Freedom versus Dominance

What is likely to be the most momentous planetary configuration of our time, the Uranus/Pluto square, is set to make exact contact no less than seven times over the three-year period from June 2012 through March 2015. Astrologers everywhere have been buzzing about this impending Clash of the Titans for years.

Both of these extremely potent planets bring forth profound transformation, but each in its own unique way. Uranus awakens people to a sudden realization that the old restrictions or entrenched patterns are no longer acceptable. In “mundane” astrology, this energy is frequently associated with large, popular rebellions focused on breaking free of systemic limitations or perceived injustices. The very dramatic and unexpected events that Uranus unleashes can abruptly shift the political landscape and often significantly alter the status quo.

Pluto transforms by taking situations to such an extreme that they implode. There is an almost obsessive buildup of dominance – financial, political, or military – that ultimately crosses from immense potency into disintegration. During the period of ascendancy, enormous power struggles are unleashed in what is subjectively experienced on both sides as an existential threat to survival. But Plutonian supremacy contains within it the seeds of its own destruction. Those who exercise it usually take things a bridge too far, causing the underlying foundation of their strength to eventually fracture: the despot’s heavy-handed methods are so despicable that the people turn to revolution; the entrenched global capitalists mistreat and underpay workers in exchange for a greater profit margin, leading to anger, rebellion, and a shrinking purchasing power in the marketplace.

At present, the square aspect developing between Uranus and Pluto suggests that these two energies will be increasingly at cross purposes in the immediate future. On the one hand, there are mass movements in many parts of the world that are waking up to a vision of greater equality and universal justice and that are struggling, sometimes violently, to overthrow the status quo. On the other hand, there are the huge concentrations of power found in dictatorial regimes and global corporate financial behemoths that are fighting to maintain and expand their reach, sometimes brutally or with duplicity, while simultaneously feeling profoundly threatened by the rebellion bubbling up from the masses. We can expect to see more and more confrontation between these two forces, in a myriad of different forms, over the next three years.

If we look at the astrological charts of many of the world’s leading nations, as well as the charts of their leadership, we find a striking number of them will be strongly impacted by the Uranus/Pluto square as it agitates from 7 through 15 of the cardinal signs in the years 2012 through 2016. I have picked a few to discuss below, though the list is by no means complete.

In the natal chart for Russia, there is an exact Mars (8Aries49) square to Uranus (8Capricorn17) that is part of a T-square also including a Jupiter (15Cancer13) opposition to Neptune (13Capricorn48). This configuration, when strongly activated, suggests times of extreme and precipitous aggression (Mars/Uranus) that may be overconfident and rash (Jupiter) and based on grandiose or illusory (Neptune) considerations. As of January 2012, transiting Pluto began four years of triggering this very volatile configuration.  As of May 2012, Uranus will join in the melee for three years of inciting the same points in Russia’s chart.

What this indicates is a period during which Russia will become far more aggressive and prone to sudden, possibly military acts, potentially inspired by grandiose and expansionist ideas. This will be most apparent between the spring of 2013 and the late summer of 2014 when converse progressed Mars will be square to Russia’s Sun (21Gemini10), transiting Uranus will be conjunct natal Mars, and the progressed Sun will be opposite Neptune. It should also be noted that President Vladimir Putin will have both transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto in hard aspect to his Sun (13Libra55) at various times from April 2014 through November 2015, suggesting he will be in a huge struggle at that time either against internal foes, a grass roots rebellion within his country, and/or against some element of the international community.

China has also already begun its encounter with the very volatile Uranus/Pluto square due to the transit of Pluto square to China’s Sun (7Libra46) which began in December 2011. The Sun in China’s chart is in a natal square to Uranus (4Cancer59), suggestive of periodic upheaval and shifts in direction. Due to the impending action of Uranus and Pluto on this Sun/Uranus square, the likelihood for significant disruptions and upsets within the government or due to rebellion arising within the population, as well as the possibility of a natural disaster of some kind, seems very strong between May 2012 and early March 2013. This period will include Pluto square the Chinese Sun, Uranus opposite the Chinese Sun (simultaneous and therefore very strong in June and July 2012), and transiting Uranus in a long station square natal Uranus from October 2012 through early February 2013. With the natal Chinese Sun in the 8th house of finance and hidden wealth, at least some of the coming tumult could relate to economic upheaval.

Iran has been much in the news of late as tensions build within the international community over Iran’s development of nuclear power.  Although the Mars retrograde period may agitate and escalate Iran’s conflict with Israel and the US during March, April, and May 2012 (see Double Whammy), this seems more likely to be a skirmish than a war. A period of far greater turbulence will come to Iran from 2013 through 2015, when we can expect to see an upsurge of rebellion, upheaval, and the attempted repression/destruction of either domestic or foreign foes. Uranus will be conjunct the Iranian Sun (11Aries06) and Pluto will be square to it during 2013 and 2014. By 2015, the progressed Iranian Sun will be quincunx progressed Pluto (17Libra03), triggered for much of the year by hard aspects from both Uranus and Pluto. These configurations point to a continuing and overwhelming power struggle of some kind between the Iranian government and forces that oppose it for at least three years. Because the Sun in the Iranian chart is in the 9th house and rules the Leo Ascendant, much of this battle could be over the ideological foundation for the country (9th house) and very directly impact the citizens (Ascendant).

Although some unpredictable and upsetting circumstances and conflicts are very possible involving Israel in March through May 2012, as well as from October 2012 through early January 2013, due to transiting Uranus square to natal Venus (4Cancer49) and transiting Pluto sesquiquadrate the Sun (23Taurus41),  the configurations most indicative of significant military confrontation occur from late 2013 through early 2015. It is during this period that both Uranus and Pluto will be in a sesquiquadrate with natal Mars (28Leo19), and solar arc Uranus will be conjunct natal Mars. Moreover, the same Uranus and Pluto aspects will impact Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s Mars (26Leo42) within the same time frame. So much energy focused on Israel’s Mars in 2014 and early 2015 suggests a much more aggressive stance in the world and greatly increases the potential for significant confrontation.

In the US chart, the coming Uranus/Pluto square will stir up some very consequential volatility, agitation, and transformation between late 2012 and early 2015. During the progressed US Sun square to Uranus (8Gemini55), from September 2012 through September 2013, both transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus will activate massive rebellion and confrontation with authority, similar to the huge demonstrations in Wisconsin in early 2011 and the Occupy Wall Street movement later in the year, both of which occurred during activations of progressed US Sun square progressed Uranus (7Gemini02). The most notable periods of future agitation related to this progression will be late November and December 2012, and March, April, July, August, and September 2013.

In addition, first Uranus, from May 2013 through March 2014, and then Pluto, from January 2014 through December 2014, will be semisquare to the US Moon (27Aquarius12) and sesquisquare President Obama’s Node (27Leo19). This suggests an ongoing mood of rebellion (Uranus) and power struggle (Pluto) among the US population (the Moon), as people struggle, with increasing awareness, against constricting and problematic economic, political, and social inequities.

In 2014 and 2015, the full force of the Uranus/ Pluto square will come to America when both planets will be in major hard aspects to the US Sun (13Cancer19) and US Saturn (14Libra48). Simultaneously, Pluto will be quincunx President Obama’s Sun (12Leo35), with Uranus in a trine aspect. It is worth noting here the power, impact, and speed of transformative events during the last Uranus/Pluto square, from 1932 through early 1934, during Franklyn Roosevelt’s first term and the First New Deal.

It seems very likely that with the coming Uranus/Pluto square so directly impacting the US chart, the US will be fully engaged in a forceful and relentless confrontation of some kind (Pluto), with unexpected events and fast-moving shifts (Uranus) continually altering the geo-political landscape. A major international imbroglio during this period seems quite likely, especially in 2014. The US will definitely be in some kind of patriotic fervor, often associated with military action, from January through April 2014 when transiting Jupiter is crossing the US Sun. It is also possible we will see domestic unrest in some form during these turbulent times given the potency of the planetary configurations.

Due to the relentless and pervasive impact of the Uranus/Pluto square over the next few years, it seems likely the world will have changed significantly by 2016, although exactly how is impossible to predict. But it is clear that many, if not most, of the major players in the international community will be embroiled in this global awakening and in the exhilarating, rebellious, fast-moving, and confrontational energies sweeping the planet. We can hope that this significant paradigm shift will bring greater freedom and a more just planet once the dust settles, but the process could be quite dramatic and quite stressful during the journey.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, thank you for this incredible article! I keep trying to remember that every crisis is an opportunity for healing and positive change. I think that will have to continue to be the mantra for several years to come! I will take solace in the US chart’s “most notable periods of agitation” doesn’t start until late November, I am hoping this means it’s not upset due to the election. I want so much for the Democrats to get back full control of Washington, but at the very least, if we get to keep President Obama that will in itself be a huge sigh of relief. I remember when He won the election, part of my joy and excitement was knowing that he would be the President at the end of 2012. It will continue to be a huge comfort over the next several years, to know that He is there during what looks to be a very tumultuous time.

  2. lizzie says:

    Thank you, Starlight, for the heroic gift of your deeply caring, precious and gigantic out – put of focused energy in order to present to our world clarifying astro insights of what the archetypes are indicating for our future experiences’

    Good News re financial criminal syndicate is slowly appearing to be actually happening via 34 top banksters recently ‘resigning’ from worldwide top banks.

    Found these links on David Wilcock’s divine cosmos site — page #10 = the Comment Section (mid page)–in his monumental “Financial Tyranny” article.

    “Kauilapele just posted links to over 34 articles of new high level bank resignations & also some government ones:…-w-at-rmn/

    he also posted more earlier too:

  3. lizzie says:

    oops…will try to fix the first link…

  4. omphale says:

    Also concerning CHINA…… Lunar eclipse path of June 4th goes thru China and Australia, and includes very rare transit of Venus over the Sun….exact June 5-6th. In the eclipse chart, eclipse with Venus T-squares Mars/Virgo and China’s Saturn on 8th cusp. You mentioned some sort of “economic challenge” for China. They are always on the hunt for resources, and Australia has a lot of resources. Both the Settlement and Gov’t charts for Australia have planets getting hit by the eclipse. Gov’t chart has eclipse firing off natal Uranus opp Pluto. Interesting to note that Obama met with Australia’s PM Gillard a few months ago to announce a US military base on the northern coast of Australia. I thought that it was curious at the time. Maybe some sort of intensification of economic/currency wars ? I live near a navy base, and all the navy seabees who lived across the street got back from Afghanistan and immediately got shipped out to the South Pacific about the same time. Hmmmm….. Australia is feeling threatened by somebody…..

    Also….. Venus transit Sun is very rare. Happens only twice a century. The first pass was 2005, I think….and this will be the second. And won’t happen again for 100 years. So whatever happens is going to be of some importance. Since Uranus and Pluto hard hits are involved, expect the unexpected….. Syria and Iran are attracting our attention now…..but it could just be Australia that is the summer’s focal point….

  5. Nick says:

    Nancy thank you again for such insight. Your blog is becoming more international as the astrology is effecting everyone globally.

    Am I the only one who feels like 2012 is 1912 all over again? Just different exponents and distant battlefields.

  6. Gypsi says:

    Great article Starlight

  7. Francis says:

    Wow Nancy! Stunning article. You say, “Pluto transforms by taking situations to such an extreme that they implode. There is an almost obsessive buildup of dominance – financial, political, or military – that ultimately crosses from immense potency into disintegration.” This is exactly what may be happening to the GOP as they careen off the road and into right wing crazy extremism. Maybe Uranus will help them gain one of those insightful existential moments when we look at ourselves clearly, realize how far we have gone and paddle back into safer waters.

  8. Jerry says:

    It’s interesting to note that Iran has presidential elections every four years, and just as we do here in the US, the incumbent president is limited to serving only two terms. President Ahmadinejad’s second term expires August 2013. Similar to our mid term elections, Iranian parliamentary elections are scheduled for March 2nd. According to Wikepedia and other media reports, expectations are Mamoud Ahmadinejad’s coalition government is poised to consolidate its hold on power. Which brings us to the May 20th solar eclipse (0 ’21 Gemini)…… With Ahmadinejad’s natal south node at 0 Gemini in t square to natal Saturn (1 Sagittarius) and natal Pluto (0 Virgo) it appears as though late May into June could be Ahmadinejad’s defining moment.

    June 17th. This could be the trigger for major upheaval in the region with a Moon-Jupiter opposition (0-1 Gemini/ Sagittarius) activating the May 20th eclipse and Ahmadinejad’s Nodes-Saturn-Pluto t square. Will there be an incident in the Persian Gulf that would spark a war at this time? Here’s one astrological definition about this particular aspect I found on the net…

    Solar Eclipse Conjunct Natal South Node.

    Self-centered tendencies surface during the period these aspects are effective. They reveal egotistical attitudes associated with the natal south node which have created handicaps in the past and presently conflict with positive experiential potentials described by the natal north node. The self-awareness fostered by these aspects contributes to the capacity to develop selfless attributes that promote personal growth and reinforce constructive solar eclipse activity. Events that manifest under this configuration stem from selfish action which the individual perpetrates or action of which he or she is the victim. (Eclipse Interpretation Manual by Rose Lineman)

    The psychological implications of what this transit could mean is far reaching as this one commentary explains….

    Does Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Believe He Is To Bring About The Return Of The 12th Imam?

    According to Muslim belief, the 12th Imam, Mahdi, was born around 868A.D. Due to the prosecution of Shiites taking place at the time, his father sent him into hiding. It is believed that the 12th Imam will soon return to restore order. What makes this interesting is all of the disorder that is now taking place throughout the Muslim world. As many Christians are waiting for the return of their “Messiah,” so are many Muslims. So how does Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fit into the equation?

    Ahmadinejad is said to believe that he is the one who will set into motion a series of events that will lead to the return of the 12th Imam. One of the major events is the destruction of Israel, which Ahmadinejad has been promising for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the more time that goes by, the closer he gets to the development of nuclear weapons. There is already evidence that Ahmadinejad is working with Zimbabwe to mine uranium and that he already has enough nuclear material for several nuclear weapons. It is just a matter of time before he has the bomb-unless he is stopped. But does Ahmadinejad truly believe that he is to be involved in the return of the 12th Imam? Only time will tell.

    Searching the internet, I couldn’t find any specific astrological analysis on the May 20th solar eclipse’s effect on the various participants in the mid east. What I did find however is worth sharing……..

    December, 2011
    Mac Mclaughlin

    The winter solstice takes place on December 21 at 9:30 PM. We have arrived at a most important juncture in which we have massive and major decisions to make and we don’t have a great amount of time to figure it all out. The question is not if Israel and Iran will clash, but when it will happen. The tension is as taut as ever and having studied the charts of Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Barack Obama, I am convinced we are on the brink of disaster in the middle east.

    At the time of the solstice, Saturn is conjunct with Netanyahu’s Sun and the combination indicates a most serious turn of events in which severe karmic energies are dealt with. Mars moves through Virgo and becomes retrograde on January 24, 2012, indicating Mars will be moving very slow and is known to display much more volatility, violence, aggression and unrest as a result. Mars becomes stationary right on Ahmadinejad’s Jupiter and this combination is also an indicator of aggression and war. Obama’s Mars happens to be in the same place as Ahmadinejad’s Jupiter and draws him into the play. The solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 activates very sensitive points in Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad’s horoscopes. It brings up a time in which the karmic seeds bear fruit. Two wrongs do not make a right.


    The June 4th lunar eclipse at 14 Saggitarius adds to the intensity; forming a grand cross square to Iran’s progressed nodes, conjunct Israel’s progressed moon and t squares Netanyahu’s natal Saturn (15 Virgo) and Ahmadinejad’s natal Mars (15 Pisces). To all intents and purposes this has all the appearances of confrontation, especially as we arrive at the tail end in late June, of that much talked about Israeli deadline; the red-line the Israeli’s have calculated when the Iranian nuclear program will reach the threshold of a ‘zone of immunity’.

  9. kiwi says:

    re the comment of Australia feeling threatened …… my feeling is that the military base in northern australia has probably more to do with being able to respond quickly to any nut case bombers coming out of indonesia or pakistan areas than anything else. The seas around indonesia have been a bad piracy area for many decades. Several relatively influential alquaida supporters have operated from there.

  10. will says:

    “This suggests an ongoing mood of rebellion (Uranus) and power struggle (Pluto) among the US population (the Moon), as people struggle, with increasing awareness, against constricting and problematic economic, political, and social inequities.”

    “It seems very likely that with the coming Uranus/Pluto square so directly impacting the US chart, the US will be fully engaged in a forceful and relentless confrontation of some kind (Pluto), with unexpected events and fast-moving shifts (Uranus) continually altering the geo-political landscape. A major international imbroglio during this period seems quite likely, especially in 2014.”

    These two strongly-worded passages made every little rebellious cell in my being kvell. This post coincides with a wonderful dream I had early yesterday morning wherein Santorum was bound to a chair with gray duct tape and was being force-fed poop (that was actually on fire) by throngs horrid Harpies.

    Well-worth the wait, Nancy – well worth the wait. Mille gratzi!

  11. karen says:

    Yes, indeed this was well worth waiting for. You’ve managed to encompass the universality (or at least the earth-ality) of the Uranus-Pluto transformation, and emphasizing that we are all contributing to or impacted by it. It seems even more important in light of what you’ve expressed to visualize, and work toward a more egalitarian way of sharing our resources and our talents Despite the inherent challenges. What is it that we want to become?

    You know these energies apply to other sentient beings we share the planet with. And, there are times when I fully believe that my dogs and cats have greater sensibilities than human beings when confronted with bullies, or dealing with stress. That we could learn to love and accept as unconditionally as they do, or at least TRY, would be one step in the right direction.

  12. andre says:

    Santorum and Gingrich are both Catholics. In its decline, the Catholic Church has made an alliance with the American Right.

  13. starlight says:

    Thank you, all. I was concerned there was too much astrological detail and not enough commentary, but my main point about how pervasive this aspect is going to be seems to have been made. The Uranus/Pluto square in the 1930’s, towards the end of square, hit US Mercury (Pluto conjunct, Uranus square). Then each planet hit US Pluto but not simultaneously, over the following two years. But this coming transit will be in minor hard aspect to US Moon and hard aspect to both US Sun and Saturn, plus hitting major points, often the Sun, in most major countries charts. It is hard to overestimate the impact.

    Although I don’t like to predict specifics,I am concerned Russia may invade one or more of its southern neighbors (Georgia or Ukraine) in 2013- 2014. I am also concerned about some form of a “world war” with Iran, Israel, the US, and maybe others in 2014. Let us hope it is not nuclear!!

    And I want to reiterate what Jupiter crossing the US Sun means, especially when it accompanies Pluto opposite US Sun (not to mention Mars and Uranus which will also be there in the spring of 2014). In the fall of 2001, as we prepared to go into Afghanistan, everyone was wearing American flag pins, and the general feeling was that we were a colossus that was going to go kick some Afghani/Al Qaeda butt. We were the big superpower and we were stoked. That was tr. Jupiter conjunct the US Sun with tr Pluto quincunx. Try and recall what that felt like. Spring 2014 will have a very potent Pluto opposition to the US Sun and Jupiter conjunct the Sun, as well as a Mars retrograde in square and Uranus also in square. I will be really surprised if we are not at war then.

  14. Diane L says:

    Great work, Starlight! I love your insights into how both Uranus & Pluto function.

    It will be the last square in March 2015 that will make a T-Square with my 15° Libra Moon (& the one making the tightest orb to the US Saturn in Libra). . . doing my best not to think about it. LOL

  15. starlight says:

    This is why all the bluster against Iran may satisfy hawks and those worried about Iran getting nuclear material, but it endangers our economy because of oil prices:

  16. will says:

    Well, we needn’t throw the baby out with the proverbial bath water; this is a very important point of differentiation in the Huff Post piece you shared:

    “In this metaphorical sense, the “Catholic” political style is strongest among evangelical Protestant voters, not actual Catholics. The eagerness of Catholic bishops to jump into a fight over contraception, for example, does not reflect that attitudes of their parishoners, but it gets strong support from evangelicals. Similarly, in one recent poll more than two-thirds of Catholic voters supported some sort of legal recognition of gay couples’ relationships, with 44% favoring same-sex marriage; in very sharp contrast, an outright majority of evangelical voters said there should be no legal recognition of a same-sex relationship.”

    Remember, the American Catholic Church has also given us great humanitarian social activists and advocates in modern times; Thomas Merton, Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Monseignor Geno Baroni, Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, to name a few. Even our beloved President Obama got help from the Catholic Church in his early days as a community organizer (Christ was a community organizer at the grass-roots level as well):

    “More recent examples of catholic social justice in action is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development created in part as an outgrowth of the work of Msgr. Geno Baroni, who founded the National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs (NCUEA). NCUEA spawned, funded and trained hundreds of parish, neighborhood and community based organizations, organizers, credit unions, and local programs. Baroni’s Catholic social justice in action included notable proteges, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-OH, currently the longest serving woman in Congress and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-MD. President Barack Obama’s first community organizing project was funded by the Campaign for Human Development.”

  17. fierywoman says:

    In other words, he’d have to swallow or take back all the shit he’s been spewing lately?

  18. Francis says:

    Nancy, any insight into the outcome of Walker’s recall in Wisconsin, happening in May or June? I recall you wrote about him awhile back and can’t find the article. Politico put out an interesting article on him and his challenger, Faulk who is an empowered woman on the top of her game!

  19. will says:

    Why aren’t you working in my field, Anna Freud?

  20. Curtis says:

    Nancy — Great article with lots of good details for those of us who want to drill down deeply into the upcoming world changes.

    As you say, the impact of these Cardinal Cross transits will affect us all, esp. big business and big government, ie nation-states.

    But no astrologers I am aware of ever seem to present articles that relate to the way these transits will affect the international financial institutions that concentrate Plutonian power in such a pernicious way.

    They are bigger actors than nation-states. Just look at the EU for several examples!

    Here in the US, no President can regulate them or bring financial robber barons to justice.

    I say that speaking as a journalist who investigated dozens of S&Ls for fraud in the 80s, prior to the Clinton-Bush-Obama financial deregulation frenzy.

    No one goes to jail now after trillions of dollars of Federal bailouts. Nor has anything been done to prevent a recurrence of the disaster.

    How will these transits affect Goldman, Sachs, Morgan Stanley Chase, the IMF, the European Bank, the Fed, and Wall Street itself?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!

  21. starlight says:

    Curtis -One answer might be the path of Pluto. Wall Street took things to such an extreme – extreme greed, extreme recklesness – that they imploded. Companies like Lehman Brothers actually died from it, as did Enron years earlier. Could we see that kind of extreme, obsessive greed lead them over the cliff even more so this time? Pluto will be opposite the US 8th house Sun of investment and hidden, concentrated wealth.

  22. starlight says:

    Francis – I can’t tell you about Walker until I know when the actual vote would be. I definitely think he could lose, but I would really like to see who is running against him. Or is it just a recall vote and then others complete for the newly-vacant post in November?

  23. andre says:

    Agreed. But the Vatican is currently very reactionary and may well soon be another instance of a Plutonian implosion after having gone too far. Pluto was in Capricorn in the period preceding the Protestant Reformation when the Vatican was rife with scandal and corruption, as anyone who has seen the TV series The Borgias will have seen. America was discovered under Pluto in Capricorn and the Pope at the time tried to reserve the Americas to Spain and Portugal, both Catholic countries. That’s one of the reasons Henry VIII kicked out the Catholic Church and founded the Church of England. He would have none of the Pope’s claim to political power. It appears the Vatican is once again trying to obtain political power through influence on political leaders who are recent converts such as Tony Blair and Newt Gingrich.

  24. Francis says:

    the vote for recall will likely be in May but don’t have a date, yet. If the people vote to recall him, Walker will very likely face Kathleen Falk in the November election. I don’t have any info on her. Not enough to go by, I know.

  25. starlight says:

    Elizabeth – I can’t figure out if her birthday is 6/26 or 6/24/51. Both are listed at Wikipedia.

  26. starlight says:

    If he is recalled by vote in May, does he then run again in the next election? That doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe they determine that he can be recalled by vote due to the number of signatures. Very confusing.

  27. kiwi says:

    if you missed it, this was in the politico article that francis posted above
    “If the recall goes ahead as expected, the election should come in late May or early June — “

  28. kiwi says:

    Nancy, her facebook page says june 26 1951

  29. Sharon says:

    From what I’ve read, Ahmadinejad is not the one calling the shots; the supreme leader is.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, In addition to fb there is a specific site about her sharing her birthday of June,26th with former Alaska Governor, William Jennings Sheffield.

  31. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I think it might be fair to say that although leaders in so-called “democratic” societies are allegedly representative of their constituency, practically all are in varying degrees answerable to private interests. I can’t think of one leader that is not bound by that cardinal principle. President Obama for example may have more autonomy than let’s say Ahmadinejad, but in the final analysis there are definite political restraints. Politics is politics. They are mere puppets. In any case, astrologically speaking, the leader is symbolic of the country they represent. It serves as an excellent indicator of the trends.

  32. starlight says:

    Kiwi and Elizabeth – Many thanks!!

    Late May and early June will have the Uranus/Pluto square in exact aspect to Walker’s Mars (7Cap54). Then August and September have Pluto and Uranus in aspect to his Saturn (6Aries47). He looks angry and upset to me. So it looks like the recall will go through. In May he does benefit from the Venus station through around 5/21.

    Will Falk be on the ballot in May or does that wait until November?

  33. Jerry says:

    One crucial element I had forgotten to mention in that previous entry of mine re: Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the May 20th solar eclipse…..

    The Saturn-Pluto far midpoint degree reaches 0 Gemini during the mid to late June period. This is the same degree as the May 20th solar eclipse. This can certainly contribute to an increase in tensions and serve as a trigger to the June 17th Moon-Jupiter opposition (located at the same degree).

    An excerpt from the John Sandbach website reads as follows:

    Planets Activating the Saturn/Pluto Midpoint.

    Principle: Spiritual matters press relentlessly on you, forcing you to grow – one way or another. Tremendous pressure that will inevitably lead to a breakthrough. Getting to the bottom of things. The transcending and transforming of limits. Going beyond the rules and laws one has set up for oneself. A person who is extremely serious, and often, even when they hide this, others pick up on it and are deeply affected by it, and sometimes feel intimidated. The breaking down of old structures and the forming of new ones.

    Process: The progressive loss of the ability to avoid problems and challenges. The compulsion to return again and again to problems until they are truly and completely solved.


  34. NEOBuckeye says:

    Right wing authoritarianism is typically the last refuge of those who are desperate to cling to waning power and influence.

  35. NEOBuckeye says:

    Looks like the Republican Party with its 14 Cancer Sun is also in Pluto’s line of sight. They have certainly gone to the extreme in their pursuit of power and absolute control of the nation since the Clinton years, and Obama’s election as the first black U.S. President has simply driven them bonkers. Maybe they will implode, breaking apart into irreconcilable base factions: Extreme right-wing Tea Partiers/Christians who want to place the US under their version of Islamic Sharia Law, and less extreme pro-business, pro-establishment moderates more concerned with preserving laissez faire capitalism than keeping gays from marrying, women from having abortions, etc.

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, I am not sure either. I put the question out to some friends who are much more informed about political procedure than me. I will let you know what I find out..

  37. Thank you for putting this critical national-chart information together in one place,Nancy, and for describing the energies so beautifully. What a time to be alive!
    Jessica Murray

  38. starlight says:

    Thanks, Jessica! There are so many countries involved in this potent energy that it is bound to be really sweeping in its impact.

  39. starlight says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth. I will look forward to whatever answer you may get.

  40. Sharon says:

    All, I’m saying,Jerry, and I may be wrong, is that I’ve read that Ahmadinejad does not call the shots, so his state of mind or emotional state may not have as much impact, or may actually have very little impact, as that of the supreme ruler.

  41. pam says:

    Fabulous article. And the idea of the US going – again – to war is very upsetting. How often before we learn???
    Could the upset in late 2012 be over possible election theft? I believe that’s been asked already and I believe you said possible – is that correct?
    Also on the timing of a Walker recall election – I found this – scroll down past the information about submitting petions and so forth to where it discusses the procedures once the recall is successful.

  42. starlight says:

    pam – Thank you for finding this. Here is the answer:

    1. The recall election is held on the Tuesday of the 6th week after the recall petition is certified.
    2. If a primary is required, the primary is held on Tuesday of the 6th week after the recall petition is certified, and the recall election is held on Tuesday of the 4th week after the primary election.

    So the question now is: has the recall petition been certified yet, and, if so, when?

  43. kiwi says:

    regarding the wisconsin recall election …. apparently there is a lawsuit regarding redistricting going on at the moment too.

    This article alludes to an election ‘this summer’. (certification +6wks to primary +4wks to election)
    – “The court has also said it will address which maps should be used in the expected recall elections this summer, the ones in place for a decade or the ones Republican lawmakers drew last year.”
    Further down (feb17)there is this: “…… GAB to finish its work on the petitions and decide whether to certify an election by the end of March. The GAB was previously given until March 19 to rule on the petitions.”
    So if certification date is around march 19 +6wks+4wks, that would make election day end of may, beginning of june.

  44. HPLeft says:

    Excellent overview, Nancy.

    I’m definitely expecting revolution in Iran in 2013-14, and I would expect the first sparks to coincide with its next Presidential election.

    As for the US situation, I guess it all depends on how our next General Election turns out.

  45. Jerry says:

    I understand. What I’m saying is this…… astrologically I think he does play a significant role. To use a concrete example, George W Bush was voted into office in spite of his obvious ineptitude and lack of experience, partially due to his dad’s influence and connections but also because he appealed to the right wing conservative sector. Was he calling the shots? My impression was that he was merely a figurehead; a pawn for the “New World Order” agenda promoted by the likes of Vice Pres. Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Senior Advisor Karl Rove, Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz etc. We went to war with Iraq primarily due to these “inspired” war hawks. Personally, I don’t think George W. had any innate intelligence to think on his own.

  46. starlight says:

    By the way, all this violence erupting against US forces in Afghanistan over the Koran burning is from the Uranus square to US Venus, almost exact now and also opposite the Ascendant and square the MC in the US solar return of this year.

  47. glowlight says:

    Regarding Wisconsin recall and election… there will be a vote to recall Walker. If he is recalled, that leaves the rest of his term to fill. He will be at the end or near the end of the first year, which will leave the remainder of 3 years. If he is recalled in the referendum vote, then an election will be held to give the remaining term to whom ever wins.

  48. glowlight says:

    I look forward to your very insightful, interesting, and most thought provoking articles. This one is exceptional, thank you for your time and I would also like to thank all the contributors to this great blog. The links and comments have definitely extended my horizons.

  49. Jerry says:

    This is quite interesting. The June 4th lunar eclipse and the June 6th Venus occultation of the Sun; its impact on the mid-east….

    Bashar Assad and the Lunar Eclipse

    As the carnage against a popular uprising in Syria continues, Russian diplomats have asserted their support for President Assad, effectively blocking U.N. and Arab efforts to end the escalating crisis. Turkey has warned that Syria is rapidly slipping into civil war, while calls for humanitarian assistance and for Assad to step down have been thwarted by the Syrian regime. The U.S. has ruled out military intervention.

    A look at Bashar Assad’s horoscope (September 11, 1965; Damascus, Syria; time unknown) reflects the extreme conflict surrounding him. His Sun-Uranus-Pluto triple conjunction in Virgo opposes his Moon, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, a configuration which in itself reflects the underlying tension between the ruling elite and the overwhelming Sunni majority of Syria. Assad’s natal Mars in ruthless Scorpio had progressed into a square with his natal Pluto when the mayhem began a year ago.

    Assad’s progressed Mars continues to square his natal Sun-Pluto-Uranus, while at some time over the coming months his progressed Moon will conjoin his progressed Mars. It all seems to be coming down to the Lunar Eclipse on June 4, 2012, which happens to activate this entire complex. At the same time, transiting Mars in Virgo will conjoin his Sun-Uranus-Pluto, instilling a powerful urge for ultimate action.

    The day after the Lunar Eclipse, Venus will occult the Sun, a rare alignment that often corresponds to the fall of a renowned leader. The last time this happened was on June 8, 2004 when Ronald Reagan died. With the extreme challenges unfolding in his chart, one might take this as a sign that his end is near. The Uranus-Pluto square in June is looking like an epochal shape-shifter for Syria and the rest of our global village.

    Bashar Assad’s natal chart enclosed

  50. teresahill says:

    Interesting article on the Republican troubles right now. Funniest part — that Newt & others managed to paint Romney as some combination of Gordon Gecko and Thurston Howell III. :)

    Sums up Romney’s problem: “Every presidential candidate faces a trade-off between maintaining his viability with independents and catering to his party’s base. The difficulty for Romney is that, even as his appeal to the middle has sharply waned, the lack of enthusiasm for him on the right has remained acute.”

  51. chrys says:

    HI Starlight –

    Here is an update on Canada – it looks like the government was engaged in voter suppression in the last election as a way to get a majority government – see the link here –
    One of the leaders of the opposition is calling it a Nixonian moment – the big question is whether there will be a true investigation of what will happen – there is a lot of waking up in Canada –
    the people got the conservative government to table a bill that would allow internet/phone cell investigations without a warrant/ or judicial approval – after the minister who proposed the bill –
    called anyone who disagreed with it a potential child molester – which brought on a huge uproar –
    I include both links here to anyone who might be interested to what is happening to it’s “quiet Neighbour”

    everyone I know is hoping that somehow – these events will force them out of power – or at least into a minority gov’t

  52. Jerry says:

    Report: U.S. May Intervene in Syria
    by David Lev

    February 25, 2012

    A report Saturday said that the United States was planning to intervene militarily in Syria, with or without United Nations authorization, if the killing in the country continued. A senior American official quoted in the London-based Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said that the action would be based on the UN intervention in Kosovo several years ago: Establishment of a beachhead and carving out an area that was off-limits to forces controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, where refugees could come to flee Assad’s troops, and which could be used as a forward base to reduce Assad’s hold on the country, and eventually remove him.


  53. Sharon says:

    What do people think about this? Is it the right thing to do? Shouldn’t NATO or the UN be sending forces. Assad is NOT going to back down but maybe it will lead to a cease fire. I’ve read that Syria is redoing its constitution.

  54. kiwi says:

    despite the alarming headlines that iran is pursuing nuclear weapons ….”US analysts say no hard evidence”

  55. clymela says:

    Thank you for this wonderful and thought provoking article, Nancy.
    I am wondering if we are preparing to invade Syria and I am wondering why the rest of the “West” seems so quiet about this. Do “they” see this as more of a civil war?

  56. andre says:

    The provincial election in Quebec should be either in spring or September. There are no fixed date elections in Quebec. The separatist party (the Parti Québécois or PQ) is now ahead in the polls. Just in time for the first Uranus-Pluto square on June 24, which happens to be Quebec’s national holiday. That square will directly hit Canada’s Sun-Uranus conjunction on its IC, as well as the charts of Canadian Prime Minister Harper, Quebec Premier Charest and PQ leader Pauline Marois. The natal charts for Harper and Charest can be found on Astrodienst. Looks like Canada is in for some kind of shock.

  57. chrys says:

    HI Andre –

    It looks like this scandal is getting bigger – the voter suppression – if you remember it was a surprise the Harper won so many ridings in Ontario – maybe there was a reason he did – which was not so legal

    I wonder what the GG will do if it continues to grow…..

  58. starlight says:

    Putin and his aggressiveness have begun, as predicted. More to come.

  59. starlight says:

    And then there is the other side of Uranus, protests against Putin:

  60. mima says:

    Walker is facing a John Doe investigation regarding some Pre Scott Walker election activies conducted by his staff during work hours, from his office, while he was a Milwaukee County Supervisor. There are rumors he may be charged, nothing has been confirmed but he was called to speak with the city’s DA. If he is charged he may have to resign. If this happen it may make it more difficult the recall will have to go again against Rebecca Kleefisch his Luitenant Governor DOB 08/07/75 maybe running her time will shed some light on what may happen with SW.
    Thanks Nancy!!

  61. andre says:

    Chrys, Harper is looking more and more like a fan of Karl Rove. The Canadian government is now following the Bush government’s playbook, and is a mouthpiece of the Western oil industry. It will prove to be just as disastrous in the end. Canadian democracy is already in serious decline because of it. I think the planets bear this out. We will be coming out of the Uranus-Pluto square in 2015 when the next Canadian federal elections are due. The good news is I doubt they will be reelected. The bad news is they have a lot of time to do their worst. They are obviously bent on shrinking dramatically the size of the federal government, except the military of course, and on inflicting austerity on the economy, all in the name of fighting a deficit they created by reducing taxes. This could provoke serious social unrest in this country as well.

  62. chrys says:

    Andre – Have you looked at Harper’s chart?

  63. Lunagardener says:

    It looks like some interesting news will be coming out of all this latest Wikileaks release.

    Whenever I read into these types of things and realize how, unraveled these folks are….I would love to see these humpty dumpty players charts interpreted right about now…

    From: George Friedman
    Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 09:41:03 -0600
    To: Secure List
    Subject: Insight–for internal use only–On pain of agony
    Internal use only

    Some nuggets from meeting:

    Kissinger believes that the Israelis are in a panic and will
    attack Iran. Erdogan has made it clear to him that he plans to
    break with Israel at some point and reorient toward the Islamic
    world. He intends to be their leader. Paul Volcker regards the
    Greek crisis as potentially a mortal blow for the EU. He would
    like to see an IMF tranche. He also said that Nicholas Brady is
    behind both this and the Volcker principles Obama adopted. When
    I asked Brady how he expects to get the the U.S. to go along
    with an IMF bailout, he shrugged and said they won’t, but that’s
    the only choice. Volcker is now doubtful the Euro can survive.
    Brady is convinced it will. Kissinger thinks Volcker and Brady
    are missing the real crisis which is in Iran and potentially
    Russia. Volcker also says that the Bank of England and the
    French will go along with the Volcker rules on an international
    basis–that is returning to a variety of Glass-Steagal. The
    Japanese will do whatever is said, and in Germany only Deutsche
    Bank really makes decisions. Sarkozy told him he would come in.
    So there may be an international convention on restructuring
    banks under way–Volcker is pretty careful in what he says and
    doesn’t promote himself more than the average bear, so this may
    be the case. Nick Brady thinks so too.

    Total confusion on situation in China, but more on Obama. They
    don’t understand who is running China policy. The decision to
    meet with the Dalia Lama strikes them as particularly bizarre.
    But China is the least of the discussion. It is about Greece
    and Iran. China is kind of an afterthought.

    I am posting a twitter comment, on the subject Here…

    One sense I’m getting here is that the American elite, along
    with Europe’s, China’s and just about everyone but Russia’s is
    suffering from three problems: First, none are really aware of
    the political pressures on other elites. Second, they
    completely misunderstand the alienation of the publics, three,
    except for Volcker, they think this can be handled by the elites
    among themselves. We have a crisis of the elites, in my view.”

  64. RebeccaD says:

    It looks like this the time frame for the election in Wisconsin according to a Daily Kos article:

    “If Walker’s campaign continues to stand down — and there is no certainty that this will be the case — the primary election for governor could come in late April, although the more likely date is May 1. The general election pitting a Democratic challenger against Walker would be four weeks late, perhaps as soon as May 29.”

  65. Lorrie U says:

    The March of Christian Dominionism 1: What Is Christian Dominionism?

  66. Jerry says:

    Will Saudi Arabia Support An Israeli Attack On Iran In June?

    Feb 26, 2012

    One of the great cliches of war-craft is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This expression comes to mind in considering the plausibility of a claim made in my recent conversation with a weapons dealer. He thinks that this June, Israel will use Saudi Arabia as its base for an attack on Iran’s suspected nuclear site.

    This weapons dealer has been traveling to Tel Aviv and Jeddah to meet with military leaders who are loading up on his specific weapon category in anticipation of a war with Iran. According to my source — who is planning another trip to both countries soon to sell more weapons – the military leaders are looking to launch the attack in June.


  67. Lorrie U says:

    Scott Walker Recall: Wisconsin Governor Narrowly Trails Likely Opponents In New Poll

  68. starlight says:

    I have to admit I am glad that Romney won Michigan. I don’t think we should be playing with fire letting Santorum get too far. He is horrifying. Romney is just pathetic. I don’t see either of them winning, but I don’t want Santorum getting even that close. I am guessing he even scared the crazies so much they went back to Romney.

  69. Lune Prière says:

    I want RMoney to be torn and tattered but still upright for the general!

  70. Noelle says:

    Amen, starlight. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  71. andre says:

    Since the GOP Sun is near the US Sun, and both are opposed by Pluto and squared by Uranus, it is not surprising the GOP appears to be in crisis right now. It may disintegrate. One thing is sure: it will change deeply. Let us hope something good comes out of this. Right now, it is hard to see how Obama could lose the election. But the rage from the right could be threatening in unpredictable ways. Who would have thought Obama’s best credentials would be as Commander-in-Chief? He took out Ben Laden and Gaddhafi, and safely ended the war in Iraq. Now let’s hope Israel doesn’t do something foolish and provoke an uncontrollable rise in the price of oil. I think the world is safer now because PBO is managing it, and that takes the GOP’s main drawing card, national security, out of their hands.

  72. teresahill says:

    It is crazy that he scared even the crazies. Read something elsewhere that said even if Santorum would give Democrats a bigger victory in November, it’s too high a price to pay, to give someone as nasty as Santorum air time in on our national stage. Hatred and prejudice on that level is too much.

  73. Francis says:

    I was hoping Santorum would face Obama for the Presidency because Santorum would have really hammered home to everyone how crazy extreme the Christian right wing has become. I so appreciate Santorum because he puts on display what he and his stripe of political-social conservatives believes. He would have lost in a landslide, they would have been discredited nationally and their paradigm totally rejected. I would have loved that! Now Obama is going to face the only Republican with some appeal to the Independents. If the economy dips or worse which seems likely to me as gas prices rise we are going to have a tough time. I am also very very uncomfortable with so many people believing Obama will win. I remember Prop 8 in CA. We all thought it would loose. It was behind in the polls, but it won as Obama was elected. Romney also has very very deep financial pockets. Obama will be deluged with smear campaigns the likes of which this country has never seen. So I wish it was Santorum.

  74. kiwi says:

    about the only upside of this obscene gop campaign is that with all this spending it is, in its own way, another form of stimulus spending for the general us economy. Fools and their money are soon parted. The thought occurred to me too …. especially with the casino guy fronting so much money – perhaps all this campaign spending is just another way the corrupt have found to launder their dirty money.

  75. Francis says:

    It is looking like the Personhood Amendment in Oklahoma will pass. It is sparking the feminist movement there. In the likelihood that it will pass, I hope that becomes like the shot heard around the country awakening women to finally go to war against the patriarchy which now seems to be embodied the in right wing Christian political ideology of dominance and control. I hope they smash it to bits!

  76. rc says:

    Hi Starlight ,Then Its Back to Ron Paul ? as you earlier counseled .
    There is still time.

  77. will says:


    “From your lips….” Indeed, it is the time for women to wrest their body and minds from this fetid and maniacal invasive paternalism. Frankly, I have a very difficult time believing that cretins like Santorum, surrounded by his gaggle of idiot-devotee women (his own wife and daughters – barf) are still amongst us on the planet. May this form of lunacy be the very grist that is ground to dust in the mill of the ever-tightening Uranus-in-Aries square to Pluto-in-Capricorn. Let the games begin!

  78. Davis L says:

    “The shot heard around the country”…..Amen to that!
    “How crazy extreme the religious right has become…”
    I did graduate work on the “Christian” Right. They’ve always been that nuts, and unfortunately with us from the beginning of the republic in the 1700’s unto the present. An interesting and relatively short read on this is Frederick Clarkson’s book Eternal Hostility. It is a bit dated (1997) but still very good.

  79. sonya says:

    I agree with you completely!

  80. sonya says:

    My only concern about Santorum being the nomination is why give him a chance to be in the finals. It’s unlikely he would win but I understand people who say why risk it.

  81. glowlight says:

    I’ve been wondering….what is the plan for all the resulting children, will they set-up privately owned orphanages? How does this fit in with austerity? Maybe the kids will grow up to replace immigrants as low low wage laborers? Grow up in Santoram’s image, dropping change in the basket to make the dominian view much more powerful. These thoughts and worse have plagued my day. Is this a neptune bad dream? Can I wake up now?

  82. andre says:

    This is the real deal on the Mayan vision of 2012, a message of hope and wisdom. This documentary is a must.

    Los Invitamos a ver este video y compartirlo con sus amistades

    We invite you to watch this video and share it with your friends

    Todo el mundo habla de las Profecías Mayas sobre el 2012
    ¿Pero quién está escuchando a los mayas?

    Este innovador documental nos acerca a las voces de las personas mayas , que nos comparten su visión de las profecías de sus ancestros y su lucha por defender a la Madre Tierra y a su cultura de la destrucción.

    2012 La Palabra Maya es un mensaje de esperanza y una llamada a la acción. A través de los testimonios de mayas contemporáneos de todo Mesoamérica, desde guías espirituales a activistas, líderes comunitarios, campesinos, artistas, maestros, niñas y niños, este documental nos lleva a un extraordinario viaje al corazón de la lucha y la espiritualidad Maya.

    En español:

    Everyone is talking about the Mayan People Prophecies of 2012
    But who is listening to the Maya?

    This groundbreaking film brings us the voices of the Mayan people as they share their perspectives on the prophecies of their ancestors and their fight to defend Mother Earth and their culture from destruction.

    2012 The Mayan Word is both a message of hope and a call to action. Featuring testimonies from contemporary Mayans throughout Mesoamerica, from spiritual guides to activists, community leaders, farmers, artists, teachers, and children, this film is an extraordinary journey into the heart of Mayan struggle and spirituality.

    English Subtitles:

  83. clymela says:

    glowlight-love your internet name and sadly I have the same wandering imagination. Yes Santoram does seem to be one with the dominionists. I know that Neptune and Chiron are squaring my Sun/N Node-yep nightmares for dreams although it is a kick in the pants to get active and start organizing against these ill will having folk.

  84. Lorrie U says:

    What happened to the old GOP saying, “If you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em”?

  85. teresahill says:

    I’m not even looking at the video, but the guy’s own FIL said he collapsed while walking on the sidewalk in Brentwood, rich section of LA, and that he had a heart condition.

  86. Jerry says:

    In Janet Kane’s Mythic Zodiac Jan 17th blog entry entitled: 2012/ Crises and Opportunity it is noted:

    “….The solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 looks very ominous for Israel. This very same eclipse also negatively impacts the chart for Iran. The June 4, 2012 eclipse hits the US ascendant (Sibly chart)

    This may mean that we get involved in this conflict. Pluto hit the US ascendant on 9/11. Since Pluto will be squaring the US natal Sun/Saturn Square which will be exact in 2014, the US may suffer a major depression starting this year and for years to come and a war may be seen as a way out of this depression (also replicating the events in the 30’s).”

    The reference to Israel’s chart being heavily impacted by the May 20th solar eclipse is not obvious to my untrained eyes, however with the solar eclipses’ 22/24 Taurus Mercury/Jupiter conjunction right on Israel’s Sun (the location where the June 24th Uranus/Pluto square will be hitting at 45/135 degree angles) this could indeed mark the period when the final decision has been taken.

    Jude Cowell makes notations of this Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in her May 20th solar eclipse chart simply as “war plans”. Here is the chart…

    And here is a lead-in to the article…..

    Will May 2012 Eclipse bring US-Iran conflict?
    by Jude Cowell

    It is reported that the US sees May 2012 as the month to attack Iran which makes this astrologer wonder if the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @ 00Gem21 may herald such an obscene and over-reaching event, a bad decision which may top All Bad Decisions.

    As pointed out earlier, the June 17th Moon-Jupiter opposition will be activating the May 20th eclipse and the Saturn/Pluto midpoint.

  87. Sharon says:

    Will will especially like this one–you all will!!/BorowitzReport/status/175381442950475777

  88. DPH says:

    Amen, Sharon!

  89. Lorrie U says:

    The crazies, though, think his death is “suspicious” because he just told CPAC that he had the dirt on POB which he was about to disclose. Just like when all those people around Hilary Clinton suspiciously died years ago. And now crazy Sheriff in AZ (where else?) is doing the birther issue again! They never stop!

  90. Lorrie U says:

    Really good one! Thanks…

  91. Lorrie U says:

    Obama’s Progressed Mars
    Jeb Bush, White Knight?

  92. NEOBuckeye says:

    Interesting that Breitbart died at his half-Uranus return.

    Very sad for his family, and a shame he didn’t put his energies in life to better uses. Instead, he made a career out of spreading lies, perpetuating the sorry emotional deceit that is American Conservatism and destroying other people.

  93. Roderick says:

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Isn’t the transiting Uranus square natal Uranus also known as the mid-life crisis?

    I looked for Brietbart’s birth data but didn’t find anything.

    I wonder if he had any prominant planets in cardinal signs.

  94. lizzie says:

    102 top bankster resignations list … and growing…arrests-prosecutions coming.