The New Boss

Although it is unclear as yet who will lead al Qaida following the demise of Evil-Doer-in-Chief Osama bin Laden, many are expecting the Egyptian-born Ayman al Zawahiri to take up the reins.  Zawahiri is known to be somewhat disliked within the organization and lacks bin Laden’s financial resources and charisma, but he has been al Qaida’s second-in-command and its primary spokesman for years.

As the many-tiered repercussions of the recent strike on bin Laden’s compound sort themselves out, it is useful to look at any clues we can derive from Zawahiri’s birth chart for suggestions about his future role. Although we have no birth time, we do have a birth date – June 19, 1951, in Cairo – with which to work. Should Zawahiri indeed become the new boss and should he remain alive and active for the next few years, there are some very significant indications for what might be expected.

Most notably, Zawahiri’s chart lights up like a Christmas tree from late 2012 through mid- 2014. If he is leading al Qaida at that time, this period seems likely to be when the greatest danger lurks. In his natal chart, Zawahiri has a Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune t-square. Jupiter in this configuration is at 10Aries56, and Uranus is at 8Cancer54. In late 2012 through early 2014, the very potent and explosive transiting Uranus/Pluto square will be crossing from 8 to 11 Aries and from 9 to 12 Capricorn, respectively, and activate the daring and inventive natal Jupiter/Uranus combination in Zawahiri’s chart, creating a truly incendiary mix.

Moreover, transiting Jupiter will square natal Jupiter (10Aries56) and conjunct natal Uranus (8Cancer54) in August 2013 and, for an extended period simultaneous to the Uranus conjunction of natal Jupiter, in February and March of 2014, adding a strong impulse toward recklessness and grandiosity. Furthermore, a stationary Mars transit will also trigger this configuration from late April through early June 2014.  If Zawahiri is still among the living in 2013 and 2014, it will prove to be a very expansive, daring, rash, and high-profile period in his life, when he ignites unexpected and potentially transformative events.

Of greatest significance in this picture of Zawahiri ramped into overdrive with his reckless and megalomaniacal ambitions – essentially his Jupiter/Uranus square on steroids – is that very dramatic and significant events are indicated in the charts of the United States and Great Britain during the same time period due to the impact of the hugely powerful Uranus/Pluto square.

In the US chart (click picture to enlarge), late September 2012 through October 2015, and most especially 2013 and 2014, will be highly charged with many fast-paced and compelling circumstances.

Likewise in Britain, from mid-2012 through mid-2015, and particularly 2013, the profound impact of both Uranus and Pluto on the British natal chart suggests a great deal of turmoil and unexpected, stressful events.

From January through May 2011, the US has been experiencing the impact of progressed Sun (7 Pisces) square to progressed Uranus (7 Gemini) and triggered by transiting Pluto (7 Capricorn).

This combination has intensified the rebelliousness of the population and the willingness of various politicians to precipitously overthrow the status quo, most notably in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and in the US House of Representatives.

It has also brought the first attempted assassination of a US congressperson, the Arab Spring, the unexpected war on Libya, and the remarkable and unanticipated demise of the notorious Osama bin Laden. Although the progression will continue to build through early October 2011, it has been particularly enhanced by the transit from Pluto during the first five months of the year.

From late September 2012 through mid-September 2013, the progressed US Sun will move into a square with natal Uranus (8Gemini55). This indicates another period of enormous turbulence, transformation, and the willingness of many to buck the restrictions of the status quo.

Numerous activations of this progression will come from several significant transits: two Pluto (8Capricorn) quincunxes to natal Uranus; three Jupiter (8 Gemini)) conjunctions to natal Uranus; and a Uranus (8 Aries) sextile to natal Uranus.

When combined, the strong planetary triggering of the Sun/Uranus progression will cover much of that year. The final sextile of Uranus to US natal Uranus will occur from mid-October through mid-November 2013, in essence extending the impact of the progressed Sun square. With the progressed US Moon conjunction to progressed Saturn at the same time, late October and November 2013 could be a very stressful time for US citizens (the Moon), possibly due to an upset or surprise event triggered by Uranus.

The year 2014, most notably January through June, will see historic, transformative, and enormous circumstances take hold in the US.  Both Uranus (13 Aries) and Pluto (13 Capricorn) will be in a hard aspect to the US Sun (13Cancer19), joined by the conjunction of transiting Jupiter (13 Cancer), as well as three squares from a long-acting Mars station (13 Libra).

Jupiter transits to the US Sun usually bring periods of intense patriotism, often linked to some kind of “righteous” military attack or victory. Jupiter was last conjunct the US Sun, while Pluto was in a quincunx aspect (13 Sagittarius), shortly after the attack on 9/11 and as the US was revving up to go into Afghanistan in retaliation. That was the era when many started wearing American flag pins.

Recently, in the hours following the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden, while celebrating crowds spontaneously gathered in New York, Washington, and military bases across the land, transiting Venus, another uplifting, though usually shorter-acting planet, was in an exact square to the US Sun. As for the coming explosive and tumultuous events predicted for 2014, whether or not they will connect to actions from Zawahiri acting as the leader of al Qaida is unknown. But he will also be under the extraordinary combination of the Uranus/Pluto square, augmented by the inflammatory Jupiter and Mars transits, during the same period, and this seems unlikely to be merely a coincidence.

The chart for Great Britain (January 1, 1801, London, midnight) will also be hit hard by the momentous Uranus/Pluto square, but the most notable activity will be in late 2012 and 2013. The two powerhouse planets will simultaneously be in hard aspect to the Ascendant (7Libra10) from July through September 2012, with Pluto moving to conjunct the IC (9Capricorn20) and the Sun (10Capricorn11), and Uranus (9 – 10 Aries) in square to these two points, during much of 2013.   The dramatic aspects to Zawahiri’s Jupiter (10Aries56) and Uranus (8Cancer54) run close to parallel.

Again, it seems likely that transformative, unexpected, and volatile circumstances will cause unrest and upset in Britain in late 2012 and 2013, and, if Zawahiri is leading al Qaida at the same time, his crazed band of terrorists may account for some of the action.



  1. will says:


    Great insights and updates. It would indeed, seem much more than coincidental that Zawahiri would be in the explosive mix with those astrological markers.

    I say we nail this malcontent before he gets the chance to live through his gnarly chart transits in 2012-13,14.

  2. Fe says:

    Caught this at Marjorie Orr’s site:

    Osama Bin Laden – Al Quaeda’s downward slide to oblivion From: Marjorie. (02 May 2011 10:53):

    It was always clear from the 1988 Al Quaeda chart (11 Aug) that 2011/12 was going to be its nadir. It has an aggressive and inflammatory, highly emotional Venus opposition Neptune square Mars in Aries. Tr Pluto is at the moment in a devastatingly confusing and undermining conjunction to that Neptune. That also carries the effect of tr Pluto square Mars since it pulls on the entire T Square. Pluto on Mars with Neptune involved means totally crushed.

    Tr Pluto doesn’t get to the square to the Al Quaeda Mars until 2012 by which time tr Uranus is also in opposition to Mars and square Neptune – so there could be some retaliations but from this chart they are effectively finished.

    The Egyptian Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s second in command and the brains behind Al Quaeda who now presumably steps up, also has strong Mars Pluto and Pluto Neptune influences on his chart at the moment and over the coming year. So he’ll be thrown into confusion and paralysis by Bin Laden’s death and the aftermath. Born 19 Jun 1951 he’s a Sun Mars in Gemini square Saturn so excitable, argumentative, hard; with a visionary/delusional Neptune opposition Jupiter in crusading Aries in a fanatical square to a divisive, can-be-anarchic Uranus. Tr Saturn is at the moment opposition his Jupiter bringing discouragement.

    There may be one last standoff in 2011 or more likely 2012. But not one that is likely to end in anything but failure.

    Bin Laden’s own birth details are not verified though he himself said 10 March 1957. That makes him a Sun Venus in Pisces square Saturn in holier-than-thou Sagittarius; with a ruthless Mars in Taurus square Pluto; and a fanatical Uranus square Neptune. There’s not much showing on that chart at the moment apart from high risk transits to Mars midpoints and perhaps Neptune and/or Uranus transits to his Moon.

    9/11 occurred on the bleak, war-mongering Saturn opposition Pluto with a wide holy-crusading Mars opposition Jupiter. Both those aspects had drawn closer when the war on Afghanistan was launched in early October in an attempt to get Bin Laden.

    Now we have moved onto the next Saturn hard aspect in square to Pluto and Bin Laden was killed yesterday on the exact Mars Jupiter conjunction – so there is a wonderful astrological symmetry about it.

    As to how it will affect the already shaky relationship between the USA and Pakistan? That relationship chart has tr Uranus and tr Pluto both leaning on the stubbornly fixed composite T Square of Pluto opposition Moon square Sun Mercury this year. So there will be increasing pressures for change which will be obstinately resisted. Tr Uranus is exactly at the moment square the composite North Node – so it is a real moment of destiny for the partnership which has garnered Pakistan billions if not trillions in US aid.

    Pakistan is heading into meltdown over the next two years with tr Uranus and tr Pluto both bouncing off its 10th house Mars square Neptune – so massive confusion, uncertainty, failure. With a deeply unpleasant Solar Arc Saturn Pluto conjunct its Neptune by 2013/14 which will raise internal concerns to an even higher level.

    The USA is deeply unpopular because of drone attacks and civilian casualties in Pakistan. But Bin Laden’s death may spell the beginning of the end of the Afghanistan project which is costing more than the US can afford and interest already waning may spiral down even faster.

  3. Fe says:


    (sorry about the length of these Orr posts. The structure of her site makes it difficult to gather links without having to scroll through the full page).

    Here is the second one. She thinks Anwar al-Awlaki may be the new AQ chief:

    Anwar al-Awlaki – aggressive and brutal spirituality From: Marjorie. (09 May 2011 12:38):

    Anwar al-Awlaki seems to be being boosted as the Bin Laden replacement. He inspired the Fort Hood massacre and conspired with the Detroit bomber Abdulmutallab in Yemen and has also inspired several terrorist cells in Britain.

    He was born in New Mexico on 22 April 1971 so is a Sun Taurus; with a really rather nasty Earth Grand Trine of Saturn in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn trine Pluto in Virgo. Shades of Ayatollah Khameini’s Fixed T square of Mars opp Pluto square Saturn in Taurus. Al-Awlaki’s Grand Trine forms into a Kite with an emotionally intense Pluto opposition Venus (Moon) in Pisces. He’s also got a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius trine Venus. But he’s more about aggression and fairly brutal at that than spirituality.

    He had tr Saturn square his Solar Arc Neptune over Bin Laden’s death so it was clearly a confusing and undermining event for him.

    There’s nothing catastrophic showing up in his chart in the near future though efforts have been ramped up to get him in Yemen. He does have a stable SArc Saturn sextile Sun. Though by 2012 tr Neptune is in a gently drifting downwards sextile to his Taurus Sun and also conjunct his SArc Mars in 2012/13 which is sinking failure.

  4. L Jill says:

    Oh Nancy, you are an excellent writer and interperter but the last half of this article is so depressing. Do you mean that this crummy economy we’re in is going to go on for the next 2 1/2 years! And we still have to worry about terriorist too!? The Republicans in Congress will continue to fight the President and the will of the majority? Nothing will change until the new Congress starts in 2013 will it?
    People feel so desperate without hope of jobs now, and more of the weak-minded listening to rightwing talkers will go insane. I’d be concerned that violence of the homegrown variety would be the cause of any events.

  5. Elizabeth says:


    Your mention from mid-Sept 2012-Sept 2013 with the progressed US sun moving into a square with natal Uranus, indicating another willingness of many to buck the status quo.. makes me a little nervous for the Presidential election. Do you have any concern?

  6. Michael from NYC says:

    To me Al-Qaeda really typified a Pluto in Sagittarius problem (’95 to ’08) — now that we’re in Capricorn I wonder if they’ll fade more into the background. Looking at the Middle East right now it seems that things have shifted from religion to a focus on the strong men and corrupt oligarchies who run many of those nations. My gut tells me that as the basics of life become unaffordable and educated class will revolt rather than run off to join the jihad.

    The next black swan event that hits America wouldn’t be a revisit to an old threat, but would be by definition something that we’re just not paying attention to (but may be in front of nose). Things I’m looking at the Supreme Court rulings on the rights of corporations over individuals — there could be some seismic event that brings this to a head, and least we forget “the business of america is business”.

  7. Michael from NYC says:

    PS I’d also add that looking at Japan and Australia that a natural disaster can hit a nation even harder than a terrorist attack.

  8. kiwi says:

    Thanks Nancy for another great article. Great input from all others too.

    Is it just a typo, or are different years being used? Nancy shows 1952 as birth year for zawahiri- Marjorie Orr shows 1951.

  9. Gypsi says:

    Great article Nancy. I hope though, that our turmoils are more the overthrow of the plutocracy by the U.S. voters. The present economic system, bailed out and propped up twice already, is still broken, and the remedies will be painful

    A genuine breakthrough, perhaps the bacteria that can convert CO2 into fuel, if it got out of the lab and cheaply into the hands of consumers, would bankrupt the oil industry, and perhaps coal along with it. That would certainly be Uranus and Pluto at their finest..

    In the meantime I continue to shrink my electric bill….on a wind only plan to boot.

  10. starlight says:

    L Jill – I wasn’t really talking about the economy in this article. More about all the “big” events likely to unfold through the Uranus/Pluto square and the possibility, possibility, that if Zarahiri is in power in al Qaida in 2012 and 2013, he will be up to no good. But that is not a given. The US has a lot of Jupiter combined with all that Uranus/Pluto, so we might be out there as an avenging angel in some way. Or maybe we will have massive uprisings in this country if the GOP keeps pushing us off into fantasyland.
    And, as Will suggests, lets get rid of him before then, and then his planets are moot.

    Elizabeth – I am a bit concerned about possible events in late November through December 2012. Jupiter will conjunct US Uranus, Pluto will quincunx US Uranus, and both will be triggering the progressed Sun square US Uranus. But as we have seen in the past few months, who could possibly guess what Uranus will bring. the Jupiter element suggests it may not be awful, but that is not certain either. Jupiter can expand a big storm and make it bigger and more dramatic, for example.

  11. starlight says:

    kiwi – A typo – he is 1951. I will correct it.

  12. kiwi says:

    A thought on zawahiri’s future effect – his family’s historical origin is saudi arabia elite – forebears moved to egypt in mid 1800’s. Forebears were well educated, some doctors, in family history. Stories are that Dr Zawahiri is monstrously ticked off with egypt and saudi rulers too – particularly as they have been supported in maintaining power by the US for all these many years, to the detriment of many of their ordinary citizens. Could his focus of attention change from merely harming the USA, to include middle east current ruling factions perhaps?
    Nancy, is it possible to glance at the saudi and egypt charts for that same time frame and see if anything is happening there too?
    Also, is there a chart for the oil industry? Might it have something to do with that also? After all, that is the primary cause for US supporting modern mid east governments.

  13. Suzy says:


    So many things coming at us in the coming years. Thank you for your excellent research on all of this.

    I wonder if looking back at your forecasts through the years …you wouldn’t be amazed we all had survived given the great challenges, trials and tribulations we’ve gone through since 2000 and that stolen election which seemed to signal all the challenges and terrible times that would be coming.

    I often think that election was such a turning point in “rule of law” being violated by our own Supreme Court and then the “9/11 Attack on WTC…leading to an invasion of a sovereign country based on false pretenses (Iraq) and the other to hunt down bin Laden (was sold to us as the retribution for 9/11). Then followed by a year of many bad Hurricanes in Florida in Bush First Term. (First signs of Global Climate Change?) followed by “Selection ’04” and devasting loss felt by so many who worked so hard against Bush..and with more election fraud and deceitfulness by Repugs in Ohio and elsewhere and then Katrina Disaster and the rest that I can’t even remember because most of the rest was so bad ending with the Housing Bubble and then the financial Global Meltdown just as Bush is finishing his second term..

    We breathed a sigh of relief when we elected ,with great hope, President Obama. But, the environmental disasters went on with BP Oil Spill and the Market Crash left us with horrible housing disaster and unemployment problems plus Federal Debt to deal with that still hasn’t been solved. And, along comes Haiti Earthquake, Nuclear Disaster in Japan, terrible storms,tornadoes and flooding in the Mid-Section and South of US plus Crazy Republicans (already running for 2012) who are so bizarre no one with any rational sense can understand what they are about…yet apparently much of American Public voted them in for 2010 MidTerms and we have been subjugated to their rantings and clowning in the Mainstream Media ever since.

    I know I’ve missed a few disasters in this mess/hellishness we’ve all lived through for these past 10-11 years (and the Monica Lewinsky thing before that for three years)…so we are all worn out. It’s amazing we’ve made it this far on hope and persistence. “A wing and a Prayer?”

    Nancy, if you did a “time machine backwards” and you could have forseen the detail of these terrible events we’ve lived through, I wonder if you would think that what’s ahead could be as bad as where we’ve been ?

    I’m really hoping that if we’ve made it through all these trying, challenging events, so far, then we are the stronger for it (having built up some defenses that might well serve us in the coming years) for the rest of what we have to deal with.

    I try to think we’ve been through the worst of it…or at least we’ve learned to cope and will do better with whatever comes next. And, that the planets will help us with that.

  14. will says:

    We might have to go in and dismantle Pakistan’s nuclear capacities in relatively short order.

    Hillary Clinton was right when she asserted during the last Presidential primaries that Pakistan was the biggest threat to the U.S. and the entire region.

  15. starlight says:

    will – One of my very dark fantasies is of a dirty bomb going off somewhere, originating in Pakistan and sent by al Qaida. The response would be a large scale dismantling of Pakistan’s nuclear power and much destruction in Pakistan. So far, we haven’t held to Bush’s doctrine that if you harbor terrorists you get treated like terrorists. But that could change if things get bad.

  16. starlight says:

    Suzy – During Bush we had Pluto and Saturn crossing the US Asc/Desc axis (9/11) and tr Pluto and tr Uranus in hard aspect to US Mars (2 wars) and Uranus square natal Uranus (Katrina). Under Obama we have so far had Pluto opposite US Venus while Saturn was square US Venus (recession) and the US Saturn return and Saturn square US Sun (austerity, slow healing of recession, and governmental constipation). Uranus is now square US Venus (catching bin Laden, war in Libya).

    Coming in the next few years: Uranus last crossing square US Venus, Uranus three crossings square US Jupiter, Uranus 3x square the US Sun; Pluto 3x opposite US Jupiter and 3x opposite the US Sun. After August, Saturn square US Mercury 3x over the next year (likely less stressful than Saturn hitting US Saturn and Sun simultaneously). Also progressed US Sun square progressed US Uranus (2011) and square natal US Uranus (2012). It looks like a lot of volatility and tumult, and lots of rebellion, e.g., Uranus (think Wisconsin, Michigan, Tea Party, GOP Congress, and more). Lots of intense power struggles (Pluto). There will be many significant changes between now and 2015 but I can’t say what they would be.

  17. starlight says:

    kiwi – Good call on Egypt. In the 1922 chart, Pluto is at 7Cancer56 square to the Node at 8Libra44, both hit by the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 and early 2013. Moon at 14Libra22 suggests more high stakes drama in 2014 and 2015. currently (during 2011), Pluto is square natal Saturn and Uranus is conjunct natal Venus.

  18. Lorrie U says:

    If you missed this, it’s hilarious!

    Jon Stewart Slams Fox News, Sean Hannity For Hypocritical ‘Common’ Outrage (VIDEO)

  19. Andre says:

    Starlight, could you look at the impact of the US Pluto return in late Capricorn on these upcoming events in 2013-2014 or is the Pluto return still too far off to consider in your view?

  20. Teresa Hill says:


    Thank you for the birthday wishes on the previous thread. We had an informal offer on our house today! Not sure if anything will come of it, but it’s a start. I’m hopeful.

  21. Gypsi says:

    Thank you for the birthday greetings too. I’m on the new computer, afraid it’s more of a toy than a tool. Going to take my irritable self and do something I enjoy after I finish my manual invoices

  22. Sharon says:

    I’d like to add to the tumult and rebellion that the Democrats, Progressives and Liberals will not be taking the GOP agenda and, any inroads they make, lying down. We WILL fight back. ALL politicians (except maybe Nader, Kuccinich, Feinstein and I don’t know about Nader) have to finesse and manipulate at time but Kerry was right about the Republicans – They ARE a bunch of conniving, lying cheaters (or cheating bastards, whatever he said).

    First they ruin the economy, then they make the person who held it together and probably prevented a Depression look like a socialist (read “communist”) because he once facetiously made a comment in response to raising taxes on the very wealthy that we should spread the wealth around, and because he was a (liberal) community organizer when younger. Then they scare the public about the deficit (when money had to be put into circulation, although I won’t say it’s a bad thing to make Congress into better money managers)…and, now that they are in office, they come up with an agenda that supports business and profit margins and undercuts quality of life for everyone else.

    The Catholic priests are right to chastise Boehner. I hope he and his colleagues are voted out big time in the next election. The public IS wising up. If the economy holds and improves as we approach Nov. 2012, they will be.

  23. rc says:

    Hi Starlight.
    Hypothetically , If any were to take up the
    proposal Of Terminating Zawahiri,
    Is there Astrology that
    could Determine The Best Time periods
    for The success of such a mission.
    Does His chart provide such insight to future, when His Planets are at there most negative Points.
    This information offers an advantage if
    one practices the use of Astrology.
    Your Timely Thread is poses such thoughts.

  24. kiwi says:

    Nancy, if egypt may be in play, how does the chart for the suez canal look during that time frame? Problems there would strangle a good deal of global shipping, particularly oil tankers.

  25. kiwi says:

    This is on another topic – does anyone know what Joe Biden’s chart looks like at the moment? Maybe its the just camera angles and lighting, but recent photos seem to be showing his cheekbones rather distinctly. If so, hope it is age, not illness.

  26. rc says:

    Kiwi, good catch

    A little history of JBs health.

  27. Sharon says:

    Better not to do any more terminations, I think, rc – revenge is a powerful motive for some.

  28. karen says:

    Nancy, this is a great piece. One of the key aspects of what Bin Laden intended was to disrupt the commonly-held economic network. I can only imagine that Zawahari also intends to expand that idea? That US second house Pluto stands out like a sore thumb in this regard. And, it’s our blind side. Little has been discussed, of late, regarding Bin Laden’s intent. Instead, we’ve been told to look, look at the “terrist.”

    It is interesting to me that our current economic reasoning — id est, let the markets correct themselves — continues to wreck its havoc worldwide. (Interesting post, Sharon!). You don’t change the way people think about economics through mass murder, a la Bin Laden, but we do need to rethink and apply, say fair trade instead of free trade. The system has been carefully rigged (Shock Doctrine). Will transformation come when the current system collapses?

  29. starlight says:

    Andre – The US Pluto return is not until 2022. I am far more concerned about transiting Uranus, Pluto, and at one point Jupiter and Mars all aspecting the US Sun at the same time in 2014, and for that matter the very strong progressed Sun square natal Uranus triggered by multiple planets in 2012. These aspects suggest very big events and big transformations. We have had only a taste in the last 5 months with progressed Sun square progressed Uranus.

    What I can say with certainty is that we will not be the same after these aspects are finished. We will have let go of things, sometimes abruptly, that should be outgrown (Uranus), and we will have greater depth after undergoing some painful and profound experiences (Pluto). When things are out of balance and strong aspects hit, the Universe is basically giving a swift strong kick to get things back to balance. It can be painful but will ultimately lead to greater strength.

  30. starlight says:

    rc – At the moment, Zawahiri is under the Saturn station opposite his Jupiter from May 1 through July 7. So the death of bin Laden is causing him many difficulties. So now would be a good time if it were possible. Ideally, he could be dispatched before 2013. At that point, both Pluto and Uranus will be impacting his Jupiter and his activities will expand exponentially. There is one very difficult period in the midst of that during a Saturn station sesquiquadrate to his Mercury/Mars conjunction, from May 28 to July 13, 2013. Jupiter and Uranus will be strong in early May that year, but perhaps immediately after that, when he is undergoing some real difficulties? If not, it likely won’t be until after events in the spring of 2014.

  31. starlight says:

    kiwi – I don’t have a chart for the Suez Canal. And if I did, it would have to be read in tandem with other charts to make sense.

    karen – Rachel did a wonderful segment on the success of bin Laden wrecking our economy and how much it has cost us since 9/11: two wars, department of homeland security, upgrading intelligence, chronic paranoia, etc.

  32. Andre says:

    Thank you for your answer to my question on the US chart, Starlight. Your answer on pain leading to greater stregth would apply to my chart as well with my NN at 5 Cap square my MC at 5 Libra. Pluto and Uranus are working these over this year and next.

  33. starlight says:

    Andre – I would take a look at what else is going on when Uranus crosses your IC. Progressed Moon? Any Jupiter transits? Any Saturn transits? That will help you see further what kind of changes it will bring. Pluto on the North Node could bring you into greater public prominence and examination.

  34. chrys says:

    oh nancy….

    Reading your post – I can not help it , I see my mars/uranus conj 10 degrees cancer in the 5th – with the jupiter 13 degrees aries-in the second and yes the past month has been strange- ( neptune 16 libra) , but maybe this could be brilliant for an artist…….!

  35. DPH says:

    Nancy– something I’ve wondered about for a while: when you look at transits involving the nodes, do you look at the True Node, or the Mean Node?

  36. kiwi says:

    Thanks for your response on Suez Nancy.

    Searching around online I found this:
    opened Nov 17 1869.
    article written by marjorie orr – she sees issues coming up.

  37. kiwi says:

    Eric Francis also has something on suez, although he says nov 16th – (perhaps thats the date it would have been in the US at the time)
    The part on suez is about halfway down the page in the article.

  38. kiwi says:

    More on the canal date:
    perhaps this narrative explains the difference – the officials arrived on the 16th for the ceremony, 1st ship to transit was on the 17th. Sort of like time differences for births!

    “The Khedive Ismail asked Empress Eug?nie to inaugurate the canal an apt tribute to France. After being received in Constantinople by the Sultan Abdul-Aziz, she continued on to Port Said on board the imperial yacht, the ?Aigle?, arriving there on 16 November, 1869. She was greeted with gun salutes from the war ships which had come from all over the world. The Khedive, the Austrian Emperor, the Prince Royal of Prussia, the Prince of the Netherlands, the Prince of Hanover and the Ambassadors of Great Britain and Russia went to greet her.

    On 17 November, the Aigle was the first vessel to enter the canal, followed by an impressive cortege of about 40 war and merchant ships. In the evening, they dropped anchor at Ismailia on Lake Timsah.”

  39. rc says:

    Thank You Starlight,
    That allows Perfect astrological insight to
    the theme of this Thread.
    Excellent !

  40. ScorpioX3 says:

    “What I can say with certainty is that we will not be the same after these aspects are finished. We will have let go of things, sometimes abruptly, that should be outgrown (Uranus), and we will have greater depth after undergoing some painful and profound experiences (Pluto). When things are out of balance and strong aspects hit, the Universe is basically giving a swift strong kick to get things back to balance. It can be painful but will ultimately lead to greater strength.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for another very insightful post. I too believe we will be changed. Like it or not. As individuals, as a nation, and as caretakers of each other and this planet, it’s pretty obvious that we’ll be challenged to change our way of thinking and being. A shift in personal and global consciousness is underway. We live in exciting times. Tough. Brutal. But necessary.

  41. karen says:

    Kiwi, that critical passage — the Suez — has been eyed as a target by many and for good reason. My question is about your focus on this (and for good reason). But, are you picking up some feeling about it?

    My partner was a Navy ship, and all of them had t-shirts made that said “Kuwaiti Oil Escorts.” They wore them everytime they provided military cover for oil tankers negotiating the canal.

  42. starlight says:

    DPH – I use the True Node.

    kiwi – Thanks for the charts on the canal. I don’t know much of its recent history, but I don’t remember any big events when Uranus and Pluto crossed through mutable signs and hit the Saturn/Mars positions. So I am not sure how much to use this chart for predictions. Clearly, if anything happens there, it will be more likely to show up in the countries’ charts that are involved.

  43. starlight says:

    I managed to post another article using the new WordPress. I will be gone most of next week so this will be the last one until the following week. We are going to my son’s graduation!! Yay!

  44. lizzie says:

    Interesting article on Full Moon: ‘Dead Heading’– which has a prominent ‘Algol’ (losing one’s head in 1 way or another) involved … and all of the other ‘Head’ issues in the news currently and more to arrive no doubt…comments are interesting.

  45. kiwi says:

    Hi Karen, no, not picking up anything in particular on Suez, at least in my conscious mind, but I would not be surprised if something happens there, given the history.
    I will say though, for some reason I have for years now been intrigued (if that is the right word) about Zawahiri and wondered about what ‘family’ karma issues surround him. His ancestors moved to Egypt around the time the canal was under construction. Don’t know if the move was related in some way.