11th Jan, 2011

Mama Grizzly Reloading

Ever since the curmudgeonly John McCain decided to adorn himself with a young, attractive Alaskan governor during his doomed race for the White House in 2008, Sarah Palin’s continued exploits have been omnipresent in the shallow fare that passes for news in the modern media. On a daily basis, her every appearance, comment, and tweet have been magnified into major stories. With the help of this constant media presence, Palin has managed to accumulate a huge and devoted following, using her influence to raise millions of dollars and to slant several Republican primaries toward her favored candidates. The punditocracy has been ceaselessly ruminating for over two years about her chances to win the nomination for president in 2012.

In the past month or so, however, there has developed a new, more discordant thread in the Palin wonder-saga. Many are speculating that her once-rising star has begun to set. Palin’s recent poll numbers show a strong and growing unfavorable rating among the masses, with a high number seeing her as unfit for the presidency. In addition, some of her latest comments have been more jarring than effective. Her snarky jabs at Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign, in particular, were criticized by several Republicans, while her targeting of several Democratic candidates in the “crosshairs” on her website has come under a broad-based attack in light of the recent assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

There are at least two known birth times given for Sarah Palin, one that gives a Leo Ascendant (4:40 PM) and the other a Libra Ascendant (9:43 PM). Some predictions based on the two charts can vary by up to a couple of months, while others vary by only a few days, at most. Interestingly, what is clear in both charts is that we are presently in one of the most difficult periods in the former governor’s public career, with her popularity waning and her otherwise astute political timing somewhat off. Her progressed Venus is square to natal Saturn (25Aquarius12), peaking in its deleterious impact on her poll numbers sometime between May and August 2011 (depending on which chart is used). In addition, the Saturn station of mid-December 2010 through late February 2011 is in opposition to her Jupiter (16Aries43) forcing a retreat from her usual aggressive outreach and audacity.

Despite the political soothsayers’ repeated assertions that Sarah Palin’s celebrated climb from obscurity into stardom may finally be over, this current stressful period is likely to come to an end by late summer 2011. By October 2011, it seems likely that the Queen of the Rhetorical Firebomb will be back. By 2012, her perfectly-timed verbal incendiary devices will seem to be on steroids. Lest we forget, some of her greatest hits include: Palin’ around with terrorists; Don’t retreat, RELOAD; and the notorious death panels. As can be seen from these few examples, her extraordinary phraseology is well-known for both its longevity and its potency.

As the luster-reducing Saturn/Venus progression peaks and then winds down over the next several months, Palin’s progressed Mars will move into a conjunction with her natal Venus (1Aries22) and sextile her Mercury (1Aquarius37), building for 17 months through May 2012. Thus, she is likely to enjoy an expansion of her attractiveness and aggressive rhetorical skills through the entire 2012 primary season. By October 2011, transiting Uranus will join progressed Mars/natal Venus, stationing within a degree of that position from October 2011 through January 2012, lending her some extraordinary star-power and charisma during the build-up to the primaries. In addition, a slow-moving Jupiter in early Taurus will square Palin’s Mercury and Moon three times between late October 2011 and mid-February 2012, adding a measure of success and optimism to her candidacy.

Moreover, from early April through late May 2012, a number of Jupiter and Venus transits seem likely to fuel Palin’s appeal and momentum. During this later primary period, Jupiter will semisquare her Venus/progressed Mars, oppose her Neptune, square her Ascendant (Leo), and square her Sun and Mars. Venus will station trine her Sun and Mars for most of May, and progressed Moon will quincunx natal Jupiter from mid-April to mid-May (2 months earlier with Libra chart). The combination of these configurations suggests that Palin will dominate the Republican primaries, either as a candidate, which seems the most likely, or as a kingmaker, nonetheless stealing much of the oxygen.

Of further interest is the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012 which will impact Palin’s Sun/Mars conjunction for much of the year. As of January, Pluto will move into a semisquare with Palin’s Mars (23Aquairus27) through June 2012, returning briefly in November, while transiting Pluto will make its final semisquare to Palin’s Sun from June through October 2012. These transits in combination suggest a vicious and intense power struggle throughout the entire year. In addition, transiting Uranus will be semisquare to Palin’s Mars from late May through July and semisquare the Sun in May and August 2012. With either Uranus or Pluto in minor hard aspect to Palin’s Mars for much of the campaign season, it seems probable that the savage, and perhaps rabid, Pit Bull with lipstick will be back.

The good news for those of us who shake with horror at the mere thought of a Palin presidency is the Saturn transit square to her Moon that will fall either in early or late November 2012, as well as the progressed Moon square to her natal Saturn (25Aquarius12) that will hit either throughout November 2012 or throughout January 2013. In addition, transiting Pluto will make its final semisquare to Palin’s Mars in November 2012 and then conjunct her South Node and semisquare her Saturn from January through mid-June 2013. None of these aspects are suggestive of a celebratory assumption of power, but are, instead, indicative of a depressed and angry mood following the election. It seems quite likely that if Mama Grizzly runs in 2012, the much-anticipated coming presidential term, dominated as it will be by the turbulent and transformative Uranus/Pluto square, will be in the sober, capable, pragmatic, and informed hands of President Barack Obama.

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