Truth or Consequences

Facing the truth can be exceptionally bracing, like a splash of cold water on your face after a too-deep sleep. Ultimately, it is the only path to constructively and successfully deal with reality. But many often try to avoid the truth, letting a difficult situation fester while determinedly looking elsewhere for both distraction and blame. Ultimately, avoidance may deflect some short-term pain, but in the long run, it is likely to cause greater distress.

The most problematic form of avoidance is when a person makes up a narrative that fits his or her preconceived fears or deepest desires, irrespective of the facts. An array of emotions will unfold as a natural outgrowth of this dishonest story, and this will lead inevitably to serious, often unwanted consequences. “Energy follows thought” is a common refrain in the psychotherapy office. How one thinks about a particular situation will mold the subsequent emotional response. Political strategists use this concept in creating a “narrative” or “spin” about any given situation in order to mold the public mood.

One of the most common distortions of the truth is the habitual expectation of victimization. When life is seen through this lens, it can poison personal relationships or, on a larger scale, be used to manipulate a political movement into a mob mentality. To fully understand the victim role, one must see it in the larger context of the Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer triangle, also known as the Drama Triangle which was first described by Stephen Karpman.

When life is captive to the Drama Triangle, these three roles – victim, persecutor, and rescuer – tend to morph into one another in an endless cycle of dysfunction. In the most common scenario, the essentially powerless victim longs unrequitedly for a magical rescue. But nothing is ever enough to quench the simmering fires of fury and blame lurking just under the surface. The victim soon becomes the hyper-critical and overwhelmingly angry persecutor. If a rescuer has appeared, he will soon become the victim of the persecutor’s wrath. From this perspective, the seething anger of every bully can be understood as the erupting outrage of an infuriated victim. In the many permutations to this drama, there is one constant: any rational, fact-based discussion of the situation will be drowned out by the dark emotions flooding the participants.

The only way off of the Drama Triangle and back into sanity and successful functioning comes with the introduction of healthy boundaries. The victim/persecutor needs to take responsibility for his or her situation and emotions, neither expecting rescue nor blaming others. This will empower him or her to make rational, effective decisions based on the facts. Likewise, the rescuer needs to let go of his or her guilt and stop feeling responsible for the feelings or situation of the victim and, instead, encourage the victim to take control of his or her own life. The persecutor needs to take responsibility for his or her actions and learn that there are other forms of empowerment than destructively acting out his or her rage. Underlying any shift to healthy functioning is the necessity of a clear, courageous assessment of reality trumping any over-dramatized story in which a powerless victim projects all blame and responsibility onto some evil “other”.

In today’s world, we are witnessing an epic struggle between a truthful rendering of the facts and an ongoing, hyperbolic, inflammatory and manipulative narrative with potentially devastating repercussions. The way a story is framed will determine the emotions that it evokes and, ultimately, the actions taken as a consequence. As we saw with the Iraq War and as we might see one day with climate change, motivated by the wrong set of facts or avoiding a reality we don’t want to face can lead to a very destructive and problematic outcome.

Moreover, we are increasingly seeing the theme of victimization with its attendant powerlessness, rage, and paranoia, as the thread that runs through a myriad of stories emanating from the right-wing fringe. An endless deluge of lies feeds this meme of victimization: the government is going to take my money, my freedom, my guns; the government wants to control my life and kill my grandma; the minorities are taking away my country; the government is communist, socialist, fascist, like Hitler; and on and on. Stirred up by right-wing talk radio and Fox News, the anger and powerlessness engendered by these lies is leading to an increasingly unstable and potentially violent core group of citizens. With armed militias on the rise and Tea Party meetings becoming increasingly agitated, political leaders and media personalities need to find some shred of integrity and take some responsibility for the uproar. If they cannot assertively rein in their followers with a bracing potion of truth, the consequences will be dire.


As we have often witnessed throughout the years, flowing into the mighty river of American history is a virulent stream of paranoia and rage. At times, this stream swells dangerously and with enough force to alter the saga of a nation, at least for a while. This kind of intense emotion is found in an astrology chart through the workings of Pluto, which can bring both a feeling of overwhelming fear and a need for total control to assuage it. Pluto describes deeply felt power struggles that ultimately lead to transformation.

In the US chart, Pluto (27Capricorn33) opposes Mercury (24Cancer12) and semisquares the Ascendant (12Sagittairus59). This means that a suspicious, verging-on-paranoid tendency can erupt from time to time among some element of the population when Pluto’s energy is strong in the chart due to the action of a transit or a progression. Beginning within a few days of the Inauguration of Barack Obama, transiting Pluto moved into an opposition with the US Venus (3Cancer06), and will have crossed this point five times between late January 2009 and late October 2010. Among other things, this aspect has profoundly heightened the power struggle in American politics and added the feeling that each side struggles for its very survival (Pluto). With it, the emotional temperature of the nation has been turned up several notches. It will be exceptionally strong from July through late October 2010, just as the election season heats up.

Of more immediate concern and potentially adding to the rather agitated state of the American population during this larger Pluto/Venus framework is the progressed US Moon moving into a square with natal Mars (21Gemini23), waxing within one degree from April 26 through May 27, 2010. This aspect suggests a time of ramped up anger and irritability among the population (the Moon). It can also relate to an intensified military campaign that has the public aroused and energized. The Jupiter transit square to US Mars from April 14 to April 19 comes only a few days before the progressed Moon reaches a one-degree orb in its square to US Mars and may well be strong enough to activate that progression, perhaps bringing events that launch the coming restive mood. In fact, this planetary lineup suggests a very high level of energy for the planned militia gatherings in and just outside of Washington, DC, on April 19. Sunday, April 18 will also be a day to watch, with the anti-government participants gathering near the nation’s capital and the Moon moving to conjunct US Mars that afternoon and moving towards a square to transiting Uranus and Saturn by late that night. In reality, Sunday seems more likely to produce random and dangerous incidents than Monday, but the high energy of both of the April 19 demonstrations may well lead to disruptions and concerns during the following five weeks.


  1. Fe says:


    Agreed, this is something to watch and to focus energy around — not on, but AROUND. Its going to take all of our concerted efforts not to react, over-react and most of all, not to fear what’s to come–that adds more heat to the pressure cooker. We need to remain calm.

    I am reminded of the time we were confronted by virulent pro-lifers at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. I am pro-choice and pro-life–for the life of all children and their parents, and I wanted neither the moniker of “baby-killer” or “communist” attached to me. There was no reasoning with them. They needed, no, WANTED a fight. They need an enemy to work out their stuff inside.

    But to make them an enemy only further fans the flames. They are victims of disinformation and ignorance. This does not make them evil. It makes the systems, liars and disinformants with agendas evil. These are the ones we need to fight.

  2. clymela says:

    Starlight, thank you so much for this article at this time. The presence of Venus sq Pluto had escaped my vision and it does explain much of what is going on in the collective that we hear as the Teabaggers.
    Fe-oh! to have the peace you counsel. The peace is to be found in your last paragraph.
    Thank you for the reminder that pro-choice is also and at once pro-life for all the living ones in our lives. Especially for those already with us.

  3. starlight says:

    Regarding the anti-abortion crowd, their basic identity is the “rescuer” who wants to save the unborn baby “victims”. In so doing, they become the “persecutor”. They identify with the “victimhood” of the unborn and feel justified in expressing their rage.

  4. Fe says:


    That “rescuer” identity to me signifies a deeper emptiness–a psychosis, and its hard to pinpoint–what is it in them that so needs to be “saved” that they resort to violence?

  5. starlight says:

    Fe – Once a person takes on one of the three roles, they are acting out of the triangle and morph from one role to another. A chronic victim might see another victim and identify (no boundary), feeling compelled to go save him or her, only to eventually be rebuffed and turned once again into the victim. I think healthy boundaries are the only real solution, as well as support for seeing the truth rather than a glorified dramatic version with dire consequences.

  6. Fe says:

    “I think healthy boundaries are the only real solution, as well as support for seeing the truth rather than a glorified dramatic version with dire consequences.”

    Dare we whisper that into the ears of Fox, CNN, and the Republican leadership and then keep Sarah Palin’s lips sewn shut for five years?

  7. catsandmusic says:

    My experience vs the anti-choice crowd (also in Boston, Fe) was that they sought provocation. There was an elderly man who carried a very large and heavy picket sign—kind of like a cross (strange that I thought of that on Good Friday), and he used to hit people on the head with it. This was back when we were trying to get the buffer zones for the clinics. This guy would march up and down with his sign and every now and then it would clobber some unsuspecting person on the head—but he just kept right on walking and by the time the dazed person figured out what had happened he was down the road a bit.

    And I totally refuse to call these zealots anything but anti-choice.

  8. starlight says:

    Yeah, well, good luck with all that. Fox and Sarah probably see themselves as rescuing America from the evil liberal persecutor. And every time anything happens where Obama or the Dems say no, the righties feel victimized.

    I forgot to mention that in the article: when people are prone to feeling victimized, every time someone says “no” to them or every time they lose an election (a form of “no”), it triggers the feeling of being victimized. If you think back, this has happened countless times with Palin, the GOP in congress, McCain, etc.

  9. David says:

    Graet article – thank you.

  10. Pat C says:

    Just excellent Nancy!

    Until the FCC is required to break up the media consolidation/monopolies, we will not be a democracy. A democracy requires a free and open flow of information. Now, we have propaganda and celebrity obsession.


    Acorn broke no laws.


    Unreleased raw footage reviewed by AG Jerry Brown’s investigation was obtained from Rightwing activists O’Keefe and Giles in exchange for immunity from prosecution

    Contradicting MSM coverage, O’Keefe ‘never claimed he was a pimp,’ ‘did not act as a journalist’…

  11. Pat C says:

    The main stream media is at this point a danger to the peace and prosperity of the United States and its citizens. It is now working against those things put forward in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They withhold, lie, and distort the information needed to operate as a healthy citizenry. They are bullying the people.

  12. Jerry W says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’ve been reading some of your recent comments expressing concern about April 19th. There is indeed a moon t square to the waxing Saturn-Uranus opposition on that day.

    I wonder if there is a correlation to the threats received in letters sent to all 50 US governors within the past couple of days to ‘resign or else’……

    This was purportedly sent by a radical Christian militia organization who call themselves the Guardians of the Free Republics. From what I can gather they are just one of several groups threatening violence on April 19th, the date they have chosen to stage a huge rally march on to the US capitol…….

    Two Groups Choose Oklahoma City Bombing Anniv. For Armed Marches On D.C.

    Reading up on these groups one realizes that these people take themselves very seriously. This is scary stuff……

    April 19 1775 transitioning to April 19 2010

    Oath Keepers…Guardians of the Republic

    Any comments?

  13. starlight says:

    Jerry – I think all of it is linked, certainly astrologically. Have you read this from a few weeks back?

  14. starlight says:

    Big, huge uproar coming on this one:

    Pope Benedict XVI’s personal preacher on Friday likened accusations against the pope and the Catholic church in the sex abuse scandal to “collective violence” suffered by the Jews.

  15. barbk says:


    Thanks especially for the information on the psychology of the victim personality and the vicious Drama triangle. This doesn’t have to manifest due to politics obviously, you can see it in everyday happenings.

    When you see it coming, the manipulation to get you into the rescuer role, don’t take the bait. Some people will be more prone to this cycle; not enough earth in the chart and an over-abundance of water can add to the possibility of feeling victimized. Some individuals with Saturn in the 7th house might be prone to look for a rescuer if they are feeling especially victimized. Not all of course, but I’ve seen it happen. Neptune transits can lead a perfectly level-headed person to fall into this pattern.

    Fe, I’m going to try my darndest to stay calm, but you can see already in this thread that some anticipate the scary factor to prevail, and how can you not when you hear and read this stuff.

    I agree with Pat C, the mainstream media but also the cable news, most especially Fox, make money (a niche of viewers unserved elsewhere) by fanning the flames of fear, hate and loathing disgust. Too many want to just duke it out and not listen to reason.

    Keep reminding us to stay calm, please?

  16. will says:


    Your Truth or Consequences is an extraordinary pedagogy and an exemplary tribute to Stephen Karpman’s Dramatic Triangle model. Indeed, you have become a virtuoso as a teacher of this seminal
    theory of interpersonal dynamics.

    I confess to having been caught up in the passionate throes of the Dramatic Triangle, more often than not. The formation and maintenance of healthy boundaries in order to skirt the fray is no easy task; constant awareness and vigilance is required to avoid the heavy gravitational pull of those three prescribed roles and their subsequent morphing. Nonetheless, it is precisely this kind of mental hygiene that is the necessary antidote to dismantle the power of this demon of distortion. And the work must really begin with the individual in order to loosen one of the cogs of this unholy trinity and ultimately thwart its pathology.

    I am wondering if you have given thought to teaching the Dramatic Triangle as a CEU for mental health practitioners; it would be a wonderful contribution to the psychotherapeutic community.

    PS I find it eerily coincidental (or not) that April 18 and 19 are on the cusp on Hitler’s birthday, April 20.

  17. Lorrie U. says:

    If this group can be found guilty of sedition against the US govt., it might have a spillover effect on those provoking civil unrest…

    Detroit, Michigan (CNN) — Federal prosecutors are fighting to keep behind bars eight Michigan militia members accused of plotting to kill police officers as part of a revolt against the U.S. government.


    “I think the concern is which groups cross the line,” the FBI’s Arena said. “Obviously there’s First Amendment protected speech. In this country, you can say and just about think anything you want. The concern are those groups that are actually looking down the path to take action.”

    The nine have been charged with seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, teaching the use of explosive materials and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence.

    While it’s not feasible that the group could have single-handedly overthrown the government, Arena said the sedition charge, which can carry a life sentence with conviction, fits the allegations.

    “Their goal is not for these nine people to personally overthrow the United States government,” he said. “The concept is, ‘We are basically going to start the war and know that we are going to be martyred.’ The goal is to martyr themselves and to start the revolution.”

    “You’re not going to personally do it, but you’re gong to be a part of it,” Arena added. “That’s the definition of sedition.”

  18. Deborah says:

    Nancy, Your observations are SO helpful to understand the craziness that is going on now in the U.S. You also help us know that it is a phase, it shall pass….however it will be quite a length of time, this powerful transition. I recall that you saw this sort of upheaval coming long ago. It is really happening. That ‘time’ is here. I guess our role is to help diffuse negative energies, stay outside of the Triangle, and accentuate the positive? Phew – gonna be tough.

  19. Bette says:

    Nancy thank you for the above comments. Living in a community of right wing, bible reciting, gun toting, Beck book buying southerners, I’m a liberal outcast from the notorious State of California where all those “crazy people” live (according to them). I can envision a future local uprising against outsiders . As you said above they (locals here) are so brainwashed with church and media propaganda, they want to fight, not reason. They are enraged by our current government and with such intensity call it every name you used above and worse. Recently Teaparty signs appear around the community and letters to the local newspaper are promoting teaparty candidates and meetings. There is anger in those letters to the editor! It’s becoming so heated, my husband told me not to talk to people here about politics because I may find our property damaged or a pet shot or missing. After all, guns are legal and the local law is selectively ineffective. One has to take care where they live, matching the community politics and religion with one’s own.

  20. Bette says:

    Congressman Says If Guam Is Too Populated It Will Capsize

    At a hearing to discuss a military base for Guam, Democratic Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson expressed concern to Adm. Robert Willard, head of the Pacific Fleet, that the island would capsize.

    “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” Johnson said. Willard paused and replied, “We don’t anticipate that.”

    The anticipated build-up is likely to go without too much damage to the land mass.

    The United States plans to move thousands of Marines and their families, about 8,000 people in all, to the small island of Guam, which has a current population of about 180,000. To prepare for the military buildup, the government is constructing new facilities on the island like an additional Marine base and a new airfield.

  21. Bette says:

    Anyone see Jay Leno last evening?


  22. Pat C says:

    Pfizer ordered to pay up over ‘AIDS-like’ virus infections

    ” . . . CNN reports that, if Pfizer had been prosecuted over the drug, the company would have been excluded from doing business with Medicaid and Medicare. But because federal officials considered the company too big to be exempted from working with the government health programs, a dummy corporation — Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc. — was set up, and that dummy corporation then pleaded guilty to the crime.
    ‘”P&UCI sold no drugs and had no real employees, and its creation was simply a figleaf to allow a Pfizer entity to take the rap without harming Pfizer itself,” explains Jim Edwards at the Bnet business blog.’

    All joking aside, Pfizer is responsible for this woman contracting a genetically-engineered variant of HIV, and she had to fight like hell to make them pay–after our very own Dept of Justice refused to sue.


  23. Jerry W says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Yes. I did read that thread (Tension Builds), although I think you were mostly referring to the aspects for the Spring of 2011 and points beyond; from 2012 – 2015.

    Do you have any thoughts on the late April Saturn-Uranus opposition coming up in a few weeks time and its potential activation of the March 19, 2007 solar eclipse (28 Pisces)? At the time, you were quite impressed how the eclipse (set for Tehran) in square to Pluto, was sitting directly on the chart’s Ascendant/MC. I’m referring of course to your article entitled ‘Growing Tensions With Iran’. Do you still consider that eclipse active?

  24. Pat C says:

    Rex Rammell Begins Planning How to Fulfill Mormon Prophecy


    The Idaho GOP’s Pro-Militia Candidate

  25. Shadowhawk says:

    barbk – is the new email address working?

  26. Pat C says:

    Boehlert: What if Fox News actually wants mob violence?

    Read examples in evidence.

  27. starlight says:

    Jerry – I think we are already in the zone of Uranus square to Pluto, and will be moreso when Uranus gets into Aries. This will carry us through 2015. Obviously, the exact aspects will be much more potent.

    The Uranus/Saturn opposition adds a great deal of tension, but I see it more as the battle between the past and the conservative desire to do nothing, versus the future, breaking away from old, tired forms. My guess is that some of the most intense battle over financial reform may take place during this transit. The first phase was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act pushed through in February, the second was a very intense phase in the health care battle, and the third seems most likely to be financial reform.

    As for eclipses, I have been drawing up the chart for the exact new moon, but it seems there is another time, usually a few minutes different, in the ephemeris that may be more accurate in computing the exact time of the eclipse. I have to further explore this.

  28. starlight says:

    Thank you, all, for the comments about the article. It took me awhile to make it clear enough to post.

  29. Noelle says:

    Starlight, excellent article. Actually, before I read it I thought you were going to refer to the role of victim that the Vatican now seems to be assuming. Must be an epidemic.

  30. starlight says:

    Noelle – The Vatican is really making an even bigger mess out of things that were already quite bad. For them to compare attacks on them to Antisemitism is really beyond the pale.

  31. starlight says:

    The beginning of the outraged response to the Vatican’s recent remark:

  32. clymela says:

    Starlight, again thank you not only for the wonderful thoughts and words but for focusing on what is getting done to the public by the money guys behind the Teabaggers,etc.
    I saw on MSNBC that the cable station will show a special on 4/19/2010 called “The Timothy McVeigh Papers”. I was so surprised and now I feel paranoid. Why such a special on that particular day,who is behind this and why? I have a sense of hair standing up on my neck-not just the right-wingers getting played?

  33. Jerry W says:


    Regarding the upcoming Uranus-Saturn opposition, I like what Lynn Hayes expressed in her article entitled: ‘THE OPPOSITION FROM SATURN TO URANUS, 2008-2010′……

    April 26, 2010/ The fourth Uranus-Saturn opposition (is) in exact aspect to Neptune. By that time we likely will have integrated the lessons of the Saturn/Uranus opposition and are better prepared to take the steps necessary to move forward. Neptune demands that we become visionaries and transcend boundaries that limit ordinary mortals, and in doing so there is sometimes a dissolving of aspects of our life that limit us (Saturn). Challenging Neptune at times require that we pursue a disciplined (Saturn) spiritual practice (Neptune) that enables us to open up our eyes and our mind to a completely new way of being alive on the planet (Uranus). This third and fourth phase will be extremely exciting for those who are able to let go and enjoy the roller coaster ride, and less comfortable for those of us with more fixed natures (like me) who have a high need for control and safety.

  34. Pat C says:

    “JOHN KING, CNN ANCHOR: President Obama and Rush Limbaugh were talking vitriol, today. So, who has the most when it comes to talking about the other party. …


    Such an interesting re-framing of events…

  35. curious says:

    Great article Nancy.

    I think there are many fronts to this battle in america for change.

    It is my view that without the christian theme running through the right I wouldn’t be that disturbed by them. The last thing I want to see is more moral based laws go on the books.

    Maybe the whole foundation that they have built their lives upon is crumbling. They are very afraid of seeing the other side of things, a broader view. It takes away their identity.

  36. Pat C says:

    The War On Reality

    Stephen Colbert once joked that “reality has a well-known liberal bias.” Unfortunately, there’s a loophole: No one experiences anything but the most immediate reality directly. There’s always some kind of filter in between, whether it be word-of-mouth, newspaper, radio, or television. And whoever controls those filters, essentially controls the reality of everyone who uses them.

    Republicans and conservatives grasped this decades ago, and by the time Democrats and progressives caught on it was too late: A small number of corporate conglomerates and right-wing gazillionaires gobbled up talk radio and most of the news media, and now use them to relentlessly push conservative frames and convince America that it is a center-right nation (at the very least). They’ve seized control of the filters, and they’re taking full advantage.

    But the news media only cover the small sliver of reality that is the present and the recent past. What about farther back? Decades? Centuries? Well, the conservatives have that covered too:

    The right is rewriting history.

    More at the link….

  37. Jerry W says:


    They’re calling it the Second Amendment March (the right to bear arms)….

    “The Second Amendment March on Washington… April 19th, 2010″

    It’s scheduled to begin at 10 am at the Washington Monument. A quick glance at the chart set for April 19th 10 am in DC shows a very close Moon-Saturn-Uranus t square. The moon’s placement is exactly on the ascendant at 1 degree Cancer in square to the US Sibly MC.

    Although the authorities are not expecting any unusual, unsettling disturbances – extra precautionary measures are being taken.

    What do you make of the chart? I wonder if this could be the beginning of an armed insurrection against the govt leading up to the exact Uranus-Saturn opp in late April?

  38. Jerry W says:

    One quick follow-up if I may.

    April 19th/ With Obama’s natal Venus at 1 Cancer solidly positioned at the moon’s conjunction to the charts ascendant in t square to the Saturn-Uranus opp….. would this directly implicate President Obama?

    This raises some other troubling questions. Are these right-wing militia groups racially motivated? Is there an underground resentment in policies attributed to an elected ‘Black President’?

    Refer to the following recent article…….

    Final Suspect In Raid On U.S. Militia Group Arraigned

    James B. Kelleher
    Mar 30, 2010

    DETROIT (Reuters) – A ninth member of a Christian militia group accused of conspiring to kill law enforcement officers to trigger a wider war against the U.S. government appeared before a federal judge on Tuesday.

    ……..Earlier this month, a report warned that the number of right-wing groups that see the U.S. government as their enemy more than doubled in the last year, fanned by anger over the economy and a backlash against the policies of President Barack Obama.”

  39. Jerry W says:

    Just asking some hard, difficult questions…….

    Right-Wing Militia Groups and White Supremacists; Is there a connection?

    White Power USA: The Rise of Right-Wing Militia in America

  40. karen says:

    Terrific, Nancy!

    My contemporary thought and feeling is a foreboding of doom and equally a knowledge of some pending breakthrough — addressed by Jerry.

    Last evening random fires were being set all around the area. I live in mountainous area in Tennessee. Because we’re in such a rural area, volunteer fireworkers were kept busy all day. These careless and mean-spirited acts example the kind of volatile energy being created. Increasingly there is no sense of “other.” The Drama Triangle helps explain the reason for this.

    Fe is correct in that our fear helps feed the drama. But, to live without fear, one must stop protracting the drama triangle. Now, that’s a lifetime of work!

  41. Pat C says:

    EPA pledges new mountain top removal protections

    EPA Rules May End Mountaintop Mining

    New pollution restrictions put in place today by the EPA could all but end the controversial practice of mountaintop mining in Appalachia. Environmentalists hate the method, in which miners blow off the top of a mountain, extract the coal, and dump the extra rock and soil into the valley below. When rain runs down through the rubble, it contaminates the streams below.
    The new EPA standard on clean water will make it all but impossible for most if not all such operations to continue.

  42. Pat C says:

    The EPA’s good news for American rivers

    American Rivers applauds the Environmental Protection Agency for announcing new restrictions on mountaintop removal mining [“Environmental regulations aim to curb mountaining top mining,” news story, April 2]. These much-needed guidelines, which set water-quality standards for Clean Water Act permits for mining operations in Appalachian states, will help protect the region’s rivers at their source.

  43. starlight says:

    Just to be clear, there are two demonstrations on April 19. One is at the mall, and the other is just outside DC in the gun-toting state of Virginia. It is in the latter that they will purposefully bring their weapons, but there will be right-to-bear-arms types at both events.

  44. starlight says:

    It is interesting to watch the dynamic with the Vatican. The only healthy way out of this mess is to accept responsibility and not pretend to be a victim. “Rescuing” the Church from the “mean” critics is also not a good option. If the Pope resigns, there will be those who claim he was unfairly pushed out (victim). If he takes responsibility for his Church and cleans house, he may revivify and heal his Church.

  45. starlight says:

    From Charles Blow:

    The left loves him. The right not so much. Actually, not at all. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, Obama’s job approval rating among Republicans was a measly 9 percent. On health care, his approval rating was an even-more-measly 7 percent.

    Why? The Apostles of Anger in their echo chamber of fallacies have branded him the enemy. This has now become an article of faith. Obama isn’t just the enemy of small government and national solvency. He’s the enemy of liberty.

    This underscores the current fight for the soul of this country. It’s not just a tug of war between left and right. It’s a struggle between the mind and the heart, between evidence and emotions, between reason and anger, between what we know and what we believe.

  46. Pat C says:

    In reversal, Democrats pull in more cash for campaigns than GOP
    Washington Post – Jeffrey Smith – ‎1 hour ago‎

    The Republican Party’s strategy since early last year of lock-step opposition to the Obama administration’s major legislative initiatives has proved to be less bankable than some party leaders may have anticipated…

  47. Pat C says:

    Nonpartisan watchdog downgrades Hannity charitySean Hannity’s Freedom Alliance used to boast of its four-star rating by Charity Navigator — but not anymore BY JOE CONASON

  48. kiwijeanie says:

    Catholic response getting heat here too
    The Archbishop of Canterbury has said the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has lost all credibility because of the scandal over children abused by priests, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

    Rowan Williams, the spiritual leader of more than 70 million Anglicans worldwide, said the Irish Church’s disarray was a “colossal trauma”, The Times reported, quoting a BBC radio interview to be broadcast next week.

    The comments risk creating tensions with the Vatican, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain in September.

  49. Pat C says:

    In natural gas drilling, fracking has been happening in Colorado ever since Cheney’s secret energy policy meetings.

    You know who is going to be left holding the bag, and it isn’t going to be the oil and gas companies, or Cheney.

    A lot of the new leases went to EnCana. Fracking has affected both ground water and riparian waterways.

    This article is from 2004.

  50. Bette says:

    A Method to Republican “Madness” Must Read

    The Pattern Continues…….So, the Republicans have never been made to pay a political price for their scheming to undercut sitting Democratic presidents — and to grease the GOP’s route back to power. Whenever a Democrat is in the White House, the Republicans believe they are free do whatever they want to block him from solving national problems, making him look weak and ineffectual.

    That was true of Johnson, Carter, Clinton and now Obama.

    This GOP strategy is pursued even if it tarnishes the international image of the United States or if it undermines national security, even if it means more than 20,000 additional U.S. soldiers dying in Vietnam, or 52 American hostages facing longer captivity in Iran, or the likes of Timothy McVeigh feeling empowered to blow up a federal building.

    The strategy continues even if it raises the current threat level against President Obama and Democratic lawmakers. The strategy continues because it works……

    The same two elements – tearing down a Democratic president and creating a sense of political havoc – are again at the center of Republican strategy, except that today the GOP is even better placed to carry out a repeat than the party was in 1994. Then, there was no Fox News dominating the cable TV ratings and the right-wing media was far less developed than it is today…..

  51. Pat C says:


  52. curious says:

    Keep your friends close (party of your choice)
    Keep your enemies closer (party of your choice)

    Is always good advice

  53. […] I just finished reading Nancy of Starlight News latest post, Truth or Consequences. Usually her posts are about mundane events but this one has some incredible information on the […]

  54. Bette says:

    Justice Stevens to Retire ……..
    Stevens said in newspaper interviews on the Web Saturday that he will decide soon on the timing of his retirement, whether it will be this year or next. Stevens, the leader of the court’s liberals, turns 90 this month and is the oldest justice.

  55. starlight says:

    Bette – Great post from Robert Parry. I never realized it has been exactly the same pattern for every Dem president. He makes it very clear what is happening.

  56. Pat C says:

    It’s been a steady pattern. Horrible.


    US delaying currencies report amid China dispute

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is delaying a report to Congress on currency policies amid calls from some lawmakers that it should cite China as a currency manipulator harmful to the U.S. economy.

  57. starlight says:

    More evidence against the Pope. I am thinking he may have to resign.

  58. Jerry W says:

    The following is an extract from a Karmic Astrology article by Joan Porte

    What is it with April?

    The “shot heard around the world” which started the Revolutionary War was fired on April 19, 1775. The shots at Fort Sumter which started the Civil War were fired on April 12, 1861. Does April 19 ring another bell to you? Well, that was the day of the final attack at the Branch Davidian Ranch in Waco in 1993 and it was also the day of the Columbine High School massacre in 1999. The Falkland’s War started in April. Abraham Lincoln was shot in April. Heck, Adolph Hitler was born – and died – in April. For a month of new life and new beginnings it can be a bit on the violent side. Why? Blame in on Mars, the ancient god of war.

    Mars is the ruler of Aries, the constellation in which the Sun enters at the Vernal Equinox, March 20th. So April is the time when the Mars archetype of male, aggressive warrior energy is at its peak. This year, I am particularly concerned with the march on the D.C. area by the radical right wing. These people are announcing that they are coming with their “guns loaded but they won’t shoot first.” Gee thanks. With the increase of right wing violence and the threat of more, what we do not need is a gun march anywhere!

    Here is a biwheel – the chart of the United States combined with the transiting planets over Washington, DC on April 19 – at high noon.


  59. Pat C says:

    Not satisfied with U.S. history, some conservatives are rewriting it

    The most ballyhooed effort is under way in Texas, where conservatives have pushed the state school board to rewrite guidelines, downplaying Thomas Jefferson in one high school course, playing up such conservatives as Phyllis Schlafly and the Heritage Foundation and challenging the idea that the Founding Fathers wanted to separate church and state.

    The effort reaches far beyond one state, however.

    In articles and speeches, on radio and TV, conservatives are working to redefine major turning points and influential figures in American history, often to slam liberals, promote Republicans and reinforce their positions in today’s politics.

    The Jamestown settlers? Socialists. Founding Father Alexander Hamilton? Ill-informed professors made up all that bunk about him advocating a strong central government.

    Theodore Roosevelt? Another socialist. Franklin D. Roosevelt? Not only did he not end the Great Depression, he also created it.

    Joe McCarthy? Liberals lied about him. He was a hero.

    More at the link….

  60. will says:


    Incredibly damning Parry piece – thank you for posting it!

  61. Jerry W says:

    An interesting perspective from Jan Warren Allen…..


    Every year about this time, I get nervous, as there have been so many tragic events that have taken place between April 15th and the 21st. It happens as the transiting Sun in the U.S. chart I follow; that is for the signing of the Articles of Confederation, which happened on November 15, 1777…12:46 PM ..York Pennsylvania in the explosive sign of Aries squares the planet of life and death, Pluto, at 28 Capricorn 01 in the 12th house of treachery, and progressed Pluto at 01Aquarius 04 R. I will point to some events that took place as the Sun came up and squared either placement.

    It is interesting that it started out, way back when our country was not even born yet. That is, the Battles of Lexington and Concord which were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War were fought on April 19, 1775, in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of Lexington and Concord. This was the first outbreak of open armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in the mainland of British North America.


  62. starlight says:

    Slow-moving Mars quincunx to Pluto April 4 through April 10. More incidents of violence likely. Watch early tomorrow AM when the Moon is opposite Pluto.

  63. Pat C says:

    Large Earthquake Felt in Downtown Los Angeles

    An earthquake centered in Baja California in Mexico shook buildings as far north as Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

    The earthquake was centered in Baja California, about 108 miles east-southeast of Tijuana, the United States Geological Service said. The quake had a magnitude of 6.9.

    High-rise buildings in Los Angeles and San Diego rocked back and forth as the quake hit. The earthquake shook houses in Los Angeles for roughly 60 seconds, and aftershocks then followed.

    USGS upped the earthquake to 7.2.

  64. shoalsister says:

    Starlight…could/would the Mars Pluto aspect be a marker for earth violence? as in further earthquake activity? like in CA?

    And does anyone know of a sane, non-hyperbolic online discussion of HAARP?

    where do eyes-wide-open and paranoia meet??? This ring of fire activity sure is getting distracting…

  65. starlight says:

    shoalsister – It could agitate things. But I don’t see anything that looks like big sorrow for the country right now, so I don’t think anything major will be happening in the immediate future.

  66. Jerry W says:

    Nancy, Regarding your 4:51 pm yesterday….

    “……Watch early tomorrow AM when the Moon is opposite Pluto.”

    Pakistan Rocked By Multiple Blasts, About 38 Dead And Hundreds Injured

    Militants Make Abortive Bid To Storm US Consulate

    Using the Pakistan 8/14/47 9:33 am Islamabad/ US Sibly composite chart…….

    Tr. Pluto at 5 Capricorn precisely conjunct the US/Pakistani composite chart nadir.

    Tr. Mars opposite the US/Pakistani composite chart Pluto (5 Scorpio).

  67. clymela says:

    shoalsister-if you find anything reasonable about HAARP let “us” know. I have only come across tin-hat wearing sounding discussions but with the deep earthquakes I have been thinking. Just don’t usually mention HAARP though-so science fiction sounding.

  68. starlight says:

    Jerry – Which birth time are you using for Pakistan? I have 9:15 AM on 8/14/47. Saturn is exactly square their Mars right now (00Cancer10). Uranus coming soon to square. Uh oh.

  69. barbk says:


    You might keep an eye on Uranus who has been known to be “involved” in earthquake charts; I know I plan to. Right now he is square the Galactic Center but on April 26 or 27 he will oppose Saturn who will be in earthy Virgo by then.

    The U.S. (Sibly) Pluto at 27 Cap 33 retrograde is sextile to transiting Uranus almost to the minute (exact on Saturday I believe) so could be considered a wake-up call. In May trans. Uranus will sextile progressed U.S. Pluto.

    Also, on May 23, Jupiter opposes Saturn and is only 2 degrees away from Uranus. Another possibility to associate with the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the zero degree Aries Point (the “political” is personal degree). That happens June 8.

  70. Jerry W says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Lynn Hayes rectification of the Pakistani chart from 9:33 am to 9:30 am (Aug. 14, ’47) is the chart that I was using as a reference….

    With the upcoming Uranus-Saturn opp. in late April with the opp. right on the Pakistani asc-desc. axis in t square to MC/Mars, this may be a danger/ flash-point to watch. Factor in the April 28th full moon’s progression within several hours of exactness (8 Taurus) in square to tr. Mars (11 Leo) and finally in square to Pakistan’s natal Saturn/Pluto degree (13 Leo). Pakistan’s Pluto-Saturn degree will be in exact semi-sesqui square to the Saturn-Uranus opp (in t square to natal Mars)….. one has to wonder whether the Pakistani govt will be able to survive that kind of intensity.

  71. Jerry W says:

    CORRECTION: April 28th Full Moon – 8 Scorpio.

  72. barbk says:

    Just checked on that nasty little TNO Typhon’s location, and so be advised that at the same time transiting Uranus and Saturn oppose each other, transiting Typhon will be conjunct U.S. natal Neptune (which squares natal Mars)

    Wikipedia says of him “a deadly monster of Greek mythology, rejected by all. He was thought to cause volcanic eruptions, hot dangerous wind storms, earthquakes and tsunamis.”

    I think we should at least expect some nasty weather around the U.S. on 4/26-4/27.

    Judging by Jerry W’s comments above, so should Pakistan and the President whose Neptune is at 8 Scorpio!

  73. Jerry W says:

    barbk, in a 2008 article cites the Zardari government’s natal Pluto at 28 ’30 Sag as reason for concern, esp. during the latter part of April of this year. Here’s the quote…..

    “…..Pakistan is also moving into a high alert and very rocky time as the violence continues to run. There’s a very marked Pluto in late Sagittarius on the President Zardari Government chart on the Ascendant so secrecy and control are key factors (9 Sep 2008 1.34 pm Islamabad). But more tellingly that Zardari Government Pluto is exactly opposition the Pakistan country midheaven and square the Pakistan Ascendant. So there’s going to be a major shake up, possibly toppling the Government and causing disruption in Pakistan come late April 2010 as both tr Uranus and tr Saturn hard aspect those points. Tr Saturn hangs around on that late Mutable degree till June 10 and tr Uranus returns on and off till Feb 11 – so everything will be in flux, subject to sudden jolting change during this time.

    Ali Zardari is a confident, ‘adventurous’ Leo Sun Mars Jupiter square a determined Saturn in Scorpio – very Fixed so not one to give way easily. At the moment he’s veering between over optimism and pessimism as setbacks get in the way of his high hopes. Tr Pluto and tr Saturn are hard aspecting his Solar Arc Jupiter Mars at the moment till Dec 09 and returning again next year – so he’s pushing across the line too fast at points and then having to cut back sharply. He’ll be jumpy and insecure late Jan into Feb 10 and at high risk in late March/April 10 (tr Uranus opp Mars/Saturn).

    On the Pakistan chart tr Uranus will move from squaring the Midheaven and opposing the Ascendant in April/May 2010 to squaring the Pakistan Mars at 0 degrees Cancer come late May thro’ till mid Aug 10, returning on and off till Jan 2012 – that is explosive, insecure, revolutionary, a struggle for survival.”

  74. Jerry W says:

    Looking at the fine print, the commentary above is actually reproduced from a Marjorie Orr Nov, 2009 article.

  75. Lorrie U. says:

    clymela, shoalsister — You can check out articles about HAARP on Nexus magazine’s website. All of their subjects are always well documented.

  76. Lorrie U. says:

    Pluto and the Pope
    Neptune Cafe by Michael Wolfstar

    Two weeks ago, I wrote that because of his progressed Sun-Pluto conjunction, the Pope’s tenure in office may not last the year. A reader asks “Do you mean that he will die during the conjunction, or be removed from office?” Pluto themes include both death and abdication or removal from office, so here’s a deeper look at the Pope’s Pluto.


    A key to understanding the current scandal is Juno, who is the protector of the powerless, including young sexual abuse victims*. By secondary progression, Juno is at 4º Cancer. The recent round of allegations against the Pope has unfolded as transiting Pluto opposed his progressed Juno. This configuration remains in effect right through the Lunar Eclipse on June 26, 2010 which lands right on his progressed Juno.

    The Pope’s protective Fire Grand Trine (Aries Sun, Neptune in Leo, and Sagittarius Midheaven) probably makes it unlikely that he will be removed from office. Health issues should become more critical. With Leo on his sixth house of health, his heart becomes a weak point, making him susceptible to heart failure under the stressful progressed Sun-Pluto conjunction. Also, debilitating strokes are possible, since Uranus squares Mars and the North Node. This dynamic is now being activated by the outer planets.

  77. Jerry W says:

    I don’t think these latest announcements by the Indian and Pakistani governments will help matters on the Indian subcontinent. It could be easily be exploited by Pakistani radical militants, who are bent on sparking a war between the two protagonists as a means towards destabilsation of Pakistan.

    India, Pak To Launch Major War-games At Same Time
    by Rajat Pandi

    Times of India
    Apr 6, 2010

    New Delhi/ In a coincidence that has the potential of raising tension levels, the Indian and Pakistani militaries would be conducting major wargames later this month virtually within shouting distance from each other.

    Both exercises, involving thousands of troops, aim to test offensive strategies in the event of an armed conflict with the other side and will have active participation of their respective air forces.

    The Indian Army will launch its month-long wargames in mid-April in the Thar desert. Called ‘Yodha Shakti’, the games will involve one of its three principal ‘strike’ formations, the Mathura-based 1 Corps.

    It will practice a ‘pro-active’ war strategy revolving around the objective of mobilizing fast under ‘the cold start’ doctrine and striking hard across the border to pulverize the enemy.

    Around the same time – from April 10 to May 13 – Pakistan will conduct its ‘Azm-e-Nau-III’ (new resolve) exercise, described as its biggest wargames in two decades, to train for a conventional war with India.


  78. Pat C says:

    The Bush Family is also involved in health insurance, in case ya didn’t know…

    At WellPoint, if you look at the board of directors, who do you find?

    “William H.T. Bush
    Chairman, Bush O’Donnell & Co., Inc.”

    To name one……..

    More at the link…

  79. Pat says:

    Yeh Wellpoint, the company that drowns me in paperwork….Maybe I’ll bundle it & send it all to Bill Bush.
    This all over NO medical care except some monthly polls…….SO far I am healthy, because of my diet & need no medical care!

  80. Pat says:

    that’s monthly PILLS…& even that is compromised I now have to go to Canada to get pig thyroid & pay out of my pocket because the USA company won’t manufacture it.

  81. clymela says:

    Mars quincunx Pluto= the mine in W Virgina blows up and kills dozens of miners. The mine is full of methane gas. Wonder if Neptune is involved here.
    I always cringe when I hear about miners trapped-my grandfather was a miner when young and he hated it.

  82. Pat C says:

    On this day in history:
    1320 – The Scots reaffirmed their independence by signing the Declaration of Arbroath.

    1793 – The Committee of Public Safety took control of the French government, and the Reign of Terror began.

    1814 – Napoleon abdicated and was exiled to Elba.

    1830 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded.

    1851 – Portland, Oregon was incorporated.

    1886 – Vancouver, British Columbia was incorporated.

    1896 – The first modern Olympic Games began in Athens.

    1917 – United States declared war on Germany.

    1919 – Mohandas Gandhi ordered a General Strike in India in his campaign to achieve independence from the British Empire.

    1930 – James Dewar invented the Hostess Twinkie.

    1938 – Teflon (polytetraflouroethylene resin) was invented Du Pont employee Roy Plunkett.

    1965 – Early Bird, the first communications satellite to be placed in synchronous orbit, was launched.

  83. Pat C says:

    Maddow Blasts ACORN ‘Pimp’ Hoax, ‘ClimateGate’, ‘The Triumph of Fake Politics’

    She is awesome.

  84. starlight says:

    As I have said before, Barbara Boxer has very difficult planets around the 2010 election. If she was born really early in the AM, it could just mean a difficult election and then all is well. But I wouldn’t count on it. I think she is more endangered than people realize and this issue of her in opposition to legalizing marijuana could be a big problem.

  85. starlight says:

    clymela – There have been so many explosions, accidents and violence in the past couple of days, including that horrifying mine explosion. Definitely a Mars/Pluto tinge: hidden poisons (Pluto) erupting violently or explosively (Mars).

    Pat C – I ADORE Rachel. She gives the most cogent, insightful, and understandable news analysis on TV.

  86. Pat C says:

    Uh oh!

    FCC loses Comcast’s court challenge, a major setback for agency on Internet policies

    Comcast on Tuesday won a legal challenge against the Federal Communications Commission, in a ruling by a federal court that undermines the agency’s ability to regulate Internet service providers.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the FCC lacked the authority to require Comcast, the nation’s biggest broadband services provider, to treat all Internet traffic equally on its network.

    More at the link….

  87. will says:

    Bette, Starlight,

    I was intrigued/fascinated by the revelations in the Robert Parry piece “Method to Republican Madness” posted earlier in this thread:

    I wanted to know more about the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) agency that Parry singled out which he claimed served as an apparent war-chest for the NeoCon agenda. I went to the NED Website

    In as much as Parry seemed to hit the mark so squarely on so many rethug tactics, I am not so certain at all that he has the correct about the NED’s part in bankrolling anti-Clinton, anti-Obama or even anti-democratic domestic operations. The NED is a not-for-profit agency which funds grants and has had a number of key Democratic leaders on staff.

    Check it out

  88. Bette says:

    Starlight you posted on April 4 at 5pm:
    Slow-moving Mars quincunx to Pluto April 4 through April 10. More incidents of violence likely. Watch early tomorrow AM when the Moon is opposite Pluto.

    25 miners died in worst mining accident in US, 4 still unaccounted for…

  89. Bette says:

    Is the tea party brewing a revolution?
    Movement unlikely to affect November elections without GOP alliance!

    “……..The bottom line:

    Though amplifying widespread voter anger at the political establishment, the tea party movement is unlikely to dramatically affect the congressional elections — unless their local affiliates forge alliances with Republican candidates. And how likely is that? Republican operatives look at the possibility of GOP-tea party collaborations with some anxiety, and many tea party activists frankly don’t want to see them……..”

  90. kdez says:

    Re Starlight’s predictions for this summer — I’m guessing a China/US confrontation might be in the mix?:

    “Likewise, the market implications of the U.S. calling China a currency manipulator [in April] are highly unpredictable. ….financial markets…could sharply correct downward. Geithner and Summers are aware of these risks, but the decision on whether to brand China a manipulator is now left to the White House. Congress is considering its own tougher measures.” (Roubini)

  91. Bette says:

    Will – thanks for checking out the website. Organizations always show their best side on websites so hard to tell what they really do at the board meetings and how and to whom they distribute their cash. After all the marketing people create the website. If I were younger and a better writer would love to do undercover journalism; work in the accounting departments short-term and find out a lot quickly by following the money transfers and checks written. I read somewhere where right-wing Christian organizations transfer money from one organization to another and the trail of money transfers becomes obscure. We Americans don’t comprehend that corporations (and non-profit corporations) have been funding anti-this/that for years. Only now the Supreme Court made it legal to do so. Thanks Will for the interest!

  92. clymela says:

    I am so grateful for Maddow (Rqchel). She seems to have an angelic light about her allowing her to say YEP!! I am gay! Yep I am a Leftie!! and get away with this to stand up and defend ACORN when all the belly wigglers were unwilling to address what was going on.
    I really hope that she is not in danger. MSNBC is really flaunting the right-wing in the morning.

  93. James says:


    some people in vedic astrology use major life occurances to estimate a birth time. Do you think we can do that? to try to estimate boxers birth time..

    how are bill white (june 16, 1954) and rick perry (march 4th, 1950) looking this year?

  94. will says:

    The anti commercial sales of marijuana and taxation by California Senator Barbara Boxer may not be such a big issue as this position is also held by Jerry Brown (who is running for the Democratic Governor) as well as by both Republican gubernatorial candidates, Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman. My guess is that the Democrats will end up softening their position on this. Marijuana is not going away. If it isn’t sold and taxed legally, the Mexican drug lords will make billions more, getting it illegally across the border.

    Write Boxer and Brown and let them know its not something to fight. There are so many more substantive and worthwhile issues to address.

  95. Pat C says:

    What the government should do is claim all the fiberoptic networks that they subsidized as public, just like the FCC does with airwaves, and then open up the public fiberoptic networks to several competitors. Then they should use the rents charged to extend fiberoptic networks reach and capacity.

    $200 Billion Broadband Scandal

  96. Pat C says:

    Computers and the internet are Uranus, yes?

  97. Pat C says:

    Court rules for Comcast and against net neutrality

    What does that mean to you?

  98. will says:

    Pat C.,

    Is the court ruling pro-Comcast a function of a pro-big corporate judge or is it a function of simply stating the at present, the FCC has no authority over this issue? Maybe the FCC will mobilize legislation for such authority.

  99. starlight says:

    james – Bill White looks pretty good but I would rather not try and call these elections with no birth times. And I am not a fan of rectification when you have no indication of birth time at all. It is most often a big fantasy, imo.

  100. DPH says:

    Another major quake:

    A magnitude 7.8 earthquake has rattled Indonesia’s northwest island of Sumatra, the U.S. Geological Survey reported Tuesday.

    The quake struck at 2215 GMT (5:15 a.m. Wednesday local time) and was centered 205 kilometers (125 miles) northwest of Sibolga in Sumatra, and was 1,425 kilometers (880 miles) northwest of Jakarta, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

  101. starlight says:

    Pat C – I send you sincere condolences, daily, about your horrid Governor. His latest offense:

    Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has declared April to be “Confederate History Month,” the first time in 8 years that such a proclamation has been issued in the state.

    In the statement, McDonnell says that the Confederate history “should not be forgotten, but instead should be studied, understood and remembered,” and that its leaders “fought for their homes and communities and Commonwealth in a time very different than ours today.”

  102. starlight says:

    The Pope must have the same agent as Sarah Palin. I am running out of outrage!!

    The Vatican heatedly defended Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday, claiming accusations that he helped cover up the actions of pedophile priests are part of an anti-Catholic “hate” campaign targeting the pope for his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

  103. Pat C says:

    Kim Kaufman observes: “The court that decided this is where Bork, Alito, Robertson, et al. came from–the incubator for right wing privatizers.”

    Public Knowledge Explains: The Comcast-Bittorrent Decision

  104. will says:

    Although the spin an Anglican and a few Vatican clerics have put on the present alleged pedophile cover-up accusations against the Ppoe have been way, way over-the-top , I am willing to wait to see what the courts come up with on the investigations. Ratzinger is conservative and in many ways rigid and orthodox, but is he an outright co-conspirator and liar? I don’t like him as a Pope, but I am willing to wait and see what the legal sources come up with before being judge, jury and executioner.

  105. shoalsister says:

    A few deadly explosions and another earthquake later, thanks Starlight and barbk for your teaching moments. Gosh, you guys.

    And Lorrie U…thanks for the Nexus link on HAARP…lots of info…lots. I note that you often link to Wolfstar’s Newscopes so I figure you are a fan of his, as I am.

    Which brings me to a question that I have long wanted to ask Nancy and the other brilliant mundane astrologers who hang out around here. I have known Michael for over a decade and have followed his work and learned a great deal. One thing that he is incredibly adamant about is the US chart with Scorpio Rising. I listen, I understand what he is reading on the maps. Then I listen to those who use Sibley and I also can see what they are reading. I don’t in any way wish to start a discussion, or argument about which is what. I simply wonder if anyone else out there finds the same quandary? And how do you move forth? does one have to take a stance? is there a way to merge the two (three?) other than just gloss over houses and angles? It’s just so odd that the time is such a mystery…perhaps that’s what I find most confusing. Two in the afternoon? five in the evening? two in the morning??? surely there is some historic personal journaling somewhere that could settle this once and for all.

    okay…enough from a sometimes struggling astro student.
    peace out…

  106. NEOBuckeye says:

    Loud and Clear

    So E Pluribus Unum (REDSTATE: Dear Black Americans: Democrats Deliberately Hold your Children Down) thinks more African Americans are not Republicans because we don’t listen to them. He suggests to us,

    “how about listening? How about listening to what Republicans have to say, instead of what the Democrats say we say? How about listening to what we have to say before booing us out of the building?”

    I’d like to argue that we hear very well what you’re saying. The historian in me would like to point out how long we’ve been hearing it.

    In the late 60s, when Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon* were both positioning themselves as law and order candidates, with illegality shaped by the fact that the dominant group often criminalizes what they fear, don’t like or don’t understand in marginalized communities, and lack of order being defined largely as previously disfranchised people pressing for their rights, we heard you.

    Much more…

  107. barbk says:


    Michael’s July 4 Scorpio Rising chart seemed unquestionably the right birthtime for U.S. to me too. Then several years ago I switched back to the Sagittarius Rising, partly because my favorite astrologers used it and also because of 9/11 and events that have followed. I guess it was “Pluto transiting in the first house” logic that won me over, but yes, it seems peculiar that there are still several different charts defended as the correct one. Makes a good case for non-believers of astrology!

    It has been a while since I read some info on Mr. Sibly, but I think he was actually there, or at least was alive at the time his chart came into being. Not wanting to dither around any longer, I chose his version and never looked back.

    It isn’t hard for me to believe that trans. Saturn is on the midheaven (or was) and will see if when Pluto gets to 16 Capricorn there is any discernable change as it is the Sibly 2nd house cusp. If I’m still around in 6 or 7 years, that is!

  108. starlight says:

    shoalsister – It is very difficult to have 100% faith in any national chart. The time is always at least a bit suspect. For me, the best way to confirm the Sibley chart or any US chart (and I use Sibley plus 3 minutes – 5:13 PM – to get 12Sag59 Ascendant, though 5:12 is close enough to work as well) is to watch transits to the angles and the Moon, the points that change the most in a short time. We actually have one of those confirming moments coming up. Using Sibley, the progressed US Moon will be square to natal Mars from April 26 through May, adding a few days either end if you wish. There should be a clear agitation or increased anger of some kind among the US population, possibly more military battles that get more attention and concern than usual and/or more of the militant fringe acting out.

    Like barb, I switched after 9/11 when the Pluto/ Saturn opposition straddling the US Ascendant made so much sense. Since then we have had a first house Pluto rather than a 12 house Pluto. The first crossing of Pluto to this US Ascendant, by the way, was during the post-election power struggle of November and December 2000.

  109. clymela says:

    BarbK.-Yeah for a wonderful response. I too use the “Sibly” info and use the Sagittarius rising. I loved Rudhyar’s words and I paraphrase: America has the cowboy/explorer persona and with Gemini on the descendant they are promiscuous always getting involved in other people’s business but when others try to get involved in us they soon crash into the Cancer part of our seventh where we turn all clannish and turn our backs on the outsider and send them packing.
    That has always made me laugh and I have stuck with that.

  110. Sharon says:

    Here are 2 good NYT columns printed today that point to the tearing down and reconstructing of our political parties and institutions that Pluto in Capricorn has harbingered. Pluto has only been transiting Capricorn briefly and look at all the transformation & havoc it’s wreaked.

  111. will says:

    Shoalsister, Barbk and Starlight,

    Most interesting and insightful discussion on the Sibley U.S. chart vs. others. Thank you for fleshing it out.

  112. Pat C says:

    AP Exclusive: Kyrgyz uprising seizes security HQ

    BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — Protesters seized internal security headquarters and a state TV channel after fatal clashes with government forces in Kyrgyzstan Wednesday, saying they now controlled the Central Asian nation that hosts a U.S. base key to the Afghan war.

    Opposition leaders have called for the closure of the Manas air base, saying it could put their country at risk if the United States goes to war with Iran. The U.S. State Department said U.S. transport operations at Manas, outside of the capital, Bishkek, were “functioning normally.”

    An Associated Press reporter saw opposition leader Keneshbek Duishebayev sitting in the office of the chief of the National Security Agency, Kyrgyzstan’s successor to the Soviet KGB. Duishebayev issued orders on the phone to people Duishebayev said were security agents. He also gave orders to a uniformed special forces commando. …

  113. Pat C says:

    White House Focuses on Three High Court Candidates

  114. Pat C says:

    We use to innovate and build things, and even export them.

  115. Bette says:

    “In recent years, credits for low- and middle-income families have grown so much that a family of four making as much as $50,000 will owe no federal income tax for 2009, as long as there are two children younger than 17, according to a separate analysis by the consulting firm Deloitte Tax.

    Tax cuts enacted in the past decade have been generous to wealthy taxpayers, too, making them a target for President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress. Less noticed were tax cuts for low- and middle-income families, which were expanded when Obama signed the massive economic recovery package last year.

    The result is a tax system that exempts almost half the country from paying for programs that benefit everyone, including national defense, public safety, infrastructure and education. It is a system in which the top 10 percent of earners — households making an average of $366,400 in 2006 — paid about 73 percent of the income taxes collected by the federal government.

    The bottom 40 percent, on average, make a profit from the federal income tax, meaning they get more money in tax credits than they would otherwise owe in taxes. For those people, the government sends them a payment.”

  116. Bette says:

    Secret Funding of Chamber’s Political Ads May Change

    “U.S. companies would lose their ability to secretly finance political advertising run by organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce under a bill being considered by Democratic lawmakers.

    The proposed legislation is a response to a Supreme Court ruling that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of their own money on political ads that call for electing or defeating candidates. The Jan. 21 decision triggered concern that companies would funnel unprecedented sums of cash into the Chamber’s system of anonymously funded pro-business campaigns.

    President Barack Obama criticized the court opinion in his Jan. 28 State of the Union address, saying it would “open the floodgates for special interests.” The bill, which may be introduced as early as next week, would require nonprofit groups, unions and trade associations including the Chamber to identify who pays for ads designed to sway opinion on candidates for federal office.

    “The Chamber is going to end up with at least one very undesirable element: The public is going to know exactly which corporations are the major funders,” said Craig Holman, who handles campaign finance issues for Public Citizen, a Washington group that supports more regulation of political giving.

  117. Pat C says:

    Have you seen this? It is a true triumph of the spirit.

  118. Pat C says:

    Was Siegelman Prosecution Connected to Air Force Tanker Deal?

    The prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was driven partly by efforts to secure a massive Air Force tanker contract for a European company, according to a new report at Huffington Post.

    According to an article by veteran attorney and journalist Andrew Kreig, Siegelman was prosecuted as part of a broad, Republican-driven campaign to land the $35-billion contract for the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co. (EADS).

    More at the link…

  119. Pat C says:

    Redoubt volcano rumbles anew; scientists raise alert level

  120. Pat C says:

    A passenger attempted to light an explosive device but was subdued by a federal air marshal aboard an airliner flying from Washington to Denver on Wednesday night, sources close to the House Homeland Security Committee told NBC News.

    United Flight 663, a Boeing 757 with 157 passengers and six crew members aboard, landed safely at Denver International Airport, airline and airport officials said.

    Sources told NBC News that the passenger who was subdued was a Qatari diplomat.

    More at the link…

  121. Pat C says:

    That story has changed three times now, to a diplomat smoking in the bathroom.

  122. Pat C says:

    Why did the so-called “Cornhusker kickback” get so much undeserved criticism?


    … Ben Nelson’s Medicaid deal is about the least offensive thing he’s ever done in the United States Senate. He got poor people in his state a good deal for health care, and ensured that enough state governors would vocalize their frustrations about it that this Medicaid expansion would essentially be federalized, which is really good policy. No liberal validators tried to contextualize that element of the deal.
    [Karen] Tumulty chalks this up to a heightened amount of information among the electorate about the Congressional sausage-making process, and that’s true to a small extent. But actually it’s a testament to how Republicans can still drive narratives and twist the information that reaches the public. I’m sure most people in Massachusetts didn’t know that Nelson also got a tax break for one large insurance company in his state, Mutual of Omaha, in the negotiations. They also probably weren’t aware that the far bigger Medicaid kickback in the Senate bill went to Massachusetts.
    The reason that conservatives seized on the Nelson deal was because it applied to a narrow sliver of easily demonized poor people in a red state. A lot of powerful people in right-wing media saw the opportunity to use the kickback to define the legislation as giving benefits to “other” people. It turns out that the bill pays for the “other,” with the other defined as pharmaceutical company profits, for example, in a multitude of different ways, but only the Nebraska deal fits with a right-wing critique of government as helping the hated poor who should be able to help themselves. That’s why it lodged in the minds of conservatives who heard about it endlessly on Fox News and AM talk radio.

  123. Joel says:

    Pat the reason it was so unpopular is it was pure blackmail from Nelson to get his vote.He miscalculated because even the people in Nebraska hated it. It’s all about how the media presents something.
    Fox news is now the one who sets the media tone, they present a lie, say it enough and then the rest of the media picks it up.

  124. will says:

    I am dumbfounded as to why and how the Rethug obstructionists seem to always beat the Dems – and anyone else -for that matter, to set the narrative. We all bellyache and scream and piss and rant about it – but why does this continue to happen?

    The only thing that comes up for me is that maybe people of a more liberal, intelligent persuasion are not focused on how to hate, belittle and exclude and more concerned with the humanities and loftier notions. What other reason is there? Why don’t the Dems and liberals have an equally potent venue to come up against Fox? Moreover, why is Fox so riveting and believable to such a sizable chunk of our demographic? It is confounding.

    Maybe we just don’t like flopping around in such hateful energy?

    Someone enlighten me. +

  125. Connie says:

    Up until January we did have Air America radio, for about 6 years. Management and funding problems rather than programming led to its failure. There wasn’t anyone willing to operate with big loses while the station progressed and grew. what a pity

  126. Lorrie U. says:

    Will – I have posed the same questions myself over and over again. Your last statement “Maybe we just don’t like flopping around in such hateful energy?” might pretty well sum it up. It’s difficult to bring our higher energies down to their level of density. It’s like watching a bunch of children having temper tantrums. If they’re not our children, there’s not much we can do about it but look on in disgust and disbelief that they are allowed to continue their behavior. So we hold the light and trust that they will either evolve or self-destruct in their hatred and anger. Negative energy doesn’t support health and life, and eventually they’ll all die of something eating them up inside. Let’s just hope it happens before they ruin it for the rest of us.

    Seriously, I’ve begun to speak up more and when I encounter them, I let these people know that there is a large segment of society that disagrees with them and disapproves of what they’re doing (family members included), something I never did before.

    Also, we can join the Coffee Party. Their MISSION STATEMENT: The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them. Their website:

  127. karen says:

    Ah Will, refer again to the Drama Triangle. Humans appear to thrive on drama, gossip, and any behavior that excludes personal responsibility (myself included). I often find myself caught in the drama of the times — actually feeding it by my angry disbelief. On a personal level, if — in my drama (my self importance) — i’m not taken seriously, i have to rethink my whole mode of expression.

    We obviously cannot pull the plug on Fox, one of the major forces shaping the discourse. Therefore, the only thing that may jolt the drama-seeking adolescents is some heinous act perpetrated by one of their own. I wonder then how many will proclaim themselves tea partyers. The coming drama in DC may be that pivotal point.

  128. Jackson says:

    Will, I think the reason those bellicose Republicans continue to set the narrative tone is that Democrats and progressives aren’t inclined to stand up and say, “Look, you imbeciles set the agenda in this country for the eight long years of the Bush administration, and told us to go pound sand. You took a country with a projected surplus, and you milked the Treasury dry with idiotic tax cuts for the have-mores, and you invaded a sovereign nation on trumped-up evidence, and we’re still at war there now. Before your man Bush and his syndicate came in to destroy the economy, the government and the dreams of this country, the Republican Party and its friends in the media did everything it could to destroy Bush’s predecessor, Bill Clinton, and now it’s doing everything it can to destroy the man who succeeded Bush, Barack Obama.

    “Your party not only is out of constructive ideas, but the ideas it does have are toxic and a menace to the American public. Your party is a danger at a critical time when we no longer have the time to entertain the whims of morons. So, please go to the back of the room, sit down, STFU , and let the adults proceed with fixing this awful mess you and your stupid Republican Party have caused.”

    Democrats don’t have the balls, or ovaries, to deliver that message to Republicans and their propagandizers like Fox News Channel. So, we’re in a constant state of being held hostage by vicious bullies.

    Dunno about you, but I’m really tired of it.

    * ps: I used to post here as Zeroariestrian.

  129. Pat C says:


  130. will says:

    Jackson – lovin’ that kick-ass Aries fire you’ve got in your belly these days!

    Karen – yes, we can refer back to the Drama Triangle, but that doesn’t stop the destruction of the Rethug Obstructionists having an enormous impact on the “C-average” mentality, which is the majority of this nation’s voters. Somehow, we have to create a new narrative that is pre-emptive and original and not constantly be responding to the nasty narrative perpetrated by the nitwits of whom Jackson speaks.

    Lorrie, I don’t know if its safe to just look upon the assclowns with detachment. Assclowns are lethal when left unattended.

  131. starlight says:

    New post up. All you 00 Aires friends might want to note the days I mention towards the end when Uranus will be activated at 00 Aires. Stay calm!

  132. Jackson says:

    Thanks, Nancy. After that last spell of retrograde Saturn opposing my Sun, after several years of horrible Pluto transits to my sun and ascendant/midheaven, I’m ready for something that hits more like a triple shot of espresso, rather than a wet blanket.

  133. beastbunny says:

    I take issue with the use of Sag. as Asc. in the US chart. Anyone looking at the US from outside sees the obvious; Scorpio rising!
    I give you the sentimentality of soap operas, the love of guns, the love of violence, the hangups with sex, the disinterest in the health of the poor (uninsured), the lack of interest in the remainder of the world, cults, uncontrolled behavior (eating, work,
    pleasures, etc.), endless police and doctor shows on TV, survival groups, etc. I can think of many more. And ‘logically’ the earlier hour is a midafternoon signing of the Declaration, a more likely scenario. The reason for using Sag. is that that it is a more ‘politically correct’, ‘nicer’ sign, then nasty, dirty Scorpio. However, the truth is the truth. A few, more brave, astrologers use Scorpio rising, and find events fit more accurately.