2nd Mar, 2012

Lightning Strikes

The action of the planet Uranus is often compared to a lightning strike: sudden, transformative, potentially very destructive, and offering a brief moment of bracing illumination. At the moment, the US is being besieged by the impact of this very disconcerting, shattering energy. One of the recent events set off by this planetary force is the shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio, where the deaths of three students and the sense of horror and tragedy in that community have ripped the heart of the entire nation.

In addition, in the past week we have seen the fatal mid-air collision of Marine helicopters at the Arizona and California border, a Coast Guard chopper crash in Alabama, and fierce tornadoes slash through the Midwest and the South, with more violent weather being predicted for today. Uranus has also been visible in the sudden revelation of draconian abortion-suppression and “personhood” laws concocted by patronizing, misogynistic, and womb-obsessed Republicans, as well as in the furious reaction of newly-awakened American women who are rising up in rebellion.  Meanwhile, as the US tries to unwind its never-ending war in Afghanistan, the inadvertent burning of several copies of the Koran has engulfed that country in an unanticipated surge of enraged riots, assassinations, and bombings.

All of these events have been unexpected and fierce, unalterably transforming the lives of the many people who were touched by them. Some, such as the stirring rebellion against right-wing overreach at home and the building Afghani vitriol against Americans abroad, may have huge ramifications over the next several months or even years. Although we have passed the peak energy of the Uranus square to US Venus (3Cancer06) as of February 29, the Uranus opposition to the Ascendant of the US solar return (3Libra26) and the square to President Obama’s solar return (3Cancer23) will continue to wax through March 5. These transits will extend the potential for agitating and unexpected events impacting some segment of the country over the next few days. The transiting Moon square to Uranus (3Aries17), on the afternoon of March 2, and the transit of Mercury conjunct Uranus, from March 3 through the morning of March 5th, are likely to act as triggers to this unpredictable and volatile force. Extreme weather, random accidents, or sudden violence are all possible.

For President Obama, the pressure has begun to build on some critical front – perhaps regarding Afghanistan’s deteriorating situation, perhaps regarding aid to Syrian rebels, perhaps regarding Israel’s restiveness in the face of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, perhaps exacerbating a chronic conflict with Republican leaders – due to the progression of his Moon now in quincunx to natal Pluto (6Virgo59) through March 25. We can expect this tension to erupt into some kind of more aggressive confrontation during the second half of March as transiting Mars (7 Virgo) and transiting Node (7 Sagittarius) square in aspect to Obama’s Pluto, followed by transiting Mars quincunx transiting Uranus during the final 5 days of March. A crucial situation will significantly escalate, albeit briefly, during that time. The transiting Jupiter square to Obama’s Sun (12Leo35) at the end of March suggests initial success in his handling of the situation.




In a total departure, I want to briefly discuss a series of books I recently read, the first of which is soon to come out in movie form. Because the underlying themes of this story so profoundly address many of the most salient issues of our time, I think it is worthy of a mention here. The book is The Hunger Games, the first of a trilogy. The series describes how those with centralized power can suck all the wealth and strength from everyone else, while maneuvering to have different groups of the downtrodden compete with each other for scarce resources, or even life itself, rather than confront the real source of their oppression. There is also the theme of how easily we lose the awareness of our common humanity and shared goals and how it is ultimately only this awareness that can save us. It is a brilliantly written and compelling story even if you don’t dwell on the deeper themes. But I think that the growing popularity of the book The Hunger Games and the likely megahit that the coming movie will be are signs that this story has hit a deep nerve in the general population. Ultimately, it is only a well-crafted story, but I think it reaches into and grips the collective psyche with unusual force.

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