people have — that they are losing their power — drove the Tea Party. Their signs said, “Let’s take our country back.” We knew what they really meant even though they talked about “liberty”. They are terrified that our culture is evolving — we are a country of black, brown, gay, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Asian people. They can’t handle it, they just can’t. Now the racism and sexism is getting more than overt — the verbal attacks have a violent quality.

    This is the core of why they hate our president. Despite their protestations, it has absolutely nothing to do with anything he has done. If he were white and a Republican, there wouldn’t be a peep about any of it.

    But we are subjected to endless discussions about issues that are not the issue at all. It is this inchoate rage that they aim at any issue that comes up, no matter how incoherent their argument.

  63. kiwi says:

    does anyone else feel like weve moved into a time of ‘instant karma’?
    It sure seems to me lately that Actions, whether for good or otherwise, seem to be getting mirrored back instantly to the initiators.

  64. Jerry says:

    I agree with everything that is said here, but as Bob Dylan wrote in his most recognized song of the ’60’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’, the opening verse reads as follows…..

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The point being is that an opportunity is being presented that we can easily lose sight of.

    Leo Knighton Tallarico in his latest blog entry “Ship of Fools and Astrology” puts it succinctly…..

    “….As time and change speed up, many new voices will be heard, voices that speak truth and love, and help to lead us forward into a New World.

    These voices will come through the cracks in the foundation of that Old World crumbling. The voices will get stronger and stronger, as it gets more obvious that there is no hope of resurrecting the current system.

    The current economic system will still unravel, no matter how it appears to be improving now. There is military conflict brewing, conflict that will make it obvious to all discerning and caring souls that we cannot continue anymore in the old ways.

    The holes in the Titanic old world ship cannot be held much longer with the duct tape of smoke and mirrors. Judgement Day is nigh for that ship of fools who are holding too tightly to old security systems that are no longer viable.

    The days of privilege for the few are rapidly vanishing. The days of an old paradigm run on dominance and greed is dissolving.

    The new Eclipse Season, with eclipses on May 20 and June 4, will soon shake up our world, and help us to better release the old ways. New voices of reason and care will emerge.

    Tune in now, during this inward time before the storms, to the deep movement of transformation into a New Paradigm and World. You will find energies and spirits that bring hope and new vision and inspiration. They are waiting for your connection.”

  65. glowlight says:

    Rachel Maddow brought out her man cave lessen, for those who dwell there in ignorance of female reproductive anatomy, on Fridays show. She pointed out the obvious fact that Rush and others of like mind don’t seem to have a clue how birth control works. They have all repeated something like women expect the government to pay for their prescriptions because they are having too much sex. Like women have to take a pill every time they have intercourse. Even with their their ignorance so obviously displayed, it didn’t seem to register with most reporters or talking heads or myself until R.Maddow so astutely pointed it out. It didn’t occur to me because I just thought this was part of everybody’s knowledge base after a certain age. Oh, and I absolutely love the bill “Life Begins at Ejaculation”

  66. Stefanie says:

    Thank you all so much for your insightful, wise comments. I think the bottom line is that we are in this together — people of conscience, those of us who want a world based on love instead of fear. Have you seen or heard of the studies released recently (don’t have a link, but I believe I read about it on Alternet) that conservatives are not just dumber than liberals, but also more fearful? The basic psychology is based on fear. So perhaps part of our role here is to make them feel less fearful — even if we’re only working at an energetic level. My usual go-to response when debating with conservative friends is to go to the same level of shrieking and defending my territory that they’re already on. We threaten each other with our ideology. But what if we assuaged their fears instead? Just a thought.

    Also — is anyone here going to UAC in New Orleans? I am and can’t wait! Weirdly it’s scheduled exactly the week of the late May eclipses and near the Transit of Venus, only weeks from the first exact square of Pluto and Uranus. Or maybe not so weirdly — maybe the organizers wanted hundreds of astrologers together during that time for a very intentional reason.

  67. Lune Prière says:

    Agreed kiwi. Everything feels speeded up.

  68. cimbalok says:

    When is someone going to ask El Rushbo why, over the course of four marriages, he has no children himself? Either his wives are/were all sluts, he’s infertile, “spilling his seed”, or impotent. Four infertile women in a row? Not bloody likely. Way to marry a parade of sluts, Mr. Purity.

  69. starlight says:

    Bob – I never realized that US Venus was at the US Saturn/Neptune midpoint. One reading of this, according to Ebertin, is “an inhibition of sexual expression.” And now with Uranus on that midpoint, we are discussing contraception and vaginal probes and Rushbo’s salaciousness and the GOP obsession with sex. Ha!!

    This article reminded me of the Obama progressed Moon opposition to his Pluto this month:

    On the eve of a crucial visit to the White House by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, that country’s most powerful American advocates are mounting an extraordinary public campaign to pressure President Obama into hardening American policy toward Iran over its nuclear program.

    From the corridors of Congress to a gathering of nearly 14,000 American Jews and other supporters of Israel here this weekend, Mr. Obama is being buffeted by demands that the United States be more aggressive toward Iran and more forthright in supporting Israel in its own confrontation with Tehran.

  70. starlight says:

    By the way, this AM’s post said that Iran is supplying the Syrian government with arms ad advisers. Made me wonder if we would have a proxy war there instead of bombing Iran directly.

  71. pisca says:

    And they cast a blue-eyed blond as Jesus!

  72. pisca says:

    Azizi, I appreciate your perspective and thanks for your links. Bigotry does seem to be surging at the moment but perhaps our society’s focus on money/power issues is deemed by some to be a more”polite” (HAHA) discussion. Divisions amongst the masses (i.e. bigotry in all forms) are important tools of the power elite. The corporate-owned media’s projection of Americans as white, upper-middle class, tv believing, consumer-obsessed idiots perpetuates the status quo of the powers that be. Divisive issues seem to be coming to the forefront now and the backlash on those who profit from it is telling. Could it be that Pluto is dredging up the hidden filth which must be exposed before new seeds can sprout?
    In these wild and quickly changing times, my hopes are allowed to soar by reading a variety of information from all across the world, including from Starlight News. Although Americans may be the very last to wake up and hit the streets, I do believe a worldwide revolution is happening and that we are on the road to recognizing that we are all the Human Race.
    Thank all you for the enlightenment!

  73. pisca says:

    She wasn’t allowed to testify so she didn’t say anything!!!!

  74. Brenda says:

    Thanks for pointing out the language used by Carbonite in announcing its pulling of advertising with RL…maybe a direct effect of my email or a result of both the company and I realizing the “common bounds of decency” should be applied in all our daily actions/undertakings, whatever they may be.

    I am writing Carbonite to thank them for their response (“firing” RL inspite of his “sincere” (REALLY?) apology) in support of “civil public discourse”. Will do the same for the other advertisers that have left RL. For those that continue to advertise, I will continue to boycott their products/servcies and encourage my family/friends/contacts to do the same, and letting the companies know that I am doing it for the specific “RL outside the bounds” reason. Apparently hitting the RLs of the world in the pocket book is the most effective way of impeding them.

  75. pisca says:

    Yes, I’m definitely feeling it!

  76. clymela says:

    Thank You, Starlight!! I have been shocked and I am still shocked by the blind (?) racism that has been expressed from the moment Obama was elected. I truly thought that people were ashamed of the residual training they no doubt received at home and church and school but evidently I was quite mistaken.

  77. Lune Prière says:

    I wrote and thanked them as well.

  78. Wennye' says:

    Glowlight, I too was under the impression everyone of age knew how the pill worked..well.. after these past weeks I see they have not and did not have proper health education. Thinking it worked like condoms what a bunch of tools..ugh..Have a peaceful Sunday dear one, Wennye’

  79. Wennye' says:

    yes, yes,and yes..Blessings Kiwi

  80. Wennye' says:

    There you go Will, and that is what we are asked to do! Show them the way and let them make the choice to change or be left behind. Our time travel does not go backwards in all reality and inwardly I have to believe this is known to them. Let them yell their foulness and clap to it by their clans but it will not go backwards..have a good one internet friend, Wennye’

  81. andre says:

    Thank you, Jerry.

  82. teresahill says:

    There was at least one study done that showed the more fearful a person was, the more likely they were to vote Republican. Made so much sense to me in trying to understand my mother.

  83. andre says:

    uncovering the shadow when you are not ready can be dangerous. But it is mostly dangerous to those who are doing ,or going through, the uncovering. There is risk for those who are in harm’s way, which may be most of the rest of us. But the risk is greater for those who do not know what they are doing and are living unconsciously. As Will says below, we can get through this collectively without too much pain, but we need to pray and love.

  84. Mayfly says:

    Virginia, and all, re the Koran burnings, there is an organization called Military Religious Freedom Foundation, that has uncovered attempts of the theocratic “end-times” radical right groups to infiltrate the US military–especially the US Air Force. I think you will be interested in their take on the situation in Afghanistan.

    Here is the link from memory (if I get it wrong I’ll repost)

  85. Mayfly says:

    Well, of course I got it wrong. Correct link is

  86. Mayfly says:

    Great link, fireywoman. Daily Kos has a diary up today from a mother whose 16 year old daughter has to take hormone therapy to regulate otherwise painful and prolonged periods. Some “mean girls” at her high school found out and are now quoting Rush Limbaugh’s remarks that she must be “a slut” etc. since she is taking “the pill.” Outrageous!

  87. starlight says:

    White House petition to get Rush off armed forces radio:

    Please sign and spread.

  88. Mayfly says:

    NeoBuckeye, “cowardly” is indeed the word. Rush never appears in a venue where anyone can reply to his remarks. Scared to death unless he has his finger on that off switch.

    I remember some years back a TV network tried to set up a “Rush said/Other Guy said” show with Rush, but Rush couldn’t hack it. And remember how Rush whined when Al Franken’s book “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot” came out? Funny book, btw.

  89. Mayfly says:

    I read today that Carbonite has dropped Rush.

  90. Mayfly says:

    I think this blog’s readers will be concerned, and certainly the people in charge of casting the movie have made a big mistake if they have been unfaithful to the books (I haven’t read them yet). Readers get furious (!!) when a movie misrepresents or fails to faithfully represent the book they love.

    One example that comes to mind is the first movie based on the book “The Quiet American.” This was during the Cold War (I’m so old) and the theme of the movie was the exact opposite of the theme of the book.

  91. Mayfly says:

    I love that possibility/probability. Could you post something about the #9 year of endings? I am totally ignorant on that subject.

  92. kiwi says:

    mayfly, a few keywords from my numerology book: watchword= forgiveness; cosmic pattern=the beginning and end of all human experience; 9 represents mankind’s last earthly lesson, forgiveness.
    For a personal 9 year “this year brings many of your affairs to a head…. you are closing a cycle of experience that you began 9 years ago…. during the year you must be ready and willing to let go of the old and undesirable in your life to make way for the real and worthwhile…..” etc
    for children= “under a 9 year the qualities of mercy, tolerance, compassion, and the brotherhood of man should be taught.”

  93. kiwi says:

    I so love the intelligence of Rachel Maddow!!
    May she effectively continue to elevate journalistic integrety by shining a light on hypocrisy and stupidity.

  94. kiwi says:

    that must explain my husband’s family in Colorado! LOL

  95. starlight says:

    Continuing saga of Obama progressed Moon opposition to natal Pluto, Netanyahu comes to the White House tomorrow. Remember, this progression builds through the month and will be triggered by both transiting Pluto and transiting mars, simultaneously during the 3rd week of the month.

    Exuding confidence, Mr Netanyahu effectively brings with him an ultimatum, demanding that unless the president makes a firm pledge to use US military force to prevent Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb, Israel may well take matters into its own hands within months.

    The threat is not an idle one. According to sources close to the Israeli security establishment, military planners have concluded that never before has the timing for a unilateral military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities been so auspicious.

    Obama is caught between a rock and hard place on this one. If Israel attacks Iran, oil prices will skyrocket and our economy will suffer a lot. If they don’t attack and Iran get a nuclear weapon, everyone’s heads will explode, figuratively and perhaps literally.

  96. starlight says:

    Now might be a good time to reread Double Whammy:

    In summary, it seems that some significant confrontation or agitation will be unleashed during the second half of March. This will be followed by a very stressful, anxious, and volatile situation impacting the country from mid-April through mid-May. A further period of intensified aggression and conflict is very possible during the first half of May. I think the economy will be under some strain during April and May but the primary focus will be circumstances with national security, military, intelligence, and diplomatic implications. It seems likely the country will calm down increasingly as we move into late May, although the diplomatic, security, and intelligence teams may be working overtime for a few more months to get things fully back on track.

  97. kiwi says:

    I pray the gods/godesses advise Obama wisely.

  98. teresahill says:

    The thing is, I have a sister whose son was born with a birth defect. Numerous surgeries, the first when he was only a few days old, continuing care needed for life, and the only way he has health care is through government programs. My sister only got to school through government help for single mothers. My niece had a baby at 19 and they only have health care and some minor financial help through government assistance.
    I tell mom, Every bit of help they’ve had is because of Democrats. And yet, she still wants to vote Republican.
    But she’s a tremendously fearful person. Hard for anything to cut through that irrational fear.

  99. Jerry says:


    In mid June, tr. Mars will be activating the US Inaugural ’09 progr. Venus/Uranus-Saturn opposition, the US Mars-Neptune square and Obama’s natal Mars. Lots of intense energy there.

  100. Fe says:


    Let’s hope that the US Venus transit at the Saturn-Neptune midpoint passes by soon. I don’t want the US to become the setting for “A Handmaid’s Tale”.

  101. Fe says:

    Oops! Good to add that with Uranus there, we can shake off the ritual humiliation of women the GOP us trying to pull.

  102. Virginia says:


    Very well stated – ‘Plutonic pustule’ indeed!
    I agree that the 99% will prevail, and love is the way. With critters like Rush, who incite rage and fear on both sides, our ability to heal with love will be mightily tested.

  103. starlight says:

    Authorities in Athens are ready to enforce the controversial collective action clauses, or CACs, to impose the restructuring deal on all bondholders as the number of voluntary agreements look set to fall short of the required amount.

    Credit rating agencies have warned they will declare Athens to be in default if the CACs are triggered which would be a dramatic culmination to a three-year rollercoaster ride for Athens, the eurozone and global markets.

    While the markets have been ready for a Greek default for months, the move could leave Greece and its banks barred from funding from the European Central Bank (ECB). On Monday, Standard & Poor’s declared Greece to be in a state of “selective default” which led to the ECB announcing it would no longer accept Greek government bonds as security for new loans.

    From Double Whammy:

    As of March, we can expect the stress lines to crack open in a number of areas. One of the first will be Greece, which is very likely to erupt into rioting and upheaval between March 5 and March 23, due to transiting Uranus square to natal Uranus (4Capricorn24), which is currently being squared by progressed Mars (4Libra). This angry volatility will be further exacerbated and potentially quite violent from March 11 through March 14 when transiting Mars makes a slow crossing over natal Mars (9Virgo39)

  104. Mayfly says:

    Thank you, Kiwi.

  105. Virginia says:


    Definitely – an effect of accelerated time and improving awareness.

  106. Mayfly says:

    Lorrie U, I saw Sandra Fluke giving her testimony to a television reporter–(the Republicans refused to allow her to testify at their all-male, all-right wing clerical hearing). Ms. Fluke spoke in a very moving way about a classmate who has severe pain and prolonged periods and can function only when receiving hormones to regulate her cycle (in other words, the pill). As a student, the classmate cannot afford to pay for the pill herself. In any humane society, medical care is a basic right.

    Rush Limbaugh, who cares nothing for facts, and less for decency, said that Ms. Fluke wants the government to pay for her birth control so she can indulge in unlimited, wanton sex. Limbaugh (who takes Viagra and well as being an Oxycontin addict) is so ignorant about women’s medicine that he doesn’t know that every woman on the pill takes it once a day for about 25 days a month. Limbaugh seems to think that a woman pops “the pill” every time she intends to have sex. (Probably the way he takes Viagra. But I don’t want to visualize that.)

    So in what passes for Limbaugh’s mind, wanton women take lots of “the pill.” In reality, all women who take “the pill” take it the same way.

  107. Virginia says:

    I adore Rachel! I get such a kick out of the way she enjoy’s her work, and always owns up to any errors. I love the fact that so many Repugs and right-wingnuts refuse to appear on her show, afraid of her quick, bright, well-informed mind and incisive wit.

    Wish I could sit in on the staff conferences and hear them kick around ideas, and the outrageous humor that never makes it on the air.

  108. Mayfly says:

    Forgot to add, insurance companies know it is cost-effective to offer birth control in their policies, because birth control is much cheaper than pregnancy–especially than an unplanned pregnancy, which might occur when the woman is not physically in the best condition (for example, too soon after giving birth; when ill or run-down, etc.).

    When insurance companies refuse to offer birth control as part of their package, the reason usually is religion and/or political pressure from forced birth groups.

  109. Virginia says:

    I read the ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ – brrr!
    It is like a play-book for the religious right; I’ve sometimes wondered if any of them have read it.

  110. kiwi says:

    another thing on the birth control subject that has not been mentioned at all, is historical maternal mortality statistics show a dramatic drop after the pill was widely available. Coincidence?

  111. Mayfly says:

    When asked about Rush’s caling Ms. Fluke a “whore” etc., Mitt Romney replied, “Those aren’t the words I would have used.” Big bold statement, Mitt. (NOT!)

  112. starlight says:

    Reminder: Romney will win big tomorrow. Jupiter square his Venus over the next few days.Santorum gets some success (Mercury conjunct his Venus). Gingrich nothing.

  113. chrys says:

    Canada News

    Looks like there have been election problems up north too- not just in Russia –

    Canada finally made the nytimes today –

  114. teresahill says:

    With Rush — just remembered — astrologers have been saying we were moving into a period of instant karma in the last three weeks or so.

    So, Rush… how do you like it?

  115. Lorrie U says:

    Former CIA Officials Say Iran’s Clerics Want to Goad Israel Into an Attack

    Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu is pressing for military action against Iran’s nuclear sites. But the mullahs in Tehran may see an Israeli strike as a solution to their internal political problems.

  116. pisca says:

    G8 meeting in Chicago is May 1. Have you read about the drones, rooftop snipers, surge in new laws being passed and other overkill surveilance tactics gearing up for the G8? Martial law is not so far-fetched at this point! The “diplomatic, security and intelligence teams” are indeed working overtime!

  117. lizzie says:

    The CBS’ 60 Minutes program last night, reported that the powerful Stuxnet virus (worm) cyberattack extensively crippled Iran’s nuclear program, plus the recent Stratfor emails leaked by Wikileaks, disclosed that the Iranian defense nuclear program was taken – out by Israelis and Kurds…that current threats of bombing Iran are for other reasons than nuclear defense, eg. financial diversion, Iran ending the petrodollar etc.

  118. cimbalok says:

    “They have all repeated something like women expect the government to pay for their prescriptions because they are having too much sex.” For every woman having sex that could end in conception, there is a man doing it, too.

  119. cimbalok says:

    G8 summit has been moved to Camp David. NATO summit will still be in Chicago (so far).

  120. Lune Prière says:

    The excellent Jed Lewis at Kos compiles video of 53 of Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke. I’ve been following the story but didn’t realize how sustained and vicious the attack has been. I only made it to the two minute mark.

  121. RobinMoonerise says:

    Interesting … can you provide a link? Thanks,

  122. Lili says:

    thoughtful treatise on Mars energy in the U.S.

  123. Tiggy says:

    Signed and forwarded.

  124. Virginia says:


    Thanks – I’ll check it out.

  125. Virginia says:

    I am wondering if it is karma that is messing up the GOP primaries – they have trouble getting an accurate vote count. What’s worse, they don’t seem to care. Maybe the dirty tricks they played to get Dubyah ‘elected’ are coming back to haunt them. Or worse, they are practicing their *new* dirty tricks for this November.

  126. starlight says:

    Lorrie – I was thinking the same thing a few weeks back. If we and/or Israel attack Iran, it will unite that country and quell any rebellion against the government. I think your article makes a crucial point.

  127. Sharon says:

    I’ll probably be going, at least a few of the days, since I live in NOLA—email me @ and we can trade cell #’s.

  128. Sharon says:

    I’ll probably be going, at least a few of the days, since I live in NOLA—email me, Stefanie @ and we can trade cell #’s (meant to paste this here, not below).

  129. fierywoman says:

    Did you hear about the Washington State Republican lawyer who intends to sue the R party because they denied entrance to 1,500 people at their caucus somewhere in super conservative
    WA sate?
    It warms the heart, it does …

  130. Jerry says:

    One added thought to the above article regarding the US progressed Mars (at 18 Libra). In late June we have an exact Jupiter-Nodes-Neptune t square at 3 degrees mutable signs activating President Obama’s natal Moon (3 Gemini) and semi/sesqui-square to the US progressed Mars. I would interpret that to indicate possible confusion (Neptune) fated events (the Nodes) aggression (Jupiter), war (Mars) and a highly emotional phase in the Obama presidency (Moon).

    According to the following article an Israeli plan to strike Iran is not pending, but has already been decided…..

    Israel’s Channel 2: U.S. Officials Believe Netanyahu Has Already Decided to Strike Iran

    The Algemeiner
    March 6, 2012

    Channel 2 in Israel, sourcing a “senior American official”, says that the decision has already been made by the Israeli government to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    “All U.S. intelligence officials are confident the Israeli leadership has already decided to attack Iran, unless a significant change happens in the coming weeks or months with the Iranian nuclear program,” Channel 2 reports.

    The report comes just hours ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC in Washington.


  131. Lorrie U says:

    LOL!! She should be our shoes, then she’d know what wealthy feels like.

    Down with the whole God Awful GOP, period!!

  132. Tiggy says:

    Hi firewoman,

    It breaks my heart when people paint my blue state red.

  133. Mayfly says:

    Excellent point, kiwi!

  134. fierywoman says:

    Dear Tiggy, Excuse me, I formed that sentence badly — should have written “a super conservative PART of WA state.” It’s my state now too, but I live in the rather blue Eastside of Seattle.

  135. Fe says:

    That Gawker “tribute” is pure gold. Its should be bronzed.

  136. Fe says:

    and may I add:

    “It should be bronzed and placed on his memorial!”

  137. Azizi says:

    I love it when people who aren’t astrologers describe individuals in terms that match those individual’s astrological profiles.

    For instance, I just happened on this comment on a thread in which Joe Scaborough calls Mitt Romney a liar for indicating that he never promoted mandates for federal health care [even though he wrote a USA Today Op Ed doing exactly that, and a news about that OP Ed has just recently surfaced:


    “Anything Romney ever said or did before Monday of this week cannot be counted. He reserves the right to flip and flop around like a fish out of water as much as needed to secure the Republican nomination. ;-)”

    end of quote

    Romney is a mutable Pisces sun sign so that “flip and flop like a fish out of water” description fits him to a “t”.

  138. rc says:

    Hi Starlight,
    On “The Seat Of My Pants”
    watching This unfold.
    I do foresee success,
    History is in the Making.

  139. Bob says:

    These progressed points in Limbaugh’s chart are being squared by transit Pluto and will be visited at least 2 more times as Pluto retrogrades and then moves forward again.

    Progressed Saturn-Neptune midpoint 189°16′ (9°16′ Cardinal) opposed by progressed Mars at 9°15′. Transit Pluto 279°46′ (9°46′ Cardinal). Date was yesterday, March 5, at 12:30 pm, EST.

    His natal Saturn-Neptune is at 190°52′ (10°52′ Cardinal).

    Almost forgot. Measurements are in right ascension.

  140. sonya says:

    Century 21, Midwest Insurance Company of Tenn, Website says its not a sponsor of the Rush show
    Eharmony contact us is disable for maintainence?

  141. Lune Prière says:

    Excellent – thanks for that info Bob!

  142. Tiggy says:

    Ah, now that makes sense! I’m on the other side of the mountains trying to ratchet this place up from red to at least some shade of purple….. magenta maybe?

  143. teresahill says:

    Honestly, I read a lot and I just can’t remember who said that. I just know it was an astrologer I read who warned we were entering a time of instant karma.

  144. fierywoman says:

    Tiggy, for some reason there was no comment button beneath your latest, so this will have to do : magenta is a delicious color, GO FOR IT ! !!

  145. fierywoman says:

    Have you read Marjorie Orr’s take?:

    There’s nothing much on his chart (on this birth time) suggesting imminent departure from his job. Except for and it could be kinda big – tr Pluto opposing his 6th house Uranus in September 2012 and tr Uranus square it in late April/May and Sept/Oct. Pluto was on that aspect last year and he did have an angina scare – so it might be major health issues.
    But he’s looking surprisingly chipper unfortunately at other times – apart from tr Saturn square his Solar Arc Midheaven and opposing his Solar Arc Mars in May/June/July which could set him back on his heels.

    He is looking relatively pleased at Election and Inauguration time – though that could be interpreted either way I suppose. He’d implode if he didn’t have a major enemy to wage war on.

  146. clymela says:

    Increasingly I hear the drumbeat of angry marching boots coming from the right wing. I know that most astrologers don’t see real danger in this period of progressed Mars retrograde but I do. The cruelty of the right wing invariably comes from the sense of a weak position, from the sense of being weak and needing to terrorize those whom they believe are coming to kill them. I know that I sound loony here but as I tune into what these folks are wanting I am shaken by the hatred of women who are not under the thumb of Church,father,husband. Perhaps what I fear the most is the lack of engagement from the folks who just want to be left alone-the folks who don’t want anything from anyone else just a chance to fulfill their talents and desires. People of goodwill simply must get registered and vote and send what little money they can to those who will represent us in an honest and caring way.
    I am weary already of the hatefulness AND…we haven’t really begun. I was very proud of Obama at the press conference yesterday. A decent man brighter than his enemies. Perfect answer to those who suggest that he is a nothing. I was very proud of him and very proud of the decisions I made in school,etc to become the progressive that I am.

  147. Francis says:

    Thanks Clymela. I think many of us feel similarly. And yet, I think that to stay in fear can be paralyzing. I have contemplated a Republican sweep in November because it is a possibility and what I felt rising up is not fear but anger. Anger is so much more empowering! I think that if the worst happened I would be acting with millions and millions of Americans who would simply refuse to cooperate with a government that is hostile to women, LGBTs, poor and middle class people, the environment and publicly funded schools and hospitals through sustained non-violent creative non-cooperation coupled with strengthening progressive communities and free areas.

  148. teresahill says:

    Rush has lost 30 advertisers, last count I saw. I don’t know how many he has, but that seems like an awful lot. Sears. AOL, among them.
    And from the responses people have gotten in writing to his advertisers, wanting Rush off the air, the advertisers are saying they’ve never seen such intense and immediate fury on social networks.
    Younger women are enraged and good at spreading their message on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, blogs, etc. I don’t think younger women ever truly imagined having to fight for their right to birth control before or imagined being called sluts for taking BC. Even married women.
    And the other thing I don’t think we realize is that even conservative women, who might not have stood up and fought for their own rights to control their lives with BC, will find it in them to fight for their daughters and granddaughters.
    Rush called many of their daughters and granddaughters prostitutes, too, by proxy.
    Women want better lives and more respect for their daughters and granddaughters than they had themselves and are more willing to fight for it. (It’s a mom thing.)

    And now I see Santorums people saying it’s time for Newt to get out of the race. Can you imagine the ugliness of a push from ultra-ugly, icky Santorum to get rid of ultra-icky, nasty Newt?

    Good, God. It’s like a cage-battle of evil, coming our way.

  149. andre says:

    Viewed from Canada, the GOP race is particularly vacuous. This is the first time I’ve agreed with former First Lady Bush: it’s the worst campaign I’ve ever seen. At this point, one wonders why they bother and why they spend so much money for nothing. What is the point of showing they have nothing to show? Romney will be the Republican candidate and he will lose. The writing on the wall has been there for months. More worrisome is what happens when that reality sinks in. It’s hard to foresee Obama’s reelection and second Inaugural without some kind of major lunacy from the Right, even though it should once again prove to be self-destructive. Everything is in slo-mo right now with Mars and next week Mercury retrograde. But things will speed up and agitate soon enough.

  150. clymela says:

    Francis-thank you. And yes….anger is so much more empowering than the sorrow I have been feeling. I haven’t even gotten to imagining a Republican sweep-good grief!!..but I do have that lurking, I think,in the “back”of my mind.
    Okay!1 today I learned something that I will share: the right wingers believe that “ObamaCare”will create a system that won’t allow their doctors to treat them as the physician sees fit. WOW! we need to get the information out-especially about covering those who cannot afford a medical plan. I am wondering if people are having fantasies of some Soviet gray buildings where people go in and never come out and the medical workers are something like slaves with medical knowledge and nothing else- something like the zombies that I see advertised for movies.

  151. clymela says:

    teresahill-I am so grateful to witness this uprising against Limbaugh. I had given up hope after years and years of his daily, around the clock, abuse of those with whom he disagrees. I have been startled to find him on many different stations everydaybut at different times. I have thought to myself “oh my!! that Uranian payback is really a bitch! Eh Mr Limbaugh?!?!”

  152. Lorrie U says:

    Good post! Things take off in April…

  153. Sharon says:

    As much as Iran is trying to goad Israel into an attack, have you ever considered that Israel is trying to scare Iran into backing down with all this talk of an attack? It’s gotten a lot of people and astrologers believing it.

  154. Sharon says:

    Limbaugh and many in the Republican party are unbalanced, lying extremists who, as Jeb Bush said, are preying on peoples’ fears in this election campaign (and, actually, always). It’s great watching them self-destruct.

  155. Jerry says:

    The pattern emerging is a rather vicious circle that appears to have no off-ramp…..

    Iran Spinning Out of Control
    By Martin Indyk

    New York Times
    February 29, 2012

    As the Obama administration ramps up the sanctions pressure on Iran to accept meaningful curbs on its nuclear program, it is following a strategy of coercive diplomacy that has a fundamental design flaw. Consequently, President Obama is in danger of achieving the opposite of his intention: Iran may well decide that rather than negotiate a compromise, its best choice is actually to cross the nuclear weapons threshold, with fateful consequences for all.

    Obama’s premise is that only by bringing the Iranian regime to its knees, through sanctions on its central bank and concerted efforts to reduce its oil exports, will it give up on its nuclear-weapons aspirations. The fact that Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has now himself labeled the sanctions “crippling,” and that Iran’s nuclear negotiators announced last week that they were ready to come back to the table, have been taken as evidence that the president’s strategy is working. That judgment is at best premature, at worst wishful thinking.

    Iran has not slowed its production of enriched uranium. On the contrary, the regime announced earlier this month it was building an additional enrichment plant with more efficient centrifuges. Nor has it cooperated with International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, who wrongly assumed that the announcement of a decision to come back to the table would result in a greater Iranian willingness to address their concerns.


  156. kiwi says:

    It just occurred to me after Barbara Bush’s comment – (perhaps I am living in another universe!!) ….. what if … the relatively sane republicans realize what the nut cases that are standing for president might do, and — choke choke — actually vote for Obama? I think secretly many are thinking ‘what monster have we created?’ Obama actually is very middle of the road as any sane person who has half a brain and is not brainwashed by fox can tell.

  157. Jackson says:

    I love Mitt Fauntleromney’s quote today about how the GOP will not be having a brokered convention. As if he has control over it. Paging a Mistrr John Ellis Bush ….

  158. glowlight says:

    Clymela Your comments about fear on the right… It is so profound among some I know, it is obvious they are listening to Glen Beck or..others to the extreme right. “They are killing old people” “Poisoning the food and water” To me, it also seems the right is co-opting the language of the left regarding deregulation, corporations and the 1% by twisting it to apply to President Obama and the government. It also seems that in rural areas with low information voters, Comcast Cable offers Fox Noise on the basic channel line up. Here, in the great Northwest, those are the people who are likely Repug voters and match your description. Though the people I’ve been hearing from lately are southern California transplants. It’s just getting too brown down there for them.

    Just heard on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnel” rush limbaugh has something like 118 sponsors in every market in the USA, 15 million listeners, and new sponsors happy to replace those leaving his show. One of the advertisers was a swinging couples dating service. Wonder how that will work out?

  159. glowlight says:

    Just to add to what I wrote previously. They do not engage in rational discussion. It it set in stone as far as they care to know about anything. Very discouraging. We must be mindful that no matter the perception the Repugs are imploding, they have captured a significant voting audience through their propaganda machine. When President Obama speaks out, as he did at his most recent press conference, my confidence is renewed in his leadership.

  160. Jerry says:

    NewsScope for March 5, 2012
    By Michal Wolfstar

    Obama Interview

    Last week, President Obama sat down for a 45-minute interview aimed at reassuring Israel that the U.S. would use military force as a last resort to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb. The Atlantic Monthly article included the widely quoted phrase “As president of the United States, I don’t bluff”, which is the strongest warning to date that military confrontation with Iran is definitely on the table.

    As described last week, Obama’s horoscope indicates that military tension will tend to increase between now and April 5. The interview appeared as the transiting Sun and Mars opposed each other, underscoring the growing conflict. Mars is currently retrograding through Virgo and over the next few weeks will pick up stimulating aspects from Jupiter, Pluto, and most importantly, an opposition to Chiron on March 22.

    March 22 looks like a critical date for several reasons. It brings the New Moon in Aries, which happens to conjoin erratic Uranus. Traditionally, the New Moon in Aries is the beginning of spring offensives in military theaters, and this becomes exceptionally likely with the inclusion of Uranus, the “Awakener”. Since Mars also opposes Chiron on this date, lashing out at enemies becomes an instinctive impulse.

    Another dynamic is the activation of the U.S. progressed Sun, currently at 7º Pisces. The U.S. progressed Sun in this position is highly volatile due to its aspects to several natal placements (namely, the Scorpio Ascendant, Ceres, and Uranus). When transiting Mars and Chiron oppose each other at 7º Virgo/Pisces, they activate the U.S. progressed Sun. Watch for a series of rapid actions and reactions in Mideast affairs around this time.

  161. Jerry says:

    Why a Greek Debt Deal Won’t End the Greek Saga
    By Catherine Boyle

    CNBC News
    Maarch 8, 2012

    For months, the situation in Greece has dominated European markets for days on end as a new deadline approaches.

    The latest is Thursday evening’s deadline for enough of the troubled country’s private sector creditors to accept the bond swap offer that’s a key part of its latest bailout.

    Those private sector creditors have until 3 p.m. New York time (8 p.m. GMT) on Thursday to decide whether to accept the deal. The Greek government is expected to announce the full tally on how many creditors accepted the offer at 1 a.m. New York time Friday (6 a.m. GMT).

    If the deal is passed, a temporary sigh of relief is likely from markets – but Greece will not move far from the markets’ agenda.

    The next big date will be the Greek elections, expected in early May, according to Thanos Vamvakidis, head of European G10 currency strategy, BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.


  162. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Mahalo for the list, Lune Priere!
    As of yesterday, heard that 43 sponsors have fled and 3 stations cancelled RL’s show altogether.

    With his sunsign, while late, in Capricorn, i do believe this is about integrity…integrity of his views; integrity of talkradio programming itself that he set in motion into the swamps of hatespeech decades ago…we shall see.

    I always think of him as a young, damaged fat boy who got bullied & didn’t get any girls interested in him & who was jealous of the boys who did (like Clinton/Obama)…beyond the fact that toxic narcissists such as RL & many other RWngers (Rove, Palin, Fox etal, David Horowitz…)are not biologically brain-wired for empathy or compassion, i often fantasize somebody unexpectedly & publicly breaking through to his deep wound & him having an epiphany…that would be a truly Uranian event with positive implications for the world at large, eh? :-)i thought that might happen when he was in Hawaii w/his heart attack, but alas, not…

    Warm aloha to you!

  163. ArtsCulturePeace says:


    re: what to do w/the pressures RW feels in it’s shadow implosions?

    With Neptune/Pisces as a guide, been praying, meditating, fasting w/intentions for world peace moreso than ever before…

    Since the Pluto/Cap. external structures w/o integrity are crumbling, not putting much faith in producing change through traditional systems of change… discernment is truly essential…a quiet, loving, kind word could actually be a key ingredient at a critical moment in time to a critical individual…to save the planet (sorry for the drama)

    Warm aloha & many blessings to you!

  164. kiwi says:

    I just looked up romney’s chart online and realized, (if correct) neptune is now squaring his 1deg gemini ascendant. No wonder he has foot in mouth disease among other oddities that have some of his supporters baffled.

  165. Francis says:

    Bless you for trying to educate them and correct the deliberate misinformation because I don’t have the ability to stand in their line of fire to try to discuss anything rationally. I’ve taken to humor. For example, my brother who is a catholic republican in NJ will have to choose between Romney and Santorum and I can’t stop giggling about it. I am so fortunate to live in my blue bubble in San Francisco and I think I would loose my equilibrium if I had to interact with those people on a daily basis. My heart goes out to you!

  166. clymela says:

    Glowlight I loved your powerful and impassioned response to my outcry. I am comfortable with women who have mastery of their emotions and can then use that power to guide their thinking-Jung called this power the animus as I am sure you already know.Well at least he was referring to the healthy relationship with the animus. I feel encouraged.
    Why haven’t we heard of what the right wing has been up to the past two or three decades? So much of what is shocking us now has been developing for decades and yet there has been precious little study of this in print or in TV.etc. Children have grown up in this atmosphere and many of them are now married and having children of their own.
    Back to astrology-I wonder if we are not the beginning of the end for ol’man with the long white beard and hair? Pluto in Capricorn.
    Also what is with this? Democrats are Black!! I just noticed the walk out in Georgia by the female lawmakers. Guess what? They were all Black!! Why? When did this start? Democrats represented the workers, black/white/brown, etc. but now there is something else afoot.

  167. Lunagardener says:

    Starlight, I just read the ‘Hunger Wars’ trilogy. I am trying to energetically recover from this. It so aptly illuminates reality show programming, and our current media for what it is. A corrupt image of controlling the masses, I must say…. I had cold sweaty palms during the duration of the story. It was a fear triggering mechanism from the get go.

    I find myself having to cleanse, every cell of my being of the thought forms in this scenario, and at at the same time, acknowledge the mentality it portrays, ie: the corporate , military mind, exists. This is good in the sense that It inspires me to internally declare my sovereignty, and divine right, to render these corrupt thought forms as illusion, a program I will not engage in. Claiming my power and identity here….LOL! I do think, it will have an effect on many at this time as to ‘what is real, and what is not real’….

  168. glowlight says:

    Oh, the power of illusion. It seems over the last 30 yrs drugs legal and otherwise have permeated throughout our society and even now to the water we depend on…, while the war on drugs has raged on, the construction of prisons, the destruction of public education, and the ongoing drug rehab restores the fantastical faith, and the onward march to the church where fear grows to imagine the “evil” outside. Is this Neptune in Aquarius? Mass Media as you describe in “Hunger Wars” ? If so, I am so done with it.

  169. starlight says:

    I assume you mean The Hunger Games? It is indeed a very intense story. I was pretty drained at the end, but felt the themes – controlling the masses through propaganda, the miserly distribution of food, and getting them to fight each other – were powerfully portrayed in a very compelling story. Echoes of the 1% versus the 99% are certainly there, using today’s language.

  170. starlight says:

    kiwi – Exactly so about Romney’s Neptune transit. It comes back for a long, painful station through the end of the year. We can expect another long string of gaffes and cluelessness, as well as him being caught pretending to be who he thinks he should be and no one knowing who he really is.

  171. kiwi says:

    I wonder what effect this will have on the religious front overreach? Church foreclosures reach record in 2011
    LOS ANGELES, March 9 (Reuters) – Banks are foreclosing on America’s churches in record numbers as lenders increasingly lose patience with religious facilities that have defaulted on their mortgages, according to new data.

  172. Lunagardener says:

    Oh Of Course..sorry, the book is Called the ‘Hunger Games’. There are two other books in the trilogy.

    The Kony Video that is going viral made me think, in terms of the books. It is such a slickly produced piece. Geeze!

    I have a feeling the upcoming mercury retrograde will make it even worse for people to get a straight story. Thank goodness for your blog starlight, at least we have the stars and our hearts to guide us.

  173. starlight says:

    I am hoping to get a short article up tomorrow. In the meantime, Sunday is Romney’s solar return at 4:58 AM Eastern time. Please keep an eye out for where he is on Sunday early AM (where he slept Saturday night). I would love to have an accurate solar return for him. Many thanks!!

  174. Lunagardener says:

    Conyers Urges Obama to Nominate Jeff Sachs to Lead the World Bank
    Friday 9 March 2012

    I would love to see what Sachs chart reveals about him. The article sure says the right things.

  175. teresahill says:

    He was in Birmingham, Ala, trying to act like a Southerner on Friday.

    Found a story that said he had no public events scheduled for the weekend.

    Next primaries are Tuesday in Alabama and Mississippi.

  176. Bob says:

    Dan Froomkin

    IRS May Make Political Groups Pay Dearly for Keeping Donors Secret — And Out Them
    Posted: 03/ 8/2012 9:53 pm Updated: 03/ 9/2012 10:00 am

    “And the groups might have to make donors’ names public.”

    Karl Sandstrom, a former Federal Election Commission member: “Failure to report involves a substantial penalty related to the activity you’re supposed to report, both on the contribution side and on the expenditure side, so the effective tax is about two-thirds of all revenue.”

    If my math is right it would be 70 %. Let lightning strike.


  177. Bob says:

    The material at the link below should be read in conjunction with the above.,,id=96178,00.html

  178. Jerry says:

    I’m sure this will be analyzed more closely as we approach the ‘eclipse season’…..

    Could the May 20-21st NATO summit in Chicago coinciding with the May 20th solar eclipse act as a platform towards plans for a military incursion into Syria? The 0 ’21 Gemini S. Eclipse lies within a half degree of squaring Nato’s natal Saturn (29 ’56 Leo/ DOB April 4, 1949 Washington DC). Jupiter will be conjoining this eclipse degree and NATO Saturn in mid June with a direct square by the Moon on June 9th. Possibly a prelude to an Israeli-Iran war later on in the month?

    Syria: Nato ‘Planning Direct Military Intervention’, Russia Claims

    The Telegraph
    Jan 12, 2012

    The head of Russia’s security council said he had seen intelligence indicating plans for a military incursion were well advanced.

    “We are getting information that Nato members and some Persian Gulf States, operating according to the Libya scenario, intend to move from indirect intervention in Syrian affairs to direct military intervention,” Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the Kremlin security body said in an interview published in Russia’s Kommersant newspaper on Thursday.

    “This time it is true that the main strikes forces will not be provided by France, the UK or Italy, but possibly by neighbouring Turkey which was until recently on good terms with Syria and is a rival of Iran with immense ambitions.” America and Turkey were even now possibly already refining options for a no-fly zone that would allow armed Syrian opposition fighters to mass in the designated areas, he added.

    Mr Patrushev, a Kremlin hawk who used to run the FSB security service, the Russian successor agency to the KGB, went on to claim that the real reason Syria was coming under so much international pressure to end a brutal crackdown on the opposition was largely geopolitical.

    “Syria has not become an object of interest for a new coalition of the willing in itself,” he said. “The plan is to punish Damascus not so much for repressing the opposition as for its unwillingness to sever its friendly relations with Tehran.”


    U.S.-Led NATO Troops Operating Inside Syria, WikiLeaks Says

    Tehran Times
    March 9, 2012

    According to a document released by the WikiLeaks website, undercover U.S.-led NATO forces are operating inside Syria against the Syrian government.

    WikiLeaks released a confidential email from an analyst working for the U.S.-based intelligence firm Stratfor, in which the author claims to have attended a meeting in the Pentagon with several NATO officials from France and Britain in December 2011.

    The analyst says he learned that U.S.-led NATO troops are already on the ground in Syria, training armed gangs.

    “SOF [special operation forces] teams (presumably from the US, UK, France, Jordan and Turkey) are already on the ground, focused on recce [reconnaissance] missions and training opposition forces,” the analyst wrote in the letter.

    The Stratfor analyst went on to say that “the idea ‘hypothetically’ is to commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns” to overthrow the Syrian government.


  179. Francis says:

    I just had a very wickedly funny thought. What if Newt gives all his delegates to Santorum after winning Georgia and after Mississippi? He is a smart and crafty man. He’s got to realize he can’t win the nomination. And I believe he would love to feel like he had some power that he could exercise to the greatest effect. In this way he turns the tables on the establishment that is giving him the shaft and he can make Romney’s life absolutely miserable and maybe even prevent him from getting the nomination. He would effectively stop the show!!

  180. Francis says:

    Thank you Bob! Delicious news! Let lightening strike, indeed!


  181. glowlight says:

    Bob The sun shines through the clouds, there are still rules/regulations that actually work!!!

    Kiwi Hummmm…big anti-birth control push, plus foreclosed churches = less jingle in the basket? (members are’t having enough kids to maintain membership to support payments of churches?) I know it sounds stretched, but I’m just trying to make sense of it all. Also, I am not against people supporting churches they find spiritually uplifting. However, I am against spiritual exploitation.

  182. Jerry says:

    Excellent article……

    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Obama’s No. 1 priority? Stop Israel

    Herald News Editorial
    March 9, 2012

    WASHINGTON: It’s Lucy and the football, Iran-style. After ostensibly tough talk about preventing Iran from going nuclear, the Obama administration acquiesced to yet another round of talks with the mullahs.

    This, 14 months after the last group-of-six negotiations collapsed in Istanbul because of blatant Iranian stalling and unseriousness. Nonetheless, the new negotiations will be both without precondition and preceded by yet more talks to decide such trivialities as venue.

    These negotiations don’t just gain time for a nuclear program about whose military intent the IAEA is issuing alarming warnings. They make it extremely difficult for Israel to do anything about it (while it still can), lest Israel be universally condemned for having aborted a diplomatic solution.

    If the administration were serious about achievement rather than appearance, it would have warned that this was the last chance for Iran to come clean and would have demanded a short timeline. After all, President Obama insisted on deadlines for the Iraq withdrawal, the Afghan surge and Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Why leave these crucial talks open-ended when the nuclear clock is ticking?


  183. andre says:

    From a British newspaper, The Guardian:

    ”The US presidential campaign of 2008 proved so enthralling that tomorrow, HBO will air a movie, Game Change, based on a single, small aspect of it: the travails of Sarah Palin, as recreated by Julianne Moore. The battle of 2012 could never hope to compete with the drama of four years ago, with its epic struggle of Obama v Hillary, pitting two historic firsts against each other. But the current Republican primary contest might nevertheless have movie potential – if only for Comedy Central.

    The race has produced no end of laughs, most recently multimillionaire Mitt Romney’s attempts to come across as a regular Joe. The latest was his admission that, while not himself a fan of Nascar racing – a sport that plays big in the white, male, lower-income demographic – “I have some friends who are Nascar team owners”. Earlier he had sought to ingratiate himself with a Detroit audience by boasting that, as a good patriot, he drove American cars and that his wife even drove “a couple of Cadillacs”. Short of wearing an “I am the 1%” T-shirt, it’s hard to know how he could have got it more wrong.

    Still, the best Romney joke is not by him but about him, taking aim at the ideological contortions the limping frontrunner has performed in his bid to win the Republican nomination: “A conservative, a liberal and a moderate walk into a bar. The bartender says, ‘Hi, Mitt.'”

  184. starlight says:

    Seriously? Charles Krauthammer? Seriously?

  185. starlight says:

    Thanks, Teresa. If he has no public events, does he go home? And if so, where is home? New Hampshire?

  186. connimac says:


  187. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I didn’t find the article unduly influenced by a political agenda (if that is what is being suggested). It seemed informative, insightful and well written. Perhaps I missed something?

    Doesn’t matter. Now here’s something to chew on….

    Palin-McCain Film ‘Game Change’ Debuts Tonight On HBO

    The trailer to the film looks fascinating:

  188. starlight says:

    Another campaign update up:

    I hope I can get something else up before I go away at the end of next week, but it is not certain at all. I will be gone from Thursday through Sunday, and I am not sure how much I will be able to check in or keep up with the news. I am going to a wedding in Mexico!

  189. Wennye' says:

    Have a wonderful, wonderful trip Nancy..Donde’ en Mexico? I don’t have proper accent keys..Blessings by our Eternal Parent, Wennye’

  190. kdez says:

    Krauthammer is a pretentious neocon “inteleectual” who posed as a Very Serious Person to argue the US into the Iraq war. He is in fact evil and stupid.

  191. Jerry says:


    I think if you read the article on its own merits, and not give countenance to his background, it’s possible to arrive at a very different conclusion. The subject matter was interesting, everything else is tangential.

  192. pisca says:

    It’s a beautiful day when I find the mountain astrologer in my mailbox!!! The April/May issue is not yet on the website– — but this month it is loaded with charts of iran and Israel: Occupy Wall Street; earthquakes: and much more. Check it out!