24th Mar, 2010

The Tension Builds

With the country perpetually embroiled in the political or social psychodrama of the moment, it is rare for its citizens to look ahead beyond the next few weeks or remember back more than a month. Americans are well known for their adolescent demands for instant gratification irrespective of consequences, as well as their almost willful ignorance of history and their amnesia for even recent events. Speculation about forthcoming elections is the notable exception to this tendency, but even that is inevitably clouded through the distorted lens of current reality. Astrologers, living somewhat on the fringe of American awareness, provide an interesting exception to this proclivity toward minimal understanding of historical framework or future implication. Instead, their thoughts are on unfolding planetary patterns seen in the context of years, decades, or even centuries.

For the moment, all eyes are on the culmination of the health care bill, with some attention beginning to shift to the upcoming effort toward financial regulation. And indeed, getting through this or any other week might seem to be enough of a task. However, from the astrological point of view, it seems important to consider the building up of a very explosive planetary aspect spanning the next five years and note the initial period when it may erupt into some significant critical events.

The dynamic stress inherent in the impending Uranus/Pluto square has already begun. Although this aspect will not be exact until June 2012, when it reaches the first of seven exact crossings through March 2015, its enormous energy is already stirring the proverbial pot. In the summer of 2010, this square will be but 2 degrees and 56 minutes short of exact; by the following summer, it will come within 1degree and 1 minute of exact.

Uranus demands freedom from all restraint, and it is willing to aggressively break the chains of its perceived oppression. It is the planet of revolution. Pluto is the planet of concentrated power in all its forms, and it implies the willingness of those who hold this power to manipulate and control others in order to maintain and grow their position. Its presence also signifies a potent power struggle that ultimately leads to a cathartic transformation when things have reached an unsustainable extreme.

As these two titans move into a tense 90-degree square relationship in the next five years, the possible manifestations are limitless: vicious propaganda (Pluto) may stir insurrection (Uranus); oppressive government force (Pluto) may be called upon to subdue open rebellion (Uranus); megacorporations (Pluto) may engage in a fierce battle to retain their clout in the face of a government attempt to throw off their control (Uranus); and nations may struggle against nations in the never-ending battle over scarce resources and global power (Pluto). It should also be noted that this aspect will affect people and states across the globe, especially when it is in an exact relationship to the national chart of an individual country. Some nations to watch for the direct impact of Uranus square Pluto on their birth charts are: China (2011 through early 2013); Britain (2011 through early 2014); Russia (2012 through 2013); Iran (2013 and 2014), and the US (2014 through early 2015).

Within the context of this growing tension over the next few years, there are a few periods when the confluence of planetary aspects impacting the US chart, President Obama’s chart, and the 2011 Spring Equinox chart drawn for Washington, DC, suggests periods of particular stress and possibly crisis. The first of these will be from late March through mid-April 2011. The Spring Equinox chart of March 20, 2011, drawn for 7:22 PM, in Washington, DC, has the Sun (00Aries00) conjunct Uranus (00Aries31) opposite the Ascendant (01Libra18) and square the MC (01 Cancer29). From March 20 through April 9, Uranus will move into exact hard aspects with the Ascendant and MC. This suggests very upsetting and disruptive events that directly impact a significant number of citizens of the US and possibly the land itself or the structures upon it (the Ascendant). These events will also agitate and bring some kind of wake-up to the government (MC).

Upset, disruption, and an aggressive response to circumstances are shown in Obama’s chart by the transit of Uranus square his Venus (1Cancer47) during much the same period (3/25 to 4/13), as well as his progressed Moon opposite his natal Mars from March 18 through April 11. In the US chart, Saturn will be conjunct Saturn and square the Sun (3/6 to 4/12), suggesting very stressful events that demand increased responsibility and discipline in response, especially from the government (the Sun). Using a 5:13 PM birth time for the US chart (a slight modification of the 5:10 PM Sibley chart and favored by Dane Rudhyar), we additionally have the transit of Uranus on the IC (1Aries53), from March 27 to April 17, strengthened by the progressed Moon conjunct the MC (1Libra53) from March 12 to exact on April 11. This latter configuration of progressed Moon/Uranus/ and MC/IC axis implies enormous upheaval and rebellion among the people.

From April 18 through May 19, 2011, the US progressed Moon will be square to natal Venus (3Cancer06) just as transiting Uranus is also square to that point. The same Uranus transit will trigger the progressed Inaugural Sun conjunct natal Jupiter (3Aquarius32) while Obama’s converse progressed Moon will oppose natal Jupiter (4/7 to 5/7/11). These latter two aspects indicate that the president will successfully resolve whatever crisis events have ensued to at least some measure of acclaim.

Later in the year, from late September 2011 through January 2012, Uranus will once again activate the Spring Equinox chart and recross the square to Obama’s Venus and possibly conjunct the US IC. However, the Saturn transits to US Saturn and US Sun will not accompany these aspects, while some very strong and very positive Venus aspects will be activated in Obama’s chart. Although this period just before and during the early primaries is likely to see some rebellious and agitated anti-government rallies and possibly some other unexpected flare-ups which will need handling, it will also bring enormous support for an increasingly popular President Obama.

Given recent events, it is not at all impossible to imagine that the festering anger of the fringe groups on the Right will erupt into greater violence as we move through the Uranus/Pluto years, and in particular may be stirred up in the March/April period of 2011. In the world of personal relationships, when an individual begins to act as if his deepest fears were a reality, seeing the world through the distorted lens of deep distrust, after a while, he begins to create the very thing he most fears, even though it did not exist initially. If the increasingly strident Tea Party folk and their radical militia brethren continue to rail against “tyranny” and “government control”, fomenting themselves into a blind, violent, and destructive rage, they may end up creating the very circumstance they most fear: a fierce government crackdown. Among other possibilities, this is one of the things potentially signaled by the coming Pluto opposition and Uranus square to the US Sun, circa 2014 and 2015.

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