Cupid Sleeps

With Rick Santorum’s surprising sweep of victories on Tuesday, the GOP is all a-flutter. The Republican base has once again proven itself more fickle than a butterfly in the spring, as it flits from one potential nominee to another, never resting for more than a moment. Every time we think we know what is going on, the wind blows and rearranges the landscape. This week’s narrative is that Santorum is the new savior of the party, and Romney is weak and flailing. Just don’t get too comfortable, for the restless hordes of GOP voters are likely to soon shift again.

I often think that presidential campaigns bear a great resemblance to a courtship, with the candidates wooing the electorate and hoping to gain acceptance for a four or eight year “marriage”. This means that the candidate who is most beloved, as indicated by the strongest Venus progressions and transits, will usually win the day. Indeed, it is the most Cupid-blessed candidate that will draw the most adoring crowds and the highest level of enthusiasm. The problem with this year’s crop of GOP wannabes, however, the reason none of them has really ignited the electorate, is that none of them have enough of a Venus glamour for the seduction to succeed for more than a few days at a time.

Mitt Romney, the limping frontrunner and the one still expected to get the coveted nomination, has a converse progressed Venus opposition to his Ascendant through March, which is certainly helpful and adds to his appeal. But the Saturn station of January and February 2012 (29Libra30) has been in a long sesquiquadrate with Romney’s Mercury (13Pisces55) where it remains through March 4.  This has brought a considerable drag to his campaign in the form of numerous unscripted gaffes and mistakes.

Moreover, transiting Neptune is currently square to Romney’s Ascendant (00Gemini43) which brings with it the very destructive narrative that Romney is inauthentic and has no real core of values other than wanting to be president. This tendency to mirror back one’s surroundings rather than having a strong center of integrity, and thereby seeming untrustworthy, deceptive, and changeable, is the hallmark of Neptune. The transit will remain very strong with Romney through late February, returning in full force in late August through mid-December 2012.

The best news for Romney is Jupiter’s path through Taurus and early Gemini: square to his Midheaven (6Aquarius28) from February 21 through February 28; square to his Venus (8Aquarius33) from March 3 through March 9, which suggests a likely big win on Super Tuesday; conjunct his Ascendant (00Gemini43) and North Node (5Gemini29) in June and early July; and square to Mercury (13Pisces55) in late August and again in mid-November 2012. In addition, transiting Venus will be square to his Sun (21Pisces11) and sesquisquare to his Venus during most of May. These aspects point to some noteworthy short-term successes when they are active.

The worst news for Romney is the solar eclipse on his Ascendant on May 20, which suggests some major loss or failure during the following year, especially when strongly triggered. As noted, Neptune will be square Romney’s Ascendant during most of the last four months of 2012, potentially setting off the difficulties inherent in the eclipse. This can indicate an electoral loss, with the above-noted Neptunian characteristics a major factor, or it could conceivably mean a loss of the nomination or a very weakened candidacy due to the confusion and chaos (Neptune) within the party. Unfortunately for Romney, there are no strong Venus progressions that could help to counteract these struggles with a potent dose of charisma and popularity. Instead, it will be the Neptunian narrative that will stick: the candidate as cypher, the hollow man who says whatever he thinks people want to hear and who therefore cannot be trusted. In short, it will become painfully clear that there is no there there.

Rick Santorum, on the other hand, is a reliable social conservative. With his recent wins, he is poised to take over the anti-Romney vote from the beleaguered Newt “Moon Mayor” Gingrich.  As with Romney, however, there is no indication of any sustained progressed Venus energy that would be strong enough to really pull Santorum across the finish line. His big win last Tuesday came with the quick-moving transit of Venus quincunx his natal Node/Neptune conjunction (1-2 Scorpio) and transiting Mars sesquiquadrate his Venus (5Aries45) from February 7 through February 11. The Arizona and Michigan primaries on February 28 may also bring some wind to Santorum’s sails, with Venus crossing his Mercury (24Aries), Jupiter square his Uranus (7Leo49), and the Sun conjunct his Mars (10Pisces00).

Santorum may gain some strong momentum and excitement from March 28 through April 15 when Uranus crosses his Venus (5Aries44), but that thrill seems likely to be crushed between mid-April and mid-May with a long series of Saturn transits that will repeat in July through mid-August in case they don’t get the job done the first time. Saturn will sesquiquadrate his Mars (10 Pisces00), oppose his Mercury (24Aries06) and conjunct his Jupiter (23Libra50) during these times. Perhaps Romney…or his PAC… will be bringing  out the scorched-earth tactics in full force around then.

As is being noted by the punditocrisy, much of the enthusiasm and energy of the campaign is now building up on the Democratic side, with President Obama’s popularity growing and his approval ratings moving into positive territory, while that of the GOP contenders plummets. At the moment, Obama is enjoying the building progression of his Sun square to natal Venus (1Cancer47), exact in late June, and then granted an extension in July and August with transiting Neptune trine to natal Venus. This progression, along with the transits of Uranus (1Aries) and Jupiter (1Taurus) in the past few months, has helped Obama consolidate and re-energize his base, as well as luring back a significant number of independents.

As for the rabid Republican base, two further things are worth mentioning. Using the Sagittarius rising US chart, the progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Mars in August 2012, exact on September 1, at 18Libra28. If this chart is accurate (and no one really knows the birth time of the US), it suggests a great deal of anger and upset at the end of August among some sector of the US population (US Moon). One possible manifestation of this would be an eruption of dissent and turbulence at the GOP convention, which takes place from August 26 through August 30.

The final point I want to make concerns the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric of the Republican candidates and their surrogates as they describe the president. He is being characterized as some kind of existential threat to America, and his potential second term is being represented, in the most dire terms possible, as signifying the ultimate doom of this country and all we love about it. The GOP base is already wild with rage and feelings of paranoia and victimhood. This kind of rhetoric could easily create a tidal wave of rebellion should President Obama win the election in November. I am mentioning this because of the hugely volatile aspects that will hit the US chart in late November and December 2012. The progressed US Sun square to natal Uranus (8Gemini55) will begin to take effect in September 2012, but it will be intensely triggered by Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter from late November until Christmas. There will be some kind of upheaval and rebellion during that time. It remains to be seen if this will be a response to some of the election results or something else entirely. But when I listen to the wild, histrionic, outrageous, and dishonest accusations about President Obama at the CPAC conference this week, I can’t help but wonder.


  1. teresahill says:

    My mother’s birthday is May 18, putting the solar eclipse very near her natal Sun. Would you also expect a major loss in the coming year for people with that natal sun?

  2. starlight says:

    Not unless it is a very tight conjunction, within a degree or, even better, half a degree, and only if other aspects suggest the same thing.

  3. Francis says:

    Thank you Nancy. I may be reading too much between the lines in what you wrote, but do you think our President may be in danger? Anything in his chart indicating this? Aside from any danger I am deeply grateful for the implosion of the Republican Party and I’m thinking the Dems have a realistic chance for retaking the House and keeping the Senate. Thanks!

  4. Lana says:

    Dear Nancy
    Thank you for refining our understanding of the candidacies of Romney and Santorum.
    I am with you all the way regarding the unfairness of the Republican evaluation of Obama, and their destructive actions and communications.
    It’s exhausting to think how much needs to be done to reverse this trend and to reveal Obama in his true light, then to allow him the right space to fulfil his potential.
    A lot to digest and meditate on,

  5. karen says:

    Reading this, I found myself laughing, and then sobered. The wild-eyed inferences about Obama are definitely insidious. I keep hoping — especially regarding this bruhaha around birth control — that one of the pundits would ask why the candidates’ wives aren’t pregnant. Are they abstaining? Are their daughters/sons abstaining? Or, are Their Women none of the electorates business?

    Loved this, Nancy. Another great piece!

  6. David says:

    They may lack Venus but are loaded with Mars. Their aggressive rhetoric is disgusting as they try to revise recent history and portray our wonderful Obama as a “threat” and anti-religion, etc., etc. The worst is McConnell – I really want to vomit every time he opens his mouth and spews venom. Bachman is too insane to elicit my gag reflex – remind me of the serious mentally ill patients I have seen over the years.

  7. starlight says:

    Francis – I don’t think so, but I will never guarantee that. I just know that there will be some kind of highly energized rebellious eruption in late November and December, although I don’t know what it will be about. A lot of people on our side look upset as Saturn crosses 8 Scorpio in early to mid-December. Perhaps a delayed recount puts the Senate in GOP hands? Or there are riots about Scott Walker stealing back his governorship? Or OWS returns with a vengence and some GOP governor starts shooting? Or many other possibilities. But the energy will be high and many people will be upset as Saturn crosses 8 Scorpio. Just think: three planets aspecting US natal Uranus and the progressed US Sun at the same time.

  8. starlight says:

    Remember I told you Ron Paul was not to be discounted all year? He remains strong and attractive to his steadfast base (pr Venus/Pluto aspects and progressed Sun?mars aspects):

  9. Patrick says:

    Nancy i think this race is so unpredictable that noone can predict it. I find you pretty accurate i will give you 70-80% which i think is good but even you i have noticed have not been totally accurate with this primary but come november i think you will have two very weak candidates running against one another romney and obama and no one can say who will win obama and the whole catholic church issue will haunt him all year will it hurt him is another question???Now i say this not being pro obama or anti obama i go back to 2008 whomever won the presidency be it mccain or obama will only serve one term and i still feel that no matter what they did. But who knows bush governend so badily for 8 years it would impossible for anyone to have a successful term.These are just my thoughts thanks for reading them

  10. Starlight,
    Amazing work as always. I’m really grateful for the level of detail you put into your analysis. But I’m wondering – you mention Saturn at 8 Scorpio but not the Pluto/Saturn mutual reception that begins in October. Since the last time this mutual reception occurred was during the American Revolution – Saturn entered Scorpio sometime around Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware, December 1776 – I’m wondering how much significance you see in this particular transit of Saturn through Scorpio in relation to what’s heating up late this year in the US ?

  11. David,

    I agree with you! I’m hoping that when Mars goes direct, they’ll hear a backlash of disgust loud and clear. What really troubles me is Newt’s Mars in Aries getting stirred up by Uranus well into next year. He seems like the sort who’d be happy to scorch the whole country for his own self-aggrandizement – in fact, he’s already tried it!

  12. teresahill says:

    Wow, half to one degree? Okay. We’re just continually surprised my father’s still alive, and it seemed to fit, an eclipse so close to her natal sun.

  13. starlight says:

    Kevin – I hadn’t really considered that mutual reception. It might ease things a bit, but the two are already sextile for much of when Saturn is in Scorpio. I am not hoping for much from this, to tell you the truth. It looks like a very difficult few years coming up any way you slice it.

  14. sonya says:

    That’s what I wonder too, if President Obama would be in danger. I certainly hope not. Great post as usual, starlight!

  15. Jerry says:

    Cycles of the Outer Planets And The Approaching Uranus Pluto Square
    by Neil Crabtree

    Power and wealth go hand in hand and in an economic sense Pluto is regarded as the planet of transformative power by way of shifting wealth, bankruptcy and new beginnings. The planet Uranus is related to social reform and when it’s catalyst qualities are activated in the energetic sign of Aries (where it currently is) it only needs an unbalanced situation ripe for correction and an angular relationship to Pluto to get things moving. The current approaching square of Pluto and Uranus is similar to the previous square which occurred in the 1930’s and coincided with the Great Depression.

    In October 1929 the Wall Street stock market crashed as Uranus approached Pluto. The crash slowly became an economic depression and three years later the Wall Street Stock Market bottomed out (July 8th 1932) as Uranus past its square with Pluto (April 21st 1932). Western financial markets did not recover until 1942 when the USA went to war with Uranus approaching an opportunistic sextile angle (60 deg.) with Pluto. Then in 1966 with Uranus and Pluto at the same degree of longitude (conjunction) the global economy peaked and Uranus moved ahead of Pluto in a new cycle of angular relationships.

    In 2008 with Uranus getting into range of a square with Pluto again, global stock markets took another crash for similar reasons that it had in the 1930’s. Now it is three years since that collapse with Uranus due to pass Pluto in late June 2012. It would appear that the same process is in motion but this time there is more at stake than the obvious financial collapse and new beginning.


    The author goes on to note that the Uranus transit in the October 1929 crash corresponds to the same degree of 8 Aries we find in the first Uranus-Pluto square of June 24th, 2012. I would venture to guess the New York Stock Exchange charts natal Pluto-Mercury square (5/17/1792/ 23 Taurus-Aquarius) plays into this; perhaps being vulnerable to dramatic volatility because of its inherent semi/sesqui-square angles to the Uranus transit. If we factor in the Pluto square in late June, could this signal a meltdown?

  16. Connie says:

    “anger and upset at the end of August” … maybe a hurricane threatens Tampa and the GOP convention. What would be Gov pRick Scott’s priority, protect the GOP convention or evacuation of the 4 million residents in the greater Tampa Bay area?

    Starlight, so grateful for your blog, and the community here. namaste

  17. kdez says:

    Teresa, I had a solar eclipse within a degree of my sun in 1995, and nothing bad happened the following year. In fact I had a very successful year professionally, including a promotion a new job with a big raise.
    So not necessarily and doom-and-gloom aspect.

  18. teresahill says:

    Well, an eclipse on your sun is an ending of some kind, right? But that also means a beginning will follow?

  19. teresahill says:

    Gosh, would that mean, God was angry at them? :)

  20. Michael from NYC says:

    You know it just hit me that Reagan is the answer to everything that is wrong with the Republicans: Both 2008 and 2012 have opened the cycle with debates at the Reagan library, but each event just serves to remind everyone that none of these candidates are Reagan. There’s also the unspoken shame of the recent Bush era — so the party is a bit lost at sea. You may have disagreed with him but Reagan was filled with optimism and was always positive — the current lineup has none of those qualities.

    Another problem is that the truth is hard to take: Ten years of tax cuts and wars have hurt the nation in the long term. And in another sense the deregulation from the Reagan era also haunts us as well. You get the feeling that the Republican candidates are looking behind them, and not ahead. Even the recent birth control flap looked like an issue that belonged to an era long gone. I’m also struck at how the angry tea party energy has sort of spent itself out.

  21. Lune Prière says:

    Wonderful post Nancy. Thanks for the astrological detail – I’m learning so much here. I do worry about about the Nov-Dec period. Just seems like our poor country has had enough trauma for several centuries. Oh well, peace y’all :)

  22. Lune Prière says:

    Hmmm…my earlier comment disappeared. Just wanted to thank you for this post, Nancy. Excellent!

  23. Patty says:

    Nancy, Bless & Thank you for all that you give, all that you do to keep us informed & thinking.
    You are a bright shinning Light on the Internet!

    Wonder…Is Chris Christie Cupid-Blessed?

    Interesting piece from Greg Plast:

    ‘Billionaires’ Brokered GOP Convention’
    The Plan is working.
    Mitt Romney’s biggest backer didn’t want him to win.
    We know that Paul “The Vulture” Singer, Romney’s Daddy Warbucks, organized the “grassroots” campaign to replace Romney with Gov. Chris Christie back in September.

    More Here:

  24. Jerry says:

    Astrology and the “Presidential D. Cycle”
    by Kevin Williams

    The passing of President Reagan on June 5, 2004, coincided with a rare astronomical and astrological event called the “Transit of Venus” which astrologers believe may be of great significance for humanity in the near future…….

    The Passing of President Reagan And The Rise of Venus

    Astrologers point to particular astronomical events and their correlation with important events that occur on Earth. Just recently, on June 8th, 2004, a rare astrological and astronomic event occurred that has important spiritual significance according to astrologers. Approximately every 121 years, the planet Venus transits in front of the sun (called a planetary “eclipse” or “occultation). This eclipse of Venus always happens in pairs. The first occurred on June 8th, 2004, and the second will take place on June 6, 2012 (*Note: Mars at 16 Virgo will form a square to this 15 Gemini Venus/Sun conj.). Astrologers believe that this eight-year period in between eclipses of Venus represents a kind of ‘doorway’ through which a global consciousness will begin to dominate humanity. The year 2012 is a very important date because it is also the end of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans were able to determine the exact timing between Venus passages to the exact number and without fine optical observation instruments, it is still a mystery how Mayan astrologers were able to discern such an exact timing. Mayan prophecy states that a new consciousness will be born on the 2012 eclipse of Venus. The Mayan’s associated the planet Venus with Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan messiah figure who lived in the year 40 AD and who is supposed to return again in 2012.

    Astrologers believe that these Venus eclipses are harbingers of great shifts in human consciousness. Looking back in history, we see what occurred during the more recent Venus eclipses:


  25. Jerry says:

    The following are two more extensive articles on the phenomenon….

    The Venus Transits
    The Pentagonal Cycle of Venus
    Cycles of the Heart
    June 8, 2004 & June 6, 2012
    Nick Anthony Fiorenza

    A Venus Transit occurs when we can see Venus passing directly in front of the Sun. This is similar to when the Moon passes in front of the Sun on a solar eclipse. Unlike the Moon, which covers most of the Sun, Venus appears as a small dot crossing the face of the Sun. A transit (sometime called a passage) can only occur with the inner planets–Mercury and Venus–because they are the only two that can lie between the Earth and Sun during their orbits.


    Venus 2012: The Apocalypse And The Power of Love

    Is there anything in Esoteric Astrology that could hint at 2012 as heralding an apocalyptic Age of Truth and Revelation? There could be … especially if we look at the esoteric rulers of the signs and planets.

    On June 5 or 6, 2012 (depending where you are in the world), Venus will cross the face of the Sun in Gemini. This phenomenon, known as an “occultation,” completes a Venus transit that began in 2004. This happens once every 120 years or so, but isn’t it interesting that it is also happening in 2012? What I find interesting is that Venus is also the Esoteric or Soul Ruler of Gemini, lifting Gemini to its highest Soul purpose of “teaching Right Human Relations, between self and others, personality and soul, anima and animus, higher mind and lower mind.”

    The Soul purpose of Gemini is directly linked to resolving the duality between the head and the heart, bridging the gap, and accessing the heart-mind.

    This is a powerful opportunity for a global heart-opening, and astrologically could be the biggest event of the year in terms of human experience and spiritual awakening. Whatever happens during this period, it is important not to get caught up in fear, but to stay focused on the highest love for one another and for all Beings. This is the message of the Gemini Soul: the power of transpersonal love.


  26. Davis L says:

    Brilliant as usual piece!
    My observations resonate entirely with your last paragraph. I too am very concerned with the level of rhetoric. Wednesday the 8th in Plano & in McKinney, Texas, Rick Santorum strongly suggested the direction Obama & liberal secularists were leading us would eventually result in “French Revolution,” “guillotines” and our becoming “atheists.”
    It is hard for me to conceive with polarizing rhetoric like that how a candidate could or would walk that back in a concession speech on election night.
    We all know right wingers, tea partiers, etc have been buying up ammunition & guns in record numbers since Obama’s election. What is lesser known is the fact a growing number of liberals, progressives, democrats, moderates, & democratic socialists are quietly doing likewise, no one wanting to be a “Jew in Germany.” Personally, I’m amazed as to how mmany I know who in the 70’s were for outlawIng handguns but now have bought same or are planning on buying them. I make these observations on the basis of knowing quite a number of progressives in three southern states, North Carolina, Louisiana, & Texas, plus New Mexico, Minnesota, & Washington state.
    I hear the rhetoric and see the fear. I read the astrological signs and like you interpret it as probable civil unrest.
    In 2008 I developed the intuition that (a) Obama would win. (b) his first term would be mediocre. (c) during his second term due to necessity he would at least temporarily impose martial law.


  27. Davis L says:

    I did not mean to imply martial law everywhere, but only in certain locations.

  28. NEOBuckeye says:

    It’s simple. The old ideas just aren’t working anymore (if they ever did), and Reagan isn’t coming back from the dead.

    Even if Reagan did return today and declared his candidacy, people would soon see that he wasn’t the larger-than-life, flawlessly ideal political leader that he is so often portrayed as being, because 2012 is not 1982 and circumstances now are very different. The world is a changed and changing place.

  29. NEOBuckeye says:

    The next four years will be very volatile, to say the least. Uranus and Pluto will aspect the US Sun at 13 Cancer. As I’ve noted before, the Republican Party’s chart is at 14 Cancer, so whatever impacts the US during this time will also impact or affect them directly.

  30. clymela says:

    Oh Holy sh-t!! Mars retrograde has that potential David but Chris Hayes and Sarbanes were discussing that this early AM on MSNBC-not the arming of ourselves but the trouble we are facing with the huge money now available especially at the end of a campaign when everyone but the billionaires and corporations are out of money. Sarbanes was talking about organizing at the grass roots level-$100 and less at the end of the campaign. We are going to need to do this over and over and over until we wake up and shake off these monsters.

  31. clymela says:

    Michel from NYC-I just decided not to post a too long post and then as I read in more detail I saw that you are already talking about “my” issues. I have family members and a couple of friends who are RW and the thing that has me baffled is the hatred they express towards Obama. None of them will explain what the issues are that causes them to shiver , literally, with fear and hatred when they say ” “if you knew what this man has done to this country”. I ask to what they refer but I never get a straight response just the one “if you knew….”. I am worried about where we are headed with witnessing people I have known for life talking weapons and shivering with hatred. When the Bishops Conference unleashed their madness regarding birth control I sort of took to my bed for a couple of days but this morning I am up again. Sarbanes of Maryland has one idea that I want us to act on-grass roots activity at the end of campaigns to stand against the onslaught of billionaire money when campaigns are broke. Grass roots $100 or less. We will need to organize and stay vigilant in ways I have never witnessed although stories of WW II give some idea of how to go about getting us awake and on our feet with our $10 or what ever we have to offer.

  32. BC says:


    When Venus transits through Gemini this Spring in early Apr. Do you see a mass movement of people stimulated by the love for travel and variety, heads for the road and restarts the “America Spring”?

  33. Diane L says:

    Excellent post, Starlight!

    I too am (and have been) completely baffled by the depth of hatred & loathing directed at Obama. What has he done, if anything? It has a “smoke & mirrors/irrational” feeling to it. Could it be his elevated Neptune? Frightening to see . . .

  34. starlight says:

    during his second term due to necessity he would at least temporarily impose martial law.

    Not at all impossible given the planets (Pluto opposite US Sun while Uranus is square).

  35. starlight says:

    May and June, in particular, will have a very strong Venus energy. People tend to be happier and more romantic during these times, but I don’t know about it causing an “American spring”. That may be far too optimistic. Venus may be uplifting but it is not really transformative. And the US will also be under progressed Moon conjunct Saturn for much of May.

  36. starlight says:

    Diane – I think Obama is more symbolic than real to these people, representing the rise of the minority-as-majority nation to those who have such a strong hatred for him. There is pretty much nothing that he has done that justifies it; but more who he is. His rise represents the beginning of the end of the power of the old White Christian boys club. Look who is fighting him: the old boys club zillionaires and the right-wing White Christian base of the GOP. They are very threatened by what they see America evolving into in the 21st century. They even had a panel about the evils of diversity at the CPAC conference, with a White supremacist on the panel. That says it all. Collectively, they feel threatened and somewhat paranoid, with a penchant for casting blame elsewhere and never taking responsibility for their woes. All minorities in general, and Obama specifically, form convenient scapegoats for their insecurities and unhappiness.

  37. will says:

    Jerry,Starlight, all,

    “A transit (sometime called a passage) can only occur with the inner planets–Mercury and Venus–because they are the only two that can lie between the Earth and Sun during their orbits.”

    So what do we call the activity of an outer planet as it moves around the zodiac?

  38. Lune Prière says:

    Starlight, I’d be very interested in your take on the power grab (as it appears to me) of the Catholic bishops, who seem to be in direct conflict with the opinions of much of the laity. The reemergence of blatant attempted patriarchal control of women is truly bizarre to me. As is the concurrence of some of the “liberal” pundits in the media! (Looking at you, Matthews, O’Donnell, Shields, and Dionne.)

  39. Jerry says:


    Here’s an excellent summation I found on the net from “The Center For Transformational Studies”:

    “….Past occultations of Venus and the Sun in Gemini have brought about new explorations in communication and brought humanity closer together. The Mayans see the 2012 configuration as an opening to higher consciousness. So if we do our inner work and release old thought patterns that no longer serve us, or the world, perhaps we can bring in the light of the Sun, evolve our consciousness and shift the collective thought patterns of humanity to serve the Earth and its peoples instead of harming them.

    Although Pluto/Uranus remain square to each other until 2015, this year they form two exact squares on June 24th and September 19th. Pluto is the planet that tears everything down first, and then builds something new from its ashes of destruction. Uranus is a planet that needs unbridled freedom to initiate the new.

    Together they are associated with cultural upheaval and change. Personally it’s a time to know how we want to transform our lives, and move forward. In this way we can ride the wave instead of feeling submerged in fear or resistance. The main message here is go with the flow, and don’t get caught in the undertow.”

    Excerpted from the following URL link:

  40. clymela says:

    Well, Starlight, thank you for summing up things as you see them. Pitiful folk who fear diversity. Wonder what they thought would happen with all those folks not from Europe who were needed to build the land we stole into a nation? This is tragic and I pray, sincerely, that wisdom and courage will be stronger than hate and fear.

  41. Wennye' says:

    Lune, I too have my eyes and ears truly turned to Matthews and O’Donnell, now that they have disclosed their religious slant on the birth control issue. Though I can not watch Matthews entirely because of his interruptions and high volume. Wishing you Blessings Lune,from our Eternal Parent..

  42. Wennye' says:

    WOW..Starlight, that statement truly ‘pins the tail on the donkey’..Blessings dear seer

  43. starlight says:

    Lune Priere – Happily, Matthews seems very happy with the Obama tweak of the past week, as do almost all moderate Catholics. The sound coming out of the Bishops Council sounds strangely like the right-wing talking points we have been hearing elsewhere. “Government over reach!”, “stealing our freedom!”, etc. Personally, I think they are full of sh*t and none but the most right-wing radicals will pay them any heed. Obama stepped back and showed respect for some who were legitimately upset (in their own minds). He dealt with it appropriately.

  44. Lune Prière says:

    Hi Wennye’, it was shocking to see how few of our liberal brothers in the media AND the administration (Biden, Panetta) understand that the 1st Ammendment is supposed to also protect individuals FROM religion! Blessings to you also, dear Wenneye’!

  45. Wennye' says:

    Clymela, I have relayed this fact to many friends, relatives and community. Try and put what you can in your budget weekly to donate to President Obama’s re-election campaign. Even it’s a small amount, it is something. Thanks for helping to spread the word..Blessings to you, Wennye’

  46. starlight says:

    will –

    “So what do we call the activity of an outer planet as it moves around the zodiac?”

    A transit :-)

  47. Lune Prière says:

    I absolutely agree that Obama very successfully dealt with what I believe was a completely manufactured outrage. And yes, Matthews was satisfied with the solution. But in my opinion, there was no Constitutional need for the modification of the policy except as a wise political strategy, and the fact that none of the pundits initially seemed to care that female employees (Catholic or otherwise) of those institutions would be denied their own 1st Ammendment rights was very telling.

    I agree that the policy modification will resolve the issue for most reasonable people. The bishops have Indeed become an arm of the RNC in my opinion. I hope you’re right that only the most far right wingers will pay attention to them!

  48. starlight says:

    I think that only those already predisposed to hatred of our president, for the reasons I mentioned above, will continue to scream about “religious freedom” being under siege. As one pundit said the other day, they have started up this so-called war on religion because the economy is getting better. Culture Wars Redux.

  49. Lune Prière says:

    Good point about the economy! And a very quick pivot by the right.

  50. Davis L says:

    Lune Prière
    The apparent “power grab” is nothing new. In 1978 John Paul II quietly instituted a systematic, gradual replacement of liberal bishops with more conservative ones. Each successive replacement is slightly more conservative than his predecessor. The current pope continues with this policy, but a bit more aggressively.
    Incidentally, there are a number of cracks in the edifice. In the developed nations most of the clergy, particularly the Franciscans and/or the older clergy who are imbued with the theology of “social gospel” privately, very privately, think poorly of the current pope. I often listen to their complaints.
    Furthermore, R. Catholics, particularly in the USA, even as they faithfully & regularly attend church, continue to drift further & further away from what the magisterium teaches. A notable & more extreme example is from a Pew poll a few years ago which reported 23% of American R. Catholics either believing in or regarding reincarnation as a “serious possibility.”

    The horoscope for 31 October 1517, beginning the Protestant Reformation compares similarly to that of December 2009 (Pluto cycle). We’ve just not seen the igniting spark yet. Or…….Perhaps this time the process is more gradual.

  51. Davis L says:

    Lune Priere
    In other words the episcopacy has become gradually more conservative under the 1978 forward JP II policy until now the current crop of reigning bishops are far more right wing both theologically & politically than either their congregations or most priests.
    The supposed leaders of the American RC Church are very much out of sync with the people they serve.

  52. Sharon says:

    You are 100% right about that, Starlight.

  53. Davis L says:

    So much irony! Classic psychological projection………Christo-Fascists loudly complaining Obama & his army of liberal secularists are robbing us of our “religious freedom!”

  54. Lune Prière says:

    In your opinion, do they have any power over anyone except the far right? Just curious. It’s strange…I remember when I associated American Catholic leadership with civil rights and anti-war stances. Sad.

  55. will says:

    Thank you, Starlight – I was confused by the piece Jerry had posted.

  56. Davis L says:

    In the 60’s & 70’s RC clergy & bishops were very much in the forefront on civil rights, anti-war, etc. Many were also involved in the nuclear freeze movement before the end of the cold war. We have now a very different situation.
    Yes, the bishops (not all of whom are far right wing) do have power over others who are not right wingers, namely their priests, deacons, sisters, & brothers. Remember, the RC Church IS a top-down organization. In theory bishops are supposed to be the priests and servants unto the priesthood. In reality they are now the administrators & bosses. BUT…..many if not the majority of priests (this is not a scientific poll, only my personal observation….I hobnob with a lot of Jewish, Buddhist, Protestant, & Catholic clergy) are quietly in disagreement with their right wing bosses. They obey orders but when the boss isn’t looking are often willing to bend them.
    Most RC priests retain a patriarchal attitude, (no women priests) but otherwise are mostly moderate to liberal.
    One caveat – the pope is very far right. He has begun the process of canonizing as saints some who were not only Catholic clergy but also outspoken members of 19th & 20th century Fascist Parties in Europe & Latin America. I know a few clergy members who quietly refer to the former Cardinal Ratzinger as “Pope Rat.”

  57. starlight says:

    Keep an eye on Greece. Things are likely to heat up a lot, lots of civil unrest over the next month, through mid-March. This is the last crossing of Uranus square natal Uranus (4Cancer)/pr Mars (4Libra). Jupiter is at 4 Taurus for a few days which could be triggering the pr Mars/Uranus.

  58. Lune Prière says:

    Thanks for your thoughts above, Davis. I remember there were many who were not in favor of Ratzinger becoming pope. I have to assume the US Bishops are getting their marching orders from the Pope.

    “Joseph Ratzinger was born on April 16, 1927, at 4:15 am CET, in Marktl, Germany (source: the German astrologers from official records, Rodden rating AA)”

  59. Azizi says:

    “I think Obama is more symbolic than real to these people, representing the rise of the minority-as-majority nation to those who have such a strong hatred for him….

    All minorities in general, and Obama specifically, form convenient scapegoats for [the old boys club zillionaires and the right-wing White Christian base of the GOP’s] insecurities and unhappiness.”

    Well said!

    It seems to me that one of the most interesting things about President Obama being a symbol of this change is that- given his biological ancestry- he is just as much a White person as he is a Black person.

    Were it not for racism, because he had a White birth mother, President Obama could consider himself to be White. And regardless of how dark or light his skin color is- were it not for racism – he could considered himself to be a member of both the Black and the White race, like having joint US and Canadian citizenship, neither outweighing the other.

    I believe that the definition of who is White could change and is in the process of changing-since I don’t believe the racist one drop of black blood rule of the intermediate “biracial” buffer group is tenable. And it seems to me that this changing definition of who is White scares the heck out of a lot of White folks which takes me full circle back to your comment, Starlight.

  60. Azizi says:


    since I don’t believe the racist one drop of black blood rule OR the intermediate “biracial” buffer group is tenable.

  61. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    I suppose the author wasn’t being completely clear in the phraseology. Perhaps it should read; words to the effect “A transit of Venus that is visibly seen traversing across the Sun”.

    Here’s Wikepedia’s definition….

    A transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, becoming visible against (and hence obscuring a small portion of) the solar disk.

  62. sonya says:

    fear of a black planet.

  63. chrys says:

    Is there any light in the tunnel for Greece…..

  64. sonya says:

    I believe Obama made a brilliant move with his contraceptive “compromise”. And Sen. Blount is a correct in saying that the President’s move was just an accounting gimmick. As if the insurance companies will provide something directly w/out cost and they would incur the price to contact women directly, set up women for contraceptive coverage without attaching some hidden fee to these Catholic associations is highly suspicious.

    But what this really is, is a first time step toward universal healthcare whereby the gov’t is mandating private industry to provide a service. That is why the insurance industry put out a polite just cautious statement of support but concern over the precedent this takes.

    And I too was dismayed with the liberal media-what about the women rights being trampled- (lst amendment, 14th amendment, Title 7 rights and their civil rights).

    But if you read the original ruling, Obama didn’t moved that much. It was always about the insurance coverage and at least he nipped the controversy aspect in the bud- instead of having a year grace period for the Church to work this out- he just said this is how it going to be.

    But, in small fairness to the church, they are going to end up paying for the coverage because nothing in this world is for free. But I always wondered why no one factors in the point that employees contribute to paying for the health insurance too.

    Somehow, I believe Obama had this all plan just because of the timing on it in line w/ the CPAC conference and knowing how his administration toils on policy, I don’t think they came up with “compromise” in just a week. I think Obama used this as an opportunity to show Americans how crazy the republicans are and how sane and moderate he really is. He threw out this cultural war red meat and the seized upon it. Thus demonstrating how radical they have become and also demonstrating who the real radicals in the race are for the Whitehouse.

    Also, since Biden and Panetta disagreed w/ the ruling last October- that bolsters my belief that Obama knew what he was doing all along.

  65. Lune Prière says:

    That all makes sense to me Sonya!

  66. teresahill says:

    Oh, yeah. Obama just invited them to take one more step toward crazy, and the Republicans jumped at the chance.

    98% of even Catholic women say they’ve used birth control. When you’ve got that stat, and still Republicans are ready to jump on the issue… Geez, it’s like they’re happy to see who can be first to jump off the cliff into even deeper crazy.

  67. kiwi says:

    First of all, Nancy, I would like to thank you so very much once again for your gift of such fabulous insight and the eloquent writing skills that you are so generous in sharing with all of us.

    And Jerry, thank you so much for your recent informative postings. This one in particular, the transit of venus, has always fascinated me because it was the prime reason that captain cook began his pacific and global explorations – and look what that lead to! I travelled to Tahiti on a sailboat with my parents 50 years ago and visited the very spot where Cook observed that transit in 1769 – which was only 7 years before the declaration of independence!! I am anxiously awaiting to see what unfolds from this 2012 transit. (PS – my son is sailing across the pacific from the US to NZ this year and plans to be in Tahiti during the transit – awesome!)

  68. kiwi says:

    y’know, money isn’t necessarily everything.
    When I still lived in Hawaii there was a former civil defense person that decided to run for mayor against the monied establishment. He won by a landslide, even though he’d pledged to not accept campaign donations of more than $10. He had heart, smarts, and the genuine desire to serve, and the people knew it.

  69. kiwi says:

    You certainly nailed it on the head Nancy! Thanks

  70. glowlight says:

    The R-Catholic institution has always knelt before the throne of those political entities viewed with the most money,power and influence, while preaching to the masses to accept their suffering and pray for forgiveness. The sacrifice demanded of the masses to the wealthy, will be rewarded in heaven. Birth control is forbidden to assure the church coffers are never empty.

  71. kiwi says:

    and there are two distinct tracks within the rc church – the genuinely spiritual, vs the hierarchy who see the benefit of tight control and have closed their eyes when convenient – eg, mafia money and vatican bank connections.

  72. Jerry says:


    US to New Zealand in a sailboat! Now that takes courage. Sounds adventurous and exciting.

  73. sonya says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But Obama likes to always show how he is the only adult in DC. And the timing of the ruling w/ Rick Santo which 3 caucuses is highly, highly suspicious. Because his “grandfather’s hands” speech after the Iowa caucus almost had me until I remembered how 7th century he is on social issues. I think Obama was messing with both Rick and Mittens (showing how awful Mittens is on social issues and pushing him further to the right with the “severely conservative” speech).

    In addition, he doesn’t need to mess w/ Newt’ head because Newt is already psychotic and has a snowball in heck of winning the general election.

    I remembered when Obama said that he messed w/ the Clinton’s heads just prior to the South Carolina primary by telling an editorial board that Reagan was a transformational president and leaving off Bill. Then Bill had his meltdown in SC.

    A Republican strategist Mark McKinnon said Obama was messing w/ Mittens head and that is why he started doing more talks w/ reporter thereby becoming more gaffe prone.

  74. pisca says:

    Yes hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in the streets across Greece. Athens IS burning (but msm is entertaining with celebrity news)!

  75. pisca says:

    The good ole white boys club is indeed threatened and amassing guns, escalating the wars on women and the not-wealthy, and in denial of the change that is already happening. Shhh don’t discuss it, but in states such as Texas (!) whites are already the minority.

  76. nick says:

    Starlight thank you again for informing your avid readers of things to pass.

    I for one am wondering about the neighbour to the north, Canada. With so much disturbance in the lower 48 states from 2012 onwards, is it likely to effect the northern neighbours? Canada has a large schism between the English and French speaking populations; I wonder if they will also suffer in the years to come?

  77. starlight says:

    Chrys – It looks pretty wild through March and somewhat unhappy from April through July, a very difficult period. Should start to improve by later in August.

  78. starlight says:

    Nick – To tell you the truth, I have never done a work up on Canada. I sort of rely on them (perhaps unfairly) to be steady and sane, while we here in the states are more than slightly touched much of the time.

  79. starlight says:

    Thomas Friedman:

    You know how in Scrabble sometimes you look at your seven letters and you’ve got only vowels that spell nothing? What do you do? You go back to the pile. You throw your letters back and hope to pick up better ones to work with. That’s what Republican primary voters seem to be doing. They just keep going back to the pile but still coming up with only vowels that spell nothing.

    There’s a reason for that: Their pile is out of date. The party has let itself become the captive of conflicting ideological bases: anti-abortion advocates, anti-immigration activists, social conservatives worried about the sanctity of marriage, libertarians who want to shrink government, and anti-tax advocates who want to drown government in a bathtub.

    Sorry, but you can’t address the great challenges America faces today with that incoherent mix of hardened positions.

  80. chrys says:

    Thanks Starlight

    I wonder where is Germany in all this…….

  81. chrys says:

    There are problems in Canada

  82. Gypsi says:

    Excellent call on the fear of minorities. Fear dominates.

  83. Gypsi says:

    Great article Nancy, great comments everyone. This is my sanity
    Check spot on the net.

  84. Todd says:

    If Santorum wins AZ and MI, he is going to sweep the Supers and win the thing. By April he is just cannon fodder for President Obama.

  85. sonya says:

    Todd, Newt and Santo made a deal. Newt will concentrate in AZ and Santo is Mich. Newt’s looking for money today. And two new Mich polls have Santos in the lead. I guess Mittens is sad that he said Let Detroit “severely” die.

  86. barbk says:

    Wow, thanks Starlight. Until you said that I didn’t realize that the yod configuration in December (Pluto sextile Saturn with both planets quincunx Jupiter) would put the U.S. Uranus at the apex of that pattern along with transiting Jupiter. This would have Pluto teaming up with Saturn to pressure Jupiter (and U.S. Uranus) to express the combined energies of all the planets in the pattern.

    This would also involve the U.S. 11th house and 1st house putting pressure on a 6th house matter. Since it IS Jupiter that’s conjunct Uranus that could translate into “religious freedom” among other things. It also might refer to the handling of the election results (service)and the pressure coming from powerful (Pluto and Scorpio) institutions (Saturn and Capricorn.)

    In the US Solar Return chart Mars is at 10 Gemini, only 2 degrees from the natal Uranus, and in that SR chart Mars is squared by the Moon at 9 Virgo in the 12th house, so could possibly be something about women and something about hospitals or prisons among other things.

    The SR Mars is also supported by a trine from Saturn at 10 Libra and Pallas Athene at 12 Aquarius. She can represent the protector of the “city/state/country” or strategizing,and also an instinctive feminine wisdom, so this might suggest communication and correspondence in support of the Mars energy. Mars in the SR chart rules the 7th house of relationships, specifically partners.

    The SR Moon is opposed by the Chiron- Neptune conjunction in Pisces, adding emphasis on the 12 house and 6th house polarity, as well as an increase in the emotional factor (Moon, 12 house, Neptune).

  87. Lune Prière says:

    Could we possibly be so lucky as to have little Ricky as the GOP nominee?

  88. teresahill says:

    He certainly looks terribly weak now.

  89. ScorpioX3 says:

    Our political reality summed up perfectly, Starlight. Thanks for putting that out here so succinctly.

  90. Jerry says:

    Hi Sonya,

    Politics (regardless of ones political persuasion) is often about sound-bytes and image. Some politicians are more agile and intelligent than others – granted, but in the final analysis, in my view, it’s mostly about gaining influence. Former President George W Bush’s speech writer Andy Dick (*fictitious character) helps put it all in perspective…..

  91. Jerry says:

    A Fatal Attack On Israelis Abroad Could Spark War With Iran And Hizballah

    Feb 13, 2012

    This time, no one was killed although an Talya Yehoshua- KIoren, wife of the Defense Ministry representative in India, and three others were injured by a sticky bomb planted on her Innova SUV in New Delhi Monday, Feb. 13, at almost exactly the same time as a similar device was safely defused in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

    In recent weeks, terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets were foiled in Thailand, Azerbaijan and Argentina. However much they deny this, Iran and Hizballah are clearly determined to keep on trying until they achieve their objective of killing targeted Israelis.

    Debkafile’s military sources say that the odds are on their eventual success, after failing in four out of five tries.


  92. Diane L says:

    Yes, that sounds right to me . . . frightened dogs are far more likely to bite than secure ones. Bunch of very scared little yappy dogs out there who have backed themselves into a corner and see no way out. Sad.

  93. squallo says:

    TRANSITS OF MARCH 1, 2012:
    Mars is retrograding in the 12th house of criminal activities inconjunct natal Sun in the 7th house of allies, foreign countries and war = possible false flag sabotage between certain sects in the USA and certain sects of a so-called ally. If I had to pin the tail on the donkey, that faux ally would be Israel, as her transits are replete with false flag activity.

    Mars will be retrograde until late in the day, April 13, 2012. If a nation takes aggressive action against another during a Mars retrograde period to start a war or a campaign, the aggressor will be defeated with great loss of life, material, and prestige.

  94. starlight says:

    Mitt as personification of Neptune by Frank Rich (not really the title):

    Of course, his take on Newt is now old news, as Newt has been supplanted by Santorum.

  95. will says:

    If this Santorum insanity continues to gain momentum, we are probably looking at a Romney/Santorum ticket to assuage the Radically-Rabidly-Right.

  96. starlight says:

    That would be fine. Way preferable to Christie or Rubio coming in. Romeny and Santorum are both pretty creepy but Santorum is creepier. Cupid truly sleeps.

  97. karen says:

    Ah yes, the radical rabid right (thanks, Will) is being persecuted by bible and religion-hating lefties. But, what the dastardly lefties need to do is ask my above question (why aren’t your wives pregnant, rabidly-righty-radicals?) and if my religion espouses gay marriage, will you stand up and crusade for my relgion as well?

    This crap is another of the republican’s gleeful twisting of “moral” issues to bend the populace to the nefarious purposes. And, its working too damned well.

  98. Connie says:

    A conservative, a moderate, and a liberal walk into a bar. The bartender says; “Hi Mitt”

  99. Lorrie U says:

    Yes, Sonya, many are saying he set a trap for the RW and they fell for it, and that he had a “compromise” ready. Another campaign strategy to show the divide and solidify base and independent voters. Very wise.

  100. Lorrie U says:

    #OccupyRNC: The Republican National Committee’s health insurance plan covered elective abortion until Michael Steele was chairman in 2009.

  101. DuchessofGadsden says:

    Unfortunately, Mitt being a Mormon will never be walking into a bar.

  102. Sharon says:

    good one! hahaha!

  103. Sharon says:

    Hopefully, Israel is smarter than this.

  104. Sharon says:

    As a Jew, I see this report as one-sided. After all, Israel did assassinate several Iranian scientists. As much as I don’t want to see Iran with a nuclear bomb, I don’t know if we can stop it and I don’t think they will use it or that it will fall into the hands of terrorists so easily. If we talk about Iran trying to assassinate Israelis and others, we should also mention what the other side is doing.

  105. Gypsi says:

    Their. Wives won’t sleeP with them due to their misogynist

  106. will says:

    Karen, the question you would ask of the Right’s non-pregnant wives is brilliant.

  107. Jerry says:

    I’m still intrigued by that June 19th New Moon……

    Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s progressed Mars at 8 Aries will be receiving the full impact of the late June Uranus-Pluto square. We also have his pr. Saturn at 8 Sagittarius in trine to this Uranus/Mars activity. Ahmadinejad’s natal Jupiter at 23 Virgo will be conjoined by the June 19th Mars that could provide the spark. Will Ahmadinejad/Iran be implicated in a “false flag” covert operation at this time?

    See related article:

    Iran War In Summer: Russia Army Boss

    Feb 14, 2012

    Russia’s highest ranking military officer says a military strike against Iran over the country’s nuclear program could begin as early as summer.

    The head of the Russian General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov, said Moscow is closely watching the situation and is not ruling out the possibility of a coordinated attack on Iran, Russia Today reported.

    “Iran is a sore spot,” the general told reporters on Tuesday. “I think a decision will be made by the summer.”

    The prediction comes as anti-Iran war rhetoric has been intensified during the past months after the US and its Western allies failed to stop Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program by imposing sanctions.


  108. sonya says:

    The US did it against Hilter and the Nazi party. We killed their scientists who were working on a bomb. And Germany doesn’t have the technology today. Its ruthless and immoral but how do you combat evil?

    And Iran would use the weapon. Don’t doubt that. They are a major funder of terrorism now and the have a skewed since of national importance. They still call the Middle East, Persia.

  109. Noelle says:

    Starlight, didn’t you say that Santoum’s chances of being 2nd on the ticket would be crushed in July or August?

    Do you have a read on Christie or Rubio?

  110. starlight says:

    I think Romney will do very poorly against Santorum on February 28 (Michigan and Arizona). Tr Saturn will be in its last and strongest days of a sesquiquadrate to R’s Mercury (13Pisces55), with Mars moving in to oppose Mercury and triggering Saturn from 2/29 to 3/2. I think Romney will rally after that as Jupiter moves to square his Venus (3/3 to 3/9) bolstering him for Super Tuesday and putting him back in the game.

    Santorum looks very strong for 2/28 with Venus on his Mercury and semisquare his Mars, and the Sun conjunct his Mars. But after that, tr Saturn builds in its conjunction to his pr Node square pr Mercury through 3/18. Probably the more negative narrative about Dark Ages Rick will take hold around then. Nonetheless, he has lots of small, positive Venus and Jupiter aspects that will carry him through the first half of March suggesting he and Romney will be neck and neck through much of March and still battling over the first half of April (Uranus conjunct Santorum’s Venus). As I have said before, the real trouble for Santorum builds after April 15 with a series of Saturn transits through May 19 and again in July and the first half of August. Probably the polls that show him losing to Obama by 20 points will completely freak the GOP poohbahs and they will make Romney the nominee no matter what.

  111. starlight says:

    Noelle – Christie and Rubio look too happy for my taste.

  112. starlight says:

    Must watch Maddow from last night:

    Please send this to everyone you know. It is not being covered yet in the media but OMG what a story!!

  113. Diane L says:

    That cliches it! The most conservative repug element is COMPLETELY out of touch with reality.

  114. Sharon says:

    Happy when? It will be short-lived!

  115. sonya says:

    Happy about being on the ticket w/ Mittens or happy that they aren’t on a losing ticket?

  116. karen says:

    Or those manly men aren’t so manly afterall?

  117. karen says:

    Watched this with my jaw hanging open last night. Still fits with above. It’s about time the dems started quipping back, and asking questions such as, “How does viagra figure into your plan?” Or in Virginia, “So, all those Navy folks need to abstain, right?” Or, “What? Your wife won’t let you look at her vagina? Is that why you need those ultrasound probes?”

  118. kiwi says:

    Did anyone catch this from Grover Norquist? Very Scary – step in line folks and don’t bother thinking. We’ll do that for you.
    (paraphrasing) “We know what we want, all we need is someone who has enough digits to hold a pen to sign bills into law. We don’t need anyone who can think”
    My big question is – who is the ‘we’ behind Norquist?
    And Nancy, any indications of norquist’s astrology this year and next? i.e. hints whether he will be successful or not?

  119. kiwi says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Nancy from this part of the world!

  120. Elizabeth says:

    Wouldn’t that be a repeat of the mistake of bringing Palin on the ticket in ’08??

  121. Elizabeth says:


    when you say that Christie and Rubio look too happy for your taste? Do you mean in the summer, when they might be on the ticket? Or in the fall.. Nov/Dec?

  122. starlight says:

    Elizabeth – I mean that I don’t want anyone who is enjoying the strong Jupiter in the late fall (election time through inauguration, no matter what other more difficult things might also be there, to be on the ballot.

  123. starlight says:

    kiwi – Thank you! My birthday is tomorrow. Good idea about Norquist. I will take a look.

    The problem with reading the election results is this: if it looks like Obama will win big, the question then revolves on the legislatures, state and federal. So we might see some very happy Republicans for a bunch of different reasons, not the one we are currently focusing on, the presidency. That is my concern about trying to read what will be going on.

  124. Elizabeth says:

    Thank You Nancy.

    And .. Happy Birthday! I hope it is a very special and wonderful one for you:)

  125. rc says:

    Happy Birthday Starlight , tomorrow
    If i were to guess, i would say you were born
    at 5 pm ,
    I say this based on my reading Of the Web Log,,
    You Appear most chirpiest at around This time of day.
    Enjoy !

  126. Lunagardener says:

    Happy Birthday Starlight. Enjoy Enjoy, Enjoy!

  127. clymela says:

    Happy Birthday dear astrologer. You gift us with your knowledge and understanding and we all want to hug you at least we can sing out Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  128. starlight says:

    Thank you, everyone, for all your kind birthday wishes and hugs!

  129. ScorpioX3 says:

    Happy birthday Starlight … hope your day has been wonderful!

  130. Lorrie U says:

    Many, many birthday blessings, Starlight!!

  131. Lune Prière says:


  132. glowlight says:

    Happy Birthday Nancy and many blessings in your new year!

  133. pam says:

    Karen love that last comment. And I don’t get this attack on women’s reproductive rights and how little attention it’s been getting!!! In a year where gay marriage is finally beginning to get widespread legal acceptance it deserves there is this ever increasing and increasingly viscous attack on women’s reproductive rights. I can only think that it’s the act of frightened white men who see women as the last victims on which they can let loose their desperate need for domination. There is something so creepy and slizzy about even the language they use. YUCK.
    I posted this to my face book page just before coming over to read what’s up here.

  134. pam says:

    HAPPY BDAY to the most brillant Miss Nancy Starlight. May your coming year find all wishes fulfilled (including your wish for a strong showing for the dems in November and a decisive win for Obama!!!)
    Have a wonderful Birthday.

  135. will says:

    Happy Solar Return, Starlight! May this year end with another 4 year term for President Obama and a Democratic Senate and Congress.

    You make a huge difference in my life – I am grateful to you for all you do. .

    Big hug,


  136. DPH says:

    Nancy, I hope your birthday is extra-special from beginning to end. Thank you many times over for sharing your insights and knowledge on this blog– it’s invaluable!

  137. karen says:

    Yes, A BIG HUG, Nancy! Hope you’ve got a little kci-up-your-heels party planned! Happy Birthday!

  138. karen says:

    Oops, that’s kick-up — not sure what kci is. ;0

  139. herald says:

    Happy Birthday starlight!!…

  140. herald says:

    Happy birthday Starlight!!!

  141. starlight says:

    Wow!! Again, many thanks to everyone here for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! :-)

  142. sonya says:

    Happy Birthday Nancy!!

  143. starlight says:

    Some thought I am having that are not official predictions, just ruminations:

    Does the eclipse on Romney’s ascendant mean he will actually lose the nomination?

    Is the Uranus conjunction to Sanctimonious Santorum enough to give him the nomination? (Sudden love, sudden end of love)

    As mentioned previously, does the pr Moon conjunction to progressed mars at the end of August mean either a brokered convention or lots of GOP rioting because they don’t like Romney?

    Will the election be so obviously an Obama blow out that the real issue will be Congress, which will hang in the balance for weeks, and the state governments, that may seem stolen and cause disruptions in many states (e.g., Wisconsin)?

  144. connimac says:

    Have a very happy birthday today, Starlight, and may you continue to share your wisdom with us for a long time!

  145. Jackson says:

    Happy birthday, Nancy!

  146. Sharon says:

    Not sure where my comment went, but wishing you another year of health, wealth (spiritual and material) and happiness! We are so glad you are on the earth plane with us at this particular point in time-you are a true light worker and you efforts are felt!

  147. Dave says:

    Regarding Grover Norquist (19 October 1956), I can’t seem to find a proper birth time.

    However the date would put his Sun around 25 Libra and Moon somewhere in late Aries (natal Sun-Moon opposition?). Saturn is aspecting both of those with the Rx, and Mars will be hitting his Jupiter and opposing natal Mars with the current transiting Mars rx. Unfortunately I’m not educated enough in Astrology to look further at this nor to know how these aspects could play out.

  148. Diane L says:

    What a Solar Return for you! Very inspiring and yet well grounded thanks to Saturn. Have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday.

  149. Wennye' says:

    Wishing you Nancy, the Happiest Birthday of yet!! Celebrate your life dear teacher..Blessings

  150. Nick says:

    Started following your posts four years ago Nancy. 1st Happy birthday wishes. ;) Hope you have a loving family based birthday dear, we all (ur regular readers) appreciate your posts and this blog.

  151. fierywoman says:

    Tanti auguri and many, many happy returns, dear Starlight!

  152. Celeste says:

    Dearest Starlight,

    Happy Birthday! May you have a blessed year ahead!



  153. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Warm birthday wishes to you, Starlight/Nancy…may this new year be the best yet for you & yours!

  154. clymela says:

    Whoa-hoa Starlight-your ruminations above just set bells ringing in my head. Very close to what I am feeling with intuition or the republicans will need to pull a big,big bunny out of the hat. I mean these folks are absolutely pathetic and I don’t see how they can even recover.

  155. will says:

    Nancy, are you referring to a Uranian conjunction to Santorum’s Venus?

  156. Francis says:

    OMGess!! Santorum v Obama! Please, please!! Can you all imagine the debates!!!

  157. pam says:

    But a Santorium lead ticket could get enough of the far right out to win some districts that might have otherwise been in question??? Or so Nancy that’s how my line of thought moves through your ruminations.
    Hoping you had a glorious birthday

  158. starlight says:

    will – Transiting Uranus conjunct Santorum’s Venus. First crossing will be the first half of April. Then he moves into (mostly) a month of Saturn.

  159. Jerry says:

    Although Ron Paul’s chances in winning the Republican nomination appears slim, this British astrologer seems to think that regardless of the election results, Ron Paul will have a huge energizing, visionary impact on US politics….

    Ron Paul, the USA, and Pluto square Uranus – An Astrological Perspective

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  160. Bob says:

    Belated birthday wishes to you Nancy. You’re the best!


  161. clymela says:

    Bob-I hadn’t seen this but thank you although ,of course, I resonate more to Starlight’s projections. Thanks for sharing.

  162. Francis says:

    Some thoughts about a possible cause of the revolt post election which Nancy mentions: perhaps it is due to a Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality? The last election when Obama was elected Californians voted for Prop 8. There is also DOMA to consider. If the Supremes rule broadly and strike down all marriage restrictions between same sex partners I could very well see the right wing on a rampage especially if Obama was also re-elected. Any thoughts?

  163. Francis says:

    PS, also consider that Uranus rules gay people… and we are moving into the Aquarian Age….

  164. starlight says:

    They are expecting the debt ceiling issue to come up again as well. there are all kinds of possibilities. This is also the lame duck period when congress pushes through all kinds of things they have been avoiding form months, and it is the last gasp of the power of the old congress.

  165. Francis says:

    This video was posted on Dailykos of Mitt’s securing a federal bailout of the 2002 Olympics…. too precious and I think it may really be the last straw for many conservatives…

  166. cimbalok says:

    Happy belated Solar Return, Nancy! I rarely post because what I think of saying is usually said so much better by everyone else here, but I read this blog all the time and I appreciate your taking the time to write it. May you have many happy Solar Returns! (I’m not a bit surprised that you’re an Aquarius and you probably have a Capricorn Moon, with all the hard work & research you do.)

  167. starlight says:

    cimbalok – You are close. I have an Aquarian Moon and Capricorn rising.

  168. David says:

    On Linsanity. A David Brooks hater speaks i.e., me.

    This is one of the stupidest articles I have ever read:

  169. teresahill says:

    Fellow Capricorn Rising waving to you.

    Has Pluto rolled over you yet? I believe it has backed over me for the last time and gone forward for the last time now. It will get close to my AC one more time in its next retrograde, but it’s done being a steam-roller to me.

  170. starlight says:

    Alas no. It is only now hitting my North Node (8Aries30)by a square and Uranus will soon be conjunct that point as well. They both will hit my Ascendant (10Cap20) and my Mars (10Libra55) in 2013. I am trying not to think about it.

  171. andre says:

    As a Canadian, it is not always easy these days to remain steady and sane, whether or not one cares about US politics. Canada’s chart has lots of early cardinals (a Sun-Uranus conjunction at 8 Cancer among other things) and should be affected by the Uranus square and the Pluto opposition this year and next.

  172. teresahill says:

    Oh, so sorry. Perhaps I will have learned some things about it that might help you when the time comes.
    I’m a 5:52 Cap AC.

  173. teresahill says:

    Oh, Starlight, look at this. How long will it take Mitt or Rick to lock up the nomination? Long time:

    “Play around with the CNN delegate calculator and you can see that even if Romney were to win every contest going forward with 100 percent of the delegates (that’s called kickin’ it North Korea-style) he still wouldn’t reach 1,144 until April 3. Under a similar extreme scenario, it would take Rick Santorum until April 23. Here’s the real kicker: If Romney and Santorum were to split the delegates going forward and each were to carry five of the 10 all-or-nothing contests, neither candidate would win enough delegates to clinch the nomination.”


  174. pam says:

    Oh my
    This will get very interesting indeed!!!

  175. sonya says:

    The SC doesn’t have the jurisdiction to rule broadly. The Cali judge framed it very narrowly, appealing to Justice Kennedy on rulings statements he has given in the past. Whatever the SC decides will only effect California.

  176. Nick says:

    Off topic,

    In a recent post on Iran, Nancy you said 15 Mar – 22 Mar would be a potentially dangerous time.. maybe more than posturing… regarding Iran, Israel and the US, + Pres Obama.
    I noticed that Iran have decided to sell their oil in denominations other than the unofficial world currency $USD as of 20Mar 2012.

    Recently the US has asked the banks not to allow IRAN use the swift codes necessary for the transfer of large sums of money. Which means Large suitcases full of money is about their only option accept for barter of course.

    The chess pieces should all be in place by the 20th Mar 2012.
    Maybe that will be the “whistle” to kick things off. :(

    Do you see any success for Iran at this point in time Nancy.. March – June 2012?

  177. andre says:

    One of Canada’s problems is that our ideological federal government is muzzling its scientists on climate change.

  178. starlight says:

    Nick – I have been trying to figure out what to write about next. Maybe another look at Iran? At the moment, I think any really big confrontation may not come until 2014, despite some skirmishes before that, but I will take another look.

  179. Fe says:


    The faux wedge issue the Repubs are pushing on contraception makes my blood boil. Is this campaign going to devolve to that? Don’t the Republicans KNOW how many women are going to get riled up about this?

  180. starlight says:

    Fe – It seems likely to me that as people get to know Santorum they will run back to Romney. And as Saturn moves twice more through the last decanate of Libra, recrossing the square to US Mercury and Obama’s Saturn, etc., the economy may hiccup enough for Romney to go back to his economic message.

  181. starlight says:

    This is the kindof thing I am talking about:

    GOP hitting Obama for rising gas prices (like it has anything to do with him).

  182. will says:

    “GOP hitting Obama for rising gas prices (like it has anything to do with him).”

    But of course Obama is at fault – because he is black and oil is black too – he’s behind everything black and nefarious and awful.

  183. teresahill says:

    If you don’t think it might jinx him, I’d love to hear some of the highlights of what an Obama 2nd term might look like.

  184. teresahill says:

    I’m completely baffled by this. Surely they know they can’t win with a war on contraception as their issue. And if the Republicans have truly reached the point where they go scorched-earth against each other, completely disregarding the fact that if it takes that to win the nomination, it does them no good, because there’s no way they win against Obama — well, that makes this whole process as productive as bashing their heads against a wall. So what’s the point?
    I mean, they’re mean and stupid about a lot of things, but… can they really be this stupid?

  185. DPH says:

    LOL, Will. The unified theory!

  186. Nick says:

    thanks Nancy.

  187. Azizi says:

    If I can digress from astrological comments, any racism is terrible, and what is so horrendous about racism against dark skinned people is that “black” is commonly equated with everything “nefarious and awful”.

    I was motivated by your remark Will, to write about this topic on my cultural blog. That particular blog post also showcases four videos of songs about Black pride. Those songs can help and have helped to counterract the negative consequences to self-esteem & group esteem that many Black people have experienced and many still experience. The link to that post is

    Thanks for allowing this digression from discussions about astrology.

  188. clymela says:

    The “news” about the gas prices has been around for the past week and every time I have heard it I have known that it will be used against Obama. And…I think that it will be worse this year because the owners of the oil companies are invariably right wing.Still there is no way to make up for the right wing candidates that appeal only to a minority.
    Starlight-one thought I have had is the progressed Mars rx for the US could herald a time when the nuts such as we are hearing in the Republican campaign could become a majority. I am thinking of this only because of Mars rx having the reputation for cruelty.

  189. starlight says:

    Clymela – I am not sure where you heard that MarsR has a reputation for cruelty. I don’t think that is true, certainly not in any consistent way. But it can indicate self-doubt and second guessing regarding aggressive action. I would think we would plan carefully before we jump into another war, and even then in a cautious and limited way (e.g.,Libya).

  190. starlight says:

    I was thinking of writing about Iran again, but I really said most of what I could say a few weeks back.

    So I need to dig up another topic. :-)

  191. Francis says:

    Nancy, if you are hinting at suggestions I’m sure you will be flooded. I have one though that happens latter on in the year. Saturn and Pluto will be in mutual reception and in sextile to each other. I’m thinking they will have an effect on the world and in our country, but what kind of effect and how might their mid point affect our nation?

  192. starlight says:

    Maybe it will mute the intensity of their stay in these two signs for a couple of years to some degree, but the mutual reception is not something I am likely to focus on.

    I am taking another look at Israel and Iran and digging up some new aspects to discuss.

  193. manastar says:

    How abt writing abt revolution and reforms wave in Pakistan

  194. CarolDuhart (Aquariusmoon) says:

    I think that an Obama victory would definitely trigger mass hysteria on the right, not the left. The left is far more used to defeat, having suffered so much in the last 30 years, plus there’s a great deal of group solidarity in many sections of the left.

    The right is used to getting its way, and not getting it for once could trigger a real reaction. Plus the dealing in paranoia and racism, and fear that Obama would take their guns in addition, and it could get nasty.

    Think of it this way: Obama is a harbinger of a change they can’t wrap their minds around. But they still think it’s just a youthful enthusiasm thing, or a mistake, or even a flirtation. In any event, there is still a legal way of making Obama an ex-president by an election. Should Obama win again, he no longer will have to face the voters, and it’s doubtful at best impeachment of an impeccable President would succeed.

    So I can see a movement of birthers, tenthers, and other such crazies actually trying to forment revolution in order to prevent Obama somehow from taking a second term. Not that it would matter: Biden would simply succeed Obama and carry out his policies. But we aren’t dealing with rational people who understand how things really work.

  195. will says:

    Quite a compelling read – sent from my good friend, Lou Pupich.

    Click here: The Ugly Circus

  196. fierywoman says:

    A decumbiture on Mittens’ white sideburns vs jet black hair — would it really be so hard for him to slop the Just For Men on the sideburns as well as the hair? Perhaps the oddness of the look will convince a few voters of what a fake he is, leading to his ultimate downfall…

  197. chrys says:

    HI Nancy – Canada is in a major revision/ change with the conservative majority government –
    all sorts of things – Increasing funding for jails, ordering Bombers, wanting to give police full reign in internet / email / cell phone without warrants in the guise of finding child perverts – and the list goes on. As Canada has three major parties – even though the conservatives got less than 40 % of the vote a year ago – they finally have a majority government – and are making the way to use it – we have 4 more years . Toronto elected a conservative bully as mayor a year ago also on the pledge of cutting the gravy – without cuts to services or increase to taxes – that is also a disaster. I think the progressed Canadian moon has just gone into sag…. and Canada day is July 1st – so Pluto is opposing the sun. I am just hoping they do not destroy the Canada I love ……

  198. Jerry says:

    Riots Worldwide – More to Come?
    by Barbara Goldsmith

    What’s happening? Which planets are triggering these events and how does the future look? The two planets at play here are Uranus and Pluto. Let’s take a look at Uranus first. Uranus is all about sudden change, freedom, young people, disruption to the status quo, awakening to new possibilities. Uranus forces us to break out of patterns that have become too rigid. Uranus can become violent when it feels cornered and so many people are feeling like this now: they have huge debts, their homes are being foreclosed, their social security benefits are drying up, tent cities have sprung up in previously affluent areas and increasing numbers are unemployed. Look at the youth of today in so many countries where there are huge percentages without work and many don’t have much hope of ever finding a job. Uranus calls for justice, freedom and equality and it can spiral sudden riots, revolutions and even wars. In fact Uranus was first discovered in 1781 right in the midst of the French revolution. The difference today is that we have global communication systems that can reach millions of people within seconds and cause a worldwide movement overnight.

    Now let’s look at the energy of Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation; it breaks down the old structures that are no longer serving us and over a long period of time new and better structures can emerge. Pluto rules our governments, our politicians, the banks, big corporations and it wants power and control and can be very manipulative. We are certainly seeing the subversive and controlling power of Pluto in our financial systems, our economies and our governments. When the difference between the haves and the have nots becomes too great, and reports show that the richest one percent of the population control over forty percent of the world’s wealth, and ten percent of the wealthiest people own over eighty-five percent of the world’s assets. With this kind of imbalance, the seeds of revolution have already been planted and great changes must eventually come to pass.

    Both Uranus and Pluto are in cardinal signs: Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn. This means that their energies are especially strong and neither is going to give way. In Aries, Uranus is potentially a firecracker ready to go off at any moment. Aries rules weapons, war and destruction. It pushes people out in sudden surges to fight for freedom and justice.


  199. will says:


    I am wondering if you would consider writing about what to expect from California – the most populated of the United States. A number of pundits have suggested rather emphatically that the ‘whole nation is looking to California’s economic recovery.’

    Also, you had mentioned some time ago that you were planning on writing an essay on China.

    Just my two cents.

  200. starlight says:

    Well I am kind of stuck with Iran and Israel since I have said most of what there is to say for now. So I will look at some of these other suggestions. Sorry for the wait between posts. I took some birthday time off. :-)

  201. Sharon says:

    Tomorrow is my solar return! I am psyched. Going to go look it up now.

  202. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    About Israel…. . For various reasons stated, in my estimation the most logical window of opportunity for a military operation against Iran would be the June 19th New Moon. Astrologically, one more piece to the puzzle comes into play; the fact that the Netanyahu govt. (formed March 31, 2009 – refer to Wikepedia: ) has natal Uranus located at the 23 Pisces degree. This degree was opposed by the January 23rd Mars retrograde station and Mars will reactivate this 23 Virgo degree once again during the June 19th New Moon. To me it’s one among a number of tell-tale signs that the commencement of hostilities could begin during the summer solstice period.

  203. kiwi says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon – hope you have an especially wonderful day, and year!

  204. DPH says:

    All the best on your birthday, Sharon, and may the year ahead be terrific!

  205. karen says:

    Lovely, smart and sometimes fiery Sharon, Happy Birthday! Hope your year brings you one step closer to what your heart desires.

  206. Lune Prière says:

    My two cents on subjects I wish you’d address, Starlight: 1) the Warren/Brown Senate race in Mass, and 2) the lovely Michelle Obama.

    Speaking of Virginia’s creepy legislation on requiring women to get a vaginal ultrasound before obtaining a [legal] abortion, among other current insanities of the right, this was pretty funny.

  207. Lune Prière says:

    Happy Birthday Sharon!

  208. Noelle says:

    Starlight, I remember sending you article from Vanity Fair some time ago wherein charts now for US and at time of our revolution and new birth of nation were compared. I would love to see what you see for US in terms of revolution and reform between now and this time next year.

  209. Francis says:

    Thanks Will, posted both to F/B.

  210. David says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Santorscum is an anomaly in history. How many of you remember Bill Miller or Dick Quayle? Santorscum will be under a rock and forgotten by December, 2012, if not sooner.

  211. Noelle says:

    Let’s hope so, David.

  212. andre says:

    Also, the Sun-Uranus conjunction at 8 Cancer in Canada’s chart just happens to sit exactly on the IC, and its ASC is at 15 Aries. Uranus and Pluto will hit this chart hard starting this year. Canada should therefore be world news more often. There will be an election soon in the province of Quebec. I expect the separatist independence party will win.

  213. starlight says:

    andre – What are the data for Canada’s chart?

  214. andre says:

    July 1, 1867. Midnight, Ottawa time.

    But Canada only became a self-governing colony then. It became a sovereign state when the Statute of Westminster was adopted by the British Parliament on 11 December 1931, in a Saturn in Capricorn-Uranus in Aries-Pluto in Cancer t-square. That t-square will be revisited by the same three planets between now and 2020. I think it will be a trying and telling time for Canada. This is when Quebec becomes independent if it ever happens. I think both charts should be used. I guess Nick Campion’s book on national charts should have them.

    Please note there will be a referendum on independence in Scotland in 2014 which will have some impact on Canada, and that Denmark has agreed to grant independence to Greenland in 2021. There might be more than one new state in the North Atlantic in coming years.

  215. starlight says:

    Thanks, andre!

  216. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! (And thank you, Karen, for your comments)….I had a great day & feel blessed as you’re supposed to on your birthday — although I’ve had some where I’ve felt relatively alone, too—and you have to work a little harder to find the blessings in that sometimes, but they are there. Now back to normalcy! Blessings and good wishes to all of you here!

  217. chrys says:

    The Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s birthdate is April 30, 1959, 12:00 PM (unknown)
    in: Toronto (ON) (Canada)-

  218. Helen says:

    US + Israel False flag operation against Iran: ????

    This is making the rounds on the net on different sites:

    “Later in the year, USS Enterprise sails on her ultimate voyage back to the US scrapyard for her horrendously-expensive decommissioning program.

    What’s the cheapest way to get rid of 8 unwanted GE nuke reactors short of sailing the ship broadside into a tsunami?

    Iran’s secret answer, her greatest worry, must be this: a preprogrammed Israeli submarine surreptitiously false-flags an unannounced underwater torpedo into the hull of the old tub as she makes her last Enterprising passage through Hormuz.”

    Does anyone know when the Enterprise sails? Might be a key to understanding what could be around the corner.

  219. Squallo says:

    the USS Enterprise carrier group is on its way and due to arrive in the Gulf in March

  220. rc says:

    Hi Starlight , Oh My !

    Wed Feb 22 9:24 pm Thu Feb 23 9:48 pm Aries

    Is This not an Extreeeemly Long VOC.

    Maybe a good Idea To see what every body tries to do,
    or better Yet, What gets Postpones for the day.

  221. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, I was wondering if you could do an article on the religious right. I don’t know what would be a birth date? I do know that Frank Schaeffer talks extensively on the rise of the movement as he was himself with his father, there deeply involved in the beginning. As theology is becoming more and more a commmon place in political dialogue I hope that the American electorate will take this issue very seriously.

  222. glowlight says:

    I agree Canada could be a very interesting topic given the impact of the conservative government and the oil/tar sands cost to the North American environment(loss of Boreal forest and largest expanse of pristine wetlands in the world), the Keystone pipeline/President Obama’s position etc. These developments are so extreme and contrary to what I’ve always considered the national character of Canada.

  223. Jackson says:

    Apparently, Cupid’s in a coma. ;) Starlight?

  224. Francis says:

    thanks Squallo for the link. Very uplifting and very interesting!

  225. margriet says:

    Hello you all.
    Just one more suggestion for a subject: the french presidential elections. Main candidates: François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy..
    Starlight, you wrote about Sarkozy in his first year of office, saying he was going to be impopular in the following years. You were right. However, now that he’s put his candidature (took him a long time), he seems to be looking a little better.
    It’s hard to say who’s a good candidate, though. Haven’t seen one yet..
    Do you see something in the stars?

  226. kiwi says:

    Hi Jackson, not asleep, just tired of the ‘political drama and outrage of the day’
    As I’ve said before, I do like how Charlie Rose conducts his interviews – calm and measured, whether it is a left or right focus.
    Today’s interviews outline the global banking, trade, and fuel happenings behind the scenes and out of the red meat pundit spotlight…

  227. starlight says:

    Hi All – Sorry it is taking me so long to get another post up. I am almost finished with the latest and hope to get it up tomorrow. Thank you for all the suggestions. They have gone into the hopper for later.

    Anyone watching the debate tonight? I don’t know if I can stomach it. Watching even snippets of Sick Rick on the news saying such vicious and outrageous lies has been bad enough to stomach!

  228. will says:


    “Sick Rick” or “Ick Dick” or Bitch Rich is a real black eye to the Catholic Church – as if the Church needed another one. It really is stunning to see a man who has the unmitigated temerity to hold himself up as an uber-moral man spout such utter falsehoods and maniacal distortions of the truth. His behavior is beyond delusional – its diabolical – and it is really difficult to witness the legions of lemmings he has managed to woo with his bizarre rhetoric.

    I’m going to stop now before I soil my soul too much on an otherwise lovely Ash Wednesday in Santa Monica.

    Take as much time as you need for your new article – it will surely be well-worth any wait.

  229. kiwi says:

    someone ought to nail ultra sanctimonious santorum, as well as the other holier than thou hypocritical republican candidates on their blatent violations of the 9th biblical commandment – thou shalt not bear false witness!!!
    “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”
    —Proverbs 6:16–19
    and other references at

  230. ScorpioX3 says:

    Starlight, please help me understand why us women have become the target of Sick Rick aka Sanctimonious Santorum and other (state) right-wing zealots (Virginia most recently), all of whom seem to determined to send us all back into the kitchen – barefoot, of course. Is this obsession with sex and control all part of the Pluto/Uranus opposition/square to the U.S. Venus/Jupiter? I think the Repugs have really screwed themselves with their attack on women: after all, we are the largest voting bloc, and polls are showing that we aren’t happy with their attack on our rights. Virginia is back-peddling…

    Va. House scraps requirement that women seeking abortions undergo invasive ultrasound imaging

    RICHMOND, Va. — Amid a public uproar that prompted Virginia’s governor to withdraw his support, Republican legislators on Wednesday dropped a bitterly contested proposal to require that women seeking abortions undergo invasive ultrasound imaging, likely dooming the bill.

    The Republican-controlled House of Delegates voted 65-32 for an amended bill that requires only an external ultrasound, not the vaginal insertion of a wand-like device that emits ultrasonic waves that are used to create images of the fetus.

    The House amended the bill shortly after Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell issued a statement opposing the more invasive procedure.

    Full AP story at

  231. Jill G says:

    All these attacks on women’s rights and civil liberties are very concerning. Women having power over their own bodies and lives makes the right-wingers nuts. Since the boring, repulsive lot of Republican candidates have nothing planned to help the economy or make jobs they’ve had to resort to their old standbys (guns, gays, god, bigotry, racism, sexism) during the debates. I blame it on the negative effects of Pluto in the feminine sign of Capricorn and hope it doesn’t get worse. When you think about it a square is female against male, in search of balance.

  232. starlight says:

    Scorpio – One way to understand it might be to look at what happened during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction: the Women’s Movement, sexual freedom, Civil Rights Movement, etc. Now we are at the square and these issues are coming up again: contraception challenges, more onerous restrictions on abortion, voting suppression on a massive scale. It is as if any residual leftover issues are being magnified to an extreme (Pluto) to be worked out again, with massive protests in support.

  233. pam says:

    Know you’ve brought this up before – but could you clarify … are you saying that these issues are reemerging so that in this rematch of these old battles the changes they originally brought to our society will become clearer and more excepted – more a truth of who we are rather than (as those on the far out right are currently suggesting) a perversion and deviation of who we are and should be if only the crazy left radicals would get out of the way?
    Are you in fact suggesting that us “crazy left radicals” are not going to be the ones with a tail between their legs (yes one of my cats is on my lap as I write this) after this current Pluto Uranus square has doen it’s nasty work?

  234. will says:

    Squallo, thank you for posting Carl’s video. I like this guy – he is thoughtful and ponderous and has a very interesting manner about him. I plan on visiting his Blog in the future.

    One thing I found compelling was his assertion that the pinnacle effect of the much vaunted, long-coming and still waxing Uranus square to Pluto has virtually already been experienced and adapted to in the collective ‘vibe’ for sometime now. He also asserts that in spite of this historic square becoming “exact” seven (7) times between June 2012 and March, 2015, the only real culmination is the first one which will crest this June; after this, he feels it will really just become “background” energy – like he thinks it has already, actually.

    If his assertion is true (I don’t agree)that would be like saying that Mercury Retrograde only happens once and then it just becomes a non-event. So not true for this star-gazer. So not true. Even though Uranus and Pluto are “outer planets” he and, as such, move much slower than the likes of the closer ones, the dynamics are, to my mind and spirit, felt experienced at a much deeper and more profound level.

    Just my take.

    Again, thank you for posting Carl’s link.

  235. starlight says:

    pam – I don’t know the outcome. I only know that the issues of freedom and equality (Uranus) versus control and manipulation(Pluto)are being revisited, and it is useful to see what fields they were played upon last time. Think of it like this:

    You have an ongoing battle with your mother over how you should live your life. Then you move out and go your own way. 10 years later you come back for a month-long visit and many of the same issues and tensions emerge, as well as some new ones. But you have been living on your own for a while, so in reality things have significantly progressed. Nonetheless, there is tension.

    This may not be a great analogy, but the point is that we will never go back to 1964. Nonetheless, some of the old tensions are being argued all over again. I am hopeful that after this is all over (2016 or so), some of the old victories will be further cemented. But we all know that mothers can continue to rehash old arguments long after they are settled in the minds of their offspring.

    This may sound extreme, but I would like to see Virginia put this draconian personhood law on the books. Then I would like to see them try to enforce it by arresting for murder all the women living in or visiting the state who are on hormonal birth control or who have IUD’s. Let the country see how crazy these people really are, in case they haven’t noticed so far.

  236. Francis says:

    Your analogy makes so much sense to explain the Uranus-Pluto square and how it affects women… actually, how it affects all of us. We all know that freedom and liberation are not simply granted and that people need to exert Uranian energy to get their rights and keep them. The square will affect women all over the planet. Initially I thought its energies would be more muted here because of the status of women in our country and that the effect of square would be more strongly felt in those areas where women are repressed and oppressed. But here we are, in 2012 and I hope women and all their allies rise up all over the world and refuse to accept the dictates of a patriarchy any longer.

  237. Connie says:

    Here’s a 2012 twist on reproductive rights that shines an interesting light. “…As members of Georgia’s House of Representatives debate whether to prohibit abortions for women more than 20 weeks pregnant, House Democrats introduced their own reproductive rights plan: No more vasectomies that leave “thousands of children … deprived of birth.”

  238. Francis says:

    The talk about a new Republican candidate, just whispers a month ago is gathering steam. More and more I see articles of this sort suggesting the Repubs will being in a new candidate… this could be another match to the fire of revolt that Nancy talks about if they go through with it.

  239. Wennye' says:

    Hey Francis..the “Goddesses” are beginning to take back their power!! Blessings Friend, Wennye’

  240. Francis says:

    and I’m going to help them!

  241. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha All,

    Been busy IRL…missing your comments & wonderful community here…

    Finding of interest the Neptune/Pisces focus on Roman Catholics through the Pluto/Capricorn political agendas of some…the machinery of the church is being engaged and we will see what the outcome is eventually: theocracy, plutocracy, democracy….if only more folks were all so virulently energized by the satanic sins of pedophilia in their ranks, wars that kill millions, usury creating poverty, corruption…

    Santorum: “We’re not here to serve the Earth. The Earth is not the objective. Man is the objective.” Very telling expression of his deep spiritual ignorance and qualification as one of the ‘false prophets’ biblically predicted. He totally misses the fact that most environmentalists are serving God’s creation in trying to save/preserve/respect it all, including humanity itself rather than treat the planet as a junkyard for profiteers….very man-oriented is Mr. Santorum, imv.

    In compassionate moments, it’s possible to see these regressive folks as deeply ignorant, terrified souls who have never really actually experienced God’s unconditional love…or the deeper, mystical meanings of their God/savior. They seem to need battle/war/fight. Some would say it is a variation in evolution of their brains, with major focus on the posterior occipital-fight-flight-survival impulses….they may eventually attack each other if there is no acquisition of new experience/wisdom/knowledge…spiritual awakenings.

    While the superficial memes we see among most media…trying to create political divisions and elevate personalized brands of “Christianity” into a theocratic America….they are only asking for trouble that our founders wisely foresaw, imo….just look into any major metropolitan phonebook under “churches”…there are many, many versions of Christianity..each believing they are the true Church…ponder which of the many, many denominations of Christianity will fight to be in charge and which will suffer…..they are in for a big intra-denominational war among themselves, regardless of how this all plays out in the power struggles of the secular world, inv.

    Continuing to believe that Pluto/Cap requires corrupt Capricornian energies of mundane structure to crumble & rise phoenix-like with more integrity…while Neptune in it’s home of Pisces works to teach us all compassion/unity in building the more evolved replacement structures…maybe this is incorrect tho it makes sense?

    Warm aloha, all…many blessings & true peace to all!
    E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua!

  242. Lune Prière says:

    Great point kiwi

  243. starlight says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long. This is a long one, short on poetry, long on astrology. But I think the point is clear.

  244. ScorpioX3 says:

    Me too!

  245. ScorpioX3 says:

    Thank you! My Pisces ASC makes me nod in agreement with everything you said.

  246. ScorpioX3 says:

    Thank you, Starlight (and Jill, Pam, Wennye’and Francis for your input too). I now have a clearer understanding of how the Uranus/Pluto square is playing out in the “war against women,” and will look at this more closely. Speaking of the war against women, the activists among us here might be interested in this:

  247. ScorpioX3 says:

    Your analogy makes perfect sense to me – you could’ve been speaking about my mother and I. I so get it now.