3rd Dec, 2019

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2nd Nov, 2019

Opposing the Blight

A cool, clean breeze has been flowing over the national psyche of late, helping to dispel the noxious fumes we have been subject to for years now. This fresh, bracing scent of health comes from those who stand for country over party, and for truth and patriotism and decency over the golden calf of self-interest to the exclusion of all else.

The latter reality, a poisonous blight on the national psyche which has been metastasizing for years, exists where financial gain and political power are the only currency. It finds its apotheosis in the presence of Donald Trump, but is in no way limited to his festering presence. The Republican Congressional men and women, who have sold their souls for the next election and their own self-promotion, contribute mightily to the virulent soul sickness of the nation. So, too, do the corporate overlords who are willing to poison the water, the air, and the land to maximize their bottom line. This spreading blight is the same whether the goal is financial, political, or personal. It is always about self-interest over the greater good and it is killing the country.

The recent revelation of the whistle-blower complaint, the Democratic House standing up for the country and the rule of law, and the testimony of career civil servants recognizing misconduct and speaking their truth despite the risks, reminds us of the cure. It remains to be seen if this fresh, clean wind will continue to strengthen and be sufficient to cleanse the air of a devastating national plague.

As predicted on this site, the protracted Saturn station from mid-July to late October has been devastating for Donald Trump. An historical and devastating impeachment probe was fully in gear by the end of this period.  Also predicted was the brief flurry of “winning” that came at the end of October, most notably when Jupiter crossed opposite to Trump’s Sun. This brought with it the great victory over Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but any residual positive impact for Trump lasted barely a day, as the transit passed. Moreover, the reckless, grandiose attitude that sometimes comes with Jupiter could be clearly seen in the abhorrent press conference that followed Trump’s announcement of this military win.

We are now in a new phase of the story of Trump. The impeachment probe is official, with clearly enunciated rules of the road.  Essentially, he has been caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar. If the Democrats can keep their laser-like focus, how far will this go?

Astrologically, Trump’s progressed Midheaven (career) has just moved into a conjunction with his progressed Saturn (frustration, difficulty, contraction) as of November 1, 2019, continuing and strengthening through January 20, 2021. This takes place at 3Leo10 and will be triggered by a Neptune sesquiquadrate from February 3 to March 3, 2020, and from September 15 to December 6, 2020, as well as by transiting Saturn from January 9 to January 14, 2021. This stressful configuration that primarily impacts his reputation and career will frame events going forward, describing significant difficulties and demanding disciplined and restricted action.

More limited in scope, but an interesting tidbit, is the Mercury station that currently sits in square to Trump’s Mars (26Leo47) from October 26 to November 3, pointing to his fury at the current circumstances, as well as the feeling of being stuck with no recourse (Mercury station).

By mid-December and continuing through mid-January, Pluto will return to quincunx Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56), which will amp up the pressure and bring with it a feeling of a fight for survival. But the greatest stress will be unleashed in January 2020 when Saturn will join Pluto in the quincunx to Trump’s Sun from January 5 to 15, followed by their combined opposition to Trump’s Saturn  (23Cancer49) from January 13 through January 20, with Pluto continuing the opposition to Trump’s Saturn through February 14. This will be the beginning of an enormously intensified time of difficulty.  Moreover, we find from January 29 to February 9, that Saturn will make its first crossing opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44). Thus, in summary, we see the period from January 5 to February 14 as dramatically devastating to the current resident of the Oval Office. It seems likely this period will include the trial in the Senate. Whether Trump will actually be convicted is unknown, but this crippling and traumatizing seven weeks seems likely to do permanent damage irrespective of the outcome in the Senate.

Despite a few periods when Jupiter offers Trump some respite and possibly short term successes, most notably with the quincunx to his Mars from April 13 to May 31, 2020, and from August 14 to September 30, 2020, with the Jupiter station quincunx his Uranus and square to his Jupiter, the predominant themes of 2020 come from several particularly onerous transits repeating during the year: Saturn opposite his Venus, Pluto opposite his Saturn, Neptune triggering the progressed Midheaven/Saturn conjunction, and Pluto quincunx the Sun. Combined, these point to diminishing support, deep frustration, intense power struggles, and enormous obstacles during what we hope will be Trump’s final year in office.

4th Oct, 2019

President Gone Rogue

We have a President whose obsession to win at all cost has completely subverted the functioning of the US government. Nothing is done for the good of the American people. Everything is done to serve Trump’s interests.

The State Department has been co-opted by Trump’s need to get dirt on a political rival rather than serve US global objectives. The Justice Department now investigates bogus claims against the president’s perceived political enemies such as Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe and Joe Biden, while corruptly covering up wrong doing by the president himself. We have witnessed Attorney General Barr falsely exonerating Trump after the Mueller probe, and more recently attempting to bury the incendiary whistleblower complaint that outlines Trump’s attempted extortion of a vulnerable Ukraine. Indeed, it is now clear that both military aid to Ukraine and the tariff war with China are being used as extortionist-flavored leverage to get dirt on the Bidens and perhaps Elizabeth Warren, as well as to undo the compromising shadow of Russian interference cast on Trump’s 2016 somewhat tarnished victory. Even the so-called “national emergency” at the Southern border declared by Trump to legitimize funneling money appropriated by Congress for other, more pressing projects in order to build his vanity wall can be seen as motivated by a need to shore up his base for the coming election.

It is now obvious that Trump is so impaired by his pathological narcissism that he believes any conspiracy theory that feeds the needs of his fragile ego and repudiates his perceived enemies, thereby serving the exigencies of his grandiose and his paranoid delusions. His is so impaired that his obsessive need to win triumphs over all else and has now infiltrated US policy both domestic and foreign.

The reality of Trump in America has been like a continuous political 9/11 since it began. And just like with 9/11, the failure of imagination has continued to harm us. We have been constantly running to catch up with the barrage of unexpected outrage, the outside-the-box corruption that has been decimating our democracy on a daily onslaught. Thus far, there has been no line that Trump will not cross in support of the overwhelmingly compelling need to triumph at all cost. The possibility should therefore be considered that Trump might actually call out the US military or possibly declare martial law on his behalf after asserting another national emergency, whether due to impeachment or due to an election loss. We should be prepared for all eventualities, however outrageous. The Republican wall of silence in the face of this grave threat is nothing short of moral cowardice and a betrayal of the country of the highest order.

29th Sep, 2019

Impeachment and Beyond

Not that it is a big surprise, but the Trump administration has finally behaved so egregiously that the Democrats can no longer avoid an official impeachment inquiry. Over the past two and half years, our Unhinged Dictator has been steadily escalating his cavalier lawlessness, particularly after he faced no accountability following the Mueller investigation. Besides his smarmy interactions with all things Russia, he and his family members have been raking in millions of tax payer and foreign money at his various hotels and golf resorts, all of it due to various inappropriate manipulations deemed illegal in the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Moreover, he has obstructed justice at every turn, refusing subpoenas and documents for legitimate Congressional and legal investigations, claiming a blanket executive privilege on essentially everything.

Although these issues could already be grounds for impeachment, it is the latest revelations that have brought a crystal-clear case of criminal presidential behavior, coming to the Democratic-led House gift-wrapped and with a big bow on top. It seems extorting a foreign ally by withholding much-needed military aid while demanding help on finding dirt against a political opponent has finally pushed us across the line. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that this behavior is consistent with everything that has gone before with a chief executive that traffics in bribes, threats, and extortion on a daily basis. And it is this very pattern of behavior that made it so easy to slip into the current situation.

It seems to me that the likely outcome of the current impeachment investigation will be the impeachment of Donald Trump in the US House of Representatives and either no hearing or exoneration in the US Senate. If Mitch McConnell refuses to hold an impeachment hearing, it will harder to claim “exoneration.” If he does hold one, all of the Senators will be forced to go on record with their vote, which is not necessarily a good thing for those in the more purple states running for reelection. Either way, Trump will be remembered for all time, like Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson before him, as having been impeached. And he will be the first to be impeached for harming the national security of the United States, a truly disgraceful legacy. Perhaps the best outcome, if the Democrats can frame the issue accordingly, will be that the Democrats stood up for the country, the Rule of Law, and the Constitution rather than narrow partisan interests, while the Republicans cowered in the corner, terrified of Trump’s displeasure. The stench of their cowardice reeks ‘round the world.

Astrologically, the ongoing pressure on Trump and his administration may be seen in the protracted Saturn station which is square to the US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48) and sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55). In addition, the station is also opposite Venus in the US/Trump composite chart (14Cancer25). This period of intensified stress (Saturn) on the office of the chief executive (10th house) causing diminishing popularity of the president (composite Venus) runs from August 4 through October 23. 

It should be noted that Trump will benefit from the final Jupiter transit opposite his Node (20Gemini48), conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12), and opposite his Sun (22Gemini55), somewhat consecutively, from October 11 to October 29. Whether these transits point to temporarily successful thwarting or delaying of the Democrats’ investigation, successful perpetration of Trumpian lies, or the Senate’s refusal to even vote is unclear. But this will be a little over a two-week period when Trump feels at least somewhat optimistic and satisfied.

There will also be a time of extreme Trumpian aggression and unbridled anger (hard to differentiate from the norm, but still…) from October 24 to November 3 when transiting Mercury will be stationary square to Trump’s Mars (26Leo47). Note that this anger and aggression come during, but also after the more hopeful Jupiter transit. In addition, the Mercury station points to investigations and Congressional activity in general getting stuck or significantly slowed for several days.

Meanwhile, with Pluto turning direct, the final crossing of Pluto quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23) will be with us from October 1 to November 29.  This transit points to an intensification of hostility toward a foreign country and/or the intensification of the civil war mood within the US. This may very well be the strongest astrological indicator of the partisan warfare that emerges during the impeachment inquiry. With progressed US Moon conjunct transiting Saturn during most of November, this will also be a stressful time for the country.

From December 16 through January 17, transiting Pluto will quincunx Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56) which points to battle for survival and an intense power struggle. This stressful period will also be the beginning of a long series of very difficult and perhaps crippling planetary indicators in Trump’s chart that go throughout 2020. There are a few beneficial indicators during that timeframe, but on whole, the trajectory is pretty grim.

Trump’s progressed Midheaven will join his progressed Saturn (3Leo10) from November 1, 2019, through January 20, 2021. This points to reality (Saturn) crashing into Trump’s delusional worldview from late 2019 through early 2021 which brings enormous obstacles and difficulties, strongly exacerbated by transiting Neptune from February 3 to March 3, 2020, and from September 25 to December 6, 2020.

In addition, transiting Pluto will oppose Trump’s natal Saturn (23Cancer49) from January 15 through February 14, May 1 to July 12, and finally from October 4 through December 23, 2020. This configuration will intensify Trump’s insecurities and fears during much of the year. Also during 2020, transiting Saturn will oppose Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44), initially for a week in mid-January but then for a long and painful station from August 18 through October 23, 2020, pointing to a severe loss in popularity and generally dark mood.

It is hard to see Trump winning the 2020 election, but there is the possibility of some short-term attempted shenanigans right after the election with the Jupiter/Pluto quincunx his Sun from November 4 to November 13. Nonetheless, the larger picture of obstacles and difficulty seems to hold thereafter.

7th Sep, 2019

Planetary Update

The extremely stressful summer and fall planetary aspects continue apace. For now, the strong activation of US Mars is in retreat. This combination of Uranus stationary semisquare US Mars (6/18 to 9/5) and Pluto quincunx US Mars (6/24 to 8/5) brought us a mini racial civil war in the early summer, including both the proliferation of vicious and deadly white supremacist attacks and a racist verbal onslaught from Obese Hitler Himself. Moreover, we have also seen severe storms, multiple wild fires and random explosions, all more prevalent than normal under these strong Mars aspects.

The final piece of this hyped-up Mars energy will come again in October and November (10/2 to 11/29) when Pluto makes its final crossing quincunx US Mars. It will be strongly triggered by transiting Jupiter from October 16 to October 21 and by transiting Mars from November 3 to November 5.  The Jupiter transit coincides with Jupiter transits in Trump’s chart but still includes the tail end of the Saturn transit square to US Saturn and quincunx Trump’s Ascendant. This suggests aggressive US policy in October, especially through the 21st, including possible military action, that is over-optimistic and based in rash decisions and poor judgement.  Failure and embarrassment continue until around October 23, when the Saturn transits to US Saturn and Trump’s Ascendant begin to diminish. Between October 23 and 29, Trump may declare some kind of victory and briefly bathe in some exaggerated glory. At this time, Jupiter will be opposing his Sun for the final time, and there is no Saturn energy to weaken his brief celebration.

Pluto will continue its quincunx to US Mars through November, thus extending the aggressive rhetoric on foreign policy issues and the potential for domestic terrorist attacks, especially from November 3 to November 5 during the Mars transit square to Pluto. However, with no Saturn transits or progressions coinciding, the impact is likely to be far less horrific than the destructive storms and mass shootings we have endured over the summer.

The protracted Saturn station square to US Saturn and sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant has done a great deal of damage and will continue to do so through October 23.  “How the mighty have fallen” is an apt description of this three-month sojourn of Saturn square to US 10th house Saturn (7/22 to 10/23). The total vacuum in US leadership on a global scale has become impossible to ignore, with a president who is ignorant and self-absorbed to the point of absurdity.  Global alliances and policies are being shattered at an alarming rate. Global hotspots are proliferating with no steadying US hand to help in guidance or support or even just to referee. Except perhaps in Moscow or Pyongyang, there is universal alarm at how far we have fallen in just two plus years. America stands humiliated on the world stage and seems powerless to correct the potentially catastrophic trajectory it is on.

The one helpful impact of the Saturn station is its sesquiquadrate to Trump’s Ascendant which has diminished his standing and support in the country. The cumulative pressure of this transit from August through most of October has led to far more focus on Trump’s vicious racism, as well as his extraordinarily pervasive corruption, including his using the US taxpayer as a cash cow to help him bail out his failing businesses. Also there has been far more focus on his fragile and deteriorating mental health and mental capabilities.

From late October through early January 2020, there is a brief break in general stress indicated in Trump’s chart. If we are to see impeachment proceedings, they may well come in January and February 2020, when Pluto and Saturn begin their opposition to Trump’s Saturn/Venus conjunction. Even if a conviction in the Senate is not successful, an impeachment proceeding in the House will do a great deal of damage in 2020. Pluto stations near to opposition Trump’s Saturn from mid-January to mid-July. Saturn’s first crossing opposite natal Venus and natal Saturn is from January 13 to February 7, but then it will return to station opposite Trump’s Venus from August 18 to October 22, 2020. It is hard to not see plummeting poll numbers and deep despair under these transits.