Election Update

The recent surge in the polls by the McCain/Palin ticket has Democrats both horrified and demoralized. How can this crotchety and forgetful old man with his fundamentalist, ex-beauty queen sidekick be appealing to the American people? Are they stupid? (Forget I asked.)

It seems likely that the GOP and McCain are currently benefiting from the Jupiter station of late August and September. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, success, joviality, satisfaction, wealth, and, when too strong, risk-taking, poor judgment, and over-confidence. Although we are unsure of McCain’s exact birth time (9AM is given), it seems quite likely that he is under strong Jupiter influence at present, given his increased exuberance and success since the Palin speech on September 3. For the 10 days prior to September 3, this was muted by the Saturn sesquiquadrate to McCain’s Moon (26Capricorn54), but when that aspect passed, Jupiter was given free rein.

From my calculations, the only way Jupiter can be this active in McCain’s chart is if it is either square the Ascendant (13 Libra) or conjunct the IC (13Capricorn), making his birth time roughly between 8:41 and 8:45 AM. The last time Jupiter was at 13 Capricorn was during mid-February 2008 when McCain gained his real momentum and cemented his lead during the Potomac, Wisconsin, and Washington primaries. Assuming this 13 degree position is correct for either the MC or the Ascendant in McCain’s chart, than we can also assume that this inflated period of success will diminish after the first week of October, and quite possibly as soon as late September. Moreover, the infamous Karl Rove (12/25/50) has Venus at 13 Capricorn, George Bush has the Sun at 13 Cancer, and the GOP chart (7/6/1854) has the Sun at 14 Cancer, suggesting the widespread euphoria now rampant in Republican circles is also likely to decrease by October 10, with the passing of Jupiter.

As for McCain, he is about to be hit by a series of jolts, the first of which was probably the much-publicized Sarah Palin interview with Charlie Gibson in which Pinocchio Sarah looked like a high school cheerleader trying to BS her way through a tough exam. Uranus, the planet of sudden surprises and changes, is now in conjunction with McCain’s Saturn through September 26, and the Sun was in opposition to Uranus/natal Saturn for the interview and its nasty aftermath. Numerous subpoenas coming out on the same day about Troopergate, including to Todd Palin, also were likely to have not sat well with Grampy McShameless.

Meanwhile, as the intensity of Sarah’s (2/11/64, Sandpoint, Idaho, 4:40 PM) Teflon popularity wanes a few notches after September 27 with the waning of her progressed Moon/Venus opposition, McCain will enter into increasingly problematic territory. Saturn will square his Jupiter for the last 10 days of September, Mercury will quincunx his Saturn from September 29 through September 30, and Saturn will move to conjunct his Neptune for the first 8 days of October. I would expect the last couple of days of September and the first week of October to bring a strong contraction to McCain’s poll numbers and considerably deflate the GOP’s fantasy balloon. These Saturn aspects in McCain’s chart will weaken after October 8 but remain in influence through the spring of 2009 when they return in full force. Both the aspect to Jupiter and the aspect to Neptune imply a diminishment of expectations and false hopes beginning in October. November and December 2008 and January and the first half of February 2009 will see Saturn opposite McCain’s natal Saturn (20Pisces09) and conjunct his Venus/Neptune midpoint, signifying a very sobering and deflating time for him with a potential for significant health issues (natal Saturn is in the 6th house of health). I see nothing to suggest a celebration in January or a big speech on January 20.

For Obama, there seem to be some difficulties between October 13 and October 26. Saturn will semisquare his Mercury and quincunx his Ascendant. Some of this may be health related, possibly laryngitis, a bad cold, or some other issue that restricts his busy schedule. This may also be the period when the Swift Boat ads are at their most vicious. In addition, this period is  simultaneous to the first of two crossings of Uranus square the Spring Equinox Ascendant (19Sagittarius16) this fall which may bring some very serious problems to the country and be a very sobering influence for Obama. (More of this coming aspect in my next post.) Otherwise, I find it difficult to see Obama losing this election, at least from the vantage point of his chart. The result is not as reassuring when I look at the charts of various supporters, so I am more cautious than I would like to be in making this prediction. But again, the issues in the country itself are severe in the fall, and it is very hard to separate the results of the election with the more generalized tensions and upset. Nonetheless, it is hard to imagine Obama losing the election and retaining the amount of popularity I see manifesting for him for much of the next several years.


  1. alice says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for this site. You are a gem,

    I know that Canada and its coming election are completely off the radar for most of the US population, but Canada is the United States’ largest trading partner and supplier of most goods, including oil.

    At the moment Stephen Harper – a neocon owned and operated by the US Republican party and the US religious right, and a fellow Straussian like Chaney – looks close to winning a majority. Harper is the current Prime Minister, and in that role has supported every Bush initiative including placing Canada at war for the first time since WWII (in Afghanistan to aid in building Haliburton/Unical oil pipelines).

    If Harper and McNasty are in power, the SPP/NAU (North American Union) will go ahead unimpeded to the detriment of every working person in North America – it is basically the so-called Free Trade Deal on steroids. Harper has already agreed to join the armed forces of the two countries, “harmonize” the monetary system, enact similar laws, match foreign policies (i.e perpetual war), and so on. This is NOT the benign EU, but rather a merging of two countries to be run for and by the neocons.

    So after this long winded introduction – here is my question: Do you feel that the NAU will come to pass? If yes, then both Harper and McNasty will be elected. If no, then Harper will not be. As I understand it Obama has already by his votes, supported the NAU although with some (minor) caveats.

    Thanks, Nancy. Love your site!

  2. manis2society says:

    I think in the end most undecideds will pull the lever for change in November. Unfortunately one of the most troubling aspects of recent elections (as we know) is whether those votes count.

    Check out this site for how as much as 5+% of the ballots may not be counted: http://www.cosmiciguana.com/2008/09/how_the_repubs_plan_to_win_ste.html

  3. admin says:

    Alice – I am not sure how I would go about researching your question. I would think it would be very difficult to get something like that through Congress and that the American people would go crazy about it – on the right and the left. Maybe we could actually agree about something for a change! I could see a loose federation with some eased trade restrictions, but a real union with a merged currency, etc.? People would go ballistic!

  4. Ali says:

    Nancy, thank you for the new post, which I have read a couple times trying to absorb all of the infomation in it.

    Here’s a video which needs to go viral about McCain’s health. It didn’t really register at the time, but his campaign submitted 1000 pages of his health history to a limited number of medical journalists to review in a room for, I think, 3 hours. NO copies, no electronic equipment allowed in the room where the documents were examined.

    What is he hiding? With Sarah Barracuda next in line, this question is more serious than ever.


  5. nina says:

    thank you for your continuing insight..it assuages some of the anxiety of mcpalin

  6. Helena says:

    Nancy, Neptune Cafe has Joe Biden’s chart up, showing a MC @ 19 Virgo. (11/20/42, @ 8:30 a.m., Scranton, PA). This would put transiting Saturn on his MC and Uranus on the IC which could be an indicator of the Democratic ticket winning the election.

  7. LJ says:

    Thank you for the new post. I, too, have to read it over twice, and find myself sitting on the edge of my chair! Palin’s investigations should come to conclusion in Oct. and she will look pretty ugly.

    I put up the Huff Post article, where doctors are wanting more health records revealed. His “jovial” nature now, really comes off as smug
    and pushy, which could show up in the debate.

  8. Julie W says:

    Nancy, you have been right all along when other Astrologers said Hillary would win. So, I pray you are right this time (knock on wood also). The Wizards are masters at their smoke & mirror game. After all millions of people belive that the war on terrorism is the Iraq War! I believe that media are now getting involved in doing their job instead of doing nothing and saying nothing but parroting the Rovain/ McCain talking points. GOP, Grand Opposition Party is what I am calling them.
    This country is in terrible financial straits and too I think smart reporters realize that we have to Change because their pocketbooks too are at risk.

  9. Mark says:

    Thanks for the new post, Nancy. It’s just what I was hoping to see.

    I do have one question for you. In you post you said:

    “…Otherwise, I find it difficult to see Obama losing this election, at least from the vantage point of his chart. The result is not as reassuring when I look at the charts of various supporters, so I am more cautious than I would like to be in making this prediction.?

    Were you referring to Biden?

  10. Julie W says:

    Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:49 am Post subject: Re: John McCain showed bad judgement picking Palin


    Russian Web site makes extraordinary attack on Palin
    Sunday 14th September, 2008 – The Russian media Web site Pravda has published a front page article slamming US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    The extraordinary attack likens Palin to the d-e-v–i-l, refers to her as the ‘know-it-all shreiking cow from Alaska,’ and ‘the joke of American politics.’ Provoking the attack was a claim by Palin in an ABC television interview that the gates of hell would open if Russia invaded Georgia again. The article said: ‘So Sarah Palin, Mrs. Hockey Mom housewife-cum-small-town gossip merchant and cheap little guttersnipe, suppose you shut up and allowed real politicians and diplomats to do their work.’

    The Pravda article continued: ‘Threatening Russia with a war is perhaps the most irresponsible thing anyone could do at this moment in time. Have you any idea what a nuclear holocaust is? Have you any notion of the power of Russia’s armed forces? Did you know that Russia has enough missiles to destroy any target anywhere on Earth in seconds?’

    ‘And have you not forgotten, you pith-headed little bimbo from the back of beyond, that small detail about the slaughter of Russian citizens by Georgians, which started the whole debacle? So next time suppose you keep your mouth shut and while you’re at it, make sure the members of your family keep their legs shut too. Your country has enough failed mothers as it is.’

    The opinion piece penned by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey suggested Ms Palin had been ‘plied with a couple of vodkas,’ before doing her interview with ABC. Bancroft-Hinchey also described John McCain’s Republican running-mate’s experience as ‘small town politics, mothers´day dos’ and the local hockey club.’ Pravda has been online since 1999. It is operated by former journalists of the newspaper of the same name, which was closed down by then-Soviet President Boris Yeltsin in 1991.



  11. Ali says:

    This is interesting re Biden’s chart (If I have done correctly, please feel free to check me).

    On Nov. 5, 2008, Transiting Saturn and Progressed Moon are at 19 Virgo conjuncting his MC. Transiting Jupiter at 17 degrees Capricorn in trine to the Saturn/Moon/MC conjunction. That has a feeling to me of “arrival” – it feels important.

    I’m a long term amateur who could easily miss a key element that some of you and Nancy would spot in an instant. I second Mark in that question about the various supporters – was it Biden? Or do we need to wait for the next installment to find out? :)

  12. Helena says:

    “I would expect the last couple of days of September and the first week of October to bring a strong contraction to McCain’s poll numbers and considerably deflate the GOP’s fantasy balloon.”

    I agree. That deflation I think is also reflected in the Saturn opposition to the GOP Neptune the end of September, although Jupiter trines the GOP Uranus up to the last week in October. So perhaps the base will continue to cling to the fantasy balloon on its descent, like Icarus, into the sea.

  13. Pat C says:

    Alice’s question is very pertinent. I will try to find the date of the formation of the NAU. It is quite real, as she explains it. The American people have not been part of these decisions. In fact it has been being done quite behind their backs, and when the subject is raised, the stone wall makes itself known, and tin foil hats are recommended. It is not some dark theory, and as these organizations are coming into being, our laws and standards are being displaced by these trading laws, opening enforcement of what we have considered our rights to standards, to international litigation.

    It’s an important question.

  14. LJ says:


    Interesting found this by accident–a call- in

  15. LJ says:



    Thanks for this question, on the NAU. I have been wondering when all this started and you all made me do research.

  16. crystal says:

    Nancy, great writing! I hope when things are down to the wire, that Obama will get swept into power. Listening to the talk shows this morning, I can’t see how it can be otherwise. The arguments for McShameless were so lame, while Obama’s supporters shone like the truth.

    LJ, you are so funny, when you keep censoring yourself with – I’m talking too much/ I’m posting too much/I know I’m talking too much. You are cracking me up. Well, just keep talking and posting, because I enjoy listening. Seems like you are a pro at multitasking too! Things are hotting up on this blog.

  17. admin says:

    Ali and Mark – I cautiously think the Uranus station on Biden’s IC suggests big disruption in his home and family life – like moving to DC and quitting the Senate. The Saturn on the MC would suggest a job coming into manifestation. The Moon there also suggests coming into a new job, one of great seriousness with Saturn.

    Many charts I looked at have something weighing on them right around the time of the mid-October stress for Obama. I myself will be in the middle of a Saturn return (17 Virgo) all fall and some progressed Moon Saturn action, not exactly after the election but within a week. There are then several charts with strong Saturn hitting in late November and December just when I think some big stress might hit the country. This could have nothing to do with the election.

    Obama has Jupiter hitting several planets through January (happy most of the month), a Sun/Mercury conjunction on his Jupiter the day of the Inauguration (big speech), and Pluto semisquare the Ascendant from 1/24 to 5/6 (power and lots of scrutiny). I also just discovered that solar arc Venus is conjunct his Descendant from 6/08 through 6/09 (very popular) with Jupiter quincunx from 11/3 to 11/8. Also progressed Moon conjunct his Ascendant (big life change, and a move) in November and December.

    The other thing I should mention that I think is important is the Inauguration chart. In it we have a Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction which describes the next president (Sun) as being a strongly Jupiter/Mercury type of person. So who better to fill the role of a Jupiter/Mercury president than one who has a Jupiter/Mercury (1Aquarius/1Leo)
    opposition in his own chart exactly on the Sun (1 Aquarius) in the Inaugural chart..

    There is nothing Jupiterian about McCain. How can he fill that role?

  18. Anne says:

    Alice, Pat C, et al:

    So glad you’re raising the NAU issue–I also think it’s on the horizon, and Canada’s election is not even on people’s radar here.

    Doubt it would ever be a matter of Congress or the people being part of the decision process. Some think it’s already a done deal anyway.

    Let’s suppose massive unemployment, bailout of many banks, multinational control of structural assets in the US–all that plus who knows what manufactured crises could well lead to the NAU being the ‘only way out’……at least that will be the corporatist party line.

    Right now I’m clutching my ‘Polar Bears for Barack’ stuffed teddy bear for comfort, hoping and working for the best.

  19. Ali says:

    Nancy, thank you, thank you, for that information. There is an amazing serendipity in those contacts. Sun/Mercury on his natal Jupiter on the day of the Inauguration! P Moon conjunct his Asc. – and doesn’t moon also indicate “the people” in a chart? And your information on the Inaugural Chart is stunning. His Jupiter/Mercury conjunct the Inaugural chart Sun! Do you use noon for that (1/20/09) chart?

    Completely understand the Saturn issues – have had many contacts with P and T Saturn to P Sun & Moon and N Saturn + ascendant much of this year. I’m finding an underlying layer of anxiety and gloom I have to weave through daily. It does pass though, even though time does actually seem to pass so much more slowly under Saturn!

  20. Ali says:

    I posted this near the end of the last thread, and wonder what any of you make of it:

    “Here’s one planetary signature that tilts me toward Obama. He declared his candidacy on February 10, 2007 (10:13 am; Chicago, IL) when Mars was at 18º Capricorn and the Moon was void of course in Scorpio. On Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009; 12:00 pm; Washington D.C.), Mars will be at 18º Capricorn and the Moon void of course in Scorpio.”


  21. admin says:

    Great Andrew Sullivan piece on Palin:


    Ali – I had a look a that chart when you posted the data. I was not too happy about the Sun /Neptune conjunction, with Neptune sitting stationary on the Sun for election day. But at least that 18 Capricorn degree will be occupied by Jupiter, certainly a good sign.

  22. Mark says:

    Oh, that’s exciting, Nancy!

  23. Ali says:

    Nancy, I’m lost on that last statement. I ran a chart for Inauguration, and also Obama, but stil not clear – which Neptune stationary on which chart? Sorry if I’m being dense. Will leave you alone after this! Thanks :)

  24. Mark says:

    OMG, that article on Palin is shocking. Check this out:

    “And the only time she had on record was to oppose the surge that is the centrepiece of McCain’s campaign….”

    Palin opposed the surge??? Why do we not hear about this? The media and the Obama camp have got to jump all over this!

  25. Ali says:

    Nancy, sorry, just realized you were referring to Election day, not Inauguration day.

  26. Stefanie says:

    A bit off topic, but has anyone noticed how intense our world has gotten since Pluto went direct (may be also the effects of the Sat/Uranus opp. at this very moment.) But Jesus Christ — what the hell is going on? Putting the ugliness of the election aside for a moment, I find the fact that Lehman is going bankrupt to be extremely, extremely alarming. Every astrologer has predicted some major transformation of our financial system under Pluto in Capricorn. When Pluto first inched its way into the sign, we saw major rumblings from the subprime crisis. Then the doom seemed to abate for a bit, but now that Pluto is direct, and heading back toward Cap territory, it seems we should be focusing on what could happen. Inflation? Hyperinflation? Deflation? The destruction of the dollar? There are already gas shortages and insanely high gas prices because of Ike. Nancy, can you provide some insight?

  27. sonya says:

    I hope the uneasiness in Biden’s chart doesn’t have anything to do with his son going off to Iraq this month. I think Jill is experiencing empty nest syndrome and just the intense level of attention and lack of privacy and figuring out her career. Every one must remember, that for months Biden didn’t think Obama would choose him as VP, so this whirlwind must be a bit much.
    Even though they been in a presidential campaign twice before, but never one with this much intensity or so close to the finish line.

  28. LJ says:

    Crystal, thank you very much for the encouragement/ which is dangerous! I get excited when I find news/ and want to let everyone know too. However, everyone finds great things to share also. And yes, I am an old hand multitasker.

    Nancy, the Inaguration chart sounds right on and gives us hope. McShame has no Jupiter, except for a snarly smile. Bear up with the Saturn return, been there.

    Progressivealaska blog, that I posted, sounds like McCain is ruining the town and Alaska. There should be a backlash against him, before this is over.

  29. Helena says:

    Has McCain’s post convention bounce peaked?

    “Overall, the landscape has not changed very much since the Republican convention – we’re just collecting different evidence about where the bounce might or might not be in different states. Arguably, however, there are a few signs that McCain is beginning to come off his peaks. Between the four national tracking polls, McCain now leads by an average of just 0.25 points, his smallest margin since the convention.”


  30. Mark says:

    I think Obama and Biden have just got to get their face in the media again. Palin has dominated the media since the convention.

    Having Obama on SNL last night as expected would have helped. Maybe next week…

  31. admin says:

    Stephanie – The last degree of a sign is like an overripe fruit before it falls off the tree. We are witnessing the residue of all the extravagance and lust to be free of Sagittarius, the detritus of years of deregulation. Regulation will return when Pluto hits Capricorn (another reason to think Obama could well win). The intensity of the ideological wars will also diminish as they did in January and February. But in the meantime the US is heading for a crisis. And the world will be feeling the struggle between past (Saturn) and future (Uranus) as well as the birth pangs of Pluto going into Capricorn.

  32. Helena says:

    “McCain will enter into increasingly problematic territory. Saturn will square his Jupiter for the last 10 days of September…”

    …which seems to suggest McCain has peaked in the polls.

  33. Ali says:

    Helena, thanks for the post on 538. I usually read that daily but blenched today when I saw the change in the electoral map, so I just skipped it. Good to hear the quote, though, and about the balancing out of the tracking polls.

  34. Ali says:

    Nancy wrote “The other thing I should mention that I think is important is the Inauguration chart. In it we have a Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction which describes the next president (Sun) as being a strongly Jupiter/Mercury type of person. So who better to fill the role of a Jupiter/Mercury president than one who has a Jupiter/Mercury (1Aquarius/1Leo)
    opposition in his own chart exactly on the Sun (1 Aquarius) in the Inaugural chart..”

    The Sun in the Inauguration Chart is the most elevated planet in the chart, in the 10th House. Another good sign. (Provided of course I’m doing this correctly!)

  35. Fe says:

    From today’s 538:

    Sunday, September 14, 2008
    Today’s Polls, 9/14

    Two new polls from Minnesota suggest a tight race in the Land o’ Lakes. The Star Tribune’s poll, which had shown a double-digit lead for Barack Obama in May, now shows a dead heat at 45-45. Although the results of these two polls are not directly comparable, since the Star Tribune has switched over from a registered voter to a likely voter model, it is hard to interpret this as anything other than unambiguously good news for John McCain. Meanwhile, SurveyUSA, which has always posited a tight race in Minnesota, gives Barack Obama a narrow 2-point lead, unchanged from last month.

    In both Minnesota and Colorado, recent polling has run slightly ahead of where our model thinks it should be for the party that held their respective convention in the state. Although I’m not necessarily persuaded that there should be some sort of localized bounce from the conventions – these events are staged for the national TV audience, and not for the locals – it’s something to keep in mind when evaluating polls from these states. Minnesota now rates as a fringe swing state, and arguably is more fertile territory for John McCain than Wisconsin.

    Over in Iowa, Ann Sezler’s poll for the Des Moines Register has Barack Obama with a comfortable lead of 12 points. Selzer polls have had a pronounced Democratic lean this year, and so the results need to be interpreted in that context (Obama led by 17 points in their poll in February) — if Selzer polled all 50 states, we’d likely wind up with a very blue map. Of course, Selzer polls are also the highest-rated in our database, and nailed the Iowa caucuses this year. In any event, Iowa is a state where both campaigns might consider removing resources from.

    Finally, in New Jersey, a Research 2000 poll for the Bergen County Record has Obama ahead by 9 points. The McCain campaign is not really invested in New Jersey, and although other polling has had it tightening some, it is unlikely to be a decisive state.

    Overall, the landscape has not changed very much since the Republican convention – we’re just collecting different evidence about where the bounce might or might not be in different states. Arguably, however, there are a few signs that McCain is beginning to come off his peaks. Between the four national tracking polls, McCain now leads by an average of just 0.25 points, his smallest margin since the convention.

    — Nate Silver at 6:32 PM

  36. parker says:

    Hi Everyone-

    Have been away-from election news (happily) and only posted once before-

    I just did McCain’s Sec. Prog. chart. Using the 8:37 am time.

    He has as SP-
    Asc. 19 sag
    Venus 21 Sag
    Jupiter conj. Nnode 25 Sag.- exact.

    That looks pretty jupiter filled energy to me.

    For the record- I am not supporting MCCain- I am looking at the astrology.

    And yes- Biden will have Saturn at the top of his chart- didn’t Hillary have that- just now? I do believe I heard many say that would deny her the chance. They were correct. But its my understanding that now that same placement means a win? Is it because we WANT him to win? But when we don’t want them to win it mean no win?
    OR is it because the Moon is w/ the Saturn that now it seems likely to bring him a win? Just trying to understand the process others use.

    Jupiter represents the Republicans. So a strong Jupiter can indicate they win.

    Also- Palin- love her or hate her – ( I can clearly read how this blog-list feels- but trying to bring some humor)… the chart she has is tied to America. Her Moon is going to be lit up with the upcoming Solar E. in feb. * a move possible? And her Sun is in a wide conj. to America’s natal moon. People will respond to her.

    Its not over until the fat lady sings- and right now I think the Reds are in.

    On Jan 20th- 2009 Jupiter will be conj. Palin’s moon. Jupiter also represents the VP position. It will be in Aquarius- a new record- first ever female VP.

    Do I want them in? No- but the astrology I am looking at says that they are. And Obama’s statement long ago- about “hanging on to their guns and religion” is very much becoming a reality. They will vote the McCain/Palin ticket. In droves.

    Like I said- I am just trying to look at the astrology- and not what I WANT to happen. Because what I wanted to happen is a faded dream anyhow.

    all the best.

    parker the she

  37. Helena says:

    Nancy, I wonder if McCain’s forgetfulness is actually something more consequential, or due to some form of mental or physical pathology. His medical records were released under highly restricted and controlled conditions. The question is why.

  38. Julie W says:

    Suggestion: For those who write letters to the editors or write on blogs, we should do so on those states where the race is tight and we have a chance of swaying some minds.

    Congress.org/stickers – provides a link to many newspapers and media outlets throughout the United States.

  39. Charles says:

    Let me play devils advocate. Coming back to Alice and the NAU issue. Both countries have already all the bilateral agreements to implement it maybe via the “The Amero”. If one looks at the astro constellation Dec/January wouldn’t this be a possibility. Introduction of a new monetary system, devalue all state debts, devalue Fanny and Fred, and woopsy see doo you have a state of emergency, martial law and defraud -all- of their hard earned money. Wouldn’t this be the easiest way to get rid of all the banking, CDS,etc. problems.
    Why has the American and Canadian mint stopped producing coins.

  40. Charles says:

    Maybe this will happen at the last Pluto transit over the FED in Nov. 2009. Who knows!!!??

  41. Stefanie says:

    Thanks so much, Nancy. Also interesting is that the Bear Sterns bailout happened within three days of the March 21st Full Moon in Virgo six months ago, and this Lehman, AIG and Merill Lynch mess is happening on the full moon in Pisces six months later.

  42. Julie W says:

    Joe Biden is to have a Tough Response to McCain around 11:00 today. You can watch live on CNN/live/video. Maybe MCNBC will carry live. Also Obama has new touch ad, McCain, Master of Deception!

  43. Vicki says:

    The chart for Inauguration 2009 shows a massive Aquarius stellium in the midheaven.

    Palin’s natal chart has a massive Aquarius stellium in the midheaven.

    This is the disaster that I see.


  44. Fe says:

    Let the bleeding begin!!


    Gallup releases polls of likely voters only when they favor McCain:


  45. Fe says:

    Suggestion: For those who write letters to the editors or write on blogs, we should do so on those states where the race is tight and we have a chance of swaying some minds.

    Julie W.:

    That’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard!! The more we connect our world, the more informed it becomes. I’ve seen alot of conservative commentators on blogs at SFGATE–the newspaper from the proported city of Iniquity- San Francisco. Progressives should do the same elsewhere.

    Let’s talk to each other and get the truth out!!

  46. Julie W says:

    Fe: Thanks. Yes, let’s talk about it!

  47. Julie W says:

    McCain’s idea of Social Security Privitization — how would this fit in with what is going on with the investment banks? I got this idea from a poster on another blog. Sounds like a great idea to tie McCain into a failed strategy. How would we phrase this?

  48. LJ says:


    The post on Illness/one before the economy was great too.

    I have been writing to the Anchorage Daily News and one letter to the Arizona Republic–but I can “branch” out, this is a wonderful idea, Fe and Julie. I have never written/blogged, whatever in my life, until now! I have read this post for a year, but never said a word, until now! Getting the word out on how pathetic John McShame is, is an excellent idea. I have never been this “fired” up before.
    Parker, that is too bad! a McCain supporter! But we can just make this more challenging/fun. We each are entitled to our own opinions and Palin is my problem.

  49. clymela says:

    I heard something hilarious on the tv this morning. A spokeswoman for McShame was talking about his wonderful ideas for the economy and even mentioned how lucky we would be to have control of our own investments- this was in the middle of discussions about what has happened and Bush talking more about how basically strong the US economy is.

  50. Julie W says:

    Now McCain is saying in his speeches – Enough is Enough, a direct steal from Obama’s speeches.

    I do not know whether to laugh or to cry.

  51. Pat says:

    I just saw that Julie W and I am shaking with rage!
    It’s a wonder that he was able to remember to deliver that plagerism intact, he was rambling so……
    blathering that cindy would have made a better candidate then himself!
    Didn’t Joe Biden lose his bid for the presidency for plagerism a while back! Actually he forgot to attribute a quote he had made many times and given credit to the author. ONE TIME HE”S OUT!
    Unhappily the mailbox at mcain hdqt. is full and the senate office is not responding!

  52. Ali says:

    Oh, I was happy to see this VA poll. the internals are encouraging:


  53. LJ says:


    new blog with amazing info! Amazing!

    McCain should be charged with plagerism, and his speech was bland/ and that the economy is sound is ludicrious. Biden was great. This econmy blow-up has to help Obama. If Social Security was privatized now, we would have streets of homeless seniors.

  54. LJ says:


    new blog that is amazing/amazing

    posted this earlier, but it got lost in the universe?
    McShame, should be charged with plagarism.
    He is bland and seems dizzy.
    I think if Social Security was privatized right now, we would have streets of homeless seniors.

  55. Julie W says:

    LJ, I think that SS Privatization issue could have some traction on the masses. We must find a way to phrase it, use it and hopefully Barack & Biden and surrogates will point out the danger of their economic policies!

    Pat: I know I was upset too. I am tired of these evil men/woman!

  56. Julie W says:

    I am listening to Barack now on Cnn Video live while blogging and Barack is telling the crowd how McCain is now using his lines!

  57. Ali says:

    Julie, thanks for the tip, watching CNN live stream now!

  58. Connie says:

    McCain has been here in Jax this morning, how’s this for crappy coverage:

    “As supporters filed into the Arena, there were some demonstrators outside. They walked around carrying signs. A few even held up Barack Obama signs.”


    video shows a sad looking very thin crowd….

  59. sonya says:

    Actually McCain could only get 3.000 people to show up to a 16,000 arena without Palin. Secret Service and Fire Marshals have debunked the number of crowds at McCain and Palin’s events.

  60. Helena says:

    Wow, check out this photographer’s image of McCain.


  61. Helena says:

    On second thought, the quote is worth including too:

    “I’m not going to defend the fact freelance photographer Jill Greenberg deceived John McCain, embarrassed her client, The Atlantic, and potentially damaged her burgeoning freelance career. Beyond the drama — BAGnewsNotes being primarily about the picture –I find her subversive, up-lit portrait of Steve Schmidt’s client brimming with characterological truth.”


  62. Ali says:

    Helena, let’s call it “The Portrait of McDorian Gray”.

    I never realized how much photography can be used to skewer a story until I started reading that site a while back.

    Have you noticed that awful shot of Obama the McCain camp uses in all their hateful ads?

  63. Julie W says:

    This was posted on a Republican blog, this is how they think
    Leftists: pray to government for salvation.

    Regular people: work hard, cut unneeded spending, and rebuild.

    And this was my answer — That is such a false premise and distortion! Because regular people who want to work hard but yet there are no jobs because Government has not looked out for you but for corporations instead are out of luck! Government who will not put money into rebuilding to produce jobs is not a government working for the people. They can’t even rebuild Ground Zero after seven years — what is that telling you. And, what has the GOP done for you lately but given you a speech that you are on your own! Yet trillions of dollars go daily to Iraq, a country which should not have been invaded in the firt place. When I talk about Yellow Brick Road, I mean OIL! That is the road. Drilling is not going to end our addiction it is a band aid. I thought you people here were Smart! I am beginning to wonder!

    (We get a little heated on that blog)

  64. Julie W says:

    Ali: you are welcome, I try to catch Obama & Biden speeches that way when on computer. Palin & McCain make me sick to hear them.

  65. Ali says:

    Julie, yes I know, both of their voices (McLost & Palin) are extremely irritating.

  66. Helena says:

    Ali, I have noticed. It’s deliberate. The GOP knows the power of images and uses that power very effectively and more on the subconscious level. If I were to make a wild guess, I’d say it’s the water sign emphasis in the GOP chart (Cancer sun, Scorpio Moon). Whereas the Democrats it seems to me rely more on words and language (Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, and Neptune in air signs).

    Bagnewsnotes is brilliant.

  67. Carol says:

    Gotta say the Greenberg picture is right on. But when they all act so outraged at being “Tricked”, really.

    Here’s the deal anyone who has had a large amount of professional photo’s taken knows not to let a photographer shoot “up” after the age of 40 maybe 35. Even without the lighting these angles were going to make him look really, really scary. Everyone there had to be able to see what angle the camera was at, and well, just said no.

    Even the photo outrage is fake.

  68. Julie W says:

    (CBS)From CBS News’ Scott Conroy:

    (GOLDEN, COLO.) – For the first time since joining the Republican ticket, Sarah Palin outlined the issues she would focus on in a John McCain administration.

    “John and I have worked out a plan—what I want to concentrate on and what he would like to kind of tap into me to help with, Palin said at a rally in front of a few thousand people here. “My mission is going to energy security and government reform. And another thing near and dear to my heart, it’s going to be helping families who have special needs and children with special needs. And we’re going to be pushing for innovative cures for diseases”

    (This lady is good in her deception)!

  69. Pat C says:


    What illegal “things” was the government doing in 2001-2004?

  70. Professor says:

    Nancy, thank you for your article, however financial crises are already upon us. McCain is not exuberent today and Biden is throwing fire bombs at him today. I believe the GOP euphoria is diminishing already. McCain and Palin have no issues. But, here is my question: Does Obama have some good aspects between Oct. 13 and Oct. 26? I remember an astrological prediction that Obama’s popularity would be at its height
    in mid-October.

  71. LJ says:

    Julie W. A heated subject for sure. /Stupid McCain is back on upholding the free-trade agreement w/Columbia

    As I see it and this goes back to Reagan. They preach for small Gov. and let private business take care of things. No regulations. The Republicans let the Corp. do whatever. The Corp have no watch-dogs and keep the profits and Gov. is not watching either. Somebody has to mind the store. Gov. has to put some regulations in play because the Corp do not. The Corp. take their profits the Gov. bails them out of debt and the regular taxpaper pays for this. Bush/Republicans underfund services-like the FDA, Education, etc. etc. and think they are great because they are not for “big Gov.” and regular Americans suffer. 1982 my late husband had a great disability Ins. plan. He could stay on that for 6 months. and then they threw him to Social Security/Medicare–back to the taxpayers- Insurance gets to keep their profits. This happens to program after program. This time they either got lost in what they were doing, or it does not matter to them and it was planned. I hate to think this way, but if we are broke/few jobs etc. we will take anything?? But private or Gov. somebody has to mind the store. Bet we cannot get Ground Zero built because they argue over, who will get the profits from the job.

    I heard that Iraq will not spend their 79 billion, because the Sunni’s hate the Shia Gov. and will not take money from the Gov., so we have to keep paying them for their alliance, and the “Sunni Awakening” This is insanity. We have to have Uranus trumping Saturn, or we are done for.
    Got that off my chest.!

  72. will says:

    From CNN.com

    Another inconvenient truth

    For Obama, Race Remains Elephant in the Room


  73. Fe says:

    This was posted on a Republican blog, this is how they think
    Leftists: pray to government for salvation.

    Regular people: work hard, cut unneeded spending, and rebuild.
    Our Response to Republicans:

    Bear-Sterns, Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac, now Merrill Lynch – the Republicans believe in socialism FOR THE RICH.

  74. Julie W says:

    L.J. you did a good job! A lot of us are not taking it any more. Enough is Enough, even the evil McCain is taking Barack’s lines. Imitation, I guess is the sincerest or insincerest form of flattery.

  75. Julie W says:

    Professor: Palin is speaking and talking like a Democrat in her speeches. She is Scary good at her Deception and therefore we will have to know her record on these policies she heretofore pretends she will bring change.

    Fe: Yes, GOP for the rich, big corp. and special interest groups and regular folks, you are on your own.

  76. Fe says:

    Obama To McCain: “Senator — What Economy Are You Talking About?”
    By Greg Sargent – September 15, 2008, 1:47PM
    In a speech today in Colorado, Barack Obama is seizing on today’s financial news — and McCain’s claim today that the “fundamentals of our economy are strong” — to further paint McCain as out of touch and clueless about the economic realities facing many Americans.

    After saying McCain doesn’t comprehend the economic distress many are facing, Obama will say (according to advance excepts):

    Why else would he say that we’ve made great progress economically under George Bush? Why else would he say that the economy isn’t something he understands as well as he should? Why else would he say, today, of all days – just a few hours ago – that the fundamentals of the economy are still strong?
    Senator – what economy are you talking about?

    What’s more fundamental than the ability to find a job that pays the bills and can raise a family? What’s more fundamental than knowing that your life savings is secure, and that you can retire with dignity? What’s more fundamental than knowing that you’ll have a roof over your head at the end of the day? What’s more fundamental than that?

    More excerpts after the jump.

    This morning we woke up to some very serious and troubling news from Wall Street.
    The situation with Lehman Brothers and other financial institutions is the latest in a wave of crises that are generating enormous uncertainty about the future of our financial markets. This turmoil is a major threat to our economy and its ability to create good-paying jobs and help working Americans pay their bills, save for their future, and make their mortgage payments.

    Today offers more evidence that too many folks in Washington and on Wall Street weren’t minding the store. For eight years, we’ve had policies that have shredded consumer protections, loosened oversight and regulation, and encouraged outsized bonuses to CEOs while ignoring middle-class Americans. The result is the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    I certainly don’t fault Senator McCain for these problems. But I do fault the economic philosophy he subscribes to. It’s the same philosophy we’ve had for the last eight years – one that says we should give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else. It’s a philosophy that says even common-sense regulations are unnecessary and unwise; one that says we should just stick our heads in the sand and ignore economic problems until they spiral into crises.

    Well now, instead of prosperity trickling down, the pain has trickled up – from the struggles of hardworking Americans on Main Street to the largest firms of Wall Street.

    This country can’t afford another four years of this failed philosophy. For years, I have called for modernizing the rules of the road to suit a 21st century market – rules that would protect American investors and consumers. And I’ve called for policies that grow our economy and our middle-class together.


    It’s not that I think John McCain doesn’t care what’s going on in the lives of most Americans. I just think doesn’t know. He doesn’t get what’s happening between the mountain in Sedona where he lives and the corridors of Washington where he works. Why else would he say that we’ve made great progress economically under George Bush? Why else would he say that the economy isn’t something he understands as well as he should? Why else would he say, today, of all days – just a few hours ago – that the fundamentals of the economy are still strong?

    Senator – what economy are you talking about?

    What’s more fundamental than the ability to find a job that pays the bills and can raise a family? What’s more fundamental than knowing that your life savings is secure, and that you can retire with dignity? What’s more fundamental than knowing that you’ll have a roof over your head at the end of the day? What’s more fundamental than that?

    The fundamentals we use to measure economic strength are whether we are living up to that fundamental promise that has made this country great – that promise that America is the place where you can make it if you try – a promise that is the only reason that we are standing here today.

  77. Sawdavis says:


    I had never heard that the Republicans are represented by Jupiter. Where did you derive that. Also, conserning McCain’s SP–Venus is two degrees awary from the Asc–That represents two years before it becomes exact and one year before any effects are even felt. As far as Palin’s aspects. I didn’t think we had an exact birth time and therefore any predictions about transits to her moon would be inaccurate.

  78. LJ says:


    Great information. Obama’s humor is great too-
    “I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Alaska”

  79. Fe says:


    Walt Monegan:

    “She’s Not Telling the Truth About Troopergate”

  80. Fe says:

    Go to the link at the bottom of the diary. Goes right to ABC News.

  81. Pat C says:

    On voting machines, Mark Crispin Miller will be on Air America at 9:00 p.m. EST, on Richard Greene’s show.

  82. Pat C says:

    Addington signed Gonzales’ name to re-authorize warrantless wiretapping program.


  83. admin says:

    Professor – There are some positive aspects to offset the stress of the two minor Saturn aspects in mid-October. Converse Moon will quincunx natal Jupiter (10/9 to 11/9) and since he has a natal trine, he should feel any Moon/Jupiter contact as positive. Progressed Venus will be exactly conjunct his Node by mid-October (27Leo17). As of 10/20 (to 11/20), progressed Moon moves to sesquiquadrate Venus just before it moves to conjunct his Ascendant by mid-November. I think there could be some significant stresses in mid-October but they will pass after 10/26. I still think part of that may be health related.

    Again, I would feel more optimistic if my chart was more upbeat in November. On the other hand, I look pretty good in January, especially through January 20. And I think this dreadful economy will continue to implode through December, which means far bigger trouble than we have seen so far and some confusion in reading election results.

  84. admin says:

    Has anyone else noticed that McCain doesn’t look healthy? He seems to have a weakness in his chest. I can’t tell if he is nervous or has a weak heart. This is my impression – nothing specific, but I keep seeing it.

  85. Fe says:


    You may be right. McCain looks like he has circulatory problems, like not enough blood getting to and through the heart. Oy vey.

  86. admin says:

    While we are obsessing over the lies of John McCain and Sarah Palin, our government has been attacking Pakistan. Now the Pakistani military is shooting at us and 8 million tribesmen are threatening to join the Taliban if we don’t stop attacking their country. Is anyone in Washington listening? The press isn’t even covering this. Are we going to have a third country at war with us?


  87. NOLA Sharon says:


    I have thought about the Aquarius connection between Palin and the U.S. and my feeling is that, yes, it does exist and she has become very popular among the Jerry Springer, Oprah, Jay Leno crowd, as well as the evangelicals and good ole boys, and she will probably keep that popularity to a degere – BUT, it doesn’t mean she has to become Vice President!!! I think they are going to give her a talk show and she’ll probably be very successful, especially in 2009, the year Jupiter is in Aquarius. She’ll be perfect as a political talk-show hostess.

  88. NOLA Sharon says:

    I meant to write “to a degree”

  89. Lisa says:

    I would agree with Nancy’s assessment that Obama’s aspects look very favorable on Nov. 4th and January 20th and that it looks like he’ll win.

    Palin does have the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all conjuncting her Mercury on Jan 20th, which would indicate a lot of communications on that day and perhaps some public speaking, but that doesn’t necessarily means she’s won the VP spot. We also don’t know where her moon is. Some people are supposing this 4:40pm time is right, and yet no one has verified the source, have they?

    Also, she doesn’t seem like a Aquarius Sun & Moon to me, though I suppose it’s possible with that Saturn conjunct her Sun. She just strikes me as more likely to have a Cap moon.

  90. Carol says:

    There is another birth time floating around, 9:43 pm said to have come from the Country Records but it is also not corroborated.

    I don’t much about this but it would give her a Libra rising.

    A Leo rising feels more right to me.

  91. Mark says:

    Nancy: re McCain’s health, I think he seems weak when he tries to project his voice in front of a crowd. It’s as if he is in pain when doing so or he doesn’t have the energy to do so. It comes across as a wheeze. It’s kind of scary. Kind of like how Homer Simpson’s father speaks — seriously. I think the crowd senses it too and they never react with full enthusiasm.

  92. Mark says:

    Lisa – I thought she may have her moon in Virgo b/c she married a Virgo and McCain is a Virgo. Is that possible with her birth date?

  93. Mark says:

    Forgive me if this has been posted already.

    At the Astrology Conference a few months ago, all seven top astrologers (including Robert Hand) picked Obama to win. They based the decision primarily on the Saturn – Uranus opposition on election day.


  94. Ali says:

    Mark, that fits better to me than Aquarius, she has that “Virgo knows best” energy (no offense to Virgos, I have it rising!). I haven’t run her chart yet, I feel a distaste about it.

    Re McCain’s health, he looks unhealthy and generally unsound, and I posted earlier in this thread about a group of doctor’s publicly asking him to re-submit his med records for further scrutiny. Someone else mentioned it too.

    I find him completely physically repulsive. It’s not his age, I think alot of old people are adorable. He makes my skin crawl.

    Nancy, Junior Bush wants to make a stab at getting Bin Laden and rescuing his legacy. My question is, why start now?

    Obama has been right about Pakistan all along.

  95. LJ says:

    Nancy, I think his skin looks “pastey” white/gray.
    I have noticed too, that he has trouble projecting his voice. Today when he was trying to say “enough is enough”, it came our pretty quiet, not like when he was screaming ” we have to fight”! at his Convention speech. He had a quiet Sat./Sun. too.! for rest.

    Palin feels like a Capricorn Moon also.

  96. Mark says:

    Palin has to be either Cap or Aquarius moon. Since she has Virgo men in her life, could be Cap. But, Cap moon with all those kids? Not the most motherly position of the moon. The ambition yes, the kids?…not so much.

  97. Charles says:

    I just found this comment following up on your link, it is really predictive—


    ….While every astrologer will provide his/her own reasons, according to me: McCain will be his own undoing. His campaign will run into great difficulty starting 10/7/2008 when Mars Anthara starts. On Nov 2 Mercury paryanthara starts and both Mars and Mercury are aspected by Saturn (in transit in Leo which is McCain’s 12th house of Loss). Mars and Mercury and Sun happen to be in Libra in Transit. Lord of Libra is Venus who is in McCain’s 12th house (of Loss) in Leo in his birth chart. Hence McCain will be undone by a woman (could be his wife, running mate or someone else) because Venus represents the preceding folks. It will be most likely self-undoing because he would have chosen them to help him…..

  98. LJ says:


    Palin refuses to meet with investigators of Troopergate! – Huff Post article. This becomes more interesting. Looks like they will try for cover-up. This is so disgusting.

    Mark, Palin went back to work 3 days after deliveries, babies went to work with her. Last wk. when she returned to Alaska, she got off the plane
    kissed the new baby on the forehead, that was held by a younger daughter, and ran to the adoring crowd! Hardly motherly to me? Her ass’t has been accused of babysitting more than doing.Gov. business. I don’t know, but Aquarians are very mental and like to work on bigger causes. Tough call, Cap. or Aquarius.?

  99. will says:

    Nancy, you wrote:

    “And I think this dreadful economy will continue to implode through December, which means far bigger trouble than we have seen so far and some confusion in reading election results.”

    I strongly agree. It may very be the tip of the proverbial ice-berg. Might as well bottom out – what else is there to do?

  100. Charles says:

    Palin must be a Capricorn. Palin is a younger copy of my “dearly beloved” sister who is a Capricorn and also by numerology a 24/6. She is definitive not someone you want to associate with. The funny part is that McCain could be the exact copy of her husband. I do not wish on anyone those two people as friends or enemy. They use all available means to get where they want. They have no problem what so ever if someone takes harm or dies in the process inadvertently like our mother.

  101. Pat C says:


    Sarah Palin’s powerful “First Dude”

    Todd Palin has exerted unusual influence on his wife’s Alaska government. In Washington, their methods would do Bush and Cheney proud.


  102. Lisa says:

    Here’s something that surprised me. On her morning show with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski has been extremely even-handed in her commentary about McCain and Palin. In fact, I’d say even favorable toward them. But even still, this morning McCain comes on the show and insults her professionalism by calling her an “Obama supporter”. He also looks completely uptight and grumpy for the interview, even though he should be happy right now with his recent pull-ahead in the polls.

    I really don’t think he’s completely right in his head…


  103. Pat says:

    I finally got through to Biden’s Wilmington office on that Mccain stole “Enough” issue.
    Of course the guy I talked to wasn’t aware, he was working on campain issues not watching TV. He Thanked me for the info, I know they will act on it.
    Later listening to Obama I think the info had been passed on!
    Last night David Ploueffe, Obama’s head campaign manager who e-mails me for donations, a lot, posted on mudflats.wordpress.com/.
    I think the online opposition is really pulled together, working very fast and pretty widespread!
    And while mccain isn’t good at e-mailing….Obama is TUNED IN! WHat Joe Trippi nursed in it’s infancy during the Dean run 4 years ago is becoming a 1,000 lb very efficient adult!

  104. Julie W says:

    Lisa: I too picked up an undercurrent with McCain. Something must be going wrong behind the scenes which has not gotten out to the public yet. He did not look Happy!

  105. Julie W says:

    John McCain — “he walked the anti-regulatory party line, with only occasional exceptions…and tried to lay down a smokescreen of righteousness by campaigning against small potato[e!]s like legislative earmarks–money to study the mating habits of, uh, crabs, in, uh, Alaska (proposed by Governor Honorable).” Joe Klein

    John McCain wants to Privatize Social Security which could experience the same disastrous fate as the current economic condition —


  106. LJ says:

    Lisa. thanks for the youtube. McCain was arrogant, but yet slow and grumpy. And I am sick of him talking about Obama not meeting him for Town Meetings, as if that is the fix-all. It would be a waste of time for Obama. McBush’s sense of humor is surly.

    Nancy, your posts on Palin seem right on, even tho, I talk about Moon in Capricorn. I have no facts about this/ just the feelings of her coldness!
    And this is probably just her Saturn/Mars.
    Cannot imagine what is up next, since she refuses to testify. Alaskan’s are just getting more provoked. Ed Schultz was great on Larry King last night setting the facts straight. And I cannot understand how Ralph Reed escapes jail.

  107. Julie W says:

    Group: What gets me now when you hear both McCain & Palin speak, you would think they are Democrats and they were never and are not Republicans! How long will they get away with this trick?

  108. Julie W says:

    FBI Hearing on C-span 3 and Conyers is really mad because Director is stonewalling them.

  109. LJ says:


    There are more and more articles out like this/fantastic.

    Julie W. thanks, I’ll tune it

  110. Rin says:

    “Lisa: I too picked up an undercurrent with McCain. Something must be going wrong behind the scenes which has not gotten out to the public yet. He did not look Happy!”

    In my tarot reading for the McCain/Palin campaign this week I saw a lot of confusion within McCain’s camp. I have the feeling that his advisers are pushing messages with which he feels uncomfortable. McCain may be feeling that the has less control over the running of his campaign than he believes he should have, with handlers and strategists feeding him lines he is not sure on 100%, and focusing much of the attention on his running mate.

    Also, lies and dishonor were a major reading in the spread with five of swords at the center of it all and an inverted King of Swords coming into influence. However, hesitancy and reluctance were also evident which gives me the impression that McCain is not at ease with the GOP’s methods of winning the election.

  111. admin says:

    Charles – What an interesting quote about how a woman will be the undoing of McCain, though his own fault. This was written before Sarah came into the picture. How very interesting. This seems to have been written by a Vedic astrologer – which I don’t pretend to understand.

  112. admin says:

    On The Ed Schultz Show yesterday, he played the tape of his Alaska show taped over the weekend. During the early part of the third hour (roughly), an Alaskan legislator took the microphone and explained very clearly that:

    the McCain people have been all over Alaska since 8/29 trying to shut down the Troopergate case;

    trying to besmirch the reputation of those in favor of it;

    and trying to claim that the whole thing is a “democratic witch-hunt” despite the fact that it is bipartisan and run by Republicans.

    The guy was very clear and articulate about it. I think this tape should be spammed and certainly given to the press. I don’t know if it is available by itself anywhere, but I would love Biden to hear it. If anyone can find it, please post it here. It is really damaging to McCain and makes him sound just like bush in attempting to cover up and squelch legitimate investigations.

  113. Professor says:

    Nancy, a surgeon friend of mine shares your perception. I can’t get rid of the suspicion that McCain may drop out . Just look at all that Saturn and activated grand cross as well.

  114. LJ says:


    this might be a start for radio station.

  115. LJ says:

    Ed Schultz must be in contact with the Obama Headquarters? On Tuesday, I called the headquarters and ask if they were monitoring the Alaskan Palin Protest and “dah” they were , of course! I felt stupid, but would not be the first time. Headquarters said also, that they were stepping up the aggresive campaign at the debates and afterward.

  116. Julie W says:

    Barack’s speech on now Cnn.com live, for those who can watch it. He too seems a little tired but not down in spirtis as McCain seemed.

    Rin: That is an interesting tarot card — 5 of Swords, dirty and underhanded fighting — King of Swords, inverted — negative legal issue. May be something is not going right in the Troopergate investigation.

  117. Julie W says:

    Fe: great post on Planet Waves and congratulations!

  118. Julie W says:

    LJ: That is a very damming article on John McCain. It seems as if he must be in conflict between the old and new McCain, an going through an inward battle. That battle could be making him ill, which a lot of us are picking up.

  119. Squall says:

    Hi, i hope this is just a fancy story that someone invented, but in any case here it is.

    The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) is reporting in the Kremlin today that the Bank of England has received from the United States Federal Reserve Bank a ‘notice’ that President Bush is preparing to declare an ‘Economic Emergency’ during the week of October 5th and will further announce that the American Presidential election due to be held on November 4th will be ‘indefinitely suspended’.

    These reports state that the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, had expressed his ‘shock and outrage’ to his American counterparts at the US Federal Reserve after the catastrophic collapse of one of the largest financial banks in the World, Lehman Brothers, and which caused both the Band of England and the European Central Bank to rush $42 billion into the European economy yesterday to keep it from collapsing, and their own banks from running out of money, necessitating the response from the US Central Bank leader Ben S. Bernanke…

    Russian Military Analysts commenting on these reports state that though it is unlikely that the American President can suspend US elections solely on the basis of an Economic Emergency alone, it is entirely probable that he could do so should their Nation suffer another 9/11 type attack, and which they ‘cryptically’ observe could place as early as September 22nd as American Military Forces begin to conduct their World-Wide tests of their new nuclear alert system as they conduct another test of their so-called Star Wars Missile Defense System.


  120. LJ says:


    Continued aggression to stop the “troopergate” investigation.

  121. Pat C says:


    Christian Fundamentalism Permeates the Republican Party: Sarah Palin’s links to the Christian Right

  122. Julie W says:

    Bamboozler Alert
    You may have seen the kerfuffle yesterday that arose when the New York Post published an opinion piece by Amer Taheri in which he reported that Barack Obama was secretly negotiating with the Iraqi government to delay the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

    The McCain camp (which is, remember, opposed to the quick withdrawal of U.S. troops) seized on this report, issuing a statement by Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s top foreign policy adviser:

    If news reports are accurate, this is an egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas. … The charge that he sought to delay the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq raises serious questions about Senator Obama’s judgment and it demands an explanation.
    If the news reports are accurate, and therein lies the rub. We’ll have more on what exactly Obama has said on this issue, publicly, in a bit. But you need to know a bit more about Taheri, who runs in the same neocon circles as Scheunemann.

    Taheri was the guy who back in 2006 fabricated the story that the Iranian government was requiring Jewish citizens to wear yellow badges to identify them as such. That story, which also ran in the Post, was completely discredited.

    As we reported at TPMmuckraker at the time, Taheri has a long history of such bamboozlement, although it hasn’t kept him from advising the White House on Middle East issues.

    More soon …

    –David Kurtz

    (These People, Neocons, are so Dirty and Underhandedly Dangerous)

  123. Julie W says:

    above article was from today’s Talking Points Memo.

  124. Fe says:

    Julie W.:

    Thanks – Please feel free to log in and blog a reply.

    Its wonderful to have two such great astrological sites devoted to the real stuff on the ground!!!

  125. Julie W says:

    Fe: I will.

    Watching Barack’s speech — MSNBC, CNN & Fox only covered about 15 minutes. It should be mandatory watching, excellent! I hope C-span will air it later for more people to see. He said McCain wanted to pass the buck and create a commission to study it, but that he would offer solutions now. It was dynamcally stated, and I am not doing justice to how he phrased it, but it hit home. His poll numbers should go up after this great speech on the economy.

  126. Rin says:

    Sorry to muddy up the discussion with all this tarot business. Feel free to ignore it, but I just thought this was funny:

    In my spread for the McCain/Palin campaign the Hanged Man crossed the Five of Swords. I didn’t know how to interpret this at first, but now I see that it has to do with Palin tying up the Troopergate investigation.

    As for Obama/Biden (or O-Biden, as I like to call them), their spread reflects what they’re doing now. I expect them to really push hard on the economy this week, which is good as are things are looking kind of grim right now. With the focus finally shifting from Palin’s personal life to actual serious matters, it’s looking like a huge pay off for the Democrats. The only warning I see is that they have to be very careful not to cloud up their message with falsehoods and exaggerations.

  127. LJ says:

    Julie W. thanks for the notice of Barack’s speech,
    he seemed to get stronger as he spoke. His slamming the Commission idea was perfect. That this was not 911 and not to bury the problems in a Commission. Good vision for remedies too.

    This blog is great, and it has already been a mind-blowing morning!

  128. Renee says:

    Latest on Palin:

    – She implemented a windfall profits tax on oil companies in Alaska, just as Obama wants to do nationally, and for which Republicans have been attacking him.

    – She first balanced the budget of Wasilla, as its mayor, then raised taxes to build her pet projects in the town and left the city with a deficit it never had before.

    She’s the kind of “fiscal conservative” George Bush is!

    By the way, have you seen the video of the demonstration against her in Alaska? It’s worth seeing just for the signs. “Bush in a Skirt” and “Wrong Woman, Wrong Message” are my favorites!

    Here’s the link:


  129. LJ says:


    Keeping McCain’s economic advisers straight!

  130. Fe says:

    I watched Biden’s speech in MI last night.

    Will someone please tell me WHY astrologically, I have such a HUGE age-appropriate girl-crush on Biden?

    I mean, its been going on since 2004.

  131. crystal says:

    There are so many great posts and links here, especially Fe’s article on Planet Waves, but there was a link in LJ’s 12:16 a.m. post to an article appearing in Israel’s Haaretz publication, that is very important and should be widely disseminated and made one of the talking points against Sarah Palin’s electability – it refers to her interview with Charlie Gibson, concerning her lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bush Doctrine, and the non-chalant manner in which she answered it. Most viewers, including some journalists, overlooked this important fact in the interview, because they themselves are not familiar with the Bush doctrine. Some of the talking heads even think that Sarah Palin did well at her first interview (NOT!). ted. I suggest everybody save that articlet for future reference.

    The reason why Sarah Palin appears to have a Capricorn moon is because of her stellium of personal planets in the sign of Aquarius. In the old system of astrology, Saturn ruled both Cap. and Aquarius. Don’t forget too, that Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction in her chart, which makes her pretty ruthless in realizing her ambitions, and in the sign Aquarius, also makes her very detached from her emotions, and very determined to succeed – a dangerous combination. Her Aqurius stellium is also why she seems to (and probably does) lack nurturing qualities as a mother. What struck me as very strange, is that she deliberately concealed her last pregnancy from her co-workers and children for 7 months! How and why? Maybe somebody knows the answers to this. In any case, Palin has no personal planets in the earth or water element, and she fills that lack (need) from her husband’s planetary placements. The emphasis in her chart is in the air and fire element Aquarius/Aries (incl. Leo Asc.), if her birth time is correct. This makes her detached, impulsive, and concerned only with the big picture, not the details, or practicality of her ideas. That is where her detail-oriented, practical husband comes in, with his Virgo stellium. Obama, on the other hand is a well-rounded individual with personal placements in all four elements (air, fire, water, earth), which makes him easy to get along with, a good listener, and the ability to identify with the problems of the entire populace. No lopsided personality here.

  132. Ali says:

    Fe, great article on Planet Waves

  133. LJ says:


    here is another great info blog

    Fe I don’t know your planets, but it could be Biden’s passion that attracts you. He is very aggressive passionate, then he can have the tears of sensitivity too. He is a sexy man!
    You picked someone great to have a crush on.

  134. crystal says:

    Fe, might be all his Scorpio planets – huge sex appeal, and they must be hitting all your right ones.

  135. Fe says:


    My Juno is in Scorpio.

  136. Ali says:

    Fe, HA! I have a crush on Biden too! I love it when he is just talking and then he suddenly bellows out a line! Before I had his chart I would have sworn he was Leo rising, with his roar, his bearing, his “mane” etc. I am so glad Obama picked him.

  137. Fe says:


    Thanks. Will be writing more as the week wears on.

  138. Ali says:

    Rin, I love the Tarot posts, just wish I could remember my Tarot better. Feel free to give more detail! :)

  139. LJ says:


    another great info blog

    Fe, I don’t know your planets but, he is a very aggressive passionate man. He has passion, but the sensitivity of being able to have the tears too. He is a sexy man. Great man to have a crush on.

  140. Fe says:


    Is Biden our secret girl-crush? I mean, don’t get me wrong, but I think Obama is HOT, but Biden resonates with me on that whole other arena that hits my intellectual and unconscious sweet spot.

    Looks like I’ve got my next Planetwaves article in tow.

  141. Pat C says:



    The West Begins to Doubt Georgian Leader

  142. Pat C says:


    The Crisis of an Illegitimate Political Order

    Central banks around the world began intervening over the last 24 hours to protect a fragile global financial system. Chain reactions of debt-swaps meant that contagion was not localized, but spread through secondary and derivative debt markets, as instruments held through Lehman Brothers vanished in a puff of paperwork. Major Asian stock indexes tumbled, headlined by a 600 point drop in the Nikkei to 11609.72. Major European indexes have already tumbled as well, the DAX dropped to 5915, almost 150 points. However, the levels in Europe are still well above their 2002 lows, particularly when adjusted for currency.

    Individuals great and small became caught up in the panic selling: Goldman Sachs shares plunged in pre-market trading as they announced a 70% drop. Ordinary share holders were wiped out, and scrambled to fill the voids in their finances.

    But in all of the commentary about crash risk, about moral hazard, a fundamental point has been missed: this did not have to happen, but is, instead, the direct result of deliberate decisions made by known actors. This is the ultimate result of the crisis of legitimacy that began with Bush v Gore. What is the price of a stolen election? We now know that it runs into the trillions of dollars.

    More at the link….

  143. Ali says:

    Fe, I don’t know what it is – his 12 Scorpio Mars squares my Leo Mars/Venus/Uranus. I think it’s just that sense of pathos about him, the regular guy who has known real tragedy and soldiered on, the family man who kept apart from Washington circles, the combination of sadness and good-humor in his demeanor, and that sense that (like Obama) he genuinely loves women. He projects kindness and virility. He was my 2nd choice for Pres. I like his face, and the touch of Blarney about him!

  144. Fe says:


    I’m going to quote you in my article.

  145. chiron says:

    A good example now set by Merriman.

    “An Update from Ray: There will be no Longer-Term Thoughts this issue. I fear this part of my weekly report is becoming far too politicized, even partisan, ahead of the USA Election. At times I feel I am not able to be objective in this analysis. At other times, I fear that even when I am being objective, the reporting of how I see things “lining up” can be offensive to people who have beliefs or ideals that are contrary to these indications. In a sense, by continuing with these reports that seem to be blurred at times between being objective or partisan, I am perhaps denying people, to make choices based upon all the factors that make up the “whole story.” Instead, I may at times be taking things “out of context.” as to how they pertain to geocosmic factors, and thereby reporting only part of the picture. It strikes me as being unfair to readers, or politicizing my weekly reports in a manner that may actually not educate others about astrology, thereby defeating the primary purpose of this column.

    Something inside of me says to stop commenting on the election now, and just observe how it unfolds in relation to what has already be said… at least that part which was objective and not partisan, if you can tell the difference. Unfortunately, I cannot always tell the difference lately.”

  146. Ali says:

    Hey Fe, looking forward to your article! I wasn’t going to post this because as someone else says sometimes, “I’m talking too much!” (they weren’t!), but here’s an uplifting post on Kos about Obama in CO today. A lot of great pictures, and several showing Biden working his elder-charm on some of the ladies!


  147. David says:

    McCain is starting to cave – not much longer and he will out of the picture – where is Palin these days – getting a brain transplant?

  148. Rin says:

    chiron–A very wise post we should all consider. But is there a particular point you wanted to make?

  149. Julie W says:

    A horrible example of the Biasness of some Reporters

    “Do you think the recent stock market collapse or troubles in the banking system are good news?

    Well, according to CNN’s Candy Crowley, the Obama campaign does.

    On Monday’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” after CNN senior political analyst David Gergen said “what happened over the weekend with the economy and the bottom falling out of the financial markets…is the opportunity for Obama to seize the momentum back on his side,” Crowley actually said,

    “[J]ust as foreclosures were showing up on B-17, or in the real estate section, along comes this horrific headline out of Wall Street…I mean, this is what they wanted.”

    I kid you not. The transcript of this disgraceful exchange follows (video embedded right, h/t Steve Malzberg):'”

    Article and video on Newbusters.org

  150. LJ says:

    Biden is a great sexy man and so is Obama! All women better love them.

    Pat C. thanks for the Georgian article, hope it further reveals that Georgia lied and McCain helped. This is another embarrassment to the U.S.

    CNN just did a fair analysis of Palin’s refusal to testify. Newsweek is doing a good investigation too/to follow. But. of course, the McShame campaign is doing maddening, disgusting acts to stop all of this. Lucky, Alaskans are getting angry at Palin. McShame, might be getting heartburn from this cover-up.

  151. Rin says:

    Julie–I agree. It’s almost as disgraceful as this quote from a McCain surrogate:

    “The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in December was an “unfortunate event,” says Black. “But his knowledge and ability to talk about it reemphasized that this is the guy who’s ready to be Commander-in-Chief. And it helped us.” As would, Black concedes with startling candor after we raise the issue, another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. “Certainly it would be a big advantage to him,” says Black.”


  152. Fe says:


    I’d like to think that its not the stars but what we make of them that’s more important than the prediction. SO I hope you’re out there registering voters, doing some good on-the ground messaging. Its what we need.

    As my friend Peter says – there’s no future. It’s only the present that we’ve got. So visualize the future that you want, versus the one you fear.

  153. Fe says:


    re: Biden

    I’ve got my Sun at 12 Aquarius at the very edge of the 12th into the 1st. A square as well.

  154. Rin says:

    Hoping for misfortune to win an election is amazingly bad karma, but so is reveling in the hardships of others. None of us should be rejoicing the the bad luck of other people, whether we like them or not. We should be sending out love and peace, as much and as often as we can, especially to our enemies, as they are the ones who often need it the most.

    Though they anger me a great deal, I don’t hate John McCain or Sarah Palin. I think in everyone’s core being is a desire to do what is best. We just have different opinions on what the best is. And all of us are guilty of selfishness.

    It is my unshakable belief that McCain’s policies are bad for this country, but in no where in my heart and soul do I not connect with and understand the fragile and flawed human being that he is. He may do bad things and think the wrong thoughts, but so do we all. That is why I have to keep telling myself everyday that, no matter what happens, everything is going to be alright.

    In the end, I have to believe in the overall goodness of humanity and the glorious destiny that awaits us. It’s the only way we are going to progress as a species.

  155. Rin says:

    Fe–I’m a little confused. To which of my posts were you referring?

    And I totally hear you on volunteering. I’m doing my part.

  156. David says:

    I don’t hate John McCain – I do hate Sarah Palin – she exemplifies the radical divisiveness that is a large part of the mess we are in. I don’t truly hate her – but what she stands for I do hate. I agree hate is a bad thing and I have none of it – but staying angry about the lies, deceit, lies, lies and yet more lies comes easy. As does the willingness to distort, belittle beloved Barack as a “community organizer”, and generally be very mean.

    Have you no shame – as was said during the Mccarthy hearings applies now – to these Republicans.

  157. Fe says:


    your response to chiron.

  158. Ali says:

    Fe, re Biden, another square, that’s interesting and sort of counter-intuitive. My Saturn is conjunct his asc. and opposing his Saturn-Uranus…hmmm…ah! that must be it – his Jupiter conjunct my Sun/Mercury and opposing Moon and square Neptune. (Ha ha can’t believe I’m doing a chart comparison b/t me and Joe Biden!) Like Obama, he just makes me feel good. My husband laughs at me – he’ll come in the room and I’m watching O. and just smiling. The other thing I find with Biden, he can make emotion well up in me. At his speech at the convention, I was in tears. Guess it’s that Irish!

  159. Ali says:

    I haven’t ever volunteered for a campaign but am going to now. the McCain-Palin disaster has further motivated me.

    I signed up at this site for an on line tutorial on how to canvass and phone bank. Guess my Virgo rising wants to “do it right”. I’ve already committed with a couple friends to start working for the campaign.

    Here’s the site if anyone is interested. It’s tomorrow (Wed.) night at 8:30:


  160. LJ says:

    Ali- I am late/running to phone bank for Obama. I have been doing it since 2-08. It is fun, aggravating, but gets the energy going. It is great to persuade someone to change and vote Obama. Forget the details, just do it, it is fun.
    This is coming from a double Aries tho!!

  161. Ali says:

    LJ, does the campaign give you the info you need incase there are questions from the people you call. I know the basics, his tax plan, health plan etc. but what about when you’re asked questions you can’t answer? Or does that not happen!

    Double Aries: Charge! You go girl!

  162. Julie W says:

    Rin: Some people have no visible Soul! If you know what I mean. It is maddening that McCain is now trying to run and sound like Barack on change, reform and economy, now for Regulation! I quess that’s what you call Identity Theft!

  163. Pat C says:

    Mark Crispin Miller: Why They Chose Sarah Palin
    …And What to do About it…


  164. Pat C says:


    Jewish voters complain of anti-Obama poll

    Jewish voters are complaining of a poll that, after confirming their religion, asks a series of questions that appear aimed at alarming Jewish voters, including linking Barack Obama to Palestinian terrorist groups.

    Debbie Minden of Pittsburgh described receiving the call from “Research Strategies” late yesterday afternoon. And a Key West woman, Joelna Marcus, reportedly received a similar-sounding call from the same group, according reports from the Obama-backing organization JewsVote.org and from a liberal blog.

    Minden, a psychologist who lives in the Jewish neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, said the poll — which came from an identified number — began with relatively inocuous questions about what organizations she belongs to, whether she prefers CNN or Fox News, and how Obama and McCain compare on a range of issues, from national security to hte economy to education.

    The caller also asked whether she was Jewish.

    “It sounded like a real poll,” Minden, 56, asaid.

    Then the caller asked, as she recalled:

    “Would it change your mind about Obama if you knew that his church was anti-Israel? Would it change you rmind if you knew that the leaders Hamas had endorsed Obama? Would it change your mind if you knew he had met with the leaders of Hamas?”

    More at the link….

  165. Fe says:

    Pat C:

    That Brad Blog piece is truly scary. The neocons WANT a President Palin. ANd who knows what they’ll do to get it.

  166. Pat C says:

    They do Fe, and they are quite determined to “reform the government”, and I am very frightened.



    Tariq Ali, Has the U.S. Invasion of Pakistan Begun?

  167. Fe says:

    Pat C:

    I am scared too, but I can’t live that way, under fear, either. My Mars in Aries in the 1st House says I gotta fight.

  168. Pat C says:


  169. Fe says:


    (oh, and by the way, Nancy – good call!!)

    This gem from Newsweek:

    Posted Tuesday, September 16, 2008 12:29 PM
    Palin’s Favorability Ratings Begin to Falter
    Andrew Romano

    To know her, it seems, is not necessarily to love her.

    When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate late last month, the Alaska governor quickly became a media phenomenon. Largely unknown, she existed at first in something of an information vacuum, and due to the shock of her selection–everyone loves a surprise–the press rushed to fill the void with whatever data was easily available. Mostly this consisted of human interest material; Palin had plenty to go around. Mooseburgers. Float planes. Ice Fishing. Beauty pageants. Teen pregnancy. Et cetera. By the end of her first 15 minutes in the spotlight–which included her speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul–Palin existed mostly as an idea: a frontier supermom who’d triumphed over adversity (the Ol’ Boys Club, the “liberal media”). Palin spent her first week reading from a teleprompter and avoiding questions from the press–and the public–so as not to sully this first impression.

    The polls reflected the early success of her strategy. In the three days after Palin joined Team McCain–Aug. 29-31–32 percent of voters told the pollsters at Diageo/Hotline that they had a favorable opinion of her; most (48 percent) didn’t know enough to say. By Sept. 4, however, 43 percent of Diageo/Hotline respondents approved of Palin with only 25 percent disapproving–an 18-point split. Apparently, voters were liking what they were hearing. Four days later, Palin’s approval rating had climbed to 47 percent (+17), and by Sept. 13 it had hit 52 percent. The gap at that point between her favorable and unfavorable numbers–22 percent–was larger than either McCain’s (+20) or Obama’s (+13).

    But then a funny thing happened: Palin lost some of her luster. Since Sept. 13, Palin’s unfavorables have climbed from 30 percent to 36 percent. Meanwhile, her favorables have slipped from 52 percent to 48 percent. That’s a three-day net swing of -10 points, and it leaves her in the Sept. 15 Diageo/Hotline tracking poll with the smallest favorability split (+10) of any of the Final Four. Over the course of a single weekend, in other words, Palin went from being the most popular White House hopeful to the least.

    What happened? I’d argue that Palin’s considerable novelty is starting to wear off. In part it’s the result of a steady stream of unhelpful stories: her unfamiliarity with the Bush Doctrine during last Thursday’s interview with Charles Gibson (video above); her refusal to cooperate with the Troopergate investigation; her repeated stretching of the truth on everything from earmarks to the Bridge to Nowhere to the amount of energy her state produces. That stuff has a way of inspiring disapproval and eroding one’s support. (Interestingly, Palin’s preparedness numbers–about 50 percent yes, 45 percent no–haven’t budged.)

    But mostly it’s the start of an inevitable process. Between now and Nov. 4, voters will stop seeing Palin as a fascinating story and starting taking her measure as an actual candidate for office. Some will approve; some won’t. It remains to be seen whether Palin’s recent slide will continue, or hurt John McCain in the polls. But it’s hard to argue that the journey from intriguing new superstar to earthbound politician–a necessary part of the process–doesn’t involve a loss of altitude.

    Just ask Barack Obama.

    UPDATE, 2:27 p.m.: Also, it doesn’t help when McCain’s Victory 2008 chair Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, tells a St. Louis radio host that Palin would’ve been unqualified to lead HP–a slightly less demanding role than leading the free world. Today’s exchange:

    HOST: “Do you think she has the experience to run a major company like Hewlett Packard?”

    FIORINA: “No, I don’t. But that’s not what she’s running for.”

  170. Zeroariestrian says:

    Poor Carly FUBARina. She didn’t get very far in her quest to unseat Barbara Boxer in the Senate in 2006, did she? Guess that what wrecking the company that was the model for Apple will do for a person seeking higher office.

    It takes one incompetent to recognize another, I guess.

  171. Lorrie U. says:

    Wasilla Paid $24,000 For Palin’s SUV, Nothing For Rape Kits


  172. Pat C says:

    As per CNN….The federal reserve is taking an eighty percent stake in AIG for an eighty-five billion dollar loan.

    Now…it’s time to look at exactly what the federal reserve is and who it is.

  173. Fe says:


    Are we getting closer to Pluto in Capricorn?

    AIG to Get $85 Billion Loan, Give Up 80% Stake
    Topics:Federal Reserve | Banking

    American International Group will get an $85 billion bridge loan from the federal government in exchange for an 80 percent stake in itself, sources have told CNBC.

    Sources said the loan, which will allow AIG to avoid bankruptcy, will be secured and include incentives for quick asset-sales by AIG.

    Government warrants for most of AIG’s equity will severely dilute existing shareholders.

    AIG has been racing the clock to avoid a bankruptcy filing on Wednesday, making efforts to work out a deal with the Federal Reserve to shore up its finances.

    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke met with Senate and House leadership Tuesday night to discuss how to assist AIG, sources said.

    The Fed’s financial aid to the troubled insurer marks a reversal of its decision on Monday to refuse a bridge loan to AIG.

    The Fed met with the company’s advisers throughout the day and came to a better understanding of what is needed to help the company through its current crisis, people familiar with the negotiations told CNBC.

    Bloomberg reported late Tuesday that the Fed was considering some kind of conservatorship for AIG—which would mean bringing in an outsider to run the company. But sources told CNBC that no legal authority exists for such an arrangement.

    The shares, which are a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, at one point were down more than 50 percent in the wake of a cut in the insurer’s credit rating, which only served to heighten the concerns that it would file for bankrupcy and further upset the troubled global financial system.

    The plunge in AIG shares has been the biggest drag on the Dow this week.

    AIG, one of the world’s largest insurers, is the latest company to be convulsed by a mortgage and credit crisis that this week led to a bankruptcy filing by Lehman Brothers Holdings [LEH 0.30 0.09 (+42.86%) ] and the sale of Merrill Lynch [MER 22.18 5.12 (+30.01%) ] to Bank of America [BAC 29.55 3.00 (+11.3%) ].

    AIG late Sunday asked the Federal Reserve for help, including a possible “bridge” loan to tide it over while it pursues asset sales and capital raising. The Fed refused, but pushed JPMorgan Chase [JPM 40.74 3.74 (+10.11%) ] and Morgan Stanley [MS 28.70 -3.49 (-10.84%) ] to try to put together a credit facility of $70 billion to $75 billion for New York-based AIG, a person familiar with the matter said on Monday.

  174. Rin says:

    Fe–Thanks for the Newsweek article. I had been seeing some tarot signs that McCain’s campaign was festering faster than what we were actually seeing.

    I have to admit to giving into despair a few times due to disappointments of past elections. This time seems different–not because I think things will go my way, but because I am more confident in adjusting my attitude, and in trusting life in general as it comes. Hopefully, things will turn out for the best.

  175. parker says:

    Sawdavis asked:


    I had never heard that the Republicans are represented by Jupiter. Where did you derive that.

    parker says:

    From the late Judy Johns- my friend and the EXPERT on Mundane and Political astrology. Who founded PA Astrology list. And if you think about it – it makes sense. The Reps- are wealthy concerned-(jupiter) and the Dems are much more concerned witht he downtrodden. (saturn).

    I think it a very well known and accepted representation. At least it is by mundane astrologers.

    My pointing out McCain’s SP Asc. in Sag- Venus in Sag and Jupiter in Sag con. NNode in SAG was meant to reveal the very clear signature of jupiter w/ him. It was posted that the next president would have a Jupiter signature by Nancy. And she said he did not. He has by SP. (not natal). The fact that the Venus is not conj. the asc wasn’t my point- but since its pointed out – I will say that two decades of reading charts has proven to me that an aspect by SP doesn’t have to be “exact” to bring fruition- w/in 2 degrees it can still bring forth the energy promised. Just like an event doesn’t always happen on the very day of a solar eclipse- it can be activated before the eclipse or after.

    Also- McCain and Palin’s composite chart mirrors – the sun and moon of the swearing in chart. Their composite chart- has the Sun @ 29 degrees Scorpio/ the Moon is @ 0 Aquarius. On Swearing in day its reverse. I find that also a confirming factor.

    On Palin’s moon- we often don’t have exact time even when we do!! LOL. I am still using the 4:40 pm time as it certainly fits her- and makes much sense to me. She has so many ties to AMERICA’s Moon- that it matters not if her natal moon is a few degrees on either side of the 4 Aquarius.
    Often astrologer who swim in the dangerous waters of presidential election prediction do use a tie to the American moon as a key to winning.

    I believe Palin will end up becoming the first female president- as I do not think McCain will live out his term- She’s a master number (11) and w/ her Stellium in Aquairus its her path to break ground.

    Maybe she’ll do some good things too?

    I don’t know. I don’t know the lady. Just looking at her stars. I certainly don’t see her as demonic as everyone else seems to- but then I don’t see anyone as all evil or all good. Just human. And close to my same values or not. I don’t plan on voting for her.

    All the best


  176. Lisa says:

    I did an astrological profile of Barack a few weeks ago, which some of you here may have seen. I recently added a section which speaks specifically about his Magic Neptune T-square. You can read it here:


  177. LJ says:


    Yes, the Democratic Headquarters, where you phone bank will give you talking points. But you can refer the people, that if they have a computer, to go on line to Barack Obmam.com and there is lots of info on that website for answers. Most people hate Bush. so just tie McCain and Bush together and point out,even tho McCain is a veteran, he voted against the new G.I, Bill. It is easy tho, in Arizona, because I can ask “what has McCain done for Arizona”? and there is silence.! Phone calls can be made from home too, all over the country, from Barack’s website or Move On.Org website. I’ll do that closer to the election. I did that in 2006 for the Congress elections, that is when I first started also. Phone bill is high tho. Ohio was the hardest state, sorry, if anyone here from Ohio. I loved it, and that is how I became familiar with the Sen./Rep. from the different states. I have been called a lot of names, and hung up on, {not in AZ.} but that never bothers me! Those people do not know who I am. And you just keep going.

    The spin and lies on Troopergate is making me angry. How the public cannot see these are the same tactics as Bush is beyond me. But the public does little research.
    Is the economy the start of Pluto in Capricorn?
    Lorre U. thanks for the dailykos article/ And I just heard that after Palin speaks, people start leaving, before McCain starts speaking! That should make him ill.

  178. Ali says:

    LJ, thanks for the info, that is very helpful!

  179. Fe says:


    I don’t think our country needs or deserves a self-serving Hitler or Imelda Marcos as President who will catapult the nation into WWIII. She is a neocon wet dream hell bent on destroying the earth for the good of petroleum.

    So thanks but no thanks on Palin.

    And as was quoted upthread, all charts are subject to the predelictions of the interpreter. Merriman concluded as much and has refused to do any further predictions on the election.

    So far, Nancy has been pretty spot on.

  180. Rin says:

    Parker, that’s a very interesting interpretation.

    “From the late Judy Johns- my friend and the EXPERT on Mundane and Political astrology. Who founded PA Astrology list. And if you think about it – it makes sense. The Reps- are wealthy concerned-(jupiter) and the Dems are much more concerned witht he downtrodden. (saturn).”

    I guess you can see it that way, but I think the notion wealth associated with Republicanism is merely a by-product of Reaganite economics rather than an essence of true Republicanism. If you look at traditional Republicanism you will notice that it is always about the advocation of limited government, reducing the federal government’s involvement in the lives and operations of American citizens. Saturn characterizes restriction and limitation, and is very conservative in nature, which is also a distinction of the Republican ideology.

    Democrats, on the other hand, as marked by the presidency FDR, typically assign their political agendas to social welfare–in other words, their politics are theoretically expansive and generous, which is very Jupiterian. As a result, they are very involved in the lives of American citizens.

    None of this is to say that one energy or social and political philosophy is better than the other. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. As with anything, balance is necessary.

    As for Sarah Palin, as I said in my earlier post, I may not agree with her politics, but I certainly don’t hate her. And you’re right, none of us know her intimately, but I’m afraid that is avoiding the issue. We don’t have to know her personally to make a judgment on her ability to lead. All the information is out there if you take the time to look. Don’t just look to the stars (or the Tarot in my case) for answers. Use your reasoning, too. Based on what I have seen and heard, not only about her but from her, I am very certain of the opinion that she should not be left in charge of the country.

  181. Robin says:

    Rin, I thought as you did re the two parties until I looked up each party in Rex Bills’ “The Rulership Book” tonight. I was floored to find that he ascribes Jup to Repugs and Sat to the Dems.

    It reminds me of my youth when I worked for both dentists (Sat) and doctors (Jup). Doctors were always more generous than doctors in pay and benefits in the 70s.

    A conundrum for sure.

  182. Robin says:

    Stefanie. Whoa!

    An interesting theory, indeed.

  183. Rin says:

    Robin–I’m sure you can make arguments for both set ups. And perhaps there are instances when Republicans are behaving more Jupiterian and the Democrats more Saturnine. However, I don’t see that in this case.

  184. LJ says:


    Cheney should not be off his leash.

    Stefanie–cannot remember it correctly right now,
    but Spitzer was on the tracks of Wall Street Corruption, maybe why he was in D.C. and got caught with the “lady”, because him checking everything out. There was an article written about
    Bush wanting to bring him down, and maybe along with his Wall Street enemies. You are correct that there are ties/Karma? Chart? we can look around.

  185. Lorrie U. says:

    Re. Jupiter representing the Reps., the Republican party of today is not the same party of yesterday. It has been taken over by neocons and religious zealots who only have one agenda, to strengthen their power.

    In my experience, Jupiter often takes away in order for one to expand in understanding. It only expands what needs to be expanded. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Republic party may lose in this instance because it needs to expand its humanness.

  186. Lorrie U. says:

    With regard to the Saturn/Uranus opposition on Election Day, Saturn would apply to rooted and outdated structures and thought patterns (not just the Democratic party) and Uranus wants to tear down and do away with the outdated structures. Whatever transpires that day will root out the decay wherever it exists and, if as I suspect, the Republicans try to steal the election again, it will be destroyed by Uranus.

  187. LJ says:


    astro. info on the train wreck economy.

    Lorrie U. rumor that if the election is called early, it is a McCain win, later Obama? We might not know on election eve.

  188. Lorrie U. says:

    Parker, here is what astrologer Judith Goldberg wrote about the stars on Inauguration Day (I think it overrides whatever McCain has going on):

    Inauguration Day

    Since 1937, when President Roosevelt moved Inauguration Day from March 4, to January 20th, all American Presidents have been sworn in under a Sun in Aquarius, the sign that rules democracy. Outer planets in the mix alter the influence and set up a long term trajectory. Sun conjunct Neptune for GWB’s inauguration ushered in eight years of deception. On Inauguration Day, 2009, benefic Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, will conjoin the Sun, Mercury and North Node (sign of dharma), promoting vision and foreshadowing a new future course. By a fortuitous coincidence, Obama’s natal Jupiter in Aquarius conjoins this stellium. His Jupiter/Saturn conjunction also triumphantly straddles the Midheaven (highest point) of a chart cast for the event. Lucky stars!

  189. riggword says:

    “The recent surge in the polls by the McCain/Palin ticket has Democrats both horrified and demoralized. How can this crotchety and forgetful old man with his fundamentalist, ex-beauty queen sidekick be appealing to the American people? Are they stupid? (Forget I asked.)”

    Assuming that all Republicans are “stupid” is a mistake. It is the same mistake that we on the right make when we assume that Democrats aren’t smart.

    Both sides have intellect and wit. Both sides have some who are only reactionary and emotional.

    For someone who does not value the Christian God of the Bible it is hard to understand the McCain Palin appeal.

    For those of you who do not have conservative values, it seems like we are from another planet; another dimension, and speak a foreign language.

    The appeal of McCain and Palin for us on the right is intellectual, spiritual, and personal. I assume your fondness for Obama is of a similar nature.

    What we have with this election and many of the previous elections is a divide in world view. In this country for the last two elections and now this one the country is split fairly evenly. In the end the people who tend to lean toward a conservative Judeo-Christian world view still outnumber those with secular and leftist world views.

    Bill Clinton won because he was able to convince many voters that he was closer to the middle. Gore and Kerry lost because they could not project enough of a middle image.

    Obama has tried to move to the center, but he is still the most left voting member of the Senate and his history of friends and cohorts reveal a lifetime of leftist tendencies.

    It may not make sense to you all, as I am from a different dimension, but this election will come down to the traditionalist Judeo-Christianist vs the leftist secularists. I still believe in that case we out number you by a few percentage points.

    With the addition of Palin the McCain team now has the energy to push the election over to our side. The base is finally energized and the country has met Obama and now they know his true ideas, history, and political leanings. He has been exposed over that last year and he is what he is a leftist collectivist. For now those credentials do not fly with a majority of Americans.

    So, please continue to think of us as simple minded, it will only help the McCain Palin cause.

    Thanks for the space,

  190. LJ says:


    try this info and scroll down for the chart
    Spitzer–1-10-1959 Bronx,NY
    9:47 pm

  191. Lorrie U. says:

    Max Said:
    on August 30, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    With the election day transit, she may come out of this looking better than McCain. As it stands now, I don’t see how McCain wins short of vote-rigging.

    Interesting possibility: McCain drops dead before the election. That would change the calculus considerably.

    Aha. Ok, at 9:36pm on election day, the Saturn-Uranus oppo is exact across the then DC chart MC/IC axis, and Saturn has just moved to 19Pis00.

    That gives us:
    Virgo 20:
    A caravan of cars heading for promised lands.
    And Uranus is on the MC at 18Pis57 so
    Pisces 19:
    A master instructing his disciple.

    Now, the moon VOC in cap, going into Aquarius looks bad for Barack. But check this out, in that DC chart, the moon is in the eighth, and Venus is in the 6th conjunct Lillith square the Saturn-Uranus oppo. Jupiter (Moneybag planet of the R’s) is in the 7th.

    That could all be read either way, I think, but right at that time the TMoon is going to conjunct to Barack’s natal Jupiter and is way far away from Palin’s sun. Meanwhile, of course, McCain’s Saturn is being opposed by TSaturn, which is conjunct Venus/Neptune. But like I said elsewhere, Barack has issues too.

    However, check out the Palin/McCain composite (ignoring the houses). They have a T-Square of Mars at 17Tau, Jupiter at 15Aqu, and Pluto at 20Leo. So on election day, TMars is at 22Sco, and the sun is at 13Sco and moving to complete the Grand Cross.

    If McCain is doing reasonably well on election day, he just barely might be able to go over in electoral votes at 9:40 pm, if he does something spectacular like win the whole south, and most of the Midwest (Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Minn., Wis. etc.). On the other hand, Obama has an easier go of it: if he wins the NE+NY, Maryland, Deleware, DC, and then tacks on Vir, Ohio, Mich, Miss, Wisconsin, Minn, and Iowa, and throw in Fl, he’s within maybe 20 EV’s of winning with California, WA, and OR still in the bag.

    So the story I see there is that all day long the moon is void and there are reports of long lines and bad machines and lots of speculation that McCain can pull it out and the returns start coming in and Obama has got it at about 9:35.

    The alternative I see there is that Bush drunkenly gets up on TV at 9:35 and declares martial law.

    [‘So I think it’s Obama FTW.’]

  192. Lorrie U. says:


    One thing you are forgetting, we have had eight years of your values. Many Judeo-Christians (such as myself) are horrified by the anti-Christ actions of the Bush-Cheney administration and the neocon mindset which supports it. I no longer recognize the new version of Christians, they certainly don’t represent my Christ.

    The Republican party has lost it’s soul and I personally do not believe that a benefic God supports it any longer. Perhaps the Democratic party is not pristine either, but it sure represents the majority of Americans who are struggling.

  193. Rin says:

    riggword–“For someone who does not value the Christian God of the Bible it is hard to understand the McCain Palin appeal.”

    Hold on, there. I agree that putting down Republicans as a whole is the wrong thing to do, but before you get all indignant, let me say that I do value the God and Christ, and I do not understand the appeal of McCain/Palin.

    The Christ I value is one of tolerance and acceptance. I don’t know how it is for you, but permitting torture and saying that war is the judgment of God is not Christlike to me at all. Republicans do not hold a monopoly on Christian values.

    Obama does not represent all my spiritual values, but then neither does McCain. I don’t vote based on my religious beliefs because it is not religion that determines our laws. We live in a country with many different faiths, not one of them is adequate to represent the spirit of civil liberty as debated, philosophized, tooled and retooled, and finally codified by the founding fathers. But what you will find in all of them is a core morality and an objective recognition of justice and fairness with which they all share and which have inevitably shaped secular law.

    Conservatives are not alien to me. There is nothing foreign or weird or exotic about you. I understand where you are coming from, I know why you do what you do, and why you believe what you believe, probably better than you do. And you are perfectly normal for it. EVERYONE has both Conservative and Liberal values. The problem I see here is this petty tribalizing based on fringe issues.

    No matter who wins this election, we are but one tribe–Americans. And it’s going to take more than one party to help this country get back on track.

  194. Lisa says:

    Nicely said Lorrie U.

    Personally, I share the philosophical convictions of the founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washinton, who all believed in separation of church and state.

    I also think that reasonable people have a very keen sense of what right and wrong is without needing a particular religion to define it for them. Religion need not enter into any discussion of right and wrong, fair or unfair, when it comes to a government *of the people*.

  195. Zeroariestrian says:

    So, please continue to think of us as simple minded, it will only help the McCain Palin cause.

    We don’t think of you as “simple minded.” We think of you as cunning, coldly calculating, vote-stealing, lying moral reprobates who will stop at nothing to overturn the will of the people. And please stop using such hoary old constructs as “leftist” and “collectivist.” We are the center.

    You, on the other hand, are wingnut authoritarian government enthusiasts who bend the Bible to suit your own nefarious needs, recycling the old Soviet totalitarianism and dressing it up with Jesus and the American flag. And those of us aware of your agenda respect you, the way we respect a bag of rattlesnakes.

  196. Julie W says:

    Zeroariestrian: Very well said and Amen!

  197. Julie W says:

    Lorrie U- You also, very well said! I think we have had Enough!

  198. Julie W says:

    I would think of Republiacans being CAPRICORNS

  199. Julie W says:

    I would think of Republiacans being CAPRICORNS, not Jupiterian who is benefecient to all. That is my take.

    So far 5 influential Conservative writers are putting it on the record, Palin is Unqualifed! Hope we hear from more.

    Rin: That is a very important adjustment you made in attitude. What we think and say are magents. We have the ability to visualize the world we want. When we give into fear and pessimissm we desimate that vision and it can become stillborn. More people now are involved in this vision, so it is more potent than those who want to continue the status quo. If we can remember to do a prayer or visualize Barack winning, do something positive when we feel despair and not give into that deadly enemy.

  200. parker says:

    HI Fe……..
    So far, Nancy has been pretty spot on.


    Yes- Nancy is a very good astrologer. that’s why i read the blog she writes. Otherwise I wouldn’t.

    I just pointed out some astro facts that hadn’t been mentioned.

    It seems Merriman is correct- people are so caught up in the election- best to just not comment on it- anymore. I think I will take his advice.

    all the best


  201. Pat C says:

    Sex Assault Program Cited in Monegan Firing Targeted Child Abusers

    By Zachary Roth – September 16, 2008, 4:58PM

    So Sarah Palin’s latest explanation for why she fired Walt Monegan is that he had gone over her head in seeking federal money for an initiative to combat sexual assault crimes, before she had approved the program.

    But it now appears that the program in question is one that most elected officials would be wary of admitting they hadn’t strongly backed.

    According to Peggy Brown, who heads the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Monegan wanted to use the federal money to hire retired troopers and law enforcement officials, and assign them to investigate the most egregious cases of sexual assault — including those against children.

    In other words, if Palin’s new story is true, she fired Monegan for being too aggressive in going after child molesters. ..


  202. Lisa says:

    Julie W,

    Repubs aren’t really Capricornian–though they do like to pretend to be. Caps tend to be competent. Repubs are of course screw ups.

  203. Julie W says:

    Lisa: Yes, Capricorns are very competent, but I mean like in money obsessed! Capricorns love money and will work hard to get it. They don’t like to spend it. They can be tight fisted. But I think you are right-on when you say pretend to be!

  204. Julie W says:

    Pat C: The Troopergate story is getting muddier and muddier! Will we get any clarity on this matter before the election?

  205. Renee says:

    With all the dirt coming out about ALASKA as a result of Palin’s nomination, I did a chart for the day it became a state. Eisenhower signed the statehood papers in Washington DC, January 3, 1959. I figured the time for noon ET, which is 8am Alaska time. WOW! Transiting Saturn recently conjuncted Alaska’s natal Pluto, and transiting Pluto is now conjuncting the natal Saturn! Talk about digging up dirt in Alaska’s government! The station by transiting Jupiter has been conjunct Alaska’s natal Sun (leader) but that’s going to be past very soon. T Uranus also squares the natal Merc. There’s more …I have to study it longer.

  206. Ali says:

    Zeroariestrian: Beautiful!

  207. LJ says:

    Renee, wonderful idea to check out Alaska’s chart! Great to have the info, and Alaska has had corruption problems for so long, hope Saturn/Pluto cleans up this mess.

  208. Julie W says:

    Meditation for the Highest Good in the Election

    By Corinne McLaughlin

    Begin by taking a few deep breaths to relax your body, emotions and mind, breathing in peace and stillness.

    Link inwardly with all of those around the world who are also meditating for the U.S. at this time, connecting with them heart to heart and soul to soul.

    Set aside your own political views and align with your highest self; inwardly affirm your intention in this meditation, using the prayers of your own spiritual tradition.

    Align with the soul of America, her highest purpose, and see this nation and her people surrounded with spiritual light and love so that they may vote with wisdom and clarity.

    Ask the higher spiritual forces to protect the election process on national, state and local levels, and to ensure a fair election, free from tampering.

    Pray that the election bring forth the highest good for the American people and for all humanity, and visualize the most positive outcome.

    Visualize a beautiful future for America—healthy, peaceful, and sustainable.

    From: Center for Visionary Leadership

  209. Julie W says:

    What’s she being promised by the McCain campaign? What’s her post-election payback I wonder?

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN.

    The announcement will take place at a news conference on Capitol Hill, just blocks away from the DNC headquarters. Forester will “campaign and help him through the election,” the spokesman said of her plans to help the Republican presidential nominee.

    Forester was a major donor for Clinton earning her the title as a Hillraiser for helping to raise at least $100,000 for the New York Democratic senator’s failed presidential bid.

    In an interview with CNN this summer, Forester did not hide her distaste for eventual Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

    “This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don’t like him,” she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.”

    http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com /

  210. Fe says:

    Give me an f–ing break:

    Someone with the last name of ROTHSCHILD calling son-of-a-single-mom-who-raised-him-on- food-stamps Obama an “elitist”?

    What a crock…..

  211. Fe says:

    From KOS:

    by DHinMI
    Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 09:07:11 AM PDT
    Elites complaining about elitism:

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN.

    “This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don’t like him,” she said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.”

    Forester is the CEO of EL Rothschild, a holding company with businesses around the world. She is married to international banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. Forester is a member of the DNC’s Democrats Abroad chapter and splits her time living in London and New York.

    Yes, that’s right, someone who splits her time between London and New York and is married to the CEO of an international bank who’s addressed as “Sir” claims Barack Obama is an elitist.

    Update by kos: A good, serious question from the comments:

    How about Reginald Humphrey Sinclair Rockefeller III, what does he feel about the elites?

  212. chiron says:

    Riggword. Credit to you for having the bravado for posting your statement on this site. As you may have noticed you will not get much positive reaction to your comment, and what comment you receive may not be enlightened with one or two exceptions. But you lay out your perspective with candor.

    Yes Merriman is more than correct. He has also centered himself spiritually as is necessary for an astrologer. Astrology itself does not support any political viewpoint. Ultimately God is the only accurate forecaster. Remove ego and find truth.

  213. Fe says:

    Fiorina disappeared
    by kos
    Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 10:27:42 AM PDT
    She made the mistake of telling the truth.

    Asked by a St. Louis radio station whether she thought Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin could run a company like Hewlett-Packard, Fiorina responded: “No, I don’t.

    “But that’s not what she’s running for. Running a corporation is a different set of things.”

    Asked about that remark on MSNBC, she made the same unprompted assessment of the GOP presidential nominee. “I don’t think John McCain could run a major corporation.” […]

    A top McCain official contacted by CNN said, on condition on anonymity, “No big deal, but not how you get on the surrogate all-star team. Very Biden-like.”

    “This campaign source said Fiorina would be discouraged from additional media interviews.

    Another top campaign adviser was far less diplomatic.

    “Carly will now disappear,” this source said. “Senator McCain was furious.” Asked to define “disappear,” this source said, adding that she would be off TV for a while – but remain at the Republican National Committee and keep her role as head of the party’s joint fundraising committee with the McCain campaign.

    Fiorina was booked for several TV interviews over the next few days, including one on CNN. Those interviews have been canceled.

    It wasn’t just McCain who was furious. Palin is also. In fact, perhaps it’s Palin who’s “disappearing” Fiorina, since she has a habit of doing that sort of thing to her enemies.

  214. Rin says:

    Well, it looks like 4chan hacked into Palin’s email account.


    I want to say that I, in no way, approve of this, but knowing the nature of that site and the people who belong to it I can’t help but laugh at them for doing it.

  215. Julie W says:

    Barack speaking now! CNN.com live

  216. Ali says:

    hi Julie, you are great at catching this! thanks again!

  217. Julie W says:

    Ali: Welcome. Dr. Laura is dissapointed in the Palin pick. I did not post it because she is entitled to her opinion but it sounds rather sexist, if that is the right word for it. She does not like the fact that Palin has small children and the last one has medical problems.

  218. Julie W says:

    Palin favorability rating drops ten percent in three daysRAW STORY
    Published: Wednesday September 17, 2008

    “When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate late last month, the Alaska governor quickly became a media phenomenon,” Newsweek wrote late Tuesday. “Largely unknown, she existed at first in something of an information vacuum, and due to the shock of her selection–everyone loves a surprise–the press rushed to fill the void with whatever data was easily available. Mostly this consisted of human interest material; Palin had plenty to go around. Mooseburgers. Float planes. Ice Fishing. Beauty pageants. Teen pregnancy. Et cetera. By the end of her first 15 minutes in the spotlight–which included her speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul–Palin existed mostly as an idea: a frontier supermom who’d triumphed over adversity (the Ol’ Boys Club, the “liberal media”). Palin spent her first week reading from a teleprompter and avoiding questions from the press–and the public–so as not to sully this first impression.” Excerpts:


    The polls reflected the early success of her strategy. In the three days after Palin joined Team McCain–Aug. 29-31–32 percent of voters told the pollsters at Diageo/Hotline that they had a favorable opinion of her; most (48 percent) didn’t know enough to say. By Sept. 4, however, 43 percent of Diageo/Hotline respondents approved of Palin with only 25 percent disapproving–an 18-point split. Apparently, voters were liking what they were hearing. Four days later, Palin’s approval rating had climbed to 47 percent (+17), and by Sept. 13 it had hit 52 percent. The gap at that point between her favorable and unfavorable numbers–22 percent–was larger than either McCain’s (+20) or Obama’s (+13).

    But then a funny thing happened: Palin lost some of her luster. Since Sept. 13, Palin’s unfavorables have climbed from 30 percent to 36 percent. Meanwhile, her favorables have slipped from 52 percent to 48 percent. That’s a three-day net swing of -10 points, and it leaves her in the Sept. 15 Diageo/Hotline tracking poll with the smallest favorability split (+10) of any of the Final Four. Over the course of a single weekend, in other words, Palin went from being the most popular White House hopeful to the least.”

  219. Lorrie U. says:

    This is shameful! This is the perfect example of how the conservative Christians think. It does not represent a true Christian’s values–enough is enough!

    Stanton: Christian summit serves Obama a helping of racism

    With a product stereotyping Muslims, Mexicans and African-Americans in one fell swoop, racism reared its ugly head at a conservative Christian confab in Washington, D.C., last weekend.

    On $9.99 boxes of “Obama Waffles” – snapped up at the Values Voter Summit – Barack Obama is depicted in an Aunt Jemima-style caricature.

    On the boxtop, he’s in a headwrap, with a red arrow saying, “Point box toward Mecca for tastier waffles.”


    This isn’t the first time Focus on the Family Action had to remove a “humorous” item.
    On Aug. 11, it took down a Web site video asking people to pray for “rain of biblical proportions” during Obama’s Aug. 28 nomination acceptance speech.

    Is racism really at issue this election year? That’s a question addressed nicely in Kelvin LaFond’s Sept. 5 letter to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

    What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review? What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?
    What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said “I do” to? What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife after she no longer measured up to his standards?

    What if Michelle Obama not only became addicted to pain killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization? What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?

    What if Obama were a member of the Keating 5? What if McCain was a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

    This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes positive qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in another when there is a color difference.

    Amen. Looks like it’s time to revisit those American values.

    more at link…

  220. Julie W says:

    Ali: Tied in Florida, that is great news!

  221. Fe says:

    My campaign poll zen koan:

    Ignore polls.

    Even good ones.

    Keep working.

  222. Julie W says:

    “Mixed review to McCain at GM plant in Michigan

    UAW political types will be pleased:

    A number of workers wore Obama t-shirts or pins and some attempted to line up so they would be in the camera shot of McCain. They did not appear to be successful. McCain got a polite reception from the workers, who applauded his lines about the American worker. When he finished speaking and was
    leaving, some of the Obama supporters began to chant, “O-bama—Oh-eight’’ It was not an overwhelming demonstration by any means, but certainly easy to hear in the cavernous assembly plant.”

    Jonathan Martin, Politico

  223. Julie W says:

    Fe: You are right, I have been working steadily all along, but it gives me some satisfaction when I briefly turn on Morning Joe and he reads the Gallup Polls with that smug look, especially when McCain is ahead and wonders why Barack can’t connect! Which is such baloney as Barack has been connecting from Day One as evidenced by the thousands who come out to see him after subjecting themselves to long hours in long lines, etc. It is so deceptive the way they speak.

  224. Lorrie U. says:

    Former National Review publisher endorses Obama: Wick Allison, current editor-in-chief of D (Dallas) Magazine:

    “[T]oday it is so-called conservatives who are cemented to political programs when they clearly don’t work. The Bush tax cuts—a solution for which there was no real problem and which he refused to end even when the nation went to war—led to huge deficit spending and a $3 trillion growth in the federal debt. Facing this, John McCain pumps his “conservative” credentials by proposing even bigger tax cuts. Meanwhile, a movement that once fought for limited government has presided over the greatest growth of government in our history. That is not conservatism; it is profligacy using conservatism as a mask.’

    “Today it is conservatives, not liberals, who talk with alarming bellicosity about making the world “safe for democracy.” It is John McCain who says America’s job is to “defeat evil,” a theological expansion of the nation’s mission that would make George Washington cough out his wooden teeth.’

    “This kind of conservatism, which is not conservative at all, has produced financial mismanagement, the waste of human lives, the loss of moral authority, and the wreckage of our economy that McCain now threatens to make worse.’

    “I now see that Obama is almost the ideal candidate for this moment in American history. I disagree with him on many issues. But those don’t matter as much as what Obama offers, which is a deeply conservative view of the world. Nobody can read Obama’s books (which, it is worth noting, he wrote himself) or listen to him speak without realizing that this is a thoughtful, pragmatic, and prudent man. It gives me comfort just to think that after eight years of George W. Bush we will have a president who has actually read the Federalist Papers.’

    “Most important, Obama will be a realist. I doubt he will taunt Russia, as McCain has, at the very moment when our national interest requires it as an ally. The crucial distinction in my mind is that, unlike John McCain, I am convinced he will not impulsively take us into another war unless American national interests are directly threatened.’

    “Every great cause,” Eric Hoffer wrote, “begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” As a cause, conservatism may be dead. But as a stance, as a way of making judgments in a complex and difficult world, I believe it is very much alive in the instincts and predispositions of a liberal named Barack Obama.”


  225. Ali says:

    Hi Fe, yes have to keep working, but polls and working aren’t mutually exclusive. The tough polls make me more determined, and the good polls encourage me!

  226. Ali says:

    Lorrie, thanks for that post, that is huge! It sems that at least some of the “Intellectual Conservatives” (David Blum, Andrew Sullivan, now David Brooks and others) who represent true conservatism are not in sync with the big-spending neocons who have been in power of late. This is encouraging.

  227. Pat C says:


    Harry Reid rips the fenders off the Straight Talk Express

  228. admin says:

    Lorrie – That is an amazing piece from the former National Review editor. I think if one can define conservatism, at least in some respect, as an awareness of our limitations and being cautious and prudent, then I would have to agree with him.

    Latest poll just out: CBS/NYT – Obama ahead 48/43 registered voters and 49/44 likely voters.


    McCain’s Jupiter bubble is officially over.

  229. Fe says:

    “The tough polls make me more determined, and the good polls encourage me!”


  230. Ali says:

    Nancy, more good news re CBS/NYT. We needed it after the Palin mania! I will never understand how any thinking person can believe McCain-Palin have any answers for this country.

  231. Ali says:

    hey Fe, does that mean you just hugged me?? :)

  232. Fe says:



  233. Fe says:



    Trooper-Gate’s Attorney-General Problem
    By Kate Klonick and Zachary Roth – September 17, 2008, 6:37PM

    Earlier today, we learned that Talis Colberg, Alaska’s Attorney General, is the latest figure to lend support to the GOP effort to stymie the Trooper-Gate investigation. Colberg sent a letter to Sen. Hollis French, who’s overseeing the investigation, asserting that the state employees who have been subpoenaed to testify in the probe won’t honor those subpoenas.

    So it’s worth stressing a point that might be getting lost in the flurry of moves and counter-moves: Colberg is no independent player in this case. In fact, he’s a Palin appointee, who was personally involved in the effort to pressure Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan to terminate Trooper Mike Wooten, and who has already led an investigation into the matter at Palin’s behest.

    When the legislature announced that it would hire an independent investigator, Stephen Branchflower, to look into charges that the governor had wrongfully terminated Monegan, Palin revealed that she had already requested that Colberg conduct his own parallel investigation. Colberg had begun gathering documents and evidence in late July, weeks before Branchflower had even begun his probe.

    At the time, legislators raised questions about Colberg’s involvement and the possibility of witness tampering.

    “I think it is harmful to the credibility of the administration, harmful to the process and harmful to all the parties involved,” Rep. Jay Ramras, the Republican chair of the House Judiciary Committee told the Anchorage Daily News. “It’s just the worst possible thing to be doing.”

    As a result of new information uncovered by Colberg’s investigation, Palin held a press-conference in mid-August and admitted that one of her staffers, Frank Bailey, had been tape recorded making a call to a state trooper’s office, requesting the removal of Wooten.

    And crucially, she also admitted that Colberg himself — as well as Todd Palin — had called Monegan and talked to him about Wooten. Thanks to these calls, Palin acknowledged, Monegan might have felt pressure to fire Wooten. Palin had previously denied that either she or her staffers had ever pressured officials to fire Wooten.

    For a time, it appeared that Colberg had distanced himself from the investigation as a result of this conflict of interest. When Palin hired Thomas Van Flein to represent her in the case, Van Flein cited Colberg’s call to Monegan as a reason why Colberg himself could not represent Palin. “The Department of Law had a potential conflict of interest, because Mr. Colberg, Attorney General Colberg, made contact with Mr. Monegan about Trooper Wooten,” Van Flein said at the time. “That would make him a potential witness, and thus there’s a potential conflict.”

    Last week, Senior Assistant Attorney General Michael Barnhill — not Colberg — authored a letter threatening to quash subpoenas if they were issued by the state legislature. Bloomberg even reported that Colberg had recused himself from the investigation.

    But in the light of Colberg’s letter to French announced this morning, that no longer appears operative.

    So in other words, Palin and her lawyer have admitted that Colberg, a Palin appointee, called Monegan and pressured him to fire Wooten, and that he has a clear conflict of interest in the case. And yet Colberg is still working to quash subpoenas issued in a bipartisan vote by the state legislature.

    The attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a call from TPMmuckraker seeking to clear up the confusion.

    Colberg’s background doesn’t suggest he’s a figure with much independent clout
    Before he was appointed attorney general by Palin, he was a little known assemblyman from the Matanuska Valley, in which Palin’s hometown of Wasilla sits.

    In an article Sunday in the New York Times, a family friend of Colberg described a conversation with him on his move from a one-room law office in rural Alaska to one of the highest offices in the state, supervising over 500 people: “I called him and asked, ‘Do you know how to supervise people?’,” Kathy Wells told the Times. “He said, ‘No, but I think I’ll get some help.'”

  234. Ali says:

    Fe, you’re a sweet person.

  235. Ali says:

    Nancy, the internals of that poll are interesting, Obama is back to winning independents by 5%.

  236. Rin says:

    Fe–You are awesome.

    “My campaign poll zen koan:

    Ignore polls.

    Even good ones.

    Keep working.”

    Darn right.

  237. Rin says:

    In the interest of balance I thought I should share with you some controversy rising from the Obama camp.

    “Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., has launched a new Spanish-language TV ad that seeks to paint Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., as anti-immigrant, even tying the Republican to his longtime conservative talk-radio nemesis Rush Limbaugh.”


    I am a strong supporter of Obama, but this is cheap and unfair. We are classier than this.

  238. Pat C says:

    That will cost him many many votes, but boy where are people going to go?

  239. Rin says:

    No, it want cost him many, many votes, but he should avoid such ads in the future.

  240. Pat C says:

    Oh yes it will.

  241. LJ says:

    Nancy, Thank you–so happy that McCain’s Bubble is bursting! CNN just said that McCain has made no surge in the Red States in the last 2 wks.

    Going to watch Hannity/ and the Snake Sarah!

  242. Fe says:


    I had an interesting conversation with one of my Latina friends here in SF. She asked her family, who live in LA, if they were going to vote for Obama, and many of them said “No”, not because of issues, or party, but simply because he was black.

    I think with those ads, offensive as they may be, he’s trying to reach out to Latino fence sitters who know they have no recourse with McCain and the Republicans, but have pre-conditioned racism from either being here fresh from America, or learned elsewhere.

    That’s where you have low-info voting crossing cultural lines, and Limbaugh is iconic enough to get people to snap out of the racial pre-conditioning.

    We may not like it, but in those communities, the issue becomes more basic: Your learned racism or your survival in the US?

  243. Rin says:

    For the sake of discourse can you expound on your assertion?

  244. Rin says:

    Sorry, that last post was to Pat C.

    Fe–Yes, there are going to be many people who won’t for him because he is black. I live out in LA, and I know more Latinos here and in Austin, TX who will vote for Obama because not all Latinos are racist.

    It’s not worth winning if you have to compromise your values. If we are in this to clean up the dirty game of politics then how does it look when we stoop the other side’s level? We don’t have to win that badly if it means turning into what we’re trying to fight.

    Just thinkin’ about the Karma.

  245. LJ says:


    Info about the hacking into Palin’s e-mail

    Usual lies and Palin is boring.

  246. Fe says:

    I am thinking about it too since reading your post, and there’s really a kind of disconnect that I know I’m aware of as a woman of color in California/America.

    You so want to belong, particularly new immigrants, that you will do anything, mostly out of fear, to belong. There are so many people who can easily destroy you, deport you, or jail you, just for being who you are, that even when you’re legalized and a citizen with voting priviledges, you’re scared to act on them.

    Therefore, you start taking on the role of the oppressors, believing even against your own natural inclinations. And all of this a matter of perceived disempowerment.

    Rush is a very heavy dude amongst immigrant communities. With a word, he can mobilize racist militias to separate you from your family. What a powerful motivator that is, making you soo afraid that you have to stay at home and pretend that an election that could save your life doesn’t even exist.

  247. Pat C says:


    Money talks, Barack. Are you listening?
    With the fall of the Dow, Obama has the chance to change the national conversation to something more important than moose hunting.

    By Walter Shapiro

  248. Rin says:

    Fe–I hear you. I am a black woman, myself, who grew up in Los Angeles amidst the growing divide between Latinos and African-Americans. More than oppression–though that is certainly a major part of it–I think a lack of communication and understanding is largely to blame for the rising hostilities among both groups. We are both a marginalized group competing for crumbs of social and economic status. So, yes, competition, caused by the disenfranchisement we both face, is bound to stir up resentments in either side.

    That said, not all Latinos should be viewed the same. A close friend of my boyfriend and mine who is Mexican-American just donated $200 out of his paycheck to Obama’s campaign, and even phonebanks for the campaign when he has the time. What really attracted me to Obama after some serious consideration was the fact that he would not let his race define him. That struck a chord with me because I am often struggling not to be defined by either my race or gender. Oddly enough, it is often other black people who take offense to me, because they believe I am trying to deny them in some way. But as Obama does not race define him, neither should he race bait with other people.

    As for Limbaugh, he’s a despicable human being–slimy, opportunistic, and ego-maniacal. But it is not fair for anyone to take his words out of context or try to associate them to McCain. It was wrong when the Republicans try to link Obama to Ayers, and it’s wrong to do this to McCain.

  249. Fe says:


    I’d say between the two of us, you’re the better angel.

    I’ve been too long in the game to know sometimes that its better to win good versus win ugly. Though sometimes, when the devil throws nothing but fecal spitballs, the temptation to not volley back is very, very hard to resist.

  250. crystal says:

    Mark Crispin Miller’s article – Why they chose Sarah Palin – is a real eye-opener. I like his new name for McCain – McBush. I hope it sticks. I hope the Dems don’t let the thieving Repigs get away with stealing the election yet again. This time it has to be different. WE the people must all take to the streets in protest. We let them get away with it too easily!

  251. Ali says:

    This has been an encouraging day for Obama. ABC called out McCain on regulation flip flops on the air!


    Rin & Fe, thank you for your honest and heartfelt comments.

  252. Robin says:

    My Scottish friend sent this link:


    “Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter”

  253. LJ says:


    Article says McCain still tied to Bush.

    Robin- love your article.
    Of course, Palin told the same half-truths on Hannity and Colmes. She is extremely phony. Karl Rove was his usual despicable self and as bad as Rush Limbaugh. Both should be in jail

  254. LJ says:


    Alaska getting angry at Palin too!

  255. Ali says:

    Folks, we are living in interesting times…

  256. Stefanie says:

    Since we’re throwing all the ethnic love to Obama today, I want to add that I (a Jewish New Yorker) am part of a group called Jews for Obama. My kid bro and I are going down to Miami at some point in the next few weeks to speak to our elders, those that have been lied to and misled, about who Obama really is. I saw a poll on CNN tonight that the Jewish votes specifically is 50/50. I know my peeps are going to come around, I just know it!!! The CNN piece was funny; they showed a woman introducing herself to a crowd in a Jewish center in Boca. She said, “I”m here to talk to you all about why we need to elect “Baruch” Obama and Joe Biden.” The crowd seemed to love it.

  257. Rin says:

    Did she really pronounce his name “Baruch”? That’s so awesome!

  258. Ali says:

    Stefanie, that is fantastic that you’re delivering your persuasion in person! I am becoming very hopeful about Florida!

  259. Lorrie U. says:


    With the election only weeks away, let’s go for the nuts and bolts of the candidates’ horoscopes.

    Three bodies trigger the recently discovered planet Eris, goddess of discord, who had a penchant for conflict and a lust for war. These blips started on the 16th, again today (the 18th) and the strongest of the trio involves Mars, the traditional god of war, forming on the 21st. As fast as campaign chatter shifted from fluff to dialogue about serious financial matters, the attack on U. S. Embassy in Yemen in between these first two dates, Pakistan’s recent promises, Iraq et al, platform talk soon shifts again to include military/defense plans.


    The philosophical planet Jupiter forms a most convenient aspect of change to Obama’s persona. Combined with a strong transit of Venus, known for her ways with material matters, expect a set of fiscal solutions to appear that force business as usual to make more than moderate adjustments. If listening carefully, many of the ideas make sense no matter on which side of the fence one stands. As a result, his stock rises this week and previous polling losses enter into an interval of notable recovery. The further along we proceed, distortions thrown his way fail to dent his strengthening image. On one of those recent stumps, seems he stopped in for a Teflon undercoating.


    The fact-checking, detail-demanding Saturn continues border incursions on the turf of McCain’s planet of spin, Neptune, which also holds sovereignty over video. Video will not be a friend. Given that the Maverick planet Uranus now aligns with the tradition, conservative base of Saturn, expect a critical assessment of progressive votes versus party line votes. Ceres to Mars renders a touch of support if applied with vehemence regarding bolstering the fate of the fundamentals – the average economically disadvantaged workers. The patterns say if you want us to ride your wave of hope for the economy, we want you to provide work surfboards from which we know we will not fall. It’s a very tough go for the McCain camp until the election. More long term, heavy duty planet patterns apply to his chart than Obama’s, until oddly a few weeks after the election.

  260. Ali says:

    Astrology Mundo, written in May 2008:

    “There are some not so favorable transits happening to McCain on Inauguration Day so I’m not ready to call this a done deal by any means. The Saturn/Uranus opposition in Pisces/Virgo is sitting right on top of McCain’s natal Venus/Saturn opposition in the fifth and 10th houses. If it’s not heart trouble, it’s girl trouble. Maybe both. Still, if McCain fails to win the presidency, he’ll be able to console himself with the wealth and power coming his way.”

    Note the sentence: “If it’s not heart trouble, it’s girl trouble. Maybe both”.

    Nancy and some others commenting on McCain’s health a night or 2 ago. Also girl trouble = Saracuda Palin.


  261. Ali says:

    Nancy and all, what do you think about this re upcoming mercury retrograde:


  262. Jerry W says:

    The Big Banks/ What’s Behind The Bank Selling
    by Liz Moyer,


    The federal government has a knack these days for sparking market panic when it intends to do the opposite.

    Tuesday night’s rescue of American International Group (nyse: AIG – news – people ), in the form of $85 billion in emergency loans from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (financed by the U.S. Treasury), was supposed to soothe fears that another major financial company was about to fall and send a cascade of problems through the financial markets.

    But the markets didn’t read it that way. Instead, investors stampeded out of financial stocks and herded into gold.

    A sharp sell-off, and suspicions of stock manipulation Wednesday, led Morgan Stanley (nyse: MS – news – people ) CEO John Mack to meet with the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Treasury Secretary and his counterpart at Goldman Sachs (nyse: GS – news – people ). The meeting was to strategize over how to stop the short-selling carnage.



    Markets in Disarray as Lending Locks Up/
    Federal Intervention Fails to Stem Crisis of Confidence on Wall St.
    By Neil Irwin and David Cho
    Washington Post
    September 18, 2008

    The flow of money through critical parts of the financial system all but stopped yesterday, prompting the stock market to plunge again as banks lost faith in one another and investors rushed to U.S. government securities to protect their savings.



  263. Mark says:

    I was wondering about Mercury Retrograde, too. Does it hurt one candidate more than other?

    Really hoping McCain or Palin say something we can mock them over.

  264. Lisa says:

    I’ve been contemplating the all-important positions of Saturn and Uranus to our upcoming election. We all know that something very big will occur on November 4th at about 9:30 pm EST. I think we would all agree that Uranus in Pisces represents Obama’s candidacy, and Saturn in Virgo represents McCain’s. So, the question is, which will win out?

    I would think Uranus will prevail, because the sign of Aquarius is ‘after’ the sign of Capricorn. In a sense, Uranus is the further progressed planet; coming after the “tradition and structure” phase of Saturn–and it acts as a sledge hammer to Saturn. So, I invision the collective consciousness of our country, and even the world getting a sledge hammer of change on the evening of November 4th.

    To me, that doesn’t suggest a McCain win.

  265. Jerry W says:

    Monday’s Pisces Full Moon at 22 Pisces closely conjoining tr. Uranus in t square to key points in the US and Paul Bernanke’s charts set off a wave of panic selling in US and international financial markets.

    To add to the astrological mix, the Federal Reserve Board’s ascendant (refer to chart: http://tinyurl.com/2sanc8 ) at 18 ’05 Cancer conjunct natal Mars (19 ’33 Cancer) in opposition to natal Jupiter (19 ’23 Capicorn on the descendent), is currrently being t squared by tr. Mars (19 Libra) today and tomorrow. Mars also forms a quincunx to tr. Neptune (20 Aquarius). The 1929 stock market crash was conventionally said to have occurred on Thursday the 24th and Tuesday the 29th of October. These two dates have been dubbed “Black Thursday” and “Black Tuesday,” respectively. Pluto stationed retrograde on October 21st at 19 ’37 Cancer (within a 3 minute orb of the Fed’s natal Mars). Three days later – October 24th, with the precipitous fall on the markets known as Black Thursday – Moon conjoined Pluto. On the 29th known as Black Tuesday – Mercury squared Pluto.

    The point being, the Federal Reserve Mars/Ascendant degree exhibits a prodigious sensitivity to adverse outward transits.

    Current volatile market activity as explained by Raymond Merriman has a close parallel to Pluto’s landmark entry into Capricorn activating the Fed’s natal Pluto-Sun opposition and the ……

    “…….If there is a financial (or currency) crisis, one of those areas affected may be the Federal Reserve Board, which will find transiting Pluto moving over its Sun, and in opposition to its natal Pluto (0-1 of Capricorn and Cancer respectively, 2008-2010). When Pluto is involved, things to which it pertains come to an end. They are oftentimes terminated, or at least transformed significantly from their present incarnation. In the case of an entity’s Sun, it means its leader. In the case of its own natal Pluto, it may be the end of the entity itself – at least as it has been known to be. And it is interesting that at the same time Pluto hits this Sun-Pluto opposition in the natal chart of the FRB (born Dec 23, 1913), the transit of Uranus will square FED Chairman Bernanke’s Sun (21 Sagittarius), square his natal Jupiter (21 Gemini), and conjunct his natal Moon (around 21 Pisces). By the end of 2008 and into 2009, Saturn will go through 21 Virgo, thus completing the grand square to the FED chair’s chart. His birth data and its source were provided in previous columns.

    If you are looking for a reason why the markets may collapse in the not-so-distant future, I would look in this direction, for these are the key players in the cosmic drama that is unfolding 2008-2010.”

    Here’s an article from the Wall Street Weather website that may shed some additional light on what’s going on……

    AIG, Lehman, and Merrill under a Harvest Moon: Parallels to the Panic of 1907

    Yesterday’s stock market selloff on the Harvest Moon illuminated the fear (Saturn) and dislocations (Uranus), from a lack of transparency (Full Moon in Pisces), that eroded investors trust, resulting in the largest bankruptcy (Pluto) filing in U.S. history. It illustrated how rapidly financial cycles can descend from feast to famine.

    Pluto rules debt. In the global sign of Sagittarius since 1995, it reflected how Wall Street and the world gorged on the low hanging fruit, piling up the leverage (debt) in exchange for future profits of a field left uncultivated. Pisces and its planetary ruler Neptune rule credit which means “to believe,” and the accumulation of debt was based on the belief that assets such as real estate would continue to increase in value. Like the medieval alchemists who sought to turn base metal into gold, the wizards of Wall Street bundled lower quality mortgages and other assets into various financial instruments. The party was over when Saturn in Leo opposed Neptune last year, bursting the credit bubble.



  266. Julie W says:

    Ali: This site has McCain’s 11:00 a.m. birthtime and also a link for his transits on Inauguration Day! They look good, but I will have faith that Barack will win out inspite of the favorable planets McCain has on Inauguration Day.


  267. Julie W says:

    Robin: Are we going back to the 16th Century and burning them at the stake?

    Lorrie U: That is an awesome endorsement from a top conservative. There is light after all at the end of the tunnel!

    All the articles were great and this is very dedicated and hardworking group for truth and justice, and so glad I found it. Love to all today and blessings.

  268. Julie W says:

    Barack’s New ad on Social Security — A Vote Changer!


  269. Lisa says:

    Wow Julie– I think if that Social Security Ad doesn’t get through to those who’re still undecided…


  270. Julie W says:

    The Real Scoop On Palin’s Staged Town Hall Meeting — Another Pretend Moment!


    So, what was the catch? Unlike most town-hall events, which are open to the public, include diverse crowds, and no one needs an advance invitation, this event was for ticket-holders only. And the only way to get a ticket was through the local Republican Party, after an advance RSVP. No wonder Palin was prepared to play “stump the candidate” — it was a very friendly crowd that had no interest in testing her.

    It doesn’t exactly sound like a vote of confidence in the candidates’ ability to answer tough questions, does it?

  271. Julie W says:

    Lisa: You are right. I think that is a very powerful ad!

  272. Julie W says:

    Michelle on Cnn.com live – now she’s authentic!

  273. Jill G says:

    Jerry W
    Your 1:53 entry just confirms what my husband has been telling me. (He’s a social psychologist that studies financial market trends for “fun”.) He said it looks like Bank of America is the last viable commercial bank left in America now. Our regular bank, Washington Mutual, is waiting/hoping for a buyout to keep them afloat. Chris has stopped automatic deposit and plans to open an account with Bank of America and wait to see what happens to WA-MU. Then he has to figure where to send his pay check: Everbank or Van Guard. It’s making my brain fuzzy.

  274. LJ says:


    This is a great vedio of McCain not having a clue of what’s happening.
    I would guess that Chase Bank–J.P. Morgan would be sound. Rockefellers started it and Obama is being backed by the Rockefellers and campaign money being given to Obama by J.P. Morgan?
    Since it seems that the McCain bubble has burst, doesn’t that confirm the time that Nancy uses?
    And, so far, Palin’s speeches seems “canned” she does not properly answer any question.
    Looks like McCain forgot that Spain was our ally too, proof that he does not understand foreign piolicy too. He looks more like he is falling apart.

    Mercury Retro–will people forget what was said in the debates, after it goes direct or more old info can be drudged up, like the Keating 5, on McCain.
    Sherrod Brown, Ohio, finally brought that up yesterday.
    There is so much info now, that my eyes are crossing again.
    But Nancy’s time seems to be correct.

  275. LJ says:

    Sorry, my spelling is falling apart too.

  276. LJ says:


    All of Alaska is divided on Palin, now and angry about McCain’s lawyers being there, this is great for Obama

  277. LJ says:


    This news does have to go to main-stream media.

    Thanks for thinkprogress too.

  278. Ali says:

    Joe Klein of Time using the ‘L’ word on McCain’s campaign. I admire him again – he was one of the first of the MSM to speak out against the dishonesty of McCain’s campaign several weeks ago, when everyone else was still spouting glibly “He’s a MAVERICK!”


    Julie, thank you for that link. I think the Astrology Mundo article was also using the 11:00 time for McCain, tho I don’t think it would affect the T Saturn on Venus/Neptune, guess the “girl trouble” is coming from that aspect.

  279. Julie W says:

    Government Says:

    “We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to fix Social Security
    We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to fix Medicare
    We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to provide health care to ALL Americans
    We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to help out Americans losing their homes
    We don’t have ENOUGH MONEY to help all our veterans returning from war


    We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to bail out Bears Stearns
    We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to bail out AIG
    We DO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to pay for an unnecessary TRILLION DOLLAR war

    When the LITTLE GUY needs help, they scornfully say, “GET A JOB!”
    But when of their BIG GUY CRONIES need a bailout, what do they say? WHERE’S THE CHECK BOOK!”

    (Bigbearjohn on DU Blog)

  280. Carol (Aquariusmoon) says:

    The way things are looking, Mattress Bank or the Strongbox Mutual Fund seems to be the safest place to put yourmoney. Remember when we used to laugh at those older people who kept all their money under the mattress or in a strongbox or with them because they were afraid of losing it? A lot of us aren’t laughing anymore but wondering if we have to resort to similar measures for at least a while.

  281. LJ says:

    Julie W. Fantastic info and sadly true. We all have to get {angry} involved to stop this.

    McShame’s rally in Iowa was shouted down by Women Anti-War protesters. It was great/CNN had it on.

    Nancy, I hope you give us some info for the Sept. 26 debate?

  282. Fe says:

    Check out my new article at Planetwaves:

    Welcome Comrades: The Bailout of Big Business,


  283. Fe says:

    The Rain In Spain Mainly Falling on McCain
    09.18.08 — 12:29AM By Josh Marshall

    To recap, tonight we’ve been discussing Sen. McCain’s bizarre interview in which he appeared not to know who Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero was and, in an effort to wing it, assumed he must be another left-wing, anti-American leader from Latin America. In the Spanish press analysis of the interview, at least, many seem uncertain whether McCain even knows where Spain is, though that strikes me as a bit excessive.

    Just how this will get played in the American press will be interesting to see because it cuts to two of McCain’s key vulnerabilities — the first being his apparently rather shaky foreign policy experience if can’t identify the leader of a major NATO ally and the second being what I guess we would call declining mental acuity.

    Now, bear in mind that so far we’ve only been able to clearly hear the audio of the interview in the translations provided by the Spanish radio station that conducted the interview. But the interview, which was conducted entirely in English, was recorded. I’d assume that if this story gets any traction some media outlet here will prevail on the Spanish news organization to release the English language recording of the interview.

    All of the Spanish language speakers I’ve heard from who’ve listened to the interview think there’s no doubt that McCain just got confused and didn’t know who Zapatero was or possibly didn’t even know where Spain was. But again, in the released audio, you just hear the translator, with the original English sufficiently far in the background as to be largely inaudible. So we probably won’t know just what happened until we hear the original.

  284. Pat C says:


    20 second video. Palin says it. Yes, she does. “Palin and McCain administration.”

  285. Fe says:

    Pat C:

    Thanks for the Palin link. But jeebus, I’m trying to hold down my breakfast!!

    Palin is a true con artist. I think the media has been suspecting this and is airing it out, drip by drip.

  286. Julie W says:

    Ali: Welcome

    LJ: Yes, you are right, Biden tells people to Stand up! He’s very good too, very. Everyone is so involved, even media. I think the collective consciousness senses that we are at a crossroads, sink or swim!

  287. LJ says:

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-kelly/the-delicate-subject-of-j_b_127359.html– so glad this in print

    McCain is losing his marbles. Tired? Too much to remember and Saturn opposing the 6th house?

    Fe, thank you for the article in planetwaves. It was great and great to see the statistics.

  288. Fe says:


    You’re welcome, and please feel free to post comment!!

  289. Pat C says:

    Fe, I just don’t understand how anyone can stand to listen to her. It’s beyond me.

    Great article!



    Multi-Billion $$ Monsanto Sues More Small Family Farmers

  290. Lorrie U. says:

    Fe, great PlanetWaves article!

    I’m not sure I buy the 11 a.m. time for McCain giving him Scorpio rising. Sorry, I have Scorpio rising and it doesn’t feel true to me. Even his mother has contradicted herself, so who knows. It’s kind of hard to keep track of the time when one is in labor.

    ‘McCain’s deputy press secretary said she had many people call for his birth time and she had called his mother. Mom said “about 9 AM.” In one of his political ads in May 2008, he and his mom are “chatting” and she said “I awakened and I told Jack, “we’re gonna’ have this baby. This baby came, I think, about 11:00″

    I’m not sure I buy the 11 a.m. time for McCain giving him Scorpio rising. Sorry, I have Scorpio rising and it doesn’t feel true to me.

  291. David says:

    There is a power outage and Nancy is unable to finish and post her latest article. I am writing this on her behalf from my office computer. Nancy will be back online very late tomorrow or Saturday. thanks.


  292. LJ says:

    David, thank you for the important info.-power
    outage? that is a disaster. Can’t wait until she gets back, I hang on her every word!!

    Lorrie U. personally, I can see McCain as Libra rising. He was good-looking when younger, and bounced around being charming to many women.
    I also think he has trouble making decisions, flip-flops are normal for him, He wants to please, and got into trouble with that Keating 5, he did not stand up to Keating. And Nancy seems to be right on now with his Jupiter bubble bursting?

    Just heard Obama, on CNN, he was great, and CNN stayed on his speech a long time. Obama can turn this around now.

    Thinking of John O’Neil today, he tried to get into Yemen? {spelling} to track terrorists and the Ambassador would not let him back into the country. He left the FBI, being frustrated and was killed 911 in the World Trade Center. I have to look up his birth data. I found an interesting website, but do not know if I should post it yet. It is scary to me. Love to scare myself!! Still thinking of Eliot Spitzer too and he tried to stop Wall Street predators.

  293. Pat C says:


    US Weighing Plan to Set Up Facility to Hold Bad Debts



    Lawmakers Left On the Sidelines As Fed, Treasury Take Swift Action

    The frenetic pace of the financial crisis has forced the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve to make rapid-fire decisions in recent days, leaving Capitol Hill lawmakers effectively impotent — and frustrated.

  294. Lisa says:

    Lorrie U, I feel absolutey sure McCain does not have Scorpio rising. He is a Libra rising in every way — chatty, always telling little stories, very social, quick to smile and lots of phoney smiles. This is soooo Libra rising. While people with Scorpio rising are quiet, watchful and more reserved. They don’t smile a lot and they do not gab a lot. Also, as LJ said, he had a very Libran face when he was younger (now he sort of has an old geezer potato face, so its harder to tell)

    But that aside, McCain’s Moon has got to be in the 4th and Pluto in the 10th. It absolutely correlates with everything we know about him– ie. family issues driving him to prove himself.

    I did an astro-analysis for him with the 9 am time and I think it fits like a glove.


  295. Lisa says:

    Oh Lorrie — so what I’m saying is: I totally agree with you!

  296. Lorrie U. says:


    While people with Scorpio rising are quiet, watchful and more reserved. They don’t smile a lot and they do not gab a lot.”

    Right on! And not only that, he doesn’t have the Scorpio rising ability for fabulous sarcastic responses off the top of his head.

  297. Lisa says:

    Fabulous sarcastic responses! Yes!

    My boyfriend has Scorpio rising, so how well I know the sting!