July Musings

Chiron in a chart points to a wound that never heals.  In the US, first on any list of wounds that seem never to fully heal would be our history of vicious and violent racism.  Using the Sagittarius rising version of the US chart, we find Chiron in the 4th house in Aries, currently receiving a long station from transiting Uranus, from late May through August 2015. What this suggests is sudden, powerful, and transformative events that agitate and then transform a deep reservoir of pain that exists within the national family . Clearly, the Charleston Church Massacre falls within this narrative, as well as the numerous and less notorious church arsons in the South that have followed in recent weeks. The dramatic shift in attitude towards the Confederate flag also falls within this Uranus/Chiron discussion. Although the entire period of the Uranus station is likely to agitate painful tensions among the squabbling siblings of the American family, and racist issues in particular, further dates to watch are July 10, during the Sun opposition to Uranus, and July 24 through July 26, during the likely violent Mars square to Uranus.

Also noteworthy during July is the building stress of the Saturn/Pluto semisquare, which extends from mid-May through mid-August. As of June 27 and extending through August 10,  Saturn is also sitting in a protracted sesquiquadrate to the US Sun (13Cancer19). This will be joined by the Pluto opposition to the US Sun as of July 3, which itself extends until November 2 before beginning to dissipate.  Thus, the tensions, power struggles, and difficulties of the Saturn/Pluto semisquare are likely to increasingly impact the US from late June through mid-August.  We have already seen the impact of the Saturn/Pluto aspect in the increase in terrorist events throughout the world in recent weeks, as well as in the increasingly aggressive military push-back of ISIS.  July seems likely to be a very dangerous month in regard to these issues, in particular during July 4 through July 5 (Sun opposite Pluto, sesquiquadrate Saturn) and during July 13 through July 15 (Mars and  Mercury opposite Pluto and sesquiquadrate Saturn).

Although there will quite possibly be some upsetting fallout following the July 12 to July 15 events, with the Saturn station continuing very close to its aspect to the US Sun for several weeks, it seems likely that President Obama will handle the situation in a way that gains broad support. Jupiter will be transiting his natal Uranus and North Node from July 15 through July 28, suggesting a significantly positive response to his actions.



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A couple of thoughts:

The protracted and stressful Saturn/Pluto semisquare is now with us until mid-August, bringing angst, contraction of goals, and many frustrations and setbacks. The Saturn station sits on Joe Biden’s Venus/Sun conjunction, and we are already seeing the profound grief this is causing with the loss of his son. We are also already seeing the signs of the difficulty and complications this aspect will be causing to our foreign policy, as many of the administration’s foreign policy people are hit by this compound transit. This aspect also hits the US Sun and Vladimir Putin’s Sun, suggesting cross purposes and increasing tension between the US and Russia with both parties unhappy about it.

Thus, we can expect: difficulties in the war with ISIS, difficulties with Russia, stress within the administration including Kerry’s injury and Biden’s profound loss, all of these from the first of June through mid-August, with particular exacerbation July 5 to July 17.

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Time for a Break

Dear Friends,

I have been writing for Starlight News for about fourteen years, pretty much non-stop. At the moment, I feel the need to take a long break. I have some other projects I want to pursue, and I am finding it harder and harder to keep Starlight News going. I am, therefore, suspending the blog until further notice. It is possible that I may return for the beginning of election season next year or if there is some big crisis that demands interpretation. But for now, I just need a long pause.

I will still be doing chart readings in the foreseeable future. For those interested, contact me at nancy@starlightnews.com and we can set something up.

Love to you all,