Double Whammy

On the whole, things have been going well for President Obama during the past few months.  He stood up to the Republicans in December and got an extension of the payroll tax cut. He has taken his argument against income inequality to the American people and garnered a significant uptick in his approval ratings as a result. The recovery, though weak, is back on track, and people are generally more hopeful about the future than they have been for a couple of years. And finally, he has been blessed by the dissonant rhetoric and extremism of his opponents in the GOP mud-slinging, freak-show primary, which has served mostly to bolster the president’s standing as the only reasonable adult in the room and the only one with an actual interest in helping the American people rather than the super-rich.

For Obama, this heightened charisma, success, and popularity is indicated astrologically from October 2011 through January 2012, by the strong activation of his progressed Sun square to natal Venus (1Cancer47) by both transiting Uranus (1Aries) and transiting Jupiter (1Taurus). This very positive year-long progression, which will peak in late June 2012, will also receive a boost from transiting Neptune (1 Pisces) trine to Obama’s Venus from February 25 through March 24. In addition, late March will bring a transit of Jupiter square to Obama’s Sun (12Leo35), from March 23 through April 2. Thus, whatever the Fates throw at our president through March, he will land on his feet, glow with charisma, and be well appreciated for his actions.

But the world these days is littered with hidden landmines and simmering volcanoes, any one of which could explode into a full blown crisis at a moment’s notice. Two of the most significant are the European debt issue, which continues to threaten the anemic recovery in the US, as well as potentially devastate the European economy, and the building tensions with Iran over its development of nuclear weapons. The latest news on that front is that Iran is considering attacks on US soil.

As of March, we can expect the stress lines to crack open in a number of areas. One of the first will be Greece, which is very likely to erupt into rioting and upheaval between March 5 and March 23, due to transiting Uranus square to natal Uranus (4Capricorn24), which is currently being squared by progressed Mars (4Libra). This angry volatility will be further exacerbated and potentially quite violent from March 11 through March 14 when transiting Mars makes a slow crossing over natal Mars (9Virgo39). The population of Greece will likely remain quite agitated through most of April, as a slow-moving, transiting Mars stations quite near the trine to natal Uranus, activating the square with progressed Mars.

Many of Europe’s leaders and national charts will be adversely impacted as Saturn crosses and recrosses several sensitive degrees from March through August 2012. Some indications of the very difficult economic times expected in Europe due to this Saturn transit from late March through August are: the Saturn square to Angela Merkel’s Sun (24Cancer33) from April 24 through May 8, and remaining active through mid-August; the Saturn station square Greece’s Sun (22Capricorn45) from late May through June; and the Saturn station square Italy’s natal Saturn (23Cancer21) from May 10 through most of July.

A corresponding economic strain can be seen impacting the US from mid-April through mid-May and again in August 2012. The recovery seems to gain much more momentum as of September and beyond. Again, it is the sensitive points in several charts that will be transited in some way by Saturn that point in this direction: Saturn will conjunct the Mars/Neptune conjunction (27Libra) in Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s chart in April and square his Node (24Capricorn26) in early May; Saturn will square Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner’s Saturn (24Capricorn28) in late April and early May; Saturn will square the US Mercury from late April through mid-May (24Cancer12); and square President Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20) during the second half of May.

Perhaps the most ominous indicator for mid-April through mid-May comes with the progressed US Moon conjunction to natal Saturn (14Libra48) which suggests a period of increased anxiety and upset among the American population. This can relate to something general like the economy or a particular situation that impacts some segment of the population but becomes a national story. It is my opinion that it may be both.

Prior to this difficult Moon/Saturn aspect, which begins around April 11, there are some extremely disruptive and potentially violent planetary configurations that will come during the second half of March. These suggest President Obama and the US may suddenly become involved in some kind of high-stakes altercation. It is possible that these events may set the stage for the significant strains of the following two months. There will be a week-long transit of Mars square to the transiting Node from March 15 through March 22. During most of this period, Mars will be conjunct the president’s Pluto (6Virgo59), as well as square to the US Uranus (8Gemini55) and progressed Uranus (7Gemin03).  This will be followed by transiting Mars quincunx transiting Uranus (4Aries55) from March 26 to March 31. It is very clear that the President will already be engaged in a major power struggle during March, due to his progressed Moon quincunx to natal Pluto all month. This tension will be go into high gear when Mars crosses his Pluto during this very volatile period. Moreover, the Jupiter square to Obama’s Sun in late March indicates some kind of bold action that seems initially successful.

The most critical period will be from mid-April through mid-May, and it seems to have national security or military implications. As of April 10 through the end of the month, transiting Uranus will be square to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s Sun (6Cancer26), suggesting some sudden, jarring events related to the military that will be simultaneous to the loss, sorrow, or anxiety indicated by the progressed US Moon conjunction to Saturn. The second half of April also brings Saturn into a square with Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20), suggestive of heavier than usual burdens and frustrations.

Another potentially brutal and confrontational period, which is likely to bring sudden attacks, aggression, or disruptions involving the US and its interests will come from May 2 through May 15, during which transiting Mars will again be quincunx transiting Uranus (6Aries52), with transiting Mars conjunct Obama’s Pluto (5/2 to 5/9), as well as transiting Mars square to US Uranus and progressed Uranus (5/4 to 5/15). This is a very volatile mix that suggests unexpected upsets and possible violence (Uranus/Mars).

The first half of May will also bring transiting Saturn into the first phase of its station square to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s Venus (23Capricorn52), an aspect that points to some very difficult and disturbing issues that impact Homeland Security. Moreover, National Security Advisor Tom Donilan will be under a Saturn transit opposite his Venus (24Aries05) through the first half of May as well, underlining the extreme stress that is likely to involve the military, intelligence, and security systems in late April and the first half of May.

In summary, it seems that some significant confrontation or agitation will be unleashed during the second half of March. This will be followed by a very stressful, anxious, and volatile situation impacting the country from mid-April through mid-May. A further period of intensified aggression and conflict is very possible during the first half of May. I think the economy will be under some strain during April and May but the primary focus will be circumstances with national security, military, intelligence, and diplomatic implications. It seems likely the country will calm down increasingly as we move into late May, although the diplomatic, security, and intelligence teams may be working overtime for a few more months to get things fully back on track.


  1. starlight says:

    I did not suggest it in the article, but one possible manifestation of these combined planets might be the eruption of a conflict with Iran which includes some naval confrontations. These in turn would cause the price of oil to jump thereby hitting the economy.

  2. connimac says:

    Starlight, I so appreciate this richly detailed preview of the next few months both politically and economically. I will keep it close at hand. And congrats also to you for the recognition that has been coming your way of late. Rightfully deserved!

  3. Diane L says:

    Wow! Great analysis of what looks like a volatile time period, Starlight.

    I too want to extend my congratulations for your much deserved recognition. You have an excellent track record for accuracy & I love to reading what you have to tell us. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. karen says:

    Holy Mackeral, this is stunning! Despite all the posturing on both sides of the aisle — that Obama is weak, that Obama is this or that — I can not imagine having a Mitt or a Newt making critical decisions in a tempered, astute way.

    Yes, Nancy, you richly deserve all the kudos coming your way!

  5. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Starlight! God bless our President and leaders as they navigate these difficult challenges.

    “It seems likely the country will calm down increasingly as we move into late May, although the diplomatic, security, and intelligence teams may be working overtime for a few more months to get things fully back on track.”

    I can’t help but think if this comes to pass but we survive it without a major conflict, it will only stand President Obama in greater stead and will trump any economic stress from higher oil prices. Ultimately, people want to be safe. It may also move us more consciously to alternative fuels.

  6. rc says:

    Hi Starlight, Excellent !

    “”extremely disruptive and potentially violent planetary configurations that will come during the second half of March. These suggest President Obama and the US may suddenly become involved in some kind of high-stakes altercation. ”

    When I read this, The first Thing that comes to my mind is
    The Man and country I never Hear about, Russia and its Premier, Putin.
    Thats is where I think The Surprises Will Appear from.
    A Kind of Kennedy And Kruchev deja vu thing.

  7. andre says:

    Maybe this is what Starlight is referring to:

    Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak may have signaled the prospect of an Israeli attack soon when he asked last month to postpone a planned U.S.-Israel military exercise that would culminate in a live-fire phase in May. Barak apologized that Israel couldn’t devote the resources to the annual exercise this spring.

    You stay to the side, and let us do it,” one Israeli official is said to have advised the United States. A “short-war” scenario assumes five days or so of limited Israeli strikes, followed by a U.N.-brokered cease-fire. The Israelis are said to recognize that damage to the nuclear program might be modest, requiring another strike in a few years.

  8. starlight says:

    rc – You could be right that Russia will be in the midst of things. Transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus are set to hit Russia’s natal Mars/Uranus square (8Aries/8Cap) this year. Pluto has already begun; Uranus begins in April. Russia will be a very big story one way or another this year: explosions, violence, revolution, repression all rolled into one. Indeed, Putin is back.

  9. Jerry says:

    Hi Francis,

    Regarding the observations posted in the last thread (for a refresher click on this link: ), I think the views expressed by astrologer Leo Knighton Tallarico is quite balanced re: the substantive remarks concerning the Mars transit leading up to and including the June Uranus-Pluto square. This major outer planet configuration (Uranus and Pluto) is the first of a series of 7 that takes place over the course of the next several years and are nothing short of remarkable. Is it apocalyptic? There is nothing new in this. It is merely a major turning point that follows in the footsteps of the Uranus-Pluto squares of the depression era early 1930’s and the explosive counter-culture movement of the mid ’60’s. This current time frame has been the subject of many books, articles and even a film (2012). It is for each one to interpret the astrological influences as one sees it and in Tallarico’s case what he expresses resonates with what I intuitively see happening.

    Here’s an interesting take on the trends….

    2012-2015 Uranus Square Pluto – Rebuilding On The Ashes Of The Old

    Technically, Pluto and Uranus were already part of the cardinal t-square in 2010. That t-square has broken apart.

    We’re looking at 2012-2015 when Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn 7 times. That’s where the “new” will be built upon the ashes of the old. It’s coming and not even John Boehner or Sarah Palin can stop it. Like Zinn said, you can’t be neutral on a moving train.

    We’re either on the train to the future or in the ditch of denial. That’s a CDD-ism.

    You can see that the Oppositions started the 20th Century. The closing square in the 30?s was Nazi Germany and the axis powers. The conjunction was the ground of change in the mid-1960?s in Virgo opposed in part by Saturn of establishment powers in Pisces. Now we’re in the waxing square phase of 2012-2015. If the 1930?s closing square was the “death square” as named by Ebertin, then this opening/waxing square is the rebirth phase. Or as Ebertin said: rebuilding on the ashes of the old.


  10. teresahill says:

    One more time, please stop. Please stop with all the gloom and doom. We ask over and over again, and you keep coming back with more gloom and doom.
    It gets so old. If we wanted to read the gloom and doom blog, we would. If you want to start a gloom and doom blog, please go do it. People who want to hear it will go there.
    We ask you to stop, you say you hear us and if people don’t like it you’ll stop. And then you’re right back to the same stuff.
    I try to just read past it most of the time, but it gets old. Especially when you post excessively long stuff.

  11. Jill SH says:

    News reports tonight suggested that the White House and Defense are on pins and needles worried that Israel may take unilateral action against Iran’s nuclear facility. How does that look?

  12. squallo says:

    Why don’t you just ignore his comments?, is someone pointing you with a gun and forcing you to read them?

    I’m sorry if you feel that i’m being aggressive, it’s not my intention, but I do like this forum to be enrich by other perspectives. I find Nancy´s readings very accurate, and for that I kept reading them, but sometimes I like to read another take on the matters, no matter how much my opinion differs from it. I believe that no one has the absolute truth, and no one is completely mistaken, I call it tolerance.

    Being overly critical & intolerant of others

  13. Lorrie U says:

    President Obama’s Change — This Video Needs to go Viral

    “Our president is not perfect. I do not agree with him on every issue, nor do I expect to. However, I am thankful that he is our president. As I have said before, it is not just his policy positions that are important, but also the personal qualities that he brings to his job. It is his temperament. It is his thought process. It his ability to see the shades of gray. It is his ability to understand the consequences of his actions. Combine this with his policy positions and we have someone who has the makings of a great president. That, however, is something I will leave to the historians once he leaves office on January 20, 2017.”—-This-Video-Needs-to-go-Viral

  14. squallo says:

    By the way I too sometimes make mistakes, like the time I call in this forum to stop focusing only on the election and protecting Obama against all the republican serpents, just because I do not trust in politicians no matter if they are red, blue or yellow, they have masters, and we are not them, for me they are politicians and not angels, can’t trust them.

    But I was wrong, I can’t ask for someone to think like I do, or to believe in the things that I do; it’s a fine line that we need to remember, because in the heat of a discussion we tend to reject that we can be wrong.

  15. squallo says:

    for me they are politicians not humans.

  16. will says:


    Holy transits, Starlight – I’m going to have to read this a few times and savor it all – looks like we’ve got one helluva an exciting, challenging end-of-winter and beginning of spring.

    Mille gratzi, Nancy. I’m thinking its game-on and that things are looking might good for a progressive leaning forward in Washington, D.C..

    cheers to all.

  17. teresahill says:

    We’ve had this same conversation with Jerry for years. Always the same. And he’s been asked by many people at many different times to stop posting unrelentingly negative and alarmist things.
    Someone else asked him the same thing on the last thread, and he came back here with, Oh, no, I think this person’s view is quite balanced…. and posts a bunch more of the same.
    The sky is falling. The sky is falling. The sky is always falling.
    If it was just me, you could call me intolerant and overly critical. But it’s not just me.

  18. starlight says:

    Jill – Uranus will be square to Israel’s Venus for the second half of March. Saturn will be conjunct Netanyahu’s Sun at the same time. It is not impossible to imagine something dramatic around then.

  19. Francis says:

    nice! posted it to f/b. thanks.

  20. starlight says:

    I will eventually put this in an article, but I wanted to share it with you all here. I discovered it yesterday. The US progressed Moon will be exactly conjunct US progressed Mars during the GOP convention (8/26 to 8/30). Exact, if I remember, on August 31. It will have been building in strength all month. That makes me wonder if there will be a lot of agitation and anger at the convention and possibly a last minute rebellion or brokered convention. Remember the Gulf oil spill? That was the US Moon square natal Mars. The country was agitated and angry and couldn’t take their eyes off of the TV for weeks. I suppose it could always be some whole other thing in late August, but we are talking of the exact progression exactly during the convention. Exactly.

  21. Jerry says:


    I understand the reaction, and I’m not being patronizing when I say that. However, with all due respect, I see no conflict here. This is a discussion group revolving predominantly around astrology. The interpretations may vary, but the astrological aspects are worth exploring and discussing. Because this is perhaps a sensitive issue for some, I think it would be helpful at this point for Nancy to step in as moderator and express her personal thoughts on the matter. It’s her blog after all. I think Nancy is in a unique position to decide if the astrological material presented is divisive or if it is a genuine, sincere effort towards understanding the trends, or to use a more appropriate phrase; the phrase in which this forum is dedicated: “Connecting The Dots In World Affairs”. I will abide by any decision she chooses to make.

  22. Virginia says:

    Nancy, I would like to add my own congrats for the recognition you are receiving -it is very well deserved.

    Re: Jerry’s posts – yeah, they can be gloom&doom, that’s why I skip over them. If he chooses to be negative, that is his right. It’s not like any of us are *forced* to read his posts. Chasing him away won’t make him more positive, but maybe hanging out here could, eventually.

    New post up from Matthew:

  23. Jerry says:

    Incidentally Theresa, the threat of war in the Persian Gulf is not based on idle speculation but are in fact concerns expressed from the highest officials in our government. See related article…….

    Is Israel preparing to attack Iran?
    by David Ignatius

    February 2, 2012
    Washington Post

    BRUSSELS/Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has a lot on his mind these days, from cutting the defense budget to managing the drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. But his biggest worry is the growing possibility that Israel will attack Iran over the next few months.

    Panetta believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June — before Iran enters what Israelis described as a “zone of immunity” to commence building a nuclear bomb. Very soon, the Israelis fear, the Iranians will have stored enough enriched uranium in deep underground facilities to make a weapon — and only the United States could then stop them militarily.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want to leave the fate of Israel dependent on American action, which would be triggered by intelligence that Iran is building a bomb, which it hasn’t done yet.

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak may have signaled the prospect of an Israeli attack soon when he asked last month to postpone a planned U.S.-Israel military exercise that would culminate in a live-fire phase in May. Barak apologized that Israel couldn’t devote the resources to the annual exercise this spring.


  24. Jerry says:

    Hi Virginia,

    I think it’s entirely possible to discuss these issues with neutrality and thoughtfulness. As Squallo pointed out, developing tolerance i.e. allowing for another point of view can be a rewarding experience. In any case, the notion of ‘negativity’ can sometimes be subjective and slightly misleading.

    I think the astrological perspective; when skillfully done, offers a unique view of world events, an ability that Nancy possesses so abundantly. I am learning. We are all learning….. this constant movement in how to accommodate and be less judgmental.

  25. sonya says:

    Everybody is human. Its just a matter of how much humanity they still have.

  26. sonya says:

    Umm. Interesting. But It may have more to do with America and the President as a whole. August hasn’t been a kind month to him in the past. Celebrity ad, Sarah Palin, Death panels and Debt ceiling talks.

  27. HPLeft says:

    Nancy, I’m astonished that you can keep so many different horoscopes straight in your head! Excellent work.

  28. starlight says:

    HP – I use graph paper to lay them all out so I know what is happening simultaneously. It makes it very clear where the bumps are.

    The period at the end of March could bring something with Iran and Israel. The Mars/Node square followed by Mar/Uranus quincunx suggests tensions in many parts of the world. Obama will be very active in some way (Mars/Node on his Pluto). What is interesting to me is that Jupiter squares his Sun at the end of the month, so he feels very successful and acts quite boldly around the end of March.

    The concern is that so much Saturn influence starts to come in mid-April through mid-May. And Uranus to Panetta’s Sun (6Aries). So does Israel attack Iran in March and then Iran start attacking our oil shipping in April in retaliation? I didn’t mention it in the article but Hillary will have the Saturn station quincunx her Node in May and quincunx her Moon in May and June and early July. Sounds to me like really difficult if not failing negotiations maybe with Iran.

    And I am most concerned about that first half of May with the Mars/Uranus quincunx returning, again impacting Obama’s Pluto and US Uranus, AND ostensibly during the height of progressed US Moon conjunct Saturn if the Sag rising US chart is even close to accurate.

  29. starlight says:

    And simultaneous to and then followed by a three-month station of Saturn square Napolitano’s Venus in May, June, and July, as well as opposite Tom Donilan’s Venus?! It is hard to imagine that first two weeks of May as not being big trouble in some respect. A few small but upsetting and destabilizing car bombs within the US, also part of the retaliation?

  30. Francis says:

    Here is an article that was on page 3 of today’s San Francisco Chronicle which talks about Israel exaggerating Iran’s missile capabilities.

  31. Brenda says:

    Nancy, I am not sure what you mean in your response to HPLeft: “I use graph paper to lay them all out so I know what is happening simultaneously. It makes it very clear where the bumps are.”…would you please help me visualize what is laid out on the graph paper and how you do it?

  32. David says:

    Susan B. Komen tragedy – this is really terrible:

  33. starlight says:

    Brenda – I use graph paper with the dates along the left side (1/1, 2/1/, 3/1, 4/1 etc…) and note when all the aspects will be active including when they are triggered. I include several charts at the same time for political predictions. When I do individual charts, I still use this format, but just using the one personal chart. It makes it very clear what is going on and what is coinciding with what.

  34. Brenda says:

    Nancy, do you graph this yourself or do you use a software package? (It does not appear that Astrodienst offers such graphing in its selection of charts.) Re the personal chart graph, do you show on the right side of the graph the natal, progressed, conversed and the solar charts as individual columns similar to the “several charts at the same time for political predictions”? Also, do you use any other astrology software other than Astrodienst that you share with us on your blog? I am sorry that I am so lame at visualizing your graph process!!Thanks!

  35. starlight says:

    Brenda – Email me and I can go into this with you better.

    I do it by hand which is why it takes me time to work up a chart, but the results are way better than any software I have seen.

  36. Noelle says:

    teresahill, AMEN!!

  37. Noelle says:

    For any f those who follow Matthew Ward, his new message out dated Feb. 1, 2012 See Matthew’

  38. David says:

    This is David, Nancy’s husband. Nancy deleted my earlier post because I called Romney a piece of s*&t. Well he is still a piece of s*&t. The reason he is a piece of s@#t is because he lies constantly about the so called failure of President Obama regarding, for example, unemployment; yet today the Department of Labor reported the addition of 243,000 jobs in January alone, and the jobless rate hitting a 3 year low! So in my book and, since I am from the Bronx where we tell it like it is, because Romney lies about the reality of the magnificence of Barack Obama’s presidency, Mitt (what kind of name is this anyhow) Romney is a piece of s*& and in fact is worse than that, but Nancy won’t let me say he is a F;;;;7g piece of S*&T.

  39. will says:

    terrific, Lorrie. Many thanks.

  40. teresahill says:

    It is Starlight’s blog. And I believe in the past she’s asked you to limit the length of your posts. It’s also a violation of copyright to take big chunks of other people’s work and repost it wherever you want.
    I believe copyright law and Starlight herself has said a paragraph or two with a link is sufficient.
    You don’t want to try to dominate the discussion on someone else’s blog, do you?

  41. Brenda says:

    Hear, Hear David!!! Give me those straightforward Bronx opinions anytime! Mitt the NittWitt is a piece of @#tt for sure! Call it like you see it!

  42. karen says:


    And, since his views are so terribly archaic, would he be able to participate in what is fast becoming the digital revolution? Not.

  43. David says:

    Thanks Brenda – it is difficult to use polite educated language, even with my PhD, in the face of such outrageous hypocrisy and lies.

  44. Wennye' says:

    Thanks TeresaHill, we need to wear garlic when seeing his name on posts..Wennye’

  45. andre says:

    Canada (created 1 July 1867 at midnight Ottawa time) has a Sun-Uranus conjunction exactly on its IC at 8 Cancer. The Harper government is pretty agressive about affirming Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. Perhaps there will be tension with Russia. There have been signs of this in the recent past. And, with global warming, the Arctic passage is clearly becoming a major strategic concern for the Navy of many countries.

  46. sonya says:

    Bravo, Bravo! Nancy I’m already in love with your husband.

  47. sonya says:

    Bravo, Bravo! Nancy, I’m already in love with you husband lol.

  48. andre says:

    Israel, U.S. Divided Over Timing of Potential Military Strike Against Iran

    While leaders of both countries agree that time must be given to gauge the impact of the latest set of economic sanctions on Iran, Israel’s patience is shorter than that of the U.S., Ephraim Kam, deputy director of Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, said.

    “It will take at least six months to see whether sanctions are effective and by then it may be too late,” said Kam, author of the 2007 book, “A Nuclear Iran: What Does it Mean, and What Can be Done.”

  49. Lorrie U says:

    David, I was born in the Bronx and also tell it like it is. You are right! Romney, along with all the other talking pieces of s*&t in the republican party, need to be flushed down the toilet where they belong!

  50. pisca says:

    Flog me with a wet noodle: Romney IS a F;;;;7g piece of S*&T. LOL

  51. Lorrie U says:

    I kind of have to take Jerry’s side on this since all he’s posted has been factual news re. Israel attaching Iran this spring, on MSNBC this morning. Seems Pres. Obama has been very active in Europe trying to prevent it with sanctions. I think they just want to target their nuclear facilities to slow their development of a bomb, and I think it’s highly possible they will do it.

  52. Lorrie U says:

    To be clear, Komen’s apology is not a promise to renew Planned Parenthood grants. It’s a promise to “continue to fund existing grants” to the organization — which it was already planning on doing — and to make it eligible for future grants. At no point in the press release does Brinker promise that Komen will renew grants to Planned Parenthood.

  53. pisca says:

    In between the flip and the flop, Planned Parenthood received lots of donation$$$ and many woke up to the 40-year-old fact that PP provides not only contracetives but health care and education for all women, regardless of income, race, beliefs, or (lack of) insurance coverage. Let the backfires continue!

  54. pisca says:

    It has been said: pink ribbons do not cure cancer.

  55. Virginia says:


    I appreciate what you are saying about tolerance for another point of view – that’s why I think it is better to allow that point of view to be expressed. However, I believe we also have an obligation to ourselves to avoid what we consider negative energy if it affects us too much, and for a lot of us that includes gloom&doom postings. Each has to decide, quite subjectively, what level of d&g they can tolerate, and what *really* gets them down. We all have our ups and downs, but I personally don’t have much patience with a one-trick pony.

  56. rc says:

    Hi Lorrie U, The sooner The better , Nice to Have Israel around Now.
    Its Hammer Time. !!

  57. Jerry says:


    The Leo Knighton Tallarico’s commentary I provided is excerpted from a blog, not an article. It’s a blog that doesn’t have the technical facility to be read in one continuous review as far as I can tell. Anyway, that wasn’t your original contention. You are suggesting that I am being ‘negative’. I think the astrology speaks for itself.

  58. Virginia says:


    I thought the whole point of a PhD was to able to tell people, in the most exquisite languange, to go to hell and have them feel honored and look forward to the trip! :-)

  59. Jerry says:

    Hi Virginia,

    I liked that first opening thought of yours…. “I appreciate what you are saying about tolerance for another point of view….”. Very good. Excellent. Nothing more needs to be said.

  60. Gypsi says:

    Nancy, I understand what you mean. I use astrodienst for
    Its caculations, but to get meaningful results I have to
    Plot or graph manually. Especially in working with a group
    Of charts, it works so much better.

  61. Gypsi says:

    I note thAt for All the money and research breast cancer numbers
    Go up each year. Toxins, from plastics, hormones in food, gmo’s,
    And air, water and other polluton are not addressed by pink ribbons,

  62. starlight says:

    This is a really interesting article about the interconnecting pieces in the Middle East and how Syria is at the center of it all. This is also the first time I have seen someone agree with me that Assad may well not be going anywhere very soon but will keep on fighting.

    Gypsi – I think all the hormonal treatments and the ubiquitousness of birth control pills also have an impact.

  63. pam says:

    I second that. I find it stunning the way you wave all these chats together Nancy. Thank you

  64. pam says:

    Yes Lorrie
    But what does “just” targeting their nuclear facilites mean?? Think of the reaction to this outside of Europe and the US and then think of what the international reaction in the Muslim world would be. We have a nuclear bomb, Israel has a bomb, who are either of us …. yes there’s the non proliferation treaty, but explain that to Iran’s allies and to the large portion of world which would see this as an Israeli attack on Muslims.
    I am extremely afraid you might be right they will do this and I am extremely frightened of what that will rain down on us and on them.

  65. Jerry says:

    For astrology buffs, here’s a fascinating, informative 70 minute video presentation by Dave Gunning entitled:

    The Uranus-Pluto Square: A Global Challenge for 2012 and Beyond

  66. glowlight says:

    Isn’t negative the flip side of positive? Lightness and dark? Saturn and Pluto are considered dark and negative. But then we also see exposure through pluto of darkness, that hidden from view comes to light. Saturn stops us and causes us to look again to find another door, to persist even when all seems lost. Are Jerry’s comments truly negative or seeking light through another door?

  67. sonya says:

    I don’t think its a real reversal. They are going to let local affliates have more say in the grant making process. So the red state/ blue state divide will begin. PP will get funding in blue states like Cal but not in southern states like GA.

  68. sonya says:

    Let Jerry be. But too much of any one thing isn’t good.

  69. B.A. says:

    Jerry, thanks for posting the Theos link on Uranus Pluto Sq., I find it very worth while.

    Re freedom of expression, negativity, etc.:

    This is a time of challenges. We could all refuse to discuss them because our discussion might be negative. This IMHO is silly. You might as well ask Nancy not to post anything that is not happy talk. That would make the site less valuable.

    Things just are, IMHO. “Negative” or “Positive” is a value judgement based on what you bring to it. What is perceived as negative for some can be positive for your self or others depending on what you do with it.

    For example, there were those who in 2000 perceived the mess the money system was sliding into (negative), and did something about it — bought gold. The result was positive. Many would not know what to do if it was not discussed.


  70. teresahill says:

    And the blog belongs to the person who wrote it. You’re not allowed to copy as much of it as you want and post it anywhere you like. It doesn’t belong to you. Copyright applies.

  71. starlight says:

    Sharon – And Uranus is about to square Israel’s Venus, with the first crossing peaking just as Jupiter will square Israel’s Pluto, late March.

  72. starlight says:

    To translate the above, this suggests sudden attacks (Uranus) or sudden actions, that are a bold, outward reaching manifestation of power (Jupiter/Pluto).

  73. starlight says:

    Just to be clear, I have been much more active lately in blocking posts I don’t feel are appropriate. The ones that get through, therefore, I am fine with even if I don’t always agree. If there is someone whose posts you don’t like, you can always skip them. I hope people have noticed that there have been hardly any obsessively offensive posts in the last several months.

  74. will says:


    I found that part of this passage by noted British astrologer Leigh Oswald speaks to your “martial arts” kind of wisdom that President Obama brings to his opponents and enemies:

    “A rather weakened Obama (who seems to us in England more of a left of centre Republican at times), is still presiding over increasing economic inequality, but is fortunate to be opposed by a party that is tearing itself apart, (without him lifting a finger) and whose ideological “Fox” driven agenda appear to have spurned candidates whose stance often seem to have no basis in sound intellect, morality, experience, history or even logic. The problem is that the power of idealism with Neptune in Pisces can be manifested in delusional religious fervour (as opposed to a spiritual sensitivity). The vexed question of Mormonism has also created huge divides for the Republicans. But the Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been very clever at wooing the religious community. Carlos Eire, professor at Yale University is reported as saying that “Obama has acquired a nearly apocalyptic dimension in Republican circles. He embodies the decline and possible fall of America. The animosity is deep enough to make any Mormon who is willing to joust with him not only acceptable, but perhaps something of a hero.”

  75. teresahill says:

    If you’re okay, I’ll be fine, too. Apologize for starting this. Appreciate the work you do too much to want to cause trouble.

  76. teresahill says:

    Meant to add, I would love it if for one of your new blog entries, there was a way we could all see the linear chart you were talking about. Sounds fascinating.

  77. starlight says:

    “Obama has acquired a nearly apocalyptic dimension in Republican circles. He embodies the decline and possible fall of America.”

    It is a collective paranoid psychosis we are dealing with in these people. They create an “enemy” where there is none and then proceed to attack him with vengeful fury.

  78. starlight says:

    teresa – If I can figure out how to do so, I will do it. I will talk to David about it.

  79. Jerry says:

    My dear friend,

    I made an exception in that particular entry because the information was too disparate to present in any meaningful, comprehensible way other than making a conscious decision to copy and paste the pertinent references. No copyright laws were broken. It’s a courtesy – yes, but no legal transgressions involved since I clearly gave full credit to the author but more importantly this is a DISCUSSION FORUM not a published work that is being disseminated. In the past year or so, it may have been one entry out of many wherein I made an exception of this kind.

    I have to say, this is a very odd interaction we are having here. Are you at all aware of the irony of this? You appear to be strangely unreceptive, argumentative and dare I say repetitive. No recognition of the material presented on its own merits. Perhaps a need to vent your feelings and win an argument? Some people would regard that as being disagreeable and yes, indulging in that dreaded word “negativity’ that you so profess to despise. If you’d like to discuss the content of what was submitted I don’t mind, It’s quite alright. But to pursue this line of reasoning (or should I say argument) with you further would not serve any useful purpose. I think it would be unfair to the other readers.

  80. teresahill says:

    That would be great. I’d really love to understand how you figure things out.

  81. Jerry says:

    Hi B.A.,

    So delighted to hear that you watched and enjoyed the video. I thought the astrologer was quite engaging and brought the finer points of the astrological aspects into an easy to understand presentation.

  82. andre says:

    This Washington Post article makes clear that Assad could hang on for years in a civil war that has major international implications in the most dangerous region on the planet. Russian and China just vetoed today a UN resolution on Syria. The vote was 13 to 2 but since those two countries have a veto given to the winners of WWII when the UN was founded in 1945, they can paralyze it. What will it take for the shadow of WWII to stop poisoning the world in our time?

  83. Jerry says:

    PS Clarification. Courtesy (in internet etiquette parlance) meaning……. as a general rule two paragraphs and then the posting of the URL link is a generally accepted practice. Adding another excerpt of five or six paragraphs, does that constitute copyright infringement? It’s a very grey area. I don’t think any of us should presume to know where the line of indiscretion has been drawn.

  84. Elizabeth says:


    LOL! and.. I couldn’t agree with you more!
    As my grandmother used to say, “the proof is in the pudding”
    So, we shall see how many Americans are going to fall for this rhetoric in the light of the actual FACTS.. (something the Republicans are not particularly found of)

  85. starlight says:

    From my article on Syria and Assad of December 29:

    Thus, Assad’s chart shows the likelihood of a ferocious aggressiveness through early 2014, not excluding military action (Mars) in some form, to continue his oppression of the Syrian population or possibly as a way of uniting the people behind him against an external foe. This trend is particularly potent between September 2011 and June 2012 due to the Mars retrograde period and Assad’s progressed Moon. Despite some minimal containment of him by the international community due to transiting Saturn sesquiquadrate his Saturn from December 20, 2011, through March 14, 2012, and conjunct his Venus in early December 2011, late March through April 3, 2012, and again in early September 2012, the long-term indications are that he will maintain a tight and brutal hold on his people for at least the next few years.

  86. Sharon says:

    I can’t help but think that this is all based on deliberate posturing and PR strategy and something completely different is happening behind the scenes.

  87. sonya says:

    I agree with Sharon. Its posturing to get China and Russia on board with sanctions against Iran. China would be totally scared if a conflict started between Isreal and Iran because the oil supply would be the first thing disrupted. And the whole world needs China’s economy to stay strong. Plus Pannetta is a wlyly man. He wouldn’t say this with out a purpose. Isreal still would need an ok by the US and Iraqi to fly over into their airspace. And Iraqi will not grant them that right with their strong ties to Iran. Its a good cop/bad cop scenario. With US acting like Isreal is a dog on a leash that is ready to break free. Do you really think that the Isreal would do anything that would endanger its special friendship w/ us. We just got out of Iraq and our trying to wind down the Afghan war. Our country is so war weary and even though we are so close to Isreal, I don’t think Isreal would want to be the cause of American’ backlash for dragging us into another Middle Eastern war.

  88. Francis says:

    Thanks Jerry, fab video, very informative. Loved his homage to 50s sci-fi, too funny.

  89. Francis says:


  90. Sharon says:

    And if Israel did attack, there’s no way it would do it without U.S. consensus, and I’d be surprised if Russia and China didn’t also know about it. Saudi Arabia can also supplement a lot of the oil that’s needed. I don’t know that Iran has that many allies.

  91. Jerry says:

    In reviewing the upcoming June Uranus-Pluto square and how it could affect America’s geo-political sphere of influence in the world, one notices when examining that often overlooked rarely mentioned secondary chart of the US, the so-called US Scorpionic chart (the date the Articles of Confederation were drawn up – November 15, 1777); that the US Sun in this chart is located at 23 degrees Scorpio, precisely sandwiched in the middle by semi-square to the June 24th Uranus-Pluto square. Here’s an interesting article that helps to shed light on the astrological significance of the Articles of Confederation……

    Scorpionic America

    David’s rationale for devising the chart we’re about to view was that the Declaration of Independence, while perhaps the most eloquent mission statement in history, was not the actual birth announcement of the new country, and was not designed to lay out how the new nation would be composed, or how it would work. The document released on July 4, 1776 was not even aimed mainly at an American audience. Its point was to deliver to other nations, whose recognition of the new country would be crucial to its survival, the “causes that impel [us] to the separation” from British rule.

    The work of building the foundation would begin in York, Pennsylvania, well away from British military and money centers in New York and Massachusetts. More than a year after July 1776, by which time it was getting clear to everyone that we’d better create some rules and agreements if we’re going to come through this in one piece, the Articles of Confederation were adopted by delegates from the 13 colonies, many of whom had signed the Declaration, and would live through the coming turmoil to craft the Constitution in 1787. All the Constitution’s cleverly counterpoised powers and limits, checks and balances were based on principles that had been fashioned and agreed a decade before at the new nation’s true moment of birth, when, by David’s reckoning, the Articles of Confederation were approved on Nov. 15, 1777 at 12:46 pm.


  92. B.A. says:

    Jacob Applebaum on internet surveillance:

    This is a fairly short video, taken at an Australian internet conference 1/21/12.

  93. B.A. says:

    This one is longer and more technical, any geeks here will appreciate it… however, even non geeks will get information they very likely do not have:

    Keynote Linux Con, Australia, 1/20/12, Jacob Applebaum:

  94. sonya says:

    Sharon, one cavaet. Isreal has done other things without the US permission like bombing Syria a few years back and how they handled that floatilla thing. That is where I came up w/ the dog jumping the leash metaphor. Isreal can be quite jumpy when they think they’re threaten. What should really clue Russia/China in is the need for permission to fly over Iraq’ airspace.

    Iraq would never give it to Isreal and Isreal needs to fly over and fly back home. But I’m not up on how much control the Iraqi military has over its airspace and if the US is still in control over that. I’ve read about US training up their Army but I haven’t heard anything about the US selling them any aircrafts or air defense systems. Plus, I know we destroyed their airforce at the beginning of the war- but don’t know how much of that has been reconstituted or how much of our military hardware was left behind.

    What I do know, is that China is now willing to sanction Iran and Russia will agree if China agrees. China has been shopping around for more oil suppliers to replace any oil they might loose from Iran if they go along with the oil embargo sanctions. Saudi Arabia did announce that it will pump more oil to replace Iran’s oil but I don’t know how long will it take for the Saudi’s to get up to that increased limit. Plus, China is looking to secure additional barrels because their economy is growing rapidly. Last GDP was 9.1% so they may need additional oil reserves on top of what the Saudis are offering if the GDP grows faster than 9.1%.

    I think all this will come to a head in the spring, with either the oil embargo going into effect or Iran surrending to negotations and/or giving up (for now) their march towards becoming a nuclear power.

  95. manastar says:

    I am amazed that after so much defeats and recession and all kind of problems still US leadership and people r willing to attack Iran and to start another series of wars. r they insane? is it human thing ? plz concentrate on ur own people and country economy rather then just fighting and making people enemy

  96. rc says:


    Tell all The good People to Get of of the way.
    To avoid innocent Killing, It is, You know, the the obligation of
    those in The Line of fire.
    Just like The ” Ole West “”

    Send the Message

  97. Gypsi says:

    Starlight: HRT to treat menopause seems to incite cancer over half the time, in my non- statistical friends. I agree.

  98. Gypsi says:

    Great stuff. To light a candle is to cast a shadow.

  99. Jerry says:

    Hi Manastar,

    It’s a sign of the times. Being trapped in a mental prison of our own making, the suffocatingly stale, lifeless air of the status quo, Uranus, the Awakener can oftentimes serve as a portal; the path to freedom….

    Here’s an excerpt from Mary Plumb’s Mountain Astrologer article:

    Uranus the Awakener

    “In Aries, Uranus awakens through pure joy in the life force, courage, impulsiveness, acting as a warrior, and jumping in without thought. In Aries, Uranus awakens through a pronounced and fearless individuality. Uranus in Aries agitates and accelerates our physical activity; the conquering of new lands and spaces; heroes and leaders; the military; surgical equipment and procedures; headaches and sleeplessness.

    Uranus in Aries may bring detachment from, and a different appreciation of, the experience of being alone.

    Uranus can also be deviant, disagreeable, distorted, eccentric, perplexing, and extraordinary. It is where we disobey and bring disorder. Uranus rules uprisings, uncertainty, the unconventional, the uninvited, the unprecedented, and the untimely. In Aries these qualities come to life in plain view.

    Uranus alarms, amazes, and astonishes — in Aries, we are astonished by our courage.”

  100. Diane L says:

    Same experience here, Gypsi, particularly in women of the Pluto in Cancer generation. They greeted birth control pills & HRT with open arms because their docs told them it was all good. *sigh*

  101. starlight says:

    manastar – I totally agree. The Right wing is so loud about attacking Iran and the Left is strangely silent on the issue. I don’t understand what happened to mutually assured destruction as a deterrent. If anyone gets hit with an Iranian nuke, even channeled through one of their surrogates, Iran gets hit. I don’t think that even an Israeli strike will do more than slow things down for a year or two. But the campaign rhetoric has outstripped common sense. No one wants to be seen as weak. I think it takes more strength to say no.

  102. Lorrie U says:

    Gingrich, Romney, Super Bowl, assessing the Year of 12 Disasters
    By John Hogue

    “Oh, how fortunes flash and fade in the Republican version of “Survivor Island”, the debate-episodic series on the road to Tampa Florida and the Republican Convention set in August to pick the man best likely to lose against the incumbent president.”

    More at link:

  103. Lorrie U says:

    manastar, many in our country are trying to do just that. As you know, it is a divided country with two different mindsets. But astology assures us that it will unfold in the appropriate manner for an outcome which will create a better world ultimately. That which needs to be destroyed will be, and that which is left standing will rebuild itself for the better.

  104. kiwi says:

    very interesting jerry – thanks for sharing. Explains a lot.

  105. manastar says:

    To be honest with passage of time with lots of inventions we r no longer remain humans. Our greed is turning us into fighters. whats difference between very old era and this modern times. In old times there were huge states ruled by Kings, no democracy and each King wanted to snatch others King’s land and resources.
    Starlight do u think we humans changed from that period into this period? sadly No we have even more sophisticated greed and more drastic weapons. Attack on Iran will not be just attack on Iran(I am not astrologer but my instincts tell me that) it will trigger so many neighbouring countries into war. why not war mongers think u cant win anything with war, killing people on either side, for me US soldiers or Iranian soldiers r both humans and their blood is same red.
    Let me give u one example as I studied English history. 300 years prior England attacked Scotland and by every means they killed their Queen Mary and conquered it and ruling it since 300 years. But in all those years despite modern years perks and British care they still felt something is missing which is freedom. Nobody can win u freedom and u cant win hearts and minds with wars. Look at wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do real people in these countries love US? US and other international media is witness of it.
    I wish there wud be no more wars no more bloodshed.

  106. Sharon says:

    I agree, and thanks for the history lesson — I’m glad someone pays attention :-)

  107. Sharon says:

    And I still kind of intuitively agree with the Matthew message (the one before the current one) that said that both sides will do a lot of posturing but no attacks or war will happen

  108. Sharon says:

    I ended up buying Hogue’s prophecies for 2012 at about $12. I skimmed through it a bit and cut to the end where he predicts the election results in a good amount of detail (mercury retrograde will cause recounting but it will not be the dramatic events of 2000 & he gives reasons). Overall, he thinks Obama will win, that he is more grown-up now and won’t promise the sky and people will give him a 2nd chance. The Mercury retro in Sag square Neptune in Pisces will cause people to vote their feelings not come to a conclusion by using reason, and Obama’s likability factor will be pretty good, good enough to give him a win so he can really fulfill his destiny this time. Hogue says he became president too soon and the inexperience caused him to have to play catch-up, which is now pretty much doing successfully.

  109. Stefanie says:

    Nancy, thank you for this incredible analysis and for your generosity and time — so grateful to have access to your insight. I have a question — can you perhaps look at some point at how all of this geopolitical turmoil might affect the Occupy movement? It’s still extremely strong, even though it’s no longer on the front page. OWS is planning for a huge relaunch in May, and hope to have many in the streets, and if possible, new physical occupations. I have sensed (and hoped) that the waxing Uranus/Pluto square would bring more of that 60’s protest energy that I missed out on because I wasn’t born yet. Do you think the movement will be able to survive is the world is exploding all around it? I am sure that if a war with Iran breaks out, OWS will respond with massive protests that will rival the F15 protests from 2003, on the eve of the war with Iraq. Will our voices be heard?

  110. Suzy says:

    Nancy…thanks much for your information…and I echo other posters that you are finally getting the credit due you for your “dead on” political astrology. Can’t wait to hear you on the Astrology Podcast.

    I would also hope you could re-visit “OWS” to see how that might fit in with your predictions for Spring and Early Summer coming.

    There are so many out there saying that “OWS” is dead…but, is it? Does it fit in any way to your predictions of Spring 2012 as part of that mix?

    Thanks again for your incredible insights.

  111. starlight says:

    Stefanie and Suzy – There may be some energy for OWS in June and July with the first Uranus square to Pluto, but I think the country will be too distracted by the election. However, the pr US Sun will move into a square with natal Uranus as of September, and this progression will be triggered a lot over the following year. The first big one comes after the election in late November and December. I think this year-long period will see the next incarnation of OWS, and some kind of big rebellion following the election in late November and December. Whether that is a right-wing jihad of rage or a left-wing revolution against a fixed election by the corporatocracy or some whole other thing I don’t know. But expect dramatic disruptions and rebellion at that time from somewhere and spilling over into 2013. I imagine at least some of this will be OWS.

  112. Suzy says:

    Thank you, Nancy.

    It seems from your latest post that we will be very busy with whateve is coming in March thru early May. So, OWS might have accomplished it’s goal of getting the “99% Meme” out there and their Step One was accomplished. It’s hard to know if they survive.

    Sometime in the future as we get closer to September, I hope you could do a post about what you see for the Dem Convention in Charlotte. There have been rumors around that protestors will not be welcome with extra police preventive measures being put in place. Some Occupiers had said they would be there even if they had to camp out in the next town over. Others think the economy will be so bad that it will be like the 1968 Chicago Convention where protestors were not acknowledged and the police were unleashed with brutality on them while the convention was going on inside oblivious to it all.

    I think all the real excitement will be for the Repug Clown Car Convention in August… Who knows what’s going to come out of that mess. UGH!

    Here’s the WIKI on the Dem National Convention. Hopefully whatever disturbances went on earlier will have quieted down by then…


    2012 Democratic National Convention
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The United States 2012 Democratic National Convention, in which delegates of the Democratic Party will choose the party’s nominees for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States in the 2012 national election, is scheduled to be held during the week of September 3, 2012.

    It was announced on February 1, 2011, by First Lady Michelle Obama in an email to supporters that Charlotte, North Carolina, had been chosen as the site for the 2012 Convention.[5][6][7]

  113. Gypsi says:

    Good point Manastar. No matter how civilized we think we are, we are still in many ways animals. Food, shelter, control of our destiny turn into greed and hostility.
    “winning the peace” is a great campaign slogan, but most people with the drive to get to places of power aren’t all that interested in peace. Only more, more, more.
    Genuinely peaceful people are comfortable in their skins, live within their means, and do not feel the need to control others. As a consequence they rarely end up elected office. (Obama MIGHT be the exception. MIGHT)

  114. Lorrie U says:

    Neptune Enters Pisces; Israel and Iran


    It is Iran’s Solar Return chart for this year, ending 31 March, that is most interesting, for it has Ascendant at 23.56 Taurus; Israel’s natal Sun is at 23.40 Taurus. This suggests something very strong going on between those countries in the next 2 months. And Iran’s SR Mars is at 29 Pisces, the most vulnerable and open part of the zodiac. And conjunct Uranus. This well describes a disabling attack. There is nothing, however, that points particularly towards that attack being nuclear.

  115. Lorrie U says:

    Also in the Hogue Prophecy referred to above:

    The “Occupy” Movement Turns Violent in 2012

    In my oracle’s prophecies for 2012, it forebodes the Occupy protests will get violent and there will be fatalities as forces of the status quo will be so threatened by millions crowding in the streets of the world that demand revolutionary change. These huddled masses demand Internet remains a source of free speech. Against these demands, a plutocracy in peril will let slip the “cops” of war.

  116. starlight says:

    Here is another piece of the puzzle: the Moon in the Iran/Israel composite chart is 5Cancer45. Uranus will square that point 3/29 to 4/16 just before it conjuncts Leon Panetta’s Sun at 6+ Aries in April.

  117. Lorrie U says:

    Sharon – Thanks for the additional Hogue information. I know he has said all along that Pres. Obama would win and his accuracy rate is 100%. I was considering buying the download. Do you think it’s worth the money?

  118. sonya says:

    OWS isn’t dead but they have to get rid of the Anarchist who think throwing a chair into Starbucks is protesting before they can move forward and not have the movement marred by such.

  119. Jerry says:

    Consulting Wikepedia on the ratification of the 1906 Persian parliamentary constitution, I was surprised to read the following….

    The fundamental laws of December 30, 1906

    The fundamental laws of December 30, 1906 defined the role of the Majlis in the system and its framework. It further defined a bicameral legislature. Article 1 established the National Consultative Assembly[4] based “on justice.” Article 43 stated, “There shall be constituted another Assembly, entitled the Senate.”

    Nothing mentioned about the October 7, 1906 date in the chronology timeline. Is Marjorie Orr slightly off in her calculations for the parliament elections chart? In any event, if we take the chart set for Dec 30, 1906 as furnished by one astrologer, the result is absolutely mind-boggling. There is a natal Sun/Uranus conjunction at 8 Capricorn, precisely where the June 2012 Uranus-Pluto square will be conjoining. Moreover, the June 19th New Moon’s Mars at 23 Virgo will be squaring the 1906 constitution chart natal Pluto. Here is the article with enclosed chart….

    Horoscope of Iran’s 1906 Constitution

    Sometimes when you look at a date, you struggle to see anything simply strong that could perhaps explain so much about a person or in this case a country. Iran’s history makes fascinating reading. I am not going to go into all that. But for the sake of sharing it is important that the world sees this.

    Look at the top wheel, look at the beautiful opposition made by the Sun-Uranus conjunction and the Full Moon-Jupiter-Neptune. Then we have a beautiful Grand Trine. Beautifully energetic, and the history of Iran following this moment is proof.

    Astrology is useless if its tool to predict is not useful. Hindsight is easy, so look at the progressed Wheel below it. Take away thirty days and you could see the tensions that took place and shook Iran. Now what is the point of all this information, if we cannot use it now? Astrologers are only of benefit if they can help. Here is a simple look at the future.

    We all know that Pluto is making its way through Capricorn. Look at the planets that are in Capricorn in the Chart. We all know Uranus is going to go through Aries and Saturn is in Libra. These planets are making stress aspects to the charts.

  120. Stefanie says:

    Thanks so much, Nancy! I wonder if all the efforts of the spring will just fade into the ether — that would be really sad. The activists feel strongly that we need to seize on the warm weather to grow the movement. My greatest concern has been infiltrators and subversive forces coming from the FBI or other factions that want OWS to fail. They have been causing much turmoil and gumming up the works, slowing down meetings, etc. Very similar to Cointelpro with the Black Panthers. And these super young kids, while incredibly smart, at some level are too trusting, and not actively forcing them out. The anarchists as well – but trust that most of the people causing violence are actually operatives, not revolutionaries.

    I wasn’t on the last thread –noticed that everyone is congratulating you, Nancy. I join everyone — but what”s going on? Whatever it is I’m super excited for you and know that you deserve the accolades! :>)

  121. starlight says:

    Again, remember Romney is under Neptune square his Ascendant right now, exact through 2/23. Note the penchant for gaffes and misstatements and hyperbole.

  122. starlight says:


    “Romney has pivoted from a retail campaign based on convincing people at his events that he has a command of the issues to a made-for-television spectacle where the people are simply props helping project an aura of momentum and inevitability to a national audience.”

  123. Sharon says:

    My gut level response to is it worth the money is no, and then, maybe. He has a very clever way of writing, even too clever, that uses lots of impacting puns and emotion that seems intelligent and honest but pretty wordy. For me, it is too much. Also, he gives the history of a lot of the things he references and I felt that I could have got that elsewhere if interested. I was most interested in the presidential prediction stuff, which is at the very end, so I spent most of my time on that. He qualifies his prediction that Obama will win with other possibilities that he doesn’t seem to think are very strong. In regard to his overall predictions, he is most cautionary about the need to do something economically to avoid a real economic depression as opposed to a cold one. (Interestingly, I just read today’s NYT article on Ron Paul who has been buying gold and metals ever since Nixon changed the monetary system so that we no longer had money backed by gold bricks in Ft. Knox. Personally, I am so drawn to predictions, like everyone looking for some advance knowledge and guidelines, but something within me also doesn’t want to take them too seriously as they are so often wrong, and feeling that it’s all being guided by the higher powers and unfolding as it should. If you would like, I could try to see if I can copy and email part of it to you. Let me know.

  124. Helen says:

    Insightful presentation of Douglas Murray on Israel’s likely attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    Given at Cambridge University, England.

  125. manastar says:

    I would also like u to read Ed Tamplin annual world forecasts 2012 What he predicted also with many history refernces but with astrology explanations as well that Obama will be re elected with very narrow magrin VS romney BUT Big But will start after that. that period will not be completed something will happen either because of civil war, revolution in US or some else failure of Obama so in all it would never be Golden period of Obama or US history.

  126. Sharon says:

    Manastar, I went to Ed Tamplin’s 2012 predictions and didn’t see these references. Could you please direct me to them either by copying a few sentences here and/or posting the link?

  127. Jerry says:


    If one looks at these outward events solely from a narrow political perspective, the view can be rather disturbing. The daunting problems humanity faces may not be politically solvable. One has to see this from a broader more inclusive approach, one that takes in the spiritual element that lies just underneath the surface. To help clarify the meaning of it all, I rather like the opening passage from Meher Baba’s discourse The New Humanity…..

    “As in all great critical periods of human history, humanity is now going through the agonizing travail of spiritual rebirth. Great forces of destruction are afoot and seem to be dominant at the moment, but constructive and creative forces that will redeem humanity are also being released through several channels.

    Although the working of these forces of light is chiefly silent, they are eventually bound to bring about those transformations that will make the further spiritual advance of humanity safe and steady. It is all a part of the divine plan, which is to give to the hungry and weary world a fresh dispensation of the eternal and only Truth.

    At present the urgent problem facing humanity is to devise ways and means of eliminating competition, conflict, and rivalry in all the subtle and gross forms that they assume in the various spheres of life.

    Military wars are, of course, the most obvious sources of chaos and destruction. However, wars in themselves do not constitute the central problem for humanity but are rather the external symptoms of something graver at their root…..”

  128. fierywoman says:

    So Romney supports the original Komen decision against Planned Parenthood — it just keeps getting better and better !

  129. will says:

    I don’t know if this will post as a link, but I just watched PBS’s Rick Steves’ 56-minute travelogue as he toured Iran – mostly located in Teheran. I was quite moved by it and it has most definitely shaken my perception of Iran and caused a shift in my attitude toward the people of Iran. I highly recommend this program – I can almost assure that it will offer everyone a new perspective on this ancient country and people.

    You may also just try and see if it is available for view there.

    Hulu – Rick Steves’ Iran
    ? 55:50? 55:5…/rick-steves-europe-rick-steves’-iranSep 9, 2009 – 56 min
    Video description: As he’s done with previous programs on Israel, Egypt, and Eastern Turkey, Rick takes us …

  130. sonya says:

    The people of Iran are very pro west its just their government.

  131. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    I posted that piece in this forum sometime back, but it’s always enjoyable to review it once again. It’s a refreshing view of the Iranian people. Here’s another one that is equally as interesting…..

    Don’t Tell My Mother I’m in Iran

  132. Todd says:

    Are we looking at WWIII? Or something more tension related, but not so devastating?

  133. manastar says:

    That was mine own summary from his predictions. also plz read his weekly predictions and then political astrology link for archives. He predicted quite similar. Also plz read Adrian blog

    The words I used that Obama will be reelected but his period will not be stable and he may not be able to complete his term. I read these 3,4 blogs on Obama and from there I drew this conclusion.

  134. Azizi says:

    Well Romney did it again: February 06, 2012 11:26 PM EST

    “On Monday, Romney told conservative radio host Scott Hennen that he didn’t think Komen should continue giving money to Planned Parenthood. Romney says the government should stop giving Planned Parenthood money, too.

    A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, Stephanie Cutter, called Romney’s comments “the ultimate hypocrisy” because as governor of Massachusetts he supported the same birth-control policy that President Barack Obama supports.

    Romney once supported abortion rights but now opposes abortion.”

  135. pisca says:

    Reading about a “brutal and confrontational period… from May 2-15″, which hits the charts of Sec. of Homeland Security, National Security Advisor and Panetta made me think immediately of the occupy movement. For those who keep abreast of the very-much-alive movement’s actions and plans, and the misinformation, fear-mongering, and bully tactics of its foes, the timing and characters involved in these predictions is hard to miss.

  136. Stefanie says:

    I have a close friend who has family in Tehran. Middle class, probably upper middle class people. The sanctions have devastated them — they can’t even get basic things like medicine because of the inflation. The gov’t just uses the sanctions against its own people — it doesn’t affect the regime’s ability to survive and do business, it only makes the people’s lives harder.

    What is so awful about the very idea of bombing Iran, either us or Israel, is that we will kill any chance of another people’s uprising. If they are attacked by the West, they will gather around their own flag, despite how much they detest and fear the regime. it’s just what happens in situations like these.

    I don’t know what a good solution is, but anything that could help another green revolution rise up. The repression after the last one was awful, but if somehow they could know that we have their backs, that we’d support them if they rose up again — that seems to be the only way to move forward without risking the ugliest of ugly battles. What’ so scary is that everyone is on hair-trigger right now, especially with the situation in Syria. It seems like a single, small acton by one party could throw the whole thing into a WWIII situation. Someone compared it to WW! — we don’t know what the Lusitania will be, it could be anything, and that’s precisely why we need to be so careful, keep talking to them, and tone down the rhetoric on all sides. The stuff that the GOP candidates are saying is terribly inflammatory.

  137. kiwi says:

    so iran’s holy roller government sounds a bit like the government the US holy rollers would do anything to have – full of stupid fighting rhetoric, control of women, my way or the highway, etc, etc, etc. Flip sides of the same abrahamic based control meme.

  138. rc says:

    Hi Sonya, Agreed

    The Pro west People have to move
    out of the way.

    This will Allow a clear Shot.

    Right in Between The Eye !
    Next Bad Guy Gone

  139. Sharon says:

    I agree. The problem is that the Revolutionary Guard is so powerful within the country; we saw how difficult it was for the people/Green Party to prevail previously.

    I went to a lecture by a think tank person who’s a mideast specialist last night. He said several interesting things:

    1-most of the peoples in the mideast, i.e. Israel, the Palestinians, the other Arab countries are rooting for the military to be in control in Egypt because they will keep Egypt stable. People are afraid of Egypt having a weak government vulnerable to take over by an militant faction which will nullify the Egypt-Israel treaty—a treaty that has kept this violatile area more peaceful than not the past 30 years. Democracy in the mideast leans more towards democracy by identification (voting for people who are like you) rather than performance based democracy. The Brotherhood now have the responsibility to do something about Egypt’s economy which is very feeble right now but they may not be held accountable since it may not be a performance-based democracy like many Western democracies are where leaders are replaced if they don’t perform.

    2-As bad as things are in Syria–and Asad is being cagey by keeping the level of casualties low enough and beyond the radar enough for it to be tolerated by the rest of the world–there is the hope that the next government won’t be pro-Iran as Asad is. Russia has an unshakable alliance with Asad and China doesn’t want to support rebellion, both countries are supporting Asad. Iran also supports Asad. If Asad goes, it’s bad news for Iran.

    3-Israel is learning more towards attacking the nuclear facilities than the U.S. because they believe the window of opportunity for stopping progress towards a bomb will close in 6 to 9 months. The U.S. on the other hand has more military power and is working on better bunker busters as the nuclear plants are deep within mtns. Because of this, the U.S. does not feel an attack has to happen within that timeline. Most of the countries around Iran do not want it to have a bomb, particular a country like Saudi Arabia which, as Sunis, are enemies of Iran. Also, Iran has shown itself to be a bully and they know they will all be pushed around/taken over. This can in itself lead to regional conflict as well as a large arms race.

    From what Stephanie says, it sounds right now like a lose-lose situation. The people suffering from the sanctions probably blame the Western countries, and if there is an attack, they will also rally against the West. There is a chance that the sanctions might weaken government support but the government has the Revolutionary Guard.

    No one wants war, neither Israel, Iran, or the U.S., but Iran is set on being nuclear and there is very little that we can see right now that will stop it. What we can do is pray for God to resolve this to the highest good of all concerned.

  140. Squallo says:

    Here is the last post of Clif High from autor of the webbot project, and he sees a very bad march, although he sees the problems in the first week of march, he has said in the past that his program is very bad pinpoiting dates, also, is conforting to know that he has been wrong several times in the past. But March looks quite interesting…

  141. starlight says:

    From Peter Beinart:

    Some of Israel’s leading soldiers and spies are warning against bombing Iran. American Jews should listen to them rather than accept Netanyahu’s apocalyptic claim that Tehran’s nuclear program is an existential threat to the state.

    …Israel today is witnessing the same struggle that Washington witnessed in 2002 and 2003, a struggle between people who think practically and people who think ideologically, between people trying to soberly assess a given adversary and people who can view that adversary only by analogy with the mightiest, most demonic powers the world has ever known. One of the most appalling features of America’s invasion of Iraq was how ignorant top policymakers turned out to be about the country they set out to conquer and remake. Netanyahu doesn’t seem much better. According to The New York Times, he has been telling visitors that the Iranian people may welcome being bombed by Israel. No wonder Meir Dagan is scared.

  142. will says:

    Join Rick as he explores the most surprising and fascinating land he’s ever visited: Iran. In a one-hour, ground-breaking travel special on public television, you’ll discover the splendid monuments of Iran’s rich and glorious past, learn more about the 20th-century story of this perplexing nation, and experience Iranian life today in its historic capital and in a countryside village. Most important, you’ll meet the people of this nation whose government so exasperates our own.

    Featured on public television stations across the US, find upcoming airtimes on our website or by contacting your local station.

  143. Cha says:

    Mahalos, teresahill!

  144. Cha says:

    Rubbish. Too broad of a brush.

  145. Sharon says:

    Good article, Nancy. Maybe for people like Netanyahu, it is fear of the unknown…. Iran arms Hesbollah and Hamas and it seems that they have no problem setting off suicide bombs, and shooting rockets over Israel’s border, and then we hear the stuff about the afterlife and the virgins waiting there for martyrs. It is a leap from a suicide bomb to a dirty bomb or nuclear bomb but it is not based on total imagination either.

  146. Sharon says:

    Rick Santorum won in MN and is leading in CO —- the saga goes on!

  147. Sharon says:

    It’s not the people–it’s the government! Another blogger sentenced to a jail term-this time 14 years.

  148. pam says:

    I don’t understand what you’re trying to say?

  149. pam says:

    Thank you Stephanie

  150. pam says:

    And how did the holy rollers here gain an extra push up in their power – when we were attacked by outside forces on 9/11. And we think Iran won’t respond the same way???

  151. pam says:

    he sounds like a very conservative retro thinker. That is not the opinion of all middle-east experts. Nor is it the opinion of most of the people in the middle east, except perhaps the Israelis who were best served by the old status quo at the expense of the middle and working classes (not to mention the poor and very poor) people of the repressive regimes of the like of Assad and Mubarak. The status quo always seems to present stability, change always seems like a scary loose cannon. Until, that is, change settles down into the new status quo, when once again disruptions start to seem to be very distablizing.
    Also, as per Iran and the bomb, who do you think is more likely to use a nuclear bomb first – Israel (who already has one), Pakistan (who already has one), North Korea (who already has one), or Iran who seems to want to make one or get close to having one. And maybe just close enough to provoke the west in to some stupid action that will change the relation of the regime with the populous in a manner that would recharge their slipping hold on power and increase their influence in the region (destabilizing). Sounds like shades of what lead us to the Iraq war if you asked me. Something that suppose to stabilize the region and reduce Irans power, but in fact did JUST the opposite.

  152. Jerry says:

    Possible USS Enterprise False Flag Attack
    By Mario Andrade
    January 29, 2012

    How real is the possibility of a false flag attack on the USS Enterprise? A navy combat veteran who served in the Persian Gulf provides his perspective…

    The USS Enterprise -perhaps one of the most well-known aircraft carriers in modern naval history- is scheduled to be decommissioned in one year. Nevertheless, it is still being deployed to the Persian Gulf, which has caused a lot of speculation about how the U.S. Government might provoke an attack (whether real or manufactured) to sink it and blame Iran to start a war. The possibility of this event was first discussed a few days ago by talkshow host Mike Rivero.

    Given the long track record of false flag attacks throughout U.S. Naval History, this is a scenario that cannot and should not be ruled out. It is a well-known fact that the U.S. Government blew up the USS Maine in 1898 in order to blame Spain during the Cuban revolt, which led to the Spanish-American War. On June 8 of 1967, Israeli aircraft bombed the USS Liberty so the U.S. Government could blame the attack on Egypt. More recently, journalist and writer Seymour Hersh stated in public that during the Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to ‘trigger’ a war against Iran by using Navy SEALs disguised as Iranians attacking one of our own ships. These are only a few examples.


  153. Jerry says:

    Not mentioned in the above report is the iifamous Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Here’s an article that covers the story…

    False Flag Operations: Gulf of Tonkin Incident (1964)
    by Henno Kruger
    July 8, 2009

    USS Maddox

    Most of you probably don’t know what the Gulf of Tonkin incident was. Well, like some False Flag Operations, this was used as the excuse for the US to go to war with North Vietnam in 1964. The official report stated that North Vietnamese torpedo boats supposedly attacked the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam in South East Asia in a pair of assaults on August 2 and 4, 1964. This was the basis for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which committed major US forces to war in Vietnam. The resolution passed through the US House of Representatives unanimously, and passed in the US Senate with only 2 dissenting votes. Over 50,000 US Military personnel and an estimate 2 million Vietnamese civilians died in the Vietnam war which ended in 1975 after a vicious bombing campaign over North Vietnam by US forces (ordered by then US President Nixon).

    It is clear now that this alleged attack was nothing less than a transparent pretext / excuse for war. Initial Media descriptions of the attack on the 2nd of August 1964 was that this was an “unprovoked attack” against an US destroyer on a “routine patrol”, but what was not mentioned was that the USS Maddox was providing support for South Vietnamese military. The alleged August 4, 1964 attack appears to be a complete fabrication, with official accounts attributing the “error” to confusion (enclosed video clip of President Johnson making a televised press conference announcement on the incident follows)….

  154. stardust says:

    Hi Squallo, he has been really wrong in the past, but has had some phenomenal hits (9/11 and 2008 financial crisis) too. I stopped buying his “predictions” because very little ever came to pass since then. A few that come to mind are “the summer of hell – – rioting in the streets, looting, citizens barricaded in their homes with shotguns, no food on shelves, etc. [2010]; beginning of November, 2011 was supposed to be either a cataclysmic financial melt down (even tho the 3rd year of presidential term has always been good to the investor, which was again the case in 2011)or the beginning of WWIII. You name it, he guessed it for November of last year, but unless i missed something nothing happened on that scale. I will say he is probably overdue for a hit and that he has been very good with dire weather predictions.

  155. David says:

    still tha same – hahahahahahahaha

  156. rc says:

    Hi Pam,
    What i mean is Simply this :
    In Marksmanship , when the innocent and
    passives move away from The aggressive ,
    The Marksman now has a clear shot,
    as to Kill the Aggressor.
    Fellows Like Akmabenijjad , tollah Koumani
    and the 30 thousand or so (guess) Idiots
    that will trueley kill any body, for the shear Pleasure,
    Will be Destroyed.
    Now, I did not make the rules, nor do i
    Condone anyones death, But so far, this seems to
    be The rule. The New Attack Method,
    Just Like Gaddaffi, bing -bang-gone.
    Obama Got the Nobel Peace Prize before His first
    year was complete. Now i see why.
    He Made his intentions Quite clear and he thus far,
    has backed them up.
    Soooo, The goal is to spread the word, With todays best technology,
    To all the Good People of Iran to move as far away as they
    can from The Aggressors.
    I Believe that this is currently Going on, but i cannot Verify.

  157. Stefanie says:

    I disagree with Beinert’s premise that American Jews are generally in favor of a war with Iran. Perhaps the most religious, the orthodox, are in favor of it, but they are much further to the right than most. They would be down with Netanyahu and his rabidly right-wing government any day. However secular Jews and reform Jews are usually liberals first, and Jews second. Jews overwhelmingly voted for Obama in 2008 because of his anti-war stance. I just don’t want non-Jews to be misled and to think there is some kind of monolithic, militant pro-Israel stance amongst Jews — it’s just not the case.

    I don’t think it’s the fear of the unknown, Sharon, when it comes to Netanyahu. I think that just like other far right leaders in Israel, he believes in the concept of the Greater Israel, and doesn’t actually want peace with Arabs. He wants Israel to dominate and terrorize the region to keep it’s historical position of power there. Israeli citizens, however, do not want that anymore, they simply want to live in peace with their neighbors. Which is why I believe that he’ll be voted out in the next election. Not to mention, Israel is dealing with the same 99 percent versus 1 percent issue that we’re dealing with here — they have been massing and rallying about housing and economic issues during the last year.

  158. Jerry says:


    Astrologically, the dates could be off target (eruption of hostilities may be a few months down the road in my estimation), but the scenario is certainly plausible – see related entries: Possible USS Enterprise False Flag Attack (Feb 7 11:22 pm).

  159. Sharon says:

    I don’t know for sure either way but I have seen Netanyahu speak and I truly believe he believes that there are too many that don’t want to see Israel exist as a Jewish state (and I agree). He (and many others) also feel that if too much is given away, those who mean trouble for Israel will close in and keep attacking as they have done after land was given back to Lebannon and when Gaza was given back. I have watched the situation and much of what Israel has done is retaliate against extremists who keep attacking and provoking as they do not want peace. Unfortunately, innocent people have been involved partially because extremists interweave themselves with them. Then, of course, there are the Israeli extremists who will insist on not giving up more land. The Lubavitch Rebbe who strengthened Judaism in the darkest corners of the world where it was dying and who was extremely intuitive and proved to be right about many things (he told the people of Miami Beach, FL that they would not have to evacuate when Hurricane Andrew hit in the ’90s and he was right as an example)felt it was a mistake to chip away at Israel. There are many who want peace but there are extremists on both sides who have become the obstacles, and now even Abbas will not recognize Israel. I, myself, believe that Israel must be careful with its boundaries and make sure they are defensible or they will continually be drawn into war. Wanting peace is one thing but there cannot be peace without also having the strength to defend oneself.

  160. Stefanie says:

    Netanyau is one of the most extremist, far, far right wing leaders Israel has ever had, and it’s a damn shame for the Israeli people. He makes it far worse for them, and in my opinion, for Jews everywhere — I feel like he puts my own family at risk by worsening anti-semtism all over the world. He is aligned with Avigdor Liberman who is an outright racist and a repugnant example of a person. If you have seen Netanyahu speak and you agree with him, I’m not sure what to say to you — but my Israeli friends despise him, and fear him, and can’t wait for his reign to end. Most of the people in the settlements, which are in my opinion all illegal and should be immediately torn down, are orthodox people from Brooklyn. They were brought there by the Israeli government as a buffer, and not just that — also as a way to break the spirits of the Palestinians. You can read about this — it was in white papers written by Begin in the 1980s — part of their military policy.

    I totally respect you, Sharon, and love many of the things you post here, but I believe you are listening to a very limited perspective on Israel, and you may want to consider some other opinions. I can tell you that more and more, your opinion is the minority, and it’s probably just the older generation that feels that way. Most Jews under 40 fundamentally disagree, and there are plenty of organized groups around principles of peace and respect for Palestinians — J Street and Jewish Voice for Peace are two. They are working to preserve a just two-state solution.

  161. Jerry says:

    Another possible timeline here….

    Late June 2012

    Stationary Saturn at 22 Libra in opposition to Iran’s progressed Mars – 21 Aries.

  162. sonya says:

    Ok, now I know why it is going to be a close election. The economy will improve and not be the main, main issue. Social issues will come to the forfront and on these issues we are a 50/50 nation.

  163. Jerry says:

    But more poignantly and what could indicate a lightening-like military strike is the June 19th new moon at 28 Gemini conjunct the Israeli progressed Uranus.

  164. clymela says:

    News of the “agreement” between the Obama administration and the big banks is another slam against Obama. Our only hope is that the public is smart enough to remember who is behind this.
    I do believe that the Republicans are choosing to destroy us so that they can get their “private” plans in place-really.

  165. sonya says:


    I have to disagree. As Obama said it is the first step. 26 billion will be used to help at least 2 million homeowners who are still paying their mortgage but their home values are underwater. Congress needs to act on Obama’s proposal to help the rest of homeowners in need. We don’t live under a dicatatorship as of yet. Second, the states and Fed retain its rights to investigate and bring to trial banks and mortgage brokers who broke the law. Last week New York inditated MIERS system, the largest bundler of sercuritized mortgages in the US. Last Friday Missouris inditated another. Also during the SOTU Address President Obama established a federal housing taskforce co chaired by NY Attorney General Eric Schiderman (who was one of the first state AG to go after the banks). This is an ongoing process and will take years to be resolved in the courts. Also keep in mind some of the stuff banks were doing were not illegal under President Bush and his deregulation era.

    Liberals stop being so faint of heart and running at a first read of a media report. Johnny reporter doesn’t read aggreements, legal rulings, legislation etc. And if there is confusion on their part they blamed whomever for bad “media rollout”.

  166. Francis says:

    Saturn sextiles Pluto at the end of the year, don’t have info for 2013 but probably will continue into the new year. I’m always wary about the synergy of these two together because they tend to favor right wing institutions. Any thoughts on how this may impact world events? In my personal chart during their sextile Saturn will conjunct my natal Saturn/ Mercury conjunction for my second Saturn return and Pluto will conjunct my North Node… any thoughts or sympathies?

  167. teresahill says:

    Republican caucus participation was way down from 08 levels and so are numbers of Republican voters in the primaries.
    59% in Missouri caucus (for some reason, results didn’t choose delegates)
    24% in Minnesota
    7% in Colorado

    And the more Republicans see of Romney, the less they like him. 56% don’t like him, in the latest survey I’ve seen.

    So I still don’t see how we get a tight race for President. Starlight says there will be some turmoil following the election, and I’ve followed her long enough to believe whatever she says. But I don’t think the turmoil will be about a close Presidential race that Obama nearly loses.

  168. clymela says:

    Sonya-I do believe that you misunderstood what I wrote. I was referring to how I believe this will be used against him.
    I do understand that this will take years to resolve and probably the “little guy” will be gone and the suffering will be forgotten while the People’s lawyers and the banks attorneys fight it out.

  169. Sharon says:

    I am in favor of peace and respect for Palestinians, Stephanie. I am also in favor of Israel being careful. Many younger people want peace and at some point this will be possible, but you cannot close your eyes to the existence of extremists and idealogues, many of whom are bent on the destruction of Israel–particularly the Iranian supreme leader but there are many more.

  170. Sharon says:

    As far as the settlements, if and when there is agreement through peace talks, these would be dismantled. If Hamas (fueled by Iran), and the Palestinian Authority will not recognize the state of Israel, how can there be peace until they do? When governments and leaders who control weapons don’t want peace, how can this occur. I am not sure about Netanyahu. If the people of Israel felt secure, they would not vote in a right-wing hawk. They seem to want peace but they also want security. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree in how we see this.

  171. starlight says:

    Teresa – It could be over control of the Senate or even the governorship of a state like Wisconsin, maybe with accusations of cheating, etc.

  172. James says:

    Starlight, what do you think of Santorums chances?

  173. karen says:

    Excellent Obama overview by Fallows, Atlantic Monthly (but so is the article on “Are Your Cats Making You Sick”)

    We project onto a national leader whatever we wish him to manifest (unrealistically), and forget entirely that he’s a human being with a great deal on his plate (and far more than I could handle). We need to examine this openly as a nation, for temperment is one of the critical aspects of personality that may determine a president’s successes.

  174. manastar says:

    Since Obama’s statement on drones on Pakistan (US govt didnt take approval from congress nor from US people) I was controlling myself not to write anything here because whenever I say something some people labelled me as anti US which is not the case. But when Hillary cursed Russia and China 4 vetoeing syria invasion and showed her concerns over illegal killings in Syria then I really wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. US war on terror ‘s biggest gift for Pakistanis is illegal drones FYI drones r pilot less planes which r operated somewhere in US and they solely based on intelligence then drones come and fired a bomb on some place. It means killing a big range of humans (whether children or women or any innocents)who r living there being killed. Our puppet govt said in wikileaks it doesnt matter to us kill anybody. Drones come mainly in Pakistan areas of population near Afghanistan. No trial nothing so if 1 millitant dies all people around him whether neighbours,children women will all die. There r so many researches from BBC , CNN etc about these illegal drones. Repreive is an NGO working to stop these drones. Not just Pakistan but many other so called terrorist countries r under drones. Someone asked why there is so much hate against US , plz have a look at that young man who wanted to be football player but now his one leg is wasted in drone. Now tell us where should we Pakistanis go? On one side US is crying for regimes in Syria but equally silent for Bahrain, saudia arabia and most of all Israel.

  175. sonya says:

    I’m just going with what’s been posted about a close election race. I see how Obama gets 51% of the vote this time down from 53% because 78% of a slight loss of lst time voters and the extremely liberal base are still miffed at him but I don’t see Mittens getting 49%.

    The CW says that the nation is spilit 46 to 46 dems vs Repub and the independents who are the swing voters make up the rest which is 6% of the electorate. Swing voters are running away from the Republican Party so the party will have to increase its base turn out and get some of the independents who are really republicans underneath and I don’t see any of the candidates doing that especially on economic grounds. So to gin up the base they have to unleash the cultural wars which could explain the problems after the election when the Republicans lose. But Mittens is still not a good vessel for the cultural wars. Because his time as governor in Mass and most christain right think Mormanism is a cult but the media doesn’t want to talk about that issue as much as they so poorly do with the issue of race.

  176. sonya says:

    I’m sorry but I still don’t think it can be used against him because he is trying to help out home owners and congress will not act. I see the liberal base saying he hasn’t gone far enough but litigation takes years and alot of the stuff the big banks did was legal. And the stuff states/Fed are investigating is the byproduct of the banks and financial system thinking this deregulation era would last forever because it was under Clinton that seperation between banks/ hedge funds was undone and the banks got lazy and careless.

  177. David says:

    I told a psychiatrist colleague last June that Michelle Bachman is psychotic – diagnosing someone we have not personally interviewed is a “no-no” in my field – guess what – she is proving me right – anyone who can twist reality like this is psychotic:

  178. sonya says:

    And Obama had more than most presidents except for FDR. I chuckled when he said once that you know you have a full plate when H1N1 was seventh on your list of things to do.

  179. sonya says:

    I don’t think we will use drones or bombs in Syria because of the city of Damacus. That would really inflamed Muslims if we started dropping bombs in and around its holy city and that is the very place Asaad would run to if we were coming.

    But I never believed that the US could or should be the police of the world. We can’t be everywhere and do everything all at once.

  180. manastar says:

    Drones attacks on civilians tripled in Obama admin as compare to Bush. Guantanamobe jail and drones r another crimes against humanity.

  181. Sharon says:

    The reason I think it might be a close race is the corporate financed advertising (mainly negative but also positive) will be very convincing and the Republicans can afford a great deal of it. It will sway many to vote Republican. I have 3 “Democrats” in my orbit who are very anti-Obama and will be voting Republican.

  182. sonya says:

    I know that. I was just saying why we won’t go into Syria.

  183. sonya says:

    The 78% was in reference to the percentage of democrats satisfied with President Obama running for a second term.

  184. manastar says:

    It looks like both Pakistani and US citizens r helpless in front of their govt and Pentagon. Their govt do whatever they like. US can claim supporter of human rights but on other side biggest abuser.

  185. will says:

    So are the Afghan terrorist attacks against their own people and mostly other Muslims. Although still a terrible thing to contend with, drone attacks have proven, over-all, to be much more specific and with exponentially less collateral damage to people and property.

  186. sonya says:

    oh, please. I’m sorry, I understand being peaceful. But if someone comes into my home unwelcomed. All bets are off.

    I believe in building up this nation first and we can’t be the cops all over the world. But we have to defend ourselves and sometimes if we can be of use ala Libya and Kosvo then we should try.

    And we should remember, another country helped us gain our liberty against the British. We just don’t have the resources nor should be send our troops everywhere.

  187. Lorrie U says:

    I’m with you on this, Sonya. It was originally going let the banks off the hook without further investigation, but it was redone. I think Beau Biden had a lot to do with that.

  188. rc says:


    Listen to will … LESS collateral Damage ,

    “” Citizens Of The Mid East “”,,,,Get the hell out of the Way !!

    Well Said Will !!!

  189. Jackson says:

    What’s next for the GOP freak show?

  190. Jerry says:

    Hi Manastar,

    Two things come to mind.

    First, a quote from Mother Theresa….

    and then an advert from Mercedes Benz (click on the graphics for a full screen view)….

  191. will says:


    The quote from Mother Theresa is profound

    The Ad for Mercedes is bizarre – there is almost nothing about the Mercedes that is Right side of the brain. What are they thinking? That Mercedes is everything? Arrogance, Grandiose and Presumptuous, Inc.

  192. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    I think it’s a brilliant ad. I have no inclination to defend corporate greed (re: Mercedes Benz) which I think is your premise, but I liked the concept of the ad campaign. My posting it here wasn’t intended to be a political statement.

    Forget about Mercedes Benz. To me the “concept” represents the unimaginative, stilted, linear-type thinking versus the exciting aliveness of being in the moment – free and unencumbered. Reminds me of all those positive qualities of Uranus in Aries in challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn (the status quo).

  193. Jerry says:

    The Ticking Clock
    by Robert Haddick

    Foreign Policy
    Feb 10, 2012

    Four reasons why — this time — you should believe the hype about Israel attacking Iran.

    Washington Post columnist David Ignatius created a tempest last week when he reported U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s prediction that Israel will attack Iran and its nuclear complex “in April, May or June.” Ignatius’s column was as startling as it was exasperating. When the sitting U.S. defense secretary — presumably privy to facts not generally available to the public — makes such a prediction, observers have good reasons to pay attention. On the other hand, the international community has been openly dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue for nearly a decade, with similar crescendos of anticipation having occurred before, all to no effect. Why would this time be different?


  194. Jerry says:

    One afterthought….. The concept is a meaningful one. It was even the subject of an ingenious film called ‘Pleasantville’. Here’s a brief theatrical trailer to the film:

  195. manastar says:

    who told u that drones r specific , once they bombed via drones and they killed their own US soldiers. Its not proved to be specific. Even all international media BBC CNN said that plz search on google rather just saying killing innocent people in pakistan is fine.