8th Aug, 2008

Bayh, Kaine, and Biden

The Veepstakes are upon us, and everyone is busy hyperventilating about the odds: who will help with which state or which region; who is steeped in foreign policy gravitas; who understands finance; and who has chemistry with Obama; etc. As always, the lack of birth time for these candidates is a very great handicap, but we will plunge into the murky waters nonetheless, as we add our two cents to the mix.

I have done a comparison of the top contenders, as far as we know: Tim Kaine, Evan Bayh, and Joe Biden. The results are murky at best, leading me to wonder if the answer is really None of the Above. Of the three, Bayh seems the most likely, since he benefits from the Jupiter station in August and September, has some positive indicators in November and January, and has some strong links to Obama.

In Bayh’s chart (12/26/55, Shirkieville, IN), progressed Sun (28Aquarius) is opposite natal Pluto (28 Leo) and square natal Saturn (28 Scorpio) peaking in April 2009. In addition, converse progressed Jupiter (28 Leo) is conjunct natal and converse progressed Pluto through most of 2009. This combination of aspects suggests a period of intensified ambition, transformation, heightened success, and increasing power and responsibility. It is activated by transiting Jupiter (13 Capricorn) from early August through October 2, and by transiting Pluto (28 Sagittarius) during August and the first half of September 2008. This would suggest that the current VP “tryouts” could morph into something more substantial in the next few weeks and will not evaporate by mid-August.

Using the one-day-equals-one-month method of calculating tertiary progressions, Bayh also has tertiary progressed Venus conjunct tertiary progressed Node (11 Scorpio) during all of November 2008, suggesting a very popular and upbeat period for him. Meanwhile, tertiary progressed Pluto is conjunct natal Jupiter (1 Virgo) peaking in September 2009, and will be strongly triggered by transiting Pluto (1 Capricorn) trine natal Jupiter/tertiary progressed Pluto in December 2008 and again from June through November 2009, another sign of success and increasing power. In addition, Bayh will undergo several minor Jupiter transits through January 2009 that, taken cumulatively, cover from the 2nd through the 18th and indicate a very expansive and upbeat time.

Finally, the Bayh/Obama connection is quite strong, with Bayh’s Venus/Uranus/Moon/Neptune/Jupiter interaction all at the very early degrees of the signs nicely aspecting Obama’s similar combination of Jupiter/Venus/Moon and Mercury also in the earliest degrees. Moreover, in the Obama/Bayh midpoint composite chart, there is a Sun/Mercury conjunction (23 Libra) suggesting a very easy and companionable communication between them.

Tim Kaine’s chart (2/26/58, St. Paul, Minnesota) gives an entirely different picture. Although tertiary progressed Sun is square natal Venus (2 Aquarius) in August, it peaks prior to the Democratic Convention, suggesting the increased glow of heightened attention quiets for him after mid-month. In addition, converse Sun is conjunct natal Mars (16 Capricorn), but this year-long and very energizing progression also peaks in August and then dissipates. There are some indications of campaigning in October (tertiary Venus square Sun and tertiary Sun conjunct Neptune), as well as of increased energy in November (tertiary Mars opposite Mars), but these are all pretty tepid and not backed by transits or secondary progressions. January is quite strong, expansive, and optimisitc, with a series of Jupiter transits: square Jupiter, conjunct Venus, square Node, sextile Mercury, and square Neptune. Thus, if Kaine is the VP candidate, there is no indication that he will be on the losing team, but there seems only a weak case that he will be chosen in the first place.

As for Joe Biden (11/20/42, Scranton, Pa), although his name has been bandied about lately by the pundits, he seems more tailor-made for Secretary of State than Vice President. It is hard to imagine him in a position that by definition means “number 2”. Interestingly, Biden does benefit from the long Jupiter station in August and September, with transiting Jupiter (13 Capricorn) semsiquare his Sun/Venus conjunction (27 – 28 Scorpio). So he is likely to be out and about, feeling expansive, talkative, and quite popular. Unfortuntely, Neptune will also be square his Mercury (21 Scorpio) during this period and through November, suggesting he needs to carefully watch what he says, for his words could easly be misconstrued or purposefully twisted by the Right-wing Scream Machine. Nonetheless, Biden seems to be in good spirits from late November through early January, with Jupiter sextile Mercury, Sun, and Venus, as well as opposing natal Jupiter during that period. Perhaps more interesting is the increase in power that seems to come to him around March 2009 (give or take a few months depending on birth time), when progressed Sun moves into opposition of progressed Pluto (6 Leo) for a year and then opposition natal Pluto (7 Leo) during 2010. Late 2009 will also bring converse Venus conjunct converse Node (4 Virgo) for a year, leading me again to wonder about the Secretary of Sate position.

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