Winter Agitation

With his administration inheriting the vast swath of destruction left in the wake of eight years of George W. Bush’s profligacy and irresponsibility, President Barack Obama has faced the sobering challenge of rectifying a huge, multi-layered mess. Obama has been working tenaciously to get the nation’s finances in order, rebuild America’s reputation in the world, and disengage us from two costly and mostly counter-productive wars. His efforts have been obstructed at every turn by an obsessively partisan and short-sighted Congress and a powerful right-wing media machine led by FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. In the past few months, however, the president seems to have sharpened his game enough to win some significant battles with his relentless foes.

Beginning in early September 2011, Obama aggressively began to retake control of the narrative, focusing on the need for jobs and other help and protection for the middle class, while the Republicans in Congress have become more and more transparent in their support of policies that only advantage the very rich. This seems likely to be the theme that will run right through the November election. We can attribute this more assertive mood to the president’s progressed Moon leaving the watery and emotional sign of Pisces and entering the fiery and daring sign of Aries, where it will remain for over two years. In addition, his increasing poll numbers and successful initiatives of late are described by his progressed Sun square to natal Venus, triggered by both transiting Jupiter (through 1/23) and transiting Uranus (through 2/1/12).

The Uranus activity, however, also adds an element of unexpected and upsetting events that have the power to alter the political, emotional, or diplomatic landscape. The transit of Uranus square to the president’s Venus (1Cancer47) runs through the entire month of January. Thus far, it has brought several jarring and unanticipated events: the resignation of White House Chief of Staff William Daley; the publication of a book critical about Michelle Obama (president’s Venus); stepped up Iranian rhetoric threatening the Strait of Hormuz and the world’s oil supply; the Iranian death sentence of a supposed US spy, a former marine visiting his Iranian grandmother; and the virally-spreading photo of US marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers. No doubt this list will grow in the coming weeks.

Another element often found during a Uranus transit is a willingness to break boundaries and act outside the more conventional norms. The president’s recent recess appointments, despite the manipulative Republican pro-forma session, are an example of this.  Moreover, the current Mars station is conjunct Obama’s natal Mars (22Virgo33) from January 8 through February 3, signaling a very aggressive stance and the potential for significant confrontation on a number of issues. The increasingly hostile relationship with Iran, with its attendant threats and military posturing, is one such issue which is likely to escalate further in the next three weeks.

From February 7 through March 5, the planet Uranus will once again come strongly into play, again bringing unexpected events and transformative, upsetting situations. From February 7 through February 29, Uranus (3 Aries) will be square to the US Venus (3Cancer06) for the final of three crossings; and from February 14 through March 5, Uranus will oppose the Ascendant of the US solar return chart (3Libra26) and square the Ascendant of Obama’s solar return chart (3Cancer23). The last time Uranus transited this degree was during the entire month of August 2011. Early in the month, transiting Mars (3Cancer) triggered these charts while squaring transiting Uranus and opposing Pluto (5Capricorn), unleashing the debt ceiling debacle and the downgrade of US credit. Later in the same month, the Mercury station (18Leo45) was in a prolonged sesquiquadrate to transiting Uranus during which the nation experienced the massive flooding and chaos of Hurricane Irene.

The coming Uranus transit of February and early March 2012 will have no major triggers like the one in August, suggesting that the situation will not be quite as extreme or dramatic. Nonetheless, Uranus does cause upsets and tends to shake up the status quo when it strikes, and the inclusion of the Ascendant in the US solar return in this configuration points to something that will directly impact some part of the US population, possibly again with a weather event of some significance.


  1. Lorrie U says:

    Starlight – Glad you’re feeling better, thanks for another great post.
    I wonder if President Obama will get any cooperation from Reps since they keep saying they want smaller govt?

    President Barack Obama Seeks Greater Power To Shrink The Federal Government

  2. starlight says:

    Lorrie – Of course not. There was an op-ed by some GOP cretin in the WP today complaining about cutting defense spending even though they say they want to cut the deficit, and they agreed to defense cuts if they couldn’t agree to appropriate tax changes during the last deficit battle. so they created the situation and now it is Obama’s fault. Sound familiar?

  3. Mayfly says:

    Thank you, starlight.

    Re the President’s progressed moon moving from Pisces to Aries–I remember when my progressed Sun (natal Aquarius) moved from Pisces to Aries. Previously I had always favored cool colors–blues, greens, etc. Suddenly I began repainting rooms. My sister came over and said, “Are you going to paint everything orange?” “That’s not orange,” I replied–that’s Terra-cotta. (I’m a Taurus rising.)

    Would love to get your take on this, Nancy. This is a 29 minute political ad re real-life consequences of corporate raider greed, starring Mitt Romney. Apparently Newt Gingrich is responsible for it. I’ve never liked Newt–but by golly, he may have done his country a service here, no matter what his real motives.


  4. Azizi says:

    In her January 2, 2012 post entitled “Iowa and Beyond”, sunlight wrote “Rick Santorum’s best days run from December 25 through January 15″… I wonder if his comment on January 12th that Mitt Romney “is running as an establishment conservative and not one of these ‘crazies’ you have to worry about” will hasten his political demise.

    I also wonder what [astrologically] could have influenced Rick Santorum to say something that gave people ammunition to call him crazy -as shown on this page


    Here’s Santorum’s natal planets from another site (which I had previously posted)

    Richard Santorum
    May 10, 1958
    ??:00:00 PM EST +05:00

    Sun – Taurus 19
    Moon – Aquarius 20
    Mercury – Aries 24°’
    Venus – Aries 05°
    Mars – Pisces 10°
    Jupiter – Libra 23°
    Saturn – Sagittarius 24
    Pluto – Leo 29°
    Midheaven – Taurus 17°
    Ascendant – Leo23°

    Winchester, VA
    same placements with a 12pm birth time


    Could Santorum’s crazy comment be the result of yesterday’s Mercury Capricorn 6 closely squaring his natal Venus Aries 5? Or could it also have something to do with yesterday’s Uranus Aries 1 being conjunct his natal Venus?

  5. Stefanie says:

    Oops, I managed to post this at the end of the last thread by accident:

    Love this post, Nancy, and glad you’re feeling better! Totally off topic, so I apologize in advance, but I’m wondering you (or any posters here) are attending the UAC conference in New Orleans in May. I am and can’t wait to return to the city of my soul. May is also going to be wild astrologically, with two eclipses and the Transit of Venus early in June. WIll be great to be in the company of sages during this volatile phase…

  6. starlight says:

    Stefanie – I haven’t yet decided. I might go, especially if I know a few others who will attend. I would also be interested to know if anyone else from this blog will be going.

    Mayfly – I have seen the video on Romney’s vulture capitalism. I think it is very powerful. The narrative building around him: cold, heartless, predatory capitalist, only for the 1%, will be hard to shake since there is so much truth in it. The horrible story of him putting his dog on the roof is getting another look now too.

    Also Rachel covered it last night.

  7. sonya says:

    Starlight, I’m happy that you are back in good form. Thanks for the insightful post.

  8. Sharon says:

    Stephanie & Nancy — I live in New Orleans — I sure hope we can get together for some cafe au lait & beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Email me at Maybe I’ll even attend some of the sessions (although you usually have to register for the whole conference). How exciting!!!!

  9. Alex says:

    Great column – glad you are on the mend.


    “Pity the Billionaire By THOMAS FRANK

    Class conflict in America has always been sharper and more violent than in Europe. Think about the history of the American labor movement. It was much more violent here than in Europe. The employer class in American never wanted to give an inch. You think of someone like Ayn Rand. She would basically be impossible in Europe. She could have written her books there – she was, in fact, a European – but she wouldn’t have become this enormous celebrity, this guru of the right, in the way she has in America. Why? Business has always been much more powerful in this country than it has in other places. Maybe that is one of the things that makes us different from other industrialized countries

    Aaron Leonard: The theme of your new book is that the current economic crisis has been paradoxically met with pleas for sympathy for the wealthy and the political activation of a social base of middle-class people who have taken up their call. Could you talk about how that phenomenon came about?

    Thomas Frank: What has happened is very strange: that we would react to a financial crisis that was brought on by easily definable problems and react to it in exactly the wrong way, by making those problems worse, demanding more deregulation, that sort of thing. Various Republican candidates for president call for this every single day. It is flying precisely in the face of reality – the reality that we all agree on. The way they deal with that is by retreating into an alternate reality of their own. In some ways, “Pity the Billionaire” is about – though I did not have time to go far enough down that road – the social construction of reality. We are living in a time where we can no longer say, “Oh, we have this two-party system, and these people have one set of views, and these people have another.” It’s something way beyond that now; one group has really seceded from a sense of reality.

  10. Jerry says:

    The Mars retrograde station at 23 ’06 Virgo (January 23rd 7:51 pm EST) conjoins Iran President Ahmadinejad’s natal Jupiter (23 ’11 Virgo). This happens to coincide the day when the EU convenes in Brussels to implement in planned stages an Iranian oil embargo, an action that Iran considers to be an act of war. Boisterous rhetoric no doubt but an indication of increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf.

    The Mars station squares Israel’s natal Uranus (24 ’21 Gemini) and trines natal Sun (23 ’41 Taurus). One could deduce that this development will in fact have the opposite desired effect in that it will simply reinforce the Islamic mullahs hold on power with the approaching Iranian elections scheduled for early March. See related article…..

    Iran: Time For Cool Heads

    The Guardian
    Jan 10, 2012

    This would be a good time for the US and Europe to decline the ayatollah’s kind invitation to be his faction’s re-election agent

    The following three propositions are all true: in March, Iran is facing one of the most crucial elections in the history of the regime; it is doing so in an atmosphere which has become militarised, not just externally, but internally too – the Revolutionary Guards control Iran’s oil industry, key business interests, the nuclear programme and the oil and gas infrastructure; and the more militarised the election gets, the more it will benefit the hardliners around the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He himself has called the vote a potential security challenge. Given this, why are the US and EU about to impose oil sanctions, which even if they do not go as far as Ron Paul’s “act of war” will squeeze the source of 60% of the regime’s revenue?


    Here’s a comprehensive analysis on the Mars Jan 2012 retrograde station in Virgo, with an excerpt that reads as follows…..

    Mars Retrograde 2012

    “….In general, Mars, the god of warriors, rules physical energy and efforts. His placement in your chart expresses the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, your will to achieve. Mars fires your emotions and energizes your passions, but also powers your mental endeavours and communicative skills.

    Mars describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter. Well-placed, Mars endows powerful energy and an indomitable will to succeed, but when poorly placed can mean accidents, injuries, fits of anger, rage, warfare or other forms of violence, according to the inclinations of the sign and house concerned.

    Mars loves to rush forward. The grass is always greener on the other side of that hill, so Mars does not react well to being held back, or… (gasp!) going backwards! Mars retrograde therefore gives rise to irrational action; introspection; depression and self-assessment; sexual issues and relationship conflicts. Major rethinks and reorientation of current projects are also often required.”

  11. Sharon says:

    Informative post — thanks, Jerry.

  12. Michael from NYC says:

    Doing some research on Mitt I started to read up on his father and his campaign for the White House in 1968. I came across this amazing bit of video which shows an interview with him, one in which he really speaks out on Vietnam — from what I understand this was the interview that cost him the nomination to Nixon:

  13. starlight says:

    This article will be quoted in anti-Romney ads in the future. It is an opinion piece in today’s Wash Post and it is devastating. Here is an example:

    This win-at-any-cost approach makes me wonder how a President Romney would negotiate with Congress, or with China, or with anyone else — and what a promise, pledge or endorsement from him would actually mean…I have no idea how Romney might behave in office. I do believe, however, that when he was running Bain Capital, his word was not his bond

  14. Jackson says:

    I just don’t know how Romney will catch fire with voters. Aside from his religion, which is viewed by many fundamentalist Christians as counterfeit Christianity of satanic origin, and aside from his tenure at Bain Capital, which gives him the aura of a Gordon Gekko greedhead sociopath to people who look into the matter, and aside from the family dog on the roof of the family station wagon for the 10-hour drive to Lake Huron, which makes him anathema to dog lovers, the man just seems brittle and arrogant in a way I’e never seen in a presidential candidate.

    I’m not sure how that defeats Barack Obama. Maybe it’s the unlimited sums of money that Wall Street will throw at his campaign until November. Maybe it will be the tsunamis of propaganda that Clear Channel radio stations and Premiere Radio Network (the latter of which syndicates such mouthpieces as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many others) will inundate listeners with, as both companies are co-owned by Bain Capital (with Thomas Lee Partners). I don’t know.

    I do think that Romney will be a disaster for America if he gets into the White House. From many indications, he is a sociopath like none we’ve ever seen.

  15. rc says:

    Hi Jackson,

    What are the chances That names on
    this List end In ” Bain”

  16. Azizi says:

    Would someone please provide some astrological analysis about the astrology of Nigeria, West Africa and its current JUGH oil strikes.

    Thanks in advance.

    Here’s some background information:

    Associated Press, Updated: Sunday, January 15, 6:56 AM

    LAGOS, Nigeria — “A nationwide strike in Nigeria over spiraling fuel prices will continue, two major unions said Sunday after negotiations with the government failed…

    The strike began Jan. 9 [2012], paralyzing the nation of more than 160 million people. The root cause remains gasoline prices: President Jonathan’s government abandoned subsidies that kept gasoline prices low on Jan. 1, causing prices to spike from $1.70 per gallon (45 cents per liter) to at least $3.50 per gallon (94 cents per liter). The costs of food and transportation also largely doubled in a nation where most people live on less than $2 a day.

    Anger over losing one of the few benefits average Nigerians see from living in an oil-rich country, as well as disgust over government corruption, led to demonstrations across this nation and violence that has killed at least 10 people. Red Cross volunteers have treated more than 600 people injured in protests since the strike began, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Friday.”



    The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria accounts for over half of West Africa’s population…

    “Nigeria is the United States’ largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa, largely due to the high level of petroleum imports from Nigeria, which supply 8% of U.S. oil imports–nearly half of Nigeria’s daily oil production. Nigeria is the fifth-largest exporter of oil to the United States”…


    Nigeria gained its independence from Great Britain on October 1, 1960.

    Here’s the placements I found in the American Ephemeris for October 1, 1960 (at 0 hours)

    Sun Libra 8 18
    Moon Aquarius 16 52
    Mercury Libra 29 41.8
    Venus Scorpio 5 15.3
    Jupiter Sagittarius 26. 23.3
    Saturn Capricorn 12 1.2
    Uranus Leo 24 12.1
    Neptune Scorpio 7 15.7
    Pluto Virgo 6 58.1
    True Node Virgo 15 25.3

  17. Azizi says:

    Sorry, for that mistake. I meant to write “HUGH”.

  18. andre says:

    Romney will make it close but he will lose. The problem is the Right won’t take that result. At that point, anything goes, and I really mean anything. Watch out for a military coup or the beginnings of a civil war in 2014.

    On the Left, Wikileaks and the Occupy movement, both Uranian energies, appear to have pbeen crushed by Plutonian resistance. Uranian vitality will eventually provide Plutonian enlightenment. Any Plutonian fundamental power-based institution that does not adapt to the Uranian challenge is doomed. Burmese astrologers, who have a strong influence on their government, have noticed that. That is why their country, one of the worst dictatorships on earth, is suddenly opening up to democracy, one of the genuine good news of our time.

    Ultra-conservative and stupidly narrow-minded institutions under the threat of Uranus square Pluto include the Vatican (what a silly, hard-headed, vain and ridiculous pope Catholics presently have, a sure sign of antoher Reformation), the British monarchy (it will comme to a speedy end once the unpopular and somewhat deluded Prince Charles ascends on the throne, to be followed by Princess Diana’s son, the last King of England), and the American government itself, in a Mars and Saturn progressed retrograde no less, plus a Pluto return. An alternative Constitution, anyone?

  19. Jackson says:

    What’s the astrological signifiers for a military coup or civil war in 2014?

  20. Jerry says:

    A fascinating astrological analysis posted on the net a few days ago focuses in on the Iran/Israel composite chart. The author appears to be using the Iranian Feb 1, 1979 9:30 am chart as a point of reference (the moment the exiled Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran). Uranus in the composite chart using the April 1, ’79 chart for Iran reveals only 10 minute disparity from the Feb 1st version, so either way, the variance in calculations for Uranus is negligible.

    Of utmost interest is that there will be an exact Mars-Moon opposition conjunct the composite Uranus on March 20th, 2012 (7 ’33 Virgo-Pisces). Even more poignant is that the March 22nd New Moon transpiring two days later conjoins the Israeli/Iran composite Sun (2 Aries). Which leads one to speculate….. could there be a “false flag” incident in the Persian Gulf region on March 20th that will justify a massive, violent Israeli response to coincide with the March 22nd New Moon? Here’s the article complete with charts……

    Israel and Iran – Tensions Rising To Boiling Point
    by Solaris

    The murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist yesterday, Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan blown up outside a Tehran university has raised the temperature of the already strained relationship between Iran and Israel. Now there is no proof that Mossad agents were to blame for the unexplained attack, however veiled threats coming out of Israel that Iran should “expect unusual events this year” has left the Iranians rather unhappy. Very unhappy indeed…

    Many people have been speculating when Iran and Israel might go head to head in conflict and we are coming up to a crunch point sooner rather than later if the astrology is anything to go by. The natal chart (inside ring) has a nasty triple conjunction of Pluto Uranus and Saturn, square to the composite Moon. There is bad blood between these two. The main sticking point you will not be surprised to find out is faith. Jupiter conjunct the composite Midheaven is square the Nodal Axis, so the disagreements over the matter of belief will always come into the public arena.


  21. kiwi says:

    Interesting post Jerry. What comes instantly to my mind is this: fall of Ottoman Empire, aka Persia, aka Iran, allowed for the formal creation of the country of Israel. Is it so suprising they seem to mortal enemies? Memories live long in that part of the ‘eye for an eye’ world.
    If israel was created, bottom line, because of the political and commercial implications of middle east oil for the ‘west’s money players’, I wonder what this age of change has in store for both oil and old entrenched money’d interests? Time will tell I suppose. Uranus and Pluto, perhaps Neptune too, at work? We certainly do live in ‘interesting’ times.

  22. sonya says:

    Yes the election will be close. No, Obama will not lose. Yes, the conservatives will stay home including alot of tea party conservatives (who love Palin) just like 2008 because they don’t like Mitt and can’t trust him. The reason why the election will be close is because not all of Obama’s supporters will vote like lst time voters and the young like they did in 2008 and because its going to be a really negative campaign which depresses voter turnout.

    Also, there isn’t going to be a revolt from the right, they are going to have enough trouble trying to keep their factions together (christian right, business and libertarian wings). National they are a regional (south) party and will remain that way. If they can’t get their act together, its a good chance that probably the libertarian or chirstian right wing will splinter off and a third party could be born.

    And as much as I loathe Mitt Rommney as a presidential contender, he isn’t a socio path. He is very strange like most 1% who get every thing their way. And calling him names like people been calling Obama names is what’s wrong with our politics today.

  23. Tetramorph says:

    I have a friend (PhD, Psych), who has worked closely with the Army on suicide prevention programs during the Bush admin. He claims there are two factions in the military, and that the “good guys” are the larger of the two. He said that if there was ever an attempt at a coup there would be a fierce, but short battle between the two.

    This Mars Retro is something else… I do recall reading (either here or at Planetwaves) that the US progressed Mars is also retro, and that would indicate a military pull back — well, look what Obama just did. It’s a small start, but it came down quicker than I thought it would :)

    There will be 3 passages of BO’s natal Mars this year, any thoughts on that?

  24. starlight says:

    As I posted above, the article in yesterday’s Wash Post about Bain Capital will reverberate for along time. Newt mentioned it yesterday on Meet the Press while he was trashing Romney, and here is more:

  25. teresahill says:

    I’m in SC, so seeing all the ads now. Funniest one other than Stephen Colbert’s Mitt-serial-killer ad is Romney’s attacking Newt. Says, literally, “Newt has more baggage than the airlines,” and we see video of luggage on an airline conveyor belt going round and round. :) Love it.
    Expecting it to get really crazy this week in South Carolina.

  26. manastar says:

    will there be civil war or army coup in US in 2014?

  27. Lorrie U says:

    The Tea Party For Obama?

    It may be hard to believe but a Tea Party group is in fact endorsing President Obama over every single Republican still in the Presidential field. That’s a total switch from the racist, ignorant, uncaring, hateful, and uncompromising Tea Party that we know so well. Tea Party for Obama understands that President Obama did not start the recession and they see that the economy shows improvement because of policies the President has enacted. They also understand that President Obama has taken the fight to the terrorists and is keeping America safe. This Tea Party group is clearly different and we should congratulate them for being reasonable and sane. If you want to show them your appreciation, visit their website at

  28. Lorrie U says:

    In Newsweek Magazine:
    Andrew Sullivan: How Obama’s Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics

    If I sound biased, that’s because I am. Biased toward the actual record, not the spin; biased toward a president who has conducted himself with grace and calm under incredible pressure, who has had to manage crises not seen since the Second World War and the Depression, and who as yet has not had a single significant scandal to his name. “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle,” George Orwell once wrote. What I see in front of my nose is a president whose character, record, and promise remain as grotesquely underappreciated now as they were absurdly hyped in 2008. And I feel confident that sooner rather than later, the American people will come to see his first term from the same calm, sane perspective. And decide to finish what they started.

  29. andre says:

    Jackson, by 2014 we will be in the third year of a series of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares. We will all be exhausted and alarmed by then by the breakdown of some seemingly rock-solid institutions ruled by Capricorn, including banks, large corporations and governments. Maybe some of us will be pleased, but a lot of people will be scared. At that point, the tunnel will seem endless and a conservative over-reaction is entirely plausible especially if the GOP extremists control both Houses of Congress and lose the Presidency by a hair this year. They will put Obama under constant siege. I don’t think the political climate will be healthier than it is now at that point, and it may well be a lot worse, although things should clear up later. Starlight has written more than once about the very serious and probably unprecedented difficulties facing the American President that year. No one should think Obama’s second term, and I believe he will be reelected, will be any easier than the first. Add to that the possibility of a world-wide economic disaster, which I believe will be the biggest story of this decade, and you have the recipe for social turmoil. If food or oil prices skyrocket, there could be extensive rioting just like in the Sixties. Face it, Greece could come to the US because neither country can get a grip on its debts. Need I remind you there was a judicial coup in 2000 and the will of the people was denied by the Supreme Court. Need I remind you also there are outstanding serious allegations that the 2004 presidential elections were rigged at least in some key states such as Ohio. IMHO GWB stole both elections and was never truly elected. Yet the Democratic Party submitted meekly to those severe distortions of the democratic process. What I’m saying is that after having gotten away with that twice and no doubt preparing to do so again this time around because Obama is completely unacceptable and illegitimate to many people on the Right, the Right will fall into a great rage if PBO comes back for a second term. Under extreme social and economic strain, people will do crazy things, and unfortunately the planets in 2014 will be quite extreme, particularly for the US, making anything possible. To assume that in such a climate all military or police units or commanders would be immune from such irrational right-wing behavior would be quite naive and completely unrealistic. There could well be fighting in the streets of America in 2014, but I also believe this dark period will pass.

  30. andre says:

    I am confident the good guys would win. I’m only saying the bad guys could try. I believe that in 2014 PBO may finally inherit Lincoln’s greatness but we all know what Lincoln overcame. There could well be a life-or-death struggle ahead. I am optimistic about the outcome, but I think most of us underestimate the danger ahead.

  31. Jerry says:


    India and Pakistan share an almost exact natal Neptune (8 ’50 Libra). With the approaching Uranus-Pluto t square to the Indian/Pakistan Neptune over the summer of 2012, I think you won’t have to be concerned about 2014. The approaching summer appears decisive in geo-political affairs.

  32. andre says:

    I forgot to mention that the Uranus-Pluto square will directly impact the US Sun in 2014, meaning the President.

  33. andre says:

    I think the three passages on BO’s Mars mean his military decisions in coming months will be unusually significant. He has already stated the US military will not be able to wage two wars at once in the future, a far-reaching admission in and of itself. Financial reality is reaching the US military-industrial complex, and this President, unlike his predecessor, will not deny or seek to avoid it. It is likely Putin and the Chinese have taken note. They will test this new international disorder some time, perhaps through an Iranian proxy, and will underline the relative decline of American power by protecting the Syrian dictator. Once Putin regains the Russian Presidency this year, he could be a big threat to world peace and will probably destabilize the Ukraine and Georgia, as well as try to prevent an Israeli or US attack on Iran whatever Iran does. Lesser American power means a more dangerous world, because Europe and Japan are unwilling and unable to pick up the slack, and it will be at least a decade before a trustworthy ally (India, perhaps) will be able to do so. In the short term, PBO will have many tough calls to make.

  34. Gypsi says:

    Lorrie – I really enjoy your posts. And the TeapartyforObama site is great and authentic.

    Great article Starlight.

  35. manastar says:

    u mean to say that there wud be war between india and pak in summer 2012 or rebellions in pakistan and india separately

  36. Jerry says:

    The Uranus-Pluto square has been the center of attention in the astrological blogs for quite some time now. It depicts major changes ahead on a massive scale. When aspecting natal Neptune (Nept. is often associated with dissolution) by the harsh t square of Uranus and Pluto I would think this suggests a major disruption of some kind whether by war or economic implosion. Pakistan’s top leadership has recently been called into question by the judiciary. Rumors and fears of a coup have been rampant. I think this destabilization on the Indian subcontinent should be cause for concern esp. since both countries are armed with nuclear weapons.

  37. Lorrie U says:

    Thanks, Gypsi, one of the advantages of Twitter. Yes, I was quite excited to see the TP for Obama website, and then the Newsweek article–something positive for Pres. Obama for a change!

  38. Gypsi says:

    I re-tweeted and facebooked. Who knows, they might get my sister’s head out of the sand. I sure can’t.

  39. andre says:

    Hedge funds may sink Greece on March 20. The astrology is dead on. Just in time for the spring equinox and the first two Uranus-Pluto exact squares. This could blow away the US presidential election.

  40. Jerry says:

    Hi Andre,

    The Greek CDS contract trigger, wherein Greece defaults and its insurers are obligated to pay out its creditors would seem likely to occur earlier than the stated March 20th deadline. Here’s an article that explains what’s involved….

    Greek Default Fears Grow As Talks Stall
    Jan 17, 2012

    ATHENS/LONDON (Reuters) – Greece’s private sector creditors warned on Monday that the Athens government must urgently break a deadlock in debt swap talks triggered by “unreasonable” demands from international lenders if is to avoid a disorderly default.

    Barely a month after an injection of bailout funds helped to avert bankruptcy, Greece is back at the centre of the euro zone crisis as fears of a default and a subsequent euro zone exit overshadow a mass credit downgrade of euro zone countries.

    Cash-strapped Athens needs a deal with the private sector within days to avoid going bankrupt when 14.5 billion euros of bond redemptions fall due in late March.


    I suspect this “CDS event” could occur as early as March 6th when Mercury/Uranus conjoins in exact square to the Greek natal Venus (3 ’29 Aries). The repercussions would certainly undermine confidence in the financial markets especially with the approaching Jupiter/Venus-Pluto-Mars grand trine on March 13th (explained in an earlier post).

  41. Helen says:

    Are people aware of what happened on New Year’s Eve?

    Read the 37,000 comments on this article on the Huffington Post:

    “President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law.”

    The French revolution started in part because Louis XVI had these powers!

    What does this say about our country? Anything notable marked astrologically speaking?

  42. andre says:

    The Chinese military are modernizing at breakneck speed, particularly in space. The BBC reports they are planning unrestricted warfare with the US.

  43. rc says:

    I think people, way down deep inside,
    fear Obama as the The Anti christ guy.
    With All the Stuff on history channel,
    With all the stuff on the NWO,
    Yes , people are a little freaked On
    our President as well, as those Prior to him.
    Now with That said,
    Sensible, Intelligent, people can look above all that stuff for the
    most part.
    I guess in a quick , we can say that our
    country as a people , are scared shitless and
    with the Astrology as it is,
    Makes total sense to me in times,
    where sense, is some times hard to come by.

  44. Helen says:

    Somehow, all the bipartisen hoopla fades when there is a bill on hand that strips us of our most cherished fundamental rights. The Dems voted as much for this indefinate detention act as the Republicans!

    When you have (very liberally oriented) willing to quote a rightwing paper, you know something is amiss with the state of government in general (and that means BOTH parties):

    “In The Washington Post yesterday, Law Professor Jonathan Turley has an Op-Ed in which he identifies ten major, ongoing assaults on core civil liberties in the U.S. Many of these abuses were accelerated during the Bush administration in the wake of 9/11, but all have been vigorously continued and/or expanded by President Obama. Turley points out that these powers have long been deemed (by the U.S.) as the hallmark of tyranny, and argues that their seizure by the U.S. Government has seriously called into question America’s status as a free nation: “They form a mosaic of powers under which our country could be considered, at least in part, authoritarian.” All ten of these powers are ones very familiar to readers here: Assassination of U.S. citizens; Indefinite detention; Arbitrary justice; Warrantless searches; Secret evidence; War crimes; Secret court; Immunity from judicial review; Continual monitoring of citizens; and Extraordinary renditions.”

  45. kiwi says:

    Yes he did Helen – old news now – but its really tough when the gop senators, who inserted the provision to a usually routine defense spending bill in the first place, put him between a rock and a hard place so he would have egg on his face from the left!
    “The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it,” Mr. Obama said in a statement issued in Hawaii, where he is on vacation. “I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.”
    If you have not done so already, I suggest you read the excellent newsweek article that LorrieU posted above.

  46. Francis says:

    That bill was added to the Defense Spending Bill. Obama expressd he didn’t want it in it and said he would veto it. Changes were made to make it less facistic. Obama signed the Defense Spending Bill with a signing statement saying he objected to the bill and would not use it as President to imprison Americans without trial. Really, what else could he do? If he didn’t sign the bill our troops would be putting our troops at risk and as Commander in Chief he can not do that. It irritates me that so many of my friends and others on the left think Obama has great powers to insure that the right thing be done. He doesn’t. And he is all we have against legions of nut jobs, both Dems and Repubs although clearly most of them are Repubs.

  47. Francis says:

    Andrew Sullivan wrote a powerful piece on Obama that I recommend reading, even though it is a bit long:

  48. larry says:

    Bravo Helen for calling it like it is on the defense spending bill. Anything else is an excuse!In the real world, on the streets, signing statements mean nothing.Think about it.

  49. Jill G says:

    I know he’s scum corporate raider but Mitt will lose by a hugh amount because I know a lot of dog-lovers.
    And what aspects in his natal chart shows animal cruelty? Talk about cold. My Tea bagger sister used to have an Irish Setter and won’t vote for him!

  50. MimaMilta says:

    Starlight, good news from WIsconsin! The democrats were able to collect one million signatures to recall Scott Walker.

  51. Lorrie U says:

    Thank you, Francis! And I thought I read somewhere that the bill was veto-proof because of the number of votes passing it.

  52. Francis says:

    Yes, thanks, that’s another important detail to the story.

  53. starlight says:

    I was listening to Rachel tonight talk about the big online strike today against online piracy legislation, and I realized that this is the final manifestation of the Uranus opposition to the Ascendant in the 2011 Spring Equinox chart. And indeed, today Uranus is exactly opposite that Ascendant (1Libra18). In addition Jupiter is quincunx. This Uranus transit over the last year has brought us Wisconsin’s revolt against Scott Walker, Occupy Wall Street , and the online strike.

  54. sonya says:

    They do when you are president.

  55. B.A. says:

    Some rose petals for you all… Curl up by the fire with this…

    Rosi Golan, Hazy:

    I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed
    You don’t know this now but there’s some things that need to be said
    And it’s all that I can hear, It’s more than I can bare

    What if I fall and hurt myself?
    Would you know how to fix me
    What if I went and lost myself?
    Would you know where to find me
    If I forgot who I am,
    Would you please remind me oh?
    Cause without you things go hazy
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed
    You don’t know this now but there’s some things that need to be said
    And it’s all that I can hear, It’s more than I can bare

    What if I fall and hurt myself?
    Would you know how to fix me
    What if I went and lost myself?
    Would you know where to find me
    If I forgot who I am,
    Would you please remind me oh?
    Cause without you things go hazy
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    What if I fall and hurt myself?
    Would you know how to fix me
    What if I went and lost myself?
    Would you know where to find me
    If I forgot who I am,
    Would you please remind me oh?
    Cause without you things go hazy


    I like you…

    A thousand bits, a million parts, tiny pieces that make your heart
    And I like you
    I heard you whistle, the song we dance to, you remember the smallest detail
    And I like you

    Uhh — — — I like you
    You — — — I like you

    Our footprints re arranged the leaves, you pulled me tight, and said you see
    I like you
    You wrote your name on my sleeve so I can keep you always with me
    And I like you

    Uhh — — — I like you
    You — — — I like you

    The creases in the corners of your mouth when they curl into a smile
    That forms around you like a giant light, and warms me from the inside

    And we’ll grow up, but not just yet, stay here longer so we don’t forget
    I like you
    I like you

  56. Davis L says:

    RE: Rachel’s commentary on the online strike.
    I am consistently amazed at your ability to connect all the dots in our myriad universe. Your astrology on this point makes excellent sense. Sometimes it seems as though you’ve somehow sufficiently transcended time and space as to look multidimensionally upon Indra’s web seeing all the points of light within the net. Like the late Molly Ivins, You are a national treasure.

  57. DPH says:

    Well said, Davis L!

  58. Helen says:

    I have discussions with my progressive friends about Obama’s integrity all the time. When Obama early on named his economic team of Geithner and Summers (of 2008 Wall Street crash fame), Noam Chomsky said his students at MIT where asking him, “Hey, professor: aren’t these people the ones that should be in JAIL and they’re now in Obama’s cabinet?” YouTube has this.

    Why would a progressive Democrat appoint the likes of Tom Vilsack (with Monsanto ties)at the head of the USDA ?:

    “Opposition to the nomination came from the Organic Consumers Association. The Organic Consumers Association is a consumer protection and organic agriculture advocacy group based in Finland, Minnesota. It was formed in 1998 in the wake of the mass backlash by organic consumers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s controversial proposed regulations for organic food. A November 2008 report outlined several reasons why it believed Vilsack would be a poor choice for the position, particularly as energy and environmental reforms were a key point of the Obama campaign. Among those reasons the report cites: Vilsack has repeatedly demonstrated a preference for large industrial farms and genetically modified crops; as Iowa state governor, he originated the seed pre-emption bill in 2005, effectively blocking local communities from regulating where genetically engineered crops would be grown; additionally, Vilsack was the founder and former chair of the Governor’s Biotechnology Partnership, and was named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization is an industry lobby group founded 1993 in Washington, D.C.”

    When people vote Democrat, they want Dem values. Please explain how the GOP ‘made’ our President name folks like these?

  59. kiwi says:

    seems to me Helen these arguments are the same ones that were floating around prior to the mid term elections. Result? …. disastrous proliferation of right wing talking points aka tea party religious nutballs, culminating with loss of support in congress for Obama to effect any sensible progress at all.

  60. David says:

    News Flash:
    1. Perry drops dead – I mean out
    2. Gingrich likse men – I mean women other than his wife
    3. Romney loses Iowa on recount – meaning Santorum wins – OMG
    4. Romney – worth a quarter of a billion dollars
    5. Eastman Kodak – declares bankruptcy
    6. Palin – beware – coming out of hiding imho

  61. David says:

    Jill – I agree Romney is basically scum.

  62. rc says:

    Helen, Obama Is an 11 path,
    He sees very far.
    Rethink out your excellent view of the facts and
    you may see a reason to these decisions.

  63. marcia says:

    So, will we have Romney the Nomney? Or is that Rominee the Nominee? He’s such a wooden, tone-deaf type, in addition to his many glaring substantive defects. I think humor would work well against him.

  64. Fe says:

    Looks like Perry’s gone from the pack.

    I have mixed feelings today. I’m going to miss Perry’s horrible gaffes, his cluelessness during debates, his unsavory collusions with various characters, and his blanks on simple answers during debates, like “which Federal agency would you get rid of?”

    As the buffoon leaves, the clowns remain.

  65. Helen says:

    There’s a backlash going on:

    “Montana would be the first recall drive to be launched as a result of the vote for the NDAA military detentions provisions.”


    “Noting that the national security establishment such as the NSA and FBI lobbied against the newly-signed National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (NDAA,) also known as the Homeland Battlefield Bill, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges has filed suit against President Obama in Federal District Court for egregiously violating the U.S. Constitution.”

    Click on video where Mr. Hedges articulates why he’s compelled to do so:

    Sadly, the Dems in Congress sold us out on this….this bill was a bypartisan effort. Only a smattering of lawmakers in both the Senate and House voted against it – nearly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans.

  66. Gypsi says:

    I’ll second that! Starlight, you are a national treasure!

  67. karen says:

    Here hear!

  68. Francis says:

    Helen, many of us were shocked by those appointments. I believe Obama is a left of center President and that he believes in our system and believes that regulations and reforms can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I personally believe that it will take a new financial paradigm, one which we can only see the bare outlines of at this point. When the economy crashed shortly before his election Obama was scared. Everyone was scared believing the wrong moves can bring about a world wide great depression. They believed the financial instuitions needed to be shored up. Many economists on the left believe they in fact saved the economy. Obama chose people who knew Wall Street and the financial instuitions there because his thinking on this was to save the economy. If he chose people who were going to investigate and prosecute we would likely be in the grips of a world wide depression, now. If he chose to let the financial instutions that were faltering die, we would be in the grip of a world wide depression, now. His choice was careful and prudent. I can’t imagine having that kind of responsibility and making choices other than what he chose. think about it… being the most powerful person in the world, a wrong choice could being down the economies of the world. Although I hated his choices I can’t possibly imagine what it would be like to have that kind of pressure and I would not want it.

  69. will says:

    Political deals and compromises are not pretty or pure. Like sausage, its not something you want to see being made.

    On the other hand, you have Michelle Obama planting an organic garden on the White House property for her family’s meals.

  70. Francis says:

    I’m excited about this development. Maybe there are more areas where the right and the left can work together.

  71. Francis says:

    I just read that Chris Dodd is now a lobbyist for Hollywood and he is threatening Obama by witholding campaign contributions from corporate Hollywood because SOPA went down. I so wish I could slap him!

  72. rc says:

    This thing about the Right and the left and all that.
    Is it not Possible that our friend Aries has answered this question.
    Aries likes to crash into things, in our case our Political system.
    When you take Two bodies of substance and collide them together,(which is aries forte)
    then something new Becomes.
    Possible,this is what we are witnessing at the moment.
    What “this new becoming ” is, has not not been defined as of yet.
    Uranus has control of Aries for Our near time and
    This Planets reputation is Widely known In Astrology.
    I can only Speculate That Maybe Global Political Systems
    as we have known them , starting may be with ” the wall”
    coming down, have served there usefullness.
    Look at it as Evolution in a Higher sense.
    Musing time again!

  73. kiwi says:

    its a global thing ….. news article from nz today

    “While President Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed the United States shutdown of the Megaupload website, hackers have retaliated by taking down the FBI and US Department of Justice sites.

    Four people were arrested in Auckland raids on Friday morning, charged with copyright crimes, as part of the FBI-led investigation of the Megaupload file-sharing site. They face extradition to the US.”

  74. sonya says:

    Just a little diddy sung by our President last night at the Apollo theatre to put a smile on our faces…

  75. nick says:

    Romney bio has been uploaded to this link

    Its pretty interesting… $3.1 million house plus others including a recently upgraded boathouse valued at $200,000 and a “carriage House” I guess it was used originally for horses and carriages (old garage of sorts).. its valed at $500,000
    plenty of other good stuff too.

    No wonder he doesn’t want to release his tax records.. bit embarrassing really.
    My personal favourite is “Corporations are people my friend.”

    Don’t really know what to say to such an unevolved individual?

  76. starlight says:

    Andrew Sullivan on Hardball about his article on obama:

    Sonya – I love that video!! It is impossible to reconcile it with the ogre the Republicans have created in their fantasies!

  77. sonya says:

    Starlight, I know what you mean. My reply to President Obama signing is yes we will have four more years together. To bad he can only have two terms. Since we are in a Great Recession and at war America should eliminate presidential term limits and we have a redux of the FDR four terms.

    Actually, I know we are in the middle of campaign season but I don’t think I going to be able to say good bye when he leaves office after his second term.

  78. Noelle says:

    Francis, I wondered why Chris Dodd was at the Golden Globes. Anything for money. Isn’t he supposed to be out of office x amount of years before he can become a lobbyisnt?

  79. teresahill says:

    He seems like he’s having fun again, which is really nice. He’s being both playful and smart, jabbing at the Republicans.
    Did you see the video he did for Betty White’s birthday party? She turned 90 and there was a big televised tribute/party, and Obama did a fabulous video where he wrote a letter saying she seemed really spry for 90 and that he wanted to see her long-form birth certificate! It was hilarious. Perfect way to hit back on the ridiculousness of the birthers.

  80. Francis says:

    I thought so too but apparently it is not a law, or it has loopholes big enough for Dodd to slip through, or it was a law and got repealed. I would so love it if Hollywood celebs give Dodd the cold shoulder on this. I’d love it even more if one of them slaps him for me!

  81. Jackson says:

    Dodd’s got the Jack Valenti chair at the Motion Picture Association of America, the big Hollywood lobby. What is it about Connecticut that breeds such corporate concubines to run for office (I’m talking about you, Holy Joe Lieberman)?

  82. Ellie says:

    Helen – President Obama is not, was not, never has been a progressive. He is a center of the road democrat who tilts left on some issues and right on others. He was perfectly clear about this in the run- up to his election as president. I do not understand why some progressives are pulling their hair out about this. He did not appoint one progressive to his cabinet or anywhere else in his administration after the election. It was a huge signal to progressives when Howard Dean was passed over. Despite this I voted for him and will vote for him again.

  83. kiwi says:

    one thing that bio does not mention is how high up in the lds church leadership mitt really was – president of the boston stake (like bishop of a catholic diocese) for around 12 years. I think they are playing down just how influential he has been in the mormon church – it is not just that he is of the mormon faith – I think the point is missing as to how involved he was in the heirarchy until he stepped down because he wanted to get into politics. Also, lots of stock during the bain years given to lds church resulting in huge tax benefits for him.
    Also, check out this new vanity fair article.

  84. sonya says:

    I’m finding Obama gold on youtube today. This is Obama speaking at a LA Fundraiser on Sept. 15,2008. He sounds very prophetic and can recite this speech again for this campaign season.

  85. rc says:

    Hi Teresahill,
    Happy he is and having fun.

    check out out This vidio !!

    A True Leo

  86. teresahill says:

    I really love the playfulness, the wit he uses while at the same time making Republicans look ridiculous.
    His staff sent out a Tweet or something like it when Republicans were blocking something recently. I can’t remember what. But it led to a quiz on his web site of “See what Republicans have been doing lately instead of passing….”
    And it was three multiple choice questions, all with answers that seemed ridiculous. And you looked at them and thought… I’d believe these idiots would do any of these. It was a thing of beauty. Engaging, funny and a great put-down on Republicans.

  87. rc says:

    Hi Teresa,
    In a week that ranks # 1 for higher depression
    rates, especially among republicans,
    Yes, He put a put smiles on peoples faces,
    Gotta love him.

  88. Lune Prière says:

    Love that!

  89. Helen says:

    I’m quoting Adele Stan here:

    “Liberalism and Progressivism are two sides of the same coin.

    “Liberalism” is a worldview…. one that acknowledges that there are basic human rights. Civil liberties… equality for all… individual freedoms. In this aspect, the commenter was correct… but he fell far short of the whole picture… but he missed the fact that, JUST as importantly, Liberalism is a way of understanding the relationship between ALL PEOPLES and the comprehension that it is INDEED our COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY to see to the needs of others.

    It’s called PRIDE.

    It’s called EMPATHY.

    It’s called COMMUNITY.

    It’s called CIVILIZATION.

    “Progressivism” is the political manifestation of that ideal… a pragmatic mechanism by which we, as Liberals, are able to work TOGETHER in order to realize and initiate those principals into proactive, practicable GOVERNANCE.

    It’s called UNITY.

    It’s called TEAMWORK.

    It’s called RESOLVE.

    It’s called PROGRESS.”

    I hope the President and the current Democratic party would still hold these values!

  90. taonklv says:

    They sure do – until a repuke president ignores that very same signing statement.

    This “pass” by Obama is OBSCENE!!!

    Sure he has a cute dog – but the BIG STUFF like this s..t is what REALLY matters – and it’s NOT GOOD, and nobody can tell me that it is…

  91. tanklv says:

    Good god – NO!!!

    Are you crazy?!!!

    Think about it – we were “at war” with bunkerboy for the previous eight years – using your “logic” – we would be still under that WAR CRIMINAL!!!

    Please re-think what you are wishing!!!