22nd Jun, 2009

Some Quick Updates

I will be leaving tomorrow to take my son to his college orientation. I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts before I go. I’ll be back by Sunday and may even manage to get my laptop functioning well enough to be in some contact while I am gone.

The New Moon (1Cancer30) in opposition to Pluto (1Capricorn59,retrograde) and semisquare to Mars (16Taurus11) is bringing a huge buildup of tension in the world. This combination of planets brings intense power struggles tinged with ruthless violence. We are seeing an increase in the brutal confrontation going on in Iran, as well as the coming showdown between the US and North Korea over one of North Korea’s ships. In addition, rockets rained down on the US Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan yesterday. Using Eastern Daylight time as a reference, the Moon/Pluto opposition is exact around 4:20 PM on June 22 and the Sun/Pluto opposition is exact by 3:45 AM on June 23. The longer lasting Mars sesquiquadrate to Pluto continues through 6:40 PM on June 23. The latter two aspects will continue through much of tomorrow in Iran due to the eight and half hour time difference.

In both President Obama’s chart and the US chart, this New Moon opposite Pluto and semisquare Mars is quite potent. The Sun, Moon, and Mars are activating the slower-moving transits of Pluto opposite Obama’s Venus (1Cancer47) and square to the US MC (1Libra53) which are quite strong through the end of June. With the US tracking a North Korean ship suspected of proliferating weapons material and North Korea threatening dire reprisals if the US attempts to board the ship, it is easy to see the buildup of the Pluto/Sun pressure in two opposing forces jockeying for control of the situation. At least some of this tension and the associated danger of escalation are likely to dissipate as Mars begins to separate from the sesquiquadrate to Pluto by the evening of June 23. Further dissipation of this feeling confrontation is likely after June 30.

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