29th Nov, 2020

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Seven more weeks of lunacy! We are in the countdown.

  1. We are now in the zone of the Mercury station square to Saturn. This will be in effect through November 6. It is bringing a sense of ongoing tension and strain, a feeling of protracted and tense waiting, with no real conclusion until at least late on the 6th.
  2. We are also at the beginning of a Mars station, from November 1 through around November 16, with a big trigger on the 6th and 7th with the transiting Sun. This is bringing heightened tensions, anger, impulsiveness, and violence. Protests could get violent, while “Trump Trains” are becoming a danger to voters and protesters. Be careful out there.
  3. Trump will have Jupiter in quincunx to his Sun from November 5 to early on the 13th, activating the Pluto quincunx and the Uranus semisquare also to his Sun. This is a time when he will act with reckless abandon to get his way.
  4. Around November 11 to December 20, Pluto moves back into a one-degree orb and waxing opposition to Trump’s Saturn, suggesting that around the11th or perhaps a bit after (maybe by the 13th given the Jupiter transit mentioned above) Trump may finally accept defeat (even if some of his lawsuits continue).
  5. Biden’s indicators all look promising except for a patch from mid-December to January 2. While transiting Saturn will be square his natal Moon, progressed Moon will be square his Saturn. This looks like a significant feeling of personal grief, perhaps over the holidays and remembering his lost son, Beau, or perhaps from the illness or passing of someone close. Or possibly, it will just be his discovery of how truly wretched a state the country is in after four years of the Monster in charge.
  6. The rest of January is very strong for Biden, clearly suggesting he will be inaugurated on the 20th.


Wishing everyone lots of courage and feelings of success over the coming days. Let us all hope this is the end of a horrible era for this country.

28th Oct, 2020

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2nd Oct, 2020

October and Beyond

September brought a strange combination of positive and negative stories for Donald Trump. Under strong Jupiter aspects (square natal Jupiter and quincunx natal Uranus), he fostered successful agreements between Bahrain and the UAE with Israel. He also delighted in the opportunity to choose a third Supreme Court nominee.

Despite these uplifting events for the president, the Saturn station opposite his Venus and the progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct natal Inaugural Saturn signaled the solidifying of his losing poll numbers both nationally and in several battleground states. Moreover, by late month, we learned that he has paid hardly any taxes in the last 15 years while living in the lap of extravagance and luxury. Even worse, he is $421 million dollars in debt, making him ripe for severe exploitation by various malignant foreign actors and putting our national security in peril. It seems likely, given our foreign policy of the past four years, that this process is well under way.

Now that we are in October, there are no ameliorating Jupiter transits to offset the barrage of stress, strain, and difficulty signaled by multiple planetary indicators in Trump’s chart.  After months of a cavalier response to the coronavirus and flouting the mask requirements in the White House, at rallies, and at fundraisers, the president and the first lady have contracted the disease. Moreover, while knowing he had been exposed by an infected staff member, Trump went to a fundraiser in Bedminster, potentially endangering several of his wealthy donors. We have yet to hear the fallout from that event or how widespread the infection may go in the White House and Congress given the lack of preventative measures that have been the norm in GOP circles since this nightmare began. We also do not know, as of this time, how serious Trump’s infection will be.  But as I have said repeatedly over the years, eventually self-serving delusion will crash hard into the painful wall of reality and a price for avoidance and denial and dishonesty will be paid.

The transit of Saturn opposite Trump’s Venus will continue through October 22, suggesting an emotionally painful time. As of October 1, just as Trump learned he had the virus, his progressed Moon moved into a semisquare with progressed Saturn/progressed MC (3Leo10). This significant intensification of the difficult, emotionally stressful and frustrating progressed MC conjunct progressed Saturn will continue through October 27. Progressed Saturn/progressed MC is also being strengthened by a protracted station of Neptune in a sesquiquadrate aspect from September 25 through December 5. This significantly strengthened Saturn/MC combination suggests increasingly difficult circumstances in the reality-based world (Saturn) forced upon Trump from September 25 through December 5 and shrinking his power and reputation (MC) in the process. The progressed Moon involvement in October may be the specific indicator of his struggle with the virus.

My take on the election itself is as follows:

the Mercury/Saturn square, with Mercury stationary, goes from October 30 through November 5, pointing to delays, confusion, upset, and frustration during the time of the election and just after for a few days;

the Jupiter transit conjunct Pluto, with both quincunx Trump’s Sun from November 7 to November 13 points to Trump’s attempts to create chaos and override the election results in some fashion;

increasingly, from November 12 and beyond, Trump’s attempts to steal the election fail due to transiting Saturn quincunx his Mars from October 22 through November 20, transiting Pluto opposite his Saturn from November 11 through December 23, and transiting Saturn square to his progressed Ascendant from November 12 through November 26. The Mars station through mid-November does, however, suggest some violence and civil unrest.

As for Joe Biden, the key progression for him is the progressed Venus quincunx his natal Pluto (7Leo13) that began in late September 2020 and continues through July 2021.  Pluto is the ruler of Biden’s four Scorpio planets and the ultimate dispositor of the whole chart, signifying that aspects to it are especially important. Venus here warms natal Pluto and adds an attractiveness and popularity. This Venus/Pluto aspect is further energized by Biden’s progressed Moon quincunx natal Pluto from October 1 through October 23. This adds an element of emotional intensity and a sense of being scrutinized and criticized as well as an increased personal magnetism. In addition, tertiary progressed Venus will be square to natal Pluto from October 25 to December 1, further adding to the charm, popularity, and energy of the secondary progressed Venus/Pluto aspect. And finally, transiting Uranus will be square to natal Pluto (quincunx progressed Venus) and opposite tertiary Venus from November 10 to December 8, perhaps solidifying the election results and Biden’s sudden change of status at that time.

December brings some serious and painful difficulties to Biden, whether from his or a loved one’s illness or just from the incredibly stressful process of transition during a pandemic with a resistant incumbent who is leaving behind a disastrous mess. Biden’s progressed Moon will be square to natal Saturn (9Gemini57) from December 5 through January 2, while transiting Saturn will be square to his Moon (00Taurus59) from December 18 to 26.

But noteworthy and nonetheless suggestive of a presidential win are the following: tertiary progressed Jupiter will be conjunct Biden’s MC (19Virgo54) from December 20, 2020 through December 2021. In addition, transiting Pluto will oppose Biden’s Jupiter (25Cancer08) during all of January 2021, while transiting Jupiter will oppose his Pluto (January 14 to 20) and transiting Uranus will square his Pluto from January 13 to February 19. Taken altogether, these aspects point to an expansion (Jupiter) of power (Pluto) at this time.

6th Sep, 2020

Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

We are coming into the final stretch before the 2020 election and hopefully the final months of Trump’s reign of malfeasance and malevolence perpetrated upon America. There are multiple planetary configurations coming together that suggest a continuation of turmoil, civil unrest, and a failing and flailing Trump administration. I will try to describe this cacophony of disparate indicators and how they will weave together going forward.

Trump: The pressure from the protracted Saturn station opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer45) from August 18 to October 22 is bringing such a barrage of criticism and disparagement that the painfully thin-skinned Trump is barely holding it together emotionally. When the protective benefit of transiting Jupiter square to his natal Jupiter (17Libra27) begins to separate after September 19, the downward pressure on Trump’s poll numbers will only increase.

Beginning in late November 2019 and continuing through January 20, 2021, Trump has been dealing with increasingly stressful and demanding circumstances – impeachment, the pandemic, civil unrest, the election – all of which should have been handled with caution, care, responsibility and humility (Saturn when operating in appropriately), but all oxymoronic concepts when discussing Deranged Donnie, the Chaos King. This is indicated by Trump’s progressed MC conjunct his progressed Saturn (3Leo10). This extremely challenging configuration will be intensified by his progressed Moon semisquare progressed Saturn during the entire month of October. It will also be triggered by transiting Neptune from September 25 to December 6, suggesting that October and November into early December will bring overwhelming and challenging situations that he is ill equipped to handle. This trend is further exacerbated by the transit of Saturn quincunx Trump’s Mars (26Leo47) from October 22 through November 20 and the return of Pluto opposite Trump’s Saturn (23Cancer49) from November 4 to December 23, suggesting feelings of fear, frustration, and failure.

I continue to feel concern for the period from November 7 to November 13 when Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in aspect to Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56), suggesting he will stretch to the utmost limits his megalomaniacal attempts to exert pressure and manipulation on events to get them to confirm to his own will. I do not think this will ultimately be successful, but it is concerning.

Inaugural chart: The 2017 Inaugural chart is the chart of the Trump administration. The inherent tension described in this chart by the tight Mars/Saturn/Moon configuration describes a restive and angry population, problematic and controversial policies, and a constant push-pull between aggression and being forcibly opposed. These traits are now in the process of being unleashed and intensified by both the transit of Uranus and the movement of the progressed Inaugural Moon.

As of September 1, the progressed Inaugural Moon has moved into orb of a conjunction with natal Saturn (23Sagittarius30) through October 1, and then will extend to October 15 with the progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn. An almost identical progressed Moon conjunction with Inaugural Saturn happened in the second Inaugural chart of George w. Bush when the economy collapsed in September 2008. This aspect describes failure and a very upset and suffering population. The recent article about Trump’s attitude toward our military and his calling our military war dead “losers” and “suckers”, coming during the onset of this progression, suggests that this story may well reverberate through the heart of the nation and sound the death knell for this administration. The continuing exacerbation of the pandemic and the festering racial injustice issues only add to this picture.

With the simultaneous transit of Uranus opposite Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (September 13 to October 19), we can expect a great deal of protest and civil unrest, with a violent response from the administration. This is underlined by the Inaugural progressed Moon square to natal Mars (24Pisces21) during the entire month of October.

US chart: And finally, the most noteworthy pattern in the US chart is the heightening of feelings of distrust, paranoia, conspiracy theories, and intense partisan power struggles. This has been especially strong since late July with the progressed US Moon conjunct natal Pluto (27Capricorn33) through late August, followed by the transiting station of Mars square to US Pluto from August 26 through September 19, and finally progressed US Moon conjunct progressed Pluto from September 14 through October 14. These indicators correspond with the civil unrest and power struggles suggested in the Inaugural chart described above.

There are indications of real change by the time we enter 2021. The progressed US Moon will move into Aquarius by November, freeing us from the Moon’s more brittle and restrictive crossing through Capricorn and into the more egalitarian Aquarius. Saturn will also leave Capricorn on December 18, after two and half years in hard aspect to six planets in the US chart, all of which have caused severe tension and contraction in many areas of the US culture, economy, and body politic. And finally, Pluto will finally be past its opposition to US Mercury after December, one of the more obvious indicators of the pandemic and the prevalence of conspiracy theories for the entire year. So let us all hope for a full reprieve from the insanity and horror of 2020, a year that will surely live in infamy. And let us all hope for a renewal and strengthening of the soul of the nation going forward, led by someone who actually has our best interests at heart.