2nd Feb, 2012

Double Whammy

On the whole, things have been going well for President Obama during the past few months.  He stood up to the Republicans in December and got an extension of the payroll tax cut. He has taken his argument against income inequality to the American people and garnered a significant uptick in his approval ratings as a result. The recovery, though weak, is back on track, and people are generally more hopeful about the future than they have been for a couple of years. And finally, he has been blessed by the dissonant rhetoric and extremism of his opponents in the GOP mud-slinging, freak-show primary, which has served mostly to bolster the president’s standing as the only reasonable adult in the room and the only one with an actual interest in helping the American people rather than the super-rich.

For Obama, this heightened charisma, success, and popularity is indicated astrologically from October 2011 through January 2012, by the strong activation of his progressed Sun square to natal Venus (1Cancer47) by both transiting Uranus (1Aries) and transiting Jupiter (1Taurus). This very positive year-long progression, which will peak in late June 2012, will also receive a boost from transiting Neptune (1 Pisces) trine to Obama’s Venus from February 25 through March 24. In addition, late March will bring a transit of Jupiter square to Obama’s Sun (12Leo35), from March 23 through April 2. Thus, whatever the Fates throw at our president through March, he will land on his feet, glow with charisma, and be well appreciated for his actions.

But the world these days is littered with hidden landmines and simmering volcanoes, any one of which could explode into a full blown crisis at a moment’s notice. Two of the most significant are the European debt issue, which continues to threaten the anemic recovery in the US, as well as potentially devastate the European economy, and the building tensions with Iran over its development of nuclear weapons. The latest news on that front is that Iran is considering attacks on US soil.

As of March, we can expect the stress lines to crack open in a number of areas. One of the first will be Greece, which is very likely to erupt into rioting and upheaval between March 5 and March 23, due to transiting Uranus square to natal Uranus (4Capricorn24), which is currently being squared by progressed Mars (4Libra). This angry volatility will be further exacerbated and potentially quite violent from March 11 through March 14 when transiting Mars makes a slow crossing over natal Mars (9Virgo39). The population of Greece will likely remain quite agitated through most of April, as a slow-moving, transiting Mars stations quite near the trine to natal Uranus, activating the square with progressed Mars.

Many of Europe’s leaders and national charts will be adversely impacted as Saturn crosses and recrosses several sensitive degrees from March through August 2012. Some indications of the very difficult economic times expected in Europe due to this Saturn transit from late March through August are: the Saturn square to Angela Merkel’s Sun (24Cancer33) from April 24 through May 8, and remaining active through mid-August; the Saturn station square Greece’s Sun (22Capricorn45) from late May through June; and the Saturn station square Italy’s natal Saturn (23Cancer21) from May 10 through most of July.

A corresponding economic strain can be seen impacting the US from mid-April through mid-May and again in August 2012. The recovery seems to gain much more momentum as of September and beyond. Again, it is the sensitive points in several charts that will be transited in some way by Saturn that point in this direction: Saturn will conjunct the Mars/Neptune conjunction (27Libra) in Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s chart in April and square his Node (24Capricorn26) in early May; Saturn will square Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner’s Saturn (24Capricorn28) in late April and early May; Saturn will square the US Mercury from late April through mid-May (24Cancer12); and square President Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20) during the second half of May.

Perhaps the most ominous indicator for mid-April through mid-May comes with the progressed US Moon conjunction to natal Saturn (14Libra48) which suggests a period of increased anxiety and upset among the American population. This can relate to something general like the economy or a particular situation that impacts some segment of the population but becomes a national story. It is my opinion that it may be both.

Prior to this difficult Moon/Saturn aspect, which begins around April 11, there are some extremely disruptive and potentially violent planetary configurations that will come during the second half of March. These suggest President Obama and the US may suddenly become involved in some kind of high-stakes altercation. It is possible that these events may set the stage for the significant strains of the following two months. There will be a week-long transit of Mars square to the transiting Node from March 15 through March 22. During most of this period, Mars will be conjunct the president’s Pluto (6Virgo59), as well as square to the US Uranus (8Gemini55) and progressed Uranus (7Gemin03).  This will be followed by transiting Mars quincunx transiting Uranus (4Aries55) from March 26 to March 31. It is very clear that the President will already be engaged in a major power struggle during March, due to his progressed Moon quincunx to natal Pluto all month. This tension will be go into high gear when Mars crosses his Pluto during this very volatile period. Moreover, the Jupiter square to Obama’s Sun in late March indicates some kind of bold action that seems initially successful.

The most critical period will be from mid-April through mid-May, and it seems to have national security or military implications. As of April 10 through the end of the month, transiting Uranus will be square to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s Sun (6Cancer26), suggesting some sudden, jarring events related to the military that will be simultaneous to the loss, sorrow, or anxiety indicated by the progressed US Moon conjunction to Saturn. The second half of April also brings Saturn into a square with Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20), suggestive of heavier than usual burdens and frustrations.

Another potentially brutal and confrontational period, which is likely to bring sudden attacks, aggression, or disruptions involving the US and its interests will come from May 2 through May 15, during which transiting Mars will again be quincunx transiting Uranus (6Aries52), with transiting Mars conjunct Obama’s Pluto (5/2 to 5/9), as well as transiting Mars square to US Uranus and progressed Uranus (5/4 to 5/15). This is a very volatile mix that suggests unexpected upsets and possible violence (Uranus/Mars).

The first half of May will also bring transiting Saturn into the first phase of its station square to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s Venus (23Capricorn52), an aspect that points to some very difficult and disturbing issues that impact Homeland Security. Moreover, National Security Advisor Tom Donilan will be under a Saturn transit opposite his Venus (24Aries05) through the first half of May as well, underlining the extreme stress that is likely to involve the military, intelligence, and security systems in late April and the first half of May.

In summary, it seems that some significant confrontation or agitation will be unleashed during the second half of March. This will be followed by a very stressful, anxious, and volatile situation impacting the country from mid-April through mid-May. A further period of intensified aggression and conflict is very possible during the first half of May. I think the economy will be under some strain during April and May but the primary focus will be circumstances with national security, military, intelligence, and diplomatic implications. It seems likely the country will calm down increasingly as we move into late May, although the diplomatic, security, and intelligence teams may be working overtime for a few more months to get things fully back on track.

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