28th Jan, 2019

Dangerous Waters

The path of pointless destruction and cruelty wrought by the recent Trump temper tantrum, a.k.a. the government shutdown, is, for now, behind us. Unfortunately, our ignoble leader promises yet more mayhem if he doesn’t get his way after three weeks of negotiation. Nonetheless, we have been allowed a small ray of light in a dark and gloomy time. Someone adult enough within the government, the Speaker in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, managed to send our Toddler in Chief to his metaphorical room, albeit briefly, and punish him for his egregious misbehavior.  In a delicious moment of Schadenfreude, his total abdication in the shutdown negotiations is being universally proclaimed as a colossal failure and significant political slap.  If only our screaming toddler could learn from his lessons.

Meanwhile, the somnolent Congress is showing a spark of life in its discussions of a possible bipartisan bill to end government shutdowns forever. The idea is to mandate a continuing resolution to continue government services if the two sides can’t agree on financial decisions. From out here in the peanut gallery, where the real consequences of government stupidity and malfeasance are felt, this seems like a fabulous idea. Please remove this hideously dangerous toy from the arsenal of our Sociopath in Chief.

From a larger and more important perspective, however, the underlying problem in most of today’s difficulties is the vastly increasing inequality of wealth. This leads to political and financial decisions favoring those in the highest income brackets while barely considering the impact on those who suffer the consequences.  Most government regulations and restrictions are in place to protect citizens from the rapacious grasping of the financial elites, whether it is the unscrupulousness of lenders and landlords or the cavalier attitudes of corporate polluters. The removal of these restrictions mostly serves the powerful and harms the powerless.

The significant tension in this struggle over societal wealth, equitable taxation, and how actual power is distributed is coming to a head during the passage of Pluto in Capricorn, roughly from 2008 through 2024. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was at the time when the American colonies could no longer tolerate the oppression of their overlords and declared war on the British, resulting in a power struggle of epic proportions. The American Revolution lasted from 1775 to 1783, during the last three years of Pluto in Capricorn and the first five years of Pluto in Aquarius, which lasted from 1778 through 1798. The American Constitution was written during this 18th Century passage of Pluto in Aquarius.

We will again enter Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 through 2044. It seems likely the main thrust of this period will be a focus on reestablishing greater equality of wealth and power in society. The underlying theme of Aquarius is an innate understanding that all of us are a part of the same human family and should be treated with equal respect while celebrating our diversity. In the present, we can already see the simmering buildup in energy toward this goal, as the current imbalances create greater and greater discord and suffering.  But it seems likely that real change in this regard will not be possible until 2024 and beyond.

The most important question in the near term is how much and how effectively Trump and his GOP minions in the Senate can be restrained from doing yet more damage, in some cases irreversible damage, to the country and to the world. Unfortunately, the news is mixed. Despite the shutdown abdication, we still have the extreme danger of an impulse-driven, narcissist in the White House, who by definition does nothing that is not self-serving and barely comprehends or cares about the harm he does to everyone else along the way. The government shutdown is prime example of this process.

Astrologically speaking, the failure of the current round of government by hostage taking, as well as the increasing danger of the Mueller investigation to the administration as evidenced by the Roger Stone indictment, have both come during the first crossing of Saturn square to the US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48), from January 22 to January 30, and the simultaneous transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) , from January 23 to January 31. This brief period may be described as one of imposed restraint, threat, and failure for the administration (10th house), as well as personal restriction and loss for Trump (sesquiquadrate to his Ascendant). It has also caused financial strain in the country, with Saturn in the US chart as ruler of the 2nd house (Capricorn on the cusp).  The same Saturn transit will return from July 28 through October 23, 2019, suggesting a much more protracted period of restriction and failure for the administration and a strain on the country at that time.

There is, however, a period of extreme danger fomented by an out-of-control, megalomaniacal Trump with little effective restraint and moments of perceived success between February 11 and May 31, with the most dangerous times being from March 1 through March 11 and again from April 26 through May 10. Not only will Jupiter be crossing opposite his Sun (22Gemini55) during these times, but it will be triggering a very stressful transit of Pluto quincunx his Sun (February 10 to May 26). He will feel himself in the power struggle of his life (Pluto/Sun) while at the same time responding in full force, expanding his power to the maximum (Jupiter/Sun).  A declaration of a national emergency or other unilateral action cannot be ruled out during this period.

During the time from March 12 to April 4, notably between the Jupiter/Sun/Pluto  shock and awe energy, Trump’s progressed Moon will conjunct his natal Mars, suggesting rabid aggression and anger. And finally, we should note that from February 22 through March 26, Trump will experience the final crossing of Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius50), likely to bring many unexpected and forceful upsets, including possible dramatic actions by Mueller, as well as global or domestic crises of some kind.

All in all, this three-and-a-half month period from mid-February to late May 2019 seems likely to bring us Trump excessively pushing the limits of his power, with some seeming initial successes followed by significant trouble by late July and beyond. Somehow, we have to weather the coming storm and hope that our Captain Pelosi can somehow navigate the disturbingly turbulent waters.

30th Dec, 2018

January Sets the Stage

In the manner of all true sociopaths under extreme stress, Donald Trump is becoming increasingly unhinged and lashing out with reckless abandon.  His rabid twitter feed has long been fully weaponized and used mercilessly to destroy any opposition, as well as promote the delusional, self-aggrandizing narrative he prefers. Any attempt to limit his aroused intent is met with escalating aggression, with no thought of the collateral damage in its wake. Trump truly cannot cope with not getting what he wants, when he wants it.

Moreover, although our president styles himself the greatest of all negotiators, he is, in actuality, an extortionist, with a decades-long history of this pattern. There is no give and take or compromise, there are only the demands that must be met or else. Back in his New York real estate days, whether it was a threat to ruin someone’s reputation or destroy their financial security or bog them down in disastrous, endless lawsuits, the purpose was always to crush the opposition in order to get his way. More recently, Republicans in Congress are intimidated with the possible destruction of their careers if he doesn’t get their full support. And currently, with the nearly limitless power of the presidency backing him, Trump has closed down part of the government and threatens to shut the Southern Border just to get his wall money, consequences for the citizens be damned. The comparison to the proverbial mob boss, one who will burn down your store or rape your daughter if you don’t give him his monthly protection money, comes to mind. It is as clear as the bright sun at noon that Trump has become the Extortionist-in-Chief, and we should proclaim it loudly for all to hear.

Astrologically speaking, January is a month to watch. After January 9, we move away from the transit of Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun (now at 14Pisces15) that has been plaguing the country since the 2016 campaign. This configuration has highlighted the hyperbolic, emotional, delusional fog that has been drenching the national psyche for nearly three years, with Trump (the Sun/president) at its core. There will be other Neptune transits coming into play over the next two years, so the pervasive dishonesty of Trump and the enthralling of the base will continue to some extent, but we will begin to see some dissipation of this blurring of the lines between reality and delusion and between illegal and legal. In other words, we can reasonably hope that Special Council Mueller and the Democrats in Congress, as well as the legal system in general, will attempt to re-institute the healthy boundaries upon which a sane and functioning society depends.

It is likely that the imposition of the rules of reality after a period of operating under the delusional guideposts of Trump’s inner imperative will bring some level of pain to the nation. None of his policies – the tax cuts, the tariffs, the abandonment of allies and treaties, the viciousness towards immigrants – have been based on careful consideration of the consequences. The price may soon come due, as Saturn moves into its next phase of operation. And January is the month to watch to begin to understand how this shift will take place.

Initially, Saturn will semisquare the US Moon (27Aquarius12) from January 1 to January 8, which may have to do with the complications and difficulties caused by the government shutdown, among other potential stressors. This transit implies some amount of suffering and difficulty for some segment of the US population. This will be followed by the crossing of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19) from January 9 through January 18, a transit that points to significant difficulty and reality shock for the president. Although I am not at all suggesting anything similar will happen, it should be noted that former President Nixon resigned when transiting Saturn was conjunct the US Sun on August 8, 1974. This transit therefore describes the intense feeling of pressure likely to be felt by the president (the sun) during the middle of January.

But perhaps most significant of all will be the last ten or so days of January. At this time, Saturn will move into the first crossing of 14 Capricorn, an area it will return to in August, September and much of October 2019. Thus, stressful events in late January will give us a hint of the more profound and impactful events to come in the summer and fall of the year. The late January Saturn transit will affect Trump’s chart, the composite chart between Trump and the US, and the US chart.

In Trump’s chart, we find the transit of Saturn in a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) with Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55).  This will return for a long, slow burn from July 28 through October 23, 2019. It suggests possible health issues, a sense of being uncomfortably restricted from his usual activities, and irritability and depression.

The Saturn transit to the Trump/US composite chart will oppose the composite Node (13Cancer42) and the composite Venus (14Cancer25) from January 19 to January 27.  This transit will negatively impact Trump’s appeal and popularity, even among his base. The long, slow transit coming in the summer (August 4 to October 13) will primarily impact the composite Venus, likely shrinking his level of support.

In the US chart, transiting Saturn will be moving to square US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48) from January 22 to January 30, and again from July 29 to October 22, 2019.  This transit points to a humiliation of some kind or a defeat on the world stage and will be a blow to America’s reputation in the world. Again, we will get a hint of what to expect later in the year during the first crossing in late January. If American efforts were to actually flow from the country living up to the best potential of a 10th house Saturn, humbly serving the world in a selfless and generous way, the results would likely be different. But the inevitable arrogance and attempt to extort others to the will of the current president will probably set up this coming transit as one of significant humiliation and defeat. The progressed US Moon square to natal Saturn from August 15 to September 15, 2019, suggests that there will be a period of grief, loss and sorrow impacting US citizens as a part of this unfolding drama.

Unfortunately, from mid-February through much of May 2019, many of these issues may be covered over for a brief period. Transiting Jupiter will be on Trump’s South Node (20Sagittarius48), Moon (21Sagittarius12), and opposite Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55) during this time. His optimism, confidence, and likely recklessness will be restored. March 1 to March 11 and April 26 to May16 will be especially dangerous due to stronger megalomania and recklessness than normal (transiting Jupiter opposite and transiting Pluto quincunx Trump’s Sun). My concern is that this period in the spring will set us up for the possibility of some irresponsible military action from late June through early September that will result in the humiliation and disaster described above during the Saturn station. Significant aggression, with the US military in some way involved, is suggested with the station of Uranus semisquare US Mars (21Gemini23) from June 18 to September 5, as well as the station of Pluto quincunx US Mars from June 24 to August 5. None of this bodes well with the Saturn station looming at the same time.

26th Dec, 2018

New Discussion

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22nd Nov, 2018

Sound and Fury

More often than not, the national conversation these days has devolved into a bizarre struggle over the nature of reality. On one side of this argument is Donald Trump, who spews the self-serving, delusional ramblings of one whose grandiosity cannot tolerate loss or criticism or challenge, and who needs to constantly conjure up enemies as a prop for his imagined heroism.  Just this week in Trump’s hallucinatory rantings, the 2018 election was a huge win for Republicans; Admiral William McRaven,  who  once criticized Trump’s attack on the free press, is a Democratic  stooge who should have gotten Osama bin Laden much sooner; and the historically destructive California wildfires are the fault of (mostly Democratic) Californians who didn’t rake enough.

Needless to say, the long list of Trump’s narcissistic perversions of reality goes on and on, but the theme is always the same. The lies either fabricate Trump’s  greatness, success, and heroism, reinforced by the invocation of false threats, like the grotesquely maligned caravan, against whom he alone can protect us, or they viciously belittle those who stand on the other side of this resounding clash of the national discussion. In this latter group are all those who actively oppose Trump’s egotistical delusions, including much of the national press, the Democrats, and anyone else who questions or criticizes Trump’s actions or words and who continues to believe in measurable facts on the ground.

In the world of astrology, Neptune is the planet of delusion, illusion, confusion, and, more generally, the inability to see reality in a clear, unbiased way. Those under its influence often get caught up in the emotional drama or fantastical expectation of the day, usually leading to eventual disappointment or disillusionment when the cold hard facts reassert their dominion in the material world.  Thus, Neptune shapes at least a part of the celestial description whenever a person is enthralled in a compelling illusion, whether it be adulation of a glorified lover, later revealed to be a scam artist; over-zealous investment in a get-rich-quick scheme, later revealed to be a con; or believing in a charismatic politician, eventually revealed to be a peddler of false promises and dishonest scare tactics to feed his lust for power and wealth. What is often referred to as Cult 45, the enthralled masses who cling to and spread Trump’s self-serving lies as if they were proclamations from Heaven, is a tragic example of the Neptune phenomenon impacting a large swath of the US population.

Of interest to our discussion is the transit of Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun (12 to 14 Pisces), which spans the 2016 campaign through January 9, 2019. We are currently in the final and protracted period of the intensified potency of this transit, from mid-September 2018 to January 9, 2019.  This transit points to a just under three-year period of US leadership (the Sun) being dishonest, emotionally susceptible to hyperbole, and projecting an illusory narrative that tends to enthrall a segment of the populace until ultimate disillusionment sets in. Reality is hidden under a fog of lies, deceptions, and unrealistic expectations.

Moreover, when Neptune, the planet of illusion, is followed by strong transits from Saturn, the planet of painful lessons in facing reality, the resulting letdown from the Neptunian hype can be very distressing. The US may well be facing such a phenomenon by mid-January 2019. As we move out of this multi-year Neptunian haze, we move directly into the transit of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19), from January 9 to  January 18, followed by Saturn square to US Saturn (14Libra48), from January 22 to January 30, and more significantly, from July 30 to October 23, 2019, during a planetary station. This shift from Neptune to Saturn, turning on a dime around January 9, suggests the beginning of a time when many of the Trump policies begin to manifest their true ramifications. Whether it is in a trade war, a Stock Market crash, increasingly acrimonious relations with allies, and/or the tightening of the screws on Trump’s illegal machinations, we will begin to see much more clearly what his absurd actions, policies, and words have truly wrought.

It is also worth noting that the very same 2019 Saturn transit that will be square to the US 10th house Saturn, will also be sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55), including the protracted planetary station from late July through October 23, as well as the short stint from January 22 to January 30. This suggests that the humiliation and weakening of the US global posture (Saturn square 10th house Saturn), especially strong in the summer and early fall of 2019, will also adversely impact Donald Trump personally. He is likely to feel constricted and depressed, and quite possibly encumbered by some health complications, especially during summer/fall planetary station. Although Trump does have some potent Jupiter activity in his chart from February through May, suggesting the experience of success and optimism, Jupiter also indicates recklessness and poor judgement. With the more aggressive, frustrating, agitating and ultimately depleting and depressing aspects during the second half of 2019, the seeds planted in the spring look like they will create a very malignant harvest come summer and fall.

As we watch in paralyzing horror, Donald Trump is cavalierly trampling over the soul of America. On a minute by minute basis, he conjures up whatever narrative suits his personal need, any adherence to fact or rationality be damned. Ultimately, the story is always the same. He and his followers are the victims, while any aggression perpetrated on those who criticize or are simply used as scapegoats is justified. If the attack turns to violence or leaves people homeless or starving or orphaned, well, it is collateral damage left in the wake of the grandiose posturing and the cruel combativeness that is Donald Trump.

In a little over a week, America will go to the polls and vote in the Midterm elections. Normally, this would bring huge losses to the party in power, as the country moves to bring balance back into the political equation. But these are not normal times. Emanating from the White House since the inception of this administration and poisonously seeping into the body politic of the nation is a toxic spew of endless lies and viciousness that seem utterly without precedent. As the election nears, it is hard to trust the wisdom of the citizenry when many are in thrall to a psychopathic con man.

Astrologically, it is very hard to get a clear picture of what is ahead. I see no consistent picture of misery from the Democratic side that I would expect if we lost both Houses of Congress. Nor do I see a resounding celebration that would point to a huge win. Indeed, there seems to be enough indication of some positive results that I do believe we will take the House back from the GOP, though likely not the Senate.

As for El Loco himself, there are some conflicting indicators. On the one hand, there is a Saturn transit square to his Neptune (5Libra57), from November 1 to November 11, which points to disappointed expectations or even delusions shattered. This seems likely to be about the dissolution of Trump’s Red Wave fantasy. Additionally, the Saturn transit will be simultaneously opposite US Jupiter (5Cancer56) and might therefore also bring unfortunate economic news or another contraction in the Stock Market during this same period.

Of concern to those of us who fear the unrestrained and unhinged attitude of the current resident of the Oval Office, there are other planetary indicators that point to a happy and contented attitude during November, as well as some over-optimistic and expansionist tendencies during early 2019, through May. In November 2018, transiting Jupiter will be square to Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) from November 3 through November 7, pointing to strong optimism, contentment, and possibly a lack of judgement in his actions. This will be immediately followed by the transiting Venus station square to natal Venus (25Cancer44) from November 7 to November 21, suggesting that Trump feels surrounded by friends who appreciate him. Moreover, the Mars transit opposite his Mars (26Leo46) and Ascendant covering from November 8 through November 10 and November 13 to November 15, respectively, suggest some very aggressive actions at that time. It seems quite likely that a number of firings and other dramatic actions will come immediately after the election, and Trump will be gloating as it all unfolds.

Disgraceful Donald does run into some brief frustrations and trouble in early December when Saturn makes its final crossing opposite his Mercury (8Cancer52), from December 1 through December 11. But it is 2019 that we must watch carefully. With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius after the election, it will move to oppose Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55) and his Node (20Gemini48), as well as conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12) three times each in 2019.  The first period of this multiple transit covers from February 12 to March 11, followed soon thereafter by the second crossing from April 26 to May 31.  Jupiter tends to bring expansionist tendencies and extreme confidence to the point of recklessness.

Of profound concern to us as Americans is the first crossing of the Pluto transit quincunx Trump’s Sun from February 10 to May 26 added to the already overconfident Jupiter period. Pluto aspecting the Sun brings an exaggerated sense of power struggle into the mix, and when combined with such strong Jupiter energy, especially from March 1 to March 11 and April 26 to May 10, 2019, we may see a megalomania that knows no bounds. If ever there was a planetary combination that might lead to an ill-conceived war, this would be it. The fact that it is followed from mid-June to early September 2019 with minor hard aspects from both Uranus (6Taurus) and Pluto (21Capricorn) to US Mars (21Gemini13), suggests that the Commander in Chief of the US Armed forces may push us heedlessly (Jupiter/Sun/Pluto) into a conflict we neither need nor want nor will easily prosecute. The Saturn station from July 29 to October 22, 2019, square to US Saturn (14Libra48) points to some kind of national humiliation and a much harder challenge than earlier considered. It may also be that this unforgivable mess conceived of by Trump and his minions will be the beginning of the end of his unlamented reign. But, unfortunately, at great cost to all of us.