Cain Unable

As Republican presidential nominees woo their extremist base with massive bouquets of perfumed pandering, the fickle right-wing can’t seem to commit to a candidate. Conservative voters are flitting from one contender to the next, like butterflies gliding through a field of dandelions, stopping only briefly before moving along to the next alluring blossom.

The latest darling of Republicanland is Herman Cain, the pizza magnate with “real-world” business experience.  A complete unknown only a few months back, Cain has risen to the top of recent polls. His likeability and confidence have attracted growing support. Thus far, however, little scrutiny has been given to the “simple” solutions he offers for the complex problems of today’s world. Pundits are only just beginning to question the actual impact of Cain’s 999 tax plan or the ramifications of his foreign policy ideas. The other candidates are mostly ignoring him, not perceiving him as a real threat.

Astrologically, Cain’s recent success is indicated by the multiple Jupiter transits to his chart from late August through October 21. These include the Jupiter station quincunx his Venus (9Sagittarius27), as well as the Jupiter transits quincunx his Neptune (8Libra24), quincunx his Mercury (7Sagittarius56), and sesquiquadrate his Sun (21Sagittarius23).

Far more treacherous political terrain is likely to impact Herman Cain as of about October 28, continuing through November 19, 2011. Jupiter, the planet of success and expansiveness, will be gone, while Saturn, the planet of criticism and frustration, will begin to take over. Saturn will conjunct Jupiter (22Libra18), semisquare Mercury (7Sagittarius56), square Saturn (23Cancer40), and semisquare Venus (9Sagittarius27). It seems probable that his high poll numbers will significantly diminish during this period.

Another indication of the shifting tides in Cain’s fortunes may be found in the US/Cain composite chart in which the Sun/Mercury conjunction (2Libra21 and 1Libra04) is currently being opposed by transiting Uranus, from early September through early November 2011. This configuration has brought a sudden, unexpected rise to prominence and is likely to be followed by an equally precipitous fall. In addition, transiting Neptune is at present conjunct Cain’s progressed Sun (28Aquarius18) and sesquiquadrate his progressed Mars (14Cancer12), through mid-December 2011, pointing to both the sleight-of-hand calculations that underlie his economic plans and the potential for self-delusion regarding his candidacy.

Although there is nothing to suggest a sweeping success for Cain during the primaries, he will have some moments of modified success during January and early February, particularly in Iowa and South Carolina. Moreover, it may well be that the primary season will extend for several months, especially given that the GOP has ended its winner-take-all policy. What is especially interesting regarding Cain in 2012 is the intensified activity in his chart from late April through mid-August. This points to either an exceptionally long primary fight or Cain’s attempt to become the vice-presidential nominee. The very difficult string of Saturn transits to Venus, Mercury, and Saturn, described above for late October and November 2011, will return from April 24 through August 10. But this period will also be interspersed with a parallel series of very beneficial Jupiter and Venus aspects to his Sun, Mercury and Venus. Taken together, these suggest Cain may still be campaigning well into the summer. With little significant planetary activity found in his chart after mid-August, however, there is little to indicate that Herman Cain will find himself in the Oval Office as of January 2013.


  1. starlight says:

    Did anyone hear Herman Cain today on Meet the Press? His favorite Supreme Court judge is Clarence Thomas. I got a good laugh out of that one. He also said that this country had benefited in many ways from the war in Iraq. Really? Stupid and incompetent interviewer David Gregory didn’t ask what he meant by that. I would love to hear the answer. Maybe he means the war has enriched the defense industry? Otherwise, I can think of a lot of negatives and virtually no positives. The empowerment of Iran being one of the worst outcomes.

  2. starlight says:

    Business groups hate Cain’s plan:

    Jupiter ends for him in a few days (10/21).

  3. Stefanie says:

    What I found so hilarious about Cain’s Meet the Press appearance this morning was when he Gregory asked him about being a neo-conservative, and he clearly didn’t know what the word meant. It was like the Sarah Palin/Katie Couric “What do you read?” moment. He is not very bright indeed!

    And you are all SO welcome regarding my updates from the scene at OWS. It’s my pleasure and privilege to be there and share my experiences with you. Hopefully lots more to come!

  4. starlight says:

    Stefanie – I heard that too and thought it was indeed hilarious. John Bolton is one of the people he likes to read!!??? And he hasn’t a clue about what that might mean, given recent history. I hope there is some coverage dissecting some of the things he said. It was pretty eye opening.

  5. Francis says:

    Shucks, I really wish it could be been between Cain and Obama.

  6. kiwi says:

    OWS movement has reached NZ – get rid of the greed is a global sentiment

  7. Suzy says:

    BIZARRE! Probably the most racist Tea Party State in the US votes for “Cain” in SC Tea Party Poll?


    Cain wins big in South Carolina tea party straw poll
    Posted by
    CNN Political Correspondent Jim Acosta

    Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) – Surging Republican presidential contender Herman Cain has picked up another morale booster in the race for the GOP nomination.

    The conservative businessman decisively won a tea party straw poll held in Columbia, South Carolina, Saturday afternoon.

    Cain captured an eye-popping 55% of the vote. His closest challenger, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, picked up 14.5%. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann garnered 8% to come in third.

    The two candidates with the most money in their campaign bank accounts, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, nearly finished at the back of the pack with 3% and 2% respectively. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman was last with 1%.

    “Very interesting results. Cain is on fire here in S.C. I know it’s just a snapshot. But I find these numbers interesting among our crowd,” FreedomWorks organizer Brendan Steinhauser told CNN.

    Two hundred conservative activists in 25 separate tea party groups participated in the non-binding voting contest.

  8. Jackson says:

    Cain’s a Koch whore. His “9-9-9 Plan” alone, with his regressive 9 percent sales tax, which unfairly penalizes the poor, his flat 9 percent income tax and his 0 percent capital gains tax, is marinated in the flatulent stench of Koch-style libertarian thought. Herman Cain is nothing more than Steve Forbes with a deeper tan, and he ain’t going nowhere. Nice astrological reinforcement of that truth, Nancy. Thanks.

  9. fierywoman says:

    Surely someone else has also had the thought that an upside-down “999” would be “666” … ?

  10. starlight says:

    fierywoman – Michele Bachman figured that out in the last debate. Alas.

  11. will says:

    Almost at once, Fierywoman. He’s just one big Uncle Tom.

  12. Lorrie U says:

    Hmmmm, this seems a little suspicious. I wonder why…

    AIPAC Gives Koch Bros. Pass Flouting Iran Sanctions

  13. Lorrie U says:

    That’s exactly how I’ve been thinking. He is the ultimate Uncle Tom and an insult to his race!

  14. Gypsi says:

    Good reading tonight. I figured Cain as flavor of the month

  15. karen says:

    Perfect, Nancy. Cain also insists that the 9% sales tax will not apply to the poor if they purchase “used” goods. Difficult to purchase used milk, bread, and eggs. Patronizing invective is viscious, and Cain has perfected it. However, many have come before him espousing the same thing. This country has been shadowed by the shallow mantra of a he god, the paternal oversite. So, when I hear the words Founding Fathers, I get real irritated. It seems the whole slew of republican candidates base their thinking on these faulty assumptions.

  16. Pat says:

    Oh I don’t know Karen…….Cain’s 9%tax could stimulate a whole new line of businesses………..serving the ageing starving artists living on the short sheeted SS income.
    Used Art Supplies for Sale. Enterprising capitalists could buy out the estates of dead artists and resell their used paint brushes…….palettes, and paint tubes…….

  17. james says:

    I think Cain was picked by the Koch brothers to push a plan to overhaul the tax system to benefit the super rich and they wanted a black man to insult his fellow race. I think he was never meant to be competitive but to serve a purpose. He is sort of Frankenstein monster who got out of control. When the subject is anything but the 999 plan he is lost and almost sounds ignorant of basic facts.

  18. starlight says:

    Think what his plan would do to the car industry. If you had to pay a 9% tax on a new car and no tax on a used car, which would you look for? Then used cars would start to get more expensive as they got bought up and new cars would go down in price to make up for the extra tax. Bad all around for the industry. people would also buy used furniture and clothes much more. It might start a cottage industry, but it would be bad for what little manufacturing still exists here.

  19. starlight says:

    He has been under Jupiter so everyone “likes” him. I think this may shift some under the Saturn transit trough November 19.

  20. Gypsi says:

    I just finished reading the previous thread – we live in exciting times! Both articles are great Nancy, and I’m glad Cain is unlikely to be much more than the flavor of the month, although if he is un-electable and keeps the GOP busy, who is to complain? Stefanie – your updates are great!

  21. Diane L says:

    Lots of fire & air and no earth in this man’s chart. Plenty of “Hot Air” for sure. Looks like he just had his Mars Return and Mars in Leo continues to pump up his energy.

    Great post, Starlight! Yet another GOP candidate who seems more like a caricature rather than the real deal.


  22. Noelle says:

    Nancy, that’s the best news you’ve posted in a long time. Thank you.

    Strange thing is Mica Brysinski(I’ve murdered the spelling of her name, I know) said this am that she had been at a dinner party Sat. night with some very intelligent people who all loved him. She didn’t get it. She went home and read everything she could find on him and still doesn’t get it. I don’t either but it was starting to concern me. So, thank you again, Nancy.

  23. Mayfly says:

    I loved Charley McCarthy, and later, Howdy Doody. Not much is required of puppets except to move as the string-holders direct.

  24. Lunagardener says:

    I am relieved to hear this months republican hopeful is not the one! People are disappointed with Obama, but I don’t see anyone switching sides or wanting to vote for anyone the repubs are offering up.

    I was driving through our little mountain town today to find police everywhere stopping traffic. I was herded into a parking lot of the best BBG joint in town, right on the two lane road that leads to Boone. I was told The President was coming up from Asheville, and that traffic would be stopped for 2 hours.

    So I grabbed a bucket of my favorite chicken wings and joined all the other onlookers. Sure enough, the motorcade whizzed by shortly there after. He hopefully got a nice look at our beautiful mountains and fall color. People lined the entire highway to grab a look, I hope he didn’t blink or he would have missed it.

  25. pisca says:

    I buy used goods (not food of course!) and pay (less than 9%) sales tax now.

  26. pisca says:

    Is he calling used goods non-taxable?

  27. pisca says:

    What a treat it must be for him to see our beautiful country after being smothered with the stuffed suits of DC. And the folks across the country who don’t make the news are excited to have him pass through.

  28. Lunagardener says:

    Picasa, In small towns like this, even the haters come to look. It was pretty funny in that regard. One Obama lover said, “Oh, that’s just the way it is around here” about the hostile ones… then in the same breath, she said, “Bless their hearts”. They all love BBQ regardless of political leanings.

  29. Suzy says:

    Herman Cain and the Koch Roaches Exposed: “The Atlantic Monthly!”


    Herman Cain’s Koch Ties
    By The Atlantic Wire

    The Associated Press delves into Herman Cain’s history with Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who for years have helped to bankroll conservative political organizations and rallies, stiffening the spine of the movement that would become the Tea Party. Turns out they go back a long ways.

    Cain, who is steadily rising in Republican primary polls on a call for tax cuts and reduced government, worked with Americans for Prosperity, the political committee founded by the Koch brothers to advocate lower taxes and spending cuts. Cain traveled the country as the group’s chief spokesman in 2005 and 2006, the AP says, working alongside Mark Block, the Republican operative who is now Cain’s campaign manager.

    And a friend from AFP days, Rich Lowrie, inspired Cain’s “9-9-9? plan for tax reform: a nine percent corporate tax rate, a nine percent national sales tax, and a nine percent flat income tax rate.

  30. Suzy says:


    We who are “legacy” know to watch for “puppets” and such.

    It’s good they still have us around. We bring “seasoning to the stew.”

  31. Suzy says:

    Starlight…good points…if only the MSM would make your grounded and thoughful analogy…then maybe some more folks would be informed.

    As it is no one bothers to do analogies or to try to even do a “Talking Point” as to why the Repugs are SO WRONG!

    Thanks for the grounding.

  32. Suzy says:

    LUNA….BBQ is a real settler of issues.

    You have that great Lexington BBQ..where you are? ??? Anyway I had the best BBQ Red Sauce up near Boone a few years ago.

    Although the “locals don’t really engage with the tourists.” It’s that way all over the USA these days.

    When I moved to my area of NC…folks were friendly and would smile and say a word or two to you in the grocery line and one felt quite at home..without having to get into personals or such.

    It all changed under Bush..and particularly in his Second Term…and now folks grump around like when I lived in New Jersey before I moved here, where folks got to the point they wouldn’t even do “eye contact.”

    Sad to see what’s happened. But, then, I’m in the “Research Triangle” part of NC…and there’s been much new people who have come and their heritage is different and they don’t seem to want to “engage” like the Southerners did when I moved here l8 years ago from the Northeast.

    It just is what it is. Several new generations coming along…each with their own social codes, ethics and values.

    Time marches on.

  33. Suzy says:

    I remember here in NC standing in a protest agains Iraq war when Bush II came to visit his Benson friend at his country mansion.

    We lined up on a road we paid for outside the State Capitol where Bush II was heading for a dinner with one of his Big Tobacco the rural area where he had his mansion.

    We lined up on the side of the road…probably 300-400+ standing on public road we payed for and the Police came and put a “fence around us” and we were penned in as the Bush Entourage witch was proceeded by a 6 man Motorcycle Police Group (in formation) and then by some Black SUV’s that we couldn’t see (windows blacked out) and then Bush II’s Limo appeared and you could just see a shadow face, looking gaunt where he tried to do a and the whole entourage GUNNED UP …sped up to get by those of us cordoned off in the metal caging because they knew from our signs that we were protesting against the Iraq Invasion.

    The motorcade was very slow “up the road” where his Supporters stood without the metal cage barracade.

    So…if President Obama sped by…then I wonder why.

    Remember when Clinton used to get out of the car and talk to people even when the SS cautioned against it when he was on campaign trail?

    I suspect that President Obama’s SS must be much more vigilent given the threats from the Virulent Left he has to deal with. But..still one hopes for a moment.

  34. Gypsi says:

    Pluto conjuncting my Saturn isn’t exact again, yet, but it did finally get me. Mostly the transit has been fun, busy, stimulating, omg I accomplish so much. Leaking water pipe under the house, probably started as a tiny leak when Pluto turned direct. If I hadn’t noticed weed growth where I wasn’t watering, I would have lost my (Saturn) foundation. Probably about the time Pluto exactly conjuncted my Saturn. However, water is turned off, plumber coming tomorrow, and I will have to re-ground the electrical that is currently grounded to my cold water pipes. Which are metal, for now. How’s that for a Uranus blast. I’ve got a copper grounding rod ready to hand, and help on the way tomorrow. The Universe is taking care of me.

  35. Suzy says:


    There was a link in Nancy’s post before this where someone posted about a new Virgo Transit from Leo that we’ve lived with since 1973.

    Article said that under this new Virgo Transit for over 40 years “Craftsmen” would come back.

    I used to sell handmade goods at Crafts Fairs which were hugely popular in the “Back to Earth Movment” of the late 60’s through early 70’s. We had candlemakers, toy makers, knitters who did beautiful sweaters, etc. where they carded the wool, dyed it with natural dyes and loomed it themselves along with painters and all kinds of pottery makers and other craftsmen for furniture.

    The whole thing died out when Reagan got into power. Then when Bush I really got into the China Trade…we lost out making anything that folks would buy because the materials cost us so much and then we couldn’t even make money for our labor.

    It was sad to see that all go down.

    We used to sew and make our own kids halloween costumes, too. And, those who couldn’t sew were very creative.

    We’ve lost our craativity and we can’t make money on what we create unless we can get some funding to produce our ideas in China where they can get the material and labor on the cheap.

    It’s been a sad thing to watch the demise of “home goods” where folks could make a living off their hands move over to China and be eclipsed by those who saw Finance as their being and end all for living.

    Parents didn’t care anymore about “hand crafted toys, clothes and their parents didn’t care if toxic stuff was coming from outsourcing. It all came apart under Poppy Bush and Reagan.

    Folks used to be able to make some money from their hands. It’s mostly gone.

    Although…that was as it was supposed to be ….according to our stars. So…we live with it and accept it and those who can adapt have and will do so. We just need to give a helping hand, these days, to those who aren’t able to do that.

    There are so many…

  36. Suzy says:

    Here’s the link and a snip to the article I mentioned posted by a “Starlighter.”:

    Remarkably, coinciding with the progressed Sun-Uranus square becoming exact in October of next year is the concurrent ingress of the U.S. progressed Ascendant into Virgo, ending its 38-year passage through the sign of Leo, which began in February 1973. A new 36-year American period of history will commence with the progressed Virgo rising.

    The progressed Leo rising era and its infatuation with Hollywood celebrities, the societal addiction to electronic entertainment and games, and the casino mentality on Wall Street that led to overly risky financial practices, will all soon be coming to a merciful ending.

    Replacing this will be the new progressed Virgo rising era, lasting until 2047 and ushering in a more humble and conservative America, with a return to traditional values such as hard work and craftsmanship. Health insurance reform legislation, with its emphasis on preventative medicine, diet, exercise and nutrition, all ruled by Virgo, should lead to a healthier and fitter America, while the current epidemic of childhood obesity transitions into a new generation of health conscious youngsters snacking on carrots and apples.

  37. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    *Clear, brilliant, helpful info on Koch-Cain. Thank you!

    *Here is a vid link to a YouTube of a Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas at OWS telling the truth to the NYPD blue & white shirts.

    This is powerful truth-telling from a man who is unafraid. Watch the reactions from the folks, some of whom evidently were beating on unarmed protestors.

    “There is no honor is this…there is no honor in harming unarmed civilians. Why are you hurting these people?” And much more powerful, impassioned truth-telling.

    Hoping more vets from Iraq/Afganistan will step up; stand up; speak out on behalf of the exercise of the constitutional rights of gathering to speak grievances that believed they fought, suffered, died for.

    If inclined, please help make this go viral…With warm aloha…blessed are the peacemakers…E Ho’maluhia me ka Honua! May there be peace on earth.

  38. Suzy says:


    On the Full Moon, 13th, my credit card dropped out of my wallet somewhere and before I realized it was gone…someone had charged purchases at McDonald’s, Bo Jangels, Burger King, Walgreen (purchases were some for only 1:67 (must have been fries) to use a credit card?

    Then…they moved on to Walmart for several hundred dollars then someone in Florida took up the purchases at grocery stores and McDonalds.

    So far our credit card is not charging us for this…but what a wild “Full Moon” event. Didn’t mention that our cards expired on Oct. 31st and we’d just receive the new cards to activate but the expire date was for 11/11 and so I’d just called them to complain about why our new cards only gave us ONE MONTH expiration date. They were rushing me the new cars when I discovered my old credit card was missing.

    I was thinking this sounds like Mercury Retrograde rather than just a normal month with not much going on, I thought I’d have to bother with. :rolling eyes:

    Anyway…it’s been an experience..

    I can’t understand folks who steal credit card and then used it for purchases of $1.50…$2.75…$3.60… and no one asks a question in the store?

    I think they had fun at Walmart…but then sent the card apparently to friends in Florida and Tennesee where more “fast food” and Walmart charges appeared.

    AYYYY!… not fun.

  39. pam says:

    More ads like that and maybe we can get at least some of this country to wake up. that’s a good one

  40. Sharon says:

    Deepak Chopra meditation on Wall Street :-) What an amazing thing going on – wonderful for Stefanie that she can be part of it! NYC has to be the coolest place in the world. I grew up about 12 miles away and have always loved it and the amazing variety of people there.

  41. Lunagardener says:

    ‘But as his intimidating bus, dubbed Ground Force One, snaked through the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina’s ambivalence could be summed up in a cardboard sign held by a woman along the road: “We Believed, We Voted. Now What.”

    Above is a snip from the New York Times this morning…I was standing next to this lady with the sign. I guess he didn’t blink…..The other side of the sign said ‘We still Love You’

  42. Jerry says:

    Greece – Financial Woe, Public Unrest, A Country In Transformation by Solaris Astrology

    Greece is a country in a deep crisis. For the second time in less than a year, the Hellenic nation is facing financial meltdown on a huge scale. Riots are now common place on the streets due to austerity measures in place, the government (or what is left of it) is trying to reform but the debt crisis estimated to be in the region of 350 Billion Euros not only is bringing down Greece herself, but also in time bring down the European currency and will shake the European Union to the very core.

    The modern Greek horoscope was formed as the Third Hellenic Republic was initiated on 24th July 1974 in Athens at 04.00 hrs. Of course, Greece has a rich history going back many thousands of years and not one chart has ever been proven to be totally representative. The latest chart of the republic shows up very clearly the problems faced right now.

    With the looming October 23rd G20 deadline for EU leaders to cobble together a comprehensive agreement in tackling the debt crisis (the upcoming EU meeting in Brussels) and the German Finance minister suggestions that the G20’s expectations were much too unrealistic, come Monday morning (the 24th) when markets open, we could witness a tremendous amount of volatility. The fear is, if no agreement is reached and Greece defaults, this will have severe repercussions on the Euro as a viable currency and as the astrological article above points out the larger world economy as a whole would be at risk. See related article….

    Markets Turbulent Amid G20 Eurozone Pressure

    The current waxing Pluto-Jupiter trine (5 Taurus-Capr.) is connecting to Greece’s natal Pluto/Moon conj. (4 Libra). General Motors filed for bankruptcy in June 2009 under the influence of a Jupiter-Pluto trine.

  43. starlight says:

    Jerry – I can’t get that website to work. Do you know if the 4 AM time for the 1974 Greek chart is GMT or local time?

  44. will says:

    If you haven’t seen this yet – a hilarious Andy Borowitz:

    “A Letter from Goldman Sachs
    Concerning Occupy Wall Street

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)– The following is a letter released today by Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman of banking giant Goldman Sachs:

    Dear Investor:

    Up until now, Goldman Sachs has been silent on the subject of the protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street. That does not mean, however, that it has not been very much on our minds. As thousands have gathered in Lower Manhattan, passionately expressing their deep discontent with the status quo, we have taken note of these protests. And we have asked ourselves this question:

    How can we make money off them?

    The answer is the newly launched Goldman Sachs Global Rage Fund, whose investment objective is to monetize the Occupy Wall Street protests as they spread around the world. At Goldman, we recognize that the capitalist system as we know it is circling the drain – but there’s plenty of money to be made on the way down.

    The Rage Fund will seek out opportunities to invest in products that are poised to benefit from the spreading protests, from police batons and barricades to stun guns and forehead bandages. Furthermore, as clashes between police and protesters turn ever more violent, we are making significant bets on companies that manufacture replacements for broken windows and overturned cars, as well as the raw materials necessary for the construction and incineration of effigies.

    It would be tempting, at a time like this, to say “Let them eat cake.” But at Goldman, we are actively seeking to corner the market in cake futures. We project that through our aggressive market manipulation, the price of a piece of cake will quadruple by the end of 2011.

    Please contact your Goldman representative for a full prospectus. As the world descends into a Darwinian free-for-all, the Goldman Sachs Rage Fund is a great way to tell the protesters, “Occupy this.” We haven’t felt so good about something we’ve sold since our souls.


    Lloyd Blankfein

    Chairman, Goldman Sachs

    Read More Here

  45. Lorrie U says:

    Aha! The plot thickens…I personally believe the Koch Bros. with their Iranian ties are behind this and want a war against Iran.

    U.S. Hawks Behind Iraq War Rally for Strikes Against Iran

    Key neo-con­ser­v­a­tives and other right-wing hawks who cham­pi­oned the 2003 U.S. in­va­sion of Iraq are call­ing for mil­i­tary strikes against Iran in re­tal­i­a­tion for its pur­ported mur­der-for-hire

  46. kdez says:

    Cain”s downfall from popularity may be starting:

    makes him look small and foolish.

  47. pisca says:

    well remembered time! I thought I’d go off to college and protest the war, save the earth and live simply. Alas, I met Nixonettes, Jesus freaks and peers watching Sunday services on tv. This was even pre-Reagan. The energy crises was denied by (“there you go again”) Reagan and here came cars too big for the road, banks in the stock market, mega-taxempt-churches, etc. etc. Also was a time when craftsmen were aplenty and willing to share. Hippes learned a trade but denounced profits.

  48. pisca says:

    just like the 99%. We like bbq and we don’t care about your politics or isms. we just like bbq

  49. pisca says:

    and they stood outside the “limit” of the Bush ranch in Texas carrying a message that msm ignored

  50. Lunagardener says:

    An OWS Working Group Committed to Elect a Non-Partisan National General Assembly


    I like it!

  51. pisca says:

    I experienced a similar pipe leak. And didn’t notice the patch of green grass thriving in the west Texas sunset! It wasn’t in my chart but I later saw that my daughter’s Neptune was squaring her MC.

  52. pisca says:

    Jesse Jackson locked arms with OWS protesters when NYPD came to knock down the OWS medic tent. New rant: Sgt. Thomas and Jesse J made NYPD run away!

  53. Gypsi says:

    All the worlds traums make mine seem very small. I have 2 choices. No water, or learn to fix plumbing. Because the whole system is shot. Reckon I’ll be a good plumber. They should never have given me the name of the new pipe: pex. Home Depot has how to videos on line. Piece-a-cake

  54. starlight says:

    I think Rick Perry might be about to begin to make his comeback starting tonight. Jupiter is moving into a square with his Venus for a week. Cain’s good fortune is about to shift in the couple of days.

  55. Suzy says:

    Starlight…it seems that Herman gets more and more foolish…check this out…it’s disgusting:


    Herman Cain Spends $100K In Campaign Cash On Herman Cain Inc.
    Evan McMorris-Santoro & Ryan J. Reilly October 17, 2011

    Given any money to Herman Cain lately? There’s a decent chance some of it went directly into the coffers of a for-profit company Cain runs.

    A review of Cain’s last two FEC reports shows the campaign transferring just over $100,000 in cash to Herman Cain T.H.E. New Voice, a company that promotes Cain’s books and political philosophy.

    In the Federal Election Commission (FEC) report his campaign filed in July, Cain’s team reported sending $50,831.35 to T.H.E. New Voice. The expenditures listed included “booklets” and “books” (presumably copies of the handful of short pamphlet-like books available for sale at THE New Voice website along with Cain’s new full-length book, This Is Herman Cain!, published by a division of Simon and Schuster), along with items such as “overnight”, “lodging”, “ground transportation” and “air fare.”

  56. rc says:

    Hi Lunagardener ,
    That woman.. we voted.. we believed.. Now What…
    But we “still love Ya”
    Speaks Volumes On Obama.
    With Out starting a Major World War to solve our economy,, Thus far into his term,
    is a convincing proclamation of his leadership ability In “The “big Picture.
    This feat is The Key To Why he will get Re elected.
    The Historical Lessons of Viet nam are showing it Benifits.
    I believe Americans Will allow the the economy to be sacrificed
    if it is in the name of a” butter industry” .
    Now that said,
    I fore see that gajillians of republicans , when that day to vote arrises,and
    they “close the curtain “behind them,, Will vote for barak obama,,,
    and never ever tell a sole about it.
    They know That if any of these republicans get elected,,
    That war will result,, and there children will be blown up
    all in the name to keep a campaing pledge {{{to Fix The Economy……..
    Another Nam..
    I think not,,
    Watch the republicans They are the Swing Votes , Yes they
    will turn on There party.
    Excellent Feed back on Obamas visit to your realm !!

  57. starlight says:

    And Romney put his foot in his mouth big time today. This one will haunt him:

  58. fierywoman says:

    Gypsy, reading about your travails and how you’ve re/solved them, I just want to say: you’re amazing, and: you go girl with that pex stuff!!!

  59. Suzy says:


    Are you remembering Cindi Sheehan in the ditch protesting our President because her son died in Iraq?

    I and many others thought she was a hero for breaking through the “Bush/Cheney” fugue. I think since then she’s been villified. Seems she crossed some folks somewhere.

    I guess it’s “different strokes, for different folks.”

  60. Suzy says:


    Who else can we “love these days?” I can understand that “sign holder’s” caution about how far to go.

    We gotta keep loving him that brought us to the dance.

    There’s nothing else out there.

  61. Suzy says:

    Will…that was such a good laugh…and one I’d not had in a couple of weeks!

    Thanks for that…and it’s gone viral which is even better!

  62. Suzy says:

    Pisca…well food does have a sort of “leveling aspect” when it comes to politics..

  63. Virginia says:

    Wow. I think I’d like to be a delegate. What an opportunity to participate and midwive change.

  64. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    The author is using 4:00 am local time (Athens). Here’s the chart copied from the site:

    The website appears to be sluggish but it is working. If you’d like to try it again, here’s the URL link……

    If you still can’t access it, the following is the remaining portion to the article. It was posted 20 June 2011….

    “…..Transiting Mars squares natal Mars showing that there are industrial disputes and conflicts and despite not being sure how to control the instability (Neptune opposite Mars) , the armed forces and the police have been activated to quell the rebels. Transiting Jupiter squares the Sun as the second financial crisis hits, highlighting the tension over the inflated debts and problems with the money supply.

    Looking at the picture overall, transiting Saturn will conjunct the natal Uranus at 23 Libra in Nov/Dec this year and my gut feeling is that Greece may officially go bankrupt as the 8th house signifies the financial relations with other countries. The big question is wether the European Union WILL finally pull the plug on Greece and all the ramifications and problems that go with such a move – Saturn does represent restriction after all?? Significantly looking at a composite chart for Greece and Germany, the composite Sun sits at 20 Libra, so hard decisions may have to be made between the two just before that natal Uranus is hit, and the Decendant on the composite Greece/France chart sits at 19 Libra, so at the same time France may be looking at the relationship as a whole with Greece & will be considering her options too, as Saturn opposes their composite Ascendant.

    Transiting Pluto over the next 3-5 years will grind it’s way, towards opposing natal Saturn at 11 degrees Cancer in 2013/14 and finally opposing the ascendant at 13 Cancer in 2014/15. Pluto breaks down old structures allowing new ones to form and by that time, Greece as a country will be completely reformed, however it is going to be a very long haul before Pluto has completed it’s job. Until that time, Greece and the Greek people are going to have to endure a lot of pain and hardship.”

  65. Jerry says:


    A year and a half ago Goldman Sachs was implicated in a derivatives based scheme to help mask Greece’s true debts (Goldman reaped huge profits from this scheme). Greece is now teetering on default. If Greece were to default, the contagion that will result will have a devastating cascading effect on the world economy. We are all affected because of these unethical business practices. For three short but insightful video clips on the situation, click on the following links….

    Wall Street Firms Play A Role In Greece’s Financial Crisis

    The Size of Greece’s Debt

    World Collapse Explained In 3 Minutes

  66. Lunagardener says:

    rc, I hope you are discerning correctly. The first person I asked what was going on with the police and traffic, was a nicely dressed older gentleman. (This town is the summer home of a lot of old money and Charlotte bankers)
    His response was ‘Your President is coming through town’. I said ‘My President?’ Then he got surely, and said ‘Well, he’s not my President!’ His energy was hostile. I had a fear response to his very southern voice and kept moving on! I was so relieved to find that woman and her sign.

  67. Lunagardener says:

    Virginia, We can join the yahoo group and participate. I love the midwife change concept!

  68. starlight says:

    Thanks, Jerry.

  69. lizzie says:


    Thanks so, so much for posting ‘The 99 Percent Declaration’ … so brilliant and desperately needed … sending it far and wide. Exciting time to be alive.

    Big marches today by the N. AZ 99% … making signs galore :)

  70. Lunagardener says:

    rc, I love that innocent, wise and intelligent image. Goats are such amazing creatures. So are Humans….

  71. Lunagardener says:

    Pat, It is an exciting development. I think the creation of an assembly to address the grievances of the 99% is transformative, truthful and timely! Yes!

  72. Gypsi says:

    Chickened out. PVC with all fittings was only $99…. Pex costs more, esp the tools. Still hope for a bath at my house tonight, maybe.

  73. will says:


    The 99-Percent Declaration sure works for me. Thank you for posting it – it will hopefully have a way of galvanizing the protest movement and strengthen resolve.

  74. pisca says:

    It would be funny if it weren’t so true.

  75. ArtCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    New Reporting on OWS impact on WS:

    May Peace Prevail on Earth and may this time be remembered by history as the Great Awakening of Humanity. With warm aloha!

  76. rc says:

    Hi Luna ,, Gotcha, gotcha..

    These are not the repubs i speak of..

    You see it perfectly Those Guys are the Bad guys,
    We got the same sobs up here also.
    They would sacrafice there own fleshn sons
    daughters , All in the name of Business.
    In our case, The business of War.
    Obama Is Our President and again
    i fore see many republicans, a more milder version,
    that will in fact , Vote for Barak Obama,
    for this very reason.
    I hope this sais , what i said.


  77. Pat says:

    Yes Lunagardener….Thanks, You scooped me I came here to post the99% Declaration…………..
    Might it eclipse the need to even talk about Cain, Perry et al!
    If we all get behind it, yes!

  78. Jerry says:

    As Europe Struggles With The Mounting Debt Crisis, Will The Euro Collapse Under The Pressure?

    by Solaris Astrology

    I’ve looked at both Greece and Ireland in previous months and the problems their debts are causing, and the spectre of Portugal defaulting their debts, even Spain and Italy possibly in the future is building up pressure on the Euro currency. It stands to reason that Germany and France, who are shouldering the burden of propping up their weaker neighbours are at some point going to say “non, nein, no more”, unless these countries find a solution to paying their own way and not relying on others. Trying to get everyone into a “one size fits all club” was never going to be easy, was it?

    The Euro as a currency was born on midnight Jan 1st 2002 in Brussels, Belgium. There was great fanfare I remember with fireworks going off in Brussels to celebrate, however from an astrological point of view one would have immediately noticed a most overly optimistic chart with very stressful undertones. Those stresses are now starting to come firmly into view.


  79. Lisa M says:

    Last time I posted here was about two years ago. I mentioned that I was looking at the charts of all the presidential contenders and came to the conclusion that Ron Paul looked to be a probable winner for 2012. I got some very angry responses for posting that but no one seemed to want to look at his stars and his transits for election day and see if my prediction was based on anything concrete. Has anyone here checked out his stars for election day, Nov. 6 2012?

  80. Lisa M says:

    There’s a slight problem with this gag — referring to our system as “capitalist” is not correct. We haven’t had real capitalism since the Federal Reserve was instated in 1916. We do have crony capitalism. Or, you might just call it a corporate kleptocrasy.

  81. Gypsi says:

    Gadhafi is dead, per ABC news

  82. Lune Prière says:

    “Bush and Saddam – One Trillion dollars and thousands of US lives.
    Obama and Qaddafi – One Billion dollars and zero US lives.
    Meep Meep indeed.”

  83. will says:

    Lisa M,

    Not to be a snot, but I can save you allot of time by stating emphatically that Ron Paul doesn’t have even a distant chance of winning the election. Trust me.

  84. Jackson says:

    Liked this comment from Sullivan:

    “To rid the world of Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki and Moammar Qaddafi within six months: if Obama were a Republican, he’d be on Mount Rushmore by now.”

  85. Francis says:

    I think Romney will get the nomination and yet there are many Republicans who will not vote for a Mormon and he seems be unable to break 30 percent. I know Nancy fears Perry’s possible rise but I very much doubt he will go far. But Paul has quite a bit of money and he is about to launch national ads criticizing the others. Will, I would not be too certain about anything, especially with Uranus in play.

  86. Lorrie U says:

    Good one! Thanks!

  87. Lorrie U says:

    NewsScope for October 17, 2011 By Michael Wolfstar

    Mitt Romney’s Growing Strength

    Herman Cain was born with his Sun in friendly Sagittarius (December 13, 1945; Memphis, TN; time unknown) and his Moon in bold Aries. Unfortunately for his presidential aspirations, he has no natal planets in aspect to the U.S. Moon at 25º Aquarius, nor are any of his progressed planets aspecting the U.S. Moon. This means that he will not find any traction with a national audience.

    Mitt Romney’s horoscope (March 12, 1947; 9:51 am; Detroit, MI) remains the strongest among the declared candidates. Romney’s progressed Moon enters Aries on December 12, only three days after Uranus turns direct at 0º Aries. Transiting Uranus and Romney’s progressed Moon will be traveling together for the next 3-4 months – all while favorably aspecting his natal Saturn. This bodes very well for him in the primaries.

    Simultaneously, his progressed Ascendant is entering into a trine with his Moon-Jupiter conjunction. This aspect becomes exact in March, perhaps indicating when he secures his party’s nomination. More to the point, when the Republican Convention opens on August 27, 2012, Romney has a progressed Moon-Midheaven conjunction shaping up, which is very favorably trine natal Pluto. This combination is about personal empowerment, and is strong astrological confirmation that he’ll be nominated.

  88. Lune Prière says:

    Pleasure, Lorrie!

  89. Lorrie U says:

    From Rick Clemente’s Newsletter (love it!):

    Do you think it’s a coincidence that the first Tea Party came into being because of “taxation without representation” while the 2nd one is demanding “representation without taxation”?

    Are we nuts or not? I don’t have to tell you. Everything is bass ackwards.

    The last Civil War was about freeing the blacks. This current Civil War II unfortunately seems to be very much about getting rid of one single African American.

    It’s just nuts.

    Full newsletter…

  90. Gypsi says:

    superb! Obama’s effectiveness at foreign policy makes Bush look even more like a mumbling fool than he did at first glance

  91. CarolDuhart says:

    Could Ron Paul run as a third party? He already has a lot of funding, and since he’s retiring from Republican politics, he could re-emerge as a libertarian and later a party of one. Losing the Republican primary would not affect his ability to fundraise or make a career out of being a writer/pundit/political maven of sorts. He already has a following for whatever he does, and already has a full-blown cottage industry outside Republican party channels.

  92. Lisa M says:

    Will, you didn’t mention which aspects you base that on. What do you think of the Sun being in conjunction to his Jupiter and Mars on election day? Plus the many other good aspects? I just have to wonder why he’s having such a joyful day on Nov. 6th 2012. Certainly as a libertarian he will not be happy if either mitt romney or Barack Obama wins.

  93. Lisa M says:

    Carol, I do think it’s possible he’ll switch parties after the first couple of primaries, if he is placing below second place. His supporters will demand it and will be working hard to get him on the ballot. The Libertarian party might draft him as well, which would make things pretty easy. He could win as an independent perhaps. Most people don’t see much difference between Romney and Obama. Both are deeply in the pockets of the banks and big corps and I think a lot of people will reject that.

  94. Lisa M says:

    Has anyone looked at Obama’s chart in the days leading up to the election? And on election day? It’s not looking very promising, with Saturn contacting his Neptune. On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s chart doesn’t look so good either for election day… This is a hard one to predict, but I’d say Obama is not going to be re-elected.

  95. Lisa M says:

    Not saying I adore Ron Paul, just trying to look at this objectively…

  96. Jackson says:

    Q: What’s the difference between Herman Cain and Quilted Northern toilet tissue?

    A: There’s no difference. They’re both Koch Industries buttwipes.

  97. Jackson says:

    i’m looking at this objectively, too, Lisa. Ron Paul has a chance of getting elected … as Grand Vizier of Wingnutistan. As POTUS, however, not a chance. Zero, zip, nada.

  98. CarolDuhart says:

    Last night, I was thinking that there are two groups in the Republican Party who are really organized and ready to do something-and pretty frustrated. One, the Mormons, two, the Paullites. With the rest of the Party sinking into a demographic mire, it’s possible, especially after a defeat, that Ron Paul could engineer a near-takeover of the Republican Party. If neither Romney nor Perry win, we could see the Mormons and Paullites unite as a force to “reform” the Republican Party into a more pure party.

  99. Jerry says:

    Deadlock In The Eurozone

    BBC News
    October 21, 2011

    Having promised a comprehensive plan to fix the eurozone crisis this weekend, Europe’s leaders are in disarray.

    We are told that the European summit on Sunday has been downgraded. It will not take the key decisions. They will now be taken at another summit – not later than Wednesday next week, according to the French. How they can be sure that a deal that is elusive at the weekend can be delivered early next week is not easy to understand.


    The two day G20 Summit meeting in Cannes, France ends Friday November 4th. If no agreement is reached on a bail-out for Greece by then, the November 7th Monday opening bell on financial markets could seriously start to unravel things quite quickly. Nov 7th happens to be the day of the exact Mars-Neptune opposition (28 Leo-Aq). Neptune is near stationary (exact Nov. 9th). It is stationary right on natal Pluto of the EU chart (EU/ European Economic Community chart – March 25, 1957 6:30 pm Rome). Could there be an implosion of the Euro currency at this time? This could be a make or break situation.

    Here’s an article from stariq complete with the accompanying EU chart….

    NewsScope for January 8, 2002

    Neptune Launches the Euro

    Europe took one giant step closer to becoming the United States of Europe last week as twelve national currencies were officially replaced by the Euro. The eurozone’s 300 million citizens uneventfully traded in their kroner, mark, and francs for coins and banknotes denominated in Euros.

    The Euro’s political and economic origins were established by the Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community (EEC) on March 25, 1957 at 6:30 pm. For financial developments, look to the Second and Eighth Houses. The Second House contains Neptune, which is the natural ruler of currency (it’s regulated in the same way as water or oil supplies, using hydraulic principles). The Eighth House of shared resources contains Ceres in the money sign of Taurus, and these two are opposed to each other.

    From this, one can see the underlying tension between a shared EEC currency (Neptune), and the pooled, national currencies symbolized by Ceres. As transiting Neptune formed its opening square to this Second House Neptune, the Euro was established on January 1, 1999. Neptune was also trine transiting Ceres at the time, showing how the two currency systems were now harmonized.


  100. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight & All,

    *It is official; POB officially announced just a short while ago, that all US troops will be coming home from Iraq by 12/31/11 by mutual agreement w/Iraq govt/people….(issues: immunity for troops/$Billions per day costs?)

    “Today, I can say to our troops in Iraq—you’re definitely coming home for the holidays.” -President Barack Obama

    *Tearfully grateful for this promised hopeful change.

    *E Ho’omaluhia me ka Honua! Forgetting the Republicans/no more listening to their selfish insanity…leaving the flat world behind…Peace to future generations!

  101. Wennye' Edwards says:

    ewwww..bad Jackson..bad, bad…but true!

  102. Wennye' Edwards says:

    Well Lisa, aren’t you the ray of sunshine! Astrology reading is all in the readers interpretation of the symbols. Spirit has the last word. Wennye’

  103. Wennye' Edwards says:

    Hey ArtsCulturePeace, if I could do a cartwheel I would do it over and I will just wave my pom poms and flag. Spirit’s blessing for spredding the good news! Wennye’

  104. Jackson says:

    I still say Ron Paul is unelectable, once you get him on the big stage. For starters, his racist roots and track record:

    That dog ain’t gonna hunt.

  105. Jackson says:

    As Andrew Sullivan said, if PBO was a Republican, they’d be chiseling his face onto Mount Rushmore by now.

  106. starlight says:

    Andrew Sullivan and Rachel Maddow on Bill Maher tonight. No right wingers tonight!! What a relief after last week (John Fund, some woman who was equally annoying, some libertarian writer AND the guy who said Mormonism is a cult. I had to fast forward through most of it).

  107. CarolDuhart says:

    What’s done won’t be to the benefit of Ron Paul/Mormons for a variety of reasons. But these groups can mold someone who can be elected eventually. Even without the baggage, Ron’s too old (birthdate in the 1930’s) to run and win. But Rand Paul might not be too old, and a protege may be even younger.

  108. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Wennye’,

    Yep, no cartwheels here either, but on the knees gratitude & prayers that the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan & region recover from all the violence, grief…

    And, wondering what will happen when W visits Canada soon…some folks are gathering energies to demand war criminal arrests…may take a few more years, but hoping justice is served!

    Warm aloha!

  109. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Jackson,

    re: Mt. Rushmore for everybody-but PBO…Yep! Sad, eh?

    *have had a mischievous Uranus in Aries fantasy just to really shuffle the repubs. stacked deck, that PBO instead stacks important positions with real progressive democrats, then with the approval of the party/people, switches to Republican label….PBO then leads unhampered like a democrat just with a new label….i know, there would be people who wouldn’t understand, but really, strategically that kind of drastic, unexpected move would take everybody off-balance…and those dangerous repubs would have a huge problem, indeed, with that phony loyalty thing they have going…

    All the best to you with warm aloha!

  110. ArtsCulturePeace says:

    Aloha Starlight,

    Appreciate the heads-up on Mayer’s show…will look for the vids on Buzzflash!

    With warm aloha to you!

  111. will says:

    Hear, hear! Or perhaps even canonization!

  112. will says:

    Lisa M,

    My assessment is not based on astrological aspects for Ron Paul – just my political sensibility. He has a few quasi-interesting planks in his platform, but he just doesn’t appeal to a broad-enough base to be considered a real contender. Just my hunch.

  113. Sharon says:

    As good as it is for us, I wonder if the people and government of Iraq is happy about the development. I’ve heard that Iran is just waiting to get its claws into Iraq.

  114. andre says:

    From Marjorie Orr:

    The Obama administration has commissioned more drone attacks in the past year in Pakistan than GWBush did in his two terms (see EurasiaReview URL below). There’s a very interesting piece in Salon (thanks James) – URL also below – which highlights the obsessive secrecy of the Obama Admin in the subject of drone attacks and other matters. So much for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    The chart for the Obama Admin does have an 8th house Pluto never a good sign since it indicates behind the scenes dirty dealing and power wielded in secrecy. And that Pluto sits on the midpoint of the Sun/Moon which strengthens it enormously since it pulls together the central energy of the chart. The Sun/Moon represents the body and soul of the individual/entity. Where did the idealistic Neptunian Obama go? He seems to be leaning more on his 8th house Mars trine a 12th house Saturn which is his less obvious side since these are hidden houses and Mars Saturn is both military and hard.

    The Obama Admin does have tr Uranus square that Pluto exactly now indicating a major upheaval – a time when it doesn’t seem to be winning much with internal political stalemate, financial headaches and even Iraq now saying a firm NO to US bases on their soil. His own chart has a drifting directionless tr Neptune square Midheaven till Jan 2012. Tho’ he’ll get some uplift from tr Pluto to a Jupiter midpoint from late November.

  115. lizzie says:

    Isn’t it possible that a new, very popular potus candidate, and even a new very popular political Party will be on the 2012 election Ballot … the “99 candidate” … the ’99 Party’ (??)

    Haven’t we had enough of the 2 current corrupt parties. Time is up….

    NO campaign contribution$ allowed…free media time.

  116. andre says:

    From Ed Tamplin, an Australian astrologer:

    The fact that Libya was due for leadership change was mirrored conclusively in their horoscope of September 1 1969 at 5 am in Tripoli. Gaddafi’s hold on power had reached its Uranus opposition and the change would be sudden and violent.

    The reasons for NATO’s invasion, to all but the most politically naïve, had as much to do with the global economic crisis and Libya’s enormous national resources than anything else. Gaddafi ruled over a country with no debt, 17% of the world’s oil resources with the highest living index in Africa. What the Libyans must now try and accomplish is a fair deal on their numerous oil and gas resources.

    Possibly the most disturbing element of his capture, regardless of opinion of the man himself, was the media repeatedly showing the bloodied corpse. This was on a parallel with western newspapers showing the noose around Saddam Hussein’s neck, or his son’s gruesome death. They would not dream of doing the same with one of their own of course.

    This is reflecting a disturbing trend of media violence and the common western acceptance of it now. We can see this in video games, movies, and across the entire media spectrum. Humanity seems to be losing its humanity, when it really needs it more than ever. And those that oppose the status quo, like this weeks Melbourne ‘Occupy Wall St’ protest are feeling the effects of such mentality.

  117. loyalurker says:

    “Humanity seems to be losing its humanity” – We are certainly getting a very good look in the mirror at our dark side and I think we are all horrified by what we see. I’ve seen the enemy and he is me…

    In one week’s time – A man shoots himself and lets loose the wild beasts (How symbolic!). They are all slaughtered because we simply can’t allow the beast to roam free.
    A little Chinese girl is run over and almost no one stops to render care or aid, or even seems remotely curious.
    Riots in the streets of many cities over the lack of humanity of the ‘elite’ who are looking out for number one.
    A country’s leader’s brutal death broadcast for the world to see. “He was a BEAST!” they cry, while justifying their own brutality, relishing the kill as a trophy.

    Beware the beast is loose.

  118. loyalurker says:


    Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
    According to the Bible, Cain was the first murderer in history, committing a sin not only against God but against another human being because he felt unloved. After strife between man and God in Eden, here was strife between man and man; the filial bond is stressed time and again in the sixteen Bible verses, Although the Bible gives no reason for why God chooses Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s, Cain’s violence is sparked by anger at the rejection of his gift, and jealousy and resentment toward his brother. As a result, not only does he kill, he lies. As punishment, he is condemned to “till the ground” fruitlessly and to be “a restless wanderer.” His mark is not a curse, but a protective sign of God’s enduring care.

    We Are All Descendants of Cain
    Cain, in his wanderings, still has free will to conquer his basic instincts, to choose right from wrong. “‘Sin is crouching at the door hungry to get you. You can still master him,’ God has told him.” We are all descendants of Cain—Abel had none—and possess free will in the struggle between good and evil within us. Condemned by neither nature nor nurture to be one way or another, we all create our destinies by choosing between virtue and vice.

    As the narrator in Part Four of East of Eden says: “Humans are caught—in their lives, in their thoughts, in their hungers and ambitions, in their avarice and cruelty, and in their kindness and generosity too—in a net of good and evil. …We have only one story. All novels, all poetry, are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly re-spawn, while good, while virtue is venerable as nothing else in the world is.

    Read more:

  119. Sharon says:

    Good post, I agree.

  120. andre says:

    More this morning about drones and Obama from Marjorie Orr:

    The chilling thing about drones is that they are like a Stanley Kubrick nightmare video game which detaches the operator from the reality of the consequences. We’ve just got smarter technology to act out man’s inhumanity to man – that seems endemic to the human condition. What about cluster bombs, white phosphorus, depleted-uranium anti-tank shells? The wreckage that war leaves behind for civilian populations is immense – while the war manufacturers just keep getting richer. Vietnam is still suffering badly and still uncompensated or cleaned up from the effects of agent orange.

    One marginally cheering thought is that the 2013 US President, whomsoever that may be, does start their term with Pluto out of the 8th house after a decade of behind-the-scenes dirty dealings. It just seems extraordinary that not only Obama did not draw a line under it, he appears on the evidence to be making it worse.

  121. andre says:

    This is an e-mail I sent to Marjorie Orr this morning:

    Pluto in the 8th house From: andre. (23 Oct 2011 14:52):
    Marjorie, just a comment. I have Pluto in the 8th house conjunct the Moon square Saturn in Scorpio. Feeling trapped and resentful has certainly been part of my experience, with acute financial problems on the side. But over time it has advantages. One of them is certainly influence and power behind the scenes. Also, a deeper instinctive understanding of power plays at all levels of existence (family, workplace, politics, banking). I am certainly fascinated by the Eurozone crisis and I know intuitively with utter certainty you are right about the coming catastrophe. I have felt another Great Depression coming, and the wars that will follow, for many years. By the way, Australia announced last week it was doubling the number of its submarines and reinforcing its naval defense. The only explanation is it fears a more aggressive China in the wake of inescapable American decline. We may have resented the US policeman since 1945 because he obviously did not always act out of enlightened selflessness, but we will miss him sorely when he is gone

  122. loyalurker says:

    Interesting about Pluto’s 8th house placement. I hadn’t thought about that. I’m certain there is increased strong-arming in Washington behind the scenes by the big power brokers, as never before. I think they sense they are struggling on the edge of the abyss and it’s now or never to assert control. They will be fighting among themselves as well as fighting off a rising tide of unrest by the citizens of the world. It will, no doubt, get much worse before it gets better with lots of interference from chance such as increasingly active geophysical events. The pot has been stirred and all the toxic sediment that has been lying on the bottom will rise to the surface.
    I think China’s inner pressures will feed its hunger toward expansion and will definitely be a factor in the coming decade or two.
    How does one feed their 2 ton child? They go scavenging for resources.
    So your insights about Australia’s preparations seems spot on.
    And it does seem that, by choice or necessity, the U.S. will be less able to play interference, and may instead find intself withdawn into a protective rather than aggressive stance.

  123. lizzie says:

    Here is a profound, clarifying ( imv) channeling of the Big Picture re ‘The Occupy Movement’…following on Andre’s et al’s excellent posts.

  124. kdez says:

    Ron Paul is a deluded but sincere old man. Rand Paul is just a nasty little weasel – no one is going to vote for him for president.

  125. andre says:

    Loyalurker, Pluto in the 8th is Scorpionic. I think that says it all and speaks volumes. It gives much food for thought, but instinctive consciousness above all, gut feelings multiplied.

    I was born with Pluto in the 8th in Leo. Pluto is now crossing my North Node in Capricorn in my first house for the third and final time as I write. I am 56, but this brings the expression of a deeper, more authentic and more powerful self for the very first time. This Plutonic expression will necessarily bear the mark of the 8th house at the origin of my being. It should reach maximum impact when transiting Pluto reaches my Sun at 20 Capricorn and my Chiron square Neptune at 28 Capricorn, very near the time of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction in Capricorn of 2020, which will itself take place two years before the US Pluto return.

    Final note: I am a Canadian and Marjorie Orr is British. We are not American, but it is safe to say that most people in both our countries feel deeply concerned by the fate of the United States. More later.

  126. loyalurker says:

    Andre, FYI – A White Paper on Austrailia’ Defense:

    Defending Australia in the Asia Pacific Century – Force 2030.

  127. will says:

    Stunning Endorsement of President Obama by Hilary Clinton on NBC Meet the Press.

    I tried to cup and copy the embedded link at Meet the Press but it is not behaving well. Nonetheless, if you can see this morning’s interview of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it will those of you have been supportive of President Obama very proud. This was a ringing endorsement by his former nemesis. David Gregory’s neo-con ass really had to suck it, live, right on his own program. Good stuff!

  128. starlight says:

    will – I saw it too. It was really powerful. She also managed to not say how incompetent the current crop of GOP candidates while implying it clearly. Truly stunning.

    She also included, hint, hint, “now that I am completely out of politics” case anyone has any fantasies about 2012.

  129. will says:

    See if this works for Hillary on Meet the Press

    One-on-one with Sec. Clinton

    Sec. Clinton discusses the liberation of Libya and the upcoming withdrawal of all troops from Iraq.

  130. andre says:

    Hilary has been a great Secretary of State. I am sorry to see her go and will trust her on Obama even if he is sometimes hard to follow.

  131. pisca says:

    but gop might make him a flavor of the month. And March (aka Romney fave planets) is the Tx primary. Might split Texas repugs.

  132. Connie says:

    thanks Will; this is the link for the Hillary praising Obama video, but you need to scroll down the page

  133. andre says:


    The Undead and Plutonian Change

    Posted: 23 Oct 2011 06:03 AM PDT

    3000 people took to the streets of Brighton dressed as zombies this weekend. Some of the anti-capitalist protesters in Wall Street have also dressed as zombies. Vampires, another undead phenomenon, have also been very popular in recent years. It’s not all just for kids, either. Anyone out there a True Blood fan?

    The world is undergoing a major Pluto transit as it squares up to Uranus in the early cardinal signs, hard aspecting significant points in the charts of all the major powers. We are collectively undergoing a death, with much resistance and hanging on to the old, and maybe the young people dressed as zombies are acting that out for us. The young often sense the future better than we do, and maybe that’s because they are the future.

    The Occupy protests, which are occurring under the Uranus-Pluto square, are strongly resonant of the student protests of the 60s, which occurred under a Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

    They are not just resonant, they are in a way the same thing one step on, being part of the same Uranus-Pluto cycle. The conjunction sows the seed, while the call to action is much more urgent under the opening square. The conjunction is a sign of things to come; the youth of the 60s saw the deep flaws in the system, but the economy was still boomimg. Now, under the dynamic opening square, the system is reaching decadence, and the protests have a more immediate relevance.

  134. manastar says:

    she is such a terrible and persistent person and sorry to say most of Obama administration r same like her. Obama is a 2 faced person what he is trying to portray, in fact he is not like this

  135. Virginia says:

    Secretary Clinton is strong, smart and capable. We have been blessed to have her service. I just hope President Obama will be able to find someone else as good to appoint in her stead.

  136. pisca says:

    Pluto in the natal 8th and the current Pluto transit through Capricorn reminds me of the today’s young 20s who were born with natal Pluto in it’s home of Scorpio and natal Neptune & Uranus both in Capricorn. This generation meets Saturn squaring itself and the outer planets getting a workout. This hidden but powered (Pluto) genaration sees Authority (CAP) as suddenly changing (UR), perhaps with some compassionate vision (NEP). I have noticed this to be a very serious generation who don’t make waves but have incredible inner strength. Another interesting generation to watch grow!

  137. Cha says:

    You’re so dead wrong about President Obama, manastar, it’s pathetic.

  138. manastar says:

    After getting noble peace prize he has started more and more wars and increased drones who kill more innocents women, children then militants why not US and Obama just leave Afghanistan and end his military bases in more than 50 countries . when will US dream to capture world will end

  139. andre says:

    So true. My daughter born in 1987 with Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in the 4th house fits that description. Her Pluto in Scorpio makes her extremely resilient and a strong, silent type with a high degree of consciousness. She is currently studying philosophy. I wonder what she will make of her life.

  140. andre says:

    I just looked at Bill Clinton’s chart. His ASC is at 5 Libra. He has a Mars-Neptune conjunction at 6 Libra, and Venus at 11 Libra. He has Saturn at 2 Leo, Mercury at 7 Leo and Pluto at 11 Leo. Uranus in the 7th house will be lighting up his chart next year. His wife will change his life entirely and bring him a lot of passion and excitement.

    To me, that means Hillary will be Obama’s VP in his second term. By declaring he will be ready to run for President in 2016, Biden is desperately signaling he would like to stay. He is only trying to stave off the inevitable. I believe Obama knows full well he needs Hillary in a tight election. There is a lot going on behind the scenes as ever.

  141. will says:


    I did have a fleeing intuitive flash that HRC would somehow find her way to the office of the VP – and strangely, another piggy-backed flash – that she would actually gain the presidency at some point – but it wasn’t clear if it was due to Obama not finishing his second term (that was my gut) or if she won the general election in 2016. But I have no astrology to back this up. Paradoxically, we have Saturn moving into Scorpio next fall – and Hillary’s chart is chock-full of planets in Leo (which will be squared) and Scorpio.

  142. frs says:


    If not VP, maybe the next Secretary General of the UN? If the 60’s was a uranus/pluto conjunction and we are now talking about a square – does it not mean that these next few years will be far more polarizing? As one who was alive during the 60’s it is hard to imagine the country staying together during these next few years.

  143. Gypsi says:

    We live in interesting times. Thank you for the great posts.

    Plumbing is fixed.

  144. andre says:

    Will, I greatly fear you may be right. 2014 is so awful for the President Obama may not finish his second term. If so, and I hope that never happens, I will at least be relieved that Hillary will be his successor, and not Joe Biden. I really think the next VP is very important.

  145. andre says:

    I realized yesterday my brother, my sister and I all have Pluto in the 8th house. My family is pretty intense and we’ve had our share of conflict. I suppose we are all rather strong-willed. But it’s not all bad. Pluto in the 8th has many meanings. It’s not only about power or politics. All three of us are deeply interested in shamanism and psychology, although I am the only one into astrology.

  146. andre says:

    Will, one more thing. Jupiter wil enter HRC’s seventh house next fall while Saturn conjuncts her Sun in the 12th. Increased social prominence and personal popularity, with very grave issues in the background. That’s about right.

    What a great way for Obama to fire up his base.

  147. Anne says:

    I hope Hillary stays out of politics. I like her, she seems like a nice enough lady. But she is of the past. Pro entitlements and stuff like that, helping deadbeat homeowners who were greedy and stupid to get into trouble. She is an old democrat. Obama is the new change way. He is stretching and blurring the boundaries and remaking the parties. Some commenters here are false followers of Obama and really love to hate and fear republicans and not follow Obama’s lead in embracing everyone and showing respect to everyone. But that is to be expected. Some people follow farther behind.

    Hillary has been OK in a support role which is right. She should do some charity work. I don’t think she is popular. I’m glad Hillary support is strictly regulated here since it is not very real. The only thing I can say for her is that she has always been pro GLBT. But that is a small social issue.

    I don’t think Obama has said he is using drones, but if he is then it is for a good reason. Its better than overextending our military.

  148. Patty says:

    Anne, I must disagree…Hillary has never had the chance to really show her true compassion/kindness for humanity.
    She is the ‘shot in the arm’ Obama needs, especially after proving herself as Sec. of State. Having Bill at her side would be a huge asset and strength. Now that Obama realizes he doesn’t know it all…it would be a very wise and humble move on his part.

  149. Diane L says:

    You were right about Cain getting smacked after Oct 28. He’s being hit from all sides today! Sexual harassment, campaign funding violations . . . wow!

  150. starlight says:

    Diane – Thanks for posting that. I was just going to go and dig up where I said that about Cain. He is right on time!!

  151. Suzy says:


    Here is Rick Perry at his most evil and satanic in this You Tube clip of an unhinged speech that even Chris Matthews thought was bizarre in tonight’s show.

    If you want to see Chimpy on Steroids and a vision of Satan riding through the skies on “Halloween” and past into the 2012 Election then this is one scary video.

    There are breaks in the video…so be sure to hang in until the end for the full Satanic View.

    “Unhappy Halloween” if this insanity thinks he should become President of the USA. Makes me want to go back to church or at least start wearing a cross or a garland of garlic around my neck for the next year. :-(