14th Sep, 2008

Election Update

The recent surge in the polls by the McCain/Palin ticket has Democrats both horrified and demoralized. How can this crotchety and forgetful old man with his fundamentalist, ex-beauty queen sidekick be appealing to the American people? Are they stupid? (Forget I asked.)

It seems likely that the GOP and McCain are currently benefiting from the Jupiter station of late August and September. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, success, joviality, satisfaction, wealth, and, when too strong, risk-taking, poor judgment, and over-confidence. Although we are unsure of McCain’s exact birth time (9AM is given), it seems quite likely that he is under strong Jupiter influence at present, given his increased exuberance and success since the Palin speech on September 3. For the 10 days prior to September 3, this was muted by the Saturn sesquiquadrate to McCain’s Moon (26Capricorn54), but when that aspect passed, Jupiter was given free rein.

From my calculations, the only way Jupiter can be this active in McCain’s chart is if it is either square the Ascendant (13 Libra) or conjunct the IC (13Capricorn), making his birth time roughly between 8:41 and 8:45 AM. The last time Jupiter was at 13 Capricorn was during mid-February 2008 when McCain gained his real momentum and cemented his lead during the Potomac, Wisconsin, and Washington primaries. Assuming this 13 degree position is correct for either the MC or the Ascendant in McCain’s chart, than we can also assume that this inflated period of success will diminish after the first week of October, and quite possibly as soon as late September. Moreover, the infamous Karl Rove (12/25/50) has Venus at 13 Capricorn, George Bush has the Sun at 13 Cancer, and the GOP chart (7/6/1854) has the Sun at 14 Cancer, suggesting the widespread euphoria now rampant in Republican circles is also likely to decrease by October 10, with the passing of Jupiter.

As for McCain, he is about to be hit by a series of jolts, the first of which was probably the much-publicized Sarah Palin interview with Charlie Gibson in which Pinocchio Sarah looked like a high school cheerleader trying to BS her way through a tough exam. Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises and changes, is now in conjunction with McCain’s Saturn through September 26, and the Sun was in opposition to Uranus/natal Saturn for the interview and its nasty aftermath. Numerous subpoenas coming out on the same day about Troopergate, including to Todd Palin, also were likely to have not sat well with Grampy McShameless.

Meanwhile, as the intensity of Sarah’s (2/11/64, Sandpoint, Idaho, 4:40 PM) Teflon popularity wanes a few notches after September 27 with the waning of her progressed Moon/Venus opposition, McCain will enter into increasingly problematic territory. Saturn will square his Jupiter for the last 10 days of September, Mercury will quincunx his Saturn from September 29 through September 30, and Saturn will move to conjunct his Neptune for the first 8 days of October. I would expect the last couple of days of September and the first week of October to bring a strong contraction to McCain’s poll numbers and considerably deflate the GOP’s fantasy balloon. These Saturn aspects in McCain’s chart will weaken after October 8 but remain in influence through the spring of 2009 when they return in full force. Both the aspect to Jupiter and the aspect to Neptune imply a diminishment of expectations and false hopes beginning in October. November and December 2008 and January and the first half of February 2009 will see Saturn opposite McCain’s natal Saturn (20Pisces09) and conjunct his Venus/Neptune midpoint, signifying a very sobering and deflating time for him with a potential for significant health issues (natal Saturn is in the 6th house of health). I see nothing to suggest a celebration in January or a big speech on January 20.

For Obama, there seem to be some difficulties between October 13 and October 26. Saturn will semisquare his Mercury and quincunx his Ascendant. Some of this may be health related, possibly laryngitis, a bad cold, or some other issue that restricts his busy schedule. This may also be the period when the Swift Boat ads are at their most vicious. In addition, this period is  simultaneous to the first of two crossings of Uranus square the Spring Equinox Ascendant (19Sagittarius16) this fall which may bring some very serious problems to the country and be a very sobering influence for Obama. (More of this coming aspect in my next post.) Otherwise, I find it difficult to see Obama losing this election, at least from the vantage point of his chart. The result is not as reassuring when I look at the charts of various supporters, so I am more cautious than I would like to be in making this prediction. But again, the issues in the country itself are severe in the fall, and it is very hard to separate the results of the election with the more generalized tensions and upset. Nonetheless, it is hard to imagine Obama losing the election and retaining the amount of popularity I see manifesting for him for much of the next several years.

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