Mama Grizzly Reloading

Ever since the curmudgeonly John McCain decided to adorn himself with a young, attractive Alaskan governor during his doomed race for the White House in 2008, Sarah Palin’s continued exploits have been omnipresent in the shallow fare that passes for news in the modern media. On a daily basis, her every appearance, comment, and tweet have been magnified into major stories. With the help of this constant media presence, Palin has managed to accumulate a huge and devoted following, using her influence to raise millions of dollars and to slant several Republican primaries toward her favored candidates. The punditocracy has been ceaselessly ruminating for over two years about her chances to win the nomination for president in 2012.

In the past month or so, however, there has developed a new, more discordant thread in the Palin wonder-saga. Many are speculating that her once-rising star has begun to set. Palin’s recent poll numbers show a strong and growing unfavorable rating among the masses, with a high number seeing her as unfit for the presidency. In addition, some of her latest comments have been more jarring than effective. Her snarky jabs at Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, in particular, were criticized by several Republicans, while her targeting of several Democratic candidates in the “crosshairs” on her website has come under a broad-based attack in light of the recent assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

There are at least two known birth times given for Sarah Palin, one that gives a Leo Ascendant (4:40 PM) and the other a Libra Ascendant (9:43 PM). Some predictions based on the two charts can vary by up to a couple of months, while others vary by only a few days, at most. Interestingly, what is clear in both charts is that we are presently in one of the most difficult periods in the former governor’s public career, with her popularity waning and her otherwise astute political timing somewhat off. Her progressed Venus is square to natal Saturn (25Aquarius12), peaking in its deleterious impact on her poll numbers sometime between May and August 2011 (depending on which chart is used). In addition, the Saturn station of mid-December 2010 through late February 2011 is in opposition to her Jupiter (16Aries43) forcing a retreat from her usual aggressive outreach and audacity.

Despite the political soothsayers’ repeated assertions that Sarah Palin’s celebrated climb from obscurity into stardom may finally be over, this current stressful period is likely to come to an end by late summer 2011. By October 2011, it seems likely that the Queen of the Rhetorical Firebomb will be back. By 2012, her perfectly-timed verbal incendiary devices will seem to be on steroids. Lest we forget, some of her greatest hits include: Palin’ around with terrorists; Don’t retreat, RELOAD; and the notorious death panels. As can be seen from these few examples, her extraordinary phraseology is well-known for both its longevity and its potency.

As the luster-reducing Saturn/Venus progression peaks and then winds down over the next several months, Palin’s progressed Mars will move into a conjunction with her natal Venus (1Aries22) and sextile her Mercury (1Aquarius37), building for 17 months through May 2012. Thus, she is likely to enjoy an expansion of her attractiveness and aggressive rhetorical skills through the entire 2012 primary season. By October 2011, transiting Uranus will join progressed Mars/natal Venus, stationing within a degree of that position from October 2011 through January 2012, lending her some extraordinary star-power and charisma during the build-up to the primaries. In addition, a slow-moving Jupiter in early Taurus will square Palin’s Mercury and Moon three times between late October 2011 and mid-February 2012, adding a measure of success and optimism to her candidacy.

Moreover, from early April through late May 2012, a number of Jupiter and Venus transits seem likely to fuel Palin’s appeal and momentum. During this later primary period, Jupiter will semisquare her Venus/progressed Mars, oppose her Neptune, square her Ascendant (Leo), and square her Sun and Mars. Venus will station trine her Sun and Mars for most of May, and progressed Moon will quincunx natal Jupiter from mid-April to mid-May (2 months earlier with Libra chart). The combination of these configurations suggests that Palin will dominate the Republican primaries, either as a candidate, which seems the most likely, or as a kingmaker, nonetheless stealing much of the oxygen.

Of further interest is the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 which will impact Palin’s Sun/Mars conjunction for much of the year. As of January, Pluto will move into a semisquare with Palin’s Mars (23Aquairus27) through June 2012, returning briefly in November, while transiting Pluto will make its final semisquare to Palin’s Sun from June through October 2012. These transits in combination suggest a vicious and intense power struggle throughout the entire year. In addition, transiting Uranus will be semisquare to Palin’s Mars from late May through July and semisquare the Sun in May and August 2012. With either Uranus or Pluto in minor hard aspect to Palin’s Mars for much of the campaign season, it seems probable that the savage, and perhaps rabid, Pit Bull with lipstick will be back.

The good news for those of us who shake with horror at the mere thought of a Palin presidency is the Saturn transit square to her Moon that will fall either in early or late November 2012, as well as the progressed Moon square to her natal Saturn (25Aquarius12) that will hit either throughout November 2012 or throughout January 2013. In addition, transiting Pluto will make its final semisquare to Palin’s Mars in November 2012 and then conjunct her South Node and semisquare her Saturn from January through mid-June 2013. None of these aspects are suggestive of a celebratory assumption of power, but are, instead, indicative of a depressed and angry mood following the election. It seems quite likely that if Mama Grizzly runs in 2012, the much-anticipated coming presidential term, dominated as it will be by the turbulent and transformative Uranus/Pluto square, will be in the sober, capable, pragmatic, and informed hands of President Barack Obama.


  1. will says:

    You had me worried-sick until the last paragraph of Mama Grizzley Reloading. Whew! Even those “unfavorable” transits seem to be coming into play much too late for the election itself. I’ve got schpilkas, big-time.

    I am re-posting this from the last thread as I felt it was well-worth the read:

    This is a must-read for anyone interested in a glimpse of the “big picture” of what the new world economy (and especially the American) is looking like.
    The Rise of the New Global Elite

    By Chrystia Freeland

    If you happened to be watching NBC on the first Sunday morning in August last summer, you would have seen something curious. There, on the set of Meet the Press, the host, David Gregory, was interviewing a guest who made a forceful case that the U.S. economy had become “very distorted.” In the wake of the recession, this guest explained, high-income individuals, large banks, and major corporations had experienced a “significant recovery”; the rest of the economy, by contrast—including small businesses and “a very significant amount of the labor force”—was stuck and still struggling. What we were seeing, he argued, was not a single economy at all, but rather “fundamentally two separate types of economy,” increasingly distinct and divergent.

    This diagnosis, though alarming, was hardly unique: drawing attention to the divide between the wealthy and everyone else has long been standard fare on the left. (The idea of “two Americas” was a central theme of John Edwards’s 2004 and 2008 presidential runs.) What made the argument striking in this instance was that it was being offered by none other than the former five-term Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan: iconic libertarian, preeminent defender of the free market, and (at least until recently) the nation’s foremost devotee of Ayn Rand. When the high priest of capitalism himself is declaring the growth in economic inequality a national crisis, something has gone very, very wrong.

    This widening gap between the rich and non-rich has been evident for years. In a 2005 report to investors, for instance, three analysts at Citigroup advised that “the World is dividing into two blocs—the Plutonomy and the rest”:

    Much, much more…..

  2. DPH says:

    Great post, Nancy. I agree with Will– all the positive aspects she has right up until election time give me the willies.

    She is the perfect illustration of the great divide in this country– those of us who see her as an uninformed, grasping fraud find it impossible to comprehend how her devoted followers can be so blind, and those who swoon at her every utterance think that we who oppose her are envious, unpatriotic, arrogant elitists.

  3. Teresa Hill says:


    I’ve been reading long enough to know Starlight’s political readings are astonishingly accurage, so I say this not to argue with her, but to maybe reassure some people. I think we’re looking more at the would-be king-maker role for Palin.

    The shooting did something that hardly anything else has — gotten people to take a hard look at her now infamous crosshairs map and the rhetoric she spewed when first was criticized for it and what she had to say Saturday after the shooting.

    The map went viral, suddenly all over the internet, and people did something they so seldom do — could look at it and think for themselves about whether or not she crossed the line. People looking for themselves, through something as simple as a Facebook message or link — that’s the key, I think. Tons of normally non-political people paid attention and are judging her right now.

    I think her favorable/unfavorable ratings will be in the toilet after this, and they were already low. All she’ll be able to do is yell to her shrinking base from the sidelines. And I’m sure she’ll yell, but when only 20 percent of the people think you have any credibility, there’s no way you can get elected. The not-so-crazy Republicans will know that and ignore her.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she tears the Republican party apart and either is or backs a third-party candidate.

  4. clymela says:

    Nancy-thank you so much for this. Re: the Moon/Saturn aspects-I am thinking that it will be women much like the women around here who will encourage other women to see the truth about her and to vote other choices.

  5. Francis says:

    American memory is short and in several moths the impact of the shootings will fade, so it makes sense to me that Palin’s popularity will rise again. Maybe her rise will terrify and fire up all the Dems and Independents to get the vote out for Obama. Nancy’s predictions give me a deep appreciation for for the power of Saturn. Thank you Saturn, may I never complain about you again!

  6. Lunagardener says:


    I was reading this post with a feeling of dread….drama, drama…. on and on….When I got to the last bit…I finally breathed. Thanks, and best wishes for your upcoming class.

  7. Baraka says:

    Great post as always, Nancy! I would tend to vote for her having Leo rising, mostly due to her “my way or the highway” attitude and tendency to have the air of assuming the attention she gets is her royal prerogative. As a Libra, the only thing I could see to support that as a rising sign would be her ability to appear attractive and her penchant for indulgence.

    But I’d like to hear your take on which you think most likely considering what you see in her projection of herself!

  8. Stefanie says:

    Please don’t let her have Libra rising. I will be mortified, as a Libra ascendant. I am also an Aries, so I’ve been known to do the my way or the highway thing, but my rising tends to want to be liked and agreeable and not cause conflict. She def. feels more like a Leo rising, the way she eats up attention, seeks drama, relishes spotlights, etc. She doesn’t have the taste of a Libra rising, either. She is classless and crass. She doesn’t seem to have the chart of a diplomat in the least.

  9. Ardy says:

    Thanks for your work on this, Nancy.

    I agree, Baraka, with you in asking Nancy’s opinion on the likely ascendent.

    Also, for the sake of the whole world, I truly glad to read the conclusion of the post :)

    As difficult as things are now, I often ponder on the truly horrific depths of the economic & military crises that would be engulfing the world now if McCain/Palin were in the White House.

  10. starlight says:

    Maybe I wasn’t clear. The really good aspects stop after May. Then she is more nasty and aggressive but without the attractiveness. At least that is how I see it. I think the aggression will be a turn off without the sexy Venus/Mars aspect balancing it.

  11. starlight says:

    I really see her as Leo rising, but someone here posted some compelling arguments for the 9:43 PM time (Libra). I really have a hard time seeing her with Libra rising though.

  12. will says:


    Thank you for clarifying the Palin transits.

    I concur with your assessment of Palin having a Leo rising – she’s all primitive ego, fixed and inflexible, with none of the Cardinal caution and diplomatic skill of one with Libra as an ascendant.

  13. Apple says:

    Would how she presents herself physically be part of the rising sign calculation. I mean she wears her hair like a mane!

  14. Baraka says:

    Well, as a Libra, I’m sure glad the consensus agrees with my fervent hopes! And with 4 planets in Leo, I’m all too aware of some of the less pleasant aspects of the sign!

  15. starlight says:

    Another point – all of the Uranus/ Pluto energy to Palin’s Sun and Mars happens during the campaign, not during the next presidential term. Whereas with Obama, he will have Uranus trine his Sun and Pluto quincunx his Sun, as well as Uranus and Pluto both sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) his Node at various times between June 2013 to December 2014. So I assume he will be in the thick of things just as Uranus and Pluto are aspecting the US Sun and the US Moon in 2013 and 2014.

  16. Fe says:


    I’ll take sober and capable hands for 2012 any day of the week!!

  17. Pat says:

    Starlight.I am posting Annie Ortlee’s weekly weather forecast, Jan 10 – 16. She focuses on Eris in palin’s chart. How does that play into the long range picture?

    My husband & both kids had Libra rising………I see NONE of the Libra “fair & balanced energy coming from palin. Gotta be Leo!
    ANd Will, of course Greenspan knows about the wealth disparity; he spent 5 terms engineering it!
    Now that it’s a done deal he is free to talk about it!

  18. I have to really wonder what SP shows us about ourselves.

    The way she came out of really almost nowhere and is now a prominent player on the political stage (much to the chagrin of most rational thinking individuals) tells me that she represents something we, as a nation, need to face.

    Just as 2004 saw Bush re-SELECTED and I felt like we (again, as a nation) took the hard path to learn our lessons, it feels like we are again doing that. What are we not getting?

    I don’t have any answers but am hoping one or two of y’all out there who can see the bigger picture do.

    Nancy, glad to hear that SP’s transits (? Is that the right term?) indicate she won’t be in an elected position any time soon. If anything, *that* would cause a mass riot in the streets (one can hope, right?).

  19. Gypsi says:


    Great article. I vote for Leo rising. She is always on the attack. I have Aries daughters with Libra rising and while they can be quite assertive, the feel is different. Leo rising can be in your face abrasive because they are 100% sure they are right. Libra is never !00% confident, always the mirror bounce effect…

    The insanity of the gunman, the fact that without large cities, Alaska probably didn’t have mentally ill people turned loose on the streets, she just doesn’t have the experience to see how anything will impact in any area besides Alaska. I’m afraid the crosshairs fallout will be brief, as the reading material of the shooter doesn’t include Palin… But any fallout is better than none.

  20. starlight says:

    Gypsi – Good point about Libra. There is always the ambivalence, the “playing devil’s advocate” almost-compulsion. On the contrary, Sarah shows her Aquarian know-it-all side all the time, which would be only strengthened by Leo rising with the Sun as the ruler of the chart. And indeed that hair does look like a mane! It is really hard to see her as Libra rising!

    I prefer the Leo rising also because it puts the transit of Saturn square her Moon right at the time of the election plus a few days, which makes the most sense to me.

    I am concerned about the election, however, because I think the GOP will hold one or both of the houses of Congress. So the jubilation will be limited.

    My guess at this point about what will happen is the following: Obama will be expected to win by a lot so the presidential race won’t be as exciting. There will be a lot of delayed results and recounts due to the Mercury station the day of the election. Yikes!! Both houses of Congress will be tight. The Congress chart for 2013 has an exact Saturn/Mars square, so more bitter partisanship can be expected.

    Also interesting is that Obama’s progressed Venus goes into a square with his natal Moon (3Gemini) beginning in mid-December 2012. That will up his popularity over the following year. I would think if he lost the election, people would be angry at him for failing, and he would be spurned. Instead, I see him popular, and this progression will be strengthened by transiting Neptune opposite natal Moon in 2013.

    And finally another point, the Iowa caucus is February 6 or 7. So all of Sarah’s big aspects in January are before the first primary. She would clearly win Iowa if it were held in early January like last time. It is not as strong for her in early February, but much better with the Leo rising chart than the Libra.

  21. starlight says:

    Great article today by Harold Meyerson on the culture of parnaoia on the Right:

    Also, Sarah has thrown another verbal grenade that will keep her in the headlines for at least few days. She called critics of her cross hairs map manufacturing a “blood libel”. Just wait for the explosive response to that one. “Blood libel” has historically been used to refer to the claims of Christians that all Jews are responsible for Jesus’s death and therefore should be persecuted.

  22. barbk says:

    Put me down for a SP Leo rising also, for all the above reasons, but I especially love the “mane of hair” observation. That clinched it!

    Speaking of President Obama, I would expect his words tonight in Tucson to be galvanizing in that transiting Mars will be conjunct the U.S. Sibly Pluto at 27 Cap 33 rx, and of course the long-time transit of Neptune in a near perfect conjunction to the U.S. Moon (and Pallas Athene) along with trransiting Chiron.

    To compound the extraordinary energy of the moment, transiting Neptune at 27 Aquarius 06 is also conjunct the President’s natal south node, a release point for him.

    With transiting Mars midway between, and only hours of separation from, the sextiles to transiting Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces, I’m less inclined to fear for the President’s safety, and want to believe these powerful energies will be discharged through his words and presence. Still my prayers will be with him.

    In addition, the transiting asteroid goddess Juno, representing equality and partnership, will be in Virgo and in a trine aspect to trans. Mars and the U.S. Pluto (with Obama’s natal Saturn less than 3 degrees of orb away from them). She will be stationing for a retrograde and therefore a very powerful influence as she will be located at the midheaven of the U.S. chart.

    Transiting Mercury will be square Juno, and square Jupiter and Uranus, and near the Galactic Center, which forms a mutable t-square. This will create a tension even tv viewers will probably note. But the Sun will be trine the U.S. Neptune, also located near the U.S. midheaven, and, hopefully, call forth a practical balance between dignity, respect and freedom of speech.

    At 8 PM the Moon will be VOC having just passed the trine to Mercury, but if it’s 8:30 PM or later the Moon will have ingressed Taurus and be trine Pluto. All this while transiting Pluto opposes the U.S. Jupiter (& Venus). God Bless America.

  23. barbk says:

    Correction: The Moon will ingress Taurus at 8:36 PM, not 8:30 PM tonight, MST.

  24. Lorrie U. says:

    Wow, I would never had made this connection as a motive!

    The Real Partisanship: Between the Sexes
    by Eric Francis

    Today’s podcast addresses the shootings in Tucson, Arizona. I talk about the signs leading up to the incident on Saturday. The discussion leads into describing the charts of Jared Lee Lougnher and Gabrielle Giffords. I conclude that, in the end, this was a sex crime. That is to say, it was a gender bias crime and a form of rape.

  25. Pat C says:

    Sarah Palin: Criticism of My Sniper Imagery and Gun Lingo is “Irresponsible,” “Reprehensible”

  26. Pat C says:

    “Blood Libel?” “Dangerous” Critics? Palin, Angle Doth Protest Too Much

  27. Pat C says:

    After Giffords Shooting, Several AZ Republicans Resign Amid Fears of Tea Party Violence

    What the Arizona Republic calls a “nasty little battle” has broken out among Republican members of Arizona’s Legislative District 20 in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Several Republicans have resigned, citing fears that local Tea Party supporters will harm them or their families for not being conservative enough.

    Now-former Chairman Anthony Miller was among those to resign. A former campaign worker for Sen. John McCain, Miller sent an email to state Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen just hours after Saturday’s shooting, saying, “Today my wife of 20 yrs ask (sic) me do I think that my PCs (Precinct Committee members) will shoot at our home? So with this being said I am stepping down from LD20GOP Chairman…I will make a full statement on Monday.”

    Miller said he faced “constant verbal attacks” from the Tea Party after being elected to his second term last month. Many of those attacks centered around Miller’s involvement with McCain’s bid last year against Tea Party darling J.D. Hayworth.

    More at the link….

  28. starlight says:

    Yay Maryland!!

    Obama should do fine tonight: Moon square his Jupiter and Venus moving into square of his Pluto for tomorrow (Pluto is ruler of MC).

    Uranus quincunx his Node and Neptune on the South Node: the former brings unexpected situations (the shooting Saturday), the latter brings too much idealism about us all getting along. Happily, that aspect will be separating soon.

  29. Prabhata says:

    Two videos. One with a young man, a friend of Loughner

    The video that the friend says influenced Loughner: Zeitgeist.

    “he was shooting at the world.” Regarding the high-pitched talk radio and cable news political rhetoric, Osler says his friend didn’t even watch the news.

    He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.

  30. clymela says:

    Pat C.-the Social Security 101 link may be one of the most valuable you have shared. I plan to copy it out so that I can be sure to have the points together when talking to folks who believe the crap that the right-wingers have created to cover the theft of all of our resources. This conversation comes up regularly.

  31. Pat C says:

    You’re welcome clymela. I’m going to do the same thing.

  32. Pat C says:

    Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Has ‘Insurance Files’ On Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.

  33. Pat C says:

    Tea Party Republicans abolish school integration policy

    While the world focuses on Arizona, the erosion of civil rights rolls right along in Wake County, North Carolina.

    A recent takeover of the school board there by Tea Party backed Republicans, and the appointment of Brig. General Anthony Tata, (former FOX news commentator who admires Glen Beck and Sarah Palin) as Superintendent of Schools is simply icing on the cake of a supremacy policy in action.

    More at the link….

  34. Sharon says:

    Boehner crying again today in his speech to the House. The subject fascinates me. He is going to win people over eventually because I believe the emotion is real and heartfelt. I just hope that he is this soft-hearted when it comes to taking care of the people of this country.

  35. Pat C says:

    Looks like Obama will speak after the void of course moon. Good!

  36. Pat C says:

    Barack Obama began speaking at 8:44 EST. You’ll have to adjust it to Arizona time.

  37. Pat C says:

    While a nation mourns:

    Speaker John Boehner will host a cocktail party for the Republican National Committee at the same time that President Barack Obama will be addressing the nation at the memorial service for victims of the Tucson shooting.,-Speaker-Boehner-Holds-a-Cocktail-Party

  38. catsandmusic says:

    Pat C: I don’t think the moon is void until after 9:30 Eastern Time.

    I was just going to respond to Sharon’s post about Boehner’s tears, but I think your posting about the cocktail party shows exactly how genuine his sorrow is.

    I was starting to get a little bit hopeful listening to the Arizona memorial service that maybe we can pull together as a country, but reading about the North Carolina happenings dashed those hopes quickly.

  39. Lunagardener says:

    I think the speech the President just gave spoke to anyone with a heart. (That eliminates 25 percent of the population) I was amazed by the community of Tuscon and the attendance of the Memorial as well as gatherings all over town. I found myself comparing it to the controlled atmosphere of GWB gatherings. This was most certainly change. I felt relief that we had a President who could address the magic inherent in children.. and how he choked up when he used the term magic.

    I was also heartened by the group that was going to block the crazy church protesters with a wall of Angel Wings.

    I thought Wow! Michelle Obama is a wonderful agent of comfort to those she can touch, and so different from the stiff and protective Laura Bush.

    Mostly I am aware that we are in a very profound time. Tuscon is beginning to rise up. Shift Happens in some bittersweet ways.

  40. starlight says:

    I thought the speech was pitch perfect. It was reminiscent of the poetry of the campaign speeches. I found it incredibly moving the way he took the tragedy and deftly reframed it as inspiration. What we saw astrologically was his progressed Sun trine his natal Jupiter, with progressed Venus quincunx natal Jupiter. This is the aspect of the next several months, and it was activated tonight by the Moon (00Taurus) square his natal Jupiter (00Aquarius). It will be activated for the State of the Union as well by both the Moon (00Scorpio) and by transiting Jupiter (00Aries). Jupiter is about seeing the whole picture, the larger framework that ties it all together in an uplifting, positive way.

  41. B.A. says:

    From readers letters in response to below (see link and article header below) after readers letter —


    Y’know, I was always terribly cynical about the Obama presidency, expecting him to be a lukewarm centrist in roughly the same mold as Clinton. I never expected the civil liberties situation to become *worse*, drastically worse for American citizens who haven’t been charged with a crime. And with no provocation whatsoever, no new terrorist attack to provide some veneer of justification.

    I’m an American expat who typically travels back to the US a few times a year. No more. It feels obscene to even participate in such a system. I’m sure Appelbaum could do the same – find an employer in Iceland or wherever, acquire a long-term residence permit, and just stay the hell out. (For those who mentioned “extradition” – again, that would require being charged with an actual crime.)

    In the meantime, I really hope he and the ACLU are pursuing every legal avenue available in challenging this flagrant violation of basic rights.

    Wikileaks volunteer detained and searched (again) by US agents

    Xeni Jardin at 12:59 PM Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011

    Jacob Appelbaum, a security researcher, Tor developer, and volunteer with Wikileaks, reported today on his Twitter feed that he was detained, searched, and questioned by the US Customs and Border Patrol agents at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on January 10, upon re-entering the US after a vacation in Iceland.

    He experienced a similar incident last year at Newark airport.

    An archive of his tweeted account from today follows [see link above].

    He was not arrested, and therefore had no right to contact his lawyer, the ACLU who was waiting for him at the airport. See the article for lots more egregious details, including IMHO violating his constitutional rights.

  42. Sharon says:

    My impression is that Boehner’s tears do come from a genuine place (which doesn’t mean he doesn’t do the expedient political thing much of the time). I also had the thought that with his heightened emotional nature (wherever all that comes from), he wouldn’t have been able to get any words out at the memorial. That being said, Barack Obama was magnificent. His speech was brilliant and delivered so naturally as if he didn’t have speech writers. The memorial started out with a wonderful Greeting & Blessing from a Native American that just said so much about Aquarius-ruled Arizona and the coming Aquarian Age. My husband (who once taught Math at AZ state) told me that the school where they held it was always very liberal, and that really showed. I was happy for Obama to have gotten as huge response as he did tonight.

  43. Fe says:


    Just saw the speech and you’re right. He was exactly what was needed, and the tone and pictures inside the words were perfect. He lifted that room up in a solemn, yet determined way, directing people away from partisan divisiveness.

  44. Prabhata says:

    Pat C, Time Keeper Extraordinaire,
    Thank you.

  45. Teresa Hill says:


    In one of hi chief strategists’ books on the Obama campaign, in talking about the speech-writing staff, he said they all knew the best speech writer among them was Obama himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote much of that speech himself.

  46. shoalsister says:

    First I want to say thanks, to Nancy for not only providing this environment of higher discourse, but staying with us, faithfully delivering the lessons in the midst of caregiving a sick boy and other distractions. Also to barbk…I’m loving what I am learning! especially Juno and Chiron stuff!! And thanks as well to the rest of you thoughtful commenters…There you are, just opening windows all over the place. I learn so much from all of you.

    Francis, I have thought the same thing. Perhaps Palin as the Republican nominee would create an environment that generates enthusiasm on the left, wakes up the recalcitrant Dems, helps a majority of the people see the bigger picture with the reality looming of who would do what as President of the United States…surely the majority of this country would be leary of Palin at the helm. I think today was an interesting bookends kind of glimpse at such a contest. Palin, this morning with her totally self-involved statement (she was just so angry with that mane shaking!), then Pres. Obama this evening with the appeal to our better angels.

    Nancy, I hope you are misreading a nonchalance on the Dems side when it comes to the upcoming race. Even if she’s not the candidate but merely the king-maker I think she can turn the tide very nasty, and the good guys have to be ready and willing to stand strong.

  47. Ardy says:

    A remarkable speech by President Obama

    and in his spirit of civility, I must thank Fox News Channel for repeating it here in Australia.

    Ok, that’s as civil as I can ever get as regards FNC
    and we are amidst sadness because of our floods but we must never forget that the whole world has its stories.

  48. Ardy says:

    I’m not one for heroes … but if I were … Barack Obama would be up there :)

  49. Ardy says:

    One last comment … this resonates:

    ‘We may not be able to stop all evil in the world, but I know that how we treat one another is entirely up to us.’

    Obama is a good man.

  50. Lunagardener says:

    Ardy I just posted that quote on FB. A good man, who does have a heart.

  51. Lunagardener says:

    PS I can’t imagine how horrific is must be to see your country under water. Talk about rearranging the landscape! I can only hope is is ultimately a positive transformation of the land.

  52. clymela says:

    I was os moved by Obama last night even if I do believe that there was more cheering than is seemly although I do realize that the auditorium was full of young people whose energy was high.
    I am however still caught by the link PatC. offered earlier regarding the North Carolina schoold district and the efforts there to undo integration and to destroywhat sounds like a marvelous school district. This is what I am on the watchout for and I apologize for being a wet blanket but my hair is on fire this morning after reading the aticle. I have sniffed at the presence of the consciousness that allowed that takeover to happen-the biggest input is the religion that supports the lie that only a small percentage of folks are going to heaven even those who thought they knew Jesus will probably not get to live with him. I am just saying that religion like this does not support kindness and a progressive instinct and there are more churches here than anything
    Well enough I know but I know that we are not over this yet.

  53. Pat C says:

    Hello all. I just wanted to post my thoughts on Obama’s speech last night.

    P E R F E C T

  54. starlight says:

    For those of you who saw Sarah’s video yesterday, that is the kind of aggressiveness we can expect from her in later 2012, whether or not she is running. Aggressive and rhetorically incendiary, but garnering little sympathy and much anger. In the Leo rising chart, progressed Moon is quincunx progressed Mars at present, waxing and close to exact. Again, in 2012, transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto will be semisquare her Mars for much of the year.

  55. barbk says:


    I so agree, the President’s speech was reminiscent of the poetry of the campaign speeches. I include trans. Neptune to his south node as part of “the way he took the tragedy and deftly reframed it as inspiration”, in concert to prog. Sun trine natal Jupiter and prog Venus quincunx natal Jupiter. His SN represents what he has become proficient in and therefore it comes easily to him. It also helps a lot that he has that Gemini Moon!


    Michelle Obama WAS wonderful wasn’t she? Juno, the wife of Zeus/Jupiter was not very happy in her marriage, according to myth, but Demetra George, in her book “Asteroid Goddesses” says: “Juno, goddess of marriage, was revered by the Greeks for her beauty and fidelity. As idealized wife, she exemplified the duties and attitudes of a proper mate within the institution of marriage.” I’m pretty convinced Michelle is happy in her marriage, but on the point quoted above, she is the perfect Juno.

    Juno the asteroid was trine the transiting Mars, which was conjunct the U.S. Sibly Pluto and her husband’s natal Saturn last night.

    Sharon and Teresa,

    My understanding is that Pres. Obama wrote his speech without any assistance from his speechwriters. If so, no wonder it was delivered so naturally!


    I’m glad you learn from the likes of mythology’s Juno and Chiron. They were both present and active in the ceremony last night in Tucson. You might also be interested to know that the asteroid Sappho (kindred spirits, feeling close or the same as others) was also exactly conjunct transiting Mars last night, which was conjunct the U.S. Pluto and PBO’s Mars.

    And to all those who responded that they were touched by the President’s words and the ceremony itself, that is the positive expression of transiting Neptune conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. Always nice when that happens, don’t you think?

  56. barbk says:

    Once again I have to apologize for the error of saying transiting Mars was conjunct the President’s Mars when I meant to say it was conjunct his Saturn.

  57. starlight says:

    barb – I totally agree about Neptune. We saw its most elevated manifestation last night. I think this Neptune transit also strengthens the argument for the 12 Sag rising US chart because the Moon is at 27 Aquarius, exactly on Obama’s South Node, where transiting Neptune is hitting both. During the most eloquent period of the early campaign, the transiting Node was at 27 Aquarius for about three months, triggering that connection between Obama and the US people – the Aquarian connection of the big American family acting together for the greater good.

    I am also beginning to think of that connection at that degree as the Lincolnesque degree in Obama’s chart. If he was Lincoln in a past life (who knows but it is an intriguing hypothesis), the activation of that connection between the US people and Obama could remind people of Lincoln. This has happened several times. Another big activation will come during the Uranus/Pluto square when both will be semisquare the US Moon.

  58. chrys says:

    Hi Starlight
    thanks for this post on Palin, very interesting

    My take on her video was pity- that she did not get it.

    One question in light of Gabby’s Remarkable recovery so far – is there anything in her chart that alludes to healing

    thanks !

  59. will says:


    It is so very refreshing to see PBO getting some kudos and a long-needed reprieve from what seemed to be eternal and relentless carping and criticism. I have to chuckle at the obvious change of tone from many here who were part of that toxic assault.

  60. Pat C says:

    I’ve always thought it was good to recognize the good moments, bad moments, and even the great moments as they present themselves.

  61. Cha says:

    Starlight says:

    “I thought the speech was pitch perfect. It was reminiscent of the poetry of the campaign speeches. I found it incredibly moving the way he took the tragedy and deftly reframed it as inspiration. What we saw astrologically was his progressed Sun trine his natal Jupiter, with progressed Venus quincunx natal Jupiter. This is the aspect of the next several months, and it was activated tonight by the Moon (00Taurus) square his natal Jupiter (00Aquarius). It will be activated for the State of the Union as well by both the Moon (00Scorpio) and by transiting Jupiter (00Aries). Jupiter is about seeing the whole picture, the larger framework that ties it all together in an uplifting, positive way.”

    Thank you, Nancy, for that astrological analysis of why President Obama’s speech in Tucson last night was so healing and inspirational. I find comfort just knowing he’s the President in this time in America.

    As for John Boehner..I don’t care many times he cries..he’s not fooling anyone that I know with his tears. Matt Taibbi has as article about his hypocrisy in Rolling Stone appropriately called “The Crying Shame of John Boehner”.

    Boehner’s the typical republican hypocrite who infamously screamed “Hell No We Can’t” on the Floor of the House.

    Of course he went to a fundraiser instead of the Memorial in Tucson.

  62. Pat C says:

    For the past month or so, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been quietly preparing a new initiative to protect Wisconsin’s waterways. However, some members of the new Congress are intent on stopping the EPA and they might succeed — unless we can show strong public support for protecting our waters right now.

    We need the EPA to know that when it comes to protecting our local lakes and rivers, the people of Wisconsin are on their side. Will you join me by signing our petition to EPA Administrator Jackson today?

    A pair of recent Supreme Court decisions opened a loophole in the Clean Water Act, potentially putting at risk up to 53% of Wisconsin’s streams — essentially giving polluters license to dump with impunity. As one EPA lawyer put it, “When companies figure out the cops can’t operate, they start remembering how much cheaper it is to just dump stuff in a nearby creek.” [1] With the drinking water for nearly 200 thousand people in Wisconsin now vulnerable to pollution, that’s a risk we cannot afford.

    That’s why the EPA is now gearing up to close this loophole — setting new standards to clarify that the Clean Water Act protects the streams that feed Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers and the wetlands that help keep them clean.

    But with the new Congress itching to thwart our efforts, and well-connected polluters lobbying against strong protections, I want the EPA to know that they have your support. Sign our petition today, and urge them to stay on course and restore the Clean Water Act.

    Sincerely, Megan Severson Wisconsin Environment Advocate

    New York Times backgrounder:

    Link to petition (you don’t have to be from Wisconsin to sign it; also, those two dots at the end are intended):

  63. Pat C says:

    Astrologers! Have you seen this?

    Astronomers have restored the original Babylonian zodiac by recalculating the dates that correspond with each sign to accommodate millennia of subtle shifts in the Earth’s axis. Prepare to have your minds blown, all you people with easily blowable minds.

    Here is the zodiac as the ancient Babylonians intended it—with the dates corresponding to the times of the year that the sun is actually in each constellation’s “house”—according to the Minnesota Planetarium Society’s Parke Kunkle:

    Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
    Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
    Pisces: March 11-April 18.
    Aries: April 18-May 13.
    Taurus: May 13-June 21.
    Gemini: June 21-July 20.
    Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
    Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
    Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
    Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
    Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
    Ophiuchus:* Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
    Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.
    * Discarded by the Babylonians because they wanted 12 signs per year.

    More at the link….

  64. Pat C says:

    Al Franken on the NBC/Comcast merger:

    Right now, the FCC and Department of Justice are preparing to approve the NBC/Comcast merger — something that would have dire consequences for years to come.

    Please take 2 minutes to watch this important video and get the details.

  65. Lunagardener says:

    I’ve always thought it was good to recognize the good moments, bad moments, and even the great moments as they present themselves.

    By: Pat C on January 13th, 2011
    at 1:25 pm

    Pat C
    I can only intend & hope the world recognizes the Eulogy as a great moment. May the energy Barak Obama emitted through his speech generate a mighty shift.

    I am signing petitions. I am grateful that you are posting them as I am way deep into other things.

  66. Lunagardener says:


    Accurate observation! We are such sheeple really…though I did refrain from the frenzy…Shift. It is a good thing.

    Starlight…I am intrigued by the words ‘Lincolnesque degree.’ Beautiful….

    starlight on January 13th, 2011
    at 11:35 am

    ‘I am also beginning to think of that connection at that degree as the Lincolnesque degree in Obama’s chart. If he was Lincoln in a past life (who knows but it is an intriguing hypothesis), the activation of that connection between the US people and Obama could remind people of Lincoln. This has happened several times. Another big activation will come during the Uranus/Pluto square when both will be semisquare the US Moon.’

  67. Lunagardener says:


    What I observe is that she connects, and from my limited perspective, i.e. gut , it is genuine.

    I am so grateful for your astrological additions to this gentle community.

  68. kiwi says:

    Ardy, I hope you are not affected by the Queensland floods. My best wishes if you are. Unreal photos.

    Today I have been struck by the stark contrast of two scenarios – the premier’s level headed and informative press conferences and various branches of government seemingly coordinating and working at its best under the circumstances. Contrasted with that of the chaos still continuing 1yr later in Haiti, rebuilding hampered in large part by essentially no functional government.

    For you in the US who don’t know, the area that has been declared a flood disaster zone is similar in size to that of california, texas and nevada combined.

    And Will, I too am so relieved to see some kudos toward Obama for a change.

  69. Pat C says:’t-understand-this-is-amazing/

    “You Don’t Understand, This Is Amazing”

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were in the room when Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes last night, less than a week after the tragic shooting that killed six and gravely wounded her. In the background of the commentary of this event, there has been this improbable success story, as Giffords’ condition continues to improve, beyond the expectations of even her doctors.

    Sen. Gillibrand told the story on Air Force One last night.

    More at the link…

  70. Shadowhawk says:

    Has anyone else heard about this? If true, do we have to redo everything?

    New Zodiac Sign Dates: Ophiuchus The 13th Sign?

    Astronomer Parke Kunkle says that due to changes in the Earth’s alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have changed, according to NBC. In addition, there may be a 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus.

    Kunkle says that as the Earth and Sun slowly move the signs gradually change, as expected.

    The change didn’t happen over night either. The 12 signs were designated to different periods of the year almost 3,000 years ago, when astrology began, and since then the Earth’s position in relation to the sun has changed.

    While the sign many people were born under may now be different, it shouldn’t affect horoscope readings, according to NBC.

    See if your Zodiac sign has changed below.

  71. Connie says:

    over at, Jeff & Rick have this:

    A story is going around stating that the signs of the zodiac astrologers use are wrong. This is not true. The signs have been based on the seasons, not the constellations, for over 2000 years. The source at the Minnesota Planetarium Society that put out this statement is either ignorant or intentionally misleading. Please contact the organization at or 612-659-6222 to request a retraction.

  72. Lorrie U. says:

    Thanks, Connie, for the clarifying post. That new zodiac signs list did not seem to fit me or anyone I know.

  73. kiwi says:

    Lorrie, that story is being put forward by astronomers, not astrologers. And being touted on Faux News. Astronomers have always disagreed with astrologers.

    And on the Fox news front, the fact that everyone there is being so gracious to Obama today, makes me wonder if the order to tone things down by Ailes upstairs, might be the prime reason they seem to be parroting each others words.

  74. NEOBuckeye says:


    I personally think Boehner’s tears are akin to those of a crocodile–a cold-blooded reptile. Don’t be fooled. It is fitting yet ironic that such a man would become one of the leading faces of the ever-emotionally manipulative GOP. Fitting in that Boehner uses his tears and “humble guy” approach to deceive and manipulate one’s emotions. Ironic in that the Republicans pride themselves on being such manly, macho men, too afraid to show emotion in public. They go from one extreme–tough guy wannabe Bush, to hypersensitivity and emotion in Boehner.

    Make no mistake, if he were a crying Democrat, Fox News and co would have been all over his manhood like flies on honey.

  75. Pat C says:

    “It is fitting yet ironic that such a man would become one of the leading faces of the ever-emotionally manipulative GOP. Fitting in that Boehner uses his tears and “humble guy” approach to deceive and manipulate one’s emotions.”

    NEOBuckeye, this is so perceptive, and a downright brilliant description!

  76. Jerry says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I was reviewing Obama’s Inaugural chart the other day and was surprised to see Pluto’s placement at 1 ’56 Capricorn in the 8th house (in t square to the US MC/Nadir). Pluto in the 8th house makes sense in light of President Obama’s unsustainable quadrupling of the federal budget deficit (an inherited problem – no blame is being placed here).

    Should one expect volatility in the financial sector when in early April the Mars/ Uranus conjunction at 1 Aries (second house/ the domain of wealth and finances in the Inaug chart) forms an opposition to that degree? Or are you anticipating something else? Here’s the 2009 Inaugural chart:

  77. clymela says:

    I had said to a facebook friend yesterday that I was interested that aastronomers were ‘REVEALING”the new zodiac. I was wondering if it was sidereal. Thanks, Connie for pointing out what is going on here with that link. I hadn’t gotten through the thinking process to land on the fact that our zodiac is based on the seasons but I had gotten to the point of realizing that if we begin counting everything that we can now “see” we will never get a chart done. I am not yeat up on all the asteroids.

  78. Gypsi says:

    I just saw the Washington Post headline – Donors abandon RNC – and for a sleepy minute I thought it read Republicans abandon donors.

    And that is the headline I want to see from both parties. Congress abandons donors and legislates to benefit the country and its citizens as a whole.

    I can dream

  79. Gypsi says:

    I was married to, and am divorced from, 2 Pisces men who did this. (serial marriages…)

    “It is fitting yet ironic that such a man would become one of the leading faces of the ever-emotionally manipulative GOP. Fitting in that Boehner uses his tears and “humble guy” approach to deceive and manipulate one’s emotions.”

    NEOBuckeye, this is so perceptive, and a downright brilliant description!

  80. will says:


    “Faux News” – So very clever! I love it!!!

  81. kiwi says:

    Will, thanks, but I cannot take credit for the faux – saw it first online from someone else and thought it was brilliant.

  82. Lorrie U. says:


    Can you be rabidly anti-government and not be political?

    Apparently the answer is yes, according to the mainstream media, and even some of the progressive press.

    It is a bit shocking to read news analysis variations on the Tucson shooter that are phrased along the lines of “Jared L. Loughner was not considered political, although he did express anti-government feelings.”

    Excuse me, but we don’t know if the press has slept through what has been going on in the right-wing world of media and politics – particularly during the Obama administration – but the No. 1 political target of the radical right is the government! One doesn’t need to be an active booster of the Republican Party to be a part of this dangerous political mindset.

    There are several “frames” that the mass media uses to explain away high-profile political shootings. The Cognitive Policy Works warns of these cookie-cutter approaches the media has and will use in explaining away the Tucson assault on democracy:

    The “Lone Shooter” Frame
    Emphasis will be on individual actions, ignoring cultural patterns that influenced the event like the militant imagery of Tea Party leaders and Fox News personalities.

    The “Crazy Gunman” Frame
    Effort will be made to reduce this complex event to the explanation that the shooter was insane, disregarding the anti-government sentiments that fueled him to action.

    The “Both Sides Equal” Frame
    Media coverage will presume violent rhetoric is equal on the left and right, ignoring how leftist individuals target individual people (e.g. Bush hater), while right-wing individuals target groups (e.g. liberals, Jews). Also the scale of violent imagery is disproportionately on the right side.

    The “We’re All Sorry” Frame
    Spokespeople on the right who have fueled violent rhetoric (e.g. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) will publicly condemn violent actions while continuing to promote negative views of entire classes of people. This behavior will not be present among liberals.

    Haven’t we had enough political violence in America egged on by the right wing to recognize what happened in Tucson on Saturday, regardless of the mental health diagnostic category of the shooter? Espousing the government as the enemy has been the key theme of all things Republican for many years now.

  83. arbo says:

    I think I’ll pay attention to what astronomers say about astrology around the time the pope consults atheists…

  84. Noel says:

    This is quite a discussion!

    I know we can’t be positive regarding Sarah Palin’s birthtime, but I don’t see her as Leo rising.

    Leo people are points of light, they are irresistable, and always on stage. You can’t take your eyes off of them. They radiate warmth, laughter and energy. You just want to be in their presence. Yes, they have a temper, and are protective, but their anger flares, subsides, and then the warmth and energy returns.

    Palin has none of those qualities; yes she has a ‘mane’ but it’s a prop, not part of her personna.
    Nor does she inspire trust.

    My vote: Virgo rising- she’s the petulant school marm always shrieking to make her points. Her attachment to guns is also Virgo, as they love tools. I sense some conflicts with her Mars, as there is always an undercurrent of anger. Not a smoldering anger (that would be Scorpio), but
    a nastiness and pettiness.

    That’s my two cents worth!

    Oh, that bit about revising the zodiac?
    The brilliant Richard Noelle has an article on it –
    (check his website:;
    He disagrees.

    And has a great
    article debunking this proposition.

  85. B.A. says:

    The Bill Daley Problem

    with 186 comments

    By Simon Johnson, co-author of 13 Bankers (out in paperback on Monday)

    Bill Daley, President Obama’s newly appointed chief of staff, is an experienced business executive. By all accounts, he is decisive, well-organized, and a skilled negotiator. His appointment, combined with other elements of the White House reshuffle, provides insight into how the president understands our economy – and what is likely to happen over the next couple of years. This is a serious problem.

    This is not a critique from the left or from the right. The Bill Daley Problem is completely bipartisan – it shows us the White House fails to understand that, at the heart of our economy, we have a huge time bomb.

    Until this week, Bill Daley was on the top operating committee at JP Morgan Chase. His bank – along with the other largest U.S. banks – have far too little equity and far too much debt relative to that thin level of equity; this makes them highly dangerous from a social point of view. These banks have captured the hearts and minds of top regulators and most of the political class (across the spectrum), most recently with completely specious arguments about why banks cannot be compelled to operate more safely. Top bankers, like Mr. Daley’s former colleagues, are intent of becoming more global – despite the fact that (or perhaps because) we cannot handle the failure of massive global banks.

  86. B.A. says:

    A blog comment re Bill Daley:

    Simon Johnson’s background and experience are simply stellar. I have followed him for some time but somehow missed the article on Obama’s new chief of staff.

    I had no idea he was on JPM’s operating committee before getting his new job. And the sick joke of it is that he was in charge of corporate responsibility.

    Daley as chief of staff is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. Emanuel as a former hedgie and the one congressman who got more moolah from banks than any other was bad enough. Daley’s choice is an abomination. Any chance of that banks would be required to raise capital and delever their risk just went out the window.


    The capture by the banks of the political system is complete and total.

  87. B.A. says:

    My analysis:

    Bill Daley is there as a minder for Obama.

    Further examples of manipulation and corruption here re CFTC deciding to effectively exempt JPM from position limits in commodities:

  88. Marta says:

    PatC, Reagan’s alzheimer’s problem during office was fairly well known at the time. That’s why they weren’t too concerned when he was asked if he knew about Iran/Contra. He literally couldn’t remember.

  89. Prabhata says:

    I agree with you about the Leo people. I think they use any forum to be on stage and would not shy away from it, as Palin does with the media. One can almost pick a Leo at a party. It doesn’t matter where they naturally are at the center of attention. Palin is a natural with crowds, but I don’t see that warmth that Leo people emanate.

    One of the ascendants given at a website is 6:00 PM, Virgo — hmm. I like it. I know a few Virgo people, and what strikes me about them is their verbal qualities and quick wit. Their sense of humor sometimes borders on sarcasm. I’m reminded of her quips, such as: “Hows that hopey changey thing working out for you”, or about the economy: “Do you feel very stimulated?”

    It would be nice to get her birth time.

  90. Prabhata says:

    I did it again. Correction:
    It doesn’t matter where they are [Leos], they are naturally the center of attention.

  91. Marta says:

    DC Puts Its Bankster-Friendly Solution for Foreclosure Fraud on the Table

    We’ll analyze a proposal to fix the foreclosure mess put out by a DC think tank known as Third Way. Normally this blog steers clear of delving into random policy documents. In this case, though, it is likely that Third Way is speaking for the administration.

    Third Way is an influential think tank whose board is composed of a special Wall Street-type – the Rubin Democrat. These people sit at the nexus of politics and finance, and are conduits for big bank friendly information flow into the administration and Congress. The President of the think tank, Jonathan Cowan, was the Chief of Staff for Andrew Cuomo at HUD in the 1990s, and Third Way is well known in policy circles for delivering ‘politically safe’ and well-packaged conventional wisdom. Oh, and one more thing – the new White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, who just left the most senior operating committee of JP Morgan, was on their Board of Directors.

    So by looking at this proposal, we are looking at the state of play among high level policy makers in DC, particularly of the New Dem bent. This is how the administration will probably try to play foreclosure-gate.

    Their proposal, not surprisingly, is yet another bailout.

    The big difference between the original and the new, improved version of the bailout model is that the payouts to the banks were at least in part visible the first time around. This is an effort yet again to spare the banks any pain, not only at the cost of the rule of law but also of investor rights.

    This proposal guts state control of their own real estate law when the Supreme Court has repeatedly found that “dirt law” is not a Federal matter. It strips homeowners of their right to their day in court to preserve their contractual rights, namely, that only the proven mortgagee, and not a gangster, or in this case, bankster, can take possession of their home.


  92. Pat C says:

    Pension Envy

    Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future: “Since the 80s many employers have stopped offering health care, pensions and other benefits to their employees. Many are also cutting pay and hours, while increasing the workload. So more and more people are hurting.
    As more and more of us fall further and further behind, corporate/conservative propagandists use resentment to drive anti-union feelings. They tell people to oppose unions, saying, ‘Why should they have it so good?’

    More at the link….

  93. Prabhata says:

    Pat C,
    I think those who were not part of the adoring crowd of RR, knew he had lost it. Once, the press asked him a question, and he was lost for words, Nancy whispered: “We are doing all we can”. I knew then. I can’t imagine that Nancy didn’t know it. Many of RR close associates must have known it, but decided to cover up. It’s a shame that a president, like RR and W. Wilson were allowed to stay in power when they could not govern.

  94. Pat C says:

    I’m glad his son has written it in a book though. It’s another chip in the denial wall regarding Ronald Reagan.


    Air National Guard Will Deploy Drones to Spy on Black Bears in Adirondack Park


  95. Prabhata says:

    Air National Guard Will Deploy Drones to Spy on Black Bears in Adirondack Park

    Pat C,
    It’s not under G.W.B. and it’s only black bears, not people. :)
    Besides, we have a Democratic, not a GOP president.

  96. Connie says:

    locals say there are more black bears in Adirondack Park than people

  97. Prabhata says:

    locals say there are more black bears in Adirondack Park than people

    Like I said: Nothing to worry about.

  98. Prabhata says:

    LAT: Loughner video with ‘genocide’ and ‘torture’ ramblings is released

    He talks about “students tortured, their low income pay and two wars.”. He rambles about freedom of speech, grammar control.

  99. Pat says:
    I’m skipping today’s horoscope and just addressing the new wonderment of the world . . . Ophiuchus as the 13th sign. Are you wondering about the 13th sign called Ophiuchus? If you’ve been coming to my website long enough then you know I enjoy Algebra and the equality of it all. Dang, there’s nothing more enlightening that getting the get of Algebra, which is whatever you do on one side of the equation you have to do on the other side of the equation otherwise the equation just doesn’t work and therein lies the Universal balance that God created Himself…………….more

  100. Pat C says:

    The Hill

    Sanders warns Obama not to agree with GOP on Social Security benefit cuts

    Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Independent from Vermont, is pressing President Obama to keep his campaign promise not to cut Social Security benefits in a possible deal with Republicans.

    Sanders has joined a lobbying campaign by more than 200 labor unions and liberal groups pressing Obama to make a strong statement against cutting Social Security benefits in his State of the Union address, scheduled for Jan. 25.

    More at the link…

  101. Gypsi says:

    “This is quite a discussion!

    I know we can’t be positive regarding Sarah Palin’s birthtime, but I don’t see her as Leo rising.

    Leo people are points of light, they are irresistable, and always on stage. You can’t take your eyes off of them. They radiate warmth, laughter and energy. You just want to be in their presence. Yes, they have a temper, and are protective, but their anger flares, subsides, and then the warmth and energy returns. ”

    I have only dated one Leo rising, and it was for 8 months, when I got to see him both on and off stage. He “acted” on stage the sunny, irresistable Leo, then in private decried the stupidity of his good friends we were just with.
    Lots of sarcasm, lots of the same sort of angry righteousness Palin displays, which is a part of why I picked her from Leo rising

    No idea what he’s saying about me now, but he’s doing it from a safe distance. (he was a Piscean alcoholic as well.)

  102. Teresa Hill says:


    Have been reading so much news lately, I can’t remember where I read this, but behind the scenes, Republicans note that Sarah Palin isn’t doing the things one needs to do to prepare for a Presidential run in 2012.

    Not getting organizations in place in early primary states and not lining up big-time donors (and noting that big-time, traditional Republican donors want nothing to do with her).

    Of course, she may not even know what one should be doing at this point to get ready to run. Or she may simply think the rules don’t apply to her.

  103. Michael from NYC says:

    Teresa I don’t think that’s the case at all: The dead give aways are her PAC for fundraising and the fact that she has been going to Iowa. In fact she’s speaking at a gun show in Nevada which is an early state. You’ll see her (and everyone else) going to places like New Hampshire and South Carolina to build support. Also another give away is that she has a war room in place to react to events — thus you get Facebook remarks on any event within 24 hours.

    I also think that Palin has a very good chance at getting the nomination: It’s a combination of fundraising and grassroots support. For example I see that Mitt has the fundraising skills, but I don’t see him turning out voters. And for example I can see Huckabee getting grassroots support but he doesn’t seem to have the organization skills to raise money.

    The problem with Palin is going to be if she can appeal to independent voters. I can see Mitt or Huckabee doing that, but I don’t see Palin doing a good job of running to the middle.

    But make no mistake: The Republicans will be giving it everything they’ve got. Add to that the fact that we’ll see a ton of corporate money for the first time thanks the supreme court. If you’re a progressive the time to start contributing is now.

  104. Prabhata says:

    I have only dated one Leo rising, and it was for 8 months, when I got to see him both on and off stage. He “acted” on stage the sunny, irresistable Leo, then in private decried the stupidity of his good friends we were just with.

    I think you nailed it with one respect, a Leo is sunny on stage. Most people are not the same to the outside world as they are in private; that’s common. The ascendant is after all how others perceive an individual. We must also remember that certain aspects, especially the Moon and Mars, if in aspect with another planet, like Saturn, can have a big impact on how a person behaves.

  105. Pat C says:

    “They only call it class warfare when we fight back”

    The Class War Launched by America’s Wealthiest Is Getting More Savage

    Countries with wide income inequality are unstable: they have large underclasses, high rates of crime and little opportunity.

  106. Lorrie U. says:

    Don’t forget that Palin has the support of the Koch brothers with all their money and influence.

  107. Lorrie U. says:

    New Matthew’s Message addresses shooting in Tucson, mass death of fish & birds, WikiLeaks

  108. lodestar says:

    Thank you dear Pluto in Capricorn!! The “pillars of society” are falling like Humpty Dumpty:

    Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks

    Clients include “business people, politicians, people who have made their living in the arts and multinational conglomerates – from both sides of the Atlantic”. Elmer says: “Well-known pillars of society will hold investment portfolios and may include houses, trading companies, artwork, yachts, jewellery, horses, and so on.”

  109. Virginia says:

    I’ve been reading the biography of John Adams by David McCullough – a fascinating read because Adams was such a prolific writer, there is a lot to work with. Among the tidbits I’ve found interesting is that American independence was formally agreed upon July 2, 1776, at 11 AM. I cast a chart to see what difference the timing would make versus the more accepted charts (you can see the chart at
    I would be interested in you opinons.

  110. Prabhata says:

    Re: Sarah Palin’s birth time.

    I think besides the ascendant, one can look at the where the planets reside. I’ll only talk about the placing of the Moon. With a 4:40 p.m., (Leo ascendant) the Moon resides in the 6th House. That’s a service Moon. I’ve seen care-givers, firefighters, nurses with this placing.

    If Palin was born at 6:00 p.m. (Virgo ascendant) the Moon would reside in the 5th House. That’s a playful Moon.

    Finally, if Palin was born at 9:43 p.m. (Libra ascendant) the Moon would reside in the 4th House, and Mars would reside in the 5th House, and we know Palin played basketball.

    I like 9:43 pm the best.

  111. Lunagardener says:

    Lorrie U

    The Matthew message says the shooting was a mind control hit. I thought the same. So does this guy…

    What a strange world…..I am going to pet my dog and water my flowers now. Peace on Earth, seems far away…

  112. Pat says:

    Here is something for you, Lunagardener……..and everyone!

    “The Tree of Life (immortal, perfect and as old as time, itself) is a symbol in the cosmologies of all of Earth’s religions. In all myths and religious teachings it represents inexhaustible life force untouched by circumstances and the awakening to divine truth. The Tree of Life is therefore equivalent to the concept of immortality; it represents Life without Death.”
    In hindsight…….I realize, as the clamor of my dysfunctional family reached a crescendo, during my teen years………………I did not consciously realize I was doing this exercise……………..I would take a book climb into the apple tree in our yard, & settled in with my back against the main trunk , which slanted as it arced upward, I read a book/books,………………it brought peace and got me through.
    One of the first commissions I did on my own, (not working WITH my husband, & as the kids were more involved with school activities), was a paneled screen with a tree of life in subdued beiges, ordered by a husband for his wife who was dying of cancer………………
    I did not know at the time that I was a healer through the gift of my art………… was a gift from my soul and made her last days more peaceful………………..

  113. Pat says:

    I am grateful that this website awakened that memory for me……………………
    Another…………when my husband & I split up, in ’73, I reached out to our regular full time employee to join forces & work together, ( husband had moved to a different area.)
    But he preferred to be competitive and work alone…( BADLY, STIFLED LEO SUN, alcoholic/drug abuser!)
    Several years later I was called to do a mural in the front hall stairwell of a home. He had preceded me with an elaborate “tree of life” mural in the downstairs hallway.
    It was a horror show, labryinth of wildly twisted vines and trunks with THORNS, flowers, & predatory, scary looking birds.
    Another valuable memory for me……………
    T. Jupiter & Uranus conjct. my N Jupiter in the 10th, T Chiron, conjunct my MC & the USA peoples moon……………

  114. Lunagardener says:


    I lived in the trees during those days as well! I remember at 13, while sitting by a creek and observing my family dysfunction, I made a conscious choice to be happy. Life changed greatly after that.

  115. Pat says:

    Ah..& isn’t that why we are all gathered here?

    To see what I wanted to show on the twin miracles site; beyond the tree of life, choose chrystal illuminations -gallery- & click on a chakra, to begin a chain that takes you through all of them.
    There is a wealth if material there.

  116. karen says:

    Michael, you’re spot on regarding fundraising. The following piece on Mitch McConnell (the real Republican powerhouse) highlights just how damaging unlimited funds are in the hands of an ideological few.

    Adding to our economic, spiritual and social decline is the military/industrial complex. Having whipped the country (for far too many years) into a frenzy of fear. A frenzy that has effectively impoverished our abilities to think and act in healthy ways.

    One in seven now live below the poverty line. Will this change by conjuring another war? Since that has been the meme for some time, I can imagine just such a scenario.

  117. Jerry says:

    Found on the web…….

    Food Supply Disruptions and Currency Fluctuations

    Financial Crash by March/April 2011?

    In view of the ongoing reports of the precarious state of the US dollar and concern about the Euro, one needs to take the following info seriously.

    It is a christian radio broadcast, but the info and content in this interview are convincing.

    The subject under discussion revolves around the secret meetings held among world leaders last August for an introduction of a new world currency beginning sometime between March and August of 2011. This decision was taken due to the expected impending collapse of the US dollar and Euro. The information provided is purportedly substantiated by several different reliable sources.

    The astrological aspects of last summer and the potential reactivation of those aspects in late March, early April with the Mars/Uranus conjunction seems to support the trends outlined.

    Friday January 14, 2011
    Guest: Nathan Leal, Augusto Perez, and P.S.
    Topic: Impending collapse of the US and Euro
    Running Time: 59 minutes

  118. CarolDuhart says:

    Remember two years ago I was working on my blog? It’s been through a lot, and will be through a lot more as I refine this, but today, I am having a sort of grand opening:

  119. margriet says:

    Some Leo ascendant people I know are not at all people who always want to be in the spotlight.
    One of them is a Libra sun, and she is great company: it’s easy to joke with her, and she’s very concerned about other people having a good time as well (not only her).
    The other one is a Virgo sun. She has very quick wit, she quips well, but has no intention of being in the spotlight.

    Prabhata’s idea makes sense to me.

  120. Noelle says:

    Lunagardener, I found a lot of what I believe to be truth in Matthew’s latest message, especially the part about the shooter being mind controlled. We tend to forget about the existence of such things.

  121. will says:


    I read your post and listened to the trunews2.mp3 piece about the revelations. Honestly, doesn’t this just sound like the standard fare of Pat Robertson-esque evangelistic, end-of-the-world, the sky is falling, Jesus is coming, the Rapture is near, paranoia? Its clear also that these guys have contempt for PBO – they never refer to him as “President” but simply “Obama.” The implication is that he is the Anti-Christ and all of this business with the monetary system of the U.S. Dollar collapsing under the rule of this Muslim-Devil that will bring America to its knees.

    I’ll put more credence in Uranus’ permanent ingress into Aries in March and then the Uranus square to Pluto in 2012.

    Just saying.

  122. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    Delighted to hear your response. My first instinct was similar to yours – easy to dismiss because of its Christian leanings and the not so well disguised ‘revelation’ theme at the beginning and the end of the interview.

    But….. the thrust of the narrative, describing apparent verified contacts in the upper echelons of government seems genuine and secular in tone. Would they actually fabricate that stuff for viewership? Could be. Or maybe not.

    What caught my attention were those alleged August 2010 meetings with Pres. Obama and different heads of govt. in an effort to coordinate a cohesive response to the currency crisis. It correlates with those powerful July/August astrological square aspects of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Mars at early cardinal degrees (the same degrees of the Federal Reserve Sun-Pluto opposition). The early Spring 2011 Mars/Uranus conjunction when supposedly this is to be ready for implementation seems plausible.

    There’s been many conspiratorial theories bandied about regarding a supposed ‘Amero’ currency, and one usually dismisses it for sensationalism, but this is the first time I’ve actually come across what appears to be first-hand information on it. I shall have to look into this more thoroughly. I find it fascinating.

  123. Sharon says:

    Carol, What a beautiful, interesting and intriguing blog! (Or should I say blogs, since we have our choice out of 3 or 4.) You cover the planet, girl, and don’t forget to post update links here so we can remember to check it out!

  124. CarolDuhart says:

    Yes, Sharon, it is quite an achievement. I just couldn’t settle on one blog, so I first tried to create a multi-blog environment where there would be a mother blog, and every user could have a blog of their own. It never really worked, and looking back, I find that the Universe understands better than Me what is appropriate. By having just 3 blogs and 2 websites, I have just enough space for my interests without being overwhelmed.

    I’m not adverse still to other authors at some point. Most of the bigger bloggers have more than one author, even if only one has administrative control. One of the advantages is that if one author is in a slump, another one can fill in with their own interests. I’m not ready for that step yet, with extra link and technical work still to come. But at a certain point, I may have authors.

  125. will says:


    Yes, fascinating indeed. Who knows, maybe I am being too hard on the fundamentalists – but they’ve been paranoid about the U.S. Dollar currency for decades. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a global currency soon – but I don’t think it necessitates the U.S. and Europe crashing; and if the U.S. and Europe did happen to crash, so too would the Asian and Mid-Eastern markets. So we’re all in this soup together.

  126. kiwi says:

    I think a LOT of structural changes will have to be made in the global banking sector before single global currency change happens in the traditional sense.
    But then again on second thoughts, maybe it has already sort of happened, with the advent of electronic and computer banking. The banks here lately are really pushing for everything to be done electronically by everyone. And in the past NZ has often been the test market for new products for international companies.

  127. Gypsi says:

    Let’s not forget that Christianity started out as an “end of the world” religion, only the world didn’t end, so it continued on. (no offense intended, I hung around a UU church regularly for 19 years, well populated by actual biblical scholars with PhD’s)

    I am content to manage one day at a time, as the collapse of the dollar, the euro and the economies will occur whether I spend all my time fretting, or spend all my time working to be sure that I am ok regardless. Hope to expand the gardens and add bees this spring.

    Enjoyed your art reverie Pat!

  128. Gypsi says:

    Very visionary blog Carol

  129. Jerry says:

    Hi Will,

    I understand your apprehension. Personally, I try to steer clear of rushing to judgment until all the facts are in.

    I’m not an economic expert on these matters, but listening to the various pundits who are in a position to know, spending our way out of recession such as what the Obama admistration has been doing since coming into office is a recipe for disaster. It is unsustainable. Listen to what Peter Schiff, chief economist at Euro Pacific Capital has to say about the current state of affairs…..

    Astrologically, the Uranus/Mars conjunction in early April will be t squaring the Fed’s Pluto-Sun degrees. It will also form an opposition to Pres Obama’s progressed Sun, the US progressed Moon, the US midheaven and square Pres Obama’s natal Venus. China is about to have a Pluto station-Mars square in t square to their Sun. What does that mean in practical terms?

    The speakers in the interview maintain that they have learned of a US plan that would devalue the US dollar in a range anywhere from 50 to 70 % in the Spring. If that were to happen, I seriously doubt China will sit idly by and allow their investments in US treasuries to take such a drastic cut. Remember, they’re the ones that are propping up our economy. All I’m saying is that it’s possible something may be brewing behind the scenes that we are not fully aware of just yet.

  130. Gypsi says:


    Your astrological insights are very valuable. If nothing else, the instinct that prompted me to push February work in to January (and I’ll continue all though the spring) is reinforced by the transits to the Fed’s chart. (normally my busiest months are March and April, but my Venus is at 0 Cancer…I watch those transits)

    It wouldn’t take a currency change to push my personal finances into disaster – not that I carry a lot of debt, but I have a mortgage… And business has been falling each year since 2008 – some parts since 2007. I am quite possibly unemployable in the conventional sense.

  131. kristl says:

    Carol, I visited your site also. I noticed that there is a lot of rich imagery on the site. And the site name “Aquariusmoon” most aptly represents the concept of gathering eclectic groups of people together. Very clever and artistic. I like it.

  132. Jerry says:

    This gets even more interesting. Exploring the subject a little more in depth; Jude Cowell in her Stars Over Washington astrological blog, posted a video clip about a year ago of a Washington insiders comments on the US governments anticipation of the impending collapse of the US dollar and its plans for the introduction of a new currency. Remarkably, the time frame given in this video falls within the same period of time stated in the Christian audio tape. There is even an actual photo of the new currency (presumably backed by the gold standard). Here’s the 3 minute video clip…….

    Jan 8, 2010

    Is A New US Dollar On The Fed’s Agenda?

  133. Malenkia says:


    I like your site! I read the Greening of America and it reminded me of a vision I had about seven years ago, which I typed up immediately – it was almost like ‘automatic writing’. I’ve since lost my copy, but I can remember some of it:

    In my vision, I was walking a winding path through lovely, fragrant gardens. No pavement, no cars with their smells and noise, yet I knew that transportation was swift and easy for everyone.

    I saw a school building, circular, with classrooms divided with moveable walls like the wedges of a pie so that rooms could be adusted as needed. Class attendance was based on aptitude and interest, all ages were represented, and learning was a joy.

    In particular, I recall that there were no more prisons. The inmates had been healed and forgiven. They helped tear down the prisons and held ceremonies to heal the land, then planted gardens in their place.

    Communities were rural and cooperative, everyone worked at what they enjoyed and contributed to the common welfare. There was no crime, no fear, hunger or homelessness.

    I think we still have to go through a rough patch to get there, but it will be worth it.

  134. Pat C says:

    Ophiuchus – the 13th Sign of the Zodiac? – by Dieter Koch

    One must never equate Sun signs with fixed star constellations.
    Every few years we hear the same old news from critics of astrology, mostly astronomers and physicists who know nothing about astrology.

    They argue that the signs of the zodiac used by astrologers do not correspond to the actual constellations of stars on the sky. They say that the real star constellations have been shifting relative to the astrological signs by nearly one month in the course of the last 2000 years. They explain this with the so called precession of the equinoxes.

    In addition, they claim that astrologers suppress a 13th constellation, the Serpent Bearer (Ophiuchus), despite the fact that the Sun passes each year through this constellation.

    These statements are true in a certain sense. But they are based on naive and false assumptions about the essence and history of astrology, and therefore they miss the target. Those who argue against astrology that way may well understand a bit about astronomy. But they are incompetent regarding astrology and have not done their homework. They speak in the media about something they have never studied.

    Ptolemy was fully aware of precession.

    More at the link…

  135. Prabhata says:

    The Christian radio show is, as one would expect taking expected events and making it sound as bad as it can, and labeling it prophesy.

    The demise of the dollar is a done deal, and not new at all, as the 2009 story from The Independent dot UK, below stated.

    The demise of the dollar

    Inflation is the result of the expanding money supply, which we know is what the Fed with QE2 has designed. We’ve already see the results of that policy with more expensive food and throughout the economy. This is not unexpected, and the reason gold and commodities have been skyrocketing.

    If the dollar is not longer the currency for international trade, the result will be a collapse of its value against other strong currencies and in this case against the new currency which will probably be, by design, a composite of many currencies, a basket. Usually, when a currency devalues, most of its exports benefit, and because people don’t have the same purchasing power, as they did before, consumption drops, which helps keep prices in check. This is painful, but it’s not all bad. It will take a few years to correct the dislocation. Remember that the U.K. went through that situation after WWII. After the war, the British pound was dethroned by the dollar. On top of being devastated by war, the British lost colonies that supplied raw products and were captive markets. Now the U.S. will go through something similar. No empire lasts forever.

    My biggest concern, maybe because I’ve been expecting the change, is that when people suffer, they become more violent. Knowing that we’re a nation of guns and there’s Uranus/Pluto square in 2012, doesn’t help.

    You might be interested in the video below. Dmitry Orlov saw the collapse of Russia first hand. The video is long but it can be watched in segments.
    Dmitry Orlov: Social Collapse Best Practices

    It’s a very interesting talk because he paints the picture and gives advice about what to do when nobody wants a currency without value.

  136. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    The Christian connection is really not all that important. In a sense, it is inconsequential. Perhaps it would be easier to present it this way……

    It was simply being reported that certain individuals were in possession of information obtained from independent sources; that the US government was preparing for a collapse of the US dollar. A specific time table was quoted. Mind you, this report was not based on so-called ‘biblical prophecy’, but from inside government sources. The subsequent video I provided – independent of any sectarian affiliation seems to substantiate those claims. It all seems to correspond to the prevailing astrological conditions in the early Spring.

    Your comment that you felt the Christian website was placing an unnecessary negative spin on things, had me wondering…… are you under the impression that a collapse of the US dollar and attempts by the Federal Reserve to introduce a new currency would be a minor inconvenience? No disruptions? A relatively smooth transition? Keep in mind, the financial markets are all heavily interdependent. The US dollar is the worlds reserve currency. The US is not Russia.

    So my friend, I put that question into the Google search engine on our behalf “What would happen in the event of a US dollar collapse’ and you’ll never guess what came up? An article bearing almost the very same words. It’s a sobering assessment of the conditions we may have to face in the near future. Here’s the URL link…….


  137. Jerry says:

    My apolofies. I accidentally tagged on an extra syllable to that URL address rendering it inactive. Here’s a live link to that article…….

    What Would Happen If The USD Collapsed?
    by Christopher Laird
    June 24, 2006

  138. Prabhata says:

    are you under the impression that a collapse of the US dollar and attempts by the Federal Reserve to introduce a new currency would be a minor inconvenience? No disruptions? A relatively smooth transition? Keep in mind, the financial markets are all heavily interdependent. The US dollar is the worlds reserve currency. The US is not Russia.

    I listened to the whole radio program, and the fact that these people had gotten information from someone up high in government is not news or prophecy because it’s something we’ve known for awhile.

    Whatever currency the world leaders come up with, it will be a basket of currencies. It’s not going to be a currency that one will use in everyday transactions, but world trade, i.e., oil, commodities, manufactured products and raw materials.

    No, a collapse of the dollar would not be an inconvenience. It would unleash a very difficult economic environment for the U.S. that depends on oil to get most of its goods from abroad, and even within the U.S. Let’s face it, most cities, even suburbia would not be able to feed their population without the trucks bringing the food to the supermarkets. In fact as Dmtry explains, it will be more difficult for the U.S. because Russia ran a black market economy that took over when the government collapsed.

    I’m fully aware of the pain a collapse would bring, not just to the U.S., but the world.

    And yes, I think the Christian preachers like to spin and scare their flocks who unfortunately get all their news from Christian radio. The rich will do better than most, not because they are under the protection of G-d, but because they have more resources. The poor suffer the most, and things will get worse for them and the middle class in bad economic times.

  139. Prabhata says:

    I read your link about what would happen if the dollar collapsed. Gold was too cumbersome to serve as currency in most economies.

    If you watch the documentary’ “Food Inc”., you would worry. Our food supply is in the hands of a few big corporations with many brands. I’m concerned that if there was a problem with oil or a government collapse, millions will starve because we don’t have the capability to feed those who live in cities. We’re on the edge of a precipice, and knowing it doesn’t help.

  140. CarolDuhart says:

    Malenkia, that sounds like there are a few details of that vision here. I’ve already seen the revival of local farming, and it’s long overdue to revamp the old age-based educational system.

    Thank you for all of the visitors. I’m glad that you appreciate all of the hard work I have put into this-and there’s still more to come!

  141. Prabhata says:

    I don’t believe local farming would not be enough to take over meeting our food needs. It’s incredible how much food we are getting from Mexico, Argentina, Thailand and Chile. It would take years to reverse the trend, to feed Americans from local farms. The millions of people in mega urban and suburban areas (Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix) are the most at risk, but that’s where the jobs are.

  142. Prabhata says:

    I don’t believe local farming would be enough to take over….

  143. Pat C says:

    The crazy thing is, Prabhata, is that we are exporting our own crops while importing other crops. It’s hard to find local food in the grocery store. Weird and spooky.

  144. Pat C says:

    Loughner’s Conspiracy-Fueled Rampage Has Origins on the Fringe Right

    Republicans have pulled off a neat trick with respect to Jared Loughner. They have worked very hard to characterize him as a “whacko” and a “nutjob” (inadvertently hurting the prospect of a successful prosecution, by the way), going so far as to use the shooting as an opportunity to revamp the nation’s mental health system. I’m all for that, but the ulterior motive from the right is to absolve themselves of blame and marginalize the voices talking about overheated political rhetoric.

    Now, you don’t have to believe that Sarah Palin purchased the gun for Loughner and whispered in his ear about targets to believe that the rhetoric on the far, far right played a role in amping up the paranoia of a mentally unbalanced man. In fact, one of the shooter’s friends focused on a movie that echoes many of the themes on the fringe right as extremely important to shaping Loughner’s worldview.

    More at the link…

  145. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    I think it would be interesting and perhaps more meaningful to discuss the astrological dimensions to this.

    To recap what was discussed earlier; the 112th US congress came into session with a Republican majority on January 5th just as the US Sun (13 Cancer) experienced a rare solar eclipse opposition. This aspect to the core identity of a country (natal Sun) is often associated with an emasculation or diminishment of power. Will President Obama’s political agenda be compromised and/or ‘eclipsed’ in some way as a result?

    In the words of one astrologer: “This New Moon Solar eclipse makes a square to Saturn and in direct opposition to the Sun in the Sibly chart. The conservatives are preparing for a strangle hold take down on any liberal or progressive agenda. Their war cry for massive budget cuts always comes on the shoulders of the poor, elderly and the disenfranchised. Major social programs that provide for those who have the least amongst us are most likely to get slashed, while military spending, and tax relief for the wealthy trumps everything else.”

    The Plot Thickend

    The specter of congressional budget talks deteriorating into contentious partisan politics coupled as we approach a government debt ceiling limit deadline coming as early as March 31st prompted US Treasury Secretary Geithner to send an appeal to congress in the form of a letter dated January 6th:

    Geithner to Congress: Failure To Raise Debt Limit Would Precipitate A Default by The United States

    January 6, 2011
    The Honorable Harry Reid
    Majority Leader
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Mr. Leader:

    I am writing in response to your request for an estimate by the Treasury Department of when the statutory debt limit will be reached, and for a description of the consequences of default by the United States.


    Will Republicans play hard ball politics and try to delay a decision on the budget? If so, this could have unintended, potentially disastrous consequences. The astrological aspects in early April suggest just that kind of scenario and I suspect that is the main purpose behind the recent US government move to formulate a contingency plan, a new currency in time for the end of March deadline. With the US governments back to the wall, this may be the only viable option to effectively deal with an unknown, precarious situation. I’m just speculating here. This may or may not be the case. But the timing is certainly extraordinary and makes one wonder.

  146. karen says:

    Prabhata, we do produce plentiful produce in our backyard gardens. Getting produce to market requires marketing knowledge and resources to actually ship it there. Further, many grocers — with the exception of green grocers — do not accept local produce (though that may change in the near future).

    Add to the many complexities are the rules and regulations regarding home canning. Over the past fifty years, corporate food producers made sure to scare the bejeezus out of us with the threat that we could be poisoned with botulism, or worse.

    Home canned food is as safe, if not safer than what you buy on the store shelf. High sodium content in most canned foods is part of the preservative process — and wholly unnecessary. (What are they covering up?)

    Each year I rotate crops (on less than an acre). One year I can an abundance of tomatoes, the next beans, carrots, potatoes, etc. We have enough food to last two – three years. And, we share liberally.

    My experience counters your statement. We can and COULD FEED OURSELVES. It might take a little know how, and a lot of hard work, but it can be done.

  147. Gypsi says:

    I buy less and less at the store and I only have 1/3 of an acre. Swiss chard may be the bulk of my greens diet, but picking it is a lot cheaper than buying canned spinach, and it is perennial.

    If not for the loss of the bees, I’d have had enough tomatoes to freeze (faster and easier than canning – and I work too much during the growing season to spend the time canning)

    If I can’t afford meat, and some weeks I can’t, I live on eggs, from my own hens. I don’t have enough to sell, but I have enough to feed myself and donate a few out to customers, neighbors or relatives if I feel like it. Strawberries – mine are seasonal

    My main grocery purchases are tea, sugar, very occasionally flour, meat, and goat cheese. When I can afford to fence my empty 1/6th acre lot with privacy fence, I will be better able to ignore Fort Worth’s 1/2 acre requirement for a goat – I only have 1/3 of an acre.

    I planted fruit trees this winter and plan to get bees in the spring. We can feed ourselves. I couldd grow more crops easily if I could eat as much as I produce. Waiting to see if my ex is really going to dig up my asparagus plants before I prepare a bed for them. In sandy soil, they grow like wildfire, and again, are perennial.

    In am thinking I also want to plant flax, not sure how it would do here, but it’s healthy food for me and the hens…

  148. karen says:

    I’m just giddy. I can hardly wait to read this expose when it’s released!

  149. clymela says:

    Yes!!Karen. I agree and even urban citizens can grow food for themselves. For protein there are chickens and rabbits.
    Where I live there is a huge and thriving store that is mostly locally grown vegetables and fruit. Originally the produce was all local but I do find some imported items with greater regularity. I imagine this is from some type of financing.

  150. Prabhata says:

    At least 1.2 acres per person is required in order to maintain current American dietary standards.
    My point to Jerry was not about whether we could feed ourselves if we grew our own food, but that I understand that a collapse of the dollar would be a catastrophe. I have no idea how much land is needed to feed a vegetarian person, less than 12 acres, I think, but it seems to me that one acre would not b enough to do the job, and assuming more people live in a household, once acre or a backyard would be inadequate.

    In any case, in catastrophic times, there’s shortage of everything. There’s no hardware store, or agricultural supplier to go get seeds or whatever. Their shelves would be empty, just like in the supermarket.

  151. Pat C says:

    Issa, a six-term California Republican, had recently been elected chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which, according to House rules, “may at any time conduct investigations of any matter.”

    Now that he had been given the power to subpoena, investigate, and harass the Obama Administration, Issa was being described as a future leader of his party—and the man most likely to weaken the President before the 2012 election…..

  152. Prabhata says:

    This aspect to the core identity of a country (natal Sun) is often associated with an emasculation or diminishment of power. Will President Obama’s political agenda be compromised and/or ‘eclipsed’ in some way as a result?

    Maybe the eclipse hurts the U.S. power, but if there’s a collapse of the dollar, it’s not going to be due to the debt limit, imo. The collapse would come about when the oil producing nations, and other exporters, such as China, decide that the dollar is not a good currency. It’s possible that it could happen as those Christians believe, but I’m very skeptical.

  153. Pat C says:

    Goldman Halts Facebook Offering in U.S., Citing Rules

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. halted an offering of Facebook Inc. shares to U.S. investors on concern that “intense media attention” on the deal may violate rules limiting marketing of private securities.

    Instead, the sale, first reported Jan. 2, will be restricted to non-U.S. investors, the New York-based bank said in an e-mailed statement today. Goldman Sachs and funds it manages had agreed to buy $450 million of closely held Facebook before the bank began seeking investors.

    “Goldman Sachs concluded that the level of media attention might not be consistent with the proper completion of a U.S. private placement under U.S. law,” it said in the statement. The move “was based on the sole judgment of Goldman Sachs and was not required or requested by any other party.”

    Goldman Sachs, the biggest U.S. securities firm before converting to a bank in 2008, had been trying to sell as much as $1.5 billion in Facebook shares to investors inside and outside the U.S. before making the change announced today. The company didn’t say whether it still expects to raise that amount. The target is still achievable, according to a person with knowledge of the bank’s plan who declined to be identified because it isn’t public.

    More at the link….

  154. Jerry says:

    Hi Prabhata,

    It’s already happening. Congress is polarized. We are a nation divided. The Republican Tea party spearheaded by House Speaker Boehner are joining forces, digging in their heels; vowing to put a freeze on the debt ceiling limit come March 31st. Economists are concerned that this will send the wrong message to other creditor nations, most notably China, who are heavily invested in US treasuries. These deep divisions in our country will most likely undermine the confidence in our financial institutions. The crisis will dramatically drive up US interest rates. Why? It’s the Fed’s way of maintaining liquidity and preventing a rout in the US dollar. But the end result will be hyperinflation and a downward spiral in the economy. Do you think I’m making all this up?……….

    John Boehner Releases Statement On Debt Ceiling
    January, 6, 2011

    Statement by Speaker John Boehner on President’s Request to Raise Debt Limit

    Washington (Jan 6)House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on the debt limit:

    “I’ve been notified that the Obama Administration intends to formally request an increase in the debt limit. The American people will not stand for such an increase unless it is accompanied by meaningful action by the President and Congress to cut spending and end the job-killing spending binge in Washington. While America cannot default on its debt, we also cannot continue to borrow recklessly, dig ourselves deeper into this hole, and mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren. Spending cuts – and reforming a broken budget process – are top priorities for the American people and for the new majority in the House this year, and it is essential that the President and Democrats in Congress work with us in that effort.”

    Here are a couple of video clips that reflect the mood of some Republican congressional leaders. There doesn’t seem to be any room for compromise. They are taking a surprisingly defiant stance…..

    You need to click on the enclosed video clip in this article:

    A debt ceiling freeze is sheer idiocy
    By David Min – 01/07/11 10:03 AM ET

    By law, a statutory limit restricts the total amount of debt the federal government can accumulate. This limit can only be increased by Congress. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner noted in a letter to Congress yesterday that this “debt ceiling” will be reached as early as March 31, 2011.

    Many “Tea Party” candidates campaigned on the promise to vote against any increases to the debt ceiling. Following through on this pledge would be unbelievably reckless and could potentially crater the U.S. economy.


  155. CarolDuhart says:

    But Prahata, that’s current dietary standards.

    I believe that there are scads of things that have just been allowed to go to waste simply because they are old fashioned, or in a bad neighborhood, or whatever. The tools sitting in long-abandoned shed, the seeds the same, wood from abandoned buildings, fruit trees left unharvested. We become a nation of scroungers quickly and grow our own stuff from land long left fallow.

    I heard somewhere that it was hemp that helped add nutrients to the soil and improved the fertility of the land. There is still some wild hemp left in places, and the pot growers will certainly love to trade their crop for some good food, and the hemp people in Canada ditto.

    We will survive.

  156. Sharon says:

    I think Boehner’s statements are political in nature indicating there will be a power struggle, and in the end, there will be an agreement reached that does not undermine our economic security. The Republicans are grandstanding but they are not nuts. They think they have the Dems and Obama “over a barrel” and they do to a degree, but only to a degree. There will be compromises again, but I believe that Obama is too smart for them (imho) and has a strategy for how to approach these issues.

  157. Gypsi says:

    “My point to Jerry was not about whether we could feed ourselves if we grew our own food, but that I understand that a collapse of the dollar would be a catastrophe. I have no idea how much land is needed to feed a vegetarian person, less than 12 acres, I think, but it seems to me that one acre would not b enough to do the job, and assuming more people live in a household, once acre or a backyard would be inadequate.

    In any case, in catastrophic times, there’s shortage of everything. There’s no hardware store, or agricultural supplier to go get seeds or whatever. Their shelves would be empty, just like in the supermarket.”


    In a situation like this, it would truly be catastrophic for urbanites living on nothing but fast food who have no idea where actual food comes from, and a lot of violence might be expected in large cities. But for many of us, we would be just fine, and square foot gardening, organic fertilizer from compost, and non-machine methods of planting and harvesting greatly reduce the acreage needed.
    The population reduction from flooding on the coasts (climate change) and the gunfire in ghettos would reduce the number that need fed. There are areas in many American cities where the police won’t patrol.

    I moved out of an area that was once nice, became surrounded by ghetto, because I can detect the quarter of the wind. I saw this coming in 2000. The exact avenue no, the potentials, yes. I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  158. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I have entertained that possibility. There is always room for last minute agreements as you pointed out. At least one would ordinarily think think so. But you have to consider the formidable astrological aspects converging at that time. There could be a disconnect between what is prudent and what verges on so-called justifiable action i.e. “the ends justify the means”.

    The April 3rd New Moon (13 Aries) will be forming a tight t square to Jupiter and Saturn – activating the January 4th solar eclipse at harsh angles to the US Sun and natal Saturn. What was initiated at the opening of the 112th congress in early January may be coming to the forefront at that time. And also, as pointed out in a previous post, there’s a simultaneous Uranus/Mars conjunction….. emotions may be running high. Might there be a false sense of optimism that they can simply postpone the vote as the Republicans had done during the Clinton administration in the mid ’90’s to extract added concessions? If that is their premise, that could be a very bold miscalculation. I don’t think it’s going to work this time around.

  159. CarolDuhart says:

    Thare’s this almost racist idea that if civilization somehow beaks down, the ghettos reaction would be to riot. Not to farm, not to organize self-help groups, but to riot. Most of the people in the inner city are now elderly or single parents struggling to make ends meet. These people aren’t violent.

    The violence is not due to inherent criminality, but due to turf fights over the drug trade. That would pretty much end, for the only drug that could be created locally would be marijuana, and that would probably be good for exchange, and many people could grow their own and would for use and trade. Not to mention pot’s effects are relaxing and mellowing, not anger making.

    So ple

  160. Sharon says:

    Carol, There would really have to be a spiritual shift (which is very possible) for you to be right. I see your reasoning but hungry people with guns……need I say more. They call it looting.

  161. Sharon says:

    Of course it depends on the people but you know how it is, there are those who want to be seen as macho and cool and there are those who feel they don’t have to follow the same rules, they are that angry and hurt. But — if we all shared what we had, maybe it would work out in many or most cases.

  162. Sharon says:

    Whatever happens, Jerry, it will take a lot for people of either party to let things fall apart for their ideology or principles (although Ralph Nader didn’t have that problem) — even China needs the delicate balance that the world is in to stay balanced. And no one wants nuclear war (I guess the wars of the future could be done with computer worms and viruses, though)

  163. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    It may be necessary to put this into an astrological perspective, otherwise our friendly discussion can become an endless series of conjectures and ramblings without much substance behind it.

    Events occasionally have a way of spiraling out of control i.e. out of the sphere of ones influence especially as we once again approach the Uranus re-entry into Aries. This is expected to reactivate the Grand Cross cardinal squares of last summer.

    Aries is the ruler of Mars and when the world point at 0 cardinal degrees is stimulated by the Uranus transit, dramatic and and unexpected things can explode without warning.

    The violent overthrow of the Tunisian government this past weekend is one striking example (over 72 people were killed). The populace was thoroughly disenchanted with the regimes corrupt and oppressive practices. This event sent shock waves throughout the middle east, especially in the oil rich kingdoms of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates. They have similar autocratic regimes and are politically sensitive to the effect this development could have on their governments. See related article:

    Burning For Change: Arabs Set Selves Ablaze In Copycat Protests

    Daily Star – Lebanon
    January 17, 2011

    CAIRO/ALGIERS: The self-immolation that set off the protest wave which toppled Tunisia’s leader has led to apparent copycat protests in other Arab states.


    Crude oil is a vulnerable commodity subject to disruption because of the tenuous nature of these arab regimes. They own nearly half of the worlds oil reserves. Political upheaval in Saudi Arabia alone could send oil prices sky-rocketing. In that kind of scenario, that could put a severe dent into our delicate economic recovery.

    What I’m saying is this….. there’s a lot of astrological activity in the early Spring. We may be in for a lot of surprises. It would not be wise to be complacent.

  164. Sharon says:

    Yes, I see your point, Jerry. May the “good guys” find strength and solutions.

  165. Gypsi says:

    “The violence is not due to inherent criminality, but due to turf fights over the drug trade. That would pretty much end, for the only drug that could be created locally would be marijuana, and that would probably be good for exchange, and many people could grow their own and would for use and trade. Not to mention pot’s effects are relaxing and mellowing, not anger making.”


    The ghettos these days are multi-colored, the primary influences are poverty and lack of parenting, and the gunshots outside my windows before I had to start a crime watch to get the gangs out of 2 blocks must have been my imagination. And that was 1994.

  166. Gypsi says:

    Missed another primary influence:

    Drug abuse: whether it is alcohol, pot, crack cocaine.
    It is cheap. When it is abuse, not use, that substance is more important than anything to the abuser.
    It interferes with the ability to function, hold a job, parent. And it is a part of how families end up there. These problems are color-blind. There are plenty of whites in the ghettos of today, and asians, hispanic, blacks, a whole rainbow of languages I don’t speak but at one time had to learn to communicate with anyway. Maybe there are 2 parents, and only one is a substance abuser, but that abuser has all of the maturity of a teenager, with a drivers license and the legal right to wreck the car, pawn the stereo, and clean out the bank account before the rent is paid.

  167. Jerry says:

    Well said Sharon. In my humble opinion, I feel things have a way of working out, even if it runs contrary to our limited understanding and expectations.

  168. CarolDuhart says:

    All, this sort of thinking that immediately if civilization collapses, the people in the ghettos would riot-lead to the horrors of Katrina. People who tried to cross the bridge into the other county from the Superdome were shot, and the attitude was that the poor-some whites, but largely blacks, didn’t really need to be cared about much.

    I grew up in the inner city-mid 1960’s. Working class. We had no gunshots back then, but we did have two riots. Both were created due to anger over police brutality and the limited opportunities some had.

    The ghetto included my folks who worked construction and cleaned offices, other folks who worked factories.

  169. Prabhata says:

    Thare’s this almost racist idea that if civilization somehow beaks down, the ghettos reaction would be to riot.


    It has nothing to do with racial tensions. None. It’s all about survival for many or taking advantage of anybody for the thugs. It’s all about survival. Rioting, crime, and thuggery when civilization brakes down is about eating today because tomorrow is too far away.

  170. michael from nyc says:

    Do you know why nobody really thinks that civilization is coming to an end? Because if they did they’d be living it without any worry of the consequences. For example is the dollar is going to collapse why not use your credit card to buy everything since the banks will go under as well? The harsh reality is that there may be a harsh reality that occurs rather than a Mad Max film.

    And even then given the history of this nation is anything worse going to happen that tops the Civil War or the Great Depression? I’ve now lived in a city that was attacked by terrorists and I got to to tell you that the next time it happens I won’t be as surprised or even as worried. Granted if that’s a dirty nuke I’ll be a bit upset, but i won’t be surprised.

    The reality is that we’re going to see more floods due to climate change. The reality is that another killer earthquake will hit california. The reality is that over the long run oil ill go up in price if demand increases and there is less being produced. And yes the strain on healthcare will only get worse at the baby boomers retire.

    But i see many good things happening and ahead. For starters we have the start of a real health insurance package. We’re getting out of Iraq. The big three auto companies are still in business. American tech companies keep plowing ahead. Also people may be angry and impatient, but they haven’t given up either.

  171. michael from nyc says:

    Apologies: In the post above I had a few typos (i.e. “if the dollar” etc.).

    Starlight I have a special request: Can you put aside politics and look at the chart of Steve Jobs? To me he represents the future and frankly I’m desperate for some good news of course:,_Steve

  172. CarolDuhart says:

    Also, people are taking matters in their own hands. I look at the revival of all of the self-sufficiency stuff, the creation of local currency, the growth in barter- or barter/type economies as a sign.

    Michael, thank you for your perspective.

    People always think that there will be riots. So much so that they forget that people are complex-rioters can also farm. I’m reminded of the “Gangs of New York”. How many of their descendants are now respectable middle-class people? How many of them became farmers once they went out west and got abundant land?

    And society tends to survive one way or another. If the Great Depression-and the appeals by both Facists and Communists didn’t take too much hold, then nothing else will either.

  173. Alex says:

    Hi Nancy (as long as you are moderating) my comment needed an quick edit – here it is:

    Hi, I did a survey of the article and the author’s P.O.V. on elite plutocracy; not much mention of the ‘Bubble Generating’ Wall Street Crowd having planned the communal economic playing field as a hyper-predatory capitalism design made for plundering, exploiting and preying upon the rest of US(a); that became the prevailing super-financial-highway-business-model.

  174. Pat C says:

    Obama Launches Rule Review, Pledging to Spur Jobs, Growth

    President Barack Obama plans a government-wide review of federal regulations, aiming to eliminate rules that stymie economic growth.


  175. Pat C says:

    LA Times: Bradley Manning’s Imprisonment is “Inhumane, Indefensible”

  176. Jerry says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Just saw a fascinating interview with former Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty on MNBC TV re: the growing resistance to raising the debt ceiling limit. If this interests you, I’ve enclosed a pertinent Wall Str. Journal article for you to read. This is definitely going to be a hotly contested issue in March……

    New Call Not to Raise Debt Cap
    By Jonathan Weisman

    Wall Street Journal
    January 17, 2011

    WASHINGTON—Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a likely GOP White House hopeful, called on congressional Republicans to block an increase in the limit on federal borrowing, and he proposed legislation that he said would prevent a U.S. default on its loans.

    In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Sunday and in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Pawlenty challenged even leaders in his own party, who have said Congress must increase the federal debt ceiling rather than risk a default that could send interest rates skyrocketing and the economy back into recession.

    Mr. Pawlenty said Congress should pass legislation that would put interest and debt payments ahead of other federal spending and allow the federal government to pay its creditors as tax revenue flows in. With the surge of tax payments that come in between April and June, that would at least buy time to try to cut spending dramatically, he said.

    “This debate about how we’re going to restructure spending is inevitable. My view is, let’s have it now,” Mr. Pawlenty said in the Journal interview. “Let’s call their bluff.”

    White House economists have said it would court economic disaster to use the debt ceiling, which is likely to be reached this spring, as a negotiating tool. Long-term interest rates remain at historically low levels, indicating no urgent need for dramatic austerity measures, they say, adding that such cuts in the short run would jeopardize the economic recovery.


  177. Jerry says:

    The unrest seems to be spreading far beyond Tunisia’s borders…..

    Egypt Stocks Plunge as Foreigners Grow Weary of Social Unrest
    By Ahmed A Namatalla
    Jan 18, 2011

    Egypt’s benchmark stock index fell the most since May as foreign investors exited after two more men set themselves on fire in Egypt, one of whom would later die, emulating a Tunisian man whose act sparked violent protests against unemployment and corruption in Tunisia.


    The January 4th solar eclipse’s trajectory went right over the affected area of North Africa and the Middle East. Here’s NASA’s animated eclipse graph depicting the trajectory…..

    And here is astrologer Bill Meridian’s PDF article on the eclipse; a very absorbing and thorough analysis on its affect in the middle east region. He seems to think there will be a middle east war in early April……

  178. Pat C says:

    Exclusive: Obama may cut Social Security, Sen. Sanders tells Raw Story

    One-year payroll tax holiday key to toppling seniors’ safety net, Sanders warns

    Social Security may be on the White House chopping block, a US Senator recently told Raw Story,
    expressing deep uneasiness about President Barack Obama’s noncommittal attitude toward staving off
    cuts to the cherished program.

    “I have to tell you, I have been on the phone to the very, very, very highest levels of the Obama administration, and the responses that I am getting are not assuring,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said in an exclusive interview. “What I’m told is that no definitive decisions have been made on the issue of Social Security – I expect that is probably true.”

    More at the link…

  179. Marta says:

    The Liberal Blogosphere Is A Neoliberal Blogosphere, Unfortunately
    By: Steve Hynd Monday January 17, 2011 1:55 pm

    (Crossposted from Newshoggers)

    Freddie DeBoer hits one out of the park as he blasts the sidelining of real left-wing thought in the blogosphere by the A-list’s neoliberal gatekeepers. Read the whole thing but here’s an extended snippet.

    There are two axes of neoliberalism. The first, substantive neoliberalism, means fidelity to the economic policy platform of globalization in the elimination of tariff walls and other impediments to the “free market,” incredible antipathy towards organized labor (and, effectively if not intentionally, towards workers in general), resistance to the regulatory apparatus that has protected workers for decades, and the general belief that the way to ameliorate the moral outrages of capitalism is to pursue more capitalism.

    The second axis of neoliberalism, constitutional neoliberalism, is the reflexive antileftism within the ideology. This is the tendency of the neoliberal to assume the superior seriousness of the man to his right and the utter moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the man to his left. This is the sneering, superior neoliberalism, the neoliberalism obsessed with status and authority, the neoliberalism that is utterly in thrall to the idea of Intellectually Seriousness and the notion that possessing it means falling all over yourself to dismiss the actual, historical, socialist left.

    …The two intermingle, of course. The neoliberal economic platform is enforced by the attitude that anyone embracing a left-wing critique of that platform is a Stalinist or a misbehaving adolescent. This is the critique of the Very Serious Person: there is a very narrow slice of opinion that is worthy of being considered reasonable or mature, and that anyone who argues outside of it should not be given a seat at the table of serious discussion. Genuinely left-wing opinion is not to be debated but to be dismissed out of hand. Those who argue for a robust series of labor protections, an unapologetic and proud left, a meaningful alternative to the capture of our economic apparatus by corporate power, or (god forbid) something resembling genuine socialism– even to speak as if their arguments require rebuttal is too much. Far better to demonstrate true repudiation by assuming away the left-wing critic than to assume that his or her position is at least worthy of attention.

    Of all the A-Listers, only Kevin Drum has the gumption to admit DeBoer has a point and admit to his own rethinking of his position.


  180. karen says:

    I hope each of you had a chance to order one of Pat’s 2011 calendars. I received mine today, and it’s stunning! I’m sure it’s not too late to order, but Pat you’ll have to let everyone know if you have any left.

  181. starlight says:

    Why Sarah could still win in the primaries:

    This looks like it was recorded in a church.

  182. starlight says:

    Michael – Without even looking at the progressions I can tell you that from December 2011 through November 2012, he will be having a very difficult time. Saturn will hit his Mars/Neptune opposition including a station in January and February 2012, and the Pluto and Uranus will both be in square and conjunct, respectively, to his Moon on and off all year. That suggests a lot of stress and diminished strength. In the next few days I will take a look at the progressions to see what else emerges. It is possible this year the worst, until the end of the year, will be through mid-April as Pluto nears the square to his Moon.

  183. Prabhata says:

    Do you know why nobody really thinks that civilization is coming to an end?

    It’s confusing to me how we go from point A to point Z.

    I don’t know of anyone here who’s said or believed civilization is coming to an end. I don’t believe the Earth will disappear and Jeebus will come to save his flock. I don’t believe humans won’t make it. I don’t believe that if there’s an economic collapse in the U.S. there won’t be a recovery, just as it did in the 30s.

    I do think that if there’s an economic collapse, it will be more difficult than the 30s because our lives are less rural, and our dependence on the corporations so intricate, that any break in the line of the food supply (no gasoline for transport) will be very painful, and it might mean starvation for millions that won’t have access to the food in the shelves in the nearby supermarket. I also think that’s a very dangerous place to be, but few see it.
    That has been confirmed by the comments here from those who believe that adjusting food supply needs is just a matter of growing our own food in the backyard. I find that view naive, but I’ve been wrong more often than not. Maybe a 1/2 acre is enough to feed a family of 2.5. I think that’s the average family size.

    I also believe, because it’s what’s happened everywhere, that when people see their survival at risk, society falls into chaos and violence. The U.S. would not be different. It happened long ago when the Roman Empire fell, when Afghanistan had no government after the Russians left, Lebanon, Somalia and recently in Tunisia. How long the chaos lasts depends on different factors.

  184. Pat C says:

    Exclusive: DoJ veteran sees ‘dangerous precedent’ in letting Bush officials walk

    In a rare blistering attack on the Department of Justice, a career veteran of the agency recently told Raw Story that the Obama administration handing Bush-era officials “a get out of jail free card” sets “a dangerous precedent” that could encourage other offenses by future leaders.

    J. Gerald Hebert, a former acting Justice Department chief who served the government’s enforcement wing in various capacities between 1973 and 1994, said in an exclusive interview that the failure of federal prosecutors to charge former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) with even a single crime was indicative of a greater problem.

    On the heels of the successful prosecution of DeLay for money laundering and conspiracy in Texas, Hebert said he hoped it was clear that the Department of Justice had nothing to do with that conviction.

    Rather, the Obama administration’s Justice Department in August closed down a six-year investigation into DeLay — without filing a single charge.

    More at the link….

  185. Lunagardener says:

    The justice Dept is packed with Bush people, and congress is holding nominations in Limbo…..Just what do people expect?

    Starlight The WalMart choir….OMG!

  186. Malenkia says:

    I want to add my voice to those advocating raising our own food. I have a modest amount of experience with gardening, but I’m not afraid of hard work and there is a lot of information on the ‘net. I plan to always raise more than I can personally use so I’ll have something for trading and for the food banks. I’ll have a few hens for eggs, but I don’t know if I could kill a chicken – seems rather ungrateful! Also, I want to have a ‘winter’ garden, and maybe a green house, and learn to collect my own seed for the next year.

    Don’t know what we’ll do about spices, though, like cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper, etc. So far as I know, nearly all of them come from other countries.

    Challenges! Don’t you love them?

  187. barbk says:


    Do you have a natal chart for Tunisia?

  188. Pat says:

    The printer has the calendars in memory and can print put any number I need……………..
    so for orders e-mail me
    $19.95 + $5.00 shipping for 12 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages on card stock….in a folder. Lower 1/2 calendar page upper 1/2 prints to frame sned as cards whatever after the month is done.
    I think facebook allows a general URL of an album. I have a memorial service to go to, when I get home I will try to post it.

  189. starlight says:

    Barb – The chart I have for Tunisia is for 6/15/56 at 5 PM in Tunis. It comes from Nick Campion’s book. If you do the Winter Solstice 2010 chart for Tunis, you will find Pluto exactly on the IC within about 20 minutes. The Spring chart for 2010 had Saturn conjunct the Ascendant at 1 Libra. Rough year, rougher quarter.

  190. starlight says:

    Pat C – I so look forward to Lieberman leaving a reliable Dem coming in. Hopefully, Connecticut won’t disappoint.

  191. Pat C says:

    I’m hoping Starlight!

  192. Prabhata says:

    Re: Steve Jobs,

    I thought about the request from Michael from NYC for awhile, and I feel compelled to put my two cents. Steve asked that his privacy be respected. I’m of the opinion that looking into his astrological chart at this time is breaking that request.

    Steve Jobs is one of my heroes, and we know that he’s a cancer survivor, and that he received a liver transplant. I think that’s all we need to know. My prayers and thoughts are with him, and maybe that’s what we can do. Send him light at a time when his health seems vulnerable.

    Just saying.

  193. Pat C says:

    A self-sufficient system of farming is increasing yields across Hawaii

  194. Ardy says:

    Prabhata, I (respectfully) suggest you author your own site where you can dominate to your heart’s content.

  195. Stefanie says:

    I love the discussion we’re having about growing your own food. It’s sad for those of us who live in cities and have no outdoor space in which to do it. I’d be all over it — have long dreamt of having chickens and a beautiful veggie garden, not to mention fruit trees and enough space to do canning. I live in a studio apartment in NYC and none of this is possible for me. I have been worried since about 2007 about the changes coming — mostly in the vein of peak oil, not so much currency issues. I’ve got to say that I’ve spent a lot of time on the peak oil/end of the world sites. There is a lot of good information about survival, but also a lot of fear and hyperbole and “the end is nigh” nonsense. There is much conspiracy about the dollar collapsing, some of it fueled intentionally by gold hawks who are invested in the price of gold rising exponentially. Just sayin’…

  196. Fe says:


    Steve Jobs is as much a public figure–iconic even, to the point where alot worse has been said and written about him than a simple astrological post.

    I appreciate the sentiment about his privacy, but as many other public figures have gone through on this site and hundreds of others, he is no less exempt. No one wants to use this information against him to predict his demise–if it were to be. I doubt that anyone here would, as a matter of fact.

    Perhaps we should take a little more perspective on who we name and try to respect as our heroes, as well as how we show it, as I’ve heard you often apply to many of the President’s supporters here on this blog. We all have the ability to appreciate who we appreciate, and agree to disagree on who we don’t. I believe we are still a free country.

  197. Pat C says:

    Americans have spent less than 10 percent of their disposable income on food for many years now. That’s about to change. Food prices are on the rise and there will be new records set for some, actually many goods, this year. Meat, dairy and poultry prices are among the products on pace to set records.
    While the general inflation rate was nearly zero in 2010, food and fuel presents another story. Predictions for 2011 food inflation range from 3 percent to 6 percent, with some estimates in recent days pushing into the double digits.
    This will come at a time when gasoline and energy prices also are on the rise—oil is projected to reach beyond $100 per barrel….Consumers will see higher prices in the supermarket and hear about record commodity prices and will perceive you as riding waves of money. Part of this is the current supply and demand dynamics for food products, but it is also the Ben Bernanke printing press. It’s going to be a perfect storm of events pushing food prices much higher. DCN is talking about 3 percent to 6 per cent inflation, but I think it will be over 10 percent. It’s going to be pretty ugly out there. And some will blame the farmers. DCN is telling farmers:

    World wide.

  198. catsandmusic says:

    Pat C: the other thing that is going on with food pricing is the shrinking of the packaging. You pay the same price for what looks pretty much like the same product, but there is a less in there! I opened a can of tuna recently to make sandwiches for three people and had to open another can to have enough. Just a few years ago, a can of tuna made lunch for my two daughters and me. Ah, well, the cats were happy I had to open that second can….

    And to everyone else on this site and to Starlight for creating it, a big thank you for such wide-ranging and thought provoking posts. I have particularly enjoyed the food-growing discussions. It reminded me of how my maternal grandparents, who had been farmers in Lithuania, were able to take the 10×10 backyard behind their South Boston row house and turn it into an amazing source of food for the family. And my Nana, the proverbial “green thumb” of the family, grew flowers of all sorts as well. She was in a state of bliss when my family bought a house with an extra lot of land. Not only did we have the most beautiful flower gardens all around the house, but half of that extra lot was a vegetable garden. To this day, I have never had tomatoes that tasted as good as the ones she grew.

    I now live in an apartment and am totally detached from the land. We do have some excellent Farmer’s Markets in Boston, however. That helps a bit.

  199. shoalsister says:

    one more for city dwellers…Stefanie, etal

  200. Pat C says:

    catsandmusic, I sure have noticed. Believe it or not I have met people who say it isn’t happening.

    I love the story about your Nana. I wish I knew her today. I would like to learn what she knows.

  201. Michael from NYC says:

    starlight thank you for your steve insights — i view him as a public figure, one who might be even more important than a politician. honestly as a fan i just want to hear someone say that things will get better…

    Prabhata if you’re betting on something collapsing you can take actions to those ends. You could stock up on foods if you see a food shortage. If you see an earthquake coming you can live in an earthquake proof house, etc.

    Honestly you’d be surprised how many people don’t own a first aid kit, flash light or a copper wire telephone with a phone that requires no electricity. Of course if you want to take that to the next level you can — although the catch is that you need to have a very specific idea of how things go south.

    For example you could buy gold: But that assumes you can store it safely or have a future situation where gold has value over say something like clean water. But the problem is you can’t really predict when or what will go wrong.

    I honestly think our current problem is that people over-invested in the idea of homes out of a sense of insecurity. In an ironic way that worry caused the melt down. Or another example is that people are buying doomsday seeds on Beck when an entire nation is dealing with an epidemic of obesity which is ruining the healthcare system. So if everyone is worried about the dollar it can really cause a gold market bubble: See what I mean?

  202. karen says:

    shoalsister, great links for urban gardening.

    Stephanie, I do not know how open your condo board is to rooftop gardening. One of the aspects being touted, however, is the striking heating/cooling savings of rooftop gardens.

    Urban hydroponics are also being advanced, especially those requiring little water. Perfect for water-stressed areas in the West. Retrofitting abandoned buildings may be the next step in urban gardening. The following is a link to a magazine devoted to same:

    catsandmusic, I too loved your stories.

    Yes, Michael, You can feed your “fear” or you can “feed” your love. I prefer the latter.

  203. clymela says:

    Last spring and summer were some of the most quietly joyous in years. Why you ask?? I had a tiny urban garden that provided us with salad and greens and herbs all season long. Urban gardeners usually have some soil around or can build a gardening spot in containers. this takes some money in the beginning but the joy of eating from one’s own “garden is better than anything else-at least for me.
    I love the conversation here in the past few hours.

  204. Gypsi says:

    And on how many acres it takes to feed people:

    what is wrong with agribusiness: Monsanto and Roundup.

    Jeffrey Smith The world’s leading consumer advocate promoting healthier, non-GMO choices Posted on 6:00 pm January 14, 2011
    Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health

    “The following article reveals the devastating and unprecedented impact that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is having on the health of our soil, plants, animals, and human population. On top of this perfect storm, the USDA now wants to approve Roundup Ready alfalfa, which will exacerbate this calamity. Please tell USDA Secretary Vilsack not to approve Monsanto’s alfalfa today. [Note: typos corrected from Jan 16th, see details]

    While visiting a seed corn dealer’s demonstration plots in Iowa last fall, Dr. Don Huber walked passed a soybean field and noticed a distinct line separating severely diseased yellowing soybeans on the right from healthy green plants on the left (see photo). The yellow section was suffering from Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), a serious plant disease that ravaged the Midwest in 2009 and ’10, driving down yields and profits. Something had caused that area of soybeans to be highly susceptible and Don had a good idea what it was.
    The diseased field on the right had glyphosate applied the previous season. Photo by Don Huber

    Don Huber spent 35 years as a plant pathologist at Purdue University and knows a lot about what causes green plants to turn yellow and die prematurely. He asked the seed dealer why the SDS was so severe in the one area of the field and not the other. “Did you plant something there last year that wasn’t planted in the rest of the field?” he asked. Sure enough, precisely where the severe SDS was, the dealer had grown alfalfa, which he later killed off at the end of the season by spraying a glyphosate-based herbicide (such as Roundup). The healthy part of the field, on the other hand, had been planted to sweet corn and hadn’t received glyphosate.”

    more at link:

  205. Pat says:

    The “taste” of eating from one’s own garden is better too. I took some home grown Danvers Carrots from my garden to my Daughter’s at Thanksgiving.SInce were going “sweet with the sweet potatoes” we sauteed the pre cooked carrots in butter with shallots, fresh sage from her pot garden on the back enclosed porch, and a dash of white wine………..
    ambrosial! Storebought carrots just don’t work
    that way! They are old & have traveled.!
    That said I have a problem with the nightshade plants…………..( tomato, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, squash) For several years the crops become blighted before harvesting, even tho in the past I have successfully wintered them over in
    pots in the house!? Remember the dustbowl, fed into the Depression!

  206. Prabhata says:

    Michael from NYC,
    Thanks for the advise. Living in earthquake country, one should always be prepared for such an event. I am. I think I can survive until the situation is stabilized through government action. I think Jerry and I are not talking about those kind of disasters, but a more disruptive scenario, one where due to a collapse of the dollar, such as if oil producers and other nations stop taking the dollar, which would mean that U.S. Treasuries go unsold. At least that’s how I understood the conversation. In such a scenario, the government, without money, collapses for lack of funds, and it snowballs from there. No bureaucracy, no police, no army. You get the gist.

    That’s why I spoke about how perilous the situation is with relation to our food supply for millions who live in cities and depend on the food from shelves at a store.

    I’m not concerned that there’s going to be such a collapse, and in fact that’s was my first point when the discussion started.

    With regards to S. Jobs, I totally understand he’s a public figure. I simply mentioned that he specifically requested privacy. It’s not my blog, and Starlight will do as she pleases. That’s understood. I thought you asked, and I could put my two cents worth. We’re two different persons with different views.

  207. Gypsi says:


    When my views on HCR were taking up too much space on this blog, I started my own blog, and the discussion moved there, giving my views room to be aired without filling Starlight News up…