12th Dec, 2009

Israel Update

On Friday, Israeli settlers attacked and defaced a mosque in the West Bank in retaliation for the Israeli government’s recent freeze on settlement building. It is hard to imagine a more inflammatory action in an unstable region that often ignites from a mere spark. This act of short-sighted and infantile defiance may well herald the beginning of a treacherous two-month period for Israel. The planets suggest a volatile and upsetting time over the coming weeks.

The six-month period that occurs every two years when Mars slows down and goes retrograde is always a time when violence, aggressive activity, fires, and explosions increase in the world, especially in those nations whose charts are directly impacted by the warrior planet. At present, the Mars station is hovering in Israel’s 10th house and will soon recross its Mars (16Leo) /Pluto (12Leo) /Moon (4Leo) /MC (3Leo) conjunction for the second and then third times, as well as square the Node (14 Taurus) twice more. Mars’ increased impact on Israel’s chart lasts basically from late October 2009 through early June 2010, and will be particularly strong in January and early April 2010. This transit suggests increased anger and potentially aggressive and rash action by Israelis.

Unfortunately, the Mars transit is accompanied by a Saturn station square to Israel’s Venus (4Cancer49) from mid-December 2009 through mid-January 2010, indicative of feelings of sadness, loss, and pessimism among the people (the Moon). Of far greater concern, however, is the series of configurations that run from January 10 through February 21, 2010. There will be the potential for significant upset and stress during this time.

Transiting Uranus will be square to natal Uranus/progressed Venus (24Gemini21) from January 10 through February 10, possibly a very disruptive and transformative transit that may encourage defiance and indicate some sudden, upsetting events. Overlapping this transit is the progression of the Israeli Moon square natal Saturn (16Leo25) beginning January 25, waxing until February 21, 2010, pointing to a time of sorrow for the people. In addition, we find transiting Pluto opposite natal Venus (4Cancer49) and quincunx natal Moon (4Leo40) from January 13 through February 19, 2010, a further indication of a time of deep anxiety and upset.

Thus, the impulse toward increasing aggression (Mars) and defiance (Uranus), linked with unexpected events and upsets (Uranus), and connected with deep sorrow and anxiety (Pluto and Saturn aspecting Moon and Venus) strongly suggest a troublesome couple of months for Israel. It will take a great deal of discipline, patience, and conscientiousness to navigate this period effectively. The rebellious and self-willed settlers on the West Bank may find that they have unleashed a much more explosive and damaging reaction than they expected, and they might want to consider exercising some restraint very soon.

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