16th Oct, 2011

Cain Unable

As Republican presidential nominees woo their extremist base with massive bouquets of perfumed pandering, the fickle right-wing can’t seem to commit to a candidate. Conservative voters are flitting from one contender to the next, like butterflies gliding through a field of dandelions, stopping only briefly before moving along to the next alluring blossom.

The latest darling of Republicanland is Herman Cain, the pizza magnate with “real-world” business experience.  A complete unknown only a few months back, Cain has risen to the top of recent polls. His likeability and confidence have attracted growing support. Thus far, however, little scrutiny has been given to the “simple” solutions he offers for the complex problems of today’s world. Pundits are only just beginning to question the actual impact of Cain’s 999 tax plan or the ramifications of his foreign policy ideas. The other candidates are mostly ignoring him, not perceiving him as a real threat.

Astrologically, Cain’s recent success is indicated by the multiple Jupiter transits to his chart from late August through October 21. These include the Jupiter station quincunx his Venus (9Sagittarius27), as well as the Jupiter transits quincunx his Neptune (8Libra24), quincunx his Mercury (7Sagittarius56), and sesquiquadrate his Sun (21Sagittarius23).

Far more treacherous political terrain is likely to impact Herman Cain as of about October 28, continuing through November 19, 2011. Jupiter, the planet of success and expansiveness, will be gone, while Saturn, the planet of criticism and frustration, will begin to take over. Saturn will conjunct Jupiter (22Libra18), semisquare Mercury (7Sagittarius56), square Saturn (23Cancer40), and semisquare Venus (9Sagittarius27). It seems probable that his high poll numbers will significantly diminish during this period.

Another indication of the shifting tides in Cain’s fortunes may be found in the US/Cain composite chart in which the Sun/Mercury conjunction (2Libra21 and 1Libra04) is currently being opposed by transiting Uranus, from early September through early November 2011. This configuration has brought a sudden, unexpected rise to prominence and is likely to be followed by an equally precipitous fall. In addition, transiting Neptune is at present conjunct Cain’s progressed Sun (28Aquarius18) and sesquiquadrate his progressed Mars (14Cancer12), through mid-December 2011, pointing to both the sleight-of-hand calculations that underlie his economic plans and the potential for self-delusion regarding his candidacy.

Although there is nothing to suggest a sweeping success for Cain during the primaries, he will have some moments of modified success during January and early February, particularly in Iowa and South Carolina. Moreover, it may well be that the primary season will extend for several months, especially given that the GOP has ended its winner-take-all policy. What is especially interesting regarding Cain in 2012 is the intensified activity in his chart from late April through mid-August. This points to either an exceptionally long primary fight or Cain’s attempt to become the vice-presidential nominee. The very difficult string of Saturn transits to Venus, Mercury, and Saturn, described above for late October and November 2011, will return from April 24 through August 10. But this period will also be interspersed with a parallel series of very beneficial Jupiter and Venus aspects to his Sun, Mercury and Venus. Taken together, these suggest Cain may still be campaigning well into the summer. With little significant planetary activity found in his chart after mid-August, however, there is little to indicate that Herman Cain will find himself in the Oval Office as of January 2013.

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