22nd Oct, 2016

Breaking from the Past

In just a little over two weeks, the most torturous election in modern history will be over, and the toxic stench of Donald Trump will hopefully be removed from our much-sullied political environment forever.  If he does manage to create a media empire out of the ashes of his noxious campaign, let us fervently pray that it will recede into the far reaches of the fringe right, and the mainstream media and the remnants of the GOP will have finally learned the dangers of feeding the beast.  One can hope.

In the US chart (using 5:13 PM birth time), we find that the progressed Moon is now in opposition to natal Uranus (8Gemini55). This aspect came into one-degree orb a few days before the final debate and will peak around November 18.  It brings upsets, surprises, rebellion, and the impetus to go against accepted norms by some sector of the population.  As most everyone USchartknows by now, Donald Trump broke with the iron-clad tradition of our democratic republic during the debate by refusing to commit to accepting the outcome of the election. With transiting Jupiter in trine to US Uranus and triggering this progressed Moon/Uranus combination through October21, we saw the contrarian rebellion of this aspect beginning to unfold.

Of great significance is that this aspect will culminate on November 18,  slowly receding thereafter, and will be triggered by transiting Mercury (8Sagittarius55) on November 18 and 19, as well as by the transiting Node (8Virgo55) from November 14 through November 25, and the transiting Sun on November 29 and 30 (8Sagittiarus55).  This combination of planetary configurations suggests that Trump and his overheated and ramped up supporters may not go quietly into the night and may instead create turmoil, rebellion, and upset when they do not get what they want.

Corroborating these concerns is a very significant progressed aspect in the 2013 Inaugural chart. inaugural13For the entire month of October, the progressed Inaugural Moon (5Cancer16) will be square to natal Uranus (5Aries16) and semisquare to natal Mars (20Aquarius13).  This is a major trigger to the Inaugural Moon/Mars square which has natal Inaugural Uranus semisquare to both and at their midpoint, a very combustible combination when set off. This configuration during the month of October points to rebellion, aggression, and anger that the Obama administration will need to deal with at that time.  For now, it seems likely to describe the turmoil following this historically wild and inflammatory election campaign, although other explosive and unexpected events, both foreign and domestic, cannot be ruled out.

It should also be noted that transiting Jupiter will be square to the US Sun from November 6 through November 11, which suggests a mood of increased patriotism, a celebration of American democracy, and general optimism, possibly due to the defeat of the Trumpian threat, as well as the ground-breaking election of the first woman president in the nation’s history.  The biggest triggers to the more dangerous, above-mentioned aspects to Uranus in both the US chart and the Inaugural chart begin around November 14.

17th Oct, 2016

The Final Debate

Before I discuss the final debate, the dramatic planetary alignments leading up to it are worth discussing.  We are already feeling the impact of the building Mars/Pluto conjunction which will move into its most potent phase from around 8 PM (EDT) Monday, October 17, through around 10:45 AM on Wednesday, October 19. This conjunction promises an increase in aggression, explosions, wild weather, and vicious violence worldwide. We have already seen a firebombing of a Republican office in North Carolina, as well as the commencement of what promises to be a brutal clash for the recapture of Mosul over the coming days.

This potent conjunction (exact at 15Capricorn03) will also square Donald Trump’s Chiron (14Libra55) most intensively throughout Monday and Tuesday and culminating around 1 AM on Wednesday, October 19.  We can expect further wounding to his campaign and a continuation of his decompensating emotional state.

For Hillary, this same Mars/Pluto conjunction will be semisquare her Jupiter (00Sagittarius31). Essentially, Mars will trigger the much longer transit of Pluto semisquare her Jupiter which runs through mid-November. The current Mars semisquare to Hillary’s Jupiter will build during October 18 and continue throughout the debate until approximately 11 PM EDT. This suggests that Hillary will be expansive, forceful, and compelling in her debate performance, and will generally benefit from Trump’s troubles in the pre-debate time period.

Also significant for Hillary during the debate and thereafter is the transit of Mars sextile her natal Venus (16Scorpio14) on October 19 and throughout the 20th, and which will be further activated during the morning of October 20 by the transit of the Moon in sesquiquadrate natal Venus. These configurations suggests an increase in personal charisma and contentment that goes through the debate and continues into the post-debate discussion for the following 24 hours.

For Trump, the first 20 minutes of the debate may bring some significant and damaging upset, after which he may manage to calm himself somewhat. It is during the pre-debate hour and the first 20 minutes of on-air time that the transiting Moon will oppose his natal Moon (21Sagittarius12) and square transiting Chiron, activating the current transit of Chiron square his Moon that began in late September and will continue right through early January.  This is a long-term transit that suggests emotional turmoil and wounding.

On the positive side for Trump, the transiting Jupiter will be square to his natal Mercury (8Cancer52) for a few days through around 5 PM EDT on Thursday, October 20, stimulating his optimism, brashness, and declarations of success. However, as of mid-morning on Thursday, transiting Mercury will move into a square with his natal Saturn for the duration of the day, indicating negativity and criticism increasingly seep into the general coverage and the debate results. Combined with Trump’s tertiary Sun square to tertiary Neptune during all of October, the tendency for grandiose delusion and disappointment will be strong.

8th Oct, 2016

Debate Number 2

The most surprising thing about the revelation of Donald Trump’s lewd remarks on a hot mike from 2005 is that anyone is actually surprised. This is the same guy who joked with Howard Stern, during the weeks after her tragic death, that he could have “nailed” Princess Diana.

And this, of course, was only one among a million other disgusting, sexualized, misogynistic, and cruel comments we have been treated to in the past year. Really Republicans, you are surprised by the man you have sold your faux-Christian soul to support?  Are you enjoying the cozy warmth of the flames of Hell?

Based on past performance, it seems likely to me that Trump will do his best to change the subject of these latest disclosures with some new, unexpected, and outrageous attacks, blustering his way onward in the campaign.  And he will have America’s chronic ADD and love of entertainment to bolster his efforts. What he will not do is step down.

The second debate, of course, will be the perfect time to change the channel if Trump can pull it off.  Astrologically, there are mixed signals. On the one hand, the Pluto transit square to Trump’s natal Chiron (14Libra55) is very slowly separating. As we saw on Friday, with the transit of the Sun conjunct his natal Chiron and square to transiting Pluto, this Pluto transit is still active and able to be triggered, leaving staggering wounds in its wake. The Moon will square natal Chiron Sunday morning around 10 AM EDT, so we may see some agitation on the talk shows between 8 and 10 AM. But nothing will compare to Friday’s Sun/Pluto square for drama.

Also in the negative column is the transit of Chiron square to Trump’s natal Moon (21Gemini12) from 9/29 to 1/6/17. This will be joined by Chiron square to Trump’s natal Node from 10/10 to 12/18.  We should remember that the transit of Chiron to Hillary’s Moon coincided with her pneumonia, her well-chronicled collapse on 9/11, and her brief dip in the polls. The Chiron transit in Trump’s chart suggests some kind of wounding, and its duration over the remains of the election cycle does not bode well for The Donald.trump

On the other hand, the transiting Sun will be conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (17Libra27) on Sunday through around 4:30 AM on Monday, suggesting some success at the debate and a strong feeling of optimism and perhaps recklessness.  In addition, the tertiary Venus progression will be moving into a conjunction with his Ascendant (29Leo55) from 10/10 until November 8, indicating some positive and charismatic attraction that will help to offset difficulties. Moreover, the transit of Venus quincunx his Moon just after the debate through Monday evening suggests at least some positive reviews on his Sunday night performance.

Nonetheless, other transits point to a mixed picture.  Transiting Mercury will be conjunct his natal Neptune on Monday from 2 AM through around 3 PM indicative of some grandiose delusions, so he may see things as better than they actually are. In addition, from around 10 PM Friday through 8 AM Monday, transiting Mars will continue to be opposite Trump’s Mercury (8Cancer52) describing a mood of impatience and aggression. I cannot help but wonder what the combination of Mars/Mercury (verbal aggression), Sun/Jupiter (over-optimistic recklessness) and Mercury/Neptune (delusion) will create in the overnight Twitterverse.

As for Hillary, the lack of a confirmed birth time is an issue. The newly suggested 2:18 AM birth time makes no sense whatsoever. It gives her a transit of Saturn to her IC (12Sagitarrius) from October 1 through October 12, which would suggest depression and loss at a time when she is soaring in the polls.  So, for now, I will stick to the Scorpio rising 8 AM chart, though with an asterisk for transits to the Ascendant.hillary

As mentioned previously, Hillary is now under the supremely positive tertiary progression of Venus conjunct tertiary Sun through 10/16, with a lunar transit triggering it on the evening of October 10.  Also suggesting a promising day after the debate is the transit of Venus conjunct her Mercury and natal Ascendant* throughout October 10.  If the 8 AM birth time is correct, transiting Jupiter will be semisquare the Ascendant (21Scorpio44) through around 4 PM on October 10, further indicative of a very successful post-debate reality for her.

My sense from all of this is that Trump will manage to hold it together better than in the last debate and will get some positive reviews, but he will be unable to hide his true nature for long, especially if left alone with his cell phone overnight. Thus, we will be quickly reminded of the unrestrained and unhinged toddler running for president on the Republican side of the ticket. Hillary will look steady, strong, and sane by contrast in the aftermath of the big Sunday night show.

26th Sep, 2016

Debate Night

The media has been obsessively and obnoxiously focused on tonight’s debate for weeks. Democrats are fretting about the coming confrontation, especially with Clinton and Trump supposedly now tied in the polls. Hillary will be on stage tonight with a veritable force of nature who has mowed down all previous opponents and who has broken every rule of politics and civility in our already frayed reality.

Donald Trump resembles the wild unpredictability and destructive force of a tornado, which devours everything in its path and leaves a swath of devastation in its wake.  But instead of sucking up and obliterating houses and school buildings and telephone poles, he voraciously gobbles up the focus of every camera lens and every journalist, while inflaming to a fevered pitch every disgruntled citizen, greedily grabbing all the attention and political oxygen into his bottomless hollow core. Anyone who dares to get in his way is crushed.

We should remember that this pattern is not unlike his business career, in which he gobbled up resources from the federal and state governments, from unwitting investors, from duped business students and from unpaid workers, contributing little of his own money while financially ruining others, all the while amassing incredible wealth for himself.  To say he is a narcissistic sociopath barely covers it.

Thus far, Hillary has done remarkably well standing up to Trump in the political combat leading up to the debate tonight. Her sharp and incisive criticisms of him have clearly drawn blood, unlike those bumbling fools who went before her in the primaries or the weak-kneed media who have withered in one-on-one interviews.  Nonetheless, little if anything has slowed him down, even major news sources finally calling him the serial liar that he is. He is a snake-oil salesman who masterfully manipulates and lies with abandon in the service of his never-satiated ego. In short, Trump’s relentless hunger for attention, praise, and power is his dominating inner imperative, and nothing will derail it. The best Hillary can do is unmask it and bait it, stepping out of its way while it causes Trump to self-destruct.

The astrology for tonight is unclear, but I think it favors Hillary.  Perhaps her most significant aspect is the tertiary progressed Venus conjunct tertiary progressed Sun which began a few days ago and will peak around October 16. This should help in the polls and make her generally more likeable.

Moreover, as Hillary is coming out of the second of three crossings of Chiron to her Moon (22Pisces50) after September 19, Trump is now moving into the second crossing of Chiron square to his Moon (21Sagittarius12) from September 28 through October 29, separating but within 32 minutes of orb and then crossing again from November 28 to January 6.  This Chiron/Moon combination suggests moodiness and irritability, as well as an experience of emotional wounding.

The only troubling aspect I can find for Hillary that is currently active and that will impact her through the election is the progressed Mercury square to progressed Neptune (12Libra57) from September 1 through mid-April 2017. It is likely to be triggered on October 3 and 4 by the transiting Sun. This is the indicator of the “dishonest” meme and can describe some confusion and murkiness surrounding Hillary. Nonetheless, most aspects seem to indicate success through the election. Difficulties begin, however, in January likely with the new Congress or perhaps some other crisis, when Saturn will cross square to her Moon (1/4 to 1/19) and Chiron will make its final crossing conjunct her Moon (1/18 to 2/7). Other much more positive aspects will also be active in January and February but these more frustrating ones are notable.

The planetary configurations suggest Trump will be aggressive and unpredictable tonight, utilizing his usual shock and awe persona. Transiting Mars (29 Sagittarius55) will be trine to his Ascendant (29Leo55), currently receiving a sesquiquadrate from Pluto (14Capricorn55). This suggests aggression, manipulation, and an attempt to overpower so as not to be overpowered.  It adds a difficult-to-restrain compulsiveness (Pluto). With transiting Pluto exactly stationary square to Trump’s natal Chiron (14Libra55), some wounding is likely.  In addition, transiting Mercury will be square to his Uranus (17Gemini54), suggesting the unexpected and the outrageous, his signature style. With both of these aspects continuing into the following day, I expect an angry and aggressive reaction to the debate from Trump. Hillary will also be engaged in this battle of wills with transiting Mars sesquiquadrate to her Pluto (14Leo55). But with transiting Venus sextile her MC (4Virgo35) through the following day and tertiary Venus strengthening in its conjunction to tertiary Sun, I think she comes out a bit better from the confrontation.

25th Sep, 2016


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