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23rd Jan, 2021

Dawn of a New Era

Already on the eve before the Inauguration, majestic hints of the coming dawn were streaking the darkness of our four-year national nightmare. The memorial service led by the incoming President Biden was the first moment of unclenching and calm we had had since the Trumpian era began. In embracing the reality of our collective pain and loss, we at last commenced our collective healing.

The following morning, three hours before the festivities began, as Air Force One left the DC area with a departing Trump, the fetid stench of four years of corruption and deceit began to lift. By mid-day, as the Inauguration events began to unfold and, most especially, during the galvanizing speech given by the newly sworn-in President Joe Biden, the nation felt itself settling into the clean, crisp, and calm freshness that follows a dark, cataclysmic, and treacherous thunderstorm. The magnificence of the new day could not be overstated.

Every four years, as the nation embarks on a new presidential term, the swearing-in moment signifies the birth of the next four-year cycle.  Thus, the Inaugural chart is repeatedly born anew into a differing pattern for each presidential term. In the January 20, 2021, Inaugural Chart, drawn for 11:49 AM, we find the energy signature for the new Biden administration clearly described.

The most notable and the tightest planetary configuration is the Mars/Uranus conjunction (6Taurus40 and 6Taurus44) square to Jupiter (7Aquarius23). This combination signifies an enormous amount of energy, perhaps best described in the words of Martin Luther King as marshaling the “fierce urgency of now.” This somewhat agitated and impatient imperative to get things done is consuming and expansive.  It describes an intense mobilization of force against an enemy, whether that be the pernicious and ubiquitous corona virus or the upsurge of domestic terrorism.

The Mars/Uranus/Jupiter combination remains extraordinarily strong from January 20, 2021 all the way through August 2023 due to Inaugural progressed Mars moving to perfect its square with natal and then progressed Jupiter, implying a significant amount of purposeful accomplishment by the Biden administration. This will be further strengthened by tertiary progressed Uranus perfecting the square to Jupiter for the entire first three years of the Biden administration, adding an innovative and creative flavor to the multitude of problem solving.

Difficulties and frustrations may thwart or at least restrain progress, however, when transiting Saturn is square to Mars/Uranus during 2021. We may also see an intensifying of the government’s need to quell violence at that time. The first transiting Saturn square is from February 5 to February 13.  Moreover, from roughly February 6 to February 8, Inaugural Mars/Uranus will be particularly agitated by the crossing of the tertiary progressed Moon. Given that these few days are those leading into the Impeachment trial of former President Trump and also happen during the Saturn transit square to Mars/Uranus, it is quite possible we will see an increase in potentially violent protest from February 6 to 8 that demands a forceful and ongoing response (Saturn) through February 13.

We note that transiting Saturn will also be conjunct the US South Node (6Aquarius36) from February 4 to February 12, a configuration that suggests the restraining (Saturn) of a distorted or misguided urge to unbridled freedom (South Node in Aquarius) at that time. This is yet another indication of a confrontation between the military, police and/or national guard and a Trumpian mob both before and during the Impeachment trial.

The second period to watch for a hyper stimulation of the Mars/Uranus conjunction comes when the progressed Inaugural Moon will conjunct Mars/Uranus and then progressed Mars from August 20 through September 23, 2021. Again, we are likely to have a time of tremendous energy in the Biden administration and an aggressive agenda that will either be somewhat thwarted or restrained by the exigencies of reality in the form of a Saturn transit square Mars/Uranus from September 8 to October 12 (8 minutes shy of exact). An alternative possibility is that there will be a potentially violent confrontation between protesters and government forces during this time.

A similar pattern emerges earlier in the summer when tertiary progressed Mars crosses the Inaugural Ascendant (10Taurus19) from June 25 to August 26, again suggesting a very active and aggressive Biden agenda that may agitate and inflame a violent response. Transiting Saturn will square Inaugural Ascendant from July 18 through July 31, again pointing to some kind of restraint and frustration of this forward momentum and/or a need to quell violence.

Thus, the most significant aspect in the Inaugural chart points to sustained, aggressive action against a determined and vehement foe, whether it be the virus, the far-right extremists, environmental degradation, or some foreign adversary. Most likely, it will be all of the above, especially into mid-2023. Significant restraint on the Biden agenda, however, may begin during 2023 when the progressed Inaugural Sun moves to conjunct natal Saturn (3Aquarius56) and progressed Saturn building from February 2023 through June 2024. This progression will highlight the Sun/Saturn conjunction in the Inaugural chart which points to slow, steady, well-thought-out and disciplined action. It is also possible it indicates a somewhat exhausted Biden or the loss of one or both Houses of Congress during the next mid-term election. It is, therefore, all the more reason for Biden and his crew to focus on the fierce urgency of now, as they are clearly doing at present, during his most likely two most effective years as president.