13th Jan, 2012

Winter Agitation

With his administration inheriting the vast swath of destruction left in the wake of eight years of George W. Bush’s profligacy and irresponsibility, President Barack Obama has faced the sobering challenge of rectifying a huge, multi-layered mess. Obama has been working tenaciously to get the nation’s finances in order, rebuild America’s reputation in the world, and disengage us from two costly and mostly counter-productive wars. His efforts have been obstructed at every turn by an obsessively partisan and short-sighted Congress and a powerful right-wing media machine led by FOX News and Rush Limbaugh. In the past few months, however, the president seems to have sharpened his game enough to win some significant battles with his relentless foes.

Beginning in early September 2011, Obama aggressively began to retake control of the narrative, focusing on the need for jobs and other help and protection for the middle class, while the Republicans in Congress have become more and more transparent in their support of policies that only advantage the very rich. This seems likely to be the theme that will run right through the November election. We can attribute this more assertive mood to the president’s progressed Moon leaving the watery and emotional sign of Pisces and entering the fiery and daring sign of Aries, where it will remain for over two years. In addition, his increasing poll numbers and successful initiatives of late are described by his progressed Sun square to natal Venus, triggered by both transiting Jupiter (through 1/23) and transiting Uranus (through 2/1/12).

The Uranus activity, however, also adds an element of unexpected and upsetting events that have the power to alter the political, emotional, or diplomatic landscape. The transit of Uranus square to the president’s Venus (1Cancer47) runs through the entire month of January. Thus far, it has brought several jarring and unanticipated events: the resignation of White House Chief of Staff William Daley; the publication of a book critical about Michelle Obama (president’s Venus); stepped up Iranian rhetoric threatening the Strait of Hormuz and the world’s oil supply; the Iranian death sentence of a supposed US spy, a former marine visiting his Iranian grandmother; and the virally-spreading photo of US marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers. No doubt this list will grow in the coming weeks.

Another element often found during a Uranus transit is a willingness to break boundaries and act outside the more conventional norms. The president’s recent recess appointments, despite the manipulative Republican pro-forma session, are an example of this.  Moreover, the current Mars station is conjunct Obama’s natal Mars (22Virgo33) from January 8 through February 3, signaling a very aggressive stance and the potential for significant confrontation on a number of issues. The increasingly hostile relationship with Iran, with its attendant threats and military posturing, is one such issue which is likely to escalate further in the next three weeks.

From February 7 through March 5, the planet Uranus will once again come strongly into play, again bringing unexpected events and transformative, upsetting situations. From February 7 through February 29, Uranus (3 Aries) will be square to the US Venus (3Cancer06) for the final of three crossings; and from February 14 through March 5, Uranus will oppose the Ascendant of the US solar return chart (3Libra26) and square the Ascendant of Obama’s solar return chart (3Cancer23). The last time Uranus transited this degree was during the entire month of August 2011. Early in the month, transiting Mars (3Cancer) triggered these charts while squaring transiting Uranus and opposing Pluto (5Capricorn), unleashing the debt ceiling debacle and the downgrade of US credit. Later in the same month, the Mercury station (18Leo45) was in a prolonged sesquiquadrate to transiting Uranus during which the nation experienced the massive flooding and chaos of Hurricane Irene.

The coming Uranus transit of February and early March 2012 will have no major triggers like the one in August, suggesting that the situation will not be quite as extreme or dramatic. Nonetheless, Uranus does cause upsets and tends to shake up the status quo when it strikes, and the inclusion of the Ascendant in the US solar return in this configuration points to something that will directly impact some part of the US population, possibly again with a weather event of some significance.

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