22nd Nov, 2018

Sound and Fury

More often than not, the national conversation these days has devolved into a bizarre struggle over the nature of reality. On one side of this argument is Donald Trump, who spews the self-serving, delusional ramblings of one whose grandiosity cannot tolerate loss or criticism or challenge, and who needs to constantly conjure up enemies as a prop for his imagined heroism.  Just this week in Trump’s hallucinatory rantings, the 2018 election was a huge win for Republicans; Admiral William McRaven,  who  once criticized Trump’s attack on the free press, is a Democratic  stooge who should have gotten Osama bin Laden much sooner; and the historically destructive California wildfires are the fault of (mostly Democratic) Californians who didn’t rake enough.

Needless to say, the long list of Trump’s narcissistic perversions of reality goes on and on, but the theme is always the same. The lies either fabricate Trump’s  greatness, success, and heroism, reinforced by the invocation of false threats, like the grotesquely maligned caravan, against whom he alone can protect us, or they viciously belittle those who stand on the other side of this resounding clash of the national discussion. In this latter group are all those who actively oppose Trump’s egotistical delusions, including much of the national press, the Democrats, and anyone else who questions or criticizes Trump’s actions or words and who continues to believe in measurable facts on the ground.

In the world of astrology, Neptune is the planet of delusion, illusion, confusion, and, more generally, the inability to see reality in a clear, unbiased way. Those under its influence often get caught up in the emotional drama or fantastical expectation of the day, usually leading to eventual disappointment or disillusionment when the cold hard facts reassert their dominion in the material world.  Thus, Neptune shapes at least a part of the celestial description whenever a person is enthralled in a compelling illusion, whether it be adulation of a glorified lover, later revealed to be a scam artist; over-zealous investment in a get-rich-quick scheme, later revealed to be a con; or believing in a charismatic politician, eventually revealed to be a peddler of false promises and dishonest scare tactics to feed his lust for power and wealth. What is often referred to as Cult 45, the enthralled masses who cling to and spread Trump’s self-serving lies as if they were proclamations from Heaven, is a tragic example of the Neptune phenomenon impacting a large swath of the US population.

Of interest to our discussion is the transit of Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun (12 to 14 Pisces), which spans the 2016 campaign through January 9, 2019. We are currently in the final and protracted period of the intensified potency of this transit, from mid-September 2018 to January 9, 2019.  This transit points to a just under three-year period of US leadership (the Sun) being dishonest, emotionally susceptible to hyperbole, and projecting an illusory narrative that tends to enthrall a segment of the populace until ultimate disillusionment sets in. Reality is hidden under a fog of lies, deceptions, and unrealistic expectations.

Moreover, when Neptune, the planet of illusion, is followed by strong transits from Saturn, the planet of painful lessons in facing reality, the resulting letdown from the Neptunian hype can be very distressing. The US may well be facing such a phenomenon by mid-January 2019. As we move out of this multi-year Neptunian haze, we move directly into the transit of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19), from January 9 to  January 18, followed by Saturn square to US Saturn (14Libra48), from January 22 to January 30, and more significantly, from July 30 to October 23, 2019, during a planetary station. This shift from Neptune to Saturn, turning on a dime around January 9, suggests the beginning of a time when many of the Trump policies begin to manifest their true ramifications. Whether it is in a trade war, a Stock Market crash, increasingly acrimonious relations with allies, and/or the tightening of the screws on Trump’s illegal machinations, we will begin to see much more clearly what his absurd actions, policies, and words have truly wrought.

It is also worth noting that the very same 2019 Saturn transit that will be square to the US 10th house Saturn, will also be sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55), including the protracted planetary station from late July through October 23, as well as the short stint from January 22 to January 30. This suggests that the humiliation and weakening of the US global posture (Saturn square 10th house Saturn), especially strong in the summer and early fall of 2019, will also adversely impact Donald Trump personally. He is likely to feel constricted and depressed, and quite possibly encumbered by some health complications, especially during summer/fall planetary station. Although Trump does have some potent Jupiter activity in his chart from February through May, suggesting the experience of success and optimism, Jupiter also indicates recklessness and poor judgement. With the more aggressive, frustrating, agitating and ultimately depleting and depressing aspects during the second half of 2019, the seeds planted in the spring look like they will create a very malignant harvest come summer and fall.

As we watch in paralyzing horror, Donald Trump is cavalierly trampling over the soul of America. On a minute by minute basis, he conjures up whatever narrative suits his personal need, any adherence to fact or rationality be damned. Ultimately, the story is always the same. He and his followers are the victims, while any aggression perpetrated on those who criticize or are simply used as scapegoats is justified. If the attack turns to violence or leaves people homeless or starving or orphaned, well, it is collateral damage left in the wake of the grandiose posturing and the cruel combativeness that is Donald Trump.

In a little over a week, America will go to the polls and vote in the Midterm elections. Normally, this would bring huge losses to the party in power, as the country moves to bring balance back into the political equation. But these are not normal times. Emanating from the White House since the inception of this administration and poisonously seeping into the body politic of the nation is a toxic spew of endless lies and viciousness that seem utterly without precedent. As the election nears, it is hard to trust the wisdom of the citizenry when many are in thrall to a psychopathic con man.

Astrologically, it is very hard to get a clear picture of what is ahead. I see no consistent picture of misery from the Democratic side that I would expect if we lost both Houses of Congress. Nor do I see a resounding celebration that would point to a huge win. Indeed, there seems to be enough indication of some positive results that I do believe we will take the House back from the GOP, though likely not the Senate.

As for El Loco himself, there are some conflicting indicators. On the one hand, there is a Saturn transit square to his Neptune (5Libra57), from November 1 to November 11, which points to disappointed expectations or even delusions shattered. This seems likely to be about the dissolution of Trump’s Red Wave fantasy. Additionally, the Saturn transit will be simultaneously opposite US Jupiter (5Cancer56) and might therefore also bring unfortunate economic news or another contraction in the Stock Market during this same period.

Of concern to those of us who fear the unrestrained and unhinged attitude of the current resident of the Oval Office, there are other planetary indicators that point to a happy and contented attitude during November, as well as some over-optimistic and expansionist tendencies during early 2019, through May. In November 2018, transiting Jupiter will be square to Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) from November 3 through November 7, pointing to strong optimism, contentment, and possibly a lack of judgement in his actions. This will be immediately followed by the transiting Venus station square to natal Venus (25Cancer44) from November 7 to November 21, suggesting that Trump feels surrounded by friends who appreciate him. Moreover, the Mars transit opposite his Mars (26Leo46) and Ascendant covering from November 8 through November 10 and November 13 to November 15, respectively, suggest some very aggressive actions at that time. It seems quite likely that a number of firings and other dramatic actions will come immediately after the election, and Trump will be gloating as it all unfolds.

Disgraceful Donald does run into some brief frustrations and trouble in early December when Saturn makes its final crossing opposite his Mercury (8Cancer52), from December 1 through December 11. But it is 2019 that we must watch carefully. With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius after the election, it will move to oppose Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55) and his Node (20Gemini48), as well as conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12) three times each in 2019.  The first period of this multiple transit covers from February 12 to March 11, followed soon thereafter by the second crossing from April 26 to May 31.  Jupiter tends to bring expansionist tendencies and extreme confidence to the point of recklessness.

Of profound concern to us as Americans is the first crossing of the Pluto transit quincunx Trump’s Sun from February 10 to May 26 added to the already overconfident Jupiter period. Pluto aspecting the Sun brings an exaggerated sense of power struggle into the mix, and when combined with such strong Jupiter energy, especially from March 1 to March 11 and April 26 to May 10, 2019, we may see a megalomania that knows no bounds. If ever there was a planetary combination that might lead to an ill-conceived war, this would be it. The fact that it is followed from mid-June to early September 2019 with minor hard aspects from both Uranus (6Taurus) and Pluto (21Capricorn) to US Mars (21Gemini13), suggests that the Commander in Chief of the US Armed forces may push us heedlessly (Jupiter/Sun/Pluto) into a conflict we neither need nor want nor will easily prosecute. The Saturn station from July 29 to October 22, 2019, square to US Saturn (14Libra48) points to some kind of national humiliation and a much harder challenge than earlier considered. It may also be that this unforgivable mess conceived of by Trump and his minions will be the beginning of the end of his unlamented reign. But, unfortunately, at great cost to all of us.

1st Oct, 2018

The Granite Ceiling


This is a time of anguish in America. Despite the dramatic empowerment of women to stand up for themselves in the #MeToo Movement, the spiked granite ceiling of this new freedom is now evident. Indeed, when the extreme agenda of the conservative, white male power elites is in any way threatened, no lie, no cover-up, no outrage is too big to withstand the naked ambition of Republican politicians. In the current iteration, the fierce drive to get Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court in order to protect a traitorous and dishonest president and to enact a partisan right-wing wish list supersedes any concern for the multitude of women triggered by the enraged visage, angry voice, and the lecherous, drunken history of one Brett Kavenaugh. Even worse, it supersedes any inkling of shame over allowing a sniveling little liar and sexual predator onto the once-hallowed Supreme Court.

The latest travesty in this story is the false promise of an open FBI investigation to look at the accusations of sexual aggression and drunken misbehavior in the nominee’s history. For now, the investigation is so circumscribed by its White House directive that it will be unable to discover anything beyond the proverbial “he said, she said.”  Unless Senators Collins, Murkowski, and Flake show some real spine and demand an unhindered investigation, we will likely have a Justice Kavenaugh by next week.

The astrological indications of this situation, however, allow a tiny ray of hope. Peaking late in the day on October 2 after a four-week station, the transit of Saturn opposite US Venus (3Cancer06) clearly describes the oppression (Saturn) of US women (Venus) by conservative and established power structures (Saturn) and the general mood of anguish and upset in the country in general and of women in particular. The transit of the North Node in a quincunx to transiting Saturn through October 7 will continue this mood but to a much lesser extent. The tiny ray of hope comes with the beginning of Saturn separating from the transit as of late on October 2, perhaps suggesting that the FBI investigation, after much public outrage, will be freed up to actually investigate by late on the 2nd or the 3rd. In any event, it seems likely that something will shift around that time.

Also of interest is the second of three crossings of Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquairus49) from September 20 to October 18, bringing with it several shifts and sudden, unexpected changes of direction to the administration and its agenda.  One trigger for this comes in the late afternoon of October 3rd with the Moon crossing opposite the Inaugural Sun. A sudden change at this time is possible.

And finally, the last and protracted crossing of Neptune to the progressed US Sun (14Pisces15) is now in progress from September 14 through January 10. Unfortunately, this transit seems to heighten the hyper-partisan emotional extremes of the country. It also intensifies delusional thinking and the emotional reactions such thinking elicits. Moreover, it feeds the tendency for ungrounded grandiosity in the president (the Sun). America is having enough trouble with its progressed Sun in Pisces from November 2004 through November 2034. The addition of transiting Neptune into the mix from the early campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 through early January 2019 has only exacerbated the over-emotional responsiveness, the generalized addiction to outrage and victimhood, and the extreme partisan thinking of this period.

12th Sep, 2018

The Naked Emperor

It is almost as if we are living through a real life reenactment of the story The Emperor Has No Clothes. Until the release of the Bob Woodward book, Fear, coupled with the Anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, many, especially on the right, have pretended that Donald Trump is doing reasonable things and is working for the greater good of the country, albeit from a right-wing slant. The rest of us have clearly seen the naked emperor, with his depravity, his compulsive and delusional grandiosity, his paranoia, and his pervasive moral turpitude. Now that both Anonymous and the well-respected Woodward have declared that even those in the administration have recognized the jaw-dropping, distressing reality of the deeply impaired Trump, it is as if the floodgates have opened. Just as in the story when the little boy questioned why the emperor has no clothes, it is now much harder to go along with Trump’s delusional and self-absorbed reality.

If we look at the entire period from mid-June through today, we see the national outrage over the separation of children from their parents at the border, the Michael Cohen guilty plea that included Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator, the Manifort conviction and now possible plea deal, and, currently, the troubling revelations of the Woodward book and the Anonymous article.  During this period, despite relatively good economic news (for now), Trump’s approval ratings have gone down significantly and consistently in several polls.

Astrologically, there are two noteworthy configurations that correspond to these events. The first is the transit of Saturn square to Trump’s Neptune (5Libra51) which covered the first weeks of the separation policy coming to light  (6/14 to 6/27). This aspect will return on November 1 through November 11. It suggests the pain of reality (Saturn) crashing against the shores of Trump’s delusions (Neptune).  It is easy to imagine that Trump thought his cruel policies at the border would be happily embraced by America.  Clearly, he was upset at the tsunami of criticism and disapproval. We can only hope that the final crossing of this aspect around the time of the midterms suggests another huge Trumpian disappointment after an unrealistic expectation of a “red wave”.  I am concerned that the optimistic and success-inspiring Jupiter will square his Ascendant (29Leo55) from November 3 to November 8, but the more dour and depressing transit from Saturn continues through the 11th, so perhaps there are some very close elections that end badly for the GOP after a recount or the absentee ballots arrive. We will find out in November.

The second configuration of significance is the transit of Saturn opposite the US Venus (3Cancer06), while simultaneously also opposite the Sun in the Trump/US composite chart (3Cancer08).  For the US, this transit suggests a time of sorrow and loss. The first crossing of this long station in the summer of 2018 was from July 22 to August 10, during which some of the worst wildfires in history raged in California. The second crossing is from September 6 to October 2.  We are now in the early days of this final transit of Saturn to US Venus, as Hurricane Florence is building to overwhelm the southeast coast of the US. There is also a protracted Mars/Uranus square from September 15 to 19, which seems likely to be the period of greatest damage of the Hurricane, although the continuation of the Saturn transit through October 2nd suggests a great deal of stress and loss felt through that time, either from Florence or other, as yet, unspecified events.

The simultaneous transit of Saturn to the US/Trump chart Sun (July 22 through August 10 and September 6 to October 4) brings with it tension between the president and the country. Already, we have seen the fallout from the separation policy, and more recently, his poll numbers going down, as well as the revelations of the Woodward book and the Anonymous article. It may be that Trump may not do well with his handling of the disaster experienced in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and suffer from political difficulties as a result. In any event, the Saturn transit to the Trump/US chart suggests problems for the Trump/US relationship over the next three weeks.

31st Aug, 2018


Sorry I haven’t been on for a while, but David has been in the hospital and had three surgeries this summer. I am hoping this whole mess is almost over. FYI, Pluto has been crossing his 6th house Sun/Mars conjunction.

Anyway, as I am sure you have all noticed, the Mars station is now quincunx Trump’s Ascendant and will continue through around September 8. As many commentators have noted, he can barely contain his fury. Unhinged hardly describes it. Also, with the Saturn station very near opposition the US Venus, we have lost one of Amercia’s modern heroes, John McCain. His death feels like the final nail in the coffin of any vestige of Republican integrity and decency, and throws an even starker glare on the utter corruption and general vileness of the current party in power.